Long Day Closes, The (1992) Movie Script

[ Minuet From Boccherini's "String Quintet In E" ]
[ Ends ]
[ Gong Crashing ]
[ Woman In Film ]
A tap, Gossage. I said a tap.
You're not introducing a film.
[ 20th Century Fox Theme ]
[ Ends ]
[ Man In Film, Singsong ] Louis
[ "Stardust" ]
[ Nat King Cole ]
And now the purple dusk of twilight time
Steals across the meadows of my heart
High up in the sky
The little stars climb
Always reminding me
That we're apart
You wander down the lane and far away
Leaving me a song
That will not die
Love is now the stardust
Of yesterday
The music
Of the years
Gone by
[ Man In Film ]
Mrs. Wilberforce...
I understand you have rooms to let.
[ Boy ]
Can I go to the pictures, Mam?
- Mam?
- Yeah?
- I've got a penny.
- So?
If you give me 11 pence, I'd have a shilling.
[ Chuckling ]
You're not soft, are you?
Oh, go on, Mam.
Our Titchie said she'd take me.
Oh, go on, Mam.
Eh, Bud, get me those nets...
out of the lads' bedroom, will you?
Okay, Mam.
[ Men Laughing ]
[ Man ] Pass us a few bricks, will ya?
[ Boards Thudding ]
Oh, come on, lad.
Where's those nets?
I want to wash them.
[ Bud Laughs ]
That's before he'll bring them down.
You little bugger!
[ Men Laughing ]
[ Boards Continue Thudding ]
[ Mother ] If you were the only girl in the world
And I was the only boy
Nothing else would matter
In this world today
We would go on loving
In the same old way
A Garden of Eden
Just meant for two
With nothing to mar our joy
I would say
Such wonderful things to you
There would be
Such wonderful things to do
[ Metal Utensils Scraping ]
If you were the only girl
In the world
And I was the only boy
Go on. Get me purse.
Oh, thanks, Mam!
[ Humming ]
We would go on living
- [ Water Splashing ]
- [ Humming ]
- Your tea's ready, Kev.
- Okay, Mam.
[ Scraping Continues ]
[ Humming Continues ]
All right, Mam.
Hiya, Mam.
[ Woman ] Hey, John, will you get
the flatirons out for me?
Yeah, okay, Titch.
Where's our Bud, Mam?
The pictures. Where else?
[ Big Band, Jaunty ]
[ Doris Day ] Every little breeze
is sighin' of love undyin'
At sundown
Every little bird is resting
At sundown
Each little rosebud
- Is sleepin'
- Will you take us in, mister?
While shadows
Are creepin'
In a little cottage cozy the world seems rosy
At sundown
- Where a lovin' smile will greet me
- Will you take us in, please?
Always meet me at sundown
- I seem to sigh
- Will you take us in, mister?
I'm in heaven
- When the night is fallin'
- Thanks, mister!
Love is callin' me home
[ Instrumental Break ]
I seem to sigh
I'm in heaven
When the night is fallin'
Love's callin' me home
[ Ends ]
[ Young Man ] I'll get you, Mavis!
- [ Mother ] What are you running for?
- [ Bud ] Tiddle Hodge was chasing me.
- Why?
- I was skittin' him.
You be careful.
One day he'll catch you
and give you a right go-along.
Tiddle-iddle-iddle Hodge
[ People Chattering ]
[ Fireworks Whooshing ]
[ Chattering Continues ]
[ Man ] Ah, is this your daughter?
Got a boyfriend?
Got a boyfriend?
It's smashin' at the moment.
See that one there? Went right up
in the sky, and it hit me house.
- Ah, it's great.
- Some fire.
Hey, watch what you're doin' with them sparklers.
[ Woman, A Cappella ]
Blow the wind southerly
Southerly, southerly
Blow the wind south
O'er the bonny blue sea
Blow the wind southerly
Southerly, southerly
Blow, bonny breeze
My lover to me
They told me last night
There were ships in the offing
And I hurried down
To the deep rolling sea
But my eye could not see it
Wherever might be it
The barque that is bearing
My lover to me
Blow the wind southerly
- Southerly, southerly
- [ Wind Gusting ]
Blow, bonny breeze
- O'er the bonny blue sea
- [ Waves Crashing ]
Blow the wind southerly
Southerly, southerly
Blow, bonny breeze
And bring him to me
Is it not sweet
To hear the breeze singing
As lightly it comes
O'er the deep rolling sea
But sweeter and dearer
By far 'tis
When bringing the barque
Of my true love
In safety
To me
[ "Richard Rodgers's "The Carousel Waltz" ]
[ Continues ]
- There's our John and Kevin, Mam.
- John!
- Kevin!
- Kevin!
John! Kevin!
[ Continues ]
[ Air Rifles Firing ]
Oh, yeah. Round the end.
Nearly had the green one.
[ Clicking ]
[ Man, A Cappella ] She stepped away from me
And she went through the fair
And fondly
I watched her move here
And move there
And then she went homeward
With one star awake
As the swan in the evening
Moves over the lake
- Last night she came to me [Fades ]
- [ Mother ] Last night she came to me
She came softly in
So softly she came
- [ Clock Ticking ]
- That her feet made no din
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
It will not be long, love
Till our wedding day
[ Clock Continues Ticking ]
Me dad used to sing that.
Granddad O'Brien?
Lock up, will you, Kev?
Okay, Mam.
[ Whispers ] Mam.
[ Male Voice Growling, Snarling ]
[ Screaming ]
It was a man!
It was a man!
It's all right.
You're all right.
[ George Butterworth's
"Rhapsody: A Shropshire Lad" ]
[ Children Shouting ]
[ Child Giggling ]
[ Mother ] It's your last term
at Canon Kennedy's, isn't it, lad?
Are you looking forward to going up
to the big boys' school, Bud?
[ Bud ]
What am I gonna get for Christmas, Mam?
[ Mother ] Don't be so nosy.
[ Bells Jingling ]
[ Boy, A Cappella ]
Once in royal David's city
Stood a lowly cattle shed
Where a mother laid her baby
In a manger for his bed
Mary was
- That mother mild
- [ People Chattering ]
Jesus Christ her little child
[ Titch ] Makes your heart bleed, doesn't it?
Are you gonna help me with these things?
[ Kevin ] In the morning.
I've got to get a tree.
- No, we got that little tree of our own.
- [ John ] Have you got the tree?
- I think it's still in the attic.
- [ Titch Chuckling ]
[ John ]
You should give some of them decorations away.
- You've had them for years.
- No, I like these.
They've got a real history, haven't they?
[ Family Conversing, Indistinct ]
[ Mahler's "Symphony No. 10" ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
It's Christmas.
[ Conversing, Indistinct ]
Happy Christmas, lad.
Happy Christmas, Bud.
[ Chattering, Indistinct ]
[ Wind Gusting ]
[ Fades ]
[ Orson Welles In Film ] In those days
they had time for everything
time for sleigh rides and balls...
and assemblies and cotillions...
and open house on New Year's.
[ Crowd ]
Oh, the Cokey Cokey!
Oh, the Cokey Cokey!
Knees bend, arms stretch, rah, rah, rah!
[ Man ]
It's 12:00!
Should old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should old acquaintance be forgot
For the sake of auld lang syne
For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
For the sake of auld lang syne
For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
For the sake of auld lang syne
- [ Cheering ]
- [ Horns Blowing ]
[ Orson Welles ]
And this pageant of the tenantry...
was the last of the great
long-remembered dances...
that everybody talked about.
- What's "kinershet," Mam?
- What's what?
You know, in that song,
"We'll take a cup of kinershet."
It's "kindness yet."
- [ Man ] All the best.
- All the best, Mr. Campbell.
Lock the back door, will you, Kev?
[ Kevin ] I already did before we went out.
[ John ] Don't half panic, Mam.
[ Lock Clicks ]
[ Mother ] Good night, Titch.
[ Titch ] Good night, Mam.
[ Mother ] God help anyone with no home tonight.
I wonder what 1956 will bring.
[ Woman ] Put something cold on his neck.
Like keys.
That'll do the trick.
[ Children Reciting Multiplication Tables ]
Stay here until your nose stops bleeding.
Thank you, Sister.
[ Reciting Continues ]
[ Piano Note ]
[ Children Humming Note ]
[ Piano Note ]
[ Children Humming Note ]
Faith of our fathers
Sanctify my breast
Body of Christ be
Now my saving guest
Deep in thy wounds, Lord
Hide and shelter me
So that I'll never
Never part from thee
[ Boys Chattering, Shouting ]
[ Indistinct Conversations ]
Are you Povey?
- I thought it was Povey.
- Are you from Bernard Street?
No. Canon Kennedy's.
Who's a fruit then? Eh?
[ Thwacking ]
[ Man ] That's just to show you who's boss.
I'm Mr. Nicholls.
You play ball with me...
and I'll play ball with you.
[ Woman ] Seconds!
[ Footsteps ]
I'm from Canon Kennedy.
Who's the fruit then? Eh?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Latin ]
[ Shouting, Chattering ]
[ Indistinct Conversation ]
[ Kevin ] So what did he say to you?
It's a bit strong, isn't it?
What do you think of that?
- Have a smell of that.
- It's too strong.
All right, I won't put it on.
- I paid for that!
- Where did you get it?
[ Indistinct ]
Well, did you get me stuff for me?
Yeah, two pairs nylons, 15 denier
American Tan, fully fashioned
pan stick, and nail varnish.
- Majestic Red?
- Yeah.
Imperial Leather, Picturegoer, and Picture Show.
- Evening in Paris?
- They didn't have any.
Oh, what am I gonna do?
I haven't got
Here, Titch. You can have a bit of mine.
Pity it's not Chanel.
- Once in love
- With Amy
[ Both ]
Always in love with Amy
- Leave her alone, you two.
- Take no notice of them, Amy.
They're just lettin' the soft out.
Her lips are much too close to mine
Take care, my foolish heart
Bud, would you go get us a packet of ciggies?
[ Man ] Is this 18 Kensington?
- I'm looking for Mona.
- [ Titch ] No, it bloody well isn't!
This is 18 Kensington Street.
Kensington's the main road.
- There's no Mona here.
- Go on, frig off!
Thank you.
[ Excited Chattering ]
[ Children Singing ]
- See ya, Bud, lad.
- Good night.
[ Titch ] See ya, Bud.
Mam said don't be late.
[ Bud ]
If you shine the torch up into the night sky...
the light goes on forever.
[ Mother ] Who says?
[ Bud ]
Our teacher.
[ Mother ] Me and my shadow
Walking down the avenue
Go on up, lad.
I'll bring the cocoa.
Oh, thanks, Mam.
- And when it's 12:00
- [ Liquid Pouring ]
- We climb the stairs
- [ Utensils Clattering ]
We never knock
'Cause nobody's there
Just me
And my shadow
All alone and feeling blue
[ Man On Radio ] This is the BBC Home Service.
Lift up your hearts.
Our speaker this week...
is the Reverend [ Continues, Indistinct ]
Come on, you four. Make a shape.
It's well past 7:00.
- [ Choir Singing On Radio ]
- Jesus tonight, it's cold!
[ Continues ]
Hey, Bud, will you do me back for me?
[ Brushing Teeth, Spits ]
[ Mother ] You'll soon be grown up...
won't you, lad?
[ Continues ]
Go on, get washed, and I'll bring you your tea and toast.
Okay, Mam.
[ Mr. Nicholls ]
You're late.
Report to Mr. Bushell,
the headmaster...
and then go upstairs to the nurse in room 10.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Why have you come?
Mr. Nicholls told me
to report late, sir.
[ Long Sigh ]
Come on.
In future be punctual.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
- Clean.
- [ Comb Rattles In Beaker ]
[ Comb Rattles ]
[ Bud, Titch Laughing ]
[ Water Sloshing ]
[ Utensil Clanging ]
[ Titch ]
Oh! Christ, that's cold!
[ Laughing Continues ]
Okay, you can rinse it out now, Bud.
[ Gasps ]
Oh! God blimey, it's scaldin'!
Oh, you little sadist!
Can we go to the second house, Titch?
Give us a chance, will ya?
I haven't even looked at the Echo yet.
Anyway, what's on?
Can we see Young at Heart?
It's at the Forum.
Oh, I suppose so.
Oh, thanks, Titch.
- Go to Tyrers and get some sweets.
- What sort?
Eh, Mis Shapes. Go on.
The money's in me coat.
- [ Titch ] Are you ready?
- [ Bud ] Yeah.
Get your coat on. We don't want
to miss the beginning, do we?
Argh! Hey, Mam!
- Keep still!
- Aw, Titch!
Aw, it stinks!
- Do you prefer having nits?
- No.
Then you'll have to put up with the stink, won't ya?
There you are. All done.
[ Man ] All right, next.
- First wet, Albie!
- [ Mother ] All right, Edna?
Oh, I'm dead chocka.
Cook, wash, clean that's all I do.
I never go anywhere.
I'm like the bleedin' prisoner of Zenda.
- Look at them hands. Putrid.
- [ Footsteps ]
Hey, Mam, it's me dad.
Tell him his tea's in the oven
and I'll be in in a minute.
Little Billy isn't half going like you, isn't he?
I know, poor little swine.
You could chop wood with my face, couldn't ya?
God blimey, what nature has in store for us.
- Hello, girl.
- See what I mean?
- [ Women Laughing ]
- [ Titch ] Still on the electric, Curly?
- Nah, I spewed it.
- Why?
- He didn't like the fella, did he?
- How are you managing?
- Doin' foreigners.
- [ Edna ] Thank Christ.
Otherwise we'd be eatin' fuse wire.
[ Chuckles ]
He's full of rhythm, though, isn't he?
Yeah, like St. Vitus.
[ Imitating Peter Lorre ]
You must realize I don't even know who St. Vitus is.
Don't start doin' those stupid bleedin' impressions!
He does them good, though, doesn't he?
God blimey, don't encourage him.
If he thinks he's got an audience, he'll do it more.
I'm tormented enough.
[ Imitating Edward G. Robinson ]
Listen, kid, nobody torments you.
But I'm gonna torment you. Why?
- 'Cause I'm Little Caesar.
- Who's that?
Edward G. Robinson.
Sounds more like bleedin' Cardew Robinson.
He does it to annoy me.
Doesn't half get on me nerves.
Come on, girl, where's me scoff?
In the oven.
Steak and onions.
Oh, I had that last week.
If you're not careful, I'll hit you with it.
Isn't it bleedin' lively, turnin'
his nose up at steak and onions?
Some poor bastards never get it.
Tomorrow night it'll be dog food.
Sounds "ruff."
[ Edna ]
See what I put up with?
I should never have got married.
What the bleedin' hell did I ever see in you?
- [ Billy ] Mam!
- Wha'?
- I'm hungry.
- Oh, eat someone!
I'll swing for these kids one of these days.
Come on, soft ollies, we better go.
Have you heard the latest?
They're burying Catholics in Protestant cemeteries now.
- They're dead, like!
- [ Chuckling ]
The next bus will be along
in a few minutes. Be under it.
- See you, Ed.
- Ta-ra, Curly.
- Ta-ra.
- Ta-ra. See ya. You need a shave.
- So do you.
- [ Laughing ] Stop messin', tant.
- [ Mr. Nicholls ] Andrews?
- Present, sir.
- Aughton?
- Present, sir.
- Barnes?
- Present, sir.
- Bedson?
- Present, sir.
- Bell?
- Present, sir.
- Clotworthy?
- Present, sir.
- Crowley?
- Present, sir.
- Davies?
- [ Bud ] Present, sir.
- Duckworth?
- Present, sir.
- Dunne?
- Present, sir.
- Ferguson?
Present, sir.
Your card.
Is it your ear again?
I suppose you've been picking at it, haven't you?
What nasty little creatures you little boys are.
[ All Clamoring ]
[ Whistle Blowing ]
If you snitch, we'll get you tonight.
Get into line.
S4, right wheel.
Quick march, left, right, left.
"The process of erosion.
Erosion is the cumulative effect...
of a great variety
of processes."
Full stop.
"In general, these can be divided into five groups.
wind erosion.
And five
Life also cooperates in the work of destruction.
rivers and their valleys."
[ Bud ]
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...
I give you my heart and my soul.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...
I give you my body and blood.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...
assist me in my last agony.
May I say, when I am dying...
"Jesus, mercy. Mary, help."
In the name of the Father and of the Son...
and of the Holy Ghost...
[ Woman, A Cappella ] Ae fond kiss
And then we sever
Ae fareweel
Alas, for ever
Deep in heart-wrung tears
I pledge thee
Warring sighs
And moans
- I'll wage thee
- [ Woman ] Hello, Mrs. Davies.
All right, Mrs. Simon?
Had we never
Loved sae blindly
Had we never
Loved sae kindly
- Never met
- [ Indistinct ]
Or never parted
- We had ne'er be
- [ Indistinct ]
Fare thee weel
Thou first and fairest
Fare thee weel
Thou best and dearest
Thine be ilka
Joy and pleasure
And pleasure
- You bored?
- Just knackered.
I saw right to the back of your throat then.
Did you have a nice day?
- Ae fond kiss
- Yeah. I really enjoyed myself.
And then we sever
- [ Indistinct ]
Ae fareweel
Alas, for ever
Deep in heart-wrung tears
I pledge thee
- Warring sighs
- [ Children Chattering ]
And moans
I'll wage thee
[ Rain Falling On Roof ]
[ Chuckling ]
- Oh, go on, put the lights on.
- [ Switch Clicks ]
Oh, it's duck-apple night!
[ Woman ] Did you have a nice time then, Bud?
- Yeah.
- That's good, isn't it?
I'll bet you went on everything, didn't you?
- No. I tried the big wheel
- Did you feel a bit sick?
I went on the waltzers.
I went on them with Jean.
You know Jean?
Well, we had a big candy floss.
Did you have a candy floss?
[ "Over The Banister" ]
[ Woman ] Good night, Bud.
[ Tom Drake In Film ] Gosh, Miss Esther...
I-I hope I'm not
too presumptuous...
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]
- ...for you don't need any beauty sleep.
[ Judy Garland ] What a nice compliment.
- [ Drake ] How does it go?
- [ Garland ] How does what go?
[ Drake ]
"Over the banister leans a face...
tenderly sweet...
and and "
[ Garland ]
Nobody only those eyes of brown
Tender and full of meaning
Gaze on the
The loveliest face
In town
Over the banister
[ Bud ]
My Jesus...
it is the weight not of the cross...
but of my sins...
which has made thee suffer so much pain.
By the merits of this first fall...
deliver me from the misfortune...
of falling into mortal sin.
[ Blow Echoing ]
[ Cross Creaking ]
[ Creaking Stops ]
[ Echoing ]
I love thee, Jesus...
my love above all things.
I repent with my whole heart of having offended thee.
Never permit me to separate myself from thee again.
Grant that I may love thee always...
and then do with me what thou wilt.
- [ Hoofbeats ]
- [ Cart Clattering ]
[ Children In Unison ]
Glory be to the Father...
and to the Son...
and to the Holy Ghost...
as it was in the beginning...
and ever shall be...
world without end, amen.
[ Man ] Come on, hurry up.
We all know what you're trying to hide.
[ Boys Shouting, Chattering ]
[ Men, Women ] Out on the briny
- With a moon big and shiny
- [ Hands Clapping In Time ]
Melting your heart of stone
I'd like to get you
On a slow boat to China
All to myself
[ Cheering ]
Who's this?
"I'm Attila Attila the Hun."
- Esther Williams.
- Oh, you bastard!
- Edna, tell him to behave.
- People have been strangled for less, haven't they?
- Want a drink, girl?
- In a minute. I'm going for a twinkle.
- Say one for me.
- Oh, shut it.
It's perishin' out there.
[ Curly ] Bongo, bongo, bongo
I don't wanna leave the Congo
Oh, no, no, no, no
Isn't that singin' bleedin' terrible?
Like an ollie in a bottle.
Bingo, bangle, bungle
I'm so fond of the jungle I refuse to go
Choke him, somebody.
Now, Curly, behave yourself.
Otherwise Edna will give you 40 lashes.
That'd be an incentive, wouldn't it, love?
- In for a bevvy?
- You're all right, John.
Me Judy'll get me one up.
You've had enough.
You can't have just one drink.
You've got to get palatic.
Aw, go on, girl.
Be nice.
Nice to be nice.
People are people.
They're not grapefruit, are they?
God help him. He's in a world of his own.
[ Imitating James Cagney ]
"World"? Mm!
I don't want to die.
I'm a Yankee Doodle dandy.
Stop doin' those stupid bleedin' impressions.
Otherwise, wooden overcoat.
- [ Imitating Edward G. Robinson ]
See here, kid, no one
- Oh, shut up, bleedin' screwball!
I'll leave the nighttime
To the dreamers
I'll leave the songbird
To the blind
- I'll leave the moon above
- [ People Singing Along ]
To those in love
When I leave this world behind
When I leave this world
[ People Laughing, Clapping ]
That was me mam's song, that.
Come on, girl.
You give us one.
I don't know why I love you like I do
I don't know why I just do
I don't know why you thrill me like you do
I don't know why I just do
You never seem to want my romancin'
The only time you hold me is when we're dancin'
I don't know why I love you like I do
I don't know why I just do
[ All Laughing, Applauding ]
Come on.
Our Bud now.
We're a couple of swells
We stop at the best hotels
And we prefer the country
Far away from the city smells
- Wall Street bankers are we
- [ People Chuckling ]
With plenty of currency
We'd open up the safe
But we forgot where we put the key
The Vanderbilts are waiting at the club
But how are we to get there That's the rub
- That's the rub
- [ Chuckling ]
We would sail up the avenue
But we haven't got a yacht
We would ride up the avenue
- But the horse we got was shot
- [ Man Imitates Gunshot ]
We would ride on the trolley car
but we haven't got the fare
So we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the avenue till we're there
[ Cheering, Applauding ]
You're always saying I never take you anywhere.
We'll go to the dance.
- The Grafton's for bits of kids.
We're too old.
- You're as old as you feel.
Look, you may think you're Peter Pan,
but I'm not bleedin' Wendy.
We're not goin'.
- Yes, Edna. No, Edna.
Three bags full, Edna.
- [ Titch Chuckles ]
Where's me jacket?
It's cold.
- What's happenin'?
- Get your arms in.
- Me tiny hand is frozen.
- If it was any bigger, it'd have frostbite.
- [ Titch Chuckling ]
- Oh, you beautiful doll
You great big beautiful doll
Whatever you do, Helen, don't get married.
You might end up with someone like this soft bastard.
- Let me put my arms
- Button it!
- Good night, you two.
Don't you stay up too late.
- I could never live without you
[ Wind Gusting ]
[ Mother ] Lock up, will you, Kev?
[ Kevin ] Okay, Mam.
[ Church Bells Ringing ]
[ Albie ]
That's Mr. Yates.
He's got cancer.
[ Mother ]
Come on, Bud. Time for mass.
Okay, Mam.
See you later, Albie.
[ Man Speaking On Radio, Indistinct ]
Are you going to Cast Iron Shore, Kev?
No, Woolton Woods.
Can I go with you?
You haven't got a bike, Bud, lad.
Well, will you bring me some pears back, then?
- Yeah.
- [ Audience On Radio Laughing ]
- [ Man On Radio Shouting ]
- [ Radio Show Theme ]
Can I have a bit of your drink, Kev?
You won't like it.
[ Coughs ]
Aw, it's horrible!
Told you you wouldn't like it.
- [ Kevin ] Watch the car.
- [ Titch ] Look both ways, Jean.
Can't I come with you?
Oh, go on, let me.
Don't forget the pears.
[ Man On Radio ]
That was Ray's a Laugh, with Kitty Bluett...
Kenneth Connor, Laidman Brown,
Rosalind Knight, and starring Ted Ray.
This recorded program was written
by Bernard Botting and Charles Hart...
and produced by Leslie Griffiths.
[ Radio Show Theme ]
[ Ends ]
[ "Tammy" ]
[ Debbie Reynolds ]
I hear the cottonwoods
Whisperin' above
"Tammy, Tammy
Tammy's in love"
The old hooty owl
Hooty-hoos to the dove
"Tammy, Tammy
Tammy's in love"
Does my lover feel what I feel
When he comes near
My heart beats so joyfully
You'd think that he could hear
Wish I knew if he knew
What I'm dreamin' of
Tammy's in love
[ Orchestral Interlude ]
[ Bells Jangling ]
[ Congregation ]
Holy, holy, holy
Whipporwill, whipporwill
You and I know
Tammy, Tammy
- [ Man In Film ] And in pulpit,
talking interminable nonsense...
- Can't let him go
the Reverend Lord Henry D'Ascoyne.
- The breeze from the bayou
- The D'Ascoynes certainly appear...
- to have accorded with the tradition of the landed gentry...
- Keeps murmuring low
- and sent the fool of the family into the church.
- Tammy, Tammy
- Please stand.
- You love him so
- When the night is warm, soft and warm
- Get into line.
- I long for his charms
- Turn.
- I'd sing like a violin
- Good night, boys.
- [ In Unison ] Good night, sir.
- Off you go.
[ Man In Film ] You're a shower, an absolute shower.
There's no other word for it.
- And you, Windrush, you're an absolute rotter.
- Wish I knew if he knew
What I'm dreamin' of
Tammy's in love
[ Ends ]
[ Boys Chuckling ]
[ Albie ]
Come on, let's go.
[ Mother Vocalizing ]
Aren't you goin' to the pictures?
I've got no one to go with.
What about Albie?
He's just gone past with John Hughes.
Can't you run after them and ask can you go with them?
[ Mother ] If I had my life
To live over
I would still do
The same things again
I would still love to roam
To that place I call home
Where happiness never
Would end
I'd meet you [ Echoing ]
When school days were over
And we'd walk down the lanes
We once knew
[ Crying ]
- If I had my life
- [ Lid Clangs Shut ]
To live over again
I would still
Fall in love
With you
[ Orson Welles ] And now it came at last:
George Amberson Minafer had got his comeuppance.
He got it three times filled...
and running over.
But those who had so longed for it
were not there to see it...
and they never knew it.
Those who were still living...
had forgotten all about it...
and all about him.
[ Mr. Nicholls ]
wind erosion.
The waters of the seas readily respond by movement...
to the brushing of the wind over the surface...
to the variations of temperature and salinity...
to the gravitational attraction of the moon and sun...
and to the Coriolis force.
A tides and currents."
[ Martita Hunt In Film ]
Do you know what that is?
It's a great cake,
a bride-cake.
On this day of the year, long before you were born...
this heap of decay was brought here.
It and I have worn away together.
Mice have gnawed at it...
and sharper teeth than teeth of mice...
have gnawed at me.
And I have a fancy I should like to see someone play.
[ Bud ]
What did you get for Christmas, Albie?
[ Albie ]
A cowboy outfit and a Bren gun.
[ Bud ]
Our Kevin bought me a watch.
[ Bud ]
Some of those stars are dead.
The light from them started out when Jesus was alive.
How do you know?
Our Titchie said.
[ Bell Tolling ]
[ Men's Chamber Chorus ]
No star is o'er the lake
Its pale watch keeping
The moon is half awake
Through gray mist creeping
The last red leaves fall
'Round the porch of roses
The clock has ceased to sound
The long day closes
Sit by the silent hearth
In calm endeavor
To count the sounds of mirth
Now dumb forever
Heed not how hope believes
And fate disposes
Shadow is 'round the eaves
The long day closes
The lighted windows
The lighted windows dim
Are fading slowly
The fire that was so trim
Now quivers lowly
Quivers lowly
Go to the dreamless bed
Where grief reposes
Thy book of toil is read
The long day closes
Go to the dreamless bed
Where grief reposes
Thy book of toil is read
Go to the dreamless bed
The dreamless bed
The long day