Long Live the King (2019) Movie Script

We oppose theme park!
Protect our market!
Mokpo Central Market is Changing!
We oppose theme park!
Protect our market!
Who is the redevelopment for?
The merchants oppose!
Who is the redevelopment for?
The merchants oppose!
Thats more than enough!
The rulings out,
you cant do this.
- Screw the ruling!
- Move, move.
- Who are you to mess with us?
- Move out of the way.
Theres an order
to demolish here!
- Hey, whats up?
- Now the goons...
Get rid of them,
were busy.
We got mixed up
with communist bitches.
Communist bitches?
Say that again!
Communist? Did I hear that right?
You got balls saying that.
- What else should I call you?
- How dare you call me that?!
Dont swear at the girls.
This is a done deal,
lets wrap it up nicely.
Nicely how?
Were protecting our rights.
Who are you?
Youre not a native here.
Dont interfere with local matters.
Im their lawyer.
I should be telling you
to not interfere.
Get rid of hired goons!
Get rid of hired goons!
Get rid of hired goons!
Whos the goon?
Shit, youre the goons!
Screw this protest, youre only here
to get more money!
We were hired legally to do this.
All right, bulldoze them.
Lets go!
Get rid of them!
Told you not to
gring bats.
Go! Do it!
Are you serious?!
What are you doing? Stop!
Piss off!
Legal? You know the law?
Im glad you mentioned it!
Why do you think
these people are doing?!
If someone forces you out of
your home, would you?
Shame on you!
Hee-su! Let her go!
Stop it! I said stop!
What do you think youre doing?!
Guys, stop! Stop!
Out of the way!
Back off, assholes!
Get off of her!
Back off! Move aside!
Get back! Geun-bae! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Pull out!
Pull out for now!
What the...
Lets go.
Shes tough for a midget.
- What did he call me?
- Whats wrong?
You cant just leave!
She wants us to go.
It must be nice to be tall
like a yeti!
Dont ever come back, goons!
Boss, whats wrong?
Dont come back, assholes!
Piss off!
Ill mess you up!
You got that?!
Boys, get up!
3 months later
Morning, sir.
Asshole, are you on a camping trip?
- Have some bread.
- Look, that goon is back.
What difference will that make?
I know, eh?
Dont mind them.
You really should eat
a proper meal.
Youre all drinking first thing
in the morning?
Im sorry, sir.
You have to stay healthy.
Have some milk.
Eating bread wont do,
order 30 meals for them.
For them?
Yes, boss.
Clean up properly, hurry.
Hey, hurry!
Wheres Jang?
Hes at the sauna.
Were you at the protest?
No, man.
Go get me some orange juice.
Right away, sir.
Im sick of this shit.
The big boss doesnt give
a shit about the business.
After getting slapped,
he fell for that bitch and
hes been like that for 3 months!
Im sure he has a plan.
What plan? Its killing me!
Dont cross my lines!
Itll get tangled!
My apologies, boss.
Its actually nice to fish.
But why are we fishing
at a spot like this?
Killing two birds with one stone.
Two birds, huh?
What is it?
Payment for yesterdays lunch.
Dont ever do that again.
Wait a minute.
What did I do so wrong?
Gangsters using violence,
thats not wrong?
What violence?
We stood back for 3 months.
You sure did, you quietly
threatened us.
Id had it with this.
Lets do it that way then.
What way?
You know! That.
Youre so clueless!
Lets just do that.
You can do anything?
Thats right.
Then be a human being.
What are you talking about?
Do I look like a ghost?
Be a good person.
A good person?
What should I do then?
Stop being a gangster
and youll meet a good girl.
You keep calling us gangsters,
but thats not us.
Were doing a proper business.
In any case, Im done here.
Dont take that back.
Dont change your mind later.
Im gonna do everything
you told me to do.
Excuse me, do you not
understand me at all?
Why is she so angry all the time?
I have a big announcement.
Im gonna get out of this biz,
sell the club for me.
What the dog shit
are you saying?
Whats this about?
Did something happen?
Im gonna go legit.
Whats a legit work?
I wont do anymore shameful work.
Youre a real saint.
You got boys to take care of.
Whatever, Im gonna be
a good person from here on.
Holy cow.
Did that girl told you to?
For you to be a good man?
She must have bad standards.
She doesnt notice
this prince charming.
Oh my...
Try some of this,
its so fresh.
- Is this from today?
- Its really good.
His crush will ruin everything.
Turn on the TV.
Its really good.
Mokpo is the hottest race for
Woori Democractic partys nomination.
2-term incumbent Congressman
Choi Man-su is accused...
Thats Choi Man-su.
Man-su again?
He only lowers his head
during election period!
Hes a thief like no other.
Why arent cops doing anything?
Go arrest him!
Why are you bringing
us into this?
Maybe you cant arrest him?
There are rumors of other
potential nominees,
and Hwangbo Yoon is
a top contender.
Dude, if you want to be good,
follow him around.
He was a thug too.
Hes head of Mokpo Welfare...
For real?
He followed the president around
and worked for him too.
Hes a really good man.
But Congressman Choi is expected
to win without much opposition.
Mokpo Granny Diner
Head back.
Sit over here.
For one?
Is there a menu?
Family cooked meal - $1
Its only $1?
Give me one,
a bottle of soju too.
No alcohol.
1 meal!
I got soju, want a drink?
Nice to meet you,
this is Mokpo!
Hey sweetie,
take care!
Jung Cheol-mins
Social Jockey
The court accepted injunction against
illegal obstruction of demolition.
To continue the protest,
we must pay $500 a day.
They want us to pay?
$500 isnt some chump change!
Shit, Choi Man-su mustve
flexed his muscles.
Theyre all in league
with each other.
We can appeal it but the chances
of reversing it is slim.
But well find a way
so dont worry too much.
Hi, good day.
So good to see you.
Cheol-min, what brings you here?
Good to see you.
You got a taping here?
Not really.
Why did we come?
Obviously, to crush Choi Man-su!
Wheres Mr. Hwangbo?
Not leaving?
Could you get Mr. Hwang!?
I need to talk to him.
What for?
Its not a talk for a part-timer.
But Im not...
Who is he?
I dont know.
Mr. Hwang?
I, uh, got a favor to ask you.
What favor?
Lets sit down and talk.
Mr. Hwangbo! Look whos...
Family diner CEO!
Why are you here?
To eat, obviously.
What about you?
- You look so good.
- Way too good.
What brings you down here?
I heard that you were
running a restaurant,
but how could you make
any money selling $1 meals?
Youre too transparent.
If you came to convince me,
you better head back.
June! Give them some food!
Enjoy your meal,
and go back.
Mr. Hwang!
Hey, why are you following him?
Mr. Hwang!
Cant we talk for a bit?!
My last name is Hwangbo.
And I dont know what youre after,
but there is an order to things,
come by another time.
Im so tired.
Dont put hot peppers.
Its too spicy.
I didnt put them in this time.
Granny, Im gonna throw
these out, its too old.
Leave them,
theyre just fine!
Ill get you new ones,
Im tossing this.
Your mother?
Stupid punk,
my son is a hottie!
What are you looking at?
If you got nothing to do,
go clean the toilet.
Why should I?
Didnt you say
you got a favor to ask?
So nasty...
What the hell was that for?!
Do it properly,
stop pretending to do it.
Its shit...
Dad! Dad!
Take care!
What is it?
Its nothing.
Photo op for Director Kang Ju-seok
and Chairman Hwangbo Yoon.
Its the golden ratio.
So whats your favor?
I heard you were a gangster
back in the day.
I want to switch careers like you.
For what?
You know...
Im getting older,
I want to start anew.
Did you commit a crime?
Its nothing like that.
I want to volunteer like you,
and I want people to see me
as a good man, you know!
You want to clean
your reputation.
Im opening myself up to you.
Im not like that!
Excuse me!
You know how to play cards?
You know shit!
Theyre smoking in the restaurant.
Oh, right.
Those bastards didnt move
their asses at all.
Id thump their skulls in
if I had it my way.
Sir, you cant smoke in here.
Who are you?
A part-timer.
I know plenty of muscle heads.
My cousin is in a Gwangju gang,
and my brother is a homicide cop...
Youre being cute
because you know people?
Im jealous.
So nice to know them.
- Hands down.
- Oh my god!
- Look at that.
- Be quiet and eat.
- Hes beating him up!
- Just eat.
What should I do?
Put your hand down!
What the hell?!
You son of a bitch!
There are still gangsters in Mokpo?
Gwang-choons boy, right?
Did the Big Dong
tell you to do this?
Go, Ive had it with you all.
Big Dong, my ass...
- Shut the hell up!
- Fucking bastard!
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Are you nuts?!
Why did you do that?!
I owe those bastards
a lot of money!
I was only trying to help...
Forget it! Its not like
youll guard this place!
You dont know how annoying
those guys are!
Im done for!
Wait, hey!
You cant just leave.
Im talking here!
Throwing your fist is instinctual, no?
Lose the habit first.
Do Rodeo Street merchants
use Big Dongs money?
Yeah, thats his turf.
Talk to them and lend them
our money without interest.
Say what?!
How much is that?
Just do it.
Were in the red.
No way, we make a mint
with the club.
But youre giving away
all the profit!
Just do it, asshole!
And Im selling all our shops,
so make it happen.
Did that bitch order you to?
Order me what?!
Its my idea.
Its not a bad idea.
We need to improve ourselves too.
You punk! We improved
so much over the years!
We sold off arcades and others,
and the clubs all we got!
Who cares about us,
what about Don So-pal?
Hes so old that
he cant do anything else.
What are you doing?
Shut the hell up,
Ive made up my mind.
The meat was good.
Are you a robot?
Do everything she asks?
What about my habit?
You gotta lose that temper of yours.
You got me these bruises.
It hurts so damn much.
Pacific Capital
Fuck you, whatever man.
Whats taking them so long?
What up?
Its been a while.
Why are you here?
Came for some money.
Still into gambling?
Come on!
I got out of that shit
so long ago!
Lets have lunch.
Hurry up!
Fucking bitches,
lets go.
Good morning!
Time is money!
Boss, coffee!
Me too!
You two, my office.
Blondie, whats with your face?
Poker Black Jack
I tripped.
Tripped? Doing what?
I was out drinking with the boys,
he was there too.
Chinese food?
With Se-chool?
If youre dumb,
have some grit!
If you got no grit,
have the brain!
If my only family member
gets beaten up by
my mortal enemy Se-chool,
how would I feel?
That fucker was calling you
Big Dong, how could I hold back?
Lean over.
This is an educational bat
for others,
but its a love bat for you.
We may come from different
wombs but were brothers.
Say it after me.
- Jang Se-chool!
- Jang Se-chool!
- Motherfucker!
- Motherfucker!
- Fuck Jang Se-chool!
- Fuck him!
- Kill him!
- Kill him!
- Got it?!
- Got it!
By accelerating beautiful Mokpos
tourism development,
Ill bring in 10 million tourists!
Every piece of encouragement
from the citizens of Mokpo
keeps me going.
Choi Man-su, candidate #1!
For advancement of Mokpo,
Ill gladly give my life!
I look so old there.
3rd term! 3rd term!
Jung Cheol-mins in town.
Jung Cheol-min?
Whos that?
Yeah, hes known as
Social Jockey,
hes a satirical podcaster.
His show is #1, I think.
Theyre so funny!
Those guys chew me up,
nothing but yap, yap, yap.
Then why are they here?
I think hes trying to lure
Hwangbo to enter the race.
Those dirty bastards.
Sons of bitches.
Its all right.
Does Hwangbo have a party?
Hes nothing.
Hwangbo Yoon?
1,000 of him are no match for me!
By the way,
whatll you do with that?
The merchant protests stalling it.
The court made a decision.
Youre the best!
I shoveled money to the judges
trying to get this done!
The merchants stopped you
from bulldozing the place?
I sent some subcontractors,
and they arent doing shit!
My hands are tied because
hes a powerful gangster.
Youre got no balls for someone
in construction business.
My poor theme park friends.
Man-su, Choi Man-su.
We just gotta do our part, no?
Congressman Choi!
Lets go to the park!
Lets turn out life around!
Lets go! Go!
You cant do this,
we have to come together!
I know!
I dont believe this.
- Welcome, sir.
- So-hyun!
Good evening.
Sir, have you talked to
other merchants?
Its all over.
2 merchants settled.
The fine scared them off,
its just too much.
The law is useless,
it always sides with the rich.
Im sorry.
Its okay, you did all you could.
Ill meet the mayor myself.
He wont want to meet.
We tried to make contact
several times but nothing.
Thats why we need you
in the congress.
Only a powerful man
can change things.
Mr. Hwangbo, please enter the race.
Hes right, dont be stubborn
and enter the race.
Save us, please?
Enter the race!
Please do it.
We cant let Choi Man-su
have it his way anymore!
Mr. Hwangbo!
Please sit down.
I know why youre hesitating.
I know youre sick of
the politics too.
But we cant sit here and
watch them get demolished.
You must stand up and be
the voice of Mokpo people.
Yes, for the citizens, please?
Im Jung Cheol-min,
and this is the Social Jockey.
And Im Dr. Lee.
- Were in Mokpo.
- Mokpos very nice.
Very good.
I drove about 4.5 hours,
all by myself nonstop.
I was more tired
in the passenger seat.
Then you drive.
- We got a special guest!
- Super special.
He lived a dramatic life.
Its like a film.
A gangster went to work
for the president.
- Mokpos tiger.
- Tiger!
- Hwangbo!
- Yoon!
Hes the head of Mokpo
Welfare Foundation!
There are dozens articles on
Hwangbos announcement.
Good morning!
I quickly ran a simulation last night,
we lost the election.
Hwangbo has a lot of
supporters in the 30-40 group.
Does this make sense?!
Jungs been tearing up
the Mokpo theme park,
were getting pummeled
by the media.
I better rip that yapping
bastards mouth or something!
Judging from an objective analysis,
you should delay the Central Market
demolition until after the election.
If I can delay it,
I would have.
If that idiot Kim didnt waste
our damn time, Id have!
I poured so much
money into that.
But if Hwangbo uses it
as a leverage,
well be in a disadvantage.
The prosecution has started
investigating the bank loan case.
We can bury that.
Only if you win the election!
How dare you!
Im sorry, sir.
Get out.
So youre feeling shaky
in this election?
Why is that shitface Hwangbo
entering the race?
Hes got no shame.
You know about the market demolition
and the 50-story building?
The merchants are protesting
and causing stink.
Bitching and moaning
wont stop progress.
Itll go up.
Ill give you the sky lounge.
For real?
Youre coming on too hard.
You had it tough up to this point.
Its your time to live comfortably.
So what do I have to do this time?
Yeah, yeah.
Its like this.
How dare it crawl out?
It must know its place.
Whatll happen to this country
if dogs and cats get into politics?
Ill wipe your throne clean,
keep your promise
about the sky lounge.
Lets drink.
- Is Mr. Hwangbo in?
- Nope.
- Give me some food.
- Were closed.
- Theres no announcement.
- Hes at another diner?
Ill see you then, okay.
Who is he?
Good to see you.
Arent you two too close?
Why do you keep showing up?
This isnt about you.
I thought it over,
now I understand.
Im trying to change,
go easy on me.
Stop your nonsense
and get out of here.
Im apologizing,
cant you see?
I dont know what youre up to,
but you should go today.
Im not leaving, I cant.
Sir, the thing about me is,
once I make up my mind,
I go to the end of the earth for it!
Im never giving up
so take me in!
Im never gonna move.
Im a rock from now on,
Im not moving.
He really doesnt get it.
Youre a man.
You sure are.
Now that Im in,
I feel heavy burden.
But you confirmed it.
The only person who can
face Choi is you.
When will you get into politics?
Dont joke...
Ill back you up,
so do your best.
Ho-tae says Im like a robot...
That bastard...
Why? Why did he call you that?
Whenever I see So-hyun...
Thats that...
Hes been talking about that
for an hour like that.
Are you two dating?
No! Why should I...
Its all him!
I dont know.
Whats with you?
Why do you not like him,
give me a reason.
Is it because of your ex...
Stop! Are you nuts?!
This guys so much more romantic...
And cute.
Hes a good man.
Hes the goon
whos trying to crush us.
For 3 months.
Thats called a shield.
He stopped others from stepping in!
Yeah, he acted as a barricade.
Mister, you did that?
Yeah, karaoke!
Gangster robot, wake up.
- You wanna go to karaoke.
- Screw that, go home!
- Go?
- Go?
- Go?
- Go?
- Go! Go! Go!
- Go! Go! Go!
Lets go to karaoke!
- Gangster robot, get up!
- Yo, get up.
Lets just go home.
Please! Stop!
Sing! Sing!
What? Whats wrong?
The day that I said
I love you for the first time
Why is a gangster singing
a classic pop? Not country?
... came off lightly like a joke
He looks so cool, though.
Did you not understand,
or were you just pretending?
I felt awkward as
you laughed at me...
Yes, Mr. Hwangbo?
No, we are almost finished.
Okay, will do so.
You were up?
Finally awake?
Have some breakfast.
Do you remember last night?
Yeah, I wasnt completely out of it.
You also remember what you said
about starting over from the bottom?
I understand what you mean now.
Im not a fighter anymore.
Can you take responsibility
for your words?
Ill promise you.
If I dont, Ill break my wrist.
You sound like an idiot.
Im just saying thats my will.
But its not an empty promise,
Ill do everything you ask.
I was eating that.
6-star hotel and
convention center right here!
Thats so sexy.
Completion date?
August, 2021.
Thats a long time.
Eh? Isnt that Hwangbo Yoon?
Se-chools there too,
what the fuck is he doing?
He looks like Hwangbos minion.
Should we do something?
Im moving up to the sky lounge
Im gonna wipe
all my competition out.
Fuck them.
Was this on credit?
Its donation.
But they dont even have
enough to spare.
Even when the world turns cruel,
we all help each other.
Donation isnt just for
when you have enough.
Everyone helped out
ever since granny started out.
- Good morning.
- Good to see you.
Whats he doing here?
- Everything okay?
- Yes...
Whatll happen to the diner
now that youre running?
Hell take over from now.
- What?
- Yes.
- What?
- Seriously?
All right.
Thank you!
Pour sesame oil
and lightly stir fry it.
Easy, right?
Is this thick enough?
No, its gotta be thinner.
- Its gotta be thick for the soup.
- Thats why its gotta be thin!s
Its all the same once
its inside the mouth.
Put little bit in.
Holy cow!
Its good!
No more onion.
Have a great meal.
Ill bring you some more.
Good day, ladies and gents!
Im Peace Partys,
Kang Hee-gook!
Are your meal hot and great?
Who is he?
A migrant bird named Kang,
who jumps between parties.
Allow me to give you a bow!
Thank you!
I need 2 soups!
Ho-tae, how much longer?
Yes, boss!
Oh shit!
- Stupid idiot.
- How could you spill it!
Fuck, Im done with this,
no, I cant do this.
Were in 1st place,
but we still need to be
on our toes.
They got a lot of swing votes,
and compared to them,
we got no infrastructure,
no power and no money.
We got nothing, so...
I thought I was gonna die,
theres so much work to do.
You said youd come up
from the bottom.
Give it up if youre tired.
Im just saying.
Ill take care of the diner,
so make sure to
get him elected.
Im off.
Report to work by 8.
Not by your car,
take the bus.
Good luck!
Why did he come?
Whats next?
Turn to page 3,
and youll see...
This goes to Manho district, right?
Um, yes...
Didnt we meet somewhere before?
You? I dont know.
You look familiar.
Stay in school.
What in the world?
Please help!
Do something! Please!
Get up!
Get out!
Where are you going?
Sir! Sir!
Come on out!
Wait! Wait!
Wait! Dont move!
Stop! Hold still!
Dont move!
Stay right there!
Hey! Wake up!
Out! Get out!
Get out!
Out! Hurry!
Hurry! Come on!
Go! Now!
Please hurry!
No! Mister!
A disaster struck at 8 AM
this morning,
a bus fell into the ocean from
Northern side of Mokpo Bridge.
10 passengers suffered
serious injuries,
well talk to one of the passengers.
What happened when the bus
was hanging on the guardrail?
- Morning.
- There was this guy...
- Look at that.
- He was so brave.
What is it?
- An accident on Mokpo bridge.
- Everyone was running for their lives.
- Yeah? Today?
- Yup.
But he rushed us out
and went for the driver...
Oh, now I remember him.
Its the gangster!
I was working at a restaurant...
- then he came to my rescue.
- Why is he there?
He was like Superman!
So what happened to him?
Well, what happened was...
he fell into the ocean
with the bus...
Its a chaotic situation,
I hope hes rescued quickly.
Where are you going?!
Hey! So-hyun!
June, Im late.
What happened?
Its nothing at all.
Did something happen?
Lets eat, does your dad
have any extra clothes?
Okay, Ill look for some.
I cant believe Im alive...
Very nice.
But why the fire sale?
Im about to go insane,
dont ask me that.
Youre practically getting it for free.
One second.
So nice!
This is Palryong Corporation.
What? Where?
TV station?
Whats going on here?
Hold on.
- What time should we start?
- Give us a minute.
Boss, change into this.
- Did you call them?
- Yes, boss.
This is a bit awkward for us.
Its not good for us
to get our faces on TV.
I know.
Nonsense, this is an opportunity.
Boss, wear this
and look good to your girl.
You conniving prick.
Over here!
- What is it?
- Go on inside.
Why didnt you flee
like everyone else?
The driver was unconscious.
- Could you elaborate?
- Excuse me.
His side of the bus
was leaning over,
I tried to pull him out
but couldnt.
Werent you scared?
You were about to fall.
It was chaotic,
it was very pressing moment.
I couldnt just abandon him
to save myself.
What does it feel like
to become the hero of Mokpo?
We have to open this diner,
there are people lining up outside,
thank you all for coming.
Thank you too.
Hwangbos popularity is no joke.
I know.
The so-called hero of Mokpo
who rescued the bus driver,
is apparently with Hwangbo too.
Hes a hottie.
Did you look for dirt
on Hwangbo?
Yes, Im looking for
even a parking ticket but...
If there isnt,
make some up.
Thats election.
Objectively, we cant rely on
negative publicity alone.
12% lead surpasses
the margin of error by a mile.
Shit, what if we all get fucked?
The election has not even begun,
dont be so hard on yourself.
Yes, shes right.
Should I bribe Hwangbo?
Give him some shares?
Wow, what a life,
sail on a yacht, eh?
Why am I here?
Is it going well?
What is?
Do you not want me
to go to congress?
Thats all in the timing!
Look at this punk.
Not in front of my boys.
What a pussy,
go on, hit me.
Go on, its okay,
hit me.
Make up your mind!
Shit or get off the pot!
Goddamn thugs!
If I treat you like humans!
You think youre almighty!
Do what you do best!
Dont waste your talent.
If youre gonna do it,
you better get on it.
Let go.
That bastard still thinks
hes a prosecutor.
Status on Gwangju boys?
Theyll be here tomorrow.
Get them to come fast,
theres no time.
Yes, sir.
Its this mornings Gallup poll.
Were at 47.2%,
Choi at 33.4%.
Thats 14% difference.
Its beyond margin of error.
The civil servants are
cozying up to us.
We cant relax yet.
Theres 33% swing votes,
we gotta take them.
Then why dont we use
the bus hero during campaign?
His video had over 2 million views.
Good, everyone in Mokpo saw that.
- Its not a bad idea.
- Right?
I oppose.
Why? Why do you oppose?
Its not right to use someone
who has nothing to do with politics.
Its not right to make decisions
based on personal feelings.
Lets look into it, okay?
Rescued 10 minutes after the accident
Im gonna go deaf.
You savage, even the geezers
gotta sleep at night.
Its almost done.
Why are you doing that
in the middle of the night?
Because the waters blocked.
What exactly do you do?
I work at your restaurant.
Why? Are you interested
in my restaurant?
Are you gonna run it?
Looks like I got some talent,
people like my food.
I gotta go to the hardware store,
wait up for me.
Dang, why was it in there?
Call me if theres a problem.
Ill come fix it.
- Its still quite chilly.
- I know.
Granny, were here!
You were resting?
- I brought new blankets.
- Why the hell for?
Was someone here?
Isnt it obvious?
Its that savage.
- Se-chool?
- Yeah.
He was hammering that thing,
I thought I was gonna go deaf.
Where did he go?
He was messing shit up,
and he went out for a bit.
Scoot over, man!
Im so hot.
This isnt a small car.
How much do you weigh?
Just over 180 kg.
- You?
- 140 kg.
Im the skinniest one here, boss.
Were not a wrestling agency,
why get these fat asses?
I didnt arrange it,
Sung-cheol did.
That fucking asshole.
Even if Hwangbo is strong,
he cant take on all 3 of us.
Yeah, you could wrestle
him to death.
Lift your asses,
youll burst the tires!
Its so tight because of you.
- Scoot over a little.
- Dont move, man!
Be quick and disappear.
Mess it up then youre all
going to the Philippines.
Which way is front?
Where are the holes?
You think you can get out?!
Be careful!
Dont stab each other!
Go wait in the car.
- Sir...
- Its okay, go on.
Give me your money.
Fucking hell...
Come on!
Hello? Is this the police?
Theres a robbery!
Were being robbed!
There, go get her.
So annoying...
Were at...
Give me your phone!
Let go of me, asshole!
Stab him! Go on!
Stab him!
Give it!
Give it!
Let go!
Sons of bitches!
Go stop him, you bastards!
Sir, are you okay?!
Oh no! Over here!
Is anyone there?
Mr. Hwangbo! Hold on!
This is absolutely nuts!
How many were there?
When is the doctor coming by?
There were 5.
Its an all-out assault!
Youre not doing so hot,
you should go get some rest.
Im fine, are you okay?
I got some pain relief patches.
- Good morning.
- Hello there.
Christ! Mr. Hwangbo!
How did this happen?!
How could something like this
happen in Mokpo!
I stopped by at the police station,
and told them to do their jobs,
so theyll be caught soon.
Where did they stab you?
- Congressman!
- Be careful!
- Your schedule is...
- Yeah?
Mr. Hwangbo, you have to
take it easy.
Dont you worry.
Take good care of him, okay?
- Okay.
- Good.
This way.
Take care of him.
Stay strong.
Stay strong!
You should leave.
Well stay strong just fine.
How could this happen?
This way, sir.
- Heres a fruit basket.
- Well have a feast.
Theres no security cameras,
and it was too dark.
Se-chool, you okay?
Well investigate this right,
so dont worry.
- Im off.
- Bye.
Dont act on this.
I wonder if we should
leave it all to the cops.
Are there still robbers in Mokpo?
So-hyun says they were
after him from the start.
Oh gosh...
Then wouldnt he have ordered it?
Come on, even so...
Its Choi Man-su,
he fights dirty,
and hes behind the race too.
Then it could be Big Dongs boys.
He does Chois dirty work
for his elections.
Good morning!
Good morning, sir.
- Time is!
- Money...
What is it?
You have... a guest...
- Who is it?
- Well...
What the...
Whats up?
Is this why Choi is getting
rid of the merchants?
I dont know.
That came with the frame.
Did he promise you a cut
if you kill Mr. Hwangbo?
Youre being creative.
Thats a national treasure,
leave that.
Boss, Se-chool is...
Shit, but where could
the piglets be?
What do you mean?
Tell Choi, Im not holding back.
Tell him yourself!
We dont get in bed
with politicians.
They should be on an airplane now.
You should get some sleep.
Well handle things here.
Look into 3 fatsos under Big Dong,
all were over 100 kg.
I dont think they got
any fat muscles.
They couldve been mercs!
Get in touch with
Brown Bear in Gwangju.
Right away.
Holy hell,
howre you feeling?
Its just a mosquito bite.
So you continued running the shop?
How do you liking it?
Its better now that
Im used to it.
Can you continue to run it?
Nothing I cant do.
Ill take over the shop
for a while, so dont worry.
Thats that,
I know this is weird timing...
What is it?
I made a promise...
Gonna smash your wrist?
Are you nuts?
Its a mans promise.
You still dont get it.
I do.
You told me to lose the habit,
and I tried to keep the promise,
but I got worked up
seeing you get stabbed.
Then do it.
Put your hand here.
Do it in one hit.
So it wont be extra painful.
Go outside, go on.
Why should I?
Give it a go.
You cant do it?
Should I do it?
Get ready!
Go on.
Lets just drop it.
Is this fun?
Mr. Hwangbo.
Weve been talking
amongst ourselves.
I want you to enter...
the race instead of me.
What are you saying?
Dont be a weakling,
youll recover soon.
Doctor said he needs to rest
for a month, so in his state...
Youre the only alternative now.
These two will help you.
And promise me one thing.
Just like what you did in the bus,
protect the citizens of Mokpo,
keep your promise
like you do now.
Mokpo needs someone like you,
not Choi Man-su.
No, politics is completely
different than our world!
Why are you always negative?
Take my advice as someone
who lived longer than you.
Politics is a shit hole,
its not for human beings!
Were family, right?
Of course.
If my family dont want me to,
I wont do it.
Jeez, youre putting me
on the spot!
Come up slowly.
Jeez, come on...
Why are you in politics?
Having worked
in the world of law,
it is not always fair
to everyone.
And its slow to adapt.
I wanted to change these things.
I dont know if Im qualified.
What do you think?
I opposed the idea.
But Mr. Hwangbo thought
highly of your drive.
Not looking back
after making a decision.
You get criticized whether
you do good or bad.
Thats politics.
Candidates for the April election
have finally begun their campaigns.
Theyre focusing on streets
and intersection with high traffic,
and installed banners
with candidates faces.
Central leadership of Woori Party
gathered to combined their forces,
and Peace Party pleaded
for support.
Incumbent Congressman Choi Man-su
pushed to promote tourism
with construction of Mokpo
Aquatic Theme Park...
Peoples Social Partys Noh
believed in the power of laborers,
and resolution of polarization
as her most important work.
Due to an unforeseen event,
Hwangbo Yoon dropped out,
and Mokpos so-called hero
Jang Se-chool took over,
and will be running
as an independent.
Merchants of Central Market,
everyone, good morning.
Im candidate #5, Jang Se-chool.
- He at least look the part.
- I came here to say...
the theme park thats
trying to push you all out!
No one here wants that!
Am I right?!
Hey! Stop!
Whos getting rich
on whose authority?!
- No one wants that!
- Kids! Dont play with that.
So what can we do?
Whats next?
I told him to be natural,
why is he struggling?
Then why dont you
give him some pointers?
Thank you so much for coming.
So happy to see you.
Choi is not right for the job,
but so is that hooligan.
Mr. Hwangbos supporting him,
please go easy on him.
He stands no chance to win,
hes third in the race.
I know, you gotta support Kang,
who at least has a chance.
Maam, you know Kang
isnt fit to serve Mokpo.
I admit that he became popular
because of the bus incident.
Forget it, lets go.
Forget what? Hear me out!
- Im not making empty promises.
- Thats a stereotype.
I keep my word,
thank you.
Job creation!
Eliminate youth unemployment!
Stale economy of Mokpo!
Ill bring it back! For all!
Choi Man-su!
Choi Man-su!
Politics for citizens!
Powerful politics!
Candidate #1 Choi Man-su!
Hes a snake.
Fuck the hero shit.
Mokpos Hero Will Get it Done!
Will you guys vote?
Ive never done it before.
I dont do shit like that.
I dont either.
The race is over
even before it begins.
Ill slap your fucking face.
Come on, lets go.
Ms. Kang?
Good afternoon, madame.
Mr. Jang is quite impressive.
He captured 15%
as soon as he entered.
I only managed to get
3% after all my work.
Its all thanks to Mr. Hwangbo.
Thats not always the case,
its a new world.
Hes a club owner?
He sold it off.
Remember Mr. Hwangbos diner?
Hes in charge of it now.
Was this all planned out?
He was never interested in running.
We really didnt plan this.
Have some.
Ms. Kang, did you come here
to ask me for a favor?
- Have plenty.
- Sure.
Its good.
Mr. Jang.
This is candidate Mrs. Noh.
I know who it is.
- Good to meet you.
- Good evening.
Fish cake looks delicious.
So? Does campaigning suit you?
Yes, Im doing my best.
Of course you should,
thats bare minimum.
I heard you sold the club.
Will you be all right?
Election is no joke.
Sure, I only want to
do proper work.
Proper? What kind?
When I win, Ill only work
for people of Mokpo.
You think youll win?
You think its too easy.
What the hell do you mean?
Weve never lost a fight.
I see...
Mr. Hwangbo said to me once,
Go for people.
Is that so?
What does it mean?
You know, those without power.
I must make sure
theyre not wronged.
I never thought Id hear those words
from a man who used violence.
Ive had it!
Youre right.
I was quite stupid in the past.
Im still new at this,
please help me, madame.
Liver and lung are delicious here.
Manila, Philippines
Instant noodle again?
We got no money!
Why arent they sending us money?
How many did you cook?
- 5.
- Gonna eat alone?
You gotta cook 10.
We only got 5!
Then go buy some!
You know how to eat
but not how to cook?!
Its so damn hot...
Look at this pig in heat.
Who is it?
You gotta use English.
You know shit.
How are you?
Hey there, good to see you.
So youre the 3 piglets
hiding out?
Who are you?
Hes the legendary Brown Bear,
be respectful.
Why are you holding bananas?
Put them down.
Youre eating instant noodles
out here in the Philippines?
So heartbreaking.
Wow, its dead here.
Everyone bailed because
one person changed?
Choi 38%, Kang 17%,
were at 15%.
Were 20 points behind Choi,
we have to catch up.
We gotta do something.
Se-chool was king
of the nightlife!
Yeah, we hired so many people
when we were in business!
Waiters, bouncers, drivers!
- Regulars.
- Regulars!
I think we can bring in
about 300 people.
No way, with their families,
itll be about 1,000.
What? What?
Boss, we got the piglets.
Good work.
Bring them safely.
Of course.
Geun-bae got the piglets,
when they return,
send them to the cops.
Sure thing.
What piglets?
Geun-bae did his part.
Someone caught something?
We tracked down the guys
who stabbed Mr. Hwangbo,
and they were in the Philippines.
So he sent Geun-bae after them.
They were Gwangju boys.
Were not the slack off type.
Gwangju? Who ordered them?
We dont know yet.
Well know soon.
He has not slept more than
3 hours since entering the race.
What is it?
He wrote a speech.
Its good.
Fresh fish today.
- Its been a while.
- Hey.
Great work everyone!
Hey there!
I shouldve come earlier,
Im sorry about that.
I somehow ended up
running for office,
and I knew I had to
come see you.
Why am I your mother?!
Im busy, just leave me.
Why are you
still standing there?!
- Mom, whats with you?
- Dont touch me!
Good evening! Thank you!
Candidate #4, Noh Gap-soon,
please vote for us!
Noh Gap-soon!
Please forgive me, mother.
Oh hell!
Election or not,
dont ever come back here!
Whenever you call me mother,
my stomach turns.
- Noh Gap-soon! Noh Gap-soon!
- Candidate #4!
Vote for Noh Gap-soon!
Dude, get up.
- Take care of her.
- Sure.
Its your moms birthday,
you should head home.
Screw you, you go.
Choon-taek, lets go.
Run! Get out of here!
For Congressman Chois third term!
Third term!
- Congressman!
- Prosecutor Park!
I brought a junior from
Mokpo office, say hello.
- Good evening.
- So good to meet you.
Take good care of us
when you get elected.
Of course!
You gotta start climbing
the ladder, no?
Ill put in a good word
to Seoul Prosecution Office.
Im forever loyal to you, sir!
You hired dumbass fucks?!
I dont believe this.
The piglets cant do jackshit,
only to get snapped up
in the Philippines.
Come here, stand.
What a hassle.
Shining brightly for
Mokpos economy!
Choi Man-su!
Mokpos greatest worker,
Choi Man-su!
Pacifics Mr. Jo?
Come here.
He answered.
Yes, hello?
This is Choi Man-su.
I thought you were God.
You didnt think
youd ever answer.
He is the best!
Pacifics Mr. Jo
The best! Candidate #1!
Choi Man-su!
Yesterday and today...
I told you not to call me.
Its a state of emergency,
I gotta consult my co-conspirator.
What emergency?
They got our balls.
Theyre gonna find out Choi Man-su
tried to assassinate Hwangbo.
Whats this bullshit you speak of?
You acted out on your own.
Youre hurting my feelings.
I acted out on your order.
The boys we sent abroad
got into trouble.
Ill try to resolve that,
but dont you dare
try to cut me off.
I wont go down by myself,
you got that?
Hey, hey, hey,
Mr. Jo.
Dont forget what I have on you.
That shit again? You used me
for 12 years with that.
Jo Gwang-choon,
you son of a bitch.
Statute of limitation for
murder is 15 years.
Theres still 3 more years.
Well chat tomorrow,
so get my money ready.
Im gonna do it my way,
do whatever you want.
Trying to shackle me?
So the cops know?
Um, it was hard to check...
Dude, what will you do?
Point of no return.
How are you feeling?
Im just scratched up.
Theres nothing to see there.
It hurts over here.
Jang is a lot different
than I thought.
Why? You disappointed?
Of course not, you chose him.
I dug into him,
he has Robin Hood tendencies.
He paid off bar girls debts
and donated a lot too.
Hes known to do
unconventional things.
Hes a character.
Look whos talking.
This elections quite tough.
Thank you for everything today.
Great work, everyone.
We start at 7 AM,
Stockfish market.
- Okay, see you tomorrow.
- Be early.
Why are you looking at me?
- You like me or something?
- In your dreams.
Good evening everyone.
What brings you...
I came to say something.
Yes, maam.
What you said about
going for people,
I hope thats true.
I may only be 3%,
but lets do our best!
She has decided to
unite our parties.
Please be a politician
who truly works for the people.
Accept her.
Thank you!
Ill do this with everything I got.
Lets make a miracle together!
Thank you for believing in me.
- Thank you!
- Ill do my best.
Ms. Obedient and the gangster
are joining forces?
Therell be an official
announcement this morning.
That wont even make a dent.
We should still make
some preparations.
Theyre rising up rapidly,
and theres only about 10% difference.
Political expert Han Man-sub.
- What the hell are you?
- Pardon?
Always with this objective shit,
objectively, what do you even do?
I make analysis so that you...
Fuck that, asshole!
Is politics done by analysis?
Politics is about grit!
Live and die by grit!
You son of a bitch!
Man-sub, man.
Who do you think
stabbed Hwangbo?
I keep thinking that
it was Jang.
He got greedy because of
his popularity!
He wanted to be a politician,
so with a knife...
Even so, Hwangbo supports him...
Thats why!
So nave!
How did you ever earn your
doctorate degree in political science?!
He wouldnt have done it himself,
he ordered it, who?
Theres a Mokpo gangster
named Jo Gwang-choon,
he wants to talk about Jang,
go meet him.
Who are you?
Han Man-sub.
Whos Han Man-sub.
Im Congressman Chois
political adviser.
Wheres the congressman?
Hes quite busy,
you can talk to me.
All right, so heres the plan.
When they land, its all over.
So well take action before then.
What action...
That bastard Jang has
a critical weakness too,
Ill use it to make a deal with him.
Then the congressman can
serve third term.
Dont frown.
Im not frowning.
But arent they Jangs men?
Jang ordered it,
to get rid of Hwangbo.
Thats what the congressman said?
Yes, and that Jang ordered you,
and the congressman wants you
to turn yourself in.
Turn myself in?
With Jang Se-chool?
Is that shit coming
out of your mouth?!
Get out of there!
You son of a bitch!
Get out!
Ow! Ouch!
You fucker!
Dont move, dont move.
All right, you bastard,
Let me go.
Let me go first.
Here you go.
I did.
This stupid bastard.
Hey! Hey!
Listen carefully.
Theyre landing tomorrow,
so tell the congressman.
Call me before lunch.
If not, we all better
order our coffins.
Understand, you fuck?!
Upstanding citizens of Mokpo!
I am Jang Se-chool!
I will run for you!
I will live for Mokpo!
Vote for me!
Thank you!
- Hasnt started yet?
- No, no!
This is an incredible tip!
It was tough getting it,
so tell the congressman!
This is going to be fun.
You sure?
Its not about sure or not,
this is the only way.
Okay, do it.
My neck is on the line too,
so pay me first.
Do it first,
money after the election.
This was him?
Wow, small world.
This is a gift from heaven,
so that I can be elected.
Hello, 240,000 citizens of Mokpo.
Im Woori Democratic Partys
Choi Man-su.
Before announcing my policies,
Id like to tell you
an interesting story.
I came upon this information,
12 years ago, there was an incident
in front of a bank in Mokwon district.
There was a gang war
between 2 rival gangs,
and a lieutenant of a gang
was stabbed to death.
A man, who is closely tied
to this case, is running for office,
right here in Mokpo.
This is Jung Cheol-mins
Social Jockey.
Dr. Lee here.
We got an unbelievable tip.
Its huge.
- Its a big news.
- It is indeed.
Do it.
You might all be curious
about what it is.
Whats going on with
the Hwangbo Yoon assault case?
Theres no security footages,
not a damn thing.
- Not a thing.
- Its a messed up case.
But there is a report that
the assaulters have been caught!
We got the tip!
To us!
Were better than cops!
We stop for no one.
- We just go.
- For sure!
- Eyes forward.
- Certainly.
We always want the truth...
Jang Se-chool is tied to murder case
For sure.
Where are the perpetrators?
- In the Philippines.
- Yeah, the Philippines.
Theyre on the way to Korea.
So what happens...
Son of Mokpo, Jang Se-chool.
Thank you, vote for me.
Thank you.
Whats going on?
We need to talk.
Im Jang Se-chool!
What is it?
Whats this?
Why didnt you mention
something so important?
Dont worry,
I can fix this.
How will you fix it?
You think election is a joke?
Its not that,
this is awkward...
I bet you went through it all,
you were the king of nightlife.
Gwang-choon ordered us.
We just followed his order...
Who ordered Gwang-choon?
I dont know that.
Jung Cheol-min got to it first.
People online are accusing you
of attacking Hwangbo.
I think the police opened
the investigation.
You should shut
Jo Gwang-choon up quickly.
Yes, councilor.
Im in a meeting at the moment,
Ill call you right back.
Where is that gangster now?
What the hell is going on?
He didnt do anything wrong,
don't worry about that.
Its all in the past,
he wasnt implicated.
Mr. Jang! Im from JN Daily,
could we have an interview?
No! Wait!
Hes running for public office,
we must know the truth!
I know, were not quite ready.
Lets do it.
He wants to do it!
- Lets do it.
- Let go of me.
Im a JD Daily reporter.
How are you connected
to the case 12 years ago?
People wouldnt like it if
the Mokpo hero was a gangster
Ill take full responsibility
for what Ive done.
So youre owning up to it?
Why are you running?
Wanting to represent Mokpo,
I entered the race to do good work
for the people of this city.
For the people?
Did you say youre doing this
for the people?
Do you know what people
worry the most?
When a gangster becomes
a congressman,
theres a distrust that
youll steal them blind!
The only way to solve this
is to be honest!
But I cant just spill my guts.
Why not?!
Even if you couldnt tell others,
you shouldve at least told me!
I thought you were
at least that kind of a man.
Maybe I was wrong?
Have I mistaken you?
Im doing this for one person.
I met someone and this person
changed my life.
Who is that?
- Well end it here.
- Could you tell us who?
Just tell us who it is!
Se-chool, good job.
You did good.
How could he ask you that?
Theres no one
more pure than us!
- Sure, we did so much...
- Its So-hyun.
So-hyun, huh?
Mr. Jang, are you busy?
So why did you have to
change your occupation?
The piglets you found,
return them to us.
Or she dies!
If you even touch her hair,
Ill fucking kill you!
Say what?
You bastard, if you dont,
Ill sell her guts at the market!
How dare you try to
threaten a knife wielder!
Lets just call the police.
Theres no time.
What about the election?!
We came so far!
I wont give up,
so dont hold me back.
Oh my!
Mr. Jang! What a coincidence!
Is Mr. Hwangbo doing well?
Come on, it wasnt me.
I dont believe this.
People of Mokpo!
Someone has spread
a strange rumor!
I feel so victimized that
I cant hold it in any longer!
A 2-term incumbent
Congressman Choi Man-su!
Hires gangsters?
And said to have attacked
respected Mr. Hwangbo Yoon!
Does this make sense?!
Does it?!
- Thats enough.
- What?
Thats enough.
Enough of what?
Enough hearing about Gwang-choon
popping your girlfriends cherry?
What are you doing?
Call an ambulance!
Someone call 911!
A gangster just attacked me!
Why did you hit him?!
Thats not fair!
Choi Man-su! Choi Man-su!
This is nuts...
Why did you do that?
Were almost caught up!
That bastard started it!
Do I not know that?!
Lets drop this, okay?
Jangs in a tough spot.
Politics is done with brain,
not muscles, dont you get it?!
Turn the lights on.
I think they ran.
Call Geun-bae.
Incheon International Airport
What did you say?
Its the boss decision,
let the piglets go.
I worked my ass off to get them.
Ill explain later,
just do what I say!
- Get back here ASAP.
- Okay.
First of all,
Id like to apologize.
I should only be showing
the people of Mokpo
the healthy side of me.
Will you press charges against
Jang Se-chool for assault?
No, no.
I dont think hes a bad man.
I hope you all do not hate
Mr. Jang for this...
- Thatll be all for today.
- Please leave the room.
- He needs his rest.
- Lets leave him alone.
- Thank you all for coming.
- Thank you!
Take good care of them.
This neck brace is starting to
really hurt my neck.
So you were in charge of
the case from 12 years ago?
Do you even need to ask?
Lets bury him for good.
Are you guys on a picnic or what?
Son of a bitch!
You bastard!
Son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch...
What the fuck!
This bastards not answering.
Im gonna kill him.
Come on, stop!
What will you do?!
Im gonna go stab Choi,
move out of the way!
Then what?!
You wanna go to jail?!
Youll only be helping Jang!
Its all over if youre arrested.
If anyones gonna kill him,
itll be me, so you take it easy.
Killing him isnt even work!
Ill leave the knife in the bag.
What have I done?
So cold.
By the way,
will you skip town?
Ill come back when
this blows over.
Dont ever tell anyone.
I wont even tell my dead mom.
You can tell her.
Just not the living ones.
Go on.
Watch out for yourself.
Dont skip meals.
Come here.
Youre the only one
who worries about me.
I didnt say that for money,
Im off.
I got everyone to
scour all docks.
But what if he used
another method?
Hell use a boat.
He knows the roads are
littered with security cameras.
He must be trying to go dark.
You think he left his men behind
and fled by himself?
His half-brother is
into gambling, right?
Blondie? He goes nuts for it.
Mr. Jang
Yes, Mr. Jang.
Have you seen Blondie?
Hes here.
Too bad for you,
I got an ace.
I hope you win today.
Good to see you, sir.
Boss, Geun-baes here.
Hey man, its been a while.
Perfect timing, he went all-in.
I told you to stop
several times, didnt I?
Take this and go home.
Were they pros?
Youve been with us
for how many years now?
You know I took a guys wrist
for trying to game us.
They havent left yet?
They cant leave,
theres more games to play.
Lend me $50,000.
- Ill pay you back right away.
- How can I trust you?
You know my brother,
if Im in debt, hell help.
Gwang-choon? Where is he now?
I cant tell you that,
so dont ask me!
Cops are coming,
lets move out!
Did you get the cameras?
Sign it.
Fuck my organs!
Ill pay you back!
Jeez, stop hitting me,
you fucking gorilla.
A kidney isnt enough
for $50,000.
My brothers got money!
He better, or youll be in shit.
Good work everyone,
see you in Kunsan!
Yes, boss!
Lets move.
Who called the cops?
Im sorry, boss.
Don So-pal was worried quite a bit.
Boss, I shouldnt say this but...
the election is coming up...
I know, shut up.
Gwang-choons not
holding anything back.
What did I tell you,
were going to arrest him,
so dont let Jang
get involved, thatll be bad.
Of course!
I brought you in not to
capture Gwang-choon,
but to save him.
Oh my, is this a cruise?
Its so long.
Get off already!
Se-chool, you got 1 day
till the election!
Well get him so don't get involved!
You got it? Hey!
That bastard...
Ill go in by myself,
so wait here.
You cant just do that.
Let go!
What the hell is this?
Just in case you run off,
its got a tracking chip,
it wont harm you,
so dont worry.
I got you here,
you can go in.
Piss off, asshole.
No need to frown.
Its really got a chip?
Its a vitamin.
He worked hard to
lose all his money.
- What is it?
- Its me!
Who are you?
Anyone here?
- What did he say?
- I dont know.
Ms. Kang!
- Engine room!
- Ms. Kang!
Wheres Gwang-choon?
I dont see him.
Hes not here.
Sons of bitches!
You bastard!
Give me the key.
Were police, you see?
- Is this his?
- It is.
Where is Gwang-choon?!
I dont fucking know!
Tell me!
What the hell?!
That fucking bitch!
I told you not to touch her.
Im so sick of this shit!
- Boss!
- Sir!
- Boss!
- Where are you?!
Over here, here!
I shouldve killed you
instead of Choon-taek.
Get up, asshole!
- Boss!
- Sir!
You fucking bastard!
Theres no way a gangster
will become a politician!
Hit me, fucking gangster!
Go on, kill me, asshole!
Fucking bitch!
What the fuck?!
Cops are useless fucks!
Fucking bitch-ass bitches!
Lets go!
You think Im a fish dick?!
Fuck faces!
Piss off!
Im late.
Im sorry.
Hwangbo assault case
suspect in custody
Same suspect as bank murder case
from 12 years ago
Jo Gwang-choon... is prime suspect
Jang Se-chool, free of suspicion
Even though it wasnt his fault,
he tortured himself for it.
So the real gangster was Choi...
Chois connection to gang suspected
Chois suspicion rises
Under 5% margin of error
Close race
Less than 5% difference
Park, it really wasnt me!
Am I nuts? Whyd I
order something like that?
Jo Gwang-choon acted out hastily.
The thing is...
- The evidence...
- Come on,
what about the evidence?
A recording of you...
talking to him on the phone
was submitted by him!
That hooligan bastard...
Do you have it now?
Give it to me!
This is beyond my control,
you should call my superiors.
- Sorry, I got a meeting!
- Prosecutor Park!
- Im sorry!
- Park!
Tae-su, you asshole!
Sir, the party leader is here.
Who turned off the music?
Turn it back on, assholes!
The battles not over!
Turn it on and dance!
Lets dance!
Everyone up!
Dance, you bastards!
- Candidate #5!
- Im Jang Se-chool, vote for me.
Thank you.
Please vote.
- Thank you.
- Please vote #5.
You should be resting,
why did you come?
Theres no time for that.
Candidate #5,
please vote!
Yes, please vote for us,
thank you.
This is weird... well...
Win the election for sure.
Give it to him.
- Here.
- What is it?
Lunchbox, she made it.
Hurry up!
Good luck!
Jung Cheol-min
Jung Cheol-min
Hello everyone!
Dr. Lees here too!
Good work, boss.
Its judgment day.
Its been hard.
Mr. Hwangbo.
Good luck!
Se-chool, say whats
in your heart.
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Thats right!
But you all are heroes too!
Front runner of new politics!
Hell blossom into his own!
Candidate #5...
Lets bring out Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Good to see you all.
Im candidate #5,
Jang Se-chool.
Hows living nowadays?
Tough, isnt it?
Even if you work hard, you get
kicked out for redevelopment.
Doesnt make sense!
Why do we have to
live this way?
We didnt live this way!
I know, why should we
live this way?
Hes right!
Whats a good life?
Its about sharing, isnt it?
While following around
Mr. Hwangbo Yoon,
I learned so much.
Sharing even if you got none,
and I learned a lot
while working at the diner.
I got here this far
after being a thug.
I cant tell you Im clean.
But seeing you live
by helping each other,
I think I understand
what I have to do.
Please help me achieve this.
I was born and raised in Mokpo!
Mokpo is my home
and my mother!
If you vote for me,
Ill dedicate my life to this city!
Send me to Congress!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Im at a Mokpo polling station
in Yongdang district.
Voting has begun at
6 AM this morning,
Choi Man-su
Wooris Choi Man-su came early
to vote with his family.
Between 6 AM and 2 PM,
over 17.8 million people
out of 42 million electorates
have voted.
Jeonnam province has the highest
turnout in the country with 70.1%.
The votes will be counted soon
at 253 polling stations.
Im holding the exit poll results,
this is quite nerve wracking.
The politician who will lead Korea
for the next 4 years,
who did our citizens vote for?
Closing of polling stations
and unveiling of the exit poll in...
Fucking hell...
Hey, did you vote?
Who did you vote?
Why is that any of your business?
You didnt vote for that
loser Jang Se-chool, right?
Thatd be so dumb, he was a thug
whom you used to chase after him.
Hes not a thug, youre a thug.
Officer Jeon, come here.
Did you vote for that loser?
You didnt for vote for him, right?
Thats incredible!
The results are out?!
Who won?!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Jang Se-chool!
Im at Jang Se-chools
campaign office.
Lets have a short interview
with the newly elect himself.
How do you feel to be elected?
First of all,
Id like to thank all of you
for voting for Mokpos new future.
From here on...
I dont believe this.
Ill work my hardest for
advancement of Mokpo.
To the people of this city,
who voted for...
Advisor Han Man-sub
Yeah, what?
Sir, where are you?
Who cares?!
Just tell them Im abroad,
so I cant be reached.
Its not that,
sir, its about...
Incompetent fucks.
Eh? Whats that?
Over here please!
Wheres my gum?
This way!
Roll down the window, please.
Blow into it.
Good evening,
Im Choi Man-su.
Thats nice,
blow into this.
Im a congressman from Mokpo!
You are Choi Man-su,
good to meet you!
But you stink of booze,
did you drink?
Where are your manners?
What did you just say?
You bastard.
Am I your friend?
Are we BFF?
Youre no in the congress anymore...
You son of a bitch!
Where do you belong?
Tell me, asshole!
Stop it!
- Officer Lee, grab him!
- Ow! My arm!
- Ow! That hurts!
- Stay put!
Im Choi Man-su!
It still hasnt sunk in yet.
Right? Me too.
Im a good person now, right?
Im a Southerner too.
Why didnt you say that before?
When we first met,
why did you do it?
Do what?
At the protest.
You pulled everyone away
after I slapped you.
My mind cleared up
after your slap.
Im pretty weak to ladies too.
You didnt fall for me?
Not at all.
Oh, I see...
You really do get pissy easily.
I totally fell for you,
I was kidding.
How could I not?
Forget it!
Its pretty crazy already.
Lets wrap it up quickly
before it gets out of control.
Sure, boss.
Lets go.
Move in!
Why did we take on this stupid job?
So-hyun, arent they thugs?
They sent goons now?
Look how big they are,
theyre so scary.
Dont be scared,
you gotta stand up to them.
Theyre so dead.
- Lets go!
- Okay.
Directed by
My head...
You snored so much that
I couldnt sleep a wink.
Who is that?
How much did you drink?
Were in lockup.
You made a big stink
at the station and were sent here.
You got caught for drunk driving
and went berserk!
You went all-out! You were
gonna be here either way!
Youll learn your lesson
if you rot in jail for 50 years.
What did you...
My head...
Hey, Han!
You should be calling out
your lawyer instead of him.
How did a fucker like him
serve 2 terms?
Maybe I should be one too!