Long Lost (2018) Movie Script

- [Podcast Host] I'm
especially struck by the
prince's advice to the players.
If you'll indulge me, I'm just
gonna do a little excerpt...
"For anything so overdone is from the
purpose of playing whose end,
both at the first and
now, was and is to hold
as t'were the mirror up to nature.
To show virtue for own feature, scorn
her own image, and the very age and body
of the time his form and pressure."
Now I find this particularly
exciting as it's one
of the first notable examples
of meta-theatricality.
Now certainly we see this
more later in European
theater of the 19th and 20th century.
Artaud, Genet, Brecht, Beckett...
But what's really interesting about--
(tense, dramatic music)
But there's something
about the accessibility
and timelessness of the imagery here,
particularly with the mirror.
Profound in its simplicity.
Now we're looking at a young
man. Essentially orphaned.
Plagued by impulse and inaction trying
to understand himself.
Deciding who he wants to be.
He's trapped in this world of hypocrisy
and performance in which
he, no matter what he does
or doesn't do, is an
ill-fated participant.
(gate opens)
Though this be madness,
yet there is method in't.
(dramatic, tense music)
(insects buzzing)
(animals vocalizing)
("Moonlight Sonata" plays in the distance)
- I'm sure those are cold by now.
There's a fresh tray in the oven,
if you don't mind waiting.
I did say any time after noon, didn't I?
- Yeah, you did.
You did, I uh, I was trying to get out--
- Your teeth.
- [Seth] What?
- You have asparagus in your teeth.
- Oh.
Oh yeah.
It's a big one.
Right, sorry I'm a little late.
I had to pick up a shift this morning.
- You didn't call.
- Don't have your number.
And my phone is dead anyway, so.
Do you have a charger?
- First drawer on your right.
- Thanks.
They didn't include one
with the rental car.
Sometimes they...
they do.
Thanks for setting that
whole thing up by the way.
- My pleasure.
- It's a really beautiful property.
- I'm very fortunate.
- [Seth] How long have you been up here?
- For four years.
Before that it was a lot of traveling.
Paris. Ecuador for a long time.
- Wow.
- [Richard] Hong Kong.
- That must have been amazing.
- It paid for the house.
- What exactly do you do for--
- Right.
I realize we haven't
been properly introduced.
- Seth.
- It's good to meet you, brother.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Richard, I gotta say man,
I was, I was a little
surprised to get your letter.
- I thought you might be.
- [Seth] Last week I didn't
even know you existed.
- Well, that's the thing
about wealth, Seth.
It can be a cloak if you
choose to use it that way.
But I figured it was high time we met.
Call it a belated graduation party.
- I graduated like two years ago.
- I said belated.
Besides, you only just
got a permanent address.
When I send a letter, I
need to know it's going
to be received.
- How long have you known about me?
- Seth.
I've been watching you your whole life.
- What?
- Not all the time, on
and off, from a distance.
It's kinda creepy what
you can find online.
Sorry about your mother, by the way.
- You knew about my mom?
- Yes, I did.
- Well why didn't you do anything?
- I didn't think it was
my place to intercede.
- She was dying.
(water running)
- Yes she was.
(water running)
Look Seth, you just met me and, uh,
I hope this doesn't sound callous, but,
your mom was dying. Not mine.
- Did you build this house?
- Me and 74 Mexicans.
(Seth chuckles)
Yeah, it was a big project.
- Yeah.
How big is it?
- Huge.
14,124 square feet on 17 acres.
- That sounds like a lot
of house for one dude.
(Richard chuckles)
- A'int that the truth.
You want?
- Um, no, I'm okay, thank you.
- You don't drink?
- I'm just good right now.
(fridge closes)
- Did you bring the NDA?
- Oh.
Uh yeah.
I actually wasn't totally
sure what to make of it.
- Really?
The language is very standard.
- No, I mean, I, just don't
really know why you need it.
- I value my privacy.
- Sure.
Yeah, no, I respect that.
- And now, legally...
You must.
Oh, here, before I forget.
Wouldn't wanna miss
one of your blog posts.
- You know about that too, huh?
- It's like I said, Seth,
the internet's a creepy place.
Now, you look exhausted.
Why don't you go upstairs
and pick out your bedroom
and I'll let you know
when dinner's ready.
- Cool.
Uh, did you just say pick out my bedroom?
- Any one you like.
- Cool.
Thank you.
- Seth.
Welcome home.
I'm gonna...
(slow, soft music)
(soft music)
(water running)
(soft music)
(soft music)
- You must be Seth.
- Shit.
Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean
to walk in on you, or, or--
- It's fine.
I'm Abby.
- I'm Seth.
(Abby laughs)
I'm sorry if I scared you.
I was just wandering around,
I thought they were all empty.
Richard didn't mention you so I--
- Do you wanna hand me that towel?
You look like him.
- [Seth] Who?
- Your brother.
- Oh, duh.
- [Abby] Turn around.
- What?
- Go on.
- [Seth] I should probably actually--
- Just do it.
Uh huh.
It's the eyes.
- Yeah?
Not in my giant biceps?
- Well you're still wearing your jacket,
I haven't seen those
yet, so I wouldn't know.
This is totally how
every 90s porno starts.
- I should really get out of here before
my brother shows up.
- And that would totally
be the next line too.
- Yeah, and then it hits
you with the subscription
screen, right?
Five dollars for one day of access.
- That's why I pay monthly.
- That's very frugal.
(Abby chuckles)
So I think I should probably--
- Go?
- Go, yeah.
I'm Seth, by the way.
- I know.
- Right.
I already told you.
(Abby chuckles)
I'll see you at dinner?
- Highly likely.
(Abby laughs)
- Um.
You know Richard better than I do.
Would he think that this is funny, or?
- Maybe.
Probably best to keep
it to ourselves, though.
It's more fun that way.
- Okay.
(upbeat funky music)
- Find everything you need?
- Yeah.
- So you like what you saw?
- Um, yeah, yeah, it's beautiful.
- Great.
Why don't you follow me?
There's something I'd like to show you.
I gave you my heart
- Whoa.
This is--
- It's nice, all right?
It's nice.
(music in the distance)
This is it.
- What?
- That's you, and that's me, brother bear.
- We met?
- Barely.
You were still suckling
your mom's tit, but,
yeah we sort of did.
Just once, 23 years ago.
Just about to the day, actually.
First day of freshman year at Fairfax.
- That's Dad?
- That's him.
(Seth chuckles)
- He looks so young.
- And he was.
You know, that's the
last time I ever saw him.
- What happened?
- He made his impression
on the other legacies,
wrote me a check for the
next four years, and left.
- Geez, Richard, I'm sorry.
- He saw his paternal
duties through to completion
that afternoon.
- That was it?
- That was it.
- Why?
- He had you.
Once my mother died, our little nuclear
family was broken, so...
on to the next.
- I guess there's a lot that I don't know.
- Not really.
Dad left, married your mom and had you.
Lost all his money in a pyramid scheme
and put a pistol in his mouth.
Your mom got sick and
died and now, you're here.
With me.
(bell rings)
Dinner's ready.
(soft, funky music)
Seth, this is Abby.
(soft, funky music)
- Pleasure to meet you, Seth.
- Richard.
You didn't tell me that we had a sister.
- She better not be my sister,
what with all the dirty
shit I've done to her.
Let's eat.
- You'll get used to him.
- It's like um, a lifestyle thing.
I guess it's a brand, although,
that sounds really pretentious.
It's embryonic, but it has a heartbeat.
- What's it called?
- Blink.
It's like, um, current
events, a lot of politics.
Kind of how it all shapes
these cognitive biases
in our society.
- Totally.
- Who's your audience?
Ironic hipsters?
Social justice warriors?
- Yeah.
- I think it sounds really promising.
- I think you should change the name.
- Why?
- Why?
It sounds like you're
saying your eyes are closed.
- You know it's like, giving
you more clarity almost.
You know, blinking is rejuvenating.
- Blink.
Nope, no.
I don't like it.
You makin' money?
- Like I said, it's embryonic--
- Okay, so no.
- Well I think it has potential.
- So does a box of nails.
What's your timeline?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean you don't know?
You don't have a plan?
- Yeah, I do have a plan.
- So?
- I just...
- The IP seems pretty weak
if you ask me. I mean,
right off the top of
my head I can think of
a dozen other pop psych
websites that are trying
to do the exact same
thing you're trying to do.
What do you have that's proprietary?
- Proprietary?
- Proprietary means original.
- Exclusive--
- Yeah, Richard. I know
what it means. I--
- So?
What's the answer?
What makes your business unique?
- I wouldn't even call this a business.
- Baby--
- See.
There's your problem right there.
How's it ever gonna be
a real business unless
you start treating it like
one? You're the founder.
- That's not what I meant, I mean--
- Baby.
Come on.
- What about financial projections?
- It's a start up.
- So was Apple.
You think any of them
took their first shit
without a basic financial plan?
Honey, do you wanna put
that Pinot in a sippy cup
'cause we're having dinner
with a five-year-old?
- Richard, did you just
bring me up so you could
bust my balls?
- Ooh, tough guy.
- Richard.
Just let him eat his dinner.
- I'm trying to help him.
- Yeah.
Well. You're not. So...
- You know what?
Baby, you're right.
I apologize.
I just...
I have strong opinions.
- It's fine.
- Gesundheit.
(soft piano music)
- What?
- You sneezed.
- No I didn't.
- Yeah, you did.
You sneezed.
- No I didn't.
- You sounded like a fuckin' rhinoceros.
I know it wasn't Abby.
She doesn't sound like
that, even when she's, uh...
- Okay.
(soft piano music)
- All right, I'm messin' with you.
Come on.
Come on, just--
- What?
- Relax, all right?
Just, just relax.
Try blinking, it'll rejuvenate you.
(Abby chuckles)
Finish that soup.
Those Alba truffles just got
flown first class from Italy.
They cost more than you made
last year. Before taxes.
- They're actually my
favorite, you should--
- You know what, I'm fine.
I'm not hungry right now.
- Come on.
A strapping young innovator like you?
- I'm not young, Richard. I'm almost 25.
- What, did you blow snot
in there when you sneezed?
- I didn't fuckin', I didn't sneeze.
- Walked right into it again.
Well this was great.
This was, uh, very...
Dessert's out back.
(soft piano music)
- You really do look like him.
- Whatever, as long as I
don't have his sense of humor.
- He does that sometimes.
- He acts like there's
voices in his head sometimes?
That's hilarious.
- You'll get used to the--
- I'll get used to him?
- Yeah.
(Seth scoffs)
He just wants you to be comfortable here.
We both do.
- Well so far he's getting a D-minus,
and that's only because
these Alba truffles,
oh they're so expensive
they cost more than I made
last year before taxes.
- He can be a little
rough around the edges.
- Yeah, no shit.
- He loves you.
- He loves me?
He doesn't know me.
- Doesn't have to.
You're his brother.
And look, if you're ever
having a hard time getting
a read on him, you can always come to me.
Any time.
For anything.
- Thanks.
Except maybe not when
you're in the shower, right?
- [Abby] Hey, if the door's open.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(insects buzzing)
- Seth.
Give you 100 bucks if you
swallow this right now.
- Oh no thanks.
Add a couple zeros, I'll think about it.
- Too late.
I like your style, though.
- Sure I can't you one?
- Oh no, I'm okay, thank you.
- You sure?
Richard's a lot more fun
when you're not sober.
- I bet.
I don't really drink for fun.
- All right.
Well, let me know if you change your mind.
So, tell me about your website.
- Uh, I don't really wanna
talk about that anymore.
- Oh come on, it's just me.
- It's going really slow,
like I was saying, but,
you know, it's just me, I'm trying to get
up all this content--
- You should get a model.
Put her in a t-shirt, right
there on the homepage.
- Well the brand is kind of academic.
- It doesn't matter,
it's universal clickbait.
- Well I also don't have any equipment
or studio space and that stuff--
- Richard has those.
- Of course he does.
- He gets a new camera
every year for his birthday,
so if you don't mind
shooting yourself, I mean...
- What about a model?
- Seth.
Let's play Chubby Bunny.
- What?
- No, no, no, no, no.
Let's do it.
I always beat Abby, it's
completely unfair 'cause she
has such a tiny mouth.
You might actually
present some competition.
- Are you serious?
- Uh, 100 bucks if you beat me.
- Richard, I don't really like to bet--
- Thousand bucks.
No shit.
- Oh, okay.
Yeah, okay, for... Yeah, I'll play.
- Excellent.
All right, the rules call for
two marshmallows at a time.
Yes, you can position with your fingers
No, you can't chew or shallow.
If you do, you lose.
If a marshmallows pops out of your mouth,
you also lose.
If the words Chubby Bunny are not both
audible and clear--
- I lose.
- You lose.
Abby's officiating.
Any questions?
- Uh yeah. I have--
- Let's play Chubby Bunny.
(dramatic music)
(Abby laughs)
- Oh my god, are you?
Okay. Uh, yeah. Alright, let's go.
- You scared?
- No.
Let's play.
(dramatic music)
Chubby Bunny.
- Okay.
You didn't embarrass yourself.
That's not what I was expecting.
(dramatic music)
Chubby Bunny.
(dramatic music)
- Chubby Bunny.
- Both still in.
(dramatic music)
- Chubby Bunny.
(dramatic music)
- Chubby Bunny.
- Your move, babe.
- Alright, fuck it.
(dramatic music)
Chubby Bunny, bitch.
(dramatic music)
What the fuck?
- Chubby Bunny!
(dramatic music)
- Looks like Seth wins.
- Fuck!
Well played brother.
You psyched me out.
Very impressive.
Who would've thought
you would be so adroit
at Corpulent Hare.
I'm very impressed. You psyched me out.
I didn't think it was possible,
least of all from you.
But you did it. You won.
I'm going to bed.
I'm a loser--
- Not a lo--
- I'm going to bed, no,
I know I am, I know I am.
See you later?
Seth, until tomorrow...
when the adventures continue.
- Can't wait.
- Congratulations, champ.
(door closes)
(insects buzzing)
- Gross.
Fuck you, Richard...
(computer shuts down)
(ghostly moans)
(soft, dramatic music)
- [Abby] Oh yeah, baby.
Oh my, give it to me! Give it to me!
(loud, dramatic music)
(moaning continues)
(aggressive groaning)
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
(water running)
(dramatic music)
(bottles clacking)
(Abby sighs)
(footsteps away)
- [Seth] Fuck.
(Seth groans)
(Seth sniffs)
- If you're not happy
with the continental,
I can make you something hot.
- This is perfect, thanks.
- Okay.
Just let me know.
You know it's not healthy to
eat while standing, right?
You sleep okay?
- Um, yeah, kind of.
- Hey, I totally get it.
The first night I stayed
here, I barely slept a wink.
Before I forget.
- What's this?
Is he serious?
- [Abby] Of course he is.
- This was a joke.
- Richard never jokes about money.
- Well, I mean this is super generous,
but I can't accept that--
- You have to.
Deal's a deal.
Signed, sealed, and delivered.
- A thousand dollars is a lot of money.
- Seth.
I think he can afford it.
- I should at least
find him. Say thank you.
- I would advise against that.
Better to just accept the
gift. He prefers it that way.
- What are you working on?
- Shopping, emails, a
little bit of coding.
- Coding?
- Working on a few security bugs on my
company's new interface.
(phone buzzes)
- [Seth] Oh you have a company?
What do you guys--
- Give me a sec.
One sec.
(speaking in French)
(continues speaking in French)
- So what do you do?
- It's kind of hard to explain.
Tech start up is my go-to
cocktail party explanation.
- Start up, that's cool.
What is it?
- We cater to an eclectic
mix of wealthy clientele.
It's very project specific, but...
That's really the best way I can put it.
Are you gonna finish all that fruit?
- Oh.
No, probably not.
I uh...
Have you seen Richard around?
- He's running some
errands, but he should be
back by lunch.
I'm done for now, so, we
can do whatever you want
in the meantime.
- How about a tour?
- [Abby] You should see it in the autumn.
- [Seth] Yeah?
Well maybe I'll come
back for Thanksgiving.
- We'd like that.
Richard's already working on the menu, so.
- Oh, yeah, wild turkey
straight from off the property?
- Sorry to, uh, disappoint,
but there are no animals
on the premises.
- No?
No pets?
- No.
I mean, Richard's always
talking about horses, but, no.
Not at the moment.
- Can I ask how you guys met?
- Me and Richard?
- Yeah.
- The internet.
(Seth chuckles)
- Yep, that makes sense.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- It doesn't, no, no, it
doesn't mean anything.
I'm just saying, Richard
doesn't seem like the type
who's trolling a college bar.
Although he does seem
like the type who would
have a roofie in his
pocket, so that works.
- Oh, and you would know
all about what that's--
- No, no I'm sorry, you
know, SugarBabies.com
seems like a very reputable place to
form a lasting connection.
- Oh, very funny.
Just, for the record,
I didn't know about his lifestyle
when we first started dating.
- He didn't tell you
about this in the first
couple of seconds?
- I mean, I knew he had money, but um,
not like this.
- Don't know why he'd hide it.
There's so many of them.
- The staff?
It's only about half, really.
They're usually not here
on the weekends, but,
we're trying to finish the cabin.
(Richard grunts)
Hey baby.
- Give me a second.
- I didn't know you were gonna be home,
I would've uh--
- I said,
give me a second.
(breathing deeply)
Eh, you fucker.
Sit tight, all right?
- Mhm.
- This wood aint gonna beat me.
You stay there 'cause I am
going to chop you. Right now.
Yeah, I got back uh, (grunts)
48 minutes ago.
Realized we used the last
of our stores last night.
- You know you could've
had one of the groundsmen
take care of that for you.
- I handle my own wood.
Seth, it's good to see you again, brother.
- Good morning, Richard.
- Did you have breakfast?
- Yeah.
- Good for you.
It's the most important meal of the day.
Your kindergarten teacher
wasn't yankin' your dick.
- No.
No, I know, I never thought of Miss Grant
as a dick yanking type.
- Nor should you, that's
gross, and it's illegal.
Abby, would you grab us
a couple of swimsuits
and meet us at the pool
in 10 minutes? 11 minutes?
- Sure.
You got it.
(insects buzzing)
See you guys in a few.
- Help me out with my wood here.
(insects buzzing)
Seth, I wanna apologize if I came off
a bit strong last night.
I realize you may not know
me so well, but, I know you,
and I care about you,
and you're my brother.
- Thanks Richard, I appreciate it--
- I only want you to succeed.
I've done a lot of bushwhacking in my time
so if there's something I
can offer to make the journey
a little bit easier for you,
then that's what I wanna do.
- Richard?
- Yes, sir?
- Abby said you don't have pets.
- We don't.
- There's a dog.
- Where?
- Or there was.
(insects buzzing)
- Must be a stray.
There's a busted piece
of fence back there.
I'll tell Armando.
Come on.
(insects buzzing)
- Listen Richard, um, I need
to thank you for the money--
- Hey.
- That was--
- Don't ever do that.
Don't you ever let me
hear those fucking words
come out of your mouth again.
- What?
- Don't ever thank someone for giving you
what you earned.
- But--
- But my ass.
This was the arrangement.
You get what you earn.
And that's all there is to it.
Baptism by water, baby!
Brother bear, hop in.
- Um. I'm gonna wait for a minute.
- The water's 81 degrees,
don't be a pussy.
Besides, I can't play Sharks
and Minnows by myself.
(Abby chuckles)
Now we got two.
- What's Sharks and Minnows?
- All right, are you ready?
- Ready.
- [Richard] Are you ready?
- I guess.
- Sharks and Minnows.
I'm gonna drag him into the shallows!
I'm gonna drag him in and drown him!
Swimmin' at the surface?
Rookie mistake, minnow!
- Dude you almost drowned me!
- No, I didn't.
Great job babe.
- Thanks, babe.
- Seth, get your ass over here now.
(birds chirping)
Go, doggy paddle, let's go.
- I'm coming.
- All right, here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna go up strong,
up the center, raise up,
try to catch her.
I'll cover each flank for
when you inevitably fail.
Got it?
- Yeah.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
- You ready?
- [Abby] Ready.
- All right.
Sharks and Minnows round two!
(dramatic music)
Oh, fuck!
- [Seth] What is it?
- [Abby] Babe, just take it out.
- Ugh, I'm trying to.
This thing is not waterproof, actually!
- [Seth] Can I do anything?
- [Richard] Just stay there.
- What is it?
- Hearing aid.
Must've gotten waterlogged.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
He hates false advertising.
He'll probably have the
whole company shut down now.
- No, I'm talking about the hearing aid.
- Yeah, ever since the accident.
- What accident?
- The one that killed Daisy.
- Who's Daisy?
- His wife.
Jesus, Seth. You don't
know anything, do you?
- Well, I mean, what was it?
What happened?
- It's really his story to tell.
- Was it his fault?
- No, of course not.
- Was he drunk?
- No.
I, I don't think so.
- Then what was it?
- You saw.
Winding roads, no streetlights.
You drove 'em yourself.
He spiraled into a telephone
pole, you know, and--
- Yeah, and he lost the
hearing in his left ear,
and she lost her life.
And we spiraled into a wall,
not a telephone pole, Abby.
If you're gonna tell it, tell it right.
Seth. Hot tub. Now.
(birds chirping)
(insects buzzing)
(water bubbling)
- Ah.
It's hot.
- Very perceptive, bro. I like it.
- Look, just give me a sec.
(water bubbling)
So, uh, are you all right, Richard?
- Did I patronize you about your dead mom?
Don't patronize me about my dead wife.
Stop being a pansy and get in the water.
Atta boy.
(water bubbling)
(Seth chuckles)
I remember the first time
I fucked Abby in here.
- Jesus, Richard.
- Yeah, that's what she said.
- Why are you telling me this shit?
- What, you honestly trying to tell me
you wouldn't wanna bang
Abby in this hot tub?
- No!
Dude, that's your girlfr- No! I don't. No.
- Uh huh, just like I thought.
She's fuckin' hot, right?
- Yeah, Richard, she's fucking hot.
- God damn right she is.
(water bubbling)
Come here, baby.
(water bubbling)
- What's up, boys?
(water bubbling)
- Do me a favor and put
this in recycling for me,
and would you bring me a new one?
- What did you have in mind?
- I'm thinking about a Moscow mule,
and that Moscow mule
has a friend who is also
a Moscow mule.
- Oh no, thanks, not
for, I don't want one.
- So two Moscow mules.
Two Roads?
Black Hog?
- You sure, nothing?
- She's puttin' out.
You gonna turn her down and be a pan-say?
- [Abby] Anything you want.
- Do you have ginger ale?
- Two Moscow mules and a
ginger ale, coming right up.
- Thank you, baby. I know you're busy.
- [Seth] Thank you.
(water bubbling)
- You got a girl?
- No.
No, not, not right now.
- [Richard] Why?
- Just don't.
- That aint no kind of answer.
- I have other priorities right now.
- Like what?
Alright, what would you
say is the reason why
honeys avoid you like the Bubonic Plague?
Is it your lack of financial stability?
The general cloud of
melancholy that follows you
around everywhere you go?
Your breath?
- Excuse me?
- All right, we're gettin' there.
Lackluster sexual prowess?
Am I getting warmer?!
- Go fuck yourself, man!
- Oh Abby fucks me, I don't fuck myself.
- What the hell is your problem?
- I'm trying to help you.
What's my problem?
(water bubbling)
Are you gay?
(water bubbling)
I got you, you motherfucker.
Balls busted.
I'm a homophobe.
- All right, you--
- Oh come on.
- Stop!
- Bustin' my balls, huh?
Come on, come on.
I'm a homophobe, all right?
I'm a bigot now?
Come on, but pussy all
the way, am I right?
- Thank you, thank you, I think I'm just
gonna head home now.
- What are you talkin' about?
You just got here.
- Yeah I know, like I said.
Beautiful property.
- Seth!
(moody music)
(birds caw)
- Seth, what were you thinking for dinner?
- Whatever you want.
I'm not gonna be here.
- What?
What happened?
- Nothing, I just, I
gotta go back to the city.
- But I thought we were gonna hang out.
- Abby.
We did.
Look, if you're ever in
my neck of the woods,
you should look me up.
I'm sure that Richard has
everything you need to find me.
- Seth, I'm really loving talking to you--
- So do I, but I'm not gonna stay here
and be the butt of Richard's joke anymore.
- I'll talk to him.
I'll talk to him, and it'll be fine.
- You shouldn't be here either.
You know this place isn't good for you.
- Seth, please stay.
- Abby, this has nothing to do with you.
You are unbelievable and fascinating--
- I love it when you say shit like that.
- I have to leave.
(door opens)
- What, are you fucking kidding me?
- Richard.
- Just stay one more day.
- What's that?
- [Richard] 10,000.
- Are you bribing me?
- Fuckin'-A right I'm bribing you.
- Why do you even care if I'm here?!
- Look, Seth.
You're my only brother
and I know, I guess I
screwed up royally, but,
you gotta give me a chance
to make it right.
Take the money.
- I can't.
- Sure you can.
You have a hand and you
have a checking account.
I've seen it. Don't act
like you don't need this.
Take the money, Seth.
- One day.
- Yeah, that's the deal.
(birds chirping)
(Seth scoffs)
Too soon.
That's cool.
We'll get there.
Party's back on!
(birds chirping)
(strange, soft music)
(birds chirping)
Keep your head
Everyone's still
You can make me fall
apart, but I won't blink
And you won't speak
And we won't blow away
(soft, synth pop music)
- You okay?
- Fine.
- You want some company?
- Nope.
If you can put your hands on me
We can sit and laugh for a long time
If you can place your hands on me
Then we'll dance
Keep your head
Everyone's still
You can make me fall
apart but I won't blink
And you won't speak
And we won't blow away
Keep your head
Everyone's still
You can make me fall
apart but I won't blink
And you won't speak
And we won't blow away
If you can put your hands on me
We can sit and laugh for a long time
If you can place your hands on me
Then we'll dance
(maniacal laughing)
- I love those little guys.
That was fun.
- That was fun.
- It was so fun.
- So fun.
- Oh, oh.
- Yeah, Richard. Super fun.
- Okay.
Well, it's late. We could
probably all use a little sleep.
Some of us more than others.
Why don't we start fresh in the morning?
- [Abby] I'll see you later.
- [Richard] Good night.
- Good night, Richard.
- Want one?
- No, thanks.
(curtain whirs)
- So, what were you working
on today during lunch?
- Oh um, I mean it was kind
of a business plan, but--
- That's awesome.
- Nah, it's stupid.
- You should show Richard.
- No.
- I'm serious.
- No.
- He's really good at that kind of stuff.
- Okay, I'll think about it.
- Good.
- Look, I'm really exhausted.
I didn't get much sleep last night, so--
- You know, you could've just come in.
- What?
- Last night.
Come in, to our room.
- I really wish you had.
- I'm sorry?
- If you're ever having trouble sleeping.
Richard and I are like
total night owls, so,
if that ever happens
again, totally feel free
to knock on the door.
We'll get up, watch a movie with you.
You could've checked this
place out a whole lot sooner.
- Right.
- Oh.
While I was doing laundry,
I found this.
I didn't know you had
any of these made up.
- Yeah.
One, and it's mine.
- Well I was thinking
about what we talked about
the other night and I thought
that maybe I could help.
Model, I mean.
I think it'd be really good for you.
- Abby, that's really generous, but I--
- But nothing.
You can even have me
for the family discount.
We can do it right now if you want.
- It's the only one that I have.
And it's too big for you.
- No, I'll just tie it
up and crop it, watch.
How do I look?
- Did Richard put you up to all this?
- What?
- Did Richard ask you to do this?
Offering to model and
taking off your clothes
in front of me and kissing me.
- I'm just trying to help, Seth.
And I kissed you because...
- Yeah.
Look Abby, it's a really
nice offer, but I think
I'm gonna pass. At least for tonight.
- Okay.
I guess I'll, um, see
you in the morning then.
- Yep.
- Just for the record,
I'm really glad you stayed.
(insects buzzing)
(insects buzzing)
(dog sniffing)
(insects buzzing)
(insects buzzing)
(dog whines)
(insects buzzing)
- Hey.
(dog whines)
("Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven)
("Moonlight Sonata" intensifies)
What the fuck?!
(soft, strange music)
- Seth?
(Seth groans)
I thought you might be awake.
- Abby?
Are you, did the piano wake you up?
- What piano?
- There was, there was pi--
Richard was just playing the piano.
He was butt naked in the
darkness. It was really weird.
- He must've been sleep walking.
It, uh, happens.
- I didn't know you could
play a sonata in your sleep.
- Neither did I.
Can I come in?
(Seth grunts)
- Are you all right?
- Yeah, um, I told you you
could knock on my door any time,
so I thought the offer went both ways.
- Is Richard, um?
- Oh.
His REM cycle just kicked in.
Said so on his FitBit, so...
- Oh.
- We've got at least, like, 80 minutes.
I won't be long.
I just wanted to check in with you.
- Yeah I'm, I'm okay.
- You really scared me today.
- What do you mean?
- I thought you were gonna leave.
- Yeah Abby, I was.
- Well would you mind if I just laid next
to you for a little bit?
This mattress is way more
comfortable than ours,
and I was just gonna--
- I--
- Please?
Just for like a minute, I--
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
Where did you go to school?
- What?
- College.
Where did you go to college?
- Oh um,
- I went to Columbia.
- Congratulations.
- I was just thinking about
what it would've been like
if we knew each other before this.
- You would've ignored me.
- That's not true.
- Easy to say.
- It's easy to mean.
- Abby.
Richard's right.
I've got nothing going for me.
- That's not true.
- Yeah, it is.
- You're just looking
in all the wrong places.
I mean, you're passionate, introspective,
a great sense of self.
All those things make
someone really fuckable.
- [Seth] Wait, no, no, no, no, no.
I can't.
- Seth, come on, please.
- No, Abby, I don't know
what's going on here.
- Neither do I, but--
- [Seth] No, stop, stop, please.
- What, am I not your type or some shit?
- Of course you're my type,
you're everybody's type.
It doesn't matter, you're
fucking my brother.
- Yeah.
But right now, I am
trying to fuck you, so--
- Abby, no.
Look, you don't have to be here.
You know that, right?
You don't have to be in this house.
You have a fucking multi-national
company or whatever.
You probably make more in a day
than I make in 10 years.
One day you're gonna
have a place that makes
this castle look like a fucking trailer.
- Seth, just stop.
- Abby, why are you here?
- It's complicated.
- [Seth] It doesn't have to be.
- [Abby] I'm going.
- Abby.
Abby, I'm...
- Look, I, I am sorry
for whatever this was.
Okay um, can we please just pretend like
it didn't happen tomorrow?
- Yeah.
What, do you think I'm gonna tell Richard?
- No.
Of course not.
- Listen, Abby.
Uh, I'll see you in the morning.
- Okay.
Sorry to blue ball you.
(door closes)
(breathing softly)
- Good morning, sleepy.
Just in time for dinner.
- [Seth] What?
- Uh, it's five pm.
- Oh.
Shit, I slept all day.
(Richard chuckles)
- Here.
You need this more than I do.
It's tomato juice.
You don't trust me?
Listen Seth, I don't wanna
cross any lines here.
I realize that I'm sort
of on probation with you
right now, but, I'd be
remiss if I didn't tell you
that you really disappointed
Abby last night.
I mean, she was really puttin'
herself out there for ya.
- She told you about that?
- Well yeah, she came to bed all deflated,
I asked her what was
wrong and she told me.
- Jesus, Richard, I'm sorry, man.
She came--
- Don't beat yourself up about it, but,
do give it some thought
between now and dinner.
She thinks it would
really help you and plus,
it'd be fun for her.
- What?
- If you want, I could
even be there in the room,
show you how everything works.
- Are you fucking serious?
- Seth.
I'm not trying to freak you
out here, I'm just saying,
if you want somebody to
be in the room to show you
how to work the cameras,
I'm happy to do it.
If you don't, that's fine.
Do the fuckin' photo shoot
yourself, I don't care.
- The photo shoot.
- Yeah, for Blink.
She said you were working
on a business plan, too,
which is great.
I'm happy to go through
that and redline it for ya,
if you want.
- That's, that's really nice, Richard,
I gotta think about it.
- Sure.
Sit with it.
- I think I'm gonna go for a walk now.
- [Richard] The house
and grounds are yours.
- Have you seen Abby?
- Yeah, she's somewhere.
(soft, dramatic music)
- Abby!
Abby, hey.
Christ, I thought Richard fuckin' ate you.
- Jesus Seth, you scared me.
- I thought that...
What are, what are you doin'?
- Just getting some air.
- I didn't know you smoked.
- It's been a few months.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- I'm fine.
Seth, you said--
- I know.
I just--
- Okay, so,
let's go figure out what
we're having for dinner.
- Actually, I came to
find you to say good bye.
- What?
- I gotta head back to the
city before it gets dark.
- You're leaving?
- Yeah.
It's been 24 hours,
Abby, that was the deal.
- I know, but uh,
well you're gonna do what
you're gonna do, I guess.
- Abby, look, I'm sorry.
I told you, this isn't about you.
- I know, but...
He said he paid you to stay, and...
he did, right?
But what he was really do was paying you
for a second chance.
And I don't think you gave him one.
- You expect me to just
pretend that he's not--
- No.
Of course not.
But, look, it's been fine.
The last 24 hours have been fine.
So, what have you got to lose?
What are you running back to?
A seventh floor walk up
with a rodent problem
and no air conditioning?
- It's the eighth floor.
- Well it can't be any worse here.
We know all the same people.
- Yeah. (chuckles)
It's a small world.
- [Richard] Just in time.
- Smells great, baby.
- Yeah, it'll be good.
Seth, I was wondering if I
could show you something.
- Uh, what is it?
- It's a
Abby, throw these in
the fridge for me, baby.
- Sure.
- Let's walk.
- Christ.
You been collecting for a long time?
- Since I was your age.
Always came back from a
trip with a couple cases.
Quickly turned into an obsession.
Every bottle is a story, Seth.
A time capsule.
Like tonight's selection.
- The first night you banged
Abby in a hot air balloon?
- First drink at my wedding.
Only drink at my wedding.
- Richard I'm, I'm really sorry.
- Don't be.
10 years.
10 years since we opened the case.
10 years since we said, "I do,"
and I haven't had a sip since.
Seth, tonight I wanna share this with you.
- Richard, I would man, I just--
- I know, I know you
have your thing, Seth.
And I respect that.
I don't know.
Selfishly, tonight, feels
like an occasion for a family,
and you're the only family I have left.
And I know I can't rewrite the past.
But I was thinking that
maybe we could start
carving out something new,
something for us.
(upbeat piano music)
Camp town races sing this song
Doo dah doo dah
Camp town races fives miles long
Oh da-doo dah day
Oh da-doo dah day
Oh da-doo dah day
Bet all my money on the bobtail nag
Somebody bet on the bay
Oh doo-dah day, hey
(thunder rumbles)
- Oh let me help you out there thirsty.
- Oh no Richard, I'm good, no.
- Oh there aint can't in decanter.
- A little bit, a little bit.
- You can do it.
- That's enough, that's enough, that's it.
- I say when it's enough.
- You guys, I just wanna
interrupt for a second
and say that I am having actually a really
good time with you.
- Oh!
(thunder rumbles)
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
- [Seth] Where are you going?
I think we'll probably die.
I don't think we'll survive this house.
- [Abby] I don't know
how I'll ever survive.
- [Richard] We're not gonna
die, we're not gonna die,
because if we died, we
wouldn't be able to play
flashlight tag.
- [Abby] Dun, dun, dun.
- I'm not playing flashlight tag.
- [Richard] Yes you are
playing flashlight tag,
brother bear, and what's
more is, you're it.
- Oh Jesus.
- [Richard] Jesus can't help you Seth.
Piano's base, 20 Mississippis.
- [Seth] Okay.
- [Richard] And um, you
have to flash on the face
in order for it to count.
- And if I win, I get $100,000.
- [Richard] Yes.
- [Seth] Hey Richard, I'm joking.
- [Abby] He's not.
- One Mississippi.
Two Mississippi, three
Mississippi, four Mississippi,
five Mississippi.
10 Mississippi, 11
Mississippi, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16 Mississippi, 17
Mississippi, 18 Mississippi,
19, 20 Mississippi!
Ready or not, here I come.
(dramatic music)
- Not quick enough.
- Damn you.
(Abby laughs)
- Go get him.
(dramatic music)
(Seth laughs)
- Motherfucker!
- [Seth] You're it, you're it. (laughs)
- Goddammit!
I should've worn the
fuckin' ski mask. (sighs)
I'm proud of you.
That's how you play
fuckin' flashlight tag.
(Seth chuckles)
All right, round two,
let's do this shit.
One Mississippi--
- Babe.
Don't you want a break?
- Two Mississippi.
Three Mississippi.
Four Mississippi.
- [Seth] Abby, come on,
come on, come on.
Come on.
- [Richard] Six Mississippi.
- [Seth] Abby.
- [Richard] Ready or not, here I come.
(dramatic music)
- What the fuck?
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(slow, dramatic music)
- You're it.
- [Seth] Richard.
What the fuck man?
Where's Abby?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down.
- Get that fuckin'
flashlight out of my face.
- Bro, relax.
Why don't you breathe some steam?
- Don't tell me to relax.
Why do you have a camera in my bedroom?
- Security.
- Where the fuck is Abby?
What did you do to her man?
Stay back!
Stay over there!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What did I just say?
You need to relax.
- I said stay the fuck back!
- Oh.
What are you gonna do with that?
- [Abby] Seth?
- [Seth] Abby.
- Oh.
- I thought,
I thought that...
- Give me this.
Okay, it's okay.
What's going on?
- Brother bear here got
it in his head that I uh,
I don't even know what, attacked you,
and he started freakin' out.
- Oh god, Seth.
Your poor baby.
(slow, dramatic music)
- Abby, what the fuck is this?
- Shh.
I'm here for you.
- [Richard] We both are.
- What the fuck?
- I think we all just need to relax,
just a little. (chuckles)
Don't you wanna play with us?
We could all get in the shower.
It'll be really fun.
(slow, dramatic music)
- [Seth] Abby, what the fuck is this?
- Shh.
It's okay, baby.
- Seth.
Listen to me.
I am 100% okay with this.
Isn't that what you've been
worried about this whole time?
- Hey, get off me, get off me!
- I wanna share this with you.
- Just share with me, baby.
- Oh yeah.
We like it rough.
- Come on Seth.
Why don't you show me what
you were thinking about
when you walked in on me.
(dramatic synth music)
- My brother.
- Fuck!
What the shit?
(dramatic synth music)
- Fuck!
Oh my god.
Oh my fucking god.
No, no, no.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my
god, oh my god, oh my god.
Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
He's fucking dead, he's fucking dead.
Oh my god.
- What did you do?
(dramatic synth music)
- [Seth] Fuck!
(dramatic synth music)
(soft, dramatic synth music)
(door opens)
(soft, dramatic music)
- I'm sure that's cold by now.
But I'm happy to brew you
some more if you'd like.
- [Seth] Who are you?
- Regular, decaf, there's cream and sugar.
- I don't want any fucking
coffee, who are you?
- No more for me either, I get the jitters
if I have too much.
(door slams)
We should talk.
- Who the fuck are you man?
Seriously, let me out of
here, I just wanna go home.
- And you will, after sunrise.
Why don't you come back
in here and, and, and--
- Fuck you man.
- There's security
cameras everywhere, Seth.
I wouldn't put on a show if I were you.
Also, that cue is made
of gold inlayed African
black wood, it'd be a shame
to smash it over my head.
Why don't you just put
it down and take a seat,
and we can talk.
You're not going anywhere tonight.
There you go.
You sure I can't interest
you in some coffee?
Imported from Jamaica,
better than that crap you
drink at the hipster bistro in the city.
- Who the hell are you?
- What would you say your
favorite part of the weekend was?
Or was there any moment in
particular that was memorable--
- Why the fuck am I here?
- I told you.
I figured it was time we met.
Well he told you, but. (chuckles)
- It's the wine.
He drugged the fuckin' wine,
he drugged the fuckin' wine.
I'm dreaming, wake up.
Wake up!
Wake up!
- Stop that, stop that.
Stop it now.
The wine was just wine.
You drank it, you had fun.
Someone died, but that happens.
Oh, good girl.
She really likes you.
- I told you he wasn't gonna go for it.
- Well I was wrong about that.
Still, very exciting, no?
- You know this is
gonna cost extra, right?
- Just fill in the number.
- Abby?
- You two are so fascinating.
- Abby, please, I, I--
- This is between you
and your brother, Seth.
- My brother?
My brother's dead.
- You were supposed to be
eased into this tomorrow
over breakfast but I'm happy
to answer any questions
you may have.
- Oh, let's not patronize him.
I'm pretty sure he's figure it out by now.
- Are you fucking insane?
What's going on?
Why did my brother invite me here?
- I stand corrected.
- Seth.
Meet Richard.
- No.
What the fuck are you talking about?
- Some artistic liberties
were taken for the sake
of the dramatization but for all intents
and purposes, you've been
interacting with your brother
all weekend.
- The third act was so exciting,
but this unexpected epilogue,
Abby, it was--
- What do you people want from me?
- Nothing more than what
you've already given.
This weekend has been incredible.
- So what?
You're telling me this
has all just been some
fucked up prank?
- No, no, no, no, no, this
has been very, very real.
- Well, then who's that guy?
- Oh him?
He's no one.
- No one?
You were sleeping with him.
- It's just sex, Seth,
it's part of the job.
- So what's your end game here, Abby?
Trying to screw me so that
this fucker can jerk off?
- Please, Seth.
I had to catch up on 24 years.
What better way to get
to know someone than by
throwing them off balance?
- That's crazy.
- Let's call it unorthodox.
- [Seth] Let's call it fucked.
- You know you can pay
people to kidnap you.
Literally, kidnap you.
Just to see what it feels like.
People pay to cuddle, pay to get tickled,
pay to get beat up or shit on.
I happen to hire someone
to orchestrate my own
out of body experience.
To each his own, am I right?
If you've got the money.
- No man, I gotta, I gotta go.
I gotta go home, I gotta get out of here.
- Well the gates won't
open until after sunrise,
that's for your own safety.
- Fuck your gate, man, I'll
drive right through it.
- Steel bars, Seth.
And I don't pay for collision
insurance on rentals.
- [Seth] Then I'll hop it.
- Seven miles?
No street lights?
Winding roads?
I'd hate to have a drunk
driver take a turn too fast
and pin you against a telephone pole.
Continue to explore the
property while you wait and,
it's a lovely night.
Or stay here with me.
I've got checkers.
- Everyone is gonna know about this.
- Abby.
- You can't enforce that.
- I assure you I can.
- After all of this bullshit?
- I take my privacy very
seriously, as do my attorneys.
That's air tight.
- That guy is dead because of you.
- And you're complicit.
And there's tapes.
At best, it's involuntary manslaughter.
- I will fucking kill you.
- Then add to that second degree murder,
that's 30 years minimum.
- Just wait out the night, Seth.
- Shut up.
- I'd love to keep talking.
But that's of course up to you.
I love it.
- Open the door.
- You sure you don't want some coffee?
- Open the fucking door!
(door opens)
- Seth.
Thank you.
You're welcome home, any time.
(man laughs)
(door closes)
(insects buzzing)
(Seth yells)
(soft, dramatic music)
- What do you want?
- Listen--
- No.
- [Abby] Seth.
- Abby, you are a fucking
bitch, you know that?
What, did he send you up here to make sure
I don't jump off?
Maybe that's exactly what he wants,
who the fuck knows anymore.
- He's asleep.
It's just me.
- "It's just me."
Stop with the fuckin'
damsel in distress act,
it's not gonna work.
- No offense Seth, but you're not my type.
- What would've happened
if I just went for it
tonight in the bathroom?
- I don't know.
That's kind of the whole point.
It's like a choose your
own adventure book.
- What is it?
What do you fuckin' want from me?
- I was actually wondering
if you had any notes.
- Notes?
- It's our first time
doing a Watcher Experience
at this scale.
We'd welcome your feedback.
- Yeah, cut the shit and get a new job.
Somebody died because of you.
- He knew what he signed up for.
Did the naked piano playing provide pathos
or was it just goofy?
Did we incentivize you enough?
More sex, money, social interaction?
We're still working on
the variables in the
reward system, but I'm--
- Abby, please shut up!
- Here.
- No.
No. No!
- I'm not going through
this song and dance
with you again, Seth.
Just take the money.
You won the game.
- This was all a fucking joke.
- Not to Richard.
One more thing.
If you invest that money
right, we have a lot of options
that can make themselves available to you.
- Yeah, no thanks.
- Think about it.
(birds chirping)
- Why did you get involved in this shit?
- There's only so much you
can do with a BA in theater.
(soft, dramatic music)
(soft, dramatic music)
(soft, dramatic music)
- [Man On Podcast] And
I just have to think,
the world that they're living
in and I guess the world
that we're living in,
is that even a question
we can answer, I mean, who are we?
(synth pop music)