Long Time Dead (2012) Movie Script

We were just three guys
sitting on a couch
getting very, very fucked up, that's all.
Very, very fucked up indeed.
Mm. Thank you.
- What you doin'?
- We are going out.
Rob, your hair's fine, mate.
- Look at him. He's worse than Stella.
- I've got a feeling I'm gonna pull tonight.
- I've a feeling you're gonna find a hot girl.
- Yeah.
- And you're gonna come back here.
- Yeah.
And you're gonna jack off in a sock.
It's all right for you.
You've got a bird, and a very nice one.
Not for long.
Oh, you bastards.
Where did you get that?
- Where have you been?
- College. All day.
- All day!
- What, did you get locked in?
- At least some of us went.
- A first time for everything.
I don't know how you
get away with it, Stella.
- Must be my sweet smile.
- Must be your sweet arse.
- Rob, you've got sex on the brain.
- Oh.
It's such a shame. My auntie used to say
you had the face of a choirboy.
Now, she had a nice arse.
- Liam, no! Look, don't!
- "My hair!"
Get off, Liam.
I just made my hair up. Get off!
All right, you guys. Come on, let's go.
- Just cos you've got stupid hair.
- What?
- I'll see you at the club.
- OK. See you later.
Come on, Stella.
- Stella, it's Lucy.
- All right?
- You comin' or what?
- OK, OK, yes.
- Well, hurry up.
- See you in half an hour. Bye.
- Oi!
- Shit!
- Who the fuck are you?
- Uh, uh, I'm Joe.
Your new housemate.
You know, a friend of Rob's?
- You scared the shit out of me.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm a scary sort of guy.
You must be Stella, yeah?
Yeah. How d'you know?
Well, you, um... fit Rob's description.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
Oh, my God...
You coming to this party?
- You got everything?
- Yeah.
Listen, I've got some naughty little pills.
You gonna be a naughty little girl?
Always am.
Who's this, then?
Joe, this is Mr Becker. Our landlord.
All right?
- Joe's gonna be moving in.
- Who's moving out?
Conrad. Thank God.
You should let me know these things.
I don't want people just disappearing.
Yeah, sorry.
I got a problem with the wiring.
- I may need to go into your rooms.
- Why?
It's all right, Stella. I won't read
your diaries. Just in and out.
Yeah, sure.
Nice to meet you, mate. See ya later.
Seems like a really nice guy.
- He's a freak.
- I was joking.
You took your time gettin' here.
Right now?
Right now.
Look after that a minute, mate.
On the house. Call it a moving-in present.
It's nice to have you in.
- Ooh, you're looking flush, darling.
- Yeah.
I've been dancing.
Is that why you've got
your T-shirt inside out?
The thrill is in the risk.
If a girl thinks someone'll walk in,
she'll come quicker.
- Exactly.
- Or fake it quicker, in your case.
You should listen.
You might learn something.
- I had a wicked shag in the girls' toilets.
- Right, yeah When?
It was ages ago.
I can't remember now.
There's been so many birds.
I was in this club in Amsterdam
a few years ago.
Got pulled up on stage. Had to shag
this girl in front of about 100 people.
Nearly all blokes.
- Fuck it. I'll try anything once.
- Yeah?
Ever done a railway line?
Last to do a line of cocaine before the
choo-choo comes has the biggest balls.
- Chop 'em up, Spence.
- This is stupid! This is really dumb!
Quickly. The train's coming.
Hurry up, man. Hurry up!
Wait a minute. The train's miles off.
Snort that up, you tight git.
She was givin' it the booty call!
Not as much as you were.
Who, me?!
Sit next to your boyfriend.
What have you lot been doin'?
Oh, sorry, mate. We were trying to
work out what gives the biggest buzz.
Oh, yeah? And?
And... it has to be...
sex with someone you really love, man.
- That's a weird thought.
- So, come on, mate. What is it?
- What's what?
- "What's what?" The biggest buzz?
- I thought you were the expert.
- Yeah, so did I, mate, till I met you.
Well, the weirdest buzz I ever had
was when I did a Ouija board.
A what?
I spend all this time making him
more spiritual and he says it's a buzz!
- You serious? A Ouija board?
- Yeah.
- You believe in that shit?
- All what shit?
Spirits and shit?
You wait till you see that glass
slide across the table, my friend.
Like I say, it's a buzz.
Let's do it then.
Well, well, well.
Looks like we got 'em hooked, Luce.
What d'you say we give it a go?
- What now?
- Yeah.
You're not supposed to do it
when you're under the influence.
No, forget it. There's no way I'm doin'
a Ouija board here, so you can get off me!
Wake up, dead dudes. Here we come!
Ouija boards! It's bollocks. I thought
we were supposed to be having a party.
Come on, man. If you don't believe in it,
what's there to be afraid of, eh?
- Here.
- She's fuckin' nuts, man.
- Liam, you're usually up for anything.
- All right.
- Liam, I won't let anything bad happen.
- More paper.
Maybe we'll get proof.
Here's a glass.
- A.
- OK, that's A.
- B...
- Hey, look and learn, you.
Pass them round for me.
Right, let's start with
next week's lottery numbers.
Or we could call up a dead babe.
Marilyn Monroe.
You'd end up with Marilyn Manson!
Come on. We need to
take this seriously, yeah?
All right, here's the rules.
Each one of us will put
our right index finger on the glass.
Don't push, don't pull, just rest it on top.
And try and concentrate on the questions
being asked and nothing else, OK?
But, most importantly, don't take
your finger off the glass until I say so.
We'll be slamming the door shut
before the spirit can return to his world.
You know what?
- What?
- It's nearly midnight.
That's when the lines are open
to the real bad fuckers.
We won't contact bad spirits?
- What if we did?
- I'm only joking, Stella.
- Just don't say it halfway through.
- Yeah, cos it's not funny, Rob.
- No, Rob.
- You're freaking the girls out.
- All right.
- Sh, sh. Hey, listen.
If we're gonna do this,
we've gotta concentrate.
Thanks, darling. And anyway,
you don't call people up.
You speak to whoever's on
the other side waiting. They choose us.
- They choose us?
- If anyone's frightened, say so now.
If anyone is there who wishes
to contact us, we want to hear you.
If you have a message, use us. Use us.
- It's Mystic Meg!
- Cheers, Rob.
Sorry. Lucy, carry on.
Is that it?
- You're pushing it.
- No, I'm not.
- What is that?
- The ghost of someone who can't spell.
- Ai-ban-an-ar?
- It wants a banana.
Keep quiet. Sometimes
it takes time for them to focus.
Just wait.
- Someone ask it something.
- Ask if it can tell the future.
- It's hot. The glass is hot.
- It's friction. It's just friction.
- "All. " It's "all".
- D.
- I.
- I'm lost.
- "All die"?
- Why does it say "all die"?
- "All die. "
- We shouldn't be doing this.
- It's not me.
- Whoever's doing this, stop it.
Who are you? Who are you?!
D- J-I-N-N.
D- J-I-N-N.
No, don't!
Liam, what are you doing?!
- What's a djinn?
- Jesus Christ.
- What happened?
- I'm never doing that again.
It's just one of these guys pissing around.
Have you been practising that?
- Don't look at me.
- What happened to Liam?
- He's probably pissing himself right now.
- I better go and find him.
Jesus, Lucy,
what the hell happened there?
I don't know.
Sometimes spirits try to scare you.
- Well, it worked.
- We should just get away from here.
Am I the only one who enjoyed it?
Liam, what happened?
- You really freaked everyone out.
- It's nothing. I'm all right.
- Come on, you can tell me.
- Nothing happened, all right?!
No, come on.
You know how important you are.
I just don't wanna dump
all my fucked-up stuff on you.
I want all of you.
- No, I can't.
- Put it on your chain.
I want you to have it, OK?
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right. It's OK.
- Where's your inhaler?
- Downstairs.
- Well, let's go down.
- No. It's nice up here.
I'll be back in a minute.
How'd it get there?
Rob, I know it's you!
This isn't fucking funny!
Where are you?!
Help me!
Rob, are you sure it's all right
me staying here tonight?
I mean, people don't really want
a stranger hanging around after...
You live here now, mate.
Sorry, mate.
I know you and her were, like...
Look, I'm all right.
Come on.
- We got any of that grass left?
- No.
I need some. My heart's
beating like a fucked watch.
- For Christ's sake, Spence.
- Sorry.
Look, maybe I should go and see
McCann, see if I can get something.
What, now?
You're just gonna go and leave me?
- Yeah. Come with me. It won't take long.
- Spence, I'm in shock.
My friend has just died.
All right.
Well, she was my friend, too, but
I really need something to calm me down.
Lucy, come with me.
I'll be ten minutes, OK?
Bet you wish you'd never
taken the room now.
We won't contact bad spirits, will we?
"A djinn's natural form
is composed of fire,
although it may possess a human
if summoned without a shaman. "
"One can cure the possession
with a banishing. "
Don't take your fiinger
off the glass until I say so.
We'll be slamming the door shut
before the spirit can return to his world.
- No!
- No, don't!
Oh, God help us.
Oh, shit!
What you doin'?
- Spence, is that you?!
- What you doin' on my boat?
- You want trouble, you found it!
- Chill out.
- Yeah?
- Who are you?
- I came to tell you the electric's down.
- I'm not connected to the electric.
I didn't know that, did I? I'm just
trying to help you out, you stupid cow.
Get off.
Hey, he really scared you, didn't he?
It wasn't him.
There was something here.
- It was that bloke wandering around.
- No. It was something else.
Spence, I don't wanna be here any more.
All right.
Let's get your stuff. Come on.
Couldn't you sleep?
I went out.
To get some cigarettes.
I just kept thinking...
if only I'd gone with her.
I must have walked straight past her.
You're right.
We shouldn't tell them.
It's best. You're already shaken up.
Look, don't think about it
and don't say anything.
- All right?
- All right, mate?
We didn't wanna stay on the boat.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
It's just I think we should all
be together tonight, don't you?
Yeah, definitely. Come in.
- How'd she get the burns?
- Can we not think about that now?
I can't help wondering
what was going through her head.
She'd still be alive if we hadn't messed
around with things we didn't understand.
- Stella, that doesn't make sense.
- No?
No. Annie was killed by some psycho on
the roof. We didn't invite him to that party.
- Are you saying there's no connection?
- You think there is?
- You felt it. We all felt it!
- Stella, leave it. You're out of it.
- There was something in that room.
- No, there wasn't, Stella. Calm down.
- I can't believe you're trying to deny it!
- Stella's right!
Something tried to attack me tonight.
- What do you mean "something"?
- I don't know.
I just felt something.
Whatever it was.
Well, did you see anything?
- What did you see exactly?
- Nothing.
Look, it's not something I can explain.
I didn't have to see anything
to know something was there.
- Lucy, you're in shock. Maybe...
- No.
The Ouija board
spelt out the word "djinn".
- And?
- A djinn is a fire demon.
Fire demon! Give me a fucking break!
She's playing with our heads!
Chill out.
Someone who's killed by a djinn
has these terrible burns.
I've seen pictures.
It's just like what happened to Annie.
Look, everybody's really freaked out,
and this crap is not helping.
The djinn is bound to whoever calls it.
Until that person's dead,
it can never be free.
We all called it.
- It's coming after all of us?
- Wait a minute. Wait a minute!
Now, if somebody was moving the glass,
they should say something right now.
Well, we got the whole thing on tape.
The camera doesn't lie.
- I.
- "All die. "
- Whoever's doing this, stop it.
- Who are you? Who are you?!
Is somebody moving it?
All I know is it wasn't me
and it wasn't Lucy, all right?
We should never have done it.
No, don't!
Man, that was weird.
Why did he just freak out like that?
- What now?
- It's OK, guys. Don't worry.
- It's all right. I'm here.
- You all right?
Don't worry, guys. It's just a fuse.
It blows all the time.
- Where's the fuse box?
- Downstairs in Becker's flat. I'll wake him.
I'll come with you.
It's all right. It's just a fuse.
Mr Becker?
Mr Becker!
Think he's here?
He keeps really weird hours.
Oi, oi.
Hey, go for it.
I don't live here. How's it gonna look?
- Besides, I've got two previous.
- You do?
Yeah, but don't say anything to Lucy.
She don't know, all right?
- Go on.
- Whatever.
That's it.
Easy. Whoa, whoa. Fuckin' hell, man.
Shit, Spence!
- Jesus!
- Easy, man.
- What are you doin', bro?
- I just...
I couldn't resist a bit of
breaking and entering.
Let's find the fuse box.
- What do we do?
- Shut up. Get under there.
Holy shit!
- You better come down and see this.
- What?
Come on!
Look, it's that word. Djinn.
What's he doing
with a Ouija board?
Jesus Christ. Satan worshipping.
Hey, sh.
That's Liam.
"Paul Brennan,
accused of multiple murder. "
"Multiple murders in Morocco.
Demon worshipper charged. "
- Right, we should call the police.
- I don't understand.
Why did the police want Becker?
Is anybody gonna
tell me what happened?
The fuse went on the house.
- I broke into Becker's to turn it back on.
- He knows about your parents.
My parents?
- Why'd you say they died in a car crash?
- They did.
- Why didn't you want me to know?
- Know what?
1979, a group of demon worshippers
were in Morocco.
Eight go out. Two come back.
One was Becker.
Now, who was charged with murder?
Paul Brennan, father of Liam.
The defence claims insanity after -
this bit is beautiful, man -
a Ouija board went wrong
and he flipped out.
Becker's got the whole
lowdown on it, Liam.
Newspaper clippings,
pictures, everything.
We're living above some kind of shrine
to what your dad did.
Daddy's not dead. Daddy's in a nuthouse.
That is a fucking lie!
It's a lie.
My father's dead.
- Jesus, did you see that? He's lost...
- Oh, just shut up.
- He's been through a lot.
- What, and we haven't?
I know he's your friend
and everything, but...
I don't believe him.
I'm going home.
The police said we can't go back
until they got Becker.
Not the house. I'm going
to go back to my mum's.
- Lucy says we can stay on the barge...
- No. I'm sorry.
I'll call you from my mum's.
What the fuck's just happened to me?
For God's sake.
Yeah, what?
Nothing. Just thought
I smelt something burning.
I think it's your joint, love.
Yeah. Right.
Thank God you stopped.
My head's killing me.
Hello, Lucy.
What are you doing here?
You've got no idea what you're
dealing with here, you know.
But I can make it go away.
You have to do a banishing.
You gotta trust me.
- You know what this is, don't you?
- You called the djinn.
And now it's possessed one of you.
Anyone who was there. Even you.
No! It was just a Ouija board.
I've done it a hundred times.
I didn't do anything differently.
You did!
Liam was there.
Get out!
You're dead.
You're all dead.
Even if I were to give my permission,
your father would still
have to sign a visitor's pass.
He has refused all visitors -
friends and family.
Everyone in the ten years
since I've been here.
May I?
If you could give him that.
See what he says.
Is this some kind of joke?
Then why did you write it?
I knew it would get me in to see you.
Why didn't you come sooner?
I thought you were dead.
Is that what they told you?
I suppose this is a sort of death.
A small price to pay for what you did.
- You killed my mother.
- You're wrong.
You've got no idea what really happened.
I was there, wasn't I?
You were a child.
You don't know what you saw.
I've been having reminders.
I want you to tell me why.
Why did you do it?
I did what I had to do.
So it was you.
There was no djinn.
Believe me, it was there.
What about this time?
What about Annie?
Is that something else
you just "had to do"?
- What have you done?
- You know what's going on!
- I know you do!
- You've called it.
You've called it, haven't you?!
- Where was Becker?
- Becker?
You do know him. Where is he?
Where the fuck is he? Tell me!
He does exactly what you
tell him to do, doesn't he?
- No!
- Where is he?
You don't understand.
He was watching over you.
Stop playing games! Stop this shit!
- You're sick! You sick bastard!
- What the hell is going on?
- What haven't you told me?
- You've got to trust me!
Sh, sh, sh!
What you gettin' comfy for?
Let's grab it and go. I don't wanna
be here any longer than we have to.
- I wanna watch this now.
- What?
The camera was filming the whole time.
- So?
- So who knows what we might see.
This is not right. This is not right.
Can we just go? Please!
Hang on, bro. I wanna watch this.
You got a light?
Try the kitchen.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Joe!
What the fuck...?
Say something.
Are you all right?
Have you seen Liam?
What is it?
It's Stella.
She's dead, isn't she?
- She was burnt.
- What the fuck is going on?
I've told you. The djinn killed Annie,
and now Stella.
We have to stop this before
another one of us dies.
Well, who's next, eh?
I'm telling you, this is fucked!
Why are you looking at me like that? Hm?
We can think about Stella later.
- We've got to think about ourselves.
- Just calm down.
Calm down? We're getting killed
one by one, in case you hadn't noticed!
- Lucy, what are we gonna do?
- A banishing.
We can send it back.
- Where's Webster?
- He went with Joe to get the video.
We should have all stayed together.
Well, that's what
we're gonna do now, yeah?
Here. Yeah?
Exactly the same spot.
Everything the same.
Look, we can do this.
We can reverse what we've done.
Come on.
Come on!
We welcome the light
and banish the dark.
We summon the dark to become the light.
We welcome the light
and banish the dark.
We summon the dark to become the light.
We welcome the light
and banish the dark.
We summon the dark to become the light.
We welcome the light
and banish the dark!
We summon the dark to become the light!
Come on, guys!
Talk to me!
Liam, it's Becker.
Liam, it's Becker. He's here.
Liam, you were right! He's here!
Listen to me. Please, listen to me.
What did my father offer you?
- This is for Annie.
- Liam, no! No!
Stop it! Stop it!
It's not worth it.
Don't worry, Becker.
We'll always have Morocco.
I think you've killed him.
I can't believe we just did that.
Well, it's not like we killed
an innocent man, Liam.
- He was in it with your dad, wasn't he?
- Yes.
Did you see him at the hospital?
- What was he like?
- He's fucking mad!
He believes in all this.
What? The djinn?
Yeah. And Becker, too.
They're both fucking lunatics.
I was starting to believe
in the djinn myself.
- What was that?
- What was what?
Hang on. Where's Lucy?
- Liam, let's just go!
- No!
We've gotta find her.
Lucy! Lucy!
Rob, help me!
I think she might still be alive!
No, she isn't.
Don't you see, Liam?
The lunatics were right.
They've seen the djinn.
And now it's your turn, Liam.
Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?
Can you feel that, Liam?
That is not even close to where I've been.
Where your daddy sent me.
You opened the door for me
to come back and show you real pain.
And wasn't it a nice touch of mine
to use Rob to kill you all?
He was easy meat - so bitter, so twisted.
All he could think about...
was fucking Annie.
Makes me laugh.
You all do.
No. No, no. There's no fainting allowed!
What are you gonna do?
Liam, it's me. It's Rob.
Please, Liam. It hurts.
Will you get him out of me?
Please, Liam.
- No.
- Please, Liam. Please. He's in me.
It's your turn to die, Liam.
You're coming with me, like Annie.
Thank you.
What have they done to you?
I thought I'd lost you for ever.
Like your son has.
You didn't think you'd get rid of me
that easily, did you?