Long zheng hu dou (Enter the Dragon) (1973) Movie Script

I see your talents have gone
beyond the mere physical level.
Your skills are now at the point
of spiritual insight.
I have questions: what is the highest
technique you hope to achieve?
-To have no technique.
-Very good.
What are your thoughts
when facing an opponent?
There is no opponent.
And why is that?
Because the word "I" does not exist.
So. Continue.
A good fight should be. . .
. . . like a small play, but played seriously.
A good martial artist
does not become tense, but ready.
Not thinking, yet not dreaming.
Ready for whatever may come.
When the opponent expand, I contract.
When he contracts, I expand.
And when there is an opportunity. . .
. . . I do not hit.
It hits all by itself.
Now, you must remember. . .
. . .the enemy has only images
and illusions. . .
. . . behind which he hides his true motives.
Destroy the image
and you will break the enemy.
The "it" that you refer to
is a powerful weapon. . .
. . .easily misused by the martial artist
who deserts his vows.
For centuries now, the code
of the Shaolin Temple has been preserved.
Remember, the honor of our brotherhood
has been held true.
Tell me now the Shaolin commandment
number 13.
"A martial artist has to take responsibility
for himself. . .
. . .and accept the consequences
of his own doing."
I'm ashamed to tell you now. . .
. . .among all the Shaolin men
I have taught. . .
. . .there is one who has turned
the ways of knowledge and strength. . .
. . .to his own base ends.
He has perverted all we hold sacred.
His name is Han.
In defiance of all our beliefs. . .
. . . he has brought disgrace
to the Shaolin Temple.
So it is now for you to reclaim
our lost honor.
Yes. I understand.
There is a man here.
You will go to him.
Hello, Mr. Lee.
My name's Braithwaite.
Hello, Mr. Braithwaite.
I've come to speak to you
about a matter of great importance.
-Have some tea?
-Yes, indeed.
This is very pleasant.
Mr. Lee, I've come to speak to you
about a tournament of martial arts.
A tournament to which
you've received an invitation.
Specifically, a tournament
organized by Mr. Han.
-Han's tournament.
-I know, I know, I know.
But we'd very much like you to attend
that particular tournament, Mr. Lee.
"We," Mr. Braithwaite?
It's Lao's time.
Yes, of course.
Kick me.
What was that? An exhibition?
We need emotional content.
Try again.
I said, emotional content, not anger.
Now, try again. With me.
That's it.
How did it feel to you?
Let me think. . . .
Don't think. Feel.
It is like a finger pointing
a way to the moon.
Don't concentrate on the finger. . .
. . .or you will miss all that heavenly glory.
Do you understand?
Never take your eyes off your opponent,
even when you bow.
That's it.
That's Han. That's the only film
we have on him.
We know he was a member
of your temple.
A Shaolin monk, now a renegade.
That's Oharra behind him.
Personal bodyguard.
Tough, ruthless, as you might expect,
being Han's bodyguard.
We got our hands
on a demonstration film of Oharra.
All real bricks and boards,
nothing phony about any of it.
This was before he picked up
a facial scar somewhere.
This is where you'll be going.
An island fortress, really.
After the war, the nationality of the island
was uncertain.
And sometime after that, Han bought it.
What do you know about Han?
He lives like a king on that island.
Totally self-sufficient.
All of his efforts, seemingly. . .
. . .are directed toward supporting
what he calls his "school of martial arts."
Han's only contact with the outside world
is this tournament. . .
. . .which he holds every three years.
This was a stewardess, Mary King,
found floating in the harbor.
Nothing unusual about a body
in the harbor.
But this girl was last seen at a party
aboard Han's private junk.
They'd reported her lost at sea
before the body was found.
We believe he selects attractive girls...
...methodically builds
their dependence on drugs...
...then sells them to an elite clientele
around the world.
What did the autopsy reveal
as the cause of death?
-She did not drown.
-She OD'd?
Yes. Cause of death was heroin overdose.
You still don't have enough
to bust up his operation.
We know everything.
We can prove nothing.
We want you to go in there as our agent.
-Get us our evidence.
-And get out in one piece to give it to you.
We'll give you anything you need.
Electronic equipment, weapons, anything.
-No, thanks.
Now, why doesn't somebody
pull out a .45 and bang, settle it?
No. No guns.
Look at this map here.
As you know, the possession of a weapon
is a serious offense here.
Han's island rests partly
within our territorial waters.
If we had the slightest reason to believe
he has any kind of arsenal. . .
. . .we'd move in on him.
Besides, Han would never allow guns
on the island anyway.
He had a bad experience with them once
and he's fearful of assassination.
You can't really blame him.
Any bloody fool can pull a trigger.
I guess I won't need anything.
There's a radio on the island.
We'll monitor it. . .
. . .on the chance you can get to it.
And then you come?
Someone will.
We aren't an agency of enforcement.
We function as gatherers
of information, evidence.
Upon which interested
governments can act.
I see. If there's any trouble,
you make a phone call.
Oh, by the way, two months ago. . .
. . .we managed to place a female operative
on the island.
Since then, we've lost her.
If she's there, she might have something.
Name's Mei Ling.
-Sure you won't have one?
-No, thanks.
But now the time has come to tell you
something very difficult.
I'm happy you have decided to go
to Han's tournament.
The last of the tournaments
were held three years ago.
I was in the city with your sister
at that time.
I didn't know that.
Many of Han's men
had come in from the island.
They were everywhere,
bullying and arrogant.
We were on our way into town.
Stay back!
Run ! Run !
Now you know the truth.
When you get to the city. . .
. . . pay your respects to your sister
and your mother.
I will, old man.
You will not agree with
what I am going to do.
It is contrary to all
that you have taught me. . .
. . .and all that Su Lin believed.
I must leave.
Please try to find a way to forgive me.
Double or nothing?
That's about 1000 bucks a foot, Roper.
Why not?
I'm sorry, Mr. Roper isn't in right now.
May I take a message?
That's a tough shot, Mr. Roper.
Excuse me, fellas.
-I say he can't make it.
-What'll you bet?
You gotta love him.
Come on, Roper.
It's 175 big ones by Monday the 15th.
Only 150.
You forget interest.
-Maybe I ought to talk to Freddie.
-You take advantage, Roper.
Come on, fellas.
It's the dough, Roper,
or we gotta break something.
You got it?
Freddie says this is for your own good.
Better confirm that flight
to Hong Kong for me.
-How much do I have left in the bank?
-It's all yours.
-Only, I think you'll need it.
-You wanna bet?
Double-punching. Ready. . . .
Going on a trip, are you?
-Hey, this jig's got a passport.
-Where you going, jig?
-Where's the plane ticket for?
-Hong Kong, via Hawaii.
He's not going to Hawaii.
Well, look what we got here!
Assaulting a police officer.
-Hey, soldier, shape it up!
-Roper! Hey, how are you, man?
How am I, man? How am I?
I'm glad to see you, that's how I am.
-Hey, how long has it been? Five. . .?
-Six years, man.
-It's not as long as it seems.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
-What you been doing since Nam?
-Hanging in a little bit.
-All these yours?
-Always first-class.
Same old Roper.
Come here.
-Yeah, from New Zealand.
This man's putting
quite a collection together.
Know him?
Never saw him before.
What do you know about this Han cat?
Just rumors. I hear he likes to live big.
They don't live so big over there.
Ghettos are the same all over the world.
They stink.
Same old Williams.
What have we got here? A little action.
Insects. Okay, I'll lay you 50 bucks
on the big one.
Fifty. $50 on the big one, all right?
I'll give you 5-to-1.
Would you bet 100?
You're on.
Come on, let's end this thing quickly.
Thattababy. Come on. Come on !
That's it. Just get him on his back.
Get him on his back! Come on.
Come on. Give up!
Come on ! Hey.
Oh, for crying out loud.
Would you believe that?
Dumb shit.
Do I bother you?
Don't waste yourself.
-What's your style?
-My style?
You can call it the art of fighting
without fighting.
"The art of fighting without fighting"?
-Show me some of it.
All right.
Don't you think we need more room?
Where else?
That island, on the beach.
We can take this boat.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Hey, are you crazy?
Pull me in ! Pull me in !
Don't try to pull yourself up
or I'll let go of the line.
Would you look at that.
A woman like that could teach you
a lot about yourself.
This way.
I'll show you to your rooms.
The banquet begins promptly at 8.
I think you'll find our little island
quite charming.
Say, I hope you haven't spent all
that money you won from me yesterday.
-I plan to win it back.
-Oh? How?
You'll find out, after you've lost it.
You seem to be very much
at home here, Mr. Roper.
This guy Han's got a great sense
of hospitality.
And a fantastic sense of style.
Yeah, it's great.
Then why are you so apprehensive?
No. I was just wondering
whether it was okay to drink the water.
Mr. Roper, don't con me.
Wanna bet?
No. I really don't think so. Thanks.
What's the matter, you on a diet?
I'd like to eat, if I could
find something I could keep down.
Well, I can't wait to meet our host.
I hear this is only one of his B parties.
You ever been to
a martial arts tournament like this?
I have a funny feeling we're being
fattened up for the kill.
Better keep an eye out for the referee.
-Know what I mean?
Gentlemen, welcome.
You honor our island.
I look forward to a tournament. . .
. . .of truly epic proportions.
We are unique, gentlemen. . .
. . . in that we create ourselves. . .
. . .through long years
of rigorous training. . .
. . .sacrifice, denial, pain.
We forge our bodies
in the fire of our will.
But tonight, let us celebrate.
Gentlemen, you have our gratitude.
Mr. Williams.
Mr. Williams!
For me?
You shouldn't have.
But. . . .
I'll take you, darling.
And you.
Please understand, if I missed anyone. . .
. . . it's been a big day.
I'm a little tired.
Oh, of course, Mr. Williams.
You must conserve your strength.
Come in.
A gift, Mr. Lee.
-If you don't see anything you like. . . .
-There was a girl at the feast tonight.
Which girl, sir?
The owner of this dart.
Oh, yes. I know the one.
I'll send her to you.
Another fine mess you got me into.
Come in.
Well, well, one more lovely than the next.
What did you have in mind?
Pick one.
I already have.
Wise decision.
I wanna talk to you, Mei Ling.
Where do you come from?
-Let's be quiet.
Have you seen anything?
Nothing much.
I'm kept in the palace, watched always.
I know nothing of Han's activities
away from the palace.
But I can tell you this: people disappear.
-The girls. Every one of them.
They're summoned to Han's at night
and the next day they're gone.
I know I don't have much time.
You must attend the morning ritual
in uniform.
Mr. Lee, why you no wear uniform?
Gentlemen, let the tournament begin !
Good work. You made me some bread.
-Mr. Roper.
-I'm ready.
I got myself a real pigeon here.
Keep the action going for me, will you?
What do you think, Roper?
Oh, no sweat.
Give my friend 8-to-3 all the way.
I'm finding out about myself.
This is the real me, definitely.
Do you like it here?
Oh, yeah. But a little lower.
No. I mean here on the island.
Yeah, I like it here.
But a little lower.
A man like you belongs here.
To you, I'm just another pretty face.
Where you go?
Out in the moonlight, baby.
-It is not allowed. You must stay.
A human fly.
Gentlemen. . .
. . . it seems that one of you. . .
. . .was not content last night. . .
. . .with the hospitality of the palace. . .
. . .and sought diversion
elsewhere on the island.
Who it was is not important. . .
. . .at this time.
What is important is that. . .
. . . my guards performed
their duties incompetently.
And now they must prove. . .
. . .themselves worthy
to remain among us.
Are you shocked, Mr. Williams?
Only at how sloppy your man works.
Mr. Lee?
Are you ready?
Boards don't hit back.
Oharra's treachery has disgraced us.
If you wanna talk about this thing,
I'll be in my room.
Williams? Williams.
-Go to Han's study as soon as possible.
-All right.
Hey, Roper.
I'll see you in half an hour.
-Mr. Han?
-You fought well yesterday.
Your style is unorthodox.
But effective.
It is not the art,
but the combat that you enjoy.
The winning.
We are all ready to win. . .
. . .just as we are born
knowing only life.
It is defeat that you must learn
to prepare for.
I don't waste my time with it.
When it comes, I won't even notice.
Oh? How so?
I'll be too busy looking good.
What were you looking for
when you attacked my guards?
Wasn't me.
You were the only man
outside the palace.
I was outside, but I wasn't the only one.
You will tell me who else.
Mr. Han, suddenly
I'd like to leave your island.
-It is not possible.
-Bullshit, Mr. Han-Man !
Man, you come right out of a comic book.
Been practicing, huh?
-Williams is expecting me in my room.
-I wanted to talk to you.
We will meet your friend Williams later.
-This is my museum.
It is difficult
to associate these horrors. . .
. . .with the proud civilizations
that created them:
Sparta, Rome, the knights of Europe,
the samurai.
They worship strength
because it is strength. . .
. . .that makes all other values possible.
Nothing survives without it.
Who knows what delicate wonders
have died out of the world. . .
. . .for want of the strength to survive.
What's this?
A souvenir.
-Up here.
-A guillotine? No, thanks.
This is the only angle I care
to see it from.
If you please, Mr. Roper.
You want me to put my head
on that thing?
An act of faith.
I'm a man of little faith, Mr. Han.
Very few people can be totally ruthless.
It isn't easy.
It takes more strength
than you might believe.
Now you've got eight more.
Then there is a point
you will not go beyond.
Faked out again.
This way.
Our power plant.
Oh, yeah.
A lifetime of women, huh?
A man's strength
can be measured by his appetites.
Indeed, a man's strength flows
from his appetites.
Oh, no. They are my daughters.
Your daughters?
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that--
I misunderstood. Miss Han?
And also,
they are my most personal guard.
I admire your judgment.
Nobody's as loyal as daddy's little girl.
-Mr. Roper?
-No, thanks.
I'll get up myself.
Nice meeting you.
We are investing in corruption, Mr. Roper.
The business of corruption
is like any other.
Oh, yeah.
Provide your customers
with products they need. . .
. . .and encourage that need a little bit
to stimulate your market. . .
. . . pretty soon your customers
depend on you. I mean, really need you.
It's the law of economics.
And here we are stimulating
quite another need.
You wonder why I am exposing
so much of myself?
I forget what I see very easily.
But then, why are you?
I'm hoping you'll join us,
represent us in the United States.
I'm beginning to understand the thing
with the tournament. The whole setup.
It's a great way
to recruit new talent, huh?
And who are they?
The refuse found in waterfront bars.
Just lost, drunken men who no longer care
where they find themselves each morning.
You left some rather
sizable debts in America.
Diners Club hasn't called in my card yet.
There were some questions
which I was forced to ask.
I got no answers.
And you want me to join this?
There are certain realities.
I want us to have a clear understanding.
There's no misunderstanding between us.
Help me. Help, I'm 17!
I'm from California.
Help me! Please, help me!
Mister, come back, please!
You have to come back. Please!
-Help me! Help me!
-Hey, quiet! Shut up!
The battle with the guards
was magnificent.
Your skill is extraordinary.
And I was going to ask you to join us.
My God. This came in half an hour ago.
Why didn't I--?
Hello. Put your colonel on.
Well, wake him up.
I don't care if he's not alone.
Damn it all, I don't care who he's with !
You bloody well put him on the line!
Good morning, Mr. Roper.
We have been waiting for you.
What's going on?
Would you be good enough to participate
in this morning's edification?
What are you gonna do to him?
Not me, Mr. Roper. You.
Like you said. . .
. . .there's a point I won't go beyond.
I was right about you.
We shall strive to be worthy
of your sense of grandeur.
I will find someone with whom
you can fight.
Quick, go destroy them. Kill !
Kill them !
Kill ! Fools!
You have offended my family
and you have offended a Shaolin temple.
...the enemy has only images
and illusions...
...behind which
he hides his true motives.
Destroy the image
and you will break the enemy.