Longinus (2004) Movie Script

It's shameful for a doctor
to die from an illness.
Doctor, please don't talk anymore.
It's okay.
The reaper is already here to
take me to the next world.
Everybody dies.
It doesn't matter how hard we try
to live, we will eventually die.
Even so, what you accomplished in life...
It wasn't in vain.
But it's just our power was too weak.
Even at this moment, people are still dying.
This is war.
If so, what's the meaning of our work?
It seems that mankind wouldn't be satisfied
if they didn't advance in everything.
Medical, military...
...and everything...
Intelligence and power can
either kill people or spare them.
Everything is up to the one
in control of the power.
Don't think.
Just live.
How is the doctor?
Too bad.
He was a good man.
But I couldn't save him.
It's not your fault. You're
a nurse, not a doctor.
Besides, we didn't have the equipment or
medicine. If there was something here...
Only despair.
Anyway, I guess this place'll be closed
down. We can do nothing without a doctor.
Let's move the doctor out.
We're not even sure how it all began.
How many years have we been living here?
There is no sign that this war will ever end.
Saving people's lives is my job.
But even if they survive, they still can't
escape from this world filled with despair.
Dying may be the only
way to escape this world.
A helicopter'll be here tomorrow
morning. We have to be ready by then.
Hey! Let her take a break.
Then you do her part of the work.
I'm okay.
I can take care of my share.
So we can finally get out of this dirty place.
Everywhere is gonna be the same.
I don't think so.
At least I don't have to see you anymore.
I'm going to pack my stuff.
Go on and keep fighting if you want.
Who's there?
Open the door. We have
an injured person here.
Which side are you on?
Isn't this a hospital? Open up
or we'll break down the door.
What is this?
What's going on?
We didn't receive any advance notice of this!
She's was attacked suddenly.
There wasn't time to contact you.
Commander, here?
Watch out your mouth!
Where's the doctor?
He died from an illness.
I'm a nurse.
This place'll be closed down soon.
Then you do it.
This is terrible.
What happened?
It was so sudden. In a flash of the eye.
I'm not sure what happened either.
She needs treatment from a
better facility as soon as possible.
We don't have the time. Just do your best.
Are you wondering about this box?
Your mission is to transport that box?
Better if you don't know.
It'll only bring you trouble.
What we are transporting...
...is the Spear of Longinus.
Is it okay to tell them?
She's not going to recover.
You two join will take her place.
Wait a minute!
This place'll be closed down,
right? It's perfect timing.
I agree.
- What? Wait!
That's an order.
What exactly is the Spear of Longinus?
This spear was used in order to confirm
the death of the crucified Jesus Christ.
It used to be kept in
Hofburg Palace in Austria...
...but recently it's been
proven that it's a fake.
So in order to have it again...
You dug it up?
What's the purpose of having it?
The Spear of Longinus is believed to
miraculously cure any injury or disease.
We don't know if it's true or not
but our leaders wants to have it.
What a stupid mission.
Don't you know the situation
of the war is getting worse?
An order is an order. We'll leave her here.
You two men will leave
with us tomorrow morning.
What about you?
Who are you? How did you get in?
That woman is dangerous.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the injured woman.
There's going to be a big problem
if you don't terminate her.
Were you following us?
What are you?
You don't look like a soldier.
Just terminate her right now.
What? You crazy?
What do you mean, 'terminate her'?
Kill her and then burn her body.
You're totally insane.
Want me to shoot him, Commander?
- No. Wait.
Why should we do that?
You people will be in danger if you don't.
You should worry about your own safety.
Do you think we can do such a thing
without a reasonable explanation?
He's wasting our time, Commander!
She's going to wake up soon
and become a vampire.
A vampire? An actual vampire?
Vampires have existed since a long time ago.
Quietly, just like shadows in darkness.
But that was only during times of peace.
In the ashes of war, death
and violence are everywhere.
They have no reason to
hide themselves anymore.
Let's just...
- Wait.
Are you saying that what
attacked us was a vampire?
She was attacked by a stray dog!
So what are you talking about?
Did you really see that?
She wasn't attacked by a stray dog.
You just want to think that happened.
They have their eye on what you're carrying.
The sacred spear has the
power to destroy vampires.
That's why they want the spear.
So that they can destory it.
How do you know those things?
The vampire who attacked
you is still around here.
I've been following that one for a long time.
So you're a vampire hunter?
Anyway, we'll listen to
your story in detail later.
For right now, just drop to your knees
and put your hands on your head.
On your knees!
Can't you come up with a better story?
You can believe in the miracle of
the spear but not in vampires?
I don't believe in neither the
miracle of the spear nor vampires.
I can't believe any of your story.
We're just completing our mission.
We don't care if the spear is real or fake.
But what if it's true.
Then it can heal anything, right?
That's how the story goes.
Then if we use it on her,
her injuries will heal, right?
That's a good idea.
Let's use the power of the spear to heal her.
Our mission is to transport the spear.
But you weren't told not
to open it, were you?
We can put it back after we're done.
No miracle will happen.
But if it can really save someone...
It's worth trying it.
That's stupid. I don't want any part of it.
I think this mission is
even more stupid though.
If we have to risk our life to transport it,
I hope it really can make miracles happen.
You don't believe in miracles, do you?
Just wanna give a try. See what happens.
Take a look over there.
What's going on?
- She's awake.
It can't be! It's impossible for
her to move in that condition.
Then where did she go?
Did you do this?
Those who are bitten by
vampire turns into vampires.
Vampires! Vampires! Stop it already!
Anyway, we have to find her.
There are several rooms in the basement.
I'll stay and watch this man.
You stay here.
Say, do you have some food?
Yes, if you don't mind
having emergency rations.
Can you bring some here?
You did something unneccessary.
What happened?
- I don't know. It's that man.
Where did he go?
Shit! What's going on?
It's me.
Put your guns down.
You were immobilized. What
happened to your injuries?
It was nothing.
I've recovered already.
It can't be!
That's impossible!
You're Syo?
Then you don't know.
It's not as bad as you think.
Besides, I found a new
medicine inside of this storage.
I felt so good after I took some.
I was suffering so much just minutes
ago but I'm completely fine now.
Oh yeah...
I can give you guys some, too.
Come and get it!
No. We don't need it.
Why not?
You don't want to be
freed from this suffering?
Become one of us.
What is she?
A monster!
What happened?
I don't know. He was already
dead when I got back.
He was a vampire too.
That's not true. We were always together.
He was pretending to be one
of you to get to the spear.
He'd been bitten a long time ago.
Do you think I can believe
what you're saying?
You saw it too, didn't you?
That woman wasn't a human being.
So what?
Drop your gun.
What he's saying is true.
Hey! What are you doing?
You saw it too, right? Vampires do exist.
Let's do what he says.
Our mission is to transport the spear.
Don't you want to kill that monster?
We're going to leave here with the spear!
End of story!
Drop your gun!
We can't escape from them anyway.
We have to kill that monster!
Drop the spear right now.
Otherwise, I'll shoot you.
Don't do it!
The vampires will come to
attack you at any moment.
Drop it now.
We'll use the spear on them!
If you can't do that, then
aren't you a vampire, too?
Who do you think you're talking to?
That's right. You are a vampire!
Drop the gun or I'll shoot!
You bastard! Which side are you on?
Is this what you wanted?
Was it your purpose to
let them kill each other?
Stupid humans aren't worth fighting.
Human doesn't know how
to use their own power.
They always kill each other.
They don't even know how
to use that sacred spear.
That spear can make miracles
if they knew how to use it.
It's time to join us now.
Now that you know how
stupid the humans are.
You're also a vampire?
I'll think about that after I kill you.
All right.
Even if we vampires didn't exist, the
humans would still kill each other.
The war will never end...
...if a miracle doesn't happen.
You're a strange creature.
All you humans are.
Kill to live...
Live to die.
I've lived for too long.
You can kill me now if you want.
Use the spear to end my life.
I wanted to see the rising sun...
...just once.
Where am I?
You've been saved.
I should have died. I'm a vampire.
The Spear of Longinus
makes miracles happen.
Even a vampire can see the rising sun now.
I don't know why I would want to keep living.
You're not the only one.
Nobody knows why they should.
I don't have anything anymore.
Why should I keep on living?
What about living for me, for example?
Maybe that won't be bad.
The Spear of Longinus.
It's believed to be a spear
that makes miracles happen.
It's true. It can change despair into hope.
Subtitled and Mastered by
Cannibal King