Look to the Light (2024) Movie Script

[sombre music plays]
[Eddie] Cheers on six months.
-[glasses clink]
-Can we get the bill, please?
Whoa. What are you doing?
I'm getting this.
-Happy anniversary.
Not that you ate much.
Bit of a waste, really.
I just got a bit
of a dodgy stomach.
Here you go.
Everything all right for you?
Yeah, lovely, thanks.
-[card machine beeps]
-Hope to see you again.
Should we go?
[soft keyboard music plays]
-Do you know that waitress?
-She gave me her number though.
Yeah, on the receipt.
Oh my God, that bitch.
Calm down.
-Thrown it away.
-No, sorry,
She could clearly see
we were together.
-I feel like going back in there
-Oh leave it.
She's not my type anyway.
That is not
what you're meant to say.
Well, tell me
what I'm meant to say.
That, you've
only got eyes for me,
and I'm the best girlfriend
in the world.
-I've only got eyes for you.
What was the next bit?
-So annoying.
[soft music plays]
[upbeat music plays]
What the?
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Oi! The fuck are you doing?
-Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-I've gotta tell you something.
It's all kicking off.
The TV cameras are at home.
Mate, I think
you've got the show.
No way!
I can't believe it now.
Babe, I'm in!
Listen, yeah,
whole film crew is at home.
-Dad is loving it.
-You're joking.
And who's in our
kitchen having tea with mum?
-Only Mickey Martell..
-Shut up.
Okay, okay, so what's the plan?
What's the plan?
Right, me and
you, we've gotta drive back
-like we've been out.
You gotta act like you didn't
know nothing was happeni..
-You gotta act surprised, yeah?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then Mickey is gonna
tell you the news on camera.
Oh man, I can't believe this!
-Babe, can you believe this?
-What show is it?
Come on, come on, let's go, bro.
-Oh, wait,
she can't come with us.
Nah, bro, they just
want me and you in the car.
Ah that's okay,
I'll walk, you go.
You sure?
-Come on bro.
[boys cheering]
-[engine revs]
-Love on the Rocks,
[dramatic music plays]
[upbeat electronic music plays]
People, I'm here
somewhere in North London.
Where am I?
It doesn't matter
because we are here
to meet an unsuspecting
housemate, shhh.
-[all cheering]
Come in, come in beautiful.
I've got some news for you!
I'm not coping that
you're in my house, this is mad!
Okay, catch your breath.
because you're
gonna be joining us
on the new season of.
Love on the Rocks!
[cheering and clapping]
Oh my God!
So how are you feeling?
Oh mate, I'm feeling [beep]
swore then.sorry.
I don't know, man,
this is a dream.
Thank you so, so
much, I don't know what to say.
Thank you to everyone
who voted, I love you all.
We have got a full-on sexy cast
for the housemates this season!
You lucky boy, you just wait!
Bring it on! Yeah!
[Cheering echoes away]
[sad piano music plays]
-[muffled cheering]
-Love on the Rocks baby!
You're gonna be
packing a bag next month
and we're gonna be at
the Love and the Rocks villa
in Hawaii!
[upbeat music plays]
Go on my son!
So tell me, what can our viewers
expect from Mr. Eddie Reynolds?
Oh, I'm going in to win mate!
-[cheering and clapping]
-I Look good
Did you see my face
when the door opens?
I was acting well
shocked, weren't I, Mum?
I know, darling,
you deserve an Oscar.
I think she's
nice, that Mickey Martell,
lovely girl, a bit loud.
-Hasn't she got
an eye for the ladies?
I mean, in show business
nobody's straight.
-You better watch out.
-Shut up, Nan.
Look, let's watch it again.
Actually, Eddie, I'm gonna
need to go in a minute.
I've got work in the morning.
Oh. he's excited, love.
You can watch it one more time.
Look at him.
You're not gonna sleep
tonight, you ya? Oh love him!
No, yeah, yeah, yeah,
come on, I'll drop you back.
I can get an Uber if
you want to stay and celebrate.
Good idea.
No, it's okay,
I'll drop you back.
-Yeah, but you've
been drinking, so.
Yeah, I've only had
a couple, I'm fine to drive.
[Dad] Hello?
Oh, hello?
Yeah, hold on.
Aunty Karen,
seeing you on the telly.
-[laughing] Hold that
-Hello Karen!
Look, it's fine,
I'm just gonna get an Uber.
Feel a bit under
the weather anyway so.
No, I'll just do this, look,
I'll be two minutes.
-Go wait in the car, yeah?
-Thanks. Bye.
Aunty Karen.
-All right?
What's up?
Nothing, just,
yeah, nothing, doesn't matter.
Are you not happy for me?
Yeah, of course I am.
You don't seem it.
It's 'Love on the Rocks', Eddie.
The villa is for single people.
Well, yeah, but we
weren't together when I applied.
No, I know.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't think I'd get in.
Well where does that leave me?
Like, where does that leave us?
You're trying to ruin my night.
No, I'm not, I'm not, I just,
I just don't wanna
watch you on TV every night
getting with
another girl, or girls.
I don't know how you
expect me to react.
How would you feel
if it were me?
I'd expect you
to be happy for me.
I'm gonna be famous, aren't I?
Can you just take me home?
[car starts]
Do you know what,
what do they do next then?
Far too young to be
serious about a girl like that.
She's gonna get in the
way of his dreams, that one.
[Nan] She seems
nice enough to me.
I met your father when I was 18.
Oh, don't worry about that.
They won't last long.
Not once he's in
that villa, eh, Dad?
Yeah, he's gone on
the TV show as a single man,
that's the whole point.
Oh, he's gonna
be famous, my boy.
I can't believe it,
he's gonna be a star.
Do you think I'm
gonna be a star, mum?
He better behave
himself, I'll say that.
I wouldn't count on it.
I just wish he
wasn't tangled up with her,
he doesn't need it.
Oh, leave it alone now.
You're like a
dog with a bone, you.
He'll have to
call it off with her, won't he?
He'll find someone
better in there, anyway.
Okay, bye.
[sombre music plays]
[phone pings]
[cameras clicking]
Good job, good job.
Nice, one, boys.
Chuck us a wheely
[photographers cheering]
Mum, mum, you seen outside?
I know, darling,
They've been there all day.
The phone hasn't
stopped ringing, either.
It's been bedlam at that gate.
They even wanted photos of me!
Now, Wes, your brother
will be back soon,
go upstairs and get
changed into something nice,
in case they want to
interview you okay?
-Off you go.
-Oh, and brush your hair.
-All right.
For the reports of last month,
please do have it on
my desk by the end of today.
I had a meeting with the board,
and they are very,
very impressed, I must say.
Just a couple notes
on my end of the tweaks in--
Sorry, guys, one sec.
Yeah, I had a meeting
with the board,
and they are impressed,
they are very impressed.
I think there's just a
couple tweaks in the strategy.
[toilet flushes]
You tell me.
Oh, it's nothing, I think i've
got a bit of food poisoning.
I've watched you
run in and out of here,
every day this week.
You're pregnant.
Oh my God, don't be ridiculous.
Have you done a test?
No, I don't need to,
I'm not pregnant.
I think you should take a test.
-[car horn beeps]
-He's on his way back.
Oh, oh!
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie
Eddie please.
Hello, hello!
Never done one of these before.
You're lucky, I've lost
count of how many I've done.
It's easy, you just
go in and pee on it.
Go on.
-Alright mum.
-Hello, darling.
Oh, I'm so proud of
you, I really are.
Come on Eddie
I'll make you a cup of tea.
They love me.
-They love you, I love you.
-Come on.
I'll make us a cup of tea.
[soft music plays]
A bit of heather for you love?
A bit of luck for you.
That's for you, that is.
What do you got for me?
Oh, sorry, I don't carry change.
-I never have it.
-You sure, love?
Nothing at all?
Honest, I would.
Sorry, you can take it back.
No, my love, you keep that.
So sad.
You look after yourself, love.
Do you mind if I get a selfie?
Yeah, yeah, man, go for it.
-Hey nice idea, nice one mate
-Good to see ya.
Cheers, yeah.
All right?
Er, no.
I've got something to tell you.
-Have you told your mum?
-I wanted to tell you first.
-Don't tell her.
-And don't tell
-But why?
-Because they
-What if I wanted to keep it?
-It's not an option.
-We can't have a kid.
-No, I know.
This would ruin every.
-This would ruin my TV career.
But can you just
put that aside for a minute?
No, I can't.
-I can't, this is major.
-I know.
I've got something
growing inside me.
How did this happen?
You know, I actually had
something to say to you today
and this has fucked it all up.
-Oh, I am sorry.
-No, I didn't mean.
All right, listen.
The producers called me today.
Mum told them I was
seeing you and that
and they've asked me
to keep it on the down low
whilst the show's on the air.
That's just until it's all over.
A few months.
It's a game, isn't it?
Oh, I get it, you need
to appear single, right?
-So we're breaking up?
-No, no, no.
We just need to pretend.
Pretend like we're not together.
You understand, I've
got to start thinking, like,
like what's the best thing
for 'Eddie Reynolds' to do?
-You know what I mean?
-Third person.
Wow, now I understand.
Oh don't be like that.
No, don't worry
about the down low.
We can call it off.
It's fine.
Are you gonna tell
your mum about the other thing?
Stop slamming things about.
Oi, I'm talking to you.
Calm it down.
Elaine, come and
speak to your son.
I don't need to speak to her.
I just wanna be left alone.
I'll never understand
you, you know.
-Nothing's ever
good enough, is it?
Most boys your
age will be over the moon
to get on that
'Love on the Rocks',
-and you're still not happy.
-It's not about that.
-You don't understand anything
-What is it about then?
Don't tell me is it a girl?
-Cause I know a thing or two.
There's not much
about women I don't know.
-For fuck's sake.
-Hang on, come here,
-Me and your mum
have been talking.
[Dad] Wait a minute.
You're very young,
and you don't know everything.
You think you do, but you don't.
This TV show, it could be
the making of you, son.
You've seen how well
those other lads have
Money, fame, cars,
clothes, holidays.
You don't need a girlfriend
right now to get in the way
Do you?
-It's over anyway.
I said it's over anyway.
Don't need to say all this.
All right.
Well, that's that
then, isn't it?
Oh, I'm going to start
your tea now, love, all right?
What are we having?
What would you like?
I'll make you something nice.
-Hello, am I invisible here?
-Sadly not.
I don't want anything, Mum.
Oh, don't be silly, I'll
make you something you like.
And what about me?
You'll get what you're given.
Remember what I said.
You don't need a woman
getting in the way.
Oi, you.
You know what,
Dad, you're right.
-I'm single now.
-That's it.
-It's all about me.
Nothing's going to hold
me back from Love on the R..
-That's it. That's it.
I'm going to get as much out
of this as I can, you watch me.
It's right, mate.
So what about Laurel?
-It's over.
No, we're growing apart.
Just don't. don't
ask me about her again.
See? One word from me.
Yes, love, you smashed it.
How was work, love?
All right, yeah, it was
okay. I'm just going to bed.
What's the matter
with your face?
You've been crying?
What is it, love?
What's the matter?
Come on. Come and sit down.
Oh, darling, don't cry.
-It's him again, isn't it?
Mum, I swear to
God I'm going to punch him.
I'm so going to punch him.
-What have you done this time?
-Has he hurt you?
I swear down
someone needs to buss him up.
Can you just leave it, please?
Look, I don't need
my little sister to
I'm finished anyway.
-We ended it today.
I'm going to get the boys, yeah?
I'm going to tell them
to go down to his work, yeah?
Teach him a fucking lesson.
Rochelle, you are going
to do no such thing and do not
Look, it's not going to work
with him going on
He can't have a girlfriend
and be on the show, can he?
So I'm going to get every
single person I know
every single person
from gymnastics,
every single person I
meet on the fucking street.
-So what are
they going to do?
Fucking. two days, two days
and he'd be out of that villa.
Can you just leave it, please?
It's going to be my mission,
night and day to
That number is on speed dial.
Okay, that's enough.
Can you just calm down?
I'm going to get my dad, yeah?
Tell his mates to,
like, beat him up or something.
I think we both know our
dad's are useless
-That's it.
-[Lauren laughing]
Men are dickheads.
Especially your fathers.
Good job I ain't into men, then.
-Yeah, I wish I wasn't.
-And me.
Go put the kettle on, love.
Now, while your
bodyguard's not here.
Is there anything
you need to tell me?
-Be honest.
It's just run its course.
You're sure now?
I promise.
Come here.
[From TV] Yep, it's that time.
New season of Love
on the Rocks is coming.
And so are our
new sexy housemates.
Introducing Eddie Reynolds.
Eddie is a Virgo.
He loves nights out
with the lads, loves cars,
So will there be a love match
for handsome Eddie
This is your girl, Mickey
Martell, with my
bringing you all the drama
and the romance from our villa.
Eddie likes girls
who look fit, like a night out,
and look hot in a bikini.
Form an orderly queue, ladies.
Eddie's coming
to your screens soon.
-He's been unlucky
in love so far.
But that's all gonna
change when he gets to Hawaii.
Eddie Reynolds, he's
single and ready to mingle.
Love on the Rocks coming soon.
Mickey Martell,
signing off. Ciao!
[Slow sad music plays]
[Mickey] People pack your suntan
lotion. The countdown is on.
Strap yourself in.
The TV event of the year
This is your girl, Mickey
Martell coming to you
of the brand new
season of Love on the Rocks.
With just six weeks to go,
check out some of our
as they get ready for
the beautiful island of Hawaii.
So join us for the new
season of Love on the Rocks,
seven nights a week on DTV
with yours truly, Mickey Martell
[piano note echoes]
[Slow piano plays]
Would you like to
pop yourself down on the bed?
[phone buzzes]
[phone buzzes]
Babe, It's me.
It's late. What do you want?
Babe I'm devastated
about today, aren't I?
Wait, how did you find out?
I don't know, some
girl called me, didn't they?
I'm gutted.
I thought it was
what you wanted.
This would have changed
my life. How can you say that?
I could have done it, you know.
I'd have been so good.
I would have smashed it.
Why didn't you call me earlier?
I've been drinking haven't I.
-Can I come round?
-It's late.
I won't drive.
I'll. I'll walk over.
I just want to hug you.
Why, babe?
I've missed you.
It's been mad.
I know. Same.
We've got a lot
to talk about, though.
Yeah, not tonight.
Let's just.
-Let's just stay
like this and not talk.
I'm really sore.
Why, what's up?
Well, erm.
Because of what
I had done today.
What did you have done?
Why are you here?
-Well, you said
I could come over.
So, wait, what
were you upset about?
You know why.
It's all over the news that.
They've kicked me off the
show before I've even started.
They found out
I had a previous conviction.
And then.
I'm done.
They've replaced me.
It's shit.
You knew that, didn't you?
Yeah, yeah, I did.
It's shit.
The best thing to
come out of it though,
is that we can be together now.
Do us a tea, love.
You'll have to wait a minute.
I'm telling you, Mart,
I'm not going to let this go.
Oh, no.
That TV company,
they've crossed
They've broken that boy.
You don't do that to a kid.
You don't do that to my kid.
He's not a kid. He's
an adult. You'll get over it.
Building him up like that.
Putting him on the telly
and then humiliating
It's an absolute travesty,
and someone
You got the paper?
Oh, no way.
Papers are banned in this
house until it all blows over.
I am not having
him upset by anything else.
I tell you Mart,
they're going to regret this.
I bet they're
shitting themselves.
That smug bitch Martell
waltzing in here
making out our son's
going to be a star.
It's all fake, isn't it?
She's a fake.
A load of shit.
Any chance of that tea?
Oh, I thought it might be too
much to expect
You know what?
I'm like a single parent
in this house.
Oh, here we go,
mum to the rescue.
Tell me this.
Did it help
all those times you went
racing up to the
school fighting his battles? Eh?
Constant bloody showdowns
with teachers and school kids.
Did you ever think he
might be the one to blame?
Oh, fuck off.
One woman army.
I'm his mother. I'm
supposed to protect him.
What he needs
is to toughen up a bit.
You've spoiled him
all his bloody life.
Oh, I've heard all this.
Shit, things happen, and he's
going to have to learn
God help him if
anything serious went wrong.
He'd fall apart.
Oh, hello, darling.
Have you been out all night?
You okay?
But sit down. I'll
make you a cup of tea, yeah?
Where have you been?
-You stink of booze.
Leave him, please.
I was at Lauren's.
Huh? Is that all back on now?
Mum. do you think they might
change their minds
Oh, yeah. Don't you worry son.
I'm calling them today.
Believe me,
Eddie, let me explain
something to you.
A drugs conviction
doesn't look good.
I told you this.
Especially when they want
people to be squeaky clean
For fuck's sake.
I told you this would
come back to haunt you didn'..
That's all history, Martin.
He said he was sorry.
It weren't his
fault anyway, was it, love?
He told you what happened.
The police didn't believe
him, did they?
Shut up, Dad!
No, never your fault,
but them's the facts.
Leave it, please Martin.
You can see the boy's upset.
When you start taking some
responsibility, maybe your life
[phone dings]
This is bullshit!
-All right?
-Get out, Wes.
I'm sorry about what happened.
About the show and that.
Yeah, I don't want
to talk about it.
Just close the door.
So many people
came up to me yesterday
It was mad.
Yer an' I hope
you told them to fuck off.
Yeah, of course.
They don't know shit.
Bro, look.
I know you said you'd
take me to Dubai after
I just want to say,
yeah, that I don't care
It don't matter.
I'm not bothered.
I know you won't
have the money now.
But you know you said
about me having your bedroom,
cos you're
gonna buy a new house.
Does that still stand?
[phone dings]
[pensive electronic music plays]
Anyway, here for you, bro.
Not going in work again today?
I've just got cramps.
You think staying up
all night with that boy helped?
That would be a hard no.
OK, we were just talking.
-Mm hmm.
-OK, sis.
What's he doing
back here anyway?
-I thought you broke your heart?
-OK mum please.
You know best.
Far be it for me to
get involved in your love life.
-Yeah, amen.
Just for the record,
if Eddie is around,
I am getting involved
in your love life.
-Oh, what?
Right, seeing as
you're both home.
you can help me take all
this to the post office later.
I can't. I've got that thing.
Yeah, Mum, I'm in
pain. I need to lie down.
So, Eddie's back
on the scene then, is he?
How long for
this time, I wonder?
OK, you just said you
weren't going to get involved.
-Your as bad as her.
-Darling, I'm concerned for you.
You've moped around this
house ever since he dumped you.
He didn't dump me. I left him.
-He's made you miserable.
I don't want you to waste
your life on someone like him.
-You can do better than that.
-OK, Mum,
Look at your father.
-I wish my mother had warned me.
-Have you taken anything for it?
-Yes, I'm just waiting
I only say these
things 'cos I love you.
I want you to be happy.
I get a bad feeling
from that boy.
I always have, you know that.
When I see
the two of you together.
I don't know, I get
this awful feeling come over me.
-Oh mum!
-Well your sister hates him too.
I fucking hate him, he's a dick.
OK, Mum, I love him, all right?
And I know he's not perfect,
but I know what I'm doing.
I know you only say this
stuff because you care,
[train horn hoots]
It's just up here.
-What do you think?
-So nice
This is my favourite place.
What do you mean really?
There's one.
That's great.
Thank you.
[sheep baas]
[slow piano plays]
When can we get married?
-You proposing?
-Well, not yet.
Mmm, why not?
Have you seen
the state of this path?
I ain't kneeling down
in this, I'll ruin my jeans.
Oh, OK, we'll have
to wait to get married then.
What about kids?
What about them?
Well, how many do you want?
I don't want to talk about kids.
Why not?
Cos you never
mentioned the one we nearly had.
-I had an abortion, Eddie.
-Yeah, I know.
You wanted me to, didn't you?
Yeah, I did, but.
You know, I just tried to
pretend like it didn't happen.
And then.
You never brought it up, so.
.neither did I.
-Yeah, it was easier.
-Not for me.
-Was it awful?
.and no.
I felt a bit alone.
I think that
was the worst thing.
One minute you're aware
of this extra thing inside you.
And then all
of a sudden it's gone.
I missed it. I missed you.
I won't leave you
like that again.
I promise.
If you promise
never to leave me.
So I'm stuck with you forever.
Is that what you're saying?
Afraid so.
What's this?
[Squealing and laughing]
-You know we only
get an hour, right?
It's been so chaotic
today. I haven't had a minute.
-So where are we going?
-Do you want to try
Lead the way.
-Let's go somewhere else.
-What? Why?
I just know somewhere better.
Yeah, but we've
only just got here.
-What do I do?
-Just go.
He is not worth it. Come on.
-Who is this?
-Excuse me?
-Look, she's just a.friend.
-What? I thought you
broke up with her.
-Look I can explain.
-Oh seriously?
No, don't go.
I don't want to interrupt.
-Look, you're not inter--
-Wait. I know you.
-The waitress.
You are unbelievable.
You know, just about everyone
warned me
I'm an idiot.
I just want to go.
You are welcome to him!
I'm done.
Lauren, wait.
Why don't you
leave that girl alone?
She's too good for you.
I said leave her be this time.
You had your chance, mate
[sad music plays]
[crowd cheering]
[Dad] Hey, make a wish.
Are you all right, love?
Everything okay at work?
Yeah, yeah, fine.
Me and mum we've made all your
favourites tonight, haven't we?
And all your presents
are through there,
but your dad's got
something for you first.
Let's go!
[excited chatter]
-[engine sounds]
Bro come and look!
Well. what do you
reckon son? Will it do? Eh?
It's got top of the range
speakers, Sat Nav.
hardly any miles on the clock.
Dad said I
can drive it sometimes.
Oi, no I didn't.
What'd you think, love?
Why did you buy me a car?
Don't be like that, love.
You need a car.
I'll have it
if you don't want it.
Yeah, you can have it.
I don't want it.
He said I could have it, Dad.
Well, that's bloody
ungrateful if you ask me.
I'll speak to him.
I know you're tired
from work, darling,
but just take the car
out for a little spin later
with your dad and Wes, yeah?
It means so much to him.
I can't, Mum.
Oh your Nan's
got you a lovely present.
You wait till you see it.
I don't. want anything.
Shouldn't have done this.
Made all this fuss.
But it's your birthday.
-Is this about that girl?
Eddie. things
don't always work out the way
we think they will,
but we've got to move on.
Feeling sorry for yourself
every day isn't gonna help.
-But I miss her, mum.
-Oh, I know you do, darling,
but there's loads
of girls out there
who'd jump at the chance
of being with a
Come on, let's go
and have some tea
and open your presents, yeah?
Come on, love.
I'll be there in a minute.
[people chattering]
Oh, do you remember?
Do you remember!
The chimpanzee
threw shit at him!
Oh, I do remember
Oh, that was funny.
Oh, that was so funny.
[Dad] Little bleeder.
Oh, do you know.
[Mum] Oh a lovely day
that. I loved it.
-I remember that.
-Oh I miss those days.
[Dramatic music plays]
[Thunder rumbling]
[speaking from TV]
Your car went down well then.
[people chattering on TV]
I must say, if my parents
had given me a car at that age,
I wouldn't have
reacted like that.
All right, Mum, give it a rest.
-Did he even say thank you?
You can't help but
think about all those kids
who'd have no one
to buy 'em a car.
Mum, that's enough, please.
I'm trying to watch this.
Wesley, turn it up.
[on TV] Dan, Helen's husband
and brother, I think. Can we go.
Far be it from me to tell
you how to bring your kids up.
But good manners
cost nothing, you know.
-Mart, can you
take her home, please?
-No, now, Mart.
-Oh, you are a difficult woman.
Yeah, because
I had a good teacher.
Right, that's me.
Wesley, would you
get my bag, love?
He's a lovely boy, that one.
Never given us any
trouble, whereas him.
Don't mum,
I'm warning you, just don't.
Right, I'm ready.
-[TV advert music]
-I'm ready.
[on TV] "People,
pack your sun tan lotion"
[on TV] "The countdown is on."
[on TV] "Strap yourself in,
the TV event of the year"
[on TV] "is heading your way."
Turn that shit off, Wes.
I don't want that
programme on this house.
Another thing he
managed to screw up, eh?
That wasn't his fault!
No, no, it never is, is it?
Come on, take me home, Mart.
Bye, Wesley.
I'll leave the
hug goodbye if that's okay.
Yeah, yeah,
don't worry yourself.
[sombre music plays]
Can I put the TV back on, then?
[speaking on TV]
[phone buzzing]
Eddie Reynolds?
Hi, Eddie.
Now, you don't know me,
but I'm from DTV.
I'm Naomi.
Now, you might
remember we were in contact
regarding a TV show,
Love on the Rocks?
-Yeah, I remember.
Well, I hope you
don't mind me calling,
but we've been having
some discussions
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, and we've been
watching your
and to cut to the chase,
we all think it's pretty unfair
what happened to you
and we've all had
and I'm pleased to say
I've got some good news for you.
We would love to invite you
back onto the show this year.
Sort of pick up
where we left off.
[sombre music]
Not interested.
I said I'm not interested.
Oh, okay, erm.
May I ask why?
Because I couldn't
do that to my girlfriend.
I understand, no, sure.
Bad timing for us, I mean.
Listen, I'm gonna
leave you my number
just in case
your situation changes
-and you wanna reconsider?
-I won't.
Thanks for calling.
Okay, well, I--
[phone beeps]
Where's Mum and Dad?
-Where's Mum and Dad?
-Gone round Nan's.
You wanna play?
-Oh, come on,
I'm going out too.
Well can Jake and Brad
come round then?
Do what you want.
Oi, boys, do you hear that?
Free house, get over here now.
[sombre music plays]
[doorbell rings]
Is Wes here?
Your brother's well moody, man?
Yes, bro, come in.
I hear what your saying.
[train rattles]
[train horn]
So is this a cry for help stunt?
Or are you
actually serious about doing it?
I'm serious.
No, you're not.
-How did you know I'd be here?
-Cause you're so predictable.
-This is best for everyone.
-You're so dramatic.
Can you imagine the mess?
I'd feel sorry for the people
that have to clean up after you.
It's not funny, you know.
I've come all this way
to see you
and now you're saying
you're gonna jump.
Be with me then.
I can't make it without you.
You can't keep
asking me to come back.
-It's not fair.
-Yeah, I know.
Can we just talk for a bit?
Like we used to.
Look, I won't put
any pressure on you.
It's just to talk.
Were you gonna get down then?
Will you stay with me for a bit?
[dramatic music swells]
Can I see you again?
I thought we'd discussed this?
We've had a nice
time tonight, haven't we?
-Yeah, but--
-I loves talking to you.
But we didn't talk
about us, did we?
How not perfect it was,
-how you hurt me.
-I was different then.
I understand now.
I've grown up.
I just talked you
down off a bridge.
Thank you.
Why were you wearing
your best clothes?
I don't know.
I know I don't deserve you.
Good night, Eddie.
You didn't answer my question.
Can I see you again?
I'll see you around.
[soft piano music plays]
[door closes]
Eddie, love?
Can you come in here, please?
Wes, out you go.
-Oh, Mum.
-Do as you're told, out.
Hello, love.
Come and sit down.
So, Wes seems to think
you've been on a date tonight.
Yes, actually, I have.
That's nice, love.
Anyone we know?
All right, all right,
we're just pleased
you're moving on with
your life, aren't we, Mart?
Can I go now?
Mum's got something to ask you.
So, I've had a call
from DTV today.
They want you to appear on
this year's Love on the Rocks.
Yeah, so?
Why didn't you tell us?
Because I'm not doing it.
There's nothing to talk about.
But why, love?
You were really
excited about it last time.
It could open
so many doors for you.
Please, leave it.
I'm not doing that show.
I couldn't do it to Lauren.
What's Lauren got to do with it?
This conversation's over.
I'm going to bed.
-What the fuck have I done?
[soft piano music plays]
I reckon my granddad's
up there, you know?
In the stars?
Or, in heaven.
At least I hope he is.
I haven't made him proud have I?
And yet, he was so proud
of me when I was growing up.
He used to tell all
his mates down the Legion
that I was going to be rich
because I was the
smart one in the family.
You know, Wes wasn't
that close to him, but.
I loved him.
You know, he was
such good company.
More of a dad to me than my dad.
Ever since he died,
all I've done is let him down.
I let you down too, didn't I?
It doesn't matter anymore.
It does to me.
I'm sorry, Lauren.
I'm gonna be a better person.
That's all I want.
You know, Mum and Dad
bought me a car for my 21st.
I don't want it though.
I don't deserve it.
That's just.
I think you need to move on.
You need to start
thinking about the future.
Maybe we shouldn't
meet like this any more.
I don't think it's helping.
I haven't told
anyone we're meeting like this.
You know, our parents
wouldn't understand anyway.
It can be our secret.
Just don't
leave me again, Lauren.
I don't know what I'd do.
Oh. It's him.
Oh, you're late tonight, love.
How was work?
Yeah, it's fine.
Sit yourself down,
we've saved you some dinner.
Dad, can I start
doing lessons in Eddie's car?
-But he's not using it.
Wes, your dad said no,
It's Eddie's car.
He's gonna wanna drive it soon.
I won't.
I told you.
It's lovely, that car, you know.
Your granddad
would have loved it.
Are you, um,
are you out tonight?
-Can I come?
Is it a date?
[doorbell rings]
Wes, go and get the door.
Mum, I don't know who it is.
It's a lady.
Oh, hello love. Come in.
Oh, what a lovely surprise.
Everyone, this is Marsha.
Oh, hello, love.
Marsha's Colleen's
daughter from the tennis club.
Oh, yeah.
How is your mum?
She's fine, thanks.
Eddie. Say hello.
[Clears throat]
Oh, yes.
Yes, it's my television
programme on now.
Please excuse me.
Lovely to meet you, love.
Wes, come and
help us in the garage.
-What? No.
Can I, um, can I
get you a drink, Marsha?
Oh, just some water, thanks.
A glass of water.
There you go.
-Thank you.
-All right, darling, okay.
Marsha's training to be
a, what's it called again, love?
Are you at college then?
Oh, Eddie didn't want
to go to Uni.
He wanted to earn his own money,
start saving and that,
didn't you, love?
-Where do you work?
What are you doing?
-What's this about?
Why have you
bought this girl here?
Calm down, love.
Colleen and I just
thought you two should meet.
You've got
a lot in common.
You shouldn't have done that.
I should get going, actually.
No, no, hang on a sec, love.
Eddie, don't be like that.
Look, I'm sorry
she made you come around.
My mum seems to forget
that I'm in love with someone
and that's not gonna change.
I better get going,
Mrs. Reynolds.
I'll see you about, love.
[Slams table]
-Well, was she a nice girl?
Was she?
Well, yeah, she was pretty,
but, you know, she's not--
Well, she might be good for you.
Why would I care? I've got
you, I don't need anyone else.
But you haven't got me.
Come on.
What do you mean?
Don't, don't say that.
-I'll never meet
anyone like you.
-No! We're meant to be together.
-Obviously we weren't.
-I can't keep seeing
you like this.
-Never see me again?
-Oh, Eddie.
-My life's over.
No, you can't say
that to me, that's not fair.
But we loved each other, right?
-You still wear my necklace?
-I shouldn't wear them any more.
You need to let me go.
For me.
You can't have
loved me to say that.
It's because I love you.
Goodbye, Eddie.
[phone ringing]
Hi, is that the
sales department?
Yes, how may I help?
Can I speak to Lauren, please?
Who is this, please?
Um, it's, uh.
Is this Eddie Reynolds?
Okay, you listen to me.
You do not phone here again.
Do you hear me?
You're sick and you need help.
Look I just wanna talk to her.
She must have
changed her number.
Eddie, this is enough.
Look please, I just--
Don't phone this office again.
This is harassment!
[phone slams]
[slow piano plays]
No, no, it's okay, thanks.
Thanks for checking.
Can you give me a call
when he gets there, please?
Okay, thanks very much.
Bye, bye.
Where's your brother?
-How would I know?
-Well his car's
-What's all the fuss?
Eddie's taken his car, Mum.
-Taken it where?
-I don't know, do I?
Come in.
Hi, Jenny.
Please meet Inspector Marston.
-Please sit.
-Oh, lovely.
He's come to hear
your complaint today.
Thank you for coming.
It's nice to meet you.
So, just to briefly explain
why we've asked you to meet us.
We've been receiving
calls here to the office
from a young man
called Edward Reynolds.
And at first, probably due
to the fact that we were busy,
we just ignored it.
But now, the calls
are becoming more frequent.
I see.
Jenny can supply you
with more context
as she has intercepted
the majority of the calls.
How long has this been going on?
Um, I'd say five months or so.
So he's pretty persistent,
this chap?
You could say that.
Our priority is to
protect our staff members
through all communications.
So we need this matter concluded
for their safety and well-being.
Of course.
Okay, Jenny,
let's start at the beginning.
[Train passing]
[dramatic music plays]
He just came
bursting into the office.
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
-Like he owned the place.
Eddie, get out!
-Eddie, get out!
-No, you give me
Such an arrogant.
Lauren and I had
caught him cheating
like five minutes earlier.
Then he turns up
full of bullshit excuses.
[dramatic music
drowns out dialogue]
I told him she
didn't want to speak to him,
but he wouldn't have it.
He just kept begging for
her to come outside for a chat.
In the end,
one of my male colleagues
had to literally
remove him from the office.
Lauren, she was so embarrassed.
He caused a massive scene.
I saw this happen,
but so did most of the office.
Go on.
We had a staff
party booked that night in town.
It had been planned for ages.
Lauren didn't want to
come after what had happened,
but we all begged her so she
could take her mind off of it.
And this was March 18th, right?
And what happened next?
[dramatic music plays]
So we all get
to the bar that night,
and Eddie's there, isn't he?
Edward Reynolds?
But Lauren's a bit
shaken by it all
and doesn't want another scene.
[people chattering]
I don't know what he said,
but he clearly managed
to turn on the sweet talk
and they're acting all in
love like nothing had happened.
So I followed her to the toilet.
To ask her what was going on,
I was just so annoyed for her.
He was always
treating her so badly.
She kept saying
she's fine and just to leave it
and that he had
explained it all.
-What's that?
Um.has anyone heard anything?
-Why are we worrying? He's fine.
-He's not fine, Martin.
There's something wrong.
I can feel it.
-Your brother's missing.
I want you to go round
all the places he could be,
check his mates'
houses, see if he's there.
He don't really see
no one no more.
Just go and look
for me, please, Wesley.
And watch the road.
Don't get yourself
in a state, love.
He can't be far.
There's something wrong,
I'm telling you.
[Melancholy music plays]
[no dialogue]
[no dialogue]
Fucked it!
They told you to wear this.
Stand here, smile now.
Look up.
Find your light.
Look to the light.
Well, I'm looking.
I'm looking!
You want me?
You don't want me?
I'm on the show.
No, I'm not.
And you can't even have a baby.
It doesn't mean
anything, does it?
None of it does.
It never did.
I couldn't hold any
of it in my hand, could I?
Fuck you!
[sombre music plays]
I'm sorry.
Give me one reason to stay here.
Because I can't think of any.
I fucked it.
I totally fucked it!
[phone ringing]
[Train horn honks]
[Wes] Don't worry Nan.
I'll find him.
[soft piano music plays]
You're absolutely unbelievable.
So I've been told.
I've had to pick up the pieces
one too many times after..
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Why can't you just
leave her alone?
Why can't you
mind your own business?
You make me sick.
Think what you like.
But I love Lauren.
You wouldn't understand.
Yeah, right.
I don't understand,
'cos you're a prick!
Did you speak to Lauren
again that night?
I asked her if she
wanted to share a cab with me.
But Eddie said they
were going home together
and didn't even let her speak.
Hi, it's Mrs. Reynolds again.
Has Eddie shown up there yet?
Oh, oh, okay.
Could you give me a ring
if he does?
Okay, great, great.
Thanks very much, bye.
I don't know what else to do.
Where could he be?
Do you think
he could be at Lauren's?
[Dramatic music]
They left shortly after that.
Just calm yourself, just
don't even look at her.
Okay, okay, we'll go.
I won't say anything.
I didn't even see her
to say goodbye.
Oh, it's fine, it's fine.
-Come on, let's drive.
-No, I'm not driving
I've driven in worse
states then this before.
-That's not a good thing.
-It's fine.
-Can you just
let me book an Uber
-Ah, Philip!
-Eddie, can you stop!
They're going to The Afters, you
wanna come?
No, I don't want to come to.
-Well can I come to yours then?
-No, you definitely
What? Alright babe, babe, babe.
Look, look, look, look, look.
For a second, okay? Look.
-That girl today
meant nothing to me.
Okay, you're the only
girl for me, I promise you.
-Can you stop
I don't want to talk about this.
What is it you always
want me to say?
That you're.
the best girlfriend
in the world,
and I've only got eyes for you.
Can you please stop?
I just want to go home.
[Discordant note plays]
-Can you slow down?
-Can you slow down.
-It's fine.
-Lauren, the road's.
Can you watch out?
Please just turn the music down.
-It's fine, turn it back up.
-Stop it.
You're being an idiot.
Can you slow down?
Fuck, Eddie!
I love this song.
-[Engine revs harder]
-It's not funny!
-Eddie, slow it down. Eddie!
-It's fine.
[metal crashing]
[car horn blares]
[sirens wail]
[Sombre music plays]
[muffled] Lauren
[Muffled banging]
Oh, fuck!
Oh, shit.
Hey, hey!
She's not moving, quick!
Oh, Lauren!
Where were you six months ago?
-When I had lost my child.
-How can you stand there?
How have you let this happen?
-Where the fuck were you then?
-Get out!
-I hate you!
-I knew he wasn't good for her.
-You're precious little Eddie.
-You let this happen.
You let this happen!
You knew he was drunk
You let him go in the car!
What the fuck are you doing?
Why did you fucking come?
Cos you piece of shit
she's gone!
You piece of shit.
You're so fucking selfish.
You don't care
about anyone but yourself.
It can be our secret.
Just don't leave me
again, Lauren.
I don't know what I'd do.
It's all because of you!
Because you didn't keep
an eye on your fucking kids.
Your whole family
are shit, all of you!
I hate you!
I hate you.
I know. I know. I know.
I know.
I hate you!
Get out!
Oh, no!
I'm sorry Lauren.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Genni] She'd be here now
if it wasn't for him.
I don't think he
even knows how to be sorry,
or how to take responsibility.
[Genni] The saddest thing is,
it didn't need to happen.
He should have just
left her alone to live her life.
He never even gave her a chance.
[wind blows through trees]
[Emotional music plays]
[Train horn blares]
["A Dream Undone"
by Desmond Lambert]
I never saw myself
before I fell into those eyes
I never sensed my memory
race with echoes
Ooh, where's the sun?
Ooh, my dream undone
I never felt my heart
before I looked into the skies
And shadows came into
this land
Ooh, where's the sun?
Ooh, my heart undone
Ooh, where's the sun?
Ooh, my dream undone
Ooh, where's the sun?