Looks That Kill (2020) Movie Script

How are you feeling
on a scale of one to ten?
Can I be less than one?
There's nothing lower than one.
There's zero.
Your parents
tell me you were born
with a unique condition.
I accidentally,
I accidentally kill people.
I'm sorry, I don't follow.
When people see me,
the-- my face, they...
You accidentally assault
people with your face?
Let's pretend that what you're
projecting is, in fact, real,
why are your parents
still alive?
I think they must've
seen your face.
Well... my mom says
- she knew something was wrong the day I was born.
- - One more push.
One more push, honey.
- You're so close.
- Yes.
It's a boy.
He's the most beautiful
baby I've ever seen.
We moved out
of the city when I was two
to some place more secluded.
The fewer the people,
the less accidents.
It was a fresh start,
my chance at a normal life.
That was wishful thinking.
Because I couldn't
have felt any more... different.
I understand your desire
to dwell in the past.
What really brought
you here today?
I just want to be normal.
Have you ever considered
that your wrappings
could simply be your mind's
physical manifestation
of depression?
Oh, my God.
I, I tried to tell him.
Damn it, Max.
Look, we know
all these heart attacks
ain't his fault,
but it just doesn't sit right
that every time someone
croaks in this town,
we get a call and,
boom, there's your boy.
- Yeah, it's strange. Just strange.
- It is weird.
It just looks
bad on the whole force
that we keep letting
him off with a warning.
Folks are dying,
and all we can say is,
"Well, you know, shit happens."
- No, we, we completely understand.
- We understand.
So, uh...
Did, did, uh, Dr. Clingaman
say anything helpful?
No, Dad.
He died.
I'm sorry our house
is a freezer, Dan.
The heater's still waiting
for Paul to fix it.
Uh, I don't mind a little
cold, Mrs. Richardson.
Yeah, well neither does Paul.
Oh, hello there, Alana Skovia.
What is that then, new country?
Alana Skovia is a type of babe,
and she's from the Ukraine.
Hmm, Paul, didn't you
have something to say?
Your dad has something
he wanted to say.
Max, your mother is worried
that you spend too much--
Wait a minute, excuse me, whoa.
- Well.
- We, okay.
We are worried you spend
too much time at home.
Yes, honey,
I think Dan would agree
that you're not going
to meet anyone your own age
locked away in your room.
Wait a sec. What if Max
signed up with one
of those dating services,
you know, like, like,
Dan on the, uh,
you know, on the cell phone?
Oh, there's an idea. Paul!
That's a great idea
because all the girls
are going to want
to swipe right on this, huh?
I look like a freaking
burn victim had sex
with a serial killer, guys.
Max, can you please
not use graphic
comparisons at the table?
- That's a rule?
- Yes, it is.
- Yes.
- It's a rule now.
It is, it's a rule.
What's with the brick?
Come on.
You said last time
was the last time.
That was a hammer, this is
a brick, it's different.
- You need to see a therapist.
- I did, he's dead.
This is your problem, man.
You lock yourself up
in here like a grandma,
sewing all this--
- is that bunny sucking his own dick?
- What?
That's a carrot,
he's eating a carrot.
Looks like a dick, man.
Jeez, you just don't get it.
You know how thirsty
the girls are right now?
Was there a drought?
- It's Valentine's Day, dude.
- - Oh.
It's the easiest day
of the year to score a date.
All the single ladies
are on a survival mission
to score a Facebook brag post,
and you get to be the guy
that makes it happen.
Come on.
It's a horrible monster.
It's evil because
it's different.
It's strange!
The Foreign Exchange Program's
looking for host families.
That could be nice.
Get you a little foreign friend?
Mom, they're, they're
foreign exchange students.
They're not pets.
They're foreign,
and they want to come here.
Max, go get a magazine.
Can I help you?
Uh, I was just--
Oh, this isn't going
to fix your problem.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
- What is that?
- It's a magazine.
No, this is garbage,
take this, you take this.
Look, foreign exchange.
I haven't, I haven't seen anyone
play that game in a long time.
Oh, oh, I didn't catch
150 Pokmon to abandon them.
150, that, that's a lot,
that's a lot of Pokmon.
- Um.
- I, I fell.
You fell?
On a brick.
I hate when that happens.
Max Richardson.
I can't,
it's too cold to fold.
Just call someone.
Your father said he would
fix the heater two weeks ago.
No one should have
to live in these conditions.
That's not breakfast,
that's sugar.
Hi, yes, I'm calling about
the heater in my living room.
It stopped working a week ago.
Oh, thank you, that's perfect.
It's 411 New Beginnings.
Oh, yes, he's my son.
Oh, my God, he hung up on me.
It's Dan.
Hi, so, uh, I didn't break
your nose or anything?
No... I wish.
I just have
a hyperactive immune system,
I'm practically deformed.
Okay, try not
to describe yourself
as being deformed tonight.
What's tonight?
Dan, I, I hate you.
You said you wanted
to meet girls,
- I got you a Valentine's date.
- No, no,
that's not what I said.
I said I, I can't,
I can't meet girls.
- Well, now you can.
- Oh, my God.
What, what's going on?
Oh, my God.
Dude, stop stressing.
- Oh, my God.
- It's going to be fine.
You're going to kill it.
You know what I mean.
So, I'm, like, really feeling
your cologne right now.
it's compliments to this guy.
It's, it's just,
it's just Arm & Hammer.
Like the baking soda?
You know, I don't normally
set people up,
but, uh, I'm not going to lie,
I think you and Max
will be pretty bomb together.
Wait, what?
Bonjour, lady and gentlemens.
Happy Valentine's Day,
can I start any you off
with a cold beverage tonight?
You know what?
I got these two.
- Dan.
- Wait.
What about
one of our milkshakes?
I can't have that.
- Milk?
- Calories.
All right,
two diet sodas, extra ice.
Thank you.
So... Erica...
that's a really strong name.
Um, is it, is it, uh, Filipino?
I'm Cuban.
Oh, I, I forgot,
I made you something.
I hope this isn't weird,
I, I don't really think
it's that weird.
You made me a napkin?
No, it, it looks
like a napkin, kind of, yeah.
But, uh, it's actually
a handkerchief, and if you,
if you cry,
you can use it to wipe,
or if you need to blow
your nose, um,
or all of the above, if, if
they're happening at the same,
same kind of time and--
Look, um...
I, I know you didn't,
you didn't have
to come here tonight.
But you, you seem really nice,
and this is kind of,
like, my first Valentine's
Day thing like this,
thank you.
- I'm making a scene?
- Yes.
You want me to make a scene?
You're an asshole, Craig!
What's hanging, sexy?
Hold up.
You're the kid that kills people
with his pretty face?
Uh, no, that's--
Oh, shit, you are.
Come on, let me see.
- Craig.
- Two diets and, um,
my manager is
asking you to leave.
- Your manager can suck my sack.
- Totally.
- What the hell, man?
- Sorry, sorry.
- It's fine, it's fine.
- No, this ain't cool.
Okay, yeah, I'll get,
I'll get someone.
You did this.
You clean it up.
Okay, but with, with what?
Start with whatever
this shit is.
Here, let me help you.
Oh, my God. Craig, stop it!
Hey, I need you to go.
I'm going, I'm going.
I'm so sorry.
We're going to get this cleaned up for you.
do you, do you think
I could, I could--
I could take you on
a date some other time?
I, I can't.
I, I'm sorry.
What are you doing?
I'm Alex.
I remember, I'm just--
Just kind of
in the middle of something.
What, am I interrupting your
dramatic leap off the bridge?
Bad things happen
because of me and--
And they'd stop once
I'm gone, okay?
That's pretty dark.
Yeah, well, my life
is pretty dark.
It could be the sunglasses.
Jelly bean?
But they only have
the gross flavors.
Well, because I ate
all the good ones,
and this is the shit
I was left with.
Thanks, I'm good.
Fair enough, you jump, you jump
in the river
full of jelly beans.
I had, I had a dream
once that...
that I was swimming
in a pool full of jelly beans.
Doesn't seem like
much of a drop.
You should probably find
a higher bridge.
You want to die, right?
Well, then you should
find a higher bridge.
Wait, what? Wait, what?
Are you, are you serious?
Well, it's just physics.
What did you want me to say?
I don't, I don't know.
you're not going to jump.
You're going to die an old man
warm on your bed, not here.
Not this night.
"You jump, I jump," remember?
Did you just quote Titanic?
Well, my ride's here.
You're leaving?
If you're going to end
your life forever,
what's a couple
more hours with me?
Let me see if
she's taking visitors today.
Thank you, Myrtle,
nice to see you as always.
What's with all the caps
and exclamation marks?
Oh, it's just
a reminder of, like,
how I like to live my life.
Loud, vibrant, bold.
Oh, okay.
No, I'm, I'm here
more than the staff.
So, it's just annoying
that they keep making me
sign in so I'm annoying back.
You know, when you
said you were going
to take me somewhere,
I, I didn't really think
you meant the retirement home.
Well, I thought
nothing would make you
appreciate life
more than being
around a bunch of
old people who are
about to croak.
Alex, you usually
visit on Fridays.
Oh, it is Friday, Esther.
Oh, one of the upsides
to Alzheimer's,
it's almost always the weekend.
Hey, one of the many upsides.
- Yeah.
- By the way, I brought you
a present, this is Max.
Oh, what happened to your face?
I should have some vitamin D
ointment in my purse.
- He doesn't need ointment.
- Oh, take the ointment.
- Was it a burn?
- Max fell on a brick.
- A brick?
- And today he almost fell off of a bridge.
Christ, boy, are you drunk?
No, he's depressed.
this boy thinks he's depressed.
- Depressed?
- Yeah,
wait until your bladder stops.
And they put you on this pill
that they shove up your ass
and then it gives you rashes in
places you didn't even know you had.
Then we can talk
about being depressed.
Oh my, your face.
Oh, good,
you have ointment. Ha-ha!
I have written over 30 novels.
I think I have an understanding
of the process.
You wrote novels?
Write novels, I'm not dead yet.
Romance novels.
Dirty ones.
Oh, like Danielle Steel?
My mom loves her.
Yeah, well, I went to college
with that bitch,
and let me tell you,
that ginger whore doesn't have
one original thought
in her brain.
Her last name is Steel
for Christ's sake.
She stole my shit!
Tell them what
you're writing now.
I think it's fabulous.
Well, it's my last
novel. Not so much a memoir,
a personal walk
with Alzheimer's,
my descent into the disease.
I feel at my age,
all I have left is my mind.
If I lose that,
what else is there?
Son of a bitch, here she goes.
Not everyone has the ability
to face the unknown
with such courage, Esther.
I told you before, I think your
book's going to change lives.
I suppose, I mean, there
really isn't anything like it.
Except for maybe that one movie.
What movie?
Uh, you know, the one where
the woman can't remember,
- and he comes every day.
- The Notebook?
Yes, it's maybe
a lot like that one.
You didn't, you didn't have
to walk me all the way home.
Oh, I just wanted to make sure
you're home wasn't the bridge.
You're home, cool.
- Yeah.
- Have a good night.
Do you--
what are,
what are you doing tomorrow?
I can't.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
No, that's--
I just-- it's not you.
Today was really fun.
Um, I just-- I wasn't really...
- planning this.
- Yeah, okay.
Have a good night.
You lose.
Did you at least
get her last name?
Why would I ask her that?
Dude, you always ask
for the last name
so you can creep her
on social media.
- Ugh.
- Was she hot?
Uh, I don't know.
I'm not buying it.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- Ha!
I'm over this.
You know, you could try
retracing your steps.
Try and bump into her again.
Oh, see, a little bit
of ass, I told you.
Uh, hey, you, you just,
you just missed your bus.
- Are you stalking me?
- What?
No, no, no, no, no, no, I'm--
So what, what are
you doing here?
I was, I was--
Maybe I'm stalking you.
You didn't know I was
going to be here.
Really? Because I'm pretty sure
I'm here and so are you.
I think the fact that I can't
see your confused face
makes me want to screw
with you more.
Are you sure you don't
want to hang with me again?
Don't you have school?
I'm, I'm, I'm home-schooled.
That's still school,
it's literally in the name.
It's, it's, it's called an
independent, independent study.
Hey, if you're
already skipping...
why not just spend
a couple more hours with me?
- Yes.
- Yes?
Start walking
before I start saying no.
Can I interest you two
in a free RPG starter pack?
How many goblins
are in this game?
Hundreds, and there's like
goblin hordes and clans and--
But there's only one wench?
Eleanor the Savage Queen of Man.
What are those goblins
doing to Eleanor the Savage?
Well, they are, um,
ravaging her dungeon.
This is not enough. Excuse me?
Hi, do you have
any more in the back?
Jelly beans are supposed
to feel like jelly
not like gravel.
My dream would have been
much more comfortable.
What was your dream?
Um, a river full of Jell-O.
- What flavor?
- Celery.
That's, that's not a real thing.
Um, it is 100% a real thing,
housewives in the 1960s used it
to rebel against their husbands.
Alex, I have
to tell you something.
I was born with a face and--
Ooh, you were born with a face.
My face is lethally attractive.
So, when people see it,
when they see my face, they--
- Okay?
- I mean, not okay, but...
it's old news.
You already knew?
Besides, you're kind of
a big hit at the hospital.
what are you doing
hanging around the hospital?
I have a rare
cardiovascular disease.
What's wrong with your heart?
I'm allergic to endorphins.
Excitement causes inflammation,
which causes my heart to grow.
This monitors heart
rate and heart size.
So any emotion,
good or bad, my body rejects.
It's okay though because they
put me on this trial medication,
and I got really lucky
because it works.
So, now my heart is basically
on Weight Watchers.
So, you're fine?
Well, if you consider
taking a pill every day
and wearing a robotic
bra fine, then, yes.
My heart is not currently
a ticking time bomb.
Have you ever thought about
if your life were a movie,
what song they would
use in the montage?
Mm... no.
Do, do most people
think about that kind of stuff?
Yes, everyone, except you.
This is for one of those moments
where your life
derails you, and your head
and your heart can't keep up.
Everything plays out
like a blur.
And all you hear is this.
This movie theater hasn't gotten
a new movie in five years,
but this will make it
feel like new.
- Is this wine?
- Yes, the vodka kind.
- It tastes like nail polish.
- That's how you know it's effective.
How do you know what
nail polish tastes like?
I don't think I can
finish this whole bottle.
Don't you dare ruin this for me.
I've wanted to do this for so long.
- Why?
- Because I could never do
anything fun,
because I was always sick.
Besides, I didn't
really have any friends.
You're my first friend.
Do you want
to play a drinking game?
- How, we've never seen this movie?
- Yes, it's like
the Any Movie Drinking Game.
- The Any Movie Drinking Game?
- Yes, go!
Okay, okay, okay, uh,
if you see a title card, drink.
- Go.
- Okay.
Oh, okay.
Oh, if there's a flashback.
Any time an actor talks.
Any time it says,
"From the producers of,"
Any time someone wakes up, go!
Planets! Excessive
armpit hair. Cheers!
Gosh, it's really hot.
- Are you hot?
- No.
I'm, like, boiling in here.
Why is it sticky here, too?
- Can you feel your teeth?
- Yes.
- Are they there?
- Is this your first time drinking?
Buddy, you need to drink this.
- What, all of it?
- Yeah, all of it.
Oh, I can't.
- You can.
- I'm going to drown.
Dude, why aren't we hanging out?
- This is stupid, come over.
- Hi.
Oh, shit, um, you two just
get back to whatever it is
that you were doing, and Max?
- You're my boy.
- Oh.
Who was that?
What was that?
Oh, this is the tiny
light of death,
pray it never blinks.
- Max?
- Hmm.
I want you to stitch me
like one of your French girls.
Okay, Rose.
I can feel you staring at me.
You can't see
if I'm staring at you.
I can't see what you're doing.
Max, I--
- A girl.
- Oh, God. Please kill me.
Hi, I'm Alex.
- Whoa, whoa.
- Oh.
- Sorry, I'm a hugger.
- What, since when?
No, you're not!
I'm, uh-- I, uh-- I'm a shaker.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, come on in.
This is Yu Shen.
She's from the exchange program.
Yu Shen,
welcome to your new home.
You're so cute, isn't she cute?
She's a little jet-lagged.
Damn it.
You take two steps forward
and the next thing you know,
you're face down
in the shitter wondering
how the hell you got there.
Hey, why is Rosemary
sitting all by herself?
She's waiting for her son to
take her to get pie for her birthday.
She says he comes every year,
but I've never seen it.
It's her birthday?
82, but I didn't tell you.
She wants everybody
to think she's 88.
- Why?
- Well, when you're young, you lie about your age
because you can't accept the
fact that you're getting old.
But when you crack 70,
all you want is for people
to tell you,
"You don't look your age."
The pie is not
going anywhere, Ro.
Get your sweet ass in here!
Could you stop screaming at me?
She's always on me about my ass.
Oh, I love this game.
Happy Birthday, Rose.
88 years, can you believe it?
88, you barely
look a day over 82.
You told him.
Let the boy give you
a compliment.
Thank you, I have
a lot to be thankful for.
My health, my friends.
I honestly don't know
what I'd do without you.
Well, you would carry on
like the rest of us.
I told you,
I'm not strong like you, Esther.
If I knew what was coming,
I don't know if could put
myself through it.
It's not strength, Ro.
We didn't sign up just
for the good parts.
The good comes
with the bad, that's living.
Oh, shit,
I hate this goddamn game!
My turn!
And that is the secret
to American cuisine.
Max, did your goblin
starter kit come
with an oraculum gem?
I have no idea what that means.
Yu Shen, what does
your mom make for dinner?
Maybe I could try
to something ethnic.
- Uh, you got to pay for these.
- Sorry about that.
Sorry, here you go.
This is for you.
Thank you so much, sorry again.
Have a good night.
- Tomorrow, you're taking her.
- What?
No, she, she, she doesn't
want to be here.
Max, Yu Shen's family
is very well off, okay?
- This is an adjustment for her.
- So what?
Can you please
show a little sympathy?
I'm-- so, I--
you want me to feel
bad for her because she's rich?
No, would it
hurt you at all to try
and help her get acclimated?
I have plans tomorrow!
Max, I'm asking you
to be a friend.
Mom, I'm supposed to go
camping with Alex and Dan.
Then you, Alex, Dan and Yu Shen
will have a great day tomorrow.
This is a dictatorship.
Well, no one said it
was a democracy.
Oh, real American, Jan.
- Oh, you're calling me Jan now?
- Yeah, you look
like a Jan to me.
Thanks, thanks, Paul.
Thanks for your help!
- How am I missing Grishnakh.
- And for listening!
- Honey, could you move my character kit?
- What?
- Grishnakh. He's a level three key master.
- What?
He, he's, he's,
he's the only goblin
who can penetrate
Eleanor's secret vault.
I'm lost without him.
It was right here
in this front drawer.
What is this game?
Yu Shen!
I hate to burst your bubble,
but it's way too flimsy.
Uh, don't act like
you know what I'm doing.
Well, it looks like
you're making a walking stick.
That's funny because
I'm making a...
...wand to close the portal.
What portal?
One to the alternate
dimension Dan's dates
keep crawling out of.
I don't know, maybe Tiffany's
exceptionally warm-blooded.
- Like a human polar bear.
- Please, have more respect
for the polar bears.
Can you get a picture
of us against this wall?
That's a tree.
Aren't you freezing?
No, it's fur.
- Oh.
- It's nice.
Oh, shit, girl, you're bleeding.
I just-- oh.
Oh, here, uh,
I've got, uh--
here, give me your hand.
No, that stings, I don't
really want you to do that.
- Muffin tits.
- What, muffin ti--
Give me one second.
Oh, it looks like we have
a Boy Scout on our hands.
How's that feel?
Fine, thank you.
I know he's your friend,
but that's got to get old.
I don't know, I...
I accepted a long time ago
that Dan has...
what I don't.
Oh, come on.
You're not exactly wearing
that 'cause you're ugly.
It would be nice to know what
you looked like under there.
It's just a face.
What are you doing?
Close your eyes
and don't open them
until I tell you to, okay?
Okay, Mr. Serious.
I am being serious.
I wish you could see my face.
You really know how to make
a girl feel like Helen Keller.
- Max?
- Yeah.
Have you ever been kissed?
I was in the first grade
and I met this girl,
and we decided that we would
be each other's first kiss.
So, I told her
to close her eyes.
But first graders, they just
don't listen very well.
I'm not going to make
the same mistake as that girl.
Technically, it'd be hard
because you're blind.
- No, no!
- Nice.
Every time.
Here. Have fun losing.
Wait, does she even
know how to play it?
Oh, damn, she's good.
How are you so good at this?
Hey, are you on your way?
Oh, um, my mom just declared
a mandatory spring cleaning,
so I'm kind of
a prisoner at the moment.
Spring? It's freezing outside.
I know, she doesn't understand the seasons,
so we must all suffer.
Oh, God, I didn't even know
you could do that!
Hold on one second.
What, what, what did she say?
I'm sorry,
there's weirdness happening.
Just text if you want
to hang out later, okay?
Yeah, I'll talk
to you later, bye.
Paging Dr. Ross,
please, report
to emergency immediately.
We don't let her do anything that
would cause her heart to grow?
Dr. Kravitz,
you are needed here in--
Max, can you pause the game?
I need help real quick
- with something small.
- Sure, Mrs. Richardson.
Ah-ah. This request isn't
either going to be
small nor quick.
I need you to take out
the Christmas tree.
Told you.
This tree is a bitch!
You know what? Shut up.
You did this.
- Shit, hold on, hold on.
- - Okay.
I think I got a splinter.
Okay, well, come on,
let's go upstairs.
I think my mom's
got some tweezers.
- It hurts.
- Just stop crying.
Whoa, what? Yu Shen!
Don't-- you're going
to burn the house down!
- Whoa, Mom, Mom!
- Get some water, quick!
All right, all set.
So, you're going to change out
the dressing in two
to three days.
I'm prescribing you
an antibiotic ointment,
so you can put it on every day.
Do you have any questions?
- What are you doing later?
- You can take any
over-the-counter pain
medication. Just make sure
you're taking the proper dosage.
And if the pain or swelling
you come in immediately.
I'll see you in seven days.
Wait, I get to see you again?
For your follow-up, yes.
You know, she really
doesn't seem like your type.
Yeah, what do you know
about my type.
Hmm, brainless.
This is good gauze,
she gave you the good stuff.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You didn't even get her number or anything, so.
- Dude.
I don't understand,
why didn't you tell me?
Mom, because I knew
you'd freak out.
Hey, Alex!
Uh, Christmas tree attack.
That's funny, uh,
I'm Dan, this is Max.
They work with me at the home.
Then you must spend
an awful lot of time together.
No, no, we work
different shifts. Don't worry.
It's okay. Okay, well, it was
good to see you, feel better.
Dude, what the hell?
Let's get out of here.
The forum online
said they only manufactured
10,000 units of Gremlin.
And he supposedly comes
with detachable goblin armor.
Which you should be
able to hear.
Hey, Dad, when you and Mom met,
how did you guys know
that you liked each other?
I took your mother to dinner.
I think it was...
our second date.
We were walking
to the car and she said,
"Paul, you love me, okay?"
And, and that's how I knew.
You might think it's blatantly
obvious that you like Alex,
but there's a good chance
she has no idea.
Uh, I never said I liked Alex.
Well, hypothetically,
if you did.
Communication goes
a long way with women, Max,
especially since they think
men are incapable of doing it.
And I'm going to go out
on a limb and say
that if you did decide
to tell Alex how you feel...
you might like
what she has to say back.
Like, what is
in the Blegh Sex Shop?
I don't know. Uh, probably
something really gross or really lame.
Dildos for dogs.
Kale-flavored condoms.
Oh, my God, your dad's nudes.
Alex, are we going
to talk about yesterday?
Oh, um, I just said
you volunteered at the home
because it's easier for my mom.
- Easier?
- Yeah.
Check-ups are really
triggering for her
and the idea of me
having friends
still feels like
a death sentence.
But she likes when
I volunteer at the home
because she thinks it's nice
and safe and boring.
You're on meds though
so why is she so worried?
Because that's
how anxiety works.
Okay, I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Don't tell me it's Friday.
I know it's Wednesday.
- It's Wednesday.
- Yeah.
What's all this?
Oh, uh, we got Rosemary pies.
Uh, but we weren't sure
what flavor she liked best,
so we just got her
a slice of each one.
What's wrong?
Look who came to see you.
I, I can't let her
see me like this.
Hey, Rosemary,
Rosemary, it's me and Alex.
You okay?
It's not right.
The way they have her
hooked up to those machines.
I know, it sucks.
But they are
what's keeping her alive.
They're barely
holding onto her...
for what?
Some stupid moral compass
that says
that's the way it has to be?
That's the way it is.
Well, what we can do about it?
You can help her.
Alex, you can't ask me that.
- You said it doesn't hurt.
- I don't think it hurts.
It doesn't look like
it does, but I, I--
it's not like I can ask them
after it happens.
I know you think what happens
with you is a curse.
But those people who have seen
your face will never have
to know what it feels like
to lose yourself slowly.
To have your last memory
be withering away
in a hospital bed.
She shouldn't have to bargain
away her dignity to die.
Hey, Rosemary.
Do you want to go to sleep?
Yu Shen, hi!
How, how was school?
She's miserable, and your father
is taking over the house.
Max, will you please
explain to your mother
that some of us have a stressful
job to go to all week
and shouldn't be villainized
for treasuring a minuscule
amount of free time.
What does it look like
I'm doing right now, Paul?
This is a job.
So, how are things with Alex?
I don't know.
She's not texting me back.
Well, how you perceive things
may not be how Alex sees them.
Okay, well, how are guys
supposed to just psychically
know what girls are thinking?
It just, it makes,
it makes no sense.
If I knew the answer
to that my house
wouldn't be overrun by goblins.
I'm sorry I enjoy the few
things that make me happy.
So, now I'm the villain.
Max, will you please
explain to your father
the definition
of a double standard?
Oh, my God, this is so stupid.
You just need to stop
nagging him, and,
Dad, you need to stop
playing that game so much.
I mean, it's not that
complicated, holy shit!
Ah-ha! See? I knew
she had a shift today.
Just got to make sure
she's no longer with Craig.
Shit, here she comes.
- Bonjour, gentlemen.
- Hi.
Have you heard
our specials today?
No, but you seem pretty special.
don't we go to the same school?
What? We should go
to the Spring Fling together.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Pick me up at eight.
- Okay.
Dude, what? You're coming.
- Wait, so we're not even eating?
- No, that's dumb. You're coming to the dance.
No, I, I don't even go
to your school, man.
Look, it doesn't matter, dude.
You're my wingman, bring Alex.
She's, she's not
really talking to me, so.
- What? Give me this.
- Hey, Dan, give that back.
Come here. You can't just
take my phone and then--
Oh, hello.
- What did she say?
- Hold on.
- What?
- Just drop it.
Your medicine...
did you--
Is it not working?
They just need to up my dosage.
But your heart, your--
your heart's gotten bigger.
I just don't understand why
you didn't say anything to me.
Why, so you could freak out,
stop talking to me
and I go back to living
in a padded cell?
You didn't even give me
a chance and now,
now I feel like I'm the reason
this whole thing
has gotten so bad.
I'm sorry I've made it
so bad for you.
That's not what
I'm saying, Alex.
You just have to wrap
your face every day, Max.
I don't get a quick fix.
It's really not fair.
I'm sorry.
This is the dumbest
tissue box I've ever seen.
My mom likes
to hide little words
of encouragement
around the house.
It's sweet,
but her execution, it's...
well, it's shit.
is there anything I can do?
You could be my heart donor.
Or you could take me
to that dance.
- Ooh!
- Oh, don't look down.
Oh, sorry, sorry, one second!
- It's not prom.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Oh, it's the door.
- Doorbell.
What's, what's that?
Oh, okay,
so, you're a French maid
and I'm a-- Oh.
I'm a musical mutt?
You're a horn dog.
Oh... I'm a very
overdressed horn dog.
...I assumed we were going
to treat the Spring Fling
as the proper joke that it is.
Well, you look...
perfectly offensive.
Thank you.
Uh, so your mom's,
your mom's cool with this?
I mean, no, but, you know,
it's not like she can say
anything about it.
It's bad for the heart.
They upped your dosage, right?
All good.
Oh, uh, Yu Shen.
Oh, what are you, uh,
what are you wearing?
Is it wrong that I love her?
You want to dance?
These people aren't dancing.
They are getting pregnant
on the dance floor.
Woo, I should've
worn more deodorant.
You're disgusting.
Yeah, actually, slow dances
give me really bad anxiety.
Oh, what's anxiety?
Okay, I see what you're doing.
I got you.
You did.
- I think I'm going to be sick.
- Can I get you something?
No, no, no, it's okay,
I'll be right back.
Oh, get rid of the sliders!
- Shit.
- Oh, hey, man.
Hey, where's Alex?
- Oh, uh, she--
- Yo, Valencia.
I'm with Dan now, Craig.
- This fag?
- Ew, who even uses that word anymore?
Me, I just, I just said it.
I know shit brains.
Oh, that's, that's funny to you?
Uh, yeah, I mean,
it's not, not funny.
Who the hell are you?
Oh, shit... napkin face?
Hey, uh, how's it going
with the ladies?
I heard this guy really knows
how to knock them dead.
What, nothing?
Whoa, hey, man.
Come here.
You're such a freaking
asshole, Craig!
- Hey, hey.
- Yo, Valencia.
Back up!
- Alex.
- No, let's go.
Please let me just--Alex!
And to your left.
If I had known you'd stay
in the bathroom the whole night,
I would've taken
a different date.
Should I get a nurse?
Uh, they gave me
this amazing button.
I love morphine.
Should you, should you be mixing
morphine with your medicine?
And what's that,
what's that do to your heart?
What, what's stopping it from--
Can I see your medicine?
I, I want to see your meds.
Where's your medicine? This,
this says it's for heartburn.
You lied to me.
You were going to jump
off a bridge, Max.
- I didn't, I didn't jump.
- But you wanted to.
What would you have done
if I hadn't been there?
When I was four, they told me
my life expectancy was 16.
I'm 17 now, and I don't
even get to enjoy it because...
I know I'll still never
be able to go to college.
I'll never have a family.
And I accepted that I wouldn't
have any milestones.
But I was wrong
because then I got one.
Because then I met you.
And I'm sorry I pretended
like there wouldn't
be consequences.
It was really selfish
of me and I know that.
I guess I just wanted
to know what it would feel like
to be something
more than a burden.
You're not a burden, Alex.
I've been thinking
about it a lot.
And I've thought
of different scenarios.
How long I was going to wait.
How I should ask you.
Max, I'm not
getting any better...
I won't do that.
I couldn't do that.
...and I can't put
my mom through it anymore.
Do you know what
you're asking me?
I mean, do you?
Do you know what it's like
to, to watch someone die?
To have that imagine
burned in your head,
over and over and over and--
Do you know what that's like?
I'm not doing that.
How can you not give us
any more information?
Was he allowed to just
leave on his own?
He's a minor!
I mean-- isn't it
required to call his parents
before you release him?
Yes, yes, of course
I called him.
He's not answering his phone.
Please don't
tell me to calm down.
My son is missing.
Okay, is there a supervisor
I can talk to?
I need to talk to someone
who can actually help me.
Uh, I'm sorry,
hang on, Max, Max?
Oh, my God.
- Max, what are you doing?
- Max!
Max, no. Oh, my God.
Stop, Max, please, stop, honey.
- Okay.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, okay.
I know.
I know.
Oh my.
You can answer it.
Still here?
Yeah, didn't feel right,
saying goodbye
with all those people.
Yeah, I get that.
They sent these
instead of candles.
Valencia's favorite
thing was to text.
You talk to Alex yet?
She's been trying
to get a hold of you.
What, are you,
like, avoiding her?
Does it matter?
- Dude, don't be a dick.
- "A dick."
You don't even know
what you're talking about.
Alex is sick, man,
and you're avoiding her?
I don't know what's going on with you,
but that's super shitty.
You know what's super shitty?
Wearing this, every day,
and girls,
girls never talk to you.
And when you find
the one that actually does...
Look, I know that this sucks,
but you being angry about it?
That's just going to cost you
a chance to say goodbye.
Hey, I, I just figured,
decorate the walls,
it felt so empty.
I finally stitched you
like one of my French girls.
I'm really sorry I haven't
been here so much.
I know this,
this isn't about me.
I'm just.
I'm just finding it
really hard to say goodbye.
Don't be jealous that
I'm better at dying than you.
Who else is going to do
offensive shit like that with me?
I just want it to be over.
Close your eyes.
I'm scared.
You don't have to.
Are you not feeling anything?
I don't know.
It's not working?
Your face...
it's just...
it's you.
Help, help! I need help!
Alex, listen to me.
Have you ever thought
about if your life were
a movie, what song they would
use in the montage?
This is for one of those moments
where your life derails you.
And your head
and your heart can't keep up.
Everything plays out
like a blur,
and all you hear...
is this.
How are you feeling today
on a scale of one to ten?
I think, uh... like, a five.
That's a wonderful improvement.
Tell me, what's changed?
Uh, you, you mean, since Alex?
Well, yes, but more so with you.
Valencia's case finally settled.
The coroner said she died
of a serotonin overdose,
or as the jury saw it,
natural causes.
So, the judge dropped
all of the charges,
even for Craig.
After the trial, the publicity
from the case made
national headlines.
Most people didn't believe
there could be a kid
with a lethally attractive face.
But there are others
who somehow knew,
or hoped that I could help them,
the same way Alex hoped
that I could help her.
I always thought that
my face only caused pain,
what I learned was, I could
use it to take pain away.
I still visit Esther.
She sometimes
asks where Alex is.
It's harder for her
to remember the big things.
I tell her that Alex
is busy suing Danielle Steel
for plagiarism,
that always makes her happy.
The last thing Alex taught me
was that those that see me for me
don't find my face
to be the most attractive part.
Unconditional love
is the immunity.
And while I'll never
live a life completely
without wrappings,
I can find moments
with the ones that matter.
Even my parents
have gotten... closer.
They found a way to meet
each other in the middle.
So, what's next?
I'm not sure.
Maybe trying
to live without these.
It's a big step.
Do you think that's
something you can do?
Yeah, I can try.
- Come on.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
Oh, God.
Oh, don't.
I'll get it.
- Oh.
- Pause it.
Hey, so, my parents
thought it'd be a good idea
if I apologize
or whatever it is, so--
- Oh, shit.
- Oh.
Shit, shit!
- Oh, my God.
- I'm, I'm sorry.
Damn it, Max.