Loone Zanboor (2017) Movie Script

20 kilometers to Tehran.
If there's no traffic,
I'll be there in 45 minutes.
At Janatabad.
- Why are you sitting here, Akbar?
- I'm going.
Come inside.
Give me your light.
I put the Jerry Lewis package and
the movies you wanted there.
- I'm off.
- Drink your sherbet.
- No thanks, I'm late.
- Ali, Tara's leaving.
Dear passengers, get on the bus.
We're leaving.
- Don't miss the bus.
- Your tea's getting cold.
- Why did you come up here?
- Where else could we go? Down?
- They've got cameras.
- Where?
Up on the left.
Come on.
Just don't ring the buzzer for unit 6.
Their light was on.
How do we know which
buzzer goes to unit 6?
We'll be back by the time they
know we're on the roof.
See you later.
Iman! Iman!
Quick, Safdar.
- Is he there?
- Where did you go?
He's there?
The food's ready.
- Haven't you seen Akbar?
- He was right here. I gave him a lighter.
- He's taken it.
- I told you to keep an eye on the jerk.
It was you who went to sniff.
- You sure you didn't see him?
- He was right here.
What are you doing?
- Who does he have in Tehran?
- Only a son.
- Your love's gone?
- Honey!
- Get in, guys.
- Honey!
- Wanted to ditch us?
- Come on!
I can't stop. Get in.
They've got us! Get in.
- Bye Tara.
- Saber.
- Yes?
- We should settle accounts.
What do you mean later?
It's always "later"!
Keep your voice down in my neighborhood.
See Mori?
- Watch your mouth!
- You...!
He's right. He's right!
- I've had enough.
- Why? Have we ever swindled you?
Is it the first time?
I've always paid you.
And I will, this time.
Wait in the car. Go.
- Titi?
- What?
Sleep when you get home.
Don't get on lie or I'll know.
- Go.
- Bye.
- Wait! Tara!
- What?
I forgot the feed horns.
Open the door.
You'll take them when I'm paid.
- Where is it?
- She's gone?
The feed horns!
Oh! I left them in the car!
First it was the dish and
now the feed horns.
How could one be so harmful?
It's all a loss!
Damn me for being your cousin.
And now you're deaf?
Why did you let her take the feed horns?
We hardly even know her.
I'm talking to you!
- Who is it?
- Shush!
Who is it?
Open up, it's me.
- Who?
- I said it's me.
- Who?
- It's my dad.
Your dad?
I swear on my mother's ashes!
What is he doing here at this
time of night?
I know his voice.
- Who's that?
- Open up already!
It's your dad.
What are you doing here, dad?
- What's wrong?
- Come in.
What's wrong?
Hi Akbar.
Long time no see.
There's nobody here?
I don't count?
What brought you here at this
time after so many years?
No time for complaining.
- Go bring me a glass of water.
- Cold or tap water?
Tap water.
- Get some from here then.
- That's not good.
Bring some from inside.
Are you man enough to do
something for me? For both of us.
You know I've got what it takes.
But it depends.
I want you to keep a close eye on this.
- What's that?
- I'll tell you later.
Just hide it in a safe place.
It's safe here. Come in.
Not here. They'll find it here.
- Who?
- Those who are after it.
How do they have this address?
They have the promissory note.
They can find the address in a jiffy.
You've showed up to put me in
trouble after all these years?
Here you go.
This can even make our grandchildren rich.
You've done nothing for me,
let alone them.
I did this for you.
I'm already marked in this neighborhood.
Don't make things worse.
Idiot! You can buy
the whole neighborhood with the money.
What's in it Uncle Akbar?
- You're not telling anyone!
- No way!
Hide it in a safe place.
I'll l be keeping a low profile for 5-6 days.
- Where are you going?
- You'd better not know.
- Give me the key.
- What for?
You may not be home when I come.
Dad. What if they come here?
Doesn't matter.
What matters is that this is not here.
You haven't seen me here at all!
See no evil, hear no evil!
No worries dad.
I'm sure it's nothing important.
And there's no one after it.
You mark my words!
They're here! They're here!
I told you they're after it.
They're at the door?
There's no other escape route?
- Did you shut the door, dad?
- Yeah.
How about we go in and
turn off the lights?
I'll go tell them you haven't been here.
Think of a way!
There's only one way from these
stairs to the rooftop.
You go ahead.
How can I leave you here, dad?
Move it, goddamn it!
- You go. I'll stay and resist.
- Go shut the door. It's not a war!
Let's go with us dad.
Come on.
You've always repressed our emotions.
Come on.
Careful with this.
Let's go.
Where are you going?
- I'm going to hell!
- To hell?
- To hell? At this time of night?
- Where are you off to, then?
Aren't we supposed to find a
safe place for this?
- Where?
- How am I supposed to know?
Hold on.
Let's take it to the abandoned
house near here.
- But that's a wasps' nest.
- No, not there!
- They say that place is haunted.
- Shame on you! You believe in ghosts?
- I don't.
- What then?
But all the things I don't believe in,
come true.
We're together.
What is it you're scared of?
- What if they're together too?
- We're two!
- What if they're three?
- Hopefully, they're not.
Let's go!
That's it.
Are you sure this place is empty?
As far as I know, nobody
comes and goes here.
Jump up then!
On the door.
I can't. I'm scared.
This place is haunted, Saber.
- It's nothing to be afraid of.
- Ghosts are scary!
Don't say that Mori.
They're not.
- They're not scary?
- No!
- Why don't you go in, yourself?
- Can't you see I'm holding this?
- And I'm holding this.
- Why did you bring this?
- It's always me doing the hard things!
- So quick to answer!
Can't you see I'm inside?
Come in, Mori.
Who opened the door?
I told you there are ghosts.
I opened it!
We shouldn't be seen, come in.
- There are ghosts!
- Come in.
Quiet! Quiet!
Keep it down or they'll know.
Have some guts!
- It's me.
- Oh!
- Turn your phone on.
- It's on.
- I mean your torch.
- Keep your cool.
- Saber!
- What?
Let's put it here and leave.
Find a safe place.
Where would your dad leave it?
Let's leave it there.
Where's your head?
What happened?
- He tripped me! He tripped me!
- Who?
The ghost!
Stop it!
You're hallucinating.
Hand me my bag.
- Put it there.
- Put what there?
Put it there and let's go.
My dad would bury it!
Bury it?
How can we dig the floor here?
Where do I put it?
- What the hell should I do with it?
- Cut it out!
What is this?
Stay here till I go find something.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
We'll dig it with this.
Don't dig that spot.
It's the sewage.
- Where should I dig?
- Near the wall.
We should remember where
we're digging.
- Right here.
- Fine!
- Let's see what's in it, first.
- What's in what?
- Put it there.
- Put what there?
Put it there.
Let's see what's in it first.
Keep your cool, Mori!
Open it.
- Whose hand is that?
- Mine!
- That one!
- Not ours.
Don't touch it.
We have to bury it deep in the ground.
I'll dig this spot.
Go on.
Don't open it.
It's my job.
Why is it so hard?
Put your eyeglasses on.
Put them on, goddamn it!
This is the right spot!
- Saber, where has he stolen it from?
- Who?
Your dad.
Watch your mouth, man!
My dad's not a thief.
Didn't you see he was being followed?
Perhaps the guys had asked him to
sell it but he preferred to keep it.
What do you call that?
It's theft!
But you shouldn't put it that way.
Yes, it's theft!
- Saber.
- What?
- Whose hand is that?
- What?
I said, whose hand is that?
I don't know.
The hand of a queen maybe.
- How much is it worth?
- A lot, Mori!
How do you know its's a woman's hand?
It has so much jewelry on it.
All the ancient kings used to
wear jewelry.
But it was so delicate.
So I'm glad I didn't let you touch it.
Mori! Is it okay to touch a
woman's bones?
- I don't know.
- I think I touched it.
I don't know.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
We're already doing it.
We're digging the right spot.
I mean I'll marry Tara with the money.
I'll propose to her and they'll agree.
Come off it!
This is not your money.
- Whose is it then?
- It's mine and my dad's.
But I helped a lot!
I even hit the ground.
Nobody invited you.
- One third of it is mine.
- One third of it?
- Of course not.
- I'm not doing this anymore.
Can't you take a joke?
It's for all of us.
Keep digging.
Put that phone aside.
My dad's cell phone has never been off.
What if we need to call him?
I'd do the same thing if
I stole something.
Watch your mouth!
I mean if I took something
without permission and put it somewhere else...
My dad's stolen it, so what?
You're already making plans to
marry Tara and stuff.
What's happening?
We're in trouble.
They're removing satellite dishes.
Since when ambulances have started
removing satellite dishes?
Come on.
Hi. What's going on?
- Someone fell down from up there.
- Who?
I don't know him.
Uncle Akbar!
What happened?
Can you hear me?
What happened, Hassan?
I don't know.
He was on the ground.
He's my dad!
He's my uncle!
Let him in. He's my cousin.
I can't leave him alone.
How do I go, now?
Can you bring your bike, Ali?
Start the car.
- We're following it.
- Wait. Don't talk.
- I'll call Tara to come get us.
- No need. We'll be gone by then.
Let's eat something till she comes.
I'm starving.
So you've come because of Tara.
You think I'm stupid?
We were there for 15 days
and finished the works.
We'll be back for the 40th day funeral.
- That neon one is mine.
- Give me my bag, bro.
Shut up!
That's it. Give it here.
Right on.
I swear I think about the buyers,
not Tara.
You're only thinking about Tara.
What are you talking about?
Your father's buried.
Don't you care?
God rest his soul.
But what matters is the thing
we buried.
Isn't that true?
Tell me.
Fine, it is!
Tell Tara to come on time.
Babak will drive us nuts.
Give me the keys.
- God rest your father's soul.
- Thank you.
- We'll talk inside.
- Please come in.
Why inside? Talk here.
You should let your father's
buddies in your house.
How come I've never seen you then?
You didn't even attend his funeral.
We did.
We were standing in a corner.
Do it now as well.
Tell him to stand in a corner!
Go in.
He's my cousin.
They finally showed up!
Mori, we haven't seen anything.
We know nothing. Got it?
- See no evil, hear no evil!
- Stop saying that!
Why do you behave as a bully
when you have no guts?
Just wanted to scare them.
- You think you did?
- They'll never show up again.
It's the lady!
Excuse me ma'am!
But where have you gotten the key?
This is not a hotel!
He just told you.
We're friends of your late father's.
It was us who called the
ambulance the other night.
The keys dropped from his pocket.
Hey boy! You always show up
accidentally when your friends die?
It wasn't an accident.
Let me in and I'll explain.
- I told you to stand in a corner.
- Mori! Just a moment.
I'm telling you for the last time.
You're waiting outside, not inside.
End of story.
Saber, you mean we can't talk inside?
Of course we can talk inside.
Right, Mori?
Come in.
Let them in.
Here you are.
Sorry if it's a mess.
We live alone.
Please come in.
Why is the house a mess, Mori?
We just took a look. Just because of
our friendship with your dad.
You've made a mess!
See Mori?
- What's going on here?
- You tell me.
- We'll tidy up when we find our thing.
- Your thing is not in our place, ma'am.
- I'm not sure.
- She's not sure!
- Make sure nothing's missing.
- What?
We have so many things in this house.
Check everything.
Forget it.
Hey! We haven't taken anything.
We're just looking for our own thing.
- Give us our thing and we'll leave.
- Just a moment.
Tell us in a way so we understand.
What is this "thing"?
- Look Saber.
- Yes?
Your dad has taken something
that belonged to all of us.
I didn't like that attitude of his.
Right. But he fell down anyway...
- I'm afraid you two...
- No!
- He slipped and fell.
- Seriously?
Upon my brother's life.
We still hadn't taken our thing from him.
- How do you know your thing is here?
- Akbar was last seen here.
You've searched this place already.
Perhaps he's told you something
in the ambulance.
- You see what she's saying?
- Keep your cool.
My dad only had time to die
in the ambulance.
He said nothing.
End of story.
If you ever show up here again,
I'll call the police.
See how you upset him?
Shut up!
We're not talking to you.
She's right. Sometimes,
he has a sharp tongue.
- Sorry, he's my cousin and...
- We don't care who the fuck he is!
Watch your mouth!
Don't you get on my nerves!
You heard me.
I'll be shadowing you.
He needs to be treated.
He's my brother.
See you.
Why doesn't he go stand in a corner?
- Mori, you sure Hassan is sleeping?
- Yeah.
He always sleeps early.
Except for the weekends.
Fine! Hurry up.
Saber, I think we should bring the thing back.
I don't think it's safe there.
I told you it's safe there.
We'll take a picture and show
it to the fence.
- You know a trustworthy fence?
- There's no trustworthy fence.
- Then what?
- At least these are my dad's buddies.
Don't you lose it!
We did a lot for it.
Get out of here.
Where are you going?
To check if they're still at the door.
We have to go that way.
Don't play the detective! Let's go.
Are you sure it's the right alley?
It was here.
As far as I'm sure, I'm sure.
There's a camera.
But this is a police station.
Oh no!
- But this is a police station!
- My brain's not functioning!
You do have a brain?
If you did, you wouldn't put
us in this trouble.
- I'll kill you Mori!
- Shush!
Good evening officer.
Is this a police station?
No, it's a hospital.
Can't you see the sign?
Right, it's a police station.
Just a moment.
Haj Bayati. Haj Bayati!
- Yes?
- Come here please.
Haj Bayati is one of the
charitable guys here.
He was looking for an old place
for building a school.
The real estate agency
gave us this address.
Tell him Haji.
Yes, we demolish the place
and build a new foundation.
For the poor and those in need.
Anyway, I think it's the wrong address.
No. We were three blocks away.
The place collapsed after an
excavation next to it.
- So untimely!
- Right.
- How long has it been?
- 5 days.
5 days?
- Really?
- Not so long!
It'll pass, officer.
And you'll finish serving the
military soon.
- Haji will find another place.
- We'll demolish another place.
Pardon our interruption.
Get out of here or you'll be arrested.
- Mori! What was that shitty idea?
- How was I supposed to know?
- You should've known!
- What would you do?
I'd find a fucking way!
- What am I supposed to do?
- Why did you tell us to come here?
- I'm upset too.
- I won't even give you a penny.
And I won't do anything.
Why don't you find another
cousin of yours to bother?
They didn't leave the house.
How could they be here?
Perhaps they've gone through
the sewage.
- Tehran has no sewage.
- They must've found an escape route.
But this is a dead-end.
And it's surrounded by houses.
- What are those?
- Glasses.
- Why?
- I wanna be in disguise.
- Whose are they?
- Never mind.
- That'll put us in trouble.
- No worries.
Shut up!
They've come all this way to sit here?
We'll see.
I'll be ruined by then.
How much time do you have to
pay the dower?
If I don't pay it in 15 days,
I'll have to go to jail.
- What if we enter in military uniforms?
- They'll just welcome us.
Okay then.
- We'll tell them we're new privates.
- Are you nuts?
- We need recommendation letters.
- We'll forge them.
We need a copy to forge.
Don't bother thinking!
- We'll take the letter from Babak.
- What does he do?
- He's a private.
- So what?
I have buddies with higher ranks.
Hassan Amani. You know him.
He used to work in
the same place privates were transferred.
He could give us a letter.
- Well, what if he asks why we need it?
- We'll tell him.
- Then he'll ask for a share.
- We won't tell him then.
So find a better solution.
I mean we'll tell him something else.
We'll find a way.
- Can you fix it yourself?
- Yeah.
- You'll take care of Babak?
- Yes.
- Where is he now?
- At work.
- Give him a call.
- What about them?
Let's go.
They're gone!
Oh yeah!
Is it good?
Not really.
Really good.
What took you so long?
We're not here to get massages, Babak.
We got business to do.
It's on me.
Put them in here.
- Where?
- Put your feet in this.
Stop it!
It's just a massage!
Just rub the upper part.
It's a foot massage.
Forget about the sole.
Babak, tell us what we should do
while you're at it.
You didn't tell me.
Why are you going there?
- We want to...
- Shush!
He doesn't understand our language.
- He understood!
- He's not deaf!
He doesn't understand.
Think of it as...
Think of it as a good deed.
Stop asking questions.
I've finished serving the military.
I can't get you the letter.
He can't do it.
Can you tell me if the police station
in our area needs new privates?
- Yes.
- Find that out.
Yes, I'm good.
A little "press" please.
If he can't get us the letter,
we no longer need to know if they need new privates.
- What's that you're saying?
- I didn't say anything.
We can kidnap two of their
privates and take their places.
Are you nuts?
- We'll kidnap two of their privates.
- They're not pigeons for God's sake!
All police stations are automated.
I mean they're all connected to each other.
The data will be shared.
We have to enter that police station.
We have to!
You know what that means?
You'll find out whether
or not they need new privates.
That's it.
- If they do, do you have the letter?
- You'll give it to us.
Where do I get it from?
You've served the military for years.
You've never forged one?
You can't even forge stuff, man?
Why did we come to him, Mori?
It doesn't work like that.
The letter needs to be stamped
by the personnel department.
I don't know. That's your job.
Why do I have to do this for you?
You've forgotten all that
I've done for you?
I clearly remember.
- You've forgotten?
- You're so ungrateful, Babak!
- You don't remember?
- Shame on you, Babak!
I'll be at your door tonight.
If you do this,
we'll be good. If not, I'll...
- Mori!
- You see?
- Let me finish the massage.
- Forget it.
- I don't wanna be touched by men.
- Stop shouting!
He never lets me touch him.
Come on, he's here.
- Hi. How you doing?
- Hi.
- What's that?
- Boots!
I told you we're going
to that police station.
But you don't have the letter.
Forget the letter!
Just tell me if they need new
privates nor not.
They want new privates.
Five of them have already
been dispatched.
- When?
- I don't know.
What do you know?
I just know that the five privates
haven't arrived at the police station yet.
- Why not?
- Why not?
- They're on leave.
- That's good news!
What's good about it?
- What are you talking about Saber?
- You heard me.
We can pass for the new privates.
We have to get into that damn police station
whether you give us the letter or not.
But if you give it to us,
you'll be paid well.
- I will?
- Yeah.
How much?
10 million.
- What do you have in there?
- None of your business!
It must be something valuable.
25 million.
Damn you, Babak!
I'm in trouble or I'd show you.
25 is a deal but if you...
Don't do it!
We'll give him 25 million.
No problem.
- When will you give us the letter?
- The letter?
It's the letter?
You've been dragging us here
and there all this time while you had it?
You think you're so smart?
We don't think we're smart.
You're just wasting your time following us.
We don't have the thing you're
looking for, ma'am.
We'll find out.
Let us know when you do.
Cause we really want to know
what you're after.
Bring it to us and I'll show it to you.
You're not even listening to us!
I'm telling you we have nothing.
Look at my hand. I got nothing.
How do you know it's a hand?
It's just a metaphor.
He's nuts.
You're looking for a hand?
Really? There you go, a hand.
The hand of a queen.
- Queen?
- Never mind.
But it's worth 20-30 billions.
20-30 billions?
So expensive!
Just don't sell it cheap.
No we won't.
We don't even have the thing.
We have nothing to sell cheap.
If we had it, it would've
changed many hands by now.
It's changed many hands.
I'm telling you!
Just one thing.
He doesn't like to be touched by men.
Just don't touch him when
you talk to him.
If we had it, would we be here now?
Give me a second.
We're all tired and we're
wasting each other's time.
Let's go take some rest.
Give us a time, ma'am.
We'll be out at that time so you
can follow us. Okay?
You can give me your number ma'am.
Or you, buddy!
If we see a hand... tell them Mori.
We see a lot of hands every day.
We'll send you the location when we see one.
Good night.
Hey, didn't you want my number?
Go ahead.
I'm Saber.
And you?
You should take more rest.
Excuse me, is this the line you
use and answer?
Idiot! You're making them
bloody-minded this way.
I only have a few days.
I need to know if they have it or not.
I'm sure.
They either have it or know where it is.
What if you're wrong?
Then we'll have to call Akbar's spirit.
I have to go sniff in the car.
I've had it with you.
Tomorrow morning at 9:00.
Stop looking!
- I'm scared.
- This is no kidding Mori.
- I don't wanna go in.
- There's no other way. Go.
I'm not going.
I haven't said goodbye to Tara.
- We're not going to war Mori.
- It's worse than war.
You think you can take advantage
of military uniforms just like this?
Don't be stupid Mori.
It's only one day.
If they catch us, we won't
tell them the truth.
We'll tell them we've made a bet to enter
a police station in these outfits.
- How did you make that up?
- I've been thinking all night.
Saber never wades in unknown water.
This is a stupid condition!
We must not tell them so we
can try another way later.
- Okay?
- Okay.
No worries. Let's go.
Are you nuts?
- Something's wrong, Saber.
- What's the matter?
- What are those on your eyes?
- My glasses! Can't you see?
Why did you get exempt from
military service?
But I can't see without them.
What if they tell you, you could be
exempt with those glasses?
No worries.
They're not that thick.
What if they tell you to take them off?
If I do, I won't even recognize
between you and Tara.
Make sure you're wearing them
when you're with Tara and I.
- Shut up!
- I'll have your back.
Take them off.
It's only one day.
- Don't leave me behind.
- No worries.
- I don't see anything.
- No worries. Take this.
Let's go.
Vahid Salarzadeh.
Sadegh Rahmanian.
- Why two?
- Then how many?
We were five.
Three of us went on leave, sir.
Rahmanian felt that we might
be needed, so we came.
Soon they'll be here too.
- We're ready for any operation.
- Yes.
We're so good.
- Where are you from?
- The provinces.
I know. But where?
- Abyek.
- Nazarabad.
- Hashtgerd.
- The suburbs of Karaj.
These are new privates.
Check these in the system.
It's not connected yet, sir.
The guys have been working on it full-time.
I don't think it'll be fixed today.
Where is Motalebi?
Send them to the guardhouse.
What's going on here?
Lower your voice!
What's happening here?
Keep it down!
Bad luck!
So many guys fighting.
- Shut up! You have no glasses.
- Right.
Why are you staring at me?
Give us a hand here!
Keep it down!
Get out!
I don't get it.
Don't mistreat the accused.
Go, dear.
Don't touch me.
Don't mistreat the accused.
Make some space.
Take your shoes off.
- Saber! We're in trouble!
- What is it?
The place we hid the thing
is the penitentiary now.
Get in.
- It's not that spot.
- Yes it is.
- There was no room!
- You're not wearing your glasses.
Oh no!
- Officer, I need to go to the toilet.
- I'll see about it.
It's the end of us!
That way!
- That's Saber!
- Who the hell is Saber?
- Watch your mouth!
- He's with you?
No, we've come alone.
Don't listen to criminals, Eskandari!
- Where's the dorm?
- Second floor.
Yes sir!
- "Who the hell is Saber?"
- What's the big deal?
You know I'm Saber. Why do you
insult me in front of those criminals?
- We'll be dead guys if you mess up.
- I know what I'm doing.
- Fine! Where are you going?
- Upstairs.
- Stay. Let me give it a try.
- What do you mean?
- Salarzadeh?
- Yes?
Good. You do it now.
- Rahmanian?
- Yes?
- Mori?
- See?
This is a wasps' nest!
The hand is stuck under
a bunch of criminals.
- Damn you Mori.
- It's not my fault.
- You told us to bury it there.
- Why don't you stop repeating that?
- Who was the guy that recognized you?
- I don't know.
- I must've installed his satellite dish.
- Fine! Go upstairs. Go!
- Saber?
- Yes?
- Oh no!
- Sorry.
You sure they didn't leave the
house when I was taking a nap?
Or were you taking a nap too?
I didn't even get a wink of sleep.
They use another way to come and go.
There's no other way.
They either use this door...
...or go through the roof which will lead, up
the street where we're stopping.
They're not home.
That's why I'm sure they have this thing.
You got the boy's number.
Call him.
Have I ever taken anyone's number?
I gave him mine.
You're a million miles away!
Get down. Get down.
Eskandari, until when the guys
will be in the penitentiary?
- Why?
- The place is too small.
You saw how they were packed.
I could even smell their feet.
Two of them are waiting to
get bailed out.
- What if they don't?
- I don't know.
The one who mistook you for someone else
will be staying with another one...
...and go to the court in the morning.
- Why is the guy in there?
- He's bought a manuscript, an antique.
- He's into the business?
- Yeah.
- Eskandari?
- Yes.
You forgot the main thing.
- You're calling him?
- Yes, who else?
It's off.
You sure it's his own number?
How many Sabers in this neighborhood
install satellite dishes?
He gave me his number.
Come in.
When some youngsters his age gather together,
they definitely take pills,...
...drink and smoke pot.
Weed, you mean!
- Have you ever been to their parties?
- No. My wife doesn't let me.
I mean I don't like these nasty things.
Sir! He's bluffing.
I tried to advise them several times
but it was no use.
So I found it my duty to expose them.
But how do you know what's going on
in such a party if you've never been there?
We can't send our guys
to people's houses just like that.
That's right.
People can do whatever they want at home.
Just get out of here.
Colonel, I can see them from
the first floor when they go up.
And the next morning, I can see
the bottles in the garbage.
It might be lemon juice or
powdered milk bottles.
Write down the address.
We'll send our guys there tonight.
My finger is injured.
He can come back when his
finger heals up.
No. Salarzadeh will write down
the address.
- Where are you taking my walkie-talkie?
- Sorry.
Go ahead.
- Easy!
- I'm sorry.
- Back to work.
- Yes sir.
Rahmanian? Lieutenant Rahmanian!
Yes? Yes?
We're in trouble!
I was in Khadem's room.
He said they're going to stop
a party in the neighborhood.
- What has it got to do with us?
- Are you nuts?
The penitentiary will be full
of people tonight, idiot!
Oh no!
What should we do now?
Stop, bro. Stop.
Wait for me up the street.
- Yes?
- Excuse me, is your man home?
- My man?
- Your husband.
Wrong place, sir.
I'm not married.
Isn't there a man whom I can talk to?
- You're here for unit 5, officer?
- Yes.
- I'm at your service.
- What's going on, Reza?
- Hang up Afsaneh honey, I'm here.
- Hang up honey, looks like he's here.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
- Something wrong?
- You live in unit 5?
- Yes.
- What's going on here tonight?
- Is there a party?
- No. It's just a family gathering.
You mean to tell me those drink
pairings are for a family gathering?
- It's our wedding anniversary too.
- With Afsaneh?
- Yes.
- But she said she's not married.
Stop talking nonsense.
That's none of my business though.
I just came to tell you the cops are coming over.
Cancel your party!
- Why?
- Why?
I just felt pity for you and let you know.
You've been exposed.
Exposed? By whom?
Don't tell anyone.
The guy in unit 1.
Iraji? Wait a minute.
- What buzzer did you just ring?
- Iraji's!
What an idiot!
Now you're exposing me?
They'll give me hell in the police station.
Don't worry.
He's come to my parties for several times.
I didn't invite him this time
and he gave me away.
Open up.
Do whatever you want.
Just don't mention my name.
- Fine!
- Bye Afsaneh.
What's going on Reza?
I didn't invite Iraji and he's
told the cops about us.
He's not opening the door on me.
Open up.
Shut up, you jerk!
Why did you expose me?
- Let's go dude.
- Where to?
The police station.
- I told you it's not Morteza.
- He looks just like him.
- What would Morteza be doing in there?
- They were sitting right there yesterday.
Hold on.
What if they've seen me?
What if they mention my name?
Calm down Mori!
What's in it for them?
We'll take it out tonight and leave.
- I don't think we can do it tonight.
- We have to.
It's worth a lot.
We deserve it.
I care about my life more.
We've been marked in this neighborhood.
Fine! What do you say we should do?
Should we just leave?
No! It's important to me too.
But we'll be jailed if we get caught.
They said they have no such guys here.
I told you.
Get in.
Why are you standing there?
I've been idling around with you for two weeks.
I got works to do.
They'll be home tonight.
I'll be back by then.
Get in.
What's more important than this?
Go away!
Get in.
We'll do your works together.
"Idling around with you"!
Eskandari? The car key.
You two.
Come here.
- Us, sir?
- Yes.
- Yes sir?
- Rahmanian, Salarzadeh.
Get ready. We're going out.
Sir, Colonel Khadem has ordered
us to stay in the guardhouse.
Yes sir.
We haven't been automated yet.
- What?
- Automa...
- Salarzadeh!
- Sir!
- Tell him he talks too much.
- Rahmanian!
Sorry sir.
- Can you drive?
- Yes, sir.
There you go.
You too.
Sir... sorry.
Isn't it better I stay to defend the police station
if something goes wrong?
We're going two blocks away.
We'll be back soon.
They've reported a house full
of satellite dishes. Move it.
- Slow down, Rahmanian.
- I'm good at driving in narrow alleys, sir.
Stop at 16th alley.
16th, sir? Sure.
If only I know who's reported on us!
Our neighbors were not like that.
What should we do with so many dishes?
- Rahmanian?
- Yes sir?
What are you whispering?
Get out of the car.
Yes sir.
- Sir, I think nobody's home.
- That's weird!
- How do you know?
- He talks too much, sir.
That's true, sir.
- Salarzadeh?
- Yes sir?
- Tell him he talks too much.
- You talk too much.
Yes sir.
- Looks like nobody's home.
- I told you, sir.
They're lucky.
Wait here.
I think it's a dead-end, sir.
Sorry, sir. I talk too much.
Cut it out, will you?
He's going towards Hassan Zaghi.
Son of a bitch!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Did you report the satellite dishes to the police?
- Fix your hat.
- No!
- Nobody's here, you can tell me.
Yes, I did.
Police! Open up, you jerks!
You can't run away.
There was a loud sound.
All the neighbors ran out.
I have two daughters.
Their yard could be seen from upstairs.
They walk in the yard in shorts.
You're surrounded!
- I can't blindfold my daughters.
- Right.
Please teach them a lesson.
- Will they be back?
- Yes.
They might be inside.
So they'll come.
- Just don't tell them I called.
- No worries.
Thank you.
- The jerks are not home.
- They're definitely not home.
- Rahmanian, drive me to the station.
- Yes sir.
- Let's go, sir.
- Where are you going?
To the police station sir.
- Salarzadeh?
- Yes sir?
Stay here and send them to
the station when they show up.
Alone, sir?
- You're scared?
- Yes sir.
Shut up.
- Salarzadeh?
- Yes sir?
- Tell him he talks too much.
- You talk too much!
- Yes sir.
- They're not with Daesh.
They've just installed a few
satellite dishes and worn shorts.
Send them to the station when they come.
Let's go.
Yes sir.
Sir, you want me to bring them in shorts
so they can serve as an example for others?
- No! Make them wear pants.
- Yes sir.
Do it!
Why don't you go in?
I'll go fill the tank, sir.
It's empty.
Make it quick.
We have a lot to do.
Yes sir.
Where are you going?
I need to take care of
a little physical work.
- Go on. Quick.
- After you, sir.
Close the gate.
- You've come here in these outfits?
- I got rid of the car!
The police car? Are you nuts?
I didn't but I was about to!
What are you doing?
I'm sending these with Tara.
She'll keep them till the dust settles.
- But nobody entered the house!
- Cut the crap!
What if they get a search warrant?
I can't be bored by waiting for
myself or arresting myself.
Stop it!
- Hi.
- Why did you shave your beard?
- Looks good, doesn't it?
- Not at all.
- What's with these outfits?
- I'll tell you.
- When?
- We're serving the military.
How many times you serve the military?
Keep it down!
I have an offer for you Tara.
Will you do us a favor for 2 million Tomans?
Do you even have 2 million?
- Shut the door and come in.
- Come on, he'll explain.
Saber, what are you gonna do?
- She should tell them she's the owner.
- So what?
They won't leave us alone
unless we show them the owner.
You want us to watch ourselves forever?
When do we find the "hand" then?
That'll harm Tara.
She'll never do that.
Don't underestimate yourself, Mori.
- The girl is crazy about you, idiot!
- Yeah?
- What about the 2 million guys?
- Won't you wash your hands, honey?
Hold on. Right now, we're two
phony guys in police disguise.
I got that.
Even your names are different.
She's so smart.
Look, the police wants to know
who lives here.
And we don't want them to know it's us.
We want them to think it's you.
Tell them that and there will
be no harm to you.
You'll get 2 million.
And then I'll be arrested for installing
and distributing satellite dishes.
No! Wait!
- I'm not crazy.
- You're not listening.
We don't want to put you in danger.
Mori doesn't want that.
You'll just take the dishes to
your own basement.
We will take you to the police and
tell them that this pretty lady... sorry...
We'll tell them we didn't find
anything at your place.
They'll apologize to you and
there will be no harm.
You just need to decide whether
or not you'll take this risk because of me.
I mean you should be aware of
taking this risk.
Shut up, will you?
- He talks too much!
- I do.
Cut it out.
- 2.5 million.
- 2 million!
- I'll get cash plus your debt.
- Sure.
- Where did you get the outfits?
- I'll tell you.
Go unload the car and come up the street.
14th street, the same place we meet up.
- I told you I talk too much.
- You do this to everyone!
There she comes.
The other door, ma'am.
She's with us.
Hurry up, sister.
Fix your hijab.
Sit here and fix your hijab.
- Captain Motalebi?
- You're back?
Yes sir.
What happened?
- We've brought the owner, sir.
- Hello.
- Hello. Her?
- Yes sir.
That's weird. Interesting indeed!
You install satellite dishes?
No I...
I told him, there's been a mistake.
We'll come to know.
- Your husband does the work?
- I don't have a husband.
- You live alone?
- No...
You know what?
I'm a college student.
Some of the neighbors keep harassing me.
Of course I've ignored them.
But I think they're trying
to mess with me.
- Well-done!
- Why?
Because she ignores them.
- Salarzadeh?
- Sir!
- Tell him he talks too much.
- I talk too much, sir. Sorry.
He knows, sir.
Excuse me sir, but I think
this lady is innocent.
According to my search at her house...
What? You've searched her house?
With whose permission?
How could I make sure then?
Tell him!
He couldn't go in without the
owner's permission.
We'll come to know.
- Salarzadeh?
- Sir!
- Take her to Colonel Khadem.
- Why waste Colonel's time, sir?
- We have no evidence.
- Do as I said.
Look at her...
- Salarzadeh!
- Sir!
- I said take her to Colonel Khadem.
- Yes sir.
- Then we're going out.
- Where, sir?
- To the checkpoint.
- The one in the neighborhood?
- Yes.
- Both of us?
Yes, both of you.
- Yes sir.
- Did you fill the tank?
Yes sir.
- What are you doing here? Take her.
- Yes sir.
Come on.
- Salarzadeh?
- Yes sir?
- Stop the grey 206.
- That one, sir?
- Salarzadeh, stop all the grey 206s.
- Yes sir.
What is this?
The robbery has happened
in our neighborhood of all areas.
Stop that grey 206.
Pull over, ma'am.
Pull over.
- Documents and registrations.
- Why, officer?
- Don't be afraid. Open the trunk.
- What's the problem?
There's no problem.
- What kind of outfits are those?
- What's wrong with them?
What's that on your hand?
It was in a chewing gum.
It's not permanent.
- Get out.
- Get out of the car.
Open the trunk.
- Open up!
- Easy!
Step aside.
- It's personal stuff.
- Step back!
Don't check her personal stuff.
Cucumber flavored I guess.
- It's radiator water.
- Yeah?
You put radiator water
in the trunk?
- You think you've caught a thief?
- We'll know at the police station.
- Why there?
- Let's go ladies.
Come here Lieutenant!
Are you nuts?
Why do you make a fool out of me?
We're here to catch a thief.
It's not our concern what they're wearing.
Salarzadeh, Rahmanian,
something wrong?
No sir, no problem.
Let them go.
We don't want heavy traffic.
We took care of them, sir.
Move along.
Drive, ma'am.
You should watch for other 206s too!
Go or I'll deal with you!
Stop this tomfoolery.
Let's mess with girls a little
now that we're in these uniforms.
Mess with two young innocent girls?
Their hijab is not our concern!
- Is this the problem of our youth?
- Fine! My bad!
Have you forgotten where
we were yesterday?
I'd never commit an armed robbery.
We install satellite dishes which is
forbidden only in this country.
- We're engineers oversees.
- Fine!
Oh no!
Don't do that.
They saw us.
They did? They did?
If they're in those outfits, what were
all those satellite dishes doing in their yard?
It must be for keeping others off the track.
Where are you going?
Get in.
Get closer.
You missed it.
Get back.
What the hell are you doing?
The road is blocked, sir.
- Get your guns!
- Guns, sir?
Guns for what?
- It's getting serious.
- It's all your fault.
You told us to bury it there.
- Salarzadeh, Rahmanian!
- Sir!
One of you, comes with me,
The other stays here.
- Yes sir.
- Hurry up.
I can't see! I'll miss the target.
- Coming, sir!
- Rahmanian is coming, sir.
They're in a police car with guns!
What does that mean?
What are you saying?
Keep it down!
- Yes sir.
- Look at me.
- Keep an eye on me and zip it.
- Yes sir.
Come on.
Sir! You're bleeding!
You've been shot!
Shoot them!
Do it.
I'll shoot him!
I shot him! I shot him, sir!
He's there on the ground.
All right.
Get a hold of yourself.
Get a hold of yourself.
Go get the other one.
- Alone, sir?
- Go!
Brothers! Brothers!
Sir, Caption Motalebi went
inside with a private.
They're armed?
I think so, sir.
I heard gunshots.
They're armed.
All units, at your places.
I'll go in, sir.
Someone stays here.
You still have your doubts?
- Salarzadeh!
- Sir!
What are you doing?
Come here.
- What are you doing?
- Your arm's bleeding.
- Your shirt is torn up!
- I've been shot, Salarzadeh!
Damn me!
- The backup forces are here?
- Yes, they're here sir.
Rahmanian is dead?
He's dead?
What are you saying, Salarzadeh?
He went upstairs after the robbers.
Go give him a hand.
- I won't leave my superior, sir.
- I said go!
- That's impossible sir.
- Salarzadeh! You talk too much.
- Hang in there, sir.
- Go to him.
- Hang in there.
- Go give him a hand.
- Yes sir.
- He's alone!
The jerks shot him!
I'm not a cop!
I'm not a cop!
I install satellite dishes.
In the name of the law...!
I killed him!
I didn't even say what the law says.
Now try to act up!
- I got killed because of you!
- It's just your arm!
- I'm dead.
- You've been shot in the arm.
Let's go.
We should go get the "hand".
Damn you!
I'm losing my arm here.
Tie it with something.
Stop it! Look here.
So much jewelry!
Let's go. We have to take him.
- There are too many cops down there.
- To hell with it!
They don't know who we are.
We're fake cops!
We'll escape with this through
another door.
This is not worth more than 2-3 billion, idiot!
That hand is worth 30-40 billion.
This is what we have now!
Forget about the hand.
Keep in mind. I got shot for that, not this.
We have to take it out tonight.
Tonight they'll take you for
getting this out.
The real privates will come and
we'll be in trouble.
You have to take that out.
You got it, Morteza?
Fine! I'll do it.
But let's hide this somewhere here.
Look at our luck.
If we hide it here, the place will turn
to a police station tomorrow.
- Is that what you want?
- You're right.
They're coming, Morteza!
We have to deliver this bag.
You're gonna get that hand out
while they take the bullet out of my arm.
All right! Fine!
Let's go.
I told you we should deliver
this to the police.
Let's go, bro.
I'll carry your gun.
Captain, there are still two guys inside.
Send the forces.
- One of them is shot.
- I can see that.
- What should we do?
- There's nothing we can do here.
Go to the police station.
The other one will eventually show up.
- Don't touch him or we'll be guilty.
- He's alive.
Leave him alone.
Don't touch that!
It's full of jewelry.
I can pay all the dower with this.
Get in or they'll see us.
- Don't park here officer.
- I'll be right back.
Damn you, man!
But I explained everything.
Hello ma'am.
Where are you taking her?
To the consulting room downstairs.
She has to wait for Officer Fotouhi.
- Why Mrs. Fotouhi?
- For criminal records.
I'll take her. Seriously!
I'm going down.
Go. Let's go ma'am.
- You've got me in trouble.
- Wait here.
- Why didn't you leave?
- Because the chief didn't believe me.
He said they had to call the
neighbor who'd exposed you.
The guy came and said he didn't
know me and I was lying.
- What did you say?
- I said I'm your fianc.
He told them he'd never seen me.
- You'll be my fianc soon!
- Cut the crap. Where is Saber?
What is it?
- He got shot in the operation.
- He got shot?
- He got shot where?
- In the arm.
What the hell have you guys been up to?
Why did you get me here?
Just be patient for a few minutes.
I know what to do.
Just a moment.
We can't talk here.
Come on.
It's dark, I'm not going in there.
I'll go there.
No! The woman will be back soon.
You have to get in there.
There are no ghosts!
I said no ghosts! Go in.
Go in, my love.
Go in, darling.
But I'll be late.
Damn it!
Don't leave me here.
I have a customer tonight.
Just be patient for two hours, darling.
I'll be right back.
2 hours!
- Rahmanian!
- Yes sir?
- I didn't expect it from you.
- Why, sir?
Good job, boy.
Thank you, sir.
I found it my duty.
Motalebi and your friend...
What was his name?
- Salarzadeh, sir.
- How are they?
Fine, sir.
But they both have been shot.
- It's not that serious.
- No sir. It's just a bullet.
I know you've just been back
from a mission.
But we have no one here and
I have to go to the hospital.
- You're not tired, are you?
- No, sir.
Let's go then.
You're listening to the lyrics, sir?
- Salarzadeh, who's that?
- Me, sir.
I mean who sings the original song?
Dariu... I don't know, sir.
- It sounds familiar.
- Same here, sir.
- I'll find him.
- That's it?
It set me thinking.
Well well, relax!
How is our Captain?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- How are you, superman?
- Fine, thank you sir.
- Good job!
That was my duty, sir.
- How many bullets have you got?
- I just got shot in the arm.
Me too.
Serves them well!
- Sadegh!
- I'm talking about Salarzadeh.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What's new?
Is the case closed?
Yes. I just have one question
for the captain and the two privates.
- Go ahead.
- Shoot.
- How many bags of jewelry were there?
- One.
- One.
- One. Why?
The jeweler says there were two bags.
The cameras prove that.
- We found only one.
- What do the robbers say?
They say one, as well.
But something's wrong.
We're all saying there was one bag.
Even the robbers!
Me too.
And you're saying there were two,
just because the jeweler says so?
The cameras prove that.
But the cameras...
Perhaps they've put it all in one bag later.
The lost jewelry is more than one bag.
I want these two privates to be
available until the issue is settled.
- Okay.
- Can I talk to you for a minute?
I'm sure they've been leading us on.
I have no doubt it's related to that thing.
Hand me the water.
The officer said they've come
to this police station today.
What difference does it make?
What matters is that they're privates.
Otherwise they wouldn't
get shot in an operation.
They're either getting trained or
have finished serving the military.
They've been wandering around
in the city with long beards for 20 days.
Besides, Akbar's last name
was not Salarzadeh.
- Akbar could've lied.
- Akbar?
- What about the obituary?
- I don't know.
Check that out!
I'll get to the bottom of this, tonight.
Tara honey, come on.
Where the hell have you been?
I'm sorry.
I've been in there hungry
and thirsty for two hours.
I'm so sorry.
I'll get you out of here tonight.
- I wanna leave.
- You can't leave. Listen to me.
- What is it?
- Do me a favor, darling.
- I'm not doing anything else.
- Please!
Please do me just one favor.
What is it?
Come on out.
The celling is collapsing.
We have to fix it.
- Come on.
- Not in the toilet. Go straight.
- Say hi to Saber.
- Go!
- Move it.
- Let me put my shoes on.
Darling! Let's go.
Go in.
Keep watch here!
- What are you doing?
- I'll tell you.
When will you tell me?
I'll tell you, darling.
This place used to be an
abandoned house, okay?
Saber and I hid something here.
So that's why you came here
in military uniforms.
Saber's dad gave us something
valuable and we buried it here.
You mean it was worth getting
Saber shot?
It was worth getting Saber, his dad,
me, you and everyone shot.
You know what?
Now I can buy you a house.
I can buy myself a house.
We can get married and buy
a ship and sail to Pattaya.
You know what could happen?
- We'll be happy.
- What is it, anyway?
- An antique worth 30 billion.
- Damn you!
- Why?
- You wanted to give me only 2 million?
I said 2.5 million.
Besides, the money's all yours.
I told you I'll buy you a house.
- Where is it?
- Right here.
But I hadn't dug this deep.
Why is it so hard?
It might be over there or somewhere else.
No. We came through that door and buried it here,
right in front of the window.
Where is the window?
There was a window here.
There was a window here!
No! Perhaps it was the room I was in.
It had a window.
- No! We climbed some stairs down.
- It also had stairs.
Oh no!
You mean we've been standing
on a treasure all this time?
Oh God! Damn you, Saber!
No problem. I'll bring the guys here.
We'll go there and take it out.
Here, hold this.
- Private Rahmanian.
- Yes?
- Sadegh Rahmanian!
- Coming!
Fill this, my love.
I'll be right back.
- You're leaving again?
- I can't leave the antique behind.
- What about me?
- I can't leave you behind, either.
- What is it?
- Someone wants to see you outside.
- Who?
- A lady is describing you.
She says she wants to see Morteza.
Not the guy who's been shot.
The guy whose name is Morteza.
I saw him coming here.
Here he is!
Isn't your name Morteza?
I'm Sadegh Rahmanian.
But some of my friends call me Morteza.
- We call you Morteza too.
- Really?
I'll go and see why they call me Morteza.
Go ahead.
I'll be right back.
Turn the damn light off.
They'll give me hell! Turn it off.
- Where's the thing?
- Why don't you listen?
You think we don't know you
guys are in disguise?
- Says who?
- We'll find out in the police station.
Hold on! Hold on!
Just think I'm a fake officer.
- Is the thing in there?
- In there? No.
- No!
- Where is it then?
I don't know.
I can't stop thinking about Saber.
He's stuck in there.
A bag of jewelry has been missing
and they think we took it.
Let's get Saber out of there
and he'll give you that thing.
Go to Saber.
Go to Saber!
- Let's go to Saber.
- I'm not going.
- Yes you are!
- I have to get back to the station.
- Saber!
- Where the hell have you been?
- A lot of strange things happened.
- Why?
- Where is Motalebi?
- In the bathroom, I think.
- Did you take it out?
- No.
The hand was not in that penitentiary.
It was in the other one.
- Did you take it out?
- No.
- Why are you here then?
- Don't worry. I put Tara there.
- You told her?
- I had to.
Remember the brother and sister
who were after us?
- I've brought them here.
- You told them too?
They found out, themselves.
Listen to me!
She came to the station and
kept calling me Morteza!
She was embarrassing me!
That's why you told them
about the 30 billion?
- I've brought them here...
- Here?
I couldn't get you out of here without a car.
Listen! You'll take them home and
distract them till I get the thing.
- I made a hell of a mistake!
- Shut up!
- Let's go before Motalebi shows up.
- You jerk!
- Get changed.
- Shut up! You told everyone?
- Give me your clothes.
- Jerk!
You jerk!
- Take your glasses off.
- You jerk!
- What are you doing here?
- I came to see you, sir.
- But you left two hours ago.
- He's right.
He's my cousin, sir.
I keep missing him.
- I've even started to like you a lot.
- Salarzadeh!
- You talk too much.
- I'm sorry!
- Where are you taking him?
- I didn't tell you, sir.
But when I got shot in the arm,
I got a little depressed.
I'm going downstairs to have some privacy.
- Shouldn't I come along?
- I'll go with Rahmanian.
We'll go together, sir.
Go ahead.
- Let's go. Careful.
- Go.
I'm telling him I need some privacy and...
Put your glasses on.
Hello Colonel.
- We're being followed by a police car.
- What?
- You sure it's following us?
- I think so.
- What are you talking about?
- Turn right.
- Stop it!
- Go faster.
I shouldn't get excited!
Don't be crazy!
We've let you off that damn hospital!
Shut up and let me do my job.
Cut the crap!
- Pull over.
- What about the trunk?
What do you have in the trunk?
Maybe some drinks for which
you'll get whipped.
Pull over!
Pull over. Pull over.
What's the big deal?
See? It wasn't following us.
I don't have time to waste.
It's because of my sister that
I haven't said anything to you yet.
I've been shot for God's sake!
Don't be such a bully!
Are you sure the thing is at home
or you're still leading us on?
Stop it! Drop me off at the police station.
Go home with Saber and get your thing.
We have no time.
We're going home.
Drop me off!
I'll go to the station by myself.
Give us the thing first and then go
wherever the hell you want.
Oh God!
I'm fine, brothers!
This is Rahmanian, Colonel.
Get out.
- What about the trunk?
- How much alcohol do you have in there?
It's not alcohol!
- Cocaine?
- Crystal?
- Crack?
- Hookah?
Tell us!
The second jewelry bag that was lost.
Oh God!
- Oh God!
- We have to surrender.
Don't say anything about the hand.
Get out.
Don't cry like a little girl.
Two years later
Don't ever come back!
- Something wrong?
- I think it's legal now.
- No way!
- I mean the music!
We lost two years of fun, boy!
- People are dancing in the streets.
- Taxi.
What are you doing?
We have to pay the fare.
Thank you guys.