Looop Lapeta (2022) Movie Script

Happy birthday to me.
Let this day come again and again.
So the heart can sing several times...
It's like any other normal day.
Completely fuck all!
But this is just
the beginning of the fuck all day.
How did I end up here?
No, not referring to the test!
Everyone knows the way to get here.
How else would the population
of our country be 1.3 billion?
Shut up!
I couldn't believe that I was going
to add another life to the 1.3 billion.
When only some time ago,
I was about to take a life.
My own.
8 p.m., Monday.
"Depressed female
jumps off hospital roof."
Or something worse will make
for tomorrow's news headlines.
People will say "She was scared..."
Which you would know when you
look down from the tenth floor.
It's not that easy.
It's not exactly a leap of faith.
But do you know what's easier?
Because the thing about dreams is
they will come to you
even when you're curled up in bed.
But I kept chasing my dreams.
And this was my last chance to get it.
What could be worse than losing the race?
Never being able to run again.
On your mark...
Get set...
What the hell?
Why did you save me?
My apologies.
Please go right ahead.
I wasn't exactly
drying clothes on the roof.
I was trying to kill myself.
Who jumps off a hospital rooftop?
Smart! There'd be no
need to call the ambulance!
And you could even
greet the doctor on your way down!
Suicide isn't a joke.
Takes time to prepare oneself.
Took me two days to get to the roof.
Leave me, you ass.
Hey, don't call me an ass.
Just a piece of advice,
take it or leave it.
Do you have experience
in committing suicide?
I wouldn't be here if I did.
By the way,
I already have a plan in place.
It's a bit long-term, but I'm happy.
I don't smoke. I'm an athlete.
You know what I think?
You don't really want to die.
You just want to get rid of your old life.
Want to bet?
That my life is
more screwed than yours is.
But I don't try killing myself
when I'm in trouble.
I live on hope. Who knows,
tomorrow might just be a better day.
Imagine if you will, that you were
destined to win the lottery tomorrow...
and you kill yourself today.
Wouldn't that be unfortunate?
You're holding it incorrectly.
Hi, Savi.
Have another cigarette?
I do.
But I'm out of matchsticks.
We can get some downstairs, should we go?
Using the elevator this time.
That's Satya,
and that's one of his smiles.
It's the kind of smile
when the hero of an adult film
tries his hand at acting
during a sex scene.
His regular smile.
But it was his other smile
that brought him to the hospital.
This one.
When the daughter-in-law
in an Indian TV soap drops the plate
and the vamp won't stop grinning.
This is that smile.
Satya's gambling smile.
People say "Smile
and your problems will disappear."
But for Satya, it meant the opposite.
We were used to getting
badgered by the world.
So we made each other our painkillers.
All my life I kept running after time.
But Satya changed
the concept of time for me.
For him, it was love at first fight.
And me...
I was done running.
I wanted to settle down now.
The flame burns coherently
On fragrant nights
And steamy dreams
My heart...
First love...
First downpour
Let's get drenched sweetheart
New wishes, new desires
Hear me O sweetheart
The flame burns coherently
Even on fragrant nights
And steamy dreams
- My heart...
- Do you know?
There's a ferry
from Stockholm to Helsinki.
Like the one in the Tandovi River here!
Do you want to take a trip?
Did you win the lottery?
I will someday.
We never will.
Want to bet?
We will one day.
Let me get a job first.
He's short-sighted.
And hard of hearing too.
He's the silent type.
Uncle was 88-years-old.
Uncle's camera, microphone,
and the speakers had given up on him.
Maybe that's why Yamraj,
the God of death, couldn't get through.
And me...
I needed pills, not prayers.
And I had a lot of pills.
From being a champion athlete
to a babysitter,
my life had sunk to an all-time low.
But I guess that's what I wanted.
A low-key life.
But my low-life boyfriend
was still looking
for shortcuts to success.
Savi, be gentle.
Then don't get into trouble
if you're afraid of this.
Stop going to the casino.
Lives change, Savi. All it takes is a day.
Can't say much about life
but your face has definitely changed!
Promise me, no more trips to the casino.
- Say it.
- Technically, it's not a casino.
Okay, I promise.
I won't go to the casino. Never.
Promise. Swear.
Swear on you.
I do.
But on one condition.
My heart's restless
It's crazy about your eyes
The flame burns coherently
Even on fragrant nights
And steamy dreams
My heart...
Pick up, Savi.
Pick up!
Pick up, Savi. Pick up!
Satya, I need
to tell you something. We are...
Savi, we're so fucked.
- What happened?
- You know Victor?
Yes. Did he fire you?
No, worse.
He promoted me!
Could I get an advance?
Actually, it's my girlfriend's birthday.
So I thought... I'll buy her a gift.
Remember, Satya...
There are no free lunches in this world.
Not in life, nor in my restaurant.
If you know what I mean.
If you want money,
then you've got to earn it.
Will you do the job?
You're so innocent.
See this Turkey?
I raised him myself...
for the last six months.
In fact, I even named him fondly.
Say hello to James.
Your job will be simple.
As simple as putting James in the oven.
Come on.
Boss, how much time?
Eighty minutes.
Go there, open the fridge.
Today, you're my delivery boy.
Take this bag to that address.
There you'll meet Pedro.
He'll give you a bag.
It will have five...
Five what?
His goddamn gambling smile.
Five million!
Five million.
- Five million?
- Five million.
- Five million.
- Five million!
Look, I have an important meeting today
with some important people.
I'll be back by the time
the turkey's cooked.
And that's all the time you have.
You know what this gun is for?
- Yes, boss, if anything goes wrong...
- Correct.
If anything goes wrong, shoot yourself!
Here, take it.
You see, the police
are watching our moves.
They're waiting for us to goof up.
So no goof-ups.
If you know what I mean.
This kid is quite twisted.
Don't be fooled by his innocent face.
Come here.
Don't draw any suspicions.
You know, food isn't
the only thing we cook in this restaurant.
If you know what I mean.
But seriously, if anything goes wrong...
- I know what you mean, boss.
- Yeah?
- Yeah...
- You know.
- Now...
- Yeah?
Fuck off!
Savi, I had 70 minutes to do the job.
But the job needed more than 70.
Meaning, I had time in hand
and in the bag...
Satya, you promised
you'd never go to a casino.
Technically, I didn't go to a casino.
The plan was simple, Savi.
I'll go, I'll bet.
I'll win.
I'll return Victor's money to him.
And we'll get to keep the bonus.
Let me guess. You went to bet
and you lost all the money, right?
Technically lost
but not the way you think, Savi.
Smells good, man.
Want to try, man?
- Can I, man?
- Please, man!
Please, man!
Please, man!
Please, man!
Yeah, man. Please, man!
Policeman. Policeman.
Cops, you asshole!
- Wait.
- Wait.
- Where are you going?
- Wait.
Oh, no!
Whoa... Good shit, man.
Wait a minute, Satya.
How much money was in the bag?
- Five...
- Five what?
- Five million!
- Five million.
- Five million?
- Five million.
- Five million...
- Yes, five million.
- Five million.
- I said five million!
Why would you take a bus
when you have five million on you?
I don't know.
Because I can't think beyond 50 rupees!
How can you be so stupid, Satya?
I am sorry, Savi,
everything happened suddenly,
and I forgot about the bag.
Did you find the bus?
I was going to.
But now I'm thinking,
what if I don't find the bag?
I have an idea. Let's leave this city.
Stop thinking.
You've done enough thinking for one day.
You know what Victor will do
if he catches us escaping.
I am dead, Savi.
If you know what I mean.
Victor will chop me to pieces, Savi.
I am so dead.
No, that won't happen, Satya.
Yeah, I won't let it happen.
What if I jump into the Tandovi first?
There'll be nothing for him
to chop if he can't find the body.
- Satya...
- But...
But his fish come from the Tandovi.
What if the fishermen
save me like they do in Hindi films?
- Satya...
- They will send me to Victor.
Victor will chop me to pieces, Savi.
If you know what I mean.
Listen... Now, this is what you will do.
Yeah, tell me.
You know where the bus is headed.
- Yes, Paula Dona Market.
- Good.
Now go there and look for the bag.
I'll do something.
You'll do something?
We have to find the bag, Savi.
Otherwise, he will kill me. He'll kill us.
I'll get the money.
- You go after the bus.
- You're getting the money?
- How?
- I don't know.
Beg, borrow, steal, I don't know...
Let me think.
- Take care of your luggage.
- How?
Please beware of thieves.
By the way,
Satya won the first bet of his life.
Want to bet?
We'll get screwed someday.
We're screwed... badly.
Uncle, we're out of diapers for you.
I'll get them in a flash, okay?
Actually, I'm going to save Satya's life.
Please don't die on me.
- Run...
- Fifty minutes.
Five million in 50 minutes
and a useless boyfriend's life
depends on me.
Run, Savi, run!
On your mark
Get set
Always on the run
Like a bullet from the gun
Because life's stuck in a socket today
Sometimes ran ahead of life
Sometimes after screwing everyone
Because she's tied rockets under her feet
I can't even swear
They think I'm only good
For household care
Can't even step out without looking decent
What do I say
About this state of the world?
Napusa, let's go.
I said Napusa, bro.
Sorry, sis.
Let's go, man, please.
It's a situation of life and death.
Same with me, but what to do?
Spare me.
I'm asking one last time.
And I'm telling you for the last time!
Heard about Karma?
Who's Karma?
Hey, stop!
Hey, stop!
- What is it?
- You broke that car's mirror.
Causing destruction to private property.
IPC 426. Stop.
I said stop.
Keep coming...
- Stop...
- I'm running out of time.
Keep coming...
Come on, hurry up.
Is it leaving now?
Open the door.
- Hi, Mom.
- Don't get hit.
- Faster.
- Jab.
- Papa...
- Change, cross.
- Faster. Cross, jab.
- Papa...
- Papa!
- Okay.
It's really important.
Please don't say no.
Of course, it is. When else
do you think of your father?
This time it's a question of life
and death. Will you help me or not?
Get to the point, Savi.
How much money do you want?
Five what?
- Five million?
- Five million.
- Five million...
- Five million.
- Five million.
- Five million.
Five million, are you out of your mind?
My name's Borkar, not Banker.
And it's for your
featherweight boyfriend, isn't it?
He has a name, Papa.
I know.
But his noble name
doesn't suit his shady actions.
I warned you, Savi.
You need money again.
Will you give it or not?
Why don't you ask your
featherweight boyfriend?
He even smiles like a hustler, Savi.
Trust me, someday
he'll get you in big trouble.
I guess Papa was right about this.
Papa, I'm asking you one last time.
How long will it take
to cook a human being, I wonder?
It would be interesting to find out.
The number you've dialed
is currently busy.
Please try later.
Hi, my name is Victor.
I'm an alcoholic. If you know what I mean.
- Hi, Victor.
- Hi, Victor.
Thirty-three minutes.
Papa, I'm asking you one last time.
Will you help me or not?
Remember, Savi,
what you said to me last time?
You know what, Papa...
Even after everything
I did for your dreams.
My dreams?
Those were your dreams
which you've been imposing on me
- since the day I was born.
- What?
I hid my reality
for the sake of your dreams.
The fact of the matter, Ms. Savina Borkar,
is that I've always loved you
and taken care of you
since the day you were born.
Really? Do you know
what the reality is, Dad?
You don't even remember
the day I was born.
Of course, I remember
the day you were born...
Happy birthday.
Hi, Savi. How are you?
That's my mom's ring.
I know. It's beautiful, right?
You know what, Dad...
Who was that?
My handpicked assholes.
Who threw this stone? Who did it?
Even the Gods are taunting us, Gappu.
What do we do?
Five-second rule.
Not the chow mein,
I'm talking about the plan.
What do we do about the plan?
What do we do?
Are you terrified?
Look, Appu, the time has come
when we take "Sons" out
of Shree Mamlesh
Charan Chaddhaji and Sons.
Because we're neither
handpicked nor assholes.
- Correct.
- Correct.
- But...
- But?
But what? No ifs and buts!
Bro, it's a foolproof plan.
Will Papa recognize us?
How can he? We have masks. Perfect plan.
And our secret weapon...
No problems.
Let's do a rehearsal then.
- Rehearsal?
- For my sake.
Oh, for your sake?
Okay. We can go for one.
I'll whip out the gun...
And I'll say, "Hands up."
I'll say, "Get all the money
from the safe and keep it in the bag."
I'll say, "Quickly."
"Or I will shoot, Mamlesh."
"I'll shoot you too, Mamlesh."
What are you doing?
Firing away.
You don't have a gun.
Yours isn't real either.
It's a first copy.
You should've bought the real thing.
Only if we had money to buy the real thing
then we wouldn't need
to rob a jewelry store.
But if you were buying fakes,
you could have bought two.
Will you stop talking
and let me think?
The voice.
- What voice?
- Our voice?
Won't Papa recognize us when we speak?
I'll tell you what to do.
We'll keep our mouths shut.
If we keep our mouths shut,
then how will we say,
"Put all the money
from the safe in the bag"?
Appu, we're going to a jewelry store
wearing masks and wielding a gun.
Isn't it obvious that we
aren't going in to seek a donation?
- Papa will know he's being robbed.
- Correct.
Just remember that
you have to keep your mouth shut.
You can speak now.
Okay. Getaway car.
- Getaway car?
- Getaway car.
- Satya, did you find the bag?
- No.
It's gone.
Where are you?
Outside dad's gym.
- Did you get the money?
- No.
Did you tell him I'll die
if we don't get the money?
- Yes, I told him, but...
- Well, you shouldn't have.
That's what he wants. Now that
heavyweight must be celebrating.
Shut up, Satya.
Savi, if I go to Victor empty-handed
then he'll turn me into a shashlik.
I am going.
- To rob a store.
- What?
Which store?
Have you lost your mind, Satya?
I am standing outside
Shree Mamlesh Charan Chaddhaji and Sons.
He will easily have five million rupees.
By the way, we've been there.
- Do you remember?
- I do.
Chaddha Jewelry Store.
The butter chicken people
had arrived here too.
But I remember it for a different reason.
Satya's proposal smile.
Satya has been in a relationship
since day 1 on Facebook.
I guess my status was "It's complicated".
I knew this was coming.
Why didn't I say yes...
I couldn't figure.
Turned you down, eh?
Make the bill.
Optimistic guy.
In whose name will the bill be?
Look, I'm going
to die one way or the other.
Victor has a gun.
The shop owner may not.
Satya, if you go ahead with this...
I will leave you!
The time for beg, borrow is over, Savi.
It's time to steal.
Satya, listen to me. Satya...
Twenty-eight minutes.
Caught in a loop
All the plans caught in a loop
- Shit, man.
- What happened?
Vicky is refusing to lend his bike.
I told you that we should
book a cab for the entire day.
Fifteen rupees per kilometer.
They're robbing us dry.
So what? It's season time,
let them make some money.
Let these poor guys
make some money as well.
Lola Cabs.
That's a good idea.
So we'll come out after robbing the shop
and call Lola Cabs and say,
"Hello, how far have you reached, mister?"
"We're right outside
Mamlesh Charan Chaddhaji and Sons."
"Right, so skip the red light.
You won't stand there all day."
"Yes, correct. It's a white sedan.
I can see it, 9944..."
"Look here. Correct."
"I am wearing a purple mask and
my brother's wearing a pink mask. Yeah..."
"I'm the one waving the gun."
"Did you cancel the trip?"
"Canceled... How can you do this?
This is very irresponsible."
"How can you cancel the trip?"
"Look, they canceled the trip."
Or a rickshaw?
Some days are worse.
I feel like I'm a crab.
My arms and legs have been tied
and thrown into boiling water...
so that I don't scurry away.
And gradually dying.
And eventually, I'll be delicious.
You know what I mean.
Where do you think you're going?
Get back in.
David bro, the uniform looks impressive.
- How much for the crabs?
- Four hundred rupees for you.
I won't charge you much.
- Four hundred rupees?
- Yes.
What is this? Your mother's wedding?
The other guy is selling for 300...
Yes, 300...
PT Usha.
- Where are you going?
- Okay, take it for 300 rupees.
Hey, stop.
Stop there.
Look where you're going.
Sorry... Sorry, guys.
Didn't have time to get ready.
Oh, no, he's choking.
You've got to be kidding me.
Darling Julia, are you ready?
Five minutes.
Bro... What's your problem in life?
Let's just go this time, please.
Get out of my car.
Get out!
Okay, chill.
Fourteen minutes.
He's refusing to wait.
- Let him go.
- Okay.
Get lost.
What are you doing?
What happened?
Let's wait for the customer to leave.
- Then?
- Let's rob him too.
Nine minutes!
Say it together with me
Raise both your hands...
Put the money in that bag.
Whether we get Nirvana or not
Depends on His grace
Whether I get food or not
Depends on His faith
Your fate's already been decided
Whether we get Nirvana or not
Depends on His grace
Anonymous donation of 11 rupees
Anonymous donation of 21 rupees
Anonymous donation of 101 rupees
Anonymous donation of 201 rupees
Anonymous donation of 501 rupees
Anonymous donation in dollar
Anonymous donation in pounds
Anonymous donation of gold chain
Do anonymous donation
If you wish to sleep peacefully
Just two minutes.
Savi, we did it.
We did it.
Let go of the bag.
Why? You think the money belongs to you?
Actually... yes.
Hands up!
Do not reach for your gun.
Put the bag down.
Come on. Do it!
Can't you see this is a real gun?
I asked you to put the bag down.
And I refused to.
He's saying no.
Guys... We need this money.
We desperately need this money.
Please understand our plight.
More than us?
Tell her how desperate we are.
Look here, for the last time,
keep the bag down.
Or else...
Or else I'll shoot.
- But the gun's not loaded.
- Quiet.
Oh, it's a fake gun.
It's a fake gun.
It's a fake gun.
Keep the bag down or he'll shoot, please.
No, please.
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
- Please...
- I said no.
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it.
- No!
I will shoot...
Satya! Satya, no.
Satya! Satya, no.
No, Satya, you can't die.
No! Satya!
No, Satya, wait! You can't die.
Please, no.
Satya, no.
No, Satya.
When will you stop taking shortcuts?
Tell me.
Hear that ticking sound?
Time... It's running out.
Only when we take a shortcut
will we get somewhere.
These shortcuts will only
take you to one place.
How can I land in heaven?
What about you? You'll do something.
What can I do?
Bring a dead body back to life?
Imagine if something really
happens to me, what will you do?
What will I do?
I'll wear a white sari,
break my bangles,
and watch only black and white movies!
And basically, forget me.
God... I am just joking.
You won't die so soon.
And anyway, only
good people go to heaven first.
Whether I die or not,
at least you could've given me
the confidence that you'll try to save me.
Or maybe said you'll
do mouth-to-mouth breathing
or call an ambulance!
I wasn't asking you to be like Savitri.
D'Souza's maid Savitri?
No, the mythological one.
Haven't you heard
about Satyavan and Savitri?
Where did you hear it?
I did a play
when I was in the third grade.
Played the lead role.
You played Satyavan!
Wait a minute...
Wasn't yours a boys-only school?
We're not discussing that yet,
we're talking about the story, okay.
My, my... Okay, tell me about Savitri.
Want to hear it or not?
Tell me.
So once upon a time,
there was a princess, Savitri.
Very beautiful and knowledgeable.
All the guys were insecure.
No one would right swipe her.
After years of penance,
she found a boyfriend. Satyavan.
Everything was going well.
After a while,
they decided to get married.
But there was a problem.
Let me guess. Her father
didn't like her boyfriend, right?
She was Savitri, not Savina!
Not all dads are like yours.
Her parents liked him...
But you know Sage Narad
who had this catchphrase
"Narayan, Narayan".
He said the boy's really good.
In fact, excellent.
But he's fated to die in a year.
Poor thing. Then?
But Savitri said with certainty
that she'll only marry him.
Why? Was she mad?
Not mad, she was suffering
from that other thing.
That thing where people are blinded
and only want
to spend their time together,
save each other's lives,
go to Stockholm together.
It's called "love."
Don't worry, you won't get it.
Okay, fine. Continue.
They got married.
And exactly one year later...
entered Yamraj, the God of Death.
And, condolences.
Isn't this a sad ending?
Who said this is the end?
Satya, you're alive.
I am now. But that Victor...
What about Victor?
Money, Savi. Money.
Five million?
Yes, who told you?
And you have until 4 p.m.?
How do you know all this?
Wait, Satya.
Savi, where are you?
We've only until 4 p.m.
If I don't get the money then that
"I know what you mean" bloke
will chop me to pieces.
Savi. Savi.
Why is this happening?
Listen to me, Savi. Victor will
kill us if we don't get the money.
How is it happening?
Savi, please do something.
I was on the bus.
Later I tried to get on the bus,
but this bus wasn't that bus.
I mean this bus
isn't the same bus. Listen to me, Savi.
- Savi. Shit.
- There's no time to think of any of that.
- Fuck! Savi...
- Satya is alive.
- Savi... He will kill me.
- That's important.
Let's leave this city.
Be quiet and listen to me.
There's no point in running
after the bus. The bag is already gone.
And stay where you are.
We have to find the bag, Savi.
Or he will kill me...
- He'll kill us.
- Satyajeet.
Calm down. I'll try something.
Do you want to kill me?
Why are you always staring, Uncle?
Please tell me if you're dead.
I'm running out of time.
God, take him.
Fifty minutes.
Shit, what's going on?
Is it my turn to die?
Oh, my, God...
Are you crazy?
Do you have a death wish?
Get up.
Look after the bags. I'll be right back.
Are you high?
You've damaged my car.
Where do you think you're going? Stop.
Pay for the damages. Where are you going?
Pay for the damages.
Please, let's just go this time.
Under Section 323 of IPC,
you are under arrest.
Hey Dev D, head to the police station.
Get lost. Find another taxi, I'm busy.
Hey macho man, stop messing with my head.
- Let's go.
- Oh, no.
What is it?
Let's go.
Hey, Michael Schumacher, I said
the police station, not the hospital.
I'm going, ain't I? Stop bothering me.
Is that any way to speak to the police?
Speak now.
Did you hear what I said? Apologize!
- Say sorry.
- Don't say sorry. He can do nothing.
One needs guts to fire a gun,
which he doesn't have.
Don't say sorry. Don't say it.
Don't be a wise guy.
I'll see how he doesn't say sorry. Say it.
Say sorry.
- Papa, I want...
- Savina, how did you get hurt?
I want money.
If you know what I mean.
Thirty-five minutes.
Tick, tick, tick...
Where's the money, Papa?
Careful, Savi.
Do you know how to use it?
Easy with that. Please relax.
You think I don't know anything, right?
There's a lot you could do.
But you've been running
on the wrong track these days.
Let's keep the family drama aside.
Let's assume that this is
an action film and I'm the thief.
Now, where's the money?
Imagine if your mom was alive, Savi,
how would she feel seeing
this gun in her daughter's hand?
And what about your actions?
Don't drag Mom into this...
My gym papers.
So we're even then?
What is this? Everything okay?
Relax, everything is fine.
What happened to the money, Dad?
- Did you spend it all on him?
- Savi.
You can call my boyfriend names, and I...
That's my mother's ring. Give it to me.
Savi, stop being childish.
- The ring has no value.
- I don't care.
Give it to me, or else... Or...
I will...
I will tell them about you two.
Tell them what?
Tell me, Savi.
What will you tell them about us?
What will you tell them about us?
No one here gives a damn.
Except for you.
You want the ring.
Take it.
Happy birthday, Savina.
Bro, is it done? The SUPW?
We won't have to speak now.
One for every situation. See...
When my stomach's full, I'm in my element.
"Give us your gun, please."
Papa will shoot us if he reads this.
"Handover the gun!"
"Empty your safe, rascal!" Write that.
Be bold. Write in bold.
We're going to screw him in all caps.
What if he still doesn't pay up?
But it's a fake gun.
Where are you, Satya?
I am outside the bus stop.
Did you arrange for the money?
I don't believe it, Savi.
I don't believe it...
You saved my life, Savi.
You saved my life.
Satya, do you remember
the Chaddha Jewelry Store?
Yes, why? Do you want to propose to me?
Shut up, Satya.
Meet me there.
And promise me
you won't do anything stupid.
Promise me, Satya. Say it.
Yes, I promise. Just get here soon.
I love you.
Twenty-eight minutes. Tick, tick...
Come on, David bro, everything is fresh.
What's wrong with your face?
Why are you screaming?
- What else do I do?
- Hey!
Why didn't you knock?
You forgot to lock it.
Are you okay?
I'm not okay.
On one side is Robert
and on the other is Jacob.
Jacob, Robert. Robert, Jacob.
Jacob is crazy about me.
He's been roaming around
with "Julia loves Jacob" stickers
all over his taxi for three years.
The stickers are right.
Julia does love Jacob
but what about the card
that says, "Julia Weds Robert"?
Julia and Robert's wedding card.
I mean, Robert got
those cards printed three months ago.
He won't mind if I don't marry him.
He doesn't mind anything at all.
He's such a good boy.
Doesn't matter how much you
yell at him, but he doesn't talk back.
Because he's a senior manager at a call
center. Probably used to being yelled at.
Life's sorted with him.
We're also going abroad for our honeymoon.
From the wedding venue to the airport...
And from the airport to Pattaya...
I can almost see those
cute swan towels on the hotel bed.
But if I marry Jacob,
I'll only get to go to Manjim.
In his taxi that too, and with a couple
of passengers on the way.
Do I sound selfish?
Why shouldn't I sound selfish?
It's my life. My wedding. My marriage.
It's the most important day of my life.
It's the most important day of my life.
Why should I be someone's wife?
What about my dreams and ambitions?
And what about my bebinca store?
I even thought of a name,
you know. Julia's Bebinca.
If I get married, I'll have
to think of the children's names.
But we're like complete strangers.
Like Robert, you know
we haven't even kissed.
He's always shaking hands.
What if he kisses with his eyes open?
Jacob is a good kisser.
I kissed him in that
shady alley in his taxi.
It's not the ideal romantic setting,
but it was still very nice.
You know what else is nice? Bebincas.
It's so comforting.
Who doesn't want a comfortable life?
And Jacob can make me feel comfortable.
Why isn't he here?
Why isn't he here to comfort me?
Why can't he come here
and say something stupid, like...
"Julia's heart beats for Jacob."
"Not for the call center guy."
Maybe then I can decide.
Goddammit, why should I decide?
Why should I decide?
Why do I want to get married?
Why should anyone get married
and spend so much money on a wedding?
It's all according to my taste, you know.
This location, this color palette.
This beautiful dress.
No, no, I am more than this.
I am more than the guy who loves me.
Jacob loves me a lot.
He even remembers my
roll number from school.
Who remembers a seven-digit roll number?
Robert has a seven-digit salary.
He can help me start Julia's Bebinca.
Why do I need his help?
Why do I need anyone's help?
I can do this on my own.
I am going to do this on my own.
No, I can't do this on my own.
I really can't, please.
What do I do? Please...
Go with Robert.
Go with Robert.
If you run after someone like Jacob,
then you'll be running all your life.
Marry Robert.
Darling Julia.
Are you ready?
Is the door open?
Darling Julia. Are you ready?
Yes, I am ready.
I am coming.
You're ready.
What's wrong?
Tears of joy.
Julia, I just wanted
to congratulate you on our wedding.
I really appreciate you marrying me. So...
- "Do not try to make Bond..."
- No, it's "Don't try to be Bond."
Hey boss, do you have a light?
Which idiot asks the boss for a light?
What "huh?"
Does this look like a corner shop to you?
I wasn't exactly asking you
for a betel leaf, asshole.
What did he say?
Nothing, he said nothing.
- What did he say?
- You heard what I said.
- Why you...
- Let it go.
How can I let it go?
Our father pushes us around.
We can't let the others do the same.
Come on, get lost.
Do you own the road? You get lost.
We are two and you're alone.
I can handle you comedians all by myself.
Not just comedians...
- It's Appu and Gappu.
- Why you...
When you don't know how to hold it,
how will you use it?
It's not mine, bro. Give it back.
Correct, now it's mine.
It's a stylish gun. Now get lost.
- Bro...
- Bro...
- Bro...
- Bro!
- Bro...
- Bro!
- Bro...
- Bro!
This one's real.
This one's mine?
Keep it.
But this one's fake.
- It's a first copy.
- Okay whatever, first copy.
Let's play.
Rascals, I'll show you.
Hello, Police.
I'm calling from outside Shree Mamlesh
Charan Chaddha and Sons Jewelers.
I just saw two masked men enter the store.
They have guns. I think they are robbers.
Come soon.
Yes. Hello...
Eighteen minutes. Tick, tick...
He's been roaming around
with "Julia loves Jacob" stickers
all over his taxi for three years.
It's a situation of life and death.
Same with me. What to do?
On one side is Robert
and on the other is Jacob.
Marry Robert.
Get out!
Move your hand. Don't try...
to be Bond."
Otherwise what?
Appu who?
We don't know any Appu.
Quickly put all the money
in the bag, Mamlesh.
He's Appu.
I recognize his shitty handwriting.
Appu. What is all this?
Gappu, our father knows it's us. What now?
Won't I know my handpicked assholes?
- What is all this?
- Prank...
- Papa.
- Prank...
- Prank...
- You're on camera.
Papa, you're on camera.
If you like our channel then like,
share, and subscribe to it, guys.
Appu-Gappu is the name of the channel.
- Oh, wow, what a prank! What a prank!
- You got duped.
- Papa, you...
- You got duped.
I mean you were scared.
We had to plan this so carefully...
Papa got scared.
Now Papa will do a prank!
What, Papa?
- Come on.
- This was Appu's plan.
Come on.
- Papa, it was a prank...
- Come closer.
This was Appu's idea and not mine.
Keep coming...
Where are you, Savi?
Satya, turn around.
Are you okay?
Where is the money?
You lied to me.
- Satya...
- Please tell me you're joking, Savi.
- Look...
- You lied.
If I hadn't lied
then you would've been dead.
Does it look like
I'm going to survive now?
If you had told me the truth,
I would've made some arrangements.
- Like?
- Like, I don't know.
I... I would've robbed that store maybe.
Come here, Satya.
This is why I called you.
There's no time to beg or borrow.
It's time to steal.
- Yes.
- But there's a problem, Savi.
Those two?
- Yes, but how do you know?
- Leave that.
Listen, you have a gun,
don't you? Take it out.
Actually, Savi, there's another problem.
What is it?
The gun is gone.
Actually, there's another problem.
I called the police.
Curse you!
They were talking about
robbing the store with my gun.
I didn't do anything wrong.
And I had no idea
you planned to be a robber.
Okay, listen to me.
Those two will rob the store, hopefully.
We'll rob them... hopefully.
And you...
There's no one back there.
Come on...
Put down.
Come on...
Wait there.
Empty the safe. Put the money in this bag.
Come on.
Let's clear one thing today.
Do you love your sons more or your money?
There's no doubt about that.
The money!
Hey. What are you doing? Lower it.
Lower it.
This one's real, Gappu.
That's not right, Son. Lower it.
He'll get hurt.
I always knew one of us was adopted.
But now I know it's me.
Actually, to be perfectly honest...
Appu is the adopted one.
Goodbye, Papa.
Eight minutes. Tick, tick...
We did it.
If you run after someone like Jacob
then you'll be running all your life.
Marry Robert.
We did it.
Hey... Recognize me?
I kissed him in that
shady alley in his taxi.
When I survived the accident,
I thought God's with me.
Julia will be fine.
But you survived too.
He's playing games with me.
Right here in this alley is where
Julia and I kissed for the first time.
I thought I'd breathe my last here.
I was going to shoot myself.
- Calm down.
- Be quiet...
I said be quiet, you bloody...
Calm down.
Shut up.
I am calm...
- Jacob...
- What did you tell Julia?
What did you tell Julia?
Julia who?
Don't marry Jacob.
I didn't know Julia was talking about you.
If you run after someone like Jacob,
then you'll be running all your life.
But what about me?
What about me?
Whoa... Calm down.
Jacob, listen.
You won't get Julia if you kill me.
So lower your gun.
You're right.
If I kill you, Julia won't become mine.
But who's talking about killing you?
Satya. No, not again.
Not again, Satya, no.
No, please.
Satya, no. No... Satya, no.
Why did you save me?
You don't really want to die.
You just want to get rid of your old life.
Satya, not again. No...
No, don't go, please...
Satya, no...
Not again, Satya, no.
Not again...
Was Yamraj convinced?
So sad.
Savitri kept running after him,
and Yamraj kept going to the world
of the afterlife with Satyavan.
Savitri kept pleading with Yamraj,
but he ignored her.
Once, twice, thrice...
Finally, Yamraj turned around
and said, "What is your problem, child?"
You know, I'm just
trying to do my job here.
Then what did Savitri say?
She said, "I have just one question."
"Why my husband?"
"I followed every conduct, did my duty."
"I've been a good girl, man."
There's a pause
because now, Yamraj is interested.
This is his favorite topic.
To make an impression, she began
reciting everything she'd learned
about righteousness, morality, and duty.
- Like...
- Like...
I don't know. Like...
The usual stuff like be good to everyone,
respect your parents, do good deeds,
leave the rest to Karma, etc.
You mean those morning WhatsApp forwards.
Yes, but in Sanskrit.
And she explained everything in detail.
But was her lecture convincing?
He was so impressed
that he gave her a boon.
He offered for her to ask
for anything she wanted.
But conditions apply...
She could not ask
for Satyavan's life back.
Then... Savitri was wise too.
She said, "Fine,
you cut short my husband's life."
"At least bless my children
with long life."
Wait a second.
You never said she had children.
She didn't.
You mean, if Yamraj
gives this boon to Savitri,
then he'll have to send Satyavan back.
So Savitri was messing with Yamraj.
And that's why you
love this story so much!
What happens in the end?
Was Satyavan revived or not?
What do you think?
No! No!
Shit, how did we get screwed again?
We even had the money again.
Satya's call has not come yet.
Thank God.
I'm doing something wrong.
Think about what you're doing wrong, Savi.
Think, Savi
Rack your brains, Savi. Think, Savi.
You said, "What could be worse
than losing that race?"
Never to run again.
That was your last chance.
Life's giving you another chance, Savi.
Don't be crazy.
There's no point in running.
This is not your cup of tea.
Neither on the racetrack nor in life.
It is...
Think about what you can do differently.
If you keep running on the circular track,
you will end up at the same point.
Chill, man.
How far did you think you could go?
Don't listen to her.
You're done running fast.
Now you've got to run
straight and correct.
Otherwise, you'll be stuck in this loop.
I've already failed twice.
What's the guarantee I won't fail again?
Imagine giving up this time,
and what if you're about
to win the jackpot?
Wouldn't that be unfortunate?
Look, Uncle, if you have any
inspirational speech, let me hear it now.
This is the time to break
your eternal silence, Uncle.
Savi, where are you?
Why aren't you picking up the phone?
Quiet, Satya.
Everyone makes mistakes.
I am getting the money.
Just stay wherever you are.
There's no point in running.
You won't find the bag on the bus.
And don't even think about
going to the jewelry store.
They have a gun.
Which jewelry store?
What gun? I don't understand.
Have you been smoking weed?
Listen to me, Savi. This is serious.
Satya, wait for me.
Fifty-four minutes. Tick, tick...
Don't hang up, Papa.
What happened?
Tell me, Savina. Do you need money?
I am sorry, Papa.
I know how much my running meant to you.
I am sorry I disappointed you.
That's not true, dear.
It was actually my fault.
I shouldn't have put
so much pressure on you.
I should be the one who should be sorry.
No, Papa, don't say sorry.
Even I wanted that gold.
Gold or not, I'm still proud of you.
I miss you, Papa.
I miss you too, dear.
One more thing, Papa.
Satya means a lot to me.
I guess I'll try to...
I'll try to like your
featherweight boyfriend too.
And I will try and do the same with Yash.
I guess all we can do is...
- Keep trying.
- Keep trying.
Okay, Papa, I have to run.
Okay, you take care.
Listen, Savi. Happy birthday.
Thanks, Papa.
Let's go to Julia's wedding.
I know the one you love
is marrying someone else.
Who are you?
That's not important.
Do you want Julia or not?
Yes, I do but...
How do you know? Is it in the newspaper?
Julia will get to "You may kiss the bride"
while you still keep asking me questions.
What are you waiting for?
You love Julia, don't you?
Then you've got to fight for it.
Don't give up on the first try.
Life changes, Jacob.
All it takes is a day.
You know what, go tell Julia.
"Julia's heart beats for Jacob."
Not with the call center guy.
"Julia's heart beats for Jacob.
Not with the call center guy."
Perfect. Let's go.
Forty-eight minutes.
The number you have called...
Think, Satya, think.
This is your problem.
Don't drag Savi into this.
Own up to your shit, man. Deal with it.
This is why she doesn't want to marry you.
Marriage. Proposal.
Mamlesh Charan Chaddhaji
and Sons Jewelry Store.
- I know what you meant, Savi.
- No...
Don't slow down. Don't take
your foot off the accelerator.
Come on.
God... Where is the food?
You've been making me
slog on an empty stomach.
Focus on the job, you glutton.
And what shitty handwriting is this?
It's cursive.
Volume down, hands up,
and give me your gun.
Hurry up.
Put all the money in that bag.
But how can I get the gun
if my hands are up?
Yeah, right.
Lower one hand and get the gun.
What is it?
Why are you looking at me like that?
What is it?
Satyajeet who?
I don't know any Satyajeet.
Have you lost your mind?
You're Satyajeet.
Optimistic boy.
The ring is from this store.
I remember my customer's name...
- Address...
- Phone number...
- PAN number...
- GST number...
- Signature...
- And most importantly...
I remember everything.
Keep the gun down.
Come on.
It's okay, come back. What do we do?
Come on. Think...
- Idea.
- What?
- Kidnapping.
- Yes. Whose?
Today is a very special day.
And I hope it stays this way.
It's been 365 days...
A year since I last touched the bottle.
Thirty-nine minutes. Tick, tick...
Wait a second, Mr. Mamlesh, let me repeat.
You're saying I should rob your store.
And return... half the money to you.
And then the insurance will...
Make me richer.
How much do you want?
- Five...
- Five what?
- Five million.
- Five million.
- Five million!
- Five million...
- Five million!
- Five million.
- Five million.
- Five million!
Come on. Now stop.
I'll be back in a flash.
Your Jacob's coming, Julia.
Julia honey, are you ready?
Five minutes.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
Julia's heart beats for Jacob,
not for the call center guy.
Why didn't you knock?
Why didn't you lock it?
Chill. She's with us.
- She brought us together.
- What?
You're not together yet.
Are you ready yet?
Oh. Sorry.
One last job left to do.
Call the police.
Sorry, guys. I'm in no mood
to get married today.
- Julia.
- Robert.
Twenty-eight minutes.
Oh, fish, late for a wedding I think.
Inspector David reporting.
Your entire life changes.
All it takes is a day.
I hope you're right, Satya.
Just married.
Next spin.
Place your bets, please.
Any more bets?
Last call for bets.
Winning number 8 black.
I won!
Sixteen minutes.
Here you go, bro.
- Wait a minute.
- Sure.
Let me just take this call.
Who is calling now?
Appu, what is it?
Papa, keep the phone away.
Sorry, I forgot. Tell me.
Save me, Papa.
Save you? From who?
- I've been kidnapped.
- What?
He wants lots of money.
Lots of money.
How much?
Five what?
- Five million!
- Five million!
- Five million!
- Five million!
Okay, listen.
Ask him if he can settle for one million.
How about one million?
You should be ashamed, Papa!
One million isn't acceptable.
I am your son.
Where is Gappu?
Where is Gappu?
- Uh, he's dead.
- What?
Err, he's not dead.
He's got an asthma attack, Papa.
No, actually, he's never had asthma.
He's unconscious.
He's unconscious, Papa.
Thank God.
And Papa, don't call the police.
Don't call the police.
Or else it will be terrible.
He will kill me, Papa.
He will cut my throat.
- Cut your throat?
- No, he won't cut my throat.
They will bash my head in.
Bash your head in?
Got to go, Papa.
This is no time to chit-chat.
And keep the money ready.
He's coming to the store
with me. Bye, Papa.
Come on. Come to the shop.
- Bye, Papa. Bye.
- Come.
Oh, Lord...
there's a slight change in the plan.
Jacob, someone else is
escaping from their wedding.
Wait, isn't that...
God, it's you again.
Taxi, madam?
I can't thank you enough.
You already have.
I am following your policy.
Try to understand. Return the money.
Something urgent has come up.
Can't be more urgent than my problem...
Papa, save me.
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
Appu, my son.
Hand over the gun quietly
or I will shoot him.
Sorry... I mean he will shoot me, Papa.
Wait a minute. The money's right here.
Return the money.
Or else he will shoot my son.
- But I can't.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- Give it.
- Give it.
- No.
- Give it.
- No.
Police station.
This is Shree Mamlesh
Charan Chaddhaji speaking.
My store has been robbed, sir.
I can't take a risk
with a wise guy like you, Mr. Mamlesh.
The initials of your name are MC.
This one's fake. Please don't shoot.
It's a first copy.
Gappu who? We don't know any Gappu, Papa...
Everyone on this side, come on.
Twelve minutes. Tick, tick...
The number you've dialed...
Savi, God bless you.
Shree Mamlesh Charan Chaddhaji and Sons.
Anyway, because I'm a good boy...
I am only taking what we decided.
Hands up.
Do it properly.
Okay, thanks. Bye.
Who is he?
Please save me. They have guns.
Seems like a civilian.
Move. Out of the way.
Move. Out of the way.
He's dancing after robbing my money.
Out of the way.
Satya. Satya. This way.
Everyone out of bullets?
Now hide.
From the harsh blows of life
I'll keep you safe in the haven of my arms
From the restless moments
I'll snatch peaceful moments
Only for you
Keeps repeating itself
Save from evil eye
Such is our love
Of you and me
Let's go, Savi. What happened?
Satya, will you marry me?
Let's go.
Hurry up, Satya, my knees are aching.
Of course.
Who else will go with me
from Stockholm to Helsinki on the ferry?
In that case, you'll need
to get three tickets.
You're sneaky and lucky as well.
You survived.
I guess third time's the charm.
Hi, I am Savi.
Happy birthday, Savi.
Is that my bag?
Yes, boss.
Here's your cut.
Happy birth...
wedding day to you.
Thanks, boss. Means a lot.
And your gun is in the bag, boss.
Keep it.
You'll need it for tomorrow's job.
If you know what I mean.
Didn't your dad
give this ring to his boyfriend?
He has a name.
He's sweet.
Damn, I should've worn a suit as well.
What's in the bag?
Yamraj's boon.
Let's go home and I'll tell you.
Hey, man...
Satya always said,
"Lives change, Savi."
"All it takes is a day."
And I never believed him.
And now after all this, I still don't.
Because all it takes is
a moment for life to change.
One shoelace,
one traffic signal, one turn,
left or right, right or wrong.
And everything depends
on what you do at that moment.
These moments will come and go.
Hello, James.
Once, twice, or dozens of times.
Sometimes the result
will be positive and sometimes...
Oh, no.
Not again.
His life's stuck in a loop again
My life's stuck in a loop again
This universe stuck in a loop
Entire plan's stuck in a loop
Nehru Sir loved roses
Rose petals are green in color
Even watermelon is green in color
But colors are not important here
Colors were invented in Germany
Germany's ruler was Hitler
Hitler was a dangerous person
Even tigers are dangerous
Tigers weigh ten tones
The heart is very capricious
Madhubala's sister Chanchal
Was also capricious
Madhubala had a heart disease
Heart is below the temple
Flowers are offered in the temple
And Nehru Sir loved roses
Circle of life
His life's stuck in a loop again
My life's stuck in a loop again
This universe stuck in a loop
Entire plan's stuck in a loop
Always on the run
Like a bullet from the gun
Because life's stuck in a socket today
Sometimes ran ahead of life
Sometimes after screwing everyone
Because she's tied rockets under her feet
I can't even swear
They think I'm only good
For household care
Can't even step out without looking decent
What do I say
About this state of the world?
His life's stuck in a loop again
My life's stuck in a loop again
This universe stuck in a loop
Entire plan's stuck in a loop