Loophole (1981) Movie Script

Sorry, I am late. It's a last bit of shopping
for the kids.
I bought mine duty free
on the Concord lounge.
- Thank you
- Thank you.
Well, are congratulations in order?
I am afraid not
You better make the most of it Stephen. Its the
last trip, we will have on the company
- What do you mean?
- They are tearing the stock after you left.
We didn't get the contract.
Tired about bothering about
some other jobs that are small.
Sorry old chap! But we are broke.
Its time I retire anyway.
Knocked by the house that clinched it.
There is some money in the Geneva account
How about you?
Well, I am not ready to retire yet.
Listen Jim! I knew we were on the edge
but I thought we could hang on.
You are a bright boy Stephen.
and a damn good architect
- You will find another partnership.
- Oh I am sure.
- Cheers?
- Cheers. - That's the way.
- Will you have some more champagne Sir?
- Why not!
Don't get run in for speeding.
Welcome home Steve.
- Oh for gods sake
Oh I missed you.
- Everything went all right?
What do you reckon?
- Doesn't look like 40 grand to me.
Maybe 20 not more.
Well, lets find out.
Steve, I have got a marvelous place.
Its 59 years Pimplico, and its so cheap
Well comparatively. I dragged her about there.
She is mad about it.
He has finally agreed to roll up his sleeves
and work again.
Right David?
- Oh yes, right
Ideas unlimited. How does that sound?
- It sounds great Laura.
- What is it?
- It's a business.
Interior decorating. We are going to be
somewhat sister concern of you.
People like you and David
will put up the glass and the concrete.
We move in and make it beautiful.
- Oh, I see.
Where do you think they are going
to get the capital to start all this.
Oh, easy. From you.
Stephen, come see it. Somebody else is going to
snap it up fast, if we don't move in fast. Tomorrow?
Can we talk about it later?
- Drink? .
- Yeah! I will have a lager.
- Marty?
- No thanks. I am all right.
How do you like to plough some of it back?
International securities Bank.
- That's like taking on Fort Knox.
Other may have thought about it.
But nobody else had a go.
Sounds like a challenge.
You know about the deposit boxes.
I am told in millions.
I can get us in and I can get us out
provided we got the right team.
- How many more we need?
- Three.
- A straight man.
- Straight man?
- Specialist. Technical and very necessary.
- Don't like to work with anyone straight.
- Well we 4 were once straight Harry.
Where do we get him? Yellow pages.
We have a shortlist from the institute of architects.
and it will be fine.
- Its good bye Fairbrother, Young and Brooker.
- You mean you have been sacked?
No, not sacked. Damn it.
Will you listen to me for Gods sake?
We didn't get the Wiggly contract. They gave it to
Japan and so the partnership is dissolved.
Well darling! I am so sorry.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't want to spoil the party.
- What are you ... what are we going to do?
- I can found a new partnership eventually I guess.
In the mean time I have to try
and find a job some place.
That wont be difficult. Not for you.
- Yeah. We will see.
- Why don't you join David?
- No.
No. Listen to me... I don't want
any of my friends to know it just now.
I need some time to sort things out.
- But you can jump on it.
I will phone Leo in the morning
I will get it delayed at least.
- Delay what?
- The lease.
- What lease?
The shop. Everything that we talked about.
Poor Stephen. No wonder you look so tired.
I will phone him.
No darling. Don't call I am serious.
I want you to go ahead with your plan.
-You worked
Too long and too hard.
Don't worry about it. We will
find the money someplace.
- You like her?
- Very much. Is it for sale?
Sounds like a bargain.
- Oh it is.
She is in for a rephrase for the moment.
Got a lot of equipment here. Got a
reputation to put up.
We have twin turbo. Super charged.
You can run her for a week. Full power no trouble.
I don't swim that well.
That shaft it is not lined. If you turn full power
You will tear the backside of it.
You know your boats well.
- I know this ones bent.
Anything else you like to see?
My name is Tanny. Mike Tanney.
- Should I have heard about you?
Possibly... where can we talk?
- Over here.
Be back in five minutes Cook. I am Taylor.
- I know
Okay Sara. Give us a kiss.
Good-bye darling.
Mommy will pick you up at four.
- See you after school.
- We have got a match on Sunday
- Yeah! Who are you playing? - Middleton Hall.
- I am going to be a wicket keeper.
- Wicket keeper? Is that anything like zookeeper?
Maybe I will get down to see you play.
- - Will you? That would be amazing.
But, are you sure you got the time?
- I am afraid I have got plenty of time.
- Are you retired?
- Not exactly no.
Anything now would have to be special.
What have you got in your mind?
- Are you surprised?
- Yeah! Its possible.
Why do you need the equipment? You aft
For a sunken treasure.
Something like that.
Wish we could find a place for you.
We have got enough for the moment.
- But the way things are going...
- I can understand.
We never recovered from the
Wiggle contract.
- I am sure there will be something.
- I hope you are right.
I appreciate you gave me the time
- Not at all.
- I will make a few phone calls.
- That's very kind of you.
Wilson can't even read the bloody specifications.
I am sorry about that. Well I wish
I could do with someone lie you.
Now well, the decision wasn't mine.
Frankly I think it is going to last a week.
Keep in touch.
- I must say that was a delicious lunch.
- I am glad you enjoyed it.
- Have you been a member here long?
- Yes. For several years now.
I suppose you have more time
for gossip these days.
- Unfortunately I do.
- The subscription must be quite high.
- It is
- If wonder I might have a brandy?
Jerry! Could we get a couple of Brandy's please?
And a cigar for Sir.
Well now I am afraid, we must talk business.
- Of course.
Your debt to the bank is now 35000.
I thought we agreed to hold it to 30
Yes we did. But unfortunately as you know.
I do have a lot of commitments.
When can we expect an infusion of funds? - I am afraid we cant.
That is to say, not until I secure another job.
- Any progress? - Well, yes and no.
Thank you very much Jerry.
I have made several applications.
I am waiting to hear from some of them
And also I had a couple of interviews ... but.
Nothing so far.
I thought that a man with your qualifications.
- That's the problem. It appears I am overly qualified.
I have to start in the top and.
There aren't many positions available now.
Have you thought of selling the house?
- I beg your pardon?
Well, it must have trebled in value.
You can sell it to a profit.
We built that house ourselves...
I mean. My whole life is there. I can't sell it.
Well what do you propose?
- Keep on working. I guess.
I don't know what else to say.
Remarkable. Yes... quite remarkable.
- Thank you.
Our field is.. How can I put it?
Somewhat smaller. Less ambitious.
Yes, I am sure I can adjust.
- I am sure you could.
But in a tiny office like this.
I am not sure how we could contain you.
Not even on a temporary basis?
- I hard to feel so. I am truly sorry.
-Stephen! Stephen!
- Heads up Sara. Strike 3 you are out.
Can I talk to you a minute?
- Hey love!
Come and join us.
Who wants Momma on his side?
- You are the best pitchman
- I will be right back.
Everything is coming down to boil.
We have this nice looking Scottish lady..
Who does hand printed wallpaper.
There is a big sale at Sarabigs tomorrow.
- Is it still ok Stephen?
- How much do you need?
- 10000, each.
- Can you give us a bit more time?
Couple of day's maybe.. - Sure!
Ok! You call the kids.
Your turn.
- Hello Mr.Brooker. How do you do!
- It's nice to see you.
- - This is my partner.. Mr. Daniels.
- How do you do sir!
- Please sit down.
- Thank you.
- You are an American?
- Yes Sir! I am afraid so.
You have got a work permit. I take it.
- Of course.
We do not want to do anything illegal.
Well we are not talking of building a skyscraper.
Nothing like that.
What we actually want is to
add 3 extra floors.
- I assume you have planning permission.
- Oh yes. The penholders city. etc.. etc..
- Do you think it will interest you?
- Oh yes. Very much so Sir.
Of course there are some other projects
I am also interested in..
And I must say I am used to ..
more creative control.
Well, the exterior must harmonize the building
which goes without saying. Apart from those
Apart from those, we can promise you
entirely free hand.
- That's sounds exciting.
- What do you think of it?
If we are to offer you the project, when will you
want to have a look at the premises.
- When ever you want.
- Fine.
Well thank you very much
for coming along
Oh, one more thing.. Should you offer me the job
and I accept. I assume there will be .
An initial payment upfront. You know sign of good faith.
- It's as good ass it is in the bank.
- You got it?
- I got it.
- Is it exciting?
- Its a job..
- When do you start?
- I already have.
- Is it good money?
- Well, lets say this...
It's enough for you to continue your project.
- How much?
Well I got 10 percent of the budget, plus
A big b onus if we finish in schedule.
And this is one job I will finish on time.
- Stephen! I am so proud of you.
- I am proud of you.
- We are pretty wonderful couple don't you think?
- It is Saturday. Nobody wants to work anymore.
It's like a disease.
- Package for you. Sir!
- Ah! Thank you.
Plans of the building.
I will hold the doors.
- Thank you! We wont be long.
Well here we are.
This is where we want a break through.
I couldn't agree with you more.
Actually it's the foundations
that are trouble us more.
- Foundations?
- Yeah! Will there be enough underpinning..
To take the weight of the 3 extra floors.
- I don't think it will be a problem.
They usually construct these pretty well.
- I hope you are right.
You know, I will have to make a
detailed study of the outside as well.
Well I think we actually got, most of the details here.
That's a plan of this level?
- Yes!
- Is there anything you want to see you here?
- I don't think so. Looks it's all here.
- Well, what are you doing in here?
-Actually we are finishing.
Can I help you?
- No, we have a qualified architect.
Work my dear is what you should be doing.
There is so much dirt here.
Give us a chance. We are all over
for the whole morning.
Well I wont detain you any longer.
Looks like you got a handful.
There is a Mr.Brooker, waiting for you
in the reading room, Sir.
Hey! Nice to see you again.
- Hello Mr. Daniels! Good to see you.
- I am sorry to bother you here.
- No, it's not a problem.
Well I discovered something here. I think
you better take a look at that.
Make a decision
- Well go ahead.
If I take it out here and we have a line of steel ribs
here. And here and here.
Sort of a concealed backrest. We can actually gain
an added 600 sq my of room, here and here.
And that will add to additional 50000 pounds.
What do you think?
Well, its good news. Everybody wants
extra office place you know.
- I thought you would..
- Well what about the underpinning.
Would it carry that kind of weight?
- Oh very much so, Sir!
I checked the plans Mr. Garner gave me
with the original plans
There will be no problem with that.
Would you like to take a look at that?
Oh no.. It will be probably too technical.
I will leave that to you, if you don't mind.
- Well, that's terrific. Well go-ahead.
- That's all I wanted to hear.
And any time you want to drop in and see me
you can call here after the lunch
I will stay... so feel free.
- Hey! Where are you going?
- I better take some measurements and see the bosses
Bye. And don't be late.
Excuse me! I want to see Mr. Daniels please?
- Mr. Daniels?
- Yes and Mr. garner.
- Oh well, them!
- They are not here.
I will wait.
- There is no point.
- At what time will three be back?
This is their office.
- Of course.
- I don't follow.
- Well they rented it for a week.
They only rented this for one week?
- That's right! Well there are lots of them here.
- Thank you.
- You never know what will you get next.
- There is a gentleman wishing to see you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me sir! Would you mind?
Putting this on, please.
How nice to see you so soon.
Perhaps we better sit down. Shall we?
I am sorry I don't know
where to begin.
There is no scheme of extending that building ... and.. You don't own it.
They even have never heard of you.
I would really like to know
what this is all about.
Yes, you are right.
I don't own that building.
It's the one next door I am interested in.
The International securities bank.
I intend to rob it.
I am going in through the sewers..
Which is why we want you.
All I need is a weekend of your time.
And it will entitle you to 1/7th of the proceeds.
I can guarantee that your share will
not be less than half a million pounds.
- Just one weekend.
- That's how long I calculated it will take.
And whatever made you think that I would
want to get involved in this.
Architect unemployed. .. Formerly with McGregor!
2 mortgages... 2 children in expensive private schools.
Overdraft 50000 pounds and rising
Living beyond the means
Outgoings constant.
You left one thing off your list.
- Whets that?
- You are dealing with an honest man.
- Correct.
Here are 10000 for the work you have
already done.
You are damn right of the work I have already done.
I have given you people a weeks of my time
and I don't have a nickel to show for it.
Why didn't you tell me upfront about this?
You know damn well that I cannot touch that money now.
Well think about it. There is
always time to change your mind.
Not a chance.
Good-bye Mr. Daniels. If that's your name.
I just need some more time.
- You had time. Whets it led to?
More expenditure as far as I can see.
All the more of this out.
- I thought we greed.
- I know. But I am afraid it can't be helped.
I am sorry. Won't do.
We have been very patient.
The bank can't afford to support you any longer.
- I don't know what else I can do.
- Find some money.
- Have you got your cheque book with you?
- Yes!
Thank you!
- But I have signed Stephen
- Well I am sorry it
Don't be ridiculous how can I?
- We don't have any choice.
- Stephen, the whole thing has gone through.
- Don't worry about it.
I will call David to explain.
- Explain?
- Yes explain
- What do you explain?
What about the deposit?
What about the lease.
What about the stock I bought?
- Honey! I am really very sorry.
- Well what else you want me to say?
You could have just told me about it
instead of just saying I quit.
There is nothing to tell you Darling.
The job doesn't exist anymore.
What was this job anyway?
What is it?
Did you ever actually have one?
- What do you mean?
How do I know about it? You never
tell me anything. You never share with me.
- You could have just made it up.
- Oh! For Christ's sake Diana.
- What about the advance you kept talking about?
- I turned it down.
- You what?
- I turned it down.
- Stephen, are you crazy?
- I don't know, but at least I am honest.
And I have still got my integrity.
Since you don't tell me anything about it
I can't judge that.
There are bills to be paid. The school fees
that are due.
Mathews is really doing well now
What I am suppose to do now. Take him out?
Stephen, I made a commitment.
Oh no. You said. Don't pull out.
I am so terribly talented.
Well it bloody well hasn't.
Steve! I want to show you something.
Get into the car.
Good Morning! - Good morning Sir!
- Do I have to sign Mr.Brooker in? - No..
How many boxes do you think there are?
- 600 to 800 I guess.
Oh excuse me I am sorry.
Its bad manners to stand.
Uncut stones, jewelry.. Money which some people wouldn't admit having.. You know what I mean
Stamp collections.. Deeds ... securities..
Old love letters maybe.
Present to great great grandmother
when she was a child.
It's amazing what people treasure. This is
supposed to be the safest vault in London.
Impregnable.. Mind you I always maintain
What man can make. Man can break.
That's why I don't keep too much here myself.
- Why are you so persistent with me?
- Because you are the man I need.
Fancy a cup of tea?
Come on..
- Shout if you want more hot water.
- Thanks Vella!
- We wont get caught...
- I wonder how many times that's been said before.
I have been planning this job for 2 years.
I wont say that there is no risk...
But believe me, its very minimum.
You take milk? - Yes.
Isn't there a chance that
somebody can get hurt?
I normally work with 2 people. And in a job
this size, we bring in another team.
In this case 3.
That makes 6 professionals.
Now I don't believe in violence.
I would never use guns on off shotguns.
And I would never associate myself with
anybody that did.
Thank you..
- Just one-week end?
- Yeah!
What happens afterwards?
- The money is laundered; it's put wherever you want.
- No I mean between us
- Partnership dissolves. Unless you like the work.
- You want some ginger cake?
- No, thank you.
I have got as much to loose as you have.
I intend to see my children growing up.
Do you know how many assistants?
They have in there?
Infrared beams ... radio frequency waves...
Patrol visits day and night.
This month it is going to be worse, because
the whole building is modernized.
So we don't want to be hanging around?
The vault door. 24 inches of laminated steel
with a matrix, that's torch and drill resistant.
Combination time locks.. Isolated bolt works
which means
That when the placed is locked up
for the week end
The connection between the handle
and the bolt is broken ..
And it stays that way until the time it is
set to open up again, in the Monday morning.
- So how are you going to blow it then?
- No I am not.
Because inside the vault there is a
pressure differential alarm.
The second the air pressure changes
even with the smallest opening
An alarm goes off in the local police station
and the police is swarming with
Our friends in blue and private securities.
And that's precisely the reason
why no one had tried to blow it before.
- There is a loophole.
- I don't understand?
- Your turn.
This is a diagram of part of
The Greater London sewerage system.
In the vicinity we will be working on. Some of
these underground tunnels are quite large, in fact
You can drive a truck along this one
from here to the Fleet street.
Not that anybody would want to do that
I suppose. Anyway this is a...
A more detailed drawing
of the area we are most interested in
The blue lines are the subway systems.
This is of course the bank
This is our point of entrance... and over here
In the car park is our point of exit.
It's going to look different. This is the immediate
sewer system of the area we will be working.
It's called the northern lower level outfall.
This now you see, is our point of entrance.
We will proceed along this tunnel on the west.
Then go north into the
Then we will proceed through the weir
to a smaller tunnel here..
north again, all the way through
to this junction here.
We will proceed from this junction
to this much smaller tunnel here
This is the one we are after.
The most important one.
Because it leads to within 15 feet
of the base of the vault.
And the vault itself is situated just
20 feet below the surface of the street.
So it's theoretically possible for us, to tunnel in
through sewer, to area, directly beneath the vault.
Of course I will have to calculate yet,
precisely where that area will be.
I do have a line drawing of the vault itself
you can see here the vault rests on a
2-foot thick concrete foundation
with reinforced steel bars
And that in turn rests on these
2 and half-foot concrete pilings.
We will have to go through this piling here.
with jack hammers, through the clay
And to the base of the concrete itself and
blast away through the floor. Any questions?
You say its in here, along the.. here ...
- Right. - Whets the difference?
This sewer here is far too narrow
to accommodate all of our equipments.
Okay, why not go out the same way
as we went in? Its gotta be quicker isn't it?
This entrance is a manhole in the middle
of a public street. You didn't know that?
- Okay you think this will work?
- You bet.
- Satisfied?
- No..
You left out one important thing..
The pressure alarm inside the vault.
You yourself said that it will blow
the second, we enter into it.
- That's right.
- Then whets the point? If the place swarmed by guards.
There will be no sign of entry. They will assume
it is a fault in the system. It happens all the times.
There will be no fault in the system.
It will be yours when we are inside.
That's the loophole.
- Okay we are in.
- Any more questions?
-Why 3 drills?
- 3 different functions.
This is for the wall of the sewer. This is for
the floor of the vault for placing explosives.
and this one for opening
the deposit boxes.
Okay that's this slop.
What are they for?
It's not a fire alarm.
It's a gas detector.
- Gas?
- Yeah! It stinks where we are going.
I want to know when it's dangerous?
It turns red.
You better check each one. It's important.
- Okay Mike. Good-bye.
- Who was it?
- Daniels!
- Is this is the weekend he wants you to go away?
- Yeah! I am afraid so.
- Well at last.
Will be so disappointed. He would really
wanted you to watch him play.
Yeah, I know I am disappointed too.
- Well would you phone him afterwards?
He would like that.
- I will try.
Where is your?
Mike took a long way to choose him.
Anyway not it worries me.
- It's the bloody rats that I don't fancy.
- Frankly I would more worry about the graft.
So it's for you, twist.
- Whets the time?
- 11.30
It's a nice looking watch.
I hope its waterproof.
Sentimental too. First wife gave me that.
- What was the third one gave you?
- Trouble!
Coming up lads!
Bang in line.
For Gods sake man..
Why the hell did you pull over?
Okay that's it. Everything is down.
- You Okay?
- Yeah! Sure. The boot got stuck.
- Be careful
- Yeah!
You are not going to be here much longer...
Are you son?
This way..
- How much longer to the main tunnel?
- We are still under the main road.
The junction overhead is on the detour.
- How is it going Granddad?
- Ready and waiting. - Good boy.
- This is it!
Watch your steps.
- Brooker. I shall need to check that map.
- All right.
This is the junction where we are
right now.
Follow the tunnel all the way to the weary
Take the narrow tunnel on the right.
It will look just like that one.
- The third one in the right.
- That's it.
- Don't forget your lamps.
-Whets it like down there?
- Lousy.. Lets have that rope.
Everybody try to get a move on.
- I can get that other staff now.
- Why don't we give you a hand?
Needs more there. Go again.
- Rover to base. Testing, testing.
- Base to Rover. Receiving you.
He doesn't look too good.
- Who? - Taylor!
- For Christ's sake. Get out of the way.
- Not my foot mate.
Go and check the lamps on the rear,
Will ya?
- Any movement?
- No. Quiet as the grave.
- It's been lonely actually.
- What a shame.
We are through to the earth.
Base to Rover.. Base to Rover.
- Rover, come in please.
- Rover to Base. Over.
- Where the bloody heaven you have been?
- I have been having a pee.
- Don't do it again will you?
- I will try not to.
- The banks still open.
- Looks like closing time.
Only about 10 more feet to go.
Don't worry.
We have got all weekend.
Gas. Gas! Put your masks on. Quick.
Quickly. Quick.
- What happened?
- He didn't get his mask on time.
He is in bad shape Mike.
We got to get him to a doctor.
All right lets call it quits
and get him out of here.
Let me take him up Mike.
- We go on.
- Oh no.
We go on.
Harry! Harry! Do we go on?
Clean him up. Come on.
All right I will stay with him.
Okay I have got it.
Message understood.
- How is he?
- The same.
Daniels said to get the drill ready.
- Do it
- Okay! I heard you.
Tell him there is a message from Rover.
The securities made their first check.
And the weather forecast is bright.
with a possibility of occasional shower.
- Why do we want to know that for?
- For Christ's sake.
Okay Base. Understood. Any problems?
- Nah! No trouble.
- You all right?
- The drills ready.
- Mike about the tunnel.
- You don't have to go in.
- It's just that you know...
- Yeah!
- I could probably manage the vault though.
- Sure.
- Go on Sara, its time to get to bed.
- It's not fair.
Oh, please Mom, just half an hour more
For me. I am older than her.
Well all right. Bring your book down.
I will come up in a minute.
Hold it tight against the outside wall Mike.
That's it.
All right that's it.
We can start up now.
Clear the tunnel now will ya?
- Everything all right?
- Yep.
We blast next time.
We have been very lucky
to have you on this, Stephen!
We could have somebody involved, who would
just put his chalk, mark up and walked away.
In a way, you stuck in and digging the tunnel.
It looks as if you are enjoying yourself.
When we come through the hole and find we are
in the cafe next door. I wont be so pleased.
Why aren't you telling these guys
about the possible danger of flooding?
well.. You have seen what Taylor's like.
Couldn't have get him down.
Anyway the weather forecast is good.
Probably a beautiful morning up there.
- Rover to base.
- Monsoon says, how is the traffic?
- Pretty light.
- Okay. Stand by for the big one.
They are ready Mike.
Now I want to know as soon as the traffic
moves off. Have you got that? Over..
Have you got that? Over.
- We will go for the next red.
- Green.. Still green.
- Amber.
Harry. Harry! For Christ's sake.
Shut him up. - Shut up. Shut up.
- What's happening for god's sake?
- I have no idea. Just start over again.
Jesus! Red.. Still red.
- Red and amber.
- Red and amber.
- Green...
- Now...
We are going in to have a look.
Come on... the worst is over.
We bloody made it.
They are here.
Check all the exits.
Check all the windows..
- Understood. There are 4 of us inside.
- Can we keep the noise down?
This vault is soundproof.
- Stephen... Stephen.. Come here.
That's for services rendered.
What's this? The order of the Sewer?
- Not for you.
- It's internal.
I will see if the inspector is outdoor.
- Times running out. We have to shed you.
- We are doing okay.
- Hey George.. Figure this is of a jockey?
- Nah! the box is too high.
The republicans have arrived.
The sergeant tells me that, there is no
visible signs of entry
But I will be glad if you take a look at it.
- It's all right.. that's my duty.
It won't open easily Sir?
- My Dear man...
This vault is equipped with a bolt lock mechanism.
The time lock is set for 9.00, Monday morning opening.
- I supervise it myself.
- So you cant open it now.
Inspector! The only way, we can get into this
vault now, is to, if I had the authority,
which I do not, to burn our way in
with a thermal lens.
- So how do you explain the alarm going off?
- I suppose there must be a fault in the system.
- Has it happened before?
- Several times.
All right sergeant! Leave 2 men in the building.
Arrange a relief rotator.
We will be here till the vault is opened
Nine'o clock Monday morning.
Thank you Mr. Maxwell..
Good of you to come in.
I will see you straight back to
the golf club Sir.
Hold on John. Hold on John.
This ones mine.
- What time are you leaving tomorrow?
- I don't know yet.
Is Dad's coming?
- Yes! This case is all packed.
One hundred thousand dollars in one box.
You look shattered. I wonder why?
- Hey Mike.. Mike .. Sewers flooding.
- How bad is it?
- It is bad.
- Hello!
- What's the weather doing?
Come on.. Out! Grab this. this is heavy.
Come on Steve. Move .. move.
- No.
- What?
- I am not leaving Mike.
- What do you mean you are not going?
I believe we are safe in here.
So how about the water coming out
through the floor in 5 minutes.
Yeah! It will go down again.
What if it doesn't go down till Monday morning?
they are going to open up that door.
Maybe .. But I am not leaving.
We can't wait for you. We gotta get
Harry out, you know.
Yeah.. I know. You go on.
There is a blue Ford in the car park.
Here is the keys.
- Thanks mike.
- Good luck.
Good luck to you.
When did you get back?
- Sir! There is a gentleman to see you.
- Who is he?
I am sorry but he wouldn't give his name.
He insists on seeing you.
Hello Stephen! It's been a long time.
- Mike! Its good to see you.
I have got a job for you.