Loosies (2011) Movie Script

(indie rock music)
Didn't I tell you
You look so
beautiful tonight
The Way your hair flows
across your face I
A sudden look in the eye
Melts my heart into the sky
My troubles slowly fade
when you're in my arms
'Cause I can't
put my finger on it
I feel so surprised
It comes over me
from deep inside so much
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I don't know
Where We're going
I only know
We've come so far
I don't want to lose
that feeling tonight
Don't walk out that door
My head is spinning
and I don't know What to say
I don't think
I'll say anything
I'll just enjoy
this moment today
'Cause I can't
put my finger on it
I feel so surprised
It comes over me
from deep inside so much
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
I can't hide
- I was staring at your fish.
That's a cute one.
It's got little bug eyes.
Is that your fish?
When I was little,
I had a fish.
I had a tropical fish.
It was bad.
I put the heater on,
and I left,
and when I came back,
they were all over the floor,
poor bastards.
All right, well, this is me.
Nice meeting you.
Hey, take care of that fish.
(cell phone rings)
- Hello?
Yes, hello.
Hello, yes, one second.
It's... it's for you.
Uh, you just missed him.
- Right here, Donny.
Bring it to your gut,
right to your gut.
All that strength,
all that evil, all that force.
Yeah, you saw that shit, right?
Rah! Rah! Rah!
(speaking gibberish)
(speaking gibberish)
(telephone ringing)
Anything good?
Don't bring any cell phones,
all right?
- What? I can't hear you.
(train rumbling)
- I said don't bring
any more cell phones!
- I'll be there in a few.
Yo, Slim.
- What's up, Bobby?
- What up, baby?
Uh, give me three loosies.
There you go.
Thanks, buddy.
- Get your ass in here.
I'm taking you off the case.
- Just like that?
- Don't give me
the "just like that" shit.
You are already on probation.
This is supposed to be
a coffee and cake job
to keep you out on the street.
And by the way, this kid,
he's hysterical.
You know what he did yesterday?
He took himself a cab
up to the Bronx.
Instead of paying,
what does he do?
He whips out your badge,
and he says,
"Official police business."
(both chuckling)
- Got some balls.
- You know who told me
that story?
The mayor.
The same mayor
who's been talking to me
about becoming commissioner.
The same Mayor that I've been
talking to on your behalf
about becoming chief of police.
What the hell's
going on with you, Sully?
30 years.
What are we gonna do,
let this whole thing
crumble to the ground
because of this punk?
- I'll fix it.
- Get your badge back.
I don't give a flying shit
what you have to do.
Restore some dignity
to this department.
Read 'em and weep.
You're famous.
- It's a good picture.
- Get the hell out of my office.
- Listen,
I told this guy already.
I'm not a pickpocket.
I'm a pilates instructor.
I'm actually late for my...
- Why don't you shut up?
- Here we go.
Where are we going?
- Let's go for a little walk.
- What's back here?
Oh, the doughnuts.
Man, I got my rights over here.
Come on.
Christ almighty.
- Hold that.
- Oh, my God, is this you?
You have to sign that for me.
(dull thuds)
- Prick!
I want a name!
- Jax!
What's up, Donny?
They ever gonna fix that buzzer?
- This is nice.
It's real leather.
Hey, Bobby.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you deaf?
- No.
- What is this?
What is this?
- Cell phones.
- Cell phones.
Cell phones.
What did I tell you
on the phone?
- You said no cell phones?
I thought you said you wanted
cell phones; I'm sorry.
I got it.
I got it.
No more cell phones.
- You got it.
A bunch of junk, as usual.
Give me the cash.
- Here.
- You're not holding out?
- This is it?
- That's it, Bobby.
Oh, you want more money?
- Yeah, I work all day.
I want more.
- Oh. You want more?
- Yeah, I want more.
- I got to eat too.
- Bring me better shit,
gold, diamonds,
not a bunch of trinkets
and junk.
- You know I don't
swipe diamonds, okay?
- You don't steal diamonds.
Oh, I forgot.
Oh, great.
It's too personal.
But you take watches.
- Every jackass
has a watch, right?
You got a watch?
- You're really funny.
You're a funny guy.
You want to steal what you want,
steal what you want.
You're just going to be working
for me the rest of your life.
Everybody's got a man
they got to answer to.
I got a man I got to answer to.
- I know.
- And so do you.
You got a man to answer to.
(organ music)
- Excuse me.
- Thank you so much
for finding my wallet
and giving it back to me.
I feel like, in this city,
I just feel like people really
don't help strangers, you know?
- Yeah, life is weird
like that.
Sometimes it just
creates situations
that throw
two people together, you know?
- Kinda romantic.
I'm a romantic guy.
- Oh, thanks.
- Hey, no, no, no, I'm going to
pay for this, okay'?
- No, I couldn't.
I mean, I would never want you
to think
that my kindness had
anything to do with, you know,
wanting something in return.
- Wow.
- Hey, listen up, they just got
a red flag on that credit card
that was stolen this morning
on the subway.
Tazza restaurant.
- No squad cars,
no uniforms, okay?
- I'm afraid
your card was declined.
- Declined?
- All right, this is
the universe saying
I'm gonna pay for it.
- No, no, I got another one.
Sometimes there's, like,
a computer glitch or something.
That's embarrassing.
- Sir, just talk to you
for a second, privately?
- Yeah, sure.
Excuse us for one second.
- The name on this card
isn't even the same
as the one on the first one.
- Really?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Listen, I apologize.
I mean, this is the one
that I usually put
the $100 tips on,
but if you want
a different one, I...
- Oh, yeah.
No, my mistake.
- We good?
- Yeah, I think we're good
Mr. Fujimoto.
- It's Fugimato, Fugimato.
- Ooh, my mistake.
- The other day,
I was totally walking home
with two of the people
from my band.
We were, like, three blocks
from my house,
and I turn back,
and I see this guy
who's kind of walking
kind of creepy.
- Can you hold that story
for one second?
I just have to use
the little boys' room.
Don't go anywhere.
- I won't.
- Excuse me.
- Are you having a problem
with a credit card?
- He was at this table.
- Thanks.
- Where did he go?
- Well, he went to the bathroom.
- Bathroom's back there.
Do I get to keep the tip?
- Whose cuffs are they?
- Bobby!
- What? What?
What's the matter?
- There's a rat!
- It's just a mouse, Ma!
- Ugh!
- Ow!
The mouse, Ma, not me.
- It ran over there.
It's over there!
There, it's running.
Hurry up!
- Where, where, where?
- Right under the refrigerator!
- It got away.
Hey, you okay?
You all right?
- I hate those things.
- Jesus, Ma.
You tryin' to kill me?
If I caught a heart attack,
who would pay the rent?
- I'm goin' over
to the church tonight,
and I was thinking I could
leave your dinner in the fridge.
- I'll just grab a burger
or somethin'.
- You want a burger,
I'll make you a burger.
I'll leave it in the fridge.
- Okay. Fine.
- You got a couple of dollars
I could use for bingo tonight?
- Again with the gambling, Ma?
You know
I don't like you gambling.
You want to end up like Pop?
- What gambling?
It's bingo.
It's at the church.
- Okay.
But I'm not paying off
your debts when you're gone.
I had enough of that
for one lifetime.
- Work good?
- Mm-hmm.
- Stocks up this month?
- Yeah.
- You're a good boy, Bobby.
- Hey.
- Hey, uh...
- Lucy.
- Yeah, no, I... Lucy.
I know.
- I'm sorry.
I saw you from behind.
I wasn't sure if it was you,
It was you.
- It's been a...
- Hi.
- It's been a while.
- Yeah, three months.
- Yeah.
How are you...
- So what have you been up to?
- I've been good.
- I'm good.
- Not much.
I was just on my lunch break.
- I tried calling you,
but your phone was disconnected
or something.
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, I got a...
I got a new one.
I mean, maybe we can get
together for lunch sometime
and, you know, catch up.
I'd do it now, but...
- I'm pregnant.
- You... you're what?
- Pregnant.
- Wow, that's...
I mean, congratulations.
That's really great.
I... that's... wow.
How... how far along?
- Three months.
- You said three?
- It's yours, Bobby.
- Okay, hold on a second,
because, you know, we only
did it that one night so...
- Actually, we did it
a few times that night.
- Right, but we only did it
that one night.
Well, once is enough.
- Okay, uh...
Well, how do you know
it's mine?
Hey! Hey!
That's a legitimate question.
- What, you just think
I sleep around?
You think I'm a slut
or something?
- Well, we had
a one... night stand, so given...
- You had a one... night stand.
I tried calling you.
- Hey, listen, listen.
- Don't touch me.
Don't ever touch me again.
- Excuse me.
Ls everything okay?
- Look, it's fine.
She's my girlfriend.
- Oh, that's a laugh!
- It's okay, officer.
What are you trying to do,
get me arrested?
Now, listen, you came
looking for me.
I'm not gonna go chasing you
all over town.
If you don't want to talk to me,
then fine.
- First of all,
I didn't go looking for you.
I pretty much wrote you off
three months ago.
I happened to see you
standing there,
thought maybe you'd like to know
you're gonna have a kid
out there in the world
in case you bump into it
one day.
So now you know.
You asshole.
- Now, wait.
Just wait, will you?
- What can I get you?
- Hey, you got a loosie?
- What?
- Loosie, loosie.
- Yeah, how'd you know?
- What?
- My name.
- Psychic, I guess.
- Hmm.
(soft music)
(train rumbling)
(electronic beeping)
- All right, all right,
all right.
Your father's debt?
Now it's your debt.
From now on, you work for me.
(electronic beeping)
- Who am I?
Who am I?
Detective Bobby Correlli,
that's who I am.
Right here.
I see you.
What are you, a squirrel?
Stop in the name of the law!
- Hey, Bobby.
Shut up!
- Take you downtown,
and not for a drink either.
- Alex Rodriguez hits one
deep to left.
- Plate glass window I like it.
Very Dirty Harry.
- Listen, it was you.
You said whatever it takes.
- Thanks, Pete.
That's what I like about you,
Always do everything
just the way you want,
never give a shit
what anyone thinks.
- Well, why should I stop now?
It's my life.
It's what I do.
What else am I gonna do?
I'm not qualified
for anything else.
- So what's next?
- What's next?
I'm gonna get my badge back,
even if I have to
kill that little prick.
Hey, good morning.
- Who the hell are you?
- Um, I'm Carl.
- Oh, Carl.
- Oh, Bobby I thought
you'd be at work by now.
- Who the hell is this guy?
- Carl.
- No, I got that.
What the hell is Carl
doing here, in my bathrobe?
- You didn't tell him.
- I didn't get a chance.
I didn't get a chance.
- Okay, so, Bob, I'm a...
I'm a friend of your mother's.
- He's a friend of mine
from bingo.
- Wait a minute.
Did this guy?
Did the two of you...
- It's not what you think,
We've been friends a long time.
I didn't want to tell you,
but I think it's time.
Carl's asked me
to move in with him.
It's not what you think.
- What?
I'm gonna kill this guy.
- He's funny.
He's an ex-Marine.
- What happened?
You look like the walking dead.
- Well, death would be
a welcome relief
compared to the world
of shit I live in right now.
- Talk to me.
I got your back.
Tell me.
- I got a girl pregnant.
- Ooh.
- Yeah.
- Whoa.
- That's funny.
Laugh it up.
- Yeah, I got your back.
Way back, way, way back.
Like, Toledo back.
- Thanks.
I'm so screwed.
- Let's see.
- Ah!
- She do that?
She punch you?
- No, I fell down the stairs.
- All right.
What's she gonna do?
She gonna keep the kid?
- I don't know.
That option never came up.
- Why would she want to keep
a baby without a father?
Especially your baby.
Why don't you just give her
some money,
tell her to get rid of it?
You're gonna be up to your neck
in dirty diapers.
Listen to me.
Like a mission to the moon.
- Hey, listen, do you know
where I can find Lucy?
- Who's asking?
- Me.
- Who are you?
- I'm a friend of hers
from childhood.
- Ah, you know her from Ohio.
- Yeah.
- She grew up in Texas, jerkoff.
Look, just go away.
- Does she still work here?
I just want to talk to her,
- Yeah, you and half of the guys
in the bar.
Beat it before I beat you.
- Wow, did you just
come up with that yourself?
Whoa, Lucy!
- You know this guy?
- No.
- Lucy, it's me!
- Stay away from her!
- Get out of here!
- Okay.
- What?
No, wait, wait!
Not you.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm sorry about the...
you know.
I just...
I mean, I was a little
in shook when you...
I mean, you tell a guy
something like that, it's...
So you... you want to keep it?
- Do I want to keep it?
It's not a stray dog, you know.
- No, I know.
I just... I'm just saying.
- What?
What are you saying?
I'm listening to you,
but you're not saying anything.
If you don't want
to have the baby,
I'll help out, you know,
with the money.
- Gee, what a stand-up guy.
- What do you want from me?
- I don't want
anything from you.
You came here
to see me, remember?
- I don't know
why you want to have a baby.
Why do you want to bring a baby
into this world
with a shit father who doesn't
want anything to do with it
and a mother who can't afford
to take care of it?
I mean...
I'm tryin' to help you out
here, okay?
- You've already done enough.
- I can't talk to you.
You just want to get smart
all the time and walk away.
- If I was smart,
I wouldn't have talked to you
to begin with,
and I just would have
walked away.
- See, that's what
I'm talking about.
I'm trying to do my part here,
I want to find a good doctor,
and I want to pay for it.
So what do you say?
- I say you're an asshole.
But I'll think about it.
- Wait.
How do I get ahold of you?
- Call me here.
I'm livin' out of Gomer's
back office.
- How much?
No, I don't have insurance.
I don't want a free clinic okay?
I want to pay for it.
No, I realize that, but...
Okay, well, what if I paid cash?
I mean, can we work a deal
or something?
- I just came by
to get the rest of my things.
Bobby, can you just
say something?
- Or what?
You gonna have your boyfriend
beat me up?
- He's a good man.
He needs me.
- What about me, Ma?
I need you.
- No, you don't.
You're taking care of me.
I don't want you
to have to take care of me.
With Carl,
we take care of each other.
- Oh, yeah?
Is that the arrangement you made
with your bingo buddy?
- I love him, Bobby.
Not the way I loved your father
and not the way I love you.
It's a different love.
Maybe someday
you'll meet somebody,
and you'll understand.
You'll know.
I got to go.
Look, he wants to invite you
to dinner tomorrow night.
Start fresh.
Here's the number.
I'm happy, Bobby.
Can't you be happy for me?
- Hey.
Turn the iron setting down.
Don't burn all his shirts
like you do mine.
(telephone ringing)
Hey, Jax.
No, no, I can't today.
I got to take care
of some stuff.
- Bobby.
Bobby Corelli.
That's you, right?
- What?
- Is that your name?
You live here?
- Who?
- You, Bobby.
- Me?
I'm Tommy.
- Tommy.
- Tommy.
I'm just...
I was visiting my aunt.
- You don't live here?
- No.
- Hey, Bobby, how's it going?
I hear your mother's
getting married.
- They got me, Jax.
They got me.
I don't know how they got me,
but they got me.
- Who?
Who got you?
- The cops.
The cops got me.
They were all over my apartment
like a bees' nest.
How did they get my name?
- I don't know.
I have no idea how they know.
Maybe it was your little
girlfriend ratted you out.
- She doesn't know what I do.
- They follow you here?
- No.
- How do you know?
- You're fine, okay?
- What are you gonna do?
- I don't know.
I mean, I got to lay low.
That's what I got to do.
Just got to lay low.
- You find a place
to do that thing?
- Yeah, Elmsview Hospital.
I was born there,
so it must be good, right?
- Must be terrific.
Look how you turned out.
I need, like, a hundred bucks
or something.
I got to stay at a motel.
I got nowhere to go.
- Get out of here.
- Give me a hundred bucks.
Where am I supposed to go?
I don't got nothing, all right?
Nothing for you.
- I'm not joking.
I got nowhere to go.
- No, I'm not gonna
give you nothing.
- Are you kidding me?
You think I need you?
I can just go pick
a couple of wallets.
Hey, hey, hey,
you got 20 bucks?
What is wrong with this kid?
- Hey, Bobby.
If I were you,
I'd stay off the subway.
Take a taxi.
- Yeah, thanks.
(phone beeping)
Hey. Hey, Carl.
It's Bobby.
Bobby, the guy
you punched in the face.
Yeah, is...
is my mother there?
She's asleep?
No, no, I didn't realize
what time it was.
Just tell her I'll
see you guys tomorrow.
No, I'm fine.
Thanks, bye.
(whispering) Lucy
- Why are you whispering?
If you're gonna pound
on the door like that,
you might as well be screamin'.
- I came to tell you
that we have an appointment
tomorrow at 2:00,
so if that works for you...
- Well, uh...
It's 3:00 in the morning, so...
I'll see you in about 11 hours.
Next time, try calling.
Oh, wait, you don't do that.
- I had a rough night.
Maybe I can come in
for a second,
for a drink or something.
- In case you haven't noticed,
we're closed.
- Can I just come in
for a minute,
one minute?
I have nowhere else to go.
- For a minute.
- You got a cigarette?
- Pregnant women don't smoke.
You still want that drink?
- Yeah.
Scotch, thanks.
- You want to talk about it?
- About what?
About whatever's
got you worn slick.
- Worn slick?
What is that, Texas slang?
- How do you know
I'm from Texas?
- I know a few things.
- Then tell me,
Mr. Know-a-Few Things,
what's got you pounding
on my door
in the middle of the night?
- I got evicted.
- Okay.
- Can I ask you a question?
That Fred Flintstone guy
your boyfriend?
- Why?
Are you jealous?
- Curious.
- No, he's not.
I mean, he used to be.
He, um...
He just looks out for me now.
Protective older brother.
In fact, he'd probably kill you
if he knew you were here
right now,
especially if he knew you were
the one that knocked me up.
- He knows about...
- Yeah.
Why are you so curious
about him?
- I don't know.
Just, you know,
he's a lot different than me,
So I was just wondering,
that night, you know, you...
I mean, if that's the type
you like then why...
Forget it.
- You asking me why I went home
with you that night?
- Yeah.
- I've been asking myself that
every day for three months.
It was your eyes.
- My eyes?
- Yeah.
I liked your eyes.
You had really kind eyes.
It kind of reminded me
of my father's.
- So you went home with me
because I had nice eyes.
- Kind eyes.
Plus, you know,
I liked talking to you.
I thought you were funny
and nice,
and you had a great ass.
I let you walk me home,
didn't I?
- Yeah.
- And then when we
got to my apartment,
you didn't even try anything.
You just smiled and thanked me
for a great time
and said...
- "Good night."
- And I don't know;
I guess I just didn't want
the night to end.
But looking back, I should've
ended it a lot sooner,
about three minutes sooner,
if I remember correctly.
Speaking of minutes,
yours is up.
Look, I got a big day tomorrow,
so, you know.
And, listen, you don't, um...
You don't have to go with me.
You know, you can just
drop the money off
and tell me where to go
in the morning.
- I told you I was taking you
to a good doctor,
and I'm taking you, okay?
And that means
taking you personally.
- Well, you don't have to.
- Well, I am.
So we'll meet at a 1:45?
It's on 39th street
and 5th avenue.
It's called Elmsview, okay?
- Yeah, okay, fine.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
Thanks for the drink.
(soft music)
(siren wailing)
You got a cigarette?
Hey, Lucy.
It's Bobby.
I got a problem.
- So let me get this straight.
The money is in your apartment,
but you want me to go get it.
- That's right.
- Because if your landlord
sees you,
he'll call the cops
on account that you owe him
rent money.
- That's right.
- So you want me sneak
into your apartment
and get the money,
and if anyone sees me,
I'm supposed to say
I'm the cleaning lady?
- That's right.
- Oh, hmm. Yeah.
And none of this sounds fishy
to you?
- Okay, you're right.
That sounds stupid.
Just, uh...
Okay, tell them
you're visiting your aunt.
- No, wait, I already used that.
Oh, just go with
the cleaning lady, okay?
That'll work.
Just tell them
you're the cleaning lady, okay?
And if anybody asks,
you don't know me,
and you don't know where I am.
- Well, if I don't know you,
how would I know where you are?
- Exactly.
- Why don't you try
telling me the truth?
- I told you, okay?
That's my apartment.
These are my keys,
and it's my money.
Now, if I could
get the money myself,
I would, but I can't.
So, you know, if you don't
want to do it, that's fine,
but I don't have the money,
(indistinct radio chatter)
- Jeez.
This place really
could use a cleaning lady.
- Did you get it?
Good job.
(telephone ringing)
- All girls are evil.
- Not a good time, man.
I'm on the way
to do that thing.
- Oh, yeah.
Let me know
how it all comes out.
- Funny.
- Did you tell the whole world?
- How much?
- $18, please.
- Watch it, jackass.
- Hi.
My name's Lucy Atwood.
I have an appointment.
- What time?
- Right now, actually.
Thank you.
- Please fill this out.
- Okay.
Just my driver's license
and social security?
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's the matter?
- Um...
I don't know... I don't know
if I can do this.
- Well, technically,
you don't have to do anything.
I'm the one that's gotta do.
You already did.
- No, I mean...
you know, maybe...
maybe we should wait.
- Wait?
- Yeah.
- What, you think if I go home
and take two aspirin,
it might go away?
- I'm just sayin',
you know, maybe...
- No, Bobby.
You don't get to do this, okay?
Now, I have been over this
back and forth several times
and you made it pretty clear
yesterday how you felt.
So let's just get it over with.
- I think we should wait.
- You... you think we should wait?
- Yeah.
- You think we should wait?
I think you're an asshole.
- Ow!
What'd you do that for?
- God, I hate you.
- Stop it.
- I hate you I hate you!
Give me the money.
I'll do it myself.
We'll figure it out.
- Where'd you put it?
We'll figure it out.
Will you just calm down, please?
Would you just calm down?
- I hate you I hate you!
Just give me the money.
- Lucy, I need you to trust me
right now.
- What?
- Run.
I don't care
what you're saying
I can't go out on my own
When the daylight is fading
No, loan find my way home
Just say how you doin' '
Got you here on the phone
You look, try to see it
I can't see it at all
Don't stop
You can probably do it
Don't stop
Let me do it again
Let me do it again
Let me do it again
Let me do it again
- Come on.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Come on.
- No.
- Taxi!
Go. Go.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Bob.
You're a little early.
I told your ma dinner,
not lunch, right?
- Well, we were... we were
in the neighborhood, so...
- Oh, well, yeah.
Come on in.
- Hi.
- Yeah, I was actually
just going for the groceries
for your ma.
She, uh...
She gave me a list
and everything.
- My mom's not here?
I get to watch them once a week
for my daughter.
They're cute little bastards.
They're twins.
So you're Bobby's girl, huh?
- No. No.
- No.
- No?
All right, well, then I, uh...
I got to get to the store.
You... I don't know,
you want to come?
- No.
- No.
- No?
You want to stay?
- Yeah, no, we'll just wait
for my mom.
- All right.
Gee, Bob, I'm sorry.
Look, um...
I love your mother,
and I'm very protective;
That's all.
- Me too.
Smarmy asshole.
- Spill it.
- What?
What do you want to know?
- What do I want to know?
Uh, gee, why have we been chased
by the cops?
What kind of trouble
did you get me into?
Who's Carl?
And who the hell are you?
- Carl is my mother's
She just moved in here
with him.
- Right.
And the cops?
- I don't exactly work
on Wall Street.
- Mm-hmm.
So I can rule out
insider trading.
- I'm a pickpocket.
- What's so funny?
- A pickpocket?
And that's why half
the New York police force
is after you?
- You heard about the cop
who got his badge picked?
- Oh, wow.
This is great.
My kid's father steals
out of old ladies' handbags.
- Hey, I never took from anybody
who looked like
they had less than me, okay?
- Oh, you're a regular
Robin Hood.
- You know, you don't know
my situation.
- Yeah, you're right.
I don't know you at all.
- What are you talking about?
I'm the same guy you met
that night at the bar,
except I have a different job
than you thought.
- Are you insane?
That's not a job, Bobby.
You steal.
- Okay, don't do that.
Don't... don't judge me.
My father left me with 500 grand
in gambling debts
and a mother who didn't work.
I had no choice.
- Why didn't you just
go to the cops?
- Because he threatened
to kill my mother.
- Why do you steal now?
- I still owe him about 100K.
- Oh.
- Oh, come on,
what... what are you doing?
- I'm taking the money.
I'm not bringing a kid
into this world
so they can go visit
their father
at the state pen
during Christmas.
Where'd you put it?
- It's in the jacket.
- No, it's not.
- What are you talking about?
- It's not in here.
- What did you do with it?
Did you lose it?
- What do you mean,
did I lose it?
It was in your jacket.
You took it, remember?
- I didn't take it.
You grabbed my arms
and kissed me, remember?
Maybe it fell out in the cab.
Or when that guy
bumped into you or something.
Oh, that's classic.
A pickpocket who gets
- Reach for the sky
and empty out your pockets,
- Too late for that.
- Bobby.
You're early.
Where's Carl?
- Store.
- Go play with your little
furry friends.
I'm Bobby's mother, Rita.
- I'm Lucy.
- Wow.
I can't remember the last time
Bobby brought a girl home
to meet me.
- You must be...
- Leaving, Mom.
She was just leaving.
She's just a friend.
Listen, uh...
I'll... I'll come by later.
We'll talk about the thing.
- Wait, wait.
Don't be so rude.
Maybe she'd like
to stay for dinner.
I'm gonna make some lasagna.
It's Bobby's favorite.
- Mmm.
I'd love to.
- Yeah?
I'll go start.
I'll help.
- You that hungry?
- I am eating for two.
- Just don't say anything
to my mother.
- Oh, now why would I want
to upset Grammie?
- Hey, Mister, do you want
to play a board game?
- No.
- A video game?
- No.
- How about cops and robbers?
- Definitely no.
- So how do you know my Bobby?
- We, um...
We have a mutual friend.
- Ah.
You know, I think Bobby
really likes you.
- What makes you say that?
- Well, he always gets
so frustrated
around girls he really likes.
It's like he doesn't want to
show them he cares about them.
You know how boys are.
Always pullin' the pigtails
of the girls they like.
- Crap?
- It's called craps.
That's the name of the game,
It's a very serious game.
7 and 11 on the first roll wins.
2, 3, 12 loses
on the first throw.
After that, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10,
that becomes your point.
You got to hit your point
to win.
If you hit a 7 after that,
then you crap out, all right?
Nicky, you go first.
No, no, no, wait.
We have to place our bets, okay?
Place your bets, boys!
There you go.
Roll the dice.
All right, 4.
That's what we call Little Joe,
So now you got to hit
Little Joe to win.
Now, you can have fun with it.
Blow into the dice.
Come on, Little Joe!
Come on, Little Joe!
- Come on, Little Joe!
Come on, Little Joe!
I win!
- No, no, no, you lose.
That's a... that's a crap out.
We get your candy.
See what happens
when you gamble?
All right, now you play.
- Hey, lady.
You want a piece of the action?
- No, I've had enough action
for one day.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Rita, I got the fresh pomodoro.
- She's in the kitchen.
I'll help you.
- No, no, I got it.
Besides, mi casa su casa.
And I got an excuse now
to go see the most
beautiful girl in the world.
Hey, baby.
- Jesus' name we pray.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- So, Bob, Rita tells me
you work in stocks.
- Yep.
- And how's that going for you?
- It's got its ups and downs.
- Actually, weren't you just
telling me
you were having trouble
paying your rent lately?
- Well, if you're ever looking
for a steady gig,
you can come down and see me.
Give me a call.
- Carl owns
a jewelry store downtown.
- Diamonds are a girl's
best friend, right, Grampie?
- Yep. And?
- Don't buy retail.
- Well, I'll keep it in mind.
- And If you know anybody
who's looking
for a nice engagement ring,
tell Carl.
He'll give you a good price.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Lucy's a professional
- Oh, no.
- Is that right?
- Mostly freelance.
But right now, I'm working
in a bar part-time.
You know, it's not much,
but at least
it's an honest living.
- You're right about that.
Rita said you were from Texas.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm actually
heading back this Saturday.
- Wow, that's too bad.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna,
you know,
move back in with my sister,
you know, work at a...
at a photography studio
shooting portraits.
That sort of thing.
- And you were planning
on telling me when?
- Well, I wasn't really planning
anything with you.
- How's the lasagna?
- It's delicious.
- Wonderful.
(clears throat)
Excuse me.
- Do you need to use
the ladies' room?
- No.
- We don't got a ladies' room.
Grampie's only got a bathroom.
- Lucy, are you okay?
What's the matter?
Hey, hey!
- Call 911!
- Breathe.
- I'm not going into labor,
you moron.
I'm only three months pregnant!
- Bobby!
- Ma...
Oh, shit.
- Why didn't you tell me, Bobby?
- I didn't want
to worry you, Ma.
- What worry me?
Why would havin'
a grandkid worry me?
Does she want to keep it?
- I don't know.
- Do you love her?
- I don't know, Mom.
I mean, I don't know
what love is.
How do you...
how do you know?
- Well, when she said
she was leaving on Saturday,
how'd that make you feel?
- Sick.
- And when we were on our way
to the hospital,
how did you feel?
Sometimes it takes
almost losing what we have
to make us realize
how lucky we are to have it.
Dr. Phil.
I'm gonna get going.
I'll leave you two alone.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- The doctors said
you're gonna be okay.
They said you just need to rest.
- What about the baby?
- The baby's gonna be okay.
Hey. Don't worry.
The baby's gonna be okay.
You're gonna be fine.
- I just thought it would
take care of itself.
I just... I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
- Hey, listen,
what we're gonna do.
It's not just you any more.
It's us.
- Come on, Bobby.
You don't want to have a kid.
We barely know each other.
I mean, you couldn't even
remember my name
a few a days ago.
- Is that what you think?
That I couldn't remember
your name?
You want to know the truth?
- Yeah, the truth would be nice
for once.
- Okay.
Okay. Fine.
After that night,
I couldn't stop
thinking about you.
I thought about you so much,
I was going nuts.
I mean, I finally had you
out of my head,
and then there you were
right in front of me.
I got so nervous,
I couldn't even talk.
- Why didn't you call me?
- I was scared.
When I woke up that morning,
I looked over,
and you were so beautiful.
You're so beautiful.
First time
I didn't want to leave.
That's never happened
to me before.
I went to write down
my real number
on a piece of paper,
and then I...
I crumpled it up,
and I wrote
a fake number instead.
Then I... then I wrote
my real number down.
I crumpled that up,
and, I don't know,
I must have gone back and forth
and done that, like, ten times.
And then I finally took all
the crumpled pieces of paper,
and I put it in my pocket,
and when I went to leave,
I picked one out,
and I thought,
"Hey, if this is
the real number,
then it's meant to be."
I kind of let fate decide,
you know?
I know.
I'm an asshole.
It was stupid.
I regretted it, but...
I didn't forget your name, Lucy.
I couldn't.
I tried.
Believe me.
- Why should I believe you?
- I been carrying around that
for three months.
I have problems
with commitment.
- Yeah, I know.
You can't even commit
to a brand of cigarettes.
- I'm not gonna run away
from this, okay?
That's my commitment to you.
- I can't be with someone
who steals from people.
- Then I'm done.
I'll quit.
Give me a chance, okay?
I'll prove it to you.
Just give me a chance.
- And you'll quit?
You can quit just like that'?
For me?
- Hey, hey, you guys.
Get a room.
Visiting hours are over,
and you need your rest.
- You're in with the cops, Jax?
You're in with the cops?
- Shut up!
I should kill you right now.
- Why would you sell me out
like that?
- We ain't friends!
- I gave up my life, Jax!
Leave up my life!
- We are not friends!
Don't mess with my business!
Steal a cop's badge?
Those cops came barging
into my house!
My house!
- You work for me now.
What, is that
supposed to be funny?
I told them where you live.
I told them where you'd be
and when you'd be there.
- You had that guy
steal my money.
- Yeah, I did.
I figured you'd have
some money on you.
Mr. Morality.
He's gotta pay for all that shit
with his girlfriend.
She couldn't chip in nothing.
That friend did me a favor.
That friend ratted me out.
- Give me a name!
- Jax.
- Did I get mad at him?
You know why?
Because it's business, Bobby.
It's not personal.
It's over.
- Wait.
- Detective Sullivan.
- What if I could get you
your 50 grand back
and everything I owe you?
- It's too late.
Okay, okay, you know what?
Call the cops.
Call the cops, Jax.
They got nothing on me.
Look, I don't have the badge.
You and I both know, without
that badge they got nothing.
- Lock the door!
- Nothing.
- This game is over now.
- I got a score we could pull
that'll get you so much money,
you won't have to
nickel... and... dime any more.
You like diamonds?
- I'm listening.
It better be good.
- I'm gonna get you
some diamonds.
- Bobby?
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- How you feeling?
- I'm a lot better.
They said I can probably
go home this afternoon.
You know, they're just waiting
on a few more test results
to make sure.
You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
- Are those for me?
- Oh, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Listen, Lucy,
I know I said yesterday
that I could quit, but...
Well, something kind of came up,
and I got to do this...
this one last thing.
- What are you talking about?
- It's just... it's just
a little complicated.
I just need you to trust me.
I mean, the whole reason
why I'm telling you any of this
is because I want to be honest
with you.
- Be honest with me?
You haven't told me anything.
- I know.
I... look, I can't.
I wish I could, but...
- You try to run,
or you tell anybody,
and I swear to God,
I'll fucking kill you,
and I'll kill her.
- I swear.
After tomorrow,
it'll all be over.
I'll be done.
- Well, I won't be here
I'm getting on a plane,
- Just give me the day.
I'll explain everything.
I love you.
Hey, Carl.
It... it's Bobby.
Listen, I need a favor.
- We're closed.
- I'm Bobby's friend.
- Oh, yeah, sure.
Yeah, Bobby mentioned
you were gonna come.
Come on in.
I'm Carl.
- You're Carl?
- Yeah.
- I'm Dennis.
- Hey, Dennis.
- I'm really sorry I'm late.
I just got off work.
- No, that's okay.
So Bobby tells me you work
on Wall Street together, huh?
- No, no.
I'm his boss.
- Oh, and, you're looking
for an engagement ring, right?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna tell you the truth.
I know nothing about jewelry.
I mean, really nothing.
I don't wear anything.
- I won't hold that against you.
But my fiance
has very expensive taste,
and I want to get her something
really nice.
- How much you lookin' to spend?
- I'm looking to spend
about $30,000,
if I can get something nice
for that.
- $30,000.
- That would be great.
- Yeah.
You... you must be doing
very well.
- I get by, yeah.
- All right,
let me bring something out.
These are all 21/2 to 3 karats.
They're VVS1 and 2s
and pretty much all J color.
- That's not an engagement ring,
is it?
- Yeah, it is.
If there's a diamond in here
that you like,
but you don't like the setting,
something like her grandmother
has a ring that she used,
and she wants to put
the diamond in it...
Do you know what style
she might prefer?
- Everything about
getting married is so stressful.
I thought... I thought an
engagement ring was one style.
I didn't know there were
so many different styles.
- Why don't you fish around
a little bit more, you know?
Go around with her
maybe this weekend,
and when you see something
or she sees something
that she likes,
then you guys
can come back here.
- I got a bunch of people
at my house tonight,
and I was hoping, really hoping,
to bring something for her.
You know, I got food there.
We're having a whole big party.
- I can't bring all of this.
- I have a simple idea.
I got $15,000.
- It's not about the money.
- No, no, no.
Just listen.
Listen to what I'm gonna say.
Let me give you a deposit.
We take a bunch of rings,
whichever ones
you think she'll like.
We bring them over there.
I'm two minutes away.
- Dennis, I'm trying to be...
you know, I know
you're Bobby's friend.
- Whatever one she likes,
as long as we're
in that range of price,
I'll pay you the balance in cash
right there.
- You're talking...
there's over...
over a half a million dollars
in diamonds there.
- If you want,
I'll give you a check right now
for the whole thing.
- I don't like to take
the diamonds out of the store.
- I have enough cash there
to pay you the balance.
You'll make a sale tonight.
Believe me, she'll pick a stone
in one second.
She'll probably pick
the most expensive one.
- Because you're Bobby's friend,
I'll take the cash,
put this in the safe,
and we can go
and surprise your girlfriend.
- You don't want me to just
give you everything together?
- No, this is good.
I like your idea.
- Why don't I just
hold the money,
and I can pay everything
at one time.
- Oh, you know, it's bad enough
that I have to
take the diamonds.
I'd... I'd rather
leave the cash here.
- You sure?
I mean, I can just pay
everything together.
- No, yeah, yeah, I'm sure.
And actually, let me just...
I'll make a gift
of a pair of these earrings,
which is a really nice...
You ready?
- Yeah.
- I remember this neighborhood.
- Oh, yeah'?
Listen, you want to do me
a favor?
Can I borrow your cell phone
one second?
I just want to call
and make sure she's home.
- Sure.
- I was taking a piss yesterday,
and I dropped it
right in the toilet.
- Really?
My father's teeth fell out once.
Call 911!
Jesus Christ!
Did you see where he came from?
911. Yes.
I need the police!
Yes, I was just burglarized
on West Broadway...
- Prince.
Tell 'em he's got a green coat,
a green coat on.
- It's an army jacket
a green jacket.
He's got reddish hair.
My whole world is in that case.
Oh, my God.
- I feel so terrible.
It's over half a million dollars
in diamonds and cash.
- I'm really sorry.
He came like a lightning bolt,
you know?
Are you okay, though?
You're okay?
- Yes.
It's not your fault.
- I'm, I'm really...
I feel like it's my fault.
I feel terrible.
Don't worry, though.
The cops,
they'll find him for sure.
I guarantee you
they'll catch him.
- Holy shit!
What the hell took you so long?
- He had the balls to ask me
to go down to the cops with him
and be a witness.
I was like, "Yeah, right."
"Man, I got to...
I'm late for my fiance.
You know, I gotta go, buddy."
- Fiance.
His fiance.
I didn't even know
we were dating.
- Very funny.
Where's Bobby?
- He's not here.
Whoa, what are you doing?
I thought we were waiting
until we were all here before...
- Listen to me.
Bobby ain't getting shit,
all right?
I'm gonna give you one ring,
then we're closing up shop here.
- Closing up shop?
- Lock the door!
- Well, where are you gonna go?
- Like I'm gonna tell you.
- Everybody on the ground!
Put your hands behind your head!
- You okay?
- No.
- Good.
- What kind?
- Don't know.
It's a loosie.
I quit.
- Smoking or stealing?
- Both.
- What's that?
- I'd get down on one knee,
but, you know,
I'm sitting in a gutter.
It probably wouldn't be
that romantic.
- Hey, that wouldn't be
from your lastjob, would it?
- Carl gave me a good deal,
future employee discount.
- I know.
Carl came to visit me
at the hospital
and told me
what you guys were doing.
- And you still let Gomer
beat the crap out of me?
- Well, I was kind of pissed
you didn't tell me yourself.
He did a pretty good job,
- Are you sure?
- No.
What happens now?
Well my mind is moving slow
And my heart's still
on the floor
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- Do they have subways in Texas?
- Shut up.
Oh, my God.
And it's all been said
and done
Your heart's still
on the run
I just want to let you know
That it ain't easy
So please
Hold on
So please
Hold on
So please believe me
When I say I love you
And I Won't walk away
I Won't notice
When you say you're leaving
And I Won't let you go
I Won't let you fade away
Baby, please
Please believe me
All right
Come on now
So please
Hold on
So please
Hold on
(upbeat guitar music)
I'm the one
you Won't forget
A kiss between
your cigarettes
Yeah, at feast that's
what you say
And who am I
to say you're Wrong
I'll lose it all
I'll go along
'Cause I like
the games you play
You say you're
distant royalty
Well, a few years ago,
I was on TV
But none of that matters here
right now
So keep on talking
I'll order us
one more round
So go on, baby
To me
With every little Word
you say I
To me '
Tell me it's okay
To say the morning
never comes I
And this will always be
So '
To me
Lie to me
(indie rock music)
Yeah, I choked up
this morning
As I walked out my door
It's been the same routine
for years now
And it's time I let it go
It's sad enough to leave
A place I've grown to love
But I can't take
the same old scene
I need some fresh air
to my sou!
'Cause if
Can't remember
The fast time
I felt so good
I can't
I can't remember
The fast time
I felt so good
I take it like
a grain of salt
I'm shaking
To the other side I'll roll
I'm letting go
of all my Worries
But not of my control
And it's hard enough
to leave
But it's better now
I'm gone
'Cause everyone
needs someone sometimes
But sometimes
We've got to be alone
And I
Can't remember
The fast time
I felt so good
I can't
I can't remember
The fast time
I felt so good
(sparse rock music)
Take some time
to love somebody
Free your mind
and heal the heartache
Learn to trust
and Wish to try
You know it makes you
feel better
You know it makes you
feel better
You beg to change
And you Wish you were free
You got to sit back
and breathe
You're living life
like a loaded gun
So sing out, sing out
Things are only
getting better
Sing out, sing out
Sing out sing out
Things are only
getting better now
Sing out sing out
Take some time
to hold somebody
Let go of fear
and all your heartache
Learn to laugh
and learn to cry
You know it makes you
feel better
You know it makes you
feel better
Here's your chance
Just follow the lights
You got to stand up
and fight
You're living life
like you're on the run
So sing it, baby
Sing out, sing out
Things are only
getting better
Sing out, sing out
Sing out, sing out
Things are only
getting better
Sing out, sing out