Lord of Misrule (2023) Movie Script

- (bird tweeting in distance)
- (dog barking in distance)
("The Tan Yard Side"
by Sam Lee playing)
And if ever I
Return again
I'll take that boy inside
And I'll roll him in
My very own arms
Down by
The tan yard side
I will roll him in
My very own arms
Down by the tan yard side
("The Tan Yard Side"
by Sam Lee concludes)
(organ music playing)
(birds chirping)
- Rebecca: Thank you, Ida.
- (music stops abruptly)
- Ida: Sorry!
- Congregation: (laughs)
When we bring a child
into this world...
- Baby: (coos)
- ...we're making a commitment
to offer them
the best possible start in life.
- (tense music playing)
- Rebecca: We nurture them,
teach them and protect them.
We vow to guide them
through the darkness
and lead them towards
the light.
Rebecca: We know that baptism
doesn't magically transform
sinner to saint,
but it does publicly declare
our devotion to Christ.
And today, we welcome
Emma into our family,
by giving her the greatest gift
we can offer,
God's unconditional love.
On her behalf,
will you confirm
that you have turned
against all that is evil
and sinful...
and instead turn towards
Rebecca: Christ confirms you
as his own.
Do not be ashamed to confess
the faith in Christ crucified.
- Baby: (coos)
- Receive the sign of the cross.
In the name of the Father...
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
(music concludes)
Ida: Are you going
to the festival?
(sighs) Ida, you made me jump.
I don't suppose it's your sort
of thing, though, is it, really?
- (chuckles)
- I'm sure we'll go for a bit.
Grace is very excited
about all of it. (chuckles)
- Ida: (laughs)
- Grace: (grunts)
Henry: All right,
you're all right.
- Hello?
- Henry: Hello.
- You're all right.
- Hey.
What's this?
Bunbun has bitten her.
Let me see, sweetie.
Mm, not so bad. Here.
Well, unless Bunbun has rabies.
What happens then?
Henry: That's when you start
foaming at the mouth.
And you want to bite... (growls)
...everybody that you can find!
- Grace: (giggles)
- Henry: (chuckles, growls)
I don't think you've got rabies.
Go on.
Rebecca: You don't need
to be nervous.
They chose you.
From a lot of people, Grace.
Grace: Right.
I'm the Harvest Angel.
Rebecca: There we go. (exhales)
Will you be wearing your
vicar cape at the celebration?
Not today, sweetie.
It's not a God thing. (chuckles)
But at school they said
that's where we give thanks.
But a different kind of thanks.
It's more like prayers.
Old prayers.
Before God prayers?
No. There was always God.
Just country prayers.
- Berrow prayers.
- Grace: (chuckles)
Grace: Berrow, Berrow, Berrow.
You like it here,
don't you, Gracie?
I like your vicar costume.
Henry: Nearly sunset.
We're gonna be late
for the festival!
Rebecca: Okay, kiddo.
Grace: (chuckles)
(tense music playing)
(music concludes)
- (indistinct chatter)
- Dave: No, no, not those.
Move those,
they're blocking the stage.
- Get those pumpkins out.
- Marjorie: Dave.
The pumpkins are blocking
the stage.
I don't care about pumpkins.
Bloody late as usual.
Looking good, though, isn't it?
Come on, then,
I want that make-up on.
So, after this vicious attack,
do you think we can finally
put Bunbun down?
Jesus, Becca, I can't watch her
every single second of the day.
Well, you need to.
No, I need to work.
Because if I work,
then I can pay for new things.
Yeah, that would be nice.
Henry: I'm so,
so close to finishing.
Yeah, well, that's good,
because when you're up there,
you're not here.
She's fine. Gracie is fine.
She's a nice, normal little girl
and she's just trying to fit in.
She's settling.
Rebecca: (scoffs)
It's been ten months.
Ten months of settling? It's...
Well, maybe she didn't want
to be brought here.
- So it's my fault.
- (door closing)
(both sigh)
No flower thingy.
- Henry: Problem child.
- That's your fault.
Henry: That's true. If you want,
I'll stay here
and guard the house,
while you go
to the creepy festival.
- You can wear that.
- Thank you.
Is there any other pagan crap
that we've forgotten
that we need to bring today,
- or is it just the death mask?
- (festive music playing)
Let the festivities begin.
(music concludes)
Thomas, nearly time.
(tense music playing)
(suspenseful music plays)
(joints crack)
(music concludes)
- (festive music playing)
- (indistinct chatter)
Grace: Hi.
- (music concludes)
- (tense music playing)
(fly buzzing)
(music concludes)
- (festive music playing)
- (laughs)
(indistinct chatter)
Oh! (giggles)
- Beer?
- I'll have what they're having.
- Mrs. Vicar! Two minutes.
- Callie: Rebecca!
- Hello, my lovers.
- (chuckles)
- Rebecca: Bryony, you look fab.
- Is Grace around?
Well, she's here somewhere,
I think she's waiting for you.
Bryony hasn't been able
to stop talking
about Grace's
harvest angel costume.
- The dreaded harvest angel.
- (music concludes)
(crows cawing in distance)
Afternoon, Mrs. Vicar.
- (indistinct chatter)
- Wow!
Are you going all beardy weirdy
on us as well?
A little bit weirdy,
not so beardy, I hope.
George: All right,
come on, Mr. Vicar.
Come on, one for the camera.
Let's go.
- Give us a kiss, Mrs Vicar.
- Oh!
(tense music playing)
(indistinct whispering)
- To the harvest.
- To the harvest.
- Cheers!
- (indistinct chatter)
- (music concludes)
- (festive music playing)
Crowd: (cheering)
(music concludes)
Don't forget your lines, Dave!
Cheers. The day has come.
The stage is set.
The harvest is done.
Crowd: (cheers)
But who will lead us
on this merry dance?
Who do we call?
Crowd: Lord of Misrule!
Man: Behold.
The Lord of Misrule
has answered your calls.
- Crowd: (cheers, applauds)
- (festive music playing)
Who is it?
(music concludes)
My loves. My dears.
I am not just here
to lead us on a journey.
I am also here
to protect us from another.
He is the harvest blight.
He is the rocks in the woods
and the burrows,
and I am here today
- to drive him out!
- (upbeat music playing)
Crowd: (cheers)
(music concludes)
Cry his name,
and show him
that you are not afraid.
Crowd: (chants)
Gallowgog! Gallowgog!
- Gallowgog! Gallowgog!
- Gallowgog! Gallowgog!
- Gallowgog! Gallowgog!
- Gallowgog! Gallowgog!
- Crowd: (cheers, applauds)
- (festive music playing)
Man: Gallowgog, be gone!
Crowd: (chants)
Gallowgog! Gallowgog!
Crowd: (cheering in distance)
- Crowd: (cheering)
- (indistinct chatter)
Grace? Grace!
Your flowers.
Thanks, Mum. I love you.
Love you, too.
Miri: Hello?
Hello, Vicar.
- Miri, Ida, nice to see you.
- Ida: You too.
Bit of a thing, isn't it?
I didn't know Berrow had
a demon.
Miri and Ida: (laughing)
I think the idea is
that we drive him out,
and then we bless the harvest,
and all will be well.
- (chuckles)
- Funny way to drive him out,
it seems more like
we're dancing with him.
Man: Gallowgog, be gone.
Misrule stands triumphant!
Crowd: (cheers)
Time to revel in chaos.
- The feast of fools has begun.
- Crowd: (cheering)
(festive music continues)
Rebecca: Grace?
Bryony: Hair, blood, fire, sun.
Bryony, hey.
Bryony: Hair, blood, fire, sun.
- Hair, blood, fire, sun.
- Have you seen Grace, Bryony?
Bryony: Hair, blood, fire, sun.
Where is she, lovely?
Bryony: She's away now.
- What did you say?
- Bryony: (whispers) Grace.
She's away now.
- (music concludes)
- (tense music playing)
Actually, it's all right.
I managed to...
Have you seen Grace?
- Yeah. Yeah, she was over...
- Where?
- She was just...
- Show me. Where?
She was over here.
She was with...
- Gallowgog.
- I can't find her anywhere.
- Grace: (laughs)
- Grace!
- Where are you going?
- Grace: (chuckles)
(wind rustling)
Grace: (laughing)
I've never been this far before.
Rebecca: Grace, slow... (grunts)
- (festive music plays)
- (tense music continues)
Rebecca: (whispers) Grace.
(music concludes)
I know you're exhausted,
but we have to go through this
one more time.
So, tell me again
what you remember.
It was loud and busy.
I saw her going into the trees
at the top of the field
with that man.
Hythe: And that's when
you went after her?
Yeah. Like I said,
it was confusing. I...
I thought I heard her,
but I couldn't keep up,
and that was when I got
completely turned around,
and I told you,
I fell into a holloway.
That's where I hit my head,
and everything was...
Yeah, we checked.
There was no holloway.
No. It... It was there.
The... The trees, those...
poppets, they were dangling
from the trees.
My point is that if I got lost
in there,
then maybe she did, too.
- She could be...
- Miri: Sorry.
- (cutlery clattering)
- Tea.
So, this man, the one
who looked like a demon...
He was dressed like a demon.
Like the festival's...
"Gallo" something.
Surely you must know it, the...
Rebecca: Is there something
better you can do
than just ask the same
questions over and over again?
It's been about a dozen times
you've asked the same thing.
I assure you,
we're doing everything we can
- to find your daughter.
- Rebecca: Are you?
Shouldn't there be dogs,
or helicopters, or...
- Henry: Anything.
- Rebecca: (sighs)
Oh, we forgot Bunbun.
He needs feeding.
Just give her a bit of time.
She needs to settle.
- Settle?
- Hythe: Sorry.
That came out wrong.
Henry: How was it supposed
to come out?
(tense music playing)
(indistinct whispering)
(music concludes)
Miri: You need to eat something,
I'll manage. Thank you.
What... What are you doing?
Henry: Becca.
- Oh, hello.
- What are you going to do?
Give me that!
Out. Get out now!
- Henry: Becca?
- Hythe: Reverend Holland,
we just need some of her things
for the search, for the dogs.
(tense music playing)
(whispers) Oh, merciful Lord,
lighten our darkness,
and in your mercy defend us
against the perils of this day.
For the love of your Son
and our Savior Jesus Christ.
(breathes heavily)
(ominous music plays)
- Grace: (whispering) Find me.
- (gasps)
(music stops abruptly)
(suspenseful music plays)
(indistinct whispering)
Rebecca: (shouts) Grace!
Henry: Grace!
(whistle blowing)
Rebecca: Grace!
(cellphone vibrating)
Henry: Becca,
I'm with the police.
We found something.
(indistinct whispering)
(door closing)
Show me.
Don't go too far, Gracie.
(indistinct chatter over video)
Grace: (giggling) Bryony!
It's almost time!
(indistinct chatter on video)
(keyboard clicks)
- (keyboard clicks)
- (indistinct chatter resumes)
(keyboard clicks repeatedly)
(keyboard clicks repeatedly)
(shakily) So, what happens next?
Hythe: We'll get him.
In a small village,
with that tattoo,
we'll find him in no time.
This is a major breakthrough,
Reverend Holland. A good thing.
I believe if we find him,
we find your daughter.
- (keyboard clicks)
- Grace: Bryony! Come on!
Come on. Let's go.
(clears throat) Thank you.
(keyboard clicks)
(door closing)
Henry: Okay, we can't
just sit here in the quiet.
Come on, we need to be
around people.
Let's... Let's go
and get something to eat.
Come on.
- (music concludes)
- (crickets chirping)
(indistinct chatter)
Mrs. Vicar, Mr. Vicar.
Very pleased to see you.
Come here now.
I know what you need.
(indistinct chatter continues)
Have a drink. Sit down.
Henry: Do you want a pint, love?
Henry: Pint of Templeton.
Terrible thing that's happened,
but you'll see
how things'll be right again.
Well, all is as was.
Dave: I've heard the police
are out in force tonight.
They'll have your chiddler back
in no time.
Henry: Dave, mate.
At the festival,
there was a bloke
in a Gallowgog mask.
Dave: Oh, yeah. I know him.
- Who's that then?
- Derry Nash.
- Funny lad from a funny breed.
- (tense music playing)
Dave: Lives with his grandad
up on Cromwell Bend.
Doesn't leave their farm much,
not these days.
Does he have a tattoo
on his hand like this?
Dave: That's the bit.
(music intensifies)
Rebecca: Right here.
(music concludes)
- Five minutes.
- Rebecca: Okay.
(door creaks)
(radio playing in distance)
(radio gets louder)
(tense music playing)
Graham: What are you doing
on my property?
Mr. Nash. (inhales sharply)
I just wanted to talk to you
about your grandson.
- Graham: He ain't here.
- He's in there, isn't he?
Graham: Derry ain't here!
Hey! (grunts)
Stop, stop. Calm down.
Calm down!
- Derry?
- (radio playing indistinctly)
(indistinct whispering)
(music concludes)
Who stands in the fields
and waits?
Rebecca: There's something
they're not telling us.
I can feel it.
We... We have to get back
out there.
Henry: Becca, please.
Someone needs to find him.
We just have to let the police
do their job.
That's all we have to do.
- We're not alone in this.
- Yes, we are.
We are alone.
We came here to be with God,
but God is far away from here.
I guess He is.
(door creaks)
(tense music playing)
- (ominous music plays)
- (high-pitched wheeze)
Grace: (humming)
(humming continues)
(music intensifies)
(indistinct whispering)
(indistinct chanting)
- (music intensifies)
- (chanting intensifies)
- Henry: Becca?
- (music concludes)
What is it?
I need to talk to them.
(bell tolling)
(tense music playing)
- (music concludes)
- (indistinct chatter)
Rebecca: I'm so glad to see
so many of you today.
Two days ago,
my daughter, Grace,
went missing
at the harvest festival.
We haven't lived here long,
but many of you know Grace.
Which means you...
(shakily) Which means you know
how much it hurts.
We can help, Mrs. Vicar.
We can... Can't we have...
- A vigil.
- A vigil. Yeah.
A vigil for Grace
to tell her she's loved.
Rebecca: That's a lovely idea.
Dave: Somebody should give
the Nash family what for.
Miri: Oh, that'll be you,
will it, Dave Garfoot?
Rebecca: Now... (grunts)
Now, the police are dealing
with the Nash family.
I'll have no recrimination,
not in Grace's name.
I've called you here today
to share hope.
I've seen Grace.
And I believe
that God brought her to me.
I know she's alive,
but I also know
that she's desperately afraid.
And more than anything,
she wants us to bring her home.
I need your prayers.
To guide her.
Now, please, pray with me.
Jocelyn: No.
There will be no hope
from your Lord.
Who do you think has gifted you
visions of your daughter?
- Jocelyn, just leave it.
- No, it's okay. It's okay.
No, it's fine.
Your Lord does not have
your child.
Nor the Nashes,
nor any other human soul.
Then tell me,
who has taken my daughter?
Every year, we drive him out,
and yet he's still here.
He stands in the fields
and waits.
He stands in the fields
and watches.
And now, he has taken his tithe.
(indistinct chatter)
Jocelyn: Two days have passed.
All is as was.
All is as was.
(door opening, closing)
- Let us pray.
- (tense music playing)
(knocking on door)
Callie: Hello, Rebecca?
- George: Hello?
- Callie: Anyone in?
Callie: Hello. Here you go.
George: How we doing, Mr. Vicar?
- Henry: Thank you.
- Darling. Where is she?
- Henry: She's there.
- How we doing? We all right?
Hello, love. Let me make you
something to eat.
- These are for you, mate.
- Right.
You get these
down your neck, okay?
- Oh, well. I'll try my best.
- You do it, yeah?
Callie: I've been thinking about
the candlelit vigil for Gracie.
- George: Right, okay.
- Callie: And I was thinking,
we could put together
some flyers.
Uh, I don't know
if that would be the best idea
just because
of what happened today.
Hang on. Jocelyn Abney, listen,
I want to apologize for that.
It's nonsense
what happened today.
You got that? Yeah?
It's nonsense, mate.
Oh, God. Eggs are off.
(knocking on door)
- Henry: Hello.
- Wasn't he good? (laughs)
George: The whole family
has arrived.
- Where is she?
- Henry: She's just in...
(indistinct chatter)
Callie: I'll do an omelet
and I'll do some casserole.
- Let me get some plates.
- Ida: How are you, dear?
Just try not to be scared, love.
She wouldn't want you
to be scared.
Miri, she's in here!
- (laughs)
- (laughing) Two cakes.
(indistinct chatter)
This one's chocolate.
George: Right,
who's sitting where? Come on.
Sit down, come on, let's go.
- You must be starving.
- I am, I'm starving. Come on.
- (indistinct chatter, laughing)
- (door closing)
I guess that this is just
their way of...
trying to be helpful.
Still, I suppose their hearts
are in the right place,
- aren't they?
- Hmm.
Old families come visiting.
This vigil thing...
Are you really up for that?
I don't know.
Might be good for the community.
I just really, really don't
want you to get into
some kind of pissing contest
with this Abney bloke.
I'm not worried about
that fucking man, okay?
I'm worried about our daughter.
(tense music plays)
Miri: Bugger it.
I'll get a different one.
Ida, dear, eggs are off.
We need more eggs.
- Ida: I'm busy.
- (music concludes)
Miri: Do you want
your sponge cake or not?
(both laugh)
And how are my little girls
And what have you got for me?
Come on now, little darlings.
This is not very funny.
(tense music playing)
(crows cawing)
(thunder rumbling)
(piano playing)
Okay, sweetheart, your turn.
- George: Ready, sweetheart?
- Callie: Come on.
- (sneezes)
- (thunder rumbling)
- Ida: (muttering)
- Rebecca: Ida?
Ida: He stands in the field.
Are you okay, love?
It's Rebecca.
- Ida, what's the matter?
- Oh, oh!
Rebecca: Ida, come on.
Are you okay?
(music concludes)
Miri: Idie! Wherever did you go?
Don't be silly, Miri, dear.
I was visiting the chickens.
- Okay. Okay.
- (chuckles)
- Miri: I'm sorry.
- Rebecca: It's okay, Miri.
Are you here to take your walk,
vicar, dear?
Maybe we should visit
the chickens together.
Rebecca: No, Ida, love.
I just thought I'd come and say
a little prayer with you.
I don't think
he'd like that at all.
(tense music playing)
Lord, we pray that you will
comfort us in our suffering.
(whimpers, laughs)
Lend skill to the hands
of our healers
and bless the means
used for our cure.
- (laughs)
- (thudding)
Rebecca: Give us such confidence
in the power of your grace
that even when we are afraid...
Ida: Are you afraid, vicar?
- Even when we are afraid...
- Are you afraid?
He's here.
Look at him.
The Lord is my Shepherd...
- Ida: Look at him!
- (yells)
- He restores my soul...
- Ida: Prince of Goats...
He stands... He stands...
He stands in the fields
and he waits!
- Ida, no!
- (laughs)
(sobs) All is as was.
(menacing musical sting)
All is as was.
(menacing sting repeats)
(door lock clicking)
(tense music plays)
(music intensifies)
(music concludes)
(muffled laughter)
Funny time,
this part of the year.
Harvest festival gets everyone
worked up.
Four days of feasting
while the sun begins to die.
Four days of mischief
while the lord is wild.
And all to be blessed by him.
You mean your demon?
No, not a demon.
Gallowgog is a spirit
of the land.
The breeze that flattens
the grass in the field,
that's his footsteps.
The feeling you get
when you stand in the woods
that you're never alone,
that's his breath.
You're starting to sound
like Jocelyn Abney.
That's 'cause we've read
the same book.
We've read it
since we were kids.
It's our local folklore.
It's all in here.
There we are.
"In 1621, the Lord of Misrule,
a man named Tobias Bron,
claimed he was contacted
by Gallowgog."
(tense music playing)
"This great spirit promised
to bless the town with miracles.
The old families rejoiced
at these wonders.
In return,
Tobias instructed the villagers
to build a great Black Barn
for Gallowgog,
where they left gifts
and offerings."
Seems an odd way
to give things to God.
Miri: Rebecca,
you have to understand
that they left offerings.
Their children.
Nobody knows how many
young souls they sacrificed.
Who's this?
People who didn't believe
in Gallowgog?
Miri: No, dear.
That's Tobias Bron
and his followers.
When the Church learned
of their heresy,
they came to Berrow
and executed them.
As you can imagine,
that was the end of Spirit
Gallowgog and the festival.
Years ago,
the old families brought
the celebration back,
a heritage thing.
Of course, they changed it so...
Now, we're chasing the demon out
instead of welcoming him in.
But he still comes back
every year.
He stands in the fields
and waits.
That's what Jocelyn Abney says
to any poor sod who'll listen.
Now, you watch your step
with him.
There's a darkness in that man
that comes from the same place
as your loss.
Dearie, you don't know, do you?
Grace wasn't the first.
- What?
- Miri: Twelve years ago,
Thomas Abney, he went missing
on the harvest festival,
just like Grace.
They searched for four days
and never found
that poor boy's body.
(menacing musical sting)
- I'm so sorry.
- Ida: (whimpers)
Ida: He took Thomas and Grace
for a walk,
so they would know him.
He will do the same
for you soon.
Off to the Black Barn with you.
Off to the Black Barn you go!
Off to the Black Barn you go!
Off to the Black Barn you go!
Off to the Black Barn with you!
Off to the Black Barn you go!
(music concludes)
Reverend Holland?
Are you all right?
It's Ida Tremlow.
She's not been feeling well.
Well, we are gearing up
for another search for Grace.
Why didn't you tell me
there was another?
- Hythe: Another? Another what?
- Thomas Abney.
Twelve years ago, he went
missing, just like Grace.
Someone should've told us.
I wanted to know
what happened to him.
Trust me.
You don't want to know
the details of that case.
I don't want you to become
another Jocelyn Abney.
- (cellphone ringing)
- Excuse me.
You sure it's him? On my way.
Look after Miss Tremlow.
(pants) You've got him,
haven't you?
Hythe: Go home,
Reverend Holland.
Please, go home.
(tense music plays)
(car engine starting)
(knocking on door)
(tense music continues)
Rebecca: Jocelyn?
Jocelyn: (hums quietly)
Rebecca: Jocelyn?
I don't recall inviting you
into my house.
I'm not here about today.
I want to talk to you
about Thomas.
I know about him.
How he went, just like Grace.
That's what you know, is it?
He's why you're so scared,
isn't he?
Because that's the worst part
about losing a child.
It's all the terrible thoughts
about what might have happened
to them.
And you've lived with this pain
for a long time now.
Jocelyn: Thomas, Thomas, Thomas.
- She presumes to know me.
- Jocelyn.
You're scaring people.
You have to stop.
How can I stop something
that I didn't start?
Then who started it?
I'd like to know more,
if you'd speak with me.
Would you like some tea?
Thomas was an odd boy.
Grace must have been so excited
to be chosen as harvest angel.
I know Thomas was
the year he went away.
Rebecca: You must be very sad
at this time of year.
No, not really.
He was always
a celebratory type. (sips)
(intense music playing)
- (music concludes)
- Don't touch that, please.
Who... Who is that boy,
with Thomas, at the festival?
- The Nash boy.
- (sighs)
They were friends?
Well, you know that Derry Nash,
he has something to do
with Grace's disappearance.
Maybe there's a connection,
another way to see this.
Oh, yes. There is.
Gallowgog will show you.
You'll see.
- No, I didn't mean like that.
- Like back at your church,
where... your Grace
came to visit you.
A demon didn't take
our children.
It was a person. A bad person.
You take me for a fool, do you?
You think I would spit
on Spirit Gallowgog's truth?
(scoffs) Truth?
It's just an old story.
You don't believe
in old stories?
Yet you cling to one and preach
its gospel, do you not?
You're just clinging
to so much fear.
Do I look afraid to you, vicar?
No, you look lost.
And tired.
And lonely.
- He has your girl.
- (tense music playing)
Jocelyn: And in return,
he will give us great miracles.
Berrow's old families
will rise up and make you his.
It's already started.
You don't see.
She doesn't see you, Thomas.
(tense music plays)
This is the first sign.
The gift of blood.
And here is the second sign.
The gift of souls tied
in hair, see?
The third sign will be the gift
of fire burning in the fields.
The fourth and the final sign
will be
when the midnight sun will rise
over a great Black Barn.
- And you will see his glory.
- (cellphone buzzing)
(tense music continues)
Henry: Jesus Christ, Becca,
where are you?
The police didn't catch
Derry Nash.
They've lost him in the forest.
- Rebecca: Lost him?
- Henry: Yes.
Just come home, please.
Rebecca: I'm sorry you lost
the last person
- who cared about you.
- Don't pity me.
He took my Thomas
to the Black Barn,
where he took your Grace, too.
You should be thankful.
(door opening, closing)
(tense music continues)
- (leaves crunching)
- (music continues)
(music concludes)
(chime jingles)
Man: You need to run!
(suspenseful music playing)
Man: I didn't take
your daughter.
Stop looking for us.
Do you hear me?
I didn't take your daughter.
- You don't understand.
- Rebecca: Derry?
Man: Stop looking for us.
Stop fucking looking!
Rebecca: Derry?
What have you done
with my daughter?
Man: Forget about her!
Rebecca: Where is she?
(whispers) Where is she? (pants)
(indistinct chanting)
(chanting concludes)
(music concludes)
because I think if we can...
film an interview ourselves,
then we can be the ones
who set up
the social media channel.
- And we'll get the message out.
- (tense music playing)
(speaks indistinctly)
(music intensifies)
(music stops)
(whispers) Stop.
(crows cawing)
(suspenseful music plays)
Children: (chatter indistinctly)
(music concludes)
(piano playing)
(indistinct chatter)
(piano concludes)
Children: (giggling)
- Bryony: (giggles)
- Rebecca: Bryony?
I just wanted to talk to you
about Grace.
Do you remember the night
Grace disappeared?
I asked you where she was,
and you said, "She's away now."
Anything you can tell me
about it.
Anything at all.
I can tell you
to stick it up your arse.
Children: (giggling)
Children: (chanting)
Up your arse. Up your arse.
Up your arse! Up your arse!
Up your arse! Up your arse!
- Up your arse! Up your arse!
- (music intensifies)
Children: (chanting)
Up your arse!
(music stops abruptly)
You know what happened to her,
don't you?
- Do you know what this is?
- Bryony: Nothing.
We just made them
in Nature Club, that's all.
No, wait!
What's Nature Club?
Tell me about Nature Club.
It's just something we do
after school.
- They teach us things.
- And that happens here?
Yeah, but sometimes they take us
to the Secrets Room.
- What's the Secrets Room?
- Here, I'll show you.
(suspenseful music playing)
Rebecca: Jocelyn.
Bryony: Mr. Abney.
He's the one that teaches us
the songs,
and other things about Berrow.
Rebecca: What's this?
That's when the gift is chosen.
- What do you mean, "gift"?
- See?
It's all right here.
When Spirit Gallowgog
first spoke to Misrule,
the people of Berrow took gifts
to his Black Barn.
Apples, and pigs and chickens.
Spirit Gallowgog promised
that if we bring him gifts,
then he'd bless our harvest
and do great things.
Then they saw there was one gift
they could give
that was better
than all the rest.
Grace was the greatest gift
of all.
Spirit Gallowgog chose her
from all of us.
He chose her 'cause he knew
she'd bring you to him.
is Grace at the Black Barn?
She's with Spirit Gallowgog.
Until the celebration ends
Then the Black Barn goes.
She goes with it.
(thudding from above)
George: Bry?
What's she doing down there?
- Rebecca: Oh, George.
- George: Come on.
Rebecca: You scared me.
(music concludes)
George: Come here.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Yeah? Come here.
What you doing with my Bryony?
The kids told me
you slapped her.
- Let me explain.
- (intense music)
George: Explain. (groans)
You slapped her, did you?
(shouts) Home, now!
Slapping kids now are you,
Vicar Holland?
- Let go. Just let me explain!
- George: Yeah? Explain what?
- What, Mrs. Vicar? Tell me...
- We need to...
- We need to call the police!
- (music stops)
Police? What you talking
about, Vicar Holland?
Why are we gonna call
the police?
Because there are people
poisoning the minds
of our children.
- Of our daughters.
- (chuckles softly)
No, no, no. That's just keeping
a bit of local history alive.
That's all it is, Vicar Holland.
That's it.
- We're just keeping it alive.
- These are bad people, George.
No, no, no, they're my people.
They're my people,
they're all right.
Listen, I'm going to see you
tonight, for Gracie.
Yes. The vigil.
Yeah? It's all right. Yeah.
- It's all right.
- (tense music playing)
(door opening, closing)
Rebecca: Henry!
Look. Look at this.
This summer, Grace was going
to something called Nature Club.
Henry: Yeah.
It was supposed to be
a nice thing to do
on a Wednesday afternoon
when you were giving
the Eucharist.
Well, the police came,
and they tried
to take all evidence of it.
All of her drawings
about the festival,
- the Lord of Misrule...
- No, no, no, no.
I'm not doing any of this
Jocelyn Abney bollocks.
We have to do what the police
have told us to do.
No, no,
because they're part of it.
- Everybody's part of it.
- Part... Part of what?
What does that mean?
Maybe, this is just
a bunch of people
who are trying to find
some meaning in their lives.
No, no, no. It's more than that.
They've found something
to believe in,
and I know
how wonderful that can be,
but I also know
how dangerous it can be.
Listen to yourself.
You sound like an insane person.
Yeah, well, this place is sick.
These people are sick.
- And they're all in on it.
- Henry: Do you mean the people
who planned a vigil
for our daughter?
They know where Grace is.
Can't you see that?
They call her a gift.
You don't pray with me.
No, no, I'm not going to start
fucking praying with you.
Why would we do that?
What do you think's
gonna happen?
You think we're just gonna
kneel down, and then we just...
We'll close our eyes,
and just wish and wish and wish.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- And then she'll come
strolling through
the front door,
- then everything will be fine?
- Rebecca: Okay, okay, okay.
Now, kindly fuck off
while I find our daughter.
Don't you need your, um,
your evidence?
(door opening, slamming)
(suspenseful music plays)
One more night.
Show me how to bring you home.
(whispers) The third sign.
The gift.
The fire.
Henry: Yes, hello.
I'm calling about my daughter's
missing person report.
Grace Holland.
Grace Holland, ten years old.
Grace Holland.
What does that mean?
What does that mean, "closed"?
How is that possible?
Hello, yes.
DI Hythe, call me back
as soon as you get this.
Call me back.
(music intensifies)
- (music concludes)
- (indistinct chatter)
Would you like to say anything?
(suspenseful music playing)
(footsteps approaching)
We're all very hopeful
for Grace.
If you'd say a prayer,
I'd be very grateful.
A prayer.
It would be an honor.
Hair, blood, fire, sun, gone
And 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
Congregation: Hair, blood
Fire, sun, gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was...
Where is she?
(singing continues)
What have you done
with my daughter?
Spirit Gallowgog made a home
for your daughter
when you didn't.
He will do the same for you
if you give yourself to him.
All is as was...
Ida... Ida, no...
Congregation: Hair, blood,
Fire, sun, gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was...
- (singing continues)
- (ominous music plays)
Henry: Stop it.
What's going on?
Shut up!
(music concludes)
I think you should leave now.
- Four days have passed.
- (tense music plays)
The feast ends tonight.
Congregation: All is as was
All is as was
All is as was
All is as was
All is as was
All is as was
All is as was
(tense music continues)
This is madness.
This is fucking madness!
That's exactly what it is.
I mean, this... You were right.
You were right. I am so sorry.
You were right
about all of this.
I need to tell DI Hythe
about it.
He can't help.
Henry: We can't stay here.
We need to go.
- We need to just...
- No, we can't leave.
(whispers) Henry.
- What?
- Old families come visiting.
(tense music continues)
Henry: Becca, come on!
Water. We need water.
- Rebecca: (screams)
- Hey. Hey.
I told you to stop.
Spirit Gallowgog took Thomas,
and he took your Grace.
Derry, you were with Thomas
that day.
I was too late.
Four days had passed,
and the Black Barn had gone.
- But you can save Grace.
- Derry.
I need to go to back
to the Black Barn.
- We need to get out of here.
- Derry...
I need to go back there.
There's only one way
to the Black Barn.
You have to give yourself
to him.
- Henry: (screams)
- Henry!
Henry: (grunts)
(tense music continues)
Derry: Oi! Over here. Come on!
- Henry: (grunting)
- (thudding)
(music intensifies)
(breathes heavily)
(music builds menacingly)
Jocelyn: (grunts)
(ominous music plays)
(music concludes, fades)
(shushes) It's okay.
Work's almost done.
The crop has been sown.
Now, we need to bring in
the harvest.
To show you the truth
of his glory.
You sing his praises, sister.
He stands in the fields.
Congregation: He stands
in the fields and waits.
Jocelyn: Don't worry, sister.
You're amongst family now.
- And here we stand, my loves.
- (tense music playing)
For now is the time
to give Vicar Holland
her warmth and succor.
And yet she still will not sing
of his glory.
She will not see his love.
Villager: Then we must show her!
Congregation: Show her!
Show her!
Jocelyn: Yes.
Your church came to this village
and they took Tobias Bron.
They put him to his knees.
And they crowned his head
in burning pitch.
Purification, they called it.
And then they built your church.
To remind them of our place
under God.
But Spirit Gallowgog took us
to his bosom and held us tight.
Congregation: Yes.
Hard little seeds
deep beneath the earth.
We remembered,
didn't we, my dears?
- Congregation: Yes.
- We remember the sign
above Tobias Bron's head
when he died.
A black sun...
burned above his head.
Brought down
by Spirit Gallowgog.
You know what that means,
don't you?
Light and darkness
switched places.
Your fear and anger
became our love.
That's right,
isn't it, my dears?
- Congregation: Yes.
- So...
shall we go look
for the midnight sun again?
Congregation: Yes.
Bring out the next blessing,
my dears.
Congregation: (cheers)
- Jocelyn: (chuckles)
- Congregation: (boos)
(ominous music plays)
Oh. Oh, Henry.
(breathes heavily)
No, this... this isn't you.
I know you.
Callie Furleigh, we walked
our kids to school together.
And Dave Garfoot,
we... we drank your shitty beer
and we laughed
at your shittier jokes,
but it was okay
because every week
you put a tenner
on the collection plate! (sobs)
And you...
you were supposed to help her.
DI Hythe: I am helping, Rebecca.
Ida. Miri.
We loved you. (sobs)
And we love you, too.
No. No, this...
You are people of God,
and you are capable
of great goodness!
Jocelyn: Yes.
And all we want is to share it
with you.
No, no, no.
No, I give myself!
- I give myself!
- I don't believe you.
- Henry: Rebecca.
- Rebecca: (gasps) Henry.
You don't need to be scared.
Listen to me.
You don't have to be scared.
Do I look scared?
- I'm not. Do you know why?
- Henry...
Because I know that you're going
to get our little girl back.
Okay, now, I need you to close
your eyes for me, love.
Can you close your eyes for me,
all right? Close your eyes.
No! No!
Henry: I'm gonna do it quietly.
- It's okay.
- Rebecca: No! I give myself!
- I give myself! I give myself!
- Henry: (grunts)
(struggles, grunts) No, stop.
Please! Please! Please!
- Henry: (coughs)
- Stop.
Stop this. No! (sobs)
Please! No, I give myself!
I give myself!
- Henry!
- This is how we love.
Rebecca: (screams)
- No! (cries)
- Henry: (screams)
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
Congregation: All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere...
Congregation: All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
Don't worry, sister.
You're amongst us now.
Amongst family.
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
Hair, blood, fire, sun
Gone and 'ere
All is as was
All is as was
(groans, exhales)
(tense music plays)
It's time. Don't be scared.
He wouldn't want you
to be scared.
Rebecca: I am scared.
But I can see.
(mournful music plays)
Jocelyn: Almost there, my loves.
(music gains momentum)
(music continues)
(music concludes)
(whispers) Grace?
(breathes shakily) Gracie?
You came. I knew you would.
We have to go.
Grace: No.
He won't let us go.
- (growling)
- (ominous music playing)
- No, no.
- (low-pitched thudding)
- (low-pitched growling)
- Grace: (wheezes)
May God who has received you
by baptism
pour upon the riches
of your grace.
- No, you can't have her!
- Grace: (cries)
We will be renewed daily
by the anointed Spirit.
(prays indistinctly)
(low-pitched growling)
(breathes shakily)
- (blows)
- (breathes shakily)
(indistinct chanting)
- (chanting ceases)
- (barn doors close)
(indistinct chatter)
(music concludes)
Jocelyn: You dare break our pact
with Spirit Gallowgog?
And take back his gift?
Splice the sow.
Split her from ear to ear,
so that she may meet her piglet.
Rebecca: They won't touch me.
Will you?
Because I've done the one thing
that you were never able to do.
I've been to the Black Barn.
I found my way to him.
I stood before him,
and I let him look upon my face.
I brought back my little girl.
My blessing.
Gallowgog called to you.
He took your son.
He sent you signs
and he invited you to face him,
but you didn't.
I brought great wonders
to this village.
You brought no wonders
to this village.
You brought only fear.
I gave my son to be his Misrule.
Rebecca: I am his Misrule.
And now I will show you
what I have become.
I stand before the goat
in the fields.
And he stands with me.
And now I will end
this feast of fools.
And how will it end, Mrs. Vicar?
- (whispers) With you.
- (ominous music plays)
Don't you dare. You traitors.
You will condemn this village.
This is not the will
of the old families.
Rebecca: You've carried
the black sun far enough.
You can't carry it anymore.
Then take this pain from me.
(music concludes)
(somber folk music playing)
Jocelyn: (groaning)
This is how I love.
(singing indistinctly)
(music continues)
All is as was.
(music continues)
Let us pray.
(music concludes)
(man sings folk melody)
There came three men
Down from the church
With orders from on high
And they had sworn
A solemn oath
Tobias Bron must die
The stories told
About this man
Such horrors said to be
For Berrow's own
Lord of Misrule
Did steer them wickedly
One evening Bron
Walked forest deep
From shadows
A whisper called
A beast stood tall
With horns four sheep
Great Spirit Gallowgog
With signs of blood
Souls tied in hair
And field fires
in the wheat
A black sun rose up
In the air
His glory they did meet
The rot of woods
The prince of goats
Their love for him it grew
Tobias Bron declared
To build
A black barn to receive
Their dues
Old families
Brought their offerings
Of swine and fowl or foal
But blood of their firstborn
Was proved
The greatest gift of all
A Berrow child
Chosen for the barn
Was laid before its door
Four days would pass
For that young soul
Then vanish for evermore
The Church sent men
With scythes so sharp
They brought Bron
To his knee
They crowned his head
In pitched sack cloth
And burned him
For all to see
They vowed to raise
A parish church
To bring Berrow under God
Then a black sun shone
Before Bron died
Brought down by Gallowgog
The old families
Hardy little seeds
Would wait
For centuries three
For still they stand
With a goat in field
And the goat
He stands with thee
(music concludes)