Lords of Chaos (2018) Movie Script

OYSTEIN: Norway, 1987.
A very wealthy and religious country
far up in the northern hemisphere.
Look how much fun we have on the
streets of Oslo on a normal day.
And that's our king
with his cool top hat.
This is where I live with my
typical Norwegian family.
That's my dad's Volvo
in the driveway.
My home country... gray, boring, seal
clubbing, and a very high suicide rate.
And that's me.
An average teenager,
you may think,
but you couldn't be more wrong.
I am Oystein Aarseth,
A.K.A. Euronymous.
I was brought to this world to
create suffering, chaos and death.
This is my story.
And it will end badly.
Cut him.
- What?
- Cut him.
Uh, but why?
- Get off!
- You started this?
- Do it!
- Get off!
Fuck is wrong with you?
you guys doing up there?
Such a dick!
Four-string crush-fucker
And on drums, give it up for the
devil's favorite demon, Manheim!
We are Mayhem!
Mom, tell her
to get out of here!
You guys suck.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
Go! Get out! Go!
Life was so easy back then.
It was all about having fun, getting
drunk, playing hard, and loud music.
- MAN: Hey, hey!
- Oh, fuck.
We didn't give a shit
about anything else.
- Hey! Stop!
- Run away, run away!
Oh, shit.
When people told us what to do or
how to behave, we always said...
Fuck you!
Come on.
What do you think?
Do I look evil?
I like it.
- Promise?
- Promise.
And what happens
if you break a promise?
Satan comes after you.
I am the beast!
- I am the beast incarnate.
- Ahhh!
Hey, guys, this is Jorn.
- You can call me Metalion.
- Let's do it.
- Yeah, that's great.
- Come here.
METALION: Yeah. Fuck, yeah!
Get off of me.
OYSTEIN: We were world-famous
all over Oslo.
We even had fans, real fucking
dedicated Mayhem fans.
And then our idiot drummer
decided to leave the band.
So we upgraded with this handsome
fellow, Jan Axel, A.K.A. Hellhammer.
One, two, three.
So now I got the best drummer in
Norway, a mad kick-ass bass player,
and I came up with this new guitar sound
that would change the world forever.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give
you Norwegian Black Metal!
But we needed one more thing
to complete the band.
A strong front man
and lead singer.
We searched the world
and one day, we got a reply.
- What the hell is that stink?
- Fuck me.
- Oh, fuck.
- What?
Oh, fucking disgusting.
Don't you fucking
puke in my dad's car.
- Watch out, man.
Shit, man.
The tape, don't throw out
the fucking tape.
HELLHAMMER: This better be good.
OYSTEIN: Holy shit.
We never heard anyone
sing like that.
It was beautiful,
the perfect voice for Mayhem.
- Suck a dick!
- Die!
- Satan fucks children.
OYSTEIN: I had to get him.
Turns out he wasn't from Transylvania at all,
but from Sweden, our next-door neighbor.
He packed up all his shit and
headed to Norway to join my band.
- Shit.
- OYSTEIN: What?
What the fuck?
Hey, hey, hey, don't touch that.
His name was Pelle Ohlin...
but he called himself Dead.
All right.
And together, we moved into this luxurious
villa in the province of Kraktorp.
Pelle, you in there?
Are we ready to rock?
We isolated ourselves and
focused on our dark, evil music.
After a year together in the
house, we became close friends.
He could not hide
his darkness and depression.
As a child, he was bullied and beaten up
so bad, he actually died for a moment.
That moment came to define
his whole existence.
He devoted his life to death.
You know, there's a way out
if you're so fucking depressed.
One shot to the head,
and it's all over, no more pain.
Come on, fucker. Get up!
And he hated cats
more than anything.
Hey, there's a cat out there.
- For real?
- Swear to God.
- Let's blow the little fuck to pieces, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
DEAD: Where is it?
- There he is.
- There we go.
There it is, the little fucker.
Still there?
Do it.
Pull the trigger.
Fuck, do you mean it?
You said it yourself.
"One shot to the head,
and it's all over."
Come on.
Pull the fucking trigger!
Don't smile.
You'll fuck up the makeup.
This is not a joke.
You are terror incarnate...
Terror incarnate...
terror... Yeah.
- Ruler of chaos and death!
- Yeah.
And remember, you have
to get your poses right, too.
Everyone around you are disgusting,
worthless little insects.
We are the Lords of Chaos.
Destroyer of worlds.
One, two, three.
Hail Satan!
Metalion, Jorn,
take our picture.
Fuck, yeah.
All right, what do you think?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa/.
Fucking pumas incoming.
Ann-Marit, this is Oystein.
- Euronymous.
- Sorry, um, Euronymous.
Are you in the band
or something?
- I'm the leader of the band.
- What band?
Never heard of you guys.
You will.
You will!
- Fuck, man!
- Sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
Die, motherfucker!
I want to fucking die.
What are you doing?
HELLHAMMER: This is, like,
way worse than...
- What the fuck is that?
- It's my stage clothes.
OYSTEIN: Dead's raw talent,
dedication, and fucked-up brain
became a big influence
on all of us.
And it was time to introduce
the more evil-than-ever Mayhem
to our local black metalheads,
and create some chaos.
What are you doing?
What's in the bag?
Inhaling death.
Oh, fucking disgusting!
Argh, what the fuck?
Fuck! What the fuck!
Is that real?
PHOTOGRAPHER: That's it, yeah.
- One more. Grab his hair.
- Ahhh!
OYSTEIN: Alright,
let's go. Showtime.
Let's go, go, go.
HELLHAMMER: Good luck, guys!
What's up?
How are you?
You guys are the best metal band
in the world.
- OYSTEIN: Yeah!
- Fuck yeah!
Mmm. We're not just
a fucking metal band.
I'm sick of all those speed and
death-metal bands, all that Swedish shit.
All they do
is celebrate life and party.
They should just
call it life metal.
We play Black Metal, true
Norwegian Black Metal, and...
Lokringer plate
ready for pickup.
- Fuck off...
- You guys were very good.
The gig is very good.
My name is Kristian.
I'm from, uh...
Oh, shit.
I'm... I'm from Bergen.
Drive carefully, darling.
OYSTEIN: You've reached
Hell House...
The Prince of Darkness,
Euronymous and Dead the Corpse.
Can't come to the phone right
now because we're too busy
sacrificing little children
to Satan!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Hi, Pelle. It's Dad.
I have some good news.
We got the letter today, and
you got accepted to university.
Also, we're going to the summer house,
and we would love it if you'd come.
Pelle, you lazy fuck!
All right.
Oh, fuck.
You jerking off again?
Fuck. Why did...
How could he...
We just...
What's your emergency?
Hello? Hello?
Pelle's not home.
Back to Sweden?
No, he blew his head off.
OYSTEIN: Did you get them?
I got them.
This is the one.
This is gonna make us famous.
Mayhem will be the band with the
singer who blew his head off.
Hey. We should say
I ate a piece of his brain, too.
Yeah. (LAUGHS)
I got something for you guys.
This is good.
Every member of Mayhem will wear
this at all times from now on.
It's him.
- What do you mean, "It's him?"
- It's him...
Oh, what the fuck?
- What the fuck are you doing?
- What the fuck am I doing?
No fucking way am I wearing that shit.
It's sick!
He was our friend,
and now he's fucking dead.
I don't have any friends,
nor should you.
- This is so fucking wrong.
- It's supposed to be wrong.
People are supposed
to hate what we do.
People are supposed to think
we're fucked in the head.
Well, you fucking are.
You do as I say,
or you're out of my band.
- It's your band?
- Mmm-hmm.
You're fired.
Get the fuck out of my face.
You've gone too far.
Shit, man.
Jorn, come back.
- He's coming back, right?
- No.
No. He's replaceable.
He's replaceable!
OYSTEIN: I had to get out
of that fucking house.
I couldn't deal with it.
It was time to move into
the next chapter of my story
and fulfill one of my dreams.
BOTH: Ahhh!
So with a little help
from my friendly father,
I opened my record store,
Helvete, Norwegian for "Hell."
- Welcome.
I wanted to create a place
for me and my people,
a temple for evil, chaos,
and black metal.
I like your new place,
I've been planning this
for years.
This place is for us and us
only, the Inner Circle,
the Black Circle.
I was building my own empire.
Everything that happened
made me immune to reality.
I had no more limitations.
I could do whatever
the fuck I wanted.
Nothing could stop me.
Why do you sell this shit?
I thought this place
was true metal.
It is.
I got music you can't find
anywhere else in the world,
just not on display for posers.
So where is it?
If you know it, you'll find it,
but a poser won't find shit.
- You wanna buy it or listen to it?
- Both.
I released that on my
record label,
Deathlike Silence.
No thanks, I don't drink.
You want a glass of milk?
What's your name?
Oh, it's, uh,
it's Kristian, right?
Are you a...
Are you a Christian, Kristian?
Not anymore.
Not anymore?
So what are you now?
I mean, I've changed
my name to Varg.
Mmm, Varg.
I like Varg.
"Not anymore."
Fucking poser.
Want some?
Oh, no. I... I don't eat meat.
- No?
- No.
- Like Hitler?
- Yeah, exactly like Hitler.
Sorry about your singer.
So you've got, um, your own
band, your own record shop,
and your own label.
Mmm. Each of these red dots is a
pen pal who sends me demo tapes,
and I sent a few in return...
South America, Central America,
Poland, Romania.
Countries all over the world
make dark, evil music.
You know why?
Things are miserable.
People are ruled
by dictatorship.
Just like us here in Norway.
Like us?
In... In Norway?
The fucking church,
they're oppressing us with their
kindness and their goodness,
brainwashing an entire population with
fake empathy and fucked-up solidarity.
Hate them and their churches.
We should burn them down.
You get it, right?
I mean, you're...
You're a Satanist, right?
- Fuck!
- Ahhh!
Got something for your label.
MAN: Ahhh!
Who else is in the band?
No, it's... It's me.
It's just me.
Varg, the lone wolf.
- MAN: Hail Satan!
- I like it.
Hail Satan!
Party's over.
I was stunned.
Just like the first time
I heard Pelle's voice.
Where the hell
did this poser come from,
and how can he be
so fucking perfect?
This was exactly the kind
of shit I needed for my label.
It was true
Norwegian Black Metal.
Holy shit.
Faust, you have
to listen to this.
It's a fucking masterpiece.
I had to talk
to this fucking poser.
Seriously evil music, man.
It's perfect for my label.
Only one fucking problem,
I'm broke.
- Good luck.
- Hey, wait.
Wait, I can get the money.
Just please, please shut up.
So what, you're rich?
My mother will pay.
OYSTEIN: So, the poser's
mother actually paid.
We joined forces, and together we recorded
Burzum's first ever studio recording
at the legendary
Grieghallen Studios.
How you feeling?
- I'm feeling great.
- Yeah.
- Oh, I'm gonna fuck that one. I'm gonna fuck her so good.
I want one microphone in the
center of the room, nothing else.
That's gonna sound horrible.
That's the whole point.
All right.
He had some really bad ideas,
but with a little help from me,
the end result was True Metal, metal enough
for him to become part of the Black Circle.
You know that drummer
I was talking about?
Bad hygiene...
Hey, whatever happened
to the drummer of...
It's hilarious.
Our next album is almost done,
the most evil music
you've ever heard.
It's my band.
It's coming out on my label.
So are you planning any gigs?
Of course not.
Concerts are for those
Swedish life metal bands.
Exactly. Posers claiming
to be Satanists
when all they want to do is
drink beer and have a good time.
I hate that, all those death metal kids
with their stupid Morbid Angel t-shirts.
They're making a trend out of something
that was meant to instill fear.
We should put them in the showers
and, uh, gas them to death.
MAN: Gas them to death?
Fuck off!
MAN: You're so
fucking drunk, mate.
Hail Satan!
You should take my picture.
- You should.
- I don't know.
- Faust, do it! Do it!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Okay, okay, okay!
That's enough. That's enough.
- Let's go.
- All right. All right.
Go, go, go. Go!
So is this where you take
all your groupies?
We don't have
any fucking groupies.
You wouldn't know what
to do with them anyways.
We don't want
any fucking groupies.
We're into destruction
and suffering.
When people hear our music,
we want them to commit suicide.
You think we're
just saying this?
I think it's all just
some stupid image.
Well, that's bullshit.
We're for real.
Well, I don't know.
Seems like you just
copied Venom to me.
You know all that Satanist talk
was just an image, right?
- Says who?
- Venom.
When they say
it was just an image,
that's just part of their image.
So when are you
gonna take my picture?
I never said I would.
Why don't we go upstairs
and talk about it?
Why don't we all stay?
Take off your clothes.
Are you fuckin' deaf?
I said take off
your clothes. Now.
Turn the fucking volume down.
I wonder what it feels like to
penetrate a knife into a human body.
You should find out.
Yeah, maybe I should.
Auf Wiedersehen, gentlemen.
Please come again.
Thank you.
Is this, uh, Deathlike Silence?
Deathlike Silence!
Yeah, that's us.
Thank you, Mr. Postman.
It's your fucking record.
Fucking great.
Oh, shit!
And they printed it wrong.
It should be
"Spell of Destruction"
not "Black Spell
of Destruction."
No, I changed it.
Why would you do that?
'Cause it's better with "Black."
When will I get paid?
First we sell some,
then you get paid some.
We have to let people know the
album is out, get some attention.
You have any ideas?
Thought you were the marketing genius,
but I guess I could have some...
Please feel free.
Good luck.
Hey, man, turn it up.
- What?
- The fuckin' TV, turn it up.
Same church in Bergen.
Local police suspect
the fire was deliberate.
No suspects so far.
OYSTEIN: He did it!
MAN 1: Who did?
- MAN 2: What?
- Varg, the church, he did this.
That's awesome.
- Fuck.
- That's cool.
I said we needed promotion,
and he fucking did it...
- Holy sh...
- and I told him to do it.
- Fuck, this is so cool.
- I told him to do it.
- Fuck.
- MAN 1: It's on the fucking news.
MAN 2: Holy fuck!
Police are still looking for the suspect
responsible for the Fantoft Church burning.
- The church had been built in...
- MAN 1: Holy shit.
MAN 2: Dude,
Varg is a fucking hero.
Fucking fuck.
OYSTEIN: He did it.
And he made us all
look like fucking Boy Scouts.
He fucking did it.
He's here now.
Hey, turn it off.
What you did was fucking cool.
I've been talking
about it for years.
I'm glad you got inspired.
We finally did it.
- We did it?
- Yeah, that's right.
Now, think of all the people
who are so sad and broken up
about what happened to their dear,
holy, ancient fucking church.
Hail Satan, my lord!
Laugh now,
you fake fucking Nazi.
OYSTEIN: After the Fantoft Church burning,
everything became a fucking competition.
Whatever I did, Varg did
10 times bigger and better.
His creativity was exploding.
He fucked anything that moved.
He added another stupid name to his
list of names... Greifi Grishnackh.
The girls lined up for fucking.
- Is Greifi here?
- No, he's not fucking here.
Get out.
The world I built
was about to fall apart.
And how many fucking girls
can one fuck?
There were churches
burning all over.
My future and success
disappeared behind his actions.
I had to do something about it.
I hereby appoint you
bass player of Mayhem.
It's an honor.
Congratulations, man.
Oystein, we should
burn one down together.
- I don't know, Kristian.
- Call me Varg.
Yeah, I'm going to...
I'm out of here.
I'll see you guys later.
You've already done it.
Yes, but you said it yourself...
"We should burn them all down."
Hey, wait.
For what?
You know what was here,
this very piece of land, before the
Christians came and raped this country?
Sacrificial altar to Odin.
The Christians built
this disgusting church
right on our ancestors'
holiest site.
Fucking disrespectful, isn't it?
- Wait. Is that a fucking...
- Yes.
Wait. Are...
You're just going to...
I'm going to leave it there
and it's going to explode.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...
Six, six...
Three, two, one.
Uh, uh, Kristian...
I mean, Varg!
I mean, Greifi, seriously, man.
Could be a dud.
Yeah, you burn
that fucking Bible.
- Yeah! Yeah.
- Come on, let's go, let's go.
- Whoa!
- Go, go.
You're a fucking maniac.
Am I evil?
Yes, I am!
Burn, motherfucker!
Okay, all right, let's go.
Let's go.
burnings all over the country.
Can you tell us what happened
here at Revheim last night?
MAN: The only thing we know is that the fire
started around 5:00 a.m. in the morning,
and it could all be very...
Come on, boys. Dinner's ready.
It's your favorite.
Spaghetti bolognese.
you seen the news? It's insane.
There are clear tracks of evidence of
Satanic activity at the Revheim Church.
Mom, I'm going out.
OYSTEIN'S MOTHER: Okay, honey.
I'm right here.
You don't have to be afraid.
We can do whatever you want.
I was exactly like you.
I used to go around
carrying all those...
Not here.
- When will I get paid?
- Anytime now.
I need it.
I have to pay back my mom.
Uh, she'll get her money soon.
I thought we sold a lot.
Well, first we need to recoup
everything, then you'll get paid.
Studio was expensive.
- I did it.
- Earlier today,
a jogger discovered the
body of a 43-year-old man
who was stabbed to death.
That, that was you?
And extremely violent.
Last night.
That was...
That was a really
smart fucking move, man.
You'll be the new hero
of the Black Circle.
We should celebrate.
Let's burn down
a fucking church, huh?
Yeah. Yeah, let's fuckin' do it.
- All right.
- All right.
Here you go.
Hey, come on.
Don't just stand there.
You're the master
of this shit, right?
Fuck this shit.
That's right.
Let's get you good and white.
you do the honors.
For Jesus and his disciples.
Let's go.
FAUST: Whoo!
Burn the fucking thing down!
- Whoa!
- Fucking piece of shit.
Whoo! Yeah!
- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
- Let's go!
Let's go!
Dude, I'm so fucking drunk.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Nice armor.
- Congrats on the fire, guys.
- Yeah, congrats.
OYSTEIN: Something else
you guys should know.
This must stay
within the circle.
Faust killed someone.
Stabbed a human to death.
Yeah, we talked about what it would
feel like to put a knife in a body.
- We did?
- Yes.
I said, "What the fuck?"
"You should try it."
And he followed my advice.
So from now on,
we have to lay low.
- Okay.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
- Why would we do that?
Oh, you know, we've taken it
to a whole new level.
In what way?
Homicide investigation.
I'm sure they'll come after us
for all the other stuff, too.
So we're just going to run
and hide like fucking chickens?
All right. You just do
as I fucking say, okay?
OYSTEIN: Everything was taken
to a new level.
Terror has swept across Norway.
He was stabbed to death.
OYSTEIN: I could feel the cops
snooping around the store.
The Norwegian police are still
looking for the suspects responsible.
They had their eyes on me.
They were on to me.
Or was I just getting paranoid?
Police are still looking...
OYSTEIN: All of this became
bigger than expected.
Our fucked-up fantasies have turned
into an even more fucked-up reality.
This is not what
I signed up for.
I wanted out, but I couldn't
find the fucking door.
The police have launched
an investigation.
All this evil and dark crap
was supposed to be fun.
I was sick and tired
of everything going to shit,
so I decided to move forward and
focus on myself and the future.
around 6:00 this morning...
Tonight's fire at the Methodist church
in Sarpsborg left one fireman dead.
All right. Let's go.
Stand still.
Lift your head more.
Move your head.
Now look at me
just with your eyes.
Okay, maybe not.
Okay, move your eyes
more to the right.
Don't be so serious.
Looks good.
ANN-MARIT: What's on your mind?
Pull the fucking trigger!
Good morning.
You really miss him, don't you?
This is it, the biggest
cathedral in all of Norway.
We'll have it
on the album cover.
It's from the 1100s.
And now, in 1993,
we're gonna blow it up.
Wait, blow it up?
- You guys ready?
- Come on, let's go guys.
MAN: Varg's already burned
down seven churches.
I don't get it.
You want to have the cathedral on the
cover, but you don't want to blow it up.
It's just an album cover.
No. It's not just
an album cover.
You have Fantoft
on the cover of Aske.
You even included matches.
That was a call to action.
Use the matches to burn down
a church like I did.
- Come on, Kristian.
- My name is Varg.
We're in this together.
We want the same thing.
- We do?
- Yeah.
In that case, let's get
some fucking dynamite...
- You guys coming?
- And let's blow this up.
I will wait in there.
You do what you want.
I don't need your blessing.
I want you and me
to do this together.
HELLHAMMER: Let's go guys!
We need to get back in there.
The fact that Norway
is ruled by a dictatorship,
and our people are brainwashed with
empathy and solidarity by the church,
and their stupid Christianity
doesn't bother you anymore?
Of course it does.
I hate that shit.
Either you do it for the cause
and you take action,
or you do it because
you want attention
and you want to be a
stupid-ass celebrity rock star.
You can't have it both ways.
So that must be his back,
or it's...
- I think it's his ass.
- Stom...
- He got stabbed in the ass.
All right, asshole.
All right.
I'm going public.
What are you talking about?
I'm going to the press.
We have to take this
to the next level.
The next level is jail.
We talk about it in such a way that
our identity will be kept anonymous.
Wha... What's the point
of going to the press, then?
We have to introduce them
to the Black Circle.
They need to know what we've done
and that we intend to do more.
This is a bad idea. No.
I'm not asking
for your permission, Oystein.
Why the fuck
are you calling me, then?
I don't care what you say.
I'm doing it.
It's going to affect all of us.
All right?
I already have the police
following me.
They're probably
outside your window now.
You're paranoid,
absolutely paranoid.
I'm not fucking paranoid.
If you do this,
we're fucked, Kristian.
Varg! My name is Varg!
Okay. Just do
as I fucking say, Varg.
Fuck you.
My name is Greifi Grishnackh.
Greifi Grishnackh.
Greifi Grishnackh.
Hi, I'm Finn Tonder.
And this is my photographer.
Greifi Grishnackh.
Greifi Grishnackh.
I'm sorry, what are you saying?
Count. Call me the Count.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Sit down.
Okay, uh,
you called me,
so what do you want?
I know who's responsible
for the recent church burnings.
And who would that be?
It's... It's a group of people.
Um, they call themselves
the Black Circle.
- How many are you?
- Oh, there's six of us, and...
So you and the so-called Black Circle,
you like to burn down churches.
Isn't it obvious?
Do you know when the first
church was burned down?
Uh, Fantoft?
Uh, not exactly.
The 6th of June, the sixth
month, at 6:00 in the morning.
Six-six-six, the number of
seconds, so you're Satanists?
Whoa! What are you doing?
He can't take any pictures
of me, for fuck's sake!
Okay, calm down.
No pictures, okay?
Okay, so...
And why do you do this?
Is it a protest
against society or...
Bring us back to our origins.
Our origins?
So you believe in paganism, and
you're a Satanist, and you're...
You're also a Nazi.
That's a pretty broad
belief system.
Well, you know,
these things are all connected.
That may be hard for a journalist
and normal people to comprehend.
Yeah. Yes, it is.
We are going to burn down
every single church
and blow up the biggest
cathedral in all of Norway,
and we've been involved
in murder, too.
In Lillehammer last year.
The faggot.
That was you?
Well, um...
I can't say.
If you can't say, you know,
I can't write, so...
Come on. Let's go.
Wait, are we done already?
Wait a minute.
Tea, anyone?
Anyone can put up some
black curtains, light candles,
and look evil and scary,
you know, with a sword,
but you haven't told me anything you couldn't
have seen on TV or read about in the papers.
- Come on, let's go.
- Wait, wait.
I know one thing that only the one
who burned down Fantoft could know.
And what would that be?
There was a dead rabbit
on the steps to the entrance.
Okay. Let's continue.
But I need some pictures.
I can't reveal my identity.
We can work around that.
Yeah. There's no problem.
Tell me everything you remember.
- Okay.
- You know, just let your hair...
- Hang?
- Hang down to cover your face.
- Can we use this?
- Yeah.
- Uh, do you have a lighter?
- Yeah.
- Can you burn it?
- Okay.
Fantastic. Great.
- Yeah.
- Perfect.
- Can you hold this?
- Yeah.
And maybe you can have that.
- It looks very evil.
- Yeah.
Maybe you can just look
with one eye, like an evil eye.
- Yeah.
- You can't see my face, right?
No, not at all.
What a fucking idiot.
Yes, but that fucking idiot will
be on the front page tomorrow.
REPORTER: The suspect, 19
years old, known as The Count,
has revealed that he
and five other people belong
to an anti-establishment
Black Satanist...
Fucking idiot!
In just a heartbeat, the Black
Circle became a fucking circus show.
Varg was the ringmaster, and
we were all his fucking clowns,
and he enjoyed
every minute of it.
You guys got nothing on me.
So fucking cool.
Varg's a celebrity now.
Did your father
stop paying the rent?
I'm gonna fucking kill him.
You're gonna kill your father?
- That's fucking sick.
- No, Varg.
- I'm gonna kill Varg.
- Oh, okay.
I'm going to use this
and paralyze that fucking idiot,
drag him to the forest, tie him
to a tree, torture him to death,
and make a fucking snuff film
out of the whole thing.
For real?
He fucked it up for all of us!
We're closed.
MAN: Hello. I'm trying to reach
the guitarist from Mayhem.
Who's this?
My name is Jason Arnold, I'm calling
from Kerrang! Magazine in London.
"Kerrang! Magazine."
That's funny.
Fuck you, Jan Axel.
I'm trying to get a hold
of Euronymous, the, uh...
The creator of true
Norwegian Black Metal.
That would be me.
It's only a matter of time
before Kristian...
Uh, Varg... I mean The Count,
gets released from jail.
I said it all along.
I'm not saying he didn't do anything,
the police don't have shit on him.
With the Count locked up, who is
running the Black Circle for him?
I am. I've been the leader
from the beginning,
with the Count.
Write this... The Count and Euronymous
share leadership of the Black Circle,
but I'm the creator
of true Norwegian Black Metal.
So let's talk a little
about your band.
What's going on with Mayhem?
Uh, I'm releasing Mayhem's new
album, D e Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
Yeah, "Y"...
I mean, we... We had a little
setback when our singer, Dead,
blew his brains out, but...
Lots of rumors about photos
of his dead body and necklaces
made from parts of his skull
and you eating
part of his brain.
We're not normal people.
We're not afraid of a dead body.
It's not every day you get
the chance to see one...
Or taste it.
You still there?
So what's gonna happen now with
the Black Metal scene in Norway?
Only the man
with the horns knows.
We're all his slaves
anyway, right?
You there?
OYSTEIN: Varg was right.
The police had no evidence,
so they had to release him,
and he was back on the streets.
Norwegian Black Metal became infamous
after our feature in Kerrang! Magazine.
Mayhem was once again
gaining momentum.
I looked forward to seeing him.
We had a lot to talk about.
Can you fucking believe it?
It's weird.
Your name is
all over the magazine.
Says the guy on the cover.
I'm on the cover because I talked to the
press, and now you're taking credit for that.
You were against that, remember?
Yeah, I was not against it.
- I was just...
- Fuck.
You always do that.
You take credit for everything.
You think you're the brains
behind it all?
- What do you mean?
- We all took action, everyone except you.
You did nothing.
I'm the one hounded
by journalists.
I'm the one who can't show my fucking
face without being recognized.
It's worth it, isn't it?
How's it feel?
What the hell
are you talking about?
Being a celebrity.
You should enjoy
the fucking ride.
I'm going to release
my music on my own label.
What does that mean?
I don't need you anymore.
Okay. If that's what
you want, okay.
You'll have to find another
idiot to steal everything from.
I haven't stolen
anything from you.
You're recording Mayhem's album
with money made from Burzum's sales,
money that belongs to me.
That money went straight
back to you.
You're the bass player
of Mayhem now, remember?
I quit.
You only put me in the band
to get attention.
The album's almost finished.
It's gonna be big,
world tour, everything.
Tour? I thought you were
true Norwegian Black Metal.
- I fucking invented it.
- And now you betray it.
You're a hypocrite.
We should be making true Black
Metal music for a select few.
Tours are for posers.
"Never sell out,"
that's what you said.
Saying things like
"never sell out" fucking sells.
Come on.
I made all that shit up.
Nobody gave a shit about us.
I attracted people by saying,
"You can't have this..."
"You're not worthy."
It's just promotion.
No, no.
Not for me.
I believed in it,
and I still do.
So do I.
But it has to make sense.
It has to sell.
Otherwise, what the fuck
are we doing here?
You can keep that. That's
a piece of chicken bone.
Chicken bone?
Fake as everything else
with you.
FAUST: Oystein says
he's gonna kill him.
Says he's going to paralyze him
with his taser or something.
Says he's gonna
torture him to death,
film the whole thing, make
a fucking snuff movie out of it.
So how'd it go?
Uh, stay out of it.
Why do you care
about him so much?
I don't.
Yeah, you do.
I don't understand the strange
competition you have with this guy.
I mean, he acts like
he's the real deal,
but we all know
he's a fucking fake.
Yeah, that's what
he says about me.
Seriously, Oystein, stay the fuck
away from him and sort your shit out.
Look, you have
this dream, this vision.
You were in control.
You were a leader.
You could still be all of
those things if you wanted to.
Or are you just full of shit?
I just...
I mean, things have
been really, um...
I have to, um...
"Varg, attaching a contract
for you to sign."
"This contract will transfer all the rights
to the music and recordings of Burzum"
"from Deathlike Silence to you."
"I promise I will pay back
everything I owe you."
"Sign the contract and return it
in the prepaid envelop I enclosed,"
"and all our issues
will be solved."
"Good luck with your music
and whatever you undertake."
Where are you going?
"I hope the two of us
can remain friends."
"Best regards, Oystein."
Me and Varg were over, and I wanted
nothing to do with him anymore.
I felt relieved.
I hope he felt the same.
Time to leave now,
you fucking whore.
So, Faust said Oystein was going
to attack me with his taser gun,
and drag me into the forest?
And then kill you and make a
snuff movie of the whole thing.
But I don't think he means it.
Of course not.
VARG: "Good luck with your music
and whatever you undertake.
"I hope the two of us
can remain friends."
"Best regards."
Come on.
Hey! Get up!
- What's going on?
- We're leaving.
- What? Where?
- Let's go!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Are you sure
you want to do this?
Have you seen this?
Yeah, I've seen it.
Okay, we're gonna say we watched
this tonight at my place.
To who?
Don't ask questions, just drive.
You trust me?
- Do it.
- All right.
(GASPS) Hold on, hold on.
Okay. Sorry.
Stop... Stop moving.
What the hell are you doing?
Getting gas.
All right. Do it quickly.
We gotta keep going.
- I don't have any cash.
- Fucking...
Goddamn it. You fucking...
Well, me neither,
and we can't use my credit card.
We've just got enough gas
to go back home.
Let's go back.
Here. Take it.
I'll report it stolen.
- Now!
- Okay.
Fuck! Fucking idiot.
You wanna hang out tomorrow?
- We'll see.
- Yeah.
We'll see.
- Okay.
- All right.
- I'm gonna leave now.
- All right.
I'll see you later. Bye.
- VARG: Let's go.
- Okay.
- Let's go!
- Okay!
VARG: Open up.
- Who's this?
- It's me, Varg.
What the hell
are you doing here?
I brought the contract you sent.
You wanted me to sign it,
and I did, here I am.
Could have just
fucking mailed it.
Yes, I could have. But I wanted this
done right away, so I came over.
- All the way from Bergen?
- Yes.
- In the middle of the night?
- Yes.
I'm here now, so why don't you
just open the fucking door?
Nice hairdo.
You gonna let me in?
Yeah, come on.
You signed the contract?
All we need now
is for you to sign it.
And then you and me are history.
It's a small world, though.
What do you mean?
We're gonna bump
into each other.
What are you trying to say?
Take it easy, man.
We're cool, okay?
Like you said
in your letter, friends.
Where are you going?
To get a pen,
to sign the contract.
You're going to get
your fucking Taser.
- My what?
- Stop treating me like an idiot!
- I know what you're up to.
- No, no, no.
What the hell
are you talking about?
You pretend to be my friend
so you can hit me off guard.
I'm not gonna let
that happen, cocksucker.
Okay, what the fuck
are you doing?
Wh-why... Why did...
Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Oh. Fuck.
Um, okay.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Just wait. Just wait.
Stop talking, you piece of shit.
Just leave, okay?
It's okay...
It's okay.
We just forget about all this.
- No, we can't.
- Yes.
Yes, we can.
We can make a... We can
make a thing out of this.
Oh! What thing?
Just think about it
for a second, okay?
We can spread a rumor
that you almost killed me.
This could make us look
really fucking evil.
Yeah. As always,
you don't get it.
No, I'm serious! I'm serious.
This is genius.
This is really smart.
It's fucking genius.
- I said shut the fuck up.
- Okay.
Um, I don't...
All right.
What are you looking for?
A knife so you can kill me and make
a snuff film out of the whole thing?
Stop running away,
you little pussy.
What's your big plan
now, genius?
Come on.
There you go.
Your stupid contract is signed,
sealed, and delivered.
You happy now?
Come on.
Help! He's trying to kill me.
"Help! Help!
He's trying to kill me, help!"
- Open the fucking door.
- "Help!"
He's killing me.
Oh, stop.
Stop it.
Oh. Oh...
You just...
Why did you do this?
You said you were
going to kill me.
I wasn't gonna do that. I...
You know me.
You're my friend.
I just talk.
You know, I just talk.
You're an embarrassment.
That's all you do is talk.
- That's why you're going to die.
- No, no, no.
No, no! No, no, no, no.
There you have it, my story.
I told you it was going
to end badly.
Say cheese.
found stabbed to death.
The 25-year-old Oystein Aarseth,
also known as Euronymous,
was a musician in a Norwegian
Black Metal band, Mayhem.
FEMALE REPORTER: The police have
described the murder as ruthless...
MALE REPORTER 2: He was the
leader of a band called...
the Satanic group
the Black Circle.
Can you get the door, honey?
Who is it?
- What's going on?
- OFFICER: Let's go.
It's going to be great.
It's gonna be so packed.
We were watching...
Die Hard 2.
Oh, yeah...
What's it about?
It's about someone
dying hard twice.
I'm not sure.
MALE REPORTER 3: The murder investigation
of the young Norwegian, Oystein Aarseth,
took a new turn today when one
of Oystein's closest friends...
Varg Vikernes, better known as The
Count, was arrested this morning
and is now the main suspect
in the brutal murder.
OYSTEIN: No. Fuck. Stop
this sentimental shit. Stop!
There's nothing sad
about my death or my life.
I'm Euronymous,
founder of Mayhem,
the most infamous
Black Metal band in the world.
I had my own record store.
I had my own record label.
I created
a whole new musical genre,
true Norwegian Black Metal,
and I created Mayhem.
What the fuck
have you done lately?