Lorelei (2020) Movie Script

Attention, all inmates,
this is your warden speaking.
As a result of an incident that took place
in the dining hall yesterday evening,
breakfast packs will be served in your housing units.
Yeah, there he is!
Come here.
You wanna have fun tonight, Wayland?
Hey, old man!
Salut, vieux.
Come on, brother. You scared the shit out of me!
- Debout, frre. - Tu m'as foutu la trouille.
Alright, big boy.
Voil, mon grand.
I hope you enjoyed that.
T'as kiff, j'espre.
That'll be the last time you ride bitch on my bike.
Tu rouleras plus jamais en duo avec moi.
I was expectin' you yesterday. Easy preacher, he was just making up for lost time,
Je vous attendais hier.
that's all.
Relax, pasteure. Il rattrapait le temps perdu.
You don't get 15 years back in one night,
On rattrape pas 15 ans
Mr. Beckett.
en une nuit, M. Beckett.
Excuse me.
Good luck, brother!
Bon courage, frre.
You get free room and board in exchange for three hours of chores a day. The rest of the time,
Pension gratuite contre 3 h de corves par jour.
I want you lookin' for work and long-term housing.
Le reste du temps, cherchez du travail et un logement.
Oh, there's some free clothes on the rack upstairs.
Il y a des vtements l'tage.
Curfew's 10PM.
Couvre-feu 22 h.
No drugs or alcohol on the premises.
Ni drogue ni alcool autoriss.
That'll get you kicked out, understood?
Vous seriez vir.
Vu ?
Okay, good. What about your club mates?
They're my family.
- Et ces motards ? - C'est ma famille.
And they're trouble.
Que des ennuis.
Alright, look there.
Regardez bien.
Blue one opens the front door. You'll have to jiggle it a little.
La bleue pour l'entre.
Faut tripatouiller un peu.
Green one's your room key.
Cl verte pour la chambre.
It's gonna feel strange at first.
a va faire bizarre.
Just give it time.
Il faudra du temps.
You know I don't believe in God, right? That's okay.
Vous savez que je crois pas en Dieu ?
Pas grave.
It's okay?
Pas grave ?
Just stay outta jail, that's all.
vitez la taule, voil tout.
That be all for you? Yeah.
C'est tout ?
Is Nils still runnin' the place? No, he sold up and went into assisted living.
Nils est toujours l ?
Il a vendu. Il est dans l'aide domicile.
So you own it now?
C'est vous ?
Yeah, me and my better half. She was always sitting on this dream of movin' out into the country.
moi et ma moiti. Elle a toujours rv de campagne.
This place came on the market, so we thought "Fuck it!"
On a saisi l'occase.
That'll be $29.95.
You just got out?
Ex-dtenu ?
You need work, I hear Mr. Thrifty's hiring down in Mill City.
Vous cherchez du boulot ? M. Thrifty recrute.
- Keep the change. - Have a good day.
Gardez la monnaie.
Grer son impulsivit
What you got goin' on here tonight?
Y a quoi, ce soir ?
Self-help group for preachers? It's our Single Moms Program, actually.
Un groupe d'entraide de pasteurs ?
They come to parenting class, we help them with their rent.
Un programme d'aide aux mres clibataires.
Yeah, you church folks
Elles suivent nos cours, on les aide payer leur loyer.
just love stickin' your noses in other people's business and tellin' 'em it smells bad.
Les gens d'glise adorent fourrer leur nez partout.
Pour dire que a pue.
Well, if that's true, then you had me at the first whiff!
Dans ce cas, j'ai t l
pour vous renifler.
You know, the problem with do-gooders is nobody likes 'em.
Mais ces bonnes mes, personne les apprcie.
I never gave a shit about being liked.
Je m'en fous d'tre apprcie.
I just think people deserve a second chance, that's all. Maybe three or four!
Tout le monde mrite une 2e chance, c'est tout.
Voire trois ou quatre.
I make my own chances.
La chance, je la provoque tout seul.
I think we're just waiting on one more,
Il manque encore quelqu'un.
and here she is.
La voil.
Sorry. It's okay.
- Pardon. - Pas de souci.
Alright, everyone, I want you to close your eyes
Vous allez fermer les yeux
and take a deep breath.
et inspirer profondment.
Now put your hand over your heart.
Main sur le cSur.
How's it feeling today?
Que ressentez-vous ?
Dolores, let's start with you.
Dolores, toi.
Can we start somewhere else?
Quelqu'un d'autre plutt ?
Alright, I'll tell you how mine's feeling.
Je vais vous parler du mien.
Slow and steady.
et tranquille.
I think that's a good way for a heart to feel.
C'est bien, pour un cSur.
Anyone else?
Quelqu'un d'autre ?
- I'm gonna use the restroom. - Okay.
Le petit coin.
It's hard to put words to it sometimes, isn't it?
C'est dur de trouver les mots.
Holy fuck!
La vache !
I can't believe it.
When did you get out?
T'es sorti quand ?
Last week.
La semaine dernire.
You still look like you.
Je te reconnais bien.
You haven't changed.
T'as pas chang.
Yeah, same.
Toi non plus.
You look exactly the same. Exceptwhat, you're a mom now?
T'as pas chang du tout.
T'es maman maintenant ?
C'est a.
You were still in high school when we were... I know, right?
- Tu tais au lyce... - Eh oui !
We were just kids.
On tait gamins.
How ya been?
a va ?
I'm goodgood.
Super !
How are you?
Et toi ?
Ups and downs. Yeah, I mean, same.
Des hauts et des bas.
Is your grandma still around or
Moi aussi.
No, sheshe passed like
Ta grand-mre est toujours...
Non, elle est...
- seven or eight years ago. - Oh fuck, I'm sorry.
dcde il y a 7 ou 8 ans.
It's okay.
I was sad to hear about your momma.
J'ai eu du chagrin pour...
ta mre.
Do you
I mean, I could pick you up after class. Like high school? Yeah. But I-I don't have my hog anymore.
- Je passe te chercher aprs le cours ? - Comme au lyce ?
Well, no hog, then don't fuckin' show up.
Mais j'ai plus ma Harley.
Pas la peine, alors.
I was just kidding!
Je dconne.
I'm gonna be done in, like, an hour?
J'en ai pour une petite heure.
I'll be here.
Je serai l.
It's good to see you, Way.
Contente de te voir.
So, what's the key to self-control? Self-care.
- Matrise de soi ? - En prenant soin de soi.
And when there's no time for self-care, you Make time.
- Si on manque de temps... - On prend le temps.
Very good. Thank you everyone for coming. I'll see you next week.
Parfait, merci d'tre venues. la semaine prochaine.
Oh, uh, Dolores, food box.
Dolores, ton panier.
Thank you!
You're welcome!
Oh, yes!
- Hey. - Oh, hey.
Do you still drink? Fuck yeah, I do.
- Tu bois toujours ? - Carrment.
Au Roadhouse ?
Sounds good, but I already spent all my gate money.
J'ai plus un rond.
Well, let me buy you a drink.
Je t'invite.
You sure?
T'es sre ?
Just get in the car.
Oh, just throw that in the back.
Balance l'arrire.
I'm sorry, hold on, okay.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
De rien.
la ntre.
Oh, shit! Sorry!
Merde !
To old times.
bon vieux temps.
- I wrote you. - I know.
Je t'ai crit.
- Okay. - No, I know.
Je sais.
I know you did.
Je sais bien.
I'm not sayin' you shoulda wrote back or whatever.
T'tais pas oblige de rpondre...
I justI wanted to make sure that you knew, that's all. I wanted to write you back.
Je voulais tre sr que tu tais au courant.
J'ai voulu te rpondre.
I justI got-I got pregnant and
Mais je suis tombe en cloque...
Wait, uh, you got pregnant?
T'es tombe en cloque ?
Was it mine?
De moi ?
- No! - Okay!
- I was just checkin'. - It was That was after, soyeah.
C'tait aprs.
So, you got, like, a 15-year-old kid or somethin'?
Donc tu as...
un gosse de 15 ans ?
Yeah. You were 15 when we started datin'.
T'avais 15 ans quand on est sortis ensemble.
I was.
C'est vrai.
Time flies.
Le temps passe vite.
Not when you're in prison.
Pas en prison.
No, I guess not.
J'imagine que non.
Who's the father?
C'est qui, le pre ?
No, c'mon, who was it?
C'tait qui ?
It's me! You can tell me.
Moi !
Tu peux me le dire.
Uh, I mean, it was after you lost your appeal, and I was drinkin'
C'tait aprs que t'as perdu en appel...
and hustlin' for attention, and I I mean, honestly, I couldn't even tell you his name.
Je picolais, je faisais tout pour attirer les regards...
Franchement, je sais pas son nom.
But you decided to keep it anyway? Yeah, I thought it would be a fresh start.
Tu l'as gard quand mme ?
Pour prendre un nouveau dpart.
I got two more.
J'en ai deux autres.
Two more what? Kids. I have three total.
- Deux autres quoi ? - Mmes.
J'en ai trois.
You been busy.
T'as pas chm.
There's no father on the scene.
Y a pas de pre,
It's just us, so
y a que nous.
What about swimmin'?
Et la natation ?
What about swimmin'?
Quoi, la natation ?
Well, you used to wanna join the Olympics or whatever. Oh, I didn't even make it to Nationals.
Tu voulais faire les Jeux olympiques.
It was, uh They kicked me off the team 'cos I was showin', so
Je suis mme pas passe au national, j'ai t vire.
a se voyait.
Showin'? Showin' what?
Qu'est-ce qui se voyait ?
The baby.
Le bb.
Do you want another?
Une autre ?
- A beer? - Yeah.
Une bire ?
Yeah, that'd be great.
Avec plaisir.
It's all I got.
J'ai que a.
That's okay, I don't need another drink.
Pas grave.
- Thank you. - You know what?
a ira, merci.
I'm feelin' lucky tonight. What are you talkin' about?
- C'est mon jour de chance ! - Quoi ?
Don't do it, nobody ever wins those!
N'y va pas, on gagne jamais.
- Yeah, see! - Nearly.
Tu vois.
Ah! We did it!
Gagn !
Told you we'd win! I told you! Here!
On a gagn, je te l'avais dit !
Hey, Adam!
Adam !
- Yeah? - Can we have two more?
Deux autres.
Just a second.
Une seconde.
Lucky charm!
Mon porte-bonheur.
Psh. Where?
O a ?
Right here. I don't know 'bout that.
- Sous mes yeux. - Tu parles.
We were just
trying to get to a motel before dark.
You said those things turned your car over.
Do you think we can get it back on its wheels and drive it? Hey, babe. The kids asleep?
Ils dorment ?
You know how I feel about that ass juice in the house, please!
J'aime pas que tu vapotes cette saloperie ici.
Yeah, and you know how I feel about them cancer sticks.
Tu fumes bien des clopes.
I'm workin' on it.
Pour le moment.
You're gonna carry that child a mile,
through that army of things out there?
I can carry the kid.
What's wrong with her, how did she get hurt?
One of those things grabbed her.
You remember our last time?
Tu te rappelles notre dernire fois ?
By the falls.
En bas des chutes.
Your skin was all bumpy from the cold.
T'avais la chair de poule.
Well, it's because I forgot that fuckin' blanket.
J'avais oubli la putain de couverture.
But you kept me warm.
Tu m'as rchauffe.
You'd just gotten "Wayland" tattooed on your ass.
Tu t'tais fait tatouer Wayland sur les fesses.
- No. - Hmm?.
That was another time.
C'tait une autre fois.
- You sure? - Yeah.
T'es sre ?
I coulda sworn it was that time.
J'aurais pu le jurer.
No, that was I got inked in Seaside, when we went to the ocean. Oh, shit.
Non, c'tait Seaside, quand on est alls voir la mer.
I forgot about that.
J'avais oubli ce jour-l.
How could you forget about seeing the ocean for the first time? Hmm. I didn't forget, I
a s'oublie pas, la premire fois qu'on voit la mer.
J'ai pas oubli.
I remember it now.
a me revient.
You had just gotten your Harley.
Tu venais d'avoir ta Harley.
I couldn't get you to come in the water with me.
tu voulais pas aller dans l'eau avec moi.
Yeah. 'Cos you were like a fish,
T'tais comme un poisson dans l'eau.
divin' in and out of the waves.
Tu te faufilais dans les vagues.
I never been back to the ocean, you know.
Je suis jamais retourne la mer.
Not since.
Pas depuis.
Never even left the state.
J'ai mme pas quitt la rgion.
You still got my name on your ass?
T'as toujours mon nom sur les fesses ?
Why don't you look and find out?
Viens voir par toi-mme.
So many times, I
J'ai bien pens plusieurs fois
thought about inkin' over it, but I never did.
retatouer dessus...
Je l'ai jamais fait.
I don't even know how to do this anymore.
Je sais mme plus comment on fait.
C'mon, don't fuck with me.
Te fous pas de moi.
You sure you didn't fool around in prison?
T'as vraiment rien fait en prison ?
It's just a lot.
C'est beaucoup d'un coup.
I'm just kiddin'.
C'tait pour rire.
What's your name? Denim Blue, but everybody calls me Denim.
- C'est quoi, ton nom ? - Denim Blue, mais on dit Denim.
Nice to meet you, Denim.
Salut, Denim.
I'mI'm a friend of your mom's.
Je suis un ami de ta mre.
I'm supposed to tell you breakfast is ready.
Le petit djeuner est servi.
Well, I'll be there in a second, okay?
J'arrive, d'accord ?
It's okay, I'll wait.
C'est bon, j'attends.
You're sittin' on my pants.
T'es sur mon pantalon.
Why are you hiding?
Pourquoi tu te caches ?
I guess I'm shy.
Je suis timide.
One, two
Three, four, five.
Mornin'. Oh, shit! Denim, get up there.
Et merde !
Denim, grimpe.
Oh, goodness.
Alright, babe, here we go!
Hit it, hit it, hit it!
Tape dessus !
- Good mornin'! - Morning.
Bonjour !
You guys have met, now where's your sister?
Vous, c'est fait.
Painting her nails.
- Ta sSur est o ? - Elle met du vernis.
Well, tell her that breakfast is ready and get her butt down here. Okay!
Dis-lui que c'est prt, qu'elle grouille.
Alright. Oof, oops!
Do you want some SunnyD?
Jus d'orange ?
She's a doll.
Elle est adorable.
Denim? Denim's a boy.
Denim ?
But I can't get him to stop wearin' his sister's clothing,
C'est un garon.
Il veut tout prix porter les fringues de sa sSur.
I'm sorry about last night. I don't care about that.
- Excuse-moi pour hier soir. - Je m'en fous de a.
We can try again.
On ressaiera.
Are we disturbing? Periwinkle Blue, this is Wayland.
On drange ?
Je te prsente Wayland.
He was my high school sweetheart, remember?
Mon chri du lyce.
The jailbird?
Le taulard ?
Uh-uh, you need to watch your mouth, missy.
Attention ce que tu dis.
So, what'd you do time for?
T'avais fait quoi ?
Armed robbery.
Vol main arme.
Ooh! Where?
O a ?
Video lottery joint. Cool!
Aux machines sous.
And he didn't snitch. What's snitch?
- Et il a pas balanc. - Balanc ?
It's like tattle-telling on something.
C'est quand on moucharde.
I don't snitch neither! Uh-uh, I see you! I made eggs.
Je balance pas.
Yeah, well, you're just showin' off for Wayland.
- Je te vois ! J'ai fait des Sufs. - C'est pour pater Wayland.
She never makes breakfast.
Elle en fait jamais.
Dodger Blue!
Dodger Blue.
You wanna meet Wayland?
Voici Wayland.
Will you say "hi" to Wayland?
Tu dis bonjour Wayland ?
Hi to Wayland. I named all of my kids after different shades of blue.
Bonjour Wayland.
Ils portent tous une teinte de bleu comme prnom.
Periwinkle Blue, Denim Blue, Dodger Blue.
Periwinkle Blue, Denim Blue,
Dodger Blue.
Alright, what are we missin'?
Qu'est-ce qui manque ?
Is everything okay?
Tout va bien ?
Hmm? Yeah.
How much ya benchin' there? 120.
- T'es combien ? - 60 kg.
You might wanna think about droppin' some weight.
Tu devrais baisser un peu.
Work on your form a bit. Back off, man! I know what I'm doing!
Pour bosser ta posture.
C'mon, you guys!
Lche-moi, je sais ce que je fais.
Wayland, you're head of the table! Wayland, c'mon!
Wayland, tu prsides.
Viens !
Hey, hey, hey! Wanna see my tongue? Wanna see my tongue?
Tu veux voir ma langue ?
Dodger, come and eat this stupid gross stuff. I just need to go to the bathroom.
Je passe aux toilettes.
Hey, baby.
Why'd he go the wrong way?
Il se trompe !
Hey, Jenny here with the KBNP
radio traffic report.
Emergency crews still cautioning motorists
to avoid the Cornell Road area
after a fully loaded log truck overturned last night.
I put my name.
J'ai mis mon nom.
Now click on "Next."
Cliquez sur "suivant".
No, it's the left button.
Avec celui de gauche.
"Past Employment."
"Postes prcdents."
I mean, II got nothin'.
J'ai que dalle.
Didn't you have a job after high school?
Vous avez pas travaill aprs le lyce ?
I harvested some Christmas trees. Write it. Mm-hmm.
Je rcoltais des sapins de Nol.
Did you stay at Dolores' last night?
Vous avez dormi chez Dolores ?
I just hope you kept it covered.
Vous tes sorti couvert, j'espre.
If there's one thing she doesn't need, it's more babies. At least that would give you another soul to save!
Elle a bien assez d'enfants comme a.
Une me de plus sauver.
Hey, Bobbi!
Bobbi !
Hey! Hey!
Hey, that's enough, - that's enough! - Alright.
a suffit !
Look who I found skulkin' around outside!
qui rdait devant la maison.
Hey, where you been all week, boy? - Church! - Fuck that.
T'tais pass o, toute la semaine ?
l'glise !
Laisse tomber.
This is Wiley.
Je te prsente Wiley.
Wow. He looks just like your dad. Yeah, poor little feller!
- Il ressemble ton pre. - Ouais, pauvre petit.
And it's his nap time, I'm gonna put him down.
C'est l'heure de la sieste.
C'mon, little man, let's go.
Au lit, mon vieux.
And Jeanie's eight.
Jeanie a 8 ans.
She's with my mom.
Elle est chez ma mre.
Kids wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you, Wayland. Well, no point in both of us gettin' busted.
C'est grce toi qu'on a eu nos gosses.
On allait pas se faire choper tous les deux.
I swear to God, if it was Kurt went to prison, he'd have gotten himself killed.
Si Kurt avait atterri en taule, il se serait fait tuer.
I don't think so.
Je crois pas.
You change, you know. You kinda have to.
Tu changes, tu sais.
Pas le choix.
Well, ain't none of us kids no more.
On est plus des gamins.
We're in distribution now.
On fait dans la distrib maintenant.
Cotton, fent. Fuckin' low-stakes shit.
Oxycodone, fentanyl, a craint pas trop.
But you know Kurt! He likes to keep the peace 'round here.
Tu connais Kurt !
Il aime que la paix rgne.
Hey Bobbi, you need to quit runnin' your mouth.
T'ouvres trop ta gueule.
Unless, of course, you wanna run it on this.
Ouvre-la plutt pour a...
Hey! Found it at the clubhouse.
Je l'ai trouv au club.
Gotta take care of your colors, man.
Faut prendre soin de ses couleurs.
The times we had though, huh Wayland?
On a bien profit.
Hey, when you gonna come out and haul ass with us, huh?
Tu reviens quand fond la caisse ?
You know you're patched for life after what you did.
T'as notre cusson vie avec ce que tu as fait.
That preacher breathin' down your neck? Nah, not really.
La pasteure te colle aux basques ?
She's just helpin' me find a job.
Pas vraiment.
Elle m'aide trouver un boulot.
You don't gotta worry about that.
T'en fais pas pour a.
Dirty Dooley, he's gonna build you a bike. - Bobbi! - Hmm?
Dooley va te construire une bcane.
Bon sang !
It was supposed to be a surprise.
a devait tre une surprise.
Surprise !
I saw Dolores the other night. Yeah. That's just a matter of time...
J'ai revu Dolores.
I don't wanna hear that woman's name in my house!
- a ira vite... - Pas de ce nom chez moi.
You know she went around bad mouthin' the club after you left?
Elle a crach sur le club
aprs ton dpart.
Screwdriver, Devil rest his soul, he was gonna
Screwdriver, pauvre diable, il allait...
Kurt talked him 'round outta respect for you, I guess. Never saw two kids love each other the way you did.
Kurt l'a raisonn, par respect pour toi.
Are you shittin' me?
Tu dconnes ?
As soon as he got locked up, she was out humpin' anything with a heartbeat! Oh, Bobbi, what d'you expect?
Il a t en cabane, elle s'est tape la terre entire.
She was just a kid, she was barely 18.
Que veux-tu ? C'tait une gamine.
Yeah, well
peine 18 ans.
Enfin, bon...
Like Bobbi said, ain't none of us kids no more.
Comme Bobbi disait, on est plus des gamins.
What, you couldn't even say goodbye?
Mme pas au revoir ?
Why did you take off like that?
Tu t'es barr ?
Too fuckin' chicken-shit?
Trouillard !
It's not you... Oh, it's the kids. Is that what you're gonna fucking say to me?
- C'est pas toi. - C'est les mmes.
C'est a, hein ?
Fucking asshole.
Pauvre connard.
We were somethin', me and you.
C'tait pas rien, toi et moi.
You think I don't know that?
J'ai oubli, tu crois ?
You already donated twice this week. Come back Monday.
Vous tes venu deux fois cette semaine, revenez lundi.
- New donor? - Yeah.
Nouveau donneur ?
- Fill this out. - Okay.
Remplissez a.
Little bit more info.
Voil les infos.
Wayland !
Well, goddamn!
a alors !
So, they let you out? Well, sure looks like it, don't it?
Ils t'ont relch ?
On dirait bien !
How you been, Violet?
a va ?
Never mind me. You sellin' your blood now?
Tu vends ton sang ?
Jesus, that's fuckin' bleak.
Putain, c'est glauque.
Dude, II toldt-
Mec, j'avais promis...
Fuck you!
Je t'emmerde !
I told Aunt Bess I'd look out for you is all. Well, she ain't around to find out, so
J'avais promis tante Bess de veiller sur toi.
Elle est plus de ce monde, alors...
I wouldn't worry about it too much. Yeah, I know. I was there.
t'en fais pas trop.
Je sais.
J'y tais.
We're not all like you, Wayland. Some of us, we give a shit about our family.
On est pas tous comme toi. Pour certains,
Hey, if you're shittin' yourself, pull over!
a compte, la famille.
Fella behind ya seems to wanna pass. Get your ass off the fuckin' road!
Le type derrire toi veut passer.
Fuck you, you petty ass motherfucker!
Je t'emmerde, connard !
Am I stoppin' ya?
Je te gne ?
Go fuck yourself!
Va te faire foutre.
Look longer, bitch!
Hey, um, listen. I can ask Gordie if there's, like,
a job at the yard or somethin'.
Je peux demander Gordie s'il a pas un job.
Yeah, sure. It can't hurt to ask.
D'accord, on a rien perdre.
Yeah, you know I mean, I'm not sure what it's gonna be, but
Je sais pas ce qu'il a proposer, mais bon...
better than this, man. Hey, burn in hell, you...
a sera toujours mieux que a.
Oh fuck, it's a school bus!
Va chier... Merde, le bus scolaire.
I'll see ya around, Vi. Yeah, I'llrI'll see you around.
- plus. - C'est a, plus.
Hey, Wayland! Look what I can do!
Regarde !
- Hahaha. Nice! - Watch me!
No, babe, like this. Up, to the side andwhoop!
C'est comme a...
Look at you, you're still a spring chicken.
Toujours frache !
Remember, it's the up, side, twist.
Here you go.
They're just gas station flowers.
Des fleurs de la station-essence.
They're great.
So, you wanna move outta the halfway house and into your girlfriend's house, correct?
Vous voulez emmnager chez votre amie, c'est a ?
Yes. You've been out for one month.
a fait qu'un mois.
We knew each other from before. Hmm. Says here she has a part-time job
On se connaissait avant.
and hasthree children?
Elle travaille mi-temps et a trois enfants ?
Yep. Well, she ain't winning any Mother of the Year awards
Elle sera pas lue maman de l'anne
bringin' you home.
avec vous la maison ?
I didn't hurt nobody. You fired at an off-duty police officer,
J'ai fait de mal personne.
what do you call that?
Vous avez tir sur un policier hors service.
Juste retour.
What d'you say?
Pardon ?
I thought he was one of them video lottery junkies.
J'avais cru que c'tait...
un de ces cams des machines sous.
And I missed him. On purpose. Yeah, what about the three prison assaults?
Et je l'ai rat. Exprs.
They were fights. I was defending myself.
- Les trois agressions en prison ? - Des bagarres, autodfense.
Two years in the hole?
2 ans au trou ?
So, tell me 'bout this job.
Parlez-moi de ce job.
It's with my cousin's fella. Two days a week to start, but I'm hopin' that it turns into...
Chez le mec de ma cousine.
2 jours par semaine pour dmarrer,
Work address, girlfriend address.
j'espre davantage.
Les adresses, boulot et amie.
"I'm concerned Wayland may be rushing into things with Dolores
"Je crains
without fully understanding the responsibility he's taking on." This is from Pastor Gail, by the way.
qu'il agisse la hte avec Dolores, eu gard aux responsabilits."
"On the other hand, intimate relationships
Une lettre de la pasteure Gail.
are known to reduce recidivism rates Blah, blah, blah.
la vie conjugale rduit le taux de rcidive..."
"I recommend you approve his request to change his dwelling."
"Je recommande que vous validiez sa demande."
Well, if the pastor lady insists
Cette dame pasteure insiste.
That's it? It's approved?
Voil ?
C'est valid ?
I do one good deed per client to establish goodwill. That way, when you fuck up, and tsk, tsk
Une bonne action par client. Preuve de bonne volont.
Comme a, si a merde,
I don't get to feel bad.
je me sens pas coupable.
Get outta here.
Beautiful dreamer Wake unto me
Starlight and dewdrops Are waiting for thee
Beautiful dreamer Queen of my song
List while I woo Thee with soft melody
Gone are the cares Of life's busy throng
Beautiful dreamer Awake unto me
Mermaids Are chanting the...
It's okay. Wayland's family now.
Tout va bien.
C'mon, let's show him how we do it!
Il fait partie de la famille. Dmonstration !
Beautiful dreamer Beam on my heart
E'en as the morn on The streamlet and sea
Then will all clouds Of sorrow depart
Beautiful dreamer Awake unto me
This is the radio program for listeners
concerned with taxation on real estate
based on assessments that may be outdated.
Hey! Got your paycheck for this week.
J'ai ta paye.
Hey Gord, I was wondering if you might have any extra days for me?
Je me demandais si...
y avait des extras pour moi.
I just moved in with my girlfriend and... Yeah, sorry, pal.
- Je viens d'emmnager. - Dsol.
We're runnin' a tight ship around here.
On gre au plus prs.
You're doin' good work though.
Tu fais du bon boulot.
I got to admit, I had my doubts about you.
J'avoue que j'avais des doutes.
Butseems like prison straightened you out.
la prison t'a remis d'querre.
Yep, it'll do that.
Ouais, c'est le but.
Shake it!
a remue !
Hey, good lookin'!
Salut, sexy.
Hey! Hey! No, stop!
Pourquoi ?
I didn't brush my teeth this mornin'.
Je me suis pas lav les dents.
I gotta be careful. People in my family, they lost their teeth young.
Faut faire gaffe.
Dans la famille, on perd nos dents tt.
I had a bunkmate in prison,
Mon compagnon de cellule,
he used to sell his teeth for drugs.
il les vendait pour de la drogue.
You can get money for teeth?
a s'achte, des dents ?
Gold teeth, yeah.
En or, oui.
Well, I don't have any gold teeth, so Oh!
J'ai pas de dents en or.
Sorry! I'm sorry.
Pardon !
I think she was lookin' at your tits. Uh-huh. I think you were lookin' somewhere.
Elle te matait les nichons.
C'est toi qui matais !
Hey, did you ask Lordy Gordie for some more hours?
T'as demand Gordie pour faire plus d'heures ?
Yeah, he's lookin' into it.
Il y rflchit.
Hey, you want some breakfast leftovers? - I stole some. - Nah, I'm good.
Tu veux du petit dj' ?
- J'ai des restes. - Non, a va.
Oh, I'm so hungry!
J'ai super faim.
Did I tell you about my dream last night? What dream? I was goin' to the ocean
- Je t'ai racont mon rve ? - Quel rve ?
Je partais la mer.
And I was almost there, like I could nearly touch it.
J'tais presque arrive.
J'allais pouvoir la toucher.
But just something kept gettin' in my way, like it was like thispinvisible wall o
Mais quelque chose m'en empchait...
Comme un mur invisible.
I dunno, I've had that dream, like, three or four times.
Je l'ai fait 3 ou 4 fois, ce rve.
I don't think dreams mean too much.
a veut pas dire grand-chose, les rves.
It's just your mind clearin' shit out. I think they're pretty darn clever.
- Ton esprit nettoie la merde. - C'est drlement fut.
Like they know all your secrets.
a connat tous tes secrets.
Well, I don't dream, so
Je fais pas de rves.
Well, that's 'cos you sleep with one eye open,
like you're still in prison.
Parce que tu dors que d'un Sil, comme en prison.
Yeah, dude, she opened the door and she said, I swear the fuck...-Nooo! No! I swear the fuck, she said, she said...-What?
Elle a ouvert et elle a dit... Je jure que c'est vrai !
Elle a dit...
Slob on my titties Stop! What?
"Bouffe-moi les seins."
Shut up!
Arrte !
No-no... So then I got in the car and she literally took off her cardigan.
Je suis mont dans la voiture, elle a vir son gilet.
And the thing you gotta do in these situations, you gotta be all suave. You gotta be like some James Bond.
Dans ces cas-l, faut tre suave, la James Bond.
I feel you, I feel you.
First, I tell her she's beautiful
and what not. Then I say, "Hey babe, let me dip it in for a second.
Je lui fais "Laisse-moi t'enfiler une seconde,
Swear on the Bible I won't cum." 90, 95 percent of the time, it's all it takes.
je te jure que je jouirai pas."
Dans 90 % des cas, a le fait.
Or you just give it to her in the ass.
Sinon, tu lui mets au cul.
Bro, what are you? Some kind of faggot or somethin'?
T'es pd ou quoi ?
What about shit dick, bro?
Avec la bite got de merde !
Yeah, what about decency? Dodger?
Un peu de dcence, Dodger !
Out of my way. Don't be leavin' empties on my front porch.
Dgagez, laissez rien traner.
- Yes, ma'am. - Hey, Wayland!
There's another six-pack in the fridge. Why don't you go grab it?
Y a des bires au frigo, tu les rapportes ?
Your balls so big you can't go to the fridge and get your own beer?
T'es trop couillu pour te servir toi-mme ?
Ooh! Bro, joke's on him. He doesn't know you don't even have hair on your balls!
Il sait pas que t'as mme pas de poil aux couilles !
Peri !
As I was going over the Cork and Kerry Mountains
- Careful. - Yep.
I met with Captain Farrell
And the money He was countin' Peri, I want you to help with groceries!
Viens m'aider ranger les courses !
I first produced my pistol
Peri! - Just a minute! - No, now!
Minute !
Tout de suite !
How come you never ask Dodger or Denim? Because groceries are your job.
C'est jamais les autres !
You made that up, you B-I-T-C...
Les courses, c'est toi.
a vient de sortir, a,
Uh-uh-uh, just say the word, young lady.
I didn't say it. I spelled it.
Dis-le !
J'ai rien dit, je l'ai pel.
Lola was tellin' me whoever helps out with groceries gets first dibs on candy.
Celui qui range les courses est prem's
pour les bonbons.
Let's go! Chop, chop, chop.
C'est parti.
Lola! Lola!
Lola !
- What, baby? - Come quick!
- Quoi ? - Viens vite.
- Lola! - Okay.
I'm coming.
We need to move it or somethin', I dunno.
Faut l'enlever.
Okay, well, then, pick it up!
Ugh! I'm not touching that! You touch it!
J'y touche pas.
No, it's slimy.
Non, a glisse.
Wayland, look at this!
Wayland, regarde.
- Watch out, watch out! - Oh, my gosh!
Attention !
Arrte !
It was dying.
Il tait mourant.
You could have fucking put it in the swimming pool! Well, and then what? Keep it as, like, a pet?
T'aurais pu le foutre dans la piscine.
Pour en faire un poisson rouge ?
You did the right thing, Wayland.
Tu as bien fait.
Did you take money outta my purse?
Tu m'as pris des sous ?
Well, I had $30 in there.
J'avais 30 dollars.
Maybe the kids took it. No, they don't do that. They know better.
- Les enfants, peut-tre ? - Non, ils feraient jamais a.
You gave me money for cigarettes the other day. When?
- Les sous pour les clopes. - Quand a ?
Like Tuesday.
You wanted some of them bootleg cigarettes from Idaho.
Les clopes de contrebande de l'Idaho.
Oh, fuck.
Quoi ?
Tranquille !
We got food in the fridge, we got gas in the tank.
On a de quoi manger, de quoi rouler.
We're good this week. It's Peri's birthday tomorrow.
- On est bon. - C'est l'anniv de Peri demain.
Hey, we'll figure it out!
On trouvera une solution.
You know, I think I saw you more when you were incarcerated! I gotta keep them home fires burnin', man!
Je te voyais plus souvent quand t'tais incarcr.
Yeah, I guess, huh?
Je dois faire bouillir la marmite.
On dirait bien.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna need a lick.
J'ai besoin de faire un coup.
Can't be anything too dicey, - but, uh... - I got you, man.
Rien de trop risqu...
You ain't gonna like it. But, hell, it's money.
J'ai ce qui te faut. a va pas te plaire...
mais a paye.
I'll take it.
Je prends.
It's Lucky Families and tonight's contestants are
Lily, Chester, Herb Jr., Grace, and Herb Sr.,
the Franklin family!
La vache.
I'm a lucky son-of-a-bitch. Oh, you don't even know the half of it.
Je suis un putain de veinard.
Si tu savais !
What are you talkin' about? You know, after Denim was born,
Quoi donc ?
they gave me a script for Lorazepam. And I couldn't even take it
la naissance de Denim, on m'a prescrit des calmants.
because I had to sell it for diapers.
Mais j'ai d les vendre
pour acheter des couches.
You wanna know who his daddy was?
Tu veux savoir qui est le pre ?
Dodger's kindergarten teacher.
Le matre de Dodger en maternelle.
He was married
Il tait mari.
And when he found out I was pregnant, he left the state with his wife and his kids.
Quand il a su que j'tais enceinte,
il a quitt la ville
avec femme et enfants.
What a man!
Quel homme !
Peri's father was a fuckin' lowlife tweaker livin' out in the woods somewhere, and
Le pre de Peri tait un putain de cam la rue...
God knows where he is now.
Va savoir o il est.
So, yeah, you are a lucky son-of-a-bitch.
Alors oui, t'es un putain de veinard.
We were gonna move to LA after I finished high school. We were gonna watch the sun go down
On devait s'installer Los Angeles aprs le lyce.
Pour admirer
on Sunset Boulevard And not go to sleep
le coucher de soleil sur Sunset Boulevard.
Until it came up the next mornin'.
Et faire nuit blanche
en attendant qu'il se lve au petit matin.
And now I'm a maid with three kids, and you're an out-of-work felon,
Je suis devenue femme de chambre, j'ai trois mmes.
and we haven't left our hometown, and we are stuck. We're just
T'es un repris de justice au chmage et on est jamais partis.
On est au point mort...
I have work.
J'ai un boulot.
I know you do.
Je sais bien.
Then why'd you say I don't have work? 'Cos it wasn't supposed to be like this.
Pourquoi tu dis le contraire ?
a devait pas se passer comme a.
Okay, ready?
Prte ?
Happy birthday to you
Joyeux anniversaire.
- Dodger! - Open!
You keep takin' it from me, so I just figured I'd let you have it.
Tu me la piques tout le temps, je te l'offre.
Wait, really? I can legit keep it?
Srieux ?
Je peux la garder ?
Trop chou.
Happy birthday to you
Joyeux anniversaire.
Denim! Open! Oooh!
I did it in art class, it's made outta dough.
Je l'ai fait l'cole.
Oh, it's pretty, I love it.
C'est joli.
It's beautiful, baby.
Magnifique, chri.
Happy birthday dear Periwinkle Blue
Joyeux anniversaire,
Periwinkle Blue.
C'mon, you gotta pick Lola at some point!
Il reste Lola !
- Okay, Lola. - Here, open it up.
- OK, Lola. - Ouvre.
I got you two presents this year.
Deux cadeaux cette anne.
Why is it wrapped in Christmas paper?
Papier cadeau de Nol ?
It's all we had.
On avait que a.
They're tats. I mean, they're fake,
Des tatouages.
but you put 'em on with water I know what they are, Lola, we had these in kindergarten.
- Enfin, des dcalcomanies. - Je connais.
Well, good, you know how to use 'em then. - Can I try one? - Yeah.
- J'en avais la maternelle. - Comme a, tu sais t'en servir.
Here you go.
Je peux essayer ?
Isn't it pretty?
Joli, hein ?
I just thought that color was so nice on you.
Cette couleur te va si bien.
I know it's a little used, but... I can tell.
- D'occasion, mais... - Je vois bien.
You can tell what? That it's used. I mean, I know we're broke,
- Tu vois quoi ? - Qu'il est d'occase.
but Dodger got an MP3 player for his birthday,
Je sais qu'on est fauchs, mais Dodger a eu un MP3.
and so I thought
Je pensais que...
Never mind.
Tant pis.
You got one more present to open.
T'as encore un cadeau.
Don't get too excited. It's nothin' special.
Rien d'extraordinaire.
This birthday ain't over yet, c'mon.
C'est pas fini,
Alright, you're gonna have to use your imagination,
Fais appel ton imagination.
it's not quite ready yet
C'est pas tout fait prt.
Wanna see what you can do with an old tire and a piece of rope?
On fait quoi avec un pneu et une corde ?
Give me five minutes, alright?
Donne-moi 5 minutes.
If you still hate it, you can go inside and tell everybody I'm an asshole, I promise.
Si tu dtestes, tu pourras leur dire que je suis un gros con.
Which picture you like, huh?
Lequel ?
This one, and this one, and that one right here.
I think you're gonna be scared when I push you.
Celui-ci et celui-l.
- Just push! - Woohoo!
Tu vas flipper si je te pousse.
Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher!
Plus fort !
- Higher? Higher? - Higher! - Okay! - Woohoo!
- Plus fort ? - Oui.
Alright, I think it's ready.
Voil, c'est prt.
Can't believe you got your first ink job before me, lil bro.
C'est fou,
te voil tatou avant moi.
Lemme see. It's beautiful.
Fais voir.
Woohoo! Woo!
Yeees! Woohoo!
- I wanna go. - Let's go.
- Je veux y aller. - Allons-y.
Denim, do you wanna go next?
toi ?
I'm gonna go get Lola!
Je vais chercher Lola.
Lola, Lola!
- D'you see those gift cards? - What gift cards?
O sont les chques cadeaux ?
Do you remember when Denim got sick at that restaurant,
Lesquels ?
and the manager gave us those gift cards? I put 'em in this drawer,
Quand Denim a t malade au resto, on nous en avait donn.
and I know you're always rootin' around through my shit... I didn't do anything! - What's goin' on? - I just remembered
- Toi qui touches tout. - J'ai touch rien.
that we have Polar King gift cards.
quoi ?
But I can't fuckin' find 'em.
Je viens de penser qu'on a des chques cadeaux.
Je les retrouve pas.
So, fuck!
Fait chier !
No big deal, let's find the gift cards. Hmm? Kids, let's go! Let's find these gift cards.
C'est rien, on va les retrouver.
Les enfants, opration chques cadeaux !
Pourquoi ?
'Cos Peri's gonna get a nice meal tonight, dumbass. It's okay, Lola,
Pour lui offrir un resto ce soir.
I don't need to go out. It's okay!. What, I'm such a shitty mom
C'est bon, j'ai pas besoin de sortir.
I can't take you out on your own birthday now? Hey! I found 'em.
Je suis mme pas foutue de t'offrir un resto ?
Je les ai.
Good! Alright, well, now we can get ready.
On peut se prparer.
Gonna get ready and go out!
Prparez-vous sortir.
Aah! Good shot, baby.
Tu l'as bien eu !
How was everything today, good? - Great. - Good, thanks.
- Tout s'est bien pass ? - Super.
Whenever you're ready, take your time.
Oh, you know what? I actually have some gift cards.
- Voil pour vous. - J'ai des chques cadeaux.
And I think they're gonna cover it.
a devrait suffire.
Yep. Here you go.
Everything o-okay? Are they expired, or Oh no, our gift cards never expire.
C'est bon ? Ils sont prims ?
Y a pas de date limite.
Would you want me to bring your change? Yes, please.
- Vous voulez la monnaie ? - S'il vous plat.
Who wants to play karaoke?
Qui veut faire un karaok ?
Periwinkle ?
Buy it now, get it now at Banner Furniture...
They're using Centers for Disease Control data
to really amplify the national conversation
about what they call deaths of despair,
so deaths due to alcohol, drugs, and...
Hey, Wayland!
Yeah? I'm thinkin' I'll enlist when I turn 18. What do you think? Will I pass the physical?
Je compte m'engager dans l'arme 18 ans.
Yeah, you'll pass the physical, no problem.
- J'ai la forme physique ? - Sans problme.
But you're only 15, you don't need to worry about that. Hey, you know if Lola took the car this mornin' or what?
T'as que 15 ans, t'as le temps de voir.
Lola a pris la bagnole ?
Yeah, she drove off somewhere. Shit! I gotta get to work.
Elle allait quelque part.
Actually, I already decided.
Je dois aller bosser.
En fait...
j'ai pris ma dcision.
I'm enlisting.
Je vais m'engager.
You know you gotta start at the bottom, right?
Tu dmarres en bas de l'chelle.
They're gonna treat you like shit.
T'es trait comme de la merde.
Treat you like
On te traite...
Like a nobody.
comme un moins-que-rien.
Well, I'm a nobody now, so
Je suis dj un moins-que-rien.
What are you talkin' about, who told you that? I just am. So are you. So's this whole family.
Qu'est-ce que tu racontes ?
C'est la vrit. Comme toi, comme toute la famille.
Stop smokin' that shit if you wanna join the army.
Fume pas cette merde si tu veux t'engager.
Fuck you.
Je t'emmerde.
Meet me outside!
Rejoins-moi devant.
You're all set, pal.
Tout est bon.
Why don't you head into the office, and, uh
Passez au bureau.
she'll finish up with you.
Elle vous paiera.
That's good, yep. Just cut it off right there.
C'est bon.
Arrtez-vous l.
Wow! Let me give you a hand.
Je vous aide.
This brings me back, man! I used to get the one called the Screwball.
a me rappelle des souvenirs.
Had the, um, two little gumballs at the end,
Je prenais la glace qui s'appelait Screwball,
made you feel like you was gettin' somethin' extra.
avec deux boules de gomme, comme un cadeau bonus.
Nobody'll buy her from me.
Personne me l'achtera jamais.
She's been sittin' in my yard for ten years.
10 ans qu'il dort dans ma cour.
I can give you $250.
Je vous en donne 250.
Well, don't break the bank! You scrap her, you're gonna get $300, tops.
Va pas te saigner.
la casse, vous en tireriez 300 max.
Mind if I have a look?
Je peux jeter un Sil ?
She needs a lotta work.
Y a du boulot.
Yeah, I see that.
Je vois.
Steering, brakes, carburetor.
La direction.
Les freins.
I don't mind work.
Le carburateur.
a me fait pas peur.
Bucks your age don't know the meanin' of work. All's you want is to win some TV singin' contest.
Les gens de ton ge, a sait pas ce que c'est que bosser.
Vous rvez de remporter un concours de chant la tl.
Well, I can't sing, so... Huh?
Je sais pas chanter.
I said I can't sing. Me neither.
Je sais pas chanter.
Moi non plus.
I've been tone deaf since before I lost my hearing.
J'avais dj pas d'oreille
avant mme d'tre sourd comme un pot.
You'll fix her up good?
Tu vas bien le retaper ?
Femme de chambre.
Oh, my God! What do you think?
- Oh l l ! - Alors ?
Strawberry Burst
La glace la fraise.
Um, the King Size Cone Bunny Tracks and the Choco Taco.
Le cne maxi Bunny Tracks.
I want King Size Cone Bunny Tracks, Rainbow, Cherry,
Et le Choco Taco.
Moi, je veux le cne Bunny Tracks.
Green Apple, Lemon, and Hawaiian Punch.
Arc-en-ciel, cerise, pomme verte, citron
punch hawaen.
Hey, Wayland, what are you gonna do when you fix this thing up?
T'en feras quoi, une fois retap ?
I dunno. I'll probably sell it.
J'en sais rien, je le revendrai.
Butyou know,
Ou alors,
maybe I'll start my own business, who knows?
je me lancerai dans le commerce !
- Wayland? - Yeah?
I think you should come to our school and give everyone free ice cream.
Viens l'cole leur offrir
Like they deserve it.
des glaces.
Ils mritent pas.
Why, what's goin' on at school?
Pourquoi tu dis a ?
They say we should be on Jerry Springer.
Pour eux,
Why do they say that?
on devrait passer la tl chez Jerry Springer.
Those kids are so fucking dumb.
Pourquoi ?
They don't even care if you're a nice person.
Ils sont trop cons, ces gamins.
Basically, you need cool stuff to be cool,
C'est pas la gentillesse qui compte.
and the only thing I have is the karaoke machine
Faut des trucs cool pour tre cool.
from my jackass sperm donor.
Moi, j'ai qu'un karaok de mon connard de donneur de sperme.
Here we are.
On est arrivs.
Pretty spot, huh?
C'est joli.
She came here before she died, picked out her own plot.
Elle est venue ici avant de mourir, choisir son emplacement.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Ah bon ?
Said she never had a view in her life. She sure as hell was gonna have one when she died.
Jamais eu de belle vue de son vivant, elle en voulait une pour sa mort.
That's my ol' man right there.
L, c'est mon vieux.
She didn't wanna be anywhere near him.
Elle voulait pas tre ct de lui.
I found her!
Je l'ai trouve !
Little bit different than last time, eh, Ma?
a change de la dernire fois, maman.
What happened last time?
Pourquoi ?
I was in handcuffs, chained to a prison guard.
J'avais les menottes.
Attach un gardien.
I'll take those.
Je m'en occupe.
There we go.
Where d'you get those? Stole 'em from one of the other graves.
D'o a sort ?
Yeah? Who taught you to steal?
Je les ai piqus.
Duh, I live with a robber.
Ah oui ? Qui t'a appris a ?
Je vis avec un voleur !
You're just like Ma, full of piss and vinegar.
Tu ressembles maman.
Tu ptes le feu.
She woulda liked you.
Tu lui aurais plu.
Hey, I was thinkin' Maybe I come by school one of these days.
Je me disais
que je pourrais passer l'cole.
Give those Jerry Springer fans somethin' to talk about, huh? Why, 'cos you're so thug?
Alimenter les ragots des fans de Jerry Springer.
Avec toi, le voyou !
I spy with my little eye something beginning withP!
Mon petit doigt me dit
que a commence par un...
UmPinky? Puddle? Pool?
Pouce ?
Pluie ?
That's Lola's car!
Piscine ?
La voiture de Lola !
She's supposed to be at work.
Elle devait bosser.
And five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
Now, we bring them up to the ears,
like we're making snow angels, perfect.
And then up and back down.
Alright, arms straight out in a and then pulsing!
For eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
What's that?
C'est quoi ?
My new wheels.
Nouvelle bote roues.
How was your day?
Bonne journe ?
Same ol', same ol'.
La routine.
Ah bon ?
I went by the pool.
Et la piscine ?
Saw your car in the parking lot. You were supposed to be at work.
J'ai vu ta bagnole sur le parking. Tu devais bosser.
That's 'cos I quit.
J'ai dmissionn.
Now, don't be mad.
T'nerve pas.
Look, some guest schizzed out last night and smeared shit all over the walls.
Y a un client qui a dlir hier soir,
And guess who had to clean it up?
il a foutu de la merde partout sur les murs.
Devine qui a d nettoyer.
You shoulda called me.
Fallait m'appeler.
I'd have come back, I'd have cleaned it up for you. No, 'cos we're better than that.
Je l'aurais fait pour toi.
Really? I cleaned up shit in prison.
On vaut mieux que a.
Tu crois ?
J'ai nettoy la merde en taule.
I cleaned up after my grammy's shit when things got bad,
J'ai torch le cul de ma grand-mre,
but we are not cleaning up after some dirty-ass tweaker. You know I'm makin' pin money down at the yard, right?
mais c'est non pour ces sales cams.
Tu sais que je gagne trois fois rien.
Just make Gordie give you some more hours.
Demande-lui des heures.
He's my boss. I can't make him do anything.
C'est mon patron.
Je peux rien exiger.
Look, I'm gonna get another job, okay, I promise.
Je prendrai un autre boulot.
I'm just gonna need you to Just pitch in, just a little bit more.
Promis. J'ai juste besoin que tu...
I have been pitching in...
Un peu plus.
Fuck, man! They're not even my
Je participe dj... Putain !
C'est mme pas mes...
Just say it. Say it, I know you want to.
They're not your kids!
Ose le dire, c'est pas tes gosses !
They're not your kids.
C'est pas tes gosses.
But they should have been.
a aurait d tre les tiens.
We should have made them together.
On aurait d les avoir ensemble.
What's up with them extra hours, Gord? Extra hours? Did you say extra hours?
T'aurais des heures en plus ?
Des heures en plus ?
Oh, boy, that's good!
C'est pas mal, a.
Come here for a second.
Come here!
Viens l.
Merde !
See, I'm tryna run a good, clean busine
J'essaie d'tre dans les clous, moi.
Nobody saw us.
Personne nous a vus.
What, you don't think word gets around? I'll have junkies showin' up here like ants at a picnic.
a va pas se savoir ?
Les toxicos vont rappliquer,
I fucked up, man, it's not gonna happen again.
comme des mouches.
Okay, look. You're my wife's cousin.
J'ai merd, plus jamais.
coute. T'es le cousin de ma femme.
I'll keep the cops outta this.
Je prviendrai pas les flics.
But you can't keep workin' here.
Mais tu restes pas l.
C'mon, man.
Sois sympa.
I need this job.
J'ai besoin de ce boulot.
Gordie, I need this fuckin' job! Yeah, well, you probably should have tried a little harder to hang onto it.
- J'en ai besoin, putain. - Fallait tout faire pour le garder.
Now get outta here before I change my mind...
Sors vite d'ici...
Fuck! Hey chimo, what's goin' on, bud? Sell a lot of lollipops today?
Quoi de neuf, le pointeur ?
a part bien, les sucettes ?
How's my Wiley?
Mon petit Vil.
Wiley Coyote.
Vil Coyote.
Oh, we'll send some boys around there to rearrange his face till it's real pretty.
On va envoyer des gars
Nah, no need.
lui arranger sa petite gueule.
C'est pas la peine.
It's my fault, you know. Should have known better
C'est de ma faute.
than to mix real business with club business.
On mlange pas le club au boulot.
Club's family, not business.
Le club, c'est la famille, pas le boulot.
I seem to remember you sayin' that to me once before.
Tu m'as dj dit a l'poque.
Hey, we took care of you.
On a pris soin de toi.
You know what you need, baby? A night out.
Tu sais ce qui te faut ?
We're doin' a fundraiser at the clubhouse later
Une bonne soire. On fait une collecte
to raise money for Moose's kid. Four-year-old with fuckin' leukemia, man.
au club pour le petit de Moose.
How fucked up is that?
Une leucmie 4 ans,
tu parles d'une merde !
Why don't you take my bike, hmm? Have yourself a little fun?
Prends ma bcane, clate-toi.
Woo! Nice ride!
How'd that feel, huh?
Oh, shit! What's up, man?
Cheers, man.
Look at this shit here, huh?
Vise-moi a.
Come on, Jeannie!
Oh yeah, here we go!
C'est parti.
Come on, Jeannie! You got it! You got it!
Allez !
Here's my horse right here.
J'ai pari sur elle !
She's a nibbler! She's a nibbler. Nibbler!
Elle met les dents !
Oh, here we go! Oh, here we go!
Visez-moi a !
Lay-la, Lay-la, Lay-la
Oh, shit!
Wow! Who's that?
C'est qui ?
From the first Time my heart broke
I was just six years old
Till the lies That girl told me
Lies that she would hold
Preacher man told me
Son you've got to Be so strong
You wanna dance with me?
Tu veux danser ?
I don't dance.
Je sais pas danser.
Bro, she's got 'em lined up out the door. Get off your ass and dance with the lady!
Tout le monde lui court aprs. Bouge ton cul, va danser.
Cut it up there, lefty. Let's go!
Donne tout, l'empot.
I hate you.
C'est parti.
Get off!
Okay, we're gonna put pants on.
- I don't want to! - No, you have to.
I don't understand what the problem is.
I don't like this!
Just put them on! Just...
No, I said!
These are good. There's nothing wrong with wearing jeans. Okay, let's just try.
Il est bien. Tu peux bien porter un jean.
- I want you to put them on. - No!
Just take it off, you're not a baby anymore.
Allez, enlve-moi a.
- Come on! - Nooo!
T'es plus un bb.
Allez !
- Yes, please! - Stop! I don't want to!
- Just put them on! - What's goin' on in there?
a va pas ?
Some kid in his class saw him wearin' a dress on the weekend.
Un camarade l'a surpris en robe ce week-end.
Get off me! - Come here!
Viens l !
Stop! No! I don't want you to be bullied!
Je ne...
I don't want that for you. Just put it on! No!
veux pas que tu sois harcel. C'est pour ton bien.
Mets-moi a.
Did you just spit at me? Are you... Where did you...
T'as crach ?
Did you teach him that?
C'est toi qui lui as appris a ?
- Nope. - Where did you learn that? Leave him alone, Lola,
T'as appris a o ?
can't you see you're hurting him? You stay outta this!
Laisse-le, tu lui fais mal.
No, you stay out of it, no one even wants you here!
Toi, t'occupe !
- Well, it's my house! - It's not your house,
- On veut pas de toi. - Je suis chez moi.
you don't own it, and you're behind on rent. When did you become so nasty?
T'es pas proprio et t'as pas pay le loyer.
I learned from the best.
- Depuis quand tu es odieuse ? - Je suis bonne cole.
- And what does that mean? - It means your own kid
a veut dire quoi ?
can't stand bein' in the same room as you.
Que tes gosses te supportent plus.
Fine. Then, you take care of him, then!
It'll be good practice for when you get pregnant in the next two years.
Occupe-toi de lui. Entrane-toi,
I'm 12 years old, I'm a kid!
tu seras en cloque dans 2 ans.
J'ai 12 ans, je suis une gamine !
I'm your fuckin' kid, Lola!
Je suis ta gosse !
That was Grammy's vase, you little piece of shit!
Le vase de Mamy,
- That was Grammy's vase! - Calm down! Calm down.
sale merdeuse.
- Let me fucking go! - That's enough.
Du calme !
Clean that up!
- Lche-moi. - a suffit.
- Shh. - Let me fucking go!
Ramasse !
No, not until you calm down. Okay?
- Lche-moi, putain ! - Calme-toi d'abord.
Yeah, I'm okay.
a va ?
a va.
You smell like diesel and cheap perfume, you fucking asshole.
Tu pues le gazole et le parfum deux balles,
espce d'enfoir.
I hate you!
Je te dteste !
I know!
Je sais !
Dolores? Where are you goin'?
Tu vas o ?
Baby? Don't leave!
Pars pas !
Dolores! Hey!
Anyone ever tell you you snore?
On t'a dj dit que tu ronflais ?
You can go right here. You can go right here. You can
Toi, tu vas te mettre l.
Toi, tu vas l.
Lola come back?
Lola est rentre ?
No, she usually stays out all night after a blowup.
Elle rentre pas de la nuit quand elle crise.
He doesn't wanna go to school today.
Il veut pas aller l'cole.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with Z!
Mon petit doigt me dit que a commence par Z.
Shit, I dunno, uh
Je sais pas...
Zipper? Xerox? Zero?
Un Zippo ?
Xylophone ?
Zro ?
That's a number, not a thing, dumbass!
C'est un chiffre, pas un truc, couillon.
You a Horseman, or is this a goddamn circus?
C'est le club ou un cirque qui dbarque ?
Kurt sent me. Supposed to make a pickup.
Kurt m'envoie.
Rcuprer un paquet.
Club sure ain't what it used to be before Screwdriver passed.
C'est plus ce que c'tait, ce club, depuis la mort de Screwdriver.
Get back inside!
Reste l'intrieur.
Thank you.
Zig-zag. On your dress.
Sur ta robe.
Did I get it right?
C'est a ?
- Wayland? - Yeah?
Can I call you Dad now?
Je peux t'appeler papa ?
What's the matter? You don't like Wayland?
Pourquoi ? Wayland, a te plat pas ?
Well, that's my granddaddy's name.
Le nom de mon grand-pre.
I think he'd be pretty upset if I stopped usin' it.
Il serait pas content.
- Way? - Where the hell are you?
Tu es o, bordel ?
You won't believe me if I tell you.
Tu me croiras jamais.
Quit fuckin' around and come home, Dolores.
Arrte tes conneries, rentre.
I can't. I'm on Sunset Boulevard. What? Where are you really?
Impossible, je suis sur Sunset Boulevard.
It's true. I drove, and I drove,
- T'es o pour de vrai ? - C'est vrai.
and I drove, and I didn't stop till I got to LA Are you with a guy?
J'ai pas arrt de conduire jusqu' Los Angeles.
Is that what this is about?
T'es avec un type ?
No, no.
C'est a ?
It's-it's me, I swear, it's me. Then you are out of your fuckin' mind.
- Non, y a que moi, je te jure. - T'es folle ou quoi ?
Peut-tre, mais...
I haven't had a minute since the kids were born, and I need some...- So what, you just Just time on my own.
- J'ai jamais une minute moi. - Et alors ?
leave them with me? You don't even ask?
- J'ai envie d'tre seule. - Tu me les laisses ?
Wayland, just watch 'em for a few days, okay, until I get my head on straight.
Garde-les quelques jours, je m'are la tte.
Merde !
Fuck! Come here!
Viens l.
You know I ain't your real dad, right? Me livin' with you, tyin' your shoes,
Je suis pas ton vrai pre.
playin' I Spy games... None of that shit makes me your dad, you know that, right?
Je fais tes lacets, on joue. a fait pas de moi ton pre !
What then?
Faut quoi ?
Quoi ?
What makes you my dad?
Faut quoi pour que tu sois mon pre ?
Come here.
You wanna stay in business with the Horsemen, you're gonna have to watch this kid for the next hour.
Pour continuer bosser avec le club, faut garder ce gosse.
Sweetie, I already got my widow's pension.
Chri, je touche ma pension de veuve.
Club needs me more than I need it. Look, can you fuckin' watch him or not?
Le club a plus besoin de moi que l'inverse.
Tu vas le garder ?
Well, sure, if he-she-whatever behaves itself.
Come here.
si il ou elle, je sais pas, est sage.
Wayland... Not another word.
un mot.
It's okay, I ain't gonna eat ya.
a va, je vais pas te bouffer.
Woo! Woooo!
Yap, yap, yoo!
Brr, cold. Well, get in here!
- a caille. - Viens l.
Ah, man, I wish I could stay.
J'ai envie de rester.
I gotta go. The boys are waitin' for me.
Je dois y aller.
I don't like what you're doin', Way.
- Ils m'attendent. - a craint ce que tu fais.
We need the money. If we're serious about LA, we need the money,
On a besoin de fric.
and I gotta get it.
Pour aller Los Angeles, faut trouver du fric.
- Stay with me, stay with me. - No, I gotta go.
Reste avec moi.
- Stay with me, stay with me. - I can't, I can't, I can't.
Je dois y aller, j'ai pas le choix.
I gotta go, I gotta go.
Alright, fuck it.
Tant pis.
I'll stay.
Je reste.
Where's the kid?
O est le gosse ?
I dunno. He's around here somewhere. Fuck.
Quelque part par l.
I told you to watch him!
Tu devais le surveiller !
Hey, Denim!
Denim !
Hey, you seen a kid? Like six years old? - Nope. - No?
Vous avez pas vu un mme ? Il a 6 ans.
Sorry, pal.
Oh, fuck!
What are you doin'? Come here!
Tu fais quoi ?
Viens l.
What... Why'd you run away?
Pourquoi tu t'es barr ?
Why'd you yell at me?
Pourquoi tu cries ?
I don't know.
J'en sais rien.
I'm sorry.
Man, you scared the shit outta me. You can't run away like that, okay?
Tu m'as foutu la trouille. On se barre pas comme a.
That's a guard dog, not a pettin' dog.
Ce chien,
You understand?
il se caresse pas.
Pig ?
Hey, what's your name? I picked up that oxy from your crazy-ass aunt. Yeah, right on.
J'ai pris l'oxycodone chez ta folle de tante.
Come on. You peg that little bitch yesterday? Kinda.
Tu l'as saute, la chaudasse, hier ?
On va dire a.
That's a good boy.
You alright, Wayles?
Tout va bien ?
I don't know.
J'en sais rien...
I feel like I'm goin' down the same old road, you know? What was that for?
J'ai l'impression de retomber dans le mme pige.
- No, man, whaddya mean? - Why'd you do that?
Comment a ?
If I get caught with any of that shit, I'm goin' back inside. Automatically.
Si je me fais choper, retour en cabane.
I thought maybe you could hold onto this for me.
Tu pourrais me garder a.
Just for a little while.
Un petit moment.
Just gimme a second.
Une seconde.
That dog bites your arm off, it ain't gonna grow back.
S'il te bouffe le bras, a repousse pas.
Yeah, that's a good boy. Aw! Here, man, take it.
What's this?
- Prends a. - C'est quoi ?
Yeah! I can't take this, Kurt.
Je peux pas accepter.
Mon cul.
I did a couple of runs, man, that's it. You did 15 years.
- J'ai fait que deux, trois courses. - Tu as fait 15 ans.
You fuckin' take that, and you take care of your fuckin' family.
Tu prends a, bordel, et tu t'occupes de ta famille.
I know you know how to do that.
Tu sais faire.
You hear me, brother? Yeah.
Entendu, frangin ?
Alright, go inside.
Va l'intrieur.
Field visit!
Petite visite.
You can't just show up at my house.
On dbarque pas comme a.
Actually, Fourth Amendment rights don't apply to parolees, meaning I can do whatever the hell I want.
J'ai pas besoin de mandat dans votre cas.
Je peux faire ce que je veux.
What you got in that little envelope? Nothin'.
Y a quoi dans l'enveloppe ?
Hand it over.
Looks like you're doin' really well for yourself. What do you got here, a couple of grand?
Les affaires vont bien. Y a combien, 2000 ?
It's a loanso I can start my own business.
C'est un prt.
Kurt gave you this?
- Pour dmarrer mon activit. - De Kurt ?
Oh, yeah, I know where you been.
Je sais o vous tiez.
Denim told me.
Denim me l'a dit.
He's a kid. He makes shit up.
C'est un gosse.
Il dit n'importe quoi.
You could've taken that plea bargain deal.
Fallait plaider coupable.
Kurt owes you. I get it, I get it. I don't know what you're talkin' about.
- Kurt vous est redevable, c'est a. - Je saisis pas.
So where's Dolores?
Elle est o, Dolores ?
She went out. Out where?
- Sortie. - O a ?
J'en sais rien.
You don't know, the kids don't know. I wonder if Child Services knows.
Vous savez pas, les gosses non plus. L'aide l'enfance, ils savent ?
You leave the kids outta this.
Laissez-les en dehors de a.
Or what?
De quoi ?
What'll you do when you lose those kids, Wayland?
Vous ferez quoi quand on vous les enlvera ?
What's goin' on?
a va pas ?
I wanna see a paper trail for this cash.
Je veux une preuve pour cet argent.
What's he want? Don't worry about it. Go inside.
- Qu'est-ce qu'il veut ? - T'en fais pas.
Alright! Who's hungry?
Bon, qui a faim ?
Ooh, me!
Moi !
I didn't mean to snitch. He was askin' all these questions and... Hey, hey, hey.
Je voulais pas balancer, il m'a interrog...
It's not your fault. Don't worry about it, okay? Hey, um, where is Lola, anyway?
C'est pas ta faute, t'inquite.
She's in LA. She's in fuckin' LA.
- Elle est o, Lola ? - Los Angeles.
Are you kiddin' me?
Los Angeles, bordel.
Nope. She's on vacation.
- Tu dconnes ? - Non, en vacances.
Wow, she really did it! She played you real good.
Elle a fini par y aller ? Elle t'a bien eu.
What's that supposed to mean?
Comment a ?
Um, so, you came in after five minutes. You handled all her shit, and then she knew right away
T'as dbarqu en 5 minutes.
she could dump us on you. C'mon, Peri, it's not like that.
T'as support ses conneries et elle t'a largu avec nous.
Arrte, c'est pas a.
Stop defendin' her all the time! Well, if you didn't constantly shit on her, maybe she'd still be here.
- Arrte de la dfendre. - Si tu l'emmerdais pas, elle serait l.
Easy for you to say, you're her favorite. She's actually nice to you!
Facile dire, t'es son chouchou !
She tried so hard on your birthday, and you acted like a fuckin' spoiled brat.
Elle a tout fait pour ton anniv.
No wonder she left us...-Hey!
T'as fait la chieuse, elle s'est barre...
Watch your mouth.
a suffit !
Oh, shit!
Peri, babe, um,
Ma chrie.
let's go to the bathroom, okay?
Viens au lavabo.
- What? - Nothin', just Hold on.
- Quoi ? - Rien...
Here, just clean that up.
Tiens, essuie.
Hey, Peri?
You alright in there?
Tout va bien ?
For shame, hippies,
how dare you slander our Commander-in-Chief?
I brought supplies.
J'ai des provisions.
Come on in.
Peri, it's Pastor Gail. Can I come in?
C'est la pasteure, je peux entrer ?
Hey. How are you feelin'?
Comment tu te sens ?
Crampy. I got you somethin' for that.
J'ai mal au ventre.
J'ai pris ce qu'il fallait.
A hot water bottle. And
Une bonne bouillotte.
some candy.
des bonbons.
Anda magazine.
un magazine.
I also brought a bunch of pads. All different shapes and sizes.
J'ai aussi pris des serviettes.
De toutes les tailles.
You wanna see?
Tu veux voir ?
Do you remember Goldilocks? Yeah, kinda.
Tu te souviens de Boucles d'or ?
Un peu.
Well, so imagine that Goldilocks just got her first period.
Imagine Boucles d'or qui aurait ses premires rgles.
This maxi pad is for when she bleeds a lot.
La serviette maxi,
c'est quand elle saigne beaucoup.
This medium-sized pad, here,
La serviette medium,
is for when she bleeds a medium amount.
pour les rgles moyennement abondantes.
And this pantyliner is for when she bleeds
Et ce protge-slip, c'est quand elle saigne...
A little?
Un peu.
Good! You'll get this down in no time.
Tu vas vite matriser.
Pastor Gail, am I gonna get pregnant now?
Je vais tomber enceinte maintenant ?
Peri, you can't get pregnant without
on ne tombe pas enceinte sans...
Well, there's some other stuff that has to happen.
D'autres trucs
doivent se passer.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Tu comprends ?
Would you like a hug?
Tu veux un clin ?
Here. She says put that on your tummy.
C'est pour ton ventre.
She has everything she needs?
Elle a bien tout ?
Yeah, but of all the days
Un jour comme celui-l,
I just really wish her mom was here.
il lui aurait fallu sa maman.
Here, Peri.
You know what they say, though:
Vous savez ce qu'on dit ?
"God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform."
Les voies du Seigneur sont impntrables,
ses jugements insondables.
You holdin' out on me? Oh, come on.
- Vous croyez toujours pas ? - Rvez pas.
Prison'll either turn you into a lifelong believer or a lifelong non-believer.
En prison, on devient croyant vie
Yeah. For me, it was the first.
ou athe vie.
je suis devenue croyante.
Get the fuck outta here!
Lchez-moi, bordel.
Story for another day. Yeah, I'll say.
- C'est pas le moment d'en parler. - Tu m'tonnes.
Hey, believer or not, you're a gift to this family.
Croyant ou pas, vous tes une bndiction pour eux.
I don't know about that. Just let me have this one, okay?
- J'en doute. - Laissez-moi le croire.
Thanks for comin'.
Merci d'tre venue.
Thanks for askin'.
Merci de m'avoir appele.
Dolores ?
Way? Go outside.
Va dehors.
What, why? Just go, hurry! Go outside.
Pourquoi ?
Magne-toi, va dehors !
Gimme a minute.
Un instant.
I did it, baby!
C'est fait,
I watched the sun set on Sunset Boulevard,
j'ai admir le coucher de soleil sur Sunset Boulevard.
and I stayed up all night, like we said.
J'ai fait nuit blanche, comme on avait dit.
How much you been drinkin'? Shh, just look at the sky.
Tu as bu ?
Can you see the sun where you are?
Regarde le ciel, tu vois le soleil ?
Yeah, I see it.
Je le vois.
We're watching the sunrise together.
On l'admire ensemble.
You ready to come home now?
Tu vas rentrer ?
I don't know.
Je sais pas.
I have to see if I'm gonna get this gig or not. What gig?
J'attends de voir si j'ai le job.
Quel job ?
What gig, Dolores?
Quel job, Dolores ?
Workin' at this dive bar, takin' over this girl's maternity leave.
Un boulot dans un rade.
I mean, I don't wanna jinx it, but it's my dream job, Way.
Une fille part en cong maternit.
Workin' at a fuckin' bar?
Je veux pas me porter la poisse, mais c'est le job rv.
It's not just any bar.
De trimer dans un bar ?
And... the tips
C'est pas juste un bar. Y a les pourboires.
We are gonna take the kids to Disneyland!
On va emmener les enfants Disneyland.
Yeah, you take 'em.
C'est a, emmne-les.
I ain't goin' no fuckin' where.
a sera sans moi.
I loved you so much when we were younger.
Je t'ai tellement aim
quand on tait jeunes.
I loved you because you wanted to get out
Je t'aimais parce que...
just as much as I did.
tu avais autant envie que moi de te barrer de ce trou.
And then you just went. I mean, you went away, and you kinda did it without me.
Et t'es parti, t'as disparu.
Sans moi.
I did what?
J'ai fait quoi ?
What did I go and do, Dolores?
Je suis parti faire quoi ?
And now you're back, all of a sudden,
Et t'es revenu.
and I just feel like I'm, like, 18 again...
Tout d'un coup, j'ai l'impression...
Yeah, don't kid yourself, darlin'.
d'avoir 18 ans nouveau.
Te fais pas d'illusions, chrie.
Yeah, you're right, I shouldn't kid myself.
T'as raison, je devrais pas.
But don't kid yourself either because I'm a package deal now.
Te fais pas d'illusions non plus parce qu'on forme un tout.
You know that? Me, and Denim, and Peri, and Dodger.
T'es au courant ?
Moi, Denim, Peri et Dodger,
We are a fuckin' package deal.
on forme un tout.
Then what the fuck you doin' in LA?
Qu'est-ce que tu fous L.A. ?
I'm makin' good, baby.
J'assure, chri.
You just wait and see, I'm makin' good.
Tu vas voir, j'assure.
Will you give 'em a kiss for me?
Tu les embrasses pour moi ?
- Bye. - Bye.
What are you doin' up?
Dj lev ?
Jumping on my trampoline!
Je fais du trampoline.
You want some breakfast?
Tu veux djeuner ?
Got those bank statements I asked for?
Vous avez vos relevs de compte ?
No, sir.
Non, monsieur.
I need to ask a favor from you.
Je vous demande une faveur.
I already let you move in with your girlfriend. That was your one.
Vous vivez chez votre amie, la faveur a t accorde.
I need a pass to leave the state.
J'ai besoin de quitter l'tat.
What, you and the Prez got some business over down by the border?
Pour discuter avec le Prsident ?
No. I'm takin' the kids to LA.
J'emmne les enfants L.A.
LA, huh? What's in LA?
Los Angeles ?
Their mom.
- Y a quoi ? - Leur maman.
She's been workin' down there.
Elle travaille l-bas.
Sh... She's makin' good money, actually, but, uh
Elle gagne bien sa vie,
je dois dire, mais...
We miss her.
elle nous manque.
You know how many people come in here with some sob story?
Combien de fois on me fait pleurer ?
Their grandmother in Wyoming lost her false teeth, or their fucking dog needs a vacation.
La grand-mre qui a perdu son dentier.
Ou le clebs qu'a besoin de vacances.
And when they go missing, my ass is on the line.
S'ils se sauvent, je suis mal.
You have a hard job.
Dur boulot.
Don't... No, I'm not. I'm not bein' funny.
c'est pas pour dire...
There's a lot of us out there,
mais on est nombreux
lost and can't find their way back.
tre paums, sans chappatoire.
I wouldn't wanna deal with that either.
J'aimerais pas avoir grer a.
Fill out that form. I need the when, where, why.
Remplissez a. Quand, o, pourquoi.
Be specific, no bullshit.
Soyez prcis, pas de bobards.
It'll take about a couple of weeks before it's approved.
Comptez 15 jours pour validation.
Yes, sir.
Bien, monsieur.
Wayland, how old is this thing anyway?
Il a quel ge, ce truc ?
I dunno, older than me.
Il est plus vieux que moi !
I'm amazed it still runs.
C'est incroyable qu'il roule toujours.
You know what?
Tu sais quoi ?
I'm proud of her. Why?
- Je suis fier d'elle. - Pourquoi ?
She didn't just sit around and hate on her life. She made a play.
Elle a pas pass sa vie pester, elle s'est bouge.
You mean she ran away.
Elle a fui, tu veux dire.
Shouldn't we tell her we're coming
On la prvient
in case she throws, like, a crazy fit?
au cas o elle piquerait une crise ?
No, we gotta surprise her, like Dad said.
C'est une surprise,
comme papa a dit.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you Dad, Wayland.
Pardon, j'ai pas fait exprs de t'appeler papa.
That's alright.
Pas de souci.
You can call me that if you want.
Dis papa si tu veux.
You ever been to the ocean, Peri?
T'as dj vu la mer, Peri ?
Me? Nah, not me.
Moi ?
I've been once, but I was too chicken to swim.
Moi, une fois. J'ai t trop froussard pour nager.
I'm thinkin' we take a detour.
On devrait faire un dtour.
To the ocean?
Par la mer ?
Yeah, get our feet wet.
Pour faire trempette.
Oh, my God! Pacific Ocean, everybody.
L'ocan Pacifique !
It's humongous!
Ooh! Ooh!
Hey, Dodger Stadium, that's me!
Dodger Stadium.
C'est pour moi !
It's kinda dirty.
a fait crado.
Denim, look, the statue's waving at us! Hi! Hi!
Denim, regarde, la statue nous fait coucou !
La vache.
Alright, this is us!
On est arrivs.
Hey, Wayland! Come on, what you waitin' on?
Wayland, qu'est-ce que t'attends ?
Y'all go in without me.
Allez-y sans moi.
Wait, you want us to go in there by ourselves?
Tu veux qu'on y aille tout seuls ?
I did my job. I got you here.
J'ai fait mon boulot, je vous ai amens.
It's between you and your mom now. No, you and her are a thing too.
Voyez avec votre mre.
Tu dois voir avec elle aussi.
Were. We were a thing.
C'est du pass, tout a.
That was a long time ago. I don't
a fait un bail...
I don't even know what we are anymore.
Je sais plus o on en est.
No! You don't get to bail whenever you feel like it.
Tu peux pas te barrer comme a.
It's not how it works when you have kids.
Pas quand t'as des mmes.
Yeah, unless you're Lola.
Sauf si tu t'appelles Lola.
You let Denim call you Dad, for fuck's sake.
Denim t'a appel papa.
But we don't share the same blood.
On est pas du mme sang.
'Specially me, right?
Surtout moi.
C'est a ?
Look, without blood,
we don't have any rights to each other.
Sans liens du sang, pas de droits.
And no matter what I do, that's not gonna change, you know, so
Quoi que je fasse, a changera pas.
Yeah, Denim can call me Dad all he wants, but what happens when he changes his mind?
Denim peut bien m'appeler papa, mais s'il change d'avis ?
I'm not gonna.
a arrivera pas.
Or I do?
Ou si c'est moi !
There's your fuckin' blood, Wayland!
Le voil, ton sang !
Dodger, what'd you just do?
a va pas ?
Come here, come here. Shh.
I'm so sorry.
Hello, I'm Coral. I'll be your hostess.
Je suis Coral,
votre htesse.
I know you. You're Denim.
Je te reconnais.
Nice to meet ya.
Denim, enchante.
And Periwinkle, you are more prettier than the flower.
Et Periwinkle,
tu es plus jolie qu'une pervenche.
Dodger, you and LA are positively meant to be together.
Dodger, tu es fait pour Los Angeles.
And Wayland, of course. Always Wayland
Et Wayland...
toujours au loin.
She didn't say you'd be here. It's a surprise.
Elle m'a pas prvenue.
C'est une surprise.
Who was it that said, "There is no surprise more wonderful than the surprise of being loved?"
Qui a dit "Il n'y a pas de plus belle surprise
que celle d'tre aim" ?
Now, what can I get you?
Vous buvez quoi ?
Three soda waters and a cup of ice.
Trois eaux gazeuses, un verre de glace.
Comin' up. And Denim
Keep rockin' those dresses.
Et Denim, continue de pavaner en robe.
I will, I promise!
Oh oui, promis.
Hey, Coral? Where's Dolores?
O est Dolores ?
She'll be up in a minute, sugar.
Elle arrive, trsor.
Ladies and gentlemen, the mermaid Aquarius!
Mesdames messieurs,
la sirne Aquarius.
Please place your tips inside the mermaid tip jar.
Les pourboires dans le bocal sirne.
- Got your drinks. - Thanks.
Just the ice, thank you.
Here you go. Here, honey.
Up next, our newest mermaid.
suivre, une nouvelle sirne.
She's gotten tired of living on land, so she swapped her legs out for a tail.
Lasse de vivre sur terre, elle a adopt une queue de poisson.
Let's hear it for Lorelei!
Merci d'applaudir Lorelei !
That's Lola.
C'est Lola !
She's beautiful
Elle est magnifique.
Lola! Lola! Mom!
Lola !
Maman !
Where'd she go?
Elle est passe o ?
It's okay, she just went up to get some air.
Elle est partie respirer.
Je t'aime.
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