Loris Sta Bene (2017) Movie Script

These must be weak as well.
Maybe if I warm them up they'll work.
Hang on a second.
If you don't pop these,
they'll turn into spots.
I'll get the cream.
Take off this tee.
Is it cold?
No, no... it's ok.
You just couldn't find
a dumber spot to do it.
I like it.
Yes. First floor.
The door on the right.
- Hi!
- Hi!
I'm Loris.
Nice to meet you.
It didn't close quite right.
All right.
Give it to me.
Sorry, in the pics you sent me
your hair was longer.
Oh yes, they were old pics.
You looked older.
How old are you?
I'm twenty-three.
Well, actually I'll be
twenty-three in August
Turn around.
Like this?
You look good.
I prefer you this way.
Where's the toilet?
At the end of the hallway.
The door is open.
There's some coffee if you'd fancy some.
Maybe later.
Some chocolate chip buns?
- I'm all right, thanks.
- OK!
Do you live on your own?
No, with my aunt.
But I do some odd jobs sometimes.
What kind of jobs?
I help her with the house-work...
stuff like that.
She gave it to me.
And you?
On my own.
Why didn't we meet
at your place, then?
No, I don't host.
I prefer this way, I just don't...
You don't like having strangers
in your home, do you?
My room is quite a mess...
I'm still arranging it.
Is it ok if we do it here?
It's comfy anyway.
Loris, that's not the way it works.
I don't know you...
hepatitis, that sort of rubbish,
syphilis, I don't want 'em.
I'm clean, don't worry.
So you think we just go bareback
and that's that?
But you are here now.
The forum is meant to make us
know each other. To introduce you.
You texted me, you wanted to see me and
I decided to share my openness with you.
If we're gonna see each other again,
even better, understood?
Excuse me?
Why should we have to see each
other again? I have a boyfriend.
You didn't tell me that.
- And does he know that you...
- His name is Valerio.
Great. And does Valerio know that
you wanna get HIV-positive?
Well, he is too.
So what am I doing here?
He's so busy...
Before you said "my openness"...
I want to have my openness too.
- With him.
- In the chatroom, on the forum,
you have to be clear
about what you want.
It's all right.
I told I like you.
And... do you like me?
You wrote me some
nice things on chat.
I don't feel like talking
about your boyfriend.
This thing is just ours, isn't it?
Look how he's having fun.
When I was a kid I believed it was a puppet
and someone made it move with his hand.
It must be a remote-controlled soft toy.
It's fake, honey.
I know, it made no sense at all!
Show her you did.
Do not bother him...
He's just playing hard to get now,
he got a piercing.
I was once talking about with Valerio,
and I told myselfl had to do it now
othenuise I would have never done it.
Besides, he likes it a lot.
Why didn't he do it instead, then?
What does it have to do with it?
He didn't find you pretty
enough without?
This thing is just mine.
he's right.
Put it away.
- In here?
- Yes.
Who else makes your hair so nicely
curled, my little prince?
Please don't embarrass me
at the party today.
- When I ever embarrassed you?
- Also Linda said it.
You make me feel like I'm a fool.
Put it there.
Run your hand through your hair.
There's still one here.
If I don't love you, who else can?
How was last night with Valerio?
Fine, It was fine.
And when am I gonna meet him?
I promise you.
'Cause if he comes along...
tonight at the restaurant we'd be three.
We'd have to give some
extra money for the gift.
Sunday, here at home.
What do you think?
All right.
Hey Vale...
I just wanted to know
if everything's fine.
And ask you when we can meet again.
I thought you'd have answered me by now.
I was waiting for you yesterday.
Just to have a chat, you know...
You told me you'd
have come by, so I went.
All the things you said last time
are running through my head.
You're right when you say you cannot fall
in love with me because I am not like you,
I know it, you're right, I agree.
But there's one thing I need to tell you.
And then I wanna see you...
and I want you to hug me,
Even if you say hugs are not your-
Your message has been recorded.
Wait here, I 'II be just a sec.