Loro (2018) Movie Script

The film you will see is the result
of the free Creation of the authors.
The reference to existing people is a Artistic
elaboration without documentary intent.
The authors have made a combination of reality and fiction with
characters Imaginary and real, creating an original artistic work.
Any reference to persons other than
indicated as real, is purely casual.
Don't you eat?
I'm not hungry.
Are You tense?
- What About the game, how's it going?
- Talk, talk.
Democrats always talk.
But we have nothing to say.
At home, how are you?
A Whole poem.
My Wife has hemorrhoids.
- I Have a very good cream.
- What is your name?
- Prastoden?
- I Don't remember.
My Wife is using Prastoden.
I Have a hole in my memory.
There Is another...
There he is!
Has arrived.
Rocco, for this topic
of the school canteens...
Follow the procedure, Sergio.
Rocco, if I follow him,
I'm sure I'm fucked.
Come Closer, I'll tie you up.
Come here.
Welcome aboard, Candida.
Delighted, I'm Candida. And you?
Sit with us
If you take off your bathing suit?
No, it said the bottom.
Show the Doctor What you can do.
I'm Not a Doctor...
It is ok. Thank you.
No, why?
Is It 25 horses?
It'S Modified, 75.
Aren't you tired of being
In Taranto?
Show Me your gums.
Is everything all right?
For The dining room thing School
I'll check it out.
Thanks, Rocco. You'Re a capo.
Don't move.
Be careful, they're hot.
We Have the market.
And You're not happy?
No, I'm not happy.
- Did you pay Them?
- I didn't pay anyone, Pa.
- I've Never paid a bribe in my life.
- Me neither.
So, what the fuck did you do that
In half a day the market unlocked?
- I gave Myself.
- You'Re a pig.
Praise. It Was very good.
You two are pigs.
Yes, but we love each Other very much.
Show Me.
- What?
- The Gums.
Oh, Margot!
Do you Know Fabrizio Sala?
Margot's manager
In Costa Smeralda, right?
He Also writes a social column
And he's a talent finder.
He recruits young stars,
Pretty Girls and ladybugs.
They Say he takes them to him.
Himself. He'S looking for Taranto.
What the fuck do you think you find
In this hole?
Are You kidding me?
In the corners,
He can fish a lot.
There you can find
Bunch of whores.
Look they asked me
To introduce me to the casting Room.
- But What an idiot you are!
- I'M joking.
I can't go on anymore
In this town.
You tell Me what the fuck
Do here?
We deserve better, Tamara.
I dont understand you.
I'Ve made a decision.
We're going To Rome.
To Rome?
And when did you decide that?
I saw a tattoo Today.
I Had a revelation.
I Want to get to him.
I know, I'm a little late.
Good night. Candida Pasci.
You Must see Sala.
I'M his manager.
No Manager.
She can Only come in.
It is ok.
Then I'll wait outside.
Come On, go.
Okay, who are you?
Sonia? What else?
Where are You from?
The "Timone d'Oro "?
It is ok.
Oh, yes, yes. In 20 minutes.
The time that Sergio was vacates.
You're Asking Me for a tuna tart?
With avocado, huh?
What's your name?
Do You always laugh?
Go on, and have fun.
Show yourself , my dear.
Do You Have a name? Candida.
And you're a candida?
Not at all.
What are you up to?
I used to do artistic gymnastics.
I Had an injury, I left it.
Can you show Us now
Any jump, dear?
I Can try.
You'Re really good!
La Dolce Vita.
Little by Little! So you're going to go
To Sardinia to the Brunette Villa?
I'll Organize the parties at the Margot.
You'Re Good, Sergio.
You'Re doing your whore courtship.
Giving them free cocaine.
To be the provider of it,
But that's my territory.
I'M a Liberal.
The monopolies are going to disappear.
But unfortunately
You're missing two things:
You Lack class and to know him.
Are two details
That I'm fixing, Fabrizio.
You'll Lose all your money, Sergio.
And you will return to Taranto
with the ass in the air.
- Then, suck a line, relax.
- What an old-fashioned thing!
I do not touch cocaine
for at least... ten years.
Do not spoil the environment,
the girls love these things
old fashioned
Yes I understand.
What did you hear?
Nothing. You did not speak
Very well,
Sergio Morra
Do you know me?
You do everything to make yourself noticed.
So I studied you a bit far.
It's something to me too
I like to do.
Who was the idiot on the phone?
Nobody becomes the idiot with me,
remember it.
It is important.
Because he has not come to the world yet
a man that resists me
Would you resist me?
In fact...
now that I think about it,
I do not see any obstacle.
However, there is an obstacle.
Oh yeah?
I am the obstacle.
You can never catch yourself
to a girl like me.
But comfort yourself,
you are brave enough
to be able to catch you all the others.
You, with whom do you take?
With the same?
You do not know how much would you give
for knowing him.
If you prove to be devoted and helpful
with me, maybe one day I'll introduce you.
This imbecile of Atilio
never answer
You know, this party
He went to hell.
- Do you want?
- Leave it alone.
I work tomorrow,
Not like you, you get the lice.
Take care of Kira.
- It's more bad than Putin.
- I imagine.
But what class, huh?
Class... Now, yes.
10 years ago, when he arrived from Albania,
It was delivered to half Rome.
You included?
Do you take me for an idiot?
Enough, Riccardo.
How is it? Tell me.
The best of the best.
As soon as you take off
He puts it from behind.
This is Rome, Sergio.
As in Albania,
they put it in your ass.
what a surprise!
Where did you hide?
- I was in the bathroom.
- We've been waiting for an hour.
Riccardo, let's meet again.
The less we see each other, the better.
Bye heart.
The makeup goes up to the brain.
At the summit on hunger
in the world, he said
"It is necessary to shorten
the interventions,"
"Because ours will not be a tragedy,
but we are hungry too."
When he starts talking, I do not know how it
will end, if it will cry, if it will laugh.
We are already crying, Cupa.
Even when it makes us laugh.
This year he brought us two things
that we did not have without him:
Economic strength and enthusiasm.
But it is not enough anymore.
What do you mean, Santino?
Can you take care of the child?
We are talking
of serious things.
Gino, why do not you go
a little further?
And you why do not you go
to get your ass?
I must say that we lost
because the people,
in the course of time,
has made a kind of unconscious sum
of all your nonsense,
and when it comes to the result,
is forced to conclude
that is an imbecile.
Explain yourself better.
All processes which faces,
and all the laws "ad personam"
to go unpunished.
You can have controlled
all national channels,
but people always
it ends knowing
and is shocked.
All unfulfilled promises.
The people see it.
Your collaborator sentenced to 9 years
by mafia association.
The people get angry.
To foreigners they say:
"Come to die to Italy,
we have abolished the tax
to the inheritance."
That was good, right?
But you think it's smart
go to television
to say that the average
of the Italian spectator corresponds
at the mental level of a 7th grade boy
Who does not even sit in the 1st row?
It's him I should talk to.
- Because is not like that?
- It is true that it is so,
but you must think about it,
You can not say it.
Cupa, he is 70 years old.
The heart and the prostate in pieces,
and he persists to use it anyway
making all the gossip proliferate.
I do not know, Cupa.
I understand where you want to go.
But you must have the courage to say it,
Do not make me say it to me.
Would you support me?
Support for what?
To become
in the next leader
of center right.
And will you be the President of
the Council with those shirts?
Do not.
I use these shirts only for Promote the "Made in Italy". 2. 3. 4 00: 19: 52,160 -
00: 19: 54,710 Cupa, you are a woman who never They have sent to talk to anyone.
I want an answer from you.
I'm on your side
Try it.
Now, girls, it's our turn.
Youth is a second.
Do not let her go.
What are you waiting for?
What did you do with my husband?
But you did not love him!
You did not love him anymore!
70% of its commercial value...
It works, Sergio.
Kiss it.
they drugged me
They surrounded me with cats.
I can not stand cats!
And who are you?
A discoverer of talents.
To come here I told Puzzo
who came to see the Pope.
I must have told Saint
I had a lunch.
Have you never seen a hawk?
I asked him to send me
a picture of his cock.
I wanted to cast
a toe, I said no.
Really, he says
only beautiful things.
Say what
I do not know how to swim.
I pretend to drink.
I wanted to kill myself.
I can only take in my house.
Milan stimulates you.
But it's so beautiful...
I am distressed.
Do not you feel something in your legs?
Well, girls...
Do you feel this perfume in the air
Of summer? Huh, do you feel it?
We do not feel anything,
we have a closed nose.
Thanks for having accepted
My invitation tonight to dinner.
I wanted to gather them here to announce
them I had made the reservation
for Villa Morena,
and that since July 3 all
They will be my guests in Sardinia.
We will have an amazing party!
You have been very good.
Really good.
He will go crazy when he sees
all these girls. They are perfect.
For me, they are nothing special.
To me, you are perfect.
It does not work like that, Sergio.
It never works like this with me.
I saw him at a Forza Italia meeting,
It is not that low
I will present it to you when it comes
to Bagaglino. It is slender.
- We know each other?
- Do not.
I'm a friend of Palmira.
The director.
And what do you do?
Figurant. And I study letters.
- And what do you want to do when you grow up?
- Actress.
Film or television?
Because it's not the same?
Listen out...
- Are you coming to my party in Sardinia?
- I do not know.
I would feel out of place.
I do not drink, I do not use drugs.
Look, what I can guarantee you
is that in my villa in Sardinia,
there will be a lot of producers
- No, listen!
- What happens?
- That I never cheated Sergio.
- It would be time. He is crazy.
No, he is not crazy.
And you have never helped him.
He is unpresentable, you understand?
I will not risk recommending
a cocaine addict like him.
Fuck you, Santino!
Fuck off!
I'm not going to cheat on my boyfriend!
But what's wrong, are you 13?
I never cheated Sergio.
You just did it, dear.
What a piece of shit you are!
Did not you want to risk it?
I'm going to tell everything, Santino.
I will tell everything.
Great piece of shit!
Do you have any wishes, Sergio?
I must say that some
I have already made them.
To have moved away from that hole
of Taranto
and my father.
What's wrong with your father?
It is honest, coherent.
For him, life is a job and also
It would have to be for me. You understand?
I think your father is right.
Because your life is exhausting?
Life is hard when
you do not know how to do anything
When everything is over
Only one mirror will remain, Sergio.
You and I can not even
get closer to him.
Instead your father will look
to himself with pride,
and will say, "I've been honest"
"and coherent."
Enough, Kira, you're depressing me.
I'm getting depressed too!
- Believe in God?
- Clear.
Only on Mondays.
- What does that one want?
- According to you...
It has bothered me for years.
It would have been better if I took him with him
10 years, that would have stopped bothering me.
And you, do you have any desire? 3. 4. 5 00:
Girls like me are stupid
when they dream
With all the coca that girls consume
and this story of the Villa in Sardinia,
I'm spending everything.
I'll have to invent something, but
I do not know how I'm going to do.
See that this story of the party in Sardinia
will be the best investment of your life.
Villa Morena is exactly
in front of your property.
He will see your girls parade
and you will become recognized.
Let's hope.
Here it is,
talking about the devil...
I get warm when he calls you.
Oh! Good to know.
My love!
I am good.
I'm home with this friend of mine
that later I must introduce you.
He is a very smart boy.
His name is Sergio Morra.
Then you come to Bagaglino?
Yes, I know I know, But in fact,
they are inept...
Where the fuck are they going
with this majority of four cats?
But look, in my opinion,
you must have only a little patience,
and you will go back to the government
Am I boring you, treasure?
You say your arm is falling
just because it hurts!
Do we do something after
of the Bagaglino, love?
Too bad you have to go.
Yes, Geri was very happy.
This Bagaglino is very boring.
Not this time either
is going to come to the party.
Do not talk about him like that.
I spent 300 euros on these clothes
no way.
The most powerful man in Italy
he does not have time to come to Bagaglino.
As if a dress was enough
to seduce him.
Did you look at me well, love?
Hopefully it ends soon.
My God, start again.
- Who?
- Santino, it's me.
The check you gave me has no funds.
10,000 is not enough for me.
Shut up, Santino! Shut up! Fool!
I want 40,000, otherwise
I speak directly with your wife.
And another thing, tomorrow I will know
if I got pregnant.
And if so, get ready because you'll have to sell
your pretty little house in Piazza di Spagna.
Be fine.
Could not we go by taxi?
To this fucking restaurant?
You're right.
Instead we have to give
a walk to see Rome.
Why, I do not know her?
Only Confalonieri knows it.
- Galliani too.
- No no. Galliani no.
- Who told you that?
- I know.
- You should not have done it.
- What?
You ruined everything.
You should not have done it.
Oh! Is the!
It's him and his escort!
commonly called
stimulates the nervous system
and has induction properties
of the feeling of empathy.
Comes preceded
for a nice heat wave
that comes from the bottom.
This phase is defined
with the verb "go up".
The climb!
It says: "Climb me up".
- He has not uploaded me.
- He has not uploaded me.
Unlike cocaine,
causes a state
of gentle excitement called
"the velvet".
Sexual desire
it is not predatory or voracious,
but channeled through
a feeling of universal love,
directed to the neighbor
and inanimate objects.
A reduction is noticed
in reasoning ability,
an increase
of sentimental disinhibition.
That's why they call her
the love drug.
One of its most visible effects
is the so-called
Where the fuck are you, Silvio?
We will have to stay always like this.
We will have to stay all
always like that.
I love you, Sergio. I love you.
I'm dying, that's all.
Happy Birthday Madame.
You did not make me laugh
not even a little.
I preferred when to conquer me you gave me
a pair of shoes or a cashmere blanket,
because you had discovered
that was cold.
Then I discovered that women
He liked diamonds too.
And the butterflies.
Do not you take it?
I try, but...
I do not get it, I walk away.
I always stay away.
I felt very much about your sister-in-law.
How are you, Doctor?
A little broken balls,
To tell you the truth.
What's in there?
- D'Alema, I'm going to throw it away.
- That's fine.
Dear Fabrizio, how are you?
I would go with Margot,
but it's better to stay at home
and be a good boy.
I must win back my Veronica.
Grandma says you know
the Latin names of all plants.
It's true, I was in the Salesians.
They gave great importance
Greek and Latin.
- What's that name?
- Caryopteris.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
When they clean the pond,
Where do the swans go?
- They commit suicide.
- Seriously?
No, I was joking,
we put them in the other pond.
Does the volcano work, grandfather?
Of course it works. One day I will
show it to you. Look what a sea!
- You know Putin, when ...?
- Who is Putin?
The head of Russia.
Do you know that Putin, when he came here
to see me, I was there in the sea,
with two warships
and the Moskova missile cruiser.
A show!
I do not believe you.
You are skeptical today.
It looks like you're going through
a lot of time with the grandmother.
12 of my classmates
They say you should go to jail.
- How many are in the class?
- 30
It's very good.
According to a survey I commissioned,
30% of Italians
he wants me to go to jail.
Because they accuse me of tax fraud,
false balance, judicial corruption.
All the crimes they commit
the others, not your grandfather.
- You will go?
- No. Because I'm healthy.
While the judges are upset
and they hate you and me.
And do you also hate grandma?
No, because she is beautiful
and read complicated books.
I think that nobody should
go to jail.
You are a wonderful guarantor!
I agree with you.
The world with which I dream
It is a world without prisons.
- Grandpa, you've stepped on a poop.
- No, I have not stepped on her.
Yes, you just stepped on it.
You know what the great scientist
was saying English Isaac Newton?
"Looks are deceiving
only the mediocre."
You are not mediocre, then you must
understand that it is not like that.
Grandpa has not stepped on a poop.
It never happened to him in all of life
and it will never happen to you.
The gardeners have removed
the terrain and, very often,
there are pieces of land left that have
a consistency very similar to poop.
- Have you understood now?
- Yes, grandpa. It looked like poop.
But is not.
- All right. What have you learned today?
- That there is dirt that looks like poop.
Do not.
You have learned that a truth
it is the fruit of tone and conviction
with which we affirm it.
So maybe poop?
And maybe Newton
He never said that phrase.
It is important? Do not.
The only thing that matters
is that you have believed me.
Why always the same picture?
When my husband likes something,
he wants another identical one.
Also with women it is like that.
Who is that man who is
Always with your husband, ma'am?
Paolo Spagnolo.
Is he a friend of yours?
I do not believe it.
My husband never likes it
be alone
and very rarely likes it be two.
Paolo Spagnolo is the third.
- Let's go with this one.
- Very good, Doctor.
But I remember him alone
that in this shot,
does not talk about the subject of
constitutional referendum
It does not matter
In that shot, a concierge
See me and think:
"I would give this one to me."
Will I go back to the government?
I am 70 years old.
If the left resists,
it will last five years.
At that time, I will have 75.
Age does not matter, Doctor.
A friend of my father-in-law is
92 years old, and still judo.
Love, not now.
I'm with the Doctor.
I understand, I'm calling you, okay?
I'll call you! In agreement?
I'm sorry, Doctor. My wife, insists that I
participated in "The Island of the Famous".
He says that would be a good thing
for my career.
- I am your career.
- That's what I tell him.
Do you know how to play "Domenica
Bestiale", of Concato?
No, Doctor, it's not a song
that I like.
For me, yes. Is the song
mine and Veronica's.
It is very beautiful.
Continue, continue.
Only you
You make me feel
Inside the heart
This love
That I can not forget
Listen, my little one,
you take advantage
How much I love you
and then you pretend
You're thinking of another
and you do not tell me, no
That you still love me
and that you are happy
This jealousy torments my soul
Listen, my little one,
you take advantage
How much I love you
and then you pretend
You're thinking of another
and you do not tell me, no
This jealousy torments my soul
It's been years since I buried my jealousy.
I could not afford to be jealous
being with you.
- So what is the problem?
- My dignity.
That you should not touch it.
- You do not give me permission?
- So is.
See you hidden behind of a bush
to solve once and for all
the problem of Violetta Saba
it is the umpteenth attack
to my dignity.
And do not invent fancy things
to make them pass for the truth.
You can fascinate the Italians, not me.
I've known you for 26 years.
Is that why you're so cold with me?
"Money should never be set aside,
the thoughts and the feelings"
"Because later they are not used anymore."
Natalia Ginzburg has said it.
It is the only thing said
for a communist
that I share fully.
Veronica, I have to go to Rome
for two days.
It's because of the hair.
It's not true that it's over
Because you're here
With the wrath of whom
He can no longer scream
How the days change
When you want to change them
When the cold between us
Kill freedom
For you, one hour is always
One hour and a little more
When the night is coming
And you're awake
This war that lies to the heart
How long will it last?
I've lost her,
But maybe you have already won it
Michel Martnez!
The heir of Maradona,
Here you are!
- Do you want to make a tour of visit?
- With pleasure, Doctor.
- What are you reading, love?
- Saramago.
That insults you
It is always flattering to receive
the attention of a Nobel Prize.
I really liked "Essay
about blindness."
I agree, a masterpiece.
You like? It's beautiful, huh?
If chips for Milan, we make a great
party with the volcano that made lava.
- It's a show!
- I imagine.
Juventus made me an offer.
Reject it, please.
If I do not die.
The temptation is strong why...
I greatly appreciate the lawyer Agnelli,
he has class.
In Juventus,
you will be front center.
In my Milan, you would play number 10.
They are the ones who make history. Those who
win the Golden Ball. The others are extras.
You are better than Maradona.
Nobody understood it,
I do understand football.
I often change the formation,
and I'm right
I do not know if I want to have
a president in the locker room.
I do not know in Milan how many
pretty girls
and dancers would follow you.
It is not my priority.
You are gay?
Look, I do not have anything against gays.
And even, 25% of me is gay.
Only that she is a lesbian.
Even though I live with my mother,
I'm not gay.
It's just that I'm not
interested in beautiful girls.
- They are frivolous, exhibitionists...
- Bravo, Michel.
Also, they distract you
of the important things.
On the other hand, a mother,
A mother is very important.
Who is your idol?
Gullit. And yours?
My father.
Agnelli would have said.
Dear Michel, Agnelli inherited
his fortune. I built it.
Write a number
As you see, in Milan,
You can really have it all.
Everything is not enough.
In your opinion,
Do you think it's fair that I'm
still in opposition?
Not for me.
I receive it in the cactus.
Dearest Minister!
- How are you?
- As a rich retiree.
The communists have ruined my government,
and my children the companies.
I have Veronica, who sees me
as if it were the origin of all evils.
You tell me your?
You look worried.
It's not about politics,
It looks more like a girl.
- But how do you do to know?
- Santino, I do not know anything.
I understand.
A seducer and a lover
of my caliber
understands quickly when
Another man suffers for love.
Precisely from that
I wanted to talk to you.
Let's make a pact,
that you do not omit the name.
If not, I will spend all the time
thinking about who it is,
I will finish by not listening
and then I will not be useful to you.
Tamara Morra, do you know her?
Of sight.
A beautiful woman
Galbiati kept it.
I remember it, because once
Galbiati used a phrase
which seemed improper.
He said: "It's my whore."
It is also mine.
Now he blackmails me. You understand?
I'm terrified, Silvio.
I see my brilliant reputation
destroyed in a second.
Obviously, we are
in the face of a delicate situation.
And this is my problem, you know?
I fall in love with only the whores.
Do you know why, Santino?
Because you too You are a whore
- Anyway, I'll try to help you.
- Thanks, Silvio.
Now, recite a beautiful poetry
in my honor.
Cool thinking
oriental generosity,
Persuasive smile...
Foolish fool,
evil Judas
ridiculous little animal...
Have you seen?, I am also a poet.
And these verses are for you.
Excuse me, Silvio,
but I do not understand.
You have to understand three things,
I'm young.
You are old.
If you want to take my place, first
You have to come talk to me.
Without conspiring to my back.
- Who told you that?
- Cupa.
She does a double game, Silvio.
He pushed me to nominate me as your heir. Now
comes to tell you that I have ambitions?
She set a trap for me, Silvio.
Listen to me well, Santino.
He who is not with me,
It is against me.
And outside the match
will be politically beheaded.
You were in the sun,
now you will enter a cone of shadow.
Locked in a dark room.
Those on TV will no longer look for you.
Our allies
They will destroy your reputation.
- I'll liquidate you with a word.
- No, Silvio, I do not deserve it.
I became lonely.
Fuck you, Santino!
In Italy,
there is only one that was made alone,
and that is me.
You are just a vulgar parasite
about politic.
- And you broke my balls!
- Silvio, I beg you.
has left the phone in the house.
Another brilliant idea of Veronica:
A day without a telephone.
What is that awful thing?
I made it.
Actually, I do not dislike it.
Do you know that you are becoming
in a good sculptor, love?
But where is Mariano?
In the village, Doctor.
Are you dizzy.
You feel lonely?
No love. Is that the sound
from the sea bothers me.
A little music by Mariano
I would have calmed down.
Agnelli, on his boat he had
a portrait of him made by Bacon.
We have Apicella.
We also have
your fantastic sculpture.
But why on television
Have you never done a cultural program?
I did it.
- We had Mike.
- Mike Bongiorno?
These were competitions.
General culture contests.
And why did you fire him without even
Do not even make a phone call?
Daniela called me, his wife.
He says he was very bad.
It was not my decision.
Mike allowed you to begin.
He gave you everything for 30 years.
He is just waiting for a call.
I would, if I only had here
my phone.
Antonellina, do you have a phone?
Yes doctor.
Do you have the number
of Mike Bongiorno?
No, Doctor.
You see?
What happens?
I do not understand anything about engines.
What do we do now?
Do you understand the utility
of cell phones?
Let's wait and enjoy the sea.
- Are not you afraid of emptiness?
- No, I look at it from a distance.
When I was 8 years old I decided
I would not do the first communion.
So it was.
A woman of character.
That's why he loved you so much.
You loved me so much because I was
24 years old and it was beautiful.
No, Veronica, you have been imprecise.
You were not beautiful,
you were a beauty
It was useful.
Now I am 50 years old and I am no longer
needed, neither for me nor for others.
I can understand you. The monstrous
Suspicion of being superfluous
It's something that is killing me,
Michel Martnez willing to go to Juve despite to
earn less. I can not go back to the government.
I am a man of action.
I can not live without projects.
Why can not I perform
Not even one, Veronica? Why?
When the despair begins,
I think now I buy you a gigantic house.
We already have twenty, Silvio.
We have it all.
Everything is not enough.
- Who said that?
- I.
If you really want to reconquer me,
Why do not we make a trip to Cambodia?
To see the temples of Angkor.
Do you want me to fix you
a date with Maltese?
Look, he's a formidable neurologist.
Do you remember that two years before
that we were together,
You wooed me at a party
all night?
You already told me that,
but I do not remember.
Do you remember at least the song that We
listened when we gave ourselves the first kiss?
Do not.
I swear I do not remember it.
Do you remember the names of the servants
of all the villas
but you do not remember our song?
See what love is also made
of these details.
Is this song by chance?
Manfredi, do not make me sick!
Silvio, I have a heritage
of $ 1.7 billion dollars.
I'm 882 in the Forbes ranking
of the richest men in the world.
And I'm the 19th richest man
from Italy.
I became immensely rich
thanks to two factors.
One: We are partners for years.
I never gave up my principles.
And I even followed them.
after years of gain,
our customers have lost a lot
due to a bad placement.
It's my fault, my fault,
my great fault
Now, my proposal,
that can seem crazy, is this:
We're going to reimburse them, Silvio.
Let's reimburse them.
No financial company would do something
like that. That's why we have to do it.
Let's reimburse them.
They will thank us.
It will cost us 160 million euros,
it's a part of the profits,
but I'm sure that after
of this gesture,
the amount of investments
will increase.
Let's do it, Silvio.
Let's do it!
Being good is convenient,
I always say.
Altruism is the best way
to be selfish
This is another of my principles.
It's okay, Ennio, let's do it.
You are a genious.
- But it's your idea.
- That's why you are!
Only a genius gives
160 million euros
thanks to the idea of another.
Now, tell me why you are unhappy.
25,000 people
- So few?
- Yes
So few.
Do you understand that I lost the elections
for only 25,000 votes?
That translated to other numbers,
Would it be only 6 senators of difference?
And you get discouraged by so little?
This is not the Silvio I know.
- What should I do?
- It is simple.
Convincing six senators
so they can pass by your side.
At the first loss of confidence,
the government falls,
you go to elections, you win.
And you go to the government.
Convince six senators?
What have we done all our lives?
We sold!
We are sellers
and we are the best!
What is a seller, Silvio?
Two things.
A salesman is a man who is alone.
But this does not interest us,
because it would make us sad.
Let's leave it aside,
but remember it.
A seller is a man alone, maybe
the loneliest man in the world,
because he always speaks
and never listen
What interests us,
It is the other thing.
A seller is a persuader.
We convince our neighbor.
People, in principle, do not want
buy never. He is afraid.
This is where we arrived.
We convince them.
And what do we convince them?
We convince them of kindness
of our dreams.
We do not get up
from the negotiating table,
until our dreams
do not also become yours.
And then, they buy.
And we are happy.
And this, dear Silvio,
You showed it to me.
Because you are the biggest seller
that I have never met in my life.
It was another life for me, Ennio.
I do not even remember
how it is done
Nobody changes, Silvio.
Nobody can run away from himself.
That's why you remember everything.
Many years ago, when you were
builder, you made a city
and in the middle of real estate crisis, when not
No department was sold, you sold everything.
You are the man who modified
the route of the planes that passed
about the houses of Milano 2
because they were devaluing
From a TV station
of closed circuit neighborhood,
you made the greatest empire
private television in Europe
and the you sold
to all Italians.
I have to continue
or can I stop here?
In summary...
Do you say that I should convince
to six senators
so they can pass me by?
Yes, that's what I say.
You summon them, you convince them.
You sell them the dream of the future.
Give yourself completely, Silvio.
Altruism is the best way
to be selfish
the best business of my life,
It has been associating with you.
Also mine, Silvio.
Mine too.
Good evening, Elide.
Augusto Pallotta,
head of real estate sales
of the company Pallotta SRL.
And you think a schedule to call the house
of people to sell an apartment?
Yes ma'am. Because at night, people
we cultivate our dreams well.
Listen, I have no time to lose.
Me neither, ma'am.
If I call her, it's because I guarantee her
that we're not just wasting our time,
we are improving it.
I do not want any apartment.
Yes, ma'am, everyone dreams
with owning a house.
And if they already have it, they dream of a
bigger, more comfortable, more beautiful.
Or they even need one for a son who is going
to get married Do you have children, ma'am?
If a girl. I listened...
Would not you want to see
it in your daughter's eyes
the same joy I had at 8 years old
when he recited poetry at school
and you were there looking at her?
Would not you want to make a great gift
to forget that day
in which you, madam,
I was sitting on the couch, crying,
and his daughter came from behind
and told him, with sad voice:
"Mom, I'm here and I love you."?
But who are you?
I'm Augusto Pallotta, ma'am.
In my life I have sold
more than 15,000 departments.
Tomorrow you can verify it.
Do you want to know why I sold so many?
Because I do not sell only apartments,
I sell a dream.
It's late to dream.
And who said it?
I still did not say anything.
I did not speak to him yet
of our credits at rate 0,
I did not tell him even my dream
and you have not told me yours.
Listen, let me continue with my thing, I was
watching "The Day of Tomorrow" on Channel 5,
I want to know how it's going to end.
But I'm telling you, ma'am.
Ends well.
Loretta and Flavio have another child
and they are together again.
Madam, would not you like
that his life
resemble that fiction
what are you seeing?
I can do it!
I can do what!
Listen to me, ma'am, me neither
I have time to lose.
I would have hung
if it were not because we are building
right near his house, in Borgo Roma.
My men are making the list of the
inhabitants and they gave me their card.
I do not want to sell you
the first one that passes, no.
I want to sell to people like you,
fine people, good people
that have a pain
I feel, in his voice,
a pain that comes from afar.
And I know that you not only have the need
to leave that pain behind,
he deserves it.
Do you understand what I am saying,
You deserve to bury that pain.
Because it's not your fault.
It's true that it's not my fault if that imbecile
He's gone with a 24-year-old beautician.
Listen to me, lady. I'm a man.
For me, it would be easy, natural
justify her husband,
but I am respected in my work
because I'm only telling the truth.
And the truth is that men
they are limited beings,
they are slaves of puerile temptations.
They do not see the future,
and this is why they lament.
I know that her husband
he has already tried to return home
because I could not keep up
a twenty-year-old
and you just
He has sent him for a walk.
To the first problem,
the girl got fed up.
And he wanted to return to you
with excuses and promises.
But to you,
those excuses and those promises
They sounded old.
While you, instead now,
just want something new
And I am the angel of the night
that I have come to give him that novelty.
But you, how do you know
all those things about me?
I know the script of life.
It does not become one in the best
seller from Italy
if the pains are not known
and the wishes of the customers.
And I have chosen tonight
a single client.
You are too invasive,
I do not trust. It seems like a fraud.
In my opinion, it is you
just a cheat.
Have you heard me?
Have you been offended?
Okay, I'm sorry to have called you
cheat, but I do not know him.
Then goodbye.
120 square meters
oriented to the south.
One kilometer
from his house on Manzoni Street 21,
in a modern residence.
The lounge?
I am 1.70 meters tall.
Imagine me lying down and multiply by 7,
will have the length of the walls.
Balconies of 3.50 meters deep
of the entire width of the department,
air conditioning in all
the rooms, electric shutters.
The refrigerator is provided by us, controllable
when it is not, from your cell phone.
We even provide you with the cell phone.
A technician will explain how to use it.
The apartment is beautiful,
but the residence is dazzling.
There will be golf carts available at the
entrance to add new friends from other units.
A pond with swans,
two swimming pools, one heated, closed
sauna, massage room,
sofas in the lobby, 24 hour guard.
Large playground area
for the visits of the nephews,
fruit trees, a center
recreational with art gallery,
a small amphitheater for performances
theater because culture is fundamental.
And a real volcano with fireworks
for owners' birthdays,
because the holidays
They are also fundamental.
Tennis, reduced soccer, the gym,
the ice cream parlor, the pizzeria,
two restaurants
one fish, one meat
and finally, an old merry-go-round.
In the center of the square.
Tell me, have not I thought of everything?
I must say that really
He has thought of everything.
Is it really 1 km from my house
in Manzoni? I have not seen anything.
Because now they are only you flat. The play
It starts in a month. The sign is in 6 months.
there is a small problem.
Which one?
It's a little more expensive
than market prices.
That might not be a problem.
I always have to sell the business
from my mother, in the center.
Have you heard me?
Is he still there, Doctor?
I am always for you.
Before, he asked me
if he had offended me.
I never offended.
If you had done it to another
What you did to me
With this sea it looks like a Greek god.
That man would have killed you
Do you want to know why?
Because on this earth
Women like you
They should not exist for a man
Honest like me
You're a bad woman
That his eyes made me cry
Tears of infamy
You're worse than a viper
That the soul has poisoned me
I can not live anymore
You're sweet as sugar
But that angel face
I used to cheat you
You are the most beautiful woman
I love you and I hate you
I can not forget you
You are big!
I've fallen in love with you.
Pest control
Silvio, thank you for having me
I've talked to my uncle.
That's why I've forgiven you.
What did he say?
He says that your idea of convincing
to 6 senators is beautiful,
poetic, but useless, Silvio.
We need some something else...
concrete, more material,
he says.
I have understood
Dear Senator,
Have you offered something?
Yes, thank you, I have asked
a soda Arnone.
Incredibly there was,
I never find it.
We have everything.
Do you want to take a tour
of the mansion?
With pleasure, thank you.
- How was the flight?
- Perfect.
Thanks to the private plane
that you have made available to me.
How is your son?,
Michele, I think.
Well well. He just graduated,
is looking for a job.
And tell him he just found it. insurance
that will have a job in one of my companies.
Would not there be a conflict
of interests?
Dear Senator, now
I will tell you about a dream.
Allow me, Doctor, yes for once
you will listen and I will speak?
Would you want
that I passed on your side
and to contribute,
with the vote of five other senators,
to make the most of center left fall
of which I am part.
He asks me to betray him.
But in love he betrays himself,
in politics, he changes his mind.
But I doubt to change of idea.
And do you know why?
Not because you have defined
to the judges as subversives
or because he had an employee
that he was a gangster.
The laws "ad personam"
who are looking for economic benefits
or to avoid ending in jail,
They are not the problem either.
Because the richest man in the country,
owner of three national networks
It can also be
the head of government.
Nor because his policy
be alone populist propaganda
on the back of the poor people.
If these insinuations of yours
they are not prejudiced
excuse me, huh?
But why did you come here to tell me
that it will not happen from my side?
But I wanted to spend
on your side. That is the point.
The problem is that while
I expected it,
- I remembered one thing.
- What?
What he said about you
the writer Javier Maras.
Oh, God, another!
What did you say? What did you say?
He said that when you participate in meetings
international, feels like the homeowner.
You make jokes, antics,
just because it has a gigantic
Inferiority complex.
That's why I can not
move on his side.
Your inferiority complex
It generates shame.
And feel ashamed, believe me Doctor, it's
something that at my age, I can not afford.
Dear Senator,
Do you know what happens
when others try
to do psychology about me?
No what?
Nothing happens.
And he knows what happens when I
I do psychology with the rest?
No what?
Start the lap counter.
I start to earn money.
How is your cultural foundation,
Indebted at two million euros,
20 seconds, time
what it takes to my companies
to bill 2 million of euros.
Could you, next time,
vote on our side?
Listen, could you combine to
the Barletta as German Chancellor?
I'm interested in getting
a 60-year-old German actress.
Very good, Martino,
the Barletta is not for me.
It is related to a Senator
that I'm trying to convince
to go over my side.
It's fine. I think it can be done, Silvio.
La Barletta will walk very well.
Martino, you're the best.
And could you help me with the Gardin?
Well, Silvio, to the Gardin
we saw her for the role of Marietta,
let's say it's a bit too...
as we could say... modern
Do you think?
Now that I think about it, the Gardin
He went very well. Let's be honest.
Do you know what the problem is, Silvio?
The problem is that they all want to
interpret to Joan of Arc, Mata Hari,
Rita Levi-Montalcini.
They're fools who do not know
recite, but who does not know?
- Listen, how are we going with the senators?
- I'd say pretty good.
- Silvio, have you read?
- What?
The newspapers. They have posted the listeners
of your communications with Martino.
I am quoted.
The journalists are coming.
What do I do?
For now, you should not call me, because
sure you have the phone tapped.
Excuse me, I say goodbye.
- Wait! And we?
- We, what?
Why are you like this?
You are cold.
I'm not cold. I am intervened.
And my role as Santa Teresa de vila?
I've studied a lot.
And my political role?
And my reputation
on the international scene?
And the reaction of my children.
When you read this?
And the wounded dignity
from my wife?
Do not call me anymore, Manuela.
Where are you going?
To Cambodia on foot.
To see the temples.
- You are angry with me?
- Do not.
With me.
- Are you leaving the center right?
- Yes.
And with many remorse.
I join the mixed group.
The content of these communications.
It is unacceptable.
I'm sorry for my relationship
with President Berlusconi,
but honestly, I did not have
knowledge of his dark side.
I feel hurt
as a member of your group,
but especially as a woman.
Gaia, listen to the Doctor, one thousand
lira per month, one thousand lira per month.
- Silvio, have you seen what talent?
- I studied whistle technique in Dubai.
And besides, it's beautiful.
She was dying to meet you.
Very good, Fabrizio. Take it back
with you. And go yourself too, Fabrizio.
Dear Veronica,
I am also reading.
I also have a favorite writer.
It's Dino Buzzati.
I learned a memory passage.
While you're at a cocktail party
and that you touch
the backs of young women
or that you dance,
your breasts against your chest,
at that time,
in a small room full of smoke,
a young man is working.
Maybe it's bothering
while he is doing
what you have to do.
That's it.
The young man in the small room,
It was me.
But now I'm not anymore.
Happy birthday!
I made my wish!
My love, 30 years, is that slab!
It's that slab!
You can not get in.
Are you kidding?
I direct this place.
But you can not enter.
A small warning:
I never joke.
Silvio, do you know Sergio Morra?
Yes, I have heard talk.
Well, I hope positively,
Mr. president.
Did you receive the sweater
What did I send you, president?
Yes, dear, I think so.
Kira told me that you organized
a party with many girls.
Yes, we have a lot of fun, president.
Come home tomorrow,
There is too much quilombo here.
With pleasure.
Can I introduce you to Tamara,
my girlfriend, president?
Do you want to dance, president?
Why not?
My God, thank you, president.
Where are you from, Tamara?
From Rome, president.
But then I met Sergio
and I followed him to Taranto.
About that,
Santino is still in love with you.
I feel tired.
I will not be late.
Good morning, president.
Tamara did a tiramisu for the splendid
necklace he gave her last night, president.
You rented that house
and you filled her with beautiful girls
so that I would notice you.
Congratulations, you did it.
Congratulations, president.
- Why?
- Because of the fall of the government.
Great, the move to convince
to the six senators.
After the elections,
will rule again.
I have already thought about making the first
advice of ministers, I want to do it in Naples.
City that I love, garbage cover.
I will grow the south,
I will create new jobs,
there will be liberalization, I will lower
taxes, and I will promote development.
And I will make the bridge
over the Strait of Messina.
- And Cupa Caiafa...
- He made the stupidity of his life.
She believed that I was not capable
to make the Government fall. First error.
Then he tried to confuse things
with the mixed group. Second mistake
Now his right match is put together
looking to get me some seats.
Third mistake
Because he will not have anything.
But you, what do you want?
My dream is to become in a MEP.
Or if not, enter the world of works
public, maybe with your support, president.
I would like to invest.
I will introduce you to someone.
Sergio, I want to make a great party,
with girls. How many do you have?
28, Mr. President.
- They are few.
- I can find many more.
They must be reliable.
I allow to enter with cell phones, but I do not
want find me with videos that come out of here.
Remember that this villa
It is a state residence.
I would miss more.
Tell them to come dressed simply,
light makeup, without heels.
We are not tall.
Nothing to pay. I never had
the need, I like to seduce.
What need can it have?
They all love him, president.
He does not know how they
insist on knowing him.
When Playboy did that survey
of the sexiest politicians,
I was literally harassed.
The other day a girl called me:
"President, what should I do?
To go to bed with you?"
I told him to call
to my secretary.
For food, I thought pizza and champagne.
Can it be good?
And then Michele will make ice cream
artisanal for all.
Oh, and no drugs.
It's something I can not tolerate.
Absolutely, president. I will have
also a little surprise, a dance...
It is possible to sleep here.
It's okay, president.
Come, and bring your girlfriend back.
No, there is no tuna.
Do you have a master?
Then, put on glasses
and come with a newspaper.
He likes that guy.
Livia, do not disappoint me.
So, you come?
Listen, there will be all the colors,
but that does not matter to you.
Now girls, go fast to eat.
Then we do the dance.
It's boring.
Why do you want to see me?
Because I want to give you a chance.
- You to me?
- I to you.
I need girls, that's your thing.
They serve me,
Many are on vacation.
I do not give a shit.
You're covered in debt.
Bring the girls,
I will convince him to help you.
You to me?
All the shit...
ends in the bathrooms.
We start again.
Have you seen how many books
they took the trouble
to write against me?
The left can not
put me in focus.
They think that everything
It is always complex.
On the other hand,
everything is elementary.
He has the charisma of the stream.
Bring the valley
freshness and well-being,
and satisfies thirst.
That is all.
Now listen to me, girls.
I have the charisma of the stream.
He has the hands of a king,
I should wear a ring.
My son will study books about him
at school. Is incredible!
Employ at least 10,000
domestic workers
Do you think he is crying?
His wife is crazy.
He is not as short as they say.
His eyes have an oriental charm.
I would like to live in your head.
When he dresses as admiral,
Makes me crazy.
Tell me it's true.
It is true.
How many beautiful girls
we have tonight!
Thank you!
It's time to tell you a joke.
Do you know what the difference is?
Between Christianity
and communism?
preach poverty...
The second
makes it a reality
Now, if they want
they can go dancing
Facts by Michele,
there are handmade ice creams
for all.
They can go around
in the merry-go-round.
Be free, girls. Have fun.
Have fun.
Mr. president,
excuse me.
As for my desire to become
in a MEP,
I was thinking
on the question of Georgia...
I ask you please...
Why do you want to ruin everything?
Why do not you come and sit down
here by my side?
Actually right now...
I have to go a moment
to the bathroom.
Kira, excuse me for a minute.
What the fuck do you want?
Fuck off.
But... girls...
Do you know why this happens?
Because I for him
I am something accessible.
And Stella is ten years
younger than me.
Do you feel old?
I feel stupid.
Why do you do it?
It does not cost me anything.
And men love it.
No, you love him.
Can be.
what are you doing here?
I want to show you something.
It's fun, is not it?
Do you have...
a very beautiful skin.
Not coming?
There are very important old people there.
People who decide the destination
of the actors on television.
I have been told
that you wanted to be an actress
I'm not so sure
Then maybe
you are interested in politics
I really need young women,
beautiful and smart like you
for the next European elections.
I want to rejuvenate
all the parliamentary arch.
Except you.
You really have beautiful skin.
And a mouth
even more beautiful.
Do not you like it tonight?
Can I speak freely?
You are in the house of liberties.
No, I do not like.
What do you not like?
There is music, joy,
good food.
And then?
You can decide only you.
You are angry with me?
If you lacked respect,
I apologize.
No, you have not disrespected me.
In their own way,
He is kind and gallant.
So what is it what does not go?
It is that it has the breath
my grandfather's.
Which is not even perfumed
not unpleasant.
How is it?
It's just the breath
of an old man
Excuse me, I did not want to offend you.
I never offended.
I feel uncomfortable.
I'm sorry, but why?
Because I am 20 years old
and you 70
Because I'm pathetic
for being here
and you are pathetic.
So much when he compliments me
or when he apologizes.
It is pathetic that
removed the shoes,
who has sat with legs crossed
to become the young...
Everything is so pathetic,
And sad.
With sadness nothing is built.
Not even a fuck.
But at your age, joy
It should be a civic duty.
At my age, joy It's just a wish.
What do you do?
I think is better
let me go, now.
Summer has ended to me.
But come on, stay. Perhaps
let's throw the volcano. It's a show!
How are we wrong?
When we think of being
smarter than them.
You are pregnant?
I was.
Jump! Jump!
I swear to be faithful to the Republic,
loyally observe
the constitution and the laws.
And exercise my functions
in the exclusive interest of the Nation.
What happened, ma'am?
I lost my teeth while running.
I will send you a new one.
Thank you.
I am 1.70 m tall.
Imagine me lying on the floor,
and multiply by 4,
This is how your living room will be.
You will all have
an anti-seismic house
in record time.
L'Aquila will have a New Town
because I always keep
my promises
Jesus Christ!
Give us Jesus Christ!
Call Mike, suffer.
There are many voices that say
that I'm not interested in governing,
that I dedicate myself only to girls,
Unfortunately the voices will be
even more numerous
if you will not speak at the UN
next week.
I suffer from the back.
The UN allows you to speak
also with back pain.
- Send Santino.
- It's you they want, not him.
I understand them.
There's another thing,
delicate and annoying
It seems that it was written
a kind of decalogue,
approved by different ministers
of Foreign Affairs,
about how you should behave
when you concur
to international summits.
No kisses, hugs,
pats on the back, jokes,
rabbit and cuckoo ears.
I do what I want.
My electorate finds sympathetic
my behavior with the heads of state.
Try to at least avoid the jokes.
In what way does it bother you?
And Churchill, then?
His jokes have made history.
Silvio, Churchill had to exorcise
a world war.
President, everything is ready
for the massage.
Would it make sense
a museum about me?
Not yet, Doctor.
New York?
No, Naples.
You are the best!
Welcome home, my love.
Do you like the temple?
I had it built for you.
Do you want to spend a weekend
in the house of Portofino?
Do you know why I came back?
First, for the opera. And then because
Cambodia, in the long run, is exhausting.
I divorced again.
You will not believe the things they write
the left newspapers?
Do not you understand that it's just
a plot to destroy me?
The left forgave you,
That was his biggest mistake.
Try to be a man, Silvio,
not a clown.
You are not on television,
we are only you and me.
A wife and a husband at the time most
painful of its history, that of failure.
I came back alone to tell you that I close
the chapter of my married life with you.
Are you sick.
- Let's see...
- You need a psychiatrist.
I beg you, finish now.
You are melodramatic.
- I'll try to be a little less.
- Very well. Was not there a shell here?
A man,
a father of a family
who walks with minors, what is it?
The head of a government in a country
that fills your whorehouse, what is it?
A leader who presents beautiful girls
to the European elections, what is it?
A sick maniac.
That is what it is.
Was I less melodramatic?
Do you remember what the Borboni said?
When did you recite in the theater?
"You were fine, dear, but it's a
pity not to have heard anything."
It does not offend me.
I know I've never been
a good actress
Not only were you not an actress,
You were also a beautiful girl.
Although now they would not call you that.
Very well.
So remember
that this pretty girl
it has become
in the mother of your three children.
Look at what you have become.
That's why I felt the need
to look for company
Is that the theory of your henchmen?
"The wife neglects her husband, He seeks
consolation with minors and whores."
But what minors? Naomi is the daughter
from a socialist I've known for years.
Elio Letizia!
So, who is it?
He was Craxi's driver.
Craxi's son said the driver
His name was Nicola.
Letizia does not know anyone.
It's one I had to talk to
for the candidacies in Naples.
A merchant in perfumes.
Why does the leader of a party discuss something
So important with the owner of a perfumery?
do not be ridiculous.
I'm not.
It's you who is ridiculous, Silvio.
And pathetic.
You are a sick man, Silvio.
And not because you like women,
because you had better things to do
than women and you did not do them.
You had a great opportunity.
Take care of the Italians
and you did not.
Because the Italians have never interested
you. You are only interested in yourself.
That's what makes you sick, Silvio.
And if there is a God somewhere, you know that He
will never forgive you for what you've done, ever.
You wanted to be a statesman
and even president of the republic.
But you are still
a traveling salesman.
As a young man, at least
You were a salesman.
Once in government, you sold everything:
you sold the culture,
the hope of the people,
the dignity of women
and you sold me
I've sold you?
I put you in the center of the world,
when that world was about to forget you,
before remembering what your name was.
With what right do you come to tell me
these evils?
What have you achieved?
In the life
to allow yourself
these harsh accusations?
Only because you raised three children,
You think you have that right.
Now that you have said who I am,
I will tell you who you are.
You are a woman who does not have
No vitality, you're cold, formal.
You have built a full world
of unbearable rules.
Before laughing, I asked you
if it is fair to laugh.
But what life is this? I will not have
rules, but at least I'm alive. Vital.
In the end, I can say that I enjoyed
of the opportunities that life offers.
While you always
you have thought that everything was
a long and painful acceptance
of responsibilities.
This is sad!
Much more than my behavior!
You have no real stimuli.
All those things: philosophical theories
absurd, the temples, the sculpture,
They are all shit.
Deceit of those who do not want to face
life as it is.
And you have been able to avoid facing
the life that is made of shit,
of humiliations,
thanks to my money.
I have gone to get my hands dirty
for you and our children.
And I did it better than anyone
in this country.
I built an empire
economic and political.
Well, Silvio, fine.
We've been telling you all our lives that
you are great We can not do it anymore.
Do you wanna know the truth?
It's false.
It is not true that you are a great entrepreneur,
because you cheated all your life.
How naive you are!
What do you think they do
the other entrepreneurs in the world?
Do you think they are all examples
of righteousness, except me?
I reveal to you a truth that never
It came to your crystal bell:
they all act like me,
everyone is ready to remove
or to lower the obstacles.
Only I did it better than all of them.
Because I'm the best.
You are just a child
who is afraid of dying
But I must be honest with you
until the end.
You are not good.
You survived thanks to Craxi
and criminals who did
the dirty work in your position.
And that for this reason
They ended up in jail.
And your television channels, Silvio?
I'm sorry for disappointing you,
but you did not invent absolutely nothing.
You just filled the grid with advertising,
promotional messages,
soap operas, varieties,
old vulgar movies
and idiot questions programs.
You always boast
but you're worth less than what you think.
So, for years, you've always thought
that I do not have any quality
Why did you stay with me
all this time?
You and your friends
they have ruled this country
moved only by impulses
sexual, vanity
and preservation of money.
And now that you're divorcing,
Are not you interested in money?
I only think about my children.
That is the great alibi of all women
in the process of separation.
- Answer my question.
- You make me feel sorry.
You and your friends.
They are a movie
of Tot and Peppino.
Provincianos with their wool stockings,
a silly voice,
with the tongue hanging in front
of the ballerinas of the magazine.
This is what they are. An old version that
He pretends to be modern in a comic movie.
You have not responded, dear.
Why did you stay with me
all this time,
if you have always thought
that did not have any quality?
I beg you to answer me.
Answer you, for once,
what everyone asks you:
What is the origin
of your fortune?
My father lent me 30 million
liras to get started.
Is not true.
They were 113 billion liras.
And nobody ever understood
where they came from. Answers!
I use my right of not responding
I'm not the judge.
For me it is as if you had
You have not responded.
You never reveal yourself.
Not even me.
You are
a very long
staging uninterrupted, Silvio.
And you,
you are not also a long staging?
I fell in love with a beautiful
Emilian girl,
with that beautiful Bologna accent.
What's left of that healthy girl,
intelligent and cheerful,
with a head full of desires?
You give you airs that I do not understand.
You are eternally distant,
urticante, formal.
I never reveal myself, Veronica,
but neither do you...
I do not recognize you anymore.
Do you know what's left
of that girl?
Nothing remains.
I have aged.
And I have aged badly.
- And it's my fault.
- I did not say that.
Please answer.
Why did you stay with me
all this time,
if you have always thought
that did not have any quality?
Because I was in love.
That was your quality.
You made me fall in love
Call Mike.
You hurt her
I'm going to go.
- Where are you going?
- How come where do I go?
To the Island of the Famous.
With two suitcases?
There you can not even take it
a toothbrush.
I will hide them.
What's inside?
Mozzarella, provolone,
Come back soon.
If I'm late, it's because I won.
Then come back soon.
Why do not they let me rule,
why do not you let me guide the country
How have I guided my companies?
In contrast, the left judges
they torment me with their processes,
my political adversaries
they attack me every day
and everyone gets morbidly
in my private life.
I do not understand.
But what did you expect?
Being able to be man
richest in the country,
be the Prime Minister
and also that everyone
I love you with madness?
I expected exactly that.
So you never got off the cruise
where we sang as boys
Or maybe I never went up.
Do you know something?
The other day I saw a weekly.
They had published all the photos
of your supposed brides.
And I realized that
they all looked like Veronica.
Silvio, why do not you go back
to try?
One day there was a girl.
His name is Stella.
I went to her and I said:
"You have the breath of my grandfather."
"It's not perfumed"
"Not unpleasant."
"It's just the breath of an old man."
I did not have the courage
to tell him the truth.
his grandfather and I use
the same brand of cleaner
for dentures.
It's late to reconquer
to Veronica.
Fedele, it's late.
I had big dreams,
they became nightmares.
Daniela was very worried for me
when they fired me
I thought I would have a hard time.
And I was wrong
because you are not me
fired you.
Daniela said:
"But why Silvio Do not you call?"
"They have shared
a lifetime of work."
I answered:
"You'll see, Silvio is going to call me,"
"Just have a free moment."
I was right.
You're sad, Silvio.
Its the first time
I see you sad.
I had fun alone
when he sold houses.
As Enzo Biagi let it be understood,
I went into politics
to avoid imprisonment,
save furniture and maintain
the control of television.
But I really wanted
Do something for my country.
As I said when falling in battle:
Italy is really
the country that I love.
No one believed me, Mike.
No one.
They say I never kept
not a single promise,
they say that after all these scandals,
My political adventure is coming to an end.
Do you think that is true?
I would not know, Silvio.
I do not follow politics much.
Once, in a shelter,
when I was skiing,
One lady asked me:
"Who are you really?"
It left me speechless.
Because I did not know it.
Do you know the diference
between you and me, Mike?
It is that you here have only memories.
I have projects.
You know the work I've done, Mike.
Submit questionnaires forever.
If we think about it,
It's a little stupid, is not it?
- How?
- You can stay here.
Thanks, Silvio, but Daniela
It is calmer
if I go back to Milan tonight.
All right.
The next time you come,
we activate the volcano.
In Italy, millions of mattresses
of quality...
the parents have left...
Giorgia, 32 years old...
See you?
It's new
and even more complete!
Thousands of euros.
Goes up.
Climb gently.
(A) Yes. Gently.
Going down.
Go up again.
Goes up.
Climb the rope a little more.
Keep going up
Here it is.
It's coming.
The descent begins.
Go down like this.
Let's hold it.
Comes down.
Descend, slowly. Slowly.
Go down.
Gently, slowly.
He is about to support himself.
He is about to support himself.
He is supported. Perfect.
Translated and subtitled by rilui