Los Perros (2017) Movie Script

You're going, then.
- Yes.
Goodbye. Have a nice trip.
And so...
- What?
We'll see each other
and we will go very well.
- All the best!
- Hi, Mariana!
How are you, Willie?
- Damn, you will not come.
No, I can not.
- When it came to her ...
You should have told me.
It surprised me.
These are past stories.
Yes, but they will give a reflection.
How are you dear?
- Hello!
Why was not the gathering?
- Nobody told me.
You're bored.
- Nonsense.
Just so you think.
- Normal.
It's not pleasant to you
to meet with the gates.
The other time you warn me.
- All right.
Chao, until recently!
- Chao!
Do not worry.
Everything is under control!
The globe is paid.
We should call them
shareholders for signature.
Why did not you tell me
for counseling, Dad?
You empower me,
so you do not have to come.
Only when I'm traveling.
You intend to
sell the company.
I want to read it
document and sign it.
No. I do not agree.
You will not sell the land. You said never
you will not sell it.
I changed my mind.
- Please?
The company is selling,
because the moment is right.
That is all.
How are you?
How are you?
Yes ...
He does not want to stand outside.
Eat here!
Pedro, are you?
Why do not you answer me?
I was so scared!
Who expected to appear?
- Do you know?
What does that dog want on my bed?
It does not matter. It's clean.
- Get him out of here.
Greetings Dad!
- Get him down!
Downstairs, Neptune!
- Hello, Dad!
Is it bad?
- Lord!
It's tough. Is it from yesterday?
- No. I used to cook it earlier.
It's delicious.
Do not repeat!
- What's up?
For the last time
I return the dog.
I thought he was here ...
- For the third time is with us.
- Why do not you tie it?
I do not tie dogs!
The dogs were created
to be tied.
No, I do not tie them. .
You need to tie it.
- No.
At home there are small children.
- Do not worry.
The other way ...
- Neptune is meek.
The other way ... Do not drag.
- It hurts! The other way I'll kill him.
Do not you dare!
- Do you know what "Glock" is?
Let me go! What does it accept?
- It's not a brand of makeup.
With "Glock" we solve these problems.
- I'll hit you in the ass!
Is that so?
- Get lost!
I do not know why you live here.
- Get lost!
Where is Neptune?
- It's here, ma'am.
You come early.
How are you?
- All right.
Is Usar still contoured?
Where are your boots?
Are we in the hammer?
This time you ride like that.
Put this on.
The horse is waiting for you.
Nice horse.
Are you ready?
- Yes.
Good. Slowly.
Lower the heels.
Clip your hips well.
And the other.
Do not breathe.
Breathe slowly. Exhale. Just like that!
Deep down. Exhale slowly.
Antonia, take a walk around the horse.
You appeared!
- Stand behind your friend.
Do not laugh at me!
- You came!
Come on, no stories.
- Why are you laughing?
Stop shitheads, I said!
- What are you laughing at?
Lower your hands, Antonia.
Find something that we will extinguish.
Good de.
- Come on, you're alive!
The hose! Lively! You're gone! Eat here!
- Beware of it.
There's nothing to see. Swing!
Time of the fire?
- 17 h.
17 h. Five in the afternoon.
The cause of the fire?
No one has seen anything!
Did you receive threats?
- No, never.
Do you want me to wait?
and take you?
No, thank you very much.
Look at this idiot where he ran.
And so ...
Turn on the street turn left.
Tuak. It's my home.
Is this here?
- Yes. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
In the end, my whole music is here.
- I looked at your discs.
Did you like something?
- Yes.
- Camilo Sesto. Can I release it?
Of course.
- Thank you.
My mother adored him.
He knew all the songs.
He sang under the shower.
She was so funny!
Honey or sugar?
- Honey.
One or two?
- Two.
By your sweetheart.
- Yes.
Say "I love you",
nothing means ...
The honest words,
which make sense,
come from the heart.
You are a romantic nature.
Just keep silence!
Why? - Because they will crucify me.
- My husband.
He says I'm getting carried away
on lullaby songs.
Bray, how kind he is.
Love like mine
can not sink
like a rock in the river.
There's no end ...
Are you in the picture?
- Very clear.
I was in Uruguay.
I got the first place.
Fierce jump!
Is it unusual for you?
- Just a little?
I was never afraid of anything.
Have you dealt with horses for a long time?
- Yes.
My grandfather and my father were riding horses.
When I was 3 years old I was boarded
on one mare.
Dreams that bring pain ...
You know them by heart!
- I need to understand
if you want me to be a lover.
I'm not telling you!
Have you ever lived here?
30 years.
And I still have not paid the house.
What happened to your wife?
You left.
- Just like that?
That's right.
- Poor!
Nonsense. I'm very good.
Do you want to be my lover.
Reason misleads me,
my heart is leading a parade.
I can not fight with love. I always fall in love with a man,
which does not suit my feelings.
That's why my soul is rising.
That's why ...
- It's hypocrisy.
In Brussels
they will not sell you a nunchaku,
because it is a weapon,
which is borne inconspicuous.
People ...
- Selling weapons ...
I represent you
his riding instructor.
I'm glad to come!
- It's Pedro.
Pedro! Riding instructor.
My dad, Amal, Jules.
All are very sympathetic.
We have not seen you for a long time, Mr. Colonel.
Do you know?
At that time I was still with hair.
I looked like Marlon Brando, did not you?
The years pass.
You look good.
- Thank you.
Is everything okay?
I'm dealing with horses.
You ask about this, do not you?
Daddy two, because he's a celebrity!
What are you doing?
- Colorful wreaths, daddy.
To Make Us Happy!
The pictures will be incredible.
Jules ...
- When you learn something ...
Surely it's turning around your little finger.
- Your daughter is very cordial.
Go to calm the dog.
Does it bind it?
- What could I do?
What do you mind? Why tie it? - Running up and down.
I asked you not to tie it!
- He took Osvaldo's trousers off!
Show and, to see!
- Do not tie him!
Osvaldo loves dogs!
- Me too.
Not true!
- I want them.
Here's her cake!
Rosita. Wait for me.
Now I'm returning.
You lit the spark plugs.
Do you want something to drink?
- I'm coming now!
Let's blow the spark plugs.
The idea is from the New Year's celebrations.
What should I tell you ...
As if I were in Tahiti.
Come on. We are ready.
- He brought the dog too.
Let's say hello to Dad,
crowned with wreaths,
along with a happy puppy.
We start at three.
One two Three.
Happy birthday to you!
Are you so bored?
- No.
You're getting tired.
Yes, I wanted to be alone.
I'm fine here.
Are you sure?
I'll bring you a cake.
Coffee is disgusting.
Where did you get it?
I do not feel any difference.
It's not the same.
It's the same.
Who bought it?
Rosa took it from "Ekonom"?
And please, before you bring
unknown people in my home,
at least ask me.
He is my horse instructor. He is a military person, Mimi!
Military person!
Your gender is full of military personnel.
I do not see what the problem is.
You do not see, right?
That's your problem.
You do not see what the problem is.
You do not see anything.
Last night, you did good.
I saw you were satisfied.
We need to put a little chlorine on.
Do not rush...
Wonderful ...
In the back!
Hands down.
Diay slowly.
Very good.
- Antonia.
How are you?
- All right. Thank you.
Mr. Colonel.
Can we talk?
Where is the policeman Castillo?
They moved him.
I'm running the expertise.
Take the horse, Mariana.
We'll see you on Tuesday.
Take him to the backpack.
Where's my whip?
- Inside.
Sorry, because of the burning
did the cola come?
No, they are constantly pulled.
There are charges against the colonel.
What do they blame him for?
- For what?
Did not you see the work "Cordillera"?
I did not know about it.
Did not understand,
that Nicholas has replaced him?
Yes, but I thought he was sick.
No, they took it.
I thought you knew.
They do not move.
What? - They do not want to move.
You exaggerate! I tried with
psychological methods.
You did not have a whip.
- It is possible.
Was the fire coming?
- What kind of fire?
The car of the Colonel was almost burnt.
Did not you know?
- Yes, but I came for another occasion.
Thank you.
It's true, Colonel
Was he in jail?
Since when do you know him?
- Sooner.
Judge him for violating human rights.
Wait for judgment.
- What are they blaming for?
There are thousands of missing.
I do not know if you know.
I asked you a specific question.
- The case is trusted.
Can we ever see ourselves,
to speak?
- All right.
Javier Rohas. And you?
Mariana Blanco.
You can ask me for Google.
And you already know! Whore!
Thank you.
- There is no reason.
Did you hear what I said?
- They seem to be judging him.
- I have no idea.
It looks like you should
find another instructor.
- How's that "why"?
Do not you realize how serious it is?
Clearly ...
- What?
Since when you get so excited
about human rights?
What are you aiming at? He always spat on the Kirchner family.
But you never spoke
on human rights.
Your comments were always:
"She put botox.
How much did he take? She's a thief ... ".
Only such things ...
Come on, get out of here!
I've already expressed myself.
- That was, is it?
Did not the car fumigate him?
Who told you?
"She must have burned herself."
She blushed herself.
- It is possible.
Do not you forget your head
on the second floor in the hammer?
And you, yours?
Looks like you lost her
the ability to sympathize.
Your mare came out wild.
- It's about tethering.
From the hormonal imbalance.
So much injection ...
Back it up! Hold them firmly!
Otherwise you spoiled the job.
- You're on the move.
Is it my turn?
That ruined house ...
One great man built it
for his lover.
On the opening day
she thought that he had a friend,
and burned it.
Where do you find these stories?
- It's true!
And I've heard it.
- Do you see?
How are you, Mariana?
- Me?
Better than people with the house.
When are you done with the pills? - On Tuesday.
Then the cycle will come.
And five days later that
we begin with injections.
Pedro told me,
that you take riding lessons.
No problem,
until we switch the embryos.
Then you will need
to give up riding.
I told you.
You can not smoke.
You can print out from time to time
one glass of red wine.
I, and like this, do not smoke.
Can I help you with something?
- Yes.
I'm looking for Javier Rohas.
Do you have an agreement?
What's your name?
- Mariana Blanco.
Come in.
Marianne Blanco is looking for you.
Get in.
- Thank you.
Nice office.
It's interesting to me.
- What?
I'm interested in what
you're blaming the colonel.
Ask him. Or is it your fear?
- Why should I be afraid?
Because in our country
is full of monsters.
Is it funny?
- No, I'm not funny.
When I'm upset,
I'm starting to laugh.
I can tell you the details.
And I assure you, you will not laugh.
- Do not.
Five seconds.
It's gone.
You are the culprit of Francisco Blanco - the owner of the forestry company.
Have you studied me?
- That's my job.
And what did he discover?
Am I dangerous?
- I do not know yet.
Good. what are you blaming?
The materials are confidential.
I told you. Ask him.
- Very stupid!
There is no smoking here.
I'll only pull three times
on the window. Please.
You're stubborn!
- A lot.
It's hard to talk to a man,
who can not speak
on any topic.
Do not you really care?
who is your instructor?
Do you want to have lunch together?
I can not, I have a job.
You are very irresponsible.
Totally irresponsible.
Total noodle!
How can he not give me the plans!
Very clear, that tomorrow!
Hear me, Santiago,
to tell the client,
that the plans are not with me,
because that idiot, who are you?
he hired, can not realize them!
What is that?
Anti-Personnel Mine.
Are you joking?
No. A friend
brought it from Kabul.
Your friends are abnormal.
What so much! These are souvenirs,
which cost $ 15. He needs to be kicked,
to buy a mine!
I will go. We have counseling.
I just came for a bit.
We'll see you at home.
Thank you for everything, Don Pancho.
Whats wrong with you? You look sad.
Do you know the colonel?
How do you know him?
We've met for years.
To my age, man
knows many people.
We live in a small country.
How do you know him?
I told you. We have known each other for a long time.
He is a great man.
That's why it's hard for me to ask you
to interrupt the lessons after riding.
Right now.
The thing is, I do not want to
to receive orders.
I brought sugar
and I put it on the table.
Enough orders!
You must be dropped!
It's a titanic effort!
Something really unique.
- Yes. I'm hiding.
Do not you hit your head?
- I'll knock you on your head.
And with the anti-personnel mine,
if you keep ordering me.
I have no jump!
- You have!
I'll just jump on you.
Good morning.
You're coming home.
- There was traffic jams.
You should have left earlier.
How is Patito?
- All right.
Whats wrong with you? - And you?
How are you going to climb?
from that side?
From the left! You climb the horse
on the left!
Do not forget it!
Climb! Come on. And so!
Where are your gloves?
- I've forgotten them.
You can not forget them.
- But I forgot.
Get off!
Calm down. Stop the heels!
Stop the heels!
Straight up! Slowly back!
That's right.
First with a flat of!
Sing them, I told you.
Are you still angry, that I blew you?
Do not be angry.
You worked in the National Intelligence.
Why did not you tell me?
- There is nothing to tell.
Have you worked there, or did not you?
Answer me! I ask you!
In the intelligence
there were thousands of employees.
But you are being tried.
- That's right.
I'm waiting for the verdict.
What have you done?
What are they blaming?
I was answering for the security service.
I'll get to you and I'll tell you something.
My hands are not clothed with blood,
if you are worried about it.
So do you walk the girls?
I do not go out with women like you.
And I do not go out with cops.
You are very fun! - Do you see?
Did he talk to the coach?
- Yes.
He told me he was in charge
with the security service.
Is it true?
- Yes.
Between 1963 and 1966 they disappear
many members of the left.
The colonel's unity acted
in the same zone,
where those people disappeared.
You claim that he is a transgressor?
- No.
I say that the colonel certainly knows
where are those people.
Is it cute?
- Who?
- It's a good instructor.
A conscious man,
modest, sensitive.
Sensitive ...
So you like it?
- No.
People like your father paid you
for the abominable thing.
Why are you mixing my father?
I know a lot about him.
- Why are you mixing it?
Do you know your father?
Do you know who is actually?
I'd be happy to be here
and listen to tango.
Two tequila, please.
Eat the lemon.
See now.
The problem is not in the tango.
The problem is, there are too many
passive classmates.
You are deterred from society,
that's your problem.
Good. Tell me what you like
to the colonel?
You probably already know, that he will go to jail.
Let's eat after another.
Two more, please!
- Go get them.
you want to command, eh?
- And you?
Do you like it or not?
- Sometimes.
It's seen.
Do you love the tango?
- No.
I love the music from the '50s.
You listened to her with the carer.
- Yes. We were singing together.
Do you have a housekeeper?
- I do not believe you.
Twice a week? One time?
Do you have a housekeeper?
Who helps you in the household?
- Nobody.
You are lying. Your mother?
Do you cook?
Do you do breakfast?
I do it myself.
- I do not believe you. And your girlfriend?
Your wife? Who is your host?
Are you interrogating me?
- I have a detector of lies.
Who's turning your house around?
Answer me! Is your wife?
Or your husband?
You're a terrible liar!
Will you be able to ride in this state?
If you want to arrest me
and hide me with lychees ...
Policeman fetishist!
It's nice.
What's up, Mimi?
Get up. My sister has come.
- Horror!
Come on, it's already down!
- Come on!
Do you want something?
- One cafe.
And you, Mimi? Give it a cup of coffee, to wake up!
I'll cook breakfast. Dew?
Has anything happened?
- Dew!
I do not want to burden you.
Do not lie! I'm clear what you know.
Otherwise I would not have been looking for you.
I'll speak directly.
- All right.
I hear you.
Look, I did not say anything!
The gypsy accuses you.
"It's pretty stupid!"
Look, Colonel ...
- 40 y. I'm being braked!
Officers come in the day!
- Understand me!
I've always respected you!
Prove it then!
- Mr. Colonel!
You were like a father to us
in the barracks!
What is happening?
- My head hurts.
We've all been on the run.
I have nothing to do with it,
What are you blaming me for?
Please, listen to me.
I want to clarify!
Who is your friend?
I was seeing the policeman
who asked you that day.
You alone?
- Yes.
He said,
that in your unit
many people have disappeared.
Is it true?
I told him that I had nothing to do with it.
And the dead?
You were there, right?
Why do not you help the investigation?
I'm talking to you!
I'm not a traitor. He said that if you cooperate,
the judge will help you.
Besides that you will help
of the judiciary.
What is the justice?
- Simply judiciary.
What are you talking about?
I do not regret anything.
I do not have to
to ask forgiveness.
Ask your dad
does it regret anything?
Who does it generally have?
- Gather yourself.
Do not order me!
- Dress up and collect!
- Hi.
I am Mariana Blanco,
We heard after noon.
I'm here to convince you.
Make an exhibition
in your gallery?
When will we understand?
Pai ...
- Do you know why I ask?
I know, that of your fellow man
I'm not sympathetic.
I'm not my fellow.
And I've come to you.
And I really like your creations.
- Really?
You're very good.
- Give me time to think.
Are you serious?
Yes. I want to leave
with something yours from here.
See you ...
- Yes.
No, I do not want an injection.
I need to give you all the doses,
otherwise it will have no effect.
I do not care. You can not stop treatment.
Otherwise it will need
start from the beginning.
It does not matter.
I'll need to speak to the doctor.
I can not stop the treatment,
without asking him.
I quit the injection. Sorry.
I will take responsibility.
So you're going to mess with the doctor, do you?
Here's a blanket to sit down.
Sit down.
There's another one.
Here we will sort things out.
Awesome ...
His mother!
What's up?
- I took Vadipop.
I do not remember where I left it.
Are you wearing a handbag?
- Yes.
It's very nice here.
- It's beautiful.
When I want to be alone
or I'm very tired, here I come.
I like it.
What's up?
- Nothing.
Why do not you call?
- Because I do not want to.
You are a great individual.
Like that...
What a bad thing you did,
so follow you?
What is the situation at home?
- Do not act prostitutes!
- You should not be healthy from health.
How long will we get?
to Mendoza on a horse?
I do not know.
- Say de!
For ten days.
Not so much.
What did you think?
- I'm just asking you. And what will we do there?
Will we open a pizza?
Ice cream shop?
I prefer ice cream.
You're lackeys.
Is it good enough?
Where were you?
Are you listening to me, Mariana?
- It hurts.
I do not know what you mean.
I do not understand you.
You can not stop treatment
without any explanation!
Do not call on the phone.
You're leaving, and ending!
Do you have a play
how much does it cost all this?
I do not know if I want to
to continue with treatment.
- That's the truth.
We both loved him very much.
Not just me. It was a joint project.
Yes I know.
But I do not know if I want to continue.
You are 42 years old.
You do not have time.
Come on.
Get off.
Come on, get him in the cash register.
Keep away, Mariana!
At least 2 meters!
Come on.
That's right. Slowly.
Calm down. Watch out.
What's up, Thomas?
Enjoy horseback riding.
Stand there, do not move.
What happened?
The horse was scared
and unfortunately, she fell.
Did not you have to help her?
- These are the riding risks.
Exactly for that reason
interrupts with the lessons.
Do you hurt much?
- No. Did not they put you a gypsum?
- The trauma is not serious.
Two weeks should rest.
And did they write any recipe?
Here she is.
Thank you.
- There is no reason.
Mariana, lift up your pajamas.
And do not stop the treatment.
No. We already understood.
I'm talking to her.
- Well, I promise.
What happens to Martin's twins?
- They're beautiful.
Parents are happy.
They do not know what awaits them.
Now begins the difficulty!
Who has helped them -
motherfucker, mother-in-law ...
Yes, it was a wonderful moment.
I brought you the beloved truffles.
Hi, daddy!
- Come on, tell me.
Do not you want to be a disabled person?
- No.
And if you break your spine?
- I do not imagine that.
Some people do not give up,
until they break their heads.
Thank you, Rosita.
Do you like coffee, don Francisco?
Or pens?
One coffin, Rosita!
I will not stay long.
I came to see the sick.
- I just survived the accident.
It's the same.
- No.
Except I want
to sign certain documents.
Now, are you?
- Now I need them.
Let me examine them in the world.
No, this afternoon needs
to take them to the office.
We have time. No need to read them.
Just shake it and sign it
on the last page.
No, I'll read everything.
Are you?
- Yes.
If at least once he listened to me,
everything would have been different.
It turns out stubborn. Like your mother.
It's not nice to insult your mom.
- Why?
It's horrible.
It's very normal
to leave your family?
- He was freaking out.
Sometimes he wanted to talk
with everyone except me.
With the driver, with the waiter, with ...
You know, it hurt my head.
I can not concentrate.
I can not sign now.
No need to read it!
Sign, and ready!
- I want to rest.
Leave me the documents.
Sign, Mimi!
What will happen to you?
Just ... Hear me what I will tell you!
There are times when you need to
do what you need.
Life is not just
walking around the shops!
I will not sign it now.
I need to rest.
Now I need the documents!
- Here you go.
And take your candy! Hold it. You are abnormal!
- Yes.
These documents are important!
- Nice.
You're crazy!
- Yes.
Like that...
Do not you want tea?
- I dont have time. I need to go.
Your dad asks you to go
at a notary, or you will sign.
He let him go. There is no one
to walk to the notary!
Well, I will not bother you anymore.
- Chao. Have a nice day.
Sebastian is afraid of your father.
Everyone is afraid of him.
The poor guy.
Sometimes I like to die.
How can you say so?
Do I know. It passes through my mind.
What so?
After that, it sounds different.
No ...
What a beauty!
- I'm very happy!
Thank you.
Let the children see it.
- What a surprise!
I'll show them.
See how beautiful it is!
I can not believe it.
What a beauty! Who is the author?
Is it?
- I like it terribly!
What are you going to do?
I'll kill the bad luck.
I can not get on the horse.
- Why?
I can not move my leg.
- And the other one?
See how happy he is to see you?
Come on, I'll help you.
Come on. Like that!
Come on. Are you sure?
- Quite right.
Raise your healthy leg.
Come on. With a healthy leg. Like that.
The knee.
Calm down. Do not rush.
Slowly. And so!
Are you OK?
So you do not cook?
- No.
Well, I'm doing a bunch of crisps
with butter.
It's not cooking. You're spoiled.
- Yes.
How are you?
- All right. Good evening.
I did not know that we would have guests.
He came to get me out of bed.
There is a soup. It's delicious.
I'll put it myself.
Did Ross leave?
- Yes.
She ran earlier.
- Yes, I let her go.
Why do we pay it at all?
- He was at the dentist.
Let's end this issue.
I'll be open with you.
I do not like your past.
You should all be in jail.
Calmly, things go on.
In the family of my husband
there are also many military personnel.
But Argentine.
Argentine military personnel.
Is any of them in jail?
Yes. All.
In ordinary prisons.
Are you satisfied, Mariana?
The trick worked out.
Go to sleep, you idiot!
I do not want to.
Get out! Immediately!
I have not seen you anymore
my home!
Your home? Your gift is from the sword, right?
Come on.
That's right.
Calm down. Like that...
Ella, Josephine.
Climb up.
Come on, kids. In cash.
Give it!
All in the cash register. Come on!
Patiently, stop the water.
The horse struck very hard.
- No, I just brought him up.
Will you give me some water?
It's still flowing.
Two times she throws out her rifle.
I do not know why horses want it
to test the riders.
How long will I come tomorrow?
- Not very early.
I'll go to the lawyer.
- Has anything happened?
What happens? The work
can last for years.
We arrived.
What is happening?
- The killer! Your mum!
Gnasa! Open the door!
- Son of a bitch!
You rot in hell!
Foul dock! Unhappy!
Neighbors, hear me!
A killer lives up to you! Watch out!
These people are filled with such hatred ...
A killer lives up to you!
Is it a victim? They are the victims.
How we do not have dead loved ones!
Cursed murderers! Dude!
Foolish shit!
A Killer of the People!
Killer! You rot in hell!
Thank you for coming.
The children are sad.
Every day I pray for you.
Even though you are not a believer,
God believes in you. You will see.
Rejoice, blessed Maria!
Rejoice, blessed Maria!
The Lord is with you!
You are blessed among women.
You are blessed among women.
And the fruit is blessed
on your womb, Jesus!
Saint Mary, the mother of God.
Saint Mary, the mother of God.
Pray for us sinners.
Pray for us sinners ...
Now and in our deadly hour.
Now and in our deadly hour.
Rejoice, blessed Maria!
And let us not curl up our health.
That's right.
- We all hope for that.
Are you OK?
- Yes.
I understand that you gave Black Jack.
Hawaka's horse was contaminated.
Come on Saturday to see it
how to skip obstacles.
If you do not get me, for a year
you will skip obstacles.
It would be nice.
We thought with Patito
to make one oven
and sell pies on Sunday.
What will you say?
- Sounds good. Good idea.
Do not be knocked with an empty glass.
Let's not get out of health.
You want to drink.
A lot.
I would like to be another person.
I'm not good.
- Please?
I'm not a good man.
Allow me.
- Just a little.
Do not play with me!
I am not joking.
His mother!
Get lost!
Hello, Dad!
- Hello!
Can we talk?
Let's delay it for another time?
- No.
Now I come, as I said.
- Well, we got together.
Your slime is in the newspaper.
- I look gorgeous, right?
They accuse you of complicity!
- Is that so? It does not matter.
I filed a request against the newspaper.
Is the written truth true?
- What?
That you gave those trucks?
- Very clear.
When a soldier sought something from me,
Could I give it up?
Did they know what they would use?
- Normally, no!
Daddy! I know you.
Tell me the truth!
Milichka, excuse me ...
You can not talk like that to your father.
Do not talk to him with that tone.
Prove yourselves, what your father is
has a sense of honor.
- A sense of honor. The youth do not remember what we survived.
She was very tiny.
I'm hungry. I will go.
To God ...
- She is...
Do not pay attention.
Let's go eat.
Where are you going?
- At the club. There is a competition.
You did not tell me?
- I did not see you.
We have an agreement with Eduardo
more than a month ago.
The instructor's judgment came out.
Did not you remember that you hired a chef?
Tell him I'm sick, is he?
Will you really not come?
- No.
A lot of Colonel's health.
You are much more courageous,
than you think.
Have more faith in yourself.
What are you going to do?
Nothing. What to do?
Are you afraid?
I do not know what fear is.
Get off.
And you?
- I'm staying here.
And I want to stay.
- Get down, I'm telling you.
Get it.
What is that?
It's for you.
A very important person is being asked.
What is that?
- It's Saturn.
Can I hug him?
- Come on!
Show me it!
- No ... See!
See it only!
It was not on the vigil.
- I hate the dead.
How did it go?
- Do you like it or not? Good. Let's make a drink.
Today we got the work
for slander against the newspaper.
As it should be!
- That's right.
Thanks to you!
- It's a pleasure for me.
With a Argentine lawyer -
very clear, that we will receive.
It was a serious request.
I know the journalist.
- From where?
I know all of them.
- Clearly.
- Cheers.
He was genius.
It happened very quickly ...
What a nonsense was that request!
Yes. Typically ...
Only empty stories.
Why did you get quieter?
What are you going to do?
By doing that, you will take your father in jail.
He will not go to jail.
And the others who are?
- Here I am coming!
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
And you?
- All right. Everything is old.
Get it.
That is. There was no other.
Ask your sister.
- You have something.
I mean, yes.
Watch your children by the fire.
Stay away!
Here, sir.
In the fire!
- I took my handbag!
Give her the handbag?
- Stop it! Do not!
Portmones, phone, keys.
I do not need another.
You are abnormal! - The bag! No! Only it does not!
Give it to me.
I am not joking. Give me your purse.
Mariana! They took it. Stop it!
Stop it!
- What?
Did you hear barking on a dog?