Los Tarantos (1963) Movie Script

Nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign language film
Ay, that's it, great!
- Hey, help me out.
- I'm coming.
OK, get off.
Help me, Sole.
Hey you, get out of here.
Let go, leave them!
Come here, you bastard!
Only you could do such a thing. Coward!
You know you can't pass through this market.
Oh what, you're gonna
go get your cousins, Zorongo?
I know you're a Zorongo,
I'd recognize you from miles away!
You'll do whatever your father tells you,
is that what you're trying to say?
My son! Son!
Watch out.
Come on, let's go!
- Who did it? - I did, mom.
- What have you done?
- I had to because of the hatred that
runs in our blood. - Go hide.
Leave me alone.
- Son! - Rafael!
- The girl!
- They could kill her! Run!
- The child!
- Wait here.
Zorongo, your son's in the stable.
He's been stabbed.
- Carry on with the training.
- Yes, sir.
Jero, find me some water.
As of today,
the Tarantos will be remembered.
It's nothing, Juana.
What a mess! My god!
Those damned Zorongos!
- The stable boys, Picados, are to blame.
- What's going on?
The same as always! The stable boys,
the Zorongos, they're gonna kill my son!
Calm down, mom.
No one's gonna get killed.
We'll go see him tomorrow.
- What happened, Taranto?
- They provoked us.
Oh, the horror that's coming!
Come on, mom, let's go.
It was really nothing, dad.
Just a scratch.
The Tarantos haven't the balls
to do any more.
You did a bad thing, Sancho.
I've told you not to get involved with them.
I don't want a fight with that trash
But they have to respect our laws.
Get that out of your head.
You're all busy remembering
stories from the past.
- The past? No.
- Remember what Taranto said:
"I'll defend my blood."
And here we are.
- I'll go find her.
- I'd prefer it if you stayed out of this.
Don't go see Taranto,
because she's been denounced!
Shut up!
Listen carefully to what I tell you.
Don't mention that name again.
The Tarantos don't exist.
Let go.
How sad you are, Taranto.
But you're the world's finest.
The only gypsy with a brain.
- What are you saying?
- We don't understand, darling.
Did you get that?
Put a smile on that face, man!
Don't be so gloomy. You're not gonna
go to confession for just a scratch?
I could have killed him.
They ordered the murder of your father.
Consider it a draw now.
- What wisdom.
- That's right.
Let's go, I'll show you something nice.
Take it, cousin. So that you'll find love.
Thank you.
Come here, you!
Let's swing by the wedding
celebration of Nora's daughter.
No, They're related to Zorongo,
they'd think I've come to pick a fight.
Don't worry. Zorongo's a big shot, he doesn't mix with poor people.
Just don't start a fight
with anyone and you'll be fine.
What's that,
another love bite from Curro, right?
When are you gonna leave him?
Take your kids and come downtown.
For how long is this gonna go on?
That guy, isn't he a Taranto?
I'll go tell my brother.
Leave it, you'll ruin the party.
- Come on, Rafael.
- Do you know that girl?
Wait! Where are you going?
- Come here.
- No, thanks.
- Why not?
- They're watching us. Look.
- Where's your cute friend?
- With a gypsy girl.
He'll be in some hidden corner
tasting the night until day breaks.
Romeo! Passion! Madness!
When I was a kid I used to have short hair.
My mother didn't want me
to look like a gypsy. She wasn't one.
But I envied the gypsy women
coming to visit us.
I dreamed about having long hair too.
When I was a kid I always watched
my dad combing my mom's hair.
They put a chair
in the middle of the street.
She'd sit down in front of the mirror,
and he'd comb her hair
while watching her in the crystal glass.
I'll wait for you every day on this beach,
in front of the mirror of the sea.
I swear in the name of the sun,
and of the dandelion.
I swear in the name of the sun,
and of the sand of the heart.
With our blood we form a union of fate...
that will last until we die.
Goodbye. See you tomorrow.
- Come on, let's find my brother.
- No, I'm not going back there.
Why not?
I just wanna say bye to my folks.
- What's your name?
- Juana Jimnez Pavn.
- The daughter of Zorongo?
- Yes.
I'm the son of Taranto!
Don't forget me.
Didn't you see that he was a Taranto?
I only saw him.
Don't open the window.
But son, sleeping in your clothes again?
Are you in love, or what?
- Yes, mother.
- Really?
And you're telling me with that face?
Show me the face of a fianc!
This is the greatest thing that
could happen! Salvador! Antonia!
Quiet, mom!
But Rafael! When your father
fell in love with me
we danced for fifteen days,
until our feet were bleeding.
He was the salt of the earth, your dad.
Like you are the splendor of the world.
If you knew the joy you bring me.
Right, mom. I'm in love with Juana,
the daughter of Zorongo.
Say what? Tell me again,
I don't think I heard you right.
I love Zorongo's daughter, mother.
Have you gone insane? In love with one of those?
What have you done, Rafael?
No, I'll tell you!
Do you want their money?
Salvador! Antonia! Aurora! Sole!
Come! Rafael has gone insane!
Rafael has gone insane!
He's gone insane! Son!
I'd rather die than see you get married to one of those rats!
Salvador! Aurora! Come, come! He's gone insane! I'd rather die!
- What's going on, mother?
- I'd rather die than see that happen!
- For the love of god, what's going on?
- Zorongo's daughter!
- He's in love with Juana, the daughter
of Zorongo! - Calm down, mom.
Well well, you can be good even if
you're born in a family of bastards.
- It's not her fault.
- Let me go!
You've grown a sudden affection
for my pigeons.
Could it be that
you want to tell me something?
Don't be cheeky.
- Come on, tell me.
- I'm friends with Jero, the young Zorongo.
- You?
- Yes. We dance together.
- Want me to bring a message to his sister?
- No, don't tell her anything.
You're sad, Rafael.
I am, but I forbid you
to stick your nose in this!
It wouldn't do any good.
Fortunately, you're too young to know hatred.
But anyway, thanks.
My brother is sick with love for Juana. It's so sad.
Well, my sister is just as bad.
She spends her days waiting at the
Somorrostro beach. All alone, like a widow.
- For real?
- Yes, she's there right now.
- Swear on your mother that you won't tell
a soul what's going on. - On her grave.
- Swear it.
- On my mother's glory, I will not tell.
Let's go.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, every single day!
Let's go find some Brilliantine.
I knew you'd come.
My heart told me so.
- Let's go to my neighborhood,
so all can meet you! - Are you crazy?
Yes. I want to proclaim
our love in full daylight.
Here, right?
- What do you want?
- Brilliantine.
- How much?
- That much.
That'll be two pesetas.
- Have you anywhere to put it?
- No.
- So where do I put it?
- Here.
Now I understand. This is where
the swallows used to come.
I'd see them come down from the sky
and land here somewhere.
Why is that?
Now I understand.
The birds come here to be happy.
So far away from the city.
It's as if we're in a different world,
where everyone does what they want...
no cares about time passing by.
As if this place has been
hidden away for a long time.
I like your neighborhood, Taranto.
That's my mother. Let's go there.
This is Juana, Zorongo's daughter.
Take her away from here.
I don't want to meet her.
But I've been dying to get to know you.
- Let me go.
- Not yet.
- You don't act like the daughter
of a bastard. - But mom!
I'm only telling the truth.
Her dad's a rotten clubfoot.
Everytime he dances he loses a friend.
- Well, let's have a look at his daughter.
- Hey you, play that guitar!
Who taught this girl how to dance?
Go find a glass, will you.
She's got the gift from somewhere, right?
Thank you.
With the stubborn head of Zorongo,
this will require a lot of effort.
I haven't talked
to your father for years.
But for a girl like you,
let's hope he'll change his mind.
That's the spirit.
And now, let's see a dance
from the mother-in-law!
Dance, everybody!
Hey you, get up and dance!
I'm not going with you
to the monastery, you penitent.
Rather, I've come
to teach you to enjoy life.
You don't see the stars in the sky,
you don't hear new music on the streets.
What mosquito has bitten you?
- I don't know, but it's taken a deep bite.
- And maybe it'll bring you down.
You can't understand this, stupid.
Well, go to her, Romeo, and leave me alone!
It's a shame you're such a bore.
May I?
Get up and dance. Don't be sad, Moji.
Look who's talking.
Sad, me? I'll show you.
Leave me alone.
I thought you didn't feel like it, Moji.
It may be late
but I'm always in the mood, Taranto.
That's the way I wanted to
see you tonight! The great dancer!
You have always served me well, Picado.
- Right, uncle.
- I want you to do something for me.
Tell all the gypsies coming to the bodega
that I've given you my daughter Juana.
- She was always my favorite, but she's a...
- You don't understand.
I want her to get
that Taranto out of her head.
She won't leave home
until she's forgotten him.
As you say, uncle.
If everything works out the way I planned,
you won't have any complaints.
Thank you, uncle.
Don't hit it too hard,
one day it might be yours.
- Would you like one, sir?
- No. - Wait.
Isabel. Come over here.
What do you want?
What have you got there?
I'd like the best one, it's a wedding gift.
The price doesn't matter,
but you'll have to leave.
I know how you people
usually pay for things.
I'm not gonna give you
another chance to whine. Get out.
And I don't ever wanna see you again.
Here, take this.
Give it to our children.
You'll thank me one day.
Paco, wine for two.
Hey guys, have a toast with me.
For Juana, Zorongo's daughter.
My girlfriend.
He'll show up
before we drink our third round.
Rafael, where are you going?
Picado claims he's Juana's boyfriend.
Don't go to the caf.
They're looking for a fight.
Well, they'll get one!
Rafael! Rafael!
Angustias! Angustias!
Curro says he's Juana's boyfriend,
and Rafael has gone to the caf.
He's way outnumbered.
They're going to kill my Rafael!
Salvador! Antonia! Pedro! Come here!
They're gonna kill my Rafael!
Come, let's go! Let's go!
Come on!
No, we'll stay here.
And never leave again.
Here's Taranto.
Come over here. Don't be afraid.
Sancho wants to pay back
for a present you gave him some days ago.
Wait. Leave it to my brother.
Have you come to have a toast with us?
Hey! Give a glass of wine to the gentleman
who's come to have a toast with us.
And close up, we don't want
any bad air to come in here.
For Zorongo's Juana, my fiance.
Juana is his fiance.
I say that as her brother.
We're here, Rafael!
We've had enough toasts here.
Let's go somewhere else.
And now we'll continue the party.
Where's that guitar?
Cheer up, son, nothing happened.
A round for everyone!
Come on, Tarantos!
Put a smile on that face, Rafael.
We're not gonna let them take Juana.
Another round for everyone!
The Tarantos are paying today!
Andr, let's hear it!
The Tarantos are coming, dad.
Go get the Picados.
- Zorongo.
- What do you want?
I come to ask your daughter's hand
for my Rafael.
That won't happen. I've promised her
to Curro, my horse trainer.
You're lying through your teeth.
Have you come to provoke me?
We come in peace, ignoring
the past to ask for Juana's hand.
I told you it isn't possible.
And even if it was, I'd never give
my daughter to people of your class.
My class didn't stop you
from wanting to marry me.
Oh, you may have forgotten...
but you denounced ol' Taranto,
and now he's six feet under.
- Leave it, mom. - And because of that
you think we envy your wealth.
Here's what they really want,
to enjoy the results of my hardships.
Dancing is all you know.
I'd rather see my daughter
in a coffin than married to a Taranto.
Well, you can rot with your money.
And tell your daughter
ingratitude is the world's reward.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
There's something I'd like to say.
You have no say in this.
And if you knew the pride of gypsies,
you'd keep your mouth shut forever.
- I'll get to know it.
- I hope so.
Listen, Zorongo.
My kids are my only riches.
I'm gonna talk to you
as if these were my last words.
Come closer.
This is Rafael, the best of my kids,
the one that I love the most.
Take him, even if
I never see him again.
Even if I'll feel
as if I'd been buried alive.
I give him to you, so that
he and your daughter can be happy.
Do you really think I've come
for your stable and your money?
Answer me.
Will you take my Rafael?
Answer, Zorongo!
Come on, kids.
We've nothing more to say here.
- Congratulations.
- She was always the one I liked the best.
Go and take care of the horses!
Juana! Juana!
Where are you?
Why did you come here?
Dear God, don't let them see you!
I had to hear your voice.
I knew you were waiting for me.
They can't separate us.
I'll wait for you until
you can take me away forever.
Watch out!
They'll kill you if they see us together.
- Maybe it's for the best.
- Rafael! - Listen.
I'll bring you a carrier pigeon.
When you can escape, send me a message.
You have to escape!
Will you do it?
I promise.
But please go now, I'm afraid.
My love. Goodbye.
Go, Rafael!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Take it.
Tell your mother it'll be this week.
- Ok.
- See you later.
- Mother.
- What?
They'll bring Juana on Saturday.
- You shouldn't get mixed up with this.
- No one asked for your opinion.
I thought this moment would never come.
You by my side, feeling your face.
- Rafael!
- Quiet. Don't speak now.
Don't cry, Juana. We're together.
What more could we ask for?
Tomorrow they'll bring me to the mother
of the Picados, according to the customs.
It can't be! I won't allow it!
Listen, Taranto. I know my father will
stop at nothing to separate me from you.
We must do something.
Not just sit with our arms crossed!
For now we can't do anything but wait.
Don't torment yourself.
You make me suffer too.
What do you want?
We'd like to get married.
As soon as possible.
Well, do you have the documents?
The birth certificate?
The bachelor certificate?
- We love each other.
- Yes.
Isn't that enough to get married?
Some formalities are needed.
This is a very important sacrament.
You need to think it over a certain time.
We want to get married according
to God's will, but we can't wait.
Then you won't get too far.
- Have you talked to your parents?
- No.
You need their consent.
I'm 23 years old.
- And you?
- Sixteen.
You need permission from your parents.
Our families are rivals.
Rivals? What's that supposed to mean?
If you want to obey God's law,
don't come back without the necessary
documents and your parents' approval.
- Good afternoon.
- God bless you.
- You'll find me here.
Ask for father Lorenzo. - Thank you.
And try to be together
as little as possible.
- When will I see you again?
- On Christmas Eve.
In the evening I'll leave
the party at the Picados' place.
Let's meet up at the bodega,
we'll be there from the afternoon.
No, better find a place
where no one can see us.
I'll wait for you at ten where I keep
my pigeons, we'll be alone there.
Promise me one thing.
Don't let my cousins see you.
They're out for revenge, Rafael.
I promise.
- Promise on your dead ones.
- I promise.
See you at Christmas.
It's still cold. The leaves are falling
and the swallows are gone.
Damn this winter!
Goodbye! See you next year.
Hey you, two coffees and something
explosive to pour down my throat.
Damn this winter.
Just what we needed.
- Knock on wood, Rafael.
- Ignore them.
I'll see what they're up to.
- Leave it.
- Looks like a storm is coming.
- Watch out. Be careful
where you put your feet. - Shut up, you.
Didn't you hear your friend?
He doesn't care if his clothes get dirty.
- Blood could be spilt because of that.
- Leave it. It's not important.
- Let him be a coward.
- Leave it, Moji!
- He's asking for it!
- And here's another bum.
Repeat that!
Come on, man, don't start a fight.
Don't be nervous.
- Rafael.
- What?
Help me.
What's wrong?
- What is it? Answer!
- Your family is damned.
- Let me.
- It's not that bad.
Next year you'll have to find another entertainer.
I'll be dancing ... in heaven.
I've come for you.
We can't waste any time.
I'm not moving an inch from here.
You have to come with me.
Your father is waiting for us.
That's not true. And even if it was,
I'd never go with you.
We'll see about that right away.
Let me go!
Hey, you can't force her!
She's not your wife yet!
She wants to marry the Taranto.
Come here.
- Coward!
- Taranto whore.
Taranto bitch.
Don't let her go out.
We have to do it the way I say...
Look what Picado
has done to your daughter.
- But what has he done?
- Don't come closer!
You disgust me.
If you touch me, I'll die.
Forget it. I assure you
it won't happen again.
Let's go home, so you can get better.
Just give it some time and it'll work out.
- Think you're engaged to him?
- Go away!
Coward! You're not my brother
and you're not my father.
You're not men enough.
I denounce you and my name.
- Come here.
- Let go! Don't touch me!
- I'll go with Taranto until the end of time.
- No, you won't.
I assure you,
you won't go with the Taranto.
- Sorry about that.
- No worries.
Don't worry about her.
Two pesetas.
- That's forty in total.
- Not bad. See you later.
Your brother has laid his hand
on my Juana.
Listen to me now, that's not the way
I want things done.
We have a deal,
but don't get carried away.
You forget one thing, sir, to respect
the deal, Curro has to avoid the police.
Taranto provoked him.
I know. And you know that
I pay back the favours I get.
I promised you compensation, and I'll stick to my word.
You can have the stable, bar or whatever,
but you better take care of Juana.
You brought us into this mess,
we've done nothing but follow the dance.
Like when we helped you get rid of ol' Taranto,
or have you already forgotten that?
So that's where our negotiations stand.
Maybe we'll all go down,
but we'll bring you with us.
Don't you worry too much
about what Curro does or doesn't do.
But know that
we're by your side no matter what.
And if necessary, we'll get rid of
all the Tarantos for you.
Where is Rafael?
Where have you been?
What happened to you?
Curro did it. And it's all your fault.
Let me go!
Answer, where is Rafael?
You don't know? He left.
He won't spend the evening with us.
- I must talk to Rafael right away.
- I suppose he went up to the hood.
But please tell me, what's going on?
- Let me go! - Juana!
- Carry on without me.
Come on.
What were you thinking?
You'll make mommy mad.
Go now.
Leave that!
Juana went for the Taranto.
She wants to be with him forever.
Listen! She's gone to the Taranto, Curro!
We have to stop them!
I won't give my consent. Never!
I'll never let them be together!
Hurry up, or it'll be too late.
Zorongo. Juana has escaped
with my son because of the Picados.
Sancho will stop her.
Let me be, I want to be alone.
- Curro beat her up. Doesn't that
make your blood flow? - Leave me be.
You don't want revenge? I sure have
a thing or two to say to the Picados.
One word from you,
they'll be down here
- I told you to leave me alone.
- We need each other, Zorongo.
Should we go together to the Picados?
We're both as responsible
for everything that's going on.
We've been blinded by hatred
and forgotten what you and me had.
When I dance I tell myself:
"If only Zorongo could see this."
And when you bring a new mare to the stable,
you think about how jealous I would be.
We need each other now. The Picados
have thrown a knife up in the air.
And a cloud of blood
is floating above our heads.
Do you want to go confront them together?
In this very moment,
before things get out of hand.
I know you want to stick your hands
right through your chest -
and rip out what's pressing your heart.
Do you want our help?
I'm offering you the lives of my kids!
What do you say, Zorongo? Answer!
To hell with you!
Salvador! Juana has escaped with Rafael.
Zorongo's son wants to stop them.
He's after them!
- I'll come to the hood as soon as I can.
See you. - Bye.
Juana, answer me!
We have to escape... Together...
- Forever.
- Don't talk.
Juana said she'd go looking for him.
She'll change her mind, trust me.
Let's go to the pigeons.
Hold it.
What do you want?
I won't let you pass through here.
I won't let you do to Juana what you did to me!
I won't let you through!
Let it go.
Drop it.
It's soon midnight.
When dawn comes we'll leave.
We'll go far away from our families.
I have no family.
I don't want their name.
You will be that forever.
My family and my name.
There has to be a place in the world
where we can live without hatred.
- We'll find it together.
- They can't stop us.
They can't separate our blood.
"That will last until we die."
Remember the kiss under the water?
And the encounter on the beach.
And the snow in the park.
- It's all been like a dream.
- Yes. Like a dream.
They're together. In bed!
Kill him!
Curro went to the pigeons.
Juana and Rafael are there.
Picado! Curro!
He's killed my brother!
He's killed Rafael and Juana!
Curro! Curro!
Salvador. They went that way.
Curro! He's killed my brother!
No! No! Son! Son! Rafael!
Kill him, Salvador! Kill him!
You won't get away, Picado.
Curro! Come here!
Get out from there!
Kill him!
Picado! Come here!