Losing Addison (2022) Movie Script

You told us that you fought
in your mother's kitchen
with your brother.
Is that correct?
And you would have
us believe that this brother
also murdered your mother
just several minutes earlier?
You're weak!
And you tried
to save her life?
That's a very noble
thing to do, Mr. McCubbin,
but tell me, how is it
possible that Ms. Sanchez,
Mr. Kirkpatrick, neither
of them saw any sign
of your brother when they
responded to the call
at your mother's house?
I don't know.
This is
Dr. Alfred Hunter.
Subject is Lester
A. McCubbin, male.
Age of 29.
Date is February 2, 2018.
Oregon State Hospital.
When we met this morning,
you mentioned someone
named Addison.
Why don't you tell
me about him, Lester?
I'm sorry?
I've always been Les.
Of course, Les.
Tell me about your
earliest memories with-
- I've never been without him.
We were born six minutes apart.
Are you identical
or fraternal twins?
He looks like Mom.
What was Mom like?
She loved Addison.
He was always her favorite.
Was your father around?
Addie, share, please.
Dad didn't
like either of us much.
Les! Get in the house.
Did your father
physically abuse you?
I mean, unless
you count spanking.
How many times
have I told you?
Don't encourage him.
It's a harmless game, John.
I don't want to hear that name.
When are you gonna get
that through your head?
Did he spank Addison?
The boy's not right.
Oh, no.
He mostly ignored him.
Besides, Dad could
never catch him.
And why do you think
your father ignored
Addison and not you?
I don't know.
Maybe he was jealous.
Of whom?
Of Addie.
You got me, Les.
Gotta catch me first, nerd!
What the hell
is wrong with you?
How many times have I told you?
Don't run in the house.
If you do that again...
Go to your room. Right now!
You said your
mother loved Addison.
How did she treat you?
She, she was patient, I guess.
Uh, kind.
But I could tell
I was in the way.
Just give
your father some time
to unwind from work.
I'll bring your dinner
after he's eaten, okay?
Did you resent
Addison for this?
How could I?
We're, we're soulmates.
We were inseparable.
Ah, dude!
Come on!
Last one to the end
doesn't get any dinner!
You're dead, Addie!
It's a dog.
I see man climbing a hill.
Yeah, there's a
guy behind him, too.
It's his brother.
I see a cloud that
looks like a waffle.
That does look like a waffle.
- You see it too, yeah.
- Yeah, I see it.
It's a waffle cloud.
Yeah, it's weird.
I've never seen a waffle cloud.
What was school like for you?
Got good grades.
He was way more popular, though.
What about after high school?
Did you go to college together?
When we turned 18, we
pretty much left right away.
Portland State.
Stuck together.
You're a sucker, Les.
Seriously, you think
you're gonna settle down,
produce 2.3 children and
live happily ever after?
It could happen.
You'll run screaming
at the first dirty diaper.
Shut up, Addie.
Hey, let me
tell you about this guy
in my Chinese class, Rick.
We showed up at the
same job interview today
and we got to talking,
and I think he likes me.
You think every
guy likes you, Addie,
and then you meet his
wife or his girlfriend.
Screw you.
You're hardly the one to be
giving relationship advice.
Last time you messed
around with some guy,
I'm the one who ended
up with his wife
crying on my shoulder.
See, we make a good team.
We compliment each other.
That was after she
tried to beat me up.
I'm not doing whatever
this is turning into.
Rick wants to go
clubbing this weekend.
He invited us both
to come along.
I don't even know the guy.
Yeah, so I told him you were
cool and he invited us both.
Ugh, you're so annoying.
So, you in?
No, I'm not in.
Christie has her peace corps-
- I already told
him we'd both go.
Tell him I can't.
Oh, come on, Les.
I need you there
for moral support
in case it doesn't go well.
Christie needs moral support.
Christie needs
to learn to commit.
Stick the landing, sister.
Come on, Les.
It'll be fun.
It won't!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It'll be really gay.
I might go for a walk.
Hey there.
What can I get ya?
Whiskey, I think.
Another one?
Tough day?
Yeah, something like that.
Why don't you let
me take care of you?
I'm Lisa.
What are you doing?
Where's Rick?
Back there writing
a new phone book.
Shouldn't you be with him?
Moral support.
What you doing?
everything, apparently.
Did you get him pregnant?
Well, I tried.
He left.
If he left,
how are we getting home?
Whoa, tell me about it.
At least we had fun.
I saw you flirting
with that bartender.
She was doing her
job, so I did mine.
You're in love.
I'm looking for it.
Just can't find my pockets.
Oops. There it is.
I can't read that.
Okay. Oops.
I have to pee, brother.
Hey, honey.
You look like you
could use a hand.
What's your name?
Hey, I'm Addison.
See? That's more like it.
You don't know where
that hand has been.
It's not where
the hand has been,
but where it could
be that counts.
Woo! Whoa.
Um, it's just,
mister, miss, whatever.
I don't want to disappoint you.
Hey, it's no problem, bro.
Ripped off me a wad of cash.
Hey, put that away.
Aw, hell.
Lady was a dude
What the hell?
The hooker you tried
to pick up was a dude.
I didn't do it.
That's what they all say.
I didn't pick anyone up.
Not according to the fuzz.
And they have the
cash to prove it.
My money, by the way.
We lost our scholarship
because of the arrest.
And what did you
do after college?
I waited tables.
Good evening.
Our special tonight
is on Lifetime.
Tune in.
Are you doing okay?
Good night.
Good night.
Yeah, that's what she said.
That's where I want ya,
now I'm gonna beat ya.
Did you have
friends besides your brother?
Did anyone ever visit?
We didn't
really need anyone else.
Were you happy?
Yeah. I
mean, I guess so.
I don't know if I've ever
been what I'd call happy,
but I was used to that.
I was comfortable as
long as Addie was, well.
Well, what, Les?
He started spending
more and more time out.
- Out?
- In the night.
You're somethin' else.
What? I can't celebrate?
You're always
celebrating, Addie.
When are you gonna get a job?
Aren't you even gonna ask
me what I'm celebrating?
Why don't you tell me?
My sweet, bitter brother.
You deserve to be
the first to know.
Larry, you know, the
guy I've been seeing?
The stockbroker with
the tight abs and-
- God, Addie!
He wants me to
move in with him.
Addie, no.
You barely even know the guy.
You're not the
only one who deserves
to be happy, you know.
Fuck off.
I never for a second
thought that I deserved
anything other than to clean
up after your toxic behavior.
Oh, wow.
How long you been sittin'
on that nest of bullshit?
Someone has to be responsible.
Pay the bills, fix the
relationships you destroy.
Yeah, I made some
money last month.
Remember that old
guy who paid me to-
- Oh, stop, stop!
I don't want to hear that.
You're just jealous
because you can't even pay
someone to touch you.
I didn't even know
that was a church song.
Well, I guess I
should get going.
But, so I was just
gonna grab some lunch.
You wanna join me?
Um, Noreen and I
have plans, actually.
No, no, that's
fine. No problem.
I just thought, well, anyways,
see you guys next Sunday.
See you, buddy.
Bye, Roger.
He's a nice guy.
Yeah, he's just a little, um.
I can't quite put
my finger on it.
It's just that, um, he,
yeah, he's a good guy.
No. What were
you going to say?
I, he, something about him
reminds me of my brother.
- Addison?
- Yeah.
Well, when are you
gonna bring him to church
so I can finally meet him?
He's not really the
church going type.
Well, you should
invite him at least.
It's, no, it's not
gonna happen like that.
Hey, the Lord works in
mysterious ways, remember?
Yeah, I know, but-
- How about you just invite
him to dinner Friday night?
I'm sure he's a dinner
going type, hmm?
Do it for me, okay?
All right.
I'll ask him.
I thought-
- That was your first mistake.
Come on. Let's hit
up that weed store.
Uh, but shouldn't we?
You gotta steer, Addie!
You're a pain in the ass.
You wanted to switch.
Noreen wants to meet you.
You sure you want that?
She may leave you for me.
I don't think you're her type.
I'm just saying.
We have dinner
planned on Friday.
You in?
That's you falling off a bike.
You're an idiot.
And the time you
stepped on the coral.
I, I still have a piece
of it lodged in my foot.
- No way.
- Yeah.
That was how many years ago?
I thought it would've
come out by now
or dissolved or something,
but it's still there
and now it just hurts
when it rains, and it smells
funny sometimes.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna go to the restroom.
I think she really likes me.
Yeah, I don't know, bro.
I don't think she's your type.
And what exactly is my type?
Well, someone
with a sense of humor
for starters.
Give her a chance.
She just met you.
She, she's nice, really.
Eh, I don't think
she's that in to you.
Why do you always do this?
Do what?
Every time I have something
good going for me,
you just shoot it down.
No way.
Bro, I'm just
looking out for you.
Come on, let's get outta here.
You're not the only one
with a date tonight.
I'm gonna wait for Noreen.
Dude, I don't think
she's comin' back.
Damn, I told him to hurry.
Yes, Roger.
He's a damn sight
friendlier than Noreen.
You're doing this
just to spite me.
You're so uptight.
Hey, maybe she's
perfect for you.
I'm responsible,
Addison. Unlike you.
Shut up.
Ever since you started
going to that church,
you're Dad all over again.
Well, maybe it would
do you good to join me
every once in a while.
They're good people.
Maybe they can help you.
You mean like Roger?
No, Addie.
Look, just, this needs to stop.
What? What needs to stop?
Do you know what we do?
You want me to describe it?
Maybe you wanna join.
Little Les, you're really sick.
No, stop!
Addison, this, this, this,
this promiscuity thing.
You can't just sleep-
- Ah, so I guess it's okay
for you to have Noreen,
but I'm supposed to what?
Be alone?
Just keep me inside, little Les.
Is that what you want?
Well, I'm not Mom.
You don't get to
just lock me up.
And I thought you weren't Dad.
Sweet, quiet, little Les.
How dare you?
You know, you're an
even bigger faggot
than I could ever try to be.
All that wood shoved
so far up your ass.
Can you taste it, little Les?
Can you, little sissy boy?
Don't want to hurt your
precious little morals, right?
Just like Dad?
But I'm too different.
Right, Les?
Addie, you know what I meant.
You're right. I did.
Addie, don't.
Addie, please.
Lester, you're not
gonna feel better
if you don't take your medicine.
Come on.
Where's Addison?
What was life
like without Addison for you?
I was miserable.
I mean,
we still had that psychic bond.
I could still sense him.
Moods and stuff like that.
But I, I couldn't
make out his thoughts.
They were muddy.
Like he, he was hiding them.
Did you have
other companions then?
Anyone you could turn to?
I did go on a couple
of dates with Allison,
a girl from work.
I'm glad you called.
Yeah, me too.
I didn't know if...
I know it was a little
presumptuous of me, wasn't it?
No, no. That's
not what I meant.
Thank you for, for
giving me your number.
I would've been too
embarrassed to ask for it.
I hope you don't think I go
around doing that all the time.
That was the first.
No, I don't think that at all.
You had the perfect combination
of honest and oblivious,
so I thought, why not?
I watched you ignore
every other table
for an entire night.
Did you even get any tips?
I got your phone number.
You didn't even give me a tip.
I made like 75 cents that night.
Someone had to
let you know why.
Is this okay?
This is tuna.
It could be paper
or rocks or air.
Thanks for not starving me.
I don't really do this much.
Eat lunch?
Dinner or die.
That's what I always say.
No, go on dates. This.
Oh, that's all right.
I'm not expecting anything.
I would like to, you know-
- No, yeah. It's fine.
I'm so sorry!
I couldn't give
her what she wanted.
I missed him so much.
I, I just couldn't
do it anymore.
I couldn't be without him.
How can you just stop having
someone in your life like that?
He was there for every
breath, and suddenly-
- Minus six minutes.
Every breath
minus six minutes.
So, I went to find him.
It wasn't hard. I
could still sense him.
- Boo!
- Geez!
Oh, there, brother.
I knew you were here.
Well, you did find me, freak.
How'd you know where I was?
Oh, bro!
I can't feel my legs.
I missed you.
Oh, okay.
People are gonna stare.
Girl, people started
staring when you attacked me.
This is Portland.
At the very least,
they don't give a shit.
If anything, they'll pick at
us for not being out enough.
What brought you into town?
I wanted to surprise you.
Still doing that church stuff?
Yeah. I still go, but.
Addie, I never, I never wanted
you to be any different.
- What about?
- Roger?
What's her name?
Oh, Noreen.
It was awkward.
Told you.
But I did start
seeing someone, though.
This girl named Allison.
She was...
She's, she's,
she's pretty great.
That a boy.
Now, hold on.
Don't get carried away.
I'm not gonna like,
you know, be like you.
You wound me, bro.
I've changed my ways.
I date responsibly now.
You'll see.
You still dating?
A leopard doesn't
change his spots.
In this analogy, are
you wearing leopard print?
Yes, and it's fabulous.
Well, that's up for debate.
I love you.
Just be my brother.
Come on.
Where are we going?
This is the land
of lust, sugar bear.
Whatever you desire,
we'll go out and get it.
Can we just go to your place?
What place?
No, don't. Ah!
I want to move
on to the incident
in which you sustained
your injuries.
I was handcuffed.
Before that.
Before you were brought
here, you were already hurt.
How did that happen?
Les, this is important.
Okay, I'm gonna take
a short bathroom break.
You need anything? Water? Food?
I know it was tough for you.
It's okay.
I guess I deserved it.
Oh, you definitely
deserved it.
I think it did you some good.
Ugh! Why?
You dated that
new chick Allison.
When I'm around, you never
spend time with anyone else.
Except those church
people, I guess,
but they just made
you a psychopath.
Oh, come on. They
weren't that bad.
You know they were never
going to accept me, right?
But if they cared about
me, they'd get to know you.
Les, you know I'm right.
If they can't love their
brother as they love themselves,
then I don't want
any part of it.
You never gave
them the chance.
I still think
about Roger, though.
He was a good man.
Les, you all right?
Where's Addison?
Don't worry about
that right now.
We'll address that when
you're fully recovered.
I can't recover if I
don't know Addie's okay.
Why can't I remember?
Les, you've suffered
a cranial injury,
as well as what I believe is
a serious emotional trauma.
Either incident alone is enough
to create an amnesiac event.
And both of them together,
I'm not at all surprised
by your memory lapses.
Now, it's important that we
take our time walking back
through what
memories you do have
in order to find
out where this few,
this memory lapse begins.
Do you understand?
But why can't I feel Addison?
My whole life I've been able.
I'm bound by the law and
the oaths of my profession
to stick with the
existing science on this.
No extra sensory bond
or what have you.
As a part of my
training, you understand?
That said, I will give you
that this bond that
you've described
between you and Addison seems
to have been interrupted
by the trauma you experienced.
If I recover, will
I hear him again?
I don't know. I'm sorry.
I need to find him.
Well, maybe we
should talk about
the last time you saw him.
Maybe that'll give
us some answers.
Let's talk about your
visit with your mother.
My mom lives a ways away.
A couple hours.
How did you get to her house?
Les, what's the matter?
Why do you keep
bringing up my mother?
I haven't said
anything about her.
I just wanna see my brother.
Well, Les, I believe the
information about your mother
is critical to our
work here today.
Don't you think it's kind
of weird that you keep asking
about her when I
haven't said anything
that makes her relevant
to my situation?
Is there a problem here, Les?
Yeah, you're god damn
right there's a problem.
I don't think you're
a good doctor.
I want another one.
You're not trying
to help me at all.
Les, please stay
and talk to me.
I can't!
You keep trying to find
out stuff about my mother,
and I just want my brother back.
It's unrelated.
Why are you being such
a god damn weirdo?
Les, are you okay?
Why am I like this?
I don't know, Les.
Why don't we try
and find out, okay?
There you go.
It's okay, buddy.
Addie came to
pick me up from work.
She feels abandoned, Les.
She told me on the phone
to save the photo albums
before they get
rid of everything.
Who's they?
People she thinks are
gonna throw her shit away
when she dies.
She's planning her death, Les.
She doesn't even
think we'll be there
to take care of
her after the fact.
Addie, that's nuts.
Maybe, but it
makes sense to her.
When's the last
time you saw her?
Last time you did.
Yeah, Christmas 'O8.
She thinks she's
seen the last of us.
Les, that's my point.
We can't just go down
there and take care of her.
I've got a job. You got-
- We can. Les, we can.
I already talked
to her about it.
We'll hire her a maid,
someone to attend the garden,
herd the cats.
So she can fire
them a week later
like she did when she
got out of the hospital?
She was healthier then.
She, she needs the
assistance now.
The cats are gone.
Since when?
Two of them died.
One of them ran
away 'cause she left
the door open all night.
That's not the point.
The point is she still
doesn't want the help.
She's dying.
She'll outlive us both.
She just complains
to get us down there.
She complains because
she wants it to end.
Well, she doesn't really
have the option at this point.
- She does.
- Addie.
Stop talking like that.
It's what she wants.
I already talked to her
about it, I told you.
Well, we can't always
get what we want.
Addie, look.
I really, really don't want
to talk about this at work.
You're right.
Let's go see her.
Addie, can you
please talk to me?
If we could, if we could just
move her into a facility.
We're not going
to warehouse her.
- Addie, it's not-
- She'd rather be dead.
It's not like that anymore.
They have this, this
whole graduated care-
- Drop it, Les.
I'm warning you.
Or what?
Or what, Addie?
You know what.
We can talk her out of it.
Give her options.
She'll see reason.
She's not crazy.
Do you wanna
know what she said
when we talked on the phone?
She told me she couldn't
bear to be a burden.
She said she couldn't
stand the thought
of forcing herself
on her little Les.
Even if it just meant
that you'd be stuck
with the responsibility
of her estate.
I told her I'd help, but she
said Les wouldn't let you.
It's too important to him.
Don't you get it, Les?
She refuses to bury you,
which is exactly what will
happen if we drag this out.
She's protecting
you from yourself.
Because you're too good for her.
For this family, maybe.
I'm not gonna kill Mom.
Then I'll do it.
Fuck, man!
It's better than whatever
she'd tried to do
to get it done herself.
I know it sounds awful,
but I promise you.
The last time we
talked on the phone,
you don't remember the
last time you've heard Mom
sound so peaceful and lucid.
I swear to God.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Damn it, Les.
Hi, Mom.
Oh, good. You
brought everyone.
Yeah, well.
Addison thought we
should just drop by.
I said Les should go to
the park, like the dog park,
'cause he's a little bitch.
That doesn't make any sense.
I agree.
Hi, sweetie.
- Hi, Mama.
- Hi, baby.
Oh, come on, sit.
You sit, sit, sit.
So you here for the party
or are you gonna watch?
Wait, I'm, let me get
you something to drink.
I got water. I got milk.
You got any more
of that moonshine?
Addison. Don't say that.
Come on, you know that
my friend was here
and we finished it.
Yeah, well, the
water's still shit, so.
And yes, I do have
a friend, Susan.
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Oh! Ow!
Are you okay?
- Ow! Yes!
- Is it your back?
No, I, my stomach's
pinching me.
Oh, um. Here, let's go sit.
Can I help you, Mom?
Oh, there's my boy!
Oh, gosh.
I was wondering if you
were gonna be coming.
You know, Les doesn't
tell me anything.
Okay. Okay.
You ready for your party?
Yes! Party!
Wait, what, what party?
My son is throwing
me a going away party
and you're ruining it.
Please just sit down,
Les, and have fun.
Oh, oh.
What did the doctor say?
The doctor.
What doctor?
Your doctor, Mom.
Oh, I fired him.
He's always trying
to do stuff to me.
Mom, you can't
fire your doctor.
What, what do you mean do stuff?
I, he's doing weird things.
I'm not going back there.
Mmm-mmm. That's it.
Oh my god, I can't
trust anybody.
Just can't even trust anybody.
No, I'm not seeing the doc.
I want music.
I got it.
Music, music, music,
music, music, music.
You are such a good boy, Addie.
Thank you for taking such
good care of your mama.
Good dancer.
Milk's bad, Mom.
Good. It's fine for me.
Yeah, Les, it's fine.
It's just closer to cheese.
Why are you doing this to Mom?
She needs to get better.
You don't have the right.
If, if she just
talks to a doctor, then-
- Fuck the doctor!
You don't understand.
She can't leave the house.
She doesn't sleep.
She can't wash her hair
because of her arthritis.
The meds constipate
her so bad that-
- I get it, Addie.
- No, you don't get it!
You don't get it
because you're so
preoccupied with how
everyone else affects
you that you don't see
how much pain they're in.
This isn't about you, Les.
This is about Mom.
And this is probably the
first thing she's had
to look forward
to since Dad died.
Go out there.
Go out there and look at her.
I swear to God, Les.
If you don't go out there
and look at that woman,
who is happier than
you have ever seen her,
because she's looking
forward to this one thing,
you're next on the list.
I'm not killing Mom,
and neither are you.
All by myself in the night
I sit alone
With a table and a chair
So unhappy there
Playin' solitaire
Addie, come dance with me.
I'm Les, Mama.
Shh, shh, shh.
All fancy
- This is my favorite song.
- Yeah?
Father used to love it.
Why did Dad hate Addie so much?
He didn't hate him.
John just didn't, he
didn't like new ideas.
There was something in
you that your father
just couldn't reconcile.
And he was a good man.
You're a good man.
It's time, Mom.
I love you forever.
I love you, Mama.
Addie, wait.
Go to bed, Les.
Go to your room and go to bed.
And then what happened?
I waited.
Waited for what?
I can't remember.
Les, you know you're
going to stand trial, right?
You're currently in the
custody of the state.
You are,
you are the only suspect
in a very serious crime,
and it's my job to determine
your level of competence.
You won't stand trial, however,
if you're incapable of
participating in your own defense.
You understand me, Les?
What crime?
They want to charge
you with murder.
Now, for obvious reasons,
I can't talk to you about
the details of the event.
And should you confess to
me, it will affect your case.
I, I didn't murder.
I saved.
Les, we have
reason to believe.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
I killed Addison.
What is your
area of expertise?
I specialize in
mood disorders,
schizophrenia and
dissociative behavior.
Let's say just for a
moment that the patient
was in fact suicidal.
Would that, in your opinion,
render him incapable
of understanding
the charges against him or
participating his own defense?
Um, not necessarily, no.
In your opinion, what
would render someone
incapable of participating
in their own self-defense?
A person who was delusional.
Dissociative, for example,
would not understand
the consequences of
their actions, so.
In your professional opinion,
and after hours of
evaluating Mr. McCubbin,
do you believe he possesses
one or more of these behaviors?
Mr. McCubbin is interesting.
He doesn't seem
to be irrational,
and yet his behavior is
that of a dissociative
or delusional person.
So, yes.
Thank you.
No more questions, Your Honor.
Redirect, Ms. Jones?
Yes, Your Honor.
Dr. Hunter, how long
have you been working-
- What the hell is going on?
- Shh!
What the hell is going on?
Les, I know it's
hard to listen to,
but just bear with it.
We're gonna get through this.
Why am I here?
We need to convince
everyone in this room
that you are not responsible
for your own actions.
Do you understand?
No, I don't-
- Mr. Frazer, keep
your client in line
or he'll be held in contempt.
Yes, Your Honor.
Just trust me.
It's the only way out for you.
He was asking for the
whereabouts of someone
he called Addison.
Who is Addison?
According to Mr. McCubbin,
he's his fraternal twin brother.
Ms. Sanchez, in the
course of your EMT duties
on the evening of April 9th,
you were called to the home
of 10036 De Lanci
Court in Marston.
Was the emergency that you
responded to at this address
classified as a
psychiatric emergency?
What was the
call you responded to
at De Lanci Court?
A homicide and a
critical wounded.
Ms. Sanchez, besides
yourself and your partner,
how many persons were present
when you entered the home?
There was the first
responder and his partner
and the two injured.
And who were the injured?
Their names were recorded
as Mr. Lester A. McCubbin
and Mrs. Sarah Jane McCubbin.
Are either of them here today?
Please indicate them.
McCubbin is right there.
Did you see any signs
of any third party?
There were three
table settings,
dishes, glasses, and
stuff, but otherwise, no.
Have you ever
responded to a suicide?
Yes ma'am.
And is it safe
to say that every instance
is, is different?
Yes, ma'am.
Have you ever responded
to an accidental death?
And are these
fairly unique as well?
Yes, ma'am.
What about a
homicide, Ms. Sanchez?
How many of these
have you responded to?
Too many.
And those again are unique?
Yes, ma'am.
Ms. Sanchez, based
on your experience
of all of these terrible events,
would you say you can draw
conclusions about an event
without all the explicit detail?
Objection, Your Honor.
Ms. Sanchez is not
trained in forensics.
I will sustain.
Ms. Jones, do you wish
to rephrase the question?
Yes, Your Honor.
What was the nature of the
injuries you were called
to the address to treat?
I was there to
stabilize Mr. McCubbin
who had received a number of
blunt force impact injuries.
What was your impression
as to how Mr. McCubbin
had received these injuries?
They were consistent with
many of the car accidents
I've responded to.
For example, the body
experiences a sudden impact
from an immobile object.
Like a wall or a stove?
Yes, in this case,
that could be the cause.
Could these injuries
be self-inflicted?
I mean, yeah, sure.
If you run into a
wall fast enough.
Seems pretty farfetched.
Objection. She's
mocking my client.
Ms. Jones, is there a point
to this line of questioning?
Ms. Sanchez, humor me.
If you wanted it to look like
someone had attacked you,
what would be an
easy way to do it?
Objection. She's
clearly leading.
Ms. Jones, if you don't
have any productive questions,
I'll have to ask you to
conclude your questioning.
The prosecution rests.
I didn't run into a wall.
Good job.
Just let me handle this.
Mr. Frazer, it's your cross.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Ms. Sanchez, have you ever
played chicken before?
Let me explain.
Chicken is a game where you
see how close you can get-
- I'm familiar with it, yes.
Good, now, you
describe your profession
as that of an EMT.
Do you perform forensic work
in your normal course of duty?
Did you the night of
the alleged incident
perform forensic work?
No, sir.
Thank you.
Can you say with
certainty that my client,
Mr. McCubbin, ran into a wall?
How about a stove as
Ms. Jones suggested?
Can you make any claim that
my client did anything at all
apart from being in the room
and being alive that night?
You seem like a pretty
intelligent woman.
Now, it wouldn't take
very long for a woman
as smart as you to draw some
pretty reasonable conclusions
about what happened
there that night.
I suppose.
But they still would
be assumptions, right?
Ethically, can you even
suggest that he did it himself?
Hurt himself?
And were you in the room when
the injuries were inflicted?
No, I was not.
So as a person with
no forensic background
and with no information than
what you saw there that night
and giving
conflicting testimony,
can you say with
confidence how my client
received his injuries?
One more question.
Do you feel that your
time in the stand
is being put to good use?
- Sustained.
- Sustained.
Mr. Frazer, I'll
ask you to refrain
from antagonistic
questioning in my courtroom.
Yes, Your Honor.
The defense rests.
Redirect, Ms. Jones?
- No, Your Honor.
- Good.
I'm gonna call a
recess for lunch.
I think we're doing good,
but we're not out
of the woods yet.
Dana's a real
snatch, but I think-
- Why am I even here?
Les, we are here to
determine whether or not
you go to trial for murder.
Surely you understand
that by now.
I didn't kill anyone.
They believe you did.
I believe you did it.
We need to show them.
You're supposed
to be on my side.
I am on your side.
We are here to show them
that you couldn't possibly
have killed anyone on purpose,
and that you can't defend
yourself in a right mind.
Can you trust me?
I didn't kill anyone.
Les, we can't have
that debate now.
Just stay crazy
and we'll be fine.
I'm not crazy.
Do you wanna stay in the room
or do you want a custodian?
Stay in the room.
I'm crazy.
He's gonna kill her.
I'm not crazy.
I gotta, I gotta stop him.
You can't do it, Addie.
Mom loves me and likes me.
I gotta stop you. I'm not crazy.
Okay, I can. I gotta, I gotta.
Les, I wanted to talk to you.
Better not wander around.
They'll put you in cuffs.
I'll stay with him, Dan.
So you, uh, wanna
grab some lunch?
Come on, join me.
Les? Les! Les! Stop!
What's the matter?
I thought I saw him.
Listen, I can't talk
to you about things
outside of the hearing,
but I need you to try and
trust me and your lawyer.
We're both doing whatever
we can to make sure you heal
and do so as a free man.
Please, please tell me
you understand this.
I'm, I'm trying.
Okay, I believe you.
And let's get you some
coffee, okay, man?
Over here.
All right, all right.
Now what?
We've got another one up here.
There was an
anonymous phone call
and we had responded
at around 2200 hours.
We were led in by two uniforms.
The witness
refers to police officers.
Yes, sir.
You attended
to my client right away?
Yes, sir.
Where were
you, Mr. Kirkpatrick,
while your partner was
tending to the injuries
of Mr. McCubbin in the kitchen?
I was in a bedroom attempting
to revive the second victim.
Miss McCubbin?
Please describe her.
Approximately 60 years
of age, 160 pounds.
She was lying in her bed
and had stopped breathing.
I think she's dead.
What a hero, this guy.
Maybe he should try
shaking her again.
Did she look
like the kind of woman
who would be able
to defend herself?
Mr. Frazer.
Les, you gotta
keep it down, okay?
Carry on, Ms. Jones.
Were you able to revive her?
No, it was far too late.
She'd apparently been
dead for more than a hour.
Mr. Frazer, is your
client able to proceed?
Your Honor, I'd like to
request a brief recess.
Les, this is your chance
to set the record straight.
I just wanna go back to
the hospital and sleep.
Let's just get through this
and then you can sleep
as long as you'd like.
I don't, I don't want to.
Les, you were the
only one in the room.
If we're going to
hear the truth,
we have to hear it from you.
He killed her.
Is that the truth?
Is this what we're
going to hear up there?
There are, um, there
are pieces missing
that don't make sense.
Don't think about
that right now.
Right now we have to
concentrate on saving you.
They think I did it,
don't they?
They think I killed my mother.
Is this the
report returned by the lab
based on that DNA evidence?
Yes. ma'am. It is.
Reading from the
report, Detective,
the DNA of how many
individuals were found
in the victim's kitchen?
And who does the report
identify those individuals as?
The victim, Sarah
Jane McCubbin,
and her son, Lester A. McCubbin.
Just to be clear, Detective,
does the report make any
mention of an Addison McCubbin
or any third party?
No, ma'am.
Mr. Frazer, do you
have any questions
for Detective Robinson?
- No, Your Honor.
- Very well.
You may be excused.
Is your client ready to testify?
Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. McCubbin, could you
please tell us where you were
at seven o'clock on the evening
of April 9th of this year?
I, I guess we were
driving around then.
Where from?
Southeast Portland.
When you say we, Mr. McCubbin,
to whom are you referring?
Me and my twin
brother Addison.
Are you identical?
Would you say that it
would be easy for a person
to mistake you for
him and vice versa?
No, um, we're very different.
He's tall, blonde, athletic.
What was your
intended destination?
We were going to visit
our mother in Marston.
Was it just a social call?
It, um.
What do you mean? I guess so.
I mean, did you go
there with a specific purpose
in mind or did you
just go there to visit?
Um, we hadn't visited,
visited her in a while,
and Addison wanted to talk,
talk to her about something.
What was that?
Her health is failing
and it's getting harder
for her to do things,
so we had to talk about
putting her in assisted living.
Had you discussed this
with your mother previously?
I tried.
She doesn't like
to talk about it,
and she gets confused
and irritable.
Had you talked
about it with anybody else?
Just Addie.
I assume when you say Addie,
you're talking about that
which you call Addison?
What did he think?
Um, I guess he hated the idea.
Was this type of disagreement
typical with your brother?
We disagree sometimes, but
not about anything so serious.
So you said that you
arrived to your mother's house
at about eight
o'clock that evening.
Is that correct?
Yeah, that sounds about right.
Can you tell
us what happened then?
Addison was giving
me the silent treatment,
which normally means
he's planning something.
What was he planning?
I don't know.
I couldn't figure him out.
Were you
worried about violence?
No. No.
Addison would never
hurt anybody physically.
I mean, but.
He was, uh, different.
Not, not who he means to be.
Like he, he didn't like
that I disagreed with him.
What did you disagree about?
Addison and I have different
opinions on euthanasia.
So he wanted to
kill your mother?
No, he wanted
to make her happy.
Give her peace, help her
live life on her own terms.
I understand that now.
So you suddenly
agree with him?
No, no, he just, he
thinks bigger than I can.
He's, difficult decisions
don't scare him.
He's, he's braver than I am.
You think killing your
own mother is bravery?
No, that's not what I said.
I said he's braver with
difficult decisions.
He didn't want to kill Mom.
You wanted to give her life,
a final chapter of joy.
You make it sound romantic.
I guess it is in a way.
Murder isn't
romantic, Mr. McCubbin.
It's against the law!
What Addison
wanted isn't murder.
Taking another
person's life is murder.
Mr. McCubbin, you have
now told us your plan,
you've told us your motives.
Why don't you now just tell
us that you did it, Les?
Tell us how sick you really are.
You must be so lonely
in that little head
of yours, Ms. Jones.
Always looking for
that moment to strike.
Mr. McCubbin, I'm warning you!
Is there a room
in there, Ms. Jones,
where you entertain all
the children who hated you?
Who was the first
to call you cunt?
Mr. Frazer, get your
client under control!
I'm sorry, everyone.
The truth is, I don't remember
what happened that night.
It was awfully scary,
and I woke up like this.
Stop it.
I will have order
in my courtroom.
Mr. Frazer, have a conference
with your client right now!
Make sure he comes back
with a little respect
or I'll hold you
both in contempt.
Yes, Your Honor.
I won't let you kill Mom.
Les, you're too late.
You were too weak,
like you always were!
I only did it because
no one else would.
You really wanted me gone, huh?
Sweet Les.
You told us that you fought
in your mother's kitchen
with your brother.
Is that correct?
And you would have us
believe that this brother
also murdered your mother
just several minutes earlier?
And you tried
to save her life?
A verbal response
please, Mr. McCubbin.
That's a very noble
thing to do, Mr. McCubbin,
but tell me, how is it
possible that Ms. Sanchez,
Mr. Kirkpatrick, neither
of them saw any sign
of your brother when they
responded to the call
at your mother's house?
I don't know.
And Detective
Robinson has told us
that the DNA showed no
sign of this Addison
being at the crime scene.
How, how was that possible?
I, uh. I just-
- In fact, none of the
neighbors who testified
ever heard your mother
speak of a son named Addison
in the over 30 years that
she lived in Marston.
Where is Addison, Mr. McCubbin?
He didn't get
out to visit much.
And you would have the court
believe that your brother,
who you claimed to have
injured and who left no trace
of his bleeding self
on the crime scene,
simply disappeared after
he smothered your mother
with a pillow.
I said I don't know!
I can't just remember!
The witness will
remain seated.
Mr. Frazer, you will see to it
that your client
restrains himself.
Yes, Your Honor.
Mr. McCubbin, this
is your last warning.
You can continue. Ms. Jones.
Thank you, Your Honor.
So, you have no memory
of the events that night,
but you would expect
the court to believe
your word over the
testimony of state experts?
I can't just remember.
So you don't really care
who murdered your mother?
- Objection.
- Overruled.
I have no more questions.
Well, when Lester was little,
he would often include
his twin brother Addison,
and I would go along,
but of course it
was just a game.
What sort of game?
Well, I assumed
Lester had heard a story
and gotten carried away with it.
But there was something
more to it, wasn't there?
Well, yes.
Please explain.
Well, I assisted
with the delivery.
Whose delivery, Ms. Sturdley?
Lester and Addison's.
Lester and Addison's.
So there were two children.
Well, it was a, a
very difficult birth.
Can you describe for the
court this difficult birth
that has left such
an impression on you?
Yes, well.
It had been a perfectly
orderly pregnancy,
but the ultrasound
showed a very rare anomaly.
And what anomaly was that?
It appeared that the
blastocyst had fused.
Can you please explain
that in layman's terms
for the court?
The chorion, which is
the outside enclosure.
It was shared, and that's
something you usually only see
in identical twins.
Did this development
complicate the pregnancy?
No, not in and of itself,
but it did complicate
the delivery.
How so?
Well, early in
the eighth month,
both boy's amniotic sacs
ruptured simultaneously.
The doctor thought that
some outside physical trauma
was the cause, but
Mrs. McCubbin insisted
that no such thing had occurred.
What did this rupture mean?
Well, that the babies were
coming early, of course.
Normally the twins will
deliver sequentially
within minutes of each other,
but the McCubbin
babies had become
interlocked face-to-face,
as though in an embrace,
so it was impossible
for them to pass through
the birth canal this way.
The doctor began a C-section.
And what was the result?
Little Lester was
delivered successfully
within minutes, but, uh,
it was only after we
extracted him from the womb
that we discovered he was not
entirely free of his twin.
One of his tiny little fists
had closed around dear
Addison's umbilical cord.
Like when you clamp
a garden hose,
little Lester had
strangled his brother.
It's a lie!
Died in the womb!
Get down!
Order! Order!
Take a good look!
Yeah, Les! Stop him!
Stop mean, old Addie.
I'll show you my birthday suit.
Maybe then you'll recognize me.
Hey! Stop!
Like what you see, Doc?
Hark, a solemn
bell is ringing
Clear through the night
Now, my love, art
heav'nward winging
What's up, bro?
All through the night
Earthly dust from
off thee shaken
Soul immortal
Shalt though awaken
With thy last
Dim journey taken
All through the night
Under the wide
And starry skies
Dig that grave, boys
Dig it deep and let me lie
Gladly did I live
And gladly will I die
Under a canopy
Of forest green
All the colors
That my eyes had ever seen
Some regard the fall
Like I regard the spring
On down the hill
And round the bend
Hear me singing
Callin' to you once again
I'm caught up in the dreams
Untangled like the wind
Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo
Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo
Under the wide
And starry skies
Dig that grave, boys
Dig it deep and let me lie
Gladly did I live
Gladly did I
Gladly will I die