Losmen Melati (2023) Movie Script

"Losmen Mati"? (Hotel of the Dead)
Didn't the captain say Losmen Melati?
Hello? Is anyone here?
Arlan, I'm at the location.
We need to get out of here!
So, where do I begin?
Who is that?
That's Grandma.
It doesn't look like her.
This was taken a long time ago.
Grandma looked a lot scarier
than that lady.
Your grandma...
She was very ill, Gemi.
She's in a better place now.
Do you have a booking?
Uh... no.
We were actually supposed to stay
at Losmen Anggrek,
but we didn't ring in advance
and now they're full.
We were lucky enough
to stumble upon your losmen.
You remind me...
of someone.
Gemi, don't stare!
I'm Sajarno.
A room for three, please.
How many nights?
Just one night.
One night.
The lady in the painting is
Madam Melati's mother.
She passed away many years ago.
She looks like Grandma.
Is she alive?
My wife's mother passed away last week.
We just came back from her funeral.
I hope she's finally resting in peace.
Ah, yes. Thank you
I'm sure she's resting well.
There's a tradition here.
Every guest who checks in
will be greeted by
the owner of the losmen, Madam Melati.
You'll have tea in the living room.
Thank you.
How thoughtful.
- I'll get your room ready.
- Okay.
Please, follow me.
Gemi, let's go.
Please enter.
Gemi, keep still.
Put that down.
he spoke to me.
Do you wish to borrow the doll?
You can take it.
Thank you.
Most people are scared of him.
You're not.
No. He seemed friendly.
He said I looked like your son.
There is a close resemblance.
Is your son here?
Maybe they can play together?
Spin, spin, spin around
Losing a loved one can be emotional.
Like your mother who has just passed away.
My mother had a good life.
A long life.
But she died alone
with no family beside her.
When we heard the sad news,
we rushed down immediately.
Yes, that's right.
They said she passed away in her sleep.
Oh? That's what they said?
Peace does not always come
when your time is up.
Many make that judgment for the dead
only to make themselves
feel better
and less guilty.
My mother had her life.
We have grieved for her.
Now, we can move on with our lives.
We can continue to live our lives.
Can I drink this?
Please, excuse us.
We shouldn't keep you any longer.
Please get some rest.
Thank you. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Bye!
Watch over him.
I should have pulled her
out of the nursing home.
We agreed that it was
the best decision for her.
Given her condition
and the state of mind she was in,
she wouldn't have noticed.
Yes, I know that.
But after talking to that woman,
I can't stop thinking about my mother.
What if she suffered at the nursing home?
What if she didn't pass away in peace?
Don't worry.
They said you died.
"They said."
I couldn't see.
I couldn't hear.
You were all waiting for me to die.
I didn't want you to die.
No! I'm not lying.
You will all pay
for forgetting me!
You will all
pay for it!
It's just a dream!
Stay away from me!
Stay away!
Mom! Dad! Wake up!
Honey, Gemi's gone.
Gemi? Karim! Gemi! Answer me!
Sweetheart, put down the knife!
He can't hear you.
Nor can he see you.
You wanted me dead.
Mother? Why are you doing this?
Why, Mother?
You wanted me gone!
I put you in a nursing home
so that they could take care of you!
I wanted you to be looked after!
You locked me away
waiting for me to die.
No, Mother!
Gemi, no.
Gemi, no, Gemi.
Karim, wake up!
Sweetheart? Karim?
Gemi, what's wrong with you?
Wake up! Gemi!
why did you do that?
What did you do to my son?
What did you do to my son?!
Are you mad?
Leave him to me.
I will take good care of him.
As you did of me.
Try and stop me!
Poor boy.
He looks like him.
He should be suitable.
The blood type should match too.
Please look thoroughly, Golok.
My mother was cursed.
I was born within the darkness
and that is my fate
which I cannot avoid.
And that made me become
the person I am today.
It was 1887
when my father left my mother.
That was over a century ago.
My father was a Dutch soldier.
He left my mother
when he found out that
she was pregnant with me.
He was no different
from many other men back then.
They either died of disease
or simply disappeared.
Women like my mother found themselves
isolated from the community.
She couldn't find work
and became desperate.
That's when she went to see a "bomoh,"
a witch doctor, to reverse her fortunes.
The bomoh granted her wish
in return for me,
her unborn child.
My mother had had
several miscarriages in her life
and she believed
I would not survive either.
But I ended up being born and lived.
The bomoh put a curse on my mother and me.
The curse manifested into
a strange disease.
She went to seek help from many doctors,
but no one was willing to see her.
Except for one.
It was the year 1900
when my mother met Dr. Kusno.
He was a strange man.
Dr. Kusno was an outcast because of
his morbid fascination with the abnormal.
He was known for his obsession
with medical mysteries.
My mother's curse was
an interesting mystery
for a man of science.
He believed he could cure her
but needed more time.
So, he asked my mother
to come back secretly
in the dead of night,
away from prying eyes.
Let's hurry.
Hurry up, Melati!
But the news about the curse
had spread to the masked men.
Local men who hunted down and exterminated
spirits, witches, and the abominable.
- Papa?
- I didn't know it...
but that night, my friend,
the bomoh's daughter, tried to warn me.
it was too late.
Doctor? Dr. Kusno?
Doctor! Please help!
What are you doing?!
Release me!
Melati! Release my daughter!
They say this place is cursed.
It looks like it.
I wonder what happened
to all the car owners.
Not our problem.
But all these cars must have had an owner.
Remember the deal.
We don't ask questions,
and in return, the cars are ours.
I know, brother.
But with all these drivers,
passengers, and luggage...
there has got to be cash, jewels,
and expensive heirlooms
worth ten times as much as these cars!
The house is guarded by
a frail lady
and a little man.
It's in the middle of nowhere.
All right.
Let's do it.
That's strange.
They're still here
looking menacingly at the house.
It makes sense for them to be suspicious.
The cars they towed
are suspiciously plentiful.
Looks like we will need to find
someone new to tow the cars.
Greedy souls.
You give them an inch, they take a mile.
What should we do?
We wait.
The house needs lost souls like them.
You went too fast, asshole!
I thought I was going to die!
I told your mom
you'd be back by midnight,
You can't wait, can you?
For you, no man could wait.
Shut up, you.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you have a reservation?
How are we supposed to make one
when your number is unreachable?
No reservation?
That's right.
- How many nights?
- Just one.
My name is Riz...
Double or single?
Single. I mean, a single bed.
Do you have...
a short-time rate?
We need to be out of here by midnight.
No short time.
We clean the rooms just the same.
How much in total?
You pay when you leave.
What are you looking at?
These are so old. Do you think these
were the original owners?
I guess. So creepy.
Before you head to your room,
Madam Melati would like to invite you
for a drink in the living room.
No, no.
We wouldn't want to disturb her.
It's so late.
It is customary here in our inn.
Please, follow me.
Just through there.
I told you this place was creepy.
Yes, it is.
Come and sit down.
My name is Melati.
You must be...
Yes, I am Rambo.
You have an interesting collection.
This place must have a lot of history.
It's been in my family for generations.
I inherited it.
Those photos...
they must be of your grandmother?
Memories of another time.
You are both in love.
But not the kind of love
one experiences physically...
What's wrong, dear?
Is there something wrong?
Oh no. It's nothing.
They say real love is forever.
Everyone wants to grow old together
and die in each other's arms.
How romantic...
and tragic.
If you're willing to give Rambo
the purest part of your body,
you are also ready to give your soul.
It's getting quite late now.
I think it's best we leave you
to your privacy, Madam Melati.
Only until midnight.
Not a moment more
or you may have to extend your stay.
Use your hands, Melati!
Are you okay?
Please, forgive me.
I was too late to save you.
I'm okay.
I also didn't know that
this was going to happen.
I promise
I'll always be there for you
no matter what.
Come on. Come with me.
You should go home.
I want to stay with my mother.
All right.
After the masked men killed my mother,
I could not leave her body out of fear
of what the curse within would become.
And that is how I met
Dr. Kusno's son, Sigit.
What's your name?
You know that
the cellar is locked for a reason, right?
Yes, Father.
Who is that?
She was hanging outside our house.
I brought her here.
I'd never met Dr. Kusno before,
but I saw that he was saddened
by my mother's death...
What happened?
...because he couldn't study
a living subject
with a condition that fascinated him.
He paid for a lot of dead bodies
so that he could perform his studies
to satisfy his obsession.
He died from a poisonous snake bite.
I managed to take the body
before anyone found him.
The usual, right?
What's wrong?
Stop daydreaming and finish your work.
The villagers all knew that Dr. Kusno
had a fascination with the abnormal.
However, no one knew what went on
behind closed doors.
In the darkness of his basement,
the doctor experimented on the dead,
disturbing their spirits
in his pursuit of immortal life.
His son, Sigit, was forced to partake
in this evil along with him.
What are you doing to me?!
Let go of me!
You see that?
Make sure they're dead
before you bring them here.
When I first met Sigit,
I saw kindness in his eyes.
Little did I know that
he was facing a darkness
that would extinguish
the light inside of him.
Finally! We're alone!
What a weird place.
You are right.
The bed is comfortable.
We have four hours till midnight.
I still need to get you back home.
Let me go to the bathroom first.
It'll just take a second.
If we're going to kill them,
why do we need to wear these?
In case they get away, stupid.
Greet your mother first.
Your mother knows that we love her.
If we loved her,
we would bury her or cremate her.
She gave her body for science
so we could learn.
The curse that lives inside me
bonded me to this house
like it once bound me to my mother.
Interesting. I've never seen this before.
When my mother was taken into the house,
I knew I had to do all in my power
to keep her curse from being
released into the world.
Pa, she is the woman's daughter.
I didn't know she was here.
She must have followed me inside.
I began to see that the doctor
was a cruel man
and stubborn in his views.
I knew he would not believe me
unless I showed him the truth.
And so I did.
You're lucky that I let you live.
But that doesn't mean you'll be free.
Why are you not talking?
I am talking to you.
You will answer me when I address you!
My love?
You are alive.
My experiment worked!
You're alive!
Please wait!
My dear?
What's going on?
What have you done to me?
Those spirits were here long before
my mother and I came here.
Your wife's spirit suffered greatly
from the experiments you performed on her.
Why did you come here?
For my mother.
She was cursed.
That curse still lives inside her body.
You must not cut her open.
You will only release her curse
into this house.
A curse?
I am a man of science.
Not like those crazed masked witch hunters
from the village!
Curses are for fools!
Your mother had a disease.
That is why those hunters
did what they did.
They thought it was a curse.
I will find the truth when I cut her open,
and they will all be proven wrong!
If you spill her blood in this house,
her curse will only make
the spirits you created stronger.
You would be wiser to burn her.
You've seen them now.
have you heard them?
They are the ones you killed.
The ones you burnt to ash.
They are waiting for you.
This place is so gross.
Perfect timing.
What happened?
The lights went out.
I saw a lamp by the bed.
Try that.
The lamp's not working.
But the TV is on...
If you're willing to give
the purest part of your body,
you are also ready to give your soul.
"If you're willing to give
the purest part of your body,
you are also ready to give your soul."
Take everything.
The doll moved.
It was on the sofa just now.
Let's gather all their treasures.
All right, brother.
Are these drugs?
We've got some DXM here.
That's, like, illegal now.
Hold on.
How come you know about this stuff?
My grandma used to use it.
Really? Your grandma?
For you.
- Okay.
- For me.
You first.
- Me first.
- Yes.
Have you swallowed it?
Will you still love me
when I become an old lady?
Of course I'll still love you.
Why don't we find out?
Help! I'm in here.
Come closer!
I'm in here.
- Who's there?
- I'm trapped in here.
Rizal, wake up!
Rizal, we need to get out of here!
Come on, let's go!
We need to change! It's the clothes!
Maya, hurry up!
Poor girl.
Purity for death.
But that is the nature of love.
Until death do you part.
Melati. We have guests.
We heard they're KNILs,
and it seems they're looking
for new recruits.
Sigit, it might be best
if you joined them.
you'd like to stay here with me?
Have you
thought about...
my proposal?
I deserve an answer.
The answer is no.
I was going to give this to you.
I really hoped you would wear it.
Even if you decline,
please keep it safe.
Clean up, Golok.
Despite my warnings to both
the doctor and his son,
they refused to listen.
They unleashed a darkness in this house
that changed the course
of all of our lives forever.
Are you sure?
The girl is a liar.
I will deal with her after this.
I can hear you.
Pa, what happened?
Pa, run!
- Run!
- Pa!
Hurry, Pa! Papa!
- Papa!
- Sigit!
- Sigit!
- Papa!
Pull me! Pull!
This was only the beginning.
Osman, go check the car.
What do we have here?
There's a rundown losmen
a few kilometers down the old road
next to the highway.
I heard it's cursed.
Curses and ghosts.
The easiest way to make people stay away.
Release me!
This curse was not made for
mere mortals to bear.
It twists the mind and alters
the very fabric of your being.
It creates true evil.
I have seen it.
A century ago, that evil was
contained in this very prison.
But it has been unleashed on
this world once again.
And I don't know how to stop it.
I'll wait for you,
no matter how long it takes.
Come find me.
You know where I am.