Lost After Dark (2015) Movie Script

Laurie, run!
Somebody help!
At the mall,
the video arcade
It's the same game
that we've played
If the boys come out tonight
Gonna see what...
I know.
I know, it's like fate
or something.
Tobe, you scared me to death.
Sorry, are you ready to go?
My dad's taking me.
It's three blocks away.
I'll see you at school.
Yeah, that was Tobe outside.
He's such a sweetheart.
I'm so glad he's gonna be there.
I can't believe
we're doing this.
My dad would kill me
if he found out.
Hang on.
Um... hold on.
Okay, come in.
Hey, kiddo.
Got a sec?
Um, yeah.
Hey, I gotta go, Jamie.
Yeah, I'll see you at school.
Okay, bye.
That's a lot of clothes
for one weekend.
It's my first sleepover.
I figure better
safe than sorry, right?
I haven't seen you this excited
in a long time.
I'm just nervous, I guess.
I don't have to go.
I can call Jamie back right now.
No. We gotta stop
burning that candle.
Laurie is cut from the same
cloth as your mother.
"Born to wander,"
your grandfather used to say.
And I knew that
as soon as she fell
for these long-haired
free-loving types,
she already had one foot
out the door.
Now, if she comes home, great.
It'll be open arms
and Thanksgiving dinners.
But you gotta worry
about you, too.
So you're going to this dance,
and you're gonna go
spend the weekend
with Jamie like you planned.
But you'll be all alone.
Don't you worry about me.
This weekend, just be 17, okay?
All right.
Did you come in here
just to give me a pep talk?
Pretty much.
I'll see you downstairs.
Reject, reject
Reject, reject
Goddamn vandal.
You may not
respect authority, son,
but while you're on my campus,
you will respect the institution
placed here by
the good people of Michigan.
Let's go find the janitor.
You look beautiful.
You're just saying that
because you're my dad.
No, I'm saying that
'cause it's the truth.
Now get out of the car.
I will be home Sunday
before "60 Minutes."
Yeah, get out of here.
Look at that dress.
You look amazing.
Shut up, you do.
I've never done this before.
Sneaking out? Lying to my dad?
Ever since Laurie left, I...
Nuh. We are not telling
sad stories this weekend.
Happy thoughts.
Right. Happy thoughts.
Sean and Adrienne
sitting in a tree.
- K-I-S-S...
- Stop!
We just flirted.
He probably does it
with everyone.
Not this weekend, he doesn't.
- I gotta go grab my bag.
- Okay, I'll meet you outside.
I'm gonna get you laid.
Okay, coast is clear.
Man, I cannot believe
I let y'all talk me into this.
What else were you gonna be
doing this weekend?
Wasn't gonna be committing
a felony, I know that.
What do you think, Tobe?
I'm you're asking me
if I can get it started,
the answer's hell, yeah!
All right, dude.
Come on.
One, two, three.
Go. Go!
Get your big ass in there, man.
Quit shoving, all right?
Hey, man, it's all fun and games
until someone loses an eye,
all right?
Grab the bags.
Don't you walk away from me,
young lady!
I didn't do anything!
Maybe not yet, but you shouldn't
be hanging around
with those boys.
And that outfit is unacceptable.
What are you doing out here?
The dance is inside.
What's the matter
with what I'm wearing?
Gotta get with the times, Mr. C.
This isn't the same world
your parents grew up in.
You carry mace?
A.B.P., that's my motto.
Always be prepared.
When I was in the bush
with the 101st,
you can sure bet, little missie,
that we were prepared
for anything.
'Cause that was back in the day
when men were men
and women knew it.
Don't look at me with those
big dumb cow eyes.
Get right in there.
Get right in there.
- All right. How's that?
- Good.
Hey, man, I thought you said
you could start this thing.
I built a working ham radio
when I was 10.
I think I can start a bus.
I don't see how those two things
are related at all.
Hey, man,
if you get this thing started,
I'll even talk
to Marilyn for you.
I've talked to Marilyn
a million times, okay?
Homeboy, I'm talking
about talking, all right?
The kind you do without words?
Hot, wet, filthy conversation.
Shut up and let me work, okay?
Come on.
Come on.
- That's what I'm talking about!
- All right, here we go.
- Whoo!
- Buckle up!
She's wearing what?
Speak of the slut,
and she will appear.
Seen Johnnie?
Not yet.
The boys should be here
any minute, though.
Maybe he's with Sean.
That's a cute dress.
It almost looks like
you have boobs.
Is she for real?
She's clueless.
You seen Marilyn?
Marilyn will be here
in a minute.
She got cornered by Mr. C.
Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
- I just want to see what it is.
You should have seen
your stupid faces.
- Real nice, Johnnie.
- Hi, baby.
- All right. Wheels.
- No way.
Come on, Jamie.
All right, whoo! Whoo!
He got us a ride.
- Not bad.
- As if.
Adrienne, your chariot awaits,
my lady.
Whoa, hold on.
You did bring the key,
right, scholarship?
And you made arrangements?
No overprotective daddy
is gonna come
looking for us, right?
Yeah, it's all set.
You just made
the cool kids' table.
So you ready
to break some rules?
Sure, I... I mean, yeah.
Let's break some rules.
Who's missing?
Guys, I'm here!
Okay, let's get out of here
before Mr. C. realizes
we're not inside.
Getting all
Big Brother in there.
- Hey, Marilyn.
- Hey, man.
Something wrong?
What if someone notices
the bus is missing?
Johnnie's dad practically
owns this town, okay?
Nobody's gonna press charges.
Hey, would I let anything
happen to you?
That's my girl.
Come on.
Goddamn turds went AWOL.
They don't know
who they're messing with.
All right, campers.
It is officially time
to party hearty!
My... house.
Though I'm not aging
Like shadows on the wall
I know I thought
I could be in love
Just slip your hands
inside my glove
And we will see
if we feel different
When I'm not there
I want to care...
Yo, check this out.
Come on. Play.
What happened to the music?
Party people in the place
across the globe
We got a little story
that must be told
About the sucker MC
that took our rhymes
It sounded real good,
but it's just like mine
He liked to brag,
and he liked to boast
And all the little girlies
thought he had the most
Working real hard,
thinking that he God
So open up your ears
and listen close
The style that you need
is my style, indeed
You're deck
is steady frontin'
But you sure take heat
'Cause the suckers
on the front
And biters on the side
Ain't nowhere to run,
ain't nowhere to hide
Manny Lear was my boy
from way back when
Brotha stole my bike
when I was ten
I shoulda know better,
I shoulda known then...
What do you think
we'll endure...
Hey, man, how much longer,
you think?
Based on the direction
Adrienne gave us,
I'd say about another hour.
It's hard to tell.
It's not like they littered this
road with signs.
What you mean?
We are so screwed.
Yep. Dry as a bone.
It's a gas thing.
The engine looks fine.
We're out of gas?
You mean to tell me
we're stuck out here, Tobe?
Wes! Wes, hey, it's fine, man.
We're gonna be okay.
Don't look at me, okay?
The gauge says half full.
You guys picked the broken bus.
I just started it.
Hey, guys?
Where are the girls?
Sean is so into you.
Told you I was
gonna get you laid.
I don't know, maybe.
I mean, I don't really know
how to kiss,
let alone, you know.
You don't know
what you're missing out on.
- Don't be silly, it's easy.
- And rad.
- Here, I'll show you.
- No!
Do it. Then when Sean
kisses you, it won't be weird.
It's weird now.
Jamie's not afraid to do it.
Are you, Jamie?
Watch and learn.
Just close your eyes.
Open your mouth, but just a bit.
Then you tilt your head
and wait for it.
See? Easy.
You guys are crazy.
My God!
Ha ha!
- Johnnie, you scumbag!
- Nice tits!
Get a life, will you?
You don't think he saw
anything, do you?
Why would he do that?
Because it's Johnnie.
Man, I saw the girls changing.
I scared the shit out of them.
Got to love the classics.
You dickheads
get this thing rolling yet?
Can't go anywhere
until we find some gas.
Well, that's Tobe's
department, right?
You broke the bus,
you fix the bus.
Come on, dude.
Much better.
Those heels were killing me.
Man, I got a mosquito bite
on my ass.
You look great.
How very.
Hey, Sean, get in the game.
What are we doing?
How far away are we
from your cabin?
I don't know.
I guess they'll give anyone
a scholarship?
Get bent, Johnnie.
Look, maybe we can send
somebody down the road
and see if there's
anything nearby.
Yeah, good idea.
Hey, thanks for volunteering.
What? Why me?
Don't you know?
The driver's always responsible
for the passenger, Tobe.
Unless you're too much
of a pussy to go.
This is so bogus.
All by myself?
I'll go.
Hey, there you go.
Hit the road, loser.
Gimme the flashlight.
May the Force be with you, pal.
Find help, I will.
Man, we are gonna be here
the whole night.
Why is everybody
being so paranoid?
There are houses everywhere.
This is America, okay?
Tubby will find a phone
and a rack of ribs
and be back in a flash.
You know, maybe
we can get all the bags out
and see what we got
all the same.
Just thought I heard something.
Why do you think Marilyn went
with lard-ass anyway?
It's 'cause Tobe
has all the weed.
So... got any weed?
You know it.
- Sorry.
- Lightweight.
No, I mean I'm sorry
I got us into all this.
Tobe, chill.
Shit happens. It's fate.
Fate, you know,
like, the way things
are supposed to go down.
I believe everything
happens for a reason,
even if we don't know
what it is.
Like us talking right now.
I mean, if hadn't decided
to go to the cabin
for the weekend,
or if we hadn't picked
that particular bus
with the broken gauge,
or if we hadn't run out of gas
on that particular road,
we wouldn't even be having
this conversation.
You know, I'm really happy
we have Sociology together.
One class,
our last year and all.
Me, too.
Remember that time Miss Williams
handed us those worksheets
and when she handed you yours
she asked you what was wrong
'cause your eyes were so red?
- Yeah.
- And you said
you were way too high
to be doing a worksheet.
That was hilarious.
And she said something else,
but I didn't hear.
She said... she told me
to put my head down
and not talk to anybody
for the rest of the class.
I think she thought
it was contagious.
That was the first time I knew
you were cool.
Cool like I smoke grass?
No. You know...
a cool guy.
Box of Bugles, box of Pop Tarts,
and some gum.
That's it?
Can we stop worrying
and start drinking again?
The beer's getting warmer
by the minute.
Hey, Heather,
you got anything to eat
in the big-ass bag of yours?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
Not even some Twinkies
or something?
You see, Heather here,
she's a Twinkie junkie.
Shut up! Am not.
Let me see.
No, I just have personal items.
You know, girl things.
Great, let me see.
Johnnie, no!
What the fuck?
Precious, are you okay?
I can't believe it.
You brought your
rat-fucking dog?
I knew you wouldn't let me
bring her if I told you.
Look, the dog's here now,
okay, Johnnie?
You know what?
Scholarship here is right.
There's nothing we can do now.
Eat it, maybe.
And you wonder
why she hates you.
It's okay, baby.
I won't let the bad man
hurt you.
What about you, Johnnie?
Do cigarettes count?
How many calories
are in a cigarette?
Look, I bet Tobe and Marilyn
already found help
and are on their way back.
Got another joint?
This bud is gnarly.
The gnarliest.
How far do you think we've gone?
Who cares?
We're on vacation.
Yeah, life's a beach.
- What are you doing?
- He's ticklish!
No, okay, no.
You can run, but you can't hide!
Damn it.
What was that?
It's a house.
Let's go tell everyone.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
I mean, who knows
who could live there?
I mean, look at that place.
No one lives there.
It's a dump.
Kind of spooky?
I think we've gone past spooky
and straight to freaky.
Come on,
let's go tell the others.
Come on.
Hey, don't make me
tickle you again.
Okay, no,
you stay right over there.
I'm coming after you!
All right already!
Hold your horses!
Vice principal Frank Cunningham.
We have a serious situation
on our hands.
Now's your chance, bro.
Everything okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Yeah?
You just seem quiet back here.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
- Be honest with me.
- Okay.
If my dad didn't have
this hunting cabin,
would you guys
have wanted me along?
Adrienne, look...
if I hadn't been your tutor
and told you about the cabin,
would I even be here?
Look, Adrienne...
I think you're beautiful.
Okay, the cabin was just
some excuse
to spend time with you.
Really? Beautiful?
Yeah. Thought so ever since
we had homeroom together.
I mean, it's like you got
this whole other gear.
First you're in the semis.
Couldn't nobody touch you.
And then you sprain your ankle
and still ran in the finals?
That's bad-ass, girl.
It's a breathing thing.
I mean, the pain
just kind of fades away
if you focus on your breath.
I tell you what I've been
focusing on.
Here it comes.
No, come on. Look,
don't be so quick to judge.
I was just gonna say
that maybe you and I
could find some time to
once we get into the cabin.
- Me and you.
- Yeah, why not?
Word gets around, Wes.
Rumor is you're
a little bit of a dog.
Aw, come on.
That hurt. Really.
Focus on the breathing.
Hey, look.
What is it?
Someone's there.
I don't see anything.
You hear that?
Kill... kill the music.
- Johnnie, I'm scar...
- Quiet!
- Sean.
- Yeah.
Come on.
I think we found something.
These eyes don't lie.
She was on the bus
with those miscreants.
Well, let's get to the bottom
of this right now.
Hi, Rhona. This is Norman,
Adrienne's father.
Is everything okay?
Why would Jamie be here?
I didn't... I thought...
Jamie was supposed to be
sleeping over there
this weekend.
Never mind what I thought.
I'll call you back.
She'll be fine.
What I don't know
is where they might be going.
I swear to you, Mr. Cunningham,
she didn't tell me
anything about this.
I'm sure she did not.
I don't understand.
She usually makes
such good choices.
It's a shame that a student
that shows as much
promise as Adrienne
would associate
with these hooligans.
Mr. Cunningham,
she needs this school.
It would be unfortunate
if she did anything
to jeopardize that.
Could be disastrous
for her future.
I need some coffee.
What do you say
we Irish that up a little?
Sounds good.
I think I know where they went.
What are the coordinates?
You don't think anybody
lives in this shithole, do you?
Maybe a squatter or something.
Who knows out here?
Only way to find out.
Hey, guys?
I'm not too sure about this.
You scared?
Hello, anyone home?
See? No problem.
Baby, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Shut up!
Fucking house is a death trap.
This place is so grody.
It's like "Better Hillbilly
Homes and Gardens."
I don't know.
Some fresh curtains,
new coat of paint,
and it would be...
really just awful.
Electricity's out.
Relax, okay? It's dead.
Get it out of here!
What do you think did that?
A possum, maybe?
My God, there are possums here?
I think we can rule out
the possum theory.
I don't know, maybe just
a drifter just passing through?
Now you're Sherlock Holmes?
Good one, baby.
Either way, doesn't look like
anyone's actually lived here
in a long time.
I mean, my guess is we're alone,
but maybe we should
stay in pairs, you know?
This place is big.
- Creepy, too.
- Yeah.
Let's see if there's anything
we can scrounge up.
I mean, phone's probably
too much to ask,
but maybe some candles
or a flashlight?
Let's split up and look around.
Me and Heather
will check the bedrooms.
Perhaps you'll find
Heather's lost virginity.
You know I could
literally crush you... right?
Johnnie, easy.
Okay, Wes, Jamie,
see if you can salvage anything
in those last two rooms.
Adrienne, you and I
will check the kitchen.
What about me and Marilyn?
Well, I mean, someone has
to take a look in the barn,
and you're the only one
with the other flashlight.
I think I saw I tractor
on the way up.
Maybe there's some gas up there.
Yeah. Okay.
I guess that's cool.
Okay. All right.
Let's go.
How long do you think it's been
since someone lived here?
How should I know?
Sorry, was just trying
to make conversation.
All right, you guys take left.
We'll take right.
I know, it's disgusting in here.
Come on.
I saw you looking at her.
The slut.
Yeah, okay, I noticed her, babe.
But... you're my girl.
You know?
Why are you always
so mean to me?
I don't know.
But you're right.
I'll try and be better.
Come on.
You saved the day.
Watch your step.
Holy shit.
Look at this place.
Must have been a slaughterhouse.
Just when you think this place
can't get anymore charming,
boom, an abattoir.
So, other barn?
Other barn.
Man, what do you think
this is all about?
I have no clue.
Good thing I was here.
Just caught me off-guard,
that's all.
Let's get up out of here.
Come on.
That's what I'm talking about.
Car equals gas.
And it's empty.
But fear not.
I have something
for our dynamic duo.
My hero.
Do you want a cigarette?
No, thanks.
That stuff's poison.
What have we got here?
- Fancy.
- Sweet.
Like, I know...
I know this isn't
the time or place, but...
I really like you.
I like you, too.
That was nice.
Yeah, it was.
- What was that?
- I don't know.
Must have come
from downstairs. Here.
Well, it's very rustic.
I don't like it.
Can you please close it?
Come on,
there's nothing to be scared of.
Here, look for yourself.
It's okay.
No boogeyman.
Now that's shitty.
Not exactly the vacation
we had in mind.
So I guess you're probably going
off to college in the fall?
Not sure yet.
What about you?
I'll probably just end up
working for my dad.
But, you know, if you don't go,
it means we could,
you know, hang out more.
We hang out almost
every weekend at the arcade.
No, I know, we...
we do, but it's, um...
we're always with the gang,
you know.
It's never...
it's never just us.
I can't understand
how someone who smokes
as much weed as you do
can have bad eyes.
I mean, isn't this supposed to
be good for you or something?
Like carrots?
I don't know.
I guess.
No, what I meant was, you know,
maybe this weekend
will give us a chance
to spend some real time
together, you know?
Just you and me.
- That'd be great.
- Really? You think?
I have to warn you, though,
I may need some advice.
About what?
What do you think about Wesley?
He's a cool guy, and, you kn...
Wait, what about him?
He's just so...
I don't know.
Exotic or something, you know?
- Because he's black.
- No, that's not it.
Has he ever mentioned me?
I think he likes Jamie.
I could get him if I wanted.
No, I mean...
of course you could.
I mean...
you're beautiful and cool, too.
I mean, Marilyn, you could
have any guy you wanted.
Ooh, that's so sweet.
One day, you're gonna find
the most awesome girl.
Did I already say
this place is so gross?
Hey, come on, all right?
Just pretend you're outside
by a pretty lake.
Use your imagination.
I'm not screwing on this bed.
Who said anything
about screwing?
My turn next, though.
Hey, scout's honor, baby.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
What, what's wrong?
Too much teeth?
- What was that?
- Sounded like screaming.
- Should we go check it out?
- Yeah, yeah, you go.
I'm just gonna find my glasses.
I'll be right behind you.
Hurry, Tobe.
Smooth, Tobe.
Very smooth.
Damn it.
Thank God.
What happened?
- My God.
- Tell me about it.
What the fuck is that, Johnnie?
This must have taken hours.
Hey, man, look,
if you wanna stay here
and play psycho-art
you be my guest.
Me, I'm trying to get
the hell up out of here.
Who's with me?
Some of these are human.
- Jesus, please, no.
- Shh, quiet.
Okay, if someone comes
though this door, we jump him.
Can't hurt all of us,
maybe none of us
if we can tackle him, okay?
- Johnnie, kill the light.
- Okay.
Get off me!
What the hell
are you people doing?
Yeah, sorry, we... we thought
you were someone else.
Who else would I be?
Is that made from people?
Guys, I think I know
where we are.
I think I heard
about this place.
- What are you talking about?
- The name on the mailbox.
You telling me you guys ain't
never heard of the Joads?
Junior Joad
and his psycho family?
- Yeah.
- No, no, that story's bullshit.
- What story?
- They were killers.
Not just killers.
The rumors said
they'd become wild animals,
feeding off
the local wildlife and...
anything or anyone
who came along.
Police showed up.
They killed the family.
Supposedly they found parts
of, like, 30 people.
That isn't real.
It's just a story to scare kids.
Is it?
I think this was my sister's.
I gave this to her.
No way.
No fucking way.
- No, how?
- She ran away.
Guys, where's Tobe?
He dropped his glasses
in the barn.
He's still...
My God.
You really think that's hers?
Your sister's I mean?
Do you remember what we
talked about in Anthropology?
How cannibals believe they take
power from the people they eat?
You don't think they take
their souls, do you?
What if Laurie's trapped?
What if she can't go
where she's supposed to be?
Look, she is not trapped
anywhere, okay?
If she died here... hey.
If she died here,
she is in heaven now, okay?
I promise.
Wait, wait, what if Tobe's
not in the barn?
Then we go.
Fuck Tobe.
You're an asshole,
you know that?
Look, Johnnie's right.
If Tobe's not in the barn,
then we keep moving,
get to the road,
get back to the bus.
- Fucking A.
- And just leave him?
Man, that is messed up.
Look, if something's
happened to Tobe,
then the best thing
we can do for him is get help.
Best case,
he'll meet us back at the bus.
Yeah, worst case?
Well, we all heard that, right?
- God.
- Okay, okay, everyone chill.
Okay, that sound could have
come from anywhere.
That's Tobe!
- That's Tobe! I know it is!
- Where are you going?
Let me go!
We have to help him!
No, Marilyn, wait.
Everybody, wait.
We gotta be smart about this.
Okay, Johnnie, you come with me.
Wes, you stay here
with the girls.
All right, what's our play?
I think the sound
came from over there.
Fuck me.
Okay, we gotta get
the girls out of here.
- Wait, what are you two doing?
- Nothing.
Stay back, guys!
Stay back!
No! Tobe!
- Come on! Go! Go!
- Adrienne!
No, let go of me!
- No, I gotta help her!
- She's already dead!
Move! Move!
Go, man, go!
We're gonna fucking die!
Move your ass!
Let's go!
Go in the house!
All right, lock the doors!
All of them! Sean!
What the hell
happened out there?!
I don't know!
Well, I do.
It's one of those fucking Joads,
and we're the buffet.
Man, why the hell
did we come back here?
I was following him!
Tobe's gonna die, too,
if we don't help him, okay?!
What are you guys waiting for?!
We have to go help him!
- No, fuck that!
- Are you people blind?!
The killer's using Tobe as bait.
My best friend is dead.
Please let this not be
Well, it's happening, okay?
Look, we can all talk about
how fucked up it is later,
but right now,
we need to start figuring out
a way to get out of here alive.
Someone will see the bus, right?
They'll come looking for us.
So we're just gonna wait here?
I don't want to be eaten
by a cannonball.
- It's "cannibal," God damn it!
- That's what I said!
Nobody's gonna get eaten, okay?!
We're gonna stay here,
stay smart,
and make it until morning,
and then we'll make
a break for it.
Not tonight.
It's too risky.
Riskier than waiting around here
for that psycho to show back up?
What do you think
you're gonna do with that?
If that motherfucker
comes near me,
I'm gonna introduce
this to his skull.
Yeah, Wes is right.
Let's all grab something.
Let's mess him up.
That make you feel better?
A little bit, yeah.
So what's the plan?
Okay, Jamie, Marilyn, and I
will secure the downstairs.
Wes, you take the upstairs.
Johnnie, Heather,
secure the main floor.
If someone comes through that
front door, we should hear it.
Come on.
You okay, baby?
I... I've just never seen
anyone die before.
Flashlight. Here.
Guys, this is creepy.
Marilyn, here.
Okay. Okay.
We can think of this
as our Alamo, okay?
This must head outside.
If someone comes in upstairs,
we get down here,
get to the yard,
and back to the bus, okay?
Get upstairs! Now! Now!
Quick! Go! Go!
Go and lock the door!
Get out of here!
Come on! Come on!
Hey, you guys chill out!
Chill out, slow down.
Where's Sean?
He's in the cellar.
We have to go.
- Sean?
- Him! The killer, you idiot!
He killed Sean?
Are you sure?
- Of course we're fucking sure!
- Screw this.
No, get the fuck off me!
I'm gonna kill
this fucking freakazoid!
- Johnnie, no!
- We gotta go, man.
We have to get back to the bus!
And then what?
So he can find us there, too?
No, let's do this now!
Maybe he won't
follow us there, Johnnie!
- Maybe he won't go that far!
- Yeah, and maybe he will.
Johnnie, we gotta
get the fuck out of here, man!
Let's go!
All right, once we get outside,
we haul ass, you hear me?
Back door!
Help me get the fridge!
Go, go!
Come on!
- This way!
- Where the hell are we going?
I don't know!
Is he still behind us?
We have to keep moving.
We have to help him.
He's still alive.
It hurts.
What's he saying?
Kill me.
All right, we can take care
of this psycho right now.
You good?
- No, fuck this!
- Run!
He's out there somewhere.
He sounded pretty far away.
I say we make our move.
- I don't know.
- Well, I do.
I've been following you people
around all night, and so far,
it's gotten three of us killed.
I don't wanna be next.
Do you?
- No.
- Good.
Now come on.
We're gonna find out
where that mother fucker is
and as we know he ain't coming,
we run like hell, you got it?
All right, come on.
I don't wanna go out there.
He's gonna get us, Wes.
We're gonna be fine.
Look, we'll go out
the back door.
It's closest to the road.
Be careful.
All right,
we're all clear over here.
No! No!
- Marilyn!
- Wes!
Marilyn! No!
God, please, no, no!
- We should help her.
- Screw that.
Shut that dog up.
Shh, shh.
Okay, let's go.
- Ew, what is this place?
- Shh!
Keep quiet and follow me.
We're not out
in the open, are we?
Okay, we just need a place
to hole up for the night.
It's gonna be okay, Precious.
Come on.
That barn,
it's just across the way.
All right,
but you gotta be quiet.
You got it?
It's okay.
Don't look.
We're gonna make it, okay?
But we need to keep our heads.
I think we can hide out here
until morning.
At night, that crazy fuck
can come out of anywhere.
I don't wanna die, Johnnie.
Okay, I'm gonna
take care of you.
You need to keep
that thing quiet.
Stay close.
Come on.
Stay close.
Okay, we'll be safe
in the back of this, okay?
Are you sure?
Trust me, baby.
Okay, get in.
You punks are gonna pay.
Joyriding delinquents.
We have to keep still.
This thing creaks and moans
like an old woman.
Hey, you're doing great,
Heather, okay?
Everything's gonna be fine.
Try and relax.
We're sleeping right here, okay?
I don't think
I'll ever sleep again.
In the morning,
we'll bust out, hit the road.
I'll bet the bus will be filled
with cops by then.
And they'll have
blankets and coffee,
and you can fucking A be sure
they'll have donuts, too.
And we'll go home.
We'll get old and fat,
and we'll have a ton of kids.
I love you, Johnnie.
What's wrong with her?
Maybe the bad man is back.
Just keep her quiet.
I mean it, Heather.
One bark from that thing
and we're dead, understand that?
- What are you doing?
- It's gonna be okay.
- Did he hear? Is it him?
- Shh!
I don't know.
We have to go.
We'll bust out here
and make a break for it.
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
No, no! No! No!
If I can track the VC
in the rainy season,
I can damn sure
find these brats.
I didn't think anyone was left.
What happened?
Don't worry, I'll survive.
You okay?
We're all that's left.
How can you know that?
I heard his eye pop, Jamie.
When the glass hit it,
I heard it pop.
It was horrible.
It's gonna be okay, Mar.
It's not. It's not.
We're gonna die here.
By the time anyone finds us,
we'll be dead.
You're cold.
And sweating, too.
Look, Marilyn,
focus on what I'm saying.
You're going
into shock, that's all.
You're gonna be all right,
but you have
to stay focused, okay?
I mean it, Marilyn,
you have to stay with me.
I will, I... I just
need to sit down.
- I just...
- No. You have to stay up.
Otherwise you're just
gonna pass out.
I can't drag you.
You understand what I'm saying?
Give me a second to find
something to fight back with.
I got him pretty good
with a rock back there.
I think he may be the devil,
I don't know.
He must be...
a demon from hell or something.
I looked into his eyes.
What we need to worry
about right now
is getting back to the bus.
It's hopeless.
It's over now.
What do you think?
I think it's fate.
My God.
Someone please help me!
Who is that?
I'm over here!
Mr. C!
We have to go.
Jamie, you and your friends
are in some trouble...
Fuck your trouble!
Jamie, don't you
talk to me like that.
They're dead.
They're all dead.
- All of them!
- What? How?
This guy killed them all.
We have to go.
We leave no man left behind.
Now stand down
and tell me where they are.
You don't understand.
We have to get out of here now.
Are they in there?
Are they in the house?
Where are they?
Come on.
Jamie, get in the house.
Close the door and don't
come out until I say so.
No, no, he'll get you.
You have to come inside.
He's just a man,
a man who's gonna
have to get through me
to get to one of my kids.
Now stay in there.
All right.
I'm no teenager.
I was in the 'Nam,
you sick fuck!
And I got chunks of guys
like you in my stool!
Come on, you commie,
pinko, fag bastard.
I've killed more men
than you could possibly imagine.
One more is fine with me.
You Hanoi chink piece of shit!
Mr. C?
Mr. Cunningham?!
Leave me alone!
How do you like that?!
No, no, no.
Come on, Mr. C.
Have something I can use.
Come on.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
All right.
I made it.
Help! Help me!
My God.
Hey, are you okay, mister?
What the f...
Hey, you stay right there
or I will shoot.
I mean it!
Son of a bitch.
Hell of a mess, Sheriff.
I've never seen nothing like it.
Junior Joad.
Now that's one bad penny
I never thought
I'd have to see again.
How you doing, sweetheart?
You okay?
Can you tell me how many
other people were with you?
They're all dead.
But where are they?
Where are your friends?
The house.
The house on the hill.
Okay, look, get some rest.
These folks, they're gonna take
real good care of you.
Then I'll come back
in a little while.
I'll check up on you, all right?
You're gonna be okay.
You'll be okay.
What is it?
She said something
that shook you up pretty good.
You hadn't even joined the force
when we had our troubles.
You gonna keep me
in the dark, Sheriff,
or is this some type
of ghost story?
It's worse.
It's a lot worse.
The Joads, they never came
to town at the end.
Some people thought
they'd picked up and moved off.
Then we started
getting the calls.
Somebody's kid went missing.
And then somebody's wife,
somebody's husband.
Me and a couple of the boys,
we went up there.
Emmett Joad!
This is your last chance!
we're gonna eat you alive!
We killed
every last one of them.
Or so we thought.
Until today.
Junior must have been
up here hunting by himself
for a long time.