Lost Angel, The (2005) Movie Script

Do you hear me, freak?
You burn that towel and
you'd wish you were dead!
Drop the freaking match!
They may try and separate us, get different versions.
I'm saying he had a gun.
- It's fine by me.
- I got a cold one we can use.
I'll do a few dots.
I could tell the truth.
No, no, no, no.
- The gun's better.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Well, how do you think I feel?
- What do you mean?
I'm the one that said
"Drop the match."
There'll be an
Look... I think everybody's gonna be
so happy we got him,
- there won't be a problem.
- People have short memories.
I remember I bought
the beer last time.
I'm gonna need
more than beer.
- Come on, let's go get something to eat.
- Come on.
[Billie speaking indistinctly]
...in his puke the whole time.
- Stop, stop.
- That, that's not a double.
Alright, just...
well... just bring me a double double.
Uh, uh, uh, uh.
Thank you.
- That's your third.
- Yeah, I wanna sleep tonight.
I'll sleep like I'm dead.
So what was all that graffiti
at the murder scene?
What do you give a shit for, Banks?
We got the guy.
You're sure you got
the right guy?
- Ugh, come on, Banks.
- I don't mean to be an asshole.
Sure you do.
The graffiti was red spray paint, the guy had
3 cans of this shit in his basement.
I just wanted to stand up.
It sounds very circumstantial.
The guy was stalking
Pam Morrison for 2 weeks.
- So she took a restraining order out on him.
- Banks, what do you want? A snuff movie?
I want it to stand up.
We brought Wall on that Fishburn murder
over a year ago.
- Which you know he did.
- I know he walked.
Banks, he killed at least how many?
Two? Two people now?
- Yeah, that we know about.
- But Pam Morrison was different.
He wanted us to find her.
Think about it.
He made that display
with the graffiti.
Those other 2 kills,
they weren't like that.
He dropped them
in the river.
- And he got away with it.
- Hey, I love to see the prick fry.
That's it for me.
Father Kevin?
[Whimpering] No.
Inspector Palmer.
- This one looks real familiar.
- Yeah?
We got the wrong guy.
You all go to St. Rita's Church?
- It happened 4 hours ago.
- Here?
I don't think so. There doesn't seem to be
any sign of a struggle.
The perv has real artistic control
over this display.
So, who calls it in?
Drive-by security guy.
He's being interviewed downstairs.
Saw a light in the warehouse.
Called it in.
So, he kills her someplace else and
brings her back here, and
sets all this up?
Umm-hmm. All within the last 4 hours
judging by the time of death.
And you are sure that
these are the same?
Exactly the same as the
Pam Morrison kill.
The same warehouse display.
Same everything.
You gotta care about
that shit now.
The last 4 hours.
While your guy Brian Wall was in the hospital
with a shot-up leg.
He could still be involved.
You don't get a better alibi
by being in a hospital
because you were shot by a cop.
Sir, if they're letting Wall out...
And he'll be complaining about
what you did to him.
No weapons charge?
Billie, they know it's one of
your cold guns.
- Same death?
- Umm-hmm.
Drugs, torture,
beaten to death.
But, not raped.
Right, just like Pam Morrison.
Nothing sexual.
Look at this altar, I mean,
this isn't sexual, this is religious.
More like sacrilegious.
And, uh, ballistics?
No, no fingerprints. No nothing.
Almost a professional RTK homicide.
It's not sexual.
But they're both women.
Is there anything that they have in common,
I mean, did they know each other?
Don't know yet. But they both
belong to the same Catholic Church.
St. Rita's.
Oh, Brian Wall was a janitor
over there, so...
He's got an accomplice.
You've got a serial killer.
Banks, who the hell is that?
And don't mention serial killer again, okay?
The Feds will stick us with some fucking profiler.
They already have.
God damn!
Well, you know, that's one of
the ten commandments.
I'm Father Brian.
You know, Father Brian, we take it very seriously
when people are tortured and killed.
Well, then I'll skip the smalltalk.
Do you know what this writing is, what it means?
- It is cuneiform.
- Cuneiform?
The world's first written language.
Created over 5 thousand years ago
by the Sumerians, and later adapted by
the Arcadians and the Babylonians.
That's where our alphabet
evolved from.
And this... looks like
the Babylonian version.
What does it say?
Well, that symbol there, that means
the beginning of the day, sunrise.
This symbol here, the next day,
and this figure in the middle,
It means death.
My guess is this serial is letting you know that
each 24-hour period will bring you another body.
Welcome to the team, Father.
You know what is strange, is that woman,
her priest, Father Kevin,
is one of the world experts
in deciphering Cuneiform.
We gotta find him now.
Julian, check your snitch.
I'm on it.
Banks, show the father here the pictures
from the Morrison kill, the cuneiform.
Okay, I'll get them.
But what are you gonna do?
- Are you okay?
- Fuck okay, get me home.
All right.
You fucking cunt pig!
Trying to frame me but it didn't work.
Now you have to go out
and do your fucking job!
Oh, I'll be watching you.
Hey, I've got a restraining order.
You have to stay away from my client.
How safe at you at night? I have nothing to do now
but feel the pain and think about you.
Come and get me!
Come on now, you have to
stay away from her too. Get it?
I'll leave the door open, huh?
I'll be fucking with
your head so bad...
Just walk through that door. I got your leg,
I want the rest of your ass.
Man, you stink today.
I grew up in the county orphanage.
I didn't have your cultural advantages.
What you haven't had is the use of the bathroom
in about a month. And watch your mouth.
You know, there's a good john
in the park.
Full of disease.
You gotta start doing real fucking
better than this, man!
You know if I didn't need this shit,
I wouldn't be helping you.
Listen, we got the wrong guy.
Brian Wall is a murdering pscho
piece of shit!
Right, right. He's a douche bag who plays with fire
but he didn't do the Morrison kill.
Wall has killed and has walked.
You sent us after this guy for whatever,
but everything's all fucked up.
You fucked it up?
Don't blame me.
The same guy killed again.
Yeah, while your guy was in jail.
That kinda sucks, doesn't it?
The killer's using warehouses to
display his victims.
Yeah. Know anything about that?
Check out the West Side.
- What do you know?
- Cruise the West Side, that's what I hear.
How do you know that?
People on the streets, they get
paid off to do things. You know?
What people?
Shit, man! Fuckers like me who could
use the money. Break open a warehouse.
Move a stiff to a warehouse,
shit like that.
Who, who pays for shit
like that?
They don't tell me who. Same thing as
I don't tell me who they are.
Being homeless is
tough shit, man.
You need people not wanting
you dead.
Wait, what, you're telling me they're paying
junkies to move dead bodies around.
Hell, no. I ain't saying that.
Then what are you saying?
I'm saying, check out
the West Side.
He's really in a state,
I got him ready for you though.
Thanks, Margaret.
You two know each other?
Billie, this is Margaret. She is Father Kevin's
ears for about 5 years now.
I'm the church secretary.
This way.
- So she was here last night?
- She was practicing late.
- How late?
- I left at seven, she's still going.
Anyone else here?
Just Father Kevin, but he's deaf.
So he wouldn't know what time she left.
Any other doors besides this one?
Just that to the back parking.
This is where it happened.
What makes you so sure?
She was here, I can feel it.
She's coming out to the car,
which was still parked here.
Gets out her phone, about to call 911
and she trips over the garbage can.
We'll bag her phone and
we'll find her prints on it.
This is Palmer, get a CSI to the back parking
of St. Rita's Church now.
Who could thought of anything
happening here?
- You weren't here past 7?
- Nobody heard anything.
Nobody else here besides
the deaf priest?
Well, the neighbours,
I already asked around.
Who are you?
Were you here?
I'm sorry. That's Brother Thadius.
He was here, I forgot.
- Did you hear anything?
- He doesn't speak.
Hear no evil. Speak no evil.
This is great.
I assure you, nothing happened here.
You have to understand something, Margaret,
can't depend much on what you say.
But it wouldn't happen here.
Not at St. Rita's.
This one.
These are the opening words of
the "Gelosilna" Ceremony.
The father would sacrifice his first born son
to "a Rokian."
And give the first son to Baal
in return for his favour.
And this...
One sacrifice a day
for twenty days.
Uh, Father, you dropped some money.
He's deaf. He reads lips.
You know I have to check that out
for myself.
Uh, here, it's all there,
a 19th century copy.
Yeah, this is it.
Uh, the "Gelosilna."
They worshipped "a Rokian."
which was the name of the devil
before he was titled "Lucifer."
Moses sent an army to destroy
the Gelosilanas
on the orders of God.
The tablets were entrusted into
the care of the Levites.
The "Gelosilna" ceremony has been performed
100 times over 4 millennia.
Once the ceremony has begun,
there must be a sacrifice everyday until
the ceremony is finished.
The victims are meant
to be found.
What does this ceremony do?
If you sacrifice 20 victims
in this ceremony,
you will reign in hell forever
at the side of "a Rokian."
It could happen quickly, it could happen frequently,
daily, like this.
And it will not stop...
for nearly 3 weeks.
Father, where have you been
for the last 24 hours?
Look, I don't think that you did this, but I think
that your life is in danger.
I mean, this all seems to be
pointed at you, doesn't it?
The killer knows your language, he kills
members of your congregation.
I mean, is there anything that
you can tell me?
I can tell you nothing
from the confessional.
So something has been said in confessional
that could be connected to this?
I can't say.
Don't you wanna stop
the killing?
Isn't that your job?
Father, thank you.
Okay, we've gotten two messages.
The Father, offers up
the son to Baal.
One human sacrifice a day,
for twenty days.
That is eighteen more murders,
already planned.
Let's just assume, one every day.
Listen, in Lafayette, there was this case.
It was revenge against
a Jesuit priest.
Now, the killer, an abused altar boy,
committed murder tortures based on the
spiritual exercises of Ignatius of Loyola.
He killed everyone of
the church elders,
each one based on
a different spiritual exercise.
So we kept a watch
on the priest,
and when the killer came,
we got him.
What the hell's he
doing here?
He came to ask you
some questions.
Detective Zilinsky has been assigned to
the Morrison investigation.
Brian Wall's suing
the department.
We all have interviews
with I.A. tomorrow.
Come on, guys, we got bodies
stacking up, one a day.
What's going on here?
Please continue.
Inspector Palmer, I have a few
questions for you.
Later, we're busy doing something you I.A. officers
don't understand. It's called work.
Father, please, take the floor.
I was just saying, you're
probably looking for a
white male, with a traumatic childhood,
maybe elapsed Catholic
who used to be a member
at St. Rita's.
- Or a janitor.
- Not again with Brian Wall.
He's still our number one suspect.
With an unshaken alibi that you
provided him with.
Banks, he was a janitor
over at St. Rita's.
Now, we know this because of
the investigation, right?
I'm staying on him.
Really? He's already walked.
Maybe he did the first one and
the second one he had a partner.
Or maybe he did the first one,
the second one was a copycat.
We have no idea what we're dealing with.
I think he's involved.
I'm staying on him.
All right. Let me put one of
my guys on him.
Fine. Just make it your best guys.
I want guys on the Church,
I want guys on the rectory.
Julian, what about your guy?
Well, he said check the West Side for
the next warehouse display.
Okay, did he say how he gets
this information?
Street rumour, Billie, you know.
Yeah, just... stay on him.
I'm so sick of this, all the time.
Every time I go and see this guy, he complains and
moans about growing up in a county orphanage.
It's easy enough to concentrate
black and whites on the West Side.
Problem is, by the time this guy starts
shopping for warehouses,
we got another dead Catholic.
So bring me something better.
La Mont, are you there?
Just a lot of snow.
Roger that.
So, do you ever?
Ever what?
You know, you and your partner.
Who's asking?
Don't get pissed.
I'm just curious. That's all.
I got her back, okay?
I can read that. 'Cause she's
your... partner.
- No, not so much like a partner, more like a...
- A boss.
I got her back,
just say it that way.
I guess you better.
I was just curious, that's all.
Why? Is you job
that dull, Banks?
I guess her personal life's
kinda full.
Who's got time for personal life?
Not with that sister and all.
- Something about her sister?
- Yeah.
What's up with that?
Like I said, who's asking?
Damn! Coffee on the lap.
That's great!
Banks, your geniuses lost Brian Wall.
Get out there and find him or I will.
- Nice talking to you, Julian.
- Whatever, Banks.
All right. Whose home?
Brother Thadius and the deaf priest.
Nobody coming, nobody going.
(Sighs) Well, except for you.
Come on, go, scram.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Been staying all day.
Get some sleep.
Someone might as well.
All right.
Call me if anything.
No maybes. You call me.
I'll be there.
A 100 yards away from this one. I want
a floor plan of the church and the rectory.
Someone killed him and
got him out
while I was out there
the whole time.
I didn't hear anything.
I didn't see anything.
Did you find Brian Wall?
See how it works?
We lose him, and people die.
Padre, speak.
What is this?
That means shepherd.
I don't know what that is.
Shepherd? Who's the shepherd?
The priest?
We gotta squeeze him hard.
He's got enemies.
Yes, but not too hard, Billie.
This really upsets him.
You know, I'm a little
pissed off myself.
You covering for him, hmm?
Run a game on me like that
and I will fuck you up.
Jesus, Billie!
Good morning.
You're not wearing blue jeans?
Good morning.
Can I have some money
for hair dye?
If you let me get a perm,
I won't have to ask you again.
No permanent hair dye, no perms,
no tattoos, and no more piercings.
You're getting that black lipstick
all over our glasses.
Can't you get that smudge-proof shit?
What's wrong?
More interviews with those
I.A. guys today.
What are you gonna do?
- So your sister's in the paper again?
- I don't want to talk about it.
Excuse me.
Does that police woman live here?
Are you her sister?
Ah, look, I'm nobody
to worry about.
Your sister put the guy away
that did this to me.
I look at the things they write about her
in the papers, and
I want to throw up.
I mean she's really good people.
- She's been under...
- A lot of pressure?
So where are you two
off to?
You ever hear that band,
uh, Metallica?
Yeah, who hasn't?
Well, nobody much knows about it, but they're
playing a gig tonight, at this club
called 'Astart' over
at Oaklawn.
Meet me there around sundown,
I'll get you both in the door.
It's the least I could do.
It is from Babylonian scritpure.
It says the shepherd has
a dying flock.
You're the shepherd.
I know that.
You want to talk to me now?
All right.
So, you were here?
Yes, in this very chair
I'm here.
And where was Brother Thadius?
Uh, Brother Thadius's room
is here.
Okay, the two of you were supposed to be
here alone last night.
When was the last time
you saw Brother Thadius?
I saw him at dinner.
Did he say anything at dinner?
No, no, no.
But... Brother Thadius is taking
a vow of silence.
We communicate by email.
Do you have the last email that
you received from Brother Thadius?
Billie, this is a good man.
Until I could figure out
who else was here,
he's all we've got.
Well, the last email from
Brother Thadius.
Is there any other way in or out
of this church?
I have 4 officers covering this rectory,
it's very well lit.
They can see all the entrances. You wouldn't be
lying to me now, would you?
Please excuse me. I've suddenly
gotten very tired.
Yeah, get over to the courthouse and pull
a full jacket on Father Kevin and St. Rita's.
Anyone trying to sue the Church or him,
any restraining orders,
any police reports of any kind.
Do it now.
So you're sure you don't wanna
go out with me this weekend?
Give me a break, Banks.
- So where's Julian?
- I told him to go home and get some sleep.
All right, it's locked up.
Gotta go back and get the key.
Don't bother. I got something.
Is this one of those shortcuts that you always promise
that you don't take?
Uh, we do have
a time element here.
Here's something.
Oh, wow! Okay, I got Brother Thadius' key.
The wine cellar. This is it!
This is the abduction point.
He opened the door with the key
and left the key here.
So, how do you lock up?
I don't know. Brother Thadius was to come down for
a little drink and got a bottle in the face.
Our guy must have known he was gonna
be here. Waiting for him.
Hey, come here.
Look at this. He left us
a little calling card,
He must've known we're
gonna be here too.
Maybe he left it for
Father Kevin.
How did he get out?
You keep saying 'he'.
What happens if it's a woman
we're looking for?
What makes you think that a woman
would be capable of doing this?
Hey, I've seen you
in action, remember?
No, a woman wouldn't have left
the clothes on the monk
and strip the females.
That's a man's game.
Wait, come here.
I think I found something.
Okay, now we know how they
got past us.
We can watch the church better, anyway.
Wow! Okay, we're on our way.
Nice going, Sherlock.
They got it.
A 10-year-old restraining order taken up by
Father Kevin against a guy named Fred Rallings.
Interesting rap sheet, 3 arrests,
1 on a DND, 2 for possession of V,
no convictions.
Well, he couldn't fit the profile
any better.
He grew up in St. Rita's.
He was an altar boy.
He then developed an interest
in the occult.
Father Kevin ex-communicated him. He then
publicly threatened revenge after that.
- Anything violent?
- Not in ours, what about the Feds?
Okay, let's see. Fred Rallings, legally
changed his name to Kuratha.
No last name. Owns this night club,
known associate, Brian Wall.
Who you haven't found yet.
I'm on it, Billie.
This is found at the crime scene.
This symbol has been used before.
What does it mean?
It means shepherd.
- Father Kevin is the shepherd.
- Well, everything does seem aimed at him.
- Did you get some sleep?
- Yeah.
How does it feel?
- My breathing, so, another body?
- Yeah.
Pretty good lead this time.
This guy, Kuratha,
owns a club in the Oaklawn area
named 'Astart.'
apparently a breeding ground for
drugs and devil worshippers.
Oh, boy.
Put a 24-hour tail on this guy Kuratha
and get some moles in the club.
And check this guy out with your snitch.
You never know.
He'll want drugs, I'm out.
Check my locker.
How'd you know about
the West Side?
Same reason you keep coming back.
You're wrong about Brian Wall.
No. [snort] I just want to set him up.
Get him off the street.
Hey! Don't you ever fuck with me like that again?
You understand me?
Swear to God I'll bury your ass
in the goddamn dumpster.
All right. Chill.
What about this guy Kuratha?
Don't know.
Got a club in Oaklawn,
called the 'Astart.'
Kids get drugs there.
Yeah? What else?
I... don't know.
- Nothing more on this guy?
- No.
Got a friend called Brian Wall?
You mean he takes it in the ass
with Brian Wall?
Nothing more on these killings?
Got past you this time, right?
Right past the cops with the body,
didn't he?
You were there?
I don't know. You've been pumping me
so full of drugs
I don't know if
I've got shoes on.
I've been pumping?
- Mom?
- Stop with that shit!
Come on.
Stop with that!
Jesus Christ!
God damn it!
Fucking junkie!
The Special Crimes Task Force is
composed of 3 detectives
of Inspector rank.
Each of us oversees
a team of detectives.
We draw from a pool.
I chose Julian because
he's best for me.
There's no smoking here.
No smoking?
How did you know how to
find Brian Wall, Inspector?
- We got tipped off.
- By whom?
- Snitch.
- Who?
- Don't know.
- Don't know? Who does?
Lieutenant Banks I got stuck with
by Homicide.
- Do I have to say?
- Yeah.
I guess you know, shuffling
all those papers.
- Now, how would you know that?
- My snitch.
Who's that?
Each of us has experience
in homicide,
vice, narcotics. We choose
the cases we work on.
We pursue these folders
until they're solved.
In other words, you get the job done
by any means necessary.
I don't give up mine unless
you give up yours.
You'll give up what
you're told.
You'll address me as Inspector
or ma'am.
I'll run my investigation,
you run yours.
These are bad cops, Chief.
I got a serial RTK on the street,
you're shaking down my best outfit.
Who's the bad cop?
We know a lot about you, Billie.
You don't know enough.
I'd like to discuss what happened
on March 17, 1993.
What the hell is this?
Shaking things up.
You don't want to
shake her too hard.
How did what happened on March 17, 1993
affect your job, Inspector?
Say it again.
I believe in equality
between the sexes.
You punch me.
I punch you.
Okay... are you gonna sue me
or press charges?
No. I'm just gonna
knock you out.
All right, enough of this shit!
You're both acting like punks!
I warned him.
Felony assault. You'll be off the force
in a week.
I'm not through with you, Palmer!
I'm not through with you, you bitch!
- You're...
kinda okay.
For a freak.
Hey, lonesome buddy.
How can I help you?
Do you want to go to
the Spring Dance with me?
I'd love to go.
That's a really good book.
Yeah. You know this thing it teaches you,
just never even heard of it.
Gotta love public school.
- Well, see you.
- Bye.
I need you to mingle, Mchugh.
I need you to mingle, Mchugh.
Whose the guy at the raised table?
I don't know.
You go hit at him.
My, my, my! Little lost angels
come to play.
Why are you sitting up here?
Because, sweetheart, I own the joint.
You've never been here before, huh?
- Why?
- Because you're so fucking hot!
I would have remembered
your fine ass.
- How you're doing?
- Okay, what's up?
- Get a headset.
- I don't know. I'll think about it.
Kuratha, the owner.
I haven't decided what
I want, yet, tonight.
What you want.
You know, a man, a woman,
a reptile.
I'll let you know
what I decide.
Baby, I can be
all of the above.
- Where did you get her?
- Pull her out of the academy.
- Great.
- Thank you.
- Oh, I'll be back.
- Please hurry.
You are fine, my God.
A little old for me, though.
- Anything?
- Nothing. You check your snitch?
- Nah, he's full of shit.
- Why did you say that?
I think he gave us Brian Wall,
some kind of street revenge.
You know, throw his ass
in jail or something.
All right, he's certainly not
full of shit about that.
Well, he was right about
the West Side.
He has been right about a lot of stuff.
Actually, it's kind of scary how right he is.
I know what you're thinking, Billie.
I can't.
He's right about too much, we're gonna
have to bring him in.
If he wasn't that right,
what good would he be?
- I know how hard it is...
- Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh.
- Mchugh, what was that noise?
- A dial tone.
I can't leave the club and I can't
sit there talking to myself.
- So, what's up?
- Well, I got invited to a party.
- Should I go?
- What? You think I'm your dad? Come on!
You're the hotest thing
he's ever seen.
Alright already.
- Look, just keep him there as long as you can. Okay?
- Check.
- Billie, what are you...
- What's wrong?
That girl over there.
It's Inspector Palmer's sister.
Come on.
Look, your friend Azrael has been up there
for an hour now,
no one's taking a bite
out of her.
Come up and I'll
buy you a drink.
It's about time.
- I got you Midori Sour.
- I don't drink.
- I'm just waiting for my ride.
- Wait a second.
You guys are coming back
to my place, right?
I got a hot tub, an HDTV. Shit, you can
spend a week at my house
- and I'll never see you.
- No. Thanks.
- What are you afraid of?
- I didn't say I was afraid.
I said no.
How about show a little fucking respect, huh?
You come to my place running that bitch attitude
and I would smack you.
Totally, Sand. Chill out.
Now, you're coming.
So are you.
Let's get the hell
outta here.
Hey, you can't come back here.
- Don't mess with me, cop.
- Sand, is this yours?
I didn't order it.
Now you've made a mistake.
I'm here on personal business.
That's my sister.
Sand Palmer. You're the infamous
Billie Palmer.
You're the bitch that
dropped Brian Wall.
Wow, you're bright.
Look, I've owned this club for years.
I haven't had any trouble with the law.
Sure you have.
How old are you, Azrael?
Come on.
Wait a second.
Come on, don't say anything.
Sand, I'm sorry to have
upset you.
Look, I'm sorry. Alright?
I didn't mean to be rude.
I apologize.
What are you gonna do, sweetheart? Shoot me
in front of all these lovely witnesses?
Billie, no, no, no.
Put it down.
- Put it down.
- What are you doing?
We were just starting
to have a good time.
Uh, come on, let's go inside.
What the hell were you
doing there, Sand?
Billie, what were you gonna do
to that guy?
Sand, you have any idea how
dangerous that guy is?
He is a murder suspect.
I'm sorry. I just wanted to have
some fun. I didn't know.
I'm really scared
all of a sudden.
Don't be scared. It's just...
Promise me you will not
go to that club again.
I promise.
Well, you look really stylish.
Yeah, regular runway model.
Look, I can't have you going out
for a little while, okay?
Mchugh lost him.
[Billie sighs] How?
He went back inside the club, and, I don't know,
he just... suddenly wasn't there.
Are you sure he's gone?
Yeah, yeah. We checked out
the entire place.
What about his car?
Is his car still there?
No, the car is still there
but he isn't.
I know, I know.
All right, I'm gonna hit the church.
- Yeah.
- Banks.
- Did you get him?
- Church secretary.
Don't say dead.
How's deceased?
Looks like we made the networks.
Let's go.
Come on, move.
Inspector Palmer, is it true you're the
de facto head of the Cuneiform Cult investigation?
Excuse me.
- How many has the Cunieform Cult taken so far?
- Too many.
Inspector, is it true you shot a man
in the leg for no reason?
We'll be sending you a bill.
Whoo, whoo, I'm the homicide guy.
Ask me.
Watch your step here.
What's it say?
I'm not sure what
this one means?
This one I can read.
It's very simple.
It means 4.
That means 16.
4 down, 16 to go.
I should kill him.
- Where is Kuratha?
- Well, he's home now.
He got there about an hour ago.
Good. I want you to take
all your men off of him.
I thought he was
your top suspect.
I want him all to myself.
Is this about what we're looking at here
or is it about what happened at the club?
It's about time and
we don't have any.
Hey, this guy is making good on
his promise, one a day.
This twisted, sick, fuck has us as
his own personal audience.
We don't have anything
on Kuratha.
Oh, he does fit the profile better than
anyone else we've looked at.
He fits yours, let's see
if he fits mine.
Father, you seem to know the scripture pretty well,
is there a commandment that I'm not aware of?
One that says that it's okay to lie
about protecting church secrets?
The secret tunnel. I've been there,
and so has our guy.
Ah... yes, I thought you
would find it.
What's it for?
It was built by a prior
owner of the house,
to connect the house to
his wife's grave.
The grave is quite overgrown now.
It lies in the eastern forest.
Who knows about it?
No one. It is not on
the original plans.
It was found by accident
30 years ago.
What else?
How did you get
that scar, Father?
- Billie!
- Back off.
Answer me.
- A woman cut me.
- Why?
- I was trying to stop her.
- From what?
From sinning.
There are some things I...
I do not wish to discuss.
Some things that I wish
I could forget.
But I cannot.
I must not.
And I will not discuss them with you.
What about this guy Kuratha?
The guy you ex-communicated.
I find it better not to discuss those
who have been ex-communicated.
Can you try to make him see 'cause I am
this close to pressing charges?
Father, I'm... I'm sorry.
Now you know what
you must do.
I have no idea.
What? You must keep
the woman away.
I don't see how that's possible
now that she knows.
You have your job to do,
and I have mine.
Now, I need you to stay here.
Well, how long you're gonna be?
I don't know. Uh, listen to
some music or something.
It's my sister's.
All right. Sure.
Whoo, whoo, this is
a private club.
Where did you disappear to
last night?
Last night?
I was at a birthday party.
That's right.
And I happen to catch the news there.
Yeah, I saw the thing about the Cuneiform Cult.
[Kuratha laughs]
You earn your money.
Would anyone remember seeing you
at this party?
Only about 120 people.
It's my party.
- Happy birthday.
- What is this?
It's like you're down for the count, dude.
This... this is bullshit!
What? So you got my fingerprints
on a bag of dope.
Like that's gonna hold up anywhere.
I'll be out in a minute, lady.
Dispatcher, this is SCSI 911
1028 Siera 912 Mary 4.
Roger, driver does not have his license,
I'll be searching the vehicle.
It's such bullshit!
Shut up!
[Billie chuckles]
Thanks, Padre.
Right on time.
This is your best suspect?
We can establish motive. Publicly
threaten revenge on St. Rita's.
How many years ago?
Look, he was unaccounted for
during the kill.
I got a deaf priest
I can hang it on.
This guy, he really set me off.
Be good to be right.
You better be goddamn right.
What's the search turning up?
- Jack.
- He's clean?
No, no. He's got some dope. And homemade
pornos. But there's nothing serious.
Christ! I hope we got
the right guy.
How are you gonna handle this?
Just don't record anything.
What's she gonna do?
If I knew, Chief, I wouldn't
try to talk her out of it.
50 bucks on the break.
You're on.
We don't need these, do we?
Talk off your clothes.
Fuck off.
Take off your clothes.
Take off your clothes now.
Sit down.
You don't like strong women, do you?
You wanna fuck me?
No, I don't wanna fuck you.
No. You don't want to fuck me?
- Yes.
- Yes what?
Yes, I wanna fuck you.
No, you're not hard.
Come on!
Just... give me a minute.
How are you gonna fuck me?
Get it hard! What's wrong with you?
You fucking puke!
Come on, get it hard.
Get that dick hard!
Why are you doing this to me?
I can't let you leave.
It's gone too far.
I'm not gonna say anything, okay?
I don't wanna die.
We'll take this out on somebody.
I swear to God.
Please just let me go.
Why should I let you go home?
Because I didn't fucking do this!
Okay. But you're gonna be a good little boy
and you're gonna give DNA to the policeman.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Fucking bitch!
Well, psychotically perverse
on a number of levels.
I want semen, hair,
skin, the works.
Is he our perp?
No. I've pushed all the right buttons to
motivate an RTK serial psychotic.
What the fuck does that mean?
It means he would've killed me
and gotten a hard-on.
He could've faked it.
No, he'd have to be a great actor.
Like you.
I gotta go and pick up
the deaf priest.
We'll watch him.
- I wanna bring him in.
- No. Get some rest.
That's an order.
Try not to make any noise.
I got rugrats.
Yeah? Girls and boys.
You, get to your room.
Two bitches.
I was too hot
for their own good.
Future pregnant runaways.
Let's, uh, fucking ...
Don't move, or I'll kill everybody.
Please don't hurt my sister.
I don't want you
making any noise.
Please, not her.
I ain't gonna hurt her.
- Billie?
- I'm just ganna play.
Billie? Billie, what's going on?
Just do what he says.
It's gonna be okay.
Sand, can I come in?
It's gonna be okay.
You're going to be fine.
I will protect you.
Billie, I don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, nothing. Just let me
stay here, okay?
Look, we cannot keep doing this.
I need to know that you're safe.
Billie, I am safe.
I've been talking with Tom
a lot lately at lunch.
His dad forces him to play sports,
but he really wants to be a journalist.
I was just thinking how much
I wanted to go out with him.
How weird that would be,
considering how I am.
When he picked me up,
I was really freaked out.
I couldn't sleep.
I was thinking to myself, just how sick
I am of all of this.
I was just so sick of everything.
I asked Tom to the dance.
Straight up.
Real good.
What did he say?
What do you think he said?
I'm a Palmer, goddammit.
You never ceased to amaze me.
I was kinda one of
life's car accidents.
But I don't deserve
to suffer for it.
And neither do you.
I love you so much.
I'm so sorry that
I wasn't there for you.
I just don't know how.
I'm sorry.
I know you are.
I borrow some clothes.
You can have them.
Take my whole wardrobe.
Wow! You really are a heartbreaker.
Oh, I only want one heart.
And I don't wanna break it.
I can't tell you how happy
this makes me.
- You gonna change your room?
- I can start listening to Britney Spears.
It's a gradual process.
Take your time.
- What's that?
- The bus.
The... the bus?
Yeah. Azrael disowned me, so
I take the bus now.
Well, gotta go. See ya!
Okay, have a good day.
[Billie chuckles]
That's the end of it. And there ain't
no more so this better be good.
- You got all the answers, don't you?
- I heard something. It might help.
Yeah. So...
You believe me?
I'm listening.
- If I'm right?
- I'll get you more.
Thing I heard, somebody's going after
the priest's ears.
You mean Father Kevin?
Priest at St. Rita's.
Who said that?
No, no, no, no.
You don't get that.
Oh, oh... Now you're gonna
rough me up?
Where did you get that name?
These guys were talking.
I heard.
Who? Junkies?
You think you're so much better? You're the
same thing as me, you just didn't face it.
Fuck you if I am.
My hands will stink
for a week now.
You're saying the priest is next?
Maybe I just made it up.
I never dig her, kind of.
But I didn't see her that well.
So I went to you,
as I was always saying,
just that, when I think, I'm not going to,
like, think that
She thought I was looking at her.
So she came up to me after the game
right after me and you talked.
And then she wanted to
get back together.
Sandra Palmer?
- Yeah, that's me.
- Sister wants to see you.
Are you just gonna
go with this guy?
It's not the first time I've been
pulled from school by a cop.
Is there something you're
not telling me?
My sister's a cop.
She's just busy.
Usually it's really important.
Sand, call me on my cell when
you get where you're going, okay?
Fake badge.
He said somebody would be
going after the priest's ears.
Well, that means Father Kevin
would be next.
- No.
- We have to protect him.
No, we will. It's just that something
you said about the secretary.
Yeah. You refer to her as
Father Kevin's ears.
I mean, is that something you call her,
or just everyone calls her that?
Everyone who deals with Father Kevin.
Well, that's a real lead, we'll need Julian's snitch.
You have to bring him in.
He knows. Did he say the ears?
He said the priest's ears.
Yes, okay?
Find her.
Speaking of protecting Father Kevin?
Why did you lie to me?
Look, this picture here you said
the symbol meant 'shepherd.'
The shepherd and his flock.
When only that the shepherd was
this picture here.
where the symbol doesn't appear.
The symbol appears at the Morrison kill
And I distinctly remember Father Kevin
saying it means 'Father.'
I think you're right.
It's my mistake.
I told you I was a little rusty.
Father Kevin is the expert.
Not 'father' as in 'priest.'
But father and son.
The perp is Father Kevin's son.
You are talking about the
reputation of a priest.
I'm talking about you getting on
the phone to the Vatican
and finding out any records about
Father Kevin having a son.
Now, or I'll put Banks on it.
A call to the Vatican I think
I'll make in private.
Billie, listen, this
gotta be bullshit.
- My guy was wrong about Wall, I mean...
- Not that wrong.
I mean... well, he says, the stuff,
is it, like psychic?
No, no. He's just... he's wired in.
He knows what's going on.
Inspector Palmer, you have a call from a kid
named Tom on line 3.
I thought it might be personal.
He says he knows your sister.
Put it through.
- Billie Palmer.
- Inspector Palmer, this is Tom Stewart.
Well, I'm kind of Sand's boyfriend.
Is she with you?
No. Why?
I told her to call me, when she got
where she was going.
She didn't.
- I'm kinda freaked.
- Tom, what are you talking about?
Well, you know, when you had that cop
pull her out of school today...
Tom, I did not pull Sand
out of school.
See, I was really kinda
wondering about that.
The car she got into didn't
even look like a patrol car.
I got the license plate number.
I'm gonna put you on with Detective Willis,
he's gonna take your statement.
Hold on. Willis, it's Billie,
take a statement on line 2
and run the plate.
Billie, when we find Brian Wall,
he's got a little girlfriend with him.
Put out a APB on
my sister now.
Do you know how full of fire
you'll be? In an instant.
Don't worry.
Sis knows it's me.
She'll be coming for you.
And that's what we both want.
- Just in time.
- You okay, Sand?
I know you like to watch.
And I wouldn't start without you.
Drop your gun.
Drop your gun.
Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
Ever hear of partners?
Now drop your gun, partner.
Put your gun down.
Let's go. Now.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
You're free. You don't ever have to sleep
with a gun under your pillow anymore.
You were there for me.
I'm gonna take you to
the hospital, okay?
No, I'm okay. I'm okay.
You take care of her.
I'm okay.
Well, is there anything
that you need?
I need you.
I did what you said.
Stake out the secretary.
I think your hunch
is about to pay off.
I thought you might want
a crack at it.
Where are you at?
Colorado and 5th? How fast
can you get here?
- Leave a message.
- Julian, Colorado and 5th.
I think we just got lucky.
- Anything?
- Nothing yet.
- You wanna go in?
- Back me up in 5.
Call an ambulance.
She's still alive.
See, when someone lives,
and all turns around.
Yeah, they start talking,
start remembering.
You guys can go in now.
Hey, let me talk to her
alone, okay?
- Go for it.
- Okay.
He had a... a black coat.
I couldn't see his face.
Nothing else?
It wasn't Father Kevin. I would've
known if it were Father...
You love Father Kevin very much,
don't you?
I had this job for 5 years.
Before that I had nothing.
But what is more important,
Father Kevin's life or...
or your job?
[Margaret sobs]
Father Kevin.
You see, I worry so much
about my sister.
- Your sister?
- Yeah.
I was able to be there for her tonight.
Me and my partner.
And save you? I mean,
we're on an incredible row.
You know, just shuts
the demons up.
Now you have a chance to be there
for the person that you love the most.
I once said that I couldn't
depend on what you tell me,
I was wrong.
It's all that I can depend on.
There is a secret
at St. Rita's.
I've been keeping it from you.
It's okay.
The altar boy, the devil worshipper...
He learnt a secret when
he was not
35 years ago.
Had a son.
She the one who
cut your face?
She was mad.
She wanted me to leave
the priesthood.
And she took a knife
to the boy's throat.
And I stopped her.
What happened to the kid?
I made him go and live at
the County Orphanage.
Where is he now?
Ah... now that's the question,
isn't it?
And you let 4 people die
before telling me this
so nobody would know that
you broke your vows.
Do not worry. I would not be here
to play you much longer.
He poisoned himself.
Come here, come on.
Get an ambulance out here,
If you cannot stop him,
I must.
Your son. This is the one
who's doing this.
I think I knew...
from the start.
You see, his mother
tried to kill him.
His father was ashamed
that he existed.
- And abandoned him.
- Have you seen him?
Hang on, Father.
You see...
When I'm gone...
he would have no further need
to kill.
But he knew... that the... the only way
I could make him stop
was to commit...
immortal sin.
Now my soul is lost.
But when God judges me,
I would beg him...
to spare... my son's.
Forget the ambulance.
Send the coroner.
That thing you said about
the County Orphanage, your snitch,
He said he grew up
in the County Orphanage.
You gotta bring him in.
That's an order, partner.
I will. I will.
Just let me be the one.
Sure. I'll stay back and
wait for your call.
Shit! I'll need some dope
and I'm out.
I'll make a call to Narcotics. I got a friend
up there, he'll fix you up.
Did I call it right?
You're Father Kevin's son,
aren't you?
Ah... Christ!
You killed a lot of people.
How did you figure it out?
You played me.
Now I got to take you in.
- Can I kill him first?
- No!
You shot people in cold blood.
We're not that different.
I go after criminals.
He's innocent.
He's innocent?
He's innocent?
He kept me in a cage.
He tried to strangle me twice.
My mom saved me.
He destoryed her body and soul everyday
right in front of me
until finally he killed her.
He tortured me!
I couldn't take the pain.
But those people that you killed,
what comes out of all these?
You sent me to spy on
Brian Wall.
He went to that church
my father ran.
I saw him again for the first time
in all those years.
That set me off.
It was you.
You did this.
I gotta take you in.
Those people...
It's gotta stop.
It's gotta stop.
Yeah. Now.
Julian, what's going on?
I'm not sure.
I don't know.
- I can't even...
- He doesn't exist, does he?
I... I stop Bryson.
He is you.
I stop.
I stop.