Lost Angelas (2019) Movie Script

Sit down.
Where's my daughter?
- I don't know.
She was blackmailed.
- Blackmail?
What the fuck are you talking about?
- I can't remember everything.
I woke up, I must've been drugged.
Somebody put something
in my drink.
I woke up on my lawn, and I
couldn't remember anything,
except for one crazy
image of Angela, dead.
She was dead.
- You want me to sit here and
listen to your fucking dreams?
- No.
Sit down!
- Sometimes two memories
are blended in one.
And I can't even remember
where it happened.
Hey, you work
across the street, right?
Yeah, I come to your open mike night.
I bartend poetry night.
- I thought you looked familiar.
- Do you perform, or?
- Oh no, no.
I mean, not yet.
I mean, I'm like behind the scenes.
I uh, I promote events.
- In here?
- No.
No, not in here.
yeah, you should check it out.
Maybe I'll see you there.
Oh, so this is a
rave, I've never been to one.
Sit down!
- It was just a dream.
It was a dream but it felt
like it was real, it was...
It was a dream.
It was a dream.
Oh my God it was a dream.
It was a dream but it
felt like it was real.
You want some?
Put your hands up!
- I said at times it gets dark,
but there's always the rising sun.
Indulge in self-love because there's
always the rising sun.
I'm queen to my kingdom.
- All right guys, I hope
you guys had a good night.
I hope you enjoyed everything,
you guys have a great night.
- You guys, if you could sit
down for a moment please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You might recognize me, I'm
usually on that side of the bar.
Never been up here on the stage.
Your eyes,
a painting in my mind.
Is as close as I can come with you.
Your figure
pressed against my chest
as night and dawn wept through.
Your kiss so perfect from the rest.
It's a taste of love, arrested in the loo.
I don't know, I can't
remember anything else.
Where's my daughter?
- Mr. Rose, I've been looking for Angela.
I went to the cops to report her missing.
No cops!
How'd you get us
off the hook with the cops?
- My Mom's ex is a cop.
- So he must know my Dad.
- Oh yeah?
Why is that?
What do you mean?
- What do you mean?
You didn't tell me you were a poet.
- I'm not a poet.
- You sounded like one.
- Now you're teasing me.
- You ever romanticize us
getting busted for coke?
That's pretty cool!
- Thanks.
I wanna write screenplays, so...
- You're a screenwriter?
Yeah, that's what I wanna do.
- Well, you should write me something.
- You're an actress.
- I'm an actress.
- My Mom was a manager.
- Talent manager?
Does she rep anybody I know?
- Well she repped Angie Malone.
- Angie Malone?
- Angie Malone?
The star who drowned herself
in New Orleans.
- I'm named after her.
- That's crazy.
- What are the odds of that?
- I don't know.
- Your Mom is not that crazy manager
that like faked Angie Malone's death, right?
- I mean she was a little crazy,
but no, no, no, no, no she,
no she wasn't, her death wasn't faked.
- That was some weird rumors.
- It's it's, it's that,
people can be mean.
- Yeah.
- But you, I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
- No, go ahead.
No, sorry, you go ahead.
- No, I was just thinking like,
this is really cool.
- Huh?
- You have this like
really good opportunity
to like make something big.
Like Angie Malone's life story.
Your Mom was her manager.
- You know, I was thinking about
that a long time ago, but...
- Really?
- It was a little overwhelming 'cause.
'Cause I wanted to do it right.
You know what I mean?
And everything I've
written before I never,
I never finished.
if I did it,
you would have to play Angie Malone.
Would you do it?
- If I wrote the best
- character of all time...
- Stop!
- I would, I'd play Angie Malone,
are you kidding me?
- See, the thing is Jake...
- Vin is a good friend of mine.
- We owe Vincent.
- He's a good PI.
- A fucking good PI to the family.
You're gonna fucking
tell us where Angela is.
These are memories
that nobody has access to.
- Just stupid bedtime
stories that my Mom told me.
- That people don't know.
- See, the problem is that no one cares
about an actress that becomes famous.
That's not enough of a story.
- That's not what the story is about Jake.
It's about a woman who falls
in love with her soulmate.
And she has to try to overcome all these
obstacles that keep getting in her way.
You know, there's a lot that happens.
She punches a cop in the face.
Shaved her head.
She donated a million dollars to charity.
People wanna know these stories Jake.
Got you a fortune.
- Ah.
- Never give up on your dreams.
- Is it really what it says?
- Yeah!
You just have to believe
in yourself, okay?
Would you give a
million dollars to charity?
- What the fuck, she gave a
million dollars to charity?
- I wish had a million dollars to
just give away to charity.
- Would you?
- Yeah, why not?
- She gives a million
dollars to the homeless
and then she winds up homeless!
- My Mom found her on the street.
She gave her the role of a lifetime.
"The Bach Double."
I love that movie.
My Mom always made me play that song.
"The Bach Double."
"The Bach Double."
"The Bach Double."
- Look at this.
It says right here that by the age of 20,
Angie Malone mastered the violin
in that movie...
- "The Bach Double."
- "The Bach Double," yes!
- I love that movie.
- Me too!
But that means I'm gonna have to learn
how to play the violin.
- I can teach you.
- Wait, you know how to play the violin?
- I do.
The Angel taught me when
I was really little.
The Angel?
- Yeah.
I didn't know her name.
- Oh, okay.
- So we called her the Angel.
I can teach you what I learned.
This is the bow.
- Okay.
- You wanna hold the bow right
there with your fingertips.
So we're gonna play the first note.
A little vibrato, please.
I wanna fly
I wanna feel my feet off the ground
There's no reason to stay
'Cause everything I see is the same
You really had me looking at you
You always had something showing
But now it's gone
Nothing you can do
There's nothing new
It's gone
Oh, no.
- You're a fucking liar, Jake.
Drugs, you like drugs?
Is that what you tell Angela?
Jake, we need to know where Angela is.
You like tattoos?
- There's the original
recording that Angela made.
This was hers.
Angie Malone.
"March 17, I
am pregnant and it's his,"
"it's going to be a boy, I know it,"
"and he will be just like him."
- At first I was so flattered that
the gorgeous Angie Malone wanted me.
But then she'd show up drunk
and threaten suicide if
I didn't get a divorce.
She ruined my first re-election.
And then my wife
and my baby.
Her accident was a relief.
And now I understand,
you adopted him the same year
that Angie disappeared.
- I blocked out everything
that year, except him.
She's a crazy girl
The story of Angie Malone
In a crazy world
And that's why she never came home
And so I'm left to be
Here without Angie, alone
And so I'm wondering why
As time just passes by
Why all that's left is pain
And tears that never dry
- I wanna read the first scene.
You like it?
- I love it!
Then what's that say?
Jake Hart gets down on one knee?
What's that doing in there?
What's this? Gimme that.
- What is?
Why is your name in here?
- I don't know.
- Let me read it!
Must be some kind of mistake.
- Let me read it!
- No, I don't know why that's in there.
That's not supposed
to be in there.
- I wanna read it.
- Angela, will you marry me?
Does that mean the answer is?
Oh my God!
- Well get this.
I have a meeting with Walt Warshaw.
- Walt Warshaw?
- I mean, he may wanna direct it,
I don't know.
- No way!
- So, your ring - Oh my gosh!
May get bigger.
- I don't need a bigger ring.
But Walt Warshaw, oh my God!
- I started off out in England.
You know, I was acting,
I was doing theater
and I was doing a production of Macbeth.
My girlfriend was actually
playing Lady Macbeth.
The play is notorious for
being kind of unlucky.
You know, one night after the show
we're back at the pub and this guy who's
playing young Seward, he's
coming on to my girlfriend.
He's like you know touching
her up and stuff so I hit him.
And unfortunately I hit him
in the bottom of the nose,
and it sent the bone up into his brain,
and he died.
It was like life imitating art,
and you know it became a very big story,
because that's exactly
what happens in the play.
They had Macbeth on trial
and they wanted to take him down.
They really lost perspective,
and I ended up getting a six
year sentence for manslaughter.
But you know the bottom line
is I got out of England,
I started dealing drugs a little bit,
and I wanted to get
back into the business,
but nobody was interested.
And I made a lot of
money in Miami dealing,
and I moved to Hollywood to make some movies.
And I made a fucking
incredible, fucking movie,
it was a masterpiece.
Unfortunately, reporters
figured out who I was
and my whole story, and I just derailed
my whole career for the last 15 years.
- Hi, this is Jake Hart
for Walt Warshaw, oh.
- I'm gonna need to pat you down.
- Fantastic situations,
and the people that are
coming into my life,
and make great movies.
I'm gonna
need you to sign in here.
- I'm Jake Hart and I'm
here to see Mr. Warshaw.
- All right.
Hi Mr. Warshaw's appointment's here.
His assistant says he
doesn't have an appointment.
- It's five o'clock, can
you please check again?
- Hold on.
He does not.
- Okay, you gotta go.
- Stop, stop!
Are you Jake?
- Yes, I'm Jake Hart.
- Jake, what time is it?
It's 5:05.
- You're late, why?
He's good, you can go.
- My apologies, I'm sorry.
- Mr. Warshaw does not like nonsense.
He went downstairs to the editing bay.
He really doesn't like to be disturbed.
I tell you what, come here.
Now Mr. Warshaw likes your script, okay.
- Okay.
I'm gonna make
an exception for you.
- Barry, a couple of
gentlemen are here to see you.
- Gentlemen!
Three flights down,
last door on the right.
How was your flight to L.A.?
It was great, let's do this!
- What the fuck are you looking at?
Get the fuck
out of here, bitch!
- Sorry.
Now you're working for me.
So get over here and sign
this fucking contract.
Or you and your movie will disappear.
- I'm starting with a clean slate.
- Oh my God, sorry, I didn't
know you guys were filming.
- All right, I know you!
You're Jake!
I know your Mama.
Let me, wait, wait.
Give me a minute.
Your Mother, she was
Angie Malone's manager.
I read your script, it's good man.
I fucking been looking for a good script.
I don't even fucking know how long man.
You're a fucking talented person.
All right?
I mean there's fucking holes,
there's holes in your script, all right,
but we can fix that.
You just, you just fucking help
me with this guy, all right.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon,
Jakey, give me your hand.
I'll direct your fucking movie, please.
You gotta help me with this
fucking guy, all right Jake?
- No, please.
Please don't make me do that.
- Jake, Jake, Jake.
C'mon, c'mon Jake.
I'm gonna make your
fucking movie, all right?
I'm gonna make your movie, it's okay.
I need your help.
Give me your hand, all right?
Mr. Warshaw?
- What is it Barry?
- We have a problem.
Vincent Rose.
Fucking Angela's Dad is driving me crazy.
Don't let Jake talk to him.
See me out
I be what gangsta do
This guy looks like a cop man.
- He's worse than a fucking cop.
- Yeah.
- He's a fucking screenwriter.
Do you know how much
that fucking boat is costing?
3,000 a day!
When you're writing screenplays,
you gotta think about where
your setting the scenes.
That's an arm and a leg, yours!
- Sorry.
- Anybody follow you?
Now there are people, all right,
who wanna, who they're out to get me.
They wanna know what it
is that I'm interested in.
What'd I tell ya?
What did I tell ya?
All right.
Why don't you see if
you could find yourself
a part in there.
Now we're talking.
So Jake,
why don't you, chop us up a line.
Now I'm serious, there's
a couple roles in here.
There's bouncer and
there's thug number one.
I think you're...
- Walt.
Yes Jake, what is it?
- This is the knife.
- Dude, I'm just fucking with you.
It's all right.
Here, look, put it right there.
It's okay, we're making
a fucking movie, Jake.
All right, that's the
fucking movie business.
Look, why don't you talk
to these boys, all right.
And explain some of the
background on their characters.
Give 'em some motivation,
'cause I gotta make another call,
and get us another location.
It's fine, it's fine.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Sit down.
Who was that?
- It was about the film.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
You haven't even introduced
me to the director.
I just feel like you're
stringing me along.
- I'm not stringing you along.
- Then why am I hearing
that there's offers out?
- He wants a star.
He thinks it's like
necessary for distribution.
Stupid, I know.
And I'm gonna get you a smaller role.
- How 'bout I give you a smaller role.
- Now he, he is a bad guy.
All right, and we're the good guys Jake.
You and me, we're the fucking good guys
and this is the bad guy.
- You know
who just emailed me
just now was Walt's assistant.
And she wants me to show up,
talk to Walt about the script.
Supposedly we're supposed to meet
with some very important people.
As a matter of fact,
why don't I bring you?
Would you like to meet the
director of "Lost Angela"?
Would you?
Would you like to meet him?
- Yeah.
Would you like
to star in the film?
Do you want me to tell him, "Walt!"
Angela is playing Angie
Malone, and that's that.
And don't make me shut you up Walt.
You wanna work on this film?
You get Angela to do the role.
Yeah you want the role?
Yes, come here.
Give me my heart back
I give you my heart back
You could have found better things to do
Whoa, whoa!
Eyes up jackass!
- Sorry about that.
- Hey, Jake.
Have you seen Angela?
Yeah, upstairs mate.
- Okay, thank you, thank you.
- Fuck.
- Walt, we need to talk contracts.
- You send her up to my room
and I'll give her a producer's credit.
- That's not the way it works.
- C'mon baby.
All right.
- Angela.
- What?
You okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you nervous?
- You know,
I was thinking that,
maybe it's not a good idea
to let him know about us.
- It just makes us look unprofessional.
- Jake, don't worry about that.
Just go over there and tell him
that you wrote the part for me,
and that I'm playing Angie Malone.
That's why we came,
so that you could tell him, right?
Wait, who are those other girls?
Are they actresses?
- Yeah.
I think they're in the movie.
- Playing who?
There's only Sophie and Angie Malone.
- Well, I'm gonna take care of that...
- Jake.
- Walt, hi, good to see you.
Thanks for inviting me.
- Good good, glad you made it.
And this is my friend, Angela.
- Angela.
- His friend, Angela.
Another Angela,
I'm surrounded by Angelas.
I have Angelas coming out of my ears.
On that note, we need to
talk about the script.
- Thank you.
You know Walt, Angela is an actress.
A really good actress.
- So what have you done Angela?
- Well, you did, she played Lady Macbeth.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I did Macbeth myself actually.
Is this a dagger which I see before me,
the handle toward my hand?
Come, let me clutch thee.
I have thee not and yet I see thee still.
Art thou not, fatal visions
sensible to feeling as to sight?
- I didn't even realize you
were such a great actor.
You're so good.
- What we gotta do is we're gonna have to
re-work all of Angie
Malone's scenes, okay?
Now don't worry, it's not
because there's anything wrong,
it's just that it's not,
it's not sexy enough.
I mean just take a look at Juliet.
She's beautiful right?
The most beautiful girl you've ever seen.
The way you've got it written
it's like she's a matron.
- It's like you're writing
about your own mother.
I mean it's ridiculous, you gotta get
in touch with the sexuality.
I need it to be seductive.
Every scene with Angie
Malone has to be seductive.
Okay, so, - Yeah, so.
On that note,
excuse me, Angela, I'm gonna go
and introduce him, come on.
I'll tell him in a minute.
So that's the writer.
Hi, Juliet Marquez?
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
You're gonna be fantastic
as Angie Malone?
- Oh, thank you.
Yeah, as Angie.
I mean seriously, who
else could play Angie?
Tell him which parts you feel like,
you know, what were we saying?
So what I was thinking is why don't you
have a discussion with Juliet,
- Okay, okay.
And take her notes okay?
I've heard them all before,
- Okay.
Every few hours.
And so I'll leave it to you
and you just be nice to him okay?
He's a good writer.
Excuse me Jake.
Okay, thank you, thank you.
Yeah, so, I've
read the script 100 times.
- I wanted to say that I'm
such a big fan of your work.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
And I completely agree about
Angie Malone being more
sexual and seductive.
I feel that I can relate.
- Hesitant, you know.
She wants my role.
- Oh, I think a lot of people do.
- Yeah, well, she's
perfect for Sophie, okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Be convincing.
- Since the vampires are going to get
their fangs into Jake,
I can give you a little tour of the house.
If you'd like?
- All right.
- I've read your script
and she's been trying to talk me
into doing Sophie's part and its just...
- Come on!
- I really, I really...
Like we would be, oh my God,
such a perfect cast for the movie!
- I really like the part of Angie though.
I think it's a little competitive here.
What to believe
Your eyes
Seem to hide in plain sight
Onto a world
No light
Will be shed to heal all your spite
- So, Jake, your friend
Angela is quite a revelation.
I just don't understand why you
didn't introduce me to her before.
- Can I talk to you?
Where have you been?
Did everything go okay?
- Yeah, everything went really good.
- Did you talk about the script?
- We talked about the script
and he wants me to play Angie Malone.
You're gonna play Angie Malone?
- Yeah.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
How much did she inspire you?
This role isn't right for you
and you know it!
- She's crazy.
That's why you're
getting so insecure right now.
It's gonna kill your fucking career,
because nobody's gonna
buy you in the role!
I've known that,
you've known that.
- Where's the ring?
- Jake.
- Did you fuck her?
Did you fuck her?
- I don't know what she's talking about.
Your idea worked,
about us, about Walt not
knowing about our relationship,
and I think that it's a good idea.
We should take a break.
- No.
- Yeah, for the film.
I love you, but I...
- I love you too.
No, no, no, don't do this,
because look, look, look...
- Jake, just
for the film.
- Sweetheart, Juliet!
- The party's over!
The party's over!
- I'm sorry!
Hi Jake, thanks for coming!
Hi, I've been thinking of you.
- You've been thinking about me?
- Yes, I have sweetheart.
I miss you.
- I miss you too.
- Are you okay?
Just with everything
that happened, I just...
Are you okay?
- Well, actually, I was thinking
maybe we could talk more in private.
- I gotta go.
I'll be right back,
we'll talk later, okay?
- Yeah, there's just a
lot I wanted to talk...
We'll talk later.
Yeah, we'll talk.
- Okay.
- Who's that?
- Is that Holly Young?
Is that Holly Young?
I love her.
- Why did you wait so long
to tell me you
wanted to play Angie Malone?
It takes me
a long time to commit
because I have to live and breathe her.
- That's what I'm talking about!
Someone who wants to dive so deep
they never wanna come up for air!
Let me see that profile.
- I just wanted to come over
and thank you for being
a part of my movie.
- Wow, the "Lost Angela"
herself thanking me.
After stealing my role.
- Stealing your role?
You know, this entire movie was my idea?
Did you know that Jake
wrote this movie for me?
Oh, really?
- Uh-huh.
Yes, that's right.
And Walt is directing for me.
- Wow.
You work really fast.
You're like a shooting star.
You know they vanish, right?
- Oh, well, you would know.
- You really have no idea
who you're fucking with.
- I know who I'm fucking,
and they say for better or for worse.
So, what's the offer exactly?
- The offer is you have the role
of Angie Malone if you want it.
If I can't
capture her spirit or soul,
then I can't do it.
- I'm gonna push your fucking buttons.
If you're not gonna let me
push your fucking buttons,
then I don't want you to play the role.
So are you gonna let me push your buttons?
Are you?
For real?
Only if it's worth it.
Then you can push my buttons.
- That's what I'm talking about.
What's going on?
- Now that's a real actress.
She's fucking been nominated twice.
All right?
Because she's not fucking afraid
to have her buttons pushed.
Angela, your Angela,
every time I fucking push her buttons,
she's like, "Well I'm
Angela, I am Angie Malone",
"you don't have to do this to me."
Well I fucking do!
Because she thinks that
just by the mere fact
that you wrote the role for her
that she's fucking living the part.
She's not!
We need a fucking star!
Otherwise this movie is
gonna go down the toilet!
I'm gonna make a fucking offer.
I'm gonna fucking make
an offer to Holly Young.
She's fucking incredible.
She doesn't fucking care about the money,
she just fucking wants to...
I think she likes me.
- This is the biggest
mistake you're gonna make.
- You're gonna make me take
the police there aren't you?
Huh, discover the bodies,
is that what you're gonna make me do?
- Are you telling me you
wanna fucking sacrifice
the opportunity to have
a fucking hit movie,
to get your girlfriend
to stay in this role,
even though she's not gonna cut it?
Is that what you're saying to me?
Just look at me one time, right now.
You are never, ever gonna fuck her again!
'Cause you're fucking Jake,
Holly Young didn't get
the fucking role, right?
You've got the fucking part!
Holly Young, Holly Young, Holly Young!
- John?
Vehicle has gone over
the side of Mulholland Drive.
And unfortunately law
officials are not ruling out
the possibility of a suicide here.
This all stemming from
the swirling rumors of
the Senator's torrid affair
with film star Angie Malone.
And as we all know, the Senator's wife
has been battling depression ever
since this news was disclosed.
Mulholland Drive, involving the wife
and child of Senator John Russell.
And now we'll get back to...
- Cut!
Angela, you know you're in
and out of character right?
This is the scene, where you realize
that your behavior has caused the death
of John Russell's wife and child!
You've gotta make a connection with that!
If you don't make a connection
we're not gonna make a connection,
the camera's not gonna make a connection,
all right, honey?
If you can't figure this out,
then we're just gonna have to go home.
Because this is the most important scene,
of the whole fucking movie!
- Can I talk to you for a second?
- All right, just give me five.
- Okay.
- All right everybody, take 10!
- I'm sorry, it's just
hard for me to concentrate
because Jake keeps staring
at me through the mirror.
It's so awkward.
Can you just tell him to.
Pull him aside or something?
- We're trying to make a movie here!
Trying to get a performance out of Angela!
You can't come and fucking get in the
eye-line of the actress, don't you get it?
- I didn't do anything.
- All right.
It's not Kindergarten.
I can't have you on the set
if you are gonna distract
our leading lady!
- I won't.
- What do you mean?
You've already done it!
Now you've distracted me!
- No, I...
Cut it out, Jake!
- No...
For crying out loud!
Look, I don't wanna use any of this shit!
- I won't do anything.
I'm just gonna stand...
- Get off my fucking
set you prick!
Get off my set!
Get off!
So immature, Jake!
You're so immature.
- I think you better leave.
Fuck you Walt!
You're on my set!
I fucking wrote this movie!
Fuck you Walt!
Fuck you!
Get off my fucking set!
Are you okay Jake?
Mom, I got thrown off the set.
Please sit down.
- Mom, I'm not gonna sit down,
I got thrown off the fucking set!
- I've seen this happen before.
- What, people thrown off
their own fucking set,
because I got thrown off in
front of my ex-girlfriend!
Angie's been
thrown off the set many times,
for a time it went undiagnosed
and then the doctor gave her
medicine for schizophrenia.
- Mom, why didn't you tell me this before?
I could have put this in the movie,
why didn't you tell me this mom!
- I'm telling you now, okay.
It can be hereditary
and I want to treat it.
- It's too late, they're
already making the movie!
And I can't put it in now!
- Jake.
Come in.
How are you?
- Is Walt in?
- No, he just stepped out.
Can I get you something?
- We had a meeting.
Can you tell him that I stopped by?
- Yeah.
- And I guess I'll
see him tomorrow.
- Yeah.
I just made some tea.
It's really good, you should try it.
I lost like three pounds.
- I have to tell you something.
You completely captured Angie Malone.
- Oh my gosh.
- You looked really beautiful.
How's Walt treating you?
Is he treating you well?
- I'm just waiting for
the film to come out.
He thinks I'm overeating.
He's starving me, that's
why I'm drinking this tea.
I'm depressed all the time,
I don't know what to do.
I just wanna just...
I just feel like I
wanna shave my head off.
I just miss my old life.
I'm a very
doting and protective Father,
you can understand that, can't you?
Yes sir.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna ask you for
a very personal favor.
I wanna feel that she's looked after.
She's protected through all this madness.
Can I rely on you?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna hold you to that.
You got that Jake?
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Daddy!
- I'm so glad you're here!
- Good to be here.
- I'm so stressed out.
We're shooting a magazine
editorial scene.
- I see, I know, I got it.
That's why
I have this outfit on.
- If I can say, your daughter
is so amazing in the film.
- I'm sure.
- She's so talented.
We didn't know what she.
- Thank you.
Was going to
do from take to take.
- Yeah, yeah, she takes after her Mother.
I can tell.
- Well, the film is
actually not doing so well.
It's been out for like a week
and no one's seeing the movie.
- Oh.
But you're nominated for...
- Best actress.
- Wow!
Yeah, it's a big deal.
It would be really nice.
- What if you don't go to the awards show?
What if I win best actress?
This could make my career.
- Exactly.
You don't go to the awards show
and we do a publicity stunt.
Angela Rose has gone missing.
Now can you imagine this.
Star of "Lost Angela" missing.
- Miss Rose is now more popular than ever
with almost every entertainment show,
including us, wondering where can she be?
I really enjoyed
hiding out with you,
and it's got me thinking.
I'd like to give us another chance.
- Jake.
I told Walt.
- I um...
How did he take it?
I didn't know you were
gonna tell him this soon.
But it's better this way.
We don't have to lie, we
don't have to sneak around.
When all is done
At least I'm one
- Is everything all right?
The road I'm on
I've been riding around, riding the town
Walking the streets up and down
Following roads to nowhere
It's not that I
don't love you, 'cause I do.
I just, I want us to work,
but it's just Walt and this contract,
and it's all my fault.
- You're lying, I can tell.
They never asked me why
The day that I left
I was second best
A nowhere child
Guess the day will come
- Angela, Walt hurt some people with the
knife and he got my fingerprints on it.
Is that why you're going back to him?
You're blackmailing her with the knife,
is that what you're doing?
- He's delusional.
I don't know what you're talking about!
This is Jake, this is the
writer I was telling you about!
- Hi Jake.
- Very, very, talented guy.
He'll write you a fucking
part in his next movie,
but you might have to sleep with him.
And he might stalk you a little bit.
She's not here, get the fuck out.
This is Hollywood.
You really want to get into this business?
Your friend Jake paid me
a little visit this evening.
Yeah, he was looking for you.
I told you to stop fucking him.
Didn't I baby?
- I woke up on my lawn
and I couldn't remember anything.
The Senator's torrid affair
with Film Star Angie Malone.
And as we all know, the
Senator's wife has been
battling depression ever since
this news was disclosed a few months ago.
So again, a car crash involving the wife
and child of Senator John Russell.
Back to you.
- Angela Rose, the star of the,
at this point, ironically
titled "Lost Angela"
has missed two award ceremonies
for her breakout performance.
An unusual move for a rising star.
- That disappearing act really worked.
I mean she didn't even
show up for her award.
Don't you think you went a little too far?
- It was a late one last night, Jake.
- Angela Rose.
- What Jake?
- I think I saw Angela Rose dead.
- Don't fuck with me!
What are you trying to pull?
What are you trying to pull, all right?
This was your idea Jake.
It's a publicity stunt.
And this, this is gonna
be your saving grace.
Don't fucking lose the
plot now, all right?
You really don't remember, is that it?
Remember what?
- I like that okay, that's very good.
You know what, you're a fucking genius!
I told you do not fucking
talk to me about Angela, right?
Please Jake, don't
unravel on me now, okay?
Mr. Memento.
Yes, Mr. Warshaw.
- Girls, wait up!
- Elena, wait!
- Shut up Becca!
- Mom is all the way back there!
- Looks like your kid's
in the shits again.
- Blow?
Walt Warshaw, homicide.
- Hello ladies, Ed Robles, LAPD.
- Hi.
How are you today?
- Hi, good.
- So, let's get started.
I'm looking for Mr. Walt
Warshaw, have you seen him?
- He's not in right now.
- Yeah, we're all looking for him.
- Whoa whoa wait, turn around.
Never turn your back on LAPD,
it'll get you in a lot of trouble.
When's the last time you saw Mr. Warshaw?
- Yesterday, okay, that's much better.
Now how about Jake Hart,
you seen him around?
- You haven't seen Jake at all?
When was the last time you saw him?
- Saturday.
- Ah, good.
You've been very cooperative.
I like that.
Wait a minute, you're not his secretary,
you're that movie star, Lana aren't you?
Oh my gosh, what a nice surprise.
Oh I love your movies.
- Thank you.
- You're terrific.
Miss Secretary?
- Yes?
- I gotta make a pit stop,
can you tell me where the bathroom is?
- Actually I can't, we're closed.
- Sorry.
- Okay, I'm gonna give you one more chance,
and if I don't get the answer I like,
I'm gonna take you in, cuff ya,
and put you downtown with the lesbians.
Would you like that?
- No.
- Good.
Once again, where's the bathroom.
- To the left.
- Thank you.
Hey, I'll see you in the movies huh?
- Yeah.
All right, good.
Okay, so he's out with Juliet.
Is there anybody else?
What about his partners?
Is there anybody else in this building
or is it just you in here?
- Ooh, bingo.
What is that?
Looks like a little bit of blood, huh?
See what you're up to Mr. Warshaw.
- Angela.
Where's Angela?
I remember the first time I
saw Walt Warshaw's "Omega".
I was with my Mom.
I went home
and I prayed for God to give
me a sliver of your talent.
And whatever he asked for
in return was fine by me.
Hi sweetheart.
- Did you just do some blow?
She's a method actress.
That's why we cast her as Angie Malone.
I gave everything that I fucking could!
I've got such a fucking deep
black fucking hole in my fucking soul.
That's what I've got.
I feel like, I feel I'm gonna die.
Not just once, but a
million fucking times over.
Why is that?
You're looking for Angela aren't you?
- What happened to her?
- You don't remember do ya?
You fucking idiot!
I made you who you are.
Without me you're nothing.
And I'm warning you.
That if you fucking dare,
if you fucking dare try to bring me down,
you're gonna bring yourself down.
Angela is lost and she's
gonna stay lost Jake,
that's just the way
it's gonna be, forever!
- Only your Mother used to call me that.
- You're Angie Malone.
- You were so little.
You couldn't say Angela
so you called me Angel.
You were so cute.
You know Sophie used to record you playing
and send the tapes to me,
and I'd listen to them
until they wore out.
I was always there for you,
you just couldn't see me.
No one knew about you and
I had to keep it that way.
I had to give you away,
I couldn't take care of
you, I was really sick.
I had to give my baby to Sophie.
- I'm your son.
- Yeah.
I didn't wanna give you up, but I had to.
- You have to tell him, the baby.
I wanted to protect you.
The doctor gave her
medicine for schizophrenia.
- I've got this director,
he's trying to make me go crazy.
He's following me, he's
having me followed.
I think he's recording
me, he's bugging me,
he's planting evidence on me.
I'm not safe.
My girlfriend,
she's not where she's supposed to be.
She's supposed to contact
me and she hasn't.
Something went wrong and
I don't know what it is.
- Two bodies were discovered
yesterday in the desert.
And the plot thickens.
Screenwriter of the movie
"Lost Angela" wanted.
- And when you're better,
then we can meet again.
- Hello Ed.
Ed, I need help.
I'm turning myself in.
Remain still.
Did you witness any stabbings
on June 13th at Warshaw Studios?
- No.
What's going on?
Interrogation's over.
Did you take a
look at the readings here?
Readings are off the chart!
It's over.
It's your lucky day.
- Sit.
Sit down!
We spoke with Walt Warshaw, she's fine.
Said you cooked up some publicity stunt
about her fake disappearance.
- I did not cook up.
No, no, no, that has
nothing to do with it!
- How did you get mixed up in this crap?
I mean I know you're a confused kid,
but you're not capable of murder.
- I don't know.
What don't you know?
Walt, look.
No, that's fantastic.
Thank you.
Hey darling can you just
stop smiling a little bit
and just remember the character?
Okay, can you get back?
- Okay get back to it.
Hey Vincent.
- I'm sorry to interrupt,
no secretary there so I
just invited myself in.
- I gave her a vacation.
They burn out around me very fast.
Have you heard from Angela?
- Well you see, she hasn't
been answering my phone calls.
- Well I haven't heard from Angela either.
I don't really know what's got into her.
She hasn't called me for
like a week at least.
She's a method actress, that's what it is.
- A method actress!
Oh my God.
Is it like Marlon Brando, you know.
- James Dean.
She's very talented.
Who does she get that from?
- She gets that from her Mother.
- She doesn't talk about
her Mother, what's...
- She lost her.
She was very young.
- Yeah, I figured as much.
I mean,
they're so complicated, aren't they?
- Yeah.
- I don't know what's going on with her.
I gave her a couple of days off to,
you know, lay low while we're doing
all the PR for this film,
and suddenly she's vanished
off the face of the earth.
- If you're not watching the pictures,
what are you doing here?
- You know darling,
I've gotta make a call.
Excuse me Vincent.
And a nominee for
best actress has gone missing.
Angela Rose, whose
portrayal of Angie Malone
in Walt Warshaw's controversial film,
garnered her the attention
of both critics and moviegoers worldwide.
There is a house
In New Orleans
They call
The Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin
Of many a poor boy
- And God
- Hey Switch,
I know
- we're flushing the little
I'm one
- bastard down the river.
- Shh.
- Hey, you girls see a punk run
through here with a leather jacket on?
- No.
- You sure?
- Just us and our dog.
- You sure?
- No one has been running through here.
- You're having a bad day Jake.
Where are we?
- Oh, that's not the question.
Question is, where's my daughter?
I've been looking for her.
I can't remember.
- Well maybe I gotta do something
to jog your memory.
- I can't remember.
I swear to God, I can't remember.
You're pissing me off,
and I am the wrong man to piss off!
- Wait.
she was on a publicity stunt.
- Just tell me where she is
and don't give me any of that
publicity stunt bullshit!
- You talked to Walt.
- Just tell me where she is
and all this will go away.
- This would be murder, Jake!
Just tell me where she is!
I don't remember.
I don't remember!
I saw her dead.
- Really?
- Well like dead, dead?
- He said Angela's lost.
- And she's gonna stay lost, Jake!
That's just the way it's gonna be,
- She's dead.
I'm so sorry.
It was Walt.
He killed her.
He sliced her throat.
He killed her.
- So what the fuck do you want?
- You killed her just like
you did those drug dealers.
- Jake, how many times
do I have to tell you,
if there's no witness, there's no murder.
- I know you didn't mean to kill her.
- Jake,
I wish that it was an accident.
I wish with all my heart.
- Yeah, well, me too because...
- Walt Warshaw, you're
under arrest for murder.
Hands behind your back.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law.
- You're lucky they got here before me.
You ain't gonna last a week in jail.
- Yeah, well this ain't
gonna stick, all right.
'Cause the kids memory has gone to shite.
- Let's go creep.
Come on, let's get out of here.
- Come on.
- Get out of here.
I'm sorry.
- Me too.
- Very interesting
stuff here Mr. Warshaw...
- Cut!
Thank you very much!
Mr. Robles, can you try that again?
That was not very convincing.
I would like to see you do that again
with a little bit more conviction.
- Are we in a movie here?
- Like you actually believe
that you're gonna be able to put me away!
Everything that you've
got on me is circumstantial
and it's not gonna stick!
In fact, I don't understand
why you're not happy
these guys are off the streets!
- You know I'm gonna be happy when
you're off the streets.
- And why is that?
Is that because I took an
aspiring young actress,
with a cocaine problem
out of the club scene and I cleaned her up
and turned her into a star?
So what if I made her a couple of promises
along the way that I wasn't gonna keep?
Does that make me a murderer?
Or does that make me a movie director?
- Where's Angela Rose?
- You know, that is just
another Hollywood mystery.
- What are you wearing tonight?
- It's vintage Betsy Johnson.
- Armani.
I love your shoes.
- Thank you.
- They're Calvin Klein.
- I can't wait to see who
is gonna win best actress.
- Angela Rose.
- Angela Rose.
- Angela.
- Angela Rose.
Angela Rose.
- Angela Rose.
- I think she could win Best Actress.
- Angie!
- I met Angie Malone about
35 years ago in London.
- I really can't wait to see
who's gonna win Best Movie.
- Walt Warshaw, yeah.
Without a doubt.
- I know Walt, really well,
and the person that they
are trying to make him,
he's not that guy.
- I think any young actress
would have really been able to soar
with that rich dialogue,
that complex character,
thanks to the talented
screenwriter Jake Hart.
- Do you think Walt Warshaw had something
to do with her disappearance?
Was it a publicity stunt that went wrong?
- Well, Angela is showing
soon on the red carpet.
She'll be here.
- Really?
It's surprising you say that
when the current rumor is that you
accused Walt Warshaw of murdering her.
- That's
just a...
- I think that what
Jake means to say is that
it's a case of life imitating art.
Right, Jake?
- And here,
we have Walt Warshaw,
director of the "Lost Angela."
- Come on Jake.
- Thank you.
Lets go have a chat too.
We're just talking about your movie Jake.
Oh hi, Ted, good to see you.
- Good to see you, yeah.
How ya doing?
- Very good.
This is my girlfriend Kim.
- Hi.
- This is Walt.
- Lovely.
- How ya doing?
Good thank you.
Would you mind getting
the fuck out of here?
Oh Jake, Jake.
You're never going get
through the fucking night.
I think you missed me, didn't you Jake?
They held me a little
bit longer than expected.
All right, let's try to
have a good time tonight.
It's a big night.
Where's Angela Rose?
- You're a scumbag.
I can't believe they let you out.
- Well I told you, it's all
circumstantial didn't I?
- It's not circumstantial.
They have me.
I'm the witness.
- Nothing you say can
be used in court Jake,
because you're suffering
from schizophrenia.
- You're the psycho!
You're the one that tried to frame me.
- He's having a bit of an anxiety attack.
Breathe through your nose, come on.
You fucking attacked
me, don't you remember?
You attacked me because
you wanted the knife back.
You swung.
Oh my God!
Angela, you okay?
Get out of the way.
I'm not playing around,
I want the fucking knife.
Where's the knife?
Where is the fucking knife?
- The fucking knife,
the knife is our fucking contract, Jake!
- Oh fuck your contract!
She's only with you because
she's trying to protect me!
Fuck you Jake!
Jake, that's how you killed her.
I know it's rough,
but I'm your friend.
- No.
That was fake blood.
It was my plan, it's how
I got you to confess.
- What?
- My mom, remember how
she forgot everything
the year Angie Malone died
because it was too traumatic for her?
- Yes.
What if I lose my memory?
What if Walt believed that
I don't remember anything?
Make sure to get his confession
before the awards.
- I was telling people
that you murdered Angela
and you got so flustered.
You were trying to get me
to remember, remember Jake,
that you accidentally confessed to
killing those drug dealers.
Your career is over.
You're done.
You are done.
Angela is returning on
this red carpet tonight.
She's gonna be getting that award,
and Angie Malone is my birth mom.
She is going to show up here.
- Of course she is Jake.
- Yeah.
- All right, I know how you're feeling.
You tried to kill yourself
and I've given you enough Ketamine
to knock out a fucking elephant.
But I, I fucking dug her grave.
You killed her you fucking jealous cunt!
I buried her with my own hands.
You've got to hold it together now
or you're gonna lose everything.
- Angie Malone is coming here tonight.
She is my real birth mother
and you're gonna see Angela
will show up on the red carpet.
And tomorrow, you're going back to prison!
Do not trust Walt Warshaw,
he's a drug dealer.
He is a drug dealer.
- He is a great writer,
he's a fantastic writer.
We're working on a new script.
- I'm gonna sue you and
I'm gonna own Warshaw Film!
- Mm-hm, yeah.
You're gonna win an award tonight Jake.
I voted for you.
- You worked with him, you
know what I'm talking about.
You've seen him.
I'm so proud of you.
See, you just have to believe in yourself.
I feel a little low
And it won't let me go
And words that she once said
Keep going round my head
And I realize I never understood
That some goodbyes are for good
She's a crazy girl
The story of Angie Malone
In a crazy world
And that's why she never came home
So I'm left to be
Here without Angie, alone
And so I'm wondering why
As time just passes by
Why all that's left is pain
And tears that never dry
And I realize this
world was never meant
For one as beautiful, my friend
She's a crazy girl
The story of Angie Malone
In a crazy world
And that's why she never came home
So I'm left to be
Here without Angie, alone
Memories and fantasies
are raining down on me
Images of times I spent with you
If I lose all faith in life
What am I gonna do
Would it make me break
In two
She's a crazy girl
The story of Angie Malone
In a crazy world
The story of Angie Malone
Oh my Angela
I love you, I love you I do
Oh sweet Angela
I love you, I love you I do
But I'm left to be
Here in a world without you
The story of Angie Malone
The story of Angie
What to believe
Your eyes
Seem to hide in plain sight
Onto the world
No light
Will be shed to heal all your spite
I can feel
Every spike
On your skin
I'm ready to rive
I can hear
In your voice
You're settling all right
You're settling all right
Am I who I am
Am I just a fool to myself
Am I in the darkness
Where our shadows are chrome
Our shadows are chrome
I run out of space and time
As we come close and apart
Inside a room
The dirt is a mantle
Emptying our hearts
I can peel
Every thorn
On my heel
But they're coming back
I could sear my entire rind
I'm letting it go by
I'm letting it go by
Am I who I am
Am I just a fool to myself
Am I in the darkness
Where our shadows are chrome
Our shadows are chrome
Turn off the lights
I won't try to fight
I won't try to fight
Take me alive
I've already died
I've already died
Turn off the lights
I won't try to fight
I won't try to fight
Take me alive
I've already died
I've already died
What to believe
Your lies
Seem to side with me now