Lost Boy (2015) Movie Script

Oh, shh, baby.
You're okay.
This is Mitchell,
and this is Summer.
Welcome to the world, guys.
Oh, big yawn.
What's it like
being a mom?
It's exhausting!
That's it! You can do it.
Come on over.
You're doing it!
Come on, come to Mama.
That's one small step
for man.
Where's Mitchell?
Like a little goat.
Can't stay mad at me.
I'm adorable.
You're grounded.
It's going to get
caught up in it
and fly away.
Mitchell, don't go too far.
Where is he?
Excuse me,
have you seen a little boy?
He's wearing
blue swim trunks.
He was just here.
Scaredy cat.
I should never have let her
walk to the park by herself.
She's only 9.
I should have been with her.
I'm very confident
that we're going to find her.
You've done
everything right.
- I should've been...
- Dan...
I know what
you're going through,
and I know you're scared.
I can't even remember
what she was wearing.
This wasn't your fault.
Olivia needs you
to be strong for her,
no matter where she is.
You need to have hope.
How do you have hope?
After all this time...
with your son?
Every day I don't get bad news
is a day I can still find him.
Hope is all we have.
Caffeine, caffeine,
I don't know
how you do it.
They found her--
That's how.
Ex-wife's sister-in-law,
happily ever after,
and you get to leave
on a high note.
Not fair!
Come on.
You're my last volunteer.
I can't do it.
I just can't do it anymore.
It's too...
What about today?
Today was great!
Look, you do so much
for these families, okay?
You-- the handholding, the
interviews, the legislation.
Nobody is going to think twice
if you said you needed a break.
- I don't need a break.
- Go out with me.
What? Wha--
Yeah, now that we're not
working together, you know,
there's no
conflict of interest.
I don't have time.
Enjoying yourself for five minutes?
You deserve that.
You tell other parents of missing
children the same thing,
so I'm just asking you
to listen to your own advice.
I can't hear me.
I should take this.
I didn't hear a "No."
I did not hear a "No."
I'm going to call you.
We're going to do this.
This is Laura Harris.
Hello, Mrs. Harris?
This is Dr. Paul
from the coroner's office.
We found a body.
She played a pumpkin
in this very play.
And mom didn't show up
to that one either.
Well, I liked the play.
Aw, of course
you did, Amanda.
Your cell was off.
Yeah, they don't like it
ringing during the play, so...
Mom, so good of you
to show up.
- Something happened.
- What happened?
- Hi, Laura.
- I'm sorry. Hi, Amanda.
Wasn't it nice of Amanda
to leave work early and come
because she cares?
It's something
that people do when they...
Okay, okay,
okay, okay.
Look, Jonathan
hasn't come out yet.
Let's just pretend
you were here.
- Dad, Amanda!
- Johnny!
Hey, hey!
- You were great!
- Fantastic!
You did not suck actually.
- Hi, honey.
- You didn't even see it.
Oh, come on now.
We're going out
for ice cream, right?
Something came up.
It was about Mitchell.
- Oh, shocker.
- You know what?
Why don't we go say good-bye
to your teacher.
I actually came
to get you, Greg.
- They found a body.
- Another one?
Can it wait
until after ice cream?
Yeah, it can wait.
I mean, he's not going to get
any deader, right?
Summer, don't push it.
You know, I really hope it's him this time.
I actually do.
You don't mean that.
Mom, you have no idea
what I mean
because all you care about
is him.
Cut it out, Summer.
People are staring.
I'll go alone.
Laura, just wait.
I'll see you back at home.
But you promised ice cream.
We'll still get ice cream.
We'll see you later.
We're still going
to get ice cream.
The body
was found in a shed
behind a house a couple got
in a foreclosure deal.
It's tough
when they're young like that.
State of decomposition
he's been dead
about 10 days.
Mr. Harris, maybe you'd prefer
if your wife waited out here.
Not officially.
I'd like to see him.
It's not him.
You sure?
Our son had a birthmark
under his left shoulder.
Can you show us
the left shoulder?
I knew it.
Oh, thank God!
Thank you.
Sorry to put you through this.
I'm glad for you.
Let's go.
Just give me a minute.
You know,
if that had been Mitchell,
we'd have closure.
Don't say that.
Eleven years, Laura. I loved
Mitchell as much as you did.
I think about him every day,
but 11 years.
So that's the deadline?
We just give up?
The likelihood that we're going to
find him is what, one in a million?
But that's something! That's a chance.
We have to believe...
Laura, please don't give me this
speech anymore. It's not hope.
It's delusion and living
in this impossibility.
It's like we're being
held hostage by it.
I can still
hear his laugh, Greg.
Feel the way his little hand
used to squeeze mine
when he was going to sleep.
I don't remember
any of that anymore.
I understand
if you need to move on,
but if there's a chance
that he's still alive,
I can't.
I'm his mom.
Miranda's pregnant...
and I'd like to finalize
our divorce and get married.
I think
we should sell the house.
No, that's impossible.
- Laura, it's time.
- If he comes home...
It's time.
Oh, my God!
My brother is the most grotesque
person on the planet.
Oh, help, save me!
Save my ice cream!
Oh, back from the dead.
Do you want to identify him?
- Summer, off the phone, now.
- I gotta go.
Oh, God!
It was him?
No, let me guess--
Wrong hair, wrong color.
We even had
the wrong sex once.
- It wasn't him.
- I told you!
Okay, fine.
I'm going to my room.
All right, Jonathan.
Come here.
I'm really, really sorry
about missing your play, okay,
and I promise
I'm going to make it up to you.
It's okay, Mommy.
I know.
Sorry you lost Mitchell.
Okay. Come on.
Oh, you're so big.
Do not pass
without your ice cream.
Here you go.
There's uh, there's
more ice cream if you want.
- I should go talk to her.
- No, I will.
So, he told me.
Ah! Great.
They don't make
e-cards for this.
I congratulate you
for your impending wedding
to my impending ex-husband.
I know. Divorce
in the new millennium
is so civilized.
And then
I congratulate you
on whether
it's a boy or a girl,
and oooh and ahhh
at your ring.
- It's a girl. No ring yet.
- Girls are good.
It's not fair.
You can't ground me!
- I already did.
- It's not my fault.
My mother
is completely insane!
Girls are good
some of the time.
Here you go.
Hey, kid.
Come on in.
Hi, Laura's voicemail.
My name is Kyle.
I'm handsome and single,
and a really great
and if I don't sound like
too much of a jerk,
and you want to try maybe
going out with me
on a date sometime,
I'd really like that.
Hi. I'm Laura Harris
from the Mitchell Harris Center.
It's almost impossible
to imagine
that every 40 seconds
in the United States,
a child goes missing.
Hard to imagine unless
it's happened to you.
I want to thank everyone
who works so hard
to give our kids
a safe place to play.
So on behalf
of Mitchell Harris Center
and our son,
I hereby dedicate
Mitchell Park.
I always just give out
my number to anyone...
No, you don't.
This is not a common thing.
No, this is rare.
So you should be really...
Hey. Sorry to steal her,
but we're going to be off
to have some
mother and daughter time.
You'll call.
He's a little old for you,
isn't he?
I have no idea
how old he is, Mom.
It doesn't look like
he goes to your school.
- He doesn't go to my school.
- Then how did you meet him?
I just met him here,
at your event.
You just met him and
you gave him your phone number?
You gave... Honey, I--
It's not-- it's not
like he's a predator.
How do you know...
You don't know that!
- He's a nice guy.
- I mean...
So, uh, where do you
want to go for lunch?
- I have a total of 68 cents.
- Luckily.
Man, I love your mother.
She'd never make you go to
an absurd playground dedication
and nobody cares about it
except for toddlers
and helicopter parents.
I'm absolutely set on Saturday
except for Stuart.
Oh, okay.
Who's Stuart?
Just an incredibly sexy
new way to annoy my mother.
You know what,
I'll meet you out front.
I've gotta grab my car keys.
She looks familiar.
You don't.
I'm new.
I'm Beth.
I thought
you were looking at me.
- I was.
- Hmmm.
Tell me her name, and then I'll
focus my attention on you.
Hi, Beth.
I don't know. I thought
it would be more casual
to have you over here
instead of going out.
But now I don't know.
No, it's fine.
I'm sorry.
I don't know why
this is so awkward.
I don't either.
I mean,
we've hung out a lot.
I guess before, it was
always about Mitchell...
and now it's about you.
And you.
Get to work!
You startled me.
Can I help you?
Are you okay?
Wait! Wait.
Oh, my God, you're here!
You're here!
I saw the poster.
You did!
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Am I doing something wrong?
It's just...
You still really like
those crackers.
Is that why
you're staring at me?
Where were you?
- I can't tell you.
- Of course you can.
It's over.
You're safe now.
You don't know
what you'll think of me.
I'll think whatever happened
to you wasn't your fault.
You can tell me.
where are you going?
I need to leave.
No, no, no, no.
Please, I'm sorry, okay?
I won't push you.
You don't have to
tell me anything.
Just stay.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Maybe we should
call your dad.
Even in these clothes?
This is how
I always pictured it.
You still live
in our home, right?
Take me home.
I remember this.
I remember this!
Look at this.
Do you remember?
Grandma gave us this mirror
when you and Summer were born.
Yeah. The reflection.
We look right, don't we?
We do.
I can't wait to see the rest
of the family-- dad, Summer.
I bet she's beautiful now,
isn't she?
- Yes, she is.
- Is she home?
We don't live together
Summer lives with your dad.
And you have
a little brother.
Is his name Mitchell, too?
Oh, no!
His name is Jonathan.
He's 8 years old,
and he loves old movies,
and he won't eat fruit
and he hates swimming,
and he always wanted to know
his big brother.
Listen, there's going to
be a lot of changes,
but there's one constant,
and that constant is me.
- Okay?
- Okay, yeah.
Jonathan, maybe not now.
It's okay.
This is Amanda.
This is Jonathan.
Jonathan, this is
your big brother Mitchell.
Mom told me a lot about you.
Did she tell you about me?
Every day.
That's a really cool camera.
Shoots real film.
It's like old school.
Can I see it?
It's like a time capsule.
People always wanted me
to pack up everything
and give it away
and I couldn't.
We can redecorate of course.
It's okay.
You really wanted me
to come back.
I knew you were
going to come home.
What about this?
Do you uh,
do you remember this?
It's my kite.
That's the one you were flying
the day you were taken.
I made this.
Where have you been?
Who took you?
Right now it doesn't matter
where he's been.
I can't see how
it doesn't matter right now.
Who, who did this?
Tell me who it was.
Greg. Greg.
Tell me who it was.
I'll find him.
I'll find them...
I'm sorry.
No, you have nothing
to be sorry about.
He's not ready
to talk right now.
I don't want any.
You need to eat
some vegetables.
You can't survive on
bread and cheese alone.
I'm not hungry.
Just eat it!
Give me the damn camera.
Okay, Jonathan, buddy.
I'm sorry, okay?
You know what,
Jonathan's right.
This is worth
I mean,
it's a special occasion.
We should take a picture.
- All right.
- Here.
Oh, yeah sure.
I'll take it.
Come on, Summer.
All right. Okay.
Say "cheese" everyone.
- That's for you.
- Thanks.
I'm going to have to get
more food in the house
now that you're staying here.
You really
want me to stay?
Of course!
I think we can just take
a little bit of time.
There's already been
enough time.
We can ease into it,
get to know each other
a little bit more.
That may not be
the worst idea.
Isn't there a protocol
we have to follow?
A therapist to talk to?
You don't even know
if he's really...
You don't know
if he's really interested
in having a parent-child
home situation.
Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, I know
what you mean, Amanda.
Look, Laura, I'm sorry,
but there are ways to prove...
I'll take the test.
I don't need a test!
God, you're a piece of work.
Okay. We're getting
a little tense here.
I didn't mean
anything by it, okay.
It's just a way to be sure.
Mitchell, for you, too--
Just to know that they're...
You don't need to be sure,
We're sure.
You didn't know him before.
We know he's our son.
We know.
Does he have the
birthmark on his shoulder?
Did you even check?
You, of all people,
I'd thought you know me.
You don't have to do this.
No, it's okay.
I did.
I covered it up.
You don't have
anything to prove.
It's fine.
I'll take the DNA test...
if that's what
you want me to do.
Mom! Mom!
Mitchell! Mitchell!
You're having a nightmare.
You're okay.
You're okay now.
Wait, who is this?
What picture?
What's on your mind
right now?
I'm just happy to be home.
What do you want to say to the
people who stole your childhood?
Did you post that picture
Mrs. Harris, do you think
your son will ever
be the same again?
What's happening here?
What does it feel like
to be back home?
You'll have to excuse us.
Come on in.
Can I just get one question?
How did they get
that photo?
I'm sorry. I don't want
to cause any trouble.
I want people to know
I'm back.
Of course.
I want people
to know about you.
But everyone's
going to have questions.
It's just I--
I just thought
that it would make it real.
It's real because
I know it's real,
but there's a process to this,
and we're going to have
to see a family therapist.
This is going to be
a whole journey.
There's no reason
to rush it.
There's really
nothing more to say.
This has been a long nightmare,
it's finally come to an end,
and our family really needs time
to rebuild and to heal.
So I'm asking you all
for your privacy at this time.
That's all.
Just one interview?
God, when are they
going to leave?
Hey, you look great.
Listen, if you don't like anything,
we can always return it.
No, they're perfect.
Thank you.
It was Mitchell's idea
to bring Jonathan along--
Make a boys' day out of it.
Special occasion.
Yeah, it's not every day
you get a father-son blood test.
It's just a formality.
You guys have fun
or have fun after the test.
Bye, honey.
So what do you think, guys,
a movie, batting cages?
- Why don't we go to the lake?
- No, batting cages.
He's not
the strongest swimmer.
- Dad.
- Well, you could be.
- I don't like the water.
- I get it.
It's deep, big, dark.
You never know what's lurking
beneath the water, right?
It could just grab you.
I'm kidding.
I'm sorry.
The lake stopped being
a happy place a long time ago.
If you think water's scary,
there's plenty of things
in the world
that are much scarier.
Mitchell and Greg Harris?
Right here.
Got our paperwork.
- Don't tell me!
- What?
Can't find my phone.
I think I saw it
in the car.
All right.
I'm going to take a look.
I'll be right back.
What are you doing?
Give me your arm.
- Ouch!
- Shh!
Okay, for us--
Blood brothers.
It makes it official.
No one can ever
tear us apart.
- Ow!
- Stop, okay?
Mom is finally happy.
You wouldn't want to
ruin that, would you?
Okay. Don't move.
- Mitchell Harris?
- Yes.
- Open.
- What's that?
This is so weird.
I just had it.
Must have left it at home.
- You're the father?
- Yes. Hi.
Hi. Open wide.
That was easy.
Here you go, sweetie.
Can I get one?
So are we all good?
Results will be mailed in
three to five business days.
Could you send the results
to my ex-wife's
mailing address?
Come here!
Open your mouth.
- What?
- Open!
What are you doing?
If you tell, I'm going to
go missing again...
and it's going to
break their hearts
and it's going to be
all your fault.
- All your fault.
- Let's go, boys.
I got the test results.
What does it say?
It's nothing
I didn't already know.
Sorry, gang.
Traffic was a nightmare.
- Summer.
- Hi, Dad.
Hey. Come here.
I never really doubted it,
but it's good to know,
to really know, all right?
What's up, guy?
We good?
- Yeah. We're good.
- All right.
I need a ride into town.
this is family time.
Well, you should have
told me that
before I promised Beth
I would be there last week.
Come on.
This is the first time
we're all having dinner
as a family.
Okay, well, I said
I was going to be there.
I can take her...
if one of you guys
will let me borrow your car.
Well, I don't think
that'd be a good idea.
You can take mine.
You really okay
with him driving?
Yeah, I'm okay with him
driving my car.
I think it's fine.
Mitchell drops her off.
We'll pick you up
at 11:00.
- Midnight.
- 10:30.
or I can just hang out
and you don't have to
pick her up.
If that's cool with you,
I'd like to meet your friends.
What about family time?
Summer is my family.
Unless you guys think
it's a bad idea.
- No. No, no.
- I didn't say that.
I mean, I'm okay with it
if you are.
Yeah, I'm fine with it.
You drive.
I don't even
have my permit.
Dad's making me wait 'cause of
something that I did.
I knew we had
something in common.
I don't either.
Oh, my God!
Nobody asked.
You drive or you walk.
It's your choice.
I don't know.
I know it's scary...
but there's something exciting
about it, don't you think?
Guess what.
Let's go into...
This is not happening.
He's kind of old for her,
don't you think?
I wouldn't get all brotherly
and protective about it.
She's fine.
You're mad at me.
You could have told me.
No, I couldn't have.
Everyone is
talking about you.
Like my mom thinks
you're a total delinquent.
Like dangerous.
Show me your room.
Well, I'm glad you called
even if it is to just
help you sort paperwork.
It wasn't
just for paperwork.
I'm glad.
This is for you.
This is mine.
I'm not used to...
to your hand.
it's different, isn't it?
I never really, you know...
I'm not going to do anything
you don't want to do.
Trust me. You're going to
want me to do everything.
This is so cool.
Yeah. Summer said
she wants to get one.
But she's scared to death
of needles.
You scared
to death of anything?
Thank you.
I would love to
see you again.
I'd love to
meet your son.
Hi. Did you have
a good time?
- You did.
- Excuse me?
Maybe me living here
isn't such a good idea.
Interrupting your life...
Wait a minute.
Where is this coming from?
Where is my family?
What did you let happen
to my family?
We are your family.
We're it. This is your family.
It's not the same!
It's wrong, all wrong!
No, no!
I want my family back!
I want my life back!
In a abduction like this
where a young boy has been
missing for over a decade,
in all likelihood
Mitchell Harris
not only experienced
emotional abuse
but also physical
and sexual abuse.
Outside the Harris house,
So you think it's okay to get
a tattoo without even asking?
This is so ridiculous!
I'm almost 18.
It's not a big deal, Dad.
What he's trying to say.
Don't tell me
what he's trying to say.
Summer, don't talk to...
She's not my mother!
It's my fault.
I'll take care of it,
all right?
- Really?
- Yeah.
Where have you been
all my life?
You're up next...
I wanted to apologize
for the tattoo.
Oh, it's Summer's fault.
Don't worry about that.
No, it was
my brilliant idea.
She's my twin.
I thought that it would
bring us closer together,
but I've gotten her in trouble.
I'm sorry.
I'm, I'm a mess.
I don't know
how to belong in a family,
and I've already
changed your lives.
Changing for the better.
Okay. Let's see it.
Wow, that's
a stunning design.
You like it?
Well, you should have asked your
dad and my permission first,
but knowing how you feel
about needles,
it's kind of amazing you
had the courage to do it.
Okay. You were right.
That was the perfect way
to play it.
Hopefully it makes up
for the other night.
I'm sorry.
I know, but you're
a member of this family,
and you should have
asked our permission,
but I haven't seen Summer
look at me like that
in the longest time.
Thank you.
Wait. All right.
On three. Ready?
On three.
One, two, three.
I got it!
I did it!
All right. I want to hear one thing
from each of you that I missed,
starting with Jonathan.
I was the bluebird
of happiness in a school play.
You were the bluebird
of happiness?
Yeah, it's about
this pumpkin patch
and all the pumpkins talk.
And they want to get
picked on Halloween,
but they don't
want to get carved up.
You never got to play
that part because...
you were taken
a couple of weeks before,
and then they had
Sam Lerner play the part.
They gave it to Sam Lerner?
I literally hated that kid.
I know.
I didn't like him either.
And I really wanted to see you
in the show, Summer.
I stood out in front of
the school for so long
and I just...
I couldn't stand the thought
of seeing another kid
and listening to them
say all those words
that I'd rehearsed with you.
Fly to the farm, right?
I will fly to the farm!
I will fly to the store!
I will fly
to the people in town!
they would say, pumpkins!
More, more!
Queen Pumpkin here,
and I decree
that none of my subjects
shall become jack-o-lanterns,
especially not me.
We're not supposed to be
out here at night.
Come on, bud.
What are you doing?
You hear that?
That's gas.
I'm going to teach you
survival skills.
For when he comes
to get you...
What are you doing?
You're scared.
It's okay.
In all fear,
there is excitement.
That's what
he's going to tell you.
Wrong question.
The question is,
how close does a flame
have to get to the gas
before it ignites?
We're down here, Mom.
Can I sleep with you
Of course you can!
What's going on?
I found him out here
playing with this lighter.
You know better than this.
Seriously, bud,
it's not safe.
You've got to be
more careful.
Thanks, Mitchell.
- Sorry we got such a late start.
- No, it's okay.
Do you want
some eggs or something?
No, thank you. I don't think
I can stomach it.
Hey, Jonathan.
Your evil stepmother is here.
That's okay.
That's all right.
Look, Summer, you're just
going to have to gulp it down.
We've got to meet your Dad
for the amnio this morning.
Are you worried?
Crazy trying-not-to-
think-about-it worried.
Oh, here comes
the sleepy man.
you're still not dressed.
Well how about you take Summer
and I'll take him.
Is that all right?
Okay. Great.
Summer, let's go.
Hey, Amanda.
Good luck today.
I'm excited to see the
ultrasound of our new sister.
Thank you.
Yeah, we're, we're, uh,
really excited about it.
what are you doing here?
You know, I just, I just
keep trying to keep it down
and it just keeps
poisoning me.
Let's get out of here.
Hi. You've reached
Greg Harris.
Please leave a message.
I'm sure he's on his way.
Lawyers, you know.
Greg Harris's office.
Rita, it's Amanda. Hi.
What time did Greg leave for the doctor's?
I'm here waiting, and I thought...
I'm so sorry. He just left
with Mitchell actually.
Oh, they did?
Yeah, they just left.
Jonathan, we're so late
at this point,
I don't know
if it's worth take...
Tell me that's one of
your movie magic tricks.
What happened, honey?
I don't know
why I went with him.
I thought
that they were nice.
I was so stupid.
They put me
in the trunk of the car.
All I wanted to do was
to get out of that trunk.
Yeah but...
But when they took me out...
The things that they did--
I wanted to go back in,
into the trunk.
He would film videos of me
with her... and him.
They moved around a lot.
When I was 13,
I started thinking
that he was going
to kill me.
So I did what I had to do
to get out of there. I...
I can't--
I'm messed up.
- No.
- I'm messed up.
No, you're not.
No, you're not.
We love you.
I love you.
I should go to jail
for what I did.
- You shouldn't...
- No, no, no.
Hey, you did
what you had to do.
There's nothing
to be ashamed of.
We don't have to tell
anybody about this, okay?
But if I'm not
a good person?
Hey, look at me.
You're good.
You're my son.
You're good.
How could you do it?
What are you talking about?
He's a little boy...
and you hurt him.
You're scaring me.
You used Jonathan, then you
made him keep it a secret.
I trusted you.
You can't think that I
would let you hurt him.
We were just
messing around.
I, I think Jonathan
might have explained it...
Don't lie to me!
I was so sure.
If you're not...
I was scared.
We're all scared!
I have... these memories.
What if they aren't
the right memories?
I remember this house.
But what if it's
not quite like this house--
It's just a house
similar to this house?
And my mom has light hair
and a great laugh.
What if it's not
exactly your laugh?
Does that mean
that you're not my mom?
I couldn't bear you
thinking that, okay?
I, I wanted there to be
no question.
You and I are going back
to the lab... tomorrow.
I'm sorry I missed the amnio.
Mitchell needed me, and I...
You know, Greg, I will not
have my baby be neglected
just because
Mitchell has come home.
That's not what happened.
I mean if you knew...
Then tell me.
I, I promised him
that I wouldn't.
Of course you did.
Well, he's my son!
And this baby
is going to be your daughter,
and I thought
I was going to be your wife.
You are.
Eventually, right?
Look, Mitchell came home
and then everything just...
Yes, yes, Greg.
Mitchell came home...
and this family that you've
been wanting back all this time
is complete again.
Where does that leave me?
With me.
It leaves you with me.
Prove it.
Mom! Mom!
Don't let them take me!
Wake up!
Wake up!
You're okay.
You're okay.
It's all right now.
I'm sorry.
You sent me away.
Don't make me
leave you again.
I'd kill myself, I swear to God,
if I have to go back there.
It's all right.
You're not going anywhere.
Do you understand?
You're not going anywhere.
It's all right.
Just rest, all right?
Just rest.
Lobster, huh?
Lucky for you
Mitchell overbought.
Very lucky.
You remember
when for Halloween,
she decided that
she wanted to be a boy
- because he got all the cool stuff?
- No.
She wanted to be a boy
for the rest of her life.
Oh, she did.
That's right.
- She wanted to shave.
- I wanted to shave?
Yes. And she
wanted to cut her hair.
And she said,
Dad, it's a man's world.
I did not say that!
Now you're making things up.
I remember her
wanting to be a boy.
I remember that.
I don't even remember that.
- I do.
- No, you don't.
Oh, crap!
I am so incredibly late.
- Amanda.
- Oh.
I could stay here
all night, you guys,
but I've really got to go.
Well, I'll walk you
to the trail.
- Bye, Dad.
- Good night, you guys.
- Bye.
- Good night.
Let's talk about all of
the things that you've done
since I've just been
Like when you...
I can make it from here.
It feels right,
doesn't it?
I mean, even though
it's not perfect.
We're happy.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't worry.
I wasn't expecting you
to cook.
- She microwaves. And she boils stuff.
- Hey.
- Hey again.
- So is this him?
Not bad.
come and meet Kyle.
No. We've got to go.
Beth has to get home.
She has curfew.
It's 7:30.
I know.
It's because of Mitchell.
My mom needs to put down
the "People" magazine
and get a life.
Do you want me
to call her?
It won't help.
She thinks you're blinded
by his charm.
Aren't we all?
Gross! Let's split.
Let's go.
Guess I should say
welcome home.
Who knows.
It might only be temporary.
Don't talk like that.
You're not going anywhere.
See you around.
So I finally met him.
Wow, you take me
to the nicest places.
Trust me.
Watch your step.
You lived here?
When there was enough room.
Witness the
presidential suite.
- It's beautiful.
- It's amazing.
I'm going to go
find us some drinks.
It's gorgeous.
You're gorgeous.
It's just hard for me
to be happy.
Well, that's what
time is for, right?
To make things easier?
- What are you doing?
- What the hell, man!
I just...
I just thought that...
You thought what? Huh?
I, just,
just was trying to...
Trying to what, man?
I was just
trying to get close to...
That's not how
you get close to me.
This is sick!
Screw me, right?
I, I mean, not that you would.
It's like...
Stop it! Mitchell!
Stop it!
Get off! Stop it!
Best man?
For our small, very small,
barely pulled together wedding
a week from Sunday.
I'm happy for you.
A toast...
To this family's future with
happiness, health and Mitchell.
Oooh, Jonathan!
Whoa, whoa!
Uh-oh! I'll get this.
It's okay. Come on, come off
the floor, come with me.
All right.
Be careful.
You didn't have to
say that to them.
I meant it.
You don't have to be nice.
I hate him.
No. Just side with him.
Don't even ask me
what's wrong, Mom.
It's not like you gave me
a second to ask.
It's just you don't
want to hear it, Mom.
You're just happy that your
precious little boy is back.
That's all you care about.
Oh, my God!
Leave me alone.
You think you know me...
You tell Mom anything,
I'm going to cut your mouth
out of your face.
You should have called me.
I did once I woke up.
Did you file a police report?
Oh, my God!
Well, I was trying to
figure out what to say.
What do you mean?
Have you had him evaluated--
Mitchell, do you know
what you're dealing with?
What does that
have to do with anything?
I think maybe he's the one
that attacked me.
Why would you say that?
Look, I didn't see his face.
He was wearing a hoodie,
but the same height,
same build.
So you automatically
assume it's my kid?
- No.
- That's a big jump.
Especially since
you didn't see his face.
I know he's your son.
I know this,
but you have to admit
he's not the same boy...
you lost at the beach.
Stop it.
Stop it.
You don't think
I know what I'm doing?
No. I care about you
and I don't want you
to get hurt.
I care about you, too.
But Mitchell
has to come first.
I can't do this.
Where were you last night?
Where were you last night?
What do you mean?
I need to know.
Okay, umm...
if, if you need to know,
I um...
I was getting you this.
I figured since
you're not going to be
looking for me anymore,
you know, maybe you can start
taking pictures again.
Happy early birthday.
Thank you.
Kyle and I broke up.
I'm sorry.
I thought you'd be happy
about that.
No. I, I just--
I want you to be happy.
Here you go, buddy.
Aw, come on.
No smile for chocolate milk?
Oh, shoot!
Oh, shoot! Okay. All right.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Let's take this off.
- No! Don't.
I'm just going to wash it.
It's going to stink.
Come on.
Hands up.
Oh, where's your head?
Here we go.
What are you doing?
It's just me.
What are you doing?
Come here.
Come here.
Oh, my God!
you have to tell me
the truth, okay?
Laura, are you here?
Come on, Greg.
Pick up.
Trying to call my dad?
My parents actually
just went for a walk.
Your parents.
That's... that's a good one.
What are you talking about?
What you did to Jonathan.
Don't touch me!
Are you okay?
You sound really unbalanced.
I think your pregnancy
hormones are kicking in.
You know, I think you have
more doubts than I do.
You know you don't
belong in this family.
I belong in this family
just as much as you do.
You see, what does it
matter what you think?
It matters what my mom thinks,
and she thinks I'm hers.
Not when I tell her
what you did.
She already knows what
I did because I told her.
She doesn't care.
Wow, another lie.
See, you know nothing.
You don't know
what it's like to...
be ripped away from everything
you've ever loved.
So if my mom loves me
and I love her,
isn't that enough?
Just because
you want it to be true,
it doesn't mean that it is.
Mitchell, listen to me.
We have no idea
who you really are.
You do not know
what it took to get me here!
I'm not going to let you take
away my family from me, okay?
And I'm not going to
let you destroy them!
All right?
I don't want to be lost again.
So why does your baby--
Why does your baby get that
guarantee, but I never will?
Okay, okay.
Mitchell, look, look.
You're right.
It's not fair,
but we can work this out,
all right?
We can't work this out
because you're in the way...
of working everything out.
Jonathan, stay right there,
You get out of my way.
Did you hear that?
She pushed me first.
You saw it!
Oh, my God!
Don't move, don't move!
Don't move.
The baby!
Oh, God!
The baby's
going to be fine.
- Get Jonathan. Get Jonathan.
- Mommy!
Shh. Just breathe.
We're going to get help.
We're going to get help.
Mom? Did you see Jonathan?
Where would he go? Summer, if you
have any idea, you have to tell me.
Um, I don't know. There's this
place in the city that he took...
- Where?
- I don't know the address.
There's got to be something.
An address, something.
Where's the kite?
Why would he take the kite?
Oh, my God!
He's going to the lake.
Mom, I'm coming with you.
No, stay here and help
your dad and Amanda
and get an Amber Alert
for your brother, for Jonathan.
Why can't I come with you?
Because if anything
happened to you...
I wouldn't be able
to survive that.
But what if he hurts you?
You told them about
our little game, Jonathan,
and now you ruined everything.
I didn't mean to.
Do you think...
I don't want to know
if I'm really him?
I wish... I wish I could
remember that day...
The kite... The beach.
It was this beach, right?
This beach.
You know, may--
Maybe they weren't my parents.
May-maybe they were lying
or maybe somebody gave me
to them because I was bad.
You know, it's not fair
that I get that and you...
It's not fair, okay?
Now they-- they
weren't my parents
because they were bad,
you know?
But people are not evil,
you know, they just--
They do evil things
because someone did something
bad to them once, okay?
Come on, don't cry, okay?
Don't cry.
You shouldn't be afraid
of the water, Johnny.
You be afraid of me.
Let's go!
You're going to be me.
I'm going to be him.
We should have you
make your own,
but there's not enough time.
There's not enough time.
We could do that now.
Oh, no.
You're going to run,
and you do not
let this take a dive
because then,
then he's going to get you
and you'll just be gone,
and I was, I was gone,
and then suddenly
I was just going to be gone.
That is the second time,
Look at me!
Look at me!
If you fight it...
If you fight it,
it's only going to
make it worse, okay?
Because you know what,
if you're lucky,
you'll forget about it all.
You'll forget about
it all, okay?
You won't be able to tell
between your dreams
and what really happened.
Oh, baby!
Mitchell, stop.
Mitchell, let him go.
- Stop!
- Don't hurt him!
Give him to me.
Why, so you could
have him back
and forget about me?
- No.
- And leave me behind again?
No, Mitchell.
Stop! Stop right there.
He can't swim.
Give him to me!
Mitchell, you don't
have to do this.
Just give him to me,
and you and I can talk.
No, you can talk right now.
Just give him to me,
Him or me.
Give me my son!
Are you okay? Okay?
Oh, God, baby.
Oh, honey. It's okay.
How's Amanda?
Oh, she's good.
She's good.
Much better.
She and the baby
are going to be fine.
You know, we could
drag the lake again...
if you want to.
What do you want to do?
I want to let him go.
So use my lungs
And breathe
And take these eyes
And see
That you're not alone
And I'm begging you please
And use my lungs
And breathe