Lost Cat Corona (2017) Movie Script

Ah, fuck me.
Ow! Fuck you!
I said,
what did I say?
You knocked them!
Tell me what I said.
I'll slap you upside your head,
I told you I'm talking,
didn't I?
What did I say, huh?
Ow! Let go, Dan!
Now, listen to me.
Mind your fucking business,
all right.
Don't make me
call the cops, huh?
So, maybe I just
beat your ass too then, huh?
Oh, he said, "let her go."
Jerk off, what are you deaf?
Let her go.
Fuck you, too.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Son of a...
I don't need help.
Fuck, I can take care of myself.
Damn right.
You fucking weird, with your
fat face and whatever.
Nice mouth.
Real nice mouth.
Fuck you!
Fuck your mother!
You believe that shit?
Both need help.
Have a good one.
I'm sick.
I'm sick!
Leonard didn't come home
last night.
You gotta go out
and find him.
Don't give me any grief today.
You're the one
who let him out.
He was whining and carrying-on.
He wanted to go out.
So you let him?
In the middle of the night?
Coyotes and all...
I'd like to kick you
in the balls right now. May I?
Oh wait, I have to
find them first.
Ah, here we go.
Can you stand up to a cat
for Christ sake?
I got sal's dad wake today.
I'm just saying.
Why is everything
an argument with you?
My mother is going
into surgery today, remember?
And since when are you and sal
such good friends anymore?
Just find
Leonard first, all right?
And pick up some toilet paper.
I just finished the last roll.
Hey, Leonard...
All right, I'll call you
and let you know
how my mother's doing.
All right.
Oh, shit.
When you pick up toilet paper
stop by the cleaners,
i forgot my black sweater.
Toilet paper, sweater, got it.
Just find Leonard.
Find him.
I'll find him.
Fucking cat.
Ah, fuck you.
That cat's got it in for you.
He's probably hiding somewhere
laughing his ass off.
Ah, cats, Connie, people...
I take one day off of work
and this is the shit
i gotta deal with.
I told you about the guy
slapping the shit out
of his girlfriend this morning.
And her, she's fucked up.
You're lucky
he didn't have a gun.
You know, see,
that's really fucked up.
What's fucked up now?
That fact that the silver lining
is he didn't have a gun.
I mean,
this entire city is insane.
So move.
Yeah, move. Where am i
gonna move? This is my home.
I don't know.
Some place nice.
What's nice?
That phony,
"have a nice day" bullshit.
I mean,
why can't people just be normal?
I just want to get through
my life unscathed, that's it.
Leave me alone.
Well, good luck with that.
So, we're gonna go
look for this cat or what?
i got to look for this cat,
i don't find this cat,
I'm moving in with you,
so how's that?
Who the hell is this?
Hi, dom.
Hi! Betty.
I live across the street.
He didn't come home yet?
No, not yet.
Connie called me
early this morning, frantic.
You remember
when my Bruno went missing?
But I did these flyers...
And I got so many calls.
I think it's brilliant,
you know.
I can do one for you.
Maybe it'd help.
It's helping already, I think.
Thanks, bet,
i really appreciate it.
I'm gonna see how
i make out myself first, okay.
Take the flyer, man.
Is this your number?
You see, you better find him.
You got it. I'll let you
know how it make out.
You know, Tommy the suit
bought a big ass SUV.
And I told him, you know,
"gas don't grow on trees,"
you know.
That's true.
She's worried about coyotes?
What about the q-58 express bus?
No doubt, liberace was gay
way before his time.
Way before.
Well, this was fun.
Time to expand the search.
We'll pack a suitcase?
Are you for real?
I thought you were so sick.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I joined the mathletes.
I got a tournament.
Oh, you're hilarious.
Stop your lying.
Rolling in at 01:00 A.M.
you can't just come and go
as you please.
Hey, you know what?
I'm done with you.
Let your father
deal with this shit.
He's not my father.
Come on.
You better be back here
before he gets home!
Don't say I didn't warn you!
So what's the game plan?
You'll see.
Where did you get this map?
From the year of the flood?
You asked for
a from map of corona.
It's a historical map.
What is this?
A historical jacket?
It's a wake, remember?
Now what do we need this for?
I know where the hell I am.
One word... Connie.
You mark where you look.
If you don't find him,
you have proof that you looked.
Is it okay?
Yes fine, I have like
fifty of them.
What is it with you and maps?
You know, ponce...
Can I just like, not to looking,
and still mark up the map.
Let's do that then.
Yeah, right.
That's good for you.
Back to my plan then?
Yeah, go ahead.
So, we're pretty much bordered
by hazardous roads.
So, we start here
in Roosevelt...
Down to 1/11...
Long island expressway...
Here, here, mm?
I could have
found the cat by now.
It's been eight years, huh?
You looked like a maniac
sitting in with the vet with a
python wrapped around your neck.
Connie freaked.
You see that?
You guys have
just rescued Leonard.
You and I meet.
And here I am,
helping you to find him.
- It was all meant to be.
- Yeah, meant to be.
What was the name
of the snake again?
Listen, I appreciate
the company, bud.
I do.
No problem.
I got time.
Besides, what if somebody
tries to take your lunch money?
It's Connie's bike.
Mine's busted, all right.
You looked in a mirror lately?
All right, where to?
You're the one with the map.
Let's go.
No cat. But he says,
I'm a dead ringer
of his deceased cousin.
Before dead or after?
I don't know.
Let's go check the lot
around the corner, huh?
Yo! Yo, Leonard!
Where you been?
Don't look at me
for inspiration, I'd bag this
whole thing for a cold beer.
I come from a long line
of non-motivators.
Your father
was the heavyweight champ.
"Stop being so low in your life.
You gonna keep this in
the god damn urinal completely!"
He used to say to me.
I can't tell you
how many times.
I wondered why your shoes
always looked wet.
Fucking cat.
Check this shit out.
Hey, good eyes.
What the fuck is that!
Oh, shit!
It's a fucking ear!
This ain't a gag, is it?
No, that's someone's
sliced of a fucking ear!
Van gogh live around here?
Should we call the cops?
No, I'm not getting involved
with that shit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What are you doing?
Don't throw that in there.
We've got our fingerprints
all over the bag now.
You said you didn't want
to get involved.
I did.
Just give it to me.
I'll, I'll give it to sal.
We'll take care of it.
Hey, you want to split this?
I was born way too late.
Give me the old west,
with saloon towns, and
horse turds steaming
in the streets, and
shootouts at sundown,
I live every day
to die, partner.
So today, it's me or you?
Yeah, tweasel said
to look out for you.
Yeah, tweasel is a fucktard.
And, let's be clear on, man.
I'm hearing.
Tweasel organizes
a whole little party.
We just here to facilitate.
You get my brother's truck
back here.
And we'll take it from there,
clean, no wrinkles.
You have my word.
And what word are
we talking about here?
Is the word chair?
Or is it recalcitrant?
I would like that word.
It's my promise.
I got you again!
You gotta relax, Bambi!
Don't push it over 60.
It'll stall.
It has a tendency to stall.
Maybe I'll step into
the spray booth a little.
Catch a little buzz.
That shit'll turn
your brain to glue, come on.
Nah, that smells good!
Right, amen?
You know how to drive a stick?
Ah, been a while.
That's all right.
It's automatic.
Don't you ever fucking
point your finger at me!
I will cut it off!
There she is.
Unless you planning on
running on fumes?
Hit the fucking pump.
Where'd you find him?
Hey. Not yet.
You find him?
Did you shake
the dry food bag outside?
I shook the bag.
I'm out looking for him now.
Hey, tell her
you just found an ear.
Can you believe we're still
waiting for my mother
to go into surgery?
I want to hang myself.
Wait a second.
What's going on?
I'm waiting to find
if Connie hung herself.
How is it for her?
This is so ridiculous.
They actually had to
get here early, for what?
My mother hasn't had
a thing to eat.
Since midnight.
Mom, please.
Did you check the Gregory's?
Think I'm gonna pass out.
All right, listen.
Let me call you once she gets in
to surgery all right?
Hey, make sure
you call me all right.
Don't forget.
Call me, okay.
Yeah. Bye.
Everything copacetic?
What kind of a surgery
is Connie's mom having?
Ooh, a guy worked out a hernia.
His intestines went right into
his right nut.
Blew up like a soft ball.
I'm pretty sure
that's not gonna happen
to Connie's mom.
It's definitely
a man's ear for sure.
I wonder whose is it?
I say,
we looking for a guy, 6'2",
brown hair,
walks with a limp,
or a guy
with his left ear cut off,
who knows.
I don't wanna know.
But I'm riding around
with a guy's ear in a bag.
So I don't wanna
talk about it.
I still can't believe
you put that fucking money
in your pocket.
Because of the fact
it was in a bag
with a decomposing ear.
Means nothing to you, huh?
Whipped your sorry ass.
You jumped before go.
It doesn't count.
Oh, it counts.
Come on.
You really are a dick sometimes.
See, I told you already.
Cecil went away with her folks.
Dealing with
some family shit.
Like you said.
They're not home.
You're not thinking
of breaking in, are you?
What are you two
doing back here?
Is Cecil home?
We go to school with her.
I don't like you sneaking around
looking in windows.
Oh, we sneaking?
She's not here.
So, why don't you call or
text her, or whatever it is
you do?
We'll see Cecil at school.
Fuck her.
Wherever she is.
All right,
what are you looking at now?
We are right on schedule, man.
We covered that, and that...
Louis and park.
Why don't we just look
on the other side
of coroner Avenue?
Well, we haven't covered
the entire quadrant yet.
I was...
Etiquette said so.
What do you know of etiquette?
Where do you come up
with this shit?
I'm talking about
modern day etiquette.
You could check on this.
Fellatio, is the sincerest
form of flattery.
"Don't flatter yourself,"
just got
a whole new meaning.
Oh, wait a second.
Maybe it's all sex.
'Cause that's both
man and woman.
Now you are
one messed up individual.
Don't you have to be some place?
Oh, come on.
You know you'd miss me.
I would.
For all the wrong reason.
For all the right reason.
Hey, what's up?
What are you doing?
- Hey, ponce!
- Son of a bitch, man!
How are you, man?
What's up, man?
Yo, you with this guy?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You live here?
No, this is
my lady's friend place.
What do you think?
Yo, what's up?
What are you doing around here?
We're looking for his cat.
Dom, Ricky. Ricky, dom.
A cat?
Man, personally, listen to me.
I don't dig cats.
I'm more of a dog guy.
They're loyal.
They won't run off on you.
Some people with cats,
they are like real assholes,
you know what I mean.
No offense,
know what I'm saying.
But hey, I almost ran over a cat
coming over here now, though.
By 104, near the church.
Yeah, I almost got
three points.
Listen, our first solid
lead in the case.
Bye, I love you.
Good seeing you, man.
Say hi to the family.
Take care.
You know, I may be an asshole,
but your friend was an asshole,
for calling me an asshole.
Well, let's go back
and beat him to a pulp.
Hey, you may wanna
double up on that.
What, you don't believe in them,
god, heaven, death, evil,
all that stuff?
I think about it.
Whether I'm heading
up or down.
What's gonna be said
on my headstone.
I know what mine's gonna say.
I should have been cremated.
Well, you can never
make up your mind
on this shit.
He's not here.
Let's get the hell out.
Father, for the rectory.
No, no, please, please.
What time is it?
I'm starving.
Again with this.
Wonder if Dominic
checked the playground.
Enough with the cat.
You're more worried of him,
than you're of me.
Oh, stop being so melodramatic.
I bet somebody died in the or.
That's why we're still waiting.
It's probably that
old hunch back lady
with that frizzy gray hair
that was sitting over there.
She looked horrible.
I'm sitting over here now.
If they don't call you soon,
I'm gonna perform
the surgery myself.
Would you two stop now?
Could I like, maybe have
a piece of hard candy?
It will kill you, ma.
Whoever heard of somebody
dying from a piece of candy?
People choke on candy
all the time.
Look at me.
You need an empty stomach.
How much room
can a piece of candy take?
Oh my god,
we're gonna be here all day.
If Dominic doesn't find Leonard,
I'm gonna kill him.
I swear.
Stop being so melodramatic.
- Sal...
- Johnny...
Sal, what you're asking me
is totally out of the question.
Just tell me truthfully.
How much you making
on the casket?
It's just not done.
There are health laws.
Come on, sal!
Health laws? They're dead.
What are you worried about?
I'm gonna catch the flu?
Look, all I'm saying is,
we flip it.
It's against the law.
I can't. I won't.
You're telling me
you don't resell stuff.
How many funerals
those flowers been to out there?
Johnny, my father's being
cremated for Christ sake.
We're recycling,
look at it that way.
Good for the planet, no?
Come on.
How much you making
on the box?
Eight hundred, a grand.
It's none of your business,
how much I'm making on the box.
How about that, sal?
Johnny, come on.
Come on, Sally...
Oh, Johnny,
you're breaking my heart.
You're breaking my heart, sal...
You filthy son...
This is truly
getting stupid now.
No, I haven't found him yet.
You know,
maybe we should just split up.
Or let's say, give up, huh?
You got me
for a little while longer,
let's look, okay.
I'll do the blocks
down that way.
And I'll meet you
at the corner of 111th and 42nd.
All right.
He ate the fucking ear.
Who ate the ear?
The dog.
Why'd you give the dog
the ear?
He was chasing my ass.
I had to do something.
You know,
i leave you for a minute,
and look what happens.
Ponce, it was
a huge fucking dog, all right.
Least, we still have
the bloody money, right?
I gave the money
to the priest.
Look, you know,
keep the money,
don't keep the money,
more importantly,
i think I might have,
have seen something,
by the tavern.
Well, it could have been a cat,
could have been a rat,
could have been a black bag
just blowing by...
I, I gotta get my eyes checked.
So, and...
I wanted to
finish my ice-cream first.
You gonna get me one?
But, but, this one is yours.
Rats bunking
in this freaking rack!
Fuck, got me cleaning!
I cannot have it,
to clean up...
Teach me about
a fucking job to do...
Fucking clear it out.
Thorny motherfucker.
Street is cold,
asphalt don't get back,
it only takes it's hands,
worn by the scraps
it pulls from the ground
he's not afraid of nothing,
why would he be?
Street will named for him
when the time has come
when his time has passed
up and green or white,
reflecting in the night,
above the cold, asphalt
that only takes...
Like I've said before,
it's got no swag.
What do you know?
What you ever pen?
I penned this.
Not worth, boy.
So, your cat's missing, huh?
We got two at home.
My wife would die if anything
were to happen to them.
Hey, Dominic, look at this.
Dry as a whistle, baby.
I don't get any.
Hey, don't beat yourself up.
We searched this block,
inside out.
Fellow travelers...
Hey, what's the good word, Phil?
You're born, you jerk off.
You get married, you jerk off.
You have kids, you jerk off.
Maybe grandkids,
you still jerk off,
and then you die.
You two related?
Shooting pool.
That scumbag,
he's not from around here.
Get this.
Says his name is sue.
For real?
I kid you not.
His brother, half brother,
i don't know,
some shit like that,
You probably seen him here.
From what I now,
this sue guy, is a lifer.
He in and out of prison.
Well, he looks fucked up.
Looks? Certifiable.
I hear he's waiting
trial here in New York,
on a big fat drug bust.
But the case
was just thrown out.
So who fucking knows.
What makes somebody think
it's okay to let their dog
lick my leg?
Good thing it wasn't a big dog.
Maybe I wouldn't
have minded then.
I charge 15 for that.
Unrestrained flattery, Maria.
Flattery, see what I tell you.
So, you gonna keep on looking?
I don't know.
I still gotta pay my respects
to the funeral parlor.
You know,
i never liked your pal, sal.
He gave me a ticket once.
Come on, he's all right.
Fuck you!
How long we know each other?
With all due respect,
you're a little outta control.
Sal, look, don't put me
in this position.
This is not a big deal.
Look, I'm in a bind there.
Look, I'm still gonna
have to say no.
I told you when you got started
with this kind of thing lately.
I helped you once,
but that's it.
You got a problem, sal.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know this is
a tough time for you.
Yeah, and you ain't
making it any better.
Come on, don't be that way.
You're making me feel bad.
Good, then you'll help.
Are you talking
to anybody, Jimmy?
Yeah, you.
No, seriously, pipes, come on.
Losing Peggy,
than this shit.
I haven't any time.
I will.
You know, sometimes things get
so fucked up you wish you could
hit reset and start over.
Then again, I'm better off
to most vets I know.
And, we still got our looks.
Well, I do.
Anything you need.
I'm fine.
I just need some time
with myself, that's all.
But, I will be fine.
Thanks, ponce.
Hey, hey.
Where you've been?
I've been trying to reach you.
Any sign of Leonard?
Did I call?
No, she's finally in surgery.
I guess, we'll see her
in a couple of hours
when she's in recovery.
All right, that's good.
Hey, ballsack,
find someplace else
to talk to your boyfriend.
Where are you?
At the drycleaners.
Dominic, you better
find Leonard.
I'm not kidding.
I heard you
the first six times.
Come on, you're in
my fucking eye line.
I was on the phone!
Maybe I need to
articulate my position
more clearly.
Shut the fuck up,
and go back
where you came from, all right?
Ah, come on.
How about a game of eight-ball?
Or I could just jam this
through your fucking skull, huh?
Dom, everything okay back here?
You okay?
Mm, I was just talking
to Jimmy pipes...
Someone broke into
his place yesterday.
Probably some kids.
They drank all his booze,
took some small crap.
But he seemed really down.
They took his purple heart.
You believe that shit.
People suck.
I have no idea what it takes to
turn into someone like that.
You okay?
I don't think this fucking day
can get any worse.
It's still early.
Dominic, it's been real, man.
I hope you find
your little friend.
Thanks for helping me
out today, all right?
Maybe it's time to take Betty up
on the flyer offer, you know.
You sure?
I'll take care on that.
All right.
All right?
I'll swing by your house later
to see what's what, okay?
All right, be safe, okay.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Here, keep it for Connie.
Somebody colored
all over that shit.
All right, peace.
Take care, buddy. Take it easy.
Fuckface, ex-con.
What's wrong?
I had a good day.
You look stunning.
Thank you.
Oh, fuck her, I did.
Yo, you deaf, shitstain?
Ignore them, they're idiots.
Dominic, I just want to
let you know.
I didn't fuck any of them.
I swear.
How the fuck does that
make me feel any better?
Well, at least,
you're being honest.
What was that?
Don't worry, Shelly knows
how to handle that situation
better than anybody.
Yeah, but he don't
know about that.
Hey, you got a license
for this thing here?
Oh, I'll call you later.
Look, who it is!
How you doing, uncle Sam?
Look at you.
Listen, your aunt ain't here.
She went down to visit
your mother in Florida.
She gonna be so sorry
she missed you.
Ah, me too. I came to see you.
You came to see me?
All dressed up like this.
You don't have to dress up
to see me.
All right.
Stay sharp.
Had to go to a wake.
You know my old friend sal?
His father passed.
Ah, good, that
son of a bitch.
I never liked that guy.
How's Connie?
She's good, she's good.
Glad to hear it.
Hi, honey!
This dog is a chick magnet.
You know what that is?
Yeah, I know what that is.
You know what you just did
'cause you're here?
What's that?
Cock block.
Right, right, with wife away,
it just blew.
So tell me,
what brings my favorite nephew
all the way over to my place,
when his place
his only ten minutes away
and I never see him?
What's wrong?
Who said anything was wrong?
I can see it your face.
Same face your father
used to have...
I don't know.
Well, what?
This guy... I backed down
to this messed up guy.
You want me to do
something about this.
No, no.
Uncle Sam, it's not that.
It's, it's just that,
I'm always...
I was actually scared.
I get it.
So instead of him,
possibly beating
the shit out of you,
you are beating
the shit out of yourself.
Very smart.
Listen to me.
You pick the fights.
You don't let fights pick you.
You've always been a smart kid.
You gotta stay smart.
You understand me?
Come on.
It's a nice way
of calling me a pussy.
You're not a pussy.
Your daddy didn't raise
no pussy.
He was a tough guy.
Yeah, and they wacked him.
They wacked him,
he made a mistake.
But all the guys respected him.
Don't you forget that.
Come on, get out of it!
You got my word.
You got my word.
It's just that, you know,
my dad died and all that,
things just got insane,
that's all.
That's all there is.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I hear you, sal.
My heart bleeds for you.
It really does.
But I want my fucking money now.
You been jerking me off
long enough.
Big ed, a little more time,
that's all I'm asking you for.
Have I not been a god customer?
I need you to think about it
for a second, that's all.
Big ed?
Yeah, I'm here.
All I was saying was...
If I could just get a, you know
I got the money,
it's not that I don't have it.
You know, I've got
these relatives over the house,
I can't get it all over to you,
you know what I'm saying?
That's the only reason
I'm stalling.
Hey, I must be
some sort of athlete.
I'm sitting on the throne,
I'm talking to you,
blowing my nose
all at the same time.
But do what the fuck
you gotta do, sal.
But bring down the money
tomorrow morning.
I'll be at my club.
Okay, I got it.
Hope you shit your liver out.
You fat bastard.
Thank you.
I appreciate you
making the trip.
Means a lot.
There he is.
Ah, it's been too long.
My condolences, sal.
Now, we're all on the clock.
Yeah, so how you doing?
Ah, there she is.
You got so big!
Such a pretty young lady.
Listen, Connie sends
her sympathies.
Sorry she can't be here.
She's has her mother
in the hospital.
She okay?
Yeah, she'll be fine.
It's tough
when they get old, huh?
I know, I know.
You're hanging in there?
Me? Yeah.
You know me and him
weren't that close.
And my mom's doing...
She's over there with Jackie.
Did you see the ring
that sal got me.
Let me go pay my respects.
I'll be back.
Hey, I gotta ask you something.
So you stick around, okay?
All right.
Don't go nowhere.
I know. I'm gonna move
your mother's flowers
to the front.
Dominic, hello.
Thanks for coming.
No joke.
It's a good thing people die,
or I'll never have a chance
to see you knuckleheads.
Weddings and wakes.
Tell you the truth, dead people
in boxes still creeps me out.
What if they turn
a nice color?
The deceased.
I have always thought that.
What if they turn
a nice color?
Like the leaves in the fall.
See, that would be cool.
It would be like a drama
to the catskills den, right?
Exactly. In October.
Doesn't Louise look so beautiful
laying there, she turned such
a nice golden color...
Fucking gorgeous.
And then we throw up
one more festoonery too.
Autumnal. "Autum-al festival"?
How did you get a diploma?
Fuck ya.
Hey, but sal's holding up
pretty good, huh?
You know sal?
No better than you.
You guys were thick as thieves
back in the day.
It's not for me to say.
But Jackie should try a sentence
without the word "i" in it,
once in a while.
I know, I said the same thing.
All she said is,
"i, I, i".
I said the exact same thing.
"I this" and "i that".
Maybe I wouldn't mind
if she actually has
something to say.
I agree.
I said the exact same thing.
Ready to leave?
Maybe we should say
goodbye to Jackie first.
Yeah, you know,
he's this really cool scientist.
You know, he's this tweaked up
insane pothead.
I see he's...
Was a genius.
For sure, you know,
he said...
You ever heard of mensa?
You have to be a genius
to be a member.
See that fellow over there?
That's my future son-in-law.
He belongs to feces.
Shit for brains.
No respect.
Fucking kids today,
I'd like to put that stick
right up his ass.
With a cellphone chaser.
Duck face, right now.
Relax, brother.
Take it easy.
I'm suppose sit around all day,
and wait
for something to happen.
Shouldn't even be
getting involved
with nickel and dime shit
that's going down today,
you understand?
You wanna put
some hair around it?
Let me remind you, brother.
The next time you're
not gonna get so lucky
on a technicality.
So get it through
your thick fucking head, okay?
One more charge sticks
on anything,
and I mean anything,
they gonna lock your ass up
and throw away the key.
You listening?
Fuck the key!
Well that might be
the only thing
you'll be able to fuck.
Well, how long
has he been missing?
A day.
Well, that must be your bike
with the pink carrier
i saw out front.
It's a girl's bike.
Yes, it is.
What kind is it?
The cat?
No, the bike.
I don't know.
Cats are very smart.
I'm sure he'll find
his way home.
Maybe not.
He will.
Mr. Franco looked good,
didn't he?
They sure did a nice job.
When you're that old,
the only time
people say you look good
is when you're dead.
What's your cat's name again?
He said it was Leonard.
It's great.
It's a great name.
Love that name.
I'll be right back!
One minute!
Hey, thanks for waiting.
Yeah, what's up?
Look, I know it's last minute.
And I wouldn't ask
if I wasn't jammed up, but...
I can use your help.
All right, what do you need?
Thank you.
I have no idea who that is.
It's about Mary.
Your daughter?
She all right?
She needs an operation.
Ah, shit.
No, dommy, take it easy.
It's not life threatening.
It's a strabismus.
You know, the cross eye.
Oh, sal.
You hardly even notice that.
Isn't it astigmatism?
I mean, you may not see it,
True, astigmatism
that would be easy.
Strabismus not so much.
And the other kids,
they all make fun of her.
Mary's a doll, okay.
Fuck those halfwits.
And the insurance companies,
no help. Don't wanna cover
the operation. Believe it?
Bastards don't wanna pay
for nothing.
I know.
So, I was a wondering,
you got a minute?
You gotta help him now.
I do not understand.
He's pathetic.
Look, he's an old friend.
What can I do?
You can remind him
that's your father lying there.
I promised I would help him.
This cat is important to him.
It's like his kid or something.
This isn't a big deal.
We're gonna ride around
for a little while, all right.
I'll take him to the precinct.
We'll put a buzz out to
the units, keep their eyes out.
For a cat!
Ma, do me a favor.
Jimmy has food
at the house, okay?
Jackie's gonna take you over.
Please make sure
you eat something.
I love you, ma.
You okay?
How can I be okay?
Do you know
where my money is?
He left me penniless.
You should have died
ten years ago,
when you were
supposed to, you bastard.
Oh, I lived with
such false hope.
Maybe I could have had
a few more dollars in the bank.
Thank you, sal.
Do you see this?
This is your father's funeral.
I know. I gotta go.
Can't go anywhere.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Ma, everything's gonna be fine.
I'm sure he stashed
some money at the house.
We'll look when I get home.
It'll be fun.
- I love you.
- Oh.
I'll be back soon.
Do you know
where my money is?
On your finger?
Here we go.
Look at that.
Perfect, huh?
Jackie looked pissed.
She'll get over it.
Does she know about,
whatever this is?
Nah, I wanna surprise her.
Come on, pal,
first stop Van dam street.
Now, sal,
what's with the mystery?
I said I'd help
whatever this is.
You're gonna see
when we get there.
You know we gotta find
Connie's cat
before it gets dark.
I'm dead meat
if I don't find him.
I don't come come with that...
Don't you worry.
You're gonna have plenty of time
to find the cat.
Hey, probably home by now, huh?
- Found a guy's ear today.
- No shit.
A dog ate it.
So, he probably
doesn't want it back.
Designer handbags.
They're knockoffs.
Very popular with the ladies.
Where did you get all this?
they made their way onto a list
of confiscated items in a bust.
They're stolen?
I don't wanna bother anybody
i work with,
and I trust you.
So, how does this
help Mary?
I gotta buy it.
We drop them off,
it's over.
Come on, sal!
What? I want you to take
one of these for Connie.
Oh, man, sal, come on!
Look, how pretty.
What? You worry too much.
We load 'em and we unload 'em.
That's it.
All that's gonna fit
in your truck.
Did you find him yet?
I didn't call, did I?
Maybe he went home, honey.
I haven't been home all day.
Well, just letting you know,
she's out of surgery.
She's doing fine.
We're just waiting around
to see her.
All right, good.
That's great.
You go to the wake yet?
Yeah, I'm with sal right now.
He's hanging in there.
All right, well, I don't know
what time I'm gonna get home,
but I guess,
I'll look for Leonard
if I have to.
You know,
i didn't need this, Dominic.
Honey, don't cry. Honey,
please, please, you're gonna
make yourself sick, all right.
I'll find the cat.
Everything's gonna turn
out okay, all right, baby?
I'll find him.
All right, relax.
Talk to you later.
Sal, I gotta find this cat.
She's in tears, with her mom,
the cat, the whole thing today.
Dommy, one, two, three,
we make the drop.
We find the cat, I promise.
That's it.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck, sal?
Okay, this is not a problem.
Don't you worry about a thing.
How long is this gonna
take now, sal?
Enough with
the complaining,
i already got a wife.
Everything okay?
Hi, officer,
just a flat tire.
You know, you're missing
a license plate on that tow.
I am very sorry about that.
My name is sal
and I'm with the one twelve.
I'm just helping a buddy move.
It's a short run.
Best dressed movers
I've ever seen.
Uh, a weak.
- My condolences.
- Thanks.
You know, I got a buddy
over at the one twelve, Reno.
And you admit to know him.
You do know Reno.
All right, you be good.
Take care.
You stay safe, okay?
We're back in business.
That was uncomfortable, sal.
Wait a minute, shoes are
uncomfortable. That was
fucking painfully close.
Would you relax?
It's me. I got this.
I got this!
Getting exciting, isn't it?
No. No.
Come on.
Stop fucking around, all right?
You're digging it.
Let me ask you a question.
You think dom's even
looking for Leonard?
He better be,
or else he knows there's
a real problem between us.
Huh, really?
What do mean really?
What does that mean?
Why are you asking me this?
Well, maybe because
you've been breaking
the guy's chops like...
His whole life.
So? That's my job.
I love him.
Who else is
supposed to do it?
Don't get me wrong,
but maybe...
It's dom's way of getting even
with you for doing your job.
What, are you kidding me?
It's not him.
He doesn't got it in him.
It's not like
he's like his father
or anything.
But sometimes, to be honest,
i wish he had
a little bit of that in him.
That's not even funny.
Like, don't even say
something like that.
You know what I mean.
I'm not a shrink or nothing.
No shit.
Sometimes, I think...
That dom's whole
map up session thing,
you know...
Is just his way
of dealing with everything.
It's like...
He's above everything,
so he can look down
and feel safe,
and be away from
all the shitheads
and guys like his dad.
And you, doctor?
Up your's.
Oh, I know...
It's not like
dom is into sharing,
he's not Mr. like,
"oh, you hurt my feelings...
This is what I'm thinking."
I'll tell you one thing.
He better be looking
for that cat.
Oh, god.
Two dollars.
Thanks, have a nice day.
Will do.
You have a nice day, too.
Thank you.
So easy.
Let me see what you got.
What you get?
Oh, man.
I got more.
That's nice, but I'm not eating
anything that's been
in your pants, dude.
All right, more shack for me.
What's going on now?
We're going in stealth.
Sal, they still gonna
see your truck.
We're meeting them here?
We're meeting him here.
Which brings me to asking you
a really big favor.
Now you know, I wouldn't do this
unless I was absolutely sure
it was the right way to go.
I'd like you
to make the exchange.
Nah, I'm not doing it.
Okay, just listen.
A, he doesn't know
what I look like.
B, let's say he does make me
as a cop, then this
whole thing goes bad.
So that's why I'm here.
It's just like you
to not to tell me till now.
Where the hell
are you gonna be?
I'm gonna be right there,
keeping an eye on you.
There's really nothing
to concern yourself about.
This whole thing scares
the shit out of me, sal.
Okay, just stop. That's enough.
It's me. Would I let
anything happen to you?
You're gonna be fine.
And you can guarantee that.
It's handbags, for Christ sake.
What are you worried about?
I got to tell you, sal.
If it wasn't
for Mary's operation
you're crossing
a fucking line here.
Don't you think I don't know
what a big favor
you're doing me?
Don't you think I'm gonna owe
big time for this?
Are we good?
So, we meet.
You're rocky?
I gotta see the bags.
Eighty eight boxes,
and 24 in each.
Women, they,
they love these things.
They love cash, too.
I can be assured this is all
the same merchandise?
Let's get this over with.
This is the last of 'em.
Do you gotta check every box?
Now, who are you?
Hey, hey, no, no, please!
Freeze, dipshit!
So, the real rocky appears.
You were the one
that said, "come alone."
Take the gun.
Take his gun!
It, it isn't loaded.
Yeah, I said "come alone."
But I lied.
But you brought a gun.
Who's a bigger dirtbag now?
How was I supposed to know
who this impostor is?
What would you do?
I don't fucking believe this!
Something like that?
Get in the tuck.
You're lucky I don't take
the fucking bags...
Head down! Head down!
Fuck yeah!
You're the man!
You are the man!
What, you are not
talking to me now?
You're a maniac!
I got a gun pointed at me!
You could have got me killed!
Fuck! Holy fuck, sal!
You had a ski mask all the time!
You didn't need me!
Never go in without backup.
I was right, though.
Come on, wasn't I right?
I was right!
Okay, look, look, I'm so sorry
that things went crooked.
But you were a cool, brother.
You were so cool.
Come on,
how would it look with me
going in with a ski mask?
Damn it, sal.
I'm still shaking here!
That's adrenaline!
You enjoyed it.
You're having a good time.
Come on, admit it!
You know what this is?
This is the time when we stole
a lawn mover
and tried to make
a mini bike.
You stole.
You were right there with me
running down the street
with a big smile on your face.
I wanted nothing
to do with it.
Come on, come on!
Admit it! Admit it!
And then what happened?
You survived, didn't you?
So you think,
you can outrun me, huh?
Pushing a lawn mover?
Shut you, delinquents.
So tell me, John.
Who's your friend, the one
who took off on you?
I'm talking to you, John!
His name is Darrell.
Darrell hall.
And you said,
your name's oates, right?
Yeah, my name is John oates.
What the fuck
are you laughing at?
I shouldn't even be talking
to you right now!
Come on.
This is some serious
messed up shit, sal.
Dom, dommy, quick!
Look down, look down.
Is that your balls?
That's your balls!
You got them back!
This is like skydiving
without a parachute, my friend.
Then we'd both be dead, sal.
We'd both be dead.
Excuse me.
Yes, I was wondering
how much the balloons are.
I can't see a price on them.
No, flat.
I'd like to shove them
underneath the door.
I'd like two.
One of each.
Inflated would be great.
You're calling him again?
Would you stop?
Come on, let me get you
something to eat.
My father ain't going anywhere.
Sal, I'm done, all right.
Hey, dommy, you gotta eat.
Come on.
Your blood sugar's gonna drop.
You're gonna pass out on bike.
I can't let that happen to you.
There we go.
Thank you.
There you go.
You know
what I feel like?
I feel like pancakes.
You know, sal.
I'm really not hungry.
I gotta get out of here.
Have something.
Listen, you stay. You eat.
I gotta go.
Come on, dommy. Sit down.
I wanna talk to you
about something.
I want you to have a cut
of today's transaction.
No way, it's for Mary.
I don't need it all.
Then put it in her college fund,
sal. I'm serious.
I mean it. All right?
You know, you always been
a good friend to me.
Now, don't go all,
"i love you, bro", on me now.
No, no, I mean it.
You've always been
a good friend.
Look, I gotta tell you something
and I don't want you
to be mad at me.
It's about the money.
It's not for Mary.
Dommy, wait. Bitch!
Come on, dom.
Okay, look, I'm sorry.
I know, I shouldn't have
told you the truth.
But I was afraid,
you wouldn't help me.
Yeah, that's right, I wouldn't.
It's fucked, sal.
What is wrong with you?
What were you thinking?
Come on, dommy,
don't be like that.
What were you gonna say
the next time I saw
Mary's eyes?
Ah! See, you did notice.
Look, look,
i got a gambling problem, okay?
There, I said it! I owed
this torpedo a leg breaking
amount of money, dom.
And I didn't have to
share that with you right now.
That's noble of you.
You know what, sal,
straighten out your life.
Do yourself a favor.
Do Mary a favor.
Just leave me the hell
out of it.
That's it?
I just opened my heart to you,
and you're just gonna pedal
right through it.
Okay, fine! Go ride your
frigging king bike, dom!
Go find your god damn cat!
Hey, I'm looking for my cat.
You see him?
Thanks, thanks a lot.
Hey, what about you?
You see a cat?
Anybody seen my fucking cat?
A black cat?
What are you,
like eight years old, man?
Grow up.
A black cat, ma'am.
Did you see him?
Simple fucking question, lady.
Ma'am, I'm sorry.
I lost my cat.
I'm just upset.
Understand? Shit.
Have a good life, Leonard.
Gets better and better.
- You're having a nice day?
- Nice day?
I was chased by a rabid dog,
I had a pool stick,
almost shoved up into my skull,
my oldest friend
is a lying prick, and
I had a gun pulled on me.
So much good fortune
in one day!
You are still here.
Life is wonderful.
Is that what this is?
Get what you need?
Yeah, thanks.
What kind of a pet do you have?
It's a pain in the ass cat,
and he's lost.
I saw a cat.
A black cat?
Black as night.
Just a short while ago,
appeared very frightened to me.
Just around the corner.
The alley before 43rd.
I'll watch your bike.
What the hell is going on?
What the fuck!
You got a fucking problem?
I'm pretty sure
that's my cat.
Well, when you're fucking sure,
come back.
Give him
his cat, man.
Ah, fuck him.
How do we even know, it's yours?
Don't make me
call the police.
Oh, the police...
Fuck the police!
Just give my fucking cat!
Or what?
You're gonna throw
another roll of toilet paper
at us?
You don't got the nads.
Do it.
I dare you.
We're sorry.
Crazy asshole, prick!
Where'd you get that?
Give it to me.
You don't put that
on the ground,
you hand it to me!
Lenard. Pss-pss-pss.
Lenard, lenard, come here.
I told you.
That's real.
That's one of the real shit.
Did you give him
that bag?
I thought
you gave him the bag.
Why would i
give him a fucking bag?
It's a fucking bag, then.
The fucking bag, jeez!
Sir, please stop right there.
What's the hurry?
I didn't know
it was loaded.
Hey, aren't you that guy
from earlier today?
You're moving...
You're friends with the officer
from one twelve.
Oh, yes, yes, that's me.
That's sal. He's my best friend.
He's a cop.
I was just
looking for him. He ran off.
He was just spooked by the move.
But, I got him.
I'm good, thanks.
There's been a number
of break-ins lately, so,
people get nervous when
someone goes tracking
through their yards.
I'm sorry
if I was any trouble.
Well, officer,
there is one thing...
I gotta remain
anonymous on this,
but I'm telling you,
i happened on a major drug deal
or some kind of deal going on,
just right around the corner.
I'm talking a truckload full of,
a white truck.
You sure?
Oh, yeah,
i couldn't be more sure.
All right, thanks.
Thank you.
He's a very beautiful cat.
I'm so pleased I could help.
Here, for you.
Please, no.
No reward is necessary.
No, I'm good.
Thank you. Appreciate it.
Is this real?
Hello, is this real!
Fuck them!
Fuck them all, man!
Fuck 'em all!
I'm telling you.
We weren't doing anything.
Check this shit out.
Watch the mouth!
You shouldn't have
even been out there.
Okay, this a-hole,
just shot at us, see?
He just missed me.
Well, it's good thing
you take after your father
in that area.
Or you'd be in the hospital
right now.
What did he look like?
I don't know,
it was an old white dude.
What's this?
He went out today,
and got shot at.
You probably deserved it.
What, you brought me
a knockoff?
I'm I happy now?
Fuck you,
am I my happy now!
I'll fucking tell mom.
I got him.
We're home.
I told you.
Where did you find him?
Oh, my god, is he all right?
Yeah, he was over
by the cleaners.
He's great.
What the hell was he doing
all the way over there?
I'm gonna kill him.
Oh, my god, I can't believe it.
Downtown Leonard.
Hey, how's mom?
She's doing okay.
I mean, she's good.
She's a little out of it.
They gotta keep her
here tonight.
Oh my god,
I'm so frigging relieved!
You wanna say hi? Here.
Ma, say hi to dom.
Hey, ma,
long day today, huh?
You okay?
My balloon's are shriveled.
Oh, my god.
Your balloons?
That's because they're old.
They won't stay up,
that's why.
Give me the phone.
Give me the phone!
Okay, thanks for calling.
Thank you.
There's no pleasing her.
I'm gonna be home soon.
Make sure he eats, okay?
All right, honey.
Listen, be careful
while driving, okay?
I'll see you when you get home.
That's great.
All right, bye-bye.
These balloon's are not old.
I just got them for you.
Why do you gotta make up stuff
that you don't know
you're talking about, huh?
Found Leonard! Yes!
- Hey!
- Hey!
You find him?
Yeah, yeah, I got him.
He's good.
Ah, see that map
helped you out.
I bet Connie loves you.
A little bit.
How's her mom?
She's good. Listen, thanks.
She's great.
I've had one fuck of a day.
You have no idea.
All right, I got to
take care of some shit.
I'm sorry if I'm being...
That's cool.
Listen, I just came by to see
how you made out.
I appreciate it, brother.
Hey, whatever happened
with the ear thing?
What are you talking about?
All right, I got you.
Thanks, ponce.
Okay, man. All right.
All right, brother.
Pick up your god damn mind.
Boy, who's mamma's best boy?
You're very naughty.
You're very naughty,
having an adventure.
Oh, yes, I missed you.
You're my sweetheart.
You're my sweetheart.
Oh, what a day. Between
Leonard missing, my mother.
I am exhausted.
You know what
Nora asked me today?
Mcfly, you're there?
Yeah, what's up?
I'm sorry I was such
a pain in the ass today.
Pain in the ass?
I know dealing with
your mother was not fun.
Well, it was a ball.
You missed the good time.
Trust me.
I got to drop something
off at Jimmy pipes.
I won't be long.
What's up?
Sorry, I'm so late.
No, no, I'm up.
I, uh...
I just couldn't wait.
Look at this.
What's this?
Jesus Christ!
Where'd you get this?
It's a long story.
The kid got away,
but what's important is
you got that back.
You're the only one
who should be
wearing that, Jimmy.
This is the only thing they took
that meant anything to me.
I never thought
I'd see it again.
Thanks, dom.
God, thank you, I...
Listen, Connie's waiting for me.
I gotta go,
but just feel good,
Jimmy, okay?
Well, hell, yes!
Hey, Jimmy...
Do you mind if
i ask you something else?
Oh, sure.
Were you ever afraid,
you know, scared, over there?
Listen, Jimmy,
if I'm out of line...
No, no, no.
I guess, I'd say we were
intensely aware.
When push comes to shove,
you do what you gotta,
you know?
Thanks so much, dom.
Thank you, Jimmy.
You don't know
how much this means to me.
Feel good, Jimmy,
all right?
All right, god bless you.
Jesus Christ!
You awake?
No, I'm sleeping.
Mm, Leonard.
Did you give
whatever you had to give
to whoever
it was, Mr. secretive?
Yep, I did.
What are you doing?
Turn off the hall light.
Do you wanna flatter me?
Flatter you?
What are you talking about?
Or I can flatter you.
Hey, baby girl.
Take it.
Dominic, come on,
hold it.
It's not gonna bite you.
Take it.
I don't want it.
Come on, hold it.
All right, come here.
Take it in your hands.
Not like a wimp, like a man.
See? And hold it.
Like that!
Just like that!
What are you, stupid?
What do you mean, stupid?
It's not loaded.
This is what
you're teaching him?
How to be like you?
He has to learn
to be a man.
He's a baby, for Christ sake!
A baby!
You're turning him
into god damn sissy!
I'm not a sissy.
A sissy Dominic.
You're turning into a sissy boy.
Your mother's making you
into a sissy boy.
Let's go in
the kitchen, sweetheart.
Yeah, take him into the kitchen.
Make him some milk and cookies
while you're at it.
Up yours!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
In queens,
the police have discovered
the body of an unidentified man
near the flushing creek.
There are early reports
that his ears
have been severed.
in Brooklyn, residents were
awakened by sound of gun fire
when a fight broke out in a bar
and carried unto the street
early this morning.
In other news...
Yes, so the problem is,
I got the order, four trucks.
I need four trucks
for the job.
Jimmy calls in,
like a half hour late,
checks in,
I got a truck down
on the bqe, now.
Hey, Sam.
Long day, Sam.
Yeah, you ain't lying.
Hell of a day, dom.
I've had it, man.
I'm gonna get home now.
Thank you, man.
Take it easy.
All right, thank you.
Maybe someday
I'll tell Connie
about what happened.
Jesus, if that bullet
hit that kid.
Push come to shove is right.
Was it me or the gun?
Maybe my father was right
on how to deal with this world.
Mad jackass,
look where it got him.
What the fuck.
I'm good.
I'm good.