Lost City Raiders (2008) Movie Script

TV Movie
When I was a kid I remember
everybody talking about global warming..
There were plenty of theories
on how fast it would come
how bad it would get.
But nobody was prepared for
what actually happened.
The called it "the Rising".
15 meters of water in a couple of years.
It all started with the melting
of the icecaps.
Massive earthquakes released
hot underground water tables,
which just heated everything up even faster.
30 Years later,
less than 10% of the earth is habitable,
and the water keeps on rising.
That's the world my boys were born into.
We've made a life for ourselves,
salvaging the lost cities.
But I want more for them.
I want 'em to see the world the way it used to be.
If the legends are true, there's only
one thing that can stop the rising,
and I've spent most of my life searching for it.
I just hope to God I find it soon,
before there's nothing left to save.
February, 2048 we were salvaging
the Los Angeles basin,
and I told my boys it was almost a routine dive,
but the truth was my search was almost over.
What's taking so long, Jack?
Well, I had a little trouble getting in
through the window but I'm in the room now
The safe should be in plain sight.
Built into the bookshelf.
Roger that.
- Can you get it open?
- She's playing hard to get.
Well, hurry it up. The sun's almost here
and we don't have a permit for this dive.
Okay, come on, baby.
Open up for daddy.
Just needed a little sweet talkin'.
Hate to tell ya, pa, but if there's
a book in here, it's turned into muck.
No, it would've been waterproof
Right as always.
Got it!
Good job Jack
Now, get back up here before we get caught.
- Relax pa, everything's under control.
- Yeah, I've heard that one before.
Oh, come on, Thomas.
I can't check on the authorities
without my sonar, without my radar.
Pa, I really need some new equipment.
I hope this job is paying well.
There are more important
things in life than money, son.
Another gratis job?
That's great. Great, pa.
Pa, can you remind me again
why I'm risking my life for no money?
You're only risking the boat being confiscated
If you don't get backup here now, Jack
not your life.
Uh, yes, he is risking his life.
Move it Jack. That's an order.
There's somethin' comin' your way.
I don't see any police subs.
This isn't a sub, Jack.
It's moving too fast.
It could be one of those,
uh, mutant sharks up from San Onofre.
- Oh, as a matter of fact, I do see something.
- What is it?
a souvenir.
Damn it, Jack. Listen to me.
There's something 20 degrees north of you,
bearing down fast,
and it's big.
We're talking "eat you for lunch" big.
Ah, It's probably just a school of Yellowtail..
Or maybe not.
we're gonna drop you the line now.
Here we go, again.
pull, Tommy!
Okay, got it.
Get the winch.
All set, pa
Go, go, go!
ok, go! go!
come on, Jack.
That shark must've eaten
a whole nuclear reactor.
- what?
- You think this is funny?
Jack, I got 84 stitches
thanks to you screwing around.
- Come on Thomas, you know that was an accident.
- No, it wasn't an accident, it was your fault.
Pa, one of these days
he's gonna get us all killed.
Look at that.
When are you gonna learn, Jack? You only risk
your life when it's something important.
- That sign's worth real money.
- Oh, yeah.
There ya go.
Pull anchor.
We're headin' for new Rome immediately.
New Rome?
What's so important about that book?
Let's see what we got.
Oh yeah.
At least wasn't a total wash out =====
Come on pa, I mean, you've been promising us
R&R since we set out of cavalry.
Right, Thomas?
And you'll get it soon, I hope.
And if this is what I think it is,
we're gonna be going right back to work,
so I need you to charge those scuba tanks.
And, you, repair the winch.
You never know when you're gonna need it next.
Oh, Thomas, see if you can widen
the range on that sonar.
I told you, pa, it's shot.
I need new equipment.
Yeah, so we'll get some more soon.
Just do your best, son.
Hey, at least tell us
what's so important about that book.
Let me guess.
- coming with?
- No, i've got work to do
What's he's gonna do?
Fire us?
Thomas, this is your idea
of having a good time?
drooling on the stuff we can't afford? =====
you know what else pisses me off?
just because pa adopted us from
the orphanage..
he thinks he can treat us like slaves.
- You know that isn't true
- He doesn't trust us.
Alright, so where you thing he's going
dressed up like that?
Here's what I think
I think you recover
the plausible black book =====
now he is with some hotties,
too embarrassed to tell us =====
I'm kidding!
Thomas, I've got no clue what he's up to
I only care about one thing
What's on tap. =====
Come on, little bro, I'll buy you a drink.
Hey! money.
Money is in .. my pocket.
- So fetch them out =====
- in your dreams buddy.
I got it. Sorry about him. =====
Keep the change.
New Vatican
- Mr. Kubiak, so glad to see you again.
- Thank you, the pleasure is all mine sir.
- The Cardinal is very anxious to see you
- yes.
- Cardinal, Mr. Kubiak.
- John!
- Mikhail!
- So good to see you.
- Yes, and you, too.
Oh, I knew you would find it.
according to this, the scepter
was last seen in Vatican city.
- You're saying it's here?
- Yes.
Yes, apparently so,
in casa di Santo Stefano.
That's an old monastery that for centuries
has been used for storage.
Hard to believe.
All these years, right under our nose.
- Do you have any drawings of this building?
- Yes, I'm sure there are.
Giacopetti, search the archives.
Bring everything we have
on casa di Santo Stefano.
Right away, your eminence..
Did you tell him?
John? We have a problem.
I fear there is competition.
No one outside the order
knew about the ledger.
Yet, the man who told us its whereabouts
was murdered last week.
Tortured, it seems, for information.
- People will stop at nothing.
- We are in a race against time.
Second trembler this week.
Yeah. With these quakes
and our enemies closing in,
... it will be too dangerous right now.
Cardinal, me finding the scepter
is the only hope we have.
Thank you, john.
All right.
What's the job?
Well, I don't wanna lie to you guys.
This job is dangerous.
Dangerous? Looks pretty simple.
The building's half submerged.
I mean, we can just go into this top window
and you can shoot right across..
no, no, no.
We gotta go in silent and discreet.
No one can see us go inside.
Why all the secrecy?
'Cause that's what the vatican wants.
Not only are they cheap,
they're paranoid.
If you don't like the rules,
just say you're out, Jack.
All right then, we go in an hour.
I wanna be in and out
while it's still dark.
Oh, and get rid of that hangover.
I need both of you guys at your best.
Hey, don't look at me.
nothing personal, Jack,
but I'm coming with ya.
Nothing personal, pa,
but I think I can handle it myself.
There's not a lot of margin
for error on this one, son.
It's an old building.
One wrong move could be fatal.
okay, so, on the eastern side
of the building there's a circular wall grate.
Next, you're looking
for a flight of stairs going up to your left.
- homas, we're going ahead on foot now.
- Roger that.
All right, Jack. Let's take it slow and safe.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Looks like some sort of prison.
Monastic cells.
Monks would spend their whole lives
here reading from texts. =====
Looks like a prison to me.
- Booby trap.
- What?
Yeah, stay still.
Count of three, I'm gonna
knock you off of this tile.
One, two, three!
Nothin' happened.
My back needed adjusting.
"Pas padrenum sic transit este".
"Sign of the Lord
should deliver an outcast"
- That sounds like an encryption.
- It could be you're right.
There's some tiles by the door
in the shape of the cross.
Why don't we just blow the damn door
like we did in santiago?
- Too dangerous here, Jack.
- Like that last booby trap?
Don't worry, guys.
I'll solve this.
Touch the four corner tiles like you'd cross
"In the name of the father, the son,
and the holy spirit, amen".
"In the name of the father, the son,
and the holy spirit, amen".
- Nothing, Thomas.
- Wait. What's the whole phrase?
In the name of the father,
the son, and the holy spirit,
now as ever shall be world
without end, amen.
- Twice. You gotta do it twice.
- Right.
"In the name of the father, the son,
and the holy spirit, amen".
Good work, Thomas.
Glad to see all that Sunday school
finally paid off for you, Thomas.
Well, I'm glad all those workouts
paid off for you too Jack.
- Oh, it reeks it here.
- Yeah, sulfur.
Let's not forget the rule of booby traps.
Yeah, there's never just one.
This thing's worth some money, pa.
You ready?
Uh, yeah. get it and
get the hell outta here.
- Go Jack!
- Pa!
What just happened?
You guys Okay?
Thomas, we need another way out.
Uh, behind the left statue,
there's a small door
leading to the lower stairs.
Right here, pa!
Here, grab the box!
- You got it?
- I got it, I got it! come on!
Thomas, there's no exit!
You okay?
- Yeah. The box.
- I got it.
What ever happened to "only risk your life
for something important"?
I don't know what's in the frickin' case,
but it better be priceless!
You're right, ack.
I made a mistake. I got careless.
- Okay, guys, calm down. Let's just check it out.
- No, no, no. The box gets delivered intact.
I wish I could tell you more.
I really do, but I can't. I gave my word.
Thomas, get us back into port, will ya?
Do not let that case out of your sight.
- No problems, I trust?
- Nothing we couldn't handle.
The scepter, it's gone.
They must've stolen it.
I can't believe it.
We're too late?
About 800 years, it would seem.
Stay in port, john.
As soon as we trace this lead,
I'll be in touch.
I don't know, Mikhail.
I'm beginning to feel
that we will never succeed.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no.
You must not think that way, john.
We will find the scepter.
We must.
Without faith, all hope is lost.
No Scepter
More soon
So, when are we gonna be done
with this Vatican job?
I don't know. All we found
at Santo Stefano was another clue.
Well, if we don't get a paying job,
we're gonna be broke.
Well, as I always say, enjoy your meal
as if it was your last.
Yeah, well, this one may just be.
I recognize you guys.
- Oh, you're from the "Sea Bird";
- yeah, and who are you?
- Cara Cahill.
- Howdy. - Hi.
Well, um, I'm looking for a crew job.
You wouldn't know it from this getup,
but, I'm one hell of a grease monkey.
No, really! I know motors.
There is not an engine I can't fix.
My dad taught me.
Well, unfortunately, we don't hire females.
Right, pa? They're nothin' but trouble.
Can you dive?
Can I dive?
Any style you like.
beware mister.
This girlie is bad luck.
Don't listen to him!
you should hear the stories
about her.
What stories?
Her first ship,
the alisman Two, capsized.
- Not a soul survived.
- That's not true! I survived.
All right, boys.
Time to go.
It was a glacial tsunami.
It's hardly my fault.
And then her second ship, The Venture,
got took down by a mutant squid.
- Ate the whole crew alive.
- Everyone except you?
Did I mention
I'm a terrific swimmer?
- They say she has the curse.
- Hey, shut up and butt out!
The only reason to hire her is this butt!
- Hey, buddy, that's enough, all right?
- Is it, now?
- I can take care of myself.
- Yeah, makes one of us.
What are you doin', Jack?
Go get 'em!
who started this?
That was quite a display you put on back there, guys.
You could had got us arrester or..
- Hey, just doin' what you taught us, pa.
- Really? and what's that?
Risking our lives for somethin' important.
A cute girl.
If you put up a fight like that for Giovanna,
maybe you two'd still be together.
Oh, we'd still be together if
you hadn't kicked her off the boat.
Hey, go ahead and blame me,
if that's what makes you feel better.
But I encouraged her to go because
she's a brilliant woman with real potential,
and I'm sorry that you don't understand that.
Cardinal? What are you doing out here?
This place is dangerous.
I tried to tell the Cardinal but...
- John, there's new information.
- Thomas, give us a moment.
And given the breach in security,
I didn't want to risk sending a message.
The dagger you found belonged
to a templar named Mercardier.
He is entombed in Dresden,
and the scepter may be with him.
Then we leave for Dresden immediately,
Yes. Let's save the world!
You see, with faith,
there's always a way.
Bless you.
You know, Giovanna really did make up
her own mind to leave.
She wasted her time on this boat.
And on you.
OK. I made a mess of things.
But you gotta admit her theories
were pretty off the wall.
I mean, all that new-agey crap
about earth energies and shifting plates.
Come on. Give me a break.
You really miss her, don't you?
Come on. Just an inch.
Not even an inch?
That can't be.
Average Water Level:
8.710 meters
There must be something wrong.
four inches!
Giovanna Becker?
What do you want?
Can I help you?
My name is Renault.
It's about your work.
Listen, can we talk?
In your tent, please?
I was under the impression that
the permit for your experiment was denied.
Well, science can't wait for bureaucrats.
Are you here to arrest me or what?
Heavens no.
I'm here to hire you.
Miss Becker, sir.
Nicholas Filiminov.
I am sorry about the long flight up here,
but I don't leave my office anymore.
I don't blame you.
I want to show you something.
Have you seen the water level today?
The news claims the waters
are rising by two millimeters a week,
but as you can see from my calculations
it's actually more like two millimeters a day.
I don't watch the news anymore.
Call me a dreamer, but I watch because,
well, when you have the largest
real estate holdings in the planet
you're always hoping for some good news.
My accountants tell me I'm losing millions every day,
so quite naturally I can't afford
to stand by and do nothing.
Vodka tonic, yes?
So tell me,
how does a deep sea salvage expert
become an authority on seismology and geology
in a mere five years?
Lots of homework.
Renault tells me your experiment was successful.
Cracking the earth open to drain the waters
away back from whence they came?
Preliminary results look promising.
What would you say if I told you I was willing
to fund your research on a larger scale,
with a fully equipped vessel
and legal clearance to test
your theory in the Mediterranean?
Sounds too good to be true.
Yes, it does, doesn't it?
And all I'm asking in return is
your help to salvage an ancient artifact.
An ancient artifact?
.. one that can stop the rising.
A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Filiminov.
That's all right, Alexi.
Your parents never had a chance,
did they, miss Becker?
What do you know about my parents?
Well, I know they died
in the second wave of floods.
Therefore, I know that they believed the news.
News that said it wouldn't get worse
after the first waves of floods.
But, as we both know, it did get worse.
In your case, much worse.
I'm sorry.
Get to the point!
The point is you want to stop
the rising, and so do .
But it can't be stopped
by some ancient artifact.
It's going to take a scientific breakthrough,
if it's even possible.
But if you indulge my fantasy,
I will finance yours.
And who knows?
Maybe together we'll save the earth.
Come, finish that drink.
What do you think, Miss Becker?
Not too shabby. =====
A step up from J. Kubiac I would imagine. =====
Anything you don't know about me?
Well, the only issue that remains is
whether you are up to the challenge
that lies before us.
if your Intel is correct
I can salvage the scepter. No problem.
Then, what are you waiting for?
Set a heading North, for Dresden.
Full speed ahead
Welcome on board Miss Becker.
Well, you boys are awful quiet tonight.
ou know, you were right, pa.
It's my fault about Giovanna, not yours.
Okay, uh, apology accepted.
- So, we're all friends, again.
- I wasn't exactly apologizing.
You know, I'm not happy
doing salvage anymore, either.
Now, I know you won't fire me,
so I quit.
- So you're going to get Giovanna back.
- No. i'm going to get a life.
I can respect your decision, son.
What's his problem?
Remember, son, you're not just walking out on me.
You're walking out on your brother.
You want some coffee?
Watch the helm.
hey, that's my duffel bag.
You threw up in yours with your own crew, remember?
Well, tell you what.
When I get settled, I'll buy you a new one.
- oh, no.
- what, what is it?
- Nicholas Filiminov's boat.
- So?
So, we got competition.
Giovanna's on that boat with him.
I'm sure Filiminov is paying her
a bit more than we ever could.
What is she doing with that creep?
Could be she's after the same thing we are.
She told me she was
getting her masters degree.
Unless we get movin',
they're gonna get to the prize first.
If it's all the same to you guys,
I think I'll stick around a little longer.
Thomas, get the bike in the water.
Jack if you 'r going with us,
Come on, buddy, let's get goin'.
okay, guys, we go in on Terrassenufer
It's a long way in but safer
what are you doing in Dresden?
What's that for?
Your job is to find the artifact.
It's my job to protect it.
Lose your nerve?
I know a short-cut, but it's shallow and dangerous.
Just keep your eyes open.
okay, guys, if you stay on that course
you should get there first.
Roger that. Take a deep breath, Thomas.
everything's gonna be fine, son.
we're here.
For an old church, it looks pretty new.
that's because it was destroyed
during the second world war,
and they've rebuilt it over the old substruction.
That's where you guys want to be.
Ah, you really gotta get out more, Thomas.
Oh, no, not again!
Come on!
We're looking for a tomb
of an old templar knight
by the name of Mercardier.
- Mecar.. who?
- Mercardier.
He was Richard the Lionheart's right-hand man.
When Richard was killed during the crusades,
it was Mercardier who avenged him by...
Thanks for the history lesson, Thomas.
Here he is.
Swing and a miss.
The plot thickens.
Come on
Careful there, Jack.
Yuck.. Just as I suspected.
Just some old weapons.
Nothin' special.
- You see a scepter?
- A what?
A royal staff.
A long mace with a..
with an ornate head on it.
Go fish.
Well, hang on, wait.
Wait a minute.
What is it?
See for yourself.
I'm coming up.
A little help here!
A little out of your league,
aren't you, Jack?
Not the kind of junk you go after.
After you left,
I set my sights a little higher.
This doesn't look like a scepter.
Are you holding out on me,
or were you just way off the mark, again?
Don't do anything stupid, Jack.
Listen to your father, Jack.
You were always good at that.
And you were always good
at stabbing people,
or should I say
shooting people, in the back?
You know the rules of raiding.
Loot is fair game until it's back on the ship.
And since when did guns
become a tool of the trade?
It wasn't my idea, believe me.
If I had come by myself,
I would have beaten you fair and square.
- The hell you would've.
- Enough.
We win. You lose. It's over.
I want you to get down in the hole
right now, Jack.
- A concussion grenade?
- Get down there. Now.
A concussion grenade down here?
Are you crazy?
Pa! That was so stupid!
You could've gotten yourself killed!
Oh, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't worry about me.
Just don't let Filiminov get this.
I am not leaving you here.
No way, no way.
Jack, promise you'll get this to the cardinal.
I'm counting on you.
- I want that case!
- Not a chance!
Come on. Get up,
Come on!
Jack. Jack, please.
need that scroll.
Filiminov won't fund my research
if I don't deliver it, please!
Pa is dead.
He died for this case.
Jack, where is pa?
Where is he?
dad died.
Thomas, look, I know how you feel.
I feel the same way.
But, if we don't pull anchor right now and get
the hell out of here, we're gonna be dead, too.
Look at me.
It's just you and me.
Kubiak, you can't just barge into the Vatican
without an appointment!
Don't worry, we'll find him.
kubiak, please, if you will just leave
the Dresden artifact with me.
No one's getting anything
until I get some answers.
Cardinal Battaglia! cardinal!
Security! Guards!
Stop that man!
- Stop!
- Cardinal Battaglia?
I'm john Kubiak's son!
Let him go.
I understand how you feel.
Your father was one of my dearest friends.
Then how could you send him
after the damn scepter?
It's a fair question.
Please, open it.
- So what?
- Look close, in Moses' hand.
That is the scepter of Sobek.
Sobek was the egyptian god of water.
Legend has it
the first egyptian pharaoh Thutmose,
use Sobek's scepter to drain the Nile valley.
As long as the Egyptians possessed the scepter,
they would control the fall and rise of the Nile.
Is there any proof for this?
No, scientific proof.
But, remember, most myths
begin with the simple truth.
Moses took the scepter from Ramses the second,
and he used it to part the red sea,
drowning the pharaoh's pursuing army.
it wasn't until you and your father
recovered the ledger from Los Angeles
that we ever had the real hope of finding it.
Let me ask you this.
If you find the scepter,
what are you gonna do with it?
If it's authentic, we will stop the rising.
Oh, it's Mercardier's personal account
of the crusade!
Anything on the scepter?
Yes, here.
Mercardier felt the scepter was too important
for the templars to keep.
He did not trust them with its power.
- So, where is it now?
- With Richard the Lionheart.
- That complicates things.
- Why? What's the problem?
Richard's brain was buried
in Poitou's heart in Rouen
and his bones entombed in
Fontrevaud Abbey, next to his father.
In one of those three places
lies the salvation of mankind.
The question is, are you boys up to the challenge?
I'm sorry. I just can't believe
our father bought into this crap.
- Jack.
- No,
Thomas, i am getting us out of this mess
before we make the same mistake that he did!
Putting his faith in all the wrong people.
Jack, Thomas.
There's something else you should know
about your father.
Your father and I were recruited
into an ancient order,
affiliated with the church.
"The brothers of Oregol", searchers
of the sacred scepter.
Wait, pa, pa wanted to be a priest?
Yes. But John left the church,
while I scout the Vatican library
for clues to the scepter's whereabouts
John voyaged to salvage business that =====
allowed him to search the world for this artefact.
- But he never told us any of this.
- He had sworn to a vow of secrecy.
A vow I am breaking now only because
your real fathers
where also members of the secret order.
Your fathers worked as archaeologists.
Here they are in this photo.
About 25 years ago,
they discovered the first of several clues
But when a word leaked of their discovery =====
your parents were murdered.
Who killed them?
There are always being those who wish =====
to suppress the scepter or control it
Like Nicholas Filimonov.
he probably wanted to protect
his real estate empire
That I would understand
Mr. Filimonov though has divested
most of his land holdings in last week.
and he has invested his fortune in a new venture
to build floating communities
He's gonna flood the world
and force people to rent from him.
That's why pa set up those explosives. =====
"Only risk your life for something important."
Many have died in pursuit of the scepter.
It's a danger everyone in the
brotherhood understands.
No one more so than your father.
I know this is a great burden
but I must ask you boys to please consider
carrying on your father's work.
- You know what I was hate about pa? =====
- What?
How right he was about Giovanna.
You know what I hate?
How right he was about you.
I mean, he used to say to me..
he used to say to me
"Thomas your big brother is never gonna grow up"
Whatever, you're drunk,
he would never say that.
You are a tough talk and reckless but =====
Is not courage Jack, you just..
You don't take anything seriously
You know why?
Because you're scared
You're scared to grow up
And I think you're scared to continue pa's quest.
- Admit it!
- I'm not scared anything.
I just don't not believe in
this scepter story.
I mean, come on!!
A magic stick? That controls the water levels?
So what Jack?
We just go on and collecting junk for ever?
Got to pay bills friend. =====
You're always complaining we are broke. =====
No, as pa was always used to say
"There are more important things in life than money."
You are the last person I want to see right now.
I'm sorry about what happened to pa.
Save it, G, you won.
You got what you wanted.
Damn it, Jack! I did not want this to happen,
and I didn't come here to talk you out of anything.
Okay, fine.
What do you know about the scepter?
'Cause I heard the whole red sea story,
and I don't believe a word of it.
I was skeptical, too.
But Nicholas Filiminov is not a stupid man,
and he really believes in the scepter.
The only thing he believes in
is lining his own pocket.
He also believes the Vatican
doesn't want to stop the rising.
What does the church gain
if the whole planet's under water?
Who knows?
Control the water levels,
control the masses.
Selling hope for devotion.
Oh, come on!
I am so surprised you fell for his crap.
You should really check him out,
'cause he is not to be trusted.
Listen, I don't know what to believe,
but I do know that
my theories are proving to be right.
That's why I'm working for Filiminov.
Yeah, and selling your soul in the process.
To you, there's only one way.
Your way.
Living la vida loca.
No concern for the future. For me.
- I would've gone anywhere for you.
- No, it wasn't like that.
You chose to go on the same as always.
Not a care in the world.
Your dad, he stood up
for what he believed in.
I'm also making a stand.
And one of these days, I hope
you'll learn to do the same.
Where'd you say Richard the lionheart was buried?
- What?
- You were right. We have to do this.
Yeah, but we can't run the boat
just the two of us.
Do that again, cyclops,
and you lose your other eye.
- Oh, I heard about your dad.
- I'm really sorry.
- Listen, we want to finish what he started.
- Cool. - But we need your help.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, pa ran the engine room.
Oh, yes!
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you. You won't regret this.
And I'm not bad luck. I swear.
I don't believe in luck, but maybe I should start.
Come on.
- Benny?
- Yeah?
- I quit!
- What? Wait.. Where are you going?
You betrayed me, Giacopetti.
Look around you.
The world is ending.
Not even the church has been spared.
And you believe Nicholas Filiminov
can save us?
We're not meant to be saved.
The rising is punishment
for 2,000 years of sin.
Filiminov and I are helping
to finish what God has started.
The purification of Earth
for the Second Coming.
The end times.
The rapture.
May the lord be merciful on you.
Take him away.
He's out of our jurisdiction.
Call the authorities.
So, Mercardier left the scepter
in Richard's hands, right?
Right. And his hands, or what's left
of 'em anyway, are at the Abbey.
Well, then we're good to go.
Let's set a course for the Abbey.
You know, Giovanna's gone and done
her homework on mercardier, too.
I know, I know.
It gives each team a one in three chance
of picking the right location.
It means we just have to get there first.
Hey, guys, we're not going anywhere
until we get a new solenoid.
This one is broken.
Why do we still need her to find the scepter?
We need her in case we don't find the scepter.
I'm sure Jack Kubiak would be
more than willing to make that trade.
I'm surprised to see you.
I thought you never left your home.
Oh, I have a great deal riding
on this venture.
I want to be there when we claim the scepter.
Mm, of course, you should be.
I did some research,
and you have sold off most of
your real estate holdings.
I now see why you have
a history of unemployment, miss Becker...
Don't let her out of your sight.
An old part like this is hard to fin
and very expensive.
- Well, we're a little short on cash.
- Desperation breeds genius.
- That's what pa used to say.
- There's no time to find any money.
Don't panic.
Desperation breeds genius, right?
I've got an idea.
I'll be back.
You've got some nerve coming in here
after walking out on me.
Still, I'm glad you did.
Step into my office.
So, what do you want for it?
I just need a class-four solenoid.
Your sign will only cover half the price.
How are you gonna pay the balance?
Come on, benny.
These parts are hot as a volcano.
So are you, my darling.
Benny, I'm not for sale.
I was thinking more like
a short-term lease.
- Hey! You wouldn't dare.
- Oh, yes, I would.
this is my final offer.
You stay awhile and you keep your life.
Tempting, but no deal.
You want it in the head
or the heart?
Oh, now you've done it, you little rat!
Guys, I got it!
I knew you could do it.
Uh, forgive the intrusion,
but the cardinal has sent me
with schematics for the abbey.
Also, I'm afraid I have some bad news.
If you had good news, I'd be worried.
We discovered that Giacopetti
was a traitor.
He's escaped.
By now, Filiminov must know of your plans.
Also, the seismic bureau
has predicted a series of strong quakes
all over urope for the next 48 hours.
That's not good, not good at all.
It's okay, father.
We've sailed quake waters before.
Without pa we haven't.
- Cara, how long until we launch?
- The sooner the better.
Give me ten minutes.
Father, we'll be in contact
the second we have the scepter in our hands.
God be with you, my son.
- Hey, Thomas, we can do this.
- We've never done..
homas, you trusted pa,
now you gotta trust me, all right?
- All right.
- Good.
Now, I'm gonna give you
a little advice about Cara, all right?
You untuck the shirt, right?
Dig up the contacts and ..
be a little more upbeat, okay?
The gigalo routine is a big downer.
- All right.
- Let's get this show on the road!
- why are we going so slow?
- If it isn't don juan.
Very funny.
here's too much debris in the water.
- Remember, it's not what you can see.
- It's what you can't.
So, you did listen to pa occasionally.
Ah, I see all the pistons
are firing in the engine room.
- No, no!
- What?
We're late.
We're late.
Look, just because they got here first,
it doesn't mean it's over.
You want me to trust you, Jack,
you've gotta trust me.
We can do this.
We have to, we have no choice.
We have to do it for pa.
I can do this alone.
No need for you to go on this dive.
- No, why don't you just humor me?
- Team kubiak have been sighted.
- We don't need weapons.
- The kubiaks aren't like that.
Your faith in those boys is touching,
but it's not something I share with you.
Those rooms are unstable.
It's too dangerous.
I know you went to see Jack kubiak.
So, if you're stalling for time,
miss Becker, it won't work.
You're right.
I went to see Jack,
but what your spies
didn't tell you
is that I was just offering
my condolences for his father.
So now, please, believe me when
I say this dive is not safe!
The world is not safe!
And the longer we stand here
arguing about safety measures,
the more people are dying
from the rising!
So, if you don't mind,
I really would like us
to find the scepter.
After you, miss Becker.
Cara, man the controls.
Keep your distance.
If I'm not back in a half hour,
send a distress call and get out of the area.
Thomas, you need to expand the range on this sonar.
- I don't have the right equipment.
- Desperation breeds genius, remember?
Jack, desperation breeds ulcers.
Good luck.
he scepter of sobek.
It's exquisite.
I've waited too long
to hold this in my hands.
I can feel its power.
Oh, it's like a current
coursing through my veins!
Jack was right.
You're not going to stop the rising.
Well, as a matter of fact, I am,
when there is no more
habitable land on earth
and everyone who can afford it
is living in my water top townships.
That's when I shall stop the rising.
In fact, miss Becker,
I will reverse it
and then lease off
all the land I bought for peanuts
while it was underwater.
What the hell does anyone
need that much money for?
It's not about money.
It's about owning and
controlling an entire planet.
You're going to be lord
of a very small planet.
- Quality not quantity, miss Becker.
- You're not going to get away with this!
What do you plan to do with that?
Guarantee myself
safe passage to the mainland
where you can rot in jail.
And what of the scepter?
It gets locked away forever
in some government vault?
I have the courage
to summon its power.
Aren't you at least curious
to see firsthand if this works?
If it can truly abate the floodwaters
you've spent your whole life cursing?
Wouldn't it be ironic, miss Becker,
if a thousand years from now
some intrepid salvage expert were to open
this very coffin and discover your
lovely bones?
No sign of Filiminov's team.
How's that sonar coming, Thomas?
Just hang on just a second
I think I've got it.
That doesn't sound good.
Whoa, calm down.
I think I got it.
- I think I got it. Double the range, Jack!
- good job, all right.
Tell me what you see.
Besides you, no thermals in the area.
There's no one in the area?
I'm getting readings all the way
down to the substructure.
There are thermal five minutes from you.
Looks like some sort of a coffin.
The thermal is inside the coffin.
are you okay?
Jack? Jack?
Where are you? Jack?
What's going on?
- I lost contact with Jack.
- I'm going after him.
I've got a better idea!
The sterns are clear.
Chart a course for Geneva.
When we arrive
I want a full security detail.
Renault has arranged a safe
What is this, what's the problem?
Take this.
Stay here.
You bloody fool!
Hand over the scepter!
Hand it over!
I don't think you'd murder me
in cold blood, Mr. Kubiak.
I don't think you have the balls.
Go! go!
Where are my crew?
This thing is heavy.
i mean, the crystal is huge.
What do you think it's made out of?
The staff is made of
some kind of metal alloy.
Crystal hapese
nothing special, much lighter
... than it looks.
What is that?
It's pangaea.
A supercontinent. It existed on earth
until about 65 million years ago.
Look at these.
The planet is broken up into quadrants.
I know some of these locations.
These are cosmic energy
convergence points.
Cosmic energy convergence points?
The planet is a mass of
electromagnetic energy,
where the highest vibrations intersect.
It's called the convergence.
These points are also in close
proximity to unstable plate .. tectonic activity.
- Maybe this can control water.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
I don't know, but whoever designed it
knew exactly how and where
to manipulate the earth's crest,
to raise or lower the plates,
thereby raising or lowering the water levels.
Here, this!
this looks like Saint Etienne
a giant cave complex.
Definitely, a convergence point.
So, we go there and then what?
Well, billions of tons of water are
pressing down on the earth's tectonic plates
and causing them to shift
only by relieving the stress
can the flooding be stopped.
And you believe the scepter can do that?
Here. I brought you some cofee.
Thank you.
I had a bad feeling
about Filiminov.
But getting the scepter in
exchange for research funds was..
was too much to pass up.
This scepter's a wild-goose chase.
But you agreed to go to the cave.
I wanna finish what pa started.
Blind faith is not your style, I know.
Yep, I believe in empirical science.
Scientific consensus is overthrown
all the time, Jack.
Remember? There were 9 planets,
now there are only 8.
All right, let's hurry!
It's here.
I know it is.
- wow, that looks very deep.
- It is.
Let's go.
- No.
- What?
- dead end.
- I don't believe it.
There's gotta be something.
- Hey, check it out.
- What? What is it?
The same metal alloy as the scepter.
- Yeah, it's the keyhole.
- Hold that.
Let me go.
look at this.
No! No No
Damn it!
One of these.
It's one of these, it's gotta be.
- Look.
- Push it!
Everything. push everything.
Go go go!
Stop it, guys.
Stop it. Forget about the door, okay?
We're here because of the rising,
Thomas, hey.
Help me figure this out.
Calm down.
You know, I think this shows how
the whole system works.
This is a control room for something.
For setting off a precise explosion,
activating the pressure points
to shift the tectonic plates
and manipulating the flow of water.
It's my theory!
So, the legends are true.
I think you don't understand.
This isn't some supernatural mumbo-jumbo.
It's exactly the geological principle
I've been working on.
But this.. this is extraordinary.
It's taking my research to
a whole-whole other level.
A global level!
Giovanna, I'm with you. I am.
How does it work?
I was afraid
you were gonna ask that, yeah.
Y'know, I think these
might be pilot lights.
- That's it.
- What?
We're standing on a massive
natural gas reservoir.
- Isn't that explosive?
- Extremely.
- Whoever built this place
- must want us to blow it up.
Exactly. Instructions!
How to open a valve to the water.
And drain the waters back underground.
Are you sure?
That's a hell of a lot of water up there.
And this here is a hell of a big chasm.
Hey, Jack, we have to try this.
Okay and if it works,
how do we get out of this place?
No. We cannot think about that.
A lot of people have died for this,
including my father, ?
And it's up to us to put faith in it, okay?
So, what are you waiting for?
Take this.
- I say we just blow it up.
- how?
Wait. There might be another way.
Whoever built this place
gave us everything we need.
- Should I?
- yeah. - Do it!
I think it worked.
I think so.
- I think that thing is a fuse.
- I think we're gonna die.
Push every button. push every button.
push everything. Push it all!
I guess I'm bad luck after all.
- Jack, come on.
- Let's get outta here! - Let's go!
Be careful!
- Wait!
- No, Jack! Jack!
I am a servant of the lord,
fulfilling his divine destiny.
- No!
- Jack!
You cannot stop the rising.
It is an event foretold
by holy scripture.
The prelude to the second coming!
You cannot stop the rising!
Rejoice, for it is god's will.
We have to get out of this place!
She's right!
Thomas, if we stay, we're all gonna die!
Let's go!
it worked.
Now, that was fun.
- To pa.
- To pa.
And to the new Kubiak team?
Cardinal, how are the water levels looking?
The Mediterranean has dropped
almost ten meters!
But, the global water levels
have not receded as we hoped.
We believe, though, that the headpiece
gives us the locations
of the other 31 convergence points.
I see where this is going.
There is still much work to be done,
if we are going to reverse the rising.
Cardinal, can we get back to you
about that after dinner?
Yeah, after dessert as well.
I want dessert.
Whatever you need, boys.
What I need, is some more champagne.
Thank you.
- Cara?
- no, thanks.
And now a toast
To the new Kubiak team.