Lost Fare (2018) Movie Script

(slow acoustic guitar music)
[Freda VO] One thousand
four hundred and forty.
That's how many minutes
there are in a day.
Eighty six thousand four hundred seconds
if you want to stretch it out more.
But most people think they have
an endless supply of time.
(motorbike engine slowing)
Then there are those who
don't want to face time at all.
You're supposed to be sleeping.
Like Simon.
(door knocking)
It's open.
Shit, Wanda.
Fucking kids?
You didn't take that pill?
'Course I did.
[Wanda] You should be sleeping.
Didn't work.
You never took it!
Freda, get out.
Get out!
(dog barking)
(motorbike revving)
(intense, almost sinister music)
(drunk chatter)
Oh fuck, that's good
luck in some countries.
Hey, got a cigarette?
(couple laughing)
Hey! How about 50 cents?
Yeah, okay. (Laughs)
Hey, chica.
(couple laughing)
You're supposed to be working.
What the hell does
it look like I'm doing?
Oh yeah.
Pretty good, pretty good.
Now get the fuck up
and put them in the truck.
Alright, keep your shirt on.
Where's the cripple?
Where the fuck is she?
I don't know, Sonny.
She was right here.
I mean, she moves as
fast as a fucking slug,
she ain't gone far.
Christ, you're stupid.
Put some fucking clothes on.
Freda! Where the fuck are ya?
(door knocking)
You gotta get up.
(door knocking)
If anybody's hiding that cripple,
you'd better think twice!
Fucking cocksuckers.
[Wanda] Okay, come here.
Why is he not in the truck?
Move it.
He's too heavy!
Think you can outsmart me, cripple? Huh?
(door knocking)
Oh shit.
Jesus, Sonny!
You're waking up the whole damn motel.
Fuck off, Javier.
Or I'll find a new shit-box
for my whores, hmm?
You can't come around here
hollering like some madman, you know?
You're scaring the shit out of everybody!
You should tell your story walking.
If anybody's hiding the little girl,
you'd better send her out!
(frantic door knocking)
Get away!
Before that crazy man kills us all.
Or else I'm coming in.
Please let me in!
Only God can save you now.
And if I have to come in there,
you ain't coming out!
You hiding the girl in there?
(pounding on door)
That one's empty, asshole.
I wish I could fly away with you.
(amorous chatter)
[Sonny] You think you can
outsmart me, cripple? Huh?
Get the fuck out, Sonny!
I'm trying to make a living.
Angel, what the fuck?
Look at you now, a street whore.
I'm not your bitch anymore.
Thank God!
Jack? Holy shit, buddy.
When'd you get out? Hmm?
What're you doing here?
You gonna kidnap my woman again?
You wouldn't do that, would ya?
I want you to know,
that crazy brother of yours
is on my hit list.
When I find that fucker,
I'm gonna hurt him.
Don't hurt Norman, Sonny.
Please, you got no reason.
Uh, I got 8000 reasons, Jack.
(police sirens approaching)
Ah, shit.
Fuck, fucker.
Don't think I won't find the fucker
that called the cops on me.
(tires screeching)
You don't think the cops
can hear us themselves?
Stupid of you, firing that gun!
Now watch your fucking mouth, woman.
Well, are we gonna go back?
What, with all the cops there? No!
I got a plan.
Two birds with one stone.
(sirens whooping)
Nothing happening here.
Don't go.
I need more time.
I'm on the clock.
You can, you can have
everything I've got.
Take everything I have.
Don't go.
(sighs) What the fuck.
(birds tweeting)
Help someone, Freda.
Then the stars will shine.
It's the only way out of your nightmare.
[Wanda] Go back to sleep, Simon.
Where's Freda?
You better shut that kid up before I do.
She ain't with us, she ran off.
Mom, we gotta go back!
You get off of him, he's just a kid!
You don't think I wanna go back?
That little gimp's going
on a three day vacation,
do you know how much
fucking money that is?
Hey! Let him go!
He can't breathe!
Open your legs.
No, no, Sonny. No, no, no, please.
I warned you about that mouth,
and I warned you about crossing me
when I'm teaching the boy manners.
Now open your fucking legs.
(Wanda screams)
(sobbing) Fuck!
I'm sorry.
I know you are.
Come here, momma, come on.
Come here.
I did it for you,
you understand that, right?
(sniffing, heavy breathing)
(panting, retching)
(twangy acoustic guitar music)
Pay the man.
Pump gas, you moron.
Should run your little ass over right now.
Hey, Angel.
Hey, what's up?
Yeah, well, fuck you too.
Now listen to me.
Here's what I need.
His little fuckhead brother owes me money,
got the small problem with Jack.
Hold on a sec.
Go ahead, it's $40.
How come we left Freda?
It's her own damn fault.
I got a guy that's
fucking waiting for her.
Do you understand me right now?
Why do you let him treat us all so bad?
He don't even love you.
What do you know about love?
He wouldn't hurt you like that.
Yeah, I can handle Sonny.
I just see him handling you.
Look at me.
We're the same coin, you understand me?
That's why I love him.
Because he's not afraid like other men.
Like you.
Oh, hey, hey, cowboy?
Sure is a sexy little thing, ain't she?
Yeah, she is.
She's real sexy.
Yeah, well, how'd you
like to spend a few minutes
with that pretty little peach over there?
So, uh, so she aint taken, then?
No. No, she ain't taken.
How much she worth to ya?
Ahh. (Laughs)
I got it. Alright.
Alright, alright.
Come on, what you got?
Let's see what I got.
Here, right there.
Yeah, that's it?
That's what I got, take it or leave it.
Little cheap fucker, ain't you?
Take it or leave it.
Right, hold on one second.
(whistles) Come on.
Why don't you go ahead
and give him $60 worth, sugar.
No, I'm really sore right now.
Can we just head home?
Be alone?
No, no, we can't go home, sweetheart.
Give you a little of this, hmm?
Give him $60 worth, come on.
Come on.
How you doing?
Pretty good.
Alright, uh...
This is my rig right here.
Where's Mom going?
Where the fuck you think she's going?
I, I gotta pee.
Get on with it,
I ain't your fucking nursemaid.
Go back here, okay?
Yeah, just go on back there
and make yourself cozy.
Hey, little lady.
Oh, your momma just up and left you again?
You know, she and that Sonny,
they ain't welcome here no more.
You hear me?
The whole motel hears you, Javier.
There's a lot of things I could do
with a sweet little thing
who can't run on me.
Beauty is your choice to see.
I know, Bella.
But I can't see it without you.
(phone ringing)
Oh fuck. (Sighs)
I'm coming!
Where's Simon at?
Sonny. He took him.
He was so limp.
He looked dead.
Was he dead?
Drugged. Momma's candy.
Sonny wasn't here for Simon.
He was here for me.
What is it?
It's one of Simon's marbles.
We made a promise that if
he ever was in trouble,
he'd leave a white marble
and I'd come and find him, no matter what.
We've gotta get to Sonny's place.
That's a terrible idea,
you've finally got away.
There's no getting away without Simon,
and you know that, Bella.
That's a dollar seventy-five.
You thieving bitch!
You give me that back!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, cowboy.
Watch out, man.
Your fucking bitch stole my wallet,
that's what's up, man.
Maybe you're mistaken.
Why don't you head back to the rig
and have another look.
What the hell you talking about, man?
She's a thieving whore!
Okay, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute, alright,
just wait a minute.
I just want what's mine,
and I'll be on my way.
Now looky here, cowboy.
Now I gave you a chance
to turn around, walk away.
Now you're too fucking stupid
or too fucking cheap to take it.
Not that it matters anymore.
You see, around these parts,
when you fuck another man's woman,
well, I get to shoot ya.
Now turn around.
This ain't...
(clerk calling 911 in background)
This ain't fucking right.
Yeah, it's not right.
No, no, no!
Sonny, come on!
He's just a dumb cowboy, come on.
No, no!
Why did you fucking have to do that?
(Sonny murmuring comforting words)
(sobbing) You make me so fucking crazy!
We gotta go, we gotta go, come on.
Quit the fucking waterworks
and get in the truck.
Get in the fucking truck!
(Wanda sobbing)
(tires screeching)
I have to find him.
It's you I'm worried about, Freda.
I'm okay.
I don't let Sonny get in here or here.
But Simon ain't strong
enough to fight no more.
We're gonna need those
20 stars to save Simon.
I ain't never got close
to 20 stars in one day.
Who you talking to, nia?
I weren't talking to no one.
[Angel] You're that girl
Sonny was looking for, huh?
I saw you sneak in the room.
You didn't snitch on me, did you?
Of course not.
The son of a bitch.
Shit, shit.
They're yours.
I took 'em.
Look at you.
Gracias, kid.
Thank you.
My momma used to tell
me, "one day, Angel",
you gonna shine as
bright as that sunrise."
I was going places, a dancer.
Flamenco. (Laughs)
The best around.
Is that your name?
Guess I'm a fallen angel.
Angels can't fall.
They just, they just
lose their way sometimes.
You got some magic in you.
Don't lose the way you see life, kid.
It might just save you one day.
Fuck, you might just save us all.
Hey, wait!
That's not yours.
Wasn't hers either.
Unless, of course, she's Jack Wallace.
You got three stars to shine in one go.
Three stars for giving back
some stolen cigarettes?
No. You gave her hope.
I did?
You find your momma yet?
Guess you're gonna have to
pay off your momma's tab again.
I got an itch your tiny little hands
can scratch real nice.
Remember the last time,
how nice you were to Javier?
Come on.
You come here.
It's okay, shh.
(Freda sobbing quietly)
What the fuck?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Bella? Bella, help me!
Bella, help me!
Freda, I'm trying.
I told you not to go in.
There's no one coming to save you, kid.
Hey, Javier?
Come here.
Uh, Jack.
Have you seen Angel?
Think that bitch took my wallet.
You startled me.
You know what I told you about
fucking used whores.
Here, kiddo,
I've been looking all over for you.
You, uh, you ready to get out of here?
You know this girl?
Sure, we go way back, uh, um...
[Jack] Right, Freda.
Sure your mom's real worried about you,
you ready to go?
Yes, definitely.
[Javier] Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jack.
[Jack] Easy there.
You can't, you can't
just take her, Jack.
She's paying back her momma's debt to me.
I want you to run out
and get in that taxicab,
quick, quick like a rabbit.
Do you know what we do
to guys like you in prison?
Guys who like to fuck little kids?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I was not, I was...
You weren't what, you weren't what?
You weren't gonna make that
little cripple kid your fucking pet?
Her momma owes me three nights, Jack!
I'll be sure to tell her.
And you owe me two.
Yeah, well, now I owe ya three.
Help me, Bella, help me.
I'm here, Freda, it's okay.
Just think good thoughts.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car!
Javier, you're a fucking piece of shit.
Yeah? Yeah? Okay.
You again, huh?
Where are my keys?
What did you do with the fuck...?
I, I didn't take your keys!
You know, I'm starting
to think you're bad luck.
Ahh, shit.
Get out of the car.
Hey. Hey, Javier, listen.
There's no need to do this.
I mean, there's a hundred
cheap motels I could go to,
but you know I'll come back.
And if you shoot me,
you get nothing outta me,
you get nothing outta the kid's mom.
That's a good point, Jack.
But what the fuck.
I never liked you anyway.
You know what,
why don't you just do it?
'Cause you're gonna be
doing me a big favor.
Yeah. Goodnight, Jack.
[Freda] No!
This time.
Fucking asshole.
Real shells this
time, Jack, real shells!
Get out of the car.
Where are my fucking keys?
[Freda] I didn't touch them.
Open the car!
Come on, come on.
(acoustic guitar music)
[Freda VO] The thing
people don't understand,
or maybe they just don't
want to understand,
is that time is always chasing us.
But time don't care how
much you run from it.
It don't care if you want to throw
all your moments away.
And it don't give two
shits about any regrets
you have on your last day of living.
Where are we?
In my cab.
Stan, hey, Stan, it's Jack.
I'm looking for Norman
and he's not picking up.
[Radio VO] Probably knows it's you.
I can ask around.
Yeah, could you do that?
It's kinda urgent.
[Radio VO] Sure, I'll get back to you.
Hey, what the fuck?
It was on the ground at the motel.
Angel dropped it.
Yeah, don't shit the shitter.
You spent it all last night,
she told me.
Now you're my fucking accountant?
I'm sure it's all there,
I'm no thief.
If you hate me so much,
why'd you save me?
Maybe because I wanted my wallet back.
[Freda] You didn't know I had it.
You don't know what I saw.
You told Javier you knew my mom?
Just so I could get my wallet,
kid, that's all.
You're calling me a thief,
but you're a liar!
You don't know my mom?
That's not what I said.
Something's wrong with that guy.
[Freda] We need him.
I don't trust him.
Right now, he's all we've got.
He's not even nice.
How could he be?
You saw that rope on the back seat?
Let's throw it away.
He'd just get another one.
And we'd only get a couple more stars.
I think he's already given up.
He's still breathing.
So what's your game, kid?
The name's Freda.
And I don't got no game.
And I'm Mother fucking Theresa.
I gotta find someone,
and I need your help.
Oh, I'm supposed to
drive you around all day,
I'm your fucking chauffer, that's it?
Great, reach in, turn
on the meter right now.
I was gonna give your wallet back.
Before or after you paid me?
With my own money.
Wouldn't get far on that.
(chuckles) You got that right, kid.
Are you hungry?
Why don't you, uh, go inside
and get yourself something to eat?
Oh, fuck me.
Hey, how are ya?
Good, thanks.
Two dollars.
[Freda] Thank you.
[Clerk] Take care.
Jack, you gotta help me find Simon!
He left another white marble here.
What the fuck are you talking about?
He leaves 'em when he's in trouble.
He left one at the motel, and now this.
Look, he was here for sure.
And he won't survive
much longer at Sonny's.
Ask me if I give a shit, kid.
Now give me my keys.
Give me my fucking keys!
Now get out,
this cab's going where you're not.
Go on, get out.
Who's Simon?
My brother.
My best friend.
Yeah, friends are hard to come by.
I myself ain't got any.
That's not true.
What do you know?
Hey, where are you going?
[Freda] You said get out.
No point in me adding to your problems.
I'm not gonna leave you here,
let me drop you off in town.
[Freda] Don't do me any favors.
Just get in and shut the goddamn door,
will ya, you're coming with me.
Breaker, breaker.
We've got Smokey on our tail.
Put the hammer down.
Stop it.
Put that down.
They don't even say that anymore.
Hey, hey.
This cab is not a trash can,
you understand?
I know you didn't steal my wallet.
I didn't.
Didn't I just say that?
Jesus Christ.
Hey, I told you I'm sorry.
It's Simon.
He needs me.
He can't survive much longer at Sonny's.
Can you take me there?
You want to walk right into Sonny's?
Isn't that what he wants you to do?
You know Sonny?
Everybody in the county knows Sonny.
I'm taking the keys.
(Freda sighs)
This ain't gonna be so easy.
He's broken, Freda.
There's something good in him.
I wish I knew what he needed.
Who were you talking to, kid?
No one.
Why don't you wanna live no more?
I got reasons.
Still gonna use that rope?
I don't know.
Why ain't you done it yet?
'Cause God's not done hating on me.
I bet he and Death are having
a good laugh at me right now.
Death don't laugh.
[Jack] You and Death
are good friends, huh?
It chases me.
You don't think you're being
just a little bit dramatic?
I mean, you look like you got
a few good miles left in ya.
I have 24 hours.
Maybe I'll get 24 tomorrow.
From the moment my eyes open,
to the moment they close.
That's all I ever get.
Are you dying, kid?
That's what they say.
It's sad that you hate
living so much, Jack.
I don't hate it.
I'm just tired.
You're trying to run away from Death.
I just want him to catch me.
[Radio VO] Jack, you there?
This is Jack.
What do you got?
[Radio VO] Your idiot brother's in the
nut house over in Monte Vista.
Yeah, I heard that,
but do you have an address?
[Radio VO] Yeah, 12412 Glen Oaks.
That's great.
Thank you, Stan, I'm on my way.
[Radio VO] Guess he
tried to stab someone.
I guess that means
you're not gonna help me.
I never said I was gonna.
Okay. Okay, listen.
I am gonna help you.
But I've gotta deal with this first.
Wait, where are you going?
With you.
No, you got no business
in a place like this.
Suppose someone asks me
about the rope on the back seat.
Gosh, you drive a mean bluff, kid.
Hurry up.
Go sit down over there.
What if you need me?
What if I don't?
Go sit down.
Hey, my brother, Norman
Wallace, was admitted.
He may have checked in as Norma.
This ain't my first time
at the nut house, you know.
Yeah, I imagine it's not.
Give me 'til the big
hand hits the six, okay?
I know how to tell the time, Jack.
Great, then tell it.
And don't talk to anybody.
I know what you're thinking.
But Jack said to stay here.
You're no fun, Bella.
He said to wait, and I am.
Freda, this is not waiting.
Sure it is, if you stay here.
What are you doing?
Counting what?
Bugs, probably.
Little ones. Medium ones.
Even big ones, as large as your head.
Quiet! I need quiet.
Have you come to count with me?
Here, in my garden.
I'm the gardener.
I see them.
(soft emotive music)
Where's the money, Norman?
[Norman] What money?
The $8,000 that you owe Sonny.
Doesn't that sound familiar?
I don't owe Sonny shit.
Let the asshole come and get it.
Actually, I lost it.
Are you off your fucking meds?
Sonny'll kill you as soon as look at you.
Well then you gotta
get me out of here, Jack.
You stabbed a security guard, Norman.
Security guard my ass,
it was one of Sonny's goons.
He scared the shit out of me,
I peed my skirt.
And I was so humiliated,
I had to cut him just a little bit.
Came to collect.
Collect what?
I didn't spend it all.
At least get me some clothes, Jack.
They're making me wear men's trousers,
can you imagine?
Where is it?
Oh, they're in my closet.
A few light summer frocks, they'd be so...
The money!
Where's the fucking money?
You counting flowers?
Oh no, my little dear one.
To count flowers is easy.
[Freda] He can see you, Bella!
It's no work to count flowers,
no work at all.
I count petals.
Two thousand and four,
two thousand and five...
Every petal has its own smell.
Aroma. Flavor. (Laughs)
Try it! Smell!
Mine smells like chocolate cookies.
Mm, bubblegum!
This is petal two thousand and ten,
and petal two thousand and eleven.
And they chose to be with you.
Now you keep them safe.
You're their home now.
No, Freda, don't even think about it.
You need to accept me, Jack.
Please call me Norma.
You're a man.
At least some part of you still is.
You never understood
anything about me, Jackie.
Don't ever call me that.
Momma used to love that name for you.
Jackie and Norma,
sitting pretty in a tree.
My name's Jack!
(laughs) She's beautiful, Jack.
A bit young, though.
Even for you.
Goddammit, kid.
If you can't listen to me,
you've got to hit the goddamn road.
I'm sorry, Jack,
but you have to let me help you.
You're 20 years too late.
Now go find someone else to save.
You're in real deep shit, Norman.
Sonny is gonna kill you,
sooner rather than later.
Well, do something, you owe me.
How the fuck do I owe you?
Who took care of Mom
when you were incarcerated?
You think I could afford a nursing home
when her dementia got so bad?
I had to watch her die, not you.
And it wasn't quick.
What're you gonna do.
I'm gonna take what's left
of the money back to Sonny,
and I'm gonna try to convince him
to leave you alone.
But, after that, I'm done, Norman.
Okay. No need to go
all Norma Desmond on me.
I don't even know what that means.
What are you doing here?
Just visiting.
So where's your badge, honey?
Okay, we have another
runner from the kids unit!
What are you, what are you doing?
No, stop! Let go of me!
Honey, I need you to stay still, okay?
Let go of me!
Stop! Stop!
I need you to calm down.
Or you're gonna get the sleepy needle.
(Freda screaming)
I need you to calm down.
Calm down, sweetie, calm down.
Bella! Bella!
Bella! Bella!
Help, do something.
Freda's in trouble.
(yells) No! No! My petals!
(alarm blaring)
I need you to calm down.
(Freda screaming)
Ahh! Two thousand sixty five!
Two thousand sixty six!
(The Gardener yelling)
Stop, stop!
Wait a minute, what the...
What the hell are you doing?
Stop! Stop it!
She belongs in the kids unit.
She belongs with me.
Nice job, Bella. Thanks.
You shoulda listened to him.
What if he hadn't come?
Well, he did.
But we still need him.
Put your seatbelt on.
I'm sorry, Jack.
God, I don't have time for this shit.
He's not going to help us.
That's not true.
Who are you talking to?
[Freda] Where are we going?
I gotta pick something
up from Norman's trailer.
You said you'd help me find Simon.
Well, if Simon's with Sonny,
then it's your lucky day,
'cause that's where we're going.
Norman owes Sonny some
money, a lot of money.
Gonna figure out how to smooth things out.
How do you know my mom?
I was just saying that
to get you out of the motel.
No, he wasn't.
I don't believe you.
Alright, so I know your mom.
It was a long time ago.
Your mom's got this real knack
for fucking people over.
Making people clean up her shit.
Especially people that love her.
You loved my mom?
[Jack] She was a lot different.
What did she do to you?
I don't wanna talk about that.
Simon's had it a lot worse than me.
He can't handle Wanda's crazy.
You can?
[Freda] Better than Simon.
So you take care of him.
I try.
Who takes care of you?
Well, today it's you.
I don't think this is a good idea.
Got a better one?
Just leave the thinking to me.
And you gotta promise me
you'll stay out of sight.
I don't wanna end up in the nut house.
Like Norman.
I'm only trying to help.
I know.
Without you, we'll never
get those 20 good luck stars.
You just got two more from the Gardener.
But he helped us.
You made his day.
Actually, his whole week.
You're not mad at me, then?
I love you, Bella.
I'd be lost without you.
Hey, you okay?
Everything's fine.
Who's Bella?
I don't know what you're talking about.
It ain't been cleaned for weeks.
Try years, kid.
It's okay, Jack.
I abandoned him.
I left him.
But you're helping him now.
I'm all he's got.
Norman doesn't hate you.
He just wants you to love him.
And every day's a new day, Jack.
How old did you say you are?
I'm 11 years old.
(laughing) Holy shit.
You look like a princess.
(both laughing)
Well, help an old princess up, will ya?
Oh yeah, that's good.
Maybe you should do it a few more times.
Let's you and me find this money
and get the hell out of here.
So while you're giving
the money to Sonny,
Simon and I can sneak out?
(sniffs) I, uh, I don't really
have any details worked out, kiddo.
This how much he owes Sonny?
A lot more than this.
You know, that hooker had
a good laugh at me last night,
'cause I was broke.
I guess she wouldn't be laughing now, huh?
Her name is Angel.
All hookers are named Angel, kiddo.
That's her real name.
And I doubt she was laughing at you.
She was probably pissed
about something else.
All women seem to get pissed at me
for some reason or another eventually.
Not Angel.
She has her own dreams.
Oh yeah, is that right?
She used to be a flamenco dancer.
Bet you didn't know that, huh?
No, it didn't come up.
You think that I'm heartless.
People's hearts are fragile.
Especially those who ain't seen by others.
She's been seen by plenty of people.
Doing that and seeing someone
are not the same thing.
Oh shit.
Sonny's not gonna wait for me
to bring him the money.
Come on, get in the bathroom.
Listen to me.
Hide under the trailer, take the money,
do not come out until I tell you.
Got it?
He's in here.
Open the door!
Where's the fucking money?
What fucking money?
Ow, Jesus Christ!
The fucking money!
(sounds of fighting)
Where are you?
Jack! Jack Jack!
He's got that little cripple with him.
(Freda yells)
Stay down!
No! You loco, homes?
That's Sonny's prize bitch!
Come on.
[Jack] Are you hit?
Let me see.
Barely nicked you, you'll be okay.
Oh my God, I'm sorry I got you into this.
I've had worse days.
Just take me to Simon.
We gotta lay low for a minute.
I'm starving, are you hungry?
[Freda] What are we doing here?
[Jack] We gotta hide the car.
What about Bella?
She gonna be hungry?
Why don't you introduce me to her?
Is she busy counting your lucky stars?
Shut up, Jack.
It's rude to listen to
other people's conversations.
Hey, it's okay, kid.
There's a lot of people
who have imaginary friends.
She's not imaginary.
I just don't let anybody see her.
[Jack] Why not?
I don't trust anyone.
How about lunch?
[Freda] I'll eat anything.
Hey, can we get two
lunch specials, please?
So what happened between you and my mom?
You're too young to understand
what happened between me and your mom.
I'm the oldest 11 year
old you'll ever meet.
Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper,
I loved your mom.
I just couldn't quit her.
Even once her stepdad started to, uh...
Well, let's just say he
wasn't a very good man.
He was an asshole.
He pimped her out.
And then Sonny came along.
Took her away on all those...
I know all about them.
Did he do that to you too?
You know, I figured
I'd just never see her again.
But then a couple years later,
there she was.
She just looked like a wounded dog.
Trapped in this motel,
all strung out on all sorts of shit.
She was only 16.
So one night, while Sonny was out,
she and I just ran.
You know, I thought I could outrun him.
And that we would just start a new life.
And I helped her get clean,
and then she got pregnant.
That was his name.
The baby the two of you had.
My older brother I never met.
Is he alive?
Um, my mom said he died of SIDS.
But it was a lie.
My grandmother put her in the nut house
because the cops were going after them.
They figured she or Sonny killed the baby.
I'm so sorry, Jack.
[Freda] What happened to you, Jack?
Sonny has a bastard cop brother.
And they tracked us down.
And your mom lied.
She told 'em that I kidnapped her.
And raped her.
So I went to prison.
For a lie.
After all the shit she's done to you,
I do not know how you do it.
You dying and everything.
Yes, I'm dying.
But not today, Jack.
You found a way to live.
You can too.
Jack? Jack!
You gotta listen to me.
You're my only chance...
To what?
To what, kid?
To get your good luck stars?
(Jack yelling, glass breaking)
I don't understand you, kid.
You, it seems like
you've got nothing to live for
and all you want is life?
I mean, you're right.
It's a choice.
To open up your heart to people.
But life gets hard when
you get older, kid.
It doesn't seem like it should,
but it gets so...
You're so caught up in
feeling sorry for yourself.
You're missing all your precious moments.
Look, this one's almost found its destiny.
A dandelion has a destiny?
To become a wishing flower.
A wishing flower.
He made a wish.
(soft music)
What are we doing, Jack?
It's Bella.
No, she doesn't let
anybody else see you.
Yes, she'll probably be mad.
She's never made it past
seven stars in one day.
She needs a whole lot more.
What happens if you don't get the stars?
Her nightmare will never end.
She deserves better.
Yes, but she can't always see
the beauty of life.
She sees more beauty
than anybody I've ever met.
She's trapped, Jack.
Just like you.
Only you can help her now.
I thought that was your job.
I can't help her any more.
[Jack] Jesus Christ.
You're not going to do
anything bad, are you?
Don't do it, Jack, please!
Bella, you promised me you...
I had to, Freda, he's our last chance!
Don't go in there!
Our last chance?
You just said you weren't
gonna help me any more.
Run, Freda, you gotta get away.
Something bad is going to happen.
Get lost, Bella.
You're not even real.
I am so real, you've always said so!
The Easter Bunny is more real than you.
No, I save you.
I don't need you any more.
You're just a figment
of my fucked-up imagination.
(dramatic music)
Hey! Look what we got here.
It's Trailer Trash.
Sonny's expecting me.
Oh yeah?
(glass breaking)
Yeah, it's me.
Simon, what are you doing here?
Alright, back to work.
Look what el gato dragged in.
What's up, Jack?
I wanna make a deal with you, Sonny.
Oh, we already got a deal.
Where is she?
Where's my girl at?
He's got her with him.
This was a set-up, Freda.
By who?
Mom and Sonny.
When they couldn't find you at the motel,
they had some guy bring you here.
I think so.
I heard Sonny talking to him on the phone,
saying that if he brought you,
he could keep some of the money
and save his brother.
This guy goes a long ways back
with Mom and Sonny.
Sounds like a creep.
Jack would never do that.
Why not?
Simon, he just wouldn't.
You always see the best in people.
But sometimes people disappoint.
Jack saved my life so many times
when he didn't have to.
Of course, he was playing you.
(Freda screaming, men shouting)
Get the fuck over here!
Don't let that motherfucker get away.
(Freda screaming)
No, leave him alone!
No, leave him alone!
No, no, no! Simon!
You got a ton of women
working for you, Sonny.
You don't need Freda.
She's just a kid.
If I wanted business advice from you,
Jack, I'd ask.
What do you care about it, Jack?
You're the one willing to bounty hunt
my cripple kid for some chump change.
You're so weak, Jack.
You'd think prison would have
grown you a fucking spine.
I don't want the money.
You can keep it all.
Give me Freda and her brother.
Then you never see me again.
Just take the fucking money.
I mean, this should be easy for you.
And don't you wanna save
your faggot brother?
Keep your blood money, Sonny.
[Freda] Let go of me, you jerk!
Put me down, you caveman!
I'm gonna kill you!
Thanks, Jack.
Pick up your fucking money.
I'm gonna kill you!
My pet.
(Freda screaming)
No! Freda!
Wasn't it nice of Jack to bring you
all safe and sound back to me?
Get a little piece along the way?
This is not what it looks like
to you, I promise.
You brought me here for money?
[Jack] No!
You said you were
gonna help me find Simon!
Freda. Oh God, I fucked up so bad.
Oh, stop your fucking whining, Jack.
She might be lame and dying,
but she ain't stupid.
I was gonna do it. I was.
But I saw how beautiful your heart works,
and how you treat the rest of us,
even though we don't fucking deserve it.
Your words are as good
as shit in a pail, Jack.
I've had enough lies!
You sold me like the rest of them.
Only worse, 'cause I
thought you were my friend.
I wanted to help you.
And now I can never forgive you.
Not ever!
Well, there it is, Jack.
Ain't it a fucking shame
when those you love
just ain't got no more use for ya?
Little bitch just ain't worth it, Jack.
Don't touch me, Jack!
I'm still breathing, Freda.
You're a stupid piece of shit, Sonny!
Go ahead and kill me, Sonny,
you've done everything else!
But it's nothing as to
what you've done to Simon.
But just so you know,
you'll never get in here,
and you'll never, ever touch my heart.
And you'll never be loved.
By anyone, Sonny.
That's not true.
I love you, Sonny.
Shut up, you whore.
I don't care what you've done to me.
It doesn't matter.
But you're not doing
a damn thing more to those kids.
I am taking them,
and I'm walking out of here right now.
Come on, kill the
son of a bitch already.
Smoke him, Sonny.
That's a promise you
ain't gonna keep, Jack.
I believe in you, Jack!
I always will!
(sounds of fighting)
Freda, run!
Jack! Jack!
Don't die.
Please, please don't die.
I never meant to harm you.
I messed up really bad.
Will you forgive me?
Yes, yes! Of course, Jack!
Am I worthy of being forgiven?
You're worthy of love, Jack.
Let's go, gimp.
You got work to do.
Ain't nobody coming to help you,
you little cunt.
I got a high-paying sicko
just waiting for your sweet little ass.
You belong to me.
My sister will never belong to you.
You fucker!
(gunshot, Wanda gasps)
No, Sonny!
No, no, no, no.
You okay?
You came just in time.
I killed him, didn't I?
You did what you had to do.
He didn't give you a choice, kid.
(Wanda sobbing)
Jack, this is my brother, Simon.
[Simon] Hi, Jack.
You were right about him, Simon.
And wrong.
More wrong, I hope.
[Freda] Yes, definitely more wrong.
(sobbing) Please, Sonny, no!
I hope the fucker dies.
You ain't gonna get away with this.
I hate you, Freda!
What did I ever do to you, Mom?
All I've ever done was try to love you.
You good-for-nothing
crippled little gimp.
You ruined my life.
Doctors said you'd be dead by five.
That's what you tell yourself
so you can live with
what you've done to me.
I should have killed
you when I had the chance.
When you was in my womb.
Well, I may be dying, Mom.
But you're already dead.
(Wanda sobbing)
(uplifting music)
Simon, my friend.
You've got the heart of a lion.
You saved us all.
I'm sorry I got you into this, Freda.
I'm not.
Shit, shit.
Wait, wait.
I don't think I'm gonna
need that rope, kid.
I'm not gonna let you go, Jack.
Listen, if I die...
You won't.
Yeah, but if I do.
I want you to promise
you won't let her break you
the way she was broken.
I promise, Jack.
Hey, let's go over to
that side of the road.
Looks beautiful over there.
Let's go.
Is he dead?
Don't say that.
He's still breathing, right?
We never got those stars.
It don't matter now.
Freda, I'm sorry.
It's okay, Bella.
You were right.
It's Jack that needs you now.
Bella, please.
Please help him.
I love him so much.
He's in real bad shape.
She never deserved
a perfect little soul like you.
You made me wanna live.
You are real.
Can I come with you?
Jack? Jack?
(Freda crying)
I'll never forget you, Jack.
(stirring music)
It's Dylan.
You'll be okay?
But I'll miss you, Bella.
I'm always close.
I'll see you before you know it.
(acoustic guitar music)
[Freda VO] It's never about
how much time we have.
It's what we choose to do
with the eighty six thousand
four hundred seconds
we're given each day.
[Freda] Jack's brother.
It's complicated.
We're gonna need to get him a new trailer
after we spring him from the nut house.
[Simon] I don't think we have
enough cash here for a trailer.
[Freda] Well, at least some new dresses.
[Simon] What have you got me into now?
[Freda] Don't worry about it.
I'll be 12 tomorrow.
(soft, wistful music)