Lost & Found (2016) Movie Script

Most people can hold their
breath for about 30 seconds.
I can hold mine for 99.
And Andy Walton
takes an early lead
against the Lane number two
swimmer, Clayton Stone.
See, 99 seconds is exactly
how long I needed
to win the district championship
in the 200 meter freestyle,
with Claire Broman, the girl
of my dreams, in the stands.
It's Andy Walton and Clayton
Stone neck and neck here today.
Yeah, Clayton!
Come on, Andy.
Come on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Walton and Stone are
just one stroke apart
as we near the end
of the 200 meters.
I was on the brink of a college
scholarship and a whole new life.
Clayton Stone
seizes the championship
by one stroke from Andy Walton!
But in 99 seconds, all my
dreams came to a crashing end.
Things pretty much went
straight downhill after that.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Hey, sucks about the race.
Okay, loser, whatever. You're
gonna hook us up, right?
Party at your
place after, right?
Okay. Meet me outside
in 60 seconds.
That was awesome.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Change of plans.
That kid right there in the hat.
Let's go, let's go,
come on, get in!
Don't be an ass, Ryan!
Open the door!
Go, go, go, let's go!
Hey, thanks for
the score, loser!
Truth be told, this wasn't the
first time I'd gotten busted.
It was the third this month.
Man, I was in for it.
You okay?
Mmm. Yeah.
The store's not
pressing charges,
provided it never happens again.
I can guarantee that.
You jeopardize your mom's job,
not to mention getting
me pulled off the line,
which you well know this family
cannot afford right now.
You need to learn
your place, Andy.
I don't have a place.
It's time.
What? No.
After this?
Maybe mark can go, too.
I don't know.
No, it's out of the question.
What's out of the question?
You're gonna go
see your uncle Trent.
Jim, you can't
just make this call.
Who is uncle Trent?
Trent, pick up.
I know you're there.
Come on, man, we need to talk.
It's about Andy.
What's this?
"To my son, Jim." What?
What are you doing
with my backpack?
It's got all my
tools in perfect order.
Not anymore.
Go back to bed.
Where are you going?
They think that they can send me
to stay with someone
that I've never even met.
I mean, do you even
know who this guy is?
Have you seen any pictures
of this uncle Trent?
It doesn't make any sense.
Well, screw that. I can hitchhike
100 miles before they even notice.
Be good.
No, Andy, you can't.
Mark, quiet, okay?
No. I'm tougher
than I look. I'll yell.
No, don't yell.
Mom! Dad!
Andy's running away!
- Andy! Stay right there!
- I'm coming down.
You're welcome.
So, there I was,
leaving a town and a school
that didn't want me,
and a family that didn't
seem to want me, either.
Little did I know the biggest race of
my life was just around the corner.
Is that him?
Yep, sure is.
Brought you some fish.
Can I hold it?
Yeah, well, it's heavy.
Hello, Andy.
uncle whoever-you-are.
Your uncle Trent.
Do you think you can manage
both boys for the weekend?
What? No!
There is no way!
Mark has
a serious ear condition.
He needs to avoid
water at all costs.
So, he can't swim at all?
It is bad enough I gotta
be trapped on this island.
You're gonna stick
me with mark, too?
Hey, come on.
- What?
- Listen to me.
I know you're pissed at me.
I want you to take
care of yourself,
and make sure you
watch over mark, okay?
Promise me you will wear
this all day, every day,
and never, ever take it off.
You know this is a mistake.
Bye, mom! Bye, dad! I love you!
Okay, jump out and
tie us off, will you?
Okay, boys, there's only
one rule on this island.
That is any time you go anywhere
near the water, wear a vest.
When the currents
are bad, you'll feel
like you're being
flushed down the toilet.
"Walton island"?
Is that us?
Once upon a time.
Why are they taking it down?
What are you doing?
We got two months.
So, they're changing
the name of our island?
You can do that?
Pay off the right people,
you can do anything.
Come on, let's take a picture.
Keep it up.
That's the way
we should've come.
Who is that?
Is there a town?
Yep, about a mile away.
Hey, what's that over
there on the West Side?
What do you mean "nothing"?
You've lived on this island your whole
life. You don't know what that is?
I just told you what it is.
It's nothing.
Stash your gear,
and when I get back,
I wanna show you how to
wrap some fish guts.
Is this bad?
I'm all in.
Not good enough.
Oh! Busted.
I'll show you how to
make one, if you want.
You write a little note, shove
it in there with the ship,
and you launch it out to sea.
Let me get this straight.
You just write
these little letters,
build these little ships
and throw 'em all away?
Gotta do something with
these bottles, don't I?
So, enlighten me, Trent, since this
whole island is named after us,
we probably weren't always
broke like we are now.
Bingo. You win.
We were rich.
Now, see, you're
gonna have to elaborate
'cause I only know what
it's like to grow up poor.
I mean, you and my dad
were just, I don't know,
go out to restaurants and eat
every night sort of rich?
Like what?
No, no, not like that.
Dynasty rich.
The kind of wealth
that generations and
generations of families
could live off of.
This was our island.
So, what happened?
Time for bed.
Come on, what happened?
I don't know.
No one knows.
They found my
father's boat drifting,
and I never saw him again.
You're saying that we,
the Walton family,
we used to have millions,
and now it's gone?
And you, you've never even
bothered to look for it.
Yeah, I did.
Of course, I did.
Well, then where's the money?
It's here.
I don't know.
Had to let it go.
Are you serious?
And you gotta let it go, kid.
Don't worry.
He'll be back, eventually.
Ever see a compass lock?
Have I ever?
Watch and learn.
So, was grandpa
really a millionaire?
He was a lot more than that.
He was a code breaker
during world war ii.
He loved his secrets.
Made the most amazing treasure
hunts for us on our birthday.
I remember the last big hunt.
We actually got to use
a real decoder from the war.
The last hunt, it took us three
days to find our presents.
Three whole days.
Stupid uncle.
Move, and I put a hole in you.
Look, I'm sorry.
I said, don't move!
On your knees. And put your
hands where I can see 'em.
What's your name, boy?
Look, just chill, all right?
I'm Andrew Walton.
I'm Trent Walton's nephew.
The guy who owns
the tackle shop!
I know who he is,
and now I know who you are.
You ain't the first Walton to go
after your granddaddy's treasure.
But I catch you again, I'll
make sure you're the last.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Have a nice nature walk?
It's here. He just didn't
know where to look for it.
Probably because he never
found grandpa's treasure map.
What'd you say?
Uncle Trent told me all about
it while you were gone.
Why are you wearing
your life preserver?
'Cause mom told me to.
Plus it's cozy.
What exactly did
Trent tell you, mark?
Just that grandpa liked secrets.
He would make
dad and uncle Trent
go on treasure hunts
to find their presents.
It's all starting to make sense.
He wanted them to go
on one last hunt together.
So, we're going on
the hunt instead?
Not we. Me.
Oh, come on.
Every don Quixote
needs a Sancho Panza.
You are such a nerd.
Uncle Trent says it's as
good as gone anyways.
You know what? Uncle Trent
had his chance, okay?
But it is my turn now,
and I'm not gonna be poor
for the rest of my life.
The old man's fortune is real.
It's on this island,
and I'm gonna find it.
"To my son, Jim.
"Unfair and unkind
that soon we must part,
"but beginnings are endings,
and endings are beginnings.
"Be ready, for at these
crossroads, I await discovery.
"Seek your reward where
the gift of time awaits."
"Gift of time"?
The gift of time.
What are you doing?
You scared me.
It's late, man, go to bed.
We got a big day tomorrow.
That's disgusting.
You're disgusting.
You're disgusting.
Hello. Maybe this island's
not so bad after all.
Turn around, turn around.
Just gotta set up a little
accidental meet and greet.
A little
"hey, how are you?"
Why don't you
just go talk to her?
Look, you don't
even like women, okay?
You probably never will, so...
I like women.
I just don't see
what the big deal is.
Just ask her to get
ice-cream, or something.
Ice-cream? Are you...
Everybody loves ice-cream.
Okay, if you need
to know something,
you need to know that chicks
don't like ice-cream.
They think it makes them fat.
So, what are you doing here?
Oh. Uh, yeah, easy.
I got busted. So, my parents
sent me to stay with my uncle.
I mean, do you remember? I
stole beer for your boyfriend,
and you left me with a security
guard's knee in my back.
It was awesome.
We just got here yesterday. Do
you know the island pretty good?
Yeah, well, my dad has
a house out here,
so I'm kind of
stuck here all summer.
You looking for something?
Hidden treasure.
Hidden what?
Treasures, you know.
Cool spots on the island.
Well, there's a general store in town.
Pretty good ice-cream.
Yeah, yeah, I love...
I love ice-cream.
I can eat ice-cream all day.
All right, see you boys later.
"I love ice-cream. I could
eat ice-cream all day."
Hidden treasure, lost
fortune, where to begin?
All I had was a rusty
pocket watch and mark.
We decided to kill two birds with
one stone. Get a little ice cream
and explore Walton island.
The whole place looked
like it was going under.
Guess we weren't the only
ones who'd lost everything.
Are you stalking me?
It's an island.
Don't flatter yourself.
Made up your mind yet?
Mint chip, please.
Double scoop.
You boys are Waltons, ain't ya?
Got your grandfather's eyes.
You knew him?
Everyone knew him, hon.
If he was with us,
we could stay in peace.
Instead, we have to start over.
How much
for the ice-cream?
That's $10,000.
But don't worry, Miss Broman.
Your father can afford it.
Actually, I'm buying.
In that case, it's on the house.
What are you getting?
Hello, Trent.
I hear you found yourself
some cheap labor.
I got till the end of the summer.
What are you doing here?
Yes, well, that was
the old deal.
This one has a 10% bonus
if you move out by
the end of the month.
How about you go to hell?
Oh, Trent, Trent, Trent.
When are you going to learn?
There's no future in
this bait and tackle shop.
In a year, this island will be the
premier tourist spot for miles around.
Tell you what. I'm willing
to sweeten the deal.
We're planning on
building a gift store here,
and I'm willing to let you run
it for, say, 5% of net profit?
Heck, you could sell quite a
lot of your ships in a bottle.
I think I can make this better.
This is my father's island.
Walton island.
Not for long.
My plan was evolving. Find the
treasure, save the island.
Save the island, get the girl.
All those things were
looking really good,
and totally,
completely impossible.
How was I ever gonna
get a girl like that?
Hey, what are those?
That's the west forest.
Your uncle hasn't
told you much, has he?
Those crosses are for the nine
people who vanished there.
What? Come on.
Are they buried there?
No. They were
never found.
People have seen some strange
things here. Ghosts.
A haunted forest?
Oh, cool. Finally
something fun to do.
No! No way!
Mark, come on, stop!
Oh, come on, Claire. They're
just ghost stories, okay?
There's nine stakes in
the ground for a reason.
I'm not trying to be 10. You
better get him out of there.
Mark, come on, man.
Where are you?
Andy! Andy, help!
Mark! Mark!
Mark! Mark, where are you?
Dude! Dude! Don't do that.
Where's your girlfriend?
She's not my girlfriend.
Come on, let's go.
You know, if I was burying a
treasure, this is where I'd put it.
No, it's gotta have
something to do with time,
like a watch or a clock, maybe.
You don't bury
treasure in a clock.
No, numb-nuts.
It's a metaphor.
Andy, are you okay?
Yeah. I think so.
Oh, god! Oh, god!
Andy, what do you want me to do?
Go get Trent! Go get uncle Trent.
Okay, okay.
Come on, mark, where are you?
Come on.
"Spooky", she said. "Don't
go in there," she said.
Andy, where are you?
Uncle Trent? Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Hey, I'm down here!
All right.
I got you.
All right, all right,
hold on, I'm coming.
Thank god. Thank god.
Do you wanna tell me why you
went into the west forest?
Ask mark.
He's the one who went in.
Ask Andy.
He's the one who thinks
he can find grandpa's treasure.
And Claire
thinks there's ghosts.
How old are you?
You haven't listened to a thing I
said since you been here, have you?
Have you?
You think I just talk
to hear myself speak?
I told you not to
go into the forest.
There's nothing in there,
and there is nothing.
There's not treasure.
There's not ghosts.
Don't go in.
Am I clear? I'm not
gonna say this again.
If you want Claire
to like you back,
maybe you should grow
one of your claws bigger.
Dude! Wait, what?
Well, that's what these guys do.
You see, the boy lobster grows
one claw bigger than the other,
not even to hunt or anything.
It's really just to
impress the girl lobster.
It's true.
You know the most random
crap, you know that?
It's not crap. You're just
jealous 'cause you don't...
Mark, it's okay.
Once they get ahold of you
like that, they never let go.
Here, let's have a look.
Oh, you'll survive.
Rinse that with cold water and put
a compress on it. You'll be fine.
Thank you.
I didn't know what to do.
Well, next time, you will.
There are two kinds of
creatures in this world.
The ones that pick a fight,
and the ones that finish it.
This one picked wrong.
John Broman.
Andrew Walton.
Are you any
relation to Richard Walton?
Yeah, yeah, he was my grandfather.
You knew him?
No, no, I wish I had.
I'm a great admirer of his.
That's why I bought his house.
Oh, you didn't know?
I'll tell you what. Why don't you
bring the rest of these over,
and I'll have my chef
cook us a nice dinner tonight.
We'll give you a tour.
What do you say?
You're a finisher,
aren't you, Andrew?
I think so.
Don't think so.
Know so.
I never pick wrong.
So, uh, shall we say
about 8:00?
You sure that's her style?
Her dad invited me
out tonight, so...
Look, I've known
John Broman a long time,
and he's a snake.
Look, I got my
reasons for going.
I bet you do.
Good luck, kid.
Yeah. Never had much of that.
But what I did have
was a bag full of lobsters,
and I was gonna use
it to get some answers.
If this Broman guy,
that everybody hates,
lives in my grandfather's house,
and he's interested in me?
No way that's a coincidence.
If there were answers,
they were here.
They just had to be.
Looking for something?
I was just admiring your clock.
I brought lobster.
Oh, splendid.
Yes, sir.
Have the chef prepare these
for us, will you, please?
Right away.
You know, when you said you were
living in my grandfather's house,
I just thought it was a normal house.
This is beautiful.
Yes, yes, we're very fond of it.
It's like a home away from home.
Right this way.
So, how are you enjoying your
time on the island so far?
Have you had a chance
to do any exploring?
You know, a little.
I presume you've heard of your
grandfather's lost fortune.
No, I haven't.
Really? My dear boy,
it's legendary.
You mean to tell me your parents
never told you about it?
There was once
a pirate named William Kidd
back in the 17th century.
And apparently, before he died,
Kidd buried almost $10 million in
gold somewhere in long island.
Your grandfather's hidden treasure
is estimated to be twice that.
Being Richard Walton's grandson,
seems to me that
you're the natural heir.
Unfortunately, I'm completely preoccupied
with developing this island,
or else I'd look for it myself.
I'll tell you what.
If you discover anything on
my island, it's all yours.
It would appear you have a
treasure hunt ahead of you.
Hello? Yes, hold on.
I'm so sorry. I have to take this call.
It's rather private.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Glad to see you made it
out of the forest alive.
Oh. You know what?
Here. Got you something.
Just so you don't have to put up
with that
ice-cream lady's attitude
next time you need a fix.
So, my dad and Trent
grew up here. Crazy.
I can't believe
they're tearing it down.
Eighteenth fairway
is going right through here.
That's your grandfather
right there.
Breaks my heart.
I love this house.
Hey, before they tear it down,
I have something to show you.
This is my favorite
room in the house.
Do you play?
"Authentic world
war ii cipher decoder
"used by U.S.
Navy intelligence."
My dad's prize possession.
Basically useless, though.
Try opening it.
Yeah, the only way
is with a key.
Your grandfather's design.
Hardly see my dad all year,
and then he forces me to come
to this island every summer
just so he can sit in his
office and ignore me.
And your parents,
when did they...
When did they split?
Long time ago.
My mom got remarried,
new step-kids, new life.
Yeah, I get it.
Sometimes it's lonely
when it feels like...
Nothing fits?
Yeah, but at least
you don't have
your parents breathing
down your neck.
And plus, you're rich. I
would trade you in a second.
No, be careful
what you wish for.
You know, no disrespect
or anything,
but don't front like
you have it rough, okay?
You have money. You can
pretty much fit anywhere.
Your family was
wealthy once, too.
That house?
It all could've been yours until Trent
lost it to my dad in a card game.
That's impossible.
I'm having the best time ever.
I'm learning how to
catch lobster, play poker.
Please, can I stay, dad?
I'll do anything. Please?
Okay, hey.
Okay, buddy, you can stay.
Sounds like you're having fun.
No more poker. Promise.
Put uncle Trent on the phone.
Yes! Thank you!
Love you, dad, bye!
Did you do it yet?
I'm working on it.
How about you stop working on it,
Trent, and you actually do it?
That was the deal.
No, that was your deal,
not mine.
You didn't agree to anything.
How about just once you don't
have to agree and negotiate?
You just take
responsibility for something.
That would be such a miracle
in my little life, Trent,
if you just took
responsibility for something
other than wiping your own butt.
I've been taking
after you your whole life.
It must be nice to just, sort of,
like, play footsie with the wind.
What are you teaching 'em
poker for, anyway, hmm?
No more gambling...
What's wrong?
Everything's peachy.
- That was super funny,
- Trent...
I probably should've left well
enough alone and kept on riding,
but time wasn't on my side,
and I needed answers.
These guys were either guarding
something, or looking for something.
Either way, I wasn't alone.
Hey! Stop!
This wasn't just a treasure hunt anymore.
This was a race.
It was time to get serious.
Where's uncle Trent?
A second gold pocket watch?
Maybe my luck was
changing after all.
"To my son, Trent.
"Here I am revealed after the day
is done and the burning sun sets.
"Yesterday and tomorrow
destined to be your guide,
"ever and always
the constant of constants."
Hey. What are you doing?
It's all I have
left of my father.
Look, Trent, there are
people in the west forest.
Okay, we need to do something.
You went back in that forest?
One of them took a shot at me.
They're looking
for something, Trent.
You go back in
that forest again,
consider yourself locked in
your room the rest of the...
Are you not listening to me?
They're gonna tear our
family home to the ground!
And we still got time,
but we are running out.
Enough! It is over. I had
told you that already. Stop!
You know what?
Go to your room.
Go to my room.
Who do you think
you are, my father?
Or just some guy who
sucks at playing cards?
So, it's true.
Don't go there, kid.
Try me.
You know what happens when you
don't pay your property taxes?
The government
seizes everything.
And my father, your grandfather,
in his infinite genius,
decided to stash his money,
but he forgot to tell
anyone where it was.
So, eventually, all we had left
on this whole island
was that house.
And they were coming for that.
That was just a matter of time.
So, yes,
I walked into that
poker game with Broman
because it was my
last and only play.
And I lost.
I lost everything.
Do you know why you're here?
Oh, god... What is this?
What is this?
Do you think I ditched my life
to build a ship in a bottle
with some deadbeat, broke-down
alcoholic uncle
that I have never met?
Would you listen to me for once?
No, no, listen!
Okay, you know what? You know what?
Fine, let's do this.
Do we just write some little fortune
cookie note and toss it in the ocean,
or is that just your excuse
to empty another bottle?
Go away!
Get in, get in.
Close the door.
He told you not to touch that.
No, this is dad's.
I stole it before we left.
My god, you're gonna get
into so much trouble.
What do you think
I'm in now, mark?
It looks exactly
like the other one.
Yeah, I know. The
inscriptions and everything.
"To my son, Jim.
"Unfair and unkind
that soon we must part.
"But beginnings are endings,
and endings are beginnings.
"Be ready, for at these
crossroads, I await discovery.
"Seek your reward where
the gift of time awaits."
Where do endings
and beginnings meet?
The beginning of a new day
meets the ending of the last.
What did the other
pocket watch say?
Something about a guide after
sunset, like a sunset guide.
Oh, that's easy. There's only one
constant guide after sunset.
So, what is it?
I know something you don't.
Come on,
tell me, you little twerp.
No, you said you were going
on this hunt, not me.
You're don Quixote, and you
don't need a Sancho Panza.
Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We're going on
the hunt together.
Would I lie to you, Sancho?
The north star!
The only thing in the night
sky that never, ever moves.
Holy ship in a bottle,
I think you're right.
Okay, let's go.
You're sure that's
the north star, right?
Yeah, that's it.
But what do we do now?
I don't know.
I guess we wait.
And it's
Maybe your watch
is a little fast.
Andy, what's past the stars?
Past the stars?
I don't know, mark.
I have a hard enough time
figuring out life down here.
Hey, hey, wake up.
We gotta get back.
I don't see why you're so mad.
Well, obviously,
one of us was wrong,
and I'm pretty sure
midnight was right, so...
The north star was right, too.
Maybe we were just
in the wrong place.
Yeah, unless it has nothing
to do with the north star,
and I'm just wasting my
time with you, Sancho.
I just need three more days.
Yes, I tried
the tactical approach,
but there are always
more convincing measures.
He'll leave, and they'll all follow.
Trust me.
We can break ground
by the end of the month.
Wanna play some cards?
Hold on one second.
Not now, darling. I'm right
in the middle of something.
We will be on time
and on schedule.
Secrets, lies,
and dead-ends.
Even the stars were against me.
We were getting
back pretty late,
but as long as Trent wasn't an
early riser, we'd be in the clear.
No such luck.
Well, thank god.
What the heck?
You really think that you could
stay out all night
without saying anything?
You, too.
Sucks about your ride.
For what it's worth, I'd take a
bike over an escalade any day.
Look, I just came by
to say that I'm sorry.
I thought you knew
about the poker game.
Wanna come out with
mark and I tonight?
Bonfire on the beach,
sing Kumbaya.
I got something for you.
So, what do you got for me?
Close your eyes.
I saw you checking
this out earlier.
Maybe we can make a trade.
I saw you
checking this out before.
I mean, no offense.
I thank you, but I just...
I will never wear that.
- I'll take it.
- Yeah?
Hey, mark, you see that
lighthouse over there?
You know your grandfather
built that, too, right?
You should go check it out.
Yeah, mark,
you should go check it out.
No way.
I've only had one s'more.
Ugh. Fine.
Have fun.
So, you and Ryan,
are you guys...
Forget Ryan.
I don't like you like him.
I like you like you.
You won't believe it!
Wait, were you two...
We're nothing.
You were!
You were sitting in a tree!
What did you figure out, mark?
Better be good.
The answer to the clue.
It's been here the whole time.
Right in front of us.
Okay, so what is a Polaris?
Polaris, the brightest star in
the night sky, the north star.
On the north tip of the island.
Dude, this is the first time I'm
actually stoked that you're a boy scout.
Let me get this straight.
You think your grandfather's
lost fortune is in a lighthouse?
There's only one
way to find out.
Come on, come on.
Andy, come on! I wanna go.
Hey, Andy, there's
something else down here.
What is this place?
This must be the map room.
Come on, grandpa, where is it?
Isn't "x" supposed
to mark the spot?
But "xii" does.
Here, shine a light.
Polaris at midnight.
"Exceptional work, my sons.
"Rest not.
You now hold every clue."
Grandpa was crazy.
If only we had
the other pocket watch.
You little ninja.
Guys, look!
Check this out!
"Use birthday decoder."
The world war ii decoder at your house.
We have to get it.
No, no, my dad would kill you if he
caught you even breathing on it.
Plus, it's really far.
Uncle Trent locked
our bikes, remember?
Got enough cash for all your little
minions running around here.
You think we're stupid?
Look, you're not the only ones
with your ass in a sling.
I have developers flying
in from China in 72 hours.
If I can't deliver on my
share, I'm out of the deal.
Out. Do you understand
what that means? Hmm?
Sounds like you're trying to squeeze
a few more nickels for yourself.
Stay here.
I'll get the key.
No, no, no,
wait till they leave.
Trust me.
Don't worry.
Hi, daddy.
Everything all right?
Yes. Just doing business,
Do you need me for something?
I'm just gonna get the cards, play
some solitaire and then go to bed.
All right, look, I'm asking you
to wait a little
while longer, all right?
We're getting close.
Night, daddy.
Good night, sweetheart.
I'll be there in a minute.
Just go.
No, no, we'll wait for you.
We'll all be winners.
Here, here.
Mark, read me
that message, quick.
Look, as I've already told you,
there's a fortune to be
made with this island,
and it starts with finding out where
the old man has buried his money.
It's my buy-in.
Without it, I have to stand
on the sidelines and watch,
so I suggest you get back
out there and find it.
Someone's coming.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Dude, come on! Don't! What are you...
Come on!
What are you doing?
You took my key, didn't you?
They're here, aren't they?
Oh, my god.
Come on.
Pass me the flashlight.
Hey, this must be
grandpa's secret passageway.
I hope we don't find
any dead things back here.
Hey, what's that?
You think we're
supposed to take it?
I guess.
Let's go.
Hey, this way.
My dad's on to you. You guys
need to get out of here now.
Okay, come on.
Okay, let's take
a look at that message.
All right.
"One final step to discover
"a treasure that
will never run dry.
"Be warned. What lies beneath
is the root of all evil.
"Look under
the west forest roses."
All right, mark, we can't just
wander into that forest again.
It's time to gear up, okay?
- Walkie-talkies.
- Check.
I'm asking you to wait
a little while longer.
Once this deal goes through,
we'll all be rich.
Enough talk.
Open the safe.
Don't be foolhardy, Ridgewick.
You know I know how to use this.
Years of practice out in that
forest, killing for you.
Open it!
All right, all right.
You want your money?
Here it is.
Don't ever threaten me again.
Get him out of here.
He's bleeding on my rug.
Go get the stuff.
Go, go, go.
Uh, I'm sorry I borrowed your
truck, but it's back, so...
I mean, you can hate
me all you want.
I don't hate you, kid.
You're just like me.
Wanna know why your dad
doesn't talk to me?
This is way before
I lost the house.
When I was about your age,
I stole a bunch of
money from my dad,
and I went to see the world.
I wanted to have some fun.
Prodigal son,
the romanticism, that BS.
The truth was,
I was selfish, stupid.
Then one night I called home,
and he said dad's gone.
Then when I got here,
things were never the same.
Well, I'm sure you
did what you could.
No. No, I did not.
Because my brother needed me,
and I wasn't there.
I was searching for
all the wrong things.
When you do that, when your
questions are all wrong,
you're just gonna miss
what it's all about.
What what's all about?
The treasure
that never runs dry.
I had my shot, and I blew it.
"Backstroke champion,
Trent Walton."
"Dear Andy, I'm sorry I can't
be the father you deserve."
"You never should have come.
Forget about me."
"Dear Andy, if only I
could find the words,
"or find the strength
to reach out to you,
"but I keep telling myself that
we will meet again someday.
"Love always, dad."
What is this?
Andy, open up.
Andy, let me in!
Open up! Hey!
Andy, don't leave me!
Andy, take me with you!
Jim, you need to get out here.
Andy's gone.
West forest compass roses.
Two keys.
No, no, no, no! No! No!
No! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Anybody!
Mark, do you read me?
Come in.
Mark, it's Andy.
Are you there?
Does anybody read me?
Can anybody read me?
Trent! Trent.
Claire, what are you doing?
Four days and you lost him
already, on an island?
How'd you manage
that, Trent? Hmm?
Trent, you explain to
me how this happens.
He's a 17-year-old kid.
You had one thing to do,
look after him.
Hey, spare me
the parenting advice.
Parent? No, no, you lost
the right to use that word
when you dropped him
on my lap 15 years ago.
No, no.
I was his father, not you!
I picked up the pieces.
I was there!
Pour it on,
pour it on, pour it on.
You feel sorry for yourself now?
Why don't you grow up?
You had the chance.
You didn't want to do that.
You brought him here! You
brought him here, not me!
Have a drink, Trent. He was not
supposed to know about me.
Trent, you know the island.
Where could he have gone?
I know.
They're not just watches.
They're riddles.
Your father left
you both a message.
I never knew there were two.
The answers lead to
your father's fortune.
That's where they went.
What do you mean,
that's where they went?
Where are they?
They went to the west forest.
He took my truck. We'll
need to get there by boat.
If anybody's listening,
this is Andrew Walton,
son of Trent Walton,
brother to no one.
And now I'm here,
where nobody can find me.
I made it all this way
for a dead end.
A dead end.
Andy, come in.
What's your 10-9?
Mark? Mark, is that you?
Mark! Mark!
That's you!
Andy, where the heck are you?
I'm underneath you.
I'm underneath you.
Do you see the remote that we stole
from Broman's? Do you see it?
The black flashy thing?
Yes! Yes!
Okay, push the button.
Mark! Mark?
You came for me.
Why did you leave without me?
I found out why I've never
heard of uncle Trent.
I saw the bottles.
Hey, hey.
So what?
No matter what Trent wrote,
we'll always be brothers.
Now, come on, brother,
let's see what's down there.
No. Mark, mark, it's a dead end.
You know my favorite time
I remember being your brother?
The time we went on
this crazy treasure hunt
that led us to
a cave holding millions.
Till we got stuck 'cause
we were missing a key.
Well, that's not how
I remember it.
Well, only one way to find out.
Okay, ready?
Three, two, one.
Organ pipes?
It's just for spooks.
But why?
That's why.
It's a mine, mark.
It's a gold mine.
That is what he meant
when he said,
"a treasure that
would never run dry."
Look! There's a way out!
If the fall didn't kill you...
Those currents would
certainly do the rest.
Come on.
This is a nice one.
Broman. He found out there
was gold on this island.
"Trent and Jim."
"Boys, if you're reading this,
"you're together again,
and you've discovered
"the real treasure
that will never run dry, love.
"Take care of each other, dad.
"P.S. You're rich."
Nice job, boys, but I believe
your work here is done.
Step aside.
You have to
appreciate the irony.
Richard Walton's grandsons lead me
to the treasure I could never find,
and now I'm going to use it to
sweep his family aside for good.
What is your deal? What is your
vendetta against my family?
Your grandfather cheated me.
I processed all of his gold,
and never once did he
cut me into the deal.
I made him rich,
and he gave me nothing.
He didn't just disappear,
did he?
You certified all the gold
that he brought in,
so you followed
him out one night,
probably foggy, nobody around,
and you made sure that
nobody ever found his body.
Well, that's
an outrageous accusation
and one that will
never hold up in court.
What have you done?
"Riches you may possess,
"but only the hand of a Walton
shall Grant release."
What does that mean?
What does it mean?
Tell me!
What's this?
Is this the key to
getting us out of here?
You know what
the funny thing is?
Only one of us knows
how to use that thing.
The other doesn't have a clue.
Enough. I'm not
asking you to open it.
I'm telling you.
No, Broman.
I'm telling you.
You have screwed over my
family for three generations.
Now your run ends here.
It ends with us.
That's very brave,
taking a stand.
Unfortunately, that's
not how you negotiate.
This is how you negotiate.
You can't shoot me.
You need the hand of a Walton.
But I only need one.
You picked wrong.
Oh, god!
Trent, there's
something in the water!
There! You see it?
Something there?
Andy! Andy!
Andy, help!
Help me! Help!
You gotta slow down!
Help me!
He went down!
He went under!
Take the wheel.
Take the wheel!
We're not gonna be able
to swim to the surface,
so you're gonna
have to pull us up.
Come on, come on!
Come on!
Come on! Wake up! Wake up!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
Who do you think
you are, my father?
Come on, wake up!
I was searching for
all the wrong things.
When you do that, you're just
gonna miss what it's all about.
I had my shot, and I blew it.
I wish I was better with words.
I was just so messed up
when your mom got sick.
I was lost.
Just, uh...
And then Jim and Sally
stepped in, thankfully.
I figured you were
better off if I was dead.
And I was.
And then you came.
I guess I don't understand.
I mean...
Why go through
the trouble of writing
all those letters
and never send them?
I guess I thought that if I
wrote 'em and sent 'em out,
somehow you'd feel me.
The idea of it anyway.
I'm not an idea.
I'm right here.
So, if you wanna
love me, then love me.
That day,
it was finally clear to me,
that my grandfather had put
together the final treasure hunt
just to bring his sons
back together again,
to see the Waltons side by side,
sharing the treasure
that never runs dry.