Lost in the Pacific (2016) Movie Script

God, dammit.
How's the plane supposed to land
when it's pitch black out here?
We're screwed, man.
Shut up!
The boss said
they'd come for us.
We have something
they want.
Huh, tell him
to kiss my ass.
All he cares about
is that bitch!
Now what?
We have to go up there
and turn on the lights?
Get ourselves killed?
Stop! There's
something there.
And we're coming to you
live from Rio de Janeiro,
it's the official launch of ocean
airlines brand new luxurious jumbo jet,
it's the a390,
and a string of cars are
coming in right now.
We got VIP celebrities, and the
CEO of ocean airlines, himself.
Mr. Gary Gao.
First of all,
let's have a look at who's
in car number one.
Hello there.
It's so nice of you.
You are looking fabulous.
Now, can you tell me, are you considering
a merger with ocean airlines,
after the launch today.
Are you a pilot
of ocean airlines...
I'm the co-captain.
And, may I ask,
who are you wearing...
How many on
this maiden flight?
Eight VIP's, as
requested, sir.
Each carefully selected.
Beyond the corporate
staff, of course.
This investment, I'm talking about
the time to modify the aircraft,
from an a380,
to an a390,
plus setting up a
transpacific debut,
as well as a live
broadcast worldwide,
that's cost me over
a 100 million us dollars.
Any mistake...
And this could
be another Titanic.
I want you to make sure that
you take care of the prince.
It's under control, sir.
I know he's
our golden goose.
In fact, I've even
invited a popular singer
he's quite fond of.
Is that the surprise
you were talking about,
the superstar?
Is he here?
Not yet, but his agent did confirm
with me again this morning, so...
Let's hope it's not psy.
Distinguished guests, welcome
aboard our maiden voyage.
Our exclusive, priority only,
a390, will be taking off shortly.
So, please be seated and
fasten your safety belts.
Good job.
It's great.
It's kind of weird, you know,
making this announcement
to so few people.
Uh, I bet they're a hundred times
harder to deal with though.
Stop it.
Hey, Ruoxin. Ruoxin.
Uh, why don't you stay here with me
and help out with the guests, okay?
I'm not a flight attendant.
But you are the prettiest woman
we have in our entire company.
I'm a pilot.
Ruoxin, it's okay.
Please, come on.
Come on!
Where in the world are you?
Most memorable flight
of your lifetime.
I'm ready.
Excuse me.
The headline queen.
It is truly a great honor for
you to be traveling with us.
I have been one of
your most loyal fans.
But, I guess you're kind
of forced to follow me.
Seeing as I just interviewed
your second wife.
Glenda, huh?
She certainly has been one
of your biggest fans.
Let me give you
the inside scoop.
The reason
for our divorce.
She couldn't cook!
You know, the best way to a man's
heart, is through his stomach.
Rest assured, Mr. Gao, I'm
sure you won't regret it.
This is captain Anderson,
on behalf of myself
and the crew, we welcome you
all aboard this evening
on the new a390.
We'll be leaving the tarmac in a few
minutes so please relax in your seats...
As we get underway.
From all of us
at ocean airlines,
we thank you for being part
of this momentous flight.
This plane
is incredible!
I mean suites,
an upstairs restaurant,
and a table lounge,
and bar.
It's like a flying castle.
Hey, they say it
can fly into space.
No, no, no,
Just all alcohol for me.
Mr. Rodman!
It's really you!
I love watching you box.
I love watching
your acting.
Yo, my man.
So what
you here for?
Yeah, you.
You look like one
of those rich guys,
not just somebody
in showbiz.
You must be, Rodman?
I'm, Khadsa.
Associate chief
of the Yan Shang group.
Big fan of yours.
All right.
Much respect.
That's ancient
history, right there.
But, you
know what, uh,
it's time for me to
do my own inspection.
Hey, gorgeous.
Why don't you bring me something
a little stronger to inspect?
Right away.
I'm just going to put this in
a four cabin for a moment,
and I'll bring it right
back after take-off.
Will there be
enough room?
Oh, yes.
The storage compartment in this plane
is big enough to fit a grand piano.
I should have
brought one.
You're so sweet.
I saw you play once...
For the New York
philharmonic, Mr. Kim.
Oh, really?
Yes. It was a summer
trip, 15 years ago.
But, I'll honestly
never forget that night.
It will be an honor to
play for you again, later.
The kitchen is
upstairs, master chef.
I'm so sorry.
I was looking for a chili
sauce for my Shifu's recipe.
Kelly, said it
might be down here.
I hope your secret sauce is enough
to meet expectations, tonight.
And, it's
time to take off.
Okay, lets see...
This, and this...
Hey, am I late?
Ladies and gentlemen,
our surprise mystery guest,
has arrived.
2020's voice
of the world!
Khadsa, my man.
How's it going,
Good. How are you doing?
I can never get used to you wearing
all this golden flashy stuff.
Tell me, how's living
the big dream?
Can't complain.
You know, I got everybody to vote
for you on the voice, right?
I knew it.
I knew it was you!
Can I take
your bag?
Thank you.
So, everyone, I just
want to say thank you,
on behalf of
ocean airlines
on behalf of ocean airlines, I'd
like to welcome all of you aboard.
We plan to have a
very enjoyable flight.
Uh, excuse me.
Surprise, huh?
I found out that they
were roommates at Yale.
Best buddies.
You a smart ass?
He's popular.
Very popular.
Mia, only agreed to shoot
this because of...
Because of him.
Even that bitch knew
Colin was coming...
And I didn't?
He screws this day up, I don't
want to ever see you again.
Should be kissing my ass.
Flight check, check.
Okay, with
the radar, check.
Confirm co-ordinates.
Never ask
me to do that.
Ever again.
It just goes to show how
much the company values you.
So, how are we
looking out there?
Any chance of a live performance
by the big superstar?
Hm, forget about the show,
Mr. Gao, clearly
isn't a fan.
Looks like, Peter,
kissed his ass,
in the wrong place.
Isn't the rich prince the guy
we're trying to impress?
It should be exactly
what the boss wanted.
Inviting the guy's
old class mate.
Hey, how do you feel
about this a390?
The company says that it
uses magnetic convection.
Enough power to fly
beyond the atmosphere.
You can take over once
we're in the autopilot mode.
You just hand
it back before landing.
Screw you!
Jason only chose
you for this debut
because he thought
you need more training.
Oh. Hm-mm.
Don't get me involved
with this, guys.
you're needed.
You cannot go in there.
We are about to
take off right now.
pre-flight check.
Ruoxin, you're needed
downstairs after take off.
Oh, and, make sure
you tell the media
that you were once a
flight attendant with us.
Tell them that...
We give everyone at ocean
airlines an opportunity to grow.
I am not a flight
attendant any more.
Serving guests isn't
really my responsibility now.
Monica and I,
will be enough.
Yeah, you see, this isn't
any normal flight.
Even Mr. Gao, is
out there serving.
So you will do, whatever
it is, we need you to do.
You're not the
one flying today.
All right, ladies,
ready to serve.
It's my newest dish,
kung pao chicken.
That isn't new at all.
A thousand different chefs, will cook a
thousand different kung pao chicken's.
We haven't met.
I'm, chef Mike.
I'm from sichuan.
There's only one kung
pao chicken in my menu.
Why isn't chef Liu, here?
Uh, he had high
blood pressure.
The doctor didn't
allow him on board.
What'd you think?
How does it taste?
You're telling me a Chinese
sichuan chef sent an American,
to cook sichuan food?
Well, I am his protege.
My shifu just wants to share
sichuan cooking with the world.
Did you know that, Marco Polo,
learned about spaghetti
from the Chinese people?
Uh, why
are you here?
You should be out
there with our guests.
You should be
on the first floor.
You didn't know that this
chef was American, did you?
Oh, thank you.
Here you are, sir.
Thank you,
Mr. Rodman,
I haven't been so lucky since
my last Hong Kong film award.
You should drink more,
my dear best actress.
Luck comes
with good liquor.
You know, lost in
the pacific
is my go-to song for
karaoke, every time.
Your voice tells
so many stories.
Thank you.
You know what,
I'm sure we have a lot
of time on this flight,
so I can tell
you more stories.
Thank you.
Your highness, when we arrive
in Hong Kong tomorrow night,
there'll be plenty of
press waiting for us.
And by next week, the stock in
ocean airlines will sky rocket.
If that's true,
it's a win-win.
So, you're on board with our
mergers in acquisition?
So far, I think
it's looking good.
That's wonderful.
Very good.
All right here...
The a390 is the largest
plane in the sky...
Oh, I'm sorry.
Excuse me,
excuse me,
I'm, Mia Ren, with
global news network.
Can I ask you
a few questions?
I'd be fine with that, but I
need to go to the cockpit now.
She's actually our co-captain,
so it's not really a great time.
I can arrange a meeting or an interview
for you later, if you'd like?
Oh! Does ocean airlines plan to
replace all of it's captains,
with such beauties?
Like luxury airplanes
where they target
the wealthy?
Drink, please.
Hey, bro.
What's going on?
It's been a long time.
What'd you say,
we rack 'em up?
What are we
playing for?
How about this plane?
'Cause it's going to be
yours, sooner or later.
Please excuse me.
You two have fun.
We have a stage two,
code black, emergency.
What is it?
Can you tell me why the sichuan food
is being cooked by an American?
Yeah, that is
a concern, Peter.
Well, you really messed up today.
You know that?
Haven't seen him
since he was 18.
You have any idea
what you have done?
Re-uniting me
with this...
Juvenile, at
a critical time.
Wait, he's your son?
Wants to make
a fool out of me.
Your son is
a superstar.
Yeah, I know.
I wanted an heir,
not an entertainer.
How come the storm
sprung up like that?
Weather forecast didn't
say anything about it.
I've never seen
anything so massive.
What did
the control tower say?
This is one of the least
stable areas in the pacific.
Control knows nothing
about the weather here.
What happened?
Hey, Gary.
We have some pretty severe
weather build up in the area.
We're gonna need
a new route.
Jason, this is the most sophisticated
commercial aircraft to date.
You know, I don't care
how you fly it, but,
you must land my plane
in Hong Kong, on time.
With weather like this, we
definitely can't land on time.
For the safety of the passengers,
the crew, and the plane,
Gary, with the severity
of this weather...
We need to bypass this, and it's
going to take at least two hours.
Two hours late,
for Hong-Kong?
Well, can you make up that time?
Can you fly faster?
If this were a standard airbus,
yes, it wouldn't be a problem, but,
we are in a
converted a390.
It's pretty much a spaceship,
and gulps up fuel, now,
we have enough for the original
route from Rio to Hong-Kong.
The fact that
we need to bypass...
We need to land,
and refuel
no, we're not stopping.
Why don't we keep going.
It will take
at-least three hours
to get to the nearest alternative
airport in the west pacific.
Never mind
refueling time.
Which would have a five hour
delay for Hong Kong, minimum.
There's no way in hell
I'm gonna allow that.
The media's not
gonna wait five hours.
The debut, the hundred million
dollars that I spent,
the whole thing
will be a big joke.
But, Mr. Gao,
we have to.
Thunder storms in the
pacific ocean are no joke.
We've got no choice.
Think about the
lightning, just now.
Ruoxin, please.
Look, you guys are the
best pilots that I have,
that's why
you're here.
This aircraft can fly at
the highest altitude,
I don't care!
Just fly above the storm.
Gary, even if we do that,
we still need to refuel.
Just fly through the
damn storm! Will you?
Okay make an announcement
to the passengers
tell them that the safety of this
aircraft is completely reliable.
Xiang, check
the wing conditions.
Just keep them down.
Ruoxin, make a personal
announcement to the passengers.
This is gonna
get bumpy.
Head east.
May I have your
attention please?
This is the co-captain, ruoxin,
our flight will be
experiencing turbulence.
Please return to your seats,
and fasten your safety belts.
Thank you.
Wow. Huh...
Sorry, Mr. boxer.
I feel a little bit
dizzy and scared.
No. Shh, sh, sh, sh...
Don't worry
about that.
Look, I already have
a nice suite here.
Why don't we go
and explore it?
Why are you still here?
I'm just finishing my second
course of khow suey chicken,
you wanna try?
Get this mess
cleaned up.
Find yourself a seat,
and buckle in.
Are we landing already?
I'm going to
gather reviews...
How are we doing?
It could be
worse, somewhat.
Just passed 45,
still climbing.
Increase to 48.
Oh! We're in trouble.
Xiang, check on
your perimeters.
Ruoxin, check both wings,
get Gary
in here, asap.
Mr. Gao.
Mr. Gao.
Something about an emergency,
please come with me.
What is happening?
Flood her again!
We have to shut the port engine
down and land the plane.
Lightning strike
on port engine!
Firm alarm has
been activated!
The engine is on fire?
I checked, haven't seen
anything, no flames.
But the
alarm's still on.
Auto fire detection
system's cycled twice
and the light's still on.
It might have short circuited
the fire engine system
and this is a false alarm, but
we're at risk of combustion.
We have to prep for landing and
have a look at this plane.
She's right.
Where's the
nearest airport?
Sorman islands, two hours
outside the storm zone.
Which enables
us to bypass.
That's too far.
There's got to be a landing
field, or something closer.
Mr. Gao, we can't
keep risking it!
All right, the lay over
inspection, is approved.
But we have to hurry.
We can't be late for
the live broadcast.
The only other option we have is
in an abandoned airport at...
Fortune island, it reads
at 30 nautical miles.
We're gonna land there, we're gonna inspect
the plane, and then we're moving on.
It's very dangerous to land at an
abandoned airport at midnight.
There's low visibility.
There are rumors
about that island.
Some kind of
supernatural monster.
Nobody lives there now,
even the military pulled out.
Elite pilots, please don't tell
me you're afraid of the darkness
and some
crazy fairy tale.
It's not a fairytale.
Eight years ago, one of our
flights was attacked while
trying to depart
from this island.
Yeah, but there's no concrete
evidence from that investigation.
No one knows what the real
cause of the damage was.
Come on, Jason, put this thing
on the ground, will you.
It's a go I guess
for fortune island.
Ruoxin, prepare passengers
and cabin crew for landing.
Sir, is everything okay?
Tell everyone
we gotta land.
For what?
Just shut up and listen!
Just say, we have
a little surprise.
That's all you
got to say, okay.
We planned a special
experience for all of you.
A short stop
at pacific island.
We hope fortune island
will bring you luck.
A pristine
tropical island.
So romantic.
And what if we
don't want to go?
Thanks for checking
in control.
Everything is all right, we're just
re-routing an inter bypass for
in the area.
So, it'll be about a one hour delay
before we change next signal point.
Possible radar loss,
due to weather.
Good job, captain.
This is reckless.
We're violating countless
aviation regulations.
Xiang, shut down
the transponder.
This is way more
exciting than I pictured.
It feels like
we're on Mars.
I'm gonna go
check the engines.
you stay here.
I'll go with you.
Me too.
Xiang, stay.
Just in case.
prepare emergency hatch.
All right.
So exciting.
Are we getting off?
I'm so sorry, but, uh,
on this island there are...
A lot of nocturnal animals,
and it's not safe to get out.
However, you can take as many
photographs as you'd like,
from right here
inside the plane.
No signal!
What's the point of being anywhere if you
can't even post selfies in front of it.
So boring.
Yay, this is so cool.
What a beautiful island.
So, what's your
lie of the day?
Why are we
really here?
Don't mess this up.
I'm still your father.
Did you just call
yourself my father?
You left when
I was a kid.
You sent me off to boarding schools.
You never cared!
You didn't even
come see me.
And you know what?
You pretty much
killed mom.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased
to introduce you to, chef Mike.
Who's actually the last apprentice,
under the master of sichuan cuisine,
chef Liu.
He's also a very special
guest of ours today, so,
we invite you to
go on upstairs,
and enjoy some of his very
special, sichuan cuisine.
Listen, I'm going
outside for pictures.
Come grab me when
we take off, okay.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry, no one's going
outside the plane. No.
Come on, I'm a VIP.
Can I help you,
miss Ren?
Problem solved, Mr. Gao.
What problem?
Don't play dumb.
I know we forced the
landing on this island.
What do you want?
outside the plane.
This is fortune
island after all.
And if I refuse, you're gonna
slander us in the press,
is that it?
You got it.
Come on.
Go with them.
No one leaves the tarmac.
Stay close,
we're taking off soon.
There are
monsters on the island.
You sure you don't
wanna come?
I'd rather stay here.
Xiang, can you run some
diagnostics on the engine please,
I'm seeing some scorch
marks here, but...
No internal damage.
All right, what does it say?
Oh, it's here.
All right, it looks like both
engines are fully functional.
We got to go.
Something's wrong
with this place.
Hey, can we leave?
Yes, we will
take off soon.
Xiang, can you prepare
the cockpit for departure?
You gotta be kidding me.
Who let them out?
I can guess who.
Just help me get
them back, hurry up!
Come back.
We are leaving.
It's an honor for
me to be here tonight.
I've been passionate about Chinese
food for a very long time.
And, I was lucky enough to become,
chef Liu's apprentice, last year.
Please, enjoy.
As a lady from Hong Kong,
I'd say it's great.
I'm not from sichuan, but
speaking as an Arabian,
I love it!
Our new generation
of sichuan chefs.
Ocean airlines is offering sichuan
cuisine on all international flights
out of Hong Kong,
next month.
What's going on? Something
wrong with the plane?
I don't know, but,
I think Mia Ren found something
interesting to shoot.
It's said fortune island had been
taken over by military, but,
there are no signs
of such a presence now.
Kelly, get me
to the ground.
Mr. Gao, get the plane
ready for take off.
You see that! This is what you
call your VIP experience!
Monica, get everyone downstairs
and ready for take off!
What's going on?
Excuse me, please.
Xiang, take off right now!
Jason, Peter!
Close the hatch, now!
Get us started, hurry!
Take off, Jason.
Jason, hurry up!
Jason... Jason...
we're taking off!
Let's go.
Close the hatch,
right now!
We still got people
down there, asshole!
Stay down, Peter.
Come on, come on.
I got you.
We're running out of
bullets, let us on!
Let them on.
They saved us.
You just watch them.
Trust me,
it will be fine.
So, the rumors are true.
I told them to stay inside.
Forget it.
What's going on?
Yeah, what's you guys story?
Well, first of all we're
all kind of embarrassed,
about how we must look.
We've been held up in a warehouse
for the last two weeks.
No rescue,
no one showed up.
But it's surprising to see a
commercial aircraft land there.
My name is lieutenant,
Vincent Riggs,
and this is,
sergeant Nikki Lee.
We are members of a joint task
force assembled by the U.N,
sent to fortune island
on a blockade mission.
And we thought it would
be an easy in and out,
until we ran into
those creatures.
They're just
too many of them.
And when we arrived, the island
was already out of control.
So, for two weeks
we fought hard,
until we were
the only survivors.
And we had
given up hope...
And you guys
came along.
I'm sorry to hear
about your men.
But, thank you so
much for saving us.
Of course.
It's been a...
Such a thrilling
trip, Mr. Gao.
Now who's
in charge of your show?
I am. Gary Gao.
President, and CEO,
of ocean airlines.
Thanks for having
us aboard, Mr. Gao.
My pleasure, I'm
glad I could be of help.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to
extend my most Sincere apologies
for the recent accidents.
We've contacted authorities
in Hong Kong, and,
when we land they'll
be taking over.
Are you out of your mind?
Two of our men just died.
In his eyes, stock market
prices are way more important
than human lives.
You ungrateful
little brat.
Who's been spending a small
fortune on you, his entire life?
So, are you publicly
admitting that I'm your son?
Wow! Okay...
So, I'm going to publicly admit that
this is my self-centered father!
That's my son.
I see now!
You have totally
got his nose.
So, you planned all this
just so that I would invest?
No, prince, that
was never my plan.
I haven't seen my
son in five years.
Not since I
divorced his mother.
And you know what, you never
showed up to her funeral.
Kelly, uh...
Bring everyone upstairs,
make sure they're comfortable.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our next destination
is Hong Kong.
I could use
a cup of tea.
Please try to enjoy
the rest of your flight.
I'm fed up with
this special experience.
I'm going to get some sleep
before landing in Hong Kong.
Just like Rodman,
the clever man.
Shouldn't you
have gone upstairs?
I mean you
don't wanna...
Stick around for the rest
of this family drama, do you?
Are you my boss now?
Didn't think so.
I'm sorry.
Going down for pictures,
and now two people are dead.
You couldn't call
headquarters for back up?
Our coms
were down.
What were you
using for relay?
Satellite equipment.
It was damaged
during the fight.
The creatures destroyed
everything in the airport.
All we could do
was wait for rescue.
But you're not really
trusting us, are you, chef?
That's okay, he
used to be military.
No wonder.
So you're not a cook?
Uh, I'm actually
just a cook now.
Um, I retired
a long time ago.
It's just that I can't trust
someone who keeps their...
Finger on the trigger.
It's all right.
You have every reason
not to trust us.
But this documentation
will prove that we belong
to the united nations,
biological crisis team.
The communication equipment was
damaged during the last take off.
It seems we have no choice
but to trust each other.
That been said,
we need to reach these
coordinates as soon as possible.
About 500 nautical
miles from here.
Oh, it's our,
A transit airport under
the ocean offering supplies,
repairs... anything
you would need.
That's not necessary, we
can make it to Hong Kong.
I'm afraid not, Mr. Gao,
not in this storm.
Well, this flight cannot
afford any further delays.
It's not up to you,
I'm afraid.
The coordinates are right in the
middle of a dangerous area.
A Bermuda triangle of sorts.
Ships get lost there
all the time.
It's on the regular route.
I guess I need to
make myself clear.
Our incident has forced this
flight into a state of emergency.
For everyone's safety, the U.N
will take control of the flight.
Is that understood?
A take over?
That's not up to you.
The U.N inspects and supplies
civilian flights now, does it?
In all honesty,
It's a secret base.
Those creatures you
saw were mutated cats.
The intel on
them is top secret.
So, to avoid
global panic...
The authorities set up base on
fortune island as containment...
To prevent it
from getting worse.
So, we appreciate your cooperation
in getting us to our headquarters
as soon as possible.
Oh, basically you're saying that
we need to get brainwashed because
we saw the mutant cats?
Are the men in black,
there waiting for us?
It doesn't matter.
I'm against it.
Look, it's just some weird ass
creature on a primitive island.
But, it's hardly
a global disaster.
They saved us.
Those two.
I trust them.
And the only thing you
should be worried about,
is the safety of
your own passengers.
I am concerned about the passengers,
and we should land at Hong Kong.
They did save us.
And we know how terrifying
those monsters were.
We should cooperate.
Are you out of
your mind, ruoxin!
You still want to work
with ocean airlines!
First and foremost,
I am the captain.
Jason's gone.
We violated aviation
regulations anyway.
We are running
out of fuel.
It's too risky to fly
through the storm.
You have such a
clear mind, captain.
That's it.
I have final say as captain.
Ruoxin, look, look,
it's not that simple.
Whoever you are,
I have made up my mind.
Okay, the communication equipment
was destroyed on purpose.
Not during that fight.
The antennas were on top of the plane,
the creatures were on the ground.
You're skilled,
and you're brave...
But how can you tell whether
it was on purpose, or not?
Because I led a specialized
counter terrorism unit.
Knocking out comms
was an everyday thing.
How do you prove
any of that?
All I see now is a cook,
who makes terrible
sichuan food.
Look, we are
in big trouble...
I need you to keep
everyone safe.
No more mistakes.
Do you understand?
I understand.
Just... let me help you.
Not only is the communication
equipment damaged...
We are running
out of fuel.
It's suicide,
if we keep our route
to fly through the storm.
The co-ordinates has
given us a chance.
We've got to try.
Air safety is
my main concern.
There's no better place
to land within two hours.
We have no choice.
No more casualties.
I understand.
Trust me.
I respect your decision.
We'll have
a safe landing.
Why don't you head upstairs
and relax over there?
I'll go with you.
Me too.
You spying on me?
Shouldn't make an innocent
man feel uncomfortable.
Your highness, looks like
you're enjoying your tea.
I do hope our little setback
just now won't influence
your assessment
of oceanic airlines?
Mr. Gao...
The unexpected circumstances
have proved too much.
To be honest, a
reassessment is necessary.
For you're
own safety, okay?
What do you want?
Only to chat.
Just curious...
What are you looking at?
It's none
of your business.
Can I ask you
a question?
What's a beauty like you
doing playing with guns?
I'm sorry, I forgot to
introduce the both of you.
Prince khadsa.
Associate chief,
of the yan Shang group.
Not every man
is born rich.
Your highness has...
Unique taste.
I gotta ask...
Why become a
chef after retiring?
Creation is better
than destruction.
Don't you think?
I've haven't
thought about it.
Mike, Mr. Gao would like to see
you upstairs for the next meal.
That's right, time to go
cook something good.
Do you have
anything to drink?
Anything. What
would you like?
I'm sick and
tired of cave exploration.
I'm sick and tired of
fighting those monsters.
And I'm sick
and tired of
pretending to be
some sort of U.N force.
Listen, major, you're gonna have
to play ball a little longer.
It's only because of these people
that we got off that island.
already suspicious.
Once we reach these coordinates,
they're gonna find out.
Calm down.
Now, we got this sample...
Now all we gotta do is
sell it to the buyer.
If that chef gets
in our way...
I will
take care of it.
You promised,
no more killing.
Yes, but I also
promised large amounts of money.
Enough money to
take your little boy,
and live happily...
This has nothing to
do with my son!
This has everything
to do with your son!
You are
here because of him.
Not because of me.
So, you are listening.
This right here,
we have to sell
this at any cost.
The weather
getting any better?
But we are flying low.
Keeping clear
of the storm ceiling.
We had to change direction to
avoid the center of the storm.
I invested to
train you as a pilot,
and you're
disobeying orders.
Is that how Jason
trained you?
Jason told me to do
what a captain should.
But it's a damn shame
he couldn't tell you himself.
It's your decision
that got him killed.
I am not gonna
repeat his mistake.
It seems you don't want to
pilot my planes in the future.
That's fine.
What I want to do...
Is make sure we have
a future, Mr. Gao.
She's dead!
Lily young, she's dead.
Who found her?
She died so horrible.
So tragically.
Vincent is
already in there.
Everyone just stay calm.
I'm going in.
What are you doing?
I'm the captain, I have the
right to deal with any threat.
I suggest we don't
irritate them right now.
Captain, the situation
is under control.
We may have to co
oh, oh...
This where
the party at...
Who are you?
I love your beard, man!
Mr. Rodman...
I'm afraid I have
to ask you a question.
There are reports saying you have
difficulties controlling your emotions,
when you're not sober...
Hold on, look, those
paparazzi hopped my fence.
What do you mean
I'm violent?
There is an emergency,
and as captain I'm
obliged to investigate.
Oh, wait,
investigate what?
Yo, what happened!
We can't disturb
the body right now.
Now, when we land...
The military police will board the
plane and handle it from there.
And that will be in...
Half an hour.
Good. Half an hour.
Captain, if you could
please show your passengers,
to the first class cabin,
have them take a seat.
Hey, Ren,
what did you see?
She's covered with
blood all over.
I cannot
disagree with you more.
I think we're in
for a lot of trouble.
He's not who
he says he is.
It's totally suspicious.
What do you
want me to do?
Doesn't this all
seem a little sketchy?
That's what
I'm saying.
The only way right
now is to land asap.
So the authorities
can take over.
Look, captain, I think we
should still land in Hong Kong.
Who knows what a welcome party the
so called base would be like.
We need to land
in Hong Kong.
At least the Hong Kong military police
and ocean airlines can co-operate.
Where's Peter?
Go find Peter, tell him
I want to speak to him.
Wait, ruoxin.
What now?
You know we can't go where
they want us to, right?
Then you
tell me where.
How about a crash
landing at sea?
You don't think my
suspicions are grounded?
Uh, we just lost
another person.
That document
could be forged.
They just barricaded a crime scene,
and Gao's assistant is missing.
These guys
are hijackers.
Have you got
sufficient proof?
Even if it's true,
what can we do?
Fight unarmed, against
two carrying hijackers?
Hey, except for the room
where we found Lily's body,
I've looked everywhere.
I can't find him anywhere.
Well, the plane's
only so big,
how can a walking, talking,
human being, just vanish?
If even if he is
walking and talking,
I think it's safe to say
he's in big trouble.
Looks like Mr. chef's
becoming a pessimist.
We were just attacked by
some supernatural cats.
Optimism is out the
window at this point.
You sure there's anywhere
else you haven't looked?
I've checked every room,
every corner, unless...
Oh, my god. It can't be.
want a cellphone?
It's one of those
new hi-tech models.
We got to tell
the others.
You like meddling in other
people's business, don't you?
Not really, what a good
chef should be doing?
Guess I was right
about you.
We'll be landing soon.
Try and behave until then.
I know why you
quit the military.
Because you can't kill.
Now get up.
Get up!
Move to the
front of the cabin.
Everybody, sit tight!
We'll be landing soon.
How come there's only one hostess
here, where are the rest?
Everybody here is safe,
except for in the cockpit.
Mr. Gao, where is the
rest of your crew?
I don't, they...
When I went to find Peter, I
sent the whole cabin crew down
to cargo to look for him.
Bring them up.
What's going on?
hijacking the plane.
He killed Peter,
probably, Lily young too.
Where exactly
are you taking us?
You've already tested
my Patience once.
And I've got enough
bullets in this gun for you,
and everyone
else on this plane.
You better hope all those
bullets hit the bone,
because if you punch a hole in
this plane, we're all dead.
Wait, wait!
What do you really want?
I told you.
My headquarters!
And if we don't land as planned,
I'll start executing hostages,
starting with Mr. chef,
as I've grown to
like him the least.
You need me,
to land this plane.
I promise that won't happen
if you hurt anyone else.
Whoa, whoa.
Whatever your rush
is to land this plane,
killing the captain
is not a good start.
I know you're right, Mr. chef.
I'll make you
a deal, captain.
Everyone's safety for the promise
that I get to go where I
need to go!
Monica, Monica.
Sit here.
Give her water.
Make her drink as much as she
can, and don't let her stop.
Those wounds
are full of poison.
Okay, here.
What's all this?
The creatures
made it on the plane.
And they knew about it.
That's how Lily died.
She's the only
one still alive.
The rest of them should
be like Lily young.
One of those creatures
are down there.
I've already sealed
off the corridors.
You got them killed.
You should have warned us.
Now we have
to land, captain.
If we don't, this creature will
kill everyone on this plane,
one after another.
And we can't fight them
in a metal bucket.
Within the confines
of this plane,
one of them will
kill all of us.
They're just too fast.
So you're using my people
to feed them until we land?
They're nocturnal,
sensitive to light.
But, if they can adjust to
the brightness of this cabin,
they'll come after us.
We have to go
upstairs, all of us.
The lounge is more
lit up than anywhere else.
All right, we can barricade
the stairs in the corridor.
We can't wait for that.
It's not long
till we land.
Take me to
the cockpit, captain.
Watch everyone.
Come on, Mike, take
everyone upstairs.
All right.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, sit!
Hey, sit.
Now, co-pilot...
Where are we?
There doesn't seem
to be any islands.
The co-ordinates
check out.
There's simply no land.
Don't worry about the land, just
fly closer to the co-ordinates.
But where are
we going to land?
Just do whatever he says.
Yeah, there.
Land there.
No, no I can't.
Sit down.
Yes, you can.
Landing an a390
on a carrier?
It's impossible,
the plane is too big.
That carrier is a
class one nimitz,
that's three and a
half football fields.
She can handle it.
No, I really can't.
Captain, you need to teach your
crew how to follow orders.
Land, now!
Hey, listen...
You can make it.
Remember the carrier
landing strips at school?
The competition, you
beat me both times.
But, it was a simulator.
I practiced for months,
and only succeeded twice.
Pretend it's
the same training.
Jason always thought of you
as the most talented pilot.
That's pretty good.
I'm starting to like
you more and more.
Where is everybody?
This is suicide!
You knew the destination was
an aircraft carrier, didn't you?
Ruoxin's crazy.
I'm beginning to
think you're crazy too.
You're gonna
be okay, I promise.
I, for one, think the lady
captain's pretty damn cool.
A crash, it strikes me as a better
way to go than being eaten.
I'm not gonna let her destroy a
hundred million dollar plane.
What the hell?
I think you should
just stay right there.
See, even
at a time like this,
all my father cares about, is
his plane and his damn company!
Yeah, that's all I got in this damn
world, is my damn company, punk!
Yeah, I've known
that since I was ten!
If the plane crashes I will
never see my dad again.
I haven't seen him
for a long time.
Who knew stress could
make a face so pretty.
You should really play,
James Bond, man.
Listen, I'll give you
one last chance to land.
You have this,
try again.
I can't.
You have to!
The tiniest miscalculation,
we'll crash onto the bridge,
or dive straight into the ocean.
Let me do it.
Are you sure
you can do better?
Do we have
any other choice?
You have control.
I have control.
Get ready.
Deploy the landing gear.
Pull up!
The starboard
wing's hit.
It's just the antenna.
Hold fast.
and insane women.
Please just be
a nightmare.
Ruoxin can land
this plane.
Everybody be ready
to unbuckle!
As soon as we land I'm
opening this door, understand?
Take care
of your girl, bro.
That's for you.
Let's try,
one last time.
On my order,
empty the fuel tank.
Are you sure?
The reduced weight will
shorten the landing distance.
You better be right
about that, captain.
The plane is as
wide as a carrier.
Our wing will
smash the bridge.
If there's
any fuel left,
the explosion
destroys everything.
But the engines can
only last two minutes,
if we empty the fuel.
So, this is our
last chance.
Let's do it!
Let's fucking do it!
Once we touchdown,
go full flaps,
and help me pull
the speed brakes.
What if we
go over the deck?
There is no
"what if" to this.
Come on,
one at a time!
You take care of Mia.
Don't be afraid
to run tight, go!
Get down!
Hold on tight!
The music.
Kelly, come on, go.
Mr. Kim, we
have to go. Come on.
We have to save him.
Let's go!
You keep going!
I can't leave this plane.
All right,
I got you.
I'm so sorry,
he was a hero.
I should have
been the last to leave.
We have
to live for him.
For all of them.
Come on.
Hey, you two,
get over here.
What is this place?
You'll find out later.
You seem
a little troubled.
Things not going
as planned.
Shut up! Everybody
move to the edge.
That way.
Line up.
And get down
on your knees.
I will not ask again!
Welcome to the world's
largest aircraft carrier.
It's actually...
A shame that we don't have
any champagne to celebrate.
But, if you
follow my orders...
No one else has to die.
If anyone moves,
kill them.
I'm going down below
to get our money.
And you can see
your son soon.
Some of us are injured,
and we need help.
You're right, captain.
Help her up.
You bastard! She
was already wounded!
All right!
There's no need to
kill anyone else.
You have us right
where you want us.
You don't get it,
do you, chef?
None of you do.
The creatures
teeth are toxins,
she had far too many
wounds on her body,
to survive more than an
hour without the antidote.
What I did...
Was reduce her pain.
She should be grateful.
Now, sit...
Back down.
All of you.
You watch them.
Think about your son,
and the money.
Self destruct has
been activated.
Self destruct has
been activated.
Dr. Han,
Dr. Han, hey...
What the hell
happened here?
At last, you're here.
this is a soil sample
from the cave.
Where is my
20 million dollars?
Everyone died...
The specimens
have mutated,
they started
to reproduce,
and it's all my fault.
I know the company has been dumping
funding into your research.
So where is my money?
It's too late.
It's going to explode.
The nuclear power
all set on self destruct.
Tell me where
my money is!
It's all over.
You just go.
No, uh...
Self destruct has
been activated.
He doesn't care
about your life.
Shut up!
He'll kill you as soon as
he gets what he wants.
He's right.
Think about the child
on your necklace.
Khadsa, what are you doing?
She's going to kill you.
The poison in her
body is taking effect!
We need to stop
the bleeding.
Do you fly
a helicopter?
with propellers.
What can't
you do, captain?
I'll start the helicopter,
you go find him.
Wait, why do we
have to go find him?
We should just leave.
The guy's a time bomb.
Who knows if we'll
make it out of here
as long as he's around
it'd cause trouble.
Go with chef,
and help him.
Okay. Mike,
I'll go with you.
No, I've served on
an aircraft carrier before,
I know the internal layout.
I'll be fine.
come back soon.
Of course, you haven't
tried my third dish yet.
We'll wait for you.
Let's go.
Mr. Kim.
Are you hurt?
Nothing serious.
I just went
to get my cello.
Gentlemen, we need your help,
go find the fuel.
Self destruct has
been activated.
Self destruct has
been activated.
Where is he?
Power room, quick.
Everywhere, be careful.
Self destruct has
been canceled.
What's happening?
What's going on?
Destroy the ship,
don't let them reach land.
You must stop him.
I will.
I just...
I just wanted to
make a medicine,
modifying genes.
Reverse the growth
of cancer cells.
I'm truly sorry.
I went so wrong.
They're coming!
They're coming, let's go!
Let's go!
We have
to leave right now!
We're not full yet.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Self destruct has
been activated.
That's Nikki Lee's gun.
Never thought you'd
kill a woman,
or anyone else
for that matter.
She's safe.
Put the gun down, slowly!
Self destruct has
been activated.
Self destruct has
been activated.
You think you can
ruin my plan, chef?
Well, you can't.
I will find
another buyer,
and sell the soil sample
for twice as much.
You're insane.
You can't win.
Self destruct has
been activated.
Come on!
Come on, let's go,
we gotta get out of here!
Don't sell the company!
Dad, no!
Climb, baby-climb
climb, baby-climb
climb, climb,
climb, climb, aah...
Go as far as we can, the whole
ship's about to explode!
You know, my people
have this tradition,
if a woman does point
a gun at them,
you should marry her.
Are you proposing,
because I'm Chinese,
and I always have
the last word.
When this
is all done,
I think I'm going to
need a real vacation.
Do you want company?
Yeah, I'd like that.
What do you have in mind?
Anywhere without cats.
I think I'm done
cooking on an airplane.
What about
your third dish?
How about
when we land?