Lost in Tomorrow (2023) Movie Script

GIRL: Hello?
[indistinct whispering]

WOMAN: Harper!
Breakfast is ready!

HARPER: That's not what
Jimmy Beck says.
MAN: What does
Jimmy Beck have to say?
HARPER: Jimmy says
that if you die in a dream,
you die in real life,
but I think that's horse crap.
-What? It is.
Was this
before or after you hit him?
And why did you hit him?
he wasn't listening to me.
Well, we know
who should learn that.
Don't encourage her.
I did have a dream,
though, last night.
I tried to draw it
so I could remember.
MOM: Harp, you know
what I said about that.
Not to hit people.
Yes, that. And?
And that...
That dreams aren't real...
and that you shouldn't be afraid
to go to sleep at night
Because no matter what,
in the morning,
when you wake up,
I'll still be there.
MOM: That's right.
And you also said
then the next time
Jimmy isn't listening,
to just unplug his game.
-That's what she does to you.
-All right, Judas.
DAD: No more hitting, okay?
I can't promise that.
Why not?
Because you said never
to make promises you can't keep.
Well, maybe
you should try to keep it.
Hey. It's not gross. It's love.
Be cool, kiddo.
Less talking. More eating.
[mouth full] I'm eating.
[birds chirping]
HARPER: Well, no. I don't know.
Yes, it has to.
That's a trick question.
-[children shouting playfully]
If a tree falls in the forest,
everything makes a sound,
but if nobody's there
to hear it,
then the sound doesn't matter.
-Is that your final answer?
Well, now that you've solved
the age-old question,
how do you feel, Miss Anderson?
The real question is,
if a tree falls in the forest,
and there's a Harper there,
will anybody be able
to hear it over her talking?
Everybody will be too interested
in what I have to say.
-Be good today.
-[bell rings]
I will.
No fighting.
Hey. Promise?
TEACHER: Hi, David.
Yeah. Okay.
How are we feeling today,
-She's great.
We talked about what happened,
and she promised
it wouldn't happen again.
-TEACHER: It's a big promise.
-Yeah, I know.
I am so sorry that she--
TEACHER: It's kids. It's kids.
I mean, they do it,
and--and I'm sorry that she was
in that position, too.
But, you know, they--
they're at that age where
they're just gonna act out,
'cause they're just figuring out
their emotions. I get it.
-Well, we had a nice talk.
And hopefully, after that talk,
everything's gonna be okay.
-Fingers crossed.
[indistinct conversations
in background]
All right, everybody.
How many of you did
your homework last night?
All right, guys,
let's, uh, put our stuff away.
Eyes up front.
[bell rings]
[children shouting playfully
in background]
[footsteps pass]

[door opens]
MAN: Well, make sure to tell...
[continues indistinctly]
MAN #2: Yep.
Right. We're good. Thank you.

Yeah, that sounds great.
Thank you.
[door closes]
Come on.
[door opens and closes]
Well, you couldn't
stop talking this morning,
and now you have nothing to say?
Well, that's a good start.
Why did you do that?
You said. You promised me.
you made me say that.
You don't listen.
-I said I was sorry.
Your apologies
don't mean anything,
because you do this every time.
Harper, one of these days
you're gonna have to realize
that the world
doesn't revolve around you.
I miss work because of this.
Do you hear me?
-He was mean to me.
-That doesn't mean
you run around and punch
everything that makes you angry.
-Well, he shouldn't do that!
-Damn it, Harper! Stop it!
[cellphone buzzes]
Just go to your room.
Hi, Richard.
Yes, I know.
No, I know. I'm sorry.
I can cover for you on Saturday,
Thanks. I'm sorry. Okay.
-MOM: You just stand up--
-DAD: Oh, it's me?
-So, I'm the one to blame, huh?
It's all my fault.
-MOM: I think so, because
if you were parenting
a little stricter,
and you had a little bit more
on your plate like I do...
DAD: Come on! She's a good kid!
She's not...
MOM: I know she's a good kid.
I love her. She's my daughter,
but you coddle her,
and she thinks she can
get away with anything,
and then she goes and...
-DAD: I'm done!
-[door slams]
I'm tired of this!
[faucet running]
[faucet turns off]
[knock on door]
Hey, kiddo. Can we talk?
I don't wanna talk.
[door creaks]
-Go away.
Is this one
of your drawings, too?
[voice breaking]
Why don't people like me?
Is it because I talk a lot?
I know I talk a lot. I just have
a lot of stuff I think about.
Hey, we like you.
We like you quite a bit,
You have to like me.
No, that's not true.
Yes, it is.
Mom just wants me to be quiet,
and you just laugh at me.
-No, no, Harp--
-No, uh...
That's not it.
HARPER: I'm not stupid.
Sometimes I just wish
I could be somebody else.
People would like me better.
Hey, kiddo.
We don't ever want you
to change. You understand?
Can you go, please?
I just wanna go to bed.
All right. All right.
Good night, kiddo.
I love you, Harper.
Leave the light on, please.
DAD: It's just her
against the world.
[door closes]

[car alarm chirps,
car door closes in distance]
[inhales sharply]
[exhales slowly]
[breathing heavily]
What's going on?
What's going on? Dad?
What the shit, man?
I'm trying to sleep here.
You know that I work
the late shift, and I can't
have you running around here
like a crazy lunatic.
Who are you?!
Hey, dumbass,
you're not wearing your glasses.
Are you drunk?
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily] What?
Aah! Aah! Aah!
[breathing heavily]
Hey, man, are you okay?
[continues breathing heavily]
MAN: Hey, you're really
starting to freak me out.
Wake up. [whimpers]
Wake up! [breathing heavily]
-Hey, if you don't answer me,
I'm gonna have to call
the cops or something.
-Dude, what the hell?
Are you okay? What?
Stop! [grunts] Stop!
-No, wait.
-Don't come near me! Stop!
-Chill out, okay?
-I'm not gonna chill out.
Okay, okay.
[breathing heavily]
-Where am I?
-Dude, you're in your house.
No. This is not my house.
Mateo, yes, it is.
What are you talking--
That is not my name!
My name is Harper.
-Harper? What?
-Har-per! Ha! H-A!
[breathing heavily]
-How did I get here?
-Dude, I don't know.
I just woke up. You were
passed out when I got home.
Look, I don't know what kind
of drug trip this is you're on
or whatever, okay? But why don't
you just put the damn lamp down
and then you and I can talk--
-West 21st Street.
[breathing heavily]
West 21st Street.
Do you know where that is?
Yes. Why?
[tires screech, horn honks]
[continues panting]
[continues panting] Mom!
[grunts] Again?
[tapping on door]
Mom?! Dad?!
[continues panting]
-[tapping on window]
[strained grunt]


Just wake up.
Just wake up, Harper.
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening!
[door unlocking, woman laughs]
MAN: Fine.
Next time I'll make dinner.
-You pick the food.
-WOMAN: Sure. Okay.
-[keys jangle]
-[sighs] Oh, crap.
[shower running,
glass crunching]
Our anniversary picture broke.
WOMAN: What did you say?
Our anniversary photo--
it's all busted up.
Must have fallen off
the counter here in the hallway.
WOMAN: Oh, here. Bring it here.
[glass clinking]
Yeah, I'm on my way. Can you see
if the picture got scratched?
WOMAN: Yeah, I'll check it.
Looks like everything's
just fine.
MAN: Good.
continues indistinctly]
MAN: Yeah! Yeah, I'll get it.
WOMAN: Find it, please.
Check the top drawer.
That's where I saw it.
There it is.
[exhales deeply]
You must have put it there.
MAN: I don't put anything away.
WOMAN: Oh, you don't?
Well... [laughs]
[woman laughing]
[indistinct conversation]
WOMAN: Swear? Swear?
Yeah, okay, sure. Okay.
[indistinct conversation
WOMAN: Too hot.
Stop. [laughs]
[voice echoing]
[exhales deeply]
No, no, no, no, no.
That's horse crap.
Is anybody here?
[packaging rustles]
[packaging rustling]
[packaging rustling]

[knock on door]
-[knocking on door]
[knocking continues]
Can I help you?
-Honey, are you lost?
Is there
a Melissa Anderson here?
Or an--an Andrew Anderson?
You must be confused, sweetie.
No, no, no.
This is their house.
Nobody by that name
has ever lived here.
I live here. Harper? Anderson?
-I'm sorry.
-No, wait!
[door locks]
This is my home!
[knocks on door]
[bell tolling]

[bird cawing]
[breathing heavily]
Sorry, wrong house.
[door locks]

[knock on door]

[knock on door]
-Mom? Mom!
What are you doing?
Can you...
leave the light on, please?
Hey, why aren't you eating?
This is good food.
-I'm waiting.
For the day to end.
That's funny.
[birds chirping]
[children shouting playfully]

[knock on door]
[exhales deeply]

[inhales and exhales deeply]
[vehicles passing outside]
[door unlocks]
[lock clicking]
Hey. I wasn't expecting you
to be up yet.
[lock clicks]
[door closes]
You're still mad at me.
I don't know what I am.
-That's not my name.
I know you're angry,
and I get it and all,
but my dad's
on his way over, okay?
So, whatever's going on,
I'll make up to you, I promise.
Just...please help me.
-Help you with what?
-Cleaning up.
If my dad sees this place,
he'll drill me.
He's a hard ass.
You don't wanna be
on his bad side.
-I don't know you.
-Layla, please don't do this.
It's not the time to be
a stuck-up asshole, all right?
I didn't mean that.
I'm just...stressed.
[rattling and rustling]
Where are you going?
[whispers] Shit.
[birds chirping]
[indistinct conversation]
[vehicle approaches]
[muffled voice] Layla!
[horn honks]
what are you doing over here?
-Wait. Yeah, I can see that,
but what are you doing
over here?
Do I know you?
Are you all right?
Not really.
Do you know where I live?
Can you take me there?
-[door handle clicks]
[shifts gears]
[car door closes]
[seat belt clicks]

[shifts gears]
[turns off engine]
[seat belt releases]
Which one is it?
Thank you.
You have to tell me
what's going on.
Why don't you ask me tomorrow?
[knock on door]
I got it.
Where were you?
I put something out in the room
for you to change into.
Keep my dad busy.

Wait. No.
Dad, this is
my girlfriend, Layla.
Sorry. She's really friendly.
Dad, it's me. It's Harper.
-I don't know how I got here.
I just woke up,
and I was someone else.
-Yesterday, I was a man.
-What are you talking about?
-And today I'm--
-What is she talking about?
-I don't know.
-It's been so long.
-Well, get her off me!
-I know it's weird,
and it doesn't make sense,
but it's me.
-It's your daughter.
-Layla, come on.
Don't touch me!
My name is not Layla!
It's Harper!
Is this some sort
of fucking joke, Chris?
Hey, you're not supposed
to say that.
You said that it's a word
for things that
I'm too young to understand.
-Layla, stop.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
I don't wanna be anyone else.
I wanna be me. I like me.
I'll be better. I promise.
I'll be good. I won't swear
or hit Jimmy again.
I just wanna go home.
[chuckles] I don't know
what the hell this is.
I came here to have
a nice dinner with you, Chris.
And if this is some sick stunt
you're pulling to try to say
something to me, you picked
a really weird way of doing it.
Yeah, I told your mother
I didn't want to come
to this shithole and see how
you wasted your life.
-We can't even have
a nice dinner
without your damn theatrics!
-I didn't plan this.
-Next time, warn me before
so I don't waste money
on a plane ticket.
-No, don't leave me!
-Goddamnit! Stop!
-Dad. Dad.
-[door opens]
[breathing heavily]
What the hell are you doing?
You just came in here
and shit on every--
Dad, you have to open up,
-Get off my car!
Please, Dad!
[sobbing] Dad, please.
Dad, don't go! I love you!
MR. ANDERSON: [echoing] We
don't ever want you to change.
You understand?
Well, you couldn't stop talking
this morning,
and now you have nothing to say?
How do I trust you
if you don't listen, huh?
[voice echoing] I love you.
[exhales deeply]
Mom told me to wake you up.
Where's your mom now?
Um, is--
is there a bathroom here?
[breathing heavily]
[toilet seat clatters]
[grunts and moans]
[door opens]
-[faucet runs]
-Did you feed Aiden?
-The kid?
What are you doing?
[scoffs] Sitting down?
[crash in distance]
[Aiden growling in distance]
You didn't feed him.
Aiden, I told you
to wait for your dad.
-I was hungry.
-Go get a towel, please.
Now go change your clothes
and get your dad for me.
Are you hiding?
Just watching.
I think she's mad at me.
MOM: Nathan!
[whispers] Yeah, I think
she's kinda mad at me, too.
Good morning.
[blows raspberry]
MOM: You have everything you
wanna take over to Jonathan's?
Why don't you finish that last
bite and go put your shoes on?
[mouth full] Okay.
[trash can rattling]
[blows raspberry]
[birds chirping]
MOM: Make sure you call me
if you need anything.
[knock on door]
I will.
Bye, Dad!
[door squeaking]
MOM: Be careful!
[faucet running]
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, come on. My hands
are still--they're still wet.
-Use this.
-What? What do I--
-What are you doing?
-Come on. Take off your clothes.
-Excuse me?
-Jesus, Nate.
Aiden won't be home
for a few hours,
and you know how much
I need this,
so I don't wanna
hear anything about work.
[panting and moaning]
Oh, stop. Stop.
I've never done this before.
That's not funny.
[sighs] Way to kill the mood,
I'm gonna go take a shower.
You're welcome to join me
if you buck up the courage.
[shower curtain rings rattle]
[shower running]

[shower continues running]
[door creaks]

[telephone ringing]
Nate, can you grab that?
[shower faucet squeaks off]
-[ringing continues]
[shower curtain rings rattle]
[footsteps approach]
Hello? [exhales]
Is he okay?
[telephone receiver clatters]
-[footsteps approach]
Where the hell are you?

I don't wanna know
what made you think
you could just haul off
and hit a kid.
His parents called me like that.
Do you know
what I just went through, huh?
Get your video games,
pack 'em up,
because you're
not playing 'em anymore.
That's it. Get in there. Go.
Hey. What happened?
Where the hell were you?
Hey, you wanna tell
your father what you did?
I-I got into a fight.
[scoffs] With who?
Jonathan. B-But he--
You know I don't wanna hear it!
Go to your room.
I'll get you some ice.
Good job sitting that one out.
[footsteps depart]
-[dish clattering]
-Is he okay?
I don't know, Nathan. He hit
a kid, and the kid hit him back.
And frankly,
he probably deserved it.
-Maybe the kid deserved it.
-Are you kidding me?
Did you hear what I just said?
He hit someone.
Maybe he was being bullied,
or he needed to defend himself.
So, now you wanna be a parent,
and you wanna talk to me
about the ethics of violence.
Where the hell were you
when I had to show up by myself
and listen
to Jonathan's parents berate me
about the nature
of my parenting?
I don't know.
No, you choose
not to be around,
and then I become the bad guy.
Why don't you go talk
to your son?
[knock on door]
[door creaks]
I-I brought something for you.
What happened?
I don't even like Jonathan.
He just picks on me
and makes fun of me.
What did he say?
Mom's always mad.
Sometimes I think
she doesn't like me.
You didn't answer my question.
He said that you weren't my dad
because we didn't look the same.
He said that Mom is lying.
Well, he doesn't sound
like a very nice kid.
That's why I hit him.
Was it hard?
I would have hit him hard.
Why don't people like me?
I wish I was someone else.
I think people
would like me better.
No, that's not true.
I like you quite a lot.
I saw these earlier.
Did you draw them?
It was a dream I had.
I was falling, and when
I hit the ground, I woke up.
Did it hurt?
It was just a dream.
You know, I had a dream, too.
In my dream,
I was your age and a girl.
And I got in fights, too,
'cause I talked too much,
and people didn't like that.
Why were you in my tent today?
I was hiding from your mom.
Jonathan was lying, wasn't he?
You are my dad, right?
Of course I am.
[growling] Both are red.
You're walking, 'cause I...
Look at my--
Look at my arms.
Look how small they are.
[speaking indistinctly
in goofy voice]
NATHAN: [goofy voice] I don't
think I'm so mad anymore.
Are you?

This your attempt to say,
"I'm sorry"?
[sighs] Love feels weird.
Maybe...I could stay here?
Nate, are you okay?
You wanna...
stay up all night?
We could watch the sunrise.
Hmm. That's sweet,
but you know how cranky I get
in the morning with no sleep.
[ticking echoing]

[ticking continues]
[switch clicks]
[whispers] Hey.
Hey. Come with me.
[door creaks]
Can I go back to sleep now?
[whispering] No, no, no,
you can't go to sleep yet.
You just have
to stay up with me.
But I'm tired.
No, I promise. You can--
You can sleep in a minute.
Just sit here with me.
Just look.
-I have school tomorrow.
-Just wait.
Don't say anything. Just wait.

[crying] Aiden?
Oh, no, no. [crying]
[continues sobbing]

[sobs echoing]
[muted distorted voices
speaking indistinctly]
MAN OVER P.A.: Dr. Nate.
Dr. Nate to the front desk.
[grunts, clears throat]
Oh. You're up.
Don't fuss too much.
You'll pull your IV out.
Where am I?
Would you like a cup of coffee?
I don't drink coffee.
Don't...mess with that.
Why does everything hurt?
Well, that's what happens
when you get old.
How old am I?
Well, I've never been 73 before.
You're not my husband.
You're not my husband, are you?
Well, no, I'm not.
Who are you?
How did you know I--
When you live as long as I have,
you see with more than
just your eyes, sweetie.
How old are you, Harper?
Not 73.
No. I didn't think so.
And then...
then it just keeps happening.
For how long?
I don't know. It's like this
dream I just can't wake up from.
Jimmy Beck once told me
that if you die in a dream,
you die in real life.
Well, that's horse crap.
[chuckles] Yeah.
That's what I said.
Anyway, today I'm here.
Tomorrow I won't be.
Well, who knows?
Maybe I'll be stuck
with you from now on.
You definitely have
a better sense of humor.
My mom would say
I talk too much.
Oh, well, that's the charm.
I'm an old lady.
I spend enough of my days
in silent moments.
I could do with the noise.
I don't like silence.
Dad used to say I just like
to hear the sound of my voice.
I think he was right.
I'm starting to forget
what it sounded like. [chuckles]
You ask how long it's been?
I don't know. It's like...
it's like
I can't feel time anymore.
Mm. Well, that must be nice.
Time's the only thing
I feel anymore.
Either the days that are
ticking away or the...
the moments that feel
as if were wasted.
But that's
the tragedy of life, isn't it?
What is?
Well, to know that we exist
and to know what that means.
What's your name? It starts
with an "M," doesn't it? Mil--
How did you know that?
I can still feel him.
It's pieces, feelings, memories.
They're in here.
[exhales deeply]
There's this moment
when I just wake up
when it's almost like
I have to choose to remember me,
as if I just...
popped into existence
right then and there
with all these feelings
and memories.
But then I just have to
tell myself, these aren't mine.
I have to remember
my mom's face.
I-I could just forget
everything right then and there.
Or just let go. Let it go
and become whoever comes next.
But then I get scared
that the me inside
will just fade away.
You're gonna make it home.
You're not supposed to
make promises you can't keep.
And I think that includes
things you don't know.
Well, I do know
that sometimes we just
need someone to tell us
that everything will be okay,
so that we can stop worrying
about what comes next.
[continues coughing]
Can I ask you something,
Hmm, mm-hmm.
Is he gonna die?
I hope not.
Well, I know that he loves you
very much.
I knew that
as soon as I saw you.
I think he would like me
to tell you
that everything's
going to be okay.
I just--I can just feel it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Today's the first day
I've felt real in a long time.
[door opens]
How are we feeling today, Gene?
That's you.
Oh, I'm--I'm all right, I guess.
Do you mind if I check?
You're not gonna poke me,
are you? I hate needles.
Well, there might be
a little bit of poking.
You're a horrible salesperson.
She's not really
gonna poke me, is she?
Oh, well, she has to check you.
My mom always used
to give me something
after a doctor visit
so I wouldn't freak out...
so I wouldn't freak out,
which is exactly
what I'm currently doing.
What did you have in mind?
I like candy.

[elevator bell dings]
[indistinct P.A. announcement]
You sure we can be up here?
WOMAN: It's gonna be fine.
All right, stay here,
and I'll be right back.
GIRL: Okay. Can I go
to the vending machines?
All right, fine, but no sweets.
If you're not back in
five minutes, you're in trouble.
-Five minutes, Sophie.
I mean it.

[wheels rolling]
[indistinct P.A. announcement]
[coin clatters]
-[P.A. chimes]
WOMAN OVER P.A.: Paging Dr. Ryan
to the nurses' station.
That's not your face.
How are you doing that?
I'm not supposed
to talk to strangers.
That's not your face.
-Mr. Iverson.
-That's not your face.
-That's mine.
-She's got my face!
-Mommy, help!
-Give it back!
-No, no.
-Gene, get off her!
-Let go of me.
-Give it back.
-Get your hands off my daughter.
MILDRED: Let her go!
-That's my face. That's my face!
-Stop, stop!
-MILDRED: Don't hurt him.
-What's he doing? She's a child.
Come on.
Give it back!
Give it back!

[door creaks]
Anthony, come on in, hon.
HARPER: I did have a dream,
though, last night.
I tried to draw it
so I could remember.
MELISSA: Well, you know
what I said about that...
that dreams aren't real.
[indistinct whispering]
[vehicles passing in distance,
horn honks]
[horn blares]

[horn honks]
[inhales and exhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
[exhales deeply]
This is just a dream.
[horn honks]
[crash, thud]
[horn blares]
MAN ON TV: That's right, David.
I hope you're all staying dry.
It's absolutely pouring
out there
with no signs of let up
today or tomorrow.
As the week comes to end,
we'll head into something drier
and watch as the rains subsides.
We're definitely getting hit
with the worst of it today,
So try to stay indoors
if you can,
and if you hold on tight,
we're looking
at some clear skies
as we head into
the first part of the week.
Are you looking
for meaning in your life?
Are you trying to
find peace with your soul?
Hi. I'm Pastor Ron Jacobs,
and I have one question
for you.
Where will you spend eternity?
At the Zoe United Church,
we want to guide you
to a higher meaning of life.
[bell tolling]

MAN: Can I help you?
The door was open.
this is a private gathering,
but if you want to come
back tomorrow, we'd be happy--
I can't come back tomorrow.
Is there someone
we can call for you, Miss...
Uh, I heard this is where
you come to find your soul?
[chuckles] This--
That's what you said
on the television.
this is a place of worship.
You're supposed
to have all the answers.
I mean, that's why
you all come here, right?
Well, I need...a-answers.
I-I need you to tell me
why this is happening,
why I wake up every day,
and I don't recognize myself,
why the world changes...
but I'm still here.
How about we get someone
to give you a ride home?
[voice breaking]
I can't go home.
It's all I wanna do
is go home, but I can't.
And I died yesterday.
You know, I-I felt that pain,
but I...
I still woke up. Wh--
What does that mean?
Well, um, sometimes the Lord
works in mysterious ways.
That's your answer?
That's it?
-That's horse crap.
-Marty, call the police.
-No, no, wait. It's okay.
-No, it's not okay! I'm not...
I'm not okay. I...
It was all a dream. It's--
It's like I had a dream
that I was a person,
that I existed, and--
and I'm here today,
and then tomorrow, it's...gone.
Why is it all so meaningless?
It's like moments don't matter,
and--and faces are just lives...
[distorted, echoing]
All right, we're good.

[Harper speaking indistinctly,
Who are you?
I know you from somewhere.
I don't know who you are.
Richard, what is going on?
No, no, no.
How do I know you? It's...
Have--Have I been here before?
I've never met
this person in my life.
It--It was a picture. A drawing?
-It was from somewhere--
I don't know what
she's talking about.
-Okay, calm down. Calm down.
-She's crazy. Look at her.
A picture? A...A drawing?
It was from somewhere.
Why don't, uh, why don't
you tell us who you are?
What's your name?
Um...my name's...
My name's...
It's, uh...
[voice echoing]
My name's not Layla. It's...
-That's you.
WOMAN: [echoing] Nathan!

I can't remember.

What's my name?
It's, um...
It's...What's my name?
[crying] Who am I?
-I-I don't know.
-Who am I?
I don't know.
Is there someone we can call?
[gasping] What's my name?
[breathing heavily]
What's my name? Uh...
We're gonna make a call, okay?
What's my name? What's my name?
[stammers] Who--Who am I?
PASTOR RON: We're--We're
gonna try and find some--
Mom? Mom?
-We're--We're gonna make a call.
[breathing heavily]
Okay. It's okay. It's okay.
-It was just a dream.
[gasps] Mom!
MOM: Honey.
Wake up.
It's time to wake up, sweetie.
Are you awake?
Hey. Quinn.
I'll have breakfast ready
in 20, okay?
MOM: Quinn, your food is
getting cold.
One second.
-I'm coming!
That's the third time.
You're going to get in trouble.
Wash your hands first, please.
[utensils clanking]
Hey. What are these?
Um, just some dream
I was trying to remember.
All of them?
Uh, yeah. Can I go over
to Henry's after breakfast?
Yeah, sure.
Hey. Plate.
[plate scrapes table,
-Be home for dinner.
[door opens,
vehicles passing in background]
[door squeaks closed]
[papers rustle]


That was really easy, too.
I finished it in, like,
20 minutes, and I was scared
I got it all wrong.
So, I did it all again.
-You're kidding.
-Well, I did it, though.
And then I hung out with Henry,
which was really fun.
That's great.
Hey, how's Henry doing?
Henry says I talk too much.
Well, I think
Henry talks too much.
And usually when boys
pick on you, they like you.
[dishes clatter]
You are so annoying. [laughs]
All right, bedtime.
But you said
I could stay up till 10.
Nope. It's school night.
Go get ready for bed. Go on.
[toothbrush tapping]

[glasses clink]
Honey, I told you, lights out.
I don't wanna go to sleep.
What's going on?
[crying] I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
I don't know.
Honey. Hey, hey.
Honey, calm down.
[crying] I'm scared.
Did something happen?
Then what is it?
My heart is just, like,
beating out of my chest.
Okay, okay. Take a deep breath.
Take a deep breath. Okay?
[continues crying]
I feel like
if I go to sleep, I might--
I might not wake up.
I'm just scared.
You're mad at me for something.
What did I do wrong?
Honey, I'm not mad at you.
I'm not.
Look at me.
You don't have to worry
about going to sleep, all right?
It's just another day.
And tomorrow...
You're gonna wake up tomorrow,
and I'm still gonna be here,
just like always, all right?
There's no need to worry.
-Are you sure?
-I promise.
See? You're fine.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Can you leave the light on?
Sure, hon.
I love you.
I know.
I'm glad we had today.
I'll see you tomorrow.