Lost Place (2013) Movie Script

Project HAARP:
In 1982, at the peak of the
Cold War, the U.S. Military...
...based in Southwest Germany
began experimenting...
...with high intensity
electromagnetic waves.
Supposedly the purpose was
to manipulate the weather.
After a series of 28 fatal
incidents in the surrounding area...
...the program was cancelled and
all facilities were shut down.
Until today...
Sorry, Dude.
It's the Kebab, I swear.
Are you looking or not?
Haven't seen anything yet.
(singing) I celebrate
every day like every day...
...is the weekend. I let
yesterday be yesterday.
I celebrate every day like
every day is the weekend.
What's her name again?
- Elli.
- No, I mean, you know, her codename.
On the internet. How does
she call herself? Wasp?
WASP! Shit, man!
- So?
- What?
What do you think of her?
She's nice.
She is nice? Dude, my
grandma is nice! Come...
...on. Let's hear it. You
are totally into her.
Man, I hope her friend is hot, too.
This time we're going to party hard.
Thomas! Quit bugging me.
What's the matter? Stay cool, man.
Seriously, Dude, I'm gonna
go along with everything,...
...but if you keep behaving like
a monk again, forget it.
Tell you what...
This is not at all about your little Easter
eggs nor is it about your treasure hunt.
Dude, they wanna check you out.
They wanna see what makes you tick.
They are...
...chicks. It's all about
female psychology
You have to learn to read the signs!
Take me for example...
I'm gonna approach this
slowly and smoothly.
What's up?
I thought you would look different...
More hairy.
Are you disappointed... Wasp?
I don't know yet.
What about you guys?
Are you doing this together regularly?
You mean the geocaching?
No, that's more his thing.
- Have you also done the night shot trip?
- Yeah, that area was fantastic.
Except for the animal bones
inside the cache. That was weird.
Yeah, they were disgusting.
And what do you usually do when you are not
roaming around the woods with two guys?
I am going to go to college
this fall to study business in Mainz.
What about you guys?
High school. Senior. A nightmare.
Join the club. Same here.
Well, I am also considering going
to college to study biochemistry.
I'm a sucker for nature.
Did you notice they were extremely
secretive about this cache on the web?
Even though the tour
doesn't seem to be that...
...difficult at all. Just two
coordinates and Bingo!
And yet the cache has been
there for over six months.
You know, someone must
have found it by now.
Excuse me.
Hiiiii! No, I'm still out with Ellie. We're
going into the woods. Yeah, sucks big time!
Dude, what's the matter with you?
Excuse me, what's this about?
Some nut job who is taking
pictures of clouds in this area.
I'll have one.
What's this? The button
for a rocket booster?
It's the remote button for the accelerator.
You have a remote control for the car?
Whoa! Crazy!
But the brakes are not working.
Yeah, braking doesn't
function properly yet.
Although, theoretically,
it should be simple.
Nowadays, practically all
cars have electronic...
...braking systems
controlled by computers.
What's the first waypoint?
Yeah, bummer. But we
could see each other...
I am now going to read
what we'll have to do.
Sweetie, I'll call you back later.
We have to get on with this thing.
Find out the number on the emergency
call box to the right of the road?
Wow, exciting!
Over there! Can you see it?
- Ah, fresh air.
- Thank you.
What's the matter with you?
Why didn't you stay home if you
don't wanna be here at all?
Elli, cause I wanted to spend time with you
before I leave for college.
But I was rather thinking
about going to a spa.
Too bad.
Sweetie, I know you are
pissed off about me leaving.
But it's time to think about
what I wanna do in my life.
Forget about it.
Whoa! Look at that.
- Daniel, there's something on your...
- What?
- Right here.
- Yuck! Wipe it off!
Wipe it off!
I'm telling you, whenever he sees an
insect, he freaks out completely.
Come on.
Oh yeah, that's the one.
You said you were good with numbers.
Okay, I just did the calculations twice.
It should be right at 32 degrees northwest.
Give me the GPS.
- But you are driving.
- I can handle it.
What's next?
To crack the code, you must
stop at the wooden sign...
Ah... rats, why do I always get
sick when I read in the car?
Because of the vestibular
system of your ears. Your...
...brain gets confused with
mixed signals of motion.
- Thanks.
- Sorry.
It's okay, sounds almost like a compliment.
"Vestibular system."
Why do you always use your GPS? Check
this, there is an iPhone app for that.
Yes, but the accuracy
of your phone is within...
...10 metres while the GPS
is within 2 metres.
That does make it a bit easier.
"That does make it a bit easier..."
Where would you like to study biochemistry?
Erm... Heidelberg.
Cool. Don't they have
restricted admissions?
Yeah, sure. Quite a bunch.
Everybody, we are about
to arrive any minute now.
Check this out. I just
downloaded a GPS app.
Stop! We have to go left.
- Gee...
- Dude, watch out!
Are you okay?
Rocky Hills Campground
Take a photo of that sign.
Now that's what I call a brick of phone.
Let me do it.
Send the picture to the
following e-mail address...
...cerberus@twilightzone. com
- No prob.
Quite handy to be online all the time, huh?
- Crazy!
- What is this?
I've never had a cache like this before.
Where's he going now?
Do you need help?
It's opening easily.
Come on.
Et Voila.
This is not allowed. We are not
supposed to drive through here.
If it were not allowed, the gate would
have been properly locked, don't you think.
But if it were allowed, there
would be no need for a sign.
I don't get it.
- Oh fuck!
- Dude!
Before building a remote control,
you better learn to drive.
Ooh. Nice.
Hey, stop that!
Come on, man!
Only 300 metres to go.
What a ramshackle.
Maybe it's some kind of hippie place.
Looks like it was just abandoned.
Look. This time it's actually for you.
"Code 29"?
I don't get it. The description
doesn't say anything about a code.
This way. Come on.
39 metres.
- Phata pond, huh?
- Cool.
Wow, that's what I'd call a natural spa.
It must be somewhere around here. Come!
That's the spot.
Is your GPS waterproof?
Any volunteers?
No, thanks. I'm not
really into swamp lakes.
No prob. I'll do it.
Oops, sorry.
- Dude, this thing isn't working.
- Why?
- Fuck you, asshole!
- Dude!
Bit of an image neurosis, huh?
Now and then. He always
needs to show how rad he is.
- Now what?
- Well, dive!
Right here?
I think I can feel something.
Dude, I think I found something...
Let the show begin.
Well, it can't possibly
be that deep, right?
You thought I drowned, didn't you?
Just kidding.
Let me have a look!
I got it...
Yo, and I'm gonna open it, Dude!
Okay, let me try.
It was pretty heavy to free
this thing from the creepers.
Yeah right.
I've never seen such a cool box.
Awesome. I have to take some pictures.
That is what the code is for.
Oh great, someone left
their rotten sandwiches.
I heard that someone once found
the remains of a tapeworm in a box.
Yuck! That's disgusting, Elli.
Well... Cookies.
"Being high is being free?"
Space Cookies.
I have to apologize, this geocaching
is not as dumb as I thought.
Sorry, not for me. I am not into drugs.
Me neither, but once in a while.
- Well, I'm in.
- YES!
- Elli, should you rather not...?
- I don't think so.
And what do we do with the box?
Shall I throw it back?
First, we have to put
something into it.
Or do you wanna put it back?
You are still wet.
Why don't we just put it
back collectively later on?
How do you know that there isn't something
stronger in those cookies? Like acid.
Dude, that would be totally rad.
Anyone wanna go clubbing later tonight?
Only if you know a really good club.
You don't like to go
swimming either, do you?
I am not that
much into swimming.
More into discussion boards?
Guess so.
- Will you wait for a moment?
- Oh. Sure.
What does it look like in there?
Quite alright.
And what do you wanna put into it?
Into the box.
Oh... I'll show you in a minute.
Not as bad as I thought.
Doctor X.
I always liked him more than Action Man.
What is it?
My lucky charm.
Why do you wanna put it in?
Cause I don't wanna need it anymore?
Lucky charms can be
dangerous, they can make you...
...dependent. And you can't
ever rely on them.
I see.
Well, depends on whether you believe
in the placebo-effect or not.
I don't believe in anything.
And why do you prefer Doctor X?
I don't know.
Perhaps... because he was a scientist
and not just a gun slinging hero.
Might be something you two have in common.
Would you like to try a cookie?
I've never clone anything like that.
Give it a try.
I'm not sure. I get light headed easily.
And it is not good for your brain either.
THC manipulates neurotransmitters.
There's proof for that. On lab rats.
Maybe from a dosage for elephants,
but not from one cookie!
It's not like it's going to bust
your synapses. Just give it a try.
You might enjoy it.
And you won't be alone.
Well, perhaps the others want one.
Looks good.
- Dude, you are going to drive!
- Yeah, all right.
Do you really wanna do this?
This is stupid, Elli.
Why would you bother?
We're just going to chill
a bit and then move on.
Yeah right. Call me
when you are done!
You Okay?
This is strong.
What about you?
The trees look like they had faces.
So beautiful.
Oh Fuck.
Wow, this was far stronger than expected.
- Now grab your girl and let's go party.
- She's not my girl!
Gee, come on.
She is totally into you.
She's putty in your
hands, just like good hash.
Stop talking bullshit... Ah!
- Maybe it's from the cookies?
- Nonsense.
Dude, no doubt we own them. Woo-hoo!
Shake that booty. Shake that booty, booty,
Are you looking after your girl?
You Okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Just a bit wobbly.
You ate a whole cookie.
Not my first one.
Okay, I'm sorry. It's not funny anymore!
Daniel, can I borrow your phone?
- Gee!
- Sure.
- Maybe she's...
- Shhh.
Jessie, you could've at least...
Jessie? Jessie!
- She is not responding.
- I'm gonna get some water.
Shit, she's convulsing!
Oh fuck!
Take my hoodie.
Jessie, wake up!
She's not responding! I
don't know what else to do!
Let's... Let's
take her to the car.
Go. Grab her legs!
Be careful.
- Hh... Elli...
- Stop!
Jessica... Jessica.
- Put her down.
- Jessica, I'm here.
I am right here.
Jessica, do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Easy. I'm right here.
- Don't touch her!
- I'm just here to help her!
I just want to help her!
I just want to help her.
I'm here to help.
This is to treat her symptoms!
Just pills containing mineral nutrients.
What symptoms?
- Haven't you read the signs?
- Sure. So what?
You better stick to what
they say if you don't...
...want to turn into a
drooling lump of meat.
Mineral nutrients, as he said.
She does really need them.
They are made for unconscious people
and simply dissolve in the mouth.
She's going to wake up again soon.
She'll be safe in here.
Shut the door!
- Safe from what?
- The weather...
The weather in this area is very peculiar.
We have to get inside this trailer.
- Get in!
- You go first.
- Where is your stuff?
- What stuff?
Your cell phones, ipods, tablets,
laptops, whatever you've got.
Are they turned off?
That's why the readings are that high.
What the fuck?
Is this HAARP?
Oh Jessie.
What on earth is this?
Oh no.
Oh shit.
I'll be right back, okay?
- E.L.F.
- What?
Electromagnetic waves that
supposedly are cooking...
...our brains. And we
don't even notice it.
I bought your booklet.
- Dude, what kind of bullshit is this?
- Thomas!
Alright. I'm cool.
You Okay?
- Are these symptoms as well?
- No.
- What? What kind of symptoms?
- I'm alright.
The suit is protecting you.
From what?
Stop! If any of this is true,
why is this thing showing zero?
Cause we are in a Faraday cage, right?
I'll go and check on Jessie.
There's a HAARP facility in these woods.
Technology for World War 3.
Mind Control. If one...
...can manipulate the minds
of a population...
...there's no more need to fight a war.
And if a few...
...die, statistically it will
remain within the norms.
Yeah right, dude! And you are the
only one who figured that out.
I was in there, several times.
I know what I have seen.
And I get reminded of it
at least once a month.
Since the first time I've been there,
I've been having epileptic seizures.
I'll be right back.
I'm going to look after your friend.
You can turn the light back on...
...once I am outside.
Do you think any of this could be true?
Our brains are like electrical circuits.
It's entirely possible
to manipulate them.
It's already happening
through electro smog.
Chapter 2: Aftermath
What is it?
What happened to them?
Did he murder them?
- It's locked.
- Shit. Jessie!
HEY! Open the door!
Once more!
Once more!
Can you be quiet for a moment?
Hey! Hey.
Damn it!
Let's go.
- What if he did something to her?
- But what about the symptoms?
This way.
What if Jessie returns while we are gone?
I'd stay here.
Let's move on.
" I'd stay here."
You Okay?
I'm feeling awful.
Fuck... Okay, let's go.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Dead End.
It's Jessie's hoodie! Hold this.
Shit. Elli, Come on.
Give me the light.
What's the matter?
Everything okay?
Let's go. Further up.
Do you see that?
- Elli!
- Jessie.
What's going on?
Let's go back...
Please. Let's go back.
Let's go back...
We couldn't find her. Lost her track.
- What the fuck?
- He had an epileptic seizure.
What's with the numbers?
We leave you alone for five minutes,
and this guy bites the dust?
Why didn't you get him his pills, huh?
- Stop it!
- It's Jessie's phone.
This man is dead.
Can't you show some respect?
- I will call the police.
- Put the phone down, Elli.
What if something happened to her...
Is it because of her or what?
This is not what this is about.
Dude, listen closely.
You have to look after her.
Something is wrong...
...with her, something is
really wrong with her.
At the Rocky Hills near Dahn,
there's a campground in the woods.
No, I'm... What's the matter?
Why don't you just send someone out here?
Please listen to me... My friend is
missing and someone just died.
Please, just send someone out here!
What did you just say?
The police is not coming.
- They didn't believe me. And then...
- Why is that?
Cause they think we were just
some stoned kids, that's why.
Alright then.
Let's get out of here.
We can't use the car.
What are you talking about?
Are you kidding me?
Elli, say something.
The meter says it is true.
Any electric appliance
we turn on will increase...
...the power of the
electromagnetic field.
And the car's ignition is electric.
I don't get it.
Why are you like that?
If you haven't noticed...
...yet, there is a dead
person lying outside!
I'm outta here.
- Let's go now!
- Hey! Thomas!
- We have to get away, you fools!
- Wait! It is still my car.
Get in!
Dude, if you wanna die like a dog here...
- Leave me out of it. Elli?
- Thomas, listen! Please listen to me.
Screw you!
- Dude!
- Turn off the engine!
Open the door!
Get a stone! Get that stone!
- Thomas!
- Fuck!
We have to get him out!
Come on... Grab him below his arms.
Below... From behind.
- Easy, easy.
- Shit.
Put him down.
Call an ambulance.
Call an ambulance! Quick!
Do it!
- Ambulance Service Weber.
- Good morning.
- Please send me someone to
the Rocky Hills campground!
Is it for yourself or someone else?
What is it?
It's okay. It's okay.
- Dude?
- Hey.
I am here.
The ambulance is on its way.
I didn't want to throw you into the water.
I didn't want to hit you in the face.
You didn't. You fight like a girl!
There is no ambulance coming, right?
- I don't wanna die in a parking lot.
- You... you are not going to die. You...
The box was cool.
That thing is huge...
Tom... Hey!
Elli. Don't go there...
Thomas, stay with me... Thomas!
Do you think Jessica died, too?
Wait a second!
I saw that one.
- You sure?
- Yeah. When we were looking for Jessica.
It says that apparently
a huge magnetic coil...
...is buried in the ground
below the tower.
The electromagnetic wave
frequencies it emits are...
...identical to the frequencies
of human brain activity.
Raising the temperature in our brains
and causing damage to brain cells.
That is why the man got epileptic seizures.
Do you think it also happened to Jessica?
Try to rest.
- We must find her!
- We can't go outside now.
It is too dangerous... out
there it's like every...
...electrical appliance
turns into a time bomb.
- Sorry, I'm...
- No, I am sorry... It's...
...it's fine, it...
Do you remember when Jessica got
mad at me for eating hash cookies?
It's an AAI.
A pacemaker.
Since when do you have one?
It's a congenital heart defect.
When I was in elementary school, during...
During recess my heart stopped beating
and I ended up having emergency surgery.
I see.
Looks alright to me.
Must have been done by robots.
These... electromagnetic fields...
Are they going to kill me?
There's a battery in here.
It's electrical. A ticking time bomb.
- I hate my heart.
- Don't ever say that.
No! I will never be fully healthy.
Your heart beat just gets controlled.
Even old people have them and
live with it for decades.
Many people don't get
their hearts checked at...
...all. And then one day,
they just drop dead.
That's very sweet of you.
Fuck! Fuck it!
I'm here.
Are you okay?
We have to get outta here.
How's your heart doing?
Where is Jessie?
I... I don't know.
I'm gonna wrap this around you.
Wait here.
Can you run?
Come on!
This way!
In here!
What happened?
I don't know. I...
I was dreaming about the tower.
And then I woke up here...
What is this in here, Daniel?
It truly looks like World War 3.
He was right all along.
Have we gone crazy?
Do you know anyone who would believe us?
Can you make it stop?
I can barely focus.
No idea.
It's just a radiation suit.
Put it on!
Do it.
What was that?
Please put the suit on.
Everything will be fine.
- Come!
- I feel sick.
Jessie, are you okay?
Gee, where have you been all the time?
There was this red door...
Elli, it's going to be
alright again, isn't it?
You know, my teeth... and my hair.
Here we go.
I.. I'll be back in a minute, okay?
Elli, over here.
- What is it?
- This is where we are.
And up here's the exit.
From there we can get out
and go over that wall.
How would we get over the wall?
We'll see, but I have
discovered another thing.
This is the main fuse. And if there's
a fuse, you can turn off the power.
You wanna turn off the tower?
- We have to stay here and wait for help.
- No, we can't.
We are going to die before any help can get
there. Look at what happened to Jessie.
- She looks horrible.
- I know.
Her brain is probably
already damaged by now.
I can hardly recognize her.
We just have to make it to the exit.
It's not far.
We can get out of here.
I promise.
It's not going to be alright, Elli.
Let's go, Ellie. It's time.
Wait here!
- Here, take the suit.
- No.
You keep it.
But if you don't wear it,
you're going to die!
I can turn that thing off!
At least put this on.
Thank goodness!
Take off the suit.
Wait a second.
I wish we would have
gone partying together.
You two wait here.
- Nothing!
- Not a thing.
Yeah, we are at Rocky Hills campground.
Of course we didn't find anything.
We're on our way back.
You can start pouring a couple.