Lost Soulz (2023) Movie Script

Get a load of this guy.
You are a superstar.
Ain't nobody
can fuck wit' you.
Look at... look at you, bro.
Just look at you.
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm givin' you great advice.
You gonna be a superstar.
You are the best in the world.
[exhales forcefully]
If you could take a picture...
Take a picture.
Gang, I appreciate y'all,
for real.
Y'all really be supporting me,
know what I'm sayin'?
I'mma come out there one day,
do a show for sure.
Have to.
[upbeat music playing]
I am transcendent.
Love at first sight
She's the apple to my eye
Come and grab my hand
We can go and touch the sky
I just wanna know
If I'm the right guy
Last one did you wrong
I'mma make you feel right
We could be in love
By the end of the night
Don't know what's in store
But the future
Lookin' bright
Time gonna tell
All we gotta do is try
No, I won't fail
I don't play about mine
It could be about us
It could be about all eyes
I could never let you go
I just wanna let you know
[Wesley] Hell yeah, that's
my family right there, boy!
That shit was crazy, bro.
You killed that shit...
you killed that shit
for real, bro.
Y'all killed that,
for real, bro.
[Sol] I appreciate y'all, man.
Wow, that car was so cool.
[Wesley] Hell yeah?
Hey, seriously, man.
Where'd you get that car?
Bro, chill, I just found
someone that had one.
[Sol] Yeah, really? Who?
Man, don't worry about it,
I rented it, bro.
I paid for it, okay?
You really pay for that shit?
[male singer] Baby girl
Watches like the ocean
I just fell in love
Why you always tryin' to take
my sister's stuff, bro?
-You know what I'm sayin'? Look.
-Give that back to me!
You want this back?
[Wesley] Nah, bro, I ain't
feelin' this rain still.
[Sol] Yeah, bro,
they trying to...
-Whoa, what are you doin'?
Come on, Jessie,
you tryin' to mess up my shoes!
For real.
[male singer] Riding
Around town in a Rover
Only one depend on
One to call
[Sol] Damn.
I'm trying to roll up.
[Wesley] Nah, I got
some gas in my room still.
All right, bet, bet, bet.
[indistinct lyrics]
Hi, dolly!
[Wesley] Where my sister at?
Yo, Jessie, come on!
[water cascading]
[door opens]
-Hey, Ma.
[Sol] Hey, Miss Belinda.
[Belinda] Hey, sweetie.
-[Belinda] Hi.
So, y'all don't have
your phones?
[Wesley] Nah, we was
just shooting Sol's music video.
[Jessie] I'm not
in trouble, right?
It was Wesley's idea!
-[Belinda] Oh, was it?
-Wait, wait.
You just gonna throw
your big bro
under the bus like that?
Hey, don't hate
on our number one fan.
Gimme, gimme!
Y'all, please.
I asked you to let me know
when all of you
are gonna be gone.
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
Well, Ma, I'm sorry.
You know it was my idea,
it wasn't Sol's.
[bright music playing]
[door closes]
Man, your mom's gonna
kick me out, bruh.
What? Nah, she loves you, dog.
I swear to God,
more than me sometimes.
Well, she blames me
for all your shit.
Nah, dog,
anything that you doing,
she knows I'm doing
ten times worse.
I don't know, man.
[Wesley] Dog, just remember
this day, all right?
You and me,
we're gonna make it.
We're gonna take over the world.
We're not gonna be living here.
[thumping footsteps]
Whoa! Jessie, get the fuck
outta my room!
[Sol] Yo, chill.
I wanted to show you
something I wrote.
Let me hear it.
[Jessie] Yo!
My name is Jessie
And I'm not messy
Like my brother Wesley
Let's be a crew
Just me and you
-Not you!
-Oh! Got him.
Dog, can you get
out of my room, please?
[Sol] Let's go, let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
-Ugly chicken nugget!
[bag zipped, door closes]
So who are you
And where you been
I'm on the road
I'm in LA
Tell all my friends
So who are you
And where you been
I'm on the road
I'm in LA
Tell all my friends
Hey, check out
this beat I made.
[mellow hip hop music playing]
-[Sol] So?
-So with the money
we gonna make tonight,
we gonna be able to get you
some real studio time
and finish up that tape.
Bro, come on, this shit hard.
It ain't bad.
Ain't bad, motherfucker?
Bro, you and me?
We about to go crazy.
Bro, come on, this shit live.
[Wesley] Think they're gonna
buy these Roxies?
They're probably gonna want
some white.
[Wesley] Bro, this shit
look kinda hectic, bro.
[Tom] Glad you could make it.
Hey, nah, good to be back.
This my homie, Wesley.
-Hey, what's up, dog? Wesley.
[male singer] Once I get
That bag, I'm headed
Straight to LAX
Find a brand new Cuban doll
That's singin' like Beyonc
I might just get married
To the money my fiance
She gon' treat me right
I'm head to toe
In future vibes
[singer vocalizing]
[Tom] You got the goods?
Shit, I got
some Roxies right here.
I got some Exos,
I got some Xannies.
Nah, I think we're cool, man.
Come on, I thought
you were trying to get lit.
You trying to get lit
like I'm trying to get lit?
You better tap in.
For real.
[Wesley] Yeah, you're definitely
gonna wanna pop a Roxy.
-All right.
We'll take 'em.
-[Wesley] Hell yeah.
-Yes, sir.
[Wesley] There you go
right there, I appreciate that.
[male singer]
You play your part
I'm already out one
Maneuvering through all the
Fakest girls
I'm sorry I'm making
A statement, girl
I'mma need some of...
Hey, Wes, so you got
the rest of that cash?
Yo, I'll throw in
an extra hundred
if you perform.
Nah, I'll do that shit
for free, bro.
Nah, take it.
I appreciate you bro,
for real.
[male singer]
Once I get that bag
I'm headin' straight to LAX
Find a brand new Cuban doll
That's singin' like Beyonc
I might just get married
To the money my fiance
She gon' treat me right
I'm head to toe in...
[Sol] Yeah, yeah.
Y'all make some
motherfuckin' noise!
[crowd cheers]
I'm Sol, like the sun.
Let's light this bitch up.
[crowd roars]
[smooth hip hop music playing]
Who know I would come
This far
Just to be a superstar
Got a couple new friends
And a few old scars
No fake love
Can fit it in my car
When I lost my brother
Yeah, ripped out my heart
I been feelin' so much pain
With the top down
You can feel the rain
I'mma be more
Than ordinary, I'm a Don
All of the things you wanted
For me now are gone, gone
I'mma just do it all for me
And where I'm from
I'm just young and on luck
I'm just young
And on luck
Suck it, ha
Oh, I'm just
A young lost soul
My heart can't be consoled
I swear I'll never fall
Get out of my memories
[Nina] He's kinda good.
He is pretty good, right?
Nah, he's the one for real.
Get out of my memories
Hey, y'all make
some motherfuckin' noise!
[crowd roars]
I love y'all, though.
[Malachi] Ay-o!
[crowd] Ay-o!
[Malachi] Hey!
[crowd] Hey!
[Malachi] Austin, what the fuck
is up, how are you feelin'?
[crowd roars]
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
I said, Austin,
how the fuck are you feelin'?
[crowd roars more loudly]
Oh, man.
They're bringing great energy
tonight, huh?
Yeah, thank y'all
for letting us come out.
I think we got somethin'
y'all really gonna like.
Let's get it, let's get it.
-Okay! Okay! Okay!
-Hey! Hey! Hey!
We want it all
We want the bands,
Bands, bands
I'm on a call
I want my M's, M's, M's
You know that we ball
You know we on 10, 10, 10
You know
We're on 10, 10, 10
And we want
The bands, bands, bands
[Malachi] Hopped on the road,
Sent her a letter
She been on the team
Since the day I met her
Her name Blue Face
She do what I tell her
She give me brain
Make my pockets feel better
Yea, in my bag, okay
Tell em we the best
But don't brag, okay
Get live
For the night I'm faded
Stackin' up the cash no lie
We made it
[Froggy in Spanish]
They telling me to stop
But, hey, I never stop
I'm a heavyweight
All the women want me
To take them to LA
[in English] Gonna take
One bitch to get away
Baddest bitch in the game
And she wearing my chain
I bring the fire, propane
I'mma just get in my lane
Bitches get away
Seven a.m. in the morning
I swear
That she ain't important
I'm in a van
And I'm tourin'
Red cup
What we pourin' up
My ice insane like that
She give me brain
That's facts
In a coupe, Kanye way, yea,
Yea, yea!
I want a lot, I need more
You wanna get money
Come aboard
Wanna buy her shit
Out the store
Need me a Porsche
With suicide doors
I need an award
She playin'
We both gonna score
[siren wailing]
[Sol] Wesley.
[running footsteps]
Wesley, wake up.
-Wake up, bro.
Come on.
Wake up, man.
We gotta go.
[Wesley] S-Sol...
[Sol] Wake up, bro.
We gotta go!
You good?
-[Sol] We gotta go.
[soft, tense music playing]
[sirens wailing faintly]
[police officer] Where do you
think you're going?
[police radio chatter]
[Seven] Hey, what the fuck?
Police here, boy!
[Loko] Oh!
They scatter like roaches
in a trap house
when you open the door.
[siren blaring]
[police radio chatter]
[police officer] Hey, keep
your hands where I can see 'em.
[Nina] I'm so sorry, sir,
he's with us.
[police officer]
Which one?
Let Rainbow Head over there go.
There you go.
-Hey. Thank you, sweetheart.
-Thank you so much.
Hey, my pleasure.
You have a good night, okay?
All right, you have
a good night, too.
[police radio chatter]
I appreciate you for that.
Don't worry about it.
I wanted you to meet the guys.
I'm Nina.
-[Sol] Nice to meet you.
-Yo, bro.
You really killed that shit.
-Like your set was dope as fuck.
-Hey. Appreciate that.
Real talk.
My name is Malachi.
Some people call me Mali,
some people call me Kai.
You can call me whatever.
-I'm Sol.
-Good to meet you, bro.
Good to meet you too, man.
[Seven] Bro, I saw you there
all scared and shit
with that racist motherfucker
while all them rich kids
walked away.
I'm Seven.
Yo, I'm Mao.
Nina's like a fucking
mythical siren
when it comes to cops.
Shit's crazy.
[Malachi] Yeah bro, that's a
really essential skill to have
-on the road.
-[Loko] Hey, yo.
What's up, bro? I'm Big Loko.
That was fire
what you did out there, gang.
Appreciate that.
What's up, man? I'm Froggy.
[speaking Spanish]
And I'm definitely
the best singer in the group.
[Malachi] He's all right.
[Froggy] Why you guys laughing?
-[Mao] Here we go.
-You want me to prove it?
[Mao] Please, yes.
It wasn't that good, right?
[Mao] Nah, but on a real note,
we been looking
for a new hype man, no cap.
[Loko] Nah, for real.
-[Loko] We need that.
Yeah, bro, we're touring
Texas right now.
[Mao] Yeah, you should come.
-[Loko] On God.
-[Mao] I swear.
Yeah, well, I'm supposed
to be recordin' my album.
My manager's gonna book me
some studio time.
-[Froggy] Oh, really?
-[Mao] That's dope, bruh.
That reminds me
of bein' in a basement,
making songs,
just puttin' that shit
on SoundCloud.
It's like freedom, low key.
For real.
So what's up, where we going?
Can we take you somewhere?
You comin' with us, bro?
[Froggy vocalizes]
-[Froggy] Let's go!
-Let's go.
[Loko] Yo, I really need
to change my clothes!
[Froggy beatboxing]
[Seven] Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey.
Say I first met Sol
Then my dog had to go
Everywhere I go
I got a mouthful of gold
Everywhere I look, damn
All I see is cheese
Everywhere he go
Gotta get like me
Like Seven
Like guy
Like Sol
Like Loko on the side
Need some fries
Need some burgers
Need some shit
I gotta eat like uh
It's my time
To fuckin' leave
Walkin' down the block
With my gang
Told them on the four-five
You already know
Don't push me
Don't tempt me
'Cause I keep the F in
Know I'm comin' in
Never been a bitch
And I won't, I won't
Be gone by tomorrow
Glock in my waist
Hunnid bands in the safe
The Cartier frames
Got me feelin' like
Ayy, got me feeling
Like, ayy
[Mao] Nice sway, lil' bruh
Hey, he said like sway
I'm tired, nigga, 'cause
I been on the paper chase
Niggas play with me
I might spray 'em
With some mace
Nigga said what
Nigga, get out my face
I ain't heard shit
From you pussy-ass niggas
Niggas try to play with me
I pull out that trigger
And I might-night a nigga,
Hit him in his figures
[Loko] Brrrat!
And I want all the figures.
[Seven] Hey, you went crazy,
Sol, I ain't gonna lie.
Sol? What are you doing?
[Sol] Shh! Go back to sleep.
Where's Wesley?
He's fine,
don't worry about him.
Where are you going?
I gotta go on a trip.
You have to leave?
Look, lemme see your arm.
See? I'll be right here,
and I'll be back soon.
-[Jessie] Can I draw one too?
[soft music playing]
I'll be right here too.
[pen clicks]
Okay. I love you.
Love you too.
Sweet dreams.
[Seven] I ain't gonna lie, bro.
You was a pit bull
on that stage, though.
-Bro, that was nice. For real.
-I swear to God,
my boy went crazy.
No cap.
Super crazy, bro.
For real, bro.
Mao, you're gonna
have to tell him
about what happened
at your first show, bro.
That was crazy.
[Mao] I was out there, bruh.
I thought the fuckin' world
was mine, bruh.
Soon as that music
started going, bruh,
I said the same goddamned line
twice in a row.
I looked out at the crowd,
just lookin' at me, I said...
I fell in love with
Light shows and nice hoes
I fell in love with
Light shows and nice hoes
Back to back,
and I looked and I...
I just wanted to quit, bruh.
And then, guess what?
My boys right here,
all y'all, my dogs,
I'm tellin' you.
I appreciate it.
Y'all fuckin'...
They got me through.
But look.
I be tryin' to tell you, bro,
you gotta go through shit
to realize shit,
-know what I'm saying?
-That's a fact.
It's a part of winning, bro.
You gotta take Ls
to take Ws, boy.
That's a fuckin' fact.
And every negative situation
has a positive side.
If shit gets hard,
if it was easy,
everybody would do it, bruh,
and that's a fact.
[contemplative music playing]
[lighter clicks]
You still up, bro?
Yeah. I'm not that tired.
I know sleeping in the van
can take some getting used to.
Y'all get tired?
[Nina] Nah, not me.
I'm usually good on, like,
four hours of sleep.
I take naps here and there,
but maybe I'm just crazy.
You know you made
the right choice
coming with us, right?
You had to leave home someday.
[typing on phone]
[Mao yawns]
Where are we?
I need to go to the bathroom.
-[Seven] Oh, my God.
Oh my God!
[Froggy] Where we at?
[Sol] I don't even know, bro.
Is this how it always is?
[Mao] Look at these guys.
[Froggy] Lemme feed you.
[Malachi] On your toes, boys.
[Mao] Froggy.
[Froggy] What?
Is the cow taking the hay or no?
[Froggy] I'm trying to feed him.
[Mao] Here we go,
you want some? You want some?
[Sol] You don't want any?
[Mao] No, you don't want any?
That's okay.
Oh, you don't like it?
Don't walk behind it.
You don't want this?
You don't want this?
You don't want this?
You don't want this?
Yes, you do want this.
Yeah, you do, here you go.
[Seven] What's this
horse's name right here?
Star, or Cheyenne.
What's up, Star, or Cheyenne?
She's very, very gentle.
She's tatted.
They grow up very fast, right?
Yeah, they do.
How long have you lived here?
Fifty years.
That's a long time, man.
Yes, been a whole career.
Spent my whole life right here
since we were married in 1967.
Looks like you're living
the dream, man.
It's been a great run.
I'm near the
end of my... my time.
I'm proud of you, man.
You deserve it, man.
Looks like you work hard.
I put a lot of work,
my whole life,
into this property.
-[Seven] Big man.
[Nina laughs]
He's gonna charge you.
Watch out. Watch out, bro.
Oh, he's lookin at you.
He is, he is not...
Oh yeah, he ain't playin'.
He started doing
this right here...
[animal grunts]
[Mao] Oh, I'm freaking out.
Hey, Malachi...
[cattle mooing]
Oh, she's feisty today.
Come on, G.
[bright music]
Bruh, that's kinda fire.
It is, right? Thank you, bruh.
Say, who are you
And where you been
I'm on the road
I'm in LA
I left my friend
[in Spanish] I'm feeling good
I feel I'm feeling good
I'm with my gang
I know who I am
I am the king
[in English] Okay, okay
Nina, it's up to you!
I always feel like
I'm only one verse away
I was crying, asking God
To tell me what it takes
Threw my shit into a van
And then I drove away
Sleeping on the road
And then I woke up in LA
I remember praying
So hard for the vision
FaceTime the fam on
The birthdays I was missing
[in Spanish] That feeling
When, when I'm crying
[in English] All alone
on the floor in the kitchen
I'm living, damn
Damn, Nina!
She's like that.
She went crazy, boy.
[Nina] Looks like y'all
got some new competition.
[Mao] Where we at?
I'm fuckin' hungry.
Let's go to Whataburger.
Yo, let me get, um...
eight Whataburgers
and eight fries.
[server] Okay.
And, uh, anything else today?
Y'all got a shot of tequila?
A shot of tequila?
Nah, I'm joking, I'm joking.
Bruh! The fuck is your...
[Malachi] My bad,
I didn't eat last night.
[Mao] I don't care.
[Nina] Guys,
let's hurry it up, it's cold.
[Mao] It is freezing.
[Seven] Hey, y'all ever had
a honey butter chicken biscuit?
[mellow music playing]
[male singer]
I'm in the upside down
I'm going crazy
In this upside down
You take some pictures of Seven
and he'll post it and get,
like, four likes.
It'll be fucking life-changing.
[Seven] Mao,
you can barely pull one like.
[Sol] Who gets
the most likes out the group?
I got two likes
last photo, thank you.
It doesn't matter, guys,
because we all gonna get famous.
[Sol] Are you famous?
[Froggy] No, I'm not.
I'd rather get rich than famous.
[male singer]
I can see the reasons why
Tryin' to remember
All them days
I would drink
To ease the pain
I would smoke
Till I was numb
[Froggy] Yo, Loko.
Come on, bro, we almost there.
-[Mao] Get up, sleepyhead.
It's finna rain.
You always sleeping, man.
Them Percocets.
Are you tired of life?
Sol gave me some Percocets.
You have to stop doing that.
You work so hard.
This turns you down.
You need hype shit.
Hot shit.
-[Mao] I agree.
-Yeah, right?
Feel so good right now.
Try another thing.
Like I'm in space.
[Mao] Whoa!
Then wake up, motherfucker,
we're almost there.
Brrrrr, stick em!
[Malachi] Is this it up here?
It's right there.
[male singer]
I can't turn
[Sol] Is that James Dean?
You never heard of James Dean?
[male singer]
We were just strangers, mm
Oh, James Dean, you gotta get...
I gotta get
a James Dean picture. Oh!
[male singer] Man, I swear
That I just send me
Upside down
[Loko] Bro, this is crazy
What the fuck is going on?
I love this place.
[male singer]
There goes my baby
And it's upside down
Tell me in that file... look.
Now you got a new post to post
on Instagram today, big bro.
You right.
One, two, three.
[Malachi] Prada, Marfa.
Marfa, Marfa, Prada.
-[Malachi] How far?
-[Nina] Time for Prada!
Did you tell everyone
your new nickname?
[Malachi] I keep that one
just for the girls.
I'm about to do a lot of that
when we get to this next city.
In El Paso?
They got the shorties
in El Paso.
-[Malachi] Oh, yeah?
You know what I'm on.
Everyone's beautiful there.
-[Malachi] Everybody?
-[Nina] All the women.
Yeah, it's gonna be cool.
And everyone knows how to cook.
[Seven] They call me
a menace to society.
More like Dennis the Menace.
-Menace to society?
-[Mao] Who calls you that?
-Don't fucking spray that.
-Yeah, be careful with that.
[Mao] Actually fuck it,
spray Froggy's face.
Everyone be quiet, I'm trying
to get my beauty rest.
Yo, when we pull up
to the store,
don't vandalize it, Seven.
I can't promise anything.
Yeah, Seven. You be trippin'.
[Nina] Yo, Froggy, we can get
some video of your little van.
[Mao] What about
the little, little van?
The little, little van for sure.
The van, the little van,
and the little, little van.
-[Froggy] All three vans.
[train whistle blares]
All right, guys.
I want to see hair shaking.
Everybody, Big Loko.
I want to see
that hair shake. Let's go!
Mao, let me see your hair.
Give me a little dread shake.
There you go, there you go,
there you go.
I like that, I like that.
Big Loko, what you doing?
[Malachi] He's getting thraxxy
in that motherfucker.
[male singer]
I don't know how far
It's gonna take me
It's all in the making
No hesitating
Fly in the micros
That's a good shot.
[male singer]
Humble and patient
Things started changing
And I don't know how
And I don't know how
[all] Something tells me
That I'm moving too quickly
Found my purpose
But these days I'm resisting
And I'm afraid that
I'm starting to miss me
And I don't know how
And I don't know why
Ooh, ooh, ooh
And I don't know why
And I don't know why
[upbeat music fading]
[faint hip hop lyrics]
[Malachi] Yo, this is a first.
[Nina] What?
Looks like we're not staying
in a trash-ass spot this time.
Wow. You're lucky
I tried this time.
[Mao] It's old school.
You like it?
This shit's all right.
-[Nina] Told you.
-[Mao] You know Seven definitely
loves it.
And if you love it, I love it.
Take some pictures in the sun.
Nina finally did something, huh?
[Nina] What's up?
Big Loko touched down, man.
Y'all know what's going on.
Yeah, man, open the door
for the big king.
[insects chirring]
They got a pool, too.
[coyotes howling]
Yo, man.
This definitely
looks like a place
where you can lay
on the grass and chill.
-[Sol] Yeah.
I told you.
Some beautiful places.
This is just the beginning.
This is really beautiful
out here, though.
I love it.
-Thank you.
-[Mao] You're welcome.
I really wanted
to bring you guys out here.
[Mao] How beautiful!
Look at them boys!
Chill, bruh.
Help Loko roll some joints up,
please... ah, whatever.
[Mao sighs]
[Nina] There's no signal,
but we can bond.
[sounds of playful fighting]
[Mao] Ow! Ow!
Fuck you! Help me!
I need a smoke now.
It's been a long day, guys.
[Malachi] Yo, real talk, though?
Who got weed?
I need some.
Guess what, guys?
[in Spanish]
I don't have any marijuana.
-[Seven] No!
-[Sol] I got some.
Please tell me you do, big bro.
Please tell me you do.
[Mao] Sol come through clutch
with the magic backpack bro,
That'd be sick, man.
Don't fuckin' play.
-[Loko] Come on, bruh.
You ain't got it, right?
Don't say that.
-[all] Yeah!
Let's go!
[Mao] It's actually
pretty fucking good, bro.
It's actually nice.
[Loko] Hey man, let me roll
a fat-ass spliff.
Two of 'em. Two of 'em.
And I'm gonna
be right here waiting.
I appreciate you, Sol.
No problem.
Oh, man, this is great.
-[Seven] Woo!
[Sol] I could do this
for the rest of my life.
It's what we do, bro.
Chilling, smoking,
making music.
Honestly, I wouldn't rather do
anything else.
What'd you used to do, though?
[Sol] I was selling weed,
trying to get my money up,
working on music.
Lately, I haven't been selling.
Just trying to stay out of jail.
Yeah, I feel that.
What your parents be doing?
Uh, I don't really know my pops.
But, you know, I love him.
My mom...
She couldn't really
take care of me,
so I had to move in
with my granddad.
Once he passed away,
I ended up moving in
with my friend.
When I was a kid,
I thought my grandma
will always be with me
and with my mom, and my brother,
and, you know.
See this tattoo right here?
It's a date.
18/04 or 4/18.
And it's the date
when she died, and...
I don't know.
She's the reason I'm here.
I think that she's always
watching over me
and taking care of me.
I don't know.
[in Spanish]
I love you, Grandma.
Seven, what's your shit?
I'm from a shithole.
I'm from Beverly Hills.
[Mao] Preach.
[Seven] For real, though,
when you a little kid
and you different,
they expect you to be
some type of monster.
I'm cool being
some type of monster.
I'm just not trying
to be somebody else.
I like being me.
The more I get sad,
the more fucking happy I get.
I don't like
getting close to people
because I've been fucked over
so much, you feel me?
I just don't like people.
I'm misunderstood.
Why they call you Seven?
He's like, "One, two,
three, four, five, six.
I forgot the rest."
One, two,
three, four, five, six.
We don't count
past Seven, bitch!
-Hey, y'all, look what I found!
-What is that?
The fuck is that?
A magical stick
I found in the woods.
[Seven] What you
gonna do with it, Loko?
I'm finna go find some more.
Ay, don't it look like
Gardoff's magical staff?
-[Mao] Who?
-[Froggy] Oh, Gandalf.
This motherfucker just said,
Well, be careful.
[Malachi] Them shrooms
beating his ass.
I swear to God.
Shit, but on a real note,
I did make this new song
I showed Froggy,
we can probably play it
for y'all, if y'all want.
[Seven] You know, I've been
waiting for this moment, Mao.
I know you have, Seven.
Please do it, show your talent!
Here we go again
[Froggy softly strums guitar]
We go together
Like beaches and sand
Beaches and sand
Take my hand
Find our way back
To where we began
We were just friends
When I didn't know ya
We were just friends
Say, where have you been
You know.
I'm lost in Austin
I lost all my friends
Yeah, yeah
You say that you love me
Well, tell me again
Say tell me again
Say, thought about me
Not about you
Lost in a dream
Lost in a loop
Pour me a drink
Pour me some moonshine
Shit, pour me up two
Let's see what it do
[coughs, laughs]
Will it help me
Remember what I'm
Trying to forget
[Sol] Man.
Trying to forget
Say, if these walls
Keep talking to me
I'm going crazy
Now, yeah, yeah
[phone ringing]
Sol, where are you?
Hey Jessie, I'm in West Texas.
How's Wesley doing?
[Jessie] He's asleep
at the hospital,
he hasn't woken up.
Don't worry, he'll be
all right, he always is.
When are you coming back?
I want you to come home.
I'll be back soon, I just gotta
handle some business right now.
I got like a lot of stuff
to do, but I'm about
to have to leave, okay, Jessie?
-[Jessie] Already?
But we can talk on the phone
like this, I love you.
Love you too.
Who was that?
Oh, that's Jessie.
Is she your younger sister?
Nah, it's my friend's
little sister.
It's kind of cute
that you're close with her.
I wish I knew someone like you
when I was growing up,
that gave a shit about me.
See you in the van.
[footsteps fade]
[nostalgic music]
I call dibs on the bathroom.
I want a fucking Slurpee!
Fucking cartoon character.
[Nina laughs]
[exaggerated yawn]
I need to get some real food.
[Mao sighs]
What is that?
-It's a beat my friend made.
-Oh, really?
That's dope bro,
you should send it to me.
[mellow music plays]
[Mao] Throw this one
in the front, throw this one,
and then you throw this one,
so you, pew!
And there's always one
in the middle.
You know what I mean, and that's
how you get, oh, oh!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
-I just cannot do it.
-Yeah you can.
-Hey Sol, you like Hot Cheetos?
-He's silly.
I be eating these every day,
burn a hole
in my stomach, for real.
Check these out, over here.
These are my favorite.
If we eat, my brothers eat, man.
[Sol] Everybody eat.
[Seven] That's my boy
Gator right here.
Gotcha, got you.
-[Sol] You didn't get shit.
-Got you. Got you.
Whatcha goin' do, I got that
rainbow little pony, boy.
Whatcha goin' do, Sol? Huh?
Tell me what the fuck
you goin' do, Sol?
[Seven makes a dinosaur noise]
-You'll lick it?
-[Sol] Yeah.
Here you go, it's tamarindo,
but I don't like it.
I'm glad you like it, but me?
[Sol] I'm from Texas,
I know what this shit is.
Pretty good though, can't lie.
Bro, what's wrong with you, bro?
You always fucking around
Loko, you a bitch!
Whatchu wanna do about it?
[Seven] Imma smack
the fuck outchu, bro!
-Dickhead ass motherfucker!
Bro, this shit is
all dirty as fuck, dude.
Greasy finger hands.
-[Sol] Nasty-ass Cheeto hands.
-[Seven] Cheeto hands.
Hey Sol, so this is our little
team mascot, Lil Wingz.
I'm saying, shit's fire, huh?
Hold on, let me see.
Hey, Seven.
-Call Ola, bro.
-All right.
See what he on.
Hey Ola,
what the word, big bird?
[Ola] They done locked up
and fucked up, you hear me?
-[Malachi] Yo, we miss you, fam.
-[Froggy] What's going on?
-[Mao] Been too long.
What're you doing, bro,
we miss you, bro.
[Loko] I know my boy
eatin' good out there man.
I know you eatin' good
over there.
[Ola] Man, I done gained
40 pounds in this bitch.
[Seven] Yeah, a good spread
and all man, fo sho, fo sho.
Hell yeah, whatchu been on?
[Ola] I just been writing music,
bro, you know,
keeping my mind on,
keeping my head on right. Feel
Oh God, that's how it be, bro,
that's how it should be.
[Ola] Hell yeah,
I can't wait to get out.
-Get back in that studio, bro.
-Fo sho, fo sho.
We are hoping so much
to make music again
with you, bro.
[Ola] Man, bruh,
I miss y'all too, bruh.
Where you at, down in LA?
No, we on the way
to El Paso right now.
We got a show out there.
[Ola] I say you finna rock
that bitch out!
[Seven] Man, you know it,
you know it, big bro.
But look, I wanted
to introduce you to Sol,
he the new member of the group.
[Ola] Fo sho, fo sho,
where the hell he at?
[Sol] What's up, gang?
My boy.
[Ola] Nice to meet you bro,
you good?
Yeah, nice to meet you too,
you holding it down up there?
[Ola] You know the vibes,
bro, locked up,
but I ain't fucked up.
Hey bro, make sure
my little brother Seven
good while you can, bro.
Right, you already
know I got him.
Man, I'm waiting for you
to get out, big bro,
I miss you so much.
Fo sho, brah, supposed to be
going to court next month, bro.
Love you, bro.
[Seven] You goin' get out soon,
man, you a soldier.
I'm praying for you, bro,
yeah, I love you.
Love you more, bro.
All right, bro, stay dangerous.
Hell yeah, I'mma tap in
with you, bro, be safe.
-[Ola] All right, call me.
-[Seven] All right, gang.
[nostalgic music]
[Seven] I'm ready
to go see these animals.
[Malachi] Bro, you ain't
never been to a zoo before?
Never, first time!
-It's your first time for real?
-Shut the fuck up, Chi.
Leave me alone.
-[Nina] Zebras! Zebras!
-[Mao] Where? Where?
It's fucking zebras!
-[Malachi] Let me feed you!
-[Nina] Oh my God!
[Malachi] Here, bro,
you got it, you can have mine.
Come here! Hey buddies!
-[Malachi] You just having fun.
-[Mao] I got you.
Don't be scared, Sol, pet him.
Oh, he didn't want to be pet,
you don't want to get pet?
-That's crazy.
-This you.
-Oh we feeding you munchies!
-[camel brays]
-[boys laugh]
[Loko] Bro, I just touched
a fucking camel.
I love y'all!
-[Malachi] All my fans!
-[Mao] Okay, bye bye.
[Mao] Look at this one,
this one's a beast, come on.
[Malachi] You glad you came
Fool, no I'm not.
-Fuck is you talking about?
-[Malachi] Oh shit!
[Sol] That nigga's
not playing with you.
[Mao] That bird is not playin',
she wants to eat you.
[Malachi] All right cuz,
get out my face.
[Mao] Are you scared
to feed it with your hand?
[Sol] They said
be careful with this.
[Mao] I'm not scared.
[Sol] You don't have
to be scared.
[Mao shouts]
[boys laugh]
-Do it again!
-I don't like it, but I did it!
That's how you get fucked up!
[Mao] Tryna be nice
to a mofucka then it tries
to attack you instantly.
[Malachi] Watch out for the horn
bro, watch out for them horns.
[Loko] Fucker.
Oh fuck, he fucking
licked me, bro!
[all laughing]
[Loko] Fuck!
-You gotta see this.
-So disgusting. I see.
I know how it be,
you ain't eat all day.
I got you,
that's what brothers are for.
We feed each other, man.
[bison snorts]
Come here, brother,
I got you some more.
Look at that one right there.
Ain't he beautiful?
Look at that, all innocent.
[Seven] Look at the lake
and the sun, all that.
This scenery is just beautiful,
living the dream.
Did you think you were
gonna see this today?
I woke up, I didn't know what
to expect today, man.
-[Nina] I got you.
This literally is the best day
I've had in a long time.
For real, for real.
This is crazy, huh, big bro?
Wild... shit's wild, for real.
[Seven] You seen that, you seen
that bison with the locks?
Bruh, he had
the dreadlocks like me.
Hey, it's already over?
It's already over?
For real? Damn.
Hey, what's the move
after this, man?
[goat bleats]
[tranquil R&B music]
-[Malachi] Yo!
-What up, brotherman?
-How you feelin?
-Feeling good, bro.
[Malachi] Yo, that's my boy,
Sol, young rising star.
You know what I'm saying,
he nice with it and shit.
Yo what's up though,
what's y'all's vibes?
-We just been cookin', bro.
-Y'all been cookin?
-Yes, sir.
-Play me some shit, fellow.
Play me some shit.
[Froggy] I got that sauce
I got that juice
[Sol] I can already tell
what this is.
[Malachi] Who got a drink
for me, can I get a cup?
-This shit strong?
-Ooh, shit!
They got the whiskey on deck.
You know, this shit
get me in my vibe.
Girl, you wanna hit this,
wanna hit this?
Oh, maybe it's that.
I've been vibin', tryin'
Tryin' keep it cool
I never lied when I said
I'm living proof
I never lied when
[musical scatting]
Riding and vibing
Vibing, having her too
She just wanna part of ya
A part of ya
Na, na, na, oh yeah, haa
-I like that, oh my God!
- Oh yeah
[musical scatting]
[musical scatting]
But what...
what we can say there?
Tryna get a
[Mao] Now I really playin'
Don't talk
And it feel so good
When it dun dun
Would you say you
Wanna meet me?
I really got some
But you got none
Oh man, that's the type
Of my coldest man
That's what he's doin'
When I was holding you
She just want a part of ya
I just wanna hold ya
I just can't ignore ya
I been ridin', vibin'
Tryna be cool
[Froggy] That's the song,
that's the song.
This is a real song,
this is a real song.
[all] And now we're
Ridin', vibin'
Having a Kool
But now she vibin'
Ridin', having a Kool
She just wanna part of ya
I just wanna hold ya
I just can't
Ignore ya... haa
[Froggy] What up, what happened?
[Malachi] What happened
to the beat, bro?
Just in the ha-ha-has?
Yo, but real talk?
Yo, no, no, no, we pulled up.
We pulled up
with a couple beats.
Oh, fucking Christ, yeah, I
Sol sent me this fucking beat,
and god damn.
[upbeat hip-hop music]
[Mao] This is it.
This is, all right.
This the one, yeah, yes sir.
Maybe we can fuck with this
a little bit or something?
Maybe we can do something?
But he sent me this
and that shit is crazy.
No, I thought
you would love this,
especially you, for real.
Honestly, I knew you
would fucking love it too.
[mellow music plays]
This is on fire already.
[mellow music continues]
Whoa, what do you think Froggy?
I know Froggy
got something there, doesn't he?
-I know he does.
-I'm already planning something.
Something like...
Look into the stars
Na, na, na, na, na, na
[Malachi] 'cause I'm feeling...
'cause you feeling what?
'cause I'm feeling empty.
-[all] Looking to the stars
- [Mao] Okay.
'Cause I'm feeling empty
-I wanna try to find.
-I wanna try to find
-What I'm missing inside me.
-What I'm missing inside me
-That's crazy.
-[Sol] Talkin' to the sky
Talking to the sky?
[Sol] Yeah, talking to the sky,
like talking to the heavens.
Talking to the sky
-Talking to the sky
-[Froggy] I got something.
People thinking
That I'm crazy
Different reasons why
You think
I should change, baby
Look into my eyes
-Look into my eyes
-Come on.
Look into my eyes
See the things I don't see
-Na, na, na, na, don't see
-Or say something else.
Say something else,
I don't know.
Something like that
with that rhyme scheme.
-[Froggy] Look into my eyes?
-Look into your eyes.
[Froggy] See the things--
[Malachi] That the whole beat?
[Mao] It's goddamn
one minute long, it's okay.
[all] Look into my eyes
See the things I don't see
Running to the sun
Hope these colors don't fade
Trying to be special
But it's always the same
-It's always this!
- Trying to be special
And you say
it's driving me insane, right?
Driving me insane, okay.
Look into my eyes
See the things I don't say
Running to the sun
Hope these colors don't fade
Trying to be special
But it's always the same
And it's driving me insane
This is driving me
Insane, yeah
[all cheering]
I been fighting long battles
Tryna fill the void
Ain't no looking back
The old me been destroyed
Tired of seeing friends
And family unemployed
Da, da, da, da
Ain't no difference
In my situation
Same rat race
Man, we all
Just participate
Tryna do shit on my own
I don't need to say
Time to focus up, ain't
No time just to be wasted
Hold on, wait,
hold on, wait, hold up.
Look into the stars
'Cause I'm feeling empty
I wanna try to find
[Froggy] What I'm missing
inside me!
What I'm missing inside me
I'm inspiring your sister
But she swear she don't notice

I'm busy all the time
'cause I'm runnin' in circles
And if I'm bein' real
You be keeping me focused
This house ain't my home
But I swear she the closest
Finding ways to change
Holding my own way
And I feel the loneliness
Because of my mistakes
Trying not to fall
Fighting my own war
And I feel the loneliness
Because I'm not at home
I'm not at home
I'm not at home
And I feel the loneliness
Because I'm not at home
I'm not at home
[Nina] So how you feelin'
about the music?
Are you excited about the show?
-Yeah, I guess.
I think you're really
fitting in with us.
Whatchu think?
I don't know, I just
got a lot on my mind right now,
just a lot of stuff
going on back home, but...
It's good.
Bro, there's always shit
going on back home.
You gotta focus
on yourself sometimes.
Chase your dream for real.
[Malachi] Yo, I'm tired as hell.
I'mma go take a nap.
Honestly, I think
I'm gonna go with you.
I'mma take a nap too, okay?
And Sol, I need you
to sign this for me, okay?
-What's this?
-It's a release form.
It says that you can perform
with us and be on
the music videos
and everything like that,
so I need that ASAP, all right?
I've been talking to the people
back home about you.
I think I can get you a deal.
Just like that?
Yeah, that's why
you're here, right?
[Nina chuckles]
Okay guys, I'm out,
please take care of the van.
This is El Paso,
so you can do a bunch of stuff.
Just please promise me
to stay out of trouble, okay?
-Yeah, we'll try.
-Watch him for me.
-See you, fuckers.
[Seven] Y'all ready
to get in some trouble?
What the fuck you planning now?
I have some ideas.
[ethereal music]
[male singer]
Look into the stars
Mm, yeah girl
Hey, do some tricks.
-You sure?
-Yeah, I gotchu, fam.
[male singer]
'Cause I'm feeling empty
I wanna try to find
What I'm missing inside me
-What you have to say, Loko?
-Fuck the camera.
[male singer] People thinkin'
That I'm crazy
Give me reasons why
You think
I should change, baby
Look into my eyes
See the things I don't say
Running to the sun
Hope these colors don't fade
Trying to be special
But it's always the same
This is driving me insane
This is driving me insane
Look into my eyes
See the things I don't say
Running to the sun
Hope these colors don't fade
Trying to be special
But it's always the same
This is driving me insane
This is driving me insane
Finding ways to change
Holding my own weight
And I feel the loneliness
Because of my mistakes
Trying not to fall
Fighting my own war
And I feel the loneliness
Because I'm not at home
[Seven] Come here, buddy.
These are
the van's tattoos right here.
This me in 50 years.
That's you right now,
what are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
But really though,
it's my hands,
you know,
'cause I pray all the time.
[Seven] They sure look like
your hands, Mao.
-Shut the fuck up.
-[Sol] That's crazy.
[gun clicks]
-Oh, yeah.
-Oh, yeah?
Come on,you know me,
yeah, let's go.
-I remember that.
-Yeah, you remember that.
There it is, there it is.
[relaxing hip-hop music]
What's your mission
What's your vibe?
First round pick
I'm up tonight
They come and go
I'm in for life
Steal your spot
Like a thief in the night
Let me try, let me try,
let me try, hold on.
Young G from the drip
And I'm boasting
Cuddled up with your chick
Getting toasty
Pipe down, if you with it
Nigga, show me
Keep the convo to yourself
You don't know me
Couple shots off the table
Sippin' D'uss
Off the liquor, give a fuck
About what you say
When I die
Bury me inside a Balmain
All these broke ass boys
They be cheapskates
What's your mission
What's your vibes?
First round pick
I'm up tonight
They come and go
I'm in for life
Steal your spot
Like a thief in the night
Hey yo, come look at this.
Somebody just left this here.
[Mao] It's my boy, Thomas.
What up, Thomas, how you doing?
-This side, bro.
-What's good?
[spray paint cans rattling]
[spray paint cans hissing]
[male singer] When we connect
You show respect
We met your match, oh yeah
What's your mission
What's your vibes?
-We do hella crazy.
-He's a big artist, too.
Yeah, I have a radio show
every Friday night.
I could plug you guys
into the station.
-Shoot some demos over there.
-I would love it.
The hip-hop dudes are my guys,
so I'll plug you straight in.
All right, bet that,
we appreciate that, for real.
Any promotion's good promotion.
Hope to see you there in LA.
[Seven] Come on y'all,
let's get it,
I'm taking this too.
[Mao] You taking Thomas?
[Seven] I'm taking Thomas
the statue.
[Froggy] Yo, Seven,
what you doing, bro?
You new to the band, bro.
Don't try to act
all cool and shit.
[Sol] No, I don't wanna
hear none of that shit.
-[Seven] I got an idea.
-[Mao] What's the plan?
You ever been viral before?
[Sol] No.
[Seven] We gonna do
some Robin Hood type shit.
[alarm buzzes]
[Froggy whistles]
You fucking speedy, huh?
-I'mma need those, man.
It's called helping people.
[homeless man, in Spanish]
Thank you, son.
God bless you, son.
-You got that shit, Froggy?
-I got it, bro.
The fuck is wrong with you?
You don't
wanna do this shit, bro.
The fuck you mean,
I don't want to do this shit?
You don't want
to do this shit, bro.
-Hey, bro, chill!
-What the fuck?
[Seven] I was supposed
to push you first!
-[Sol] My bad.
-[Seven] You gotta sell this.
Come and hit me, boy.
-You fucking serious, dude?
-That's the best you got?
Let's see you turn
the fuck up, boy.
Want me to actually hit you?
Can't win a fight with somebody
that got a death wish, bitch.
[Froggy] Yo, stop man, stop.
Bro, y'all be trippin', bro.
-Fuck, bro, y'all trippin'.
-[Sol] Man, quit playin'.
[Loko] Seven, bro, back the
fuck up, bro.
Y'all fighting
for no reason and shit.
Don't fuck with him,
bro, just get out of here.
[police sirens]
You good, Seven?
[sirens get louder]
[door slams]
Man, fuck this shit.
You got us here.
[Sol] You serious?
Man, it's my fucking life,
I can't be in jail.
Seriously, don't worry about it,
I'll tell them--
Tell 'em what?
That you forced me
to steal some shoes
to give to a fucking hobo?
Or that you forced
me to hit you?
Sorry, bro.
It's cool.
You can hit me whenever, though.
[Sol] You crazy as fuck.
[door slides open]
[police officer] Jonathan Saxe?
You can come out now.
[door slams]
Fucking Jonathan Saxe.
[door slides open]
[police officer]
Sol Jackson? Let's go.
[car engine revs]
[Malachi] Yo, you boys good,
y'all all right in there?
-[Seven] Took you long enough.
-[Nina] Hurry up.
Yo, check this out!
[Mao] Yo, y'all
fucking made it on World Star.
Oh, Seven my guy, good ass idea.
-[Seven] That shit's crazy!
-[Loko] Like Dragon Ball Z.
-[Mao] Let's get out of here.
-[Seven] Come on.
Sup, bro.
[engine starts]
[door slams]
[Mao] Yo, Sol,
bro, I got you something.
Oh, that's cute.
Hey don't worry man,
I bought these, I got you.
There you go.
Thank you, man.
Yeah man, you're welcome.
[brakes screeching]
[Froggy] All right.
Showtime, let's go!
-[Loko] We late, bro.
-Getting ready, getting ready.
-[Mao] Are you?
-[Froggy] I'm good, I'm ready.
-Sol, my boy. Ready?
-You know what's up.
[Malachi] Let's go,
let's get it.
Yeah, everybody?
[Loko] Yeah man, busting out
those $1,200 jeans, man.
[Mao] Can you keep it down
out there, Loko?
[Froggy] You guys
better start working out,
'cause we have
to get stronger right now.
[Loko] Sol's scrawny.
Need to eat.
-Excuse me?
-What's up?
Can I get a picture?
[Malachi] Yeah bro, come on.
[Froggy] Aw, what a cutie.
-[Mao] Malachi getting famous.
-Stay in school, little bro.
-[fan boy] Okay.
-[Seven] Don't do drugs.
[Mao] Let's go!
-[Froggy] Aight guys, showtime.
-[Mao] I'm ready. I'm ready.
[Froggy] Congratulations
on your first show.
[Loko] Hey, we need to go chase
the backend, bro.
-[Malachi] Ah ,shit.
-[Loko] Ooh. Yes sir.
[Nina] Hey, happy birthday!
You motherfuckers,
thank you guys, so much, man.
Thank you my guys, man.
Blow the candles, bro,
make a wish.
-[Loko] A live wish too, man.
-[Seven] Yeah.
[serene music]
[Seven] Yeah!
It's your birthday,
it's your birthday, yeah, yeah!
Hey, thank you guys
so much man,
I really appreciate it,
I love y'all.
[Sol] Hey, man.
How are you the way you are?
'Cause I know what
I'm supposed to be doing.
I make everything
I touch better.
Stop playin'.
[Nina laughs]
Hey, bro!
Whose birthday is it? It's mine.
[Nina cheers]
[Mao] Where the fuck is Sol at?
-[Sol growls]
-Oh, shit!
[Mao laughs]
[Mao] Gimme a lighter?
[Froggy grunts]
That nigga's feeling, bro.
[Nina laughs]
One of y'all got a lighter?
You like this, my guy?
Thomas loves it, doesn't he?
That's my little guy
right here.
-Oh! Oh!
That's my shit my boy,
I love it, I love it.
I can't wait, Sol's about
to get out here tonight!
[male singer]
Why is it so difficult?
If she comes
I'mma have to let her go
Tell me what's the principle
If she comes
I'll call it a miracle
I ride her like a Harley
Feel up on her body
She be for the team, yeah
She for anybody
Fuck it, this shit
I'mma do better
It be so cold
I'm wearin' a sweater
Try to call her
I gotta go get her
I gotta go, gotta go
Gotta go get her
She ask what I don't need
Damn pussy so pristine
Dreams to reality
She in my memories
That bitch
Was really wilin'
She fucked up
All my knowledge
She woke up
Choosing violence
Grab my phone
And hit that silence
Riding on top with a beamer
I got a K, no top, no steamer
I'm in a van with Nina
My dogs with me, like an ahhh
[Seven] Nina, you look good
right now, let me get a photo.
[bass pounding]
[crowd cheering]
Y'all know what's going on!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
-[Malachi] Let's go! Let's go!
-[Froggy] What's up?
[Seven] Just remember,
don't think, you got this.
-[Loko] Turn up! Let's go!
-[Froggy] Yes, sir!
Texas, what the fuck is up?
[Mao] Texas!
When I say L-I, everybody say A!
-L-I! L-I!
-[crowd] A! A!
When I say L-I, everybody say A!
-L-I! L-I!
-[crowd] A! A!
[Froggy] Turn 'em up, friend,
you got this.
[Malachi] Look, we got
something really special
planned for y'all today,"
Really, really special.
We added a new member
to our band.
We wanna introduce him
to y'all first.
-Y'all ready for that?
-[crowd cheers]
[Malachi] Let's go!
I said, y'all ready for that?
Introducing, coming
to the stage right now, Sol!
[dramatic music]
[Seven] Yeah, yeah, yeah!
This is my boy right here!
-Yeah. Yeah.
[music and cheering
grow distant]
[group] One, two, three, go!
All I ever wanted
Was the option to be greater
Hometown hero
I'm the soul, I'm the savior
Do this for the squad
They don't owe me any favors
Snakes in the grass
They just
Wanna see my failure
Want the drip
Want the sauce, huh
Got a pen
I'mma tell you what it cost
All the leverage in
The world, I ain't lost once
I ain't talkin to no runners
Bring the boss up
Count all my dollars today
Live for tomorrow today
My brothers
Gonna ride either way
I'm locked in
No fear in my face
Running up that bag
For the whole team, yeah
My family on my back
We all gonna eat, yeah
They knew I was the one
There was something
In that water
I do it for my city
Always knew we'd go farther
Count all my dollars today
Living for tomorrow today
My brothers
Gon' ride either way
I'm locked in
No fear in my face
Make some noise!
[crowd cheers]
-Make some noise!
-Yeah, yeah, yeah!
-We got another one for y'all.
Y'all ready?
Y'all ready? Y'all ready?
-Y'all ready, let's go!
-Let's go! Let's go!
I need all y'all energy
for this one.
I want y'all get low,
get low, let's go.
I want all y'all
energy put in, let's go.
-Everybody down!
-Oh yeah, I like that.
-Hey! Hey! Hey!
-Everybody get down! Drop!
[all] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
What's your mission
What's you vibe?
First round pick
I'm up tonight
They come and go
I'm in for life
Steal your spot
Like a thief in the night
One, two, one, two, three, four!
Cuddled up with your chick
Getting toasty
Pipe down, if you with it
Nigga, show me
Keep the convo to yourself
You don't know me
Couple shots on the table
Sippin' D'uss
Off the liquor, give a fuck
About what you say
When I die
Bury me inside of Balmain
All these broke-ass boys
They some cheapskates
What's your mission
What's your vibe?
First round pick
I'm up tonight
They come and go
I'm in for life
Steal your spot
Like a thief in the night
Poppin', poppin'
Poppin', poppin'
Poppin', poppin'
Poppin', oh yea
Yeah, let's go! What? Let's go!
What's your mission
What's your vibe?
What's your mission
What's your vibe?
What's your mission
What's your vibe?
First round pick
I'm up tonight
They come and go
I'm here for life
Steal your spot
Like a thief in the night
Make some fucking noise, Texas!
[crowd cheers]
[Loko] Y'all know
what's going on, man, hey man!
Texas wasn't ready,
Texas wasn't ready!
-[Mao] Let's go!
-Yeah. Yeah, man.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
Let's go!
-Yo, what's up yo?
-That shit was crazy.
[Malachi] Yo, we heading
to the after party?
Hey, Sol, I told you
I make things better.
I knew you'd show up, bro.
to our new boy here, Sol!
[all cheering]
Sol! Sol! Sol! Sol! Sol! Sol!
Sol! Sol! Sol! Sol!
Sol! Sol! Sol!
Hey, hey, time to celebrate!
[all] Yeah!
[excited chatter]
[Nina] I'm not carrying
your ass in the van again, bro.
[boys cheering]
[relaxing R&B music]
[Loko howling]
[boys howling]
Oh, it's the way
That you're moving, wow
Like a movie, wow
[Loko] My boy Froggy wildin'!
[boys howl]
-You gon' call a coyote.
-Who got any weed for me?
I think we're gonna be so big.
-We are big right now.
-Oh God, they're not ready, bro.
You really went
crazy though, bro.
[Malachi] Yeah, she getting it
for real, okay, okay, okay?
[Loko] Seven, you like
a fucking human Adderall.
[in Spanish] So that's
what I was telling you,
that Venezuela has the prettiest
women in the world... yes.
Froggy my boy, my boy, Sol.
[Malachi] Seven, quit hogging
the weed, bro, damn, come on!
[Malachi] This is how long
you're gonna live.
You're gonna get married,
and you're gonna have five kids.
-Five kids?
And here it says you're gonna
live a long and happy life.
[distant singing]
[Mao, Froggy] Then you really
Broke my heart again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
So you wanna leave
But you never leave
The only thing you leave
Is your memories
Then you fucking
Broke my heart again
Yeah, yeah
You fuckin' broke
My heart anymore
I don't wanna break
Your heart anymore
I don't wanna
Break your
I don't wanna break your
[music playing through phone]
Hometown hero
I'm the soul, I'm the savior
Do this for the squad
They don't owe me any favors
Snakes in the grass
They just
Wanna see my failure
[music fades]
[nostalgic music]
You know we turnin up.
We on the highway.
I'm on my Texas shit right now.
My homies are real deal,
we out here eating good.
Out here smoking big dope,
nigga, we smokin' big dope.
Looks good dog.
We out here in Austin
doing those fucked up chants.
Fucked up, nigga, we out here.
[firework crackles]
[crowd chanting]
We out here Christmas Day
and shit, my nigga Sol.
We got the fake Blockbuster.
[crowd] Three, two,
one, happy new year!
[music continues]
The way you got me tryin'
I stayed up all night
'cause one night
'cause I could just do me
But we should just do me
Yeah, I been thinking
About what we could've been
They got somethin' good up
Girl, but I will need
'cause now I might be there
That's my brother right here.
The simple somethings baby
But you're all that I need
I'm the lock
You're my key
Get the best out of me
Get the best out of you
I'm gonna
Set you free, whoa
I can feel it
Dancing in my soul
Something more
[music fades]
-What the fuck you doin'?
-Making things better.
Are you trying
to get us fucking killed?
You ever think about anything
but your fucking self?
It's a fucking beauty.
[Seven chuckles]
[horn honking]
Wake your ass up, hey?
Where are we?
We're on our way to LA.
You know you got
a lot of fans last night.
I've been talking to the label,
they're interested.
That's cool, I'm glad.
-[Nina] You don't sound like it.
-[Sol] What do I sound like?
[Mao] Please God,
not this right now.
-Are you serious right now?
-I'm just not in the mood.
Can y'all leave me
the fuck alone please?
Bro, you need to leave
this ungrateful ass nigga alone.
Fuck is you saying, bro?
I'm on fucking probation,
y'all niggas got me locked up.
You're literally
on the way to LA, bro.
-Fuck that jail shit, bro!
-I'm on probation!
-You getting free studio time!
-It don't matter.
I don't give a fuck,
I don't give a fuck!
What else was you doin'
before this? Nothing!
-Facts, bro.
-Get the fuck out of here.
-[Loko] You trippin' right now.
-Man, shut the fuck up.
I don't wanna hear
none of that shit, I'm done.
You know what, I don't like
how you're acting right now.
-I don't give a fuck, bruh.
-[Nina] You don't give a fuck?
Matter of fact, get out of
my van if you don't give a fuck.
-Bro, Malachi, pull over, bro.
-Relax, come on.
Where my backpack, bruh?
Get him his bag so he
can get the fuck out my van.
-Where the fuck's my drugs at?
-[Nina] Bitch ass.
Get the fuck out of my van!
Where the fuck's my drugs?
Seven? Bro?
-We thought you was leaving!
-Fuck you!
Hey, Seven, where's my drugs?
-I said get out!
-[Sol] Seven!
-I'm gonna fuck you up!
-Leave me the fuck alone!
[boys shouting]
Back up! Back up!
Hey Seven, where's my drugs?
Put the fucking gun away!
What the fuck you doing?
[Sol] He took some bad pills,
we gotta go to the hospital!
-Seven bro, wake up!
-Seven, my boy.
-Seven, wake up!
-Come on, bruh, say something.
Seven! Hey we gotta go,
we gotta go!
-Jonathan, what's happening?
Chill the fuck out!
-[Mao] Hey, keep his head up.
-Let's go, let's go.
[Mao] Come on talk to us bro,
say something, go!
[melancholic music]
[Loko] So is he okay?
[Nina] Yeah, he's alive now.
[music softens]
[traffic whirring]
Your friend,
the one that you stay with,
with the sister?
[Sol] Yeah, Wesley.
He was my manager, too.
Look, I know I've been talking
to you a lot about the future
and you having it,
but music's not worth dying for.
Then what is?
[Nina] I don't know.
But once you find it,
don't let it go.
[soft, ambient music playing]
[vehicle whooshes past]
[crow cawing]
"Vanity of vanities."
"All is vanity."
"What profit has a man
from all his labor
in which he toils
under the sun?"
"One generation passes away
and another comes."
"But the earth
provides forever."
"The sun also rises
and the sun goes down."
"And hastens to the place
where it arose."
[traffic whirring]
[Sol] You in line?
[man] Come on, get in line.
What's wrong with you, man?
-You look down, bro.
-[Sol] Yeah.
I got a lot goin' on right now.
[man] Yeah, we all do, bro.
-[man] We all do, man.
You gotta keep it goin', man,
you gotta keep it movin'.
It seems bad out here.
You see what everybody
goin' through.
-[Sol] Yeah.
-Gotta keep your head up, man,
keep movin' and stay positive.
And don't let nobody
get you down, man.
Whatever's wrong,
you can correct it, bro.
You keep movin', bro, for real.
-[man] Don't give up.
You know, there's a scripture,
"The righteous fall
only to rise again."
-So correct your mistakes, bro.
Everybody make mistakes,
but you gotta correct
your mistake.
You know.
But we gon' support you,
but you've gotta come through.
-[man laughs]
-That's right.
A lot ridin' on you, bro,
you know what I mean?
Much is given, much is expected.
-You know?
You gotta work it, bro.
-You don't work, you don't eat.
Get your fire back, bro.
Get back in the booth,
bring it, bro.
-Take this and bring it.
Make 'em wonder
why you smilin', you know?
That mean
that's the Jesus in you.
-So, go on and shine with it.
[indistinct chatter]
Mm, I appreciate that.
You'll be all right,
yeah, uh-huh.
Now we finna go eat.
We got somethin' good...
got somethin' good
up there, I heard.
What they got, chicken?
-They got somethin' good.
-Somethin' good, hey.
Cup of coffee
with cream and sugar.
-[indistinct speaking]
-Yes, please.
Appreciate that.
[soft music playing]
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
Appreciate it.
How you doin', ma'am?
Doin' all right?
Thank you.
[Sol] So you gotta remember,
people always gonna ask you
the same question.
"Which are the best shoes?"
Remember what to do?
Uh, lie?
No, say what you want.
There's no such thing
as the best,
only the most popular,
and that's always changing.
-Right, gotcha.
-All right.
[girl] Hey, can I get these
in size eight?
[device clattering]
[little girl]
Mommy, mommy, look at these.
-You like these?
[device clatters]
[sentimental music playing]
[closes gate]
Hey, I just wanted to come by,
didn't know if I should, but...
[running footsteps]
You came back.
Hey, Jessie.
Your hair is flat.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
You wanna come inside?
You can go to your room.
It's still the same.
[cell phone ringing]
[Sol's voicemail]
It's Sol! Agh! Leave a message.
[voicemail beeps]
Hey, yo, Sol.
So, I just booked us
this dope studio
in South Austin.
They got the Sony mic,
they got
the Augspurger speakers,
it's soundproof.
Like I know this
don't mean anything to you,
but I promise we gonna lock in
and make this tape dope.
[soft music playing]
I wanted to come back sooner.
I just...
he was my best friend.
And I was with him that night.
You don't have to tell me.
It's okay.
I'm sorry you couldn't
be there at the...
memorial service.
I wanted to come.
Well, we wouldn't
let you in anyway.
I'm really sorry,
I should have been there.
It's okay.
It was my fault.
He was my only family.
I just didn't think...
[Belinda] No one...
No one thought that
that was gonna happen.
You were...
one of the good things
that happened to him
and this family.
It wasn't your fault.
Thank you, Miss Belinda,
for everything.
You know you're, um...
still part
of this family, right?
I know.
[Belinda] Okay, good.
[soft, solemn music playing]
I love you, Mommy.
Oh, I love you, too, sweetie.
[sighing, sniffling]
[sentimental music playing]
[birds chirping]
[Wesley] And trust me.
It's gonna take us to LA.
Soon we gonna be
sliding down Mulholland
under the blue skies,
surrounded by
all the palm trees.
We can even ride up to Malibu,
hop in the ocean.
Like, trust me,
it's gonna be fire, bro.
[music fades]
[birds chirping]
'cause, Sol, look.
You're like a brother to me.
You're family.
Family, just hit me
when you're free.
And we'll talk soon.
I love you, bro.
[train rumbling]
[waves crashing]
[soft electronic music]
Let it rain, let it pour
To the range, to the road
All the pain, let it go, go
Let it rain, let it pour
To the range, to the road
All the pain, let it go, go
Some things never change
Gotta ride 'round
With that paper
Gotta ride 'round
With that cake, yeah
Gotta ride 'round
With that cake, yeah
Gotta ride 'round
With that brr
Had to get back focus
I was down
But had no motion
Got my heart stolen
You didn't care
About my emotion
You didn't care
About my emotion
Smokin' on that gas
Then get away
Throw me that pass
Then fade away
If you ain't on my way
Then stay away
We sparkin' up that dope
Then blaze away
Hey, yo, brah,
I think I got something.
Let me try this real quick.
For real?
Watch it
When you talk to me
-Watch a world walk
Big blunts, I'm called
Ten toes I'm all in
I love the way she drop
She love the way I pop
She know Sauve-y
He poppin'
Thoughts in my head
I get lost
Sometimes I feel better off
Alone I sip my alcohol
Baby, it's us after all
After all I say
You came back
I left instead
I can't get you
Outta my head, ooh
Yo, bruh, shit is crazy, right?
Yeah, that's hard, bro.
But we met this dude
awhile back
and he's been fuckin'
with us ever since.
That shit I'm talkin'
That shit
when I'm walking
-All my friends stop
My flight's in Boston
-Lost in Austin. Ooh!
Gotta get that weed
Gotta get that coke
Hey, what?
Gotta get these Zs
Gotta get my stuff
Why these hoes
Can't act with me?
They don't know no boy
Unless it's Brackney
Hey! You know what I mean?
Stomp on the bugs.
Oh, really?
Stomp on the bugs.
Hit that, mm, hit that ooh.
That's a roach,
I'mma smash it out.
Ooh, oh.
I remember
sleeping on a couch.
-Yeah. What?
-What? Ooh.
Now I got these mansions
Now I'm livin'
In the Hamptons
I can imagine, yeah
-Yeah, that's hard.
-[Mao] Hoo!
[Sol] I didn't graduate
But I'm gon' still fill out
Them bleachers
Had to come up quick
I had to cut off
All these leeches
Split it with my twin
I gotta make sure
That we eatin'
Appreciate that, man.
You know what I do.
Just in case you lacking
We gon' smoke 'em
Like Khalifa
Smokin' on that gas
Then get away
Throw me that pass
Then fade away
If you ain't on my way
Then stay away
We sparkin up that dope
Then blaze away
[soulful music playing]
[male vocalist]
I don't wanna be alone
I don't wanna be
I don't wanna
Be alone no more
'Cause my heart
Is getting cold
By the winter storm
Tell me why, tell me why
Can't I be with you
So far, so far
Tryna get to you
Hey, you so far
But so close to me
You broke my heart
When you ghosted me
But what about now
What about now
We're supposed to be
Puttin' me down
I don't wanna leave
[distorted lyrics]
[female vocalist]
If the world's cold
What I'm s'posed to do
I walk for miles
To get close to you
Baby, in the rain
Or hurricane
'cause it eases my pain
That you feel it too
On my way
I'm about to change the game
When I get to finna
Wanna be around the pain
This is the last call
If you don't answer
I'mma hang it up
And never call again
Okay, okay, okay
That's what I say, say, say
And we'll fill up my drink
'bout to fade, fade away
'bout to fade, fade away
Feelin' colder
Than my drink
I'm okay, okay, okay
[male vocalist]
I don't wanna be alone
No more
'cause my heart
Is getting cold
By the winter storm
Tell me why, tell me why
Can't I be with you
So far, so far
I'm tryna get to you
[music fades]