Lost Transmissions (2019) Movie Script

[electronic static]
[light dramatic music]
[Theo on phone]
Hello, it's Theo.
[voice glitches] Was at about
half noon and then it
all sort of
merged into one and I got
a bit confused,
and I'm lost
and I can't find her.
But don't look for me.
If you're actually listening,
then, uh, they'll know.
[man] Ooh, I hear cats,
I hear cats meowing.
[people laughing]
[Theo] Oh, I love you, too.
All right, one more,
one more, one more.
Who's it going to be?
[Angus] Hey, hey, Todd.
Todd, I need to ask
you a question, mate.
-About, yeah,
-[man] All right.
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] No, no, no,
it's a different one.
-Give us a song.
-Let's sing about it.
[Theo] I know.
-[Theo] Rachel
-[piano playing]
-[woman] Oh, no!
[laughing] ; Oh, Rachel ;
We are so very grateful ;
-I' That you're here at all
-[Rachel] Wait, why?
[Theo] Because
your optimist... I
-[Rachel] I'm not!
-[woman] Yeah, you are.
You must be pregnant
-[Rachel] What?
-Cause you never put out
So it can't be that
It's true, it's so true.
Lord knows I've tried.
Catalina Island, 2012.
[all laughing]
I believe someone
who has had a-- [chuckling] No.
Someone who's had a little
more success, uh, was Angus.
-[man] Theo!
-[Angus] Okay.
You're going a bit far, mate.
You're going a bit far.
-; Angus, oh, Angus
-Iman laughing]
Horseshoes for breakfast ;
Tough as old boots
With the laces undone
Soft as a razor
That's never been used
-;' To shave the beard which...
-[Angus] Move on
to someone else!
-[mock crying] Oh...
I ...wipes those tears
[whispering] I love you.
Oh, my best buddy.
-Oh, God.
-All right, all right,
all right, all right, all right.
Who's next. Who's next,
who's it going to be?
-[Angus] Oh,
all right, all right.
-So many to choose from.
So many beautiful young faces.
Todd's trying to get away.
-[woman] Todd.
-Don't worry.
Todd, I'm not going to
do you, don't worry.
You're too damn handsome. Ah!
[all] Ooh!
You drive us bananas
[laughing] Had to go
American for that.
There's something
Lurking there
Behind those big, green eyes
Is it a lobster?
Or a kettle?
Or a sponge made of metal?
-[Angus] God.
-I It's a mystery
Perhaps a tragedy
It's a riddle
It's a puzzle
It's a maze.
[Angus] Very nice, very nice.
Come up and sit with me.
-Come on, come on.
-No, come on, please.
Please stop him.
-We don't know what
he's going to do.
-[Angus] Come on!
-Come on, yes, yes!
Yes, here she comes!
[Hannah] Whoa, look at your
tattoos, what do they mean?
Uh, that is a secret society.
-[Angus] There is
no secret society.
There is no secret society,
doesn't exist.
What? Oh, oh. [chuckling]
Really, come on,
how do I get in on it?
Well, you have to sing a song.
[Rachel] Don't force her
if she doesn't want to.
Oh, come on.
We're all friends here.
You couldn't possibly
embarrass yourself more
than I do every now and again.
-[Angus] That's true.
-Thank you.
What do you know?
Um... uh, do you know
Daniel Johnston,
"True Love Will
Find You in the End?"
That's a great song.
True love will find
You in the end
You'll find out just
Who is your friend
Don't be sad I know you will
But don't give up until
True love will find
You in the end
Don't be sad I know you will
But don't give up until
True love will find
You in the end
[all applauding and cheering]
[Theo] Wow, huh?
That was fantastic.
Muah! You're beautiful.
Wow, Hannah, everybody!
Hannah Banana!
Well done, well done.
Yes, stole the show.
-[man] Yeah!
[woman] I'm never
coming over again [chuckling]
[indistinct chatter]
-[light dramatic music]
[electronic static]
[phone ringing]
Bartlett, Downing and Brown,
how may I direct your call?
Yes, transferring.
Bartlett, Downing and Brown,
how may I direct your call?
Bartlett, Browning and Down,
how may I direct your call?
Bartlett, Downing and Brown,
how may I direct your call?
Can I put you on hold?
[people chattering on phone]
[phone ringing]
Bartlett, Downing and Brown,
how may I direct your call?
[man on phone] Hello,
could you direct me to
whoever's in charge?
You mean, the, the manager?
This is the society calling.
-Is this you, Theo?
You have such a pretty voice.
It shouldn't be wasted
on answering phones.
Am I being recruited?
Like in the CIA.
What, those jokers? No, no, no,
this is much more important.
This has to do with
the fate of the world.
Wow. Where do I report?
Uh, why don't
you come by my studio when
you're done with work?
-How's that?
[soft chuckle]
[knocking on door]
-Hello, you came.
-Hi, 1 did.
-I'm so pleased.
-Mm-hmm, thanks.
Sorry to call you at work,
I just knew that you would, uh,
-pick up the phone.
-No, it was nice.
-It was refreshing.
-Uh, do you want a cup of tea
-or anything or coffee or--
-No, I think I'm okay, wow.
Cool, right? This is my little
Aladdin's cave of,
uh, musical treasures.
-This is amazing.
-It's just stuff
I've kind of accumulated
over the years, really.
-Yeah, I'm sure.
-This, this is the most
recent acquisition.
This is a upright
that I got from
the fire sale after,
um, Spector went to prison.
-[Hannah gasps]
-Yeah, so it belonged to him.
And, uh, what else?
Oh, this is a,
this was
Chaka Khan's. [chuckling]
-Oh, yeah?
And, uh,
that's my first Wurlitzer.
That, the e.p. there,
give it a little tinkle.
[electronic piano riffing]
[laughing] So cool.
-That's so cool.
So what was, um, that society
you were telling me about?
It's just something I made up,
it's just a silly thing.
-l know.
Well, I have a pin, though.
I made badges and everything.
-So, it's kind of real, then.
Yeah, and you're now a fully,
fully paid up--
-Full-fledged member.
-Hona-- honorary member.
-You don't have to pay the subs.
-l can't get--
-Here, give me your coat.
Make yourself at home,
and have, have a play.
-Yeah, God, it's all here.
My bed is empty
My sheets are cold I
And now you left me
I'm all alone
Sentimental ;
I know you're not
And cold hearts
You forgot
That's pretty, is that you?
Yeah, I wrote it when
I was a teenager, actually.
There's a very good
voice in there
knocking to get out, you know?
-l could hear it at Rachel's.
-[Hannah] What do
you mean, though?
Well, you were sitting on it
a little bit, weren't you?
You're sort of--
You're holding it back.
I, I've been on
antidepressants since I was,
like, 22, so it just,
just shuts that part of me off,
makes me a bit numb,
you know?
Sounds good when it's up here.
I like it like this.
[electronic piano riffing]
Where'd you get these scars?
-And here?
-Uh, yeah.
I drove into a tree
when I was at my lowest.
So I think it's better
to feel numb than feel what
I'm feeling, you know?
Stay level, yeah.
I just don't--
I, I hate medication.
Um, yeah, always have.
Can I ask you
a personal question?
-And delve deep?
-Do you ever,
ever consider coming off it?
Cause, I mean, that was
a while ago, presumably.
You might be,
you might be different now.
-No, no.
Why do you ask me?
I just think it's a shame
to live life with a sort of,
you know,
with a filter over it, is all.
Sometimes I feel
like I'm stuck in glue
and I might not move again.
Like an octopus with no legs.
[laughing] Yeah.
Or a sloth that's sleeping.
[both laughing]
We should record some
of your old songs.
-What, really?
-Yes, really!
I think you've got something,
I really do, you know,
and I think I'm pretty good
at seeing that in people.
Okay. [chuckling]
All right, let's just have
a little, uh, warm-up,
shall we? Get things flowing.
Yeah, you want me to
do some jumping jacks?
You could do your jumping
jacks if you like.
People do strange
things in there.
[Theo over headphones]
Okay, come in, come in,
are you receiving me, over?
Yeah, receiving you
loud and clear.
Small aircraft requesting
permission to land,
please. [chuckling]
Permission denied, I'm afraid.
What, denied?
Yeah. I'm afraid
I would like you
to float around in
space for a little bit.
No, don't let go.
I would be drifting
out of orbit.
Oh, I like that, let's do that.
-Do what?
-That thing
you just said about orbit,
let's sing that.
There's no music.
-You're the music.
Just, uh, take the line
and, and sing it.
Don't let go
I'm drifting out of orbit
[Theo] No!
I'm not f-- There's no feeling.
I don't know what
you want me to do.
-I feel stupid,
-Shout it, whisper it,
I, I honestly don't care,
just feel it.
-Don't be facetious.
-...let go.
-All right, look.
Go, go, go, go.
[door closes]
Uh, now it's really
scary in here.
[Theo] I'm glad,
it's supposed to be scary.
Think about what you're
saying, this is
fucking space,
you're in space, floating away.
You're into the abyss.
All right, all right, all right.
Look, look, look, look, look.
Sing it to me. I'm right here,
so sing it to me.
Don't let go
I'm drifting out of orbit
I'm the g--
I'm the one that can stop you.
And I'm right here,
so sing it to me.
Like you mean it.
Don't let go
I'm drifting out of orbit
Again, again.
Don't let go
I'm drifting out of orbit
In your own time.
Don't let go
I'm drifting out of orbit
[light dramatic music]
-[Theo] Boom.
I feel dizzy. [laughing]
This is your, this is
your track up here.
My track, it's our track.
-Our track.
Okay, and then your vocal track
is this lovely pink one.
I think it can get bouncier.
I have to, often,
do a lot of messing around.
[Theo mumbling]
This is really, really clean.
Uh, I don't know about this one.
-What are you--
Ah! What are you doing?
You're going to
throw up all over
my main mixing desk. [chuckling]
Oh, it's going to be
super rock and roll!
[slow pop music]
-; Out of orbit
-Cool, right?
Cut off a little bit of your--
Off the top of your vocals,
just a couple
of the effects. [mumbling]
Special delivery from Kwan-Ting.
-[Hannah] Oh, yeah?
-[Theo] Yeah.
-Thank you.
-Do you see that...
[indistinct chattering]
Where are our fortune cookies?
That's a good call.
-They forgot them.
--Our fortunes are lost.
We'll never know what
our fortune will be now.
So, bearing in mind,
you'll get a vinyl
release for the record,
what about your,
your cover art, your,
your debut album cover art?
black and white?
-With just one thing in color?
Iam just a vessel
Don't you ever forget it
The politics of living
Don't you ever forget it
The politics of living
[Darron] Anything
Theo Ross sends
I make sure to listen to.
I think we can do something
great with your songs.
Maybe give them to one
of our major artists.
-Oh, uh--
-You know,
most writers who come in here,
they're never going
to see the stage.
All right? This is
a huge opportunity.
I've got a line of
songwriters down the hall
trying to write for Dana Lee.
This is where the money's at.
I mean, I can use that
kind of money. [chuckling]
Great, let me
introduce you guys.
-Right now? Um.
-[phone beeping]
-She's here?
Can you send her in, thanks.
[background pop music]
Hi, [gasping] I love your stuff.
It's so good.
Wow, I... love those nails.
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, they're not nails.
-They're claws.
-[Darron] Mm.
-Right, Darron?
-Darron knows.
[laughing] Anyway,
I thought, this girl,
she must've been kicked around,
because it feels to me
-like you know my damage.
-[Darron] Yeah.
Uh, I'm sorry to hear
about your damage.
[Dana] Look at her, look at her,
look at this face.
-[Darron] I know. I know.
-Look at us, look at us.
-l told you.
-Look, we could be
sisters, right?
-Aw! Aw!
-Who's who?
-Of course. Just opposite
sides of the same coin.
-Oh, I call heads.
-Take them, I will
take the tails.
Darron, I love her.
I love her, I want her.
-Can I have her?
-She's yours.
-Anything you want.
-She loves you.
It's great. You know,
when a singer finds a writer
they think sounds like them,
they hang on for life.
So, have as much
ready as you can
going in, and say
hi to Theo for me.
Oh, I actually haven't been able
to get a hold of him lately.
You haven't? Uh-oh.
I was coming to find you,
because I wanted to
tell you the good news.
Darron wants me
to write for Dana Lee.
How cool.
Thought you might be a little
more excited than that.
You're not singing
though, are you?
It's, it's still a big
opportunity though.
Where's your car?
Why don't I drive you to it?
-Yes, love?
Where's your car parked?
I'm having trouble recalling
that at this juncture.
What juncture, what?
I mean, I don't know
where I've parked it.
What is going on with you?
-[car beeping]
-[groans] Fucking hell!
Hey, what is--
-Are you on something?
-No, no.
Are you sure you're okay?
-Do you want me
to drive you home?
-Yes, please.
-Are you sure
it's the right key?
-Yeah, it's the right key.
It's the right key.
It's definitely the right key.
So, what, is the,
is the lock broken?
It's Rudy. It's my landlord.
He's changed it on me.
Why would he change the lock?
He's so grouchy.
-Come on, we should go.
-Theo, are you being evicted?
[radio static]
[voices glitching]
If you listen
really carefully...
you can hear their
It's, it's there.
It's just, just,
just underneath.
It's underneath.
Just stay here, okay?
I'm going to be right back.
How's it going?
Um, it's okay.
Uh, I, I actually,
I have Theo here with me.
-Oh, cool, where is he?
-He, um, he's just in the car.
Um, he's acting really funny.
-Funny like how?
Um... I don't know.
He's, uh, he's being weird.
He's, he's just not making
any sense or anything.
[sighing] Oh, God, not again.
What does that mean?
Come inside.
[Hannah] What happened?
Well, back when he was touring
with the band,
they were doing a lot of drugs.
I mean, they were
completely bonkers.
One of the craziest
bands of the '90s.
And one time he got
dosed with something bad,
some bad acid or something.
And it triggered
something in him,
a schizophrenic break,
and he was never the same,
in and out of mental
hospitals for years.
His medication actually
handles it really well,
like, he's lucky like that.
But sometimes
he stops taking it.
[Hannah] He didn't tell me
he had a mental illness.
[radio static]
Hey, Theo.
Hey, chippy chops, what's up?
Are you feeling okay?
A little off maybe, or...
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
I think I've really got
something here, listen.
Um, it's static.
No, underneath the static.
They communicate
on these channels.
And they can also send other
signals over the radio waves
in frequencies
you don't even hear.
-l can't, I can't hear it.
-Well, listen, listen, listen,
listen, listen, listen.
-Theo, come on.
Theo, please,
Can you turn that down?
It's really loud!
-Please turn it down.
-[Rachel] Hey, Theo!
-[Rachel] Theo!
I have your sister on the phone.
-Theo? [indistinct chatter]
-l don't want to talk to her!
What the fuck!
I told you, I don't want
to talk to her, all right?
Jesus Christ. You need to relax.
If I say I don't want to talk
to her then I don't want
to talk to her.
Okay, okay, Theo,
you don't have to.
-Liv, I'll call you
back later, okay?
You need to just chill.
[Hannah] Theo, come on,
we're trying to help you.
Well, you're not.
[Rachel] Okay, Theo,
how can we help?
Tell us, Theo!
-They keep calling
about the car.
-Who does?
The leasing company
keep calling about the car.
They said if I don't
make a payment they're
going to take it back.
-[Hannah] But you lost your car.
-No, I didn't lose it.
I forgot where I parked it,
didn't 1? Different.
Okay, well, where were you
when you were last with it?
I was shopping in Beverly Hills.
Okay, well,
let's retrace your steps.
-[Hannah] Yeah.
-Give me the keys,
-I'll drive.
-[Hannah] Okay.
[Rachel] Come on, Theo. Theo!
-Come on, we'll take you
back to your car.
Because, I'm not going with her.
What, why not with me?
She's wearing that sweater.
What is-- What's wrong with it?
It's yellow, isn't it?
Fuck! [chuckling]
[Angus chuckles] Oh, God.
[Angus sighs]
What is it this time?
He was talking about
being watched.
Oh, well, we all
know that's true.
I mean, our phones are
listening to us all the time.
Does he know about this?
I told him we were having a
party, cause he loves parties.
-Hello, everyone.
-[all] Hi.
-[Todd] Can we get
something to drink?
[Rachel] Uh, we're
having an intervention.
-[Jake] Oh, that's cool.
-[Todd] Wait,
it's not for me, is it?
Uh, I know I drink a lot,
but it's not a problem.
-l promise you guys,
it's not an issue.
-[Todd] Hey, guys.
-Where is he?
He's just out here.
[Todd] What happened?
[Hannah] He stopped
taking his medication.
He took the mushrooms
on Halloween.
Did you give those to him?
No, absolutely not.
-He asked, I--
-You should know better.
But I don't know his deal.
Is that, is that
what set him off?
[Rachel] See,
this is so frustrating.
We've been through this
so many times with him
and he still messes
with his medication.
I mean, who does psychedelics
on anti-psychotics.
[Frankie] Sometimes they
do it to self-medicate.
It's hard to tell
what comes first.
[Angus] He's definitely
got a problem with the booze,
but that is not
the issue at hand.
His dad was a wine merchant.
I thought he was a vicar.
He was, he turned to
God to save his liver.
He was always
the life of the party
when I first started
Night of Noise.
It's his sense of
humor that saves him.
He's so funny.
You know, he says the same
things when he's normal.
It's just when
he's off his meds
he actually means all of it.
He's calmer now.
He took a double dose
of his medication
and it seems to have worked.
His family said they're
going to send some more
over from England.
And then if he takes
them regularly
for a couple of weeks
he should straighten out.
We just need someone
to watch him.
Well, here we go.
Listen, Theo is one
of my best friends.
Now I've done this
for him two times already.
I was managing the tour
when he had his first break.
It was the scariest fucking
thing I have ever witnessed.
His last slip, he was stayed on
my couch for the entire time.
He nearly gave me
a nervous breakdown.
But we're getting older.
My girlfriend just moved in,
I can't put this on her.
I'm sorry, no.
It's someone else's
turn for once.
All right, you guys,
hey, I'm sorry,
but I couldn't handle
that right now.
We leave for tour for a week.
-[Jake] Yeah.
-[Rachel] I just
rent a room here.
Okay, well, what about
his family, huh?
-[Rachel] Well...
-Can they do it?
...there's his dad,
but he won't go to him
when he's like this.
It's just up to us, I'm afraid.
Hey, you.
Hey, chippy chops.
-What's up?
-l don't know.
-Just selling my soul.
-[laughing] Don't say that.
I'm sorry, don't say that.
Look, I just, come here.
I, I just don't see you
as just being like
a cog in a big machine.
You know, I know,
I know there's more to
you than that, you know?
But if this is what
you want to do,
it's a huge break.
You know, so don't worry
about me, for God's sake.
Yeah, well,
you're the only reason
I'm getting a huge break.
[chuckling] I just need to rest.
-You know, I'm pretty tired.
[sighing] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I know, I know I'm a huge pain.
Look at your eyes.
You look like you're
doing better.
Aside from crashing
out of my life
and having to rebuild
everything from scratch.
You've already
done so much though.
I don't have anything
to show for it.
I got a flat-lining career.
I got no family.
[light dramatic music]
Who'd want to be with me?
That's not true.
It is true. It is very true.
I scare people.
You don't scare me.
I don't?
Earlier, by the car,
I was scared.
I was really scared for you.
But you don't scare me.
Okay, uh, so, you can take
the couch if you want.
Um, or we can both
sleep in my bed.
Oh, no, you're okay.
I'll just stay on the couch.
It's fine. It's probably better
anyway, cause I snore, so.
[chuckling] Oh, okay, cool.
Well, um, I need
to do some work.
So, why don't you just
make yourself comfortable.
-Thanks, love.
-Yeah, of course.
Do you have any fly pie?
What? No, that's gross.
My mom used to make it.
Really, you like real flies?
-That's disgusting.
-No, raisins.
I thought the flies were like--
Oh, no, I meant, uh,
the raisins were like flies.
Oh, yeah, I could see that.
What are you--
-Are you counting my blinks?
Um... what about--
You want to watch
some TV, maybe?
I can... uh,
find whatever you want.
Yeah? Okay.
-[distant lawnmower]
I think it's time
to take another pill.
No, I don't want to.
No, Theo, you won't.
That-- No, come on.
-You have to take this.
-No, I don't want to.
-l told you.
-Please, Theo, I--
It's, it's important to me.
Well, you're on Toliset.
All right?
That is the worst one.
That sucks time.
Okay, but it,
it does work for you.
You just have to
take it consistently
and it's going to help you.
I don't agree
and I'm not going to take it.
It, it's, it--
You don't have to agree,
it's just true.
-It's going to help you.
-I'm not taking it.
-Please, Theo.
-You can't make me.
It's true, I can't.
All right. Well, I got a session
booked with a band, so.
No, you need to relax.
-Well, they've got
the studio booked.
-Just, I--
Theo, I don't think
you're in the right state to go
and do something like that.
-l think--
-l really need the money.
Damn. Okay, wait.
-I'll, I'll-- We can go.
I'll take you.
But I need you to take
one of these first.
No, I'm not taking it.
Fine, then we're not going.
You-- All right, look, you--
[chuckling nervously]
I'll take, I'll take,
I'll take the pill and then--
Okay, give me the pill.
All right. [clears throat]
Can we go now?
I'm so
I'm, I'm, I'm om
, sorry, God.
-It's okay.
It just gets a bit,
uh, you know.
All right.
Slam the door behind you.
-No, it's not.
-It's an abbreviation.
-You can add the letters.
-Abbreviations are--
Hello, chaps. Hello, chaps.
Oi, oi, saveloy.
-Sorry I'm late. I was, uh--
-Lost track of time.
Thank you, Jake.
-Hey, Derek,
can you hold on
a second, please?
-[Derek] Yeah, yeah, sorry. Hey.
-Thank you.
-You sure this is an okay idea?
-Yeah, it's fine.
Just don't let them know
about his condition,
-cause we don't want it
getting around.
-Got it, yeah, well, if he--
We won't mention anything.
He's going to stay in
here the whole time, so.
-Thank you.
-All righty, Toddy.
[clears throat]
Okay, where were we?
Hey, Theo, what's up, dude?
Okay, you guys ready
to give it a go?
-Uh, yeah, yeah, so.
[pop music]
I've seen you in the crowd
You told me you--
Uh, hey, Derek, that's great.
Now, um, can you sing more
like a squeaky duck?
Uh, Theo wants to know if, uh,
you could sing a little higher.
And, uh, maybe, uh,
from the back of your throat.
From his molars.
From his, tell him,
from his molars.
Can you sing from your molars?
-My mo-- molars?
-Your back teeth.
Your back teeth.
Yeah, okay, yeah. I, uh,
-yeah, got it.
-Thank you.
[pop music]
I tried to track you down
But I don't know this town
And now it's too dark to see
You let me fade away
Had me stay--
[timed clicking]
-Yeah, that's good.
-Now you're hot.
Close, a little south.
-115, 114?
Yeah, dude, I love 112.
Yeah, 112 is a hot, hot temp.
Uh, can we hear,
can we hear something?
Uh, Theo needs to concentrate.
-Okay, yeah, cool.
Sure. Yeah.
Well, this is--
The way
Can you stay awake
So you can see me
You wreck me in a day
Maybe the insanity
makes more neural
connectivity pathways
in his brain or something.
Yeah, I mean, maybe he should
stay off his medication.
Don't say that.
[Jake] You know it's true.
No. No, it isn't true,
Let you be around
You let me fade awa--
Awake so you can see me
You wreck me in a day
Can you stay awake
So you could
See me on your pace
[whispering] It sounds so good.
I let you be around
-I Here with--
-[Hannah chuckling]
When it gets too dark to see
You let me fade away
Can you stay...
Whoa, hey,
this sounds really good.
[sounds whirring]
Can you stay awake
So you can see me
[loud whirring sound]
[Todd] Um, uh, Theo, I--
I think it was a,
a little better before.
The way it was before. It was,
it was a bit dialed back,
-Why don't we just.
-Yeah, I mean, it's kind of,
sort of like not
sounding like spasm, you know?
-[music stops]
-Yeah, well,
that's a, that's a good thing.
-Well, you're complete shit.
[Hannah] Oh.
-Fuck you.
-[Todd] Whoa, whoa,
whoa. Okay, Theo.
-What, what is that?
-He, he didn't mean that.
No, I-- No, I did mean it.
I did, I meant it more than
I've ever meant anything.
Well, if you don't like our
music, why are you working
on our record, man?
Well, I need the money. And I,
I thought I could possibly
just squeeze an ounce
of inspiration
out of your sort of
derivative whack-off song.
-What the fuck, man!
-Derek, Derek,
Derek, Derek.
-Relax. I'm sorry.
He's, he's, uh--
-He's what?
-He's a little--
-He's an artist.
-He's an asshole.
-No, he's not, he's not a--
-Where's Rudy? Rudy!
-No, no.
-Rudy, come in here.
-This is fucking
ridiculous, man. Rudy!
-Relax. Relax.
-This guy's an asshole.
-No, he's not.
He's not an asshole.
-Yeah, he is.
-Hi, Rudy.
-He just called our music shit.
-Hi, Rudy.
Is that true?
Yeah, they suck. [stuttering]
-Wow, wow.
You're not even
supposed to be in here.
You've been evicted.
Theo's been late on his rent
and there's all these
charges on the bank account.
Have you been using
company money?
Theo, where'd you get
all those watches?
-[Hannah] Oh, my God.
-[Rudy] Theo, give me the card.
-[Todd] Oi! Oh. Whoa.
-Close your eyes.
Blink backwards.
-You can't follow me down
the tube, it's too slippery.
-No, I have to go.
-Chill, chill.
I have to find
the princess of time.
[Todd] There you go, all right.
-Wait, just, somebody tell me
what the fuck just happened.
[phone ringing]
[Frankie on phone] Hey, Hannah.
We found a place out in
Alhambra that can take him.
It's not great, but just
until he's stabilized.
[relaxing music on radio]
[Hannah]/'m going to
come visit you a lot, Theo.
[Angus] Hannah,
can you please direct me?
-This, this exit here.
-Oh, I see it.
I don't want to go to
the fucking hospital!
I don't want to go!
You just want to lock me up
and turn me into
-a time generating vegetable!
-Calm him down! Calm him down!
-Theo, Theo, please stop!
-Get off me you slut!
We all know you're not pregnant.
Someone stuck
a fucking bomb up you.
They should take you to a field
and detonate you somewhere.
-Jesus Christ, hey!
Get the fucking-- Get the wheel!
-Hey, hey!
Get him off! Help me
get the fucking wheel!
Get him off me! Get him the f--
-Get the wheel!
-You're kidnapping me!
Theo, let go!
For fuck's sake!
We're going to crash!
God, you're going
to fucking kill us!
Is that what you fucking want?
You could've killed us all.
You're taking me
somewhere against my will.
-Theo, fucking calm down.
-What the fuck was that?
-What the fuck was that?
-Let's pull over.
-Can we pull over?
-[Angus] All right.
Hey, Frankie.
-Hey, are you okay?
-What a fucking monster.
I know, that was,
that was awful.
-That was not--
-No, I'm not,
I'm not helping him.
Come on, we just got
to get him there. I mean,
clearly he needs to be there.
No way! I'm not getting back
in the car with him, Hannah.
We cannot leave you on
the side of the road like this.
He's got this fucked up
thing going on.
Look, I don't care if you
leave me, he's dangerous.
He's scared.
Where'd you go, Theo?
The Theo I know would never
say anything like that.
[man on phone]Don't be nervous.
Dana Lee is a person
just like anyone else. She's
the one who's probably nervous.
[chuckling] Yeah, I'm sure.
Just have as much fun as
you can going in and,
and see what happens.
Okay, sure, yeah,
I'll just let it flow.
Okay, call me after.
Okay, yeah,
I'll do that, thank you.
[pills rattling]
[light dramatic music]
[door bell buzzing]
Here you go,
Theo's just down the hall.
-Thank you.
[light dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
Oh, God, being here
makes me feel unstable.
So, um, if you agree to go back
to your family in London,
we can get you out of here.
No, I can't go back to London.
Why not, Theo, why?
What, because you
don't like it? Tough.
You only have to bear it
for a little while.
You really like this better?
I can't go back to London
because London is
a place in my past.
I can't go back to the past.
If I travel, I'll make a ripple.
-A ripple?
Explain that, please.
In space time, if I, then--
If I-- If there's a ripple,
the feather will feel it
and they'll find me.
If you go back to London,
you won't be going
back into your past
because you would
be going there now.
So it would just be
a geographical distance,
that's it.
You don't get it.
I don't.
I can't go, I can't leave
because I can't leave my wife.
What wife?
They won't, they won't
let us be together yet.
Her father, her,
her, her father is time
of the little things.
She is the princess of time.
I am time of the sea mammals.
It's not ea--
I, I-- It's not easy
to explain, I can't just--
Theo, no one is after you.
No one is trying to kill you.
It is all in your head.
Can you not see that?
Your head is playing
tricks on you.
You have schizophrenia.
You're so smart, Theo.
You are one of the smartest
people that I know.
Can't you see that that's
what's happening here?
You can outsmart this,
I know you can, I know.
You're a tricky
little minx, aren't you?
Theo, please.
That is the truth.
Look at me, that is the truth.
Hey, what is your,
what is your gut telling you?
You have to trust that feeling.
Please listen, please, Theo.
Please let me help you.
Okay, if you want to help me
get me out of here.
Yes, you just have to
agree to go to London.
No, no, no, I absolutely--
I am not going back to London!
-[Hannah] I tried.
[Theo] Okay, goodbye.
So, Mr. Ross will be
leaving here with you today?
Uh, no, no, he isn't.
We have it down here that he is.
What do you mean?
He's on a 5150.
We can only keep
them for three days,
then we have to release him.
Uh, no one else is
scheduled to pick him up?
No, no, no,
you can't release him.
-He's really not well.
-We can't commit anyone
unless they willfully
commit themselves.
He's paranoid.
I mean, he thinks that
everyone around him
is trying to kill him.
He's not going to willfully
commit himself, is he?
Can I speak to a doctor, please?
Hi, hi, thank you, um,
listen, you can't
release my friend today.
He's really not well.
And he needs to be on his
medication for at least 14 days
before it actually
starts kicking in.
Okay, we can only put him
on a 5250 under
three conditions,
if he presents as
a danger to himself,
he presents as
a danger to others
or he presents as
gravely disabled.
-Look, Theo's sick.
He's just not sick enough
for us to force him to stay.
Well, can you give
him another evaluation?
-[doctor] We don't do
second evaluations.
Then, I mean, what is it
that you're doing here?
Um, okay, I know that
you're just doing your job
and that this is the protocol,
but this is how you can actually
help somebody to get better.
Right? Please give
him a second evaluation.
[doctor] Okay,
do you know where you are?
[Theo] Uh, I'm at the,
the Elysium Psychiatric
Facility in Los Angeles.
[doctor] Okay,
have you had any thoughts
of suicide or homicide
since you've been here?
Okay, and when did these
symptoms first start?
Uh, probably about
two weeks ago.
I was, um, working a ton
and I was producing
two albums at once,
under a lot of stress.
And, uh, I was having
real difficulty sleeping.
-And, um,
I think I was
dehydrated as well.
You know, sleep deprivation
can make you feel
a little funny.
No, hey!
No, he, he sees assassins.
No, he, he told me that
people are after him
and that they want
to take his watches
and they want to wipe out time.
-That is what you said to me.
-l know, and it must
have sounded very loopy.
-l get it, but my friends--
-No, no!
-My, my friends are worried.
-Theo, that's--
-He's not telling you the truth!
-l have delicate nerves.
-You're lying!
-l always have.
Oh, my God, you liar!
I spy with my little eye
something white and fluffy.
-A cloud.
-Yes! Oh, you're good at this,
I shouldn't have even started
playing this with you.
Uh, do you want to have a go?
Okay, I'm going to,
I'm going to go again.
And then see how you feel.
I spy with my little eye a rock.
A big floating rock.
The Moon?
-You got it!
It really is just
a big rock, you know.
-Sure is.
-Come on, then, you go.
-l don't want to.
-Come on, please.
It'll make everything-- I spy
is like-- It just solves--
Okay, I spy with my little eye
something beginning
with an orgy.
Bugger, what?
Yeah, over there.
That field of flowers.
-[Theo] Ah.
-[Hannah] They're sex organs.
-Did you know that?
[laughing] Yeah.
-Horny flowers.
-Yeah, I suppose they are.
-[laughing] That's a good one.
Uh, okay, I spy with
my little eye, uh, waves.
We're, like,
not near an ocean at all.
Oh, wires.
No, no, no, no, no, ju--
No, everywhere.
-Like radio waves?
Radio waves, everywhere.
All sorts of radio waves.
Big, small, soft,
hard, mean, nice.
God, I wish I could feel that.
You can, you can.
Already, you can.
Just don't be afraid of it.
We're, we're so kind of, uh,
comfortable with just using our
names for everything, you know?
It's like, as soon as
you hame something,
then it's just locked.
Oh, you know, that's a chair.
He's cool. She's a Carol.
-[chuckling] Do you
know what I mean?
It's like, [chuckling]
we've constructed, like,
a whole made-up world,
and it stops us from seeing
everything how it really is.
[light dramatic music]
Yeah, you, you might be
right about that.
[Theo] Yeah, yeah.
But your theories don't
quite add up, Theo.
No, I-- Yeah.
I know, I know, I know.
I admit, I do admit
there are holes
but I am so, so very close.
I am so close.
[Rachel on phone]l mean,
why on earth would
they release him?
-Are they morons?
-[chuckling] Obviously.
I don't know, cause the state
doesn't want to pay for him.
And Theo doesn't have insurance.
The system is fucked here.
It's completely broken.
And in England it's different.
I mean, there
he has health care, for one,
and they could keep him
in the hospital and
the medication actually works.
Right, we need to get
him back to London.
Oh, my God, wait,
he's running away.
-No, right now, he just--
He ran away, Theo!
[voice glitching]
Hannah, I can't hear you.
Wait, Hannah,
what happened to Theo?
You're breaking up.
[static oscillating]
Hannah, are you there?
Must be the waves, shit.
Anybody home?
Yeah. [chuckling]
Sorry, oh, wow,
I'm like, really out of it.
-Are you sick?
-No, I'm not sick.
It's not that.
Oh, yeah, well, I get it.
Me too, I'm so wrecked.
I'm so wrecked.
-l was so high last night.
-[Darron] Hmm.
I was totally tripping.
I like, I had to call 912.
What's 912?
It's like 911 except for
when you're, like, so high
that you're just freaking out
and you just need
someone to be like,
"It's all right, man."
-[Darron chuckles]
-"Not everybody hates you.
Drink water, sit in a chair.
You don't have a brain tumor.
[Darron] "Your face
isn't melting."
[Dana] "Your face
isn't melting."
-[Darron] "You're not crazy."
-"You're not crazy."
-"This is going to end.
You might feel crazy right now,
but you're going
to come out of it."
I'm so high
I don't know if
I'll ever not be high again
-You know?
-[Darron] All right,
all right. I'm not mad at it.
[Dana] Or maybe like,
yeah, like, like:
I-I don't know
-God, I get my best ideas
when I feel like this.
-; Antenna tower
- I hear?
-[Darron] That's why
you're a star, sweetheart.
-[Dana] That's right.
-; The call
[Darron] It's your special gift.
[playing keyboard]
Exhaling waves
Goodbyes for days
-That's nice.
-[Hannah humming]
I like that.
I could see one more
One more day
-If I could see you
-[Dana] Hmm, I feel that.
-That is a vibe.
-I One more, one more day
I would take these lungs
Breathe each other in
If I could see for
One more, one more day...
[Hannah] She's singing it
so differently.
Your way's too clever, honey.
It ain't easy money.
For one more, one more day
I'd take these lungs
Breathe each other in because
I know it's not the end...
[phone buzzing]
Oh, shit.
-Hey, Frankie.
-[Frankie on phone] Well,
apparently Theo's at
-a house party in the Del.
I don't know what to do.
-Are you kidding me?
I can't get a hold
of anyone else.
-Of course he's at a party.
-He's going to take you
down the rabbit hole, Hannah.
You move forward
I move backwards
And together
We make nothing at all
Everybody knows
How your garden's
Growing tonight
What's this
Tender fascination
And the boredom
Emulation of love
Stories to take home
We had your garden
Growing just right
[Theo chattering
in the distance]
[party music]
You do it for me
You do it with quickness
A man of the hour
As God is my witness
Me and my song
We'll do it alone
You do it for me
You do it for money
A man of the hour
It aches in my belly
Me and my song
We'll do it alone
[Theo] Do you feel that?
[woman] No, wait.
I think I feel something.
I just sped my heart rate up.
-[Hannah] Hi, Theo, hi.
Um... what are you doing?
We are experimenting
with our frequencies.
Try it again.
Okay, okay. [breathes deeply]
Give me a minute.
I think I can make this work.
Um, I really don't think
that you should be
partying right now--
Shh! I'm trying to concentrate.
This, this, this is,
this is all wrong, right?
This is, this isn't happening.
-It's not right.
-Her vibe is way off.
Yeah, your vibe is off.
You got some harsh shit you're
packing there, little miss.
You need to trim your frills
or you're going to get cancer.
Yeah, don't hold in stress.
Yeah, act out your
impulses. [chuckling]
Theo, um,
I, uh, thought that you said
that you needed
to relax right now.
This is relaxing.
This is exactly where
I should be right now.
And you.
You girls are in perfect time.
[whispering] You guys,
let's go to outer space.
-[Hannah] What?
[Theo] She said,
"Let's go to outer space."
-No, no, no, no, no!
-This is going to be weird.
[Theo] Come on, no!
-Yeah! Yeah!
-What is that?
[laughing] That's mushrooms!
-No, Theo, come on. No, I--
[Theo] It's a brill--
It's a great idea.
-It's a great idea, stop.
-Don't you--
-No, Theo!
-[women laughing]
Tuck in, chirpy chops.
-[Theo whooping]
-[woman] Feel it!
-[Theo] Whoa!
[Cheyenne] Off to the wild side.
-[Theo] It's so warm!
-[Cheyenne] You can do it.
I believe in you.
[light dramatic music]
[whooping] Yeah!
[Hannah] Oh, man,
can you see the ghosts?
[Theo] Ghosts are ripples.
When we pass,
we imprint ourselves
on the atoms around us.
And ghosts are memories
that electrons have.
Mm, that makes sense to me.
But sometimes,
what you bring with you
triggers the ripple.
But I don't want to bring...
I don't want to bring anything
with me, I try not to.
You know...
I can hear voices, too.
Theo, I hear--
And they're really harsh
and critical and mean.
And then, I can't even hear
my own voice, you know?
And, and it becomes so loud.
And then it's,
it's this, this void.
Well, the only way to stop
them is just let them out.
You know, just ride the wave.
To the shore, it's not so bad.
I don't know.
I don't want to do that.
I don't want to feel that.
Yeah, stop thinking.
What are you feeling?
There we go.
That's it, that's it,
that's right.
-[Hannah crying]
-That's right.
As soon as you let
yourself feel,
then the real you can just be.
Without your head
getting in the way.
And that's beautiful, feel.
If you can put that into your
work, then you're going to
come up with
something really great.
[crying] Yeah.
It's the only way.
[Theo] Just feel.
[rock music]
[Theo whooping]
Watcher's watching among us.
What are you looking for, son?
Bring your own gold.
Your own nebula.
All right, that's it!
I'm not going to run anymore!
-All right,
what do you want?
-[man] What's this guy doing?
Is it this, is it this?
Why don't you fucking take it?
Hey, hey, Theo, Theo!
-[man] That's not cool, man.
-Theo, what is happening?
[man] Easy, easy.
-[whispering] There's
something out there.
Come on, let's go.
Mm-mm, mm-mm, no.
You know what that is?
[Hannah] Yeah, the observatory.
It's so much more than that.
Theo. Wait.
Theo, where are we going?
Theo, Theo!
That's trespassing!
[dog barking]
Oh, my God, shit.
[Hannah grunts]
Goddamn it.
[dogs barking]
[helicopter whirring]
[officer on speakerphone]
LAPD, stop.
Put your hands in the air.
-Oh, my God.
-Stop, this is the police.
Come out with your
hands in the air.
Repeat, come out with
your hands in the air.
[Hannah whimpering]
[inaudible chatter
on speakerphone]
No, it's just
a misunderstanding, okay?
We were not breaking
and entering. I was just
chasing after my friend.
-Look, we were not breaking
and entering anywhere.
-l recognize you.
You're like the Nazi
I met in Auschwitz.
Get your fucking hands off!
Fuck you! [grunting]
-Oh, my God!
-[officer grunting]
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Please don't shoot!
Please do not shoot him!
-[Theo shouting]
-Do not shoot him!
Hey, no, no, he's mentally ill!
-[officer] Hands on the ground!
-Please, oh, my God!
Uh, I have
the papers in my purse!
You can get the papers
out of my purse! Please, please.
He's just been diagnosed
as a chronic paranoid
schizophrenic, okay?
[crying] Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God.
-[Theo grunting] Oh, God!
It would be the worst
place for him.
What the fuck! Get off me!
Get your fucking hands off me!
[crying] No, no, oh, my God.
No, no, please, please.
-6815, we're detaining--
-Oh, my God,
he's just been diagnosed
as a paranoid
schizophrenic, okay?
Don't arrest him,
please don't arrest him.
-He, he cannot go to jail.
-We can take him
to the hospital,
but it's dangerous for him to
be out here on the streets.
[crying] I know, I know,
I-- but--
Please, will you
tell a doctor that?
-[indistinct radio chatter]
-If that'll help, ma'am.
[crying] Oh, my God, thank you.
-[Theo groaning]
[crying] Fuck.
[Angus] Jesus Christ.
He looks terrible.
[Hannah] I know.
[Angus] God, mate.
[muffled voices]
[Hannah] God.
[doctor] Have you been feeling
strange at all lately?
[Hannah] He's so charming.
I mean...
These doctors, they just--
[Angus] God.
[Angus] Here we go again.
I tell you, these doctors,
they just don't care.
They just want him
in and out of here
as quickly as they can.
[doctor] Adrenal fatigue
can be quite draining.
Any thoughts of suicide?
Uh, only if you can die from
embarrassment. [chuckling]
-[Angus] What,
is he drawing something?
-[Hannah] Damn it.
[Angus] What's he doing?
What is he doing?
[light dramatic music]
[Theo] That's the symbol
for the society.
How do you know about that?
Are you a member?
Cause I, I haven't
seen you before.
[whispering] And we
need to debrief you.
Those feather pricks have
been trying to stop me
from erasing
all the negative energy
that's accumulated in the world,
from all the terrible
events throughout history.
We've gone ahead
and admitted him to a 5250.
[both sighing]
-[Hannah excitedly crying]
-[Angus laughing]
-How, how did you know...
-Thank you very much.
-...to do that?
-We use the LEAP method here.
There's listen, empathize,
agree and partner.
It rebuilds trust,
and eventually they trust you
enough to listen to your advice.
Oh, so, you just, you, you go
along with him? [chuckling]
It's clear that he can become
violent when under stress,
and his police record indicates
that he has a restraining
order out on him.
-By a, a...
-a Wendi Sotto.
-Oh, Christ, yeah. [sighing]
That's the girl Theo was seeing.
Whenever he has these slips,
he becomes obsessed with her,
thinks she's
the princess of time.
-She's a real person?
-Yeah, yeah, she is.
I didn't know that.
-l thought you were
different, Hannah.
You're just the same
as everybody else.
[single note on piano]
Come on, I want my next hit.
[single note on piano]
[guitar riffing]
[single note on piano]
Is this a fucking joke?
[single note on piano]
[phone ringing]
[Hannah sighing]
-Hey, Rachel.
-[Rachel on phone]
Theo's out again.
-He called that girl, Micah.
[Hannah] Micah,
the girl from the party?
Yeah, he told her he was
being locked away,
and she contested the 5250.
[sighing] Rudy's not
going to let him in.
-I don't know where
he's going to go.
-Okay, I'll be right there.
I'll see you soon.
-l, uh, I have to go.
-What fucking bullshit is this?
-It's an emergency that--
-l don't care what it is.
I'm a professional.
I only work with professionals.
This is my time.
My time is very valuable.
My minutes are literally
worth millions.
So I don't know
who you think you are,
but you are a nobody.
Do you have any idea who I am
and the opportunity
that I am giving you?
Yes, I have seen all
of your albums credits.
Dana Lee has
20 different songwriters,
an army of session musicians
and a team of suits.
Good luck with the new album.
[door slams]
[light dramatic music]
[distant coughing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Hannah] Theo?
-[man coughing]
I'm really sorry that
we did that to you.
We just, we wanted you to
be somewhere safe, you know?
Theo, I really don't
want you to be here.
I don't know if you'll
ever come back from here.
Please don't give up.
[crying] Don't let go yet.
I know that you're in there.
[sniffling] I know that--
[gentle music]
True love will find you
In the end
You'll find out just
Who was your friend
Don't be sad I know you will
But don't give up until
True love will find you
In the end
This is a promise
With a catch
Only if you're looking
Can it find you
Cause true love
Is searching, too
But how can it recognize you
Unless you step out into
The light, the light
Don't be sad I know you will
But don't give up until
True love will find you
In the end
-[horns honking]
-[man] No for dosing!
We're not going ahead!
Look, look at the sun!
It ain't moved in an hour!
Well, neither are you,
you're stuck!
You're in bondage!
Father Time don't
want you in bondage!
Time is frozen!
Look, do you see the sun moving?
Time is stolen by Satan!
Satan has stolen time,
look at the sun.
It's not moving.
You must stop, look at
the sun, it's frozen.
Look, girl, we're stuck.
We're stuck in time.
The, the hands are turning
on the clocks.
But time's not moving.
We're frozen!
Time has been put on
the Devil's track
cause time has been stolen.
[gentle music]
-[knocking on door]
Hey, Wendi.
My name's Hannah.
I'm a friend of Theo's.
He's obsessed with me.
You're the princess of time.
[scoffs] You guys got
to stop saying that.
Okay, sorry.
Somehow, I got wrapped up
in his illusions.
He started coming to the store.
I had to hide
in the changing room
while my employees
talked to him.
But he would just straight
come to the one I was in.
It's just like, he knows.
Sometimes I think he's
actually tapped into something.
Well, I wish he would
leave me out of it.
He is a person who is suffering.
He's my friend.
You can help.
[gentle music]
[Theo] When we're together,
we're happy.
Time stretches out.
You feel that, right?
We, we create time.
What we feel makes
the shape of reality
and, and everything
else possible.
I love you, Wendi.
What, what's between us,
what we feel,
our love could save the world.
It's the only thing that could
make everything all right.
It all makes sense now.
You two belong together.
Wendi, you are
the princess of time.
And Theo,
you're the time generating
mammals of the sea.
You can travel in
time, together.
And Theo, he would travel
anywhere to protect you.
He would travel anywhere
for you, right?
Right, Theo, I've been offered
this job in London.
Would you want to come with me?
[Theo] Uh, sure.
I was going to go anyway.
-[Wendi] Okay. [chuckling]
-[Theo chuckling]
[light dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[overlapping chatter]
[man on phone]
Oh, hello, this is,
this is Stewart.
I, uh, I went to Heathrow.
He wasn't there.
I went right to the gate, he,
-he must have slipped
by me somehow.
-[phone rings]
[Wendi] Um, Hang on, it's him.
Theo, where are you?
That's my question for you.
I'm not in London, Theo.
I'm in Paris, I'm going to
be here through the weekend.
Why don't you stay in London
and check yourself
into a facility?
I'll meet you there.
Like you were going
to meet me here?
[Wendi] /'ll be okay,
I'll come to you there.
Theo, please.
Please do this for me.
The only way we can be
together is if
you go into the hospital.
And we can generate
time from there.
You're lying to me.
[crying] You broke
my fucking heart.
You and me, we could've
done it, you know,
we, we could've stopped
the world from crumbling apart
and, and stopped all
the bad men from ruling
and taking everything
and everybody hating
and killing each other.
You and me could've done it,
but we fucking didn't.
And now that chance is gone.
It's fucking gone,
time is speeding up,
and, and we're just racing
towards the end,
and it's just going
to get worse.
Until the planet dies. [crying]
[crying] And all the animals
and all the beauty
and all the life is just gone.
God, it's just going to be over.
I don't even know why I'm trying
to stay alive anymore.
[crying] Theo, Theo. Oh.
I don't want to
be around to see that.
[crying] Oh, my--
-[phone disconnecting]
[light dramatic music]
[TV Reporter]...In western
China. The death toll
is now to be 400,000.
[indistinct TV chatter]
[crying] What.
What have we, what have we done?
[light dramatic music]
[distant sirens wailing]
[knocking on door]
[rain splattering]
Hello, Theo.
It's good to see you, son.
You're looking well.
I'm sorry Dad, um...
We're totally screwed
from this time on.
[radio static]
[hip-hop music on car radio]
[jovial orchestral music
on car radio]
[blues music on car radio]
[jovial orchestral music
on car radio]
[indie rock music on car radio]
[overlapping radio chatter]
[man 1] Hey, did you put the 421
in channel four or channel five?
[man 2] Uh, it's in four,
I got the 58 in five.
[man 1] All right, tight.
Dude, you got to come out
to the show next time.
-[man 2] I know, man.
-[man 1] Johnny absolutely
shreds on bass.
[producer over headphones]
Hey, man, can you roll 300 off
the Neve on channel two?
Yeah, we don't need it.
And there's phantom running
to it, right? Great.
-Hey, Hannah, you good?
[producer] Good.
Do you think we can
turn off the lights?
Antenna tower
I hear the call
Exhaling waves
Goodbyes for days
But I made my way
Through your atmosphere
Will you let me?
Letme lJ
Going to come to you
With a thinner skin
Will you let me?
If I could see for
One more, one more day
If I could see for
One more, one more day
If I could see for
One more, one more day
I would take these lungs
Breathe each
Other in because
I know it's not
The end of this
The end of this
The end of this
And I know
I know it's not
The end of this
The end of this
The end of this
Mixed signals of
The unresolved
Communal haze
Goodbyes for days
But I wade my way
Through your atmosphere
Will you let me?
Letme lJ
Going to come to you
With a thinner skin
Will you let me?
If I could see for
One more, one more day
If I could see for
One more, one more day
If I could see for
One more, one more day
I would take these lungs
Breathe each
Other in because
I know it's not
The end of this
The end of this
The end of this
And I know
I know it's not
The end of this
The end of this
The end of this
Goodnight, not goodbye
Goodnight, not goodbye
Goodnight, not goodbye
Goodnight, not goodbye
[light dramatic music]