Lottery (2018) Movie Script

Hamid Farrokhnejad
Saed Soheili
Hadi Hejazifar
Alireza Ostadi
Nader Soleimani
Mehdi Zaminpardaz
Amir Hossein Hashemi
Hamidreza Hedayati
Mahsa Bagheri
Javad Ezzati
Ziba Karamali
Script by:
Ebrahim Amini, Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
Co-producer: Masoud Zamani
Supplies manager: Mohammad Esmail Kalabi-abadi
First assistant director: Abdolrahim Sahebolfosul
Programmer: Mohammadreza Kashmiri
Camera operator: Mehran Mamdouh
Script supervisor: Pouria Kazemi
Photographer: Sahab Zaribaf, Majid Talebi
Visual effects: Sina Ghavidel
Special effects: Iman Karamian
Sound engineer:
Hadi Saedmohkam
Sound and mix:
Mehrshad Malakouti
Costume designer and decorator:
Behzad Jafari-tadi
Make-up designer:
Shahram Khalaj
Casting director:
Ebrahim Amini
Executive manager:
Amir Banan
Production manager:
Kamran Hejazi
Music by:
Habib Khazaifar
Edited by:
Hossein Jamshidi-Gohari, Sadjad Pahlevanzadeh
Director of photography:
Hadi Behrooz
Produced by:
Seyed Mahmoud Razavi
Even my dad didn't keep me
waiting for so long.
Why do you keep calling?
I've been waiting for an hour here.
Why did you dye your hair?
Go post it on Insta!
So you didn't like my post!
Why do you yourself dye your hair?
- It's my own hair.
- Yeah, right!
You've come all this way to
say these things?
Weird nail colour!
Hide it so I won't see!
Is this the emergency you talked about?
I was too busy!
No offence!
I just said something.
Don't go.
I need to talk to you.
How are you related to me at all?
Are you my dad, my brother,
my husband? Who are you?
You're right. I'm not related to you.
Thanks for reminding me.
Get back to work.
- Come here. Stop it!
- Go if you don't have time.
Stop acting for me.
- Come here.
- I don't get it.
Look, I deal with a hundred
people during the day.
- So?
- I have to look good.
Why don't you get another job?
Why a travel agency?
Like there are so many jobs
for me out there.
"I have to look good"!
You just sell them tickets.
If you keep nagging, I'll go to work
like this from tomorrow.
You like it?
Excuse me, when would you
like your flight to be?
Yes? You're here? You're not?
- You like it?
- Yeah.
Can I get back to work now?
Go get your things. We have to go.
- Go where?
- Where's your head?
- What date is it today?
- 26th.
I mean in October.
It's October 18.
- I totally forgot.
- Yeah!
It's October not Ectober!
Fine! Take the day off so we
can go sign up.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
- Careful!
Hey jerk!
Stop it!
Hey! Check this out.
Directed by: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
If we have a choice, I want us to go
a place where everyone can see us.
On the contrary, I want us to go
somewhere we could live in peace.
No one asked for your opinion.
You just wait and see.
You think everybody's waiting
for you to go? There are rules!
You need to be tall and stuff like that.
In this country, with people like you,
others cannot make progress.
It's so cool! Imagine!
You're among your fans in
different clothes.
Photographer's are taking
your photos from different angels.
Your bodyguards help you pass through.
A lot of people are waiting
just to get your autograph.
Someone says:"excuse me miss,
can I take a selfie with you?"
"Shut up, you jerk. She's my wife,
you got it? Get lost."
You wanna talk to them in Farsi?
They're foreigners.
No problem!
- You got it?
- Sit down.
I can speak any language!
First see if we can go.
- What was the passcode?
- Give it here.
Why do you change your passcode every day?
- I didn't.
- What do you have there?
- Here, what's wrong with you?
- You know my passcode.
You can change it too.
- But then tell me what it is.
- What nerve!
- I have to check your tablet.
- Go ahead.
I have nothing to hide.
Do whatever you want.
You're not done yet?
I'm hungry.
I wish you told me this morning,
so I brought my laptop.
I can't do it with a tablet.
I can't submit.
Don't do it!
Let me check before that.
What are you gonna check?
- Do you know English?
- Yeah.
I can read my name and address.
- Amirali?
- Yes?
- If you win, don't leave me behind.
- You're crazy.
- You still don't know.
- Know what?
You don't understand.
You're a fool!
- A fool?
- It's okay. Submit.
Let's see what happens this year.
Be quick. I'm hungry.
What are you listening to?
Come and see what I found
in your tablet.
What have you found?
- Have your sandwich first.
- Put that aside.
Get a hold of yourself.
- Let's listen to this.
- To what?
Give it here.
I could guess.
Don't think about it.
It'll be fine.
- What will be fine?
- Everything.
Look what I've bought you.
It's us.
- What are these things you buy?
- You don't like it? It's nice.
- I'll return it.
- I like it!
But you can't save if you spend like this.
That's nothing.
It's Chinese.
It's my gift!
Pray we win the US green card lottery
and I promise not to buy you anything.
What should I do with Navid, if I go?
Have you thought about that?
Things that you say!
He's not a child anymore.
We can support him better from there.
- You shouldn't worry about everyone.
- He's my family!
I know. But you should
think about yourself too.
If you go, everyone will do better.
I'm serious.
What do you mean?
You mean I'm the problem?
- I mean they're just overacting.
- You said it!
Take it easy.
Take leave tomorrow.
We're going out, okay?
I can't. I've been having this job
for less than two weeks.
I even left early today.
We're going to celebrate.
I didn't want to tell you.
What's the occasion?
You made me do it!
What is it?
My driving license arrived.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
- When?
- Yesterday.
- Why don't you say it earlier?
- Because that's another story.
- So you're looking for an excuse.
- That's it!
So you finally got it.
You speak in a way as if
I've failed for ten times.
I took the test twice and I passed.
I'm getting my motorcycle license too.
Let's celebrate for this first!
We'll have lunch.
I'll pick you up by a car.
You don't need to borrow a car.
- Why not?
- We can go by ourselves.
I've got a driving license!
I want to enjoy the ride with
my girl beside me.
You should learn not to
disagree with your man.
- What are you gonna say now?
- Okay!
Come on!
I can't hold it anymore.
Stop calling.
Go to the bathroom then.
- What's that?
- What's what?
- What's that you're wearing?
- It's Muharram, dude.
- Look at his hair!
- Stop it.
Check this out.
Cristiano Ronaldo!
What if Musa says something to you?
Forget Musa.
Even my dad doesn't pick on me.
Don't give this guy so much credit.
- He's just an ordinary soccer coach!
- Hold this.
Anything else, sir?
Where is your car?
Don't tell me it's in a garage.
I've promised Nooshin.
I took it to a carwash for you.
Right on dude!
Didn't expect it.
- You don't wanna relieve yourself?
- No.
Pass it here!
Don't shout.
Behave yourself.
Behave yourself.
Don't shout.
Don't touch him.
I said easy!
Why don't you listen?
- Fine!
- It's soccer not ping pong.
You ruined his leg!
Get out!
Leave him alone, coach.
- Get out!
- Sasan.
Keep playing guys.
Hi. Come on out.
I'm at the door.
What? Why?
I'll pick you up there.
It's okay.
Hello Reza.
What's the problem?
They picked on you again?
What are you doing here?
Why should you be everywhere we go?
Such a shame!
You can't stick to us everywhere.
Stop it.
- Did you tell this hanger-on to come?
- I thought you might need a hand.
You wanted to help?
You need help, yourself.
If you want to help,
get the hell out of our life.
I'm coming. Hold this.
Why did you come here?
Why did you?
Didn't I tell you not to come?
I'm helping here.
This is not his first time.
Didn't you see how he treated me?
Let go of that!
It's done, Nooshin.
Where is Reza?
They called him.
- Reza?
- Who's that?
I said, who's that?
- Dad's friend.
- Your dad has a friend that young?
He's a colleague.
I don't know!
That won't fit in my car.
We have to get a van.
I have a car.
- You have a car?
- Yes.
- It's yours?
- Yes, it's mine.
No, thanks.
I prefer to carry it on my shoulder.
Carry it down.
Can you do that?
- Hi.
- Hi son.
How you doing?
- What's up?
- You tell me.
- About what?
- The marriage and stuff.
Mahmoud told you?
Why don't you tell me if
you want to get married?
- We could talk man-to-man.
- I told you before.
You should tell me again.
Don't give up.
Like I don't give up on
saying "no" to you.
I thought you'd changed your mind.
I haven't changed my mind.
It's just that you've made the
most wrong choice.
- What's wrong with her?
- What's wrong with her?
Her father is a peddler who...
He wasn't like that before.
He's a peddler not a thief.
And her brother is in jail.
He hasn't committed a murder.
He's just tried to support his dad.
- He's turned to a loan shark.
- Everyone does that these days.
Even banks!
A good-for-nothing should not
borrow money from people.
They don't even have a mother.
Me neither. So what?
That's not a problem.
Manijeh was like a mother to you.
Don't be unfair.
Are you being fair?
Nooshin is not to blame for any
of the things you just said.
- It's not fair to...
- You can't ruin your life!
These people are not our type, Amirali.
If you're a man, you would give
your family a visit during this time.
Forget about me. You could come
and see your brother and sister.
They are children with little hearts.
They ask about you a hundred
times a day.
It's a long way.
I'll come and see them.
This long way is just another problem.
I want to sell the shop.
I'll add something to the money
and get you a place.
In Tehranpars or somewhere near us.
We'll start a better business together.
This one's not bad.
What's the end of it?
You'll sell 10 bread loaves instead of 5.
What about Mahmoud?
I want to sell it to Mahmoud.
He's been working here for 20 years.
- He wants to stand on his own feet.
- So you've made a deal.
He's raised some money.
And I didn't let him down.
Good for him.
I have to go.
Death to America!
Death to England!
Death to Israel!
- Think about it a little.
- I don't need to think.
What are those in your pocket?
They stick them on my doors.
Listen to me.
- Hello.
- Hello. How are you?
Haj Mohseni insists, not me.
He says Musa is trustworthy.
Thank him for me and tell him
I'm too old for that.
- Don't say that.
- Send him my regards.
Also tell him he was supposed to give
us some money to repair the pitch.
At least send someone to draw the lines.
Okay. Bye.
- Can I shake hands?
- Sure honey.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
Bye Mehdi.
- Shall we go?
- Yes.
Are you sure you want me to
come along?
That's a great favour.
We have to take her to her father
on the way.
How much do you earn? Where are
you gonna live with my daughter?
- I'll get a place.
- With your daddy's money?
- How much do you yourself have?
- It's my own money.
- I'll raise some money.
- So he has nothing!
He wants to live with my
daughter in a car?
His dad won't even give him a penny.
I told you not to look at my
current situation.
I'm living in my father's house
after 20 years.
Let me finish!
My daughter grew up in
Yousef Abad neighbourhood.
She's gone to a multi-language school.
I had to move to my father's
house after 20 years.
- I'm living here temporarily.
- You've been here for two years.
Now he's having an attitude!
That's rude.
He just doesn't understand.
Hi Sami.
You missed it.
Drive back to the square again.
Okay, bye.
- Why didn't your dad come?
- He did.
He can come again.
My daughter wants to study.
It's not the time for her to get married.
Off you go.
I'm expecting a guest.
Nooshin loves me!
She's damn wrong!
He's not even listening to me!
I told you I shouldn't come.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know why he did that.
- He doesn't listen to us.
- What the hell is wrong with him?
He's gone broke and he's been
waiting for a miracle for two years.
His poor son got in trouble
because of him.
I wish we could talk to him.
Who's that?
I don't know.
Is that why you asked me to come?
Why don't you go to Nima?
They won't let me in.
Immediate family only.
I'll take care of it.
- Hi. How you doing?
- Hi.
- How long have you been here?
- It's been half an hour.
What's the matter?
Miss me again?
What was that guy doing at
your place last night?
He was there to see dad.
Why didn't they talk at the door?
Why didn't you tell me?
When should we celebrate for
your driving license?
I can get a taxi.
What's wrong with your bike?
Let's go.
Are you kidding?
You'll get on my bike?
Yeah, let's go.
What do you mean?
You never got on a bike.
I wanna try.
You got a problem with that?
Isn't it late?
Your dad might get angry.
I wanna take you to Tehran.
It's far.
- Can we go there by your bike?
- We can even go to Bandar Abbas.
Are you coming?
What are you scaring me from?
Let's go.
- To Bandar Abbas?
- Yes. Let's go.
Are you okay?
What's gotten into you?
- Stop it!
- Just kidding. Let's go.
I'd love to go to Bandar Abbas!
Go slowly!
Are you scared?
- You don't like it?
- I do.
- I can get you something else.
- It's fine.
Don't be shy. It's on me.
I may not be able to see you for a while.
I may not be able to see you for a while.
What's the matter?
- I wanna go on a trip.
- Where?
It's Nima's debt.
He's rotting in jail.
You can see the situation.
Me and my dad cannot change
anything with the money we earn.
Forget that.
Where are you going?
I wanna work in Dubai.
What are you gonna do there?
I wanna work as a translator in
dad's friend's company.
The guy who came to your
place last night?
- Yeah, Sami.
- Now he's Sami!
I knew it from the beginning.
- Why don't you get it?
- Let me finish!
He's going with you?
- He's going with you?
- Why would he go with me?
- For how long?
- It depends on the salary.
It'll take some time anyway.
What about the green card and the lottery?
We had so many plans!
- Now you're going with Sami?
- We have to wait till the results are out.
I'll be back by then.
What about me then?
You wanna ruin everything?
You can work here.
Are you kidding me?
Who the hell is Sami?
Don't lose your rag!
He's a friend of dad's.
He's 20 years younger than your dad.
I'm not a child!
If you needed money,
you could just tell me.
- How could you raise the money?
- I'd do something.
I have savings, I'd sell my bike.
You should've told me.
You can't go to Dubai just like that.
How much do you need?
300 million.
Can you raise 300 million?
Can you give me 300 million
so I won't go to Dubai?
How long are you gonna work to
make 300 million?
They pay in dollars and dirhams.
Why are you worried about Navid?
We've moved here for two years
and he still has no friends.
He hates his school.
He's getting sick here.
You understand these things?
We grew up the same way.
What's the big deal?
That's why I'm telling you not to
risk everything for others.
Didn't you say,
if I go, everyone would do better?
Didn't you say that?
Then let me decide for myself.
- Hi. How you doing, bro?
- How did you get here?
- What's happened to your head?
- Something wrong?
No. Sit down.
- Tell me the truth.
- I swear it's nothing. Sit.
- Has anything happened?
- No.
- Is Nooshin okay?
- Everybody's fine.
- Nasrin?
- She's fine.
- Navid, dad?
- Yeah, they're okay.
What? It's nothing.
I just came to see you.
I thought I would talk to you
behind a window through a phone.
Take your time.
- Sorry I kept you waiting.
- What happened?
- I saw him.
- Well?
I couldn't tell him.
- I could hardly send you in there.
- I didn't have the face to tell him.
He has enough problems himself.
You said you wouldn't call
for a few days.
I'm worried sick.
You wanna kill me?
I'm going on the trip.
What trip?
- Don't let it burn.
- No worries.
No worries.
I told you about it.
So soon?
Leave me alone.
What do you mean?
Go get Nooshin.
Who's that? Get back inside.
- What do you want?
- I wanna see Nooshin.
You have no fucking right to see her!
Watch your mouth.
I just wanna see her.
Get out of here.
Don't stand here.
Reza! Open the door.
I said get lost!
Why don't you listen, idiot?
Don't disgrace me here.
Get lost!
Hi Amirali, how are you?
Sorry I'm leaving without
saying goodbye.
I couldn't say goodbye to you.
I tried to tell you I'm leaving
but I couldn't.
I just couldn't.
Please don't get mad at me.
I'll be back soon.
I'll come back and explain
everything to you.
I'm sure you'll give me the right.
I know you will wait for me.
Take care.
Hey! What's your problem?
Excuse me. Can you page Nooshin Beygi?
She's in the flight to Dubai.
Watch your step, boy!
You scared him.
What's your problem?
- Sir, where's the flight to Dubai?
- I don't know.
Let me give you a bag.
- Hi.
- I need to talk to you, Reza.
Can't you see I have customers?
- How well do you know this boy?
- It's none of your business.
Thank you sir.
Let me do my job.
This guy is not trustworthy.
Why did you let your daughter go?
He's with a different girl every day.
None of your business.
Why don't you leave me alone?
Why do you come here every day?
I have nothing to tell you!
I can't go round hat in hand!
Leave me alone!
Stupid boy!
Why don't you listen?
Don't shout, Reza.
Get out of here.
Hello ma'am.
Sorry I disturbed you.
I tried to call you but I couldn't
reach you.
- What is it?
- Have you heard from Nooshin?
She's fine. Don't worry.
She's living her life.
Then why doesn't she reply my
emails and texts?
- Her number's changed.
- Will you give me her new number?
I'm worried about her.
If she wanted to be in touch with you,
she'd reply your emails.
You mean she's broken up with me?
Why didn't she tell me?
Why are you asking me?
Please ask her to call me.
I'm worried about her.
The guy Nooshin is working for
is not a decent man.
I've been watching him. I tried to tell
Reza and he started making a scene.
- I wanted to let you know.
- Anything I can do to help?
Please give me her new number.
Nima is in jail. Nooshin must know
what she's doing in this situation.
But she's never gone anywhere alone.
What can I say?
Excuse me.
Will you give her my message,
Will you ask her to call me?
Why are you selling the new oven?
- It's baked yesterday.
- No problem.
- 2,500Tomans.
- Thank you.
- We owe you 500.
- No problem.
No one called you?
Hi. What's wrong?
Come on. Let's go.
- What's the matter?
- Hurry up.
- Have you been in a fight?
- No. I'll tell you on the way.
- Come on, tell me.
- Grab your coat.
- I'll call you.
- What's wrong?
I don't know.
Where are you going?
What the hell is going on here?
Go get Reza.
Go get Reza.
What the hell is going on here?
Get out, Reza!
Aren't you a man, goddamn it?
What's happening here?
Get out!
You think your daughter's
a plaything, you bastard?
Leave me alone!
You bastard!
Let go!
You're not dead yet?
What kind of father are you?
Happy now?
You got your daughter killed!
Now it's time to kill yourself.
Leave me alone!
I wanna talk to him.
You have no shame!
Look at me!
I told you!
Let me see what he's saying.
Let go!
Sit down.
Where are you going?
Sit down.
Don't put her in there!
You didn't even let me see her corpse.
I'm glad you didn't.
Nothing was left from her.
What did she look like?
What were you telling my
dad last night?
You shut me up.
What's the matter?
I was angry.
I just said something.
I'm in mourning, Amirali.
Tell me the truth.
Dad! Dad!
Calm down Nima!
What have you done to Nooshin!
What have you done to my sister?
What have you done to Nooshin!
What have you done, dad?
- Come here.
- Keep it down.
Come here.
What have you told him again?
Why don't you leave us alone?
- Dad! Dad!
- I'm fed up with you.
Answer me!
I'm not leaving this place unless
I know what's happened to my sister.
Don't shout. I'll tell you.
I haven't done anything.
I swear it was her own decision.
We talked about it here.
A while ago, I was in the basement
taking these clothes to sell.
She had come to get
tomato paste or something.
We talked to each other.
Sami had seen her in the travel agency.
He found my address and talked to me.
- My condolences Nasrin.
- Thanks.
He said he could help us out.
I asked what he was going to do.
He said that she could work
for an agency in Dubai.
- What agency?
- A modelling agency.
She was good looking.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
And you agreed to send your
daughter there as a model.
What was wrong with it?
It was a job.
They just stand somewhere and
have their photos taken.
He talked to you only?
He talked to Nooshin and I.
I talked to her and she agreed.
You made her do it!
I swear you made her do it!
You made her do it!
I swear on your mother's ashes,
I didn't!
I didn't made her!
She chose to do it. She liked it.
She said she could pay all your debts
if she worked there for a year.
She wanted to get you out of jail.
I had good intentions.
- Why did she kill herself then?
- I don't know.
She must've been scared.
She was too young.
She was too young!
You have Sami here?
You mean Mr.Taghibi?
Fetch Sami for me.
- What's the matter, sir?
- Get Sami for me.
You have a Sami here?
Come on out Sami!
What the hell are they doing
in this company?
Come on out Sami!
Someone else is in charge here.
- You have to catch him!
- Get in the car.
Where is my car?
What have you done, boy?
- Hello.
- Hello Musa.
We're in trouble, Musa.
Where is he?
He just went there.
- I'm so sorry sir.
- What have they done to me?
They've made a mess out of my office.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What about my car, Musa?
- Go get it out of the parking lot.
- I know.
What about the traffic infringements?
Can I have a word with him?
Yes, bro?
I'll die in there.
I'll find him, I promise.
I swear on Nooshin's soul,
I'll find him.
She always hid behind me
when someone hurt her.
I beg you to avenge her.
My hands were tied and
I couldn't take care of her.
I beg you to avenge her, Amirali.
Take it.
Drink something sweet.
Pull yourself together.
Nooshin told me she was going to
work as a translator in Dubai.
Her English was good.
She said Sami had found her a job.
The guy whose office we damaged.
We saw him at their door with
pastries the other night.
- Well?
- She lied to me.
- She didn't go as a translator.
- Then what?
- She went to be a model there.
- I see.
Perhaps she didn't want to
tell you everything.
That can't be a reason for you to
make a mess out of the guy's place.
- They hadn't taken her by force.
- Why did she kill herself?
What are you trying to say?
Sami wasn't a decent guy.
He might've molested her.
- Stop it.
- I'm going crazy.
- I shouldn't have let her go.
- Hey!
Get in.
We can't take action unless
there's a plaintiff...
...or there's mafia behind it.
Someone's doing an illegal business.
You should stop him!
- No crime has been committed.
- What do you mean?
- The girl has travelled with a passport.
- And she has her father's permission.
You mean it's legal to fool
people's daughters?
Are you sure she was going
for modelling?
Of course.
There was no other reason.
They might've taken her for
some other jobs.
Like what?
Wait outside for a moment.
Let me talk to Musa.
- Let him stay.
- It's just a guess.
He's young. He might have a lot
of thoughts when he's alone.
He can't talk about this everywhere.
Let him hear it.
- So I'll get to the point.
- Go ahead.
Some of the girls go abroad
for prostitution at will.
But some others are fooled.
They tell them they've been chosen
as models or commercial actresses.
When they get there, they explain to
them that it's not only about that.
They tell them they should do
other things to make progress.
Not that they don't need models, they do.
But it'll get further than that.
Wait a minute.
You're saying the same thing he said.
It's mafia, isn't it?
The head of these gangs are overseas, Musa.
There's nothing we can do.
They commit a hundred other crimes.
Their dealers are everywhere of course.
They have some people in Iran as well.
And these people are walking
freely out there?
- Listen...
- You listen!
I don't care about these things.
I just wanna find this guy.
What was his name?
- Sami.
- What should I do?
I told you there must be a plaintiff.
After what happened, I don't think
he'll come back to Iran any time soon.
What are we doing here then?
What do you want me to do, Musa?
There are rules!
Wait. Listen!
I talked to them.
As the father of the slain person
you just have to file a case.
There will be investigations
and the gang will be found.
Amirali cannot do anything alone.
Thank God he can't do anything
or he'd make trouble every day.
Reza, if you file a case,
you'll save a few other girls.
No Musa!
If I file a case, both me and my
late daughter will be disgraced.
What are you talking about?
Shame on you!
Watch your mouth.
I'm not talking to you.
What should I say there?
I have nothing to say.
You have nothing to say?
You got your daughter killed!
Now you have nothing to say?
You call yourself a man?
Why did you bring me here?
What have I done to deserve this?
If I file a case,
I'll file a case against you.
Go ahead!
She was my daughter and
I wanted to let her go!
What? Go!
Why are you honking?
Where are you going, Musa?
To a friend of mine.
He's a man of his word.
Unfortunately what you say is true.
- It's true?
- Yes.
What do you mean "it's true"?
As simple as that?
Say something Morteza!
Look Musa, the problem is
that you expect too much.
What made you get out of
your shell at all?
I'm in my shell, you're out here!
What did you achieve?
Should we uproot a rotten tree?
- Should we?
- You're right.
Perhaps we can deal with the
worms and the rotten parts.
I'm tired of whitewashing things!
You see these kids?
I spend my whole day with them.
"Musa, see this news."
"It's not true, don't believe it."
They send me pictures.
They show me pictures
and I tell them they've been retouched.
But this is true!
What should I tell him?
Thank God this kid made you
believe something's going on out here.
Yes I believed!
You know what? You're like the ant
whose nest is filled with water.
He comes out and said:
"The whole world is drowning!"
It's not like that, brother.
After 35 years, a young man
has knocked on your door asking for help.
And you think that's the only problem.
- I just asked you a question.
- Let me finish!
Let me answer your question.
You have enough time out there.
You've never seen obituaries... the political papers you've
been reading for 30 years?
Where have you been so far?
I thought my friends were out here.
Excuse me!
What are you arguing over, right now?
- We have a problem that...
- We fought for our land for 8 years...
...but now we don't care about
the shame they're putting us to!
What's that you're saying?
You still have a sharp tongue, Musa.
Watch your mouth!
You expect me to lionize you?
During all these years,
every time something went wrong... tried to put a lid on it.
I still say that wise people are
prudent and politic.
You're just calculating the risks!
I've learned to win without fighting.
What's wrong with that?
Don't be so pretentious, Morteza!
You've already lost!
Talking to you is no use at all.
You asked a question but you
don't dare to hear the answer.
You don't, brother!
Go back to your city and stick to football!
You're too old for this
cops and robbers game.
I don't want to meddle in your fight
and I'm not looking for trouble.
I just wanna know what's
happened to Nooshin.
I'm helpless!
- What's your name?
- Amirali.
I don't care about matters
of honour, Amirali! Ask him!
That's not what I said!
That's not what I said!
No one's gonna help you, Amirali.
You're on your own.
What should I do?
You should go to Dubai?
What should I do there?
Don't you wanna know
what's happened?
Don't you wanna know what's
happened to the poor girl?
I'll find Sami here.
He can't run away from me.
That jerk won't come back.
Didn't you hear what Masoud said?
After what happened,
he won't come back.
But I've never been abroad.
I don't know anyone there.
I'll help you if you want.
It's Nooshin's sister.
Answer it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
These are Nooshin's things.
They were in dad's.
- I thought they might be of help.
- Sure.
Her laptop, CDs and everything.
I didn't know she hadn't
taken her laptop.
I sent your photos, Nooshin.
You're becoming a star!
Soon you'll forget us too.
I have good news for you, lucky girl.
One of these rich Arab kids, likes you.
His name is Hilal,
he's Sheikh Hamad's son.
His dad is a big shot.
I'll send you his picture.
He wants to marry you.
Don't forget my reward, beautiful!
Thanks for having my back.
But I'm not planning to
get married now.
I wanna get back to Iran.
But I'll let you know if I change my mind.
Thanks again.
Don't make a quick decision.
I'll call you.
Don't be stupid.
When can you talk?
I'll see you in the hotel.
Don't trust Sami.
I know what I'm doing.
He says the same things to
other girls too.
How do you know what he's told me?
Hi Mehdi. How you doing?
What happened?
I've made up my mind, Musa.
I'm going to Dubai.
- Sure?
- Yes.
- Daddy!
- Coming.
The competition of league one
is in ten days.
A few guys liked the way you play.
You sure you wanna come?
I have to go, can't stay here.
- But you don't have a passport.
- No.
We'll get it.
I'm impressed.
Are you a good fellow traveller or not?
You can't go alone, can you?
Musa, I found a girl in Nooshin's Telegram.
Her name is Marjan.
She's not Iranian, she's Tajik.
- Their photos show that they've been close.
- That's good.
I called her and said I'm Nooshin's fianc.
But she hung up and didn't answer again.
Now we have two clues.
That guys and this girl.
Let's go.
Why are you helping me, Musa?
- You asked for help.
- Did I?
Didn't you?
You don't need help?
Like this?
What about your wife and kids?
They're used to these things.
Let's go.
Amirali, Nooshin is dead!
Why don't you get it?
Do you even know how to go to Dubai?
I'm not going alone.
I'm going with Musa!
What a guy! I'm telling you he's bipolar.
He's out of his mind!
Why don't you get it?
You wanna let him take the lead?
That's my own idea.
Leave the poor guy alone.
Stay here and we'll ruin this
guy together.
It's no use. I've thought about it.
I have to go.
That's not Tehran, Amirali!
If you get caught, you can't be bailed out.
They may keep you for 20 years!
- Sell this and keep the money.
- You're not even listening to me!
I didn't ask for money.
I just don't need it anymore.
Take it.
Idiot! The competition for
league 1 is in a week.
Stay and you might be chosen!
We'll be in touch.
I gotta go.
Don't do anything stupid, Amirali.
No worries.
Bye. Sell it!
Let me know if you change your mind.
Hi Amirali!
Hi. How you doing?
- What have you got for me?
- There you go.
- How are you?
- Excuse me.
Dad's not home?
No, he went down.
He'll be right back.
Come in.
- Help yourself.
- Thanks.
Here, fix this.
- I bought what you said.
- You're late, Hamid.
Hi dad.
Hi Amirali!
Welcome, son.
- I told you to get 2.5.
- Stop it!
Fix it yourself.
I'll be right back.
- I have to go, dad.
- Where are you going?
I have to go. I missed them.
I came to see them.
Stay for dinner, son.
- Bye Manijeh.
- Wait. Wait Amirali.
- I'm coming down.
- No need.
If you need something,
I'll come down.
No.I just came to pay you a visit.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah.
- Nothing's wrong?
- No.
- Don't you need money?
- No, thanks.
Why did you give Mahmoud
the keys to the shop?
I may not be able to go for a few days.
Where are you going?
You want us to go on a trip together?
- Only you and I.
- No, I've got something to take care of.
Come here, dear.
I came to the cemetery to
Nooshin's funeral.
You weren't feeling so good.
So I didn't come close.
Thanks. I have to go.
- Amirali?
- Yes?
Take care, son.
Don't put yourself in trouble.
They drove me crazy!
Arabic language is that different
from ours?
Yes, it's different.
Everything is different.
It's not only their language.
So you're staying, right?
Yeah, no complaints.
I came to give my brother a hand.
And then I stayed.
Why didn't you bring your wife
and kids as well?
I told them.
They say they don't like to come.
How is your brother?
Business is good?
It's good, thanks to God.
He's got the capital and
I'm working with him.
He opened a boutique.
It was good but it was trouble!
He's been renting cars to
tourists for a year.
We have a lot of Iranian customers.
What are you doing here, Musa?
What made you call me all of a sudden?
I don't look like a guy who
can have fun?
Of course you do!
Why not?
I wanted to see you.
I thought you might also help Amirali.
- What was the name of that tower?
- Infinity.
The other name is Cayan.
I'll take you there. It's very famous.
That's Khalifa Tower.
The highest skyscraper in the world.
The height is 800 meter.
Have you been in there?
What? Lottery?
What is he saying?
The ugly pig says the lottery
has been cancelled.
- It's cancelled?
- Cancelled.
So much the better.
Naeem, how much have you
bought these newspapers for?
- 2 dirhams.
- In Tomans?
They're all printed in colour.
I bought this for 500Tomans.
Naeem, can you find everything
in those clubs?
It depends what you mean by that.
Can you find prostitutes there?
You've changed, Musa!
Not that bad, though!
Shame on you.
My feet have swollen after the flight.
I'll go for a walk.
You want me to go with you?
That's Rigga Street.
Careful not to get ripped off.
Is that fog? What is it?
What? Fog?
Come on, it's dust.
Don't get fooled by those towers.
This is a just big desert.
And that is sands!
In news they call it "haze". You can
find it in our own Khuzestan as well.
And that's Marina.
- Where is it?
- Over there.
That's where your friend lives.
She's there, right?
- She was.
- What do you mean? Not anymore?
Go and I'll tell you.
Fine, no worries.
But it's obvious you're
looking for trouble.
Let me tell you something.
This place is full of cameras, Musa.
You're being watched the whole
time you're in Dubai.
I'm saying this for your own good.
I don't want you to leave your
works unfinished here.
What works?
I said I'm here to have fun.
Yeah, right!
Like the other time.
- Buckle up.
- I got it!
I said buckle up.
We'll get fined!
Damn it!
That's Cayan!
- Which one?
- That twisted tower over there.
I saw it.
A while ago, an Iranian maid
fell from up there.
- She committed suicide?
- No, she was cleaning the windows.
- How long ago?
- About a month ago.
Exactly44 days ago.
Are you sure she was a maid?
I don't know.
That's what I've heard.
- Naeem?
- Yes?
You know Hilal bin Hamad?
- Hilal? Son of the famous Hamad?
- Yeah.
Oh dear!
What happened?
It's a long story.
Each floor of these towers belong
to a rich guy.
There's an apartment on the 17th floor
that belongs to the son of Sheikh Hamad.
His name is Hilal. He's a dirty man.
His father is a statesman
and whitewashes what he does.
The girl you're talking about has
fallen from there.
The news didn't say that. Sorry, I
didn't know she's a relative of yours.
What was Nooshin doing here?
Does this guy Hilal live here?
Can we find him here?
They have many houses and apartments.
All of those rich guys!
One of the houses is for the family,
the others are for their nasty works.
Does this jerk, Hilal have anything
to do with modelling?
I don't know about modelling, but he's
into jewellery and diamond business.
He makes them,
buys them and sells them.
Are you sure she committed suicide?
I'm just guessing they
might've lied to you.
They told us it was suicide.
But the news said she fell.
They are born twisters,
you believe that?
What is this?
You put a lot of sugar in it.
He's gone again!
- Why do you talk to people like that?
- Leave me alone.
Did you even understand
what they asked?
- Are you sure it's this hotel?
- Yeah.
- Isn't this Plus Hotel?
- Yes it is.
Haven't you tracked him anywhere else?
No, we have to find him here.
Naeem, what will happen to the
girls who are brought here?
Don't remind me of this grief!
There's an event called Hafleh.
They gather girls from different places.
Arab Sheikhs sit and the girls play
hard to get for them.
After it's all finished,
every Sheikh chooses one or two girls.
I don't know about the legal stuff.
But it's just like a raffle.
The girls who don't get chosen,
have to work in hotels and clubs.
They buy them any way they want.
And they like virgins!
You still have that bad habit of yours.
I just answered your question.
It's not only Hafleh! They choose
the girls from other places too.
It's all different from what it looks like.
He knows better than me.
You didn't tell us where this
event is held.
I know some places.
On catwalks where models walk like this.
Come on, smile!
Don't frown like that.
Until when do we have to wait here?
We have to wait till he shows up.
If we keep waiting here, the cops
may suspect us.
We'll take shifts so the cops
won't suspect us.
The others can get some rest.
- I'll take the first shift.
- No, I will.
- I can't sleep.
- Me neither.
You go.
Amirali, if you see him, call us.
Don't do anything alone.
- Hi.
- Hello!
- You didn't sleep?
- I couldn't.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
- Let's have some breakfast.
- Thank you.
No problem.
- What news?
- Nothing. We were there till now.
- You need a hand?
- No.
We've been waiting for this
jerk for days and nights.
What if he doesn't show up at all?
Then what?
We're tired.
If you're tired, Musa and
I will keep going.
I'm serious.
I'm saying that because of you.
You look exhausted.
There's no choice.
What else can I do?
There are only Marjan and Sami.
Marjan doesn't answer her phone.
She hasn't even seen her messages.
If you have a better idea,
tell me and I'll listen.
- Sorry for the inconvenience.
- It's okay.
There he comes.
- It's him.
- Sure?
- Yeah, that's the bastard.
- Get in Naeem.
Get in.
Unit 8, fourth floor.
Thank God we found him.
Thank you so much.
Naeem, there are cameras all over
the place. Won't you be in trouble?
Why do you think I changed the car?
He didn't see you?
Musa, you haven't told him who I am?
Tell him who I am.
- All right, I will.
- Let's go.
Football players have so much fun here.
They give them places,
cars and everything.
They live in peace here.
They're so rich.
But they have no future here.
Not everything is about money.
They've bought the whole world
with their money.
They do whatever the hell they want.
They're in football, cinema industry
and everything.
They've even bought the
Louvre Museum.
I'm glad you came to follow up
your fianc's death.
Your family is our family.
I'll help you till the end.
- But they buy everyone.
- To hell with them!
Have some nuts.
- Have I ever eaten these nuts?
- No?
There he is.
- Shall I go?
- Don't be hasty.
Start the engine and be ready.
Keep the distance when following him.
Let's go.
That girl is Marjan.
- Are you sure?
- The one next to the window.
Who's Marjan?
Don't look.
- Who's Marjan?
- I'll tell you. Be patient.
She left.
I'm Amirali, Nooshin's fianc.
Listen. I haven't come here from
Tehran for nothing.
- I just have a few questions.
- Go.
- Go or I'll call the police.
- Go ahead.
I'm looking for the police!
And I'm not going back empty-handed.
What do you want from me?
You got Nooshin killed.
Isn't that enough?
- I got her killed?
- Yes, you did!
If she didn't think of you,
she'd be alive now.
She wouldn't fight with Hilal,
she wouldn't argue with Sami.
What was Nooshin doing in
Hilal's apartment?
She got into a fight with him?
Please go.
Leave me alone.
If Hilal's guys see me,
I'll be in trouble.
If you can't talk here,
we can meet somewhere else.
- I can't!
- Wait!
Let's go.
- What happened?
- We're gonna meet up.
That's all?
You're gonna meet up?
- What else should I do?
- Did you threaten her or not?
She won't come, Amirali!
- Why would she come?
- Where are you going?
You should've scared her.
You should've threatened her.
Which way did she go?
Change the channel.
Let's watch our own news channels.
It's news.
What's wrong with it?
- You don't have Iranian channels?
- No.
- You don't like the food?
- I do.
Tell him about the fish stew
I made for you.
Tell him.
We didn't even have water to drink.
And you made fish stew?
Such a mood spoiler!
Why did you stop it?
Come on! Smile a little!
What's your problem now?
Marjan, we'll be done if you
don't convince her.
Listen, Hilal chose Nooshin on the stage.
He could not wait
when he realized Nooshin was a virgin.
You'll get 30,000 dirhams.
Tell her not to play hard to get.
What do you mean she's the
marriage type?
It's marriage.
What's the difference between
this and marriage?
Remember what you yourself said
when you first came here?
What happened?
She'll get used to it.
Make me proud.
Your reward is safe with me.
You'll be the queen of Tajikistan.
Come on, assert yourself!
Just find her blind spots!
What's wrong?
I swear I'll cut his head off.
What happened?
I told you to do nothing unless I tell you.
Don't turn the engine off till we're back.
Be careful!
Give me a hug!
Give me a hug!
What's going on here?
He's gone!
What is this tomfoolery?
Here are your tickets. You both are
going back to Tehran tomorrow at 4:00.
4 o'clock! Understood?
What's wrong with you, Morteza?
We've seen each other after
such a long time.
- Why are you two fighting like this?
- You're crazy. You don't understand.
You still let him decide for you.
He doesn't understand.
Who told you to get tickets for us?
Who do you think you are?
Why have you followed us?
I'll do whatever I want.
This is not Iran.
You can't meddle in everything.
- Keep quiet.
- I'm trying to respect him!
Amirali, I understand you.
I know what situation you're in.
You had some questions
and were looking for the answers.
Now you have the answers.
You found out what Sami had been up to
and what happened to the poor girl.
Now you're going back to
Tehran and settle scores.
- Morteza! Morteza!
- You're doing nothing here.
You know that jerk won't get back to Iran.
Who are you fooling?
You are my eyewitness.
Why are you provoking that kid?
You mean he doesn't understand?
Forget about national security
and bilateral relations.
Think about that kid.
So that's what you're worried about!
The kid is just an excuse.
If you know, then why do
you keep doing this?
You're doing this on purpose!
Cut it out Morteza!
You're just calculating the risks
and everybody knows that.
Don't get on my nerves!
This guy is a...
He's a filthy pimp who can turn to
a leader of the opposition in no time.
Should I explain it to you too?
Just be on our side once.
Why are you always against us?
Why do you think I'm here now?
You think they just fool girls and
hold events with them?
No, they're just covering their
other crimes this way.
It's money laundering, smuggling,
drug dealing, weapons, terrorism, Daesh!
I'm serious.
I'm working on their crimes and
you just think about the girls.
I lost my life in this unimportant matter.
Now I know you well. You've always
had more important works to do.
You've forgotten your own
country to save the world.
But my world was Nooshin
who's gone now!
You have water in the car?
- Go get him.
- I know!
Tell him to leave.
He's my guest.
How can I tell him to leave?
This is our bag.
We're leaving tomorrow.
You wanna sit here till then?
Give me your wallet and passport.
Give them here.
Right on.
How do we go to the airport tomorrow?
Naeem will drive you.
Why have you brought this
card with you?
Don't we have enough enemies here?
What is this?
Look at your beard!
You want me to shave my moustache too?
Shut up!
Shame on you, Musa!
You're 200 years old!
What do you think you're doing?
You've set a trap and come here to fight?
Stop it!
Leave me alone, Morteza.
You're giving me a heart attack.
Where are you off to?
Where are you going?
- I can take a walk, can't I?
- Of course you can.
National security won't be disrupted?
No. Where are you going to
take a walk anyway?
Leave me alone.
Morteza won't let us do it.
I know him.
We've come together.
There he is.
What does this mean?
You mean we should go back empty-handed?
- We're not that empty-handed.
- What did we do? Nothing!
- You found out what you needed to know.
- What did we find out?
I respected him only because of you.
He knows I'm not feeling well
and he keeps laughing at home.
It doesn't matter if Nooshin was forced
to go to Hilal's or she was fooled.
What matters is that she didn't go at will.
It doesn't even matter if she's killed
herself or gotten killed by them.
What matters is that she didn't do
what they wanted.
- Isn't that what you wanted to know?
- No, I can't Musa. I just can't.
I can't leave Sami alone.
If you wanna go back, go ahead.
I won't get offended.
You've already done me a great favour.
I'm not done here yet.
I'm not going back.
Are you sure?
Way to go.
Of course you're not going back.
I don't understand.
You've been leading me on?
What about your friend, Morteza?
Forget him. He's just doing his duty.
We'll do our job.
What do you mean?
Amirali, tomorrow we're gonna
wake this damn city up.
I still don't understand why
you're doing this for me.
Because I feel guilty.
I lived honestly for a lifetime.
When I was in the system, I didn't let
anyone touch the national treasury.
All my friends know.
I didn't even use government pens
for private purposes.
But now I feel guilty.
I was unaware of what's
going on around me.
And now I want to compensate for it.
But Amirali, it wasn't supposed to
end up like that.
I swear.
Let's go.
We have a lot to do tomorrow.
Come on, the breakfast is finished.
Nice suit!
Look at that white shirt!
It's too early.
We still have a lot of time.
Sit down.
Let go!
Shut up!
Let go!
Musa, you promised Morteza!
Musa, you promised him!
Why did you tell Morteza we're here?
I was trying to protect you, idiot!
They would kill you.
Even if they don't kill you,
Morteza will!
Morteza will kill you!
Stop it. Let me go.
I know you're man enough to
buy a few hours for me.
You're still with me?
Stand me up.
You know I'll be in this till the end.
Go. I'll take care of Morteza.
Shall we go?
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- You sure you don't wanna go over it?
- I'm fine.
What did you do to Nooshin, you jerk?
What the hell did you do?
You jerk!
You jerk!
I'll kill you!
You jerk!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I've grown up in the gulf countries.
You wanna kill me?
I'll kill you!
You let everyone know!
Shut up!
Shut up or I'll kill you.
Where did he say he grew up?
Gulf countries?
It's Persian Gulf countries!
What have you done to yourself?
What do you mean?
What the hell were you doing there then?
Oh my God!
Now what should we do about that?
Look carefully!
Take a close look!
Tell everyone!
This is what happens to those
who play with our girls.
Take a look!
Tell everyone.
Happy now?
If anyone does this to Iranian girls,
we'll kill them in their own house.
Tell everyone!
Tell everyone!
Our girls are not your playthings!
Directed by: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
Produced by: Seyed Mahmoud Razavi