Louder! Can't Hear What You're Singin', Wimp!! (2018) Movie Script

I can't hear you!
I can't hear you at all.
Like I said,
Sin is coming!
Sin is doing a revival show!
Yuuta, you have to come!
Come right now!
That's it for today!
The boss is saying you can't do this, too!
Just let me talk to him!
You're not allowed! You hear me?!
You got that?!
There are countless people ruined
because they couldn't handle the quiet life!
I don't really believe in this sort of thing,
but I have a bad feeling about this!
A really bad feeling!
Don't do this today!
Are you listening?
Are you listening?!
Are you listening?!
Can't hear a thing.
Evil is always around you.
We must confess our sins.
Before it is too late,
you must rid yourself of your demons.
You will all face judgement in the afterlife.
Thank you so much.
The next song
Well, before that:
there is something I want to tell you all.
To be honest,
I have psychic powers.
That's tricky to get you to believe, huh?
But there really was
just one time
where I get to use it.
My power, I mean.
I tried to put that feeling
into a song.
"A Stubborn Summer Cold."
Give it a listen.
I can't seem to get over
this summer cold.
She's so quiet.
I can't even hear her.
Yeah, I'm on my way!
Yeah, I got you!
But, listen-
We can't hear you!
She's too quiet.
[Ave Maria by Franz Schubert]
Sin! Sin! Sin!
That's what
a stinker is.
[he is making up a word]
A stinker.
What? Stink?
Yeah, when some people play sports,
they put on sweaters... they're stinkers.
I don't get it.
Wait, please!
The boss is worried about your throat!
Can't you hear that?
"Sin! Sin!"... they're calling for me!
They're waiting for me with wet cunts and hard cocks!
Is it not my duty to answer that call?
Did you check?
That they have wet cunts and hard cocks?
Still can't hear a thing.
Sin! Sin! Sin!
Sin, full name Shizukawa Sin, accused of assault,
has had charges against him dropped by prosecutors
due to his accuser's withdrawal of testimony.
I guess with a voice as good as his,
he can get away with violence and adultery.
I got the car ready.
Thank you.
You two.
You should probably talk.
He's not wrong.
[Ave Maria continues]
Show me
more energy!
Everything turns to dust!
Turn to dust!
Turn to dust!
You've got nothing left to live for, sister,
you've given up your humanity.
Your head is running hot, brother,
you've given up your humanity.
Shut up and listen, it's calling you.
You can hear hell calling you while you fall down.
Your soul has become so worthless,
even the devil isn't buying!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
in the embrace of the heaviest rains,
your love is reduced to garbage!
Yeah, yeah!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
let your primal urges take over
no matter what the Gods will say.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
On the night mankind ceases to exist-
Why is it
that you sing so quietly?
You don't want people to think you're bad?
Well, there is that.
I've had
a thing for you.
I couldn't say it, though.
I'd have liked you to sing louder.
That's why.
Okay... I'll think on it.
Well, about the song we'll play at the audition-
I'm sorry.
I don't think there is any reason to stick with you anymore.
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
in the embrace of the heaviest rains-
Sin's throat has burst open.
I'm getting him to a doctor!
I've got one extremely spicy Death Pizza!
Sin-san, hold on!
For Sakaguchi-san?
You can't go ordering pizza during a concert!
It's so hot!
Pizza... you idiot!
Pizza... you idiot!
My eyes! My eyes!
Pay the bill!
I'll pay!
The bill, you bastard!
What's going on here?
Turn to dust!
Turn to dust!
You've got nothing left to live for, sister,
you've given up your humanity.
Your head is running hot, brother,
you've given up your humanity.
Shut up and listen, it's calling you.
You can hear hell calling you while you fall down.
Your soul has become so worthless,
even the devil isn't buying!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
in the embrace of the heaviest rains,
your love is reduced to garbage!
Yeah, yeah!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
let your primal urges take over
no matter what the Gods will say.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Are you okay?
I'll call the police and an ambulance.
Just hang on, okay?
Come on, now.
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
in the embrace of the heaviest rains,
Louder, You Wimp! I Can't Hear What You're Singin'!
your love is reduced to garbage!
Yeah, yeah!
Oh, crap!
My job... my job!
Work, work...
Work, work!
What's going on?
[13 Ice Cream is a reversal of 31 Ice Cream, aka Baskin Robbins]
Uncle Zappa... I just got fired. It's done.
What job?
The one where I put peas on the dumplings.
Okay, well, let's talk about that.
Do you know why they put peas on the dumplings?
No idea.
To make them easier to count.
If you have a bunch of dumplings all together,
you can't tell how many are there, right?
But if each dumpling
has one green pea on top of them,
then the number of green peas is how many dumplings there are.
Oh, I get it!
Is that the best reaction you've got?
It's good that you got fired!
Fuuka, what's going on?
Aunt Devil, I got fired.
You're so hard to hear... you've got to start speaking up.
You're going to make me think my hearing is getting worse!
I got fired.
If you miss rent, you're gone.
Even though we're family?
Life isn't that easy.
Give me some time... I'll get this month's somehow.
What faith can I put in a ratty busker?
Alright, if-
Well, okay.
I'm quite sure
that looking at me won't change anything.
I'll use this
to get some money, so hold on.
What? You're going to sell it?
Well, I don't have much choice.
That's such a waste!
Your mother
worked, worked, and worked
to give this guitar to her daughter
when she left for Tokyo to be a musician!
Is now the time
to talk about that?
What about being a musician?
Gonna give it up!
Still so quiet!
It's a good guitar.
About that...
I decided not to sell it.
What are you talking about?
Nothing. Just talking to myself.
What happened with that guy?
He disappeared.
Even though he was bleeding so much?
He's an odd one.
I wonder where he went...
Try asking the winds.
Is that romance material?
Romance, huh...
I left that behind so long ago.
Was he
your boyfriend?
No! He is just someone I ran into.
There is nothing between us!
He surprised me.
The blood was from his throat... basically,
the problem stems from his abnormal vocal cords.
His vocal cords are overdeveloped and
his throat can't handle their strength.
Do you get it?
His vocal cords pull on the surrounding
tissue and that is tearing his throat apart.
How would that happen?
Vocal cord doping.
To put it simply,
it's the same idea as athletic doping.
You can enhance your vocal cords with drugs and surgery.
It makes your voice something beyond human,
but that comes with its own problems.
Isn't that stupid?
Vocal cord doping sounds so crazy!
Does something so stupid actually happen?
Body modification surgeries and a mountain of drugs...
Sin is a monster as far as vocal cord doping goes!
I'm going to laugh myself stupid if you don't stop!
Why would he do that?
You're just a suit from the record company... you don't get it.
Rock is all about singing so fiercely, to the point your body feels
like it could break down, that you can be in control of the audience!
Would you want to listen to some old fart
singing in a high pitch and in the wrong key?
Musicianship and presentation doesn't make a difference!
It's all about how the vocals make you feel!
Vocal volume is
a factor of how hard you push yourself?
I thought it was about lung capacity.
Either way,
the catastrophe we've been waiting for is coming.
Sin will lose his voice,
and it won't be long now.
We're on an interesting topic, aren't we?
He'll need some real help along the way.
Like a special hospital?
There aren't any in Japan! None!
Korea! Vocal cord doping is a Korean practice!
It is?
Yes, plastic surgery and body
modification is big business in Korea.
They're amazing over there.
I've told you the secret.
Uh... well, I...
Don't forget where you are...
On a bus with us.
I understand.
And it was
the most lovely place.
Thank you very much!
You can't just leave like that.
The doctor was worried.
I have one song left.
I'm not ready to die.
Is that the song's name?
For the last while,
I've felt I might throw up my own heart.
I could try and swallow it again,
but it'll come right back up.
This is probably where I'll-
Those guys are damn loud!
Hold on a second!
What are you going to do?
It's always one thing or the other...
Wait up!
Hardcore, hardcore!
Hardcore pays for all the fun that we have!
Hardcore, hardcore!
Hardcore pays for all the fun that we have!
Hardcore, let's go!
Hardcore, let's go!
Quiet down!
Who's this?
What did you say?!
There are other people playing over there, so quiet down.
What's with you, asshole?!
What's with you, asshole?!
What's with you, asshole?!
You can't do this!
I'll kill you, asshole!
Asshole, asshole, asshole!
What the fuck is your problem, old man?
Who are you to talk?!
All that bleach has gotten to your brain, bimbo.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
You bastard!
I'll beat you senseless!
Even though that is illegal?
We're on the other side of law and order!
You say that, but your songs still have an order!
You lot can spit on society all you want,
destroy the system if you want,
but even so, you're still choosing the order of your songs!
I get it!
You asshole!
I can't deal with this!
Just come with me, twirp!
Hey, so, what do you do?
Something with music?
Yeah. "P"!
[sound of a censorship beep]
Is that a word you can't say?
There he is!
Is this really the time for that?
This is the time to run as fast as you can!
[also means "producer"]
I'm a producer!
I thought so!
It's very good to meet you!
Now you speak formally?
Everything about you is weird!
So, if you're a producer, what do you think
of my music?
Your music?
It's garbage that won't even burn.
It's garbage from a heart with no fire.
It doesn't make me feel anything.
There are people who say my songs are good.
Are you stupid?
They don't really mean the songs are good.
They obviously just want to have sex with you!
That's horrible.
Louder, you wimp!
People can't hear a word you're singing!
I just
want to keep my feelings close to me.
I thought you might say that,
but your feelings don't even matter!
They're shit! Just shit!
You're singing for the sake of singing
only because you don't want to be a loser.
That's not true.
I want to find my own voice one day.
Aren't you just looking for excuses to not try?
There are plenty of people just like you.
"If I found the right style,"
"If I wrote a good enough verse,"
"If I just had the chance,"
Aren't those just excuses to not even try?
I don't need this lecture.
I don't even know you. Good bye!
I'm not looking for excuses.
[poem 10 of Hyakunin Isshu]
Is this your gate for strangers and friends?
[authored by Semimaru]
You're a dimwitted Semimaru!
[relates to the ebb and flow of life and people]
It's a place where some go and some stay!
Please just leave me alone.
Somewhere. Anywhere but here.
Don't run away like that.
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
This guitar
was a gift from my mom
when I came to Tokyo.
Open that up.
What is this?
I'm making it up to you.
Making it up to me?
You don't need to do this.
No, no. Don Terry about it.
["don't worry"; used pun on Brian Eno's name]
Make up for the glass, too!
You dirty cockroach!
Shut your trap, you old bitch!
I'll stomp on you, brat.
You don't know when to stop!
I can pay you off, right?
Wait, wait... not all of it!
You look like a guy with no plan for tomorrow,
[rechargeable payment card]
but you still have a PASMO card, huh.
Are you pickpockets?
You still pay for things now that you'll do later, you dumb punk.
That's funny coming from someone with more past than future!
That's not okay to say.
That weird way you move
reminds me of Nicolas Cage!
Got it?
I got to it first,
but nothing happened.
What's the alarm for?
Couldn't say.
That's just weird.
People set alarms because they have something to wake up for.
If not, then why set it?
Yeah, that's right!
Uh, well...
An audition.
Get to your audition!
Forget it.
I think I decided against this one.
What do you mean "think," and why so quiet?
Just go!
We finally see eye to eye.
Why won't you do it?
this audition
is one the band was going to do.
But I'm solo now.
And the song...
it's not even ready yet.
It's always this or that or another thing with you.
I don't even have a guitar.
Didn't I just replace it?
Right, this...
I'm not used to this yet, so, I can't play it yet.
You're still looking for excuses.
We're going.
Ouch! You're going to rip my ear off!
If she lost her ear, would she get an artificial ear?
[gimimi = artificial ear]
[sounds like "gimme"]
Artificial ear... like an artificial eye.
Gimimi Shelter!
[The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter]
You done?
Pay me back for the glass and the door!
She's auditioning.
Your name?
What's your name?
Ashitaba Fuuka.
Oh, okay.
Living life as a wax sculpture,
[Rou Ningyou no Yakata by Seikima II, heavy metal]
you may sleep, you may shake , but there is no tomorrow for you.
You'll be a lone sculpture tonight.
This just feels off.
You won't be able to move
your arms, your legs, or even your mouth.
You're good, but... you know.
The song, and how you carry yourselves... it doesn't fit.
Getting old seems to have its downfalls.
Okay, next person.
The sun will still rise in the morning,
and all that I am
will come to-
Did I not tell you at the start that if I lift this, you're done?
If there is something you want to change, please tell me!
I can make changes.
I don't need you to make changes.
I have a feeling that everything about you is a little strange.
I don't want to end up like that.
Like what?
Well... that song...
You can't just talk about other people all the time.
You amount to nothing right now.
Do you have nothing that you put your energy into?
Some cut their wrists enough that Death himself could visit,
but end up just looking like Red King.
What? Red King?
You don't need to know.
Either way, you're flat as a board
from your emotions to your pacing.
[a Godzilla-like monster in Ultraman]
Oh, this is Red King...
You can't rely on Wikipedia for everything!
Just stick to what matters.
Rock, as a concept, is the polar opposite of Wikipedia.
Oh, I can move things with my mind.
There it is again!
To get some attention,
you just say "Oh, I've got a sense for the supernatural!"
That is so annoying!
You're such a pain in my ass.
Why don't you even let out a scream?
You can't tell this is fake at a glance, right?
Well... I'm not sure.
What is up with all your emotions sounding half-baked?!
Half-baked emotions and half-baked reactions!
Half-baked emotions and half-baked reactions!
Rock does not suit you!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Old playing cards stink!
Back to form.
What do you think this is?
Medicine for the throat?
Completely wrong. Not even close.
Didn't even touch on the right answer.
Hilariously off the mark.
This is a muscle steroid.
For doping?
To put it simply,
it was developed by the Soviet Union,
and it was very effective,
but it had too many side effects.
Thus, it has been completely banned since 1976.
How many conjunctions was that?
Where did you get it?
I'm more curious what kind of person he is.
That night, rumors of Sin lip syncing began to spread.
...so I told them to continue with just the vocal track.
We're in this mess because you do that unnecessary shit!
But, at the time, Sin's throat-
So you play a vocal track for lip syncing? Are you fucking stupid?!
Everything has gone to poop because you!
I felt like saying poop!
You got a problem with that?
No, I just-
Someone there started talking about it.
Are ticket sales dropping?
They're getting canceled left and right.
Why does this have to happen right now?!
What are we going to do about this suit's fuck up?
Why did this even happen?!
You piss me right off!
All this time,
you've had me lip syncing for what?!
Yeah, well, you keep doing pop-up concerts
and spewing blood on everyone.
I can just sing.
I can sing in a way that nobody could think I'm lip syncing!
I will have that audience eating from the palm of my hand!
Not just them, but the world!
But your throat-
That doesn't matter!
I'll sing so loud you'll all go deaf!
We could put on a big show with fireworks and everything!
This tour is going to bring in about $3 million.
I've already pulled out loans to pay for the tour.
Things aren't as bad as they sound.
We'll profit around $2 million.
I'll split it with you 50/50.
[ex machina is his band's name]
You're our deus ex machina!
[original meaning, not the plot device]
It will be the moment a machine delivers us the god we need!
Sin, our God of Rock!
Money will make you human!
That's all you need.
If he actually puts his all into singing, his throat is done.
Why does he take singing that far?
His sister, probably.
His sister?
Memories of his mute sister
weigh on his heart.
Your love is reduced to garbage!
Yeah, yeah!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
let your primal urges take over
no matter what the Gods will say.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I've never heard it like this before.
You've always seemed like a straight
shooter who never compliments,
but even you can be won over.
What do you want to do?
Is this enough for today?
Why would I stop when everything is perfect right now?
How about that,
Shitty Sakaguchi?
I know you're fired up after people
started talking about the lip syncing,
but you need to keep giving us your concert-level voice.
I'll leave everything to you two.
Good work.
Your songs still don't stand out, huh.
I guess not, huh.
Sighing again?
Well... yeah.
I wonder how much of Tokyo's air is other people's sighs.
No idea!
That's fine,
but Sin's pets are going crazy.
Just because of some lip syncing, they turn against him?
I'm very thankful for you taking care of this.
All I did was leak the lip syncing story,
just as you told me to do.
But why did you want to do that?
Your company will lose money over this.
Who knows?
You don't know?
Well, sometimes you think of doing something
and you know that you shouldn't do it.
Sometimes thinking it makes you want to do it.
A destruction impulse.
What a boring reason!
Well, most of the world moves for boring reasons.
Is this it?
Sin's new album cover?
Give it here.
This is his first time without makeup.
His real face... for the first time.
You don't need to spread this one.
You hungry?
What do you figure "happy soba" is?
Happy soba.
Happy soba... right, let's try it!
[beef bowl chain]
Let's just get Sukiya.
There it is. As always.
But don't you spend the whole day upset
when you try something new and hate it?
That dumb punk might be right.
About what?
You find excuses not to try things.
Yeah, super sorry about that!
Whoa, holy cats!
Will you have some happiness?
We'll have two happy soba.
Okay, here are your... things.
This doesn't make me happy at all.
Then maybe you need an AED to get your heart pumping again.
Maybe that's how you feel?
Okay, then.
This is actually pretty good.
Isn't it?
See, sometimes this can happen!
I guess I do have to try new things.
This is so good,
I'm starting to cry.
Me too...
You know, your music...
Isn't that the same kind of thing?
I know that!
I'm sorry this is coming out of the blue,
but I
want to give it one more go.
Things are quiet right now.
But, listen:
it looks like his throat is ripping open
because of his vocal cords.
The doctor tells me
that if his throat has another incident,
there will be no coming back from it.
He might never sing again,
or never be able to speak again.
A tour, of all things...
On the road to becoming an adult,
every day stretches you to your limit.
Please try to keep it down.
On this night,
[Convenience store]
at Lawson Station-
Is it true that Sin's singing voice comes from his doping?
Sin under suspicion of vocal cord doping: is his voice faked?
Is it true that his throat is at its limit?
Will this be his final tour?
Sin under suspicion of vocal cord doping
The true story of Sin's doping
Will you go to Sin's concert anyway?
Evidence of Sin's doping
No more Sin for me!
I'm going to the show!
Well, vocal cord doping is possible.
There are lot of American singers who do the same thing as Sin.
Like Christina Aguilera and-
Most viewed ticket auctions
I'll pay up to $500!
Sell me a ticket!
Ticket sales are through the roof!
Is this because of the suspicion that Sin is doping?
I leaked that story.
Why would you do that?
It makes for a bigger spectacle!
These idiots are paying $1000 for tickets!
We can pay back the loan in one shot!
Doping, throat ripping, falling from grace,
complete ruin... this is so much fun!
People pay to watch others suffer.
Fakers are guaranteed to have a bad ending.
You sure do some terrible things.
You're one to talk.
You leaked the lip syncing story, after all.
Didn't you?
I spilled the beans.
I'll be the rock star,
and you'll have your eye on me.
We'll get out of here right now, tonight.
I'll be the rock star, and you'll have your eyes on me.
We'll get out of here right now
and we'll watch the rest of this dream unfold.
Thank you so much!
I think you're getting better.
Thank you.
Someone you know?
Evil is always around you.
Repent for your sins.
Before it is too late-
Louder, you wimp!
Are you okay?
Sin has vanished
Sin's show at Saitama Super Arena was suddenly canceled.
So far, we can only speculate as to why.
Sin has failed to appear for his concert tonight.
Concert-goers have turned to rioting after trying to get refunds.
His new single, The Fall of Humanity, released days ago-
Fuuka! What about work?
Now is not the time for that.
Sin, vocalist for ex machina,
failed to appear for his concert.
That's definitely him.
That's what I've been telling you.
How could we of all people not tell that was Sin?
With that makeup...
If he is Sin, wouldn't he be rich?
He should easily be able to pay for the glass.
No, you can't be sure.
Why not?
Well, he blew off his concert at Saitama Super Arena.
Monetary losses could be in the tens of millions.
What's going on?!
Is it that big of a deal?
Not really.
Fuuka! Your power!
On it.
The T.V. isn't going to work.
You should be screaming instead!
Way too late
no matter how you look at it.
you're Sin, right?
You're Sin, the screaming demon, right?
How'd you figure it out?
Nevermind that, everyone is looking for you!
That ain't gonna work.
They making a fuss?
Yeah, they were talking about you on T.V.
but it suddenly started showing static.
That's the part that bothers you?
It won't work.
Why not?
I ripped out the antenna.
You look like old stage actors!
Don't hit me!
This guy disappeared, right?
So am I
actually disappearing?
They say you're missing.
But he's right here.
Well, he isn't physically missing, then.
What are we even talking about?
I'm going to stay here for a bit.
I guess I can't.
Do you remember how you've been treating me?
Stay as long as you want.
Providing a safehouse for someone is on my bucket list.
Sheltering someone sounds like a romantic notion, too.
Are you trying to sell me on this?
You two are plain weird.
Anyone home?
Can you open up?
Excuse me!
You're in there, right?
Don't worry! Leave this to me.
You know why we're here, right?
Is Fuuka-san around?
[amateur/mankind pun, as in Sin's song]
"Looking for new manbers!"
How did they know?
Probably following up on you.
Are you blaming me?
They're over here!
[metaphor for having done the heavy lifting
monetarily and her job should be done]
And thus the heavens and the Earth,
all things, were created.
Effectively, all of the work was done.
And He rested on the 7th day.
I understand.
I understand!
But complaining on and on about the Saitama Super Arena...
[he says tanpopo, meaning dandelion]
Think about bananas...
you don't need the second "na"!
It's like that... once is enough!
You will be paid back... tickets are sold out!
Even if Sin blows it-
Your sweat is acid.
Are you okay?
I know what you want to say.
Will you really never be able to sing again?
I can't do anything about it.
What are you doing?
Maybe my power can help.
Are you an idiot?
Fine, say no to help.
Hand me the guitar.
What for?
I'm probably going to lose my voice.
You should at least remember my voice.
Wait, it doesn't have to be right now.
If you push yourself, you'll just lose your voice for good!
Idiot! Stop looking for excuses and give it to me!
I've already
stopped the doping
so my voice is back to normal.
This is my real voice.
[Ave Maria]
Sin, shut up!
Listen up, everyone!
You all need to know that Shizukawa-san
is someone who doesn't pay back borrowed money!
You all need to know that Shizukawa-san
is someone who doesn't
pay back borrowed money!
Don't bite my shoulder! Just don't!
It hurts, it hurts! It hurts!
Biting my finger is one thing, but not my shoulder!
Don't bite my shoulder!
[band: A Dead Gorilla Outside Your Door]
Don't bite my shoulder!
Don't bite my shoulder!
Don't bite my shoulder!
Do you like to sing?
Try singing.
You've got taste, kid.
But you need to sing it louder.
People won't hear you if you don't.
Even louder!
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
You can be loud now.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I don't know why, but I'm crying.
It was for nothing.
I was always getting bullied,
so I couldn't bring myself to speak up.
I thought it was stupid to raise your voice for anything.
But that was completely wrong!
I just figured that out.
I think you're missing the point.
Misunderstandings are important.
A lot of things happen only because of misunderstandings!
Either way, we can't let this be the end!
We'll go to Korea,
you'll have your surgery,
get your throat back to normal,
and then you won't lose your voice, right?
That's what you said earlier.
Sin! Run!
See ya.
Sin just... he jumped.
To liver!
We've got a problem!
What happened?
Sin... he...
What happened to Sin?
He jumped off a bridge-
Getting your head nice and hot in the shower
gets your whole body warm at once.
What are you doing?
Oh, dear.
[Tsushima to Busan]
Korea and Tsushima
are probably close enough to use a tin can phone!
I'm pretty sure those have a limit of about 830m.
You have that info on hand?
Well, whatever.
You know,
I was thinking...
Isn't going to this hospital without telling anyone
just a little crazy?
There you go rehashing things again.
You already made the decision to go to Korea
to get surgery for your throat.
I know that.
I know that, but...
Are you screwing with me?
What is this place?
Somewhere I used to live.
Really? You know these people?
Busan Firecracker Factory
It's been so long!
Oh, my!
Fuuka! It's Fuuka!
No way! I can't believe it!
Fuuka is back!
What is this?
Who are you?
My dad is an engineer and came here to teach his craft.
Fuuka! Let me see your face!
Don't embarrass me!
Oh, man.
Huh? No, I'm good.
I'm goo- no, no.
And... why are they this happy to see you?
My dad was the best in Busan.
...so I will be here for a little while.
Of course! If it's for you,
we'll do just about anything!
Thank you so much!
On that note,
is this sad looking fellow your boyfriend?
Oh, well that's great news!
Okay, then.
(Sakaguchi) - Please just let me know if you find out anything!
(Boss) - Of course he will lip sync! Just find him!
Did you find out anything?
Clues have to be here!
This is bad! We only have one day before shit hits the fan!
So the fee for canceling concerts-
This isn't the time to talk about that.
I'm scared.
Me, too.
I'm going to have you tell me everything.
Are you... Chou-san?
Yeah... you are!
What was your band's name?
Glass Mask.
That's right!
What have you been up to?
What about you, Chou-san?
Are you a good guy, or a bad guy?
Oh, stop it!
What the hell?
Anyway, I don't know where he went.
Yeah, right... we go back a long way, so please just tell me.
[Yama, or Enma, is a god of death]
Are you okay with a sweet Yama?
I guess this was a loss.
It sure wasn't!
Oh, I get it.
Your sweet Yama.
What's wrong?
Nothing much.
Yeah, sure.
Something feels off.
You have something to say, right?
We left in such a hurry, and now we're in Korea.
You won't have any regrets?
About what?
You won't be able to sing like before if you have surgery.
You can't take it back.
Who are you people?
We have business with the Japanese you have here.
There aren't any here.
Is that right?
If you can't hear my voice,
I'll raise the volume for you.
That sounds good.
You can be my voice.
You want me to sing for you?
I can't do that.
I don't think it'll work without your voice.
Another excuse?
Not really.
after the surgery,
I won't be able to sing like today.
You can sing like me instead.
I can't!
You can!
Give it your all.
Give it everything you've got!
Even if it's just one time,
let out a voice so loud that you feel death coming!
But you get right back up
and go as far-
Something is coming.
Is your life an anime?!
What gives you that feeling?
Hold up!
What are you doing?!
That way is a dead end. This way!
There he is!
We've found him.
We're apprehending him now.
You got him?
Then find him!
I think we're safe here.
What is this place?
Why did you do that?
Are you dumb?
Look around you.
These are all firecrackers.
I think we can get out now.
There is a road we can take into town.
He could be here.
Is he here?
He isn't.
Bombs away!
Why would you do that?!
For the fun of it.
Show me
more energy!
Theatrics don't matter right now!
Run, Fuuka!
Just arrest them all!
Ryusei-Go is still kicking.
[Mobile Suit Gundam]
The one and only.
I used to
ride this to school every day.
You just had to do that.
There was a way
for us to get out.
We don't have time to debate that!
We can't change it now!
Why do you always make everything harder?
Why do you just try to piss me off, piss
me off, and piss me off some more?
I don't see any reason for it!
That right there is why, Fuuka!
You're finally getting angry!
You can be my voice.
You... were just trying to get me to be louder?
Show me more energy!
You can't raise your voice that much!
Gun it, just gun it!
Go, go, go!
Don't hold back!
Stop that!
Someone's coming!
Block them!
Use your power, twirp!
But I was lying about that!
Do it anyway!
It worked!
Don't worry about me.
Show me more energy!
Get in the car.
What do you think you're doing?!
Somebody drive!
On it!
You shouldn't yell!
Don't yell!
Don't yell!
What are you doing?!
What's happening?!
Isn't that a bit much?
Oh, your billboard?
That's a lot of pressure, boss.
That feeling will go away on its own.
It wasn't your money, anyway.
You cut straight to the point.
That being the case, let's do a tour in Korea!
That again?
I'd love to, and the money would be great,
but listen here, shit-for-brains:
your past with Korea is in the way of that happening!
Whenever that comes up, it's just
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Well, that...
Japan might if we were Korean,
but the Korean government won't let you in.
How long are you going to say that?!
Then bring Sin back.
That's something Japan won't allow.
The Rolling Stones got in, though.
That was drugs.
The clock can run out on that charge,
but your fuck up with the firecrackers
is comparable to terrorism, so you're screwed forever.
How about this?
You could do a show on Tsushima.
You want Sin to hear you, right?
If you sing there,
maybe you can be heard in Busan.
Fuuka, the screaming princess - new single out July 7
Super challenge!
Prisoners up to number 208, move.
Songmin's turn.
You lot! Do not cause any trouble!
I have nothing to do with this.
Another failure.
He won't talk for anything.
What do you think you're doing?
We're betting on when he will talk.
Jung-su, you can speak Japanese... how about you try?
I'm good.
Well, shit.
We'll set up another challenge soon.
Maybe he has a mental problem.
I still don't get it.
Why are we doing a show here?
Because if I sing loud enough, they can hear me in Korea.
It was your idea, too.
You can't take me so seriously!
I can't keep up with idiots.
I kept up with you here, though.
I wonder if the wind will blow.
Why are you talking like Bob Dylan?
That scared me!
Hey, you!
What are you doing?
His hat blew off!
Hey, what's up with you?
The butterflies?
They come from Japan.
You there!
Get back in line!
Do a good job tonight. Good luck!
I think it's time to get this show started.
You're up.
You'll get through to him.
I can't hear you.
Louder, you wimp.
People can't hear a word you're singing.
Louder, you wimp.
People can't hear a word you're singing.
Louder, you wimp.
People can't hear a word you're singing.
Louder, you wimp.
People can't hear a word you're singing.
Louder, you wimp!
People can't hear a word you're singing!
Show me
more energy!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
Come on, Sin!
Be quiet.
Did you
just talk?
Sin! Sin! Sin!
I'll sing my heart out
exactly like this
until the end of my days.
I'll sing until I find myself
with the taste of blood in my mouth.
One time, I heard the hardest rock I'd ever heard
and that's how I'll sing.
If you can't hear my voice,
I'll raise the volume for you.
Get yourself covered in mud,
fall over coming down a hill,
but get right back up
and go as far as you can!
Pick up a broken guitar,
and give it a play.
Come up with a brand new melody, with a brand new voice.
With my heart ablaze,
I will never waver.
I'm singing my heart out,
with the taste of blood in my mouth.
On our last day together, we wrote a new kind of rock.
Can you hear it?
Is it reaching you?
I have changed so much since that night.
The fire inside me then
was still so small,
but after today,
its warmth should reach all the way to you!
How far do you want to go?
There is still so much
that I want to see, and so many memories I want to make.
If you fall to the ground,
and scrape your knee,
just laugh it off with a smile.
You'll find yourself warm
from the fire here, right now!
Words never die and songs come and go,
but rock and roll is forever.
If it makes me cry, I'll scream it.
They call me a princess,
but I don't plan to change the entire world.
Until the very moment my fire burns out,
I'll keep screaming for you!
Pick up a broken guitar,
and give it a play.
Come up with a brand new melody, with a brand new voice.
With my heart ablaze,
I will never waver.
One thing hasn't changed since that night:
I'm carrying the fire in my heart.
Everything turns to dust!
Turn to dust!
Turn to dust!
You've got nothing left to live for, sister,
you've given up your humanity.
Your head is running hot, brother,
you've given up your humanity.
Shut up and listen, it's calling you.
You can hear hell calling you while you fall down.
Your soul has become so worthless,
even the devil isn't buying!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
in the embrace of the heaviest rains,
your love is reduced to garbage!
Yeah, yeah!
On the night mankind ceases to exist,
let your primal urges take over
no matter what the Gods will say.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Louder, You Wimp! I Can't Hear What You're Singin'!
Written & Directed by
Miki Satoshi
Translation funded by famitsu1
Translation by: Stythe