Louis and the Nazis (2003) Movie Script

One, two, three... This is perfect.
I'll just make a square like this.
And then sew it the other way.
Why are you laughing?
Hey, that's easy, too!
OK. Do you need music?
Sometimes I wonder if you
know how that stuff comes across?
That's an ancient Aryan good luck
Do you care about
people's feelings? Of course I do.
I think I'm a pretty...
..empathetic person.
Because, I mean, irrespective of
what the political reality is as
you see it, as other people see it,
there's just a lot of people who...
You mean all the Jews that might be
really upset at seeing a swastika,
so they might be offended...
Why does that make you want to
cause more offence? I'm not doing
it to cause pain to somebody.
I find it entertaining to put a
swastika on the floor. You told me
to do stuff I'd normally have done.
When my kids and I go to the beach
sometimes we draw swastikas in the
sand and you guys aren't around.
Gee! I wonder why we do that? Maybe
because we think it's a neat-looking
symbol. You can't comprehend it.
But you know what's funny?
I can comprehend how you feel.
I can understand. You don't seem to
understand how...my way of thinking,
but I do understand your way
of thinking because I used to be a
brainwashed lemming like yourself!
No offence. None taken.
For several weeks, I'd been living
among a community of true believers
trying to find the humanity in
people whose world view is probably
the most abhorrent conceivable.
But so far, I wasn't having
a very easy time of it.
My journey began three weeks
earlier in Fulbrook, California,
a small town half an hour outside
San Diego. I was meeting one of
America's most notorious racists.
A Grand Dragon of the KKK
in the '70s, a congressional
candidate in the '80s,
and now the leader
of White Aryan Resistance -
a self-styled revolutionary group.
His name - Tom Metzger.
Hello. Lou! How are you doing?
Good. You must be Tom. What branch
of the government are you from?
I'm Tom. I'm from the BBC. The
broadcasting arm of the government.
The heavy duty boys. Come on in.
Are you Tom's better half?
Yes, I am, actually.
Oh, yes. She's my better half.
He doesn't admit that too often.
I gotta say that.
Yes, you do.
Do you...? I'm just sort of
starting out so I don't really...
I'm not familiar
with all the terminology
and the specifics of your politics
and your world view.
Are you a Nazi?
I think I'm more serious
than most of the Nazis I ever met.
I'm a pan-Aryanist. I believe
in white people all over the world
sticking together.
Here's the latest paper.
The main work you do
really is...um...
Paper, Internet...
WAR - stands for?
White Aryan Resistance.
What have we got there?
Well, this is a typical...
white whore and a black guy.
What is the problem with a white
woman going out with black man?
Most black men are ugly, number one.
You think you're better looking
than Denzel Washington?
Yeah. Do you really? Oh, yeah.
What if that was put to a vote
and you were outvoted?
If I had the money and the power
and a job making movies, I'd get
ten times more women than him.
Do you really believe that?
That seems delusional.
Well, I believe it. I don't know
whether it's delusional or not.
Denzel Washington's in there
because they have to do that...
But just on looks, you can't...
Denzel... He's not bad looking.
He's not as ugly as... Yeah...
..as ugly a nigger as most.
Like Colby Bryan. Why did you use
that word? I use it all the time.
I never used to use it.
Would you not use it around me? Not
use it? In my home, I'll use it.
If you don't want me to say it in
a restaurant or out, I won't. But
in my home, I'll say what I want.
Then it's up to you.
That's your right. Right.
As a favour to me, though? No.
If I decide I want to say "nigger",
I'll say it.
If I don't want to say it, I won't.
That really upsets you, don't it?
It doesn't really upset me.
Well, good. Then we'll go on.
It makes me think slightly less
of you. That's OK.
I'm not here to adopt you.
I got a lotta CDs. I don't really
like every one of them, but...
some of them I haven't even played
There's a lot of skinhead music.
Is that one? Yeah. That's...
..Hey! Leave it alone.
What is the point of having
a lynching of a black man on a CD?
I think it's conveying a message
if a black person is out of line...
..badly...then it's fine.
They should be lynched.
But we'll probably let the sheriff
and the police do it.
Don't you think
that's quite shocking, Mary?
I don't wanna hang one at a time.
Are you kidding?
That's too slow.
We want them all out.
Do you really? Of course!
We don't need them! They're a pain.
They drag us down.
But on the other hand
they can have their own nation,
their own police,
their own military.
We don't want any part of them.
They should be happy.
The blacks always say how... Don't
you think that's shocking, Mary?
To have a picture of a black guy
being lynched on a CD?
It's part of history. I don't
think it's terribly shocking, no.
I think somebody knocked
at the door. Yeah. Who is that?
Would that be Lynn? I don't know.
She said four... Oh, it is four.
Huh! Laurie!
Laurie! My long-lost little angel!
Who's Laurie? Mary?
She's the eldest daughter. OK.
Hello, guys. Hello. How do you do?
I'm Louis. Nice to meet you.
And you. What do you do, Laurie?
I work at Starbucks.
Do you? And go to school.
Do you consider yourself a racist?
But I think in everyone's own way
that everyone is racist
because my whole life, you know,
all throughout school,
kids, white, black, whatever
would hate me because...
of my last name.
Really? Yeah. You pointed at me.
No. Well, why would they do that?
Not because of you,
but because, "Metzger, ooh!"
Is your dad Tom?
Because they'd heard of Tom Metzger
as a leading racist?
Even today at work people talk
about me. Could you go out
with a Jewish guy?
I mean, I can. I'm of age.
I can do my own choices.
Would you worry about
what your dad would think?
Maybe a little,
but...not much.
I'm not gonna ask for his approval.
That wouldn't make me too happy.
I'm not! I know you're not.
What would you do, then?
I would not have a Jew with my
daughter in this house. Period.
It...it...speaks of hatred...
I hate the people
who cause me to hate.
They kill my friends.
They imprison them for life,
they...give them many more years
than they do the common black negro.
They rape and torture people... That
is such bull. That is such bull!
Don't you read the crime statistics
in your country, for Christ's sake?
Don't you read
what blacks do in England? I do!
Excuse me.
If I wanted to stay the night
at your place...
would that be feasible? I don't
think I'd like that. Really?
I don't feel comfortable with
any stranger staying in my home.
We can be pals and go out to lunch
and have a beer or something.
I'll even sing karaoke to you.
We can be buddies to that point,
but it'd be weird of me to have...
a buddy buddy just
to be a buddy non-political buddy.
Would it? I don't want to do it
in a tokenistic way.
Well, at this time it would be
a very tokenistic way. Really?
# Just to be here with you
# Just to be here with you
# There is nothing
that I wouldn't do... #
It had been a long
and in some ways depressing day.
I'd found Tom's attitudes
And I was still more confused
when the karaoke bar he took me to
turned out to be largely non-white.
I could only assume that,
for Tom, karaoke sometimes
took precedence over racism.
# On the day I was born
# The nurses all gathered round... #
The next day, and Tom was taking me
to meet his recently
hired manager - John Malpezzi.
John was supposedly a show business
veteran with a long list
of Hollywood contacts.
Exactly why a Nazi needed such
a manager was still unclear to me.
How do you do? Fine. You must be
John. And you must be Louis.
Yes. Looking forward to meeting
you, Louis. Me too. Thanks.
One of the most important things
that I do is arranging
for his bookings
that are outside of the country
and that are specialised bookings
to put in appearances.
We've got a lot of things planned
for this year.
We've some that are up and coming
that you've probably heard of
and are invited to.
We're looking forward to a busy
year of raising his profile
internationally even more.
Why not? That's his job!
That's my job.
Has John seen the paper
that you put out? Of course.
I don't know how much he's read it,
but he's seen it.
Then again, I don't grab anybody
by the lapels including my manager.
Right. And remember, I'm an adult
guy that's been around a long time.
Would it be appropriate to, um...
show you the paper...?
If you're gonna read... If you're
gonna read a striking, er...
Louis, Louis! ..you know...
on fire type of stuff, and ask,
"Do you agree with this?",
I don't want to go there because
that's not what this is about.
Other people I've known, if you
pulled that on them in a plane,
would throw you out the plane.
With a... If I did what?
If I did what, John?
Let's continue. OK? OK.
I like this guy.
He is good. Hey, Tom. I hope you
sang Louis Louis at the karaoke.
Louis Louis.
It was all a little bit weird
and I still didn't understand how
exactly John and Tom fit together.
John had had a colourful career
prior to working with Tom. Would
that explain their relationship?
Back at John's house,
I seized my moment to ask.
Was there some...?
You had some sort of a run-in
with the authorities and, er...
Wait a minute! What is this? What?
Did you tell him?
You told him, didn't you?
Didn't you spend time in prison,
Sure, why not? It's all public.
He's on the run.
What was it? What happened?
Don't tell anybody.
I'm on the run - openly.
I'd rather not discuss that.
Come on. You can't talk about that?
Let me put it to you this way -
I represented a lot of...
Come on. I'll show you the view,
I represented a lot of
large clients, like Pablo Escobar
and guys like that.
You were some kind of cocaine...
big kingpin cocaine dealer?
Me? Little old me?
Everybody needs an attorney,
even guys like Pablo Escobar.
This is the view. How long did you
get? How long was your sentence?
Well, I was looking at 85 years...
and, er, which, at that age,
would have meant a life sentence.
And, er...
we beat it, actually, and wound up
doing three and a half.
And I'm not ashamed to say that.
What was the conviction?
Um...cocaine trafficking
and related charges.
Today...today, folks,
I'm not into that business.
You have to move on, you know.
So, um, I do other things.
How long have the two of you been
in business together?
Well, we've known each other some
time, several years, but we've not
been in business together long.
I'd say about a year or so.
Yeah. A couple of months, you said.
Well, you see it crosses over
from friendship to business
and it gets a little blurry. Yeah.
I know you like to stay
with people, you're a nice guy.
Tom's house is his house. My mother
is back from the hospital
in the next day or two.
If you're still around, you know,
it'd be my pleasure to host you,
Louis. I like you. Really?
I like you as a person and I don't
think you're as sneaky as you think
you are. You're a real nice guy.
So, other questions... Would that
be OK with you Tom? I don't care.
John is his own man. All my people
are that way. They do what they do.
We were hoping to stay with you.
No, that's not going to happen. Have
you been thinking about it? No.
Wouldn't even consider it.
Remember, Louis,
every guy that I ever got...
'Who John was and how much
of what he said I could believe
was still all rather vague to me
'and possibly to him too. It seemed
clear Tom trusted him and I was
intrigued by their relationship.'
Some days later, Tom was to speak
at a skinhead rally. For him to
make a public appearance was rare.
Usually he confined himself to his
Internet chatroom and phonelines.
I was curious to meet a few
of his supporters face to face,
so a few days before the big event
I decided to visit one of the
organisers. A skinhead named Skip.
How are you doing? Good.
Shall we come in? Come aboard.
Skip, I'm Louis. I know.
Good morning.
How're you doing? Good.
Got a little cut. What happened?
A little cut at work. Went right
through the lip. Ouch! Not good.
Introduce us to your family, will
you? Hi, folks. How are you?
Come and meet the family.
Come on.
This is my youngest, Cydne.
This is number two, Rhiannon.
Hi, Rhiannon. And this is number
one, Kernie. Hi, Kernie.
My lovely wife, Heather. Hi.
My baby brother, Lenny. Lenny.
Lenny. Loony. Lenny. Yeah.
BABY brother. Yeah.
Good stuff. Yeah, good stuff.
Welcome to paradise. Yeah.
So this is where you live?
This is where it all happens.
It's where the magic happens.
Watch these cats don't run out.
We're going in.
This is a regular house. It don't
look nothing like the garage
because I'm a...you know...
I am responsible, too. Yeah.
This is our kitchen. You are
a...would you call yourself
a skinhead? You bet! Yeah.
Since '83.
You know we've been making
a documentary about Tom Metzger.
Do you regard him...?
How do you view him?
As a good man. A good patriot.
He's done a lot for a long time.
Done a lot of good
for the young guys.
I've been following him since '83.
Every move, all skinheads.
He's done a lot of good.
Yeah. He's a good patriot.
Would you consider
yourself white racist, too?
Yeah. Definitely.
And Nancy?
We're not big conversationalists.
She seemed on the fence with that.
You seemed on the fence there.
On the fence? Yeah.
I think you're on the fence.
Yeah. Yeah. I'm on the me...
I'm the media.
I don't come...
I'm not disguising... That's
like an insult to say someone's
on the fence. Really? Yeah. Why?
They're not in our group properly.
Get off the fence. Pick a side.
Be there.
I didn't mean to insult you, Nancy.
I apologise.
If I told you I was Jewish, would
that create a problem between us?
Because you've got the camera right
now, I'd allow you to stay,
if not, I'd probably kick your ass
and put you in the street.
For real? Pretty much, because a
Jew wouldn't be here on my property.
Are you Jewish? Do you mind
if I don't answer that?
If you weren't on camera - are you?
That's not...
I'm not saying yes or no.
So you're on the fence?
You're on the fence. I'll tell
you why... I'm not a racist.
I actually think it's wrong
to be a racist
and so I feel as though by, um...
saying whether I'm Jewish or not,
I'm kind of in a way acknowledging
the premise that it matters when I
think it shouldn't and it doesn't.
We're leaving these ones alone.
We don't need this much water.
I wasn't sure how long
I'd be welcome at the house.
But I thought I'd enjoy it
while it lasted.
As the afternoon passed,
I could have almost have convinced
myself I was feeling relaxed.
But something
was still bothering Skip.
How about that?
Louis's a Jew.
We know it. You're a Jew. That's
why you got so much animosity.
You don't look like a Jew.
You're a Jew.
You're part Jewish. Don't say, "I'm
not", because you think somebody'll
beat you up. We're not like that.
Why will it make any difference
to you whether I am or not?
I like to know who's been in my
house. We don't care if you're
a Jew, Christian, a fucking Spic,
or whatever nigger... You look
kinda Jewish. You got an accent
like these lads. He's not Jewish.
Look at his face - you know he's
not Jewish. But, you, frankly,
we look at your face...
We want to know if you're a fucking
Jew? And if we'd let you into our
house to film our everyday ritual.
Are you a fucking Jew? Maybe you
disagree - I don't feel as though
I've compelled you to say anything,
I feel I've been respectful...
You have! I appreciate...
I'm not debating the fact you've
been respectful to my house.
I wouldn't interrogate you
to the point where if you said,
"I don't want to talk about
that," I'd say, "That's fine."
I'd like you to respect me
in the same way.
Turn the camera off for a second.
Pull plug. Pull the plug
for a second. What for?
We're not crazy. No, no, it's fine.
Are you part-Jew? To free talk to
not feel like we're being filmed.
I'd really rather not say.
I'd really rather you tell me.
I've exposed myself,
I've exposed my family,
I've exposed my brothers,
my sisters, and my children,
expose yourself now.
Can I speak to you?
Let's leave it at that,
please, Skip?
Let's go inside.
Go inside.
'I thought it was time to leave.'
It was the day of the skinhead
rally and I was back at Tom's.
Nice to see you today.
Good. You look nice. Thank you.
So do you. Tom is getting the final
objects together. Loading the car.
The final what together? Objects.
Stuff. Are you in there, Tom?
Yo, yo, yo! Are you ready
to go to the "hatenanny"?
Huh? Is that what they call it?
The "hatenanny".
'With a certain amount of
trepidation, I was going to Skip's
for a white power music event,
'at which Tom would be
the keynote speaker.
'I still hadn't seen Tom among
fellow racists and I was curious
how he would be received.'
Is this it? Second house
on the left. Yeah, this is it.
Hi. How're you doing?
Tom Metzger for Tommy Romero.
You got a walkie-talkie?
Where do I park?
Pull down the back. OK.
Tom had told me he speaks at one
or two rallies a year,
and by skinhead standards,
this was a major event.
Search you. Turn around.
You want to take a picture of me?
With me? Sure. Thank you.
I was hoping Tom would be my guide
through what promised to be
for me a pretty strange experience.
But with the public to meet,
Tom no longer seemed to view me
as a top priority.
As a member of the supposedly
Jewish-run media, I suspected he
felt my presence embarrassing.
Good turnout? Yeah. That's good.
Any of you guys want to talk
about Tom for the documentary?
What's that? Any of you guys want to
talk about Tom for the documentary?
I gotta go back here.
I felt like the schoolkid no-one
wanted to be friends with.
And then the next act
came on stage.
"The Road To Valhalla"
# He raised high his sword
# As he cried out Valhalla... #
This was the first time I saw
the singing duo - Lamb and Lynx.
# The journey has finally come
to an end for the boy
# And he has risen
as the bravest of them all. #
Can you hear me out there?
CROWD: Yeah!
Here's Tom!
I'll start you out, OK?
Nigger, nigger, nigger!
Out! Out! Out!
Nigger, nigger, nigger!
Out! Out! Out!
This is revolution! Revolution!
CROWD: Yeah!
Just keep your powder dry, boys.
Don't waste yourself.
Don't jump too soon. Just wait!
Wait till they come out.
Let 'em get right out there.
Oh, boy! I can hardly wait.
I've always said I wouldn't leave
cos this will be the start
of the second American Civil War!
Right here in California!
White revolution!
White revolution!
White revolution!
Thank you. Thank you.
Ssh! Ssh!
Come on in. Thank you.
I'm eating my morning Popsicles.
Do you like Popsicles? I do.
How're you doing?
A little tired, but I'm OK.
Is that a morning-after feeling?
A little bit, but I got in early.
How late did you stay there?
We left about nine, I guess.
Have a Popsicle.
Everybody needs a Popsicle.
Is Mary around?
Mary fled the scene. She says...
it any more!" Did she? No.
She had things to do.
I usually don't drag her out
all over the country too much.
Did she enjoy it? Yeah.
Shall we go outside for a bit?
It's very nice out.
I have to put my shoes on.
What is it you like
about the skinheads?
I like them
cos they're not hypocritical.
They're out in the open.
They are what they are. They don't
give a damn what anybody thinks.
They are strong racist and we need
them. Don't they turn off a lot of
the public? A lot of the public
doesn't mean a damn to us.
You realise we're not trying
to recruit the general public.
What would we do with them if we had
them? They sit on their ass
watching television 20 hours a day,
they're feeding
their mouth full of crap.
All they want to do is go out and
buy. What good would they be to us?
We're talking about revolutionary
activity. We want the leaders out
there in the public,
but not the public.
We're trying to reach those people
out there that know what's cooking.
I sensed Tom and I needed a break
from each other and so I decided to
drive up to central California
to meet the two girls I'd seen
at the rally, Lamb and Lynx, and
their manager and mother, April.
Hello. Hello. You must be April?
Yes. Nice to see you again.
Do you remember we met at the
rally? Yes, I do. Shall we come in?
Which one's Lynx and which one's
Lamb? I'm Lamb. Hi. The one back
there's Lynx. Hello.
And I'm Louis. Very pleased to meet
you. Remember him from Saturday?
Maybe we can do a recital later.
Yeah. I think that would be good.
# Oh, when they tell you
about South Africa
# And the so-called
fight for freedom
# And the much-praised
black resistance
# And the Communists who lead them
# Not too far away in Angola
and near our own Zimbabwe
# The Marxist black dictators
# Are looking south and fair to say
# Strike force white survival
# Strike force, yeah
# Strike force gonna kill our rivals
# Strike force
into the devil's lair. #
Do they...? They don't seem old
enough to know what that's about.
Well, I've explained it.
What's the ANC?
It's, um... African...
African National...
Com... Congress. Congress. OK.
What happened in South Africa?
The blacks are killing whites.
Yeah. Out of the homes. Out of
the homes. And in Zimbabwe...
Yeah, and in Zabwe. Bimzabwe.
They seem a little young to get
into politics and racial issues.
Yes, but they gotta start some time.
How old are they? Eleven. Eleven?
What is the idea behind creating
this group out of them that sings?
I think that Lamb and Lynx's music
and their appeal
as they get a bit older,
they're going to be an example
and they're going to show how being
proud of your race is something
that would be very appealing
to young teenage girls, you know?
What young man, red-blooded,
American boy
isn't going to find blonde twins,
16-years-old singing about white
pride and pride in your race...
who...very few are not going
to find that very appealing.
So what, um...
I'm curious about how...
What school do they go to? What
school do you go to? Home school.
Who teaches you? My momma.
There we go.
OK. Who wants what?
Polony, ham or salami?
So where is the... Is there a man
of the house? April?
Yeah. There's my fiance.
And he declined to be shown on
camera because of his occupation.
He's worried...
We have the same belief system and
he's very supportive of everything,
but he... Actually, he'd love
to appear, but he worries that
it'd cause him to lose his job.
What does he do?
He's an educator.
Would you like tomato?
Tomato with it too?
Are there things that are forbidden
that other kids have...?
Things that you deny them?
Game Boys. Yeah, I'm not much
for the Nintendo...
People... ..computer games.
What about on racial terms?
We've got Ethnic Cleansing, but we
don't play that often. What's that?
That's a computer game that
the National Alliance puts out
called Ethnic Cleansing.
It's basically
a shoot-'em-up computer game,
in which a skinhead
goes through a ghetto
and shoots blacks and Mexicans.
Do you like it? Mm-hm.
It's really hard though,
cos of course all the people
that you shoot have guns, too.
They hide in bushes and stuff.
They're like perched up on
basketball hoops and stuff,
and climbing in trees and stuff, so
you gotta watch out and when you
hear a gorilla sound, "Oo-oo-oo!"
you go, "Woo!", then you shoot it.
Is that a good idea, April?
It seems a little... Vulgar?
After lunch, Lamb and Lynx were
keen to show me their horses
stabled a short drive away.
Today's one of the... There's a
school bus. Do you ever wish you
went to school with the other kids?
Mmm. Mmm. Sometimes. Sometimes.
But then I think that I won't be
able to go with my horse.
And that we wouldn't be able to see
our mom as much.
And so we're good.
What did you say, "You wouldn't be
able to go with your horse?"
Yes. Why? Play with my horse.
I wouldn't, in the evenings.
She's really attached to her horse.
Is that the skinhead music?
Who's it by? It's Max Resist,
but I think it's a cover
by somebody else, like Landser.
'To all the white nationalists
all around the world,
'united we will win.'
# White boy
# They call me Nazi
and I'm proud of that
# They call me racist
and I shout it out loud
# Proud of my race
and proud of my land
# White brothers and sisters
Come raise your hand
# We're an 88 rock and roll band
We're an 88 rock and roll band
# We're an 88 rock and roll band
playing, fighting for race and land
# We are marching on the streets
at night, boots and braces
We are ready to fight
# Out, gook, out
Run, nigger, run
# We're Aryans
Understand you're done!
# We're an 88 rock and roll band
playing and fighting
for race and land. #
If anybody asks out here why we've
got a cameraman following us around,
we'll say that you're interviewing
us about the kids' music.
Why is that, um...?
I just don't want somebody messing
with my horses and hurting
my horses because of my politics.
I don't know what
they're going to do out here.
Do you have to lead a double life?
I never had to before because I've
never been in the situation I'm in.
It's really hard for me to be
covert because I'm just so...
It's just like so much...
It's like in every pore, you know.
I've noticed.
Can I help? Can I take the rag
and do a bit? If you want to.
What do I do? You can wipe them
down. Is this just water?
Just water.
Just cleaning their nostrils.
Oh. Cleaning their nostrils.
Are they talking to each other?
You can give them a brush.
Would you have a problem
if Lynx or Lamb brought home
a friend of another race?
Yeah. I probably wouldn't
be real happy about it.
What would you do?
I would probably tell them not to.
I would probably tell them,
you know, "If that's what you're
going to do, don't bring them home."
I would see it, first,
it's the friend. It's OK
to have the nice black friend
and then it's the black boyfriend.
You'd have a problem with that?
I would never speak to them again.
That would be it.
If they were race traitors,
then I wouldn't...
absolutely...I wouldn't want to have
anything to do with them ever again.
And I told them that.
I consider... That's easy to say,
but the maternal instinct's gotta
be one of the strongest instincts.
You're saying you would
completely go against that?
Have no contact with your child?
I would be so disappointed.
I would just be so disappointed.
Come on.
Come on, Becky.
'I couldn't quite believe
the almost reckless intensity
of April's racism.
'She seemed to revel in
how outrageous her beliefs were.
'I wondered how Lynx and Lamb
would feel about their mother once
they could think for themselves.'
Later that day, we headed off
to meet April's father.
'I'd heard he was also a racist and
was hoping he'd help me understand
how April came by her beliefs.'
How do you do? Hello.
Louis Theroux. BBC.
Nice to meet you. You must
be April's father. Yeah.
This is my Dad - Bill Gaede.
Bill Gaede? Yeah.
Can we...? I noticed you had a...
Can we look at your cattle brand?
The ranch logo? I'm not sure
what the right expression is.
It's the cattle brand.
How do you view Aprils's beliefs
as far as preserving...
the white race...? I think it's
great. You gotta preserve it.
Doesn't it...? Our family were
Vikings in Denmark in the
12th century. Why not preserve it?
It seems to me it's gonna preserve
itself just fine and there's
no need for any radical action
as far as laws and campaigns...
You're sitting under a manhole
cover. You can't see anything.
Why is that? You just can't see it
cos you're not here.
All the people are so politically
correct, they wouldn't say shit
if they had a mouth full of it.
You know. But now the people are
beginning to see what's going on
and their backbone's beginning
to straighten up a bit.
All the white people are.
I'm a multiculturist.
Are you? Yeah. When you get married,
will you marry a white or a nigger?
What do you usually date?
Do you usually date white women?
So far...
That's what you find attractive.
Does Jewish count as white? No.
Not in our books.
Why not?
I think we should hope
that he marries some Jewess.
Won't that be funny?
A Jap?
A Jewish American Princess.
Boy! She's gonna have...
She's gonna have you right there!
What's your name? Louis.
Louis, I want a ring, Louis!
Bring me my coffee...my tea, Louis!
Come and flush the toilet for me,
Louis. I can't put the handle down.
So is that where you get it from,
do you think, April?
The biggest gift that I got from
my father was to not give a rip
about what anybody else thought.
It's what you thought. It's what
you really knew in your heart
was the right thing to do.
It didn't matter if every single
person was against you. If you know
what you believe is right,
and you can have the strength
to stand strong against everyone.
I believe I inherited that.
I think in the genes
and then I was taught that also.
I owe my dad a lot for giving me
that. That was a gift.
Back in Fulbrook,
and I had a date with Tom.
There was a plan in place to meet
another of his daughters named
Lynn. Before that, a barbecue.
Good afternoon. Hello, Louis.
You feel at home? Very much so.
Look at you wearing a bowler hat.
Yeah! Do you like that? It's good.
Come on in. Is that in honour of me?
Yeah, right. A little bottle of
something. You should have brought
two or three, but that's all right.
I got one in the car if we run low.
So the plan is to have a barbecue,
is that right? Yeah.
Just keep it real simple and real
easy. Yeah. That's how I like it.
Hi, John. How are you doing?
Fine. ..Mary, good to see you
again. Good to see you, John.
And you... Oh! The camera's on!
I brought something for Louis!
Back, Louis, back!
Back, Louis, back!
What does it mean? This cross came
from the movie,
Scream, Dracula, Scream.
I definitely saw that. Right.
It's a prop. You haven't met Laurie
before, John? No.
They've kept me in a cage whenever
she's around. I gotta watch him
when it comes to young girls.
No, I've heard
John prefers Mexican women.
Where's that cross again?
Back, Louis, back!
It didn't work in the movies, so...
I got the pork especially for you
to check you out.
They're turkey.
You read the label.
I told Mary I was going to do that.
Do you care if I'm Jewish?
Not for this, no.
What about for something else?
You're just doing your job.
That's the way it goes. Sometimes
there's neutral territory.
I wonder
if you could give me a hand.
I don't really know what I'm doing.
You said you wanted to help cook.
Well, we gotta turn down...
That's on too hot, isn't it?
It's too hot.
Shall we invite
the neighbours over?
I think the neighbours went to TJ.
Who have you got on that side?
That's a white guy,
he's married to a Mexican gal.
She's an American-type Mexican.
They got a couple of kids. Do you
get on OK with them? We get along
OK. Is she white? No, she's not.
But she's friendly.
We don't have a problem.
I hope you like your hot dogs well
done. That's well done enough.
Man, you have screwed my hot dog up.
I think it's a Polish sausage.
Let me get that! Ah!
Do you want me to put another one
on? No, that's OK. That's edible.
Then it was off to see Tom's
daughter, Lynn, and her daughter,
Valerie, who is 11 years old.
I'd heard Lynn was the most racist
of Tom's five daughters,
so I was curious to meet her.
Ah! Maybe the wrong place.
I got the wrong place.
Hey! Hey! I saw you guys walk
a mile, I was like,
"Where are you going?!"
You know me. I know, I know.
A bunch of Communist places -
they all look alike. They all do.
Hello. Hello. Simon? Louis. Louis.
This is Louis. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
This is Valerie. How do you do?
Louis's the star. Star, huh?
Don't forget it!
We won't! Come on in.
Tom said you used to run
the Aryan Women's League. I did.
I did. It was running for...
Thank you.
..about, I guess, five, six years.
And we decided to merge with WAR.
We were doing the same thing.
WAR is Tom's organisation. Exactly.
Do you have the same racial views
Tom does? I do.
I'm not one of these labels...
Yeah. ..type of people.
Nazi, left, right, Democrat,
Republican, pacifist, whatever.
I don't like that. I do have
a strong sense of racial identity.
A strong sense of nature,
believing in nature, etc, and...
but I don't like labels.
I don't even like to hear 'em
cos they don't mean anything.
Are you comfortable Sieg Heiling,
for example?
I'm comfortable with it. Yeah.
It's not something I do often.
In fact, last night, I did and that
was the first time in a long time.
What's... Is Valerie comfortable
on camera or is she hanging back?
I asked her and she said
in the background would be fine.
Not talking to her. She's 11 years
old, she's big for her age,
but she's, you know...
she's a really good kid.
Are you... I mean, are you
bringing her up as a racist?
Bringing her up as a racist.
I'm bringing her up very aware
of her heritage,
very aware of what's going on.
I've often told her
I have opinions, I have beliefs,
and just like my dad did
when I was a kid, I told her
that she needs to explore,
she needs to know what's out there.
She can't just take what I say.
Would she... Would you be happy for
her to bring children, friends of
other races back to the house? No.
I wouldn't be happy. Honestly...
I mean, she's going to...
What I believe is that she's going
to learn from me and my actions
and my words and my thoughts
when I put them into actions.
So we'll just see what happens.
I was nearing the end of my time
with Tom and for some days John had
been talking about going to Mexico.
His exact purpose was unclear, but
I thought it might be a chance to
see Tom in a different environment
and so I thought I'd tag along.
Louis! Hi! Hey, John. How are
you doing? You're going to love it!
Let's get ready to go. Where's Tom?
He's waiting for us. Where?
At his house. Great. Oh, let's go!
Let me get it going.
I've got it all prepared.
I've got...
Louis, what do you think?
Will I be too warm today dressed
like this? I look like a tourist
which is what I want to look like.
Instead of a slick guy like you
that I should be looking like.
Why are we interested in seeing
Tom in Mexico? You're going
to love to see Tom in Mexico.
Well, you're going to see what
an international politician does.
These are my medicines here. He's a
racist politician so I suppose it's
interesting to see him among...
In a racist country. They will
respect him. Oh, they're racist
down there. You didn't know that?
Follow me!
Hey, Louis.
He's afraid of getting kidnapped.
No! He is. Every time he goes
to Mexico they try to kidnap him.
So we'll be in your car?
No, we'll be in your car.
What is the plan when we get there?
Why don't you tell him the truth?
You just want to get to that whore!
That's what you're really saying.
I wouldn't refer to a lovely lady
like that as a whore. Well, if you
pay money, she's a whore.
Esta Montserrat?
Did I send this?
It says "send". Sorry.
Dialling. Jesus Christ!
Voy a Tijuana con un cliente -
una estrella de cine de America
y una televisua...
That's a mouthful!
BOTH: We're in! We're in!
Right lane! Right lane! Why are you
getting in the middle lane?
Downtown! Go to the left.
Left lane, Louis.
You got more back-seat drivers
than you ever had! Right turn here.
I was still curious what form Tom's
ambassadorial trip would take
and was surprised
when John began directing me
to Tijuana's tourist bars.
I want a sombrero. I wanna buy...
They're down there, those shops.
Let's go. Let's have a drink first.
Let's get a drink first.
The drinks are there too.
Is that her?
Does she recognise you? Montserrat.
Soy yo! Guapin!
Como estas? Bien, bien, mi amor. Es
tu amigo? Hola. Hello, I'm Louis.
Es Louis. Un guy como...
What's his name? Geraldo Rivera...
..de Inglaterra.
Esto es mi cliente. Hi. Hola.
Tom Metzger, un estrella de cine
en Los Estados Unidos
y aqui es el crew.
Toma sita, mi amor.
Montserrat and I are going
to get married one day.
Wow! Vamos a casar un buen dia!
Can we say what it's about? No.
Why not? Because I don't want to...
Who knows what her politics
or her...or her...
celebrity things are. She's my girl
and she'll be showing us around.
You got a documentary following
you? Yeah. Where are you from?
Sacramento. I was the head of the
KKK in California. No shit? Yes!
And now... What happened? Did you
get kicked out? No. I quit.
You're a skinhead now, I see.
I'm skinhead. You guys need me in
Sacramento. It's a fucked-up place.
It's all fucked up. You got
Schwarzenegger. He's gonna
terminate... The black nigger.
He's gonna terminate the state.
You think he's going to save us?
You sound like a racist to me. I
am a racist. What you talking about?
I'm not a racist. Don't you want
your grandchildren to look like you?
I don't give a shit how they look!
Oh, man! You're killing me!
One dollar. It's one dollar, Tom.
Give 'em a dollar as a tip.
Buy me a beer, too.
Good choice, Tom.
# Ba ba bamba ba ba bamba... #
Come on, sing!
# Ba ba bamba... #
The ambassadorial visit was
degenerating into a pub crawl.
It had all become rather chaotic.
Do I need another hat? Rings.
Swastika. I need a bigger hat...
is what I need. No swastika? She
might have it in this store.
Do you have any swastika rings?
Where's Tom?
Where's Tom gone?
Several tequilas later, we lost Tom
in a souvenir shop somewhere.
When he resurfaced,
he seemed even more drunk.
He was concerned he could have been
attacked or kidnapped and accused
John of neglecting security duties.
I don't depend on anybody who runs
any town, I depend on my security.
And when I walk out of a place
and my security is not there...
Well, did Louis leave you?
You don't seem to understand, John.
What I'm trying to tell you is
there is certain towns
that are run a certain way
and I am totally wired in here. I
don't give a shit how you're wired
in. I'm wired into my own people.
I don't trust anybody else,
nobody you know. I trust my friends.
My security next time comes with me.
If I can walk around... My friends
are concerned about my security.
If I can walk around with a fucking
hat on my head like a clown...
Your brain's full of pussy.
That's all you're thinking about.
You think I'm not a racist.
No, you're not a racist like I am.
I'm gonna make a bet.
I'm gonna put my dollar down.
He would fuck Montserrat
and I wouldn't.
Why? She's not white.
I gotta go pee.
The day was ending and I reflected
on Tom's fears of being kidnapped.
I felt this was Tom
at his most unguarded.
What struck me was Tom's fantasies
of his own importance.
On the way home, John made
a last attempt to salvage something
from the international trip.
Tom, tell us about Mexico, OK.
What do you think about it?
I think it's
a very interesting place to visit.
And I think a lot of Aryans
should go there,
and carve out something
like a country.
And that might be something
I was thinking about.
You know what? That's exactly
what we're all thinking about.
When I saw how well you could get
on up there, Tom. It made me think,
"Well, maybe...
"Maybe you should abandon racism."
Maybe you'd find that you didn't
really... It wasn't something you
needed any more.
Let me answer that.
You don't understand.
Right. Tom is actually...
You don't understand, Louis.
It's like...
Go through the next gap.
Go up the hill, up the hill.
Here's what we're going to say.
He doesn't because...
Because the Mexican guys...
Let Tom answer, John.
No, I don't want him to answer
right now because it's been
a long day and my client is tired.
He's tired.
He's relaxing now, please.
Mary. Hi, dear.
We've got one rather drunken
gentleman with us.
'It was all far from the statesman
visit that John had advertised.
'I had to keep reminding myself
Tom was supposed to be one of the
most dangerous racists in America.'
It was my last day with Tom.
I had been badgering him for
a chance to see him at his day job.
Stay here. Stay!
G'morning! Good morning.
Hello there. Friend or foe? We
haven't worked that out yet! OK.
Stay here, boy.
That's a work in progress. I gotta
keep my bandit dog in there.
He's so used to running in the car
that sometimes I have to leave him.
Tom's a TV repair man. And today
he was picking up a TV from
one of his most faithful clients.
Do you want a hand with that, Tom?
I got to open up the back door.
Is it your TV? Yes.
What's the problem?
Er, it doesn't work too good. Yeah.
I have known Tommy for many years.
Have you?
Oh, yes. And, er, I have not found
in Fulbrook or in LA where I lived
many years...
Yeah. ..a man that honest.
You like him? Oh, I like him very
much. When I'm not here I leave
my key, that much I trust him.
Do you know about his politics?
Yes. We don't argue about politics.
I know him as a man.
He's got his ideas.
And I have mine. Yeah. It does not
interfere. He's a friend of mine
for a long time.
How about that? What's your...? You
sound like you got a slight accent.
Where're you from originally? Peru.
From Peru? Yes. Peruvian. Yeah.
I never ask you that myself.
That's true.
And your name is...? Oscar. Oscar.
And, of course, when his wife
was alive, I... We used to...
We used to live in the big house.
That's right. They used to live in
a house over here on the other side.
Oscar was just saying that
as far as politics...you agree not
to talk about it. Right.
That's right.
That's absolutely right.
I respect all the people's ideas.
Are you all right with that, Tom?
I'll get the other side. No.
Oscar believes in free speech.
Do you know how much he's going
to charge? I don't care about that.
He knows I'll never cheat him.
He's the honest guy
and the best technician.
Would you consider Tom a friend?
Yes. Absolutely. No hesitation.
And you'd consider Oscar a friend?
I believe so. Yes. Sure.
We've had a long association.
Longer than my girlfriend.
I've only known her ten years.
Don't tell Mary that.
You're one of the most famous
racists in America. Yeah.
Maybe THE most famous and, er,
and there you were saying you were
friends with this guy who looked
to me non-white or mixed race
and it just seemed inconsistent.
I thought that was kind of weird.
Maybe you need to be educated
in the ways of the world.
How do you mean?
Don't you see that as inconsistent?
That you would say you had a friend
and it's this guy who looks like he
was mixed race? Louis...
Louis's hanging on this friend
thing - a very abstract word.
I would not debate the term "friend"
on the man's doorstep.
Yeah. You and I can debate it.
I don't want to hurt the man's
feelings. There's more to it, Tom.
I felt warmth between you.
That's just an association
that you know these people.
And common courtesy and politeness.
Do you really not see
what I'm trying to say?
I see what you're trying to say
but your brain is twisted.
I think your brain is twisted. We
agree. We both agree that we believe
each other's brain is twisted.
The facts are on my side. And your
brain is gonna stay twisted.
You have friends who are non-white
and you pal around with non-whites
and you're living a happy life...
I have people... ..in a gorgeous
multicultural community. Whoa!
Then you keep pretending... Whoa!
..that you're a revolutionary,
but your existence undermines it.
Doesn't that fit your package?
It's the truth, though.
It is the truth. This is really
funny. Your day-to-day life is a
standing refutation
of everything you profess
to believe. It is not. It is!
Follow me to a hostile meeting.
They'll be trying to kill me
and I may have to try and kill them.
I think you're a hypocrite. OK.
All right.
So what?
I know what I am. I don't need Louis
Theroux to quantify what I am.
As abhorrent as his views were
it was hard to take Tom seriously.
He seemed to like being seen as
dangerous and also enjoy the fruits
of a multiracial democracy.
I felt there was a touch
of karaoke about this supposed
international politician.
I was still puzzled by John though.
I thought I'd pay one last visit
to see if I could pin him down.
We'll look at the cartoons.
"How far will niggers go
to compound the misery
of an unfortunate situation?
"How about looting during
a major hurricane?"
How do you react to that?
I don't have any reaction at all.
I just smoked a cigarette. My mouth
is a little dry. Can I go over
to the hose and get water? Yeah.
Let's go. Do you want to stop doing
this, John? No, no, no.
I wanna answer your question
because it's...
I mean this is the message
that your...
This is what a manager does. This
is what an agent or a manager does.
Oh! Cigarettes! Yuck!
Because this is the message
you're promoting.
So how is this gonna come out?
Are you gonna say that I'm an
asshole because of this magazine?
I could say that to your face.
This is my client's magazine.
A manager that is working for their
client is working for their client.
A lawyer that is representing...
I think you know
that this stuff is obscene
and that's why... It's not obscene.
I can see the way you talk about
it. You have a sense of guilt.
I honestly can. I think that's...
I think that's why your mouth went
dry. Gosh! I love you so much.
I know you kind of have a sense
of guilt about it. I can tell.
You know I have a sense of guilt?
Well, let me tell you something.
There is no sense of guilt.
There is...
..a representative's duty.
I think you're doing it because you
had a few bad breaks. You had your
problem with drugs... No, no, no!
So you can't get other clients,
so that's why you represent...
Let's deal with this like this.
You haven't got other options.
Let me answer your question.
A few bad breaks. When I went to
prison it was the best thing that
ever happened to me. You know why?
It taught me
what's really going on.
Do you think this is the truth -
what's in this paper? He's
appealing as any political figure
to a broad base of many dimensions
of people and he's got skinheads,
he's got this and that, democratic
populists... I give up. Every time
I ask a question you go on to a...
I'm telling you what the truth is.
I asked a simple question and you
won't answer it. I'm answering it.
Do you think what's in this paper
is the truth?
What this paper is... You're not...
Just... What this paper is...
Just say no! ..some very hardcore
opinions... Why don't you say no?
Cos that would not be the truth.
Is it wrong or right?
Does this paper tell the truth?
Or is it a pack of racist lies?
The paper tells the truth and it
tells the truth in a way that
appeals to a certain dimension
of his readership. Do you think
this tells the truth? You really
think this tells the truth?
Tom Metzger always tells the truth.
I was heading back to see April
and the twins.
I'd heard that April had booked
a studio for Lamb and Lynx to
record tracks for their debut album
to be titled
Fragment Of The Future.
This would be my last day
among the Nazis
and the final chance to challenge
April on her indoctrination
of her daughters.
My sticker's too close.
Would you like to be skinheads
when you grow up? No! Why not?
Because... You have to shave
your head a weird way.
I'm keeping my hair long.
It's not skinhead - it's skinbird.
That's a female skinhead.
Would you like to go out with
skinheads when you're older?
Yeah. Sure. Would you? Yes.
BOTH: Because...
I would. It's cool.
They're special people.
What did you say, Lynx?
They're very special people.
They're important people.
Why are they important?
Because they're very dedicated
to what they believe in.
Would you mind that, April?
Would you be cool with that? With
them dating a skinhead? Yes.
And maybe getting married? Yeah.
If he was a good, hard worker
and he wasn't spending his time
boozing it up and causing trouble.
I don't know many very well, but
they seem kind of antisocial...
some of them.
To me, they're not. To me and
the girls they're so protective
and polite, ultra, ultra polite
to us everywhere we go.
Whenever we go to concerts
or meetings or anything
they bend over backwards.
To me they seem kind of angry
and sociopathic.
They just don't seem that way to me.
When you see 'em... Maybe
you're so freaked out when you see
people salute. Maybe that's why.
Maybe I'm just not meeting
any of the really good ones. Maybe.
The marriage material.
Hate for hate...
Ruth for ruth...
Eye for eye...
And tooth for tooth...
Scorn for scorn...
And smile for smile...
Love for love...
And guile for guile...
War for war...
And woe for woe...
Blood for blood...
And blow for blow.
That's pretty. Nah, nah.
So do you think
you'll go to school one day?
Maybe next year when we're ready,
but right now...
Mom says in a year or two.
Would you like to?
Yeah. It'd be OK.
I think it'd be fun.
And do you know why she
doesn't want you to go to school?
Um, yeah. One of the things is
because we're having a little bit
of money problems.
And we need new clothes.
Like school clothes.
I didn't realise you had to wear
special clothes for school.
I thought your mum didn't agree
with what they were teaching.
Also that.
She wants us to go to high school.
But we may not go.
Why would you like to go to school?
What is it about school you'd like?
You'd get a lot of friends.
It's kind of boring just sitting
home all day and all your friends
are at school.
And you've got to wait for them.
Wait till they get home.
It's new, dudes!
Shit! This is not the way
you treat a book.
Especially one as nice as this.
Back at the house and Lamb and Lynx
were due to go to a school carnival
with some friends.
April had told me that Lamb and
Lynx's friends don't know they're
being raised as racists
and I wondered how this double life
would affect them in the long term.
I knew it was hopeless, but I
thought I'd try and talk to April.
OK. You guys are going now?
Are you going?
It's been a pleasure
working with you.
Have a nice time at the carnival.
Thank you.
You should give Louis a hug.
Bye, Shaggy! Bye!
Bye, Shaggy!
Have a nice time at the carnival.
No, no, no,
I don't like the milk in it.
Have you thought about the
implications of indoctrinating
Lynx and Lamb in this way?
Of course I have. Have you had
second thoughts or misgivings
of any kind?
I don't want to teach them to be
politically correct because that's
the easy way. I understand.
I don't think... It's not the easy
way. It's not a choice between...
The choice you face is really
to bring them up...
judging people fairly or not.
That's kind of what you
want to think about.
I don't understand
how I'm not doing that.
You're... A person...
I don't have kids so I don't know.
A person who tells their children
that all people are created equal
and men and woman are equal,
in my mind they're lying
to their children.
They're blatantly lying.
Do you realise what a handicap
that will be for them in life?
It won't be.
They'll be going through life
with this...
this dual mindset. Which
is what their mum's told them...
They shouldn't have to go through...
How normal people conduct
themselves. I believe that...
we're normal and that we're correct
and that other people are distorted.
So, yes, I understand
that I'm raising my children
in a perverted world.
In a perverted multiculturist
world. I'm teaching... I have
to teach my children the truth,
despite the fact that that's a
dangerous thing to be teaching them.
I'm doing something
that is very dangerous,
but I could not live with myself
if I were to tell them anything
different because it would be a lie.
I think what it's about is judging
people based on who they are,
not your prejudice about who they
are, giving people a chance.
I find other races annoying.
They bother me.
I find them annoying. I don't like
their chattering in other languages.
I don't like the way they look.
You know... I mean, 99% of them,
I just find the way that they look
just really...they're not pretty.
They're not attractive to me.
I don't want to be around them.
I don't like the way they act,
the way their children behave...
They deal with situations. I don't
like the fact they seem to make
everything messy wherever they are.
I don't like that. I want to be
around all white people.
But it's like... I'm not being
facetious, but have you ever
thought about getting therapy
or something like that?
Because what you have is almost
like a pathological...
Have you ever thought about getting
therapy and seeing how brainwashed
you are by multiculturism?
I feel like I'm pretty well
connected to reality.
Well, see I feel that I am, too.
It... But you're outvoted.
Huh? You're outvoted.
What? Here?
In civilised thought, basically.
My journey through the world
of Nazis had reached
a frustrating conclusion -
with an argument in a kitchen
with a mother of two.
I seemed to have made no impact
on April during my time with her
and I had to keep reminding myself
just how anomalous her beliefs are.
Somehow that wasn't much
consolation when the ones
who'd pay the consequences
were her children - Lamb and Lynx.
See you later. Bye.
Did I ever tell you the thing
..about Denzel Washington?
What about him? That Tom said.
What did he say?
He said that, um...
he thinks he's better looking
than Denzel Washington.
I think Tom is too.
We're gonna make a mug out of Tom's
head. I wanna trademark his head.
The beautiful head.
You would drink out of here?
Uh... Yeah.
You wouldn't enjoy a drink
out of that. I sure would!
Oh, yeah, man. People like mugs.
They love mugs. His head would make
a good mug. Oh, yeah.
Oh, Louis.