Louis Cyr (2013) Movie Script

One moment, please.
She says that if you have
something for her, give it to me.
I can't. I must give it to her myself.
I'm sorry, Mr. Barr.
Tell her it's important.
- She refuses to see you.
Listen, I'm not leaving
until i talk to her.
It's fine.
If you have something for
me, hand it to me and go.
I have some things to tell you first.
There are things he confided
in me, and no one else.
You might regret it for
the rest of your life!
Did you know that your father was 16
when he first set foot in a school?
He wasn't there to study, though.
He was there to move
his sisters' things.
Your grandfather had had enough of
seeing his family struggle at home,
so he decided to try
his luck in the States.
He took the train with your
grandmother and their 10 children
to Lowell, a small city
where they knew no one.
That in order to fulfill the great dream
of many French Canadian
families at that time.
That is, to stop struggling
and start a better life.
It didn't take long
for reality to set in.
The Irish guys were laughing
at Father and his bad back,
so big bro' grabs the crate
and takes off with Labelle and Tanguay.
They catch up to the
Irish guys in two seconds.
Don't forget, the red
heads are four to a crate,
and we're three.
Then, Tanguay can't keep
up anymore, so he bails.
Big bro' flies over the
top and lands on Labelle.
The Irish guys pass us and finish first.
But then, big bro' gets up,
grabs the crate by himself
and launches it over three other crates!
A crate full of cotton?
- Full to the top!
You lifted a 300-pound crate of cotton?
Closer to 400 pounds, i'd say.
Even so, Goodwin's right.
You were putting on a show.
It's distracting.
- The Irish started it!
Pierrot, mind your own business!
He said that next time, you're out.
I don't think so. I got a raise.
I just left his office. He's going
to pay me the salary of two men.
Still, i work as much as three!
And eat as much as 10!
I don't want to hear you
mouth off to your father!
I'm sorry.
Wretchedness, he'd say,
lies in the tiniest details.
A crack in the wall through
which the cold seeps in...
a hole in a worn-out shoe...
dirty water...
Tiny details which add up
until they finally do you in.
Marie. Come now. Drink up.
We'll get you a doctor, OK?
We'll find a way.
Are you rehearsing for my funeral?
- Come here for a minute.
- Stand there.
Come on, pick it up!
Have mercy!
Thank you.
Come on, Brisebois! Get in there!
C'mon, on your butt, Ireland!
- Hey! Calm down.
Damn potato eater!
Come on!
Come on.
You should go up against Mulligan.
I know nothing about boxing.
You jump in the ring and
crush him, not much to it.
Sounds easy. You should give it a try.
Hey, Mlina!
- Hi, Pierrot.
My brother is the
strongest in the world.
He just lifted a huge stone at the dump.
514 pounds!
Touch this. It's hard as a rock.
Knock it off.
Sorry, he doesn't know better.
He's proud of his
brother. I think it's nice.
All right, we should
go. Mom's going to worry.
Have a nice day.
Anyway, they all went quiet.
They were all looking at me, wide-eyed!
I couldn't even feel
the rock on my shoulder.
Ain't done anything with my life.
That's not true, sweetheart.
Ain't done anything,
ain't seen nothing...
I'm going to die an idiot!
No... shhh... shhh...
Marie, darling, there's
someone here for you.
This is Dr. Morgan.
Well... we'll leave you.
Louis, this is Mr. Bryce Johnston.
He's the son of Mr. Johnston,
the owner of the factory.
The doctor is a friend of his.
Say thank you, maybe?
- Thank you.
Good evening.
Are you the one...
We Canadians have to
help each other out.
You're always reading a book, you!
They let me travel the world
without spending a dime.
Bryce lends them to me. His
house is filled with books.
He speaks six languages.
He's been around the world.
Bryce is quite something.
Well, it's very generous of him to come.
It wasn't hard to convince him.
He knows what it's like to be sick.
Dr. Morgan gives him less than a year.
Thank you.
Nice neighbourhood.
Even worse than my part of town!
I went through the same thing.
Typhoid, just like her.
She doesn't seem to want to fight.
I understand why.
You know what this neighbourhood
was before? A garbage dump.
We're living on a pile of trash!
I understand why your
sister's had enough.
I've had enough too.
I'm tired of waiting for
life to happen. Aren't you?
You've had your eye on me for
months. What are you waiting for?
i thought that you and
Johnston, you know...
Bryce is just a friend.
See? You're still waiting!
Well... I'm not just
going to jump on you!
Why not?
- Because!
That's not proper.
- What does that mean, "proper"?
Acting like everyone else?
You like living all crowded
together like cattle?
Do you want to be dumb and
ignorant for the rest of your life?
I don't want to be "proper".
I love you.
And you love me too.
I can see it in your eyes
every time you look at me.
Let's not waste six more
months, trying to be proper!
I don't have time to
waste, and neither do you...
Is that better?
Yeah, a little.
I'm truly sorry.
- Yes, well, 5 feet long is too short.
That's all i have left in pine caskets.
The epidemic has created a shortage.
She was 5'6".
I have a 6-foot casket in oak,
but it's not the same price.
All right then... The five-foot
pine casket will be fine.
We'll manage.
I can lift 210 pounds.
No, no, he said it's all right.
He's paying me $25 a week.
Just say when.
- What about your parents?
No one can make me stay here!
See you later.
What are we going to do?
We'll be losing two salaries.
I'll send you money every month.
He's offering me five
times more than i make here.
Offering... that doesn't mean a thing.
You don't know this guy. An Irish man!
There are good people and
bad people of all races!
Your place is here, with us.
Yeah, right!
And we'll all end up
in tiny pine caskets.
If i want a better life, i can't
stay here, that's all i know.
I'll make you proud.
Find your path, son, and follow it.
We'll manage.
I'm coming with you!
Pierrot, you know i can't take you.
Let go!
Listen to me. Mom needs you.
After Dad, you're the man of the house.
Yeah, and what are
you? A big fat coward!
We'll see each other again.
I hate you.
Mac Shomer said he had a two-year plan.
New Brunswick to warm up.
Then total triumph
in Quebec and Ontario.
Not too sure about the costume!
It's going to be fine.
It's a waste of money.
He's not here!
He left during the night,
didn't even pay for his room!
He robbed us, Louis. Six months' salary.
That can't be!
That no-good son of a bitch!
What are we gonna do?
I should have listened to my dad!
We could look on the bright side.
This gives us time.
Time for what?
I don't know... to get married?
You're going to ask me eventually!
"Mlina Cyr. "
I like the sound of that.
No money for the train. Or food.
They rolled up their sleeves and
began performing in the street.
So... they went back on tour.
No. I mean, so what? Why
are you telling me this?
It doesn't change a thing for me.
No, but give me a chance,
will you. You'll see.
It took them six months before
they made it to Montreal.
First stop, the Mechanics' Hall.
We travelled through
30 towns in six months,
performed a hundred sold-out shows,
and they all ended
with a standing ovation.
People are the same everywhere,
Mr. Prfontaine. They'll come.
Who is your promoter?
My wife and I, we do it all ourselves.
That might work in the country. But
it's more complicated in Montreal.
To book a theatre like
this, i need some guarantees.
Mr. Lambert?
If he sets foot in
here... you throw him out!
Gustave Lambert?
I bet those weights are empty.
How about you? Are you empty?
Louis Cyr.
Without a doubt.
Horace Barr.
I know you.
I saw you perform in St.
John's. It's an honour.
This way.
He told me i had to come see you
or he'd need a huge cash advance.
I understand.
But filling the Mechanics' Hall
is not the same as filling a barn.
I'm aware of that, thank you.
Are you in or not? That's
what i want to know.
Horace was impressed by what he saw...
but we're going to need more numbers.
I put the program
together, do the staging
and take care of
publicity. And i take 60%.
After my expenses.
And i want to put out a challenge
to anyone who wants to take me on.
Fine. $200 out of my pocket
to the man who beats Louis Cyr.
You could make it $2,000.
There's not much of a risk.
I don't handle the
paperwork, my partner does.
By the way, I'll need a cash advance.
I was had once. That's enough.
Where is that from?
It's from Bryce.
From his family, actually.
He died last summer.
i have also brought
you something to read.
It could be worth $250 a show.
That's a year's work in Lowell.
I'm proud of you.
No, read it and sign it.
I'd like you to manage
my business. Our business.
All right.
This is to hold us until the first show.
Send half to my father.
You and Johnston...
nothing ever happened?
Bryce showed me that words
and poetry can lift our spirit.
That's all there was between
us. It wasn't nothing, mind you.
Come here, you big bear. I'll
show you who my husband is!
That's good, that's good.
That's good. It looks too easy.
It's not heavy. It's 200 pounds.
It doesn't look like you're trying.
People will think it's not a big deal.
Rule number one, put on a good show.
Rule number one, put on a real show.
It's entertainment, Louis. It
needs some spice, some drama.
You have to surprise
people, amaze the audience.
Something they've never
seen. That's what we need?
That's right.
Can i borrow that for a minute?
168 pounds!
186 pounds!
2,265 pounds!
Go ahead. You too.
One more!
290 pounds!
2,555 pounds!
An unprecedented feat of strength!
If anyone thinks they are able
to move this platform weighing
over a ton, step forward!
$200 could be yours!
$200 to the man who beats
Louis Cyr at this challenge!
You? You? You?
You have nothing to lose!
Aside from your pride, perhaps.
Ladies and gentlemen, Louis Cyr!
We said around 2,000 pounds.
Ladies and gentlemen, 2,555
pounds on the shoulders of one man,
Louis Cyr!
200 pounds? With one arm?
All right!
I think we get it!
I don't know...
He's right.
What do you want out of life, Barr?
Well, i want...
i want to be like you.
That's too bad. I want to be
the strongest man in the world.
There can only be one.
And i don't want to give
that position up to you.
How do you do it?
All that keeps me from being
a nobody is that dumbbell.
If i can't lift it, I'm nothing.
Forget about being like me.
Aim higher!
Come on you sissy, lift this.
Come on.
On the shoulder!
Good! You're halfway there.
Come on! Push it up!
It won't lift!
Think about a girl who caught your eye!
You want to impress her!
- I can't!
Then think of your mother,
you heartless brute!
Push! Push!
Think of someone you
hate! Think of Doc Sargent!
He just said you were
nothing! Are you nothing?
Push! Push!
That's it!
There you go. That's fine.
You're stronger than
you think big fella!
What is this?
- Two years of marriage, my love.
You're sorry. You
forgot. Like last year.
I'll make it up to you, i promise.
She's kicking.
You're way too pretty to make boys.
Open it.
That's the Merrimack Bridge?
Turn it over.
Read it, it took me days to write!
You read it.
- No, it's too embarrassing!
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
You all right?
Yes. My damn ulcer
has woken up for good.
Do you have what i asked for?
- Yes.
When you combine a B... Yes,
that's it... with an A...
that makes "ba".
So if you add i-R after "ba",
that makes "bair", like a grizzly.
Well, no. The "air" in
"bear" is spelled E-A-R.
- Yeah.
What's the deal?
I don't know. That's how it is.
But the air that we breathe,
that's spelled A-I-R.
So a hare - the
animal - is H-A-I-R.
No, a hare
is H-A-R-E.
But hair, like on our
bodies, is H-A-I-R.
Are you messing with me?
- Not at all...
OK. Let's continue.
He didn't catch on very
quickly, unlike you.
Does the name David
"Baby" Michaud ring a bell?
A soldier from Quebec City.
The first to challenge your father.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
He said Louis wasn't a strong
man, he was just an entertainer.
His promoter put up $500.
He had a belt made.
The belt for the
strongest man in Canada.
Next week? Forget about it!
I'll crush him with one finger.
- Normally, maybe.
But in your condition?
My God, we just cancelled
three weeks of shows!
How can we say I'm the
world's strongest man
if he has the belt?
They made up that belt!
- I don't care! I want it!
Why do you think he wants
to challenge you so quickly?
His promoter came to the gym
and saw that you were sick.
No! In a month, if you're better.
Mlina is due in a month.
I said i'd be there.
If you lose, it'll be a long time
before Michaud accepts a rematch.
Your career could really suffer.
Do yourself a favour, take
a few days to think about it.
Ready for your lesson?
This came in yesterday.
It's from my father.
It's a telegram.
That i knew. Thanks, Horace.
It's your mother.
She passed away.
Her funeral is...
Actually, it was last week.
If i can do anything...
You can't. I can.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to this momentous event
featuring two extraordinary
forces of nature!
Up for grabs is the new Canadian
Strongman Championship Belt!
What's going on here?
We're ready, we're ready.
This is ridiculous! How
are you gonna do this?
And now, without further ado,
from Quebec City, your idol,
David "Baby" Michaud!
And from Montreal, Louis Cyr.
Shake hands.
Ladies and gentlemen, the first
feat of strength: The one-arm lift.
Baby Michaud, starting at 158 pounds.
A successful lift of 158 pounds!
A successful lift of 218 pounds!
I'm not feeling well.
I've been informed that
Baby Michaud has an injury.
According to the rules, an
injury voids the challenge.
You're a bunch of cheaters!
Calm down! Please calm down!
Is it a forfeit? Does he forfeit?
Michaud forfeits!
Let's go!
- All right, that's enough!
Congratulations! You're
the Canadian champion.
Here's your belt, your $500.
Well done. Goodbye.
How's that for glory, eh?
All right, let's go home.
Hold on a second.
You should be proud.
Well done, is what I'm trying to say.
Thanks, Gus.
- Yeah, congratulations!
It's quite a feat!
A whole 7 pounds...
Are you mocking me?
Apparently, there's
something new in your home.
She's a quick one!
She decided to arrive ahead of time.
Look, Lili, it's your daddy.
The strongest man in Canada.
Well, miliana, like we said.
But it seems a bit long
for this little thing.
You waiting for her to come to you?
No, no...
She can't be too heavy for you! Come on!
She has her father's hands!
He never mentioned his ulcer after that,
except to say that it
was cured by that baby.
He sure knew how to thank me.
- Don't talk that way.
You're not the one
trapped inside these walls.
Didn't you bring something for me?
Don't you want to hear the rest?
After his win in Quebec City,
his life was a whirlwind.
A Canadian tour, an American
tour. He broke records everywhere.
Politicians, the press,
charities, sponsors...
everyone wanted a piece of him.
I'm sorry, gentlemen, but miliana
isn't giving interviews yet.
Will you be all right?
- Yes.
Today's a big day. Not too nervous?
This way, this way.
Is he here?
Oh, Louis! My Louis...
If your mother could see you now...
Hey, big bro'.
No, Pierrot!
Your granddaughter, miliana.
Hello, Lili.
I don't mean to interrupt,
but we should go,
the Prime Minister
wishes to shake his hand.
We don't want to keep the
Prime Minister waiting.
...to pay tribute to
a man who brings honour
to our province and to our race.
A man that all of Canada
can be proud to call its own.
Mr. Prime Minister,
honourable dignitaries,
without further delay, Mr. Louis Cyr!
- Bravo!
To highlight your many accomplishments
and your contribution to promoting
the French Canadian nation,
the St-Jean-Baptiste
Society is proud
to give you this honorary belt.
Thank you, Louis Cyr. Long may you live!
Thank you very much.
Mr. Cyr! Mr. Cyr!
- Hello.
Let us through, please.
Thank you very much.
Are you proud of this achievement?
Absolutely, yes. Thank you.
Nice belt, Mr. Cyr!
Thank you, sir.
What's that worth on the world stage?
No one on the planet is
stronger than Louis Cyr!
I'm not sure Eugen Sandow would
agree. He's quite an athlete!
The American tour we are setting
up will prove who's the strongest.
Those tours are just circus
acts. They don't prove anything!
I'll show you a circus act.
- Pierrot!
You're right.
This belt isn't worth anything.
I have to give it value.
Who's Fox?
- An American promoter.
Who is Eugen Sandow?
Don't you read the paper?
He's all the rage in Europe.
He claims to be the strongest
man in the universe! Honestly!
We have other fish to fry!
Are we leaving?
- Yes.
Come on!
OK, whoa, that's enough!
No, keep going!
Lili, no!
You OK?
- Yes.
Daddy! Are you all right?
Yes, Lili, Daddy's all right.
It's just that Daddy
asked his saddle maker:
"Joe, are you sure the
stitching is strong enough?"
And Joe said:
"It's as strong as you are, Louis. "
Excuse me, would you be
kind enough to sign this?
It's for my son. He's in the hospital.
It'd be my pleasure.
Could you write him a note?
It would make him so happy.
That's not really my thing.
- He admires you so!
I wouldn't know what to say.
- Nothing fancy.
I said no!
You write something.
What's his name?
Aren't you tired of wasting your time?
Me I'm just a factory
worker and that's all right.
But you have a gift.
One that could take you to the top.
Circus acts are fine,
but I'm talking about the world title.
And this is how to get there.
You can prove that we can be the
best in the world at something.
You owe us that much...
me, dad, and every French
Canadian who watches you.
I'm warning you:
Move your ass or I'll kick
it straight to the moon.
You can't be that excited
to go back to Lowell.
You nuts? We can't wait
to get back to our hovel!
Dad, i spoke to Mo
Lamothe, our neighbour.
He's selling his farm. It's
a nice, big lot of land.
If you want it... it's yours.
Of course he wants it. Right, Dad?
Are you serious?
I can't accept that.
Sure, you can! He's just emotional.
Do you mind?
We'll think about it.
Well, have a nice trip.
We hope to see you soon.
You big old bastard!
- Bye, Pierrot.
- Bye.
See you soon.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
It was a surprise.
That's not what i meant.
Louis, i love you whether
you know how to read or not.
Don't be silly...
i've suspected as much for a while.
You really believe all that?
Before long, you'll be
able to read it yourself.
I'll show you how.
Horace has been trying for years.
It just doesn't sink in for me.
Well, Horace is Horace.
And I'm me.
What about our tour?
The Eastern States?
The Maritimes? Ontario?
Do you know how much we'll lose?
- I don't care.
You didn't talk that way back
when you needed an advance!
You've made a fortune off my
husband, he owes you nothing.
Can you book a theater in London?
Do you know any promoters there?
Have you ever set foot in Europe?
We can do it all here!
Sandow will never take up a
challenge from the colonies.
Mr. Lambert, Louis is
a future world champion.
His path is set. You
must understand that.
Of course, i understand.
That doesn't mean that i accept it.
NEW YORK, United States
i can beat him, damn it!
- Louis!
What? Am i embarrassing you?
All right, we didn't come here
to talk literature, did we?
"I am fair, O mortals!
"Like a dream carved in stone,
"And my breast where each one
in turn has bruised himself
"Is made to inspire in the poet a love
As eternal and silent as matter. "
The Flowers of Evil.
You speak French?
It's yours.
Thank you.
- Hello!
Good trip?
Long trip!
I'll bet.
I have a surprise for you,
but i don't want to say more.
We're tired, Horace.
It's worth it. Come on.
Just a second.
You ready?
- Yeah.
Are you crazy? Her spine! Let go!
I'm strong, aren't I?
- You really are your father's girl!
135 pounds is nothing! She
lifted 150 this morning!
I'm going to be the
strongest in the world!
Oh yeah?
Another one who wants
to be just like you.
I didn't say that, i said the strongest!
Stronger than Daddy!
That's the spirit, Lili.
I'm proud of you, my angel.
What do you mean, I'm not coming?
- I told you: Our little girl.
My folks will take care of
her. They've done it before!
She needs her mother.
I've been dreaming about this trip!
You're not going to take it away!
We can't bring you along.
Mr. Fox promised us
tickets for the opera...
You can't, all right?
That's all there is to it!
Give me one good reason!
I'm your husband. I decide.
Is that a good enough reason for you?
The big one is you. The other one is me.
Wow, your dumbbell is bigger than mine!
That's my back lift.
Very nice. And what am i doing?
You're applauding.
I just don't know how to draw
someone clapping their hands.
It's hard.
Mommy read up to here.
Daddy has another idea.
He's going to tell you another story.
That way, you'll have two.
Do you know the story...
of the three little pigs?
That's it right there.
Well, Daddy's going to
think of another story.
Have i told you the story of
Louis Cyr versus Baby Michaud?
- Yes, again.
It was in Quebec city, and the
place was full of soldiers...
Another lesson before i puke again?
We're the ones giving
the lessons from now on.
I can't wait!
LONDON, England
Two months later, no one had showed up.
He was like a lion in a cage.
Fox would prevent him from
doing his best, you see.
He could lift just
enough to amaze the crowd,
but no more, lest he'd
frighten his challengers.
Back lift, 4,000 pounds.
They paid to see a
show, not half a show.
Sampson the Great!
He lifts an elephant, but
it's pulleys doing the work!
This bozo put out a
500-pound challenge.
His opponents try, then he
empties the dumbbell on the sly,
lifts it, and everyone swoons.
And this guy...
- Cyclops, i've seen him.
He breaks chains wrapped around
his arms, but they're pre-cut.
None of these guys can beat you.
Yeah, but our ship leaves in two weeks.
Listen carefully, Mr. Fox.
We trusted you. We
came all the way here.
I cut my hair and got dressed up.
I've held back so i
wouldn't scare people.
I've done my part. It's
time for you to do yours.
Think he got it?
Excuse me.
I don't know how to thank you.
You can thank me by kicking his butt.
What's that?
The news was in every newspaper.
Louis Cyr was to meet his
most formidable adversary yet.
He, who could not
read, had just rewritten
the strongmen book of records
in less than two hours.
So? How does it feel reaching the top?
Sandow declared that I'm the one
who refused to go up against him.
It's boring! No one's
talking. Can i be excused?
She's right.
Are you going to be mad at
me for the rest of your life?
My circus idea with Horace...
we've decided to go for it,
the whole hog.
I'd like to include our daughter...
and do it as a family.
Breathe a little fresh air.
All together.
I don't want us to be apart anymore.
I'm sorry.
Has he seen the Sandow Kinetoscope?
I don't think so.
Have you seen the new Kinetoscope?
It's been replaced.
Have you seen the paper?
Sandow's coming to New York next month.
- We'll be in Pelham.
It's not far.
Sit down. We're gonna write to Fox.
You should burn all this.
You'll drive yourself mad!
Don't start with me,
my back is killing me.
Fox made a $5,000 challenge
and the guy didn't budge.
What more can we do?
Put an extra $5,000
out of my own pocket...
Come on!
Daddy, it's your turn.
- I'm coming, Lili.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
Eight boxes in cart number three.
Son of a bitch!
What now?
Move aside!
Get over it!
- No!
Get away, you!
Stay here, Lili.
Louis! Are you crazy? That's enough!
Gee, what's going on here?
Get back to work!
Will you tell me what's going on?
It's Fox. He's the one who
invited Sandow to New York.
Add "The Strongest Man on Earth. "
Forget about your number.
The circus is over for you. We're
sending you to boarding school.
We can finish the tour first.
- You'll do as i say!
What did i do?
Sweetheart, go finish the inventory.
I'll talk to your father and
then I'll come find you. Go on!
You can't be against schooling! Not you!
You're so impressed by it!
If you've got a problem, talk
to me. Don't take it out on her.
She's not going to
wind up a circus monkey.
Not my daughter!
She won't get stabbed in the
back by high-society folks.
She's going to school.
Horace, contact the press
about the show in Portland.
Tell them they'll see something
they've never seen before.
She went back to
with Lili.
I must say... i see her point.
And the press?
They're here.
Everyone's here.
It's not too late to
harness just two of them.
Our two biggest. That's
3,600 pounds. It's plenty.
Do what i asked.
I'm more beat up than you thought?
You're not so bad. You
should see the horses.
Fox heard about it.
He said you're the only man on
earth who could've held those horses.
Even Sandow didn't dare contradict him.
Lili received an offer
from the Ringling Brothers.
They think she could have...
Those are their words.
Let me see that.
You have no idea how
important this is to her.
Horace, I'm giving you my title.
It'll be up to you to defend it.
I don't think that's a good idea.
All i want to hear is that
you'll accept it like a man.
It's an honour.
You're going to school.
End of story.
It'll never fit through the door!
Open the wall, whatever
it takes. I don't care.
I want it in the living room by noon.
It'd been ten years since the doctors
had given him six months to live.
This family gathering
during the school year,
it was his own idea.
A way to make peace perhaps.
Happy birthday, Lili.
You've grown so much.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Did you have a nice trip?
- Yes.
You've gotten even prettier!
Come in. I have a
little something for you.
I had it brought here from France.
It's a Pleyel. Apparently,
they're the best.
Happy birthday, Lili.
Don't you want to try it?
If you want to hear your piano,
you'll have to take lessons.
Thanks for supper, but i can't stay.
You should thank me!
Thank you?
For what?
For preventing me from
doing what i wanted in life?
Your father wanted to protect you.
- From what? Success?
Really, now! Look what you've become!
You're brilliant. You're cultured.
You're the best in your class in
literature, in music, in everything!
You're my pride!
Your pride, right.
What about mine?
Even if i draw you a picture,
you still don't get it.
I saw in the paper that
Horace Barr is retiring,
which means that his title goes back
to the previous champion, Louis Cyr.
Are you challenging the old bear?
That bear scares me about
as much as a newborn lamb.
He still holds all the world records.
A world champion from
yesteryear hiding behind illness
doesn't impress me.
Are you just looking for publicity?
Are you prepared to put money down?
As proof of Mr. Dcarie's good
faith, i will deliver $2,000
to the offices of La
Patrie newspaper by morning.
I'm here.
Tell me you didn't try to lift this?!
Help me. I threw my back out.
Is this because of the newspaper?
Dcarie and Lambert?
A coward and a traitor!
Don't kill yourself for them!
And our daughter's a heartless ingrate?
No, this is nobody's fault but my own.
We're responsible for
what happens to us in life.
At least Lili is the head of her class.
A guy can't be that stupid
if he made a girl like that.
You're far from stupid.
I just didn't want
her to end up like me.
Everyone respects you,
you're considered an idol,
you're wealthy, what more do you want?
What about your husband
who lifts weights
but can't read a single word...
Do you respect him?
Does he inspire you?
I love you.
That's all that should matter.
Didn't we say 7:00?
I'm early.
Would you like a drink?
- I'm in a hurry, if you don't mind.
You certainly haven't
gotten much use out of it!
I can't believe he agreed to this.
He's a champion. He doesn't
know how to back down.
I'd like to believe you, but
you haven't seen him lately!
He can barely put one
foot in front of the other.
He'll never make it.
Nothing has happened in two years.
Someone has to defend this title.
I don't have a choice anymore.
But you're right, we
can't let him do this.
It's your title.
Show up on stage tonight as
a replacement for Louis Cyr.
I'm not the one they want to see.
- I'll face the consequences.
No, i can't.
Nice place!
The circus paid you well.
Be a man.
See you later.
i should've gone to see him,
gotten on my knees and apologized.
I was too ashamed.
I made one of the greatest
athletes of all time mediocre.
I made him humiliate
himself in front of his fans.
sometimes i wonder if he
accepted the challenge for you,
to show you what that
kind of career can lead to.
I heard that he can't
walk and barely eats.
I know, my mother sends me updates.
He gave me a letter for you.
Everything i know, i
learned from Louis Cyr.
He made me rich.
He put the championship
on a silver platter for me.
I have physical strength...
but no strength of character.
I betrayed him.
Let's just say that if i could
help bring his daughter back,
I'll at least have done something.
You want me to jump into his arms?
It's not that simple.
Little Miss Cyr...
the strongest girl in the world.
It might be time to prove it.
I'm sorry. I love you. Your father
Translation by Joshua Beitel