Louise Wimmer (2011) Movie Script

Good morning, Louise.
You should have started 9:00.
- What happened?
- A problem with the car.
This shouldn't happen.
It's the second time this week.
Only ten minutes.
That's ten minutes too much.
Can I go?
Do you never apologize?
Not that tone please!
The next time you'll
learn to know me.
This is still tame!
There won't be next time.
Let's hope so.
And improve your appearance.
Customers can see you.
Thank you.
Can you take it please?
A glass of red wine.
Here you are.
Put the coffee
on my account?
Just remember it's 35 now.
That's not too much.
Don't worry.
You should have come the 15th.
Really? Is that new?
can you get the folder?
You didn't answer.
Is it new?
I have no idea.
Why did I come then?
No apartments for me?
Sit down, please.
Come back in two weeks.
Can you write that down?
New, I haven't used it.
- What is that?
- Silver.
And the glasses too?
70 for everything.
Check or cash?
- Not more?
- No.
Those are the rates.
And if I add this?
20 .
20 ?
At least 90.
All purchases are checked.
- Check or cash?
- Cash.
Thank you.
Sign here.
What are you doing there?
I'm coming.
Come on.
We are in the top three.
- How much?
- Not the whole. 40- 50 .
Can you get it out?
I don't want Nicole to know.
I won.
- Leaving?
- Yes, for work.
- And you?
- No, not yet.
- Thank you, Nicole.
Next time I'll buy.
That's not all, Nicole.
You're like my daughter.
You could work anywhere.
Would you rather
work in an office?
And sleep with the boss.
How long have you had a conflict
with the landlord?
How much is it?
I thought so.
What's this, 140 only?
Sorry, I can't afford more.
We agreed about 350.
Do we need to haggle
every time?
I can't promise anything.
As you wish.
Mme. Wimmer, it's simple.
Either you pay or we'll
open a procedure.
- How are you?
- Alright.
Remember me?
Yes, I remember.
I'll pay next week.
- Your credit is exhausted.
- Yes, I know.
Hurry up. If money's not coming,
I'll also have problems.
- Don't worry, I'll pay.
- But when?
Sorry, phone...
I'll be back.
Where's the lighter...
I'm fine. And you?
Your father?
You want me to meet
your father?
Can't you do it yourself?
Dunno. After work.
Why the hell do you
want that dog?
It needs to be walked,
and all the food... What?
I don't know.
Call me,
I'll invent something.
Eat together?
At Pepom's?
See ya.
Should we talk a little?
To say what?
I've nothing to say.
I must go.
As you wish.
Shit car!
Are you alright?
I've 3 rooms left to clean.
So what?
He said 20 minutes per room,
but I need 40.
You'll learn.
I really need this job.
It'll work out.
Tears won't help.
Come with me.
Take the dirty towels.
Wipe the water
from the sink...
and the bathtub.
That's it.
The main thing's the hair.
Men have always
hair lying around.
You put the soap,
fold the towels,
and voil.
In 3 minutes it's all done.
Everything else is fast done.
Got it?
No, just no music...
- You're finished?
- Not yet, thanks.
Damn shit!
It looks okay.
Maybe it's...
No, not that.
Should work.
You won't cheat me?
Thank you, thank you...
- See ya tomorrow.
- See ya.
Don't drink so much.
Stop it!
- The battery is flat.
- What?
- May I look?
- Don't get late for work.
I'm on the night shift.
Well, everything's okay.
Here's some crap.
What is it?
It's the head gasket.
Is it serious?
Well... possibly.
I can't afford the garage.
- But it is necessary.
- I can't.
Have a light?
I can't help, but a friend
of mine can get the parts.
Give me your number.
I'll call you.
I don't remember it.
It's 06...
- How long will it take?
- As long as it takes.
Don't worry,
it's just a car after all.
- Here, now you have my number.
- Fool.
- Will you come to the races?
Okay? -Okay.
I'll push, and you gaze.
Jerome! Abdel!
C'mon guys.
Brake off!
The door!
Close the door!
All together...
Well, how are you?
It's all right.
Even ahead of schedule.
I've time to clean behind.
Fine. Initiative!
Come with me then.
I can't pay you for 30 hours.
I know, I just need it
for a payment.
I can work overtime...
Where did they come from?
This month, 14 hours.
We'll do breakfast and cleaning.
Isn't that okay?
Good. Alright.
Sorry Cherie, what did you say?
No, it's okay.
Again the same.
I don't know how to operate it.
More pastis.
Same for me, Nicole.
No, I'm crying.
I thought you'd be there.
My colleague is there.
But you know me.
It makes no difference.
I got a letter.
I thought I got an apartment
but it's an interview again?
Please let me pass.
I can't start over again. The whole
story once more. Impossible!
I'm busy.
I have a meeting.
- You need to follow the rules.
- Is this a game?
Excuse me.
I don't want to talk.
I need an apartment.
A fucking apartment!
- Mind your tone!
- And it will help?
It just takes time.
- Be patient.
- I've been waiting for 6 months.
Be less arrogant,
that will help.
You can't do that!
I can't take it anymore!
Sorry. What time is it?
You're alright?
Your money lies
on the table.
I came for the dog.
- She couldn't come herself?
- No, I guess.
Where is it?
I don't have time.
Honey, can you get the dog?
How is my stuff?
You need to get it soon.
You can keep it.
Or even burn.
Thank you.
Give it to Jessica.
I will.
What else do you want?
You left me, Louise.
Did I have a choice?
- Wait...
- No, hands off!
- Wait!
- Hands off!
Hi doggy.
Did he get food?
I have no idea.
How are you?
- Alright. Thank you for going.
- You're welcome.
Did Dad say anything?
He doesn't understand why
you don't want to see him.
Want a drink?
Can you take him home?
I've to go back to work.
Don't you have five minutes?
Do it yourself.
- How's the job?
- Okay.
Won't you go back to school?
What should I learn?
And what do I live on?
You're a good student.
Your father can't pay.
Take advantage of it.
Do you think so?
You deserve the best.
It's from your father.
Thank you.
I'll move in with Sebastien.
So quickly?
- Don't worry, I'm old enough.
- Really?
You're mad at me?
- When shall we meet again?
- Call me when you have time.
C'mon doggy.
I'm sorry.
How are you?
You're dressed up today...
- Sorry, I didn't call. I lost
your number. -Alright.
Your son?
- Jeremy, say hello to Louise.
- Hi Jeremy.
What do you want?
You... stay for dinner?
Can you call your friend
about the car?
I want my dad.
No, wait here.
Hi Brahim. It's me.
Remember, my friend's
car broke down?
Can you come over?
Dunno, let's meet there.
Wait, I'll ask her...
When can you go?
Not in the morning.
Not in the morning.
You can't earlier?
Thanks bro, I owe you one.
- Sunday afternoon.
- And until then I can drive?
Well, just watch
the oil level.
He really does it for free?
Yeah, I do too.
I'm embarrassed.
- Wanna come in?
- No, I can't,
But thank you.
- I haven't seen you here.
- What?
I'm Jean-Luc. Who are you?
Like a drink, Gina?
What is it?
- I'm a little dizzy.
- C'mon, have a drink.
Don't move, okay?
What're you doing here alone?
I hate to talk and
I love to dance.
Can you dance, Jean-Luc?
Well, sort of, yes.
Wanna dance?
Let's dance.
Come on, I'm not of porcelain.
Squeeze me.
Hold me tight.
What is it?
Gina, what happened?
Anything wrong?
What is it?
Are you ill?
It's not you and me.
Don't worry.
- What did I do?
- Just leave me alone.
I lost my bag.
Where's my bag?
My little bag...
It's nothing.
What's the matter?
Let's go home now.
I'll tell you in a nice way.
You and I get along.
I get your mail, I give credit,
I don't ask...
Your life isn't my business.
Do what you want.
But don't start kidding
with my guests...
I have to earn money.
if you wanna go on like this,
you'd better stay away, okay?
I didn't expect this from you.
Pull yourself together, honey.
So what?
The situation is getting worse.
Do you have a house and a job?
I don't need a work.
I filed a request for an apartment
7 months ago!
I haven't been here long.
So what?
I'll be back.
May I ask something?
I can't pay the bailiff.
Last month I couldn't pay.
And what do you want to know?
He threatens to...
repossess my property.
What can he take?
None left.
None at all?
Nothing of notable value.
A car?
Don't be afraid. Pay a little bit.
Pay what you can afford.
Can he take the car?
If you pay a little, he can't.
That is?
To repossess your
personal property,
he needs a court order.
If you pay what you can,
at least 20 ,
the procedure is delayed.
- Can you manage?
- Hm.
I'll try to fix an apartment.
- Who is she?
- Her sister-in-law.
I've already worked in hotels.
If it's okay,
you can start right away.
I'll have a look at your CV.
Thank you.
Welcome to the staff.
Like new...
- Thank you, Brahim.
- You're welcome.
- Where're you going?
- To my mother. -See ya.
- Leaving already?
- My wife is waiting.
Thank you. Bye.
What game is this?
It's no big deal.
A son and a wife?
No big deal?
I'll show you something.
My bag. My suitcase.
My things.
And this is my bed.
I'm getting 50 and
live in a car.
Guess why?
Stop it, Louise.
Thanks for the help,
but I don't need a man.
- You think I'm an idiot.
- I don't think you're an idiot.
But yes. You think so.
Think I don't understand?
I know it, Louise...
Where you park your car...
I know you have a problem...
Stop it.
Don't force me to talk.
Trust me.
You're all screwed up.
20 and 10. A total of...
No, over 100 only check.
Under 100 cash.
How is it? Cash?
I pay you 90.
Take back this.
Come back in an hour.
This is the first deal of two.
You'll get more cash.
Sign here.
Thank you.
See you soon.
I win.
The main thing is trust.
And I can't...
Katie, fill it please.
Where is this apartment?
In the Glacier district.
A one-room on the 16th floor.
The 16th?
With a nice view.
They key?
In a few days.
In a few days?
In a few days?
Thank you.
I'm speechless.
Just listen. Beautiful!
Is it here?
Not yet.
It's over there.
- Up there.
- There?