Louisiana Story (1948) Movie Script

Directed by R. Flaherty.
This film tells of the adventures
cajun boy living.
In the marshland Petit
Anse Bayu in Louisiana.
His name is Alexander
Napoleon Ulysses Latour.
He says that from the
sea swim mermaid.
And their hair is green.
And the boy often sees
bubbles on the surface.
And still there are found.
Long-nosed and red-eyed werewolves.
On clear nights they
gather and dance.
He would not have left the house without
this bag of salt tied to his belt
and something else that
he hides in his bosom.
Are there a lot of alligators here?
Yes, full, however, before there was more.
People after all hunt them,
I myself hunted to sell skins.
"Can they attack?"
Yes, it happens,
if you try to catch them
or behave yourself stupid.
I remember one old man
took a fancy place for
swimming next to the house,
his wife was still washing there.
Well, he decided to swim.
He jumped into the water,
and there his alligator was waiting,
healthy such, feet 8,
that's enough of his alligator
for the throat and nose,
and pulls his nose out with his throat...
He died, and thank God.
He was probably drunk, he often drank,
and when I returned home,
then sang a funny song:
"When you want to eat - I eat,"
and when I want to sing - I drink,
if the whiskey does not kill me,
"Then I will live until I die. "
- Would you like to get coffee?
- Thank you.
- Sugar?
- No thanks.
And I'll put myself a little.
Well, again.
And that, so you can determine
whether there is oil here or not?
Not 100%, but you can, Mr. Latour.
Well, good luck,
you will need it!
- Perhaps, it's time for me.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Happily, come again.
When again you will be here.
Dad, look!
We have guests...
Hello, monsieur.
Where are you from?
From there.
And what is there in your pie?
The biggest catfish
I've ever seen.
What kind of bait do you catch?
I'm not bait.
"Not for bait?"
- No.
Look. I'll show you how
to catch a big fish.
And what are you doing here?
What do you think?
Father says that you are just crazy.
Join us!
Probably, out of order.
"Looks like the head has flown off."
Excellent! Have taken!
Come in!
Come in!
Look, I have salt.
Salt? What for?
It's against evil spirits.
You throw salt in them.
and they swim away.
And here I have something else.
"The same for them?"
Yes. It's green.
The best.
Well, you're a cool guy.
So here you are.
I hope it does not bother you very much.
Not at all.
We are just happy.
Come again.
- Till!
- Till.
Sit still, Yo-Yo.
Sit still.
Yo-Yo, where are you?
Are you here?
Where are you?
Now. Now we are...
Father, where are you?
Are you here?
Where are you?
Father, he does not have to leave!
He does not have to leave!
Help me get this alligator!
Help me, he's leaving!
"He killed my raccoon."
"Nothing, we'll catch him."
We'll catch!
My God, you are mine! Who caught it?
He was killed by my son.
How, the boy himself?
Yes, myself.
So, the bait was the right thing!
And he did not forget to spit at her.
Hi Tom!
I'm waiting - I can not wait for the fuel
for my engine...
Yes, for God's sake, one
bottle is enough for you?
More than one bottle of this hole you
still will not be able to deflate.
Go down, rest a little.
Rather, the ejection went!
Quickly! Stop the car!
Quick, guys!
Quick, screw the valve!
Come on!
Catastrophe on the first drilling platform
in Petit Anse Baia,
rented from Latour.
As a result of a pressure of 8000 pounds
demolished the stub and
rose from the bottom.
A pillar of gas and salt water.
Half a mile from the
drilling site is closed
due to the danger of igniting the gas.
Yesterday evening at half past 12th
finally managed to stop the gas outflow
on a drilling rig in Petit Anse Bayu.
With this outburst, nothing
could be done for 10 days.
This is the first case of
its kind in the region;
Was without human sacrifice.
Work drilling
are waiting for further orders.
There's nothing more for you to do,
except how to hang around here?
Has he gone mad?
Go home, do you hear me?
There's nothing for you to hang around.
Go home and do something useful,
or something else will happen.
So that I can not see you here anymore,
stay away from this place!
So, so, look who's here.
Where are you from?
- Why did you lose the salt?
- Yes.
Again he was hunting for a crocodile?
I think we ourselves could
be re-qualified as hunters.
Exactly, we would have
an excellent teacher.
I think we could use some
salt for this well, right?
Still would.
I understood.
We should do with the borehole
the same as with bait.
I did it already.
You know, these drillers
will be leaving soon.
Yes, they leave from day to day.
No, they will not.
Will not they leave?
And how do you know that
they will not leave?
I know that's all.
On the Wildcat in Petit Anse Bayu
our drillers personally showed,
which means real skill.
They not only managed in 10 days
stop this dangerous release;
By changing the angle, they were able to
bypass the danger zone
and reach a depth of 14032 feet.
Now the usual procedures are coming -
analysis of the quality of the obtained oil
and a temporary plug of the well.
Well, now it's fine.
Try it, Jean!
There will now be fuel for your engine.
I did not believe that you would succeed.
And I knew from the beginning, Tom.
True, I knew.
You see how much I brought from the city.
I said it was high
time to go shopping.
So I went, everything,
as you wanted.
Have you bought anything else?
Still, now you'll see everything.
"Take this."
- It?
No, that's it. Give your mother.
What a delight, I long
for this dreamed.
- Like?
- Yes!
"Did you bring me anything?"
No, it did not work.
- Why?
- I wanted to... I'm already going...
But then it began to rain.
And you did not bring anything?
Let me show you something.
This is a wind gun. "A rifle?"
Mom, look, the gun.
- Do I get it?
- Yes.
- It's a great thing!
- Beautiful!
"It's for me, right?"
Of course you do.
- Can?
- Yes.
"Can I shoot him?"
- Yes.
- For real?
- Yes!
- Do you like?
- Still would! Such a beautiful gun!
"No, not at home, be careful." Go to the street.
- Can?
- Thank you, I went.
- Come on.
Dear friends,
Do you remember that day,
when you sailed here on your boat
and we signed this paper together?
That day changed.
All my life on these swamps,
Now the drilling is taken away.
But we will all ask the Lord,
that the oil you have found,
turned out to be good.
Look, Tom!
Scenario Robert and Francis Flaherty.
Producer and director Robert Flaherty