Loulou (1980) Movie Script

- Is Loulou here?
- Get lost!
You look terrible
Where have you been?
Any beer left?
I don't know. I doubt it
Do you have five francs on you?
- You're joking
- I am
See you later, pal
There he is. He'll kiss it better
He isn't a brute, you know
Come on, let's go
Come on, then. Move!
Oh, hell. Stop crying, will you?
All right, kiss me
Come on, let's go somewhere.
Let's go dancing
Do we have to go with the others?
How was dinner?
You enjoy this music? You like
wiggling your arse, right?
Randy as hell, isn't he?
- Fancy him, don't you?
- Oh, stop it. He's drunk
That never stopped you, women.
You go for filth
Oh, lay off, will you?
Are you doing it on purpose?
- Tell me. Is it on purpose?
- Stop it, Andr
May I dance with your wife?
No, thanks. I'm tired
I'll come back later
- You're doing it on purpose!
- Leave me alone
You think I didn't see
what you were doing?
Don't you laugh!
Damn it. You think it's funny?
- Yes, I do
- You want another one?
You hurt me!
I hardly touched you!
Oh, I'm fed up, Andr
- What is it now?
- Nothing
He's getting on my nerves
Come on. You know he's harmless
Serves him right if I slept with that
bloke. To get even for that slap
Oh, that's enough
I can't stand him any more.
He makes me sick!
You make me sick!
You know he'll forget it by tomorrow.
Can't you control yourself?
I'm not going home tonight
Let's go. I've had enough
I don't want to. You go if you like.
I'm staying
Come on, let's dance
Stop it!
Hell, the bed's collapsed
Wait, stay there. I'll try to fix it
Come on, help me
What do you want me to do?
Can't you fix it?
Oh, listen. It can't fall any lower
What a drag
Will you stop that?
Some people sleep at night!
I don't know what to do
Come back to bed. Quickly
Don't howl, you silly cow
- Did I hurt you?
- You crushed my tit
Never mind. I'll crush something else
Don't scream. You want them
to hear us?
That's the first time
I've stayed out all night
Do you want to go home?
No, but I'm scared
Will you tell him?
Hello. Having lunch already?
- Want some?
- No
All right, then. I slept at Annie's
I didn't say anything
I want you out of here!
Pack your things and get out!
- Did you hear me?
- Of course
- Get out of here!
- Come off it
You're taking all your stuff with you!
Don't leave anything behind!
Not a single pair of knickers.
Go on, start packing!
You want me to carry it on my back?
Oh, I'll help you
That's it. You do the rest
I can't stuff all my things
into two suitcases!
Do like your ancestors. Take a sheet
and make a bundle
You put it all in here. It's easy.
Just like your ancestors did
Don't forget your little boots
You pig! Even dogs aren't
treated like that
- Let me go now!
- Not without your clothes!
I don't want my clothes.
You can throw them out, if you like
I'm fed up!
Get out of here!
Get out! Did you hear me?
Damn you!
Leave me alone!
- All right, calm down
- No!
Get out of here!
Come on, let's forget it
Have some rest now, all right?
Do you want to rest?
I didn't mean it
Do you forgive me?
Get some rest now. It's all over
- I came for my tomatoes
- You cooked it yourself?
- No, my Grandma did
- I was tempted to eat it myself
What are you doing here?
'Morning, Madame
What the hell are you doing here?
Where are you going?
What's this?
Stuffed tomatoes.
My Grandma made it
You're nice but you'll have to
eat it without me
You said when your brothers left
we'd spend the night together
Spend the night with you?
Oh no, I'm going out tonight
But I want to go out with you
- No, not tonight
- Why? What have I done?
Nothing. I just want to
go out tonight
Me too, Loulou.
Can't I stay with you?
- I said no. Go away
- But what have I done?
"What have I done?" I told you,
nothing. I just don't want you around
Oh God, the water-works queen!
You were a bit harsh on her
- She'll be bawling for hours now
- That's not our problem
Stuffed tomatoes. Go on,
heat it up. We'll eat it
This street has changed
There was a grocery here once,
a baker, a butcher...
Now it's shops for trendies
Restaurants for poofs...
antique dealers
That's pretty, look
That's a nice shop.
Don't you think?
It smells of death
It's all dust
Don't you like these glasses?
Remember the corner bakery?
It's all going to change like that
Listen, I don't feel like
going with you
- I can't cancel it now
- You can do business without me
It'll be a boring dinner.
I'd rather see Annie
- But you always come with me
- I won't, for once
- My pocket is torn
- I'll sew it tomorrow
- So you aren't coming?
- No
Right, I'll see you later then. 'Bye
Feels good, doesn't it?
A morning quickie...
You're heavy
What's wrong? My tattoo
scares you?
- What does it mean?
- It's an American word
Translated into French...
- That's not American
- It is, in the right accent
In American it would be "Cat Pouf"
Well, for me, it's American
- You know languages
- I know that Chapouf isn't English
- Don't argue. For me it is
- Does it hurt, being tattooed?
No... you can get fever.
And it stings
It all depends...
Will you do one on me?
- Yes, where?
- I don't know
Three packs of Gitanes, please
Where have you been
hiding yourself?
- I've been busy
- In your room?
See you then. Charge it, OK?
- Not singing today, Lolita?
- No, I'm too busy
I left clothes to soak in the sink
Did you phone?
Yes, Annie, my sister-in-law
He thinks I've jumped into the river
What will you do?
I don't know
Stall for time
- How old is he?
- Nine months
You have another one, don't you?
- Where is he?
- With a family
- Your mother?
- No, the other one
- What other one?
- With a foster family
Why don't you take him back?
One's enough, don't you think?
Let's change the subject
'Morning, love
- What will it be?
- A pint
Hello, Dominique
You don't look too happy
- Not working today?
- No
- I know it's all over
- Oh, well
Don't worry. You know how he is
You see how he treats me.
He doesn't even speak to me
It'll be all right, you'll see
I'd rather leave
This is Ren. He sent me money
when I was in jail
Whenever one of us gets caught,
Ren takes a collection
Ren, this is my... my girl, Nelly
Nice, isn't she?
Let me know when you go fishing
This bloke wants to sleep with you
What shall I tell him?
He wants to pay to make love
to you. What do you say?
Well... no
Sorry, she isn't interested
She isn't interested.
Ask her yourself
Kiss me
We'll never make love again?
I don't know
Well, how do you like my girl?
Do I have to like her as well?
- Have a drink?
- What are you drinking?
- Brandy
- I'll have one too
Can I have a brandy, please?
What do you do?
I'm a book-keeper. It's boring
- And you come here every night?
- What else is there to do?
- Been playing long?
- Long enough
Can't say it shows
Go on, play
You like this, don't you?
You like this music?
I don't
Want a sip?
Don't you want some?
Go on, have some
Listen, I'm not jealous. Get me?
I'm not jealous!
I'm not jealous at all. OK?
What do you want?
What is it with you?
You won't change him.
He's always been like this
I don't mean to. I take him as he is
Best you can do
Closing time. It's getting late
Come on, let's go. I feel randy
I've been flirting with Dominique
Have you?
I like her. I like her a lot
There was another girl...
Met her four days before
I went to prison
She was nice. Kept writing to me
all the time
- You still think about her?
- Well, she wanted money... lots
Do you think about her or not?
No, I don't. Mind you, if I...
...if I met her again...
...I'd probably give her one
You know, have it off with her
Do you understand?
What the hell are you doing?
What's going on?
You tripped?
You know what I'd like
more than anything?
Tell me
- Go on, say it
- No, you say it
I can't
You want us to get married
Where are my cigarettes?
- Where the hell are they?
- I don't know
This tea is cold
Give me a puff
You came for your mail?
No, I came to collect
some of my things
Why don't you stay?
He's very unhappy
You were such a nice couple.
And he spoiled you
- He's unhappy without you
- You look after him
Yes, but it's not the same
I can see to his needs, perhaps
But he misses you
And I'm not always here.
You'll be back?
Yes, I'll be back next week
Stay a little longer.
He may be back
No, I must rush. 'Bye
Goodbye, Madame
I wanted to see you alone
Oh, I didn't understand
Let's go out, then
I'll be back
So, his name is Loulou
I call him Louis
- Have you looked at him?
- Sure, what of it?
- You can't stay with him
- I don't know
Our three years don't count?
Of course they do. Don't be stupid
What, then?
- Sex doesn't last
- I need both
What's he got?
He never stops, if you must know
- You bitch!
- Stop it!
I'm going to kill you!
You're mad!
- Let me go!
- Who's holding you?
Louis! Louis!
Leave me alone!
Let him come! I'll brain both of you
- You'll be sorry
- Let me go!
Let me go! You're hurting me
Stop it!
Stop! Stop it!
Louis, let go of him. Stop it
Louis, please. Stop!
I don't like that at all
Who'll pay for the letterbox?
I've lost a button
I insist. You must pay for it
Look at it. My letterbox
is all crushed now
Just look at it
And my letterbox?
Who's going to pay for it?
- He will pay you
- Who?
Let's talk
- Can't I talk to him?
- All right, let's go then
Let's have a drink
Three pints, please
Let me. How much?
9 francs 60, sir
You must be hard up
I still have some money in the bank
How much?
Don't know
- About 500,000
- You won't go far on that
The trouble is, I can't find anyone
to take over your job
Someone who knows the bits
You can have it back
No, I don't want any more scenes
There won't be any
No more scenes
Mind if she worked with me?
- It's up to you two
- It'll only make you suffer
On the contrary
You know how it is.
I'll be seeing you, at least
It'll help, soften the blow
Well then?
I don't know
I don't know
We'll see
You'll phone me?
Don't be miserable
I'm not miserable
- Still using it?
- Yes, a few minutes
- Bring it back, OK?
- Yes
- May I?
- Yes
All right?
I like working with you
That's good, don't you think?
It has potential
Leave it
It's not for you! Leave it
You spoil him
- Take it off. It doesn't suit you
- It does!
OK, lovebirds?
No one's in love any more.
Everyone's getting a divorce
None of our friends have children
Annie and Michel are a real couple
Your brother and sister-in-law
are a joint-stock company
What do you do besides...
Here you go again
Can't I say anything?
Living in a hotel room can't be fun
Oh, I just close the door and
forget the whole world
Look, that's beautiful
"Cotton Weavers, New Orleans,
a detail"
- "Museum of..."
- "Museum of Pau"
You'll need glasses soon
I've never seen this Degas
What are you doing this weekend?
I may go to Amsterdam
Monica phoned. I'll be for it
if I don't go
You ought to go. You could
do with a change
Why don't we go together?
We could see the Rembrandt
Oh, hell. See you Monday
- May I phone you tomorrow?
- What for?
- I want to
- You're just tormenting yourself
- What time shall I phone?
- I don't know
Five o'clock
Yes, it's me
You said I could phone
at five o'clock
You woke me up
What do you want?
Nothing. I want nothing.
Just to talk to you
I just wanted to talk, since you said
I could phone at five o'clock
Oh, go to hell. You're selfish.
You woke me up
What do you want then?
I want a jumper just like that.
In black, though
You have a look, and
I'll go and see my mum
At last, you layabout. And Remy,
I haven't seen him for two weeks
Hope he's not in trouble again
If he's been fired again, tell him
not to bother to come to me
- Wait for me
- All right
- What's up?
- Nothing. Yourself?
I'm waiting for my mum.
Doing anything tonight?
- Don't know. You?
- See you later then. 'Bye
Pierrot tells me you have
a new girl
A nice girl, it seems.
Not your usual type
If she's a nice girl, what's she
doing with you?
I hear you live in a hotel
- Who's paying?
- She is
Listen, isn't that a bit much?
Well, this is Nelly.
My mother
Yes, well... we'll walk you home
- I'll get some apples
- No, I want... get me tangerines
Pound of tangerines, please
Pretty, isn't she?
She's a kitten in love.
How did you do it?
Oh, that's life
I was never keen on that sort of thing
I got pregnant every time,
so it wasn't much fun for me
- How's work?
- All right
That's good
Here, take this
I can't
Go on. She won't miss it,
and it'll make me happy
Thank her for me, I'm embarrassed
Where are you going?
- Just for a round
- Don't be late
- Don't worry her
- I won't. See you
Recognize it? It's me
That was in primary school
You never wore a uniform at school
No, I gave her a photo and
she painted it like this
Shall we go, love? Ready?
Go on, hurry up
- They know we're coming tonight?
- Yes
- Make yourself at home
- Thanks
- All right?
- Fine
- You're going skiing in Megeve?
- Yes
- Deep-snow skiing?
- Yes
We're going "deep-snow" skiing
Right, just feel at home
If you want anything, help yourself.
I'll be back on Monday
- Leave the key under the mat
- Right, Jean-Louis. And thanks
Oh hell, what a pigsty
They dump all their rubbish
behind the screen
What are you looking for?
A photo of Diane. Here.
Pretty, isn't she?
I guess so. Rather common
We can't all be as refined
as you, darling
No bottle-opener
That's lucky
Get up and help me look for one
What else?
Found it!
Let me see. You look like
a schoolmarm
Moody, are you?
Don't love me any more?
You don't even like me
touching you?
Oh well, you don't get it
for eight days then!
You're pathetic
The music doesn't bother you
too much?
You're getting on my nerves
Who's that?
Sorry, but I've lost Jean-Louis
He left me in a caf and went to
see a friend. He didn't come back
I've nowhere else to go.
May I sleep here?
Of course
I'll sleep on the carpet
That's silly, you can't sleep
on the floor
The bed's large enough for three.
Move over, Nelly
Go on, Nelly, move a little
- Damn, only one fag left
- Shall I go for more?
- Would you?
- I don't mind
No, I'll go
Why don't you lie down?
Listen, I'd rather you came
with me. I'm scared
Does he often drop you like that?
Well, he's so worried about
his business...
- Come to my hotel with me
- What about Loulou?
It'll do him good. I can't stand him
when he's like that
Don't worry, it's only fat Marite
Turn it off!
Just to see where I'm going.
I know her arse by heart
Leave us alone
- Stop now
- Leave us alone!
- That's unfair!
- She doesn't want you
- You don't want to share?
- Leave us alone!
You can't stay here all night
You'll kill her. Leave something
for your little brother
I'm hungry
I'm hungry, Fatty. Get up and
make me some chips
She isn't your maid
Hey, listen to him
Let's go. Fatties like her
come by the dozen
Mind you...
Oh, let's go
Where's Nelly?
Nelly? Nelly's asleep
Glass of red, please
Are you serious about Nelly?
I don't know. I try not to
think about it
I take life as it comes
When I start thinking, I wonder why
she sticks with a bloke like me
That's life, I guess. It's fine
the way it is, anyway
- She's really in love with you
- With my cock, yes
She's like the rest of them.
That's all they want
If Diane came back, would
you drop Nelly?
I don't think so. In ten years Diane
will look like that one there
Must piss
- Yes, it's him
- The guy from the other night
Excuse me, can I get by?
Excuse me
- What's going on?
- Don't you know me?
Leave me alone. I just want a piss
Oh hell!
You must go to the hospital
Leave me alone, I want a beer
You're mad!
Sorry, we're closed
- Let's go
- I want a beer!
Sorry, no, we're closed
Open up or I'll kick the door in!
- I'm not alone
- I don't give a damn
And you! Shadowing him around
- What happened to you?
- What do you think?
Stabbed in a brawl
Just look at my jacket. It's ruined
I know, but just stand still
Come on, tell her it wasn't my fault.
Maybe she'll believe it from you
I'm thirsty. Get me a beer
I don't think it's serious
Seems like a superficial wound.
It hasn't damaged the peritoneum
- How long will you keep him?
- A few days
- Not too long?
- Just as long as necessary
Do I get into this thing?
That's nice
It's fun
See you then. Goodbye
- We'll look after him
- Thank you
Am I disturbing you?
- Fortunately I am alone
- May I come in?
- Did you have a fight?
- No, Loulou's been stabbed
You've bought a stereo?
I hardly use it
The music irritates me. I listen to
one record and stop
- You can have it
- Where shall I put it?
Improve your bloke's mind
He can listen to Mozart
while you...
I haven't changed the sheets
since you left
You're usually so fussy
Well, people change
You didn't think I would, did you?
- Want a drink?
- No, thanks
How did it happen?
Apparently Loulou bumped into
someone's wife...
Grabbed her arse, you mean
Even so, that's no reason to stab him
You weren't with him?
So you stay at home while
he goes boozing every night?
And probably has it off with others
How do you know?
And what of it?
He fucks me as much
when he gets home
- You enjoy telling me this?
- No, but you asked for it
If you think he waits for you in bed
while you're at work...
...you'd better think again
Listen, Andr, why should you care?
Because I hate seeing
a girl like you...
...having to pay a man
to sleep with her
Because that's what it is.
You keep him
That's not true. I don't keep him
He's unemployed and broke. I work
and I have money. So I pay. OK?
I prefer a loving man who fucks me
and doesn't work to a dull rich man
But if only he had some aspirations,
some ambitions...
If he had to work, he wouldn't
fuck you as much
Well, that's true
I like being with him because
he's always available
Don't you get bored?
Only with men like you
I'd never get bored
What do you talk about?
Not about literature, surely
I read, I don't need to talk
Besides, I can do without books
but not without people
Listen, I didn't come here
for a fight
I was lonely and felt like
seeing you
I'm bushed
You can sleep here
I'll sleep in the spare room
I'll get clean sheets
Don't bother, it's not worth it
It's time I changed them.
Are you looking for stains?
You're warped! Why should I care?
You show such interest
Right, I'm off to bed
Sleep well
You're joking
Have you seen this?
- It's rubbish
- No
It isn't, it's quite good
Go to sleep now
May I look at your magazine?
I'm going to bed
You've made tea?
I've got something in the pocket...
Would you wash my socks?
Don't be daft
You're really too much
- I didn't come to wash your socks
- I'm going to make tea
Let's go to the Lorrain exhibition
- In the Grand Palais?
- Yes
I can't, I'm going to the hospital
Silly. For a moment I thought
we were back to normal
Are you all right?
- Does it hurt?
- Yes
- No, seriously?
- Yes
Did it hurt badly?
The stitching... did it hurt?
It's hot in here
There's water on the table
It's tepid
I can't help it
Move over a bit
I can move, but don't rock the bed
- All right?
- Great
- Don't scream like that
- Happy?
No, I'm miserable
- Don't touch!
- I'm just stroking you
He should save his breath for sex
What are you doing here?
We live round the corner now
- Are you all right?
- Of course
- What are you doing?
- Nothing much. Shopping
Well, I must be going
Nice smell
I'll phone you, OK?
- Yes, come to see us
- We will
Ready in a minute
Not bad at all
An unfurnished flat
Isn't Loulou here?
No, he's out with his mates
The perfect love-nest
Just what I need
now I'm single again
Living all alone in that big flat...
It's rather gloomy
And when I open the wardrobes
and see all those empty hangers...
No thanks
You smell nice. Same after-shave?
Let's go
Shall we go to work?
Turn you on, don't I?
Can't you see? I do want you
But like this, without moving
Nice painting
I'm pregnant. It's Loulou
I want to keep the baby
What month?
Second... I'm not sure
What does Loulou say?
He's thrilled
And you?
I'm very happy
Is that why you slept with me again?
No, I just felt like it
I don't know why
Let's go
- I'll drive you home
- No, I'll get a taxi
All right, I'll be there. See you
Been waiting long?
We must go. One of my mates
is having problems
- What's wrong?
- Nothing
Don't worry, I'll explain
- Come to dinner one evening
- I'm a good cook
You do the cooking?
Why, that's great
So Marie-Jo let you out?
If you go with him, I'm leaving
But there's no risk!
Do what you like, but I won't be
there when you come back
I wouldn't drag Loulou
into anything risky
- What time do we meet him?
- Eleven
- Let's go, then
- A drink first?
No, let's drive there slowly,
calm ourselves down
Where are we going?
- Don't be scared
- I'm not
Stop sulking, then. You're not
making it any easier
Kiss me
- Let's go
- Yes
Lots of stuff this time
Can you open the door, Thomas?
Make yourself at home
- Shall I go up?
- Yes, to the living room
- Can we have a drink?
- Sure, you know where it is
Be quiet, though
Keep quiet, don't wake her up
Give them all a drink
- Be quiet!
- Come on, we deserve a drink
Get the glasses
Let me show you something
Nice place... oh, hell
- A beauty, isn't it?
- A real Santa Claus!
Don't break it or we'll have to buy it
Come, I want to show you
my little boy
Oh yes, must go to work
All right?
Well, we're waiting for you
We'll go on waiting, then
You are cheerful today
Think I'm a fool?
You never stop yawning
and stretching
Do I pay you to see a face showing
you've been screwing all night?
OK, I'm a masochist
But there's a limit. And you yawn
on purpose just to torment me
Well, I've had it. You aren't the
only lay in the world, you know
It's hell. I thought I could
take it, but I can't
Shall I leave now or wait till you
get someone else?
Get out! Now!
- May I watch TV?
- Go ahead
What is it?
I'm going to get some fags, Loulou
That's Nelly. Lulu,
a friend of mine
What is it? You still love him?
Oh, of course not
You still love him.
That's why you're like this
Slept with him again, didn't you?
Where did you hear that?
Someone told me
Who told you such rubbish?
Someone who got it
from Andr himself
I doubt it
Let's drop it. Come in
- Here, I've brought you flowers
- That's nice
He's staying with us for a while,
He's out of prison.
Paris is off limits
Will I be in the way?
No, but you won't be very
Oh, I can sleep anywhere,
you know
Thanks. It's sweet of you
- Can I help?
- No, I'm all right
What do you want to eat?
Get me some meat
I'll come and help, anyway
Planet Earth is threatened
by invaders...
It's threatened by your rubbish
I'll get some fruit
Pick me up after dinner, all right?
All right?
Did you phone Mum?
Another fight with Andr?
- You know?
- Yes
- It's very nice here
- Why not?
You know Loulou?
I'll bring the food
Isn't it a bit noisy up here?
Well, it can be
Only early morning, delivery vans.
It's not too bad otherwise
- What's the rent like?
- I don't know. Ask Nelly
- 1,000 francs a month
- That's about it
- Well, that's not too high
- No, we're lucky
What will you do when
the baby comes?
Why ask me?
She's my sister. I'm concerned
I hear you don't want to work
I do, I just don't know
what work I could do
How about being a taxi driver?
Don't know
They took away my license
And working in a warehouse for
2,000 francs a month isn't for me
What exactly can you do?
Everything and nothing
That's not much, is it?
How about running a caf,
for example?
You need a fortune for that
Who'll pay?
If it's a success, it costs a lot
If it isn't, it costs even more
I'd like to help. I'm ready to set
you up if you have any ideas
No rush
I've never gone hungry yet
The child won't go hungry either
But given the choice,
what would you like to do?
Well, nothing
Is Mum all right?
Yes. She'd like to see you
more often
Take Loulou to meet her
- Yes, of course
- I'd like to...
- I'd like to meet your mother
- Of course
Hello, Pierrot
How are you doing?
You're in Paris? Take a seat
- Am I interrupting?
- No
Sit down
That's her brother
Oh yes. This is Michel, my brother
How are you?
All right. I came to invite you
for next Sunday
Yes. I was going anyway
Perfect timing
Well, goodbye
I think we said it all
- Said it all, haven't we?
- Yes
- I'll call you
- Do that
'Bye, Michel. Thanks
Give Annie my love.
Mind the door
What was that?
He's stuck on work, that's all
You're daft!
Well, no. These cars
need shaking up
- The brakes need changing
- Give me the keys, I'm driving back
It's all right, I tell you.
It's good for the engine
Here they are
'Morning, how are you?
Well, well, that's great, Pierrot
He kept nagging me about
what to cook
He prepared it all, did all
the shopping, everything
Hello, boy. Oh, he's grown,
he's really grown
Hello, Aunt
Franoise, take this, will you?
Do you think we should
put the lamb in now?
- What's its name?
- Mis
Hello, Marie-Jo
- Happy?
- Yes
I won't be eating with you.
Thomas is in a mood
He was all right the other day
My daughter's married a terror.
He drives us all crazy
He's a nice guy, but sometimes
he gets a bit...
The day she brought that one
...she really won first prize
Marie-Jo, this is Lulu, a friend
This is Marie-Jo, my sister
Where's Franoise?
Franoise, are you coming?
There, Auntie Franoise
- Join us for a drink
- Come back later, Marie-Jo
See you later, little Marie
Join us for coffee
What's Nelly drinking?
- What will you drink?
- Ricard
- Franoise?
- A Martini
She wants a Martini
Did you open them?
Both of us. It took hours, though
Here's to you! To us!
Who wants a Martini?
Put more water in it
Here, to us!
Not so much
He put in too much Pastis,
didn't he? Easy now
You'll get sloshed
- It's too strong
- And he filled it up
Don't worry
All right, who's first?
You serve her. She's drunk
Behave yourself, Mis,
or I'll tie you up
He's nice
Well, is it good?
Where's your plate, Franoise?
We didn't put enough
Hard work, but they taste good
- Lemon or vinegar?
- Vinegar, I think
What will you do when
the baby comes?
When he's here, I'll get a job
- Here he goes again
- I'm asking because of the baby
What kind of job?
I'm looking. Any job will do.
We'll see
What is he going to do?
I don't know. There are
all kinds of jobs
- You mean you'll work?
- Yes, I want to
Some work to do with wine
Not as a bottle-opener, I hope
Yes, I'll work in a wine cellar.
At Nicolas's
Get the chicken. It's in there
Come here, Mis. Go to bed
He bit the chicken.
There goes our lunch
- You'll mess it up
- Let's tidy up a little
I'm a guest, Loulou.
I can eat, can't I?
Are you bringing the next course?
It's not ready yet.
Franoise is checking
Put the shells in here.
Some are still good
- Sorry, I didn't notice
- That's all right
When it's cooked you'll have it
Put the leftovers in there
Good oysters, aren't they?
Wait, let's get clean plates
Will you do the dishes, then?
We're guests today.
Pierrot can do the dishes
Why me? I'm not doing the dishes
You OK?
I'm not doing the dishes. Forget it
Do you want ice-cream?
It's better than Mum's and Dad's
Better than your thumb, right?
Oh, you're a love
You know, Pierrot wasn't much older
when I took him in
His father left home, and
his mother worked in Paris
He was always alone. We lived
across the street, so he came to us
Then one day, I remember...
it was nearly midnight
He hadn't had any lunch or dinner,
so... what could I do?
I took him in, completely
- You adopted him?
- Well, yes
One more child in the family
You're lucky to have found us
Yes, it's true
I enjoy having you all here today
He's doing all right now, isn't he?
He's quite happy here
- He's put on weight
- Not enough
You aren't bored with me?
No. Kiss me
- You love me?
- Yes
You go in. I'm going for a walk.
See you later
My boss's wife. She's sex-mad
- Did you make her?
- I'm not looking for trouble
Do you still see fat Marite?
Now and then. I spend Saturday
nights at her place
You fuck, and her mother's
next door?
The old woman shuts her eyes
She'd rather her daughter was with
one bloke than sleeping around
Better be careful, you know
She could trap you
It'll end up in a wedding
It's good to have a woman
in your arms
It's so long since I've danced
like this
What about you?
Me? Oh, you know...
I don't give a damn now
Now that I'm going to have a kid
Shot any moorhens?
No, only rats. The river's full
of them. Dinner ready?
- Aren't we eating with the others?
- No, they make me sick
Isn't she sweet, that little girl?
She's going to be pretty.
I like her
- Would you like one yourself?
- Yes, it's fun
What's his name?
- Do you want me to help?
- Yes, if you like
Watch out, her husband's
as jealous as a tiger
- Oh, who cares? He's a pain
- Maybe, but I know him
It's only in fun
Come up, I want to talk to you
I'm busy. Come down if you
want to talk to me
Showing off?
Can't you leave her alone?
Tell your bastard lover to piss off
What lover?
You think I don't know?
I've seen you together
You're all against me
What the hell are you talking about?
Who's together?
I'm not a fool, I see what's going on
- That's too much
- Get on with the laundry
What has he got against Pierrot?
He's jealous, but it doesn't matter
Get away from her
He's completely bonkers
Get out!
Don't move or I'll shoot!
Don't move!
Don't be a fool. You're not
going to shoot, are you?
Get away!
Get out of here
Move back!
Put that gun down. Come on!
Pack up
He's going. Just calm down
I want him to go
Go on, Marie-Jo. Take him inside
Calm him down. Let go of
the gun, Thomas
Don't leave her alone with him!
That's enough. Have you
gone mad or something?
Stop it, do you hear?
Come on, what's got into you?
Let go!
Stop it, do you hear?
Let go of the gun!
Let go!
- Calm down
- I want him to drop the gun
You've no more bullets. Let go
Calm him down
What's got into him?
He's sick!
He's going. Leave him now
Crazy, your friends
What did you bring me here for?
It's not my fault
This could land us back in jail!
Let's have a drink. It's not worth
getting upset about
You think she'll calm him down?
I don't understand
Pierrot had better pack his things
Yes, we'll take him back with us
What is he, a cowboy?
What a fool. He could have
hurt someone
Mind you, we're lucky.
He could have shot her
I knew it
He's sick. 'Bye
- Where will he stay?
- With us, for the time being
Goodbye. He's crazy
Take care of yourself, Mum
It's over. I woke up
about an hour ago
I'll be home tomorrow morning
Won't you say something?
I don't know
Yes, all right
All right. 'Bye
Well what?
I'm afraid it'll make me throw up
- Do you feel sick?
- Not at all
Hello, Nelly
You don't have to go, you know
We were leaving anyway
All right?
Don't you have to...
Shouldn't you stay in bed?
No, I'll just lie down
See you, Pierrot
Well, happy now?
Why do you say that?
I don't know
You must feel relieved
Did you tell your Mummy
and your little brother?
They must be very happy now
They had nothing to do with it
Listen, you wanted it, so don't
give me that funeral look
You know we couldn't keep it
I can hardly manage myself.
How could we feed three?
Why didn't you say so before?
You should have said
you didn't want the child
Not let me hope like a fool
I know
But I wanted it. I couldn't
think of anything else
And I kept hoping
you'd start working
I said I'd work
when the child was here
How could I believe you?
What proof did I have?
You should have trusted me
Are you coming, Lulu?
Right, I'm off
I'll see you there, OK?
- Why did you call me?
- Don't know
What's wrong?
Nothing. But why didn't you and
Nelly ever have children?
- Why do you ask?
- Because...
...I don't understand,
I just don't understand
Tell me