Love (2020) Movie Script

Relax, dear.
There's a growth of
about eight weeks.
So, it must have been two months
since you got your last period, right?
Shouldn't you
remember all this, dear?
The treatment is ongoing, right?
Shouldn't you keep a track of this?
Why should you have unnecessary
thoughts amid all this?
Shouldn't you try and be happy?
Shouldn't you?
Look at this.
What did the doctor say?
You should have
bothered to find that out earlier.
If you want to say something,
just say it.
Don't break things instead!
I've been with you for so long,
and you've been such a cheat!
What should I tell you?
How am I a cheat?
-Yes, Dad.
-Hello, son.
Are you busy?
Hello, son? Can you hear me?
Are you busy?
Tell me.
Where are you right now?
At office or at home?
I am at home.
She had called me
a couple of times.
I couldn't pick up then.
When I called back,
I couldn't get through to her phone.
If she's there, can you
give the phone to her?
Son? Hello?
She is sleeping.
She said she was not feeling too well.
Is it?
What happened?
I was planning to come there.
By the way, when will you be free?
I wanted to talk to you.
What's the matter?
It's nothing.
It's been a while
since we talked, right?
I am a little busy now.
Shall I call you back later?
Let me know when you are free.
Are you happy,
now that you've ruined my life?
I've been knocking for so long!
Where were you?
I was really worried.
Did you start early today?
Not finished it?
O savior
Absolve all my sins
O savior
Absolve all my sins
O Jesus
Show me the path of righteousness
What is it?
I thought I'll drop by
to see you before I go.
Keep this.
For us, the most important thing is
the happiness of people we love, right?
This is the Police watch we bought
when we visited Singapore.
You can keep it.
That Singapore trip
was so much fun, right?
Who doesn't make mistakes in life?
We just have to realize them
and correct them.
Is there something to eat?
I'm really hungry.
Do you have
steamed rice cakes here?
That plate is broken.
It's a plate, right?
Plates break.
Today, I could make a decision.
Now I know what to do.
You know how long it's been
since I got some sleep?
Because of the stress!
And I'm always hungry.
Did you eat?
Will you make some
fried egg for me?
What are you thinking about?
Shall I fix you another drink?
I'm going to die.
I have decided.
This won't work out.
I am completely fed up!
Do you know that guy, Shelby?
This won't work out.
I have decided.
I am going to die.
Enough is enough!
Did you bring it
to say all this?
I am already losing my mind.
Can you please go?
What are you doing?
At least, show some maturity!
Is this how you behave when someone
is sharing his emotions with you?
Who else can I tell this?
I'm telling this to you
because I like you.
You should respect me, at least!
All of you shouldn't treat me
the same way.
Don't abandon me.
What is your problem?
I'm asking you with all due respect
what is your problem?
The fried egg is burnt.
I don't think committing
suicide is a crime.
If that's what it takes for others
to understand us, so be it!
Isn't that right?
And once we're dead
everyone else is dead
to us as well, right?
What a messed-up situation!
There's something else as well.
People don't commit suicide
because they wish to die.
It's a type of healing.
Isn't that right?
Think about it.
That's how it is.
The only mistake I made was
I trusted everyone around me.
Is that a mistake?
What are you saying?
Do you know Shelby?
Before he joined me, he used
to sell clothes at the local market.
Now he drives a Mercedes A-class.
Do you know that?
I started that caf with him
when everything else failed.
It was an awesome idea.
An amazing concept.
But it failed big-time!
And that rascal
is still messing me over.
Do you know that?
When I tell my wife about it
she says
that I'm mentally ill.
What should I tell her?
"I am mentally ill."
Why didn't she think about it
when she decided to be with me?
Why has she started thinking about it now?
Things are working well
for you, right?
How are you able
to pull this off?
Happy life!
Happy wife!
What's your plan now?
I have to go out.
You can go ahead.
What plans will I have?
Where can I go?
I will be here.
I can tolerate everything,
except the blame games.
Whatever I say,
she keeps blaming me.
She doesn't support me in anything.
She doesn't have to support me
but can't she at least
stop blaming me?
Now what's the problem
at your home?
Girls are not like how they seem.
What can be the problem?
It's all going in
but nothing comes out!
It's been so many years!
You guys are undergoing
some treatment for that, right?
Treatment, it seems.
According to her, she is perfect.
Is there a problem with me?
Long ago, you got a girl
to abort your baby, right?
Then, how can you have a problem?
Can I tell her this
during an argument?
It's not like
I won a medal, right?
I can only tell this to people
who understand my point, right?
It's karma
for everything I did in the past.
That's what I'm saying.
I have done everything
I can do
for her, for my family, for my friends,
for everyone!
So, I've decided
I'm leaving!
Where are you going?
To the washroom.
It's not clean.
Use the other one.
There's some
blood on this photo.
Please wipe it off.
Hi. I am Pradeep Chandran.
How to dispose a human body.
If you have killed
someone deliberately,
or if you have been
part of a murder
how will you dispose that body?
In today's episode, we'll talk about that.
There are a few things to keep in mind
while disposing a human body
first, imagine the body as three parts.
Head, torso and the lower limbs.
Now, the exact points.
For the upper limbs,
it will be at the shoulder.
And for the lower limbs, it will be
the thigh bone, which is below the hip.
Now comes the trickiest part
called as the tourniquet.
Tourniquet is used to
bind the joints at precise points.
And after applying the tourniquet
take the dissection material.
Scalpel and forceps.
There's was a murder case called
the Pon Navarasu murder case
in which this method
was perfectly applied.
Not even a single drop of blood
was found from his room.
That was a perfect crime
carried out by Mr. John David.
But your case might be different.
This may not be the same.
In such cases, you should
dispose the body parts
in huge oil drums
dipped in sulfuric acid.
Let the police come after you and
find the circumstantial evidence.
What are you doing in there?
You've been in there
for a long time.
Let me take a shower.
What are you doing?
I was looking for something to
clean out the trash from the kitchen.
Will it fit in that?
There's some trash here as well.
I just took a shower.
Shall we have a drink?
I told you, right?
It's Shelby.
He hasn't had enough
of troubling me.
He's calling to know
if he'd get more.
-Hey, Shelby!
-Are you absconding?
No. I'm not absconding.
Just that we didn't meet.
Where are you now?
Everything is happening
smoothly for you, right?
-Tell me.
-I called to say that
someone is ready to buy
the equipment of our cafe.
It's a good deal.
But we'll face a loss
of around 1 to 1.5 million.
But that won't be enough.
I think you'll lose
your apartment as well.
I have already spoken
to your wife about it.
I'll come to your place
in the evening if you want.
If we don't do this now,
we'll be in trouble.
Think about it.
-Did you speak to her?
-Yes. Why?
Well do you discuss our
conversations with her?
Yes, I do.
She also should know everything, right?
Okay, okay.
So, that's it.
Why are you talking
as if you don't trust me?
No, Shelby.
I trust you.
Then call me once you get home.
The three of us can discuss it.
We need to solve this quickly.
-Did you call her?
I called her.
I told you, right?
-What did she say?
-What can she say?
Shouldn't we solve all this?
She asked me to do something
as soon as possible.
Okay, then. See you at your
apartment in the evening.
Okay, then.
-You guys can decide whatever you want.
What can I say now?
I am taking your shirt and the hat.
I know you won't
give it if I ask you.
How's it looking?
I'm looking smart, right?
Shall I leave?
I can't stay here anymore.
-What the hell are you doing?
-No, brother.
I've understood it.
I understood that you
have a lot of problems.
One has to deal with
his own problems by himself.
And, yeah
if someone says that
they saw me somewhere
just inform her about it.
Everyone will call you first.
Let her also come and see me.
He has snatched
her away from me.
Now I've lost everything.
He cheated me in my business
took my apartment
and now he has
taken my wife as well.
I was the one who gave
a new life to that scoundrel!
Don't we all have friends?
Is this how we behave
with our friends' wives?
Why should I blame him?
She also must have felt the same.
I might be their biggest problem.
I'll go away.
These are just your own thoughts.
What you and I
think is not the truth.
She's a nice girl.
I know her!
But she's not like that anymore.
She has changed a lot.
She visits the beauty parlors.
She gets facials done.
She gets her hair curled.
It's true that these are
her personal matters
getting facials and all that.
But I sleep with her!
I know each of the change in her.
He became her friend only
after he became my partner.
And then, she's telling him
everything that happens in my house.
I am ashamed of
telling you about this.
Do you understand?
When I ask her about this,
do you know what she says?
"It's because you are sitting
at home without a job."
What does it mean?
It takes time to think.
Is the labor for daily wages
the only kind of hard work?
Is that the only hard work?
You tell me.
This is a business.
When it's a business,
there might be losses.
We do a lot of things, right?
You know about
everything I do, right?
Sometimes things may fail.
In such situations,
they should support us.
And not leave us for random guys!
You know what
the funniest part is?
I still love her very much.
That's why I said
the greatest healing
I can get in this situation
as I told you earlier
is committing suicide!
I have nothing else left to do now.
Is suicide a solution for everything?
You tell me what else I should do.
If there's a problem between both of you,
talk it out and sort it.
And stop doing this buffoonery!
Do you understand?
Have you told her
about all these problems?
-That stage is over--
-Does she know all this?
If you think
there's a problem
if you
if you keep suppressing it,
it will explode someday.
And that will create huge problems.
I am saying this out
of my own experience.
There would be many problems in life.
But we should face them.
Women have an entirely
different thought process.
We can never understand them.
Yet we should make an effort.
I can't do that now.
Yes, you can!
You have dealt with it earlier.
Didn't you handle
a much bigger problem earlier?
This is nothing.
So, calm down.
Call her and talk to her.
What your issues are
and what your problems are
make an effort to tell her all of it.
You can do it.
Take out your phone.
Take it.
Right now, this support is what
I needed in my life!
Isn't that why I come to you?
I'll call her.
What are you doing?
Let go of me.
What are you doing?
I want to die.
You want to die in my house?
So that I should be held
responsible for that?
What did I tell you?
I called her as you asked.
When I told her that I'm going
to die, she asked me to go ahead.
-What else can I do?
-You'll die because she says it?
If she's asking you to die, you should
prove her wrong by living happily!
That's what a real
man should do!
Whatever you have to tell Shelby,
you should tell him.
It's a matter of some money
your problems will be
solved if you get that, right?
Why should you die for that?
Who said that you'll die
if you consume detergent?
Now you have
to vomit it all out.
Get up. You must leave,
but make sure to use the stairs.
I can't go.
You should go to a hospital
as soon as possible.
I can't walk!
If you stay here,
you'll have to go behind bars.
I just want to lie
down somewhere.
Were you boozing here?
-No, sir.
-In broad daylight!
No, sir.
All of you will go to the station.
Get everyone.
Take everyone into custody.
Did you see my message?
Then, why aren't
you saying anything?
What should I do?
Holding on here in this situation
is not an easy task.
My mom will find out easily.
I was thinking of coming there.
I got it.
Don't worry.
We'll do the needful.
I'll be busy for two days.
-I will call you.
-Is there some other problem?
I will call you.
Don't worry.
Come in.
What is it?
Come on!
Did you see the police
while coming here?
Police? What are you talking about?
-I need to use the washroom.
-Please go ahead.
Hey, she's needs to
use the washroom.
It's not possible today.
-What's the matter?
-Both of us are in a big trouble.
We can't stay here for long.
So, you should leave
with her immediately.
-What's the problem?
please listen to me.
I came here after
confirming with you, right?
I am in a bigger problem.
If my wife finds out,
I might get caught.
Let me tell her something
so that I can get rid of her.
It will be just half an hour.
Listen to me.
You guys can have a chat.
Have it.
Come on.
Dude, please.
-Please try and understand.
-Just half an hour.
She will leave only if I talk to her
and settle things.
That's the reason.
You guys can have a chat.
I realized that's not his wife.
All of them are the same.
What you said is correct.
Why should I die?
I should seek revenge.
I should show them what I can do.
Isn't that right?
I will do that!
Deepthi is quite talented, right?
Keep it there and come here.
Nail polish!
Hereafter, we can't meet
like this.
What happened?
He is always at home now.
If he is at home, you don't
feel the need to see me, right?
Yeah, right! As if you could
come all the way to meet me.
I traveled all the way
to meet you here, right?
Here, have some of this.
If I come there to meet you
can we sit like this
and talk peacefully?
-Tell me.
-You didn't come, right?
Let me have it.
what are you saying?
That I don't want to see you, right?
Please make some excuses
and get out of
your house more often.
Won't you?
It's not like I don't wish to.
I'm staying there only for my child.
I know.
Anyway, I have discussed
about the divorce with a friend.
Which friend?
She is an advocate.
We studied together.
She said that even if
there are any legal issues
I would get my child's custody.
In that case, is it okay if
my child stays with me?
Why are you beating
around the bush?
It's a good thing, right?
You should do it.
This will become
a big problem anyway.
When my parents find out,
how will I face them?
I know that you won't leave everything
to be with me.
In case, if such a situation arises,
what will I do?
I'm tired of faking it at home.
The other day, I think
she even went through my phone.
Why didn't you tell me?
I will talk to her
and convince her.
Why should we talk about it now?
We have very little time.
I'll just freshen up.
Do you have to go?
Where is Anoop?
He is inside.
Try this.
It's awesome.
What are you up to?
I mean, what business
are you doing?
I own a caf.
A caf?
Where is it?
It's at MG Road.
At MG Road?
There are hundreds of cafs
at MG Road.
Making losses, am I right?
Isn't that right?
Hey! Right now, the best business
is the real estate market.
Some of my buddies
have invested in it.
I can connect you to them.
Why are you so zoned out?
Has anyone ever cheated you?
No one can do that to me.
In case someone cheats me
I can put them in a big trouble!
Whoever that is.
Does he take me for a schmuck?
I was just about to call you.
The buyers of the
apartment had called.
What else do you want?
My apartment, my business
and you want my wife as well?
-Huh? What?
You heard what I said,
and you understood it as well!
Don't act like you
don't know anything.
Yes, that idea was mine.
But you messed everything up,
you stupid--
Mind your language.
I don't have anything
to say to you right now.
I called just to say that.
Do you want my wife as well?
She also feels the same, right?
I'll make sure that
both of you have nothing!
Come forth and meet me,
if you are a man!
Face me like a man.
I'll be right here. Come here.
I know how to get it from you.
Get it from me then.
Do whatever you can
and I'll show you what can I do!
-Face me like a man.
-I'm coming!
He is coming now.
I have asked him to come here.
Did he think that I'm just a schmuck?
Let him come.
Let him come here.
That dog!
He wants my wife as well!
Do whatever you want
but not here.
Get going.
You should be here.
You should be here
when he comes.
Ask them to leave quickly
or they would have to witness all that.
Can I ask you something?
It's from my house.
Please keep quiet.
-When will you be home, Mom?
Mommy will be a little late today.
Didn't you tell me that
you'll pick me up from school?
I asked your dad to pick you up
because I'm busy, right?
When did you tell me that?
You didn't tell me anything.
I was going to tell you.
The meeting and the discussion
are still going on here.
So, I'll be a little late.
Ashwathy is with me.
-She will drop me home.
Please give her the phone.
If you doubt me so much,
come here and check.
I'm with my boyfriend
at an apartment.
I don't doubt you.
Hang up. Bye.
Already I'm stressed,
these problems don't end
and you're poking me amid all that?
Oh! You're quite something.
Is that how you talk to me now?
Yes, I'm a wicked woman.
Why are you snatching it?
Why is he messaging you?
What has he sent you?
A girl's photo.
It's a girl's photo.
Not his photo, right?
This is his fiance.
He must have sent it
to ask for my opinion.
You know his choices very well.
Go ahead
and get him married.
Don't be upset.
Come here. I'll explain you.
What are you going to say?
You're cheating on your husband
to see me, right?
Why do you need
someone else other than me?
Haven't we fought the most
for this reason?
-Yes, but why are you misunderstanding it?
-What do you mean?
-Why did he message you?
-He's my friend, right?
What friend?
What kind of friend?
I was also your friend, right?
-I was also your friend, right?
-It's not the same.
Delete it.
I'll do it.
Why not!
What's wrong with her?
-Delete it.
-I'll delete it.
That's all, right?
-Delete it, right away.
-I have deleted it.
We've fought the most for this, right?
-I'm deleting it.
-Give it to me.
-It's done.
What is this?
It's a photo, right?
Hereafter, this topic shouldn't be
discussed between us.
-What happened?
-What the hell are you doing?
What is it?
If you're using me as an alibi
when you are meeting that girl,
shouldn't you inform me?
-What happened?
-She had called me.
Asking me where you are
and whom you're with.
-And what?
I made up something. I can say
something only if you inform me, right?
Who was it?
What happened?
It's about a business deal.
Hey! Your wife is calling.
Answer it!
-No. It's all right.
-Talk to her.
-Answer it!
-Keep quiet.
What is it?
Where are you?
What's the matter?
I'm in a meeting.
What meeting?
First, tell me where you are.
-Just hang up. I'll call you later.
-Tell me where you are!
Why are you venting out
the anger on her?
-Can't you talk properly?
-No! I'm not angry.
I got really worried
when I got that call.
She's calling again.
Answer it and ask her what it is.
Answer it!
And talk properly.
-What is it?
-Didn't you hear me?
-Tell me where you are.
-I'm in a meeting. I'll call you later.
What meeting?
I know what your meeting is.
Give the phone to
the girl who's with you!
-Which girl?
-Don't you know who's with you?
-Put her on the phone!
-Who is with me?
I know where you are, who you're
with and what you're doing!
-Don't interfere in unnecessary things.
-Do you know where I am?
I'm with the husband of
that girl who's with you!
I've told you a hundred times not
to interfere in unnecessary things.
I don't have any
communication with that girl.
She's living peacefully.
Why did you have to meet her husband?
-I'll tell him right now.
-For me, she comes only after you.
-Why do I have to keep her as my mistress?
-Give the phone to her!
If there's something,
you should ask me first, right?
Why should we fight
because of that rascal?
Can't you understand that?
Don't talk unnecessarily.
I don't want to hear anything about her.
Hello? Hello?
Oh, no!
She hung up!
I'm screwed.
This will be a big problem.
What will I do now?
Hey! Where are you going?
If you just wanted to fool around,
you could have told me earlier.
Why did you have
to drag it so far?
You can't make noise here.
Your half an hour is over.
Now, leave!
I'm telling this to both of you
after tolerating it as much as I could!
Both of you should
leave immediately.
-I can't stay here any longer.
-Don't say that.
My wife found about this,
and now, it is a big problem.
I'm going crazy!
I have to solve this.
For that, I need to think.
Give me some time.
Just ten minutes.
I'll leave after that.
Please do whatever you want.
But not here and I don't
want to hear anything further!
Both of you should leave now.
What are you saying?
Is this how you behave when
someone is sharing his emotions?
That is really cheap.
Let him say whatever he wants to say.
What will he have to say?
His problem is his misconduct!
He is married!
Yet he's fooling around
with random girls!
Isn't that why she's creating an issue?
Am I right?
You know the circumstance
under which I got married,
and the problems
I had after that, right?
At some point, I met
this girl and liked her.
And I really like
spending time with her.
You may think that
this is an extra-marital affair
but deep inside,
I love her sincerely.
I can't let her go.
I need to talk to my wife,
convince her and solve this problem.
You should give me
some time for that.
This is about my survival.
It's about your survival
why should I suffer
because of that?
Your wife!
She has suffered for you so much!
She has forgiven
you so many times!
Can't you adjust at least once?
You mean, I haven't adjusted?
I haven't adjusted for anyone?
Tell me.
I'll go home and talk to her
as you asked.
But she will ask me a lot of questions.
I can't answer all that.
That will lead to an argument
and I will kill her.
That's why I said, I need to think.
Give me some time.
-I'll leave after that.
That's a good idea.
If you feel like killing her,
you should.
Isn't that right?
What do you know?
Why are you asking him to kill her?
Do you know the problems
he'll face once he does that?
What problems?
Do you know the state of mind
of someone who has done that?
And he wants to kill his wife!
What are you saying?
If he wants to do it,
let him do it.
Why are you objecting?
Isn't that right?
As for me, I'll do it.
I'll definitely do it.
You can die, kill or do
whatever the hell you want to do.
You should die as well!
You can go and kill your wife!
But you can't do any of that in my house.
I don't have the time for it.
So, stop troubling me and
get out of here immediately.
I was talking about
killing my wife, right?
Why does he have
a problem with that?
Were you going somewhere?
No. I was just
stepping out.
How come you visited
without calling, Dad?
I just thought I'll visit you.
Come, sit down.
Deepthi is not here.
I know that Deepthi is not here.
How's your current
business going on, son?
It's okay.
To be frank, I came here
because she's not here.
When she calls me,
she doesn't tell me much
but she said something to her mother.
And her mother got really anxious!
Is there a problem
between you and her?
If she is at fault
I will talk to her.
Is there a problem?
Did she say anything like that?
No. She didn't say anything.
She never says anything.
But still, I
Even if there's a problem
I'll solve it myself.
That's good.
If there's no problem between
the two of you, why should I get worried?
You were going somewhere, right?
Shall I leave then?
Don't mind me asking
something else as well.
Fights and arguments are common
between married couples.
But there is no domestic violence, right?
Well, when there's a fight
I'm her husband, right?
What's wrong in that--
If you think there's nothing
wrong with that
then there shouldn't be
anything wrong with this as well.
I never liked you
but I agreed just because
my daughter was adamant.
That doesn't mean
you can ruin her life.
If you don't like her,
just leave her.
I'll find a new partner for her.
That would make her
happy as well.
Just to make things better
for you
do you need some financial help
for your business?
I'll lend you some money.
Let them find a solution.
Shall I leave?
What happened?
Why did he slap you?
Where is she?
-She's not here.
-What do you mean?
Where did she go?
Today, she was screaming at me
for no reason.
I am worried about
a lot of other things, right?
Did you hit her?
If you ask me
about that
I would say that it wasn't deliberate.
There's no point
in saying all that.
Once you hit a woman,
everything will be against you.
Don't you know that already?
It's nothing like that.
If you must hit her,
you must.
But don't let it become a habit.
Tell me what's the matter.
We were arguing
and I pushed her without realizing it.
She hit her head and fell down.
It wasn't intentional.
She's my wife, right?
Why would I do that?
Where is she?
What is all this?
I can't be a part of this.
Just because you had a problem with her,
you killed her? Move aside!
You've known her for so long!
Yet you did that!
I'm not staying here.
Despite having such
a grave problem on your mind,
you were listening
to my silly problems?
I didn't do it on purpose.
You guys can continue.
I have a business meeting.
What business?
When he asked you to leave, you were
whining like a little puppy, right?
You're escaping when
someone is in such a deep trouble?
What kind of a man are you?
What should we do?
I don't know what I did!
Not that!
What should I do now?
Shall I leave?
Among other things,
if I'm a part of a murder case as well,
you know what my situation will be, right?
I won't be able to survive.
That's why.
Shall I leave then?
Get going.
You idiot!
Both of us will get screwed.
Escape if you can.
What kind of a friend are you?
He gave you his room to fool around,
while he was in deep trouble.
Isn't that true?
He has killed his own wife.
I can't intervene in that.
It's about my survival.
What are you saying?
Is he a criminal?
Did he do it deliberately?
Hey! Don't listen to anything
this idiot is saying.
If her dad had found out about this
when he came here,
would he have spared you?
That's why I think we can't
deal with this ourselves.
Is he the sole reason
for this problem?
That man's daughter is
also responsible, right?
She must have said something
that disturbed his peace of mind.
In such a situation, anyone would
end up killing their wife.
Is there any husband who hasn't
wished to kill his wife, at least once?
Haven't you wished that?
I've also wished that.
But he did it.
Now we should save him, right?
Get lost!
This problem doesn't have a solution.
You can't escape from this.
Even if you escape, do you
think you can live peacefully?
It's better to go to jail,
than living like that, right?
-Call the police. Let them come.
Why should he call the police?
And you want them to
arrest this innocent guy?
-Is that what you're saying?
-So, the police shouldn't know this?
There's no need for that.
This is not uncommon.
Yeah, right! Killing your
wife is very common, right?
Didn't I tell you guys?
You can leave.
I don't need your
help or your solutions.
I did all this myself, right?
I'll deal with it myself.
You can leave.
Let him go if he wants to.
I will be with you.
You haven't done anything!
No one will harm you!
I won't let you go behind bars.
No one has to do anything now.
I know what to do.
What are you going to do?
Shelby will come now.
Let him come.
He killed your wife for money.
You will be free.
I will also be free.
Isn't that right?
And this guy!
He's not going anywhere!
Hey! This is not the time
for your crazy acts!
Anoop, come here.
How long has it been
since you killed her?
I want to know if she'd bleed
if I cut her.
That's the doorbell.
Someone is here.
We're trapped!
Didn't I tell you that
we can't escape?
We're trapped!
I asked if I could leave, right?
What do we do now?
Tell me.
What do we do?
Tell me!
I'll confess everything
and become a police witness.
Don't worry.
It must be Shelby.
Go and open the door.
Bring him inside.
Hey! Where are you going?
Don't listen to him.
What if it's not Shelby?
Open the door anyway.
If it's not Shelby
get rid of that person in a way
that they don't suspect you.
We are right here!
What are you looking for?
It's nothing.
Why didn't you tell me you were
going to the hospital?
I would have accompanied you.
Anoop, can't you do the dishes
after having food?
You should at least do that.
Let me talk to the doctor anyway.
What did my dad say when he visited?
When did he visit here?
When he called me, he told me that
he came here and spoke to you.
You forgot that as well?
Why are you insulting me by telling
your dad about our personal issues?
What insult?
Why do you have
to feel that way?
Did I lie to him?
I had to tell my dad because
you don't have time to listen to me.
Why are you irritating me?
If you want to say something,
why can't you talk to me openly?
Everything was okay
when you came home, right?
Then why are you
behaving like this now?
Isn't this the time to be happy?
Get up!
Let's celebrate!
Come on!
Sit here.
What's the matter?
Tell me.
This is the only way I can
behave with you, Anoop.
all those things are not leaving my mind.
I wasn't like this, right?
You're the one who
made me like this.
I don't want to celebrate.
It's true that we waited and
went through a lot for this child.
But now, I doubt
if I even want it.
What mistake did I do for you
to want to get rid of our child?
You still think that coming here
with her when I was not home,
wasn't wrong?
Have you never felt,
that relationship was wrong?
In this room
in our room!
How could you?
And you're still cheating on me, right?
I am cheating on you?
Shall I ask you something?
What did she give you,
that I haven't given you?
I want to know.
Tell me.
Are you in love with her?
Did you give her your word?
Tell me.
Tell me.
What are you saying?
Friends go to each other's houses, right?
Don't you go to your friends' houses?
Don't they visit here?
So as a friend, she came here,
had a cup of tea and left.
That's all.
What else?
I don't have any kind of
communication with that girl now.
What did I ask you?
And what are you saying?
That's what I told you.
You won't understand my point.
You're still talking about the past.
Didn't we talk about this
and arrive at a compromise?
All that's fine.
Give me your phone.
Can you give me your phone?
-Deepthi, I'll give you my phone.
-Give it.
You have to listen to me first.
I'll listen to you, Anoop.
First give me your phone.
Deepthi, I'm telling you.
Just listen to what I'm saying.
Do you know how
much I'm struggling?
To make our life happy?
Amid that, your blame
games and questioning
I have even thought about
committing suicide
because I can't
handle all this pressure.
Each question you're asking,
is hurting me a lot.
I can understand all that, Anoop.
We can solve all of it.
First, give me your phone.
Deepthi, I'll give you the phone.
First, please listen to what I'm saying.
Anoop, why are you so scared
to give me your phone?
If I check it, I'll have
the peace of mind. Just give it.
Why should I be scared?
First, listen to me!
You're going on
asking for the phone!
If you don't believe me,
check it!
It's not the phone.
What we need in
life is mutual trust.
What a performance!
You need to be really thick-skinned
to justify yourself by acting like this.
If I open my heart,
it's a performance!
Whatever you're doing
here is not a performance!
Your dad is trying to find
a new partner for you, right?
I know who it is.
Didn't you meet him after
he became my partner?
And now you don't need me.
Damn Shelby!
While you say things just to hurt
me and win the argument,
remember that I have to manage
hundreds of things by myself.
You don't know any of that.
So, mind your words.
How many foolish acts have you done?
Losing all the money
in the name of business.
I told you so many times
that we don't need that caf business.
Did you listen to me?
You brought it to a state where
we're about to lose our apartment.
And you needed my father
to bail you out!
This cheap behavior of holding
others responsible for your liabilities
is beyond my tolerance level!
Responsibility, right?
The biggest responsibility
I took up in life is you!
But you think that I'm a cheat!
Now I've understood everything.
You're creating all those problems
using that poor girl
to get rid of me, right?
I'll leave you.
I'll sign wherever
you want me to sign.
You can happily live with him!
I know that whatever you said about
me so far, was to save your own skin.
You know that very well.
So, I'm not interested
in talking about that.
But I need to know something.
This is the screenshot of
a message you sent to Haritha.
I have the call recordings as well.
I just want to know something.
The last message you sent her
why did you delete it?
What was that message?
If you've found out so much,
find out that as well.
Anoop, don't beat around the bush
when I'm asking you a question!
Do you think I am a fool?
You better understand it!
I'm asking this after
knowing everything.
I had read what that message was.
You had read it as well.
But I need to hear it from you.
Tell me.
What all have you sent her?
"Were you satisfied?"
What was she satisfied with?
Have you ever asked
me if I was satisfied?
How can you be so sure
that I've been satisfied?
Tell me.
You're doing all this for that
girl who's sleeping with you,
leaving her husband
and the child behind!
It's only disappointment for me
but for her, you're her lover.
I can't be a part of this drama.
So, tell me your decision.
Where are you going?
-Just move!
-I won't move, Anoop.
You can go after you
tell me your decision.
I won't move. I want to know right now!
Do you need her or me?
Just say it and leave!
-Tell me! Do you need her or me?
-I don't have anything to tell you.
If you've hacked my
phone while I was sleeping,
you won't even
hesitate to kill me.
I don't trust you anymore!
How will I even sleep next to you?
-No! I won't move.
-Tell me and you can go wherever you want.
-You are crazy!
Hit me!
Hit me and end my life!
For living with you for so long,
just hit me and end my life!
You can kill me
and then be with her.
Just kill me!
This is the least you
can do for me as well as for her.
You can't live without her, right?
Should I call her now?
Should I call her husband?
Tell me!
If my child and I are a liability
then just kill us.
Hit me and end my life. Damn it!
Kill me!
Are you okay, madam?
I killed my husband.