Love 86 (1986) Movie Script

"Love 86."
[Bell Jingle]
Do it that side! See, it's not
clean. Hurry up! Hurry up!
Madam will be here any
moment! Hurry up!
Hey! Put it down! Put it down!
I have told you so many
times not to raise..
..your Dhoti and show
your dark legs!
Put it down!
Good morning, madam!
Good morning.
[Pot Breakage]
What are you doing!?
What are you doing!?
Madam, I'll deduct
it from his salary.
If you make such a
mistake next time..
..then I won't spare you, got it!?
Come on, Tiger!
Who is it? Oh.. it's the dog!
What are you laughing for?
I won't laugh, madam. I won't laugh.
[Tire Screeching]
Leena, Esha..
- Good morning, mom!
Come here.
Where had you gone, early
in the morning!?
To.. meet the principal,
isn't it, Esha?
Yes, mom.
You went to meet the principal..
..wearing these clothes!
Shame on you! People don't reveal
their body at this age!
They don't expose themselves..
..and swim in front of men!
Mom, we won't go to play
or swim next time.
Enough! I know what you both do!
From now on, you won't study.
And from now on, you
both won't go out.
If you want to go, then
you'll either go..
..with me, or with Mr. Hanuman.
But mom, until when will you
keep us locked in the house!
Until you both don't get married.
Yes! Now go in. Go in!
Mr. Hanuman, from now
on, you'll start..
..searching for proposals for them.
But the condition will be that..
..both the boys should
be real brother.
They should be wealthier and..
..richer than us..
- Yes, madam.
[Rock Music Playing]
"Easy action."
"Cool it, man! Cool it! Cool it!"
Hello, police station.
[Glass Breakage]
Silence! Shut up!
Come! Come, constable! He is
the reason for the fight!
You! You reached here!
But constable, these people
started the fight!
Shut up! You have ruined the peace.
That's why, by article.. article..
..whatever it is, but
you are arrested!
Tie him up with the handcuffs!
[Handcuffs Jiggle]
Criminal Vikram Doshi's act
of dancing and singing in.. and on the road is
childish and infantile..
..which ruins the peace of
the city, but the court..
..sympathizes his young
age and considers..
..unemployment and helplessness
as the reason..
..for this and orders the criminal.. be under arrest for 24 hours.
Your honor! You're great!
Stand straight!
[Jail Cell Opens]
Come on! Come out soon!
[Jail Cell Closes]
Pandu constable..
- What!?
Last time when I was
released from here.. much money did you give
me as loan? - 25 rupees.
Now if you give me 25 more, then
what will be the total.. - 45.
50 rupees!
- Give me 50 rupees.
What do you mean?
- I mean I'll give you 100 rupees!
Pandu! Pandu! Why don't
you understand!?
Instead of giving you 75 rupees,
he is talking about 50!
He is cheating you!
Sandu, you don't understand!
I am a very clever man.
I think of the future.
He is an educated
and graduate thief.
If he becomes an inspector
in future..
..then we'll be friends.
He'll.. he'll be an inspector!
It is possible.
You shut up! Don't make
me angry! Get lost!
If you come back here again..
..then I'll break your
bones, got it!?
He is trying to act smart!
Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!
Thief! Thief! Thief!
[Glass Breakage]
Madam, he is doctor Dilip
Sinha and she is his wife.
And these both are doctor's
sons. Ram and Laxman.
- These two are engineers.
I didn't ask you to sit.
Now you can sit.
Mr. Hanuman, now you can start
the conversation.. - Yes.
- Yes.
In which profession was your father?
Even he was a doctor like me.
Then you might be having
a lot of wealth!
Look, we have 100 acres of
land in our native place.. which only sugarcane is grown.
Madam's father had
200 acres of land.. which sugarcane is grown.
Mr. Hanuman..
- Yes.
Now ask that important question..
- Imp..
- Yes.
Are these two your sons?
What do you mean? - I mean,
are these two real brothers?
After Ram's mother expired,
I married her.
And she gave birth to Laxman.
Do you want to ask anything else?
I don't want to ask, but I
want to tell you something.
And that is, I reject this proposal.
But why?
Because just by naming
them Ram and Laxman..
..they cannot become real brothers.
Your love for my elder daughter
will always be less.
Now you can leave.
But remember that
the girl's family..
..shouldn't be so egoistic.
This is not that generation
when those who..
..used to accept dowry
were egoistic, sir.
Now those who give dowry will
be egoistic, got it!?
Who are you? What do you want?
I am an all-rounder. I want
to eat food right now.
If you scream, then I'll kill you.
- Sit.
All this is yours. Eat
how much ever you want.
You could have got food
even if you requested.
What was the need to snatch it?
You don't get anything
if you request!
I requested for a job,
I requested for work..
..but no one gave anything.
Even if God requests a human
being to give away..
..his life, then human
being will never give.
That's why even God snatches it.
[Telephone Ringing]
[Call Receive]
Hello. Yes, speaking.
No, it's not possible today.
Today there is a special
guest in my house.
You do one thing, you meet
me for lunch at my office.
What's your name?
My name is Omi.
You are a very nice man.
I am just a man. Goodness
and badness is selfish.
If your work is done,
then that man is good..
..and if your work is not done,
then that man is bad.
You're right. Can I get cold-drink?
Cold-drink. Sure! Why
not? I'll get it.
[Keys Jingling]
Why is this door open?
I don't know, sir.
The key is with me.
Actually, even I am
a thief like you.
Who are you?
I.. I.. even I am a thief.
You look like one. What
did you come to steal?
Clothes.. clothes.
Clothes! You seem
to be a weak thief.
Anyway, three are better
than two. Let's go.
Wear it.
We got the money.
It seems the owner had stitched
this suit for you!
Take, 500 for you.
500 for me, and you keep 500.
It might be useful for you.
But.. there is a lot
of money in this?
Do they belong to your father!?
You should steal how
much you require! Go.
- Come on.
Pandu! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Oh! So you are progressing a lot!
You are increasing your speed
to come to the jail!
And you are getting the other one..
..arrested also, along with you!
Not only me, but we also
have a third one!
Shut up! Do you know who he is!?
He is the owner of this house!
Mr. Ramnivas..
- Tilak.
- Ram.. - Come on!
Come on..
- Come on!
[Jail Cell Opens]
Come on, sir has called you.
[Jail Cell Closes]
Mr. Ramnivas Tilak has taken
his complaint back.
That's why we are
releasing you both.
Sir, you!
[Birds - Chirping]
Thank you, inspector..
- It's ok.
Let's go.
Why are you staring at me!?
If you get arrested next time,
then I'll banish you!
Pandu and Sandu, keep an
eye on them.. - Yes, sir.
Introduce yourselves.
Sir, my name is Omi. I
have passed my B.Com.
My dad was a cashier
in a bank in Delhi.
A robbery took place in the bank.
[Gun Firing]
Now he is no more.
I came to Mumbai in search
for a job, sir.
Sir, my name is Vicky.
I have passed B.A.
My dad was a constable in Nagpur.
He was killed.. in the riots.
Sir, I am ready to do any work,
but no one employed me.
So you came to Mumbai
in search for work.
You thought that this
is a magical world.
A jinn lives here, who'll
fulfill every..
..wish and desire of yours.
What did you achieve?
Did you get any work?
You youngsters start every
work with a refusal.
Loafers don't get work,
but those who..
..desire work, only they get work.
Sir, you just give us some work.
We can do the work
of four men alone.
Work. I won't give you any work.
Then why did you call us here!?
To lecture us for free!
I called you to tell you that
create a desire within you.. order to attain work.
Increase your talent.
If you don't get work, then
this doesn't mean that..'ll do mischief in
order to pass your time..'ll fall in love with girls
in order to satisfy your..
..youth, and you'll
do small thefts.. order to fulfill
your requirements.
I'm afraid these small
thefts might..
..become your profession.
Nothing will happen
just by dreaming.
Go and search for reality.
Vicky, you know what the easiest
thing in the world is?
Giving opinion to someone.
Yes, and even this man does
the same. Let's go.
- Madam, he is Mr. Surendranath.
Actually, in Bangalore,
everyone calls me.. the new money-lender.
New money-lender!
Actually, I have earned
the wealth that I have..
..and not my forefathers.
Actually! Madam, these are his..
..two sons, Chintu and Pintu.
Actually, my children are twins.
But can you recognize
who is Chintu..
..and who is Pintu from them?
Why not? Actually, he is
Chintu and he is Pintu!
Mr. Hanuman, please exchange
their places.. - Yes.
Stand up!
Now tell me, who is Chintu
and who is Pintu from them.
Why not? Actually these..
You tell me who is Chintu
and who is Pintu from them.
Why are you so tense?
Ask the children!
When you cannot recognize
who is Chintu and who is..
..Pintu, then how will
my daughters recognize?
If the husbands of my
daughters exchange..
..then their lives will be ruined!
Go! Go and search for some twin
girls for your twin sons!
- Yes.
I am going to my farm. I'll be
back after 10-15 days.. - Yes.
Kamu, remember, you won't
come and tell stories..
..about the neighborhood
girls to Leena and Esha.
You'll always be at home..
- Yes, madam.
And Raghu, you.. - I'll go directly
to the market and..
..come directly home, and I'll
make Tiger have a bath..
..everyday and I'll take him for..
..a walk inside the compound.
I'll start the car and
the jeep everyday..
..and then clean it and
keep it in the garage.
I won't take it out.
And madam, I won't step
out of the gate.
I won't let any new
man come inside..
..and I won't let your
daughters go outside.
And you.
Mom, we won't step
out of this house.
And madam, I'll keep an
eye on all of them.
- Especially on Leena and Esha.
Yes, on Leena and Esha.
Bye, mom!
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"The bell rang. We have
attained freedom now."
"The bell rang. We have
attained freedom now."
"There's no one at home."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"The bell rang. We have
attained freedom now."
"There's no one at home."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"Now I feel like.."
"Tell me. What do you feel like?"
"Now I feel like.."
"Tell me. What do you feel like?"
"I feel like screaming
and shouting."
"I feel like singing and dancing
"Oh God! I'm scared."
"What should I explain to
you in such circumstances?"
"You have gone crazy."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"Go away! Move away! We won't stop."
"Go away! Move away! We won't stop."
"No one has the guts to stop us."
"Go away! Move away! We won't stop."
"Even we don't know..
- Where our destination is."
"Where? Where? Where?"
"Our paths are different."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"The bell rang. We have
attained freedom now."
"The bell rang. We have
attained freedom now."
"There's no one at home."
"We have become lucky."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
"Now we are not scared of anyone."
[Birds - Chirping]
What nonsense is this!?
We can drive, if you want.
- Oh shut up!
We just danced along with you..
..and now you are troubling us!
Be in your standards!
Yes. What!?
My love, at this age,
not the standard..
..but the youth and the love
is to be kept in mind!
My foot! Get down!
Come on, Vicky, let's
buy good clothes.. raise our standard.
May I help you?
How wonderful! It'll look very
good on you.. I mean, on you!
Go, try it! Please go!
How will you both change
clothes together!?
Why? What such do I
have that he doesn't?
I don't know..
How handsome! It's suiting
both of you a lot!
Remove it. I'll pack it.
It's ok. You give us the bill.
Wait a minute. I'll give
you at the counter.
Excuse me, sir.
This is your bill!
He seems to be dumb. Come here, sir!
Then whose bill is this?
Hey! How should I explain to you!?
Oh God! I have been cheated again!
These clothes belong to us!
I'm not talking about my clothes..
..but I am talking
about your clothes!
These belong to us!
Sorry, baby!
What is it!? Who is it!?
What is it!? What's wrong!?
[Dogs Barking Voice]
He is saying that you are fighting
with him like dogs!
So should I just watch
everything like fools!?
Constable, he bought clothes
and didn't pay for them!
Then where is the parcel
of the clothes?
He is wearing those clothes!
Wait! Where are his old clothes!?
There are no old clothes!?
Then did he come naked over here!?
What are you all talking!?
Constable, come here! See this bill!
Two pants, two shirts, two jerkins.
But he is wearing just one!
Someone else wore the other
one and went away!
Then go and ask him!
You must have definitely mistaken.
Why are you troubling this
poor dumb!? Go. Go. Go.
You don't buy anything and you..
..come to ruin sir's business! Go!
Let's go.
Oh God! I have been cheated again!
Come on, dear. Give us our share.
You are joking with us!
Should I arrest you!?
Constable, remove all
your anger on us..
..but don't take us
to the inspector.
You are the son of Lakshu
constable, aren't you?
Ok, we forgive you!
Wow, Pandu constable! Wow!
What.. are you doing!? Go away!
Take, 50 instead of 25!
Is everything clear?
Yes! Clear!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Pandu, he cheated you once again!
How is everything clear?
Sandu, I always think of the future!
You'll have to pamper useful people.
Well, you keep 50 rupees..
- Yes.
My 50 rupees..
Hey! He cheated me again!
If I meet him next time,
then I'll put him..
..behind the bars for three years!
12 for 5. 12 for 5. 12 for 5.
12 for 5. 12 for 5. 12 for 5.
12 for 5. 12 for 5. 12 for 5.
12 for 5. 12 for 5. 12 for 5.
20 for 7. 20 for 7. 20 for 7.
20 for 7. 20 for 7. 20 for 7.
20 for 7. 20 for 7. 20 for 7.
20 for 7. 20 for 7. 20 for 7.
12 for 5. 12 for 5. 12 for 5.
Hello, baby!
Is this the way to meet girls!
Not vagabonds, but James Bonds!
Esha, don't argue
with these loafers.
You go and get the tickets.
The tickets are over.
Only four tickets are left,
for the four of us.
You keep these two tickets!
Let's go!
You thought we'd take you along!
Go and see yourself in the mirror
first! Let's go, Esha.
[Birds - Chirping]
You atleast have hot and
beautiful youth, darling!
Don't move, or else I'll shoot you!
Come here! Come on!
Hold this! Hold this!
Beat him! Beat him!
You'll tease girls..
- Beat him, Esha!
- Beat him!
[Glass Breakage]
These talks about beauty and love..
..are very difficult to understand.
The firefly burns
all the time, but..
..I wonder why the flame sparkled.
Even God doesn't know what love is.
I wonder when the
lightning flashed..
..when there was noise and
when the fire took place.
Taxi! Taxi!
We forgot to ask them
their name and address!
'These talks about beauty and love..
..are very difficult to understand.'
'The firefly burns
all the time, but..
..I wonder why the flame sparkled.'
'Even God doesn't
know what love is.'
'I wonder when the
lightning flashed..
..when there was noise and
when the fire took place.'
What are you thinking about?
Vicky is so smart!
He might be.
He dances so well.
He might be.
He is so brave!
He might be.
What do you mean by he might be!?
I mean, he is not
as handsome as Omi!
Omi, are those girls feeling
the same as we are feeling?
No! I can tell you very confidently
about my girl!
When she looked at me.. like that..
She smiled, she blushed, and then..
..she sat in the taxi
with that style!
I felt as if I am completely burnt!
And even she fell for me!
Even my girl smiled and blushed.
Even I felt as if the lightning
flashed on me..
..but she suffered the wound.
Really! And what if
this is not true?
Let's toss.
Heads means victory, and
tails means defeat.
Let's see.
I don't want to see. You see.
We both will see.
There can be one more problem.
If one comes out to be
the daughter of a..
..police commissioner, and
the other of a killer..
..or smuggler, then remember,
we'll be screwed!
Hey! Don't scare me! Let's enquire.
If nothing's wrong, then
we'll continue, and if..
..there's some problem, then we'll
think of a solution to it.
Get up. Come on.
- Yes. - This is the same taxi!
Uncle. Uncle.
Who is it!? What is it!?
Uncle.. uncle.. those two girls..
Girls! Where are the girls?
Where are they?
Uncle, where did you drop those..
..two girls in the taxi, yesterday?
Do you both want?
No.. we are not like that.
Then are you like this?
No.. we are not even like that.
Then why are you shivering so much?
No.. we.. want those two girls.
Even we are two! Those two
are gone for someone else.
No.. not those two. Some
other two.. - Yes.
Why? Aren't we both good?
Ok, give us 10 rupees less..
- No! No!
What are you doing?! Hey..
- Hey!
Hands up!
So the matter has increased so much!
Come on! Let's go to
the police station!
Constable, we didn't do anything!
Why didn't you do?
You should've done!
No.. - Uncle, if you want to
take revenge, then arrest.. for some robbery case,
but not in this case.
Yes, uncle! For the sake
of our dignity! Please!
Shut up! Today we won't
listen to anything!
Today you'll just
get beatings from..
..Pandu constable and
Sandu constable!
Come on..
- Come on!
Come on! Even you come
to the police station!
Come on..
- Come on!
Come on!
Pandu constable, is
the judge the same..
..who had mercy on me?
No! Someone else has come!
He is very strict!
Look in front..
- Some girl betrayed him.
That's why he didn't marry as yet.
He'll directly give you both the..
..punishment of six
years imprisonment!
You should be ashamed!
We were indeed feeling shy after
we went in, your honor.
Then why did you go in?
Your honor, we were searching
for two girls.
When we saw that two
delicate hands were..
..calling us out, we thought
they were the two girls!
We went inside without thinking
about anything!
Later we realized that these
were not the two girls..
..they were public properties.
Then which girls were
you searching for?
Your honor, those.. who we love.
Who are they? Don't they
have any name or address?
Your honor, we don't know
their name and address.
Your honor, no one falls
in love after..
..asking someone's name and address.
We just fall in love.
We'll ask them their name
and address when..
..we meet them next
time, your honor.
I think you both are crazy!
People always consider
lovers as crazy!
Lovers have to go through so many..
..difficulties and troubles,
your honor!
Your honor, only a lover
can understand..
..the pain of another lover!
Your honor, even you must
have loved someone!
We swear upon that love!
We are telling the truth,
your honor!
We are telling the truth.
Your honor, you are our judge.
Protect our love from
being betrayed.
The court releases you. You can go.
Thank you, your honor..
- Thank you, your honor.
Thank you.
You both..
Why did you feel that
we both love you?
And why did you say in the
court that you love us?
There is a limit to misbehavior!
Why are you yelling at him!?
Ask your guy! Had he known
our name and address..
..then would he say!?
But he was right! Atleast he
didn't say that we'll ask..
..them their name and address,
like your guy said! Fool!
Your guy is a fool!
What did you say!?
Yes! I'll say it a thousand times!
I am not bothered about anyone!
I don't love secretly like you!
You think I am scared of you!
I am elder to you, got it!?
Hey! Why are you both fighting?
We were scared.
Now we know that we
both are in love.
"Love.. 86."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Oh miss.. miss, give
me a kiss.. kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Beloved, the atmosphere
indicates that..
..the time for love is fixed."
"Oh miss. Miss. Miss."
"Give me a kiss. Kiss. Kiss."
"Oh miss. Miss. Miss."
"Give me a kiss. Kiss. Kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Beloved, the atmosphere
indicates that..
..the time for love is fixed."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"This is not the year 86.
This is not the year 86."
"This is the year of computers."
"Even we'll become machine-lovers."
"We'll function if you
press the button."
"We'll love if you
press the button."
"We'll smile if you
press the button."
"We'll love you if you
press the button."
"1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6."
"Oh miss. Miss. Miss."
"Give me a kiss. Kiss. Kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Come, become an answer to my age."
"Become my liquor and my beloved."
"I have come closer to your body."
"I'm impressed by your beauty."
"Now let me go deep into you."
"Let our love bloom a little."
"The intention is that we'll
get trapped in you."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Miss, this is the opportunity.
Don't miss the kiss."
"In love, even the lonely
places turn into Paris."
"Oh miss, give me a kiss."
"This is the year 86."
"Oh miss.. miss, give
me a kiss.. kiss."
"This is the year 86."
They both are loafers and cheaters.
They are fooling Laxmidevi's
..and one fine day, they might..
..steal everything and run away.
Laxmidevi is a social figure.
If she questions me, then
should I put you forward!?
Go and get those loafers..
- Yes, sir.
[Birds - Chirping]
I am thirsty!
Omi, I want a coconut!
- Yes.
We'll get it.
Vicky.. Vicky, careful.. Vicky..
- Yes.
Break it. Break it.
I got one.. - Did you? Very
good. Give me.. - Take.
Move.. move.. come on..
I got the other one also.
Very good. Come on, get down.
There they are!
It's 'Holi' (festival of colors)!
It's 'Holi'! - My clothes!
What should we do now?
Where are they? Leena..
- Esha!
- Esha!
What happened..
- What happened?
Can't you see!?
Why are you crying? Stop it now.
How will we go home now!?
Ok, then remove your clothes.
We'll wash them..
- Yes.
You wear our clothes for the while.
In front of you!
- Yes.. - No! Behind that wall.
[Birds - Chirping]
Ok, let's go.
Come on, remove your clothes.
In front of you!
Look at your girl only!
You're a fool! I'll go! Move!
Don't look at my girl!
- Yes!
Even your girl has come!
- Yes!
Go and wash them quickly.
We are washing clothes
before marriage, Omi!
What else will we have
to do after marriage?
Everything is fair in
love and war, Vicky.
Everything is fair in love and war.
Keep washing.
Perhaps you're right.
Hey! See!
Caught you!
You thought we won't recognize you..
..if you wear these caps!
Now let's see how you'll escape!
Sandu and Pandu!
You used to act too smart!
Come on..
- Come on!
Come to the police station!
We'll teach you a lesson!
Pandu, they seem to be a
little weak, don't they?
Did you hear that..
- No!
You wait here. I'll see..
- Ok.
Pandu, it's the matter of murder.
Even you come along..
- Let's go!
You both be here.
- Let's go!
Where did they go!?
They must be hiding
somewhere over here!
Do one thing, you keep
an eye over here..
..and I'll keep an eye over there.
Let's see how they escape..
- Ok.
I.. it's ok!
Now how will we go home?
We'll hide you somewhere in
our hearts and take you home.
We are scared.
Why are you scared? We are with you.
That's why we are scared.
Don't worry. We won't
even come close.. you without your permission.
"It'll be fun if it....
....rains all night."
"She'll embrace me all the time..
..with the fear of the lightning."
"Whenever I look into
your innocent eyes..
..I find my life getting ruined."
"Stop staring at me."
"Stop staring at me."
"My delicate body might
get destroyed..
..because of the flames."
"This rainy night is
....the wild youth."
"Looking at your beautiful
body, I get tempted."
"The flowers are blooming on
the branches of our love."
"The garden might get destroyed
before the bliss."
"Let me look at you to
my heart's content."
"Let me look at you to
my heart's content."
"I cannot stop looking
at your wet body."
"Your eyes are as dangerous
as the lightning."
"My style might get destroyed."
"Your hips are shaking,
your hands are moving."
"Your hips are shaking,
your hands are moving."
"Beloved, all these are
the signs of love."
"Why am I so restless?"
"The sweet pain of love
might get destroyed."
"Stop staring at me."
"My delicate body might
get destroyed..
..because of the flames."
[Birds - Chirping]
Sandu and Pandu are outside!
Sandu and Pandu! Idea!
[Birds - Chirping]
[Door Closes]
Who is it!? What happened!?
Wait! Wait!
You! Who tied these
handcuffs to you!?
Now we'll go to the
police station and..
..complain against you
to the inspector!
Pandu! You find everyone
to be Omi and Vicky!
Open it, otherwise
our jobs will be.. danger because of these girls!
And that inspector is already
very angry on us! Open them!
But you said..
- Shut up!
No! Don't cry! Don't cry!
This Pandu is a fool!
I'm opening it! I opened
it! I opened it!
Now you go. Don't complain
to the inspector, ok! Go!
Thank you, constable!
- It's ok!
We are safe! - Yes.
Who is it?
- Sir.
Actually, we came to meet you, sir!
To steal something or to listen
to my lecture for free?
Sir, you are misunderstanding us!
Sir, we have started preparing for..
..our examination for our jobs, sir.
Vicky is making preparations
to become a..
..police inspector, and I
am making preparations.. become a bank officer.
Good! You were thieves previously..
..but now you both have improved.
Good that there is
a feeling in you..
..of facing life instead
of dreaming all the time.
I have a lot of material for such
an examination. I'll get it.
Take. Read these. They
are very useful.
Then after you return this, I'll
give you some more books.
Thank you, sir.
But on one condition.
You'll never come
here in my absence.
Never, sir..
- Never, sir. Never.
So this is the case. If
you come here next time..
..then you'll repent all your life.
Tiger! Tiger will eat mutton!
Tiger! Eat this.
Leena! Esha!
Oh God! Oh God!
Good morning, madam.
How was your journey?
- Mom!
- Yes.
Take, thousand rupees. Keep
it. It's your reward.
My reward!
The reward for telling me
everything on the phone..
..about whatever drama used
to take place over here.
On the phone!
Madam, I went twice to watch
movies, and once..
..for an exhibition,
with my husband..
..after taking the manager's
Madam, my younger brother came..
..from my native place, to Mumbai!
I took him to show him
the entire Mumbai.
I took the manager's permission
before going!
Mom, we used to go out
for the holy prayers.
Yes, mom, priest Sevanand had come.
And the manager sent us.
Otherwise how will we know
who comes to Mumbai?
Hey.. hey..
Manager, how was my trick?
I made everyone reveal the truth.
But madam, all this is not true!
No one listens to me!
Everyone used to do whatever..
- ..they wanted to.. - Shut up!
Shame on you! I know everything
that you do!
You should've called me up!
I gave you the authority,
but you didn't use it!
There should be discipline
next time!
But I.. I..
Tell me the truth. Where did you go?
We told you the truth, mom.
Mom, the priest said..
What did he say?
He said that if we don't get
married within a month, then..
Then what? Will the sun not
rise or will it not rain?
Mom, he said that you.. would die.
Yes, mom, that's why we
broke your promise.
And the priest also said that
we'll have to visit the..
..temple for nine days and take
the auspicious rounds.. that our mom
lives a long life..
..and plays with her grandchildren.
Good you both did this.
Mom, tomorrow is the last
day to visit the temple.
Should we go?
Yes! Go!
- Our dear mom!
But even I'll come along.
It seems they are going
to the temple.
Let's go..
- Let's go!
Mom, you sit in the car.
Why? Even I'll pray along with you.
But mom, only those
people come here..
..who are not married.
I'm such a fool! You both go inside.
[Temple Bells]
Oh God almighty. Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty. Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty.
What happened?
Nothing. My feet got
stuck into my sari.
What did you say!?
Her sari got stuck into her feet.
Be careful. - Okay.
Oh God almighty. Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty. Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty. Oh God almighty.
Why did you stop saying
the holy words?
Mom, even the small Gods
are present here!
Ok! So take their blessings also!
Go and take Laxmidevi's
blessings at home!
Now wear the handcuffs of our love.
Where will you meet
us in the evening?
At home..
- At home.
After you get the green
signal behind the house.. come home, or we'll come down.
And if the signal is red, then
wait for the green signal.
Oh God almighty. Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty.
Oh God almighty.
Hey! Wake up!
Hey, you sleeper! Wake up!
Wake him up..
- Watchman!
Who is it!? Hello, sir!
Ok! Open the gate!
[Gate Opens]
You sleep while you are on duty!
I sleep! I don't sleep!
Hey, don't sleep, got it!?
Hey, don't sleep!
Pandu, I remembered something..
..after looking at this
red signal.. - What?
I read in some book that a donkey..
..always finds red
color to be green.
Is it!?
[Both Laughing]
Pandu. Pandu, why are you so tense?
Do you find this red
light to be green?
No! I.. find it red!
Yes! You fool, if it is red,
then you'll find it red..
- Yes.
How do you find it?
Even.. I find it red.
[Gate Closes]
Ok, let's go..
- Yes.
Pandu, thank God that
we aren't donkeys.
[Night Insect]
[Dog Barking]
[Knock On Door]
What's the matter, Raghu?
Madam, told me to see whether
you both have slept or no.
We were not feeling sleepy!
Madam was asking why there
was so much noise..
What happened, madam!?
Nothing. Bedbugs.
What happened to you, Leena madam?
There are bedbugs over here..
..there are bedbugs over there!
How did bedbugs come
into this house?
Madams, adjust a little
with these bedbugs, ok!
Don't make noise, ok.
Is sir at home?
Come! I was very sure
that you'd come.
What you took along, was it useful?
Yes, sir. It was very useful.
Do you want more?
Yes, sir.
Then I'll give you some more.
You both are smart, as
well as cunning. Take.
You.. you were right, sir.
One can achieve everything with..
..the help of desire and hard work.
Yes, you can achieve. You
can definitely achieve.
I thought that you came
to rob today also. - No!
We.. we have stopped stealing, sir.
This money that we put back..
..we have earned this by
working very hard, sir.
Look at our hands.
This is true, sir.
If you wanted to return the money..
..then why did you steal them?
If you required food or clothing..
- ..then you should have asked me.
No! We didn't require
food or clothing, sir.
Then did you want to impress me.. showing your honesty?
Sir, actually, we love two girls.
We wanted to give them some gift.
We didn't have much time, and..
..we didn't have any other option.
That's why we did this, sir.
Do those girls want to marry you..
- Yes, sir.
Did you talk to their parents?
They don't have a father, sir.
We are scared to talk
to their mother.
We'll talk to her when we get a job.
You give me their address.
I'll talk on your behalf.
- You!
Yes, I'll talk. And from
now on, you can live.. my house, in my presence.
Thank you, sir.
First I want to meet
those girls and see..
..whether they deserve you or no.
Come, sir..
- Come, sir.
Sir, see, they have shown the
green flag. They'll come now.
- Yes.
Sir, you hide behind that
tree for some time. Please.
Come, we'll introduce you to sir.
Leena! Esha!
- Dad!
- Dad!
My children!
I have inquired everything
about those boys.
They are jobless, they
have no house..
..they have no family,
they have no dignity.
They are high-class loafers.
But how are they related
to my husband!?
They are not related to him, madam.
I think Mr. Ramnivas is
doing all this to take..
..revenge with you, or to
provoke Leena and Esha.
I mean.. I think so.
Where is your master!?
I am here.
Come, Laxmi. Have a seat.
I haven't come here to sit!
You never listened to me.
Then why will you
listen to me today?
But atleast I can stand, can't I?
I have forgotten you like a
season that has passed away.
No one can forget
the seasons, Laxmi.
They approach every time,
to remind you.
Sometimes to cure the wounds..
..and sometimes to increase
the wounds.
I haven't come here to learn
anything from you!
I just came to ask you that
who gave you the right.. come to my house
and meet my daughters!?
Because Leena and Esha
are my daughters also.
That relationship came to an end..
..when I removed you
out of my house!
Relationship is not
like money, Laxmi..
..that if you lose it, then the
relationship comes to an end.
Relationships are not made or..
..destroyed because of conditions.
Relationship is a feeling which
cannot be just thrown away.
And the world hasn't
progressed so much..
..that children don't
require their father.
Then why were you hiding and living..
..from so many years?
Did you ever try to explain
to me or convince me!?
No, because you wanted your
wealth and not your..
..husband, and I wanted my wife,
and not the wealth.
But today I have so much
wealth that your..
..father's wealth is nothing
as compared to it.
Why don't you clearly
tell me that you..
..want to take revenge
with me!? Revenge!
You think you can weaken
me by doing this!
You can break me! But this
is not possible! Never!
That woman is so unfortunate
who has to..
..cover herself in front
of her husband also!
I haven't come here to listen
to all your nonsense.
I have come here to tell you
that if you provoke my..
..daughters with the help of those
loafers, then I'll die..
..but I won't let you succeed,
Mr. Ramnivas Tilak.
You silly woman. You are unaware
of the fact that..
..silliness is another
word for failure.
[Keys Jingling]
- Yes, madam.
Pick up the keys.
Why are you looking at me!?
Pick up the keys.. - Yes.
- Yes.
Why didn't you search
for new proposals..
..for Leena and Esha?
Madam.. I searched for a lot
of proposals, but no one.. ready to become the
son-in-law of this house?
Because they would prefer
working in a laundry..
..they would prefer working
as a carpenter..
..they would prefer doing
anything else, but they..
..wouldn't prefer being the
son-in-law of this house!
Ok, you go to Dr. Dilip
Sinha and tell him..
..that we accept that proposal.
[Telephone Ringing]
- Dad, mom has sent the manager to..
..Dr. Dilip Sinha's house
to fix the marriage.
Leena and Esha!
You don't worry. I'll
talk to the manager.
Thank you, dad.
Sir, what was she saying?
Tomorrow is your exam.
You concentrate on your
studies, got it?
Yes, sir.
Good morning, sir!
You called me.
Mr. Hanuman Singh..
- Yes.
Have you read 'Ramayana'?
'Ramayana'! Yes, sir, I've read it.
Where is Hanuman's right place?
In Ram's feet, sir.
Now there is no need for
me to say anything else.
You must have understood
what I want.
I understood, sir! I understood!
Now everything will happen
as Ramnivas Tilak wants.
Sir, can I go home now?
What do you mean by this? Hurry up!
Yes, sir..
- Yes.
Yes, sir.
How dare Dr. Sinha do this!?
Madam.. I explained to him a lot.
Why did you explain to him!?
You should've asked him why..
..he doesn't like this proposal?
Dr. Sinha hasn't seen so
much wealth altogether.. his life, that he
is being so egoistic!
I told him.
Then what did he say!?
He said that when Laxmidevi
has divorced her..
..husband, then what can we
expect from her daughters?
He said it!
Madam, I know two boys. Their
father lives abroad.
Their ships sail all over the world.
The boys have come to Mumbai.. marry Indian girls.
If you permit, then should
I get them here?
Manager! Why didn't you
tell me this before!?
Madam, the boys are
Indian by heart..
..but their more like foreigners.
Manager, may God bless you!
Get them quickly!
Thank you.
Kamu! Kamu!
Oh God..
- Is this the way to clean!?
- You witch!
Madam, a bottle of honey
fell over here.
I was coming to clean that.
I was coming to clean that!
Lick this honey!
You know, you have been
fired because of..
..those loafers Omi and Vicky..
- Yes, madam.
I have given you this
job because you..
..know them very well..
- Yes, madam.
If you see them wandering
about over here..
..then tie them up on the gate.
Yes, madam!
They have come!
Come! Come!
Pease come!
Yes. Yes.
- Thank you.
She is Laxmidevi, Leena
and Esha's mother!
Nice to meet you!
He is Mr. Sampatkumar Kapadia.
Everyone calls him Sam!
And he is Mr. Harikumar Kapadia.
Everyone calls him Harry.
Hey! You too!
Come! Please come in!
- Come!
Sure! Sure!
Please! Please!
Sandu, I think about the future.
I think they are Omi and Vicky.
Pandu, the one who cannot
see greenery..
..finds everything to be green!
That day you arrested
Laxmidevi's daughters..
..considering them Omi and Vicky!
Yes! But even you were
with me that day!
Even I misunderstood!
That's why I have become
alert nowadays!
And remember, we have got this job..
..after a lot of difficulties,
got it.. - Yes!
Then who are they?
Should I tell you..
- Yes.
Their father's sons.
- Yes!
Sit. Please sit.
You haven't committed any
crime. You also sit.
No.. I'm fine.
If you like to stand so much,
then stand for elections.
Sit over here.
It's ok.
It would've been good, had
your dad also come along.
No! Our dad is a very
busy businessman!
40 of his ships sail in the sea.
40 ships!
Sir, what might be the
cost of one ship?
About 11 crore rupees.
11 crores!
Our balance payment from
India is about 15 crores.
15 crores!
Oh yes! I heard that you
want to interview us!
No! My manager must have
said it jokingly!
I said it jokingly!
But Mrs..
Yes, Mrs. Laxmidevi, we will
definitely interview the girls.
Absolutely. Manager..
- Yes.
Go upstairs and call Leena
and Esha.. - Yes.
She is Leena and she is Esha..
- Greetings!
Wow! Wow..
- Wow! Wow!
Dear daughters, stand straight..
..or else you might get
cramps on your neck.
Cooking.. what is it called?
Can.. you cook food?
Can you make mustard vegetable..
- ..and maize chapattis?
Good! Brinjal?
Excellent! Sweet dish
made up of carrot?
- Marvelous!
You are so rich, but
you still prefer..
..such ordinary food,
don't they, manager?
This is what is good
about them, madam.
Now one last question.
Two partridges in front
of a partridge..
..two partridges behind a partridge.
There is a partridge in front.
There is a partridge behind.
How many partridges
are there altogether?
- Think about it.
Mrs. Laxmidevi, we like your
daughters a little, but..
But what?
We want to take them for an outing.. that we can get to
know each other properly.
Don't worry.
Outing means just an outing,
and not dating.
Ok, but just go till Khandala.
I am a mother. That's
why I am scared.
No fear! We won't even touch them.
[Train Horn]
[Train Noise]
Careful. Come. Be careful, brother.
His name is Meethalal! And
my name is Khattalal!
We both are brothers!
Your parents must have
kept these names.. order to save the money
for sugar and lime!
Where are you all going?
- To hell.
Is it a nice place?
Nice! No! It's very nice! If
you fall sick, then you'll..
..find all the doctors over there,
and if you fight, then..'ll find all the lawyers
over here, isn't it, Harry?
Yes! You'll find leaders
to make a union..'ll find ministers in
order to handle the city.
The business has flourished
a lot, hasn't it, Sam?
How much does the ticket
costs, to go to hell?
No ticket! The journey
is absolutely free!
Free! Then even our father
must have gone there!
It has become dark!
What are you doing?
[Clears Throat]
The marks of kisses!
The 'Bindi' (forehead decoration)
is on his cheeks!
"We have crossed all
the limits of love."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"We have crossed all
the limits of love."
"Come, let's give a new
name to our devotion."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"When you opened your eyes,
a lot of stories were made."
"Everyone understood the
language of your eyes."
"We have become one."
"Now what have we to
do with the world?"
"Come, let's give a new
name to your permission."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"From the time you touched me..
..I have become intoxicated."
"From the time you touched me..
..I have become intoxicated."
"I have started enjoying
the painful life."
"The heartbeats are
not upset with me..
..but I am upset with them."
"Come, let's give a new
name to the complaints."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"I'll always smell good because
of your fragrance."
"I'll fall here and there, even
without drinking liquor."
"I'll trouble you sometimes."
"I'll make you feel
jealous sometimes."
"I'll deliberately ignore you."
"Come, let's give a new
name to mischief."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"We have crossed all
the limits of love."
"Come, let's give a new name.. our love relationship."
"Come, let's give a new
name to our devotion."
What is this? Is this a medicine?
This is not a medicine,
but this is a tonic.
It's a very expensive tonic.
Its one drop costs one
thousand rupees.
One drop costs one thousand rupees!
But what is its advantage?
Advantage! It is advantageous.
And the advantage is that a man..
..doesn't grow old, but
he is always young! Yes!
Then give this to my daughters also!
Oh yes! Sure..
- Sure!
Go ahead!
Can I also have a drop?
You look young even without..
..having the drop, doesn't she?
When I saw you the first time,
I thought that.. are Leena and
Esha's elder sister!
Everyone feels the same,
but I want to..
..see the specialities
of this tonic.
Yes! Leena, give the
tonic to your mom.
Sorry! Sorry, madam! Sorry!
Forget it! Take another drop..
- Yes!
No! How should I forget
such an expensive thing?
- Yes, madam.
Take Tiger for a walk.
- Yes.
Sampat and Hari are very nice boys.
I like this proposal.
[Telephone Ringing]
Yes, Hanuman Singh, manager..
..and personal secretary too.
Hey, secretary! What
are you waiting for!?
Get the engagement done
by tomorrow evening!
Yes. Yes, I got it. I'll do that.
Whose call was it?
It was the jail superintendent's
What was he saying?
He was saying that those loafers
Omi and Vicky are..
..being released from prison
at 4 'clock, they are going.. be here by 5, they'll
marry Leena and Esha at..
..6 o'clock, they'll give birth
to children by 7.. - Shut up!
What nonsense are you talking!? -
Sorry. That'll be a problem, madam!
Then make the arrangements for..
..the engagement before
they are released.
[Wedding Clarinet]
Pooja, let's play hide and seek..
- Ok.
Ladies and gentlemen,
attention please.
Now the engagement ceremony
will begin.
After that we'll have refreshments..
..and then we'll have
dinner at hotel Swagat.
Leena, Esha.
Hide! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10.. - Ready!
Nikki! Nikki, what happened..
- Mom! Mom!
Nikki! Nikki!
Mom! Mom!
Aunty, Nikki got locked in
the cupboard.. - What!?
Nikki! Nikki dear..
- Mom!
Mom! Mom! Mom!
Mom! Mom! Mom!
You loafers! Cheaters!
I'll get you arrested!
Get out of here!
Where are you both going!?
Come with me!
I'll call the police! Get out!
Get out of here, or else
I'll call the police!
You cheated me!
Madam, even I was cheated.
You weren't cheated, but you..
..cheated me along with my husband!
I dismiss you right now! Get out!
Madam, you don't need a manager..
..but you need a marriage broker.
You don't need an advisor,
but you need..
..such a man who just agrees to you!
And I consider this job as a..
Which manager?
I am
nobody's manager..
..and I don't have any mistress!
I am Hanuman, and
I am a worshipper..
..of Ram, Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
What are you standing
here for!? Go inside!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
Shame on..
- Laxmidevi! Shame on.. - Laxmidevi!
The telephone wire!
L for..
- Leena!
O for..
- Omi!
V for..
- Vijay!
E for..
- Esha!
All for..
- Love! Love 86!
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"They will congratulate
the girls' family."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"They will congratulate
the girls' family."
"This is love of 86."
"In this, we'll kiss
before marriage.'
"Friends, don't ever miss this."
"Our marriage will get fixed.
Fixed. Fixed."
"Wherever the wanderer goes,
his beloved will follow him."
"Wherever the wanderer goes,
his beloved will follow him."
"They will congratulate
the girls' family."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"When we tried to become
the grooms.."
"You restricted us."
"When we tried to become
the grooms.."
"You restricted us."
"When we came as the grooms,
you yelled at us."
"When the girl and the
boy have no objection..
..then why are you upset?"
"When the girl and the
boy have no objection..
..then why are you upset?"
"Until when should
our youth suffer?"
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"To hell with the T.V.
and the fridge!"
"We won't demand for dowry."
"We won't demand for dowry."
"To hell with the T.V.
and the fridge!"
"We won't demand for dowry."
"We will accept the
girl even if you..
..send her without anything."
"Without anything.
Without anything."
"Mom, please support us.."
"Or else we'll have
to go to the court."
"Mom, please support us.."
"Or else we'll have
to go to the court."
"If the matter increases,
then everyone..
..will lose their dignity."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"This is love of 86."
"We won't miss any chance."
"This is love of 86."
"We won't miss any chance."
"What kind of a fight is this!?
What is this!?"
"Dismiss the matter."
"What kind of a fight is this!?
What is this!?"
"Dismiss the matter."
"You cannot stop the storm
of love from occurring."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"They will congratulate
the girls' family."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come..
- Grooms!"
"The grooms have come..
- Mom!"
"The grooms have come..
- Mother-in-law!"
"The grooms have come..
- Send them!"
"The grooms have come..
- Mother-in-law!"
"The grooms have come..
- Come out!"
Omi, Vicky, come here.
I was just examining you how much.. love my daughters.
I accept your demand.
Long live..
- Laxmidevi!
Long live..
- Love!
Long live..
- Laxmidevi!
Madam, then what are
you waiting for?
Get the marriage done!
We'll come with a lot of enthusiasm!
Come on, Omi and Vicky. Let's go.
Mr. Hanuman..
- Yes!
They are my to-be son-in-laws!
From now on, they'll live here.
No, this is not possible.
Why is it not possible?
Because what if something wrong..
..happens before marriage?
Not so soon..
- Yes, mom!
Come with me.
Come on..
- Omi! We have become lucky!
Raghu, where are the
keys of my locker!?
Madam.. keys.. I didn't find
them anywhere downstairs.
I didn't go upstairs, madam.
They are not downstairs,
they are not upstairs!
Then where did they disappear!?
What's the matter, mom?
I lost the keys to my
locker, and these..
..useless people don't
know anything!
If they are at home, then
you'll find them, mom.
But I have to attend
a wedding right now..
..and all my jewelries
are kept in the locker.
If it's so urgent, then should
I open the locker, mom?
But.. will the lock get spoilt?
Not at all, mom.
Then hurry up.
Don't move!
Inspector.. this is not a theft.
I'm telling the truth.
Mom asked me to open it.
She lost her keys.
Mom, explain to them that you
lost your keys.. - Shut up!
Don't ever call me mom!
Why should I explain
to the inspector!?
Inspector, this is not true!
This is planned!
What's the matter?
- Why has the police come?
Omi and Vicky have
committed a theft!
Inspector, take them. I'll give
you the statement later.
Come on.
Sir, you!
You have come back to
you reality once again!
I was so concerned about you!
Sir, you don't believe your
ears, but ask your heart.
Can we do such a thing?
You can do such a thing.
I was sure that you would
do such a thing.
All this was a plan, sir! Ask
us to take anyone's swear!
The promise of a thief and
liar don't mean anything.
When someone breaks my truth,
I break down, got it?
Sir, you believed someone's lie.
I wish you believed our truth.
The world might call us thieves..
..but you don't call us so, sir!
We have learnt how to live
life from you, sir!
We feel hurt.
We don't care about the punishment..
..we don't care about the insult..
..but we just care about your faith.
You don't care about anyone!
You both are just selfish!
Looking at you, I have
become sure about the..
..fact that habits can be changed..
..but not the intentions.
Theft is your profession.
Yes! We are thieves!
We are thieves.
You both keep this. This
is a reward from me.
Oh God! There's no festival
or special occasion today!
Then why are you giving us this?
I mean, why are you giving
us this reward, madam?
Because you both will have
to give the statement..
..that Omi and Vicky
committed the theft.
Oh God! Why should I give
a false statement!?
They didn't commit the theft.
You made a false compliant.
Shut up!
Who are you to differentiate
between the truth and the lie!?
We differentiate. That's
why we are poor.
You are back answering me!
Get out of here!
Why are you yelling!
One doesn't become..
..kind hearted by
having a big house!
You should have a kind heart.
You are acting too smart!
I'll see to it..
..that no one employees you!
I don't want any work!
My husband will take care
of me like a queen!
I used to work here
not because of you..
..but because of Leena
madam and Esha madam!
Get out of here!
- I'm going!
What are you raising
your dhoti for!?
To go to my native place!
- What!? I understood! I understood!
One fine day you'll accuse me of..
..committing a theft
and get me arrested!
Madam, you are a very
dangerous woman!
I'll go to Madras and sell
'Idlis' and 'dosas'..
..but I won't live here.
Good bye!
[Dog Barking]
Shut up!
Where are you both going?
To dad.
How come you suddenly remembered..
..your dad after so many years?
Because you are not
concerned about us..
..but you are just concerned
about yourself.
Because more than us,
you love your ego.
Because your love is
no more pure, mom.
What had Omi and Vicky done to you..
..that you accused them
of committing a theft?
Mom, a person can repent
for his sins..
..but he cannot get rid
of the accusations.
When the servants left you,
we felt that you are not a..
..nice mistress, when dad left
you, we felt that you..
..are not a nice woman, but
today we realized that.. are not even a nice mother.
- Leena!
You ill-mannered girl! Everything
will happen.. this house according
to how I want!
If you show me your
illusion towards..
..your dad again, then I'll die!
And then you can go to him!
- Mom!
Then you can go to him!
Mom, please.. mom!
Mom, we won't go!
We won't go!
Then go to your room.
And remember, don't ever take
your dad's name again.
"Give a message to my beloved."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"Just give her the message
that my heart misses her."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"Just give him the message
that my heart misses him."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"Go and tell her the condition
of my heart."
"This is the defeat of love. I
cannot bear the separation."
"Tell her that my heart
is restless all day."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"You are restless there.
I am restless here."
"I am in grief. I am just
passing my time."
"Tell him that I think
of him all day."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"The one who fights
all the injustice..
..the one who walks on
the path of thorns."
"I wish those never
lose their beloved."
"Tell her that such people have..
..a high position in the world."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"Those moments of love."
"Those moments of laughter
and happiness."
"Who has cast an evil eye upon us?"
"All this has become like a dream."
"Tell him that we are
destined with tears."
"Give a message to my beloved."
"Just give him the message
that my heart misses him."
"Give a message to my beloved."
What's the matter, sir?
Whose letters are these?
These are Vicky and Omi's letters.
Omi passed the examination
to become a bank officer..
..and Vicky passed the examination..
..of a police inspector.
But both are unfortunate.
They ruined their careers.
Sir, can I tell you something
if you don't mind?
Kamo told me that they didn't
commit the theft.
All this was planned by
Laxmidevi, and even..
..Leena and Esha have come
to know about this.
This is true, sir.
You have been bailed. You can go.
Who bailed us?
Mr. Ramnivas Tilak.
Your job appointment letters.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go.
Omi and Vicky have been released.
They are released! Why
are they released!?
Ramnivas bailed them, and
according to our lawyer..
..the case has become very weak.
Ramnivas, I'm not weak as yet!
Where are you going?
To meet Vicky and Omi.
And to apologize to them.
Have you gone mad! They
don't deserve this!
However they might be, but
this is our decision, mom.
I know whose decision and
whose revenge this is!
Take them and lock them
in their room, so that..
..they realize that I am their
mother and not their enemy!
Didn't you hear!?
Yes, madam..
- Take them!
Go away!
Let's go.. - What happened,
Pandu! What happened?
Hello. Hello.
- Esha!
Leena madam, Laxmidevi
has got a heart attack.
Mom! Mom, what happened
to you, mom!?
We have troubled you a lot, mom!
We didn't know that this
trouble would kill you!
Please forgive us, mom!
Please forgive us, mom!
So all this was a drama!
This can even turn into reality
if you both don't listen to me.
After all, I am your mother. I
will think of your betterment.
You can think and do anything.. order to achieve
what you want, mom.
Do you want me to really die?
Then don't I have any right on you?
Only those people have a
right who trust others.
You never had faith on us!
You stopped our education,
we agreed.
You kept us locked in the
house, we tolerated it.
You are looking at our age from..
..the point of view of your age.
You are comparing our feelings..
..with your experience.
By making us puppets, neither
can you restrict..
..the speed of this world,
nor can you..
..change the rules of this world.
We.. we haven't committed any sin!
What's our fault, mom!?
Your fault is that you want
to make those loafers.. the son-in-laws of this house!
Mom, one doesn't fall
in love after..
..looking at someone's
financial status.
The union of two hearts is
richer than anything else.
It is said that a mother is made
up of sorrow and love, but..
We are going.
When you'll become matured..
..then you'll realize
how valuable money is.
This house is not a hotel
that you'll live here..
..whenever you want and then..'ll go away whenever you want!
You cannot leave this house!
And what if we leave this house?
Then I won't spare those loafers!
Remember, you both will
marry those who I select!
And you'll have to listen to me!
Did you listen to your parents!?
They got you married, and
you didn't accept it!
Mom, can you assure us that..
..we'll be happy wherever
you get us married!?
Answer me! Answer me, mom!
Those who take weak decision..
..they hide themselves,
but we won't do this.
We are going, and
no one can stop us.
Pandu! Pandu!
Laxmidevi has ordered you
to leave Mumbai right now!
Otherwise we'll beat
you, or we can..
..throw your bodies on
the railway tracks!
This is something like making..
..a blind see and a deaf hear.
Go and threaten someone else.
Come on, Omi, let's start
for the sake of our youth!
[Glass Breakage]
[Hens - Cluck]
- Omi!
What is all this!? Who
are these people!?
Your mother sent them! Let's go!
Who are you? What do you want?
We want to get married.
Right now!
But it seems you have left
your house and come here.
Yes, we have, but we have
come to God's house.
But I cannot get you married.
Why? Why not?
Because even society and traditions
mean something.
These societies and traditions
are made by..
..a handful of people
to rule the dignities..
..and souls of crores of people.
These customs and traditions of..
..theirs rises and
falls all the time!
Neither do we believe
in your society..
..and nor in your traditions!
I haven't given rise
to those societies..
..and these traditions.
My duty is to protect Him.
I cannot get you married against..
..the will of your parents.
Will! Even Goddess Parvati married..
..Lord Shiva without the
will of her father!
Even Goddess Rukmani married
Lord Krishna..
..without the will of her brother!
Ask Him! Ask Him!
He is the evidence!
Answer us!
You'll have to answer us!
When Goddesses Parvati..
..and Rukmini got married
without the will of their..
..father and brother, then how did..
..your society accept
their marriages!?
That's why the world
says that you get..
..the blessing of God,
but not of the priest!
No! I am helpless! I cannot
get you married!
You can indeed kill me, but
I won't get you married!
Omi, leave him! He will realize
this when people..
..will stop visiting temples
because of him!
- Go away!
We love each other..
- More than we love ourselves!
That's why we want to get married..
- Right now!
I understand your passion
and your emotions.
I respect your decision, but
looking at your condition.. seems your parents or your..
..elders are against this marriage.
That's why we have come to you!
We have to get married! We have
to spend the rest of our life!
Dear, I agree that you have
to spend your life.
You are the next generation,
but you youngsters..
..always protest for everything.. the enthusiasm of your youth!
You always go against
the rules and the laws!
Do you know the result?
Your life will get
completely ruined.
Sir, even we respect your opinion..
..but not your rules
and regulations!
We know very well what is good
and what is bad for us!
We want to marry right now!
Ok, then you'll have to give
me a request application.. order to get married,
and I'll have to..
..issue a one month notice.
Because if anyone has any
objection in this matter..
..then he can issue
it in this office.
This means that we cannot
get married..
..if someone has an objection!
If the objection is valid, then
only the court can decide.
To hell with your law and
the traditions and customs!
We don't believe in this law,
which was made by those..
..who are dead now,
but it is applied..
..on living human beings!
We don't want the law
made my corpses..
..but the law made by living beings!
Dear, I am here to protect the law..
..but not to make or break the law.
We don't want the law,
but we want justice!
The law listens to statements..
..and not emotions!
It looks at the conditions
and not the feelings!
Registrar, marriages don't depend..
..on these old laws and traditions.
Marriage is an unbreakable
promise of supporting..
..each other in their
happiness and sorrows.
And we can fulfill this
promise on our own.
Neither do we need the blessings
of your duty..
..nor the favor of your law!
To hell with your outdated
world! Come on!
Why didn't you wait for me?
Answer me.
Answer me.
Come with me.
Laxmi. Laxmi.
I'm here. What do you
want from me now?
You have nothing else
besides sorrow..
..that you can give to anyone.
Laxmi, today you must have
realized that because of..
..your ego and your immaturity,
you just have..
..your broken dreams
and nothing else.
Neither have I broken today,
and nor can I ever break.
Laxmi, a building first
breaks from within..
..and then from outside.
A person usually doesn't
misunderstands others, but..
..misunderstands himself, his
thoughts and his nature.
You'll have to agree that
because of your wrong..
..up bringing, children
have become like that.
I know that you have provoked them.
They have become like
that because of..
..their age and their generation.
To get rid of this, you are
ignoring it, because of..
..which the matter will
increase all the more.
I never expected such
a revolt from them.
Neither did they think of
me, nor of our family.
I always wanted the betterment
of Leena and Esha.
You never thought of
their betterment.
What is wrong in Vicky and Omi?
They have faced life very closely.
And now they even have jobs.
But they still cannot
reach to our standard.
Laxmi, nothing will
happen if you don't..
..consider them of your standard.
The girls have chosen them
Have you ever thought about
the fact that this is..
..not our generation, but
this is their generation?
They have to decide for themselves.
Laxmi, we'll have to move
along with the time.
You moved ahead of me, but your..
..children moved ahead of you.
What did you achieve in this
journey besides loneliness?
Laxmi, loneliness
spreads everywhere.
You can't hide it with this shawl.
If I can live without you for
so many years, then I can..
..spend the rest of my life
without Leena and Esha!
Go away from my life!
Laxmi, you shouldn't go so far..
..that you are unable to return.
Remember one thing.
When children are small,
you should love them..
..but when they grow big,
you should understand them.
Laxmi, it is necessary
to make your identity..
..amongst your near ones,
for your recognition.
Laxmi, to keep the dignity
of this family intact..
..I'm getting Leena and
Esha married in the..
..temple of Lord Krishna, right now.
Children will be happy if you come..
..or else you'll be
in grief. Just you.
[Temple Bells]
I am tired of this incomplete world.
You fool! The world
is never incomplete..
..but it is complete.
Human beings are incomplete.
Laxmi, even I was incomplete..
..without you, without my children.
If the heart is lonely, then
nothing seems to be bright.
Now I have got my children
and you also.
The burden of my heart has lessened.
Come, Laxmi, give them
your blessings.
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"They will congratulate
the girls' family."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"The grooms have come. They
will take the bride away."
"They will congratulate
the girls' family."