Love Aaj Kal (2009) Movie Script

Call me when you reach, okay?
- Bye.
Bye Meera.
- See you later.
- Sure.
Yes. Where are you?
Hey, she`s looking at us too!
Go, go! Come on!
- Come on! - Wild stallion!
Yes, yes, you are.. Go, go!
It`s a great night..
- Nice..
I don`t mean to pile on to you, but..
Then don`t.
Why do it if you don`t want to?
Pile on.
No reason.
That`s a good point.
A new angle.
We really should discuss
this further.
He said that you`re really hot.
I know.
- Yes.
She knows.
You don`t have to bother.
I don`t mean to pile on, but..
You`re sure?
- What?
You don`t have any
desire to pile on to me?
Do I actually want to pile on?
Give me a minute to think it over.
- Bye, guys.
Bye, Meera.
- See you soon.
I have `that kind` of feeling..
What kind?
Like something is about to happen..
Who saw that? Who saw?
No one.
Oh, no.
- Black coffee, with no sugar?
Cheers. - That`s purely to
impress the girls, right?
You don`t look very impressed though.
I feel like puking.
Oh, no.
Ambition to enter
the Golden Gate, lnc..
..San Francisco and make bridges?
`For Richard, for..
People never learn, do they?
- `Wish them in sickness and..`
They all get married..
..and then cry about it.
Game`s over, guys.
You`re finished.
It`s all over and done with.
Peace doesn`t stand a chance now.
Will you shut up?
Finish. The end.
- Can`t you control him?
Open your eyes, for Gods sake!
So, you don`t believe in marriage?
`For better, for worse..`
Have you, by any chance,
fallen in love with me..
..and made plans to get
married and have kids?!
`Till death do us apart.`
Secretly, you think
l`m `the one`, right?
Not a chance!
Thank God!
Do you bring all
your girlfriends here?
Yes. It`s a nice bridge.
This place always works with women.
I`ve been preparing for
Golden Gate for three years..
..along with my job.
Oh, no.
Papers, special courses..
Lots of things.
Let`s see what happens.
It`s the same with Meera.
She wants to return to
lndia to paint old buildings.
Restoration, Grandma.
She paints.. frescoes.
Do you know what a fresco is?
No, Grandma.
I only know what a disco is. Sorry.
Look no one knows
anything about what you do.
Do you like it?
A lot.
Work in progress.
Are you looking at the fresco?
Or are you doing the disco?
Rob, Marley.
My friend Meera.
- Hi. - Hi. - Hi.
- Girlfriend..
Are you my girlfriend?
I don`t know.
Why is that there?
They need another table..`ve got to sort it out. No..
I hope he hasn`t told
you too much about..
..his boarding school, has he?
Well, he has. A little bit.
I`m heading out the left side.
There`ll be a lot of
traffic near the stadium.
Cool. I`ll take the tube.
Bye, darling.
- Bye.
How does this look on me?
Tell me.
Why ask if you really
don`t want an answer?
Tell me.
It`s superb.
Outstanding, mind blowing,
Oh, my God! I can`t believe
such a dress exists!
Let`s buy it immediately,
before anyone else sees it.
Let`s go! Let`s go! Let`s go!
Come on. Shall we?
The neckline is a bit low..
Oh, God, l`m so drunk.
Happy new year.
Okay, see you.
At 5 o`clock.
Please don`t be in
a hurry to leave.
Do you have to go
anywhere in the evening?
It can`t be hurried today.
Is everything all right?
- Yes. And you?
5 o`clock.
These distances..
These distances..
These distances..
Distance in our paths.
Distance in our vision.
Distance between
fellow travellers.
Destroy all these distances.
Why is someone close?
Why someone`s far away?
No one seems to know.
Am I moving closer?
Or am I going away?
I don`t know where I stand.
These distances..
Distance in our paths.
Distance in our vision.
Distance between
fellow travellers.
Destroy all these distances.
These distances..
These distances..
These distances..
It has happened.
Even on an empty road.. were by my side.
Once after meeting you..
My heart returned..
But empty-handed.
It has also happened.
Like it did just now.
That I found you in everything.
They make me yours,
these distances..
They torment me,
these distances..
Deprive me, these distances.
Destroy all these distances..
Are you guys ready to order?
Okay, cool.
Meera, it`s like this..
Hey, baby!
How are you? Okay?
What happened, Jai?
What happened?
Okay, listen. Firstly,
I must tell you that..`s very difficult for me.
Okay? Very difficult.
I don`t know how l`m going to..
Why are we standing?
How silly!
You`re not going to think that..
Actually, I don`t know.
Maybe l`m the one
who`s thinking that way.
You might just jump up shouting..
Yippee! Hey! At last!
A totally opposite reaction.
Can that happen?
- Jai.
You know the way
I feel about you, right?
I mean, I don`t talk much but..
Yes, okay. I know.
But you know? Do you?
- Jai, listen.
I think it`s very clear.
There`s no doubt.
Sorry. I`m sorry.
You were saying..
What you are saying?
This horrible traffic, Meera.
I`m completely fed up
with all the blaring sounds.
And parking. Where are
we supposed to park?
Should we walk around
with cars in our pockets?
Jai, shut up.
- I should, right?
- Okay.
Romeo and Juliet.
Heer and Ranjha.
Laila and Majnu.
Have you noticed the
name of the girl..
..always comes first
in lndian love stories?
What am I saying?
Heer and Ranjha.
The type of people who
stay together over life times.
They exist only in stories.
Two people who are
separated in heaven.
Two bodies with a single soul.
And here, on earth..
..they search for each other.
What is that?
This kind of nonsense
has always.. always..
..caused confusion
in people`s lives.
We`re regular people.
Aren`t we?
What do you say?
The general public?
The common man, right?
We have to be practical.
Life is practical, right?
Jai, I was thinking..
- What?
What were you thinking?
All couples think
that they are special.
So, actually, they are just
as special as all the rest.
There you go!
- Yes, l`m going.
In a week.
- After 10 days.
The point is that you
are leaving. Forever..
You`re going to be
working over there.
The Fort Haveli
(mansion) painting project.
There are so many monuments
in lndia.
Your work will never get over.
And, in any case, you
plan to settle down there.
And you`ll move to the U.S.
Let`s see.
- Of course, you`ll go!
Golden Gate..
Long distance relationship..
Remember what happened with Madhvi?
See? It doesn`t work.
We have to be practical.
We`ll chat on the net.
Write to each other.
Talk on the phone.. - But gradually,
all of that will reduce. - Hi.
And then the accusations
will begin..
You haven`t replied to my mail!
You don`t call me anymore!
Fights. Finger pointing.
- And what for?
You`re not there with me,
So, the best part of the
relationship is missing.
But the problems..
- Do this, don`t do that!
That`s all there.
- Stress.
I don`t want to cause stress to you.
- Of course.
Especially because it
was so good between us.
Oh God!
Past tense! Was!
- I know, I know.
The end shouldn`t be bitter.
Would you like to try
these ginger cookies?
I love ginger biscuits!
These are the house specialty.
- Thank you. - Hello. - So?
So, we should..
- What does that mean?
Say it.
- You know what l`m trying to say.
I`m saying that we should..
Break up.
We should break up.
I feel the same way.
That was easy.
I was so tense
thinking what you might..
Had you already decided to break up?
Did you?
What difference does it make?
You were wonderful, Meera.
I`m going to miss you badly.
I know.
So, what`s our status now?
Have we broken up, or when you..
We should let everyone know.
You always say the
correct thing, darling!
We`ll invite everyone.
Hey! Let`s have a party.
A break up party!
Yes, why not?
- Sounds really strange, right?
- Great.
Let`s do it then.
We won`t have a boring break-up,
crying and weeping..
..Iike other stale couples.
We`re both starting
completely new lives.
So, let`s celebrate.
A break-up party.
So, are we supposed to be
happy or sad at this party?
I mean what clothes should I wear?
For a sad occasion..
Iike a funeral?
Or a happy event?
Anniversary, birthday?
And listen, how do I wish them?
What do I say?
Hey, guys!
Congratulations on your break-up!
Or, We are very
saddened by the news!
We have come to share your pain!
This break-up party.
It`s driving me nuts!
So, how many people would be coming?
- The entire public!
You know, I thought
these two would last.
Yes, I know. It`s really sad.
Why sad? It`s brilliant!
They`re parting happily.
They will remain friends.
Would you do this?
- Great!
Now, all you need is a boyfriend!
Lousy woman!
Two friends of ours
have decided to break up.
We have to buy a gift for them?
So, for an occasion like this..
- Such a special occasion..
Do you have an appropriate gift?
You know like a break-up special?
What are you doing over here?
Everyone`s looking
for you over there. Go.
All the best.
- Thank you.
For the new life you
are about to start.
That`s because the girl..
How was that?
- Not bad. - Not bad.
All the best.. always works.
- Excuse me.
Weddings, funerals..
- Hey! What`s up?
- Hi, guys.
Here`s your gift.
Congrats on your break-up..
type thing.
There`s no more fear.
You`re a wild stallion once more.
Welcome to the club.
So.. - Go to the bar.
- Is Jai single now?
- So, I can have a go, right?
Go for it. All the best!
That`s nice of you.
So, handsome..
What are your plans for later?
Come on, Colly!
You want me too?
Get used to it.
You`ve become rusty in
these past two years.
Come on, Jai.
What`s the plan?
Wow! Say it!
Should I show you?
Would I like..
..what you got to show me?
Depends on your taste.
Can my friends see it too?
- Come on.
So, this is it?
Meera Pandit.
We`ll stay in touch for sure.
When you come to
London on a vacation.
If l`m still here.
We`ll stay in touch..
that`s definite.
I don`t doubt that.
Mails, chat.. rooms..
..phones, texting.
It`s the era of communication.
Excuse me.
Can I have a black coffee, please.
I`m sorry.
- Black coffee.
No. We`re closed.
My friend just got broken up, lady!
Sorry, we`re closed.
Look, haven`t you ever
broken up with someone?
Like a tall waiter or someone?
It`s okay, Barbara.
Let them have it. Give it to them.
- The party`s on, boys.
Order whatever you want.
Thank you, sir.
It`s my place.
So, the kitchen can reopen.
- Hi, can I get a coffee please?
And so..
All is well?
You broke up.
- `Thank you.`
Not going to answer me?
Sir, this is a personal matter.
It has nothing to do with you.
She seemed like a great girl.
Why didn`t you like her?
Did I say I didn`t like her?
Then what?
- Why did you break up with her?
Was your family against it?
What does my family
have to do with this?
And what`s it got to do with you?
Never mind. Just tell me.
Keep your coffee..
Hey! I`ve offended you!
Come back. Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Keep a cool head.
Now, tell me. What happened?
Don`t mind, boy.
Just tell me. Tell me.
There were some practical reasons.
Both of us are moving
to different countries.
Yes, I heard that.
That day, when you were
making all those excuses.
You heard me?
That was the truth?!
What`s going on?
It`s become a practical world.
Anyway, this is your life, boy.
What can I do?
Of course!
Of course, there`s
nothing you can do.
What can you do?
This is unreal!
So, she`s leaving tomorrow?
Are you dropping her to the airport?
- Why?
Because she asked me not to.
Now, why has she said that?
What`s the reason?
You obviously want to know, right?
It`s important to you.
Because I don`t have
my car tomorrow.
Why not? Because Neha is taking it.
Who is Neha? My sister.
Where? To give her examination.
What subject?
- Taxi?
Bus? Train?
The flight is taking
off from Stansted!
Road repair work is on..
There`ll be traffic everywhere.
I won`t get a taxi either.
Never mind, we`ll take my car.
My cafe opens in the afternoon.
So, we can go.
You`ll drive me to the airport?
Why? What`s your angle?
Should I tell you?
I like you a lot.
No, sorry, sorry.
That`s not it.
The way you are right now..
..many years back,
I was exactly like that.
Ditto, exact.
And I should also tell you..
..I was dangerously
handsome in my youth.
Thank you.
I remember myself
when I look at you.
I`ll take you.
It`s important for you to go.
Look, sir.
Thank you.
But she doesn`t want me
to come to see her off.
Are you mad? Of course,
she wants you to come.
Absolutely. Very desperately.
I knew it!
I knew you would come.
Sorry, it`s difficult to
surprise me after two years.
You came!
Mom, am I very late or just a little?
- Flowers.
Hurry up, dear.
- For me? - For her.
Give me five minutes.
- No, no!
I`m not a flower-giving type of guy!
Hi, Uncle.
- Hi.
Oh, my God! No!
This can`t be happening!
Jai Vardhan Singh and flowers?
I must be really special.
Now, l`ve become sentimental.
For the first time, that too now?
Thank you, Jai.
You know, I was waiting for you.
If you hadn`t come..
..I would have been
restless all the way.
I`m glad I came, Meera.
Uncle, why is it..
No matter how many
times one says goodbye..`s so important to meet
one last time before leaving.
But now, I can leave happily.
No matter how long it takes..
..or how far I have to go.
Hey, stop!
Have some hot tea.
Tea.. hot tea..
Who was she?
- Who?
The one whose film is
running in your head?
Tell me.. tell me.
It`s a personal matter.
Nothing to do with you!
It`s your turn now.
And l`m not leaving you. Come on.
I don`t want to be `left` either.
What`s that for?
You`re paying me to shut up? - No.
Eastman colour..
- Harleen.
Hi, Harleen.
Harleen Kaur.
It got punctured again?
The road is in such a bad state.
What can I do?
I won`t leave them. Wait and watch.
Surjeet, if you`d let
me know immediately..
..I would have arrived
with the guys.
You don`t listen to a word I say.
If you had said anything..
..I would have remembered.
Hang on, hang on. I`m using that!
Why was it lying there
if you were using it?
Hey! Hey!
- What?
Don`t trouble the man, Veer.
He`s in a hurry.
And I have all day?
You stay out of this..
..or I might start
troubling you instead!
Piling on!
Why are you in such a hurry?
Where do you have to go?
Take it!
Hurry up!
He`s in a hurry.
- Really?
Let him use it.
She`s coming!
Stand straight.
Come on. Let`s go.
Just give it a push..
Hurry up..
Come on!
Veer, be careful!
Slow down, Veer!
I was exactly like you.
I was very different too.
Those were very different times.
A completely different world.
Don`t know what`s happened to Veer..
Come on!
- He looks so happy these days..
..Iike he`s seen a fairy queen!
Hey, sir. Good day to you!
Come here, boy.
What is it?
- Do you know what liquor tea is?
The black tea that
the English drink.
Yes. - Don`t boil it too much,
and no milk and sugar. - Go.
You`ve turned into an Englishman.
Look. - You build strength
by adding milk to tea.
Now, that is where
Punjab has it all wrong.
If strength is what
you want, drink milk.
Drink butter milk.
Why add strength into tea?
Veer, listen.
- What is it? - Look over there.
Oh, Veer.. oh, Veer!
250 grams of sweet, please.
- Yes.
Make sure it`s fresh, Uncle.
Go home.
Here`s your black tea.
I don`t like all this.
- I am coming with you..
Following me around and all this.
I`m not that kind of girl.
This may be a joke to you..
..but I will be in a lot of trouble.
Please, leave me alone..
..or l`ll lose respect everywhere.
I won`t let her lose
her respect, Surjeet.
Yes, Yes.
No matter what happens.
Her honour.. now my honour!
So, that`s it then..
I won`t ride my cycle
behind her rickshaw!
But my heart!
It isn`t a cycle..
It will continue to run..
..behind her.
Strong feelings!
He`s got it badly this time.
Now, she`s my destination.
My whole world..
My every prayer..
There`s no one else
besides her, Surjeet.
That`s good, really good.
Harleen Kaur.
She`ll come again tomorrow.
My God..
My true king..
I promise you.
In all my yet-to-come lifetimes..
..she will be my wife.
Only her.
Harleen Kaur!
Or whatever her name
will be in other lifetimes.
Just her.
No one else.
This is my pledge to you!
My pledge!
- What?!
Wow! Incredible!
What`s there to laugh about?
What`s there to laugh about?
Are you serious?
You haven`t even said hello,
how are you?
But you`ve decided to marry her!
And in all your lifetimes!
Whatever her name will
be in other lifetimes.
- So?
You feel you`ve done something great?
Sorry! How can you do
something like that?
I don`t understand.
You won`t even understand it, son.
This is called love.
And your entire
generation hasn`t understood it.
Wow, that`s really deep.
Because you people don`t have hearts.
God has only given you a mind.
It`s the same story with all of you.
You`re being silly now.
Shall we go?
- Let`s look at you.
You`re the best example of that.
Example for what?
How could you let her
leave like that?
If you had a heart,
would you have let her leave?
You don`t understand me..
..and I don`t understand you.
But that`s fine.
Why do we need to
understand each other?
There`s no shortage of
things to understand.
Traffic rules, contract papers.. policies, EMl schemes.. warming.
There are so many things
in your life.
Science has advanced such a lot..
..and your lives
have been filled by it.
Our menu cards had a
single dish on them.
Now, for everything,
there are a thousand options.
So, what`s the problem in that?
It`s good that there are options now.
Maybe we just weren`t
used to having options.
We just had our compulsions.
I didn`t have any option..
..between loving
Harleen and not loving her.
Should I stop her or let her go.
So, did she stay or leave?
She left.
Where to?
She left Delhi permanently.
Her whole family shifted there.
I couldn`t do anything.
I just hung out with my friends.
Then it hit me all of a sudden.
That I will never see her again!
She`s going away.
A thousand miles away.
I had to see her once more.
For the last time.
At the last moment, before parting..
..why is to so important to meet.
Why does that happen?
Hey, Meera!
You know what?
After this, we`ll be talking to
each other at international rates.
So, let`s chat at a
cheaper rate until I board.
So, where have you reached?
I`m walking towards the car park.
Just leaving now.
Listen. It`s important.
That pair of red shoes..
..that you think are
very hip and stylish.
Everyone makes fun of them.
Please throw them away.
And don`t ever grow a moustache.
You look like a shady character.
Understand? Like a pimp.
Have you gone completely mad?
I look really cool with a moustache.
While I was your girlfriend..
..I couldn`t say these
things freely to you.
Now, I can.
Taking complete
advantage of our break up!
Tell me more.
And always remember.
When you`re not trying too hard.. when you look really hot.
That`s when I fell for you.
When you make an effort.. look like an idiot.
Hey, thanks.
But I don`t understand how
to use this information.
How do I not try for someone?
How is `not trying` done?
Cover it up. Hide it.
Did you ever figure out
that I was trying for you too?
I hate that!
You keep everything inside you.
The other person feels insecure.
I know.
I`ll try and change myself. Okay?
You are very upfront..
..when you talk.
A lot of people can`t handle that.
And the music you listen to!
You have awful taste!
I hate all the songs on your l-Pod.
I didn`t know that.
And you didn`t know..
..that I can`t stand your sister.
That`s funny.
She keeps blabbering all the time.
And you.. You`re always
checking yourself out in a mirror.
Girls don`t like that.
Don`t do that.
You`ll lose all your chances.
Ma`am, may I request you
to switch off your phone?
Don`t ever wear a nose ring.
And don`t drink in the
company of strangers, Meera.
I`ve taken complete
advantage of you, darling.
Smart Alec, I always knew
what you were doing, understand?
I was never that drunk..
I just acted so you
would do something, anything.
What? You should have told me.
I would have never said no!
- One second.
And you want to know what
l`ve taken advantage of?
I`ll admit it to you today.
Of your guilt.
You`re very quick to admit
that you`ve made a mistake.
Avoid `sorry`.
And you avoid purple,
avoid green, avoid brown.
Actually green`s okay.
But only certain shades.
Ma`am, please, we`re
beginning to taxi now.
The posters in your room..
..the pendant hanging
from your car mirror..
..and your blue sunglasses..
Useless! Throw them away.
Your smile, Meera.
Don`t be extravagant
with your smile.
You drive men wild with your smile!
I should smile at Vikram Joshi then.
He`s heading the restoration
project in Delhi.
The meeting is tomorrow.
I hope I can join his group somehow.
You will, Meera. No one can stop you.
You`re very smart..
..and so willing to
make compromises in life.
I`ve met up with a lot of
old friends from college..
..Iike Kashish.
My ex-roommate.
You`ll like her.
She`s just your type.
My type?
I thought you were my type.
So, Jai?
Have I gone..
..from your thoughts?
You know, I thought you had..
But there was a girl in
the CD store the other day.
She was just my type.
She was giving me the look..
..because I wasn`t trying.
She smiled at me
when I moved closer.
I smiled back.
Then I just turned
around and walked out.
Must be because of you.
Big crush on you.
I thought it was a joke.
Try it.
She`ll love that.
It`ll be good for her.
And what`s your story?
Am I out?
Or am I still batting
at the crease?
Jai, I wanted to speak
to you about something.
My boss, Vikram..
I studied his papers in London.
He`s done art
restoration around the world.
My sister, Radhika, and her husband,
think he`s a real cool cat.
Now, Vikram..
He was telling me that I should..
You know..
Dinner and all.
Just a second, Meera.
Someone`s knocking on the door.
Hold on, please.
Yes. Sorry.
What were you saying?
Look, he`s a nice guy.
That`s not the problem.
Check it out.
Go out for dinner with him.
Should l?
Why not?
I`m with him through
the day, in any case.
Then having dinner
with him is no big deal.
The thing is..
I have a feeling..
..that he likes me a lot.
And I think you like him too.
Yes, but not in that way.
You might start feeling that way.
If you give it a chance.
The fact that we work
together is a problem.
It could get really messy.
Wow, Meera.
Did you think this much
when we were together?
I should have.
But you still managed
to get out of this mess.
You`ll get out of that one too.
So, you think I should
give it a try?
One hundred percent.
But you`ll have to guide me.
That`s something only you can do.
All the mistakes
that I made with you..
I don`t want to repeat them.
She`s going out with someone else.
Now, l`ll have to move on!
And so many months have passed.
What am I doing?
This is my wild stallion phase.
I should maximise it.
You`re doing okay, right?
Not really.
I`m a little shaken up.
But I have noticed something.
I can`t stay unhappy for too long.
I`m a defective piece.
I`ll get over it in a flash.
What did you do, Brother?
When she had left?
I was unhappy for a very long time.
Months passed by.
But the sadness and
longing continued..
Then I finally took a decision.
I`m putting in Rs.25.
That makes it a total of Rs.75.
What about you, Laale?
Around Rs.15 or Rs.20.
- Which is it? Rs.15 or Rs.20?
Rs.15, definitely.
- Rupees 15.
So, that makes it Rs.90.
And you, Bittu?
I`ll try to give Rs.10.
Hey, listen.
Hey! Are you listening?
Satto, go..
Take this and go. Take this.
Your turban has to be tied.
Dear, come in. - Your grandmother
is calling for you.
Come on, dear.
- No.. no.
The day is dawning.
It`s the colour of your skin.
The day is dawning.
It`s the colour of your skin.
Like a flower blooming,
is this day..
Lord, may this day
never come to an end.
This girl l`ve met in my dreams..
Please make her mine.
For the sake of my heart.
Lord, to her doorstep l`ve come.
The whole world, l`ve left behind.
Please make my dreams come true.
For the sake of my heart.
Vegetables for sale..
You`ve pardoned sins.
Listening to prayers.
Lord, you`ve granted love.. everyone in this world.
Listen to my sighs too.
Listen to my prayers.
Give her to me.
Who already has my heart..
You`ve pardoned sins.
Listening to prayers.
Lord, you`ve granted love.. everyone in this world.
Listen to my sighs too.
Listen to my prayers.
Give her to me.
Who already has my heart..
She`s my desire, my thirst.
This I want her to know..
She who sees me and smiles.
She who I desire night and day.
Lord, won`t you make her mine.
For the sake of my heart.
No, no.
Tell me you`re lying!
Bharat Ratna Award!
The Padma Bhushan!
You must have received some award?
What are you made of?
How have you survived this long?
How did you manage to
build all this?
It`s all due to her.
Earlier, I would just
hang around doing nothing..
..along with all
my penniless friends.
But then I took up a job.
I needed to earn money..
..because I had to marry Harleen.
In the hope of
spending my life with her..
..I became serious in life.
And you are so serious in life..
..that you separated from Meera.
So that your work doesn`t suffer.
Tell me something.
It had been one year
since you and Harleen..
In all that time, nothing happened?
I mean..
Nothing at all!
You know..
This `thing` that your talking of..
In our time,
it wasn`t distributed around..
..Iike sugar and almonds.
We weren`t animals.
There was respect..
..and a proper way to do things.
First, we would fall in love..
..then rebel against our families.
After that, we would get married.
Then this `thing` would happen.
Not like today..
..where all this
happens in the beginning.
And then one asks
What`s your name, Sister?
I forgot to ask you your name.
It doesn`t happen like that.
Oh, come on.
And why `sister`?! Please.
If all of that happens
right in the beginning..
..then what`s left?
How is your heart going to ache.
Then l`m saved.
I`m lucky that l`ve
been born in these times.
I don`t have a heart or heart ache..
..and I don`t want them either.
Thank God, I don`t
have to make a pledge.
And I don`t have to
travel a thousand miles.. a rattling train..
..just to get a
glimpse of a girls face.
I can leave her, let her go.
Because life keeps changing.
And of course, she`ll meet someone.
She`ll hold someone`s hand.
He`ll touch her and all of that..
All that will happen.
It`s logical and it happens.
Life keeps changing.
Life keeps moving forward.
We have to move with it.
`The carnival that is twisting its
way around London street today.`
`Keep your eyes open for that.`
`This is Tracy and you`re
listening to Sunrise radio.`
Let`s have some glamour
and glitter.
Let`s have some party now.
Let`s have some noise and fun.
Let`s have some drumming madness.
Let`s call the drummer now.
Let`s have some stamping feet.
Come on, come on
and try your luck now.
Come on, come on
and have some fun now.
Come on, come on
let`s dance and shout now.
Grab somebody`s wrist
and we twist..
We twist. We twist. We twist.
And we twist, we twist..
And we twist, we twist..
And we twist..
We twist. We twist. We twist.
Wickedly this world does turn.
But still, guys,
the party`s here.
Yes, it is.
In laughter and happiness.
The kite of sadness has
flown so cut the line!
Now, it`s gone.
Yes, it`s gone.
Let go of all this
crying and moaning.
Let go of all this
half-baked sadness.
Look, the days are bright
and sunny.
This is life`s gist.
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
We`ll be singing dancing hot
romancing fun all the time.
Any season need no reason for
some place and feeling fine.
Here`s the party, everybody.
Move your body. Shake, shake.
Break your body. Get down
on it. Let the music play.
We`ll be singing dancing hot
romancing fun all the time.
Any season need no reason for
some place and feeling fine.
Here`s the party, everybody.
Move your body. Shake, shake.
Break your body. Get down
on it. Let the music play.
Let the music play.
Golden woman.
Soft and fair.
Left me drink..
With her eyes, she`s hooked me.
Yes, l`m hooked.
The bottle, without opening it..
The wine, without drinking it.
I`m still drunk.
Yes, l`m drunk.
Look, look,
everything`s turning around.
Look, look, the
world`s spinning around.
Here and there my
heart is searching.
For happiness`s list.
Everybody is in the spot tonight.
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
Let`s have some
glamour and glitter.
Let`s have some party now.
Let`s have some noise and fun.
Let`s have some drumming madness.
Let`s call the drummer now.
Let`s have some stamping feet.
Come on, come on,
and try your luck now.
Come on, come on
and have some fun now.
Come on, come on,
let`s dance and shout now.
Grab somebody`s wrist and
we twist. We twist. We twist.
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
And we twist. We twist. We twist..
And we twist. We twist.
We twist. We twist.
Oh, you`re, you`re back.
Tonight.. music very loud.
I didn`t get your name.
Your name?
Hey, Meera.
I`ve done it.
You had to be the first to know.
You`ll understand just
how big this is for me.
I`m starting to get out.
- Hi!
You know, I had decided not to
ask you out to dinner again.
That`s why I asked you.
You did the right thing.
No chance.
Listen, I invited you.
Behave yourself. I`m your boss.
If you`re in a mood to spend money..
..then take me out
tomorrow night, okay?
You have a great smile.
I know.
I smiled at him today.
You were right.
It works.
Vikram is taking me
to a discotheque.
I`m dying to dance.
I like the view from here.
- lt`s a nice view.
The entire gang has begun
to accept Jo in your place.
She`s become good
friends with my sister too.
Vikram and I went to
Rajasthan over the weekend.. look at the
ruins of an old house.
I had a great time..
..but my family was
even happier than I was.
Hey, Meera.
So, Jo is my girlfriend now,
I guess.
And Vikram is my boyfriend.
You`re out, Jai.
You too are out, Meera.
All the best.
All the best.
Give it to me, Brother.
So sorry darling.
That`s okay.
What? What`s happened?
What? Tell me.
You touch here and here.. tell me.
It`s an old lndian ritual..
a custom.
Om Shanti Om.
Oh! I love, I love lndian culture.
I want to go on vacation to lndia.
We go together, yes?
I want to see lndian temples,
like the Taj Mahal..
..the Himalayas, New Delhi..
We go, okay?
What can I bring you from Delhi?
What you actually
should be bringing..
..will not fit in
your baggage allowance.
I was planning to
carry it as hand baggage..
..from Nathu sweet shop.
Have you told her yet?
I`ll tell her.
Actually, don`t tell her.
You just land up there.
- Why?
Take some pleasure
from the old ways..
Just imagine..
..the same city.
The same boring everyday life.
Then one day, what do you see..
..she`s standing in front of you!
You didn`t have a heart attack?
Someone like you..
..a `feeling` man?
By the grace of God..
..I was saved.
And then?
Great times are here.
Happy, happy times are here.
Great times are here..
..why don`t you sing too?
Great times are here
Happy, happy, times are here.
Great times are here.
Happy, happy, times are here.
Girl has come of age.
Beauty has blossomed.
When she got decked up..
To go to the market..
Great times are here.
Happy, happy times are here.
Hurry up, Laale, run!
Catch Veer!
This is Veer`s chance.
I`ll stay at the back.
Good day to you, sir..
The boys were all troubled.
Seeing this beauteous work of art.
They said, That`s heavy duty.
We will sell our houses to get it.
We had fun.
We had fun.
The mattresses you ordered are here.
- Come on.
Uncle, pass them to us.
Hand me that mattress.
He comes to see me on any excuse
Measuring each step of the way.
Is he a man or a wisp of breeze?
Who knows?
It seems that every
moment and every place..
He is constantly looking for me.
Is he a man or a wisp of breeze?
Who knows?
He doesn`t stop following me.
Neither does he break the silence.
He`s not even able to say..
What`s in his heart,
those questions.
Of my heart..
Of my heart, he has..
Become beloved.
A little love has crept in.
Yes, of my heart he has..
Become beloved.
A little love has crept in.
Great times are here.
Happy, happy, times are here
Great times are here
Happy, happy, times are here
One burly young man..
Became so shameless.
With his gun pointing at me..
Said, l`m stealing the goods.
Great times are here.
Happy, happy, times are here.
Great times are here.
Happy, happy, times are here.
Who knows what kind
of intentions he has.
I don`t know what he desires.
What his eyes search for in me..
Who knows?
Thought l`d tell him
that on my body..
Don`t run your
knife-like gaze up and down.
What his eyes search for in me..
Who knows?
He watches me intently.
Breathing deep sighs.
As if he`s my bodyguard.
Those questions..
Of my heart..
Of my heart he has..
Become beloved.
A little love has crept in.
Yes, of my heart he has..
Become beloved.
A little love has crept in.
- Veer.. Veer..
Good day. Good day, sir.
We had fun..
We had fun..
We had fun..
We had fun..
We had fun..
We had fun..
We had fun..
We had fun..
- Yes?
What is it?
- No, it`s become really hot.
At the factory..
..where I work..
Iron is cut.
In the furnace..
..copper, aluminium..
Like a transformer..
There`s no way in hell..
..that you`ll be able
to catch today`s flight.
I think that you
should call the airline..
..and shift the flight to tomorrow..
Stop it, Neha.
- Or even two days later.
I told you to shop yesterday!
Neha, don`t behave like Jai.
You`ve come to flirt
with me again?
If my girlfriend finds out..
..she`ll kill you.
She won`t get to know.
She`s not Meera.
His ex?
- Yes.
Where.. where is she?
Listen, we`re very late.
Are you ready?
No, one moment please.
By the way..
What do you think of her?
She`s nice..
She`s not at fault.
You`ve only seen me with Meera.
But I did have a
girlfriend before her..
..and if God wishes..
..there`ll be others.
You only fall in love once.
It`s happened to me at least
fifteen times, Brother!
Don`t tell me.
You`ve never been in love.
And then?
Only `copper and aluminium`
..or did you talk
about anything else?
We did.
What happened?
You`ll get late.
She takes a long time.
Why do girls spend so much time
in the bathroom?
What do they do in there?
The Old Fort..
Surprise visit..
A boy and a girl..
What a fresco..
And till now..
I only knew the disco.
What`s happening?!
It is you, right?
Where`s your Jo?
At the hotel.
I want to see her.
So, see her.
You know.. The four
of us should meet..
..and go out for dinner.
Made any plans for today?
- Great!
I want you to meet Vikram.
I`ll call him up right now.
You speak with Jo.
By the way, do you
really want to meet Jo?
Because, honestly..
I`m not really
interested in meeting Vikram.
What will I do meeting him?
- Jai.
Meet my boyfriend.
Your girlfriend is so special!
What a great life
partner you`ve found, Meera!
A toast to our friendship.
Social nonsense.
- One second.
Hi, sweetheart.
What`re you doing?
Yes, l`d called you.
Yes. Yes, everything`s fine.
Yes, it`s all done. Yes.
One second.
Why are you getting so embarrassed,
I`ve heard all your
love talk before.
No, actually..
It was the taxi driver.
No. I was asking him
for an address.
But he knew it..
Yes, the driver..
I know it, madam.
Actually, tonight..
I`m going out with
Kashish and gang for dinner.
I`d completely forgotten.
I`ll call you later.
Okay. Bye, sweetheart.
I`ll do the same thing with Jo.
So funny..
I`ve never made excuses in my life.
So, why am I making them now..
..when l`m not even doing anything?
Do all this thinking
after l`ve left, okay?
Now, get out of these
mechanic`s clothes..
- Seriously.
- What is this?
I left and your
interest in fashion also went?
Yes, Jai!
- I was broken! - Awful!
Come on.
This is like really weird.
So artificial.
This sitting apart..
No touching.
Come on, you`re Meera!
Although, I haven`t
made any plan like..
Come on, Jai, let`s touch Meera!
But we always..
You always say the
correct thing, darling.
Meera Pandit.
Jai Vardhan Singh.
I`m going to put
my arm around you, okay?
Anything happened?
Any problem?
Others won`t understand.
Others won`t see it.
This is that kind of feeling.
What kind?
The Jai kind..
It`s used to feel like this.
You know, we didn`t realise this..
But we used to like
each other a lot.
More than Jo?
Even more than Vikram.
We understand each other too well.
Big problem.
And now, we don`t even
have to impress each other.
We don`t have to
`maintain` our relationship.
Don`t have to go out shopping.
Don`t have to arrive on time.
Wow! Listen..
I`m here for three days..
We`ll lie and make excuses.
We`ll meet on the sly.
Like they did in the old days.
And we`ll see your Delhi.
I`m sorry..
Come on!
This black marketing
of stolen glances..
..was once a habit
that now we`ve lost.
This love between you and me..
It came of age and now has ended.
I never bothered about the world.
Now even my worry for you is less.
You are you.
And I am me.
Look the whole world
is upside down.
You don`t know, I don`t know.
How this whole
thing got turned around.
It was destined,
was meant to be.
And now look! It`s happened.
This black marketing
of stolen glances..
..was once a habit
that`s gone away.
Admiring you, praising you..
Feeling scared of losing you.
I`ve finally forgotten.
Four times a day..
Admiring you, praising you..
Feeling scared of losing you.
I`ve finally forgotten.
Four times a day.
The magic of love has slipped away.
The exchanging of vows has ended.
From `us,` we`ve
grown to saying `me.
And me is all that`s left behind.
First two met and turned to one.
And now, our paths have parted.
Now, I have no cares.
No sighing or sorrow.
Whichever road l`m travelling on..
Happiness follows me.
Now, I am free of you.
And you are free of me.
What we want and how we want it..
Is ours right here and now.
Those tiny little threads of shame.
Which tied me have all been cut.
On each road, I travel,
on every street..
I`ve dropped my veils
and walk free.
You haven`t changed,
I haven`t changed.
But look, all of
Delhi is transformed.
In one sip,
all this worldly wisdom.
And understanding,
I drank it in.
Drinking that colourful water..
This innocent girl went wild..
Went wild.
Watching me laughing, singing..
This whole world
turned sour and bitter.
- Yes.
You wait right here..
I`ll be back soon.
I`ll go by myself.
What if you go into
someone else`s house?
Yes, and l`m drunk.
Someone can take advantage of that.
That`s why you`re
coming to drop me home?
If someone is going to benefit
from this it might as well be me.
And, how are you doing?
Very good, sir.
Thank you.
Be careful!
Oh, God!
Come in.
Okay then, Jai.
See you tomorrow. Hey, listen.
New years eve?
Where are you taking Jo?
I`ll find a nice place.
All the good places will be booked.
Then l`ll take her to a bad place.
She`ll kill you.
I certainly would have.
So tell me what I should do?
What are you guys doing?
Private party.
So put our names down too.
Are you mad?
We won`t meet.
In any case..
..only the two of us
recognise each other.
And I know that
you`re dying to see Jo.. see if she`s
prettier than you are.
We never had so much fun
when we were together.
If we`d known, we would
have broken up earlier.
Good evening, ma`am. Welcome.
Good evening, ma`am.
- Hi!
How are you?
- Very nice.
Yes, your table for
two has been reserved.
Let me take you to your table.
Please come this way.
So, another year has come to an end.
It`s been an important year.
Especially for you..
- Yes.
You moved back to lndia..
Started working..
Found me.
- No chance..
I`m much prettier than she is.
You`re the only one
who thinks that.
You think that too.
And don`t forget..
..I have my smile.
`There`s this thing
about the Qutub Minar..`
Dara and Nooshin aren`t
coming here.
Maybe that`s a good thing.
Otherwise, we would be talking
of the same things we always do.
Well, she has a smile too.
We`ll make a pact
that when we`re alone..
..we won`t discuss work.
- Fine.
Show it to me. Make her smile.
Listen, Jo. There was
once this Sikh man..
- l`m sorry..
There`s this blond girl, right?
- And she had to smile. Okay.
You know.. smile.
Can you just smile?
Smile, please. Smile, smile, smile.
Beautiful.. - What?
Oh, you`re funny.
Very funny.
Take it easy, Meera.
He`s getting alcohol for you.
Don`t fall into his trap.
Shivi.. This is Jo.
Hello, nice to meet you.
- She`s Swiss.
So, she can`t speak English
very well.
Can you meet me in the courtyard?
- Behind the Qutub Minar.
Hey, Jo. I`ll be back in two minutes,
okay? - Okay, that`s fine.
Just look after her.
- All right.
What happened?
What happened, Meera?
Vikram proposed to me.. marry him..
My engagement has taken place.
When? Right now?
They hadn`t said anything.
That`s why they brought me
back here..
..on the pretext of
attending a wedding.
Nothing can be done now.
Forget everything.
So, what`s the problem?
This is good..
You`re happy to hear this?
- You feel like laughing?
You`re looking cute.
I`ve never seen you
like this before.
Wait. Listen..
Don`t be so tense.
He`s asked you to
get married to him..
He`s not put a gun to your head.
Think it over calmly and decide.
I should meet with you covertly..
..and hold your hand
while deciding?
Good one.
So, how do you want to decide?
You`ll have to go far away from me.
I am very far away from you.
No, you`re not far away!
We can`t keep meeting this way.
These familiar feelings.. habit..
Let`s get real.
There`s no room for
that in our lives.
There can`t be
any contact between us.
No phone, no internet.
Nothing at all.
Oh, come on, Meera..
Don`t be such a bore.
Don`t you understand, Jai?
I want that space empty.. that someone else can come.
I`m thinking of marriage,
for Gods sake!
So, what should we do? Tell me.
Go away from here.
Why did you come?
Are you serious, Meera?
We can`t even stay in touch,
is that necessary?
How many times will we break up?
We`ll never meet again?
I don`t know.
Listen, Meera, l..
- Bye.
What happened, Veer?
The train is late by an hour.
Be careful, Veer.
Veer! Veer, watch it!
Oh, no.
Look, the wedding..
What`s the matter?
Good evening, sir.
What is it?
Your daughter..
- What?
- Harleen..
I want to..
..marry her.
- Then what?
You watch a lot of films?
Hit him!
- You want to be a hero?
What a disrespectful man!
In front of everybody..
You think you are too smart?
- Come on.
You idiot..
Hit him! Don`t spare him!
I`m not going to leave him!
This creep used to
follow our sister on a cycle..
..when she was
attending college over here.
Let go of me!
- Hit him!
- Hit him!
Kullu, get on the train!
Get in!
Hit him! Come on!
No, Mother! What could
I do? I would have..
..made chutney out of him.
Don`t keep it bottled up inside you.
You can laugh..
I know..
..that I did a very foolish thing.
But she was leaving.
You didn`t know if you
would ever meet again.
She might be married soon..
You thought what can I do?
How can I turn the
situation around..
..and keep her with me.
I can understand that.
Oh, wise one..
What`s happening?
While you were in Delhi..
..did you fall in love,
by any chance?
There`s no danger of
that happening, Brother.
You need a heart for that heart.
- Dil (heart).
And the heart factory has shut down.
Watch it, or you might
turn into Veer Singh Panesar.
Veer Singh`s are not
manufactured anymore, Brother.
The great lndian lover..
Oh, God..
Traveled a thousand miles..
.. was beaten to the ground..
..almost killed..
..and all for a girl.
Bye, love.
Do you love me?
Oh, don`t listen to
Veer Singh, he`s just..
Oh, come on, Jo.
Who knows what that is?
I haven`t figured
that one out yet.
When you know love.. me, okay?
Goodbye Jai.
All the best, Jo.
Wild stallion..
Stop it.
- Come on.
Look.. That could have
been the wedding procession..
Scold him everyone..
He made us both late
with his dramatics.
Meera doesn`t want
me at her wedding.
Shut up!
Ignore him.
- Hi. - Hi, guys.
You decided.
All the best.
Thank you.
- Come, let`s go down.
- Hi.
Keep your head up, Brother.
Don`t make it so easy for her.
What are you doing?
Don`t bend down..
..or you`ll have to
do it your whole life.
She`s too tall. I admit defeat.
May l?
- Yes.
Guys, guys, listen.
Meera wants to meet with Jai..
Why? What happened?
We`ll take her to the dressing room..
..and you guys bring
Jai to the back lawn.. exactly ten minutes.
Colly, what`s the matter?
God knows. Bring him there, okay?
- Come. Come with me.
I don`t know.
Maybe she`s thinking that..
Whatever it is..
I`ll sort it out.
Meera. I`m absolutely fine.
There`s nothing to worry about.
It`s your wedding day.
And you were looking
at me. I saw that.
Is Jai okay?
Is his system..
because of my marriage..
..experiencing any disturbances?
And, what if it is, Meera?
And if it turns out to be true?
That there is something.
There actually is..
Which happens only once..
Two people who are
made for each other.
Can`t live without each other.
So, they keep
searching for one another..
..and all the other nonsense..
..that Veer Singh talks
about in his coffee shop..
What if it`s true?
Can you just ignore
that please, Meera.
Delete, all right.
Please believe me, l`m okay.
I became nervous.
You were looking at me..
..and l`m seeing you after so long.
By the way, you`re looking hot!
No, you don`t know..
You`ve never looked
this beautiful before.
Meera.. the bride.
You had to get married?
You were fixed on that.
And if that`s what you wanted.. could have insisted on it.
You used to ask me for things..
Take me out for an ice cream..
How does this dress look on me.
Take me out shopping.
If you had asked for this, Meera..
You`ll have to marry me, Jai..
I don`t care, you have to do it.
If you had forced me..
Then who knows, Meera..
Who knows?
I can`t believe it!
Why am I saying this now?
I should go.
I`m fine, Meera.
Yes, I know but..
..seriously, l`m all right, okay?
All the best, Meera.
Congratulations on your wedding.
By the way, what`s your status now?
Are you married already..
..or are you still single?
What`s the scene?
Because these rites
and rituals are..
Are you married, Meera?!
This had to happen.
I knew it.
It`s nothing to get
shattered over..
That doesn`t mean that
l`m shattered.
Meaning, it`s not a surprise.
Anyway, what l`m
trying to say is that..
..I can`t turn back the clock..
I can`t bend it..
I mean obviously..
..even trying.. What`s the point?
..the way..
Oh, no.
We should go here..
The lsle of Skye.
The train journey is very beautiful.
- A mistake`s been made.
I`ve made a mistake.
This is not right.
This can`t be right!
This.. Jai!
He`s turning me into
somebody like him!
I had said no..
Everything was so logical.
So easy..
But Jai..
What should I do about him..?
I have to meet him, Vikram.
I have to meet with Jai.
I don`t believe this.
I have to talk to him.
I have to clear this up.
- What do you have to clear up?!
That.. Where am l?!
Am I here, or am I there, or..
Where am l?
This can`t go on, Vikram.
I can`t do this anymore!
I can`t be in two places!
You`re going to decide that now?!
Meera! After we`re married!
So, what should I do?
Tell me?
- For God sakes, Meera..
..get a grip!
You broke up with him
two years back!
We were together for one year..
..then we got married!
And the very next day you`re
talking of Jai! - Exactly!
That shouldn`t happen, right?
That means that something is wrong..
..and it needs to be fixed.
Something is still
stuck between me and Jai.
We`ve really tried..
Both of us.
But there`s something
there that hasn`t finished.
And what if talking
to him doesn`t help?
What makes it stronger?
Then how can I stay with you?
If that`s the case, I should leave.
What is this, Meera?
Why are you doing this?
I`m being extremely
unfair to you, Vikram..
I know that.
I`ll apologise to you later.
But whatever is happening
inside of me right now..
..I can`t stop it.
That would be wrong.
For everyone.
For you too, Vikram.
It`s important.
I have to meet with Jai.
I have to go, Vikram.
Hello, Jai?
- Magic!
I`ve to tell Meera first.
Only she can understand..
..what just happened
with me. What this means..
And you called!
What`s happened?
San Francisco..
The Golden Gate!
One second. One second.
Someone`s here, Jai. One second.
Yes, Jai, what were you saying?
You promise?
Wow, Jai, that`s amazing!
You were always sure,
weren`t you Meera?
I thought that if
Meera is saying it..
..then there is a chance.
I would`ve given up much earlier.
Oh, Meera..
If you weren`t there,
what would`ve happened?
What all happens in life..
That night I was
thinking what am I doing?
Why did I do all that?
Break up..
And then a second break up in lndia.
Your wedding.
And then, the very next day,
the appointment letter arrived.
I`ve waited four years for it, Meera.
And in one second,
I got all my answers.
I understood the entire plan.
Maybe there is something
like a God somewhere, Meera.
And ultimately he does..
..what`s best.
I don`t think we
should stay here too long.
Could you turn the car around,
The doorsteps of dreams.
Kiss the footprints I leave.
Earlier, I was left behind.
Now, the whole world
revolves behind me.
What am l?
How do I tell you this?
I am he who..
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
I keep only my promises to myself.
I am he who..
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
Every single path..
Opens its arms to me.
Behind me follow all my goals.
Wherever I go, it seems that..
Because of me,
there is celebration.
Every single path.
Opens its arms to me.
Behind me follow all my goals.
Wherever I go, it seems that..
Because of me,
there is celebration.
I know just how to live my life..
I know each secret of happiness.
I know this.
I tell the world..
I am he who..
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
I keep my promises to myself.
I am he who..
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
Let it go.
Do you have some desire?
Do you know to give up
your desires?
Do you have some desire?
Do you know to give up
your desires?
Now, I understand.
What it means to live, how it..
..feels to have a dream fulfilled.
Now, I see nothing.
Think of nothing.
That does not seem like a dream.
Now, I understand.
What it means to live, how it..
..feels to have a dream fulfilled.
Now, I see nothing.
Think of nothing.
That does not seem like a dream.
Each evening is a new dawn.
Time is firmly in my control.
I go higher than every desire.
I am he who..
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
I keep my promises to myself.
I am he who..
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
Whatever he desires, he achieves.
No! No! Darn you!
The doorsteps of dreams.
Kiss the footprints I leave..
Okay, Jai.
To begin with
I should tell you that..
.. this is very common.
A lot of professionals
who come from outside..
..face adjustment problems
in the U.S.
I see at least five
such cases everyday.
Then you must have the cure for it.
Because the problem is..
I.. I can`t concentrate..
I don`t have control over my mind.
How do I work?
That`s why they`ve
sent me here, of course.
Sometimes, I find that
l`m talking to myself.
That`s weird, right?
Why is this happening?
This was my dream.
San Francisco.. the Golden Gate..
I should be ecstatic but l`m..
What`s happening to me?
Jai, have you told me everything?
Are you sure?
Yes, l`m sure.
You know, Jai.
In every direction..
..all around you..
..there`s a lot of positive energy.
And if you feel
positive on the inside..
..all that energy will
be attracted to you.
See you later, Doctor.
And, like light it will brighten..
..up your day.
It will drive out the
darkness from your life.
Okay, let`s make this easy.
Hey! Take it easy.
Give me that too.
Come on, come on.
Let`s go, let`s go.
- Hey, what is that?
Hey, what are you? Deaf!
Okay, fine. Let`s go!
No, give it to me.
Give it!
I can`t.
Oh! You can`t?
It`s a bill photo.
Forget it, let`s go!
Now, give it to me.
I can`t give it to you.
You stupid! Give me the picture!
Santos is taking it.
Give it to me. Give it to me.
Come on. Should we go
now or wait for the cops.
Relax, relax.
Are you Bengali?
You okay?
Do you have medical insurance?
Then no problem..
Okay? You okay?
Yes okay. Relax..
I`ll get you some water. Wait.
Is it you?
Are you doing this?
Are you my problem?
Oh, Meera..
Brother, what`s happening?
In today`s day and age..
..this shouldn`t have happened.
And with me?
I would laugh at you.
You.. Are you okay, Jai?
I`m not okay, Brother.
I really tried..
..but this Meera..
What is she doing?
For so many years now..
Has she been moving
further away from me..
..or coming closer?
I haven`t even seen
her for a whole year..
..but inside me..
I keep thinking of her.
And now, I don`t have
any options left, Brother.
I want to go to her.
I want to meet her.
Listen to me very carefully.
Son, it`s too late now.
What will you do by meeting her?
I don`t know..
I don`t know what l`ll do.
When she`s in front of me..
..maybe then l`ll know
what I have to do.
It`s too late.
It is too late but
life isn`t over yet.
Listen, son..
Think it over
carefully before deciding.
Oh, Brother..
Do you think?
Maybe l`m doing something stupid..
But sir, we only have one life..
She`s getting married.
I only have this one chance..
Go, son.
May God keep you..
Surjeet, listen to me.
Get my company flat cleaned..
Harleen will be coming there.
Yes, why not? Absolutely, Veer.
Don`t worry.
- You idiots!
I`m definitely returning with her!
Two days!
In two days,
everything needs to be done!
The expenses are killing me,
I`m deep in debt..
I`ve gone mad thinking..
..who should I grovel in front of.. whom can I go and beg.. that I may satisfy the
demands of the groom`s father!
No.. - And you`re telling me
that Veer Singh is coming.. take her away!
- So, why are you shouting at me?!
I`m not the one
running away with Veer Singh!
Anytime.. anytime now!
I`m going to burst!
So, how is it my fault?
I`m going to kill him.. Yes!
That`s definite!
If I see him anywhere..
..I promise all of you..
I`m going to kill him!
- No!
It`s decided!
- You`ve decided?
Yes, I have.
- Now, cool down.
Okay, fetch some water for him.
`This is not a valid number.`
`Please check the number
and dial again.`
You think that if I get her number..
..I will ruin her life, right?
Of course..
Of course, you have her number.
`Please check the number.
Please check the number.`
Get it from Mr. Das.
Get those sweets.
Get it from him.
All the materials are here.
My God help me.
What is to be done..
My brother-in-law spoilt the room.
Go check downstairs.
Kuldeep, is he here?
This isn`t the correct way..
I`m aware of that.
But your daughter will
only be happy with me.
You know this too.
This is a difficult time..
..but please believe me..
It will pass very quickly.
Everything will be fine again.
Just give us your blessings..
One moment. Yes, sir?
Who would you like to meet with?
Lajjo, bring a few sweets here.
I`ve asked you to wait but
you`re still continuing on!
Hey! That`s the limit!
Check if the
confectioner`s van has arrived.
I had ordered some sweets from him.
Is Meera there?
- Meera.
Who is it?
My name is..
- Jai..
Come in.
Is she there?
Where has she gone?
Come in.
I have to meet with her, okay?
I have to talk to her.
It`s really, really important.
If she`s inside, then please..
I know that you`re her husband..
Maybe you know that Meera and l..
I didn`t want to meet you.
- Jai.
I didn`t know that
this would happen, okay?
I did everything only
after thinking it through..
Break up. Golden Gate..
I made a big mistake.
I didn`t understand.
What can be done now?
It can`t go on like this.
It`s not possible.
Because you feel that you`ll
never be able to tell her this?
So you came, Jai.
I`m sorry, Vikram.
I`m really sorry.
Do you know where the Old Fort is?
The Old Fort?
- Yes, sir. - Come on.
Jai is moving to America.
I don`t know what will happen next.
But I don`t think l`ll
ever be able to forget him.
What l`ve done to you..
I can`t fix that..
But I don`t want to do
anymore wrong.
I can`t stay with you, Vikram.
Listen, l`m in a hurry.
Go faster.
- Yes, sir.
Where should we put everything?
One minute..
Why don`t you tell him?
Because I know him.
If I tell him, he`ll
leave everything..
..and arrive immediately.
But a few days later,
he`ll start to think..
..that he`s made a mistake.
Jai hasn`t yet figured it out,
He still doesn`t know.
When he finally does..
If he ever does..
..then he`ll come.
Excuse me.
One black coffee, please.
Look, I don`t want to pile on.
But Romeo and Juliet..
..Heer and Ranjha, Laila and Majnu..
`Staying together across
lifetimes` type of people..
They exist only in stories, right?
You and me..
We`re ordinary people.
The general public..
the mango people.
We don`t want to die
and become immortal.
We want to be together..
..together in this lifetime.
What do you say?
That`s a new angle.
I think..
..that we should discuss
this further.
You always say the
correct thing, darling.
Should I come down?
Because long distance
..never work out.
I didn`t even say that..
I don`t want to live if..
You don`t become mine.
Not even by mistake.
Did I ever tell you that..
I wish for distances.
I only want as much distance.
As turns to heartache that makes..
My desires burn stronger for you.
Yours and mine.
They will reduce these distances.
They will be banished.
- These distances.
They will be removed.
- These distances.
Destroy all these distances.
Will you just keep staring at me?
I`m afraid..
..that you might break.
Break me.
Carry on with your work, guys.
And we twist. We twist. We twist.
And we twist. We twist. We twist.
Come on, come on!
And we twist. We twist. We twist.
And we twist. We twist. We twist.
Hey, Harleen!
Sit there.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
Come to me, my love, my life.
Bestow your favours on me.
Come to me, my love, my life.
Bestow your favours on me.
I have a desperate need for you.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
Love is a heavy burden.
And a wonderful illness.
You want to let it go on.
Love is a long friendship.
It`s issued without a permit.
We`ll be riding high, come on.
Oh a heart wants another heart.
Wants to be coloured by love.
While I live, it will..
..make me meet God.
The eyes connecting..
Dying and disintegrating..
It`s the same story.
Only the times do change.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
These mementos,
I don`t want to lose.
They`re precious,
in my breath I want to weave..
The things you said.
Surprises, of circumstances..
Of those nights.
Of meeting you.
Of conversations.
These chats going on..
These flaming nights.
Being burnt and getting
caught up in love again.
The eyes connecting..
Dying and disintegrating.
It`s the same story.
Only the times do change.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me..
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.
Sometimes laugh and talk to me.
Don`t grind my life
into the ground.