Love Aaj Kal (2020) Movie Script

Why are you following me?
Tell me right now! Why?
-No? So, you're denying it?
You mean to say that you haven't been
following me for a month and 13 days?
-You're denying it again!
-I mean...
-Yeah, tell me!
I'll stop following you.
Did I tell you to stop following me?
Tell me!
You rejected me.
But still
you've been following me.
What are you up to?
You're not just any girl.
How do I tell you that you're special?
Do I need to explain that as well?
If I must explain how special
I am, then what will you do?
Aren't you supposed to know that?
What do you mean?
The internet experts know
Who Kabir and Rumi are
The tips on love for every week day
Fill my head
You think you know it all
You think you're ready
But when your time comes...
Your body trembles
Life turns upside down
There's a pounding in your chest
My heart beats fast
Your heart beats fast
The knocking, the locking
The talking, the chatting
Our racing hearts
They don't know how to slow down
Right here, right now
Till the end of the world
I have to live like this
Some say love is taking
Others say love is giving
Love has a million definitions
Though it cannot be defined
It might be artificial or original
The problem is eternal
A day will come when you
Won't be able to escape
Your beguiling heart
Our racing hearts
My heart beats fast
Your heart beats fast
The problems, the limitations
The uncontrollable emotions
Our racing hearts
They're not ready to listen
They keep beating faster
Till the end of the world
I have to live like this
-This isn't right.
We're not fully utilizing the situation.
Listen, you're getting me wrong.
Can I get your number?
I saw him again.
He's drinking a soda... alone.
I mean, who does that?
No, he doesn't like me.
He's just weird.
You know, in case he pops up again.
-Yes, me.
-Do you rent this place?
-Is that a problem?
Do you want it?
I'm a software programmer.
I need a place to work.
I work all day long without a pause.
-Anywhere. Sit there.
-No, I'll just...
What's going on?
The moment you feel
I'm troubling you...
I'll go away.
Oh, yeah? You wish!
Can you come out for a moment?
Come on, let's meet outside the cafe.
What the hell's going on?
You reject me.
And ever since, you've been following me.
What's going on in your silly mind?
How do I tell you that you're special?
So, I need to explain that as well?
What will you do then?
Aren't you supposed to know that?
So... all good?
Where are you going?
-How are you going?
-By cab.
Why do you guys always go the wrong way?
Can you see my location?
Go on, tell me.
-Where are you going?
The cab's taking forever.
-I'm going to Champa Gali.
-Oh, I'm also going there.
-I don't need you for sex.
I can have sex with any girl.
You're something else!
Maybe, you're the one!
I'm here on a date.
-So, nothing.
I'm just informing you.
-This cannot happen.
You cannot thank me.
Don't get too excited.
There's something about you.
No, there's something about you.
Not so close!
-I'm like this with all the girls?
-Aren't you?
I don't bring just anyone
to an expensive joint like this.
You're special, you know?
Do you know how much
a glass of tequila costs here?
Where are you going?
Take it back. I haven't touched it.
Hey, wait!
Watch me go!
-Zoe, that was a better joint.
-What's going on in your silly mind?
Come on. We'll have fun.
Let's go in there!
Oh, yeah? You wish!
Aren't you supposed to know that?
And ever since, you've been following me.
He must be here somewhere.
Hey, brother! Is this your bike?
Are you blind? Can't you see my car?
Excuse me, can you hear us?
Maybe, his ears are blocked.
I swear!
-Hit that scoundrel! Come on!
-Hit him!
Let him go! He's a kid.
You'll kill him. Stop!
He hit me first.
Hey, you...
Hey, leave him alone.
Can you give me a tablet for a headache?
Please, allow me!
-My special drink.
-What's that?
You see, I have years
of drinking experience.
I have an important meeting today.
So, how was your date?
You know... the bike guy?
You went with the guy
who came here for you, right?
It's none of your business.
"Second of all" is wrong.
It's "Secondly."
I was not on a date with him.
He gave me a lift,
so I could meet my date on time.
The poor sucker!
You should've dated the biker instead.
He's cool.
He is just... okay.
He's serious about you.
That's it! That is the problem.
He's too serious.
That's a problem?
Leena, I'm serious about you.
He's serious about you
and that's a problem?
I'm not fooling around with you.
No matter what people tell you.
Can you please tell me
how it is the problem?
Being serious is a good
thing from where I come.
And where's that?
Old India... from many years ago.
Okay, so now...
after many years, there's this
22-year-old girl in new India...
How do you say "one and half" in Hindi?
-She hasn't even had dedh boyfriends yet.
So, that's why, she isn't interested
in a serious relationship.
It's time for fun and exploration!
I'm focusing all my energy on my career.
Five years from now...
when my event management company will be
doing well and I'll be earning enough...
then I'll have my first
serious relationship.
You think all this will go
according to your plan?
Time passed. Everything changed.
This time shall also pass.
And things will change again.
This idiot...
is new...
because he hasn't changed one bit.
-Him, who else?
You know he's just like me.
No, no... sorry!
He's not like me.
I was like him...
Kulfi for sale!
My crazy heart
Knows no peace
-Without my lover
-Kulfi for sale!
My crazy heart
Knows no peace
Hurry up, brother!
-You're taking so long.
-I'll just be there.
It never listens to anyone
This heart is crazy
It never listens to anyone
Buy it for one rupee, two rupees.
And there was a girl...
just like me?
She was not at all like you.
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16...
Nine, ten...
11... 13, 14, 15, 16...
-Do you have her photo in your phone?
-There were no phones then.
How did you manage without cell phones?
Just like that.
It didn't make a difference.
This communication boom...
"I said everything else... except
the thing that I was supposed to say."
Oh, wow!
Then, tell me what you could not say.
-He's here!
-How's my cravat?
-Hey, Raghu.
-Is that her?
Wow, boy! You're lucky!
-Go on, Raghu!
-This is your chance.
Go, Raghu!
Don't back down, Raghu.
-Keep going!
-Go, Raghu. Go.
Perhaps, I'll never speak the unspoken
Perhaps, you'll understand anyway
Perhaps, I'll find you in my dreams
Perhaps, we'll find a meeting ground
I am nothing
Without you...
I am nothing
I want nothing more than you
Nothing less than you
Without you...
I am not myself
Without you...
I am not myself
I want nothing more than you
Nothing less than you
I used to do just one thing
after returning from school...
You were fine until yesterday.
-Tell me, how did it happen?
-It's nothing.
Shut up, let me check!
I fill my eyes with dreams
Asking myself questions
Answering them myself
On your behalf
I pretend to run errands
But wherever I go
I make sure to pass your street
I'll never stop trying
I'll never stop trying
I want nothing more than you
Nothing less than you
Without you...
I am nothing
Without you...
I am not myself
I want nothing more than you
Nothing less than you
Without you...
Careful, brother!
I can't take it anymore!
I can't hold back.
Now, no one can stop this from happening.
What are you talking about?
What's going to happen?
Tell us! What can't you hold back?
This is cheating.
This is cheating.
I don't get those cute feelings.
You know, like how they describe
in romantic movie songs!
They just mislead you.
I'm not happy.
Where's the happiness?
At night, I feel someone's strangling me.
It's like I have a fever.
I can't breathe.
Someone strangles me. Like this!
No, Raghu! No!
That's it! I'm telling her.
Sit here. Calm down, man.
Come on, have tea.
Driver, I'm in a big hurry.
Just tell me! Can you see my location?
Which turn are you talking about?
Are you trying to scare me?
How do you always have to go
to the same place where I'm going?
-The moment you think--
-Yeah! I know.
I was also going--
-Do you have breathing problems?
Do you feel like someone's
strangling you at night?
You mean you're sleeping well?
I mean I sleep as soon as I hit the bed.
But I get up exactly an hour later.
Then, I can't go back to sleep until dawn.
Next time, when you're unable to sleep,
you can message me.
No need for flattery.
And you can't be flattered.
You haven't organized
a single corporate event.
Who called you?
Sir, I'm aware that I haven't organized
a corporate event before.
But if you look at our plans--
You make plans as well?
I have it all planned
until I retire at 55.
All the milestones are
clearly marked, sir.
Before you entered the room,
you unbuttoned your shirt.
Is that also a part of the plan?
I unbuttoned my shirt
'cause I wanted to make a good impression.
Is that how you make a good impression?
By flaunting your body?
I couldn't leave my body
at home while coming here.
I have to take it everywhere I go.
So, I do my best to look attractive.
When I look attractive, I feel confident.
And my work improves because of that.
So, I unbuttoned my shirt for myself,
not for anyone else.
Should everyone shut their eyes then?
-Everyone will look at you, right?
-Yes. Let them look at me.
What does it matter?
I am okay with that.
If they have a problem...
it's because they have outdated
and conservative ideas.
And I can't do anything about it.
They have to sort themselves out.
I don't know what happens to me.
Will I ever be able to control
this "bitch" inside me?
You should let it out,
because that's what you are.
Discover yourself.
Who cares about the job!
Who cares?
If I didn't care, I wouldn't have
spent months trying for it.
It's the Mehta Group.
Okay, but you must do what feels
right from the inside.
From the inner you.
Every journey eventually
leads to your inner self.
Who tells you these things?
Don't you get forwards on your phone?
Wise words are everywhere. On pens,
books, stationery, truck stickers.
You'll find mind-blowing quotes.
A new bar has just opened where I live.
Their coasters have
such wise quotes on them...
You and I aren't happening.
If you like me, you better
stop that right now!
To hell with my inner self!
I don't give a shit about Life's Truths.
I just want to get my career going.
I'll be so successful that
I'll never need to depend on any guy.
I don't want to have any regrets in life
about the things that I want to do.
Okay. That's good.
And what do you want
to do... with your life?
-Are you trying...
Are you trying to make fun of me?
I think I should keep my mouth shut.
When you go for an interview...
do you spout wise quotes
off truck stickers?
But this app is India-centric.
Won't Indian farmers use the app
to import foreign technology?
He's gone for a job interview...
and he's picking holes in the job?
Won't it reduce manpower?
This technology will make sure that
five workers take the place of a 100.
Where will the other 95 go?
He's been scouted three
times by US firms.
He gives them some
silly excuse and says no.
Who the hell is he?
What is India's population?
Let's just say it's high.
Manpower is not our problem. Insufficient
labor is the western countries' problem...
which we'll be importing
by using this app.
And you want me to make
the app India-centric?
He thinks he's doing the right thing.
I wish I was like him.
It's intoxicating.
He knows he's taking a risk...
but he wants to follow his heart
and take a leap of faith.
I had that power once.
It's gone now.
You know you should thank
God that you lost it.
That's why you own this business.
I wish he'd also lose that "power."
So that, he can be normal.
How long will he stay stupid like that?
I wish all this would vanish.
So that, I could be stupid again.
Please, come!
He's here.
Go ahead.
Let's go!
The season of separation...
Is about to end
Where are we?
I've never been here before.
I come here often.
I mean it's the first time...
I've come here.
-Go on.
-Raja said you wanted to talk to me.
What is it?
-I'm not here to kiss you.
I mean, that's not the main motive.
What's happening to me?
Is that how it is?
I didn't know.
When you are not with me,
I can still feel your presence.
-Now that you're here--
-You could've talked to me on the phone.
What's going on?
Everyone has their own unique DNA, right?
Getting caught is in my DNA.
Go on, run!
-Sir, you've got it wrong.
-What you're doing is wrong.
You think this is a brothel?
What did you say?
Because of me...
One minute.
What did you just say?
Don't you dare!
Should I teach you manners?
Tell me!
How dare you talk like that!
Leena, I'm just scaring him.
How dare you say that, motherfucker!
-Raghu, stop!
-Go on, say it again!
Stop it! Raghu, no!
He shouldn't have said that.
He didn't give me an option.
He needs a beating!
Raghu, he's a cop. You can't hit him.
You should leave, otherwise
you might get in trouble.
-Raghu's just scaring him.
-That's not what he's doing.
There's going to be a big problem.
Please, go!
-Hey, get lost!
-I have to hit him!
He assaulted me.
What's happening over here?
-I'm done.
-He assaulted me.
-He hit me.
-Check if he's hurt.
-This isn't a minor offense.
-I'm so grateful to you.
Look at the rich doctor's boy!
Got bail in no time.
If he was a poor man like me...
he'd be rotting in jail
for attempted murder.
Who was the girl?
Was she also punished?
The doctor's son did it
with the capitalist's daughter.
-You mean they went all the way?
-Of course!
I can't believe that girl
would do such a thing.
She must have done it.
Otherwise, why would the doctor's son
take her to those ruins?
Sister, it's such a depraved behavior.
How can I talk about it?
But what did he do?
The same thing that every man
wants to do with a woman.
Goyal's daughter was vomiting
the other day.
-Is this really true?
-True or false, find out for yourself.
Goyal's daughter...
Your brother was thrown into jail.
He did an inappropriate
thing with that girl.
To get caught with a girl
at such a bad place...
Have you heard the gossip that's
spreading in Udaipur?
You can't stop wagging tongues.
-We know our daughter.
-No, we don't.
Don't go by her innocent face.
She must've done it. Otherwise,
why would they talk about it?
Stay awake!
-Yes, come on.
-What's going on?
-Leena, I'm serious about you.
I'll never leave you as long as I'm alive.
I'll take care of you.
I'm not fooling around with you.
No matter what people tell you.
You started talking again?
-Your mother is here.
-Oh, no!
-Let's elope.
Get out of here!
Who the hell is this boy?
Hey, boy! What are you doing?
You'll fall down.
-Is Leena upstairs?
-I don't know.
You'll fall down!
-Hey, careful!
-This boy...
Hey, that's him. The doctor's son.
Someone stop him!
Hey! Hey, boy! Stop.
He's the doctor's son.
So, it's settled, right?
How many times must I tell you, Sushil?
Take Leena to Delhi right away.
If she stays here,
she'll bring more shame on us.
Her parents decided to send her to Delhi.
So that they can keep her away from me.
I was studying medicine.
I always dreamed of being a doctor...
like my father.
Dad... I've been thinking.
I want to leave medical college.
And you did?
You gave up your career in medicine?
And then?
Look straight ahead.
Don't worry, brother.
Sit down!
Yes, it's you
No, it's you
You're the silence in me
Whether you say it
Or you don't say it
You'll always be mine
You'll always be mine
You'll always be mine
Steal me from my path
And take me along
Make some space for me
Where your shadow falls
I'll meet you wherever you say
I'll abide by you
I'll always be yours
Belonging only to you, only you
If there's you, there's me
My need for you will never fade
Whether you say it
Or you don't say it
You'll always belong to me
You'll always belong to me
You'll always belong to me
You'll always belong to me
Please, go away.
What's wrong?
Let me be.
Go away!
I've had it.
I never thought this would happen.
So perfect.
I was terrified...
this would happen one day.
I made so many plans,
had so many goals...
to save myself from this.
The real Zoe wanted nothing but this.
I wanted to let myself go! Fuck!
To let myself go.
This is what I want now, Veer.
I'm trapped.
The moment you feel
I'm troubling you...
What's wrong with you?
There's no fucking way you can trouble me.
I can... because we've become close now.
No stranger can do that, right?
Only those who are close
to you can hurt you.
So, the moment you feel
I'm troubling you...
-That was scary.
-Get used to it.
Are we fully utilizing the situation now?
Barnali called and told me.
Start packing now.
It's great for my ego.
Especially after
the Mehta Group rejected me.
But I'm saying no.
-I've thought it over.
It's not the right time
for me to relocate.
I'll wait for better options.
And what are they?
Have you really thought this through?
What are the better options?
Roaming about with that boy
on his bike is a better option?
What has he got to do with it?
You mean he hasn't?
What are you saying, Ma?
Who do you think I am?
I know you inside out, Zoe.
You know what I'm saying.
Don't use that word in front of me!
If I hadn't given up my career
to marry your father...
and if I had refused to "chill"...
I would not be kneading bread every day.
Is it necessary for you
to repeat that every day?
I say it because that's my life now, Zoe.
I have to swallow my ego, every day.
I have to wait until your father sends
money to pay the gardener.
Not the gardener again!
Why do you keep telling me that?
Don't you think I know it already?
Seher also knew that,
but what did she do?
And now, you're changing.
Don't you think I can see it?
What can you see?
Tell me! What can you see?
Everyone goes through this phase.
You're not alone, dear.
You're being delusional.
I also felt that and so did your sister.
Now, it's your turn.
You're making a mistake
that you'll regret forever.
I've had enough.
I'm calling him right now
and I'm going with him!
I can't take it anymore.
I've had it up to here.
-What are you doing? Listen!
-I can't take it anymore!
Hear me out!
You are not taking it slow, are you?
This is temporary.
You're moving in
with your clothes and baggage.
Yes, I'm moving in with him. So?
So, nothing! Enjoy!
My dad would've killed
me if I had done this.
Everything's happening so fast.
I'm sure I'll feel better
once I speak to Raj.
He'll talk about romance
and I'll feel better.
-I'll let Mr. Raj know.
-Is he in his cabin?
Ma'am, he's busy.
One second.
You can't imagine how excited
I am to see you here.
It's just what I've been looking for.
You don't know me,
but I know everything about you.
Your meetings on the balcony,
the scooter, the terrace.
The guard who caught you at the ruins.
The romantic movies... everything.
-I shouldn't have barged in like that.
-Sorry, dear.
Why are you apologizing?
I spoiled your fairytale.
I didn't want to disappoint you.
You drove me crazy.
By telling me your
sweet romantic stories...
you made me believe that this is possible.
And now, you are with someone else?
Things happen in life.
What do you mean?
Did Leena die?
You left home for her.
You left medical college.
You abandoned your career...
your city, everything.
What went wrong?
I started working at a restaurant...
I needed to earn some money.
I worked 16 hours a day,
slept for four.
Then, I used to see Leena for two hours.
But the last ten minutes...
just before sleeping...
was my time.
I used to just sit there and think...
about Leena.
Why are you telling me all this?
What happened?
One day...
Leena came to see me at the restaurant.
That'd be the first recommendation.
Hey, Raghuvendra! Your girlfriend is here.
All right!
You came by bus?
Ma'am, this way.
Another girl?
-Who was she?
-Who was I?
Don't you have to meet your girlfriend?
No. Her hostel closes at nine.
Do you miss her?
Yes. A lot.
You know... I also miss my boyfriend.
Where is he?
Again, tomorrow...
The one thing you know you'd never do...
one day, you do it.
Then, there was another girl.
Then, another.
And another.
It's hard to explain now.
Back then, I never used to meet any girls.
In Udaipur, there was only Leena
and I was crazy about her.
I was totally committed to her,
I promised her everything.
Then, I came here
and discovered a different world.
I had so many options.
Then, I figured I was extremely rash
to have committed myself to her.
I made a mistake.
Did you tell Leena?
I didn't tell her anything.
I kept the farce going, spoke
the same romantic dialogues.
I started giving her flowers.
Then one day, she caught me with a girl.
Leena, I don't know what you saw,
but it's not how it looks.
You're the person...
who left everything behind...
and came here for me.
You gave up your whole world...
for me.
Do you think...
I could ever have doubts about you?
Is that possible?
I know you.
You're Raghu.
You belong more to me... than to yourself.
That day, I decided I would leave Leena.
I couldn't be with her anymore.
I used to feel guilty around her.
I started avoiding her. I started
making excuses.
I created situations with
a hope that she'd leave me.
You haven't seen me in a whole month.
Can't you get two hours off?
It's a new job, Leena.
Are you not allowed to call anyone?
-Is Raghuvendra there?
-When will he be back?
-I don't know.
I'll tell him to call you when he's back.
Do you know that my parents were here?
They were asking for you.
They know about us.
They wanted to meet you...
but you weren't answering my calls.
They want me to move to Mumbai.
Do you know what I'm going through?
Don't worry, Leena.
I feel terrible.
Stop seeing me.
One day, I came to work
and she was already there.
She looked different.
I've heard enough.
It has got nothing to do with me.
Why am I getting involved in this?
It's your life.
And you mean nothing to me.
You're here?
Do you get attracted to girls?
Don't you get attracted to boys?
Sometimes, I feel like drinking petrol.
-What's the issue?
and me.
Whatever it is... we'll sort it out.
First, let's sort out my mom.
-That's no big deal.
She has invited you for dinner.
She knows about us. Dad's also in town.
You can say no.
I haven't informed them anything yet.
-Why would I say no?
-Because you seem tense.
Of course, I'm tense.
My clothes are at my mom's.
I'll have to get dressed there.
-Zoe, do you wanna go?
-Don't you?
What should I wear?
Come on! You're irritating
me now. Tell me what should I wear.
Let me see.
I know it's an important day for you.
I am sorry... I kept nagging
you to have a career.
I ended up putting you off it.
You're my daughter, after all...
and as if I ever listened.
Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.
-Have a good time, okay?
-If I hadn't given up my career
to marry your father
and if I had refused to "chill"...
I would not be kneading bread every day.
One mistake...
and your entire life slips
through your fingers.
You will never be able to rewind it.
Everything seems beautiful
at the beginning. You'll feel it's fun.
Give me an example of a couple
having as much fun later.
Money is very important, child.
Never compromise on your ability to earn.
Don't be a fool.
You can't depend on anyone.
In life, you are on your own.
I had gotten the job at Onyx.
The company was second on my list
after Mehta industries.
But I deleted their email.
I didn't tell anyone.
Not even you.
-If you didn't want the job--
-Can't you hear me?
Of course I wanted it.
I was waiting for it so desperately.
My career is everything to me.
I am killing my career and hiding my
ambition from everyone including myself.
This is the first time my son
is introducing us to a girl.
All for you.
To be with you.
How can I go to Dubai now?
Now, the air is pink, the sky is purple.
We're having such fun.
Zoe, let's talk later.
Why? Why talk later?
Veer, we're making a mistake.
Something had happened and I got hyper.
It's okay, child.
Now, you're making a mistake
that you'll regret forever.
My parents were here, you know?
Can you imagine what I'm going through?
One day, when I came home
after an official two-month trip--
You know, I'm a bit tense.
Veer, let me just say it.
This is a compromise.
I'm compromising.
Zoe, you're overreacting.
Of course, I'm overreacting!
The one thing you know you'd never do...
one day, you do it.
I really wanted to impress you both.
I've messed it up.
whatever it is, we'll sort it out.
No. It cannot be sorted, Veer. It's done.
What's done, Zoe?
Nothing has happened!
It's fine.
It's over, Veer.
You have started troubling me.
I'm moving to Mumbai.
-Next week.
I'll drop you to the station.
It's difficult to decide
Do I tell you what I feel or stay silent?
If I come close...
It may drive you away
I come with...
My wounds and sufferings
And undo the things
I dream of doing
What did I get in place of closeness?
These distances
These distances
Hello, driver.
These distances
They say all your feelings...
must be reserved for only one woman.
That's impossible for me!
My eyes kept wandering.
They used to see one woman after another.
My bull can mate with ten cows.
I have a goat.
I've never heard it say,
"okay sorry, I am in a committed
relationship." Never.
In fact, if it sees another goat,
it bleats, "me, me."
And me? If I talked like that,
I'd be labeled a sinner.
Is this fair?
Is this the world you've created?
You're made to feel guilty
25 times in 24 hours.
I don't want to feel guilty.
Why should I feel guilty?
It's just lust.
Brothers, I bought lust
at the grocery store!
No! It's a gift from God.
Everyone lusts. You do, I do.
And my bull does as well.
God has given us all
the same private parts, right?
But my bull roams about stark naked
while I must stay all covered. Why?
Justice Chaudhary says,
"Objection, milord!"
If my bull can roam about naked...
why should I hide my private parts?
Hey, you!
This is your love story
-Listen carefully!
You saw her, she saw you
Fell head over heels
Her eyes pierced your heart
Love's in the air
Heart's in the 4th gear
You'll never leave her
You promised
Stress will bring you closer
Wow! Two bodies, one soul
You're where she is
Like a trailing shadow,
She's on top, you're below
You'll fight, you'll commit
See that trap?
Now, you've fallen into it
Our rituals, our traps
O Lord!
Social tyrants, fake humans
O Lord!
Our guilt, our shame
O Lord!
You're in heaven,
The world's a doghouse
O Lord!
These sham show-offs
This phony talk
I'll kick you on the butt
If I was a donkey,
I'd sleep where I please
No one scolds my bull,
He roams about stark naked
Shackled we are, decked in clothes
Wake up and run!
Get yourself another lover
Why are you stuck on monogamy?
Why flounder in romantic confusion?
Why get stuck in inorganic equations?
They bind us with their rituals
Some will break down
They trap me and make me what I'm not
They've cheated me, milord
Our rituals, our traps
O Lord!
Social tyrants, fake humans
O Lord!
Our guilt, our shame
O Lord!
You're in heaven,
The world's a doghouse
O Lord!
So early?
She's not here yet.
Can I leave this here?
She'll pick it up later.
Going somewhere?
I'm not coming back.
I want to close my account.
-I'll go to the counter and--
-What's wrong?
Tell me!
What did she do?
There's no point getting
into all that now.
I think I'm already in it.
So, what did she do?
No, it's alright.
She must follow her heart.
Is she that silly? Making a mountain
out of a molehill! Idiot!
Let me talk to her.
Please, don't.
Of course, I will.
Then, she'll come back to me.
Because you told her to.
Then, she won't get the chance
to come back because she wants to.
She's right.
That's the advice for other people.
It's not for ourselves.
The world is not perfect.
I've been around 20 years longer than you.
I can guarantee this world
is far from perfect.
I know you're sincere.
But there are some lessons
I want to learn for myself.
What if you lose her?
What if she doesn't come back?
You don't have to play
the brave guy, dude.
Everything can go downhill from here.
I know. You think I don't know that?
But I don't want her back
if I'm going to lose her again.
There are so many couples
who live together...
but aren't together.
I won't be able to bear that.
I got it.
Don't push her.
It'll be a mess.
As you can see,
no bike came to pick me up.
I'm not your enemy, dear.
The '80s are over. Or you could've
been a hit movie dialogue writer.
-You missed your chance.
-Don't miss yours.
I thought I'd killed my chances the
last time and you'd never call me back.
And because we value those qualities...
we want you to organize an event
we think you're bound to mess up.
Don't wait for me.
I'm calling from
the Mehta Group Head office.
Yes, the same! I'm joining immediately.
Barnali is calling all the vendors here.
The chairs are being set up.
In two hours, the AV system will be here.
You've gone through the checklist twice.
Did you ever think we'd get
a Mehta Group event?
So? Are you ready to fail?
I must say your dress code
is rather unexpected.
I'll check everything one last time,
then I'll get changed.
We'll need this much space.
It's fine if the client wants
an open-air event...
but in an open mall
or a mill compound?
Is this okay?
So, we'll ask them.
Pragati Maidan or Cyber City?
it must roll from one end
to another, no matter what.
Why isn't she working full-time for us?
Why aren't you working full-time for us?
Wasn't that Harshvardhan Mehta?
What did he say?
Are you happy?
You don't know if you're happy?
Everything's going so well.
Your career is taking off.
So, I must be happy.
I don't know.
That's my new line.
Whenever anyone asks me,
that's what I say.
Mom asked me if I was happy.
I thought...
I don't even know.
I can't feel anything these days.
I've become someone else.
I've invented a new detox drink.
-How did you do it?
You own four restaurants
and this cafe as well.
You started from scratch.
I'm finding it so tough.
I'm becoming a robot.
How did you manage it?
As if I did.
When my boyfriend
and your girlfriend are far away...
we make do with one another.
Besides, Tuteja has us working like dogs.
So, we deserve some fun.
Life, yeah?
I'm learning.
Don't learn too much.
It's not like you bought lust
from a grocery store.
What you felt came naturally.
I'm not going to spin you some yarn
to justify what I've done.
What I did was wrong.
What's right, what's wrong?
These rules are made by society.
They keep changing.
Some years ago, gay relationships were
unacceptable. Now, they're accepted.
So, you did what you felt was
natural according to you.
All this love and passion for one person.
To love one person for a whole lifetime,
it's not natural.
All this romantic bullshit
is just fed to us.
So that we stay in line.
It's kind of a mental jail.
You're taking it too far.
Balancing life and a career is hard...
and I'm unable to do that.
My personal life is zero.
How have you managed such
a colorful personal life?
Remember? Getting caught is in my DNA.
You scum!
What were you thinking?
Is this a brothel?
Come downstairs right now!
Leave this door open!
Let everyone see your nakedness.
Come down!
Take a good look at them!
And you, Raghuvendra!
Day and night you've bored me
with the stories of your girlfriend.
And this is what you're up to?
I'm talking to you!
Have you no shame?
-I'm standing right here.
You don't need to shout.
How dare you talk to me like that!
That's it, get out! Out!
Hey, you! Don't be jealous.
-Turning green!
-I know what "jealous" means.
That's it, you also get out. Out!
Sweetu, the owner of Zenith
offered me 10,000 rupees a month.
I'm gonna ask for 15,000.
-Come with me, we'll talk to him together.
He's opening a new section.
He'll need another manager.
Stealing staff from under my nose--
-Who wants higher wages?
-Hey, you!
Come with us.
Get this fella out of here!
You dog, you lowlife!
Throw him out right now!
Are you deaf?
If you don't pay me 25,000,
I'm not coming back.
Did you really say all that?
He came back to me a month later
with an offer of 25,000.
-So, you went back?
Because another restaurant
offered me even more.
But the point is when I came to Delhi,
I changed.
I became street-smart.
I became familiar with the market rates.
I worked in many restaurants.
My wages kept rising.
A few years later, an investor
suggested I open my own place.
And you went from girl to girl
with no girlfriend to stop you.
Then, I opened this cafe.
And another girl...
I dislike her habits.
-She keeps changing her mind.
-She said, "Let's take a bus."
When we got on the bus, she said,
"It's too crowded." How odd!
I don't understand one thing--
Can I follow you?
-I'm not on social media.
-Didn't you work on their app?
I did. That's why,
I'm not on social media.
If your work's done,
shall we grab a beer?
That's the only way I can follow you.
-You're wasting your time.
I'm focusing on my career.
-Your mom told you to do that?
-No, my ex.
Why bother about your ex?
Because I haven't moved on yet.
Take me on the rebound.
You're cute.
-But I can't do it.
-Leave that to me.
Okay... let's try.
For real?
This is possible without you.
I mean it's possible without a girl.
Beer? We can still grab one.
Let's go!
You get so many job offers.
So, what's the problem?
I don't want those kinds of jobs.
I don't know what I want.
Plastic is a crime committed by everyone.
Do you know what is
the punishment for this?
Nothing, right?
We are doing so well.
Another date is guaranteed.
You know China makes plastic rice.
We could go all the way after a few dates.
After that, it's the usual.
Plastic was born from
man's greed for money.
Money, money, money.
Do you know what bank notes are made of?
You say "baby" like you're
gonna have one.
For that we'd need to do
something first, Zoe!
Dance, baby!
I wanna see you dance, baby!
Oh, yeah! Dance, baby!
Take it. I haven't touched it.
Dance, baby!
I wanna see you dance, baby!
Dance, baby!
And shake your... dance, dance...
And shake your... dance, dance...
Dance, baby!
I wanna see you--
-Where are we going?
No, I said my home.
Does it matter whose home it is?
Home is home.
You've got it wrong.
Turn the car around.
What are you doing?
I told you I was feeling dizzy.
Enough, just stop.
You're such a sweet cute little baby.
-You don't get it, do you?
-What do you mean?
I've been flattering you for months.
I've taken you to one expensive joint
after another. What for?
Look! I'm feeling sick.
I'm going to throw up.
My head's spinning.
You should get an Oscar, by God!
Please, just drop me home now.
We'll talk tomorrow.
You're hot, but not that hot.
Don't act so pricey.
Girls should throw tantrums,
but they should know their limit.
Please, please, drop me home.
This car's heading to my place.
The rest is your call.
Next time, I'll pay a whore
ten grand instead.
She'll be better than you.
I shouldn't have called you.
Were you headed this way?
-I yearn for a place of peace
-Keep looking, okay?
It's something I've often wished
-But I have never found peace
-Look at me, okay?
My heart is reasonable
-Why do I not get...
-Don't close your eyes.
To the place I yearn for?
Where did I lose myself?
What has come over me?
Oh, companion!
What did you gain...
By being apart from me?
Oh, companion!
What did you gain...
By being apart from me?
I have lost myself
I have lost myself
Nor could I find you
Oh, companion!
What did you gain...
By being apart from me?
I miss you every day and every moment.
You haven't come back to me.
You're just feeling vulnerable.
-This is a compromise, Zoe.
-Will you be quiet?
You were right.
We're not fully utilizing it.
You were right.
Only those who are close
to you can hurt you.
But what's the point?
We still left each other, right?
Now, you're here.
And I'm here.
It's possible for us
to melt into this moment...
and stay here with each other for a while.
Bring each other some relief.
Do you have to keep talking
about inner truth...
and ruining the moment again?
But again you'll go away, Zoe.
You're not fully with me.
What's your problem?
Yes, I have a problem.
I didn't need you for sex.
And if I wanted to compromise
in a relationship like my parents...
I would have done that with anyone.
But I wouldn't do it with you.
I want all of you, Zoe.
The inner Zoe, the outer Zoe,
career-oriented Zoe,
family-loving Zoe.
Not the one who has to hide
behind alcohol to see me.
You'll always be as stupid.
I try hard, but I can't change.
Maybe, everyone else is right...
and I'm the only one...
who believes that there's more
to the world than what it offers.
It's possible...
to be happy with someone.
An ideal relationship is possible.
But if I'm right, Zoe...
then this is the only chance for us.
You and me.
I'm not wasting that chance.
Be with me fully...
or don't be with me at all.
Then, go! Be alone.
The world's problems are
not meant to be solved.
You'll discover
the ultimate truth someday.
Thank you for bringing me home.
And I hope I never feel so weak in life.
So that I don't have
to see you ever again.
There's more to the world
than what it offers.
That's what Mark and Romeo wanted.
And now, Veer as well.
That's not how things work here.
There is no magic.
Who knows!
Maybe, he'll find magic.
Did you meet again?
Driver, where are you?
I'm waiting outside.
I wanted to thank you.
When you broke up with me...
I felt terrible.
But it taught me something.
You broke up with me because
you wanted a career.
Then, I thought what about my career?
I was so obsessed with you that...
I never gave my career a thought.
Life is not just
about being in a relationship.
Thanks to you I started looking for work.
And I finally found
the job I really want to do.
-In an American company?
-In the Himalayas.
It's a multi-purpose project,
water harnessing.
It's a two-year project.
I'm moving there, so...
It's not as though
I don't want to see you.
We may not get another chance.
So, take a good look.
There's you
And only you
Every moment is spent in a thought of you
Why did you walk
The long road with me?
You were unaware
You are in my every moment
You walk on my every path
Why did you take me so far?
I would never have made promises to you
Or would I have forgotten them
In my search on every road
I see you
Your presence makes
Your absence feel sharper
There's you
And only you
By now, I know you well
If you're not by my side,
Free my thoughts of you
If you must leave me, let me go
Why can't I get you off my mind?
A lonely life is no life
It's like a death without dying
This life is no life
If it's filled with tears
Your presence makes
Your absence feel sharper
Oh! No, sir!
This is your office.
It's Saturday night.
Why isn't your boyfriend
taking you out?
Don't tell me you don't have a boyfriend.
Sir, work is my boyfriend.
That's a line for your clients.
Sometimes, we tell them the truth, sir.
You're too young to think like that.
Why have you made your
work your boyfriend?
Because it's always there for me.
It doesn't waste my time.
And it pays the bills.
It guides me. It's completely safe.
So, whenever I feel lonely,
I go and hug him.
Harshvardhan Mehta...
dropped by last night.
He met me in my cabin the other day.
But why did he come here?
What's going on?
wants you to marry his grandson,
Rishabh Mehta.
He said you two have met...
and you get along well.
These rich business families
believe in marrying young.
Anyway, he had come here.
He said everyone in his family
likes you very much.
So now, it's okay to give up my career?
Now, I no longer need to be independent?
Now, I can forget what you've
drummed into me all my life?
Zoe... your life and my life...
are not alike.
No rich Mehta ever proposed to me.
Then, I'll tell Rishabh to marry you
instead of marrying me.
Besides, my mother is
prettier than I am. Right?
Bravo, Ma!
I can only tell you and your
sister what I believe is right.
Maybe, I'm not always right.
Sometimes, I off-load my
insecurities on you.
I guess we end up
parenting our parents.
It's damn confusing, babe.
You spend your life
believing a certain truth...
then suddenly, everything changes!
Practical needs never go away.
Love with your heart,
but marry with your head.
Marriages that last are practical ones.
This world will always be complicated.
It'll keep creating new situations
to drive me crazy.
Whichever road I take,
I'll see a "No Entry" sign.
So, I give a...
Just tell me a story, dude.
A romantic... Leena story.
Transport me to a distant place.
At least, for a while.
four years after Leena left...
I was in a hotel.
There was a girl was with me.
I don't want to hear
about your escapades.
You want to hear about Leena, right?
This part is the most romantic.
Four years later?
Out of the blue?
Out of the blue.
Let's watch the match, Leena.
I ignored it three times.
I'm fed up of you calling me "Leena!"
Go to her.
There was no reason for it.
It wasn't as though I was alone.
I spent almost every night with a girl.
Weren't you in touch with Leena?
All I knew was that
she was in Mumbai.
Stay longer.
No, buddy. Sorry, guys, gotta go.
Personal stuff.
I never understood Leena's effect on me.
What was so special about her?
I spent time with so many girls.
But Leena had something...
that belonged to me.
I kept making excuses
to escape, from girls as well.
I'd say I had personal stuff
to sort out and go.
But the last ten minutes...
before I'd fall asleep...
was my time.
I used to just sit there...
and think about Leena.
Personal stuff!
Isn't this story romantic?
Didn't you try and reach out to her?
A friend always pops up
in a story like this.
-And this one came from America.
-Welcome home!
We both got sozzled...
and like typical Indians,
we started fighting over the bill.
The story gets even more romantic.
Let me treat you.
Rathore knew Leena's whereabouts.
Some friends were in touch with her.
She was running a cafe in Mumbai.
Go, man! Go to her.
I can't show her my face.
I behaved so badly.
I was so cruel to her.
You're sitting here with her photo,
dying to see her again.
Then, you should die! You deserve it.
You did wrong.
But what did she do wrong?
Why should she suffer?
If you behaved badly,
you should make up to her.
Spend your life looking after her.
Just like you wanted to.
It's been five years
and three months, Rathore.
Life is much longer than that.
You and Leena were made for each other.
We knew that since school.
Go, Raghu! Go!
Did you go?
Mumbai, first flight.
Leena? Was she there?
She was.
She was sitting inside.
The same... Leena.
The man I am...
and the man I wanted to be...
were two separate people.
They could never be one.
I didn't lose Leena that day.
But that day...
I lost...
the person I once was.
Love is not a promise
Love is not a ritual
My heart is not mistaken
It's you I want
The rare path
That leads to a place of dreams
In that place called love
It's you I want to find
Wherever you go
You'll find me there
Wherever you go
You'll find me there
I want nothing more than you
Nothing less than you
Without you...
I am nothing
Now, I look for myself...
in others.
I'm constantly looking
for myself in everyone I meet.
In you.
Who are you to me, really?
What difference does it make
how your story turns out?
Why do I feel...
that you should not lose what I have lost?
You might find him,
but I know I'll never have...
my Leena back.
Eyes swell with tears
Make the path ahead hazy
The desires of my heart
Are no longer within my reach
-Ma'am, he's gone.
-Perhaps, I will find...
Who I once was
Perhaps, I will know...
This path is not for me
What did I get in place of closeness?
These distances
These distances
You're here?
With all the old problems.
Nothing has changed.
I'll never strike a balance
between my career and you.
I don't know what balance is.
But how can I stay apart from you?
Whether it's natural for two people
to always stay together or not...
I don't know.
Sometimes, I ask myself...
am I making a mistake?
Is there anyone else in the world...
with whom you'd rather make this mistake?
No, Veer.
But in the beginning,
everything's wonderful.
The beginning is so much fun.
But what if my feelings for you...
change someday?
What if it ends?
It will.
Everything ends one day.
Then, what?
Someday your life will end, right?
The world will end as well.
But that day is not today.
Today, I want to make this mistake.
I want to climb the mountain top...
and jump off it.
Zoe... will you jump with me?
Let's go.
Now, we're on.
Yes, I'm wrong
My words are wrong
The world was created by mistake
No one is completely right
Let me warn you
Do as your heart pleases
Do as your heart pleases
The stage is set and the place is big
Yes, I'm wrong
You can also be wrong
Let's be wrong together
Cowards are never right
Many miss the boat
The sky tears apart
The world turns its back
The sky tears apart
The world turns its back
The stage is set and the place is big
My unique character,
Your unique traits
We'll break, scatter,
Falter and steady ourselves
Don't judge the wishes of the heart
If we go by our minds, we'll stumble
My unique character,
Your unique traits
We'll break, scatter,
Falter and steady ourselves
Don't judge the wishes of the heart
If we go by our minds, we'll stumble
Do as your heart pleases
Do as your heart pleases
The stage is set and the place is big