Love Action Drama (2019) Movie Script

'Smoking and alcohol consumption
are injurious to health.'
"Why are these nights
becoming erratic?"
"Why are these nights
becoming erratic?"
"Why are these nights
becoming erratic?"
"Why are these nights
becoming erratic?"
"Oh, baby..
You're driving me crazy."
"Come a little closer to me."
"Oh, baby..
You're driving me crazy."
"Come a little closer to me."
"These nights.."
"I search for you
in everything."
"I want to be with you."
"I am losing myself in you..'
'Hey, guys!
Welcome back to the show.'
'I'm playing
a different kind of music'
'as it's Valentine's Day.'
'And the music that I played now
is called Jazz music, guys.'
'By the way, our caller,
Suraj is on the line.'
'Didn't you hear his story?'
'Apparently, he hasn't quarrelled'
'in the three years
that he has been in love.'
'You might find it difficult to
believe. Even I feel the same way.'
'Let it be.
Suraj, tell us..'
'Where did you see your girlfriend
for the first time?'
'When did you see her?'
'Tell us about that
unforgettable day.'
'It happened on a Friday.'
'It was the Black Friday
of my life.'
We just landed.
We'll be there in five minutes.
Hey! She's talking
to an airport officer.
She'll come..
She's here.
Is it Swathi?
- Yes. - Give it to me.
What has happened
to this place?
See.. - Have you taken everything?
- I'm telling you.
Kerala is no more
God's own country.
'Shoba, you are here
to attend my wedding, right?'
'My cousin is waiting
for you outside.'
'You'll recognise him
when you see him.' - Shoba?
'He looks like a tramp.'
- 'Did you see him?'
I think I found him.
Even I used to live in Chennai.
- Oh!
Where in Chennai?
Someplace in Chennai..
By the way,
how is Swathi related to you?
I'm Sagar,
son of Swathi's uncle's
elder brother.
How is Dinesh related to you?
Do you know Dinesh?
- Yes. Swathi told me everything.
Is that so?
What can I say, buddy?
There's a good-for-nothing
like him in every family.
He drinks and picks fights.
He has become a public nuisance.
The only fault that he has
is that he is my cousin.
That's not how it is.
You know?
By the way, I'm also a doctor.
Oh, wow! Are you a doctor?
- Yes.
Where are you practising?
- I just
go to nearby hospitals
and operate on patients.
So, how do you know Swathi?
All of us studied together
in Chennai.
- Is that so?
Shoba, I..
- Hey, Venkat!
Either speak in Tamil
or Malayalam.
Or just keep quiet for some time.
Tell me more..
"Oh, beloved.."
Isn't it perfect now?
Look at this.
Hi, Swathi!
- Hi.
"Oh, beloved.."
"Oh, beloved.."
By the way,
while you were in college
you never used to wear earrings
bangles and necklaces.
You also said that you wanted
your wedding to be simple.
Is this the simple wedding
that you were talking about?
When I thought about it later
I realised that weddings
are occasions
that happen once in a lifetime.
That's why I would like to do it
in a grand manner.
Who said so?
You can get married
any number of times.
You, instigator..
Do you have a plan
to get married again?
Where's Anand?
Anand and his family
will arrive at night.
Look at the way she's blushing.
Where are your parents?
My parents are practising dance.
Dance practice?
"Oh, beloved! You are wonderful!
What you do is great too."
What's he doing?
Stand up! Move aside..
- "Oh, beloved.."
Step aside..
Help me stand up.
"With your touch.."
- Oh, God.
Stop the music.. Let's try again.
Come on.
"The canopy is ready..
- "The wedding canopy is ready.."
"Oh, bride! Adorn yourself
as you are getting married today!"
"Oh, dear! You are
getting married today." - Come.
All of you have come!
- How are you, sir?
Did you forget Malayalam, Shoba?
You should come to your hometown
once in a while.
That's not the case, sir.
I don't get time
as I'm busy in Chennai.
You have to find time.
Where else can you find
the beauty
of our lush, green hometown?
There are dance and other events
at night.
I expect involvement
from all of you.
Oh, no!
Do we have to dance, sir?
Yes. That's required..
There's no event
other than dance.
Am I not right?
- Yes.
Wasn't there another person
with you?
Kala's husband..
Who is she to ask me
to keep quiet, buddy?
Who does she think she is?
Who are you talking about, buddy?
- Shoba..
She's the girl who asked me
to keep quiet in the car.
She's our gang leader, buddy.
She's a feminist.
Poor girl..
She doesn't look like one.
She's my wife's best friend.
My wife never listens to me.
She does everything
after consulting Shoba.
She has no respect for me, buddy.
Sad, buddy.
Who's your wife?
She was sleeping in the back seat.
She's my wife.
Is she your wife?
You don't believe me, right?
- No.
Show it.
I may be dark-complexioned
but I'm good-hearted.
That's why I made her
fall for me easily.
Buddy, who was the girl
sitting next to Shoba?
The one who looked cute..
That's Priya.
She's a good girl.
She has a nice character, buddy.
Anyway, thanks.
I'll see you later.
Buddy, what about the bill?
- Let's pay the bill later.
Just come.
Why don't we have another drink?
Let's not have it now.
Let's have one during lunch
and one in the night.
We can have it all the time.
We have to do it
to be energetic, right?
I'll wait in the room in that case.
Who was that?
You don't even
know his name, right?
Why do you need to know his name
and details
for drinking together, right?
- Yes.
No, Aunt.
By the way, where's Dinesh?
Isn't he home?
That means even you don't know
where he is.
He took his bag and left home
last night.
He said that he'd not let this
happen as long as he is alive!
He said that the wedding
would take place
only if he's dead.
He said many things
like that before leaving.
If he dies?
He mentioned that his dead body
would surface in the river
on the day of the wedding.
How is that possible?
The dead body surfaces
after three days, right?
If he had left
the day before yesterday
his dead body would've
surfaced tomorrow.
Didn't he leave yesterday?
Didn't you ask him which river
he was going to drown himself in?
I asked him.
When I did,
he looked at me and asked me
what kind of a mother I am.
- He's right about that.
When he said that, I told him
to go and kill himself.
Are you his mom or what!
- Go and find out where he went.
Isn't he your friend?
If you find him, just ask him
to come home at night.
Otherwise, I'll teach him a lesson.
Did you understand?
- Okay, Aunt.
Where will I look for him?
What kind of a mom is she?
He's here.
- Did you like it?
Where were you? You're late.
- It looked beautiful.
I just went to see it.
- I..
- I referred to the view.
Yes, Dad. We just arrived.
- The river is beautiful.
Everything is all right, Dad.
Yes, Dad.
What happened? Why is she crying?
- I'm sorry.
Dad, can I call you
after some time?
She was fine, right?
What happened all of a sudden?
- What are you all discussing?
Priya, it's her wedding tomorrow.
- No.
I asked her about Ravi.
Did you have to bring that up
when we have a lot of
other topics to discuss?
Forget that..
Hey! Weren't you guys talking
about her cousin in the car?
What's his name?
Even he doesn't know
where he's going
or what he's doing.
He's a different kind of retarded
Apparently, cousins aren't
supposed to get married.
I would've transfused my blood
for her, Dad.
Mr. Dinesh.
If you drink so much..
- Hey..
You are just the driver and
you needn't have the concern
that my family doesn't have
for me. - That's not the reason.
You'll finish it soon
if you drink so much.
There's no bar nearby.
Dad, you left me alone.
- 'Is he in a bad mood?'
No. He's looking at the sky
and talking to his father.
- He forces me to drink alcohol
and brags about it later.
Shameless guy. - How can I bear
it! - 'Hey! That's enough.'
- Sagar, I'm fed up with him.
'Even I'm fed up with him.'
I'll give the phone to him.
- 'Give it.' - How could she..
Mr. Dinesh..
It's Mr. Sagar.
Won't you let me die peacefully?
'Dinesh, she must've said
something when she was young.'
'She changed her decision
after she grew up, right?' - Oh.
That means you're
on her side, right?
'I'm always on your side, idiot!'
'Both of them
are celebrating here.'
'You can kill yourself tomorrow
if you want. But today..'
'Shouldn't we teach her
a small lesson, Dinesh?'
Not a small one..
Let it be a big one.
- 'That's the spirit.'
Start the vehicle..
'Wear seatbelts
while driving cars.'
You reek of alcohol.
You look awful, Dinesh.
A wedding will be conducted here.
You're dressed up for it, right?
How is it? Doesn't it look good?
- Shut up!
Tell me about the plan!
Get out first.
I'll kill him today!
Hey, pal.
"You're the one"
"who was in my heart"
"since childhood."
"You were the one in my heart."
"You're the one"
"who was in my heart.."
- My career and my ambitions
are important to me.
I don't have time to waste
by having a relationship.
"You were the one in my heart."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Just leave if you can't do it."
Dinesh, when I googled,
I found out that
children born to blood relatives
will have disabilities.
Let's not continue
our relationship, Dinesh.
I'm sorry.
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Just leave if you can't do it."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Just leave if you can't do it."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Just leave if you can't do it."
Isn't it entertaining?
Just forget her
if she doesn't love you.
Both of you aren't a good match
anyway, right? - Yes.
There are many girls
in this world.
If you don't explore all that
you're wasting your time, dear.
- Isn't that a movie dialogue?
Don't you have anything else
to tell me?
I have something to tell you.
The event after this program
is my dance.
- Are you serious?
You have to watch it
and have food before leaving.
"Don't laugh at me"
"when I put myself
in trouble, pal."
"Don't laugh at me, pal."
"You're the one in my heart.."
That guy is Dinesh.
- What?
The guy who's standing there
is Dinesh.
"You were the one in my heart."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Just leave if you can't do it."
- Brijesh!
"On the floor, baby. Hit
it hard, baby." - B for Brijesh..
Do you recognise me?
Let's get him.
Let go of me..
- You were clapping your hands
for a long time.
Let go..
I was just asking you if you
recognised me. - What?
Don't you recognise me?
I'm DJ Brijesh.
I was your junior in school.
Don't you remember me?
I don't.
- Oh.
Okay, fine.
- Briju..
Don't you have a sister
named Rachitha?
Where is she now?
So, you remember my sister.
But you don't remember me.
Just leave.
Hey.. Let him go.
Tell me about our plan.
- What plan?
Didn't you ask me to come so that
we could teach her a lesson?
About that..
I've arranged
some itching powder.
I've also found out
his room number.
Let's scatter it
all over his room, Dinesh.
Didn't I tell you that it has to be
something big?
What do we do then?
We can't kill him, right?
We should kill him.
- Kill him?
Get lost.. Go and kill yourself
if you want.
I'm going.
What was the groom's room number?
3, 2, 1..
Come on.
Go there by yourself.
What's there?
- What do you want?
I'm wondering how I can kill him.
The program will be over soon
and they're going to come there.
Just do something and come down.
I have an idea!
They're coming. Come fast..
- I didn't do anything.
Come.. Run..
- Run..
This way..
- Yes. What did you do?
He shouldn't have messed with me.
Did you slit his throat?
Shut up!
I walked like a cat
across that corridor
filled with darkness.
I opened the door slowly.
I have an idea!
This is for you!
- What?
Things have gone
out of control, Dinesh.
They're saying that her
condition is very serious.
Anyway, your idea
has misfired completely.
What's her name?
- Shoba.
What was Shoba doing
in the groom's room at night?
That's right.
Nobody wants to know that.
That guy and she
are cheating Swathi.
Why don't we ruin this wedding
by saying that?
Dinesh, let that girl
marry someone
and do whatever she wants.
Isn't that better?
Isn't that what you want?
- Yes.
But still..
I feel something..
- Fishy..
- Fishy?
Is she okay?
- She's okay.
Nothing to worry.
But the doctor has asked her to
take rest here tonight.
One small thing.
If someone stays here with me
it'll be very helpful.
Not one, I'll give
you two people.
Thank you.
- Satheesh, call them.
Shall I call Dinesh?
- Call both of them.
Hey, Dinesh!
Your uncle is calling
both of you.
Ask him to come here if he wants.
- Dinesh, don't make me angry.
Why did you go to that toilet
when you should have slept?
Wouldn't she slip
if you spill hair oil on the floor?
Do you know for how long
I've been waiting here? - Oh, no.
Just come!
- Kala, just go to the hotel
along with Venkat.
Don't worry.
I'll give you a tight slap!
You have to stay here tonight.
I can't do it.
- Hush.
You can stay here if you want.
Aren't you my dear nephew?
Please adjust.
I gave them my word that I would
make someone stay here.
Didn't you hear him?
You have to come home
tomorrow morning
with her.
Ask him to stay here with me
in that case.
It's all right.
I'll stay here alone.
Everyone, please come.
- Jeez!
She looks good.
That might be the case.
Never forget
to destroy the evidence
when you do something wrong.
Especially when the person at fault
leaves behind his wallet..
Wallet.. - He would be
a halfwit, right? - Oh, no.
His room is 412.
My room is 312.
I-I went to the wrong room.
The bangle on your hand
is mine.
I got the wrong person.
Please don't tell anybody about it.
I'll tell everyone.
It was just an accident.
Please don't defame me.
That's okay. Aren't you going to
kill yourself tomorrow anyway?
I won't tell anybody about it.
But you have to do as I say.
I'll do anything.
You have to attend her
wedding tomorrow.
- Come on.
This too shall pass.
There might be a girl waiting
for you as well.
She'll change your life.
Trust me.
Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
And don't forget to trim your beard
before you come.
Usually, most of the girls
like my beard.
Not a beard like this one..
Trim your beard,
get a hair cut
and take a shower before coming.
Didn't I take a shower
two days ago?
If you do that,
girls will fall for you.
That's right..
- Really.
Okay, Dinesh.
I'll sit here if you want.
If you need tea, coffee
or medicines..
- No, Dinesh.
Don't you want me to sit here?
- Thank you.
That girl who's sitting outside
is snoring a lot.
She avoided me.
Forget it.
And we're entering Swathi's room.
- Show me your hand.
All the girls are getting ready.
- A bit more.
- She looks good, doesn't she?
My wife also looks good today.
What are you doing here
in the girls' changing room?
Go outside.
- She looks amazing.
Why are you roaming around here?
Didn't you get ready, dear?
Let me finish this, Uncle.
You can doll yourself up better
than this for your next wedding.
Come fast.
1, 2, 3..
Where's the fourth girl who fell
down, in the toilet?
Where did she go?
- Where's Shoba?
She'll be here..
Even though she arrives late
she arrives in style.
Am I right?
- You're right.
"Oh, bride.."
"Oh, bride.."
"Oh, bride.."
Do you want some rice?
Don't you want it?
All right.
Some rice.
Have some rice.
- Please eat.
Would you like some rice?
- Enough.. - Have some more.
Some more.
- A bit more. - Thanks.
Rice. Have it
if you want. - So sweet..
Sir, please have some rice.
- Eat it..
Ma'am, rice?
I've been noticing this
ever since you came on the stage.
You were smiling back at him
when he smiled at you.
Why do you have a soft corner
for him?
I was convinced after seeing
his enthusiasm.
No.. He's a nice guy.
Very innocent.
You'll find out if he's innocent
after you get to know him better.
You don't know him
well, Shoba.
Fresh buttermilk..
Shall I pour some buttermilk?
- I don't want buttermilk.
It was prepared just now.
It's fresh.
Have it.
- I don't want it.
Didn't you eat the banana
that I gave you? Eat it.
Dinesh, come here..
Just give me a second.
My mom won't let me stay here.
Come here.
What do you want?
Did you see Swathi's friend
who came from Chennai?
Why don't we consider
her for Satish?
She's a good girl.
Just shut up!
Otherwise, I'll stab you with this!
- What is it?
Sir, please give me
some buttermilk.
You don't need it.
Give it to me.
Hi. How's everything going?
- Hi.
Oh, wow! - Yes.
- Now, you look good.
Yes. I know..
- You look better now.
Nice earrings.
- Thank you.
Give me your number.
- Oh, yes. Sure. - Yes, okay.
Hey, Shoba.
What are you doing here? Come..
It's already late. - Give me
a second. - Everybody
is waiting for you to take photos.
Dad, they're all going to
leave now.
Aren't you supposed to stay
and enjoy for a few days
when you come for a wedding?
Aren't you supposed to plan things
accordingly? - No, sir.
I have some work there.
I'll be able to get it done
only if I leave now.
I see..
So, what can I do for you?
- I see..
Shall I arrange a driver
to drop you? - Yes..
Uncle, I heard that you
were looking for a driver.
It's for Shoba.
- Is that so?
I'll drop you off.
- Oh.
Wouldn't it be
inconvenient for Dinesh?
No way!
How would it be inconvenient?
- Yes.
The only thing that
he knows is driving.
Shoba, you might want to go
to the room and take rest.
I'll come to take your luggage.
Room number 412, right?
Okay. I'll come.
- I booked it..
Okay, sir.
- Bye.
See you..
- Bye..
- See you.
You should be happy!
- Why are you so enthusiastic?
Can't I show some enthusiasm?
Do whatever you want!
"Oh, beautiful girl, I'll tell you
something if you come with me."
"My life.."
"I will not leave you."
"If I do so.."
- "I will not sleep."
I know everything that's going on.
You don't need me anymore.
What did Shoba tell you?
She's deeply in love with me.
So, I'm just doing a small favour
for her.
Based on her expressions,
I could make out that
she isn't interested in you.
- Yes..
That's possible..
Isn't she a young woman?
It's quite natural.
Come here.
And stand here.
What was his room number?
- 312.
What was it?
- 312.
312 is her room number.
His room number is 412.
Was it the wrong room?
- It was the wrong room.
Not just the room,
it was a different floor.
But that's okay.
This is the first time that
I benefited from your carelessness.
Didn't you benefit from it?
Anyway, aren't you happy?
Definitely. - Why don't we
have a couple of shots then?
Oh, no!
I'm super busy, you know?
I have to go to the airport
and I have plans.
Love, lust..
Just get lost.
If you have a couple of shots,
you'll be in a good mood.
It'll make you energetic.
After drinking,
you'll be romantic.
- Yes.
What's the time now?
- 2 o'clock.
In that case, we can have a couple
of shots, right?
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
What's the time?
2 o'clock.
In that case,
give me two more shots.
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
Hey, gorgeous.
- Yes.
Just one..
Oh, no..
Shall I make another drink?
Give me two more shots, buddy.
Oh, no!
That's enough.
- He can't hold his drink.
"A cold night that smells like"
"Pandanus flower.."
Has it got dark?
The time is 2 o'clock.
But it's very dark
outside, Dinesh.
I think this watch isn't working.
- Hey!
"When I see you standing
on the veranda or the doorstep"
"I go crazy."
"I go crazy."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
- You moron!
"Just leave if you can't
do that."
"On the floor, baby!"
Dinesh, don't get upset.
Can't you call her
and tell her that
you couldn't come due
to extenuating circumstances?
Do you have her number?
- No. Don't you have it?
No. She just has my number.
Dinesh, how could
you be so stupid!
A girl wouldn't call you
even if she says she would!
You should have got her number
and ensured it's the right one.
She is neither going to call
nor text you.
Get lost!
Bloody fool!
Mom.. If you plan to advise me
I will let you
do it tomorrow morning.
Please let me be for now.
I am very sleepy.
Swathi got married
and she left.
Can't you quit drinking
at least now, Dinesh?
Jeez! She isn't the reason
I drank today.
I'm not going to drink
because of her.
Aren't you happy now?
Please leave.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
I was thinking
of getting married.
What do you think?
Go to sleep.
How come he is playing music?
It seems like
he is happy today!
He never wakes up
so early.
I don't know what happened
to him today.
Let me serve him tea.
"I never realised that
all I could see was you."
I will send him to you.
Please explain to him
that he should mend his ways.
All right. Send him.
- Okay.
We will advise him.
- Okay.
Call him.
"You came.."
She has come.
"Oh, the bird of love!"
Why do you do things that make
you a laughing stock?
What was the movie you'd watch
to join the army?
- 'Vaaranam Aayiram.'
It wasn't because
you were patriotic, right?
Tea.. - Your interests keep
changing, right, Dinesh?
"This love.."
Once you graduated, we made
you look after the textiles shop.
You were flirting with every single
woman at the shop!
You lost all the money you earned
in Dubai, in the stock market.
Dinesh, your partners are waiting
Pay them what you owe.
If you don't have money,
tell me and I will do it.
Do it then. - Really?
Why should I settle your debts!
Go and meet them.
Come on.
They have shown up
so early in the day.
Good morning.
Good morning.
My money..
Come on.
Dinesh, she has grown old.
You should be more responsible.
Let me get you some tea.
- Okay.
Dinesh. - What is it?
- Just do whatever you want
but pay us our money.
- Dear..
I am pleading with you.
You owe me lakhs of rupees!
The stock exchange
is at an all-time low.
- Sensex has taken a hit too.
What do you expect me to do?
- What did you say about sex?
Shut up! I said Sensex
and not sex!
It is a technical term.
- Hey.
Mutual funds..
Mutual fund investments
are subject to market risks.
Read all scheme related
documents carefully.
What is it?
- Just a procedure..
Dinesh, she has grown old.
You should be more responsible.
I know I am growing
old.. - Move..
Don't you have anything
else to tell him?
'Hi, Dinesh.
Hope you are doing good.'
'It was so nice to meet you people.
Had a wonderful time.'
'Will miss you guys!'
'Tell me if you come
to Chennai.'
'All the best.
Do one thing.
Take him to Mumbai. - No..
Or you should take him to Dubai.
- No.
Terrorist attacks are frequent
in Mumbai.
It's so hard to survive there.
- Yes!
The climate in Dubai is horrendous.
It's so hot and I struggle there.
Excuse me, guys.
- He won't bear it.
I was thinking of doing a course
about the national stock exchange.
I reckon you are heading
to Chennai.
- Can I do it in Chennai?
I was considering going
to Australia. - No.
Do it in Chennai.
- Correct..
The climate there is neither
too hot nor cold.
There won't be floods and
it's free from mosquitoes.
True. - There won't be
terrorist attacks.
Correct. - Yes.
- It's a cool place.
It is Chennai, then.
Where is she?
What are you doing here?
Everyone is waiting
for you
and you are chopping
vegetables here!
Hey. Is there a problem between
you and Dinesh?
Only he knows what the problem is.
How would I know?
Do you know what's
the biggest mistake I have made?
I texted him, 'Miss you.'
Why would he pack his bags
and come here!
That moron with him is the reason
for everything.
"Oh, girl..
Come with me."
"Oh, girl.."
'Should I do it?
- What..'
"Oh, girl.."
What is the problem now?
Miss you.. Love you..
Like you.. Need you..
Women say that to every
Tom, Dick and Harry! - They do.
I came here for her and..
- And?
S-She treated me like trash.
She did.
I postponed all my engagements
to come here.
My mother is alone there.
Don't you remember the day
we first met her?
Those were the best
days of my life.
"I am coming to you,
my city."
"I am spreading my wings
in your roads."
"There are new dreams"
"in my eyes because of you."
"My life
is entwined with happiness."
"I came here
in search of her."
"You are the woman
of my dreams.."
"You are the woman
of my dreams! You are."
"You are the woman
of my dreams.."
"You are the woman
of my dreams!
"Oh, beloved.."
"When I can't take
my eyes off you.."
"When your beauty bewitches me.."
"We gave life to this precious
friendship and let's cherish it."
"These streets adorned
by twilight.."
"These shores that
are illuminated by moonlight.."
Dinesh, you are so careless.
Shouldn't you have locked
the door before going out?
What if some other thief
had got in instead of me!
It's such a poor lodge, Dinesh.
It's too hot and there are
too many mosquitoes.
Let it be. Look what I have
brought for you!
Jackfruit, coconuts
Where is it?
Why don't you seem happy?
What is your plan?
Nothing. It's so boring without you
at our hometown, Dinesh.
You are having a great time
here, aren't you?
Way too many girls and photos.
I know everything.
Will you set me up with
Shoba's friend, Priya?
Shut up!
"You are the woman
of my dreams!"
"You are the woman
of my dreams! You are.."
"You are the woman
of my dreams.."
"You are the woman
of my dreams!"
"You are the woman.."
That's enough.
Please eat.
- I will.
So, how do you guys
like Chennai?
- It's hot.
I felt so.
It is really hot. - Oh.
Is that why you are
wearing sunglasses?
It's just..
Get rid of them.
Funny guy.
Chennai is more expensive
than we thought.
Actually, since there
are two of you
you guys can share the rent.
- Yes.
He is broke.
All he does is eat.
Poor chap! Am I not right?
Shoba, since he lacks common sense
he utters nonsense
all the time.
So, his mother insisted that
he should stay with me.
He has learnt a bit from me.
Am I not right?
Let it be.
How is your MBA coming along?
It's not over. There is still a
lot to tell you. It's so funny.
Tell them one of your jokes.
Let them laugh.
Weren't you asking about
the MBA, Priya?
You know, my childhood dream
was to become a pilot.
My dad wanted me to be
a doctor.
When I grew up
pilots and doctors
lost their value.
I thought of pursuing an MBA
at College of Engineering.
Yes, that's how it is.
What's the full form of MBA?
- What?
Don't eat until you
say it.
He is joking.. Please eat.
- No..
Stop eating until he says
the full form of MBA. - Relax..
Relax, my foot.
- Don't be crazy. Please eat.
Forget MBA. - Please eat.
- You wanted to be a doctor, right?
You have to clear the entrance
exams to be a doctor, moron!
Relax, Sagar.
He has flunked exams
even after getting the question
paper on the previous day! - No..
He can't even make a paper
aeroplane. - Funny guy!
Pilot, my foot!
Dinesh, you are way too
pompous when you are with girls.
I have noticed it since
fifth grade. - Relax.
Priya's cake is here.
- To heck with the cake!
I can't be patient anymore!
I am a roughneck when I have to be!
- You are one!
I won't spare you!
- I will..
Stop it.
- You..
- Let me speak, Venkat.
Why all this..
Who are they, Shoba?
How could you let such reprobates
be a part of our gang?
He spoiled her birthday.
Is he an IIT alumnus, a writer
or an orator? Who is he?
That's not important right now.
Look at him staring at us.
Such a disgrace.
I warned you earlier.
Okay. Now stop it.
Don't irritate me.
Wait. Let me go
and talk to him.
Shoba, it was accidental..
- See, it is not that funny.
- We are in a public place.
The two of you don't even
have basic etiquette.
Aren't you guys ashamed?
You spoiled it, Dinesh.
Forget it.
Get a life.
- Yes.
You too.
- Why me?
Thank you.
The audacity to say it!
Even if I hadn't,
Swathi would have told her
that you aren't pursuing an MBA.
A man could never
read a woman's mind
but I can do it.
It's true.
Because you aren't a man.
Mr. Dinesh
if you stop cracking stupid jokes
and take life seriously
the rest of your life
will be good.
Both she and her gang
mocked me today.
I will make them praise me.
- Whatever.
I am thinking of dropping
this romantic plan.
I am just going to work
on some swag moves, man.
Come on!
- Yes. - Someone from Kerala
has made a donation
to our child welfare program.
Where is he now?
- He is waiting outside, ma'am.
"To alleviate the sorrows
of children.."
Do you work here, Shoba?
We never knew.
What's your plan?
- What plan?
Let's paint it green.
- Helping the poor.
We have always done charity.
- I see.
What is it?
- Yes, Dinesh?
Oh.. Hi, Shoba.
Let's leave. We have
too many places to visit.
I know..
- I am waiting.
He is such a nice guy.
The signatures are different
on both the cheques.
Ask your friend to have
a proper signature first.
Save your charity until then.
The problems of
being undereducated..
That's enough.
Give it..
For the sake of our friendship
can you do me a small favour?
How can I woo Shoba?
I thought so.
She likes you too.
- Really? - Yes.
But to make Shoba
fall for you
you should first make
my wife fall for you.
H-How can I do that
to your wife.. - Oh, no.
That's not what I meant.
After Priya's birthday party
it was my wife
who criticised you the most. - Oh.
If you impress her first,
it'd be duck soup to woo Shoba.
- It means easy..
Tell me how I can do it, pal.
There is something that
she likes more than me.
What is it?
Eat it, dear.
- Hey, Dinesh.
What a pleasant surprise!
Do you like dogs?
- I love them.
Lolu, Monu and Sonu.
Three dogs..
Oh! Okay.
- I have brought food.
Do you want some?
- I love dogs too. - Really?
This is Husky.
- Wow!
Hey, Husky.
Hey, Vismaya. Come here.
- I will be right back.
When will this end?
What is happening there?
They are moving
into that home.
They will be here henceforth.
Okay, guys.
Thank you so much
for a wonderful meal.
Thank you.
- Guys, tomorrow is Sunday.
Diwali. It's the first Diwali
after our wedding.
Oh! - So, please..
All of you must come.
Both of you must come.
And let's celebrate.
Let's celebrate.
- All right, let's disperse now.
Let's go..
- Thank you.
Thank you.. - Thank you.
- Bye.
Thank you so much..
- Bye, girls.
Just listen to me!
Mom, call her tomorrow
at 10 a.m. sharp.
What's it, pal?
You're making new plans.
Your charity plan failed.
But you managed
the situation
by getting dishes
from the restaurant.
Yes. - Since you're
almost close to your goal
shall we try
to accomplish my goals?
What goals?
Can you set me up with
Shoba's friend, Priya?
Then we can live
like a family.
Bloody flirt!
'Dear, don't say anything.'
'I'll talk.'
'Just give me
your father's phone number.'
'Okay, dear.'
'All right, then..'
Sure, ma'am.
Who was it?
Dinesh's mother.
Dinesh's mother?
What does she want?
She asked for
my dad's contact number.
What for?
You didn't get it?
Really, pal.
Wedding proposal.
Wedding proposal!
Don't think too much.
Both of you look
great together.
He looks amazing.
Please accept the proposal.
He is wealthy.
He cooks very well.
He will take good care
of you.
Get settled, Shoba.
Shall I go and give
this 'Payasam' to Dinesh?
What! Why?
That's not needed.
Just a minute.
Yesterday, we had
amazing food at his house.
Go and give it.
- Okay.
What is it?
- Nothing.
Did you send the phone number?
What about its peel?
That's how it is.
Are you trying
to cheat me?
I'm not that kind of a guy.
- What?
Then pack this.
White carrot.
Mr. Dinesh.
- Yes.
How are you? - Are you going
to cook today as well?
Cooking is my passion.
- Yes.
Here is some 'Payasam'.
'Payasam!' - Homemade.
- Homemade!
Also, your trick was a success.
- Let me drink it.
Your mother called
her this morning.
- The discussion is going on.
I came here
in the middle of the conversation.
Did she give her
the contact number?
I don't know that, sir.
Anyway, come to Ms. Kala's house
for the Diwali celebration.
Okay. - Have you seen Ms. Shoba
make a Rangoli?
- No, right?
It's amazing.
So, come without fail.
- Okay.
Okay, bye.
- Okay, bye.
You've moved here from
your hometown just to flirt.
Hey, get lost.
"Lighted beautiful wicks"
"are adding to the ambience"
"and are looking amazing."
"What is making you"
"close your eyes and pray?"
"A lot of smiles"
"are getting added"
"to the ambience
of this house."
"Whose presence is making"
"those beautiful lamps smile?"
"The alluring flame"
"is dancing"
"in the evening bliss."
"Stars are twinkling"
"even in the presence"
"of a slight fragrant breeze."
"Oh, magical dreams"
"joining my soul!"
"Do you feel like flying?"
"A few"
"beautiful moments.."
"Who brought them?"
"Lighted beautiful wicks"
"are adding to the ambience"
"and are looking amazing."
"What is making you"
"close your eyes and pray?"
"A lot of smiles
are adding"
"to the ambience
of this house."
"Whose presence is making"
"those beautiful lamps smile?"
Hi, Shoba.
It didn't rain, right?
That's because
this is Chennai.
It would have rained
if we were in Kerala.
Mother called me
this morning.
Whose mother?
Dinesh's mother.
My mother!
She wanted
my dad's contact number.
She said that she saw me at
the wedding and she likes me.
I can't believe mom.
My mom is immature, Shoba.
Also, she has the disadvantage
of being born
in a rural place.
I'm really sorry for that.
Shoba, actually I can't even
imagine marrying someone
without knowing and socialising
with that person.
So, I'm really sorry.
I didn't give her
my father's contact number.
Do you want me to give it?
- I-It's up to you.
As you said
even I can't think
about marrying a person
without knowing
the person well.
See you.
- Shoba.
Are you free tomorrow?
What is it, Dinesh?
Let's have breakfast
at Saravana Bhavan.
Then let's go to Sathyam
Theatre in the afternoon. - Oh.
Tomorrow I'm not free.
Well, even I'm not free
I just recalled it
when you said that.
What about the day after tomorrow?
- You're free, right?
Tomorrow, I'll get drunk,
sleep and then..
Okay, I'm free
day after tomorrow.
- Okay.
"Is it like the Rangoli design"
"that you make?"
"Is it like the Rangoli design"
"that you make?"
"Tell me, oh, Moonlight."
"The aroma that spreads"
"when you apply
sandalwood paste on you"
"bewitches me."
"Oh, Time, please don't move
so fast."
"Please stop for us."
"Let happiness
take control of me."
"You are giving me"
"nights that are
more delightful than the day."
"I don't want to lose this
in this lifetime."
"Someone whispered
in my ear.."
This is my mother
and this is my father.
They were not together
for long.
And I was not old enough to ask
and understand their problems.
They separated.
Then, almost after a year,
my mother passed away.
It's been just dad and me
since then.
Yes, this is Priya.
My father's
close friend's daughter.
We were in the same school,
college and hostel.
Priya had a relationship.
But they also ended their bond
a year after their wedding.
They loved each other
a lot before getting married.
But everything ended
once they got married.
Since then, I'm a bit afraid
of the concept of marriage.
Dinesh, I really like you.
Even the small things
that you do
give me a lot of happiness.
I'm the happiest
when I'm next to you.
I don't know
how to take this forward.
Well, Shoba,
by saying I like you..
Don't you know that I haven't
considered you in that sense?
I can assure you one thing.
My ancestors have made
enough money
for me to take good care of you.
So, I don't need to work.
I'll always be there with you
in our house.
To support you
and care you.
I'll always have time for you.
Let me ask you
a casual question.
Don't misunderstand me.
- I won't.
How are you always able
to think along such lines?
That's how I am.
- Really? - Yes.
Okay, come.
This generation faces
a lot of relationship issues.
Verbal and physical abuse.
Communication issues.
Unnecessary arguments.
But none of them
is the major issue, Dinesh.
Drugs and alcohol.
Drinking and smoking
must be banned.
I swear.
You're correct, Shoba.
'Wear helmets while
driving motorcycles.'
Are you happy?
But you look upset.
Didn't you like
what I said?
No! I loved
everything that you said.
As you said, the problems faced
by the present generation
such as alcohol and
drug addiction is severe.
I'm going to get addicted
to life, Shoba.
As you said, I'll cut down
on alcohol for sure.
That is not enough.
Yes, I must quit.
I must quit all the bad habits.
I quit once in a while.
So it'd be easy for me.
Shall I go?
"I want to feel you.."
- Something is wrong.
Oh, no! Alcohol.
Addiction. No.
How did he arrange
these lights?
You're shocked, right?
We're going to celebrate
your success this evening.
I splashed the cash and
bought all these expensive items.
What's your opinion
about this set-up?
But I won't drink
and I won't let you
drink either.
I understood that you
don't want to drink.
But I didn't understand
why you're stopping me.
You didn't understand?
That means no one will drink
alcohol in this house hereafter.
That's her order, right?
- Well..
Let's drink for one last time.
She won't find out.
No, I promised her.
I never break my promise.
I'll drink.
I won't drink
and I won't let you drink.
I won't let it happen..
Stop that and come here.
Okay, tell me..
I want to know
all the details.
What did you guys do?
Where did you guys go?
What did you guys talk?
Please tell me..
Are you feeling shy?
did you tell him
your demands?
What did he say?
He agreed to it
and left.
Only God knows
what is going to happen.
I won't let that happen..
You shouldn't, Dinesh.
Even banks don't put forth these
many conditions to issue a loan.
What else did she say?
'I like you'?
I didn't understand
its exact meaning. - I..
Okay, call him up.
Let's listen to
what he has to say.
Shall we?
- Yes.
I slow down to..
Oh, no!
It's Shoba..
Stop the music.
Dinesh, were you sleeping?
No, I was watching television.
What are you going to do next?
Bath, eat and sleep.
- I mean
bath, eat and sleep.
I just called casually.
I'm also going to sleep as I have
to leave early tomorrow.
Okay.. See you..
Bye.. Goodnight.
Do you want some?
What did he say?
He is at home.
Let's go.
Play the music.
"On the floor, baby."
"Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Get lost if you can't."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Get lost if you can't."
"When I see you standing
on the veranda or the doorstep"
"I go crazy."
"I go crazy."
"I kept her close to me
just like how women"
"used to save money
and keep it close to them"
"but someone tricked me
and took her away from me."
"Stole her from me.."
"On the floor, baby."
"Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Get lost if you can't."
"On the floor, baby."
"Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Get lost if you can't."
"On the floor, baby."
"Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"Get lost if you can't."
Don't make me
recall all that.
That makes me feel shy.
I would never have had
a relationship with you
even if what they assumed
was true.
What do I lack, Dinesh?
Does that even matter now?
- No.
Is that her?
- Who?
It's you.
Where were you?
I'm late as I couldn't get
the parcel on time.
'I come in peace..'
Women of this generation
don't value anyone.
Even ten-year-old
relationships end
when they get married
and spend a few days together.
They will love each other
for the first six months.
Then they forget the reason
why they loved each other.
How can we marry
anyone in this era?
Is there any guarantee
that women won't betray us?
We have to be very careful.
We must be careful, Sagar.
But you have been
very careless, Dinesh.
When my father used
to fight with my mother
he used to say
that my mother and I
are his two mistakes.
Oh! Poor man.
Tell me something, Dinesh.
You fell in love with her.
But what made her fall in love
with you?
Because I'm rich..
Every wealthy fool
has girls around him.
- Exactly. - Exactly.
do you know
that the lives of many great people
got ruined
because of women?
Even wars happened
because of them.
- Just imagine
a world where
only men existed.
We'll enjoy.
Mr. Sagar.
Just because
they are born as women
they are not allowed
to fulfil their dreams
and ambitions.
While they grow up,
they face eve-teasing
by foolish men
and they have to endure it.
They are forced
to get married to fools like you
because of their parents.
Women are forced to obey men.
They carry babies
for nine months.
They experience pain
and give birth to a baby.
They raise the baby
but they get rebuked
even by their kids.
Women are unlucky
and divine.
Give that to me.
- Shinoj.
Calm down.
You are just a driver.
But we never treated you
like that.
But you're just a driver.
How dare you
drink our alcohol
and lecture us?
Get lost.
Get lost.
- One more.
Just one more shot..
- Get out.
How dare he lecture us!
- Hey..
Don't force me to react.
- Hey..
He was right.
Get lost. - You shouldn't have
kicked him out.
What were we discussing?
- Yes.. Shoba.
- Shoba.
- Only her name is good.
- She is a bad person.
- She is arrogant
as she is beautiful
and educated.
She considers herself
to be the most beautiful woman.
It's all make-up.
- Really?
The beauty that she got
by using tons of cosmetics..
We can also become handsome
if we apply it.
- As for education..
She has no common sense.
Can she write at least two words
in her mother tongue, Malayalam?
Can she? - Her English,
poems and proverbs.
English, my foot!
Her conditions
make me really angry.
If I get hold of her right now..
What will you do?
I'll slap her.
Dinesh, do you really want her?
Not at all..
You moron!
He doesn't want you.
Didn't you hear it?
If you ever trouble him
saying that you love him
I won't spare you.
Do you hear me?
Are you listening?
There might be many people
who obey you.
Keep your foolish conditions
to yourself!
I'll get my friend
married to a woman
who has no demands at all.
I'm losing my temper.
Hang up.
I taught her a lesson..
Who was that?
- It was her.
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby.
Get lost if you can't."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby.
Get lost if you can't."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby.
Get lost if you can't."
- Shanmukham.'
'I gave a letter stating that'
'I've no complaints
against you.'
'I got to know that.'
'In the end,
none of us got her, right?'
'Mister, someone is surely
waiting for us somewhere.'
'There was Sonia Gandhi
from Italy'
'to become the wife
of an Indian, Rajiv Gandhi.'
'There was Ms. Usha
from Burma who became the wife'
'of ex-President K R Narayanan,
a Keralite.'
'Not just that.
Mohanlal got married'
'to Suchitra,
who is from Tamil Nadu.'
there might be someone'
'waiting for us somewhere.'
'One day, we will meet..'
Actually, you did a good thing.
I was waiting to say
all of this to her someday.
She might have understood
that I can live without her.
Shall I call her up?
If you can live without her,
why do you want to call her?
Well, we must know her
current state of mind, right?
Call anyone you want.
Do as you wish.
But please spare me.
What do you want?
You said everything
that you wanted to, right?
Now, listen to me.
I hate you, Dinesh.
That's enough.
Tell me and let's end it.
- 'Where are you, dear?'
A-At Priya's house.
'When are you coming here?'
I'll come, Dad.
'Did you eat?'
- Yes.
'Is there a problem?'
No, nothing as such, Dad.
'Discuss and sort it out,
no matter what it is.'
Okay, Dad.
'Come fast, dear.'
- Okay.
Hey, what happened?
I ruined it. I blabbered
some nonsense to my dad
thinking that
it was Dinesh.
What are you saying?
I think my dad understood
that there is a problem
between Dinesh and me.
Are you guys playing the fool?
You guys understand
each other so well.
Why can't you both
give in?
I'm quite serious.
This is just ego.
Relationships are
all about happiness.
But I've never seen you both
be happy together.
What's the point then?
Okay, give me
your phone.
Let me talk to Dinesh.
Well, I just mentioned him.
And he is calling up.
Hello, Dinesh.
After everything that happened,
I don't think
we should waste time by calling
each other unnecessarily.
I just called you
to know your decision.
What's your decision?
Dinesh, I'm Priya.
Priya, give the phone
to Shoba.
Listen to me first.
What do you think
about women, Dinesh?
If you can't even
respect a woman
then why do you guys need
relationships and love?
She told you her conditions
but you didn't even care
about them.
What do you think
of yourself?
Do you consider yourself
a great guy?
How dare you!
Hang up!
Priya is so silly.
Where did you find him?
He is so annoying!
Oh, God!
Well, let me ask you something.
Do you really want her or not?
- You don't want her?
I want her.
So, you want to be with her.
You blamed her so much
and now, you want her, right?
She brought so many changes
in your life.
those were the best days
of your life.
He insisted last night.
That's why I..
Will you do anything
if he insists?
He insists only about this.
Who is your priority,
him or me?
You're my priority.
He is my second priority.
So, you want him too, right?
Actually, what bond
do you guys share?
What bond?
You might not have anything
as such on your mind.
But I seriously doubt that guy.
Forget it.
Just be careful.
What do you mean?
You'll understand soon.
My dad is coming.
Tomorrow, you must accompany me
to the airport.
Really? Wow.
When is that guy coming?
- No, I mean, your father.
6:30 a.m. sharp.
5:30 a.m. sharp.
- Uncle, the bottle.
I don't know why
but people
always doubt me
when I say
that I'm her dad.
Do you have
any such doubt?
- Hey!
What's wrong with you, Dad?
What nonsense
are you saying?
Shoba, it's all right.
He is
my would-be son-in-law.
Okay, you guys keep talking.
I'll be right back.
Dinesh, tell me.
How are you, sir?
I'm fine.
What else?
Is it raining in your hometown?
Wait. I'll ask someone
and tell you. - No..
It was just a general question.
I don't know
such things, sir.
I'm always busy travelling
with regard to my business.
America to Japan.
Japan to Delhi.
Delhi to America.
Where in Delhi?
You live in Delhi, right?
- Yes.
I go from Delhi to Chennai
as soon as I land in Delhi.
Going to Delhi
is just a transit trip.
You run a stock..
- Yes..
Basically, I'm a stockist, sir.
But not an ordinary one.
I play brilliantly by learning
and understanding
the business.
I'm an internationally
acclaimed expert
I invest lakhs of rupees
and earn crores in return.
Let me tell you something.
The daily turnover
of the company
in which I have invested is around
Rs. 25 Crores to 30 Crores.
Which company?
Well.. Glenfiddich.
It's a
Scottish airline company.
I'll be free by this evening.
- Okay.
Shall we meet?
- Okay.
Do you drink?
What do you mean, sir?
Well, do you drink alcohol?
Only if someone insists..
I drink occasionally.
Just 30 or 60 millilitres.
I insist.
I could use some company.
- She won't find out.
I'll call you
this evening.
Okay, sir.
Dinesh, we will leave.
Dad, shall we leave?
Yes. - I'll drop you
on the way.
- Okay.
Okay, Dinesh.
See you. - Okay, sir.
Okay, see you.
Sir, let me tell you something.
I never touched this poison
until I was 15.
I loved her so much, sir.
She betrayed me.
Who is Swathi?
Don't you know her?
Your daughter's friend, Swathi.
I met Shoba
at Swathi's wedding.
Will you say that you
don't know Shoba as well?
Will you say that?
It's Sagar, my friend..
He comes to me
shamelessly no matter where I'm.
Where were you?
- Hello.
Shall we leave?
You like whisky, right?
- Yes. What is it, sir?
Get him a shot of whisky.
- Sorry, sir.
It is out of stock.
We will have it tomorrow.
Is it out of stock?
I'll give you a gift
before you leave.
I'll also give you a gift.
If you don't want
to drink brandy
then I'm taking it.
The way you're looking at me
is making me feel uncomfortable.
Come, let's go.
I'm feeling sleepy.
Oh, no!
I said what I had to.
What quality
did you find in him?
I'm just curious to know.
Dad, he will take good care
of me.
That's enough for you, right?
Go without any worries.
I'll transform him.
I don't have a long life ahead.
So, I won't have
to witness much.
That's the only thought
which gives me peace.
Be careful, dear.
Oh, no!
Did he leave?
He could've waited
for a bit, right?
Shoba, walk slowly.
Your dad is different
from what I expected.
You're like your mother, right?
Next, both of us will go
and meet him at his place.
That will make him happy.
- Not necessary.
He hates you.
Last night, you got drunk
and said some nonsense, right?
You fool..
What are you saying, Shoba?
I don't understand.
When did I drink?
Don't act innocent.
It's evident.
When he insisted, I drank
a bit to keep him company.
Your father drank a lot.
Do you know he is a drunkard?
You moron! My father
never consumed alcohol.
He is a teetotaller.
Sorry, Shoba.
I swear on you, me
and the children
we are going to have
that I won't drink from today.
What are you holding?
- Spray?
It's too big.
- Full body spray.
It was a gift for your dad.
- Show it.
No. - Show it.
- It's a deodorant. - No.
You won't change!
Shoba, I'll buy
a teetotaller if you want!
You old fool!
Stay, Shoba..
Oh, God!
Two. - Tell me the truth.
How many shots did you have?
I had five as well.
So, he didn't drink, did he?
- What's the matter?
He told Shoba
that I'd got drunk last night.
You are a nuisance
once you get drunk.
You went to impress him
but the situation is depressing.
It's okay.
I'm here to help you.
He behaved like a girl.
Dinesh, I'm here for you.
Never ever do that.
What shall we do now?
You've no clue
what I can do.
We'll impress Shoba
and her father
within the next 24 hours.
I swear on Lord Ayyappan!
I promise.
Hail Lord Ayyappan.
Everyone makes mistakes, Shoba.
I'll find divinity
by surrendering myself
and my worldly life
to the Lord
through fasting for 41 days.
What was the next sentence?
God gives His hardest battles
to His toughest soldiers.
Let me battle for God
as I'm His toughest soldier.
Aren't you surprised?
I know
that you're surprised.
This is nothing.
You'll see many such
amazing surprises.
Hail Lord Ayyappan.
Let me pray.
Hail Lord Ram..
"It sparkles and shines."
"It sparkles and shines."
This is a huge surprise.
I'm so happy.
Many more surprises
await you, Shoba.
We will live in this apartment
when we come to Chennai
once in a while
after our wedding.
See, Dinesh..
I can't leave Chennai suddenly
and return to our hometown.
My business is established here.
I also have
a lot of commitments.
And Priya is all alone here,
isn't she?
Priya? She can take
care of herself.
I had dreamed about the
hometown, village, my mother
and business, you know..
- Dinesh, today is a good day.
Should we be
discussing this today?
That's true. But shouldn't we
discuss our wedding too?
Mother is relentlessly calling me.
- Oh, I forgot.
I have some shopping to do.
Let's get it done quickly.
Shoba, I was planning
some more surprises.
That's when you said
these things and..
I was thinking about getting
the apartment furnished.
Let's not do it now, Dinesh.
Don't waste money.
No, money isn't an issue.
On second thought,
everything in our hometown..
We have Lulu Mall, the metro,
and new airports.
We have everything we need.
All of that has been here
for a long time.
Come here.
I was just..
- You're a Malayali, aren't you?
If you are done ogling,
shall I take her along?
Yes, please.
I will beat you up, you swine!
Hail Lord Ayyappan.
- Hail Lord Ayyappan.
Get lost.
- Thank you.
I will be right back.
Isn't that Shoba?
Is she with you now?
All right, then.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Dinesh, try this.
It's really nice.
It's not that nice.
I didn't like it.
What's your problem now?
What problem could I have?
Besides, it's something that
I have to deal with on my own.
You are always busy
with messages, calls, meetings..
Dinesh, what is this?
I'm free after the product
launch on the day after tomorrow.
Shoba, that's not
the issue right now.
That woman..
I mean, I am fed up of making
excuses to mom.
She is always asking
about the wedding.
It's up to you now.
But I spoke with her yesterday.
She didn't say
anything to me, Dinesh.
Whose mom?
Why are you calling my mom?
I don't like anyone else
calling my mom.
I completely hate it, you know.
- Okay.. Relax..
Shall I order a drink for you?
Don't try to get me drunk.
Just a second.
It's an urgent phone call.
"She is like a chest
of unsolved mysteries."
"I will not let you go."
"I will not let you go, baby."
"She is like a chest
of unsolved mysteries."
"I will not let you go."
"I will not let you go, baby."
"She is a cunning fraudster."
"I will not let you go."
"Yes, I will not
let you go, baby."
"I'm never going to give up."
"I'm never going to suck up."
"I will find out the truth.
You watch out, baby."
"I'm never going to give up."
"I'm never going
to suck up."
"I will find out the truth.
You watch out, baby."
"She is like a chest
of unsolved mysteries."
"I will not let you go."
"I will not let you go, baby."
"I'm never going to give up.
"I'm never going to suck up."
"I will find out the truth."
You watch out, baby."
"I'm never going to give up."
"I'm never going to suck up."
"I will find out the truth.
You watch out, baby."
Hey, stop..
Is it him?
No. Get lost..
- Yes.
If he asked you
whether she is with you now
doesn't it mean that she was
with many other guys before?
That's not what I meant.
But still, when someone
asks you such things..
Just let this one go, Dinesh.
- Where have I seen him before?
He looked familiar.
Where's the nearest bar?
Take the first left turn
and then, turn right.
Lucky guy.
It's him.
There he goes.
Let him go and drink.
That's the guy.
Get on the motorcycle.
Let's go..
Hurry up.
"I'm never going to give up."
"I'm never going to suck up."
"I will find out the truth."
"You watch out, baby."
- Hey, go and make him understand.'
He is repeating it.
"I will find out the truth.
You watch out.."
How do you know Shoba?
Did you ask me something?
How do you know Shoba, sir?
He told me to ask you.
I like how brave you are.
I like how haughty you are.
But I don't like
your face at all.
Why, sir?
Shall we sit down
and talk?
Didn't we meet two days ago?
Guys, he is the new guy.
Well, you look very innocent.
I am wondering
how to tell you.
Nowadays, even average
looking women have
three guys
pursuing them.
Even they attract people.
So, obviously, beautiful girls
will have many men pursuing them.
Fifty? Twenty?
Let's say, ten.
Consider half of them.
The girl would avoid
them by saying
that she considered
them to be friends or brothers.
Out of those ten guys
she might like at least one.
There will certainly be someone.
She would have no
respect for him.
Because she knows well
that there will be another one
if he leaves.
Think about it, pal.
Think about it.
Isn't she pretty?
How many conditions
did she put forth to you?
Tell me, my friend.
My friend, we are all men.
Our nature is similar.'
We may be dark
but our hearts are pure.
See you.
Hey, let's go.
"The boss is here."
"The boss is here."
"The boss is here."
"The boss is here."
"The boss is here."
"The boss is here."
Doctor, does he have ulcer?
Really? He is drunk
so early in the day!
If he gulps down a bottle of
alcohol as he did early in the day
he would end up with cancer,
not ulcer.
That means he is all right,
isn't he? - You..
Excuse me, by the way,
I am also a doctor. Okay?
I asked them to come.
Aren't you happy?
S-Shoba, actually..
"You're the glowing light"
"in my heart."
- Shoba, just relax.
Calm down.
- "When I travel"
"through different paths.."
"Your image is the only thing
that I see."
"The surroundings are filled
with memories."
"I was filled with joy
every day."
"Even while searching for
the shore which was far away"
"you guided me"
"like a ray of hope."
"You mean the world to me."
Everything will be
all right, Dinesh.
Shoba belongs to you, Dinesh.
Convey my regards to Sagar.
Take care.
Did I tell her all that?
Shoba, do you know that
even my mom hasn't slapped me?
That's why you're
so reckless, Dinesh.
Did you call me early in the
morning to say this? - Dinesh..
Tell me where you are.
Shoba, just tell me
why you called.
Let's get married, Dinesh.
Get married..
I knew that it would end up
like this.
That's not what I said.
Let us get married.
Are you sure about this?
- I am, Dinesh.
I promise.
Good decision.
At least now,
tell me where you are.
I have no clue.
I'm on top of a hill.
I can only see hills here.
I'll ask someone
and call you back.
"My dream has come true."
"Your dream has also come true."
"Our dreams have come true."
"My dream has come true."
"Your dream has also come true."
"Our dreams have come true."
"My dream has come true."
"Your dream has also come true."
"Our dreams have come true."
"My dream has come true."
"Your dream has also come true."
"Our dreams have come true."
"My destiny is coming to pass."
"My dreams are coming true."
"Let's break free
from our confinements."
Hey, Venkat!
Where are you, buddy?
Are you downstairs?
I will come.
I'll be there right away.
"Your dream has also come true.
- Our dreams have come true.."
Hey, buddy!
- Hey!
How are you?
How's everything going?
I've arranged a big party.
Come inside and drink.
- Oh.
I have got some work.
I just thought of meeting you
on the way.
Just have a shot.
I'll drink more than one
if I come upstairs.
You know that, buddy.
Let's party on the day
of the wedding.
Is that so?
Okay. See you tomorrow.
- Have fun.. - Bye..
- Yes.
Yes. I'm Dinesh.
Your wedding is on the day
after tomorrow, right?
Who are you?
You must be really happy, right?
She meant the world to me.
But she didn't want me.
She wanted my money.
After I agreed
to all her conditions
and when we were about to
get married..
She went to her hometown
under the pretext
of attending a friend's wedding.
But later, I found out that
her wedding was fixed
with some wealthy guy.
What I said now
is about Shoba
the one you're going
to marry, Dinesh.
If I come
and say this
just before your wedding
you might think I'm a fraud.
I understand.
Ask Shoba if she knows Rohan
when you have time, Dinesh.
She wouldn't have
forgotten me by now.
So, this guy is Rohan.
Why didn't you
discuss this with me
after what happened
yesterday, Dinesh?
My wedding is supposed to happen
after two days.
I can't bear to watch my dad
get humiliated
in front of everybody.
He doesn't deserve it.
I don't know why he backed out
in the last minute.
He's suspecting me
just because a guy
told him something.
Am I such a bad person?
I just wished to live happily
with him.
'Don't forget to try on
the dresses I had sent.'
'Tell me if any alterations
have to be made.'
'Why do you sound
upset, dear?' - No..
I-It's nothing.
- 'That's not true.'
'There's some problem.'
'Why do you sound
upset, dear?'
I'll call him, dear.
- Hand over the phone to Dinesh.
I'll give it to him.
Your mom..
- Tell her that I'm not here.
I think she has
found out everything.
Yes. - Is there any truth
in what I heard?
Why are you hurting her
so much?
She is in tears.
Are you going to come here
or should I come there?
What do you know, Mom?
Does this mean you trust her?
I'm coming.
Call her too.
Let's first take a decision
about this. Come!
Stop there.
What are you doing
in the last minute
after asking all these people
to come to Chennai?
She is crying.
Nobody is aware of this now.
If you don't settle this before
tomorrow morning.. Dinesh..
- Where is she?
Who is this, Shoba?
I don't know.
Don't you know who this person is?
- I don't know.
Don't you know that he is Rohan?
I don't know, Dinesh.
Why would a stranger
say such things about you?
Or are you saying that
I cooked up this story?
What should I deduce
from this photo?
Lower your voice, Dinesh.
- Why?
I'm not going to keep quiet.
Don't think you can fool me
so easily.
Don't think we can take another
step until you tell me who he is
and what is your relationship
with him.
Or else, we can just end this
right here.
End it?
How can I tell you about something
that I don't know?
I don't know him..
I don't know what's the problem
between you both.
Both of you fell in love
with each other
and fixed this wedding.
If the situation is like this now
there will be more problems
after your wedding.
Sir, please..
You don't have
to get involved in this.
You won't understand anyway.
This is so annoying..
What would I not understand?
Even though
a lot of time has passed
the problems
between men and women
have remained the same, Dinesh.
After falling in love
and dreaming about life
you get married.
But while finding out
the realities of life
if a bond isn't formed
between a husband and a wife
it will shatter the foundation
of the relationship.
Philosophies like these
only sound good.
Why wasn't that foundation created
in your life?
For how long did you
live with your wife?
Stop it, Dinesh!
I hate you, Dinesh.
Let's go, Dad.
Let it go, buddy.
Just consider that you escaped
a catastrophe.
It's not that I don't know
how to ruin her life
by creating a problem
using this.
I fell deeply in love
with her, buddy.
Shall I leave, buddy?
Lady on the rocks..
That was a nice plan, buddy.
Dinesh went
to his hometown.
You should've seen Shoba's face.
She was crying.
It would've made you happy
if you had seen it.
How did you do it, buddy?
I just asked one question.
'Is she with you now?'
A small spark.
Did you see how I ignited it?
But Dinesh's condition
makes me feel bad.
He's innocent.
But his lover..
Didn't she ruin our lives?
It's karma, buddy.
This is how karma strikes back.
Now, she must have realised
our pain, right?
Priya and I were in love
for six years.
She ruined it in just six months.
You come home late every day.
You say that you went somewhere
with Shoba.
You keep roaming around with her.
Will you only listen to her?
Will you give it to me
only if she asks you to?
That wretched woman!
If you speak ill of her again
I will not spare you!
- Ravi!
She's not going to stay with you
for another day. Come.
It has been one and a half years
since I last saw Priya.
She left me in the lurch.
Apparently, she doesn't
need me anymore.
Forget that, buddy.
Your plan has worked out.
What are you still thinking about?
Where's our hero?
- Yes.
I am Suman!
I can do anything!
I might be a drunkard,
a bad guy
and a playboy.
But I..
I will stand by my friend when
he's in trouble.
I taught that girl, who ruined
your life, a lesson!
Do you know why I did this?
Don't you know it either?
Tell me why.
It's because you're my friend.
I trust you.
Can we click a selfie, buddy?
Let's click it.
A selfie, right?
Let's click a selfie happily..
Venkat started boozing.
We could've boozed too.
Isn't it going to be a long drive?
Do you have the photos
of that guy with Shoba?
It's inside that.
Did they know each other?
Such a small world, right?
Dinesh, look at this.
How come this guy is with them?
Hey, Suman!
What's wrong?
- Get up.
Get up..
- Wait..
Did you upload that photo
on Facebook?
Yes, buddy.
I tagged you as well.
Dinesh has commented on the photo.
Who is he?
I'm talking about Dinesh!
Show it.
'You scoundrels!'
What does that mean?
It's an expletive, buddy.
He's going to come here.
Let him come.
If he comes here, he'll not leave
this place alive.
Ask him what he wants.
Two bottles
of beer and a plate of beef roast.
He's here with a purpose.
Take him out, guys!
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"On the floor, baby.
Hit it hard, baby."
"Rock the party, baby."
"On the floor, baby.."
Hello, police station?
- 'Yes.'
Sir, some goons are here
and they're being savage.
A brawl is going on here, sir.
My friends are bleeding
and they're crying helplessly.
- 'Is that so?'
'Where are you?'
- We're in Colours Bar, sir.
- Sir, not girls..
Colours, sir..
Love.. Action.. Drama..
Where's love in this story?
Aren't you a comedian?
You look exactly like one.
Hey! Do you know
what is love?
Love is simple.
It's also powerful.
How would guys like you understand
such emotions?
Sir, I would've married her
and taken her to my hometown.
They could've lived happily
with their wives then, right, sir?
Is that your plan?
- Yes..
Tell me if that's your plan.
- Yes, sir.
Hey! Listen to him!
That's his plan.
Why did you do it then?
- Sir, how would we know his plan?
How would they know it?
His wife is instigating
that guy's wife.
His wife is instigating
the other guy's wife.
My wife is creating problems
for me!
Isn't one guy responsible for
creating all these problems?
Where is he?
- Excuse me, sir.
Who is that?
This guy?
I'm Suman, sir.
I'm the one who called you
and asked you to come there.
Don't you remember me?
Come here..
- I'm coming, sir.
Don't worry.
Buddy, I'm here.
Sir, where did you go
after asking us
to come there?
A lot of action took place
on the beach, sir.
I was covered with dust.
I thought
of taking a bath
before meeting you.
I was looking for you.
- Sir..
- Were you taking a bath
after ruining the lives
of three people?
I'll make you take a bath here!
Hey! - Sir..
- Make him take a bath!
Sir, I'm innocent.
Please leave me.
Sir, please let me go. Please..
I didn't do anything.
You've arrived.
Aren't you Shoba?
- Yes, sir.
Did you see how I identified her?
See how I did it! - Yes, sir.
Ma'am, you mean the world
to your lover.
But these morons ruined
your wedding.
You're not supposed to settle
your family problems here.
You're supposed to settle
this outside. All right?
So, get out!
Okay, sir. Thank you.
- Hey!
Where are you going?
- They're my friends, sir.
Let them go.
- Hey..
My friends are leaving, sir.
Hey. - I'll be your friend.
Come with me.
I did it because I love you.
- That's enough!
I'm extremely sorry.
Don't say another word!
- Will you never reform?
I can't take this anymore.
- I'm sorry.
I can't take this anymore.
- Shoba..
Listen to me.
Can you say that
you aren't guilty at all?
They ruined my life as well
because they hate you.
I shouldn't have doubted you
because of some stranger.
I made a mistake, Shoba.
Shoba, we have problems because
we love each other a lot, right?
Say something!
Isn't everything over, Dinesh?
What did you tell my dad?
Didn't you believe what a stranger
told you, Dinesh?
Is that what you think
about me?
I might forget everything
with time.
But I can't trust you again..
My time and effort..
That signifies
a relationship for me.
The most important thing
that a woman needs
is the trust that her man
has for her.
That trust gives a woman
the courage and strength
to live on.
The ones whom I loved, have
always left me, Shoba.
The fear that I would lose you
made me do everything.
My inferiority complex
and possessiveness..
I might have all that
until the day I die.
But, Shoba..
Don't leave me
in this situation.
If you leave me,
I'll be devastated, Shoba.
Please trust me.
Will you drink again?
- No.
I will not drink again.
Will you smoke?
- I won't smoke.
Convince my father.
Sir.. - What?
- Is this enough, sir?
- Shut up and take your bath.
Was this necessary?
I had asked you
that very day.
I asked if we could live
together like a family.
I'm of no value now.
Mr. Sagar..
Mr. Dinesh..
I'll be right back.
- Do you have to go so early?
"I set my eyes on her
the moment I saw her."
"A dream that I have had
for a long time."
"The ocean with high tides"
"and the forest
filled with darkness"
"became pathways
in this journey."
"I don't feel anything wrong"
"when she's becoming mine"
"after falling in love with her."
"She's entering my life
like a Goddess"
"after I told a hundred lies
to accomplish my goal."
"I set my eyes on her
the moment I saw her."
"A dream that I have had
for a long time."
"The ocean with high tides"
"and the forest
filled with darkness"
"became pathways
in this journey."
Sir, please forgive me.
I made a mistake.
Doesn't every human
make mistakes?
You must've made
many mistakes too.
Doesn't she need someone
to take care of her after you die?
I'll take good care of her, sir.
Please forgive me.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
I'm feeling strange.
I won't let you go
until you forgive me.
Tell me that you've forgiven me.
- P-Please stand up, Ganesh.
Not Ganesh..
My name is Dinesh.
- You forgot me, sir.
Stand up, Dinesh.
- Please forgive me.
Stand up.
Did you forgive me? - Yes.
- Tell me that you have.
I forgive you, Dinesh.
Stand up.
When something goes wrong
some nincompoops come forward
to give advice.
They're the actual
troublemakers, sir.
I-I wasn't referring to you, sir.
After all..
After all..
'A perfect marriage is'
'two imperfect people'
to give up on each other.'
'You cannot scroll down
without liking this picture, sir.'
It's Shoba..
Say 'Okay' to her..
It's Shoba..
Please say 'Okay' to her..
- Shoba..
Sorry.. Dinesh..
"I don't feel anything wrong"
"when she's becoming mine"
"after falling in love with her."
"She's entering my life
like a Goddess"
"after I told a hundred lies
to accomplish my goal."
"I put on a lot of disguises
to deceive her."
"I told a lot of lies
to get things done."
"You came with me
for you wanted us to be together."
"You were as graceful
as a flower"
"and your cheeks were blushing."
"I found the purpose in my life
that I was looking for."
"I found the purpose in my life
that I was looking for."
"I set my eyes on her
the moment I saw her."
"A dream that I have had
for a long time."
"The ocean with high tides"
"and the forest
filled with darkness"
"became pathways
in this journey."
"Won't you shine brightly
like a lamp"
"in front of me every day
from now?"
"I can remember those moments"
"when I touched your body."
"Everything ended well here."
"I can hear the voice of love."
"My soul is filled with joy."
"My soul is filled with joy."
"I set my eyes on her
the moment I saw her."
"A dream that I have had
for a long time."
"The ocean with high tides"
"and the forest
filled with darkness"
"became pathways
in this journey."
"I don't feel anything wrong"
"when she's becoming mine"
"after falling in love with her."
"She's entering my life
like a Goddess"
"after I told a hundred lies
to accomplish my goal."