Love After Love (2020) Movie Script

Ive been in Hong Kong a while now
But I havent called on you, Aunt
Thats rude of me
Two years ago
There was talk of war in Shanghai
So we moved to Hong Kong
And I enrolled in high school
But Dads savings are meagre
So he cant support us
Theyve decided to go back to Shanghai
As I understand it
If Im a good student
I can graduate next summer
If I go back to Shanghai...
I'll lose a year
If I stay behind, alone in Hong Kong
I couldnt afford to live...
...or pay the school fees
I hesitated...
...and I've decided to ask you for help
Dad is so narrow-minded
He doesnt know what hes saying
I see why you are cross with him
If you could give me a chance
and bring me up
I could be like your own child
And repay your kindness
They went to Repulse Bay for a swim
Not sure when theyll be back
Who are you looking for?
For Aunt
Is there anyone called Aunt here?
Shes expecting me
Then you should go to her place!
Maybe shes from Mistresss family
Our Mistress is out
Come back another day
Ill wait for Aunt here
You keep saying Aunt
Is she really your Aunt?
When Madame Liang gets back
youll know
Let her in
Dont keep looking
She wont be back this early
Shes persuaded by George Chiao
to go for a swim
And to dine and dance
Youre jealous, arent you?
Youre the jealous one, arent you?
You cant fool me
What makes you think Im jealous?
Admit it!
Stop it!
Go Away!
Go Away!
Mistress is back!
Wont you come in for a
drink, Master Chiao?
You must be exhausted
You are early
Listen, Nier
He wants me to join him on the beach
But he needed me just as a chaperone
He was dating Marlene Chou
But her father wouldnt allow it
If someone older was there
the precious Miss Chou would be safe!
That was his cunning plan
What a nerve!
How dare he!
I can act as go-between
But Ive never been an escort
Nor a decoy
You can play Prince Charming
But Im not playing your Fairy Godmother!
Whos your aunt?
Im Ge Weilong, Ge Yukuns daughter
Ge Yukun is still alive?
Fathers still alive and well
I once said
When the day comes that
Ge Yukuns time is up
Ill cheerfully pay for his coffin
While hes with us
I wont lend him a cent
She hasnt spoken yet
Mistress, how do you know she wants money?
Whats it to you?
Did she bribe you?
Im here on Fathers behalf
to make peace with Aunt
Ive read your letter
But Miss
Youve thought of everything
except my feelings
Even if I were willing
I couldnt help
If your father found out
Hed accuse me of abducting you
Come back
Naughty dog
Did Sir Cheng call?
No, but Uncle
You forgot again!
Dont frown
Youll give yourself wrinkles
Youre here, unannounced?
I rang, but you were out
You knew I was going out
What if youd come for nothing?
But here you are!
The Monkey King never managed to escape
from Buddhas palm!
Whos this young lady?
Hes asking you
Im Ge Weilong, Ge Yukuns daughter
I came to see
You two are aunt and niece
Anyone might think
you were cousins
Does your father know
that youre here?
How long do you think
you can hide it from him?
I dont want to be blamed
for coming between you two
If Father is against it
I will never bother you again
Try to make up a lie to fool him
Just dont be obvious
Can you play the piano?
I studied for three years
But Im clumsy
Not very good
You dont need to be
Just learn a few tunes...
...which people like
to sing along with
All the young British
ladies know this trick
We follow British ways here
I see
Your father is old-fashioned
Doesnt let you go out to socialise
He doesnt know
When you get married
youll need all the social skills
You cant go through life avoiding people
Getting the chance to learn from her
Youre in luck!
I leave this child to your care, Mr Situ
Ill follow Aunt
What? He wont do?
I benefitted from his care myself
Shes yours, I dare not snatch her away!
Can you play tennis?
If you can,
Ill have a partner to practice with
I did learn tennis at school
I can play a bit
You have tennis clothes?
The school provided them
I know
Those baggy bloomers
They make you look like a sing-song girl
Bring my tennis clothes
When the tailor comes
hell get your measurements
Right now!
Thank you, Aunt
Please, no holding back
8 Wan
Mistress, the ones you like best
These drive me wild!
Try one?
Mistress, that girl is here
Take her upstairs for now
Mistress asks us to look after her
Tell her Mistress is busy now
Shell see her tomorrow
She thinks she wouldnt fit in...
...and spoil everyones fun
Shes to have the blue guest room
Its been prepared
Take her up there
Ask if shes eaten yet
You take her!
Have you eaten yet?
Not yet
What a nuisance!
Tell Chef
to serve her upstairs
Mistress was wondering...
...why you werent here yet
She happens to have guests
Theyre all old people
And a few younger couples
She worries you might feel awkward
Ill take you to your room first
This evening we welcome a new friend
Please stand up and greet everyone
Good timing!
Who invited you?
He did!
Come on, have a seat
Didi, bring more chairs
Right away
What a pair of bright young things!
When girls are pretty, thats fine
But when boys are too pretty
they risk being seen as gigolos
You know the old saying
Harmony comes first!
Cheers, everyone
Thats enough
Just for fun
Weve heard you
You sing well!
Much better than I do!
I wouldnt dare follow you!
Know what you look like?
a Chinese opera mask!
Like a mask?
More like a foreign devil!
I should marry a Muslim
Go around with my face covered!
I like my face
Chinese think youre a westerner
And foreigners think youre Chinese
Compared with you
I look more western
Id be better off going abroad
Daddy would agree to send you abroad
He likes you, doesnt like me
Its the way you behave
You get into universities
and then keep getting expelled
Hand it over
The money!
What money?
You went in Dads car
He mustve given you some money
He must have
Come on
Believe it or not, he didnt
How much?
I dont know
We go halves
As usual
This is an advance on my dowry
The British care a lot about this
So that British man will marry you?
What makes you think Id marry that idiot?
The ones who live in
those draughty castles
are old maids with no dowry!
What am I to the Ge family?
No more than someone who brought them shame
I rejected the men they picked for me
and became Liangs concubine instead
Our declining family lost face!
Declining families
Theyre like bricks in an outhouse
Plain smelly
She wont understand what youre saying
Thats right
She was born too late
She missed the drama
All the insults her father hurled at me
Its like a brothel taking on a new girl!
You shouldnt say such things
Dont assume Sir Cheng will protect you
just because hes taken you for drives
What am I to Sir Cheng?
If Mistress blames me
itd be your fault for telling her
And what would that do for me?
Im trying to look out for you!
This way, please
Stay, Didi!
Mistress is always scolding us
Dont worry
Get up!
The girls will clear it up
Go and get changed
Your parents are coming
Why are they coming?
To take you home, of course
They can tell me what to do?
They beg me to take on one of your sisters
Theyll do whatever I ask
...and bring you back under control
So my replacement is here
This arrangement must suit you
Your own niece here
Keeping it all in the family!
Dont irrigate anyone elses fields!
I didnt say anything about you and George
But now youre going after his father!
Taking secret rides in his car
Thought I didnt know?
He could be your grandfather!
Youre so cheap
You were born to be a slave
I may have offered
But he didnt want me!
Born to be a slave!
Youre not a slave
But you can't get what you want!
Why is that?
Tell me!
You keep me in this house
to use me as bait!
But when someone takes the bait
you can't take it!
Thats what I mean!
I see!
The country folks are here
Come in
Greetings, Mistress
No need for that
Take your daughter back home
Shes grown up now
Find a decent family and marry her off
Mistress is right
We have other daughters
Might they have the honour
Your girls are uniquely gifted
I tried one of them
I hesitate to try another!
Didi, lets go
I know who gossiped to you!
It must be the driver
Youve worked through
the whole Chiao family
The Seventh Mistresss new baby
must be on your list too must have had the driver too!
Ive been too kind to her
Ive spoiled her
It will be hard for you
when shes back home
Kind? Kind?
You want me to tell about your kindness?
Say whatever you like!
Talk to the press!
I can always use the publicity
You think I wouldnt dare?
Come home!
- Fine - Dont beat the child
No need to beat her
Im the one who spoiled her
Just leave
Its my fault
Im going
- Go home - I could
spend my whole life here
and get nowhere!
Maybe you should get dressed first
You might mess up your hair again
Find me something plain
We have choir practice today
They wouldnt like anything showy
I dont understand
Youre not a Christian
So why join the choir?
Youre so busy all day long
And at night
you sit up studying
Look at you
These two weeks revising for the exams
youve exhausted yourself
I dont mean to discourage you
but what happens when you graduate?
Youre still in high school
Theres only one university here
Many graduates cant find work!
If they do get hired
they earn only 50 a month
In a convent primary school
bullied by foreign nuns
Its not worth it!
You think I havent thought of that?
Im taking it step by step
Dont mind me speaking frankly
Im just thinking for you
Use the chances you get here
Look around
and find someone suitable
You mean Aunts friends?
Of course
Her friends
are either playboys
or old men stocked with concubines
A few are army officers
But the higher the rank
the less they mingle with locals
This is Hong Kong
Now I understand!
No wonder
you wanted to join the choir
Even though youre busy
Ive heard that
lots of college students join in too
Your aunt is rich
My old uncle was the rich one
He was one of Hong Kongs leading tycoons
He left his properties to my aunt
Your uncle was Liang Jiteng?
How did you know?
The nameplate reads Liang
I put two and two together
Its well-known that Liang had a mansion
called The White Lodge
So he was your uncle!
Not my real uncle
My aunt wasnt his legal wife
But you are her niece
She is she, and Im me
Climb in, Ill give you a lift
Weilong, you go in front
Hello, Madam Liang
Whats your name?
Lo Siu-Lun
Youre a college student?
Which year?
Third year
Studying what?
And when you graduate?
I want to intern in a mission hospital
Ever thought about further studies abroad?
Ive thought of it, but I cant
I have brothers and sisters
Ill need to support their studies
Money doesnt matter
Its talent thats precious
Well hold a garden party next week
Ask your choir friends to come
Thank you, aunt
Youre still children
You hear of a party
and you get excited
Thank you, auntie
Poor thing
She gets hardly any chance
to show off her French
Best leave her to it
Are you hot?
Im fine
Here's the dessert!
All kids love sweets
Thank you, auntie
You prefer chocolate or cheese?
This looks good
Go ahead
I wont
I put on weight
Thank you
Try it
Really, Hong Kongs best patissier
Thank you, auntie
Is it nice?
Then Ill have a taste
Its really nice
Thank you for inviting us
Youre welcome
Come visit any time you want
What have you been up to?
You must show us!
I like tennis, but Im not very good
I could tutor you
I taught Weilong to play
In terms of looks, character and education
How does he compare with you?
Were different species!
So you admit defeat!
Are you George?
Why has no-one introduced us?
Why are you staring?
Am I like a thorn in your eye?
You are
And one that Ill never
be able to pluck out!
I should keep it as a cherished souvenir
Youre very droll
Im a fool
Why didnt I know there
was someone like you here?
You should save your sweet talk for my aunt
Shes cross with you
Lets not talk about her
Lets talk about us
I could have missed it
Missed what?
Missed this chance
Its a real stroke of luck
We may have been born in the same era
But if I were born 20 years earlier
That wouldnt be so bad
Its alright if I were older
But if you were born 20 years before me
- Then wed - That would be
just like my aunt and you!
Youve entertained these
boring people all afternoon
Shall we rest for a while?
Now that you mention it
I am a bit tired
So we sit silently
As if were in mourning
When two people sit together
do they have to talk?
It would be nicer if we did talk
If you insist
Ill speak to you in Portuguese
Love is a fire which burns unseen
A wound that aches yet isn't felt
An always discontent contentment
A pain that rages without hurting
I didnt understand
Maybe youre cursing me
Did that sound like cursing?
I wouldnt dare
Ill translate it into English for you
Who wants to hear it?
I will anyway
I wont listen
Im not brave enough
Actually, it means
You know how to drink!
Find Kitty to play us a tune
The party need livening up
Of course
Chief steward
Yes, Miss
We have guests coming tomorrow
My aunt would like your chef
to show our cooks how to make pastries
Madam Liangs wish is our command
Please tell your aunt
well take care of it
Have you come to see me?
Im running an errand for my aunt
Dont go yet
I cant go back anyway
Aunt is taking tea with Lo
Come in, we can take tea too
That picture of the Virgin Mary
was hung there by my mother...
...long ago
She could be herding sheep in Fatima now
You miss her?
I cant really remember her
My brother probably does
But he doesnt seem to care much
I think you came today
to see my brother
I came to see you, I love you!
Dont get tangled up with my brother!
Its not a good idea
I havent got tangled up with him
You havent, but hell try
Whats the difference?
You dont understand
With mixed-race boys
even the best ones tend to be moody
Sometimes even a bit wicked
Im sorry Ive kept you waiting
Do you drink? You look quite young
How old are you?
Never mind, champagne isnt strong
Itll be fine
You dont even know how to!
Let me
Madame, thank you
Fancy a drop, Kuen?
Im joking
I know you have work
Kitty! Come
My friends calling me
What I said
Dont forget!
What did you say?
Im not telling you
I have a surprise for you
Come along!
Sit down
This is your room?
Open it
Look inside
Dont be scared!
Dont be scared
Ive kept him for three years
He doesnt bite
That was you mothers?
Yes, Mas hairbrush
Do you miss her?
My ma has a boxwood dressing table
Theres a peach-shaped pot on it
Filled with baby powder
Our place in Shanghai
is not as big as yours
Its a three-storey lane house
Theres a calendar with
a pretty girls picture
Ma always scribbles phone numbers on it
One for the employment agency... milk store...
...and numbers for my other aunts
My parents room is on the second floor
On the third,
my brother and aunt have rooms
And my little sister and I share a room
We share a black iron bed
Our bed cover
is white with red stripes
Iwant that black iron bed
Ask your sister to go out
so that we can sleep together
Hang on
Your button
Whats so urgent?
What is it?
Shell be back soon
This way
Wait a moment!
What took you so long?
Get changed quickly
Uncle Situ needs you
Could I excuse myself?
Im exhausted
Who isnt?
Start the car
Theres a port about 30km from Rome
Its called Ostia,
built in the fourth century
It was abandoned long ago
But in the ruins
you can still see
black-and-white mosaic floors"
In the fourth century, Hong Kong
was probably still a rock under the sea
Nowadays theres a big
market for mosaic tiles
Its because of the climate here
Its humid and windy
We use mosaics not only as flooring
but also for walls and facades
In fourth century
Hong Kong was still a rock under the ocean
Now it is a big mosaic customer
Because the weather here is wet and windy
Floors are best paved with mosaic tiles
Why isnt Sir Cheng here yet?
Theres a polo contest
And George?
He went with his father
As he always does
Its not his father
More the money in his pocket!
He is fathers son
The more squabbles, the merrier
Is she your daughter?
I wish she were
But would she agree to it?
Thank you
Sir, buy some cigarettes?
Those rose-red tiles I chose
Somehow they look wrong
now theyre on the wall
Like a cave of blood, its disturbing
Some shopkeepers use little tricks
to make their sales
The fact is
When tiles are fixed in place and grouted
their colour will be darker
Thats why they dont look so good
I was waiting for you to decide for me
But you didnt come back from Shantou
So I made the decision myself
Youre too
Is that a token of apology?
I like it!
Look at this!
Whos the impatient one?
Were not even home yet and
youre handing out gifts!
It fits
Miss Weilong
You cant refuse me this honour
Let me explain
These things theyre a pair
I cant possibly separate them
So I give one to your aunt
And the other one to you
One day your aunts will be yours anyway
So it makes no difference
But its too expensive
I cant accept it
You should never refuse...
an elders gift
All you need to do is say thank you
You really havent seen the world
Such petty behaviour!
I sincerely thank you
As they say, Drink and be merry!
Wash your feet, get changed
and come down for a brandy!
Dont catch a cold
Come down for a little drink
Thank you
Have you ever made plans for your future?
Yes, of course
For example, my plan
this evening is to see you
As long as the moon is shining
Im talking about further ahead
I dont like to think that far ahead
Theres no point, anyway
For example, when my father dies
Dont say that!
When my father dies
hell leave a dozen concubines
And at least that many sons!
Even his favourite wont get much
So what hope is there for me?
Thats why I never think about it
Have you ever thought about trying to work
...and support yourself?
I cant support myself
Is it sweet?
Theyre sweet
Come and try some!
We grew them ourselves
Theyre very sweet
Come and try it
Yellow fruit
She says its very sweet
Have another one
One more
- Thank you - Wonderful
I need to tell you something
What is it?
I dont intend to marry
If I did get married, it wouldnt work out
Until I reach fifty
Id be a useless husband
I mean it
Im telling you honestly
Because youre a nice girl
Dont waste your time on me
Im not
Lets go back up
I will, even if you dont
I cant promise you marriage
I cant promise you love
But I can promise
to make you happy
What kind of talk is this?
I can promise you happiness
Isnt that the rarest thing in the world?
Youll make me happy?
Youre torturing me
This isnt torture
Im not torturing you
Therell be a bright moon tonight
Whats wrong?
Are you afraid?
Afraid of me?
Im not afraid of you
Im afraid of myself
Im afraid Im losing my mind
Dont be afraid
Youre not losing your mind
Youre not
Not yet
You tell me all this nonsense
Why do I have to listen?
You were waiting for me
Youre teasing me
All of you are!
Youre exhausted, Weilong
You need to be happy
Your aunt doesnt care for you
I can make you happy
Only me
I can
You know
You know everything
I know
I do know
Are you happy?
Weilong, youre too good
Marry me
Love me
Youre the only one I cant lie to
Im sorry
You startled me!
Im the one to say that!
You made me jump
Good night
What did the Liangs do against your family?
You picked on Didi
And now you pick on Weilong
Shes not Didi
Oh dear!
Are you their avenger?
My dear girl
Dont get angry
This is a small token
Come on, take it
Wheres your pocket?
You think I care about your money?
Whats that fragrance?
You usually fight back!
Whats wrong with you today?
Let her hit me
Shes pitiful
Whats going on?
Tell me whats going on
Its early, Nier was doing the washing
Miss was disturbed by the noise
She lost her temper
Go downstairs
You, come with me
Its very odd
Whats so great about that Chiao boy?
You want him, she wants him
Ive made a big mistake
I should be punished
Ill serve you for the rest of my life
If you dont believe me
Today Ill take
a vow of chastity
You havent offended me
It was Miss
Whether you stay or go
It should be her decision
Miss came to you for help
And Mistress provides her everything
Mistress should have the final say
You see that shes poor
so she neednt be respected
I treat her as one of my family
If thats what Mistress says
Theres no way out for me
You may go
Miss, your breakfast is here
How can you treat me like this?
How will I explain to your father?
Im sorry, aunt
Its because I trusted you too much
I wasnt watchful enough, and this mess
Youre going to ruin me
It was my mistake
Nothing to do with you
Ill return to Shanghai
If people start to gossip
and my parents hear of it
I swear Ill take all the blame myself
Definitely, no misunderstanding
will be laid at aunts door
You plan to go home
Thats well and good
But right now
is not the right time to go
I wont stop you going
Im ready to hand you back to your father
But arent you aware
how vicious gossip circulates
Before you even reached home
rumours could be spreading
And have reached your fathers ears
It was my mistake, Ill take the blame
Youve ruined your prospects
Youll never marry a decent person
Who can say where you might end up?
Theres nothing I can do about it
I never want to see Hong Kong again
As you wish
Welcome, Mr Situ
Youre back!
It went well?
Not bad
Did you behave?
And did she?
She did
Behaved herself to death!
Have some soup
Cant you even keep a good eye on her?
Why are you so angry?
Is she yours or mine?
You think I keep a brothel here?
You can come and go as you please?
How could I?
Your mansion is Hong Kongs finest
And Miss is your treasure
Then what do you have in
mind for my treasure?
Im no expert on the Chinese
But Ive done my research
If Weilongs family wanted to talk to me
it would be to pressure me into marriage
Theyd want the whole thing hushed up
Marry her?
Would you marry her?
Dont you know my answer?
I have no choice
I have no money, I live a cushy life
I was born to be an imperial son-in-law
Dream on!
Which emperor would have you?
So its better I dont get married
Then tell Weilong
to forget you
Would she forget me if I told her to?
Dont quibble
You wont marry her
because she wouldnt keep you for life!
That isnt true
Stop pretending
You cant play the romantic
Who are you looking for?
Er Ge Weilong
Who are you to come asking?
Who are you to come asking?
Weilong has flu, and a fever
Weve sent for a doctor
Who was that?
Why was he so hostile?
He got here very late yesterday
You woke him, so hes grumpy
Dont make a fuss
Im taking some classmates
to the golf course
I said Id borrow a car
Thats no problem
Very sorry
Service is suspended because of the weather
We apologise for the inconvenience
Service is suspended because of the typhoon
Please wait for further
announcements, thank you
Miss is back
I see
Tell her to wash and get changed
and then come down for dinner
Uncle is here
Lets see how much weight you can pull!
Go and have a cigar
Leave us to have a heart-to-heart talk
Did you get a ticket?
Theres a storm, the steamer isnt going
I need to bother aunt for a few more days
Now we are family
It seems to me
that youre destined to stay here
Destiny is punishing me
I should never have come to Hong Kong
So youre blaming me
for keeping you here?
Its all my fault
I let aunt down
If you really want to put things right
You should make George submit
And when he does
you can drop him
Or have fun with him if you prefer
That is prowess
Letting him go
would be too easy on him
Me and George
are through
Thats because youve treated him
the wrong way from the start
Hes sure your heart is fixed on him
Thats why he blows hot and cold
and doesnt take you seriously
You should spend more time
with other people
He doesnt care about you
But plenty of others do
Thank you for considering my future
But Ive decided to go home
This again!
You keep talking about returning
as if that solves everything!
Im sorry, aunt
When you came here, you were one person
Now you are a new person
Youve changed
So your home needs to change too
You think of returning to your old life
But you probably cannot
I know Ive changed
I didnt like my old self
But I dont like what Ive become either
I want to go back
And become a new person
To Aunt
Give it back!
These are my things!
Stuck-up bitch!
Damn you!
You wont live long!
Bloody hell!
Ill get it from this side, you go around
Its so big! Quick!
Wheres it from?
It belongs to Master George
Let it go
Whats going on?
Its mine
Thats my snake
Spoilt brat!
Thats what I am!
You made the mistake of fathering me
Get out!
You drove my mother out
And now its my turn
Youre dreaming!
You invoke your mother?
You have the nerve to call her?
Let it go
Ill yell if I want to!
Daddy, no!
George doesnt want to marry
Is that mainly because of money issues?
I have no money
But I could earn some
Earn money?
Unlike you, I wont use a dead mans money
Id rather use my own
A dead mans money?
You don't even have that!
Will your father leave you money?
Im still young, I can try
Who wasnt young once?
You think being young is everything?
Well have to see
Youre young, but George still dropped you
At least I was still young when it happened
Not like you
Long past your prime
but your desires are insatiable
Youll never know real love
As far as I can see
the way you look for love is ridiculous
Thats not the whole story
Im not only ridiculous
Im also transgressive
How much gossip is there about me?
But what is gossip?
The wider gossip spreads
the more it stirs curiosity
It just boosts your prominence
It wont damage your future one whit
Theres just one thing
you need to avoid at all costs
Thats when
You love someone
And the person doesnt love you
Tell me
How will you earn money?
I didnt ask Uncle for a single cent
But he gave me that bracelet, didnt he?
Ah, this child!
So Uncle pops back into your mind!
He started out being so kind
But you just pushed him away!
As if that bracelet would bite!
If you ask him for things now
he wont know if he should
give you sweets or roses
In case Miss rejects him again!
Too expensive!
Dont imagine that because
youre quite pretty
Can manage some conversation
And know a few English songs
that people will shower money on you!
In my opinion
Youre too thin-skinned, vulnerable
Too temperamental and too indecisive
You fall prey to your own emotions
Not well suited to this kind of work
I will gradually pick it up
You have a great deal to learn
Theres one thing
Can you do me a favour?
At this point
I cant just wash my hands of you
What is it?
Aunt, please ask...
...Georges father for permission
I must be properly married
But George himself must agree
The day will come
when he needs me
Well try
Thank you, aunt
What about Nier?
Let her stay
Who would have thought
that a sweet kid would
grow up to cause such trouble
If things had been different then
there would have been other sweet kids
and not mixed-race ones, either!
You can dream
Our dream was all too short
If only old Liang had died sooner!
Youre taking your time too!
After you
That bastard!
You fathered him!
You have to swallow the bitter fruit
Fine, Ill give him to you
Do what you want with him
He could be your driver, your handyman
as long as I dont have to see him
What if he becomes my nephew-in-law?
Marry your niece?
Ive seen her
Rather a decent girl
Dont waste her on him!
You might think its a waste
But she dotes on him
The child is set on following him
She even says shell support him
And you approve?
Id feel sorry for her
No matter what
Its better to keep her in the family
than to let her go elsewhere
and be bullied by strangers
So theres no bullying within the family?
Whod be bullying who?
Of course
Under your watchful eye
thered be no bullying
The young miss says
she wants a formal marriage
Then well do it properly
Id come up with a betrothal gift
And wed get a dowry in return
You cunning old fox!
Were all getting old
Tell me
What do you want to do with me?
I cant get married
Why not?
Weilong is not good enough?
Im not good enough
I cant control myself
Weilong will control you
She cant
Youll have to compromise
You want to marry a rich girl?
Your standards are so high!
She has to be rich enough
for you to consider
Even you could find that girl
shed be spoiled
She wouldnt be as easy-going as Weilong
Your freedoms
would be curtailed
You need money to enjoy yourself
Whats the use if you cant enjoy yourself?
Taste the wine
Try one, theyre fresh
This is how they eat them in France
You pick one up
lean backwards
Bring your mouth forward
And elegantly suck it in
Its certain that
after seven or eight years
Weilongs income will be greatly reduced
When she cant pay the bills any more
you can get a divorce
In British law
its not easy to get a divorce
The only grounds for divorce are
And finding evidence of that
should be easy, shouldnt it?
Good girl
Youll finish school next year
Youll go back to Shanghai?
Your diploma will get you a job in Shanghai
Will you go to university?
Ill get married
To whom?
Im going to college in Canada
My aunt will sponsor you?
As you know,
my own family couldnt afford to
George wants you as his best man
Come Let's get ready
Let's start shooting
Bride and groom
One more
One, two, three
You prefer Shanghai or Hong Kong?
Hong Kongs scenery is wonderful
If I could swim
Id probably like Hong Kong better
Ill teach you to swim
One, two...
Come over for a toast
This is for you
Thank you, Father
Thank you
Thank you
Treat her well
Of course
Lets have lunch
I told you to stay away from him
Now you know what I meant
Im not afraid of him
But hes afraid of you
Hes always been an idler
But hes making an effort for you
Making an effort?
He never tires of climbing
from one bed into another!
You dont understand
We mixed-race people
have more hormones than you pure-bloods
Im the same
An average boy doesnt satisfy me
How many men have you had?
Believe me,
I could have this one right now!
Would you ladies want anything else?
I want you!
From the menu, please
Whats your name?
You may go!
You see?
At my beck and call
My brother doesnt mean it
He was born without any concept of loyalty
I understand
I understand all that
What I dont understand
is why Im so much in love with him
I think he loves you too
But his way of loving
is a bit different from yours
When he falls in love
its just for a moment
So I had my moment
No-one can rob me of that
But how meek I am
Im so easily satisfied
What shall I do with
all the rest of my life?
Theres no way out
I knew it would come to this
Thats why I didnt want to marry
I didnt marry for my sake
I did it for you people
Who else is involved?
No-one, just you
Just you is one too many
So Im completely superfluous
Now youre miserable, I am too
Maybe you should let me go
I can let you go too
Ill give you a chance
I want to!
I cant control myself
Bastards have feelings too
Im thinking of you
I dont want to see you suffer
I dont mind!
But why?
Its my fate
All right
Weilong, treat yourself a bit better
I treat myself well
Im happy
Yes, hit me
Youll feel better, I can feel better too
Theres a paperweight on Fathers desk
Its a glass sphere
When I had a fever,
the grown-ups let me hold it
To cool my burning hands
Inside the sphere,
there are little flowers
Red ones, blue ones, violet ones
They form rough, geometric patterns
It was very heavy in the hand, that sphere
Very solid, you could rely on it
Uncle is calling, asking for Mistress
Which Mistress?
Be specific
The younger one
The new Mistress
Madam Liang or Mrs Chiao?
Mrs Chiao
Mrs Chiao
You got a wife without spending one cent!
She could well be called Mrs Liang
So youre my son?
As you like
I can be whatever you want
Why did Uncle call?
Hes going to Shanghai
Business meeting
He needs me to translate
Must be a big trade deal?
I dont know
I havent been back there for many years
I wonder how much its changed
You can go visit your parents
I wont do that
Must you go?
Does he know that were on honeymoon?
Uncle seldom asks me to help
I cant really refuse
Whose uncle is he anyway?
Hes uncle to all of us!
I want to go to Shanghai too
Ive never been there
What would you do there?
My English is better than yours
I could come as a translator
You always have people working for you
When have you ever worked for others?
Is he your employer?
Theres an old saying
A gift demands a like favour
Ever heard of that?
Well, youre a foreigner
Im your husband
Im your wife
Were two ants tied on the same rope
I wont let you go
While Im away
you have other amusements
Dont go to Shanghai
Next time Ill take you, all right?
I dont want to go next time
Ill bring you back some treats
Dont want
Ill bring you
Caramelised chestnuts
Spiced beans
And sesame sweets
Dont want
Be good
Not fine
This way, please
Tell me
Is Weilong good?
I have nothing to say
If you cant find fault
then she must be good
If she is good
what makes her good?
Im not telling you
You wont tell me? Tell me!
Not as good as you
It was a serious question!
Youre teasing me
Weilong is good in her own way
Im tired
Master Chiao!
I dont dare!
Dont be scared
She can do what she likes and I cant?
Master Chiao
Mistress told me to stay here
to keep an eye on you
Watch me?
Isnt that exactly what youre doing?
Get out!
Sister Nier
I told you to get out!
Sister Nier!
Sister Nier!
Sister Nier!
Young Master is out
Be quiet
Young Master
I dont want to let Miss down again
It was a long day
Lets take the photo
Come on, join the photo
All right, everybody look this way
One, two, three
All right, everyone smile, look cheerful!
One, two, three
Let's go
Scares me!
Weilong, youre burning
Dont trick me
When have I tricked you?
Quick, kneel down
Ill stamp it out
I can see you!
Whos this?
I can see you
Really, Weilong
I love telling lies
But Ive never lied to you
I dont understand it either
Why are you still talking about that?
Ive never lied to you
Isnt that true?
No, youve never lied to me
Sometimes, though
If you told me a small lie, Id be so happy
But you wont do that
You cant be bothered
You dont need me to lie to you
You can trick yourself into being happy
youll have to admit that Im despicable
When that time comes
youll regret
that you sacrificed so much for me
You might get angry enough
to kill me
Who can say?
The thought scares me
I went into this willingly,
whats it to do with you?
I can blame everyone, all the time
but not you
The way we divide rights
and duties is really unfair
Where does fairness
come into a relationship?
I love you, girl
Come on, mates
We got one!
Lets go
Come on, were gonna show you a good time
I miss you
Gimme a kiss!
Easy, easy
Shes my girl
Those drunks
What do they take you for?
How am I different from those girls?
Fine, Im wrong
Theyre forced into it
I went in willingly
Its New Years Eve
Will you give me a gift?
Tell me a lie
You wont say it, I will
I love you
you heartless!