Love And Other Cults (2017) Movie Script

Call me for sex, Yoko.
Just do it.
It might be a scam.
- Come on!
- Alright!
I got through.
Hello, I saw the toilet message.
Yes. Yes.
Yes, I'm in the toilet.
- Well then?
- What?
Who was it?
A woman.
- Really?
- Yeah.
She said to wait outside.
Sairi Ito
Kenta Suga
Kaito Yoshimura
Hanae Kan
Leona Hirota
Yoshimasa Kondo
Producer: Adam Torel
Cinematographer: Maki Ito
Director: Eiji Uchida
Do you think she'll come?
If she does, what'll we do?
The order?
I'll go first as I called.
I don't think she's coming.
Keep your opinion to yourself.
You can't deny the probability,
it's like a lottery.
Comparing a lottery and a slut?
What's the difference?
Did you guys make the call?
Yes, we did.
This is Yoko, the legendary slut.
How old?
All virgins?
Yes, we are!
So, who's up for it?
- I am!
- Me first!
We all want to do it,
would it be possible?
Please tell me what we have to do?
That is up to Kenta.
Yo, you kids!
Are you from... Minami High?
Yes, Minami High.
Be ambitious, boys.
Get ready for push-ups!
- 500 dollars each, yeah?
- What? But...
You called a sex service, right?
- We didn't call such place.
- Sex service Yoko.
You called it.
Who told you to stop?
The slut dances, the boys
do push-ups, three!
Bring the money tomorrow,
ask your parents.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Or I'll come get ya.
Help me.
Her name is Ai Shima.
Why I fell in love with her?
I don't know.
Emotion without reason
exists in this world.
This is my love story...
10 years ago
Do you know why babies cry
10 years ago
when they are born'?
Because they are babies?
- No.
- Why then?
They cry because they are
sad to be born.
How surreal.
Such is life, huh?
I'm going home, bye.
This is young Ai.
She was an ordinary girl
who dreamt of a happy life.
And this is Ai's mother.
A religious maniac.
This is the fourth religion
she joined in her life.
Dance with me, reach
beyond the sky, into space.
Come on, stand up.
I fell over and hurt myself,
help me, Mommy!
How pathetic.
You want my attention, huh?
Is this the result of
late child-bearing?
Damn it! My channeling with Sirius
is disturbed because of you!
I wish you'd never been born!
As the result of disturbing
her mother's prayers,
Ai was taken away to the
religious cult's commune.
Seven years has passed,
Ai has grown up in the commune
with the other members.
Here, Ai was called Ananda.
Ananda means bliss and joy.
He is the leader of the cult.
The members call him Lavi.
Look at this.
Praised Ai as
"a gifted child blessed by god."
It's a special voice.
Special direct from God.
I love you so much, Lavi.
May I touch you?
Of course, I'm all yours.
Ai's life here was
filled with happiness.
Occasionally Lavi took Ai
hunting with him.
The woods are vast and full of life,
Ai felt her soul was
cleansed there.
Lavi repeatedly told Ai
"Do not fear solitude. Transcend."
Take a look.
What's wrong?
It's Lavi...
The police...
It looks like the members
are being arrested.
- A word please?
- Out!
Just one word?
- Where's Lavi?
- Inside.
Alan Pereira, known here as Lavi,
the leader of the cult, is being arrested.
Is she related?
She looks underage.
Lavi! Lavi!
She looks to be in her early teens.
The suspect is being taken away.
Ai's peaceful life in the commune
came to end like
a one-night dream.
I'm back.
Can you feel the warmth?
Keep it with you and you'll be saved.
It's very reasonable.
- Really?
- This will save your soul, you know?
- Yes, I do.
- This is something.
I'm home.
So you are.
Kaori... Just look at this.
- Oh, my god!
- I know!
Our guru in Morocco
painted this.
- Mom.
- By himself?
Yes. This one here
represents a child.
Oh, I can see that!
It's been 7 years.
Kaori, you do know this is not
some sort of scam?
- Yes, of course.
- I'm sure you do.
For the first time in her life
Ai started to go to school
- Murakami.
- Yes.
- Yokoyama.
- Yes.
- Yamashita.
- Yes.
- Watanabe.
- Yes.
All here.
We have a new classmate with us.
Can you write your name
on the board?
Maybe things you like too?
My name is Ananda.
I like God.
All right. Take a seat.
You can sit...
That empty seat over there.
I hope you all get along, guys.
Let's start.
What's our show and tell?
- Not decided.
- How about singing?
That's a bad idea.
Where are you going?
Should've gone before class.
It's here, right?
- Yeah.
- Think so.
- Uh, hello.
- Hello.
You all saw the
Twitter post, right?
Yeah, I saw it.
Sounds cool huh? I can't wait
to see the motorbike gang!
Eh? Motorbike gang?
I heard I can ride a Harley today.
No, motorbike gang.
- Yep, badass gang.
- Really?
- Look.
- That explains that.
- That's amazing!
- Good ain't it'?
- I borrowed it off my friend's bro.
- You got another?
Let's have a photo
showing off our gear.
- Ah, nice one.
- Since you're prepared.
You get in position too.
- In middle school?
- Yes.
Here we go.
Get ready.
Say cheese.
Ready and waiting!
Pump up y'all.
Where are your rides?
I took the train.
My mom gave me a lift.
I came straight from work.
What the hell?
Then double up.
We'll get to the motorway,
then pass the city hall, alright
W, wait a second.
What now?
Are you serious?
Of fucking course!
Like a motorbike gang?
We'll get arrested.
You fucking idiots?
That's why you're here right?
You're joining our gang.
All we wanted was to
take some photos.
You want out of the team?
We're not in your team yet.
Kenta, they wanna leave the team.
$500 each then.
- What?
- You gotta pay $500 to leave.
Huh, you gotta be joking.
- Ok.
- Hurry up.
Let's get outta here.
Stop it.
He said he'll pay my share.
I'll pay.
What's your name?
Ryota Sakuma.
You crack me up.
Let's get outta here.
That was how I met
Kenta and Yuji,
and I took my first steps
to hell.
Three years passed
before I saw Ai again.
Geez, Ryota!
It's been a while!
How're ya?
I'm good.
- You look well.
- Oi.
What're ya doin'?
My boyfriend, Haruki.
- Hello.
- Which school?
This guy was Ai's first love.
Kita High? You know Yamaguchi?
- Not sure.
- He was the head of a gang.
- No.
- No? How 'bout Miura?
He came out of a juvenile prison.
- Idunno.
- How 'bout Furuya?
- I don't know.
- You don't know him?
You're kinda funny, come to mine.
Since Ai ran away from
her maniac mother,
she has lived with his family.
She's Miharu,
Haruki's sister.
He's her boyfriend.
Which school?
Middle school students.
- Kita High.
- Kita High!
D'ya know Sugita in year 10?
Don't think so.
You don't?
He's a real badass.
Okay, that's enough.
Come in.
He's Kazuharu, the eldest.
Can you believe he's just 18?
He looked just like a Yakuza.
Which school?
- Kita High.
- Kita, yeah?
Do you know Fujii from year 11?
I don't think so.
You don't know?
- He left school 'coz you bullied him.
- Oh yeah!
She's Chee, still in a middle school.
She looked like a
club hostess to me.
Sit over here.
Ai found a new place
to fit in, here.
Fucking stinks.
She is their mother.
She had a tough life
becoming a mother at 14.
And she is a fearless
gambler who pours
all her benefits
into slot machines.
For the first time in Ai's life,
she felt a sense of unity
as a part of the family.
Family should stand by each other.
Where have they gone?
Er... Work?
- Yes?
- Um,
is Miharu home?
She's out now.
Hey, let's go.
Give me a second.
I'm Yuka, Miharu's classmate.
Can you give her a message?
What's up?
All her classmates wish Miharu
to come back to school.
Please tell her to be brave
and come to school.
Hey, forget about Miharu.
This place scares me.
- I feel sorry for her, though.
- Who cares?
Anyway, do you know who he is?
Isn't he from Kita High?
He's so cool!
I wanna get to know him.
This place is crazy.
Why don't you leave?
This is all I have.
One starts, the rest follow.
Like animals, huh?
Hey, Ai.
Sorry, Ryota.
I was convinced that for Ai,
no, for us both,
we needed a place
where we belong.
Doesn't matter where.
We just needed
somewhere to belong.
Ouch, ouch, ouch...
Ouch, ouch...
You won't get away with this!
Bark like a dog,
if you wanna go.
Fuck off!
You think you can run, idiot?
Hey you dropped your hat.
Are you okay?
What's this?
- One!
- Get down!
Did you touch my camera bag?
Huh? So What?
The lens is very expensive.
Did you break it?
What the hell?
C'mon we're off.
Hey, lady.
Untie us, will you?
You don't know
when to stop, do ya?
You idiot.
Oh Well.
Oh well? That's not an answer.
Mr. Kida, Hisaya Kida.
Please take this
payment slip with you.
What is that?
Unemployment benefit.
Continuous employment
benefit for the elderly
Wide area job seeking
activity expenses.
Support system for job seekers.
Housing support benefit.
Japan is heaven for the elderly.
You'd better get old quickly.
Being old is great.
What else have I got?
Collecting welfare benefits,
then to the hospital, Boss.
Something wrong?
Keep searching for any
illnesses for a rainy day.
Yakuza are cool.
Yakuza are there to use without
being one yourself, idiot.
Out of my WHY!
You're Haruki, eh?
Chika? Who the hell are ya?
- Manami, Chika's best friend.
- And?
Chika knows you are
cheating on her.
- I broke up with Chika.
- Huh?
- So.
- Huh?
She didn't break up with ya!
- Tough.
- Don't talk shit, prick.
Who the fuck is calling my
brother a prick, you bitch!
Wanna fight, eh?
Who the hell are ya?
Manami from Nishi High!
That Manami...?
Ken's girlfriend?
- Yeah.
- I see.
Well, you could have
mentioned that before...
Chika is Ken's sister.
Be aware of the family connection
to avoid a sticky situation.
Geez, Chika. I never wanted
to break up with you.
But Ai insisted.
She didn't give a shit.
Is that true?
You made him
ditch her, slut!
I'm gonna kill myself.
What the hell!
Don't be silly.
I won't let you get away!
Come on.
Gonna get some smokes.
Ai's first love left town
straight away.
No! No!
I know what you did to Sis.
You stole him from Chika,
you gotta pay!
Are you serious, Chika?
She deserves it.
She'll die.
I want her dead.
How 'bout a vote?
Kill her!
Die, bitch!
Let's get started.
I was up against 60 armed
guys with baseball bats.
Me, alone in my vest, no armour.
Guess what happened?
What happened?
- I took them all down!
- No way, respect!
I donated all the baseball bats
to a batting cage.
Who the hell are ya...
Wanna piece of me?
Don't you know who I am?
I'm yakuza!
Do I look like I care?
Wait, you'll be in a deep shit
if someone finds out.
You are getting on
Kenta's nerve.
- Kenta?
- That's him.
- You mean, Kenta Kitagawa?
- I told ya.
- Brother.
- Agh, get off!
Kill them all, you're yakuza.
Shut up, Chika!
- Where's Ai?
- That way.
- Manami, help me.
- Shut up.
- Ai!
- Hello!
This must be the place.
- Hello!
- Ai!
C'mon, Ai!
Hey, Ai.
Are you alright?
Wait, Ai.
Where will Ai go from here?
Perhaps, it's only a
dead-end ahead.
Excuse me.
You were at Miharu's, right?
What are you doing here?
Look at you.
Are you okay?
I'm going on a picnic
with my parents.
Why don't you come?
Come with us.
Get in.
I know you're tough,
but Russians are tough too.
I think we are alike
in attitude.
They're the real deal.
Ken, look up Russia, space, fight
on YouTube. You'll see loads.
I wanna smoke.
Though I like Russians, I reckon
I could aim to go above them.
Shut it! What d'you know
about Russians, eh?
Wait, stop over there.
- What?
- Move!
- What, what?
- What's wrong, Ken?
What is it?
I'll carry the tank.
- What's up, Ken?
- Her?
Got some money?
That's it.
- Yuji.
- I'm broke.
Not again.
What? Who?
For the camera lens.
Mita Residence
What is it?
- Not again.
- Why not?
It's good for you.
Take a seat.
A new place, a new family
and a new Ai.
Let's eat.
Don't be shy.
Hey, Dad.
Morn. Have you thought about it?
I'm not sure what her
parents think of this.
But Darling,
she's been left alone.
How could they? Even though
they work abroad?
Let her stay with us, until
her parents get back?
I always wanted a big sister.
I wish...
I could be a part of
Yuka's family, too.
Ai wished to stay with this
family for good.
Ai found a group of friends
as well as the new home
You're cute.
- Boyfriend?
- Not really.
- How was the bath?
- Great!
- Nice. Come again.
- Yep.
You look happy.
Do I?
That was you!
- No, it's you.
- I got a tiny one,
but his is minute.
I could barely see it.
His dick is tiny.
Will you...
wait for me until I'm out?
Sorry, it slipped out.
This is bad.
I keep losing.
Your turn Ai.
- No way.
- You can win.
Rock, paper, scissors!
I take underwater pictures.
Would you like one?
- This one is very close.
- Uh-huh.
This one looks cool,
it's like bonsai.
But, why fish? What for'?
I work at a fisheries lab, I find
trout's spawning grounds.
To eat, right?
See you.
Isn't this funny?
No, don't touch it.
- Wrong.
- Darling.
Hi, join us, Ai.
Look! Wanna see a bit?
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Are you alone?
Yeah, Mom and Yuka went out.
Care for a massage?
No, it's okay.
I'm very good at it.
This way.
Over here.
You are very kind, Ai.
Yuka doesn't wanna
touch the 'old man.'
What's wrong?
You're not my real father,
but you've been so kind to me.
Can I call you Dad?
Of course.
Thank you.
Rock, paper, scissors!
Look this way!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Look this way!
- Lost again.
- One more time!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Look this way!
Rock, paper, scissors!
- Morning.
- Again!
Look this way!
Good morning!
- Hi, Yuka.
- Hi.
There is nothing left.
I'm so hungry.
You got up too late.
Look, Ai is already up.
One more time!
Time to go, Darling.
Oh yeah.
What fun.
- I'm off.
- Take care.
- Let's go.
- See you.
- Hey, Dad.
- Yeah?
Is that tie new?
This? It was the present from Ai.
For my birthday, 3 days ago.
Didn't you know that?
The way you call her,
is too friendly.
She's my friend, you know?
Why are you being moody?
Ai's left school to work
long hours in a factory.
You should look up to her.
Hey Ryota.
- But Ai...
- It's okay.
- What is it'?
- Just wait.
Please read this.
I'm sorry.
Did I upset you?
Uh, nah.
I'm in love with someone.
Oh, I see.
This one.
He's joking.
- I'm serious.
- Shut up!
- What's that for?
- Sweet couple.
We're not a couple, no way!
Stop kidding around.
- Huh.
- Idiot!
- Looking good!
- Sorry, I kept you waiting.
- Wow!
- This is Beef Tagliata.
Where did you learn?
I practiced a bit.
- You are full of surprises, Ai.
- Yes, indeed.
- I'm home.
- Hiya.
Wash your hands.
Ai cooked something special.
Homemade Tiramisu.
- Look at this!
- Looks yummy!
What's this for?
Today is our wedding anniversary.
Ai cooked for us as a gift.
Ticking every occasion, huh?
What's with you?
I'm grateful for what Mom
and Dad are doing for me.
My Mom and Dad.
But they are my Mom
and Dad as well now.
- Stealing my family, you creep!
- Yuka!
Mom, kick this bitch out
of our house, right now!
- Get off! Get out!
- That's enough, Yuka!
Apologize to Ai.
You've been brainwashed?
I'm the only daughter you have!
We are family,
Ai is your sister.
Be nice.
No way. Definitely not!
- Serena, go to table one.
- Yes, thank you.
Dad, Dad, please!
Please don't go!
Listen to me, Dad! Please!
Please wait, Dad!
Please just listen to me.
There is a reason, Dad.
All I wanted is give you and
Morn loads more presents.
Don't call me Dad!
Please! Please let me explain!
- Enough!
- Please. Please!
Just listen to me, please!
This way!
- Where?
- Please!
Dad. I'm your daughter,
so you can...
do whatever you like.
Do whatever you like!
Please leave my house
by tomorrow.
"I shed all my tears
to the last drop".
Leaving these words behind,
Ai disappeared from my sight.
Boss Kida has no idea?
Risky, isn't it?
I told ya, no problem.
You're getting it cheaper,
stop yapping about.
You little shit.
Since Ai disappeared, I became
someone even I don't know.
The city of darkness.
All I wanted was to save
enough money and be gone.
Hello, Mr. Sugihara?
It's Kitamura.
Are you all set for career
guidance tomorrow?
I have to visit my student now.
Speak soon.
- I'm Mina.
- Hiya.
- I'll set the timer.
- Yeah.
- Fifty minutes?
- Yeah.
- Shower...
- Don't bother.
The scent of sweat
turns me on.
Oh yeah.
I like your ass, baby.
Did you do any sports?
- Not allowed.
- Oh, come on.
It's the must thing nowadays
to secure your customers.
Let me do it, yeah?
- Put this out.
- I can't
- It's okay, I'll be nice.
- No.
- I'm not allowed.
- It's fine.
I'm not allowed.
Oh yeah.
Dirty girl.
Stray fish will swim aimlessly
in the sea, forever.
Like I'm swimming.
As if I was a fish.
Hey, Ryota.
It's been a while.
You haven't changed.
That wasn't the Ai I knew,
she had changed a lot.
Still in high school?
Yeah, I am.
I'm home.
You must...
make me dinner right away.
- I'm starving.
- Sorry, Mom.
My friend, Ryota.
Her mother became a Christian,
her 13th religion.
Ready made meals again?
There weren't many left.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive them that
trespass against us.
Hey, Ryota.
Shall we?
Come on.
Stop it.
What's that for?
Hit me again.
Please hit me more.
Go on, hit me.
Please, hit me harder!
Hit me.
Let go!
We can't stay here.
Let's leave, yeah?
I've got money,
let's go to Tokyo.
We'll be fine in Tokyo,
trust me!
My name is Ananda.
This town is killing you,
come with me!
Can't you realize we have...
different lives?
Goddamit, I kill ya!
Sorry, sorry.
I'm so sorry, I am.
- You're nothing without Kenta.
- Yes, sorry.
Take those two, leave this wuss.
Ouch! Sorry.
Thank you.
You'll die here, prick!
You've gone too far!
I am number one!
In this town, every day
someone breaks down.
...and this.
Come on, hurry up.
Yet every day someone
is also saved.
Is there room for this?
At the back.
Do you know black kokanee?
- Black kokanee?
- Yes.
Their silver body turns black
at spawning season.
- Isn't it cool?
- I wanna see it.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Dive with me?
- I can't.
- It's okay, only 30 meters.
- Thirty?
- Yep.
- It's amazing.
- I bet.
- Let's dive.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- Stop that.
- I'm not taking.
- No.
- I'm just looking.
- Huh?
Second thought...
- I'll stick with fish.
- You...
- Amazing!
- Fish aren't just food.
That's what people say.
Never seen anything like that.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Shall we go again?
- Yes.
It ain't a joke!
Something is about to
explode in the town.
Fuckin' assholes!
This is war, kill them all!
What the fuck?
- Let's talk to Kenta.
- You chicken shit!
He ain't the boss of me.
Get the fuck up!
I'm gonna kill him.
Fucking loser.
You hear me?
Finally. Back from smooching, huh?
- What's up?
- Eh?
Have you chickened out?
Watch your mouth, kid.
You ain't my boss, idiot.
We can get our own back.
What's wrong with you, Yuji?
You know about Ryota?
Going to university?
Don't make me puke, man.
Think about the future, y'all.
Why don't you move on?
We do this then we done.
Who needs ya?
I heard you're losing ground.
I'm on it, keep your nose out.
I told ya not to come here!
I wanted to see your work.
C'mon, let's go.
What's wrong?
Evening, Mr. Kida.
Isn't she pretty?
No, just a friend.
Let's go for dinner soon.
Gotta Chat With Yuji.
- Mr. Kida.
- Eh?
Could you leave Yuji alone?
How come?
What's up with ya?
I'm sorry.
- Who is he'?
- My big client.
Let's go.
Don't be stupid.
- Shut it.
- Huh?
I'm worried.
It's over now.
How about 100 meters?
- 100, huh?
- Yes.
- It's hard.
- Really?
- Does it cost a lot?
- Equipment isn't cheap.
About how much?
- 5000 dollars.
- What?
Gotta work then.
- Okay, thank you.
- Good luck!
Thank you. I'll do my best.
Remember me?
I'm Kenta's friend.
He's in big trouble.
It's hard to say but,
he's involved with a gang.
I'm going there to help him.
Can I come with you?
This is bad, man.
It's Yuji. That gangster
kidnapped him.
- Oh shit.
- Calm down.
- Where's the others?
- There.
Give me that.
Give me that.
Are you an animal?
Mr. Kida will get you for this.
Are you an idiot?
Do it.
Do it.
I'm sorry, Kenta!
Forgive me!
Sorry Kenta, sorry.
You're gonna work with this lot.
Alright, man?
- They are...
- You know,
Kenta's worthless.
It's your turn to make history.
Coexistence is the key.
wanna see the show?
How's she?
- This girl is really dirty.
- Oh yeah?
Hey, where am I?
Here? Tell you what.
Welcome to hell, baby.
You wanna dance?
Hello? Ai?
Let's get outta here.
Hello? Hey!
My money!
Goddamit, why?
Morning, Boss.
I never thought Kenta'd
let me down,
and you'd became a yakuza.
Life is full of surprises.
I'll work hard.
- I'm counting on ya.
- Yes.
- Oi.
- Yes.
- Chupa Chups.
- Yes, Boss.
Go and get them.
- Let's go somewhere.
- No.
- Why?
- Can't be bothered.
- Go for a drive?
- Boring.
- This is a Jaguar, y'know?
- So?
Huh? How about the Zoo?
- Nope.
- I'm off.
Fuck off then, ugly bitches.
- Let's go.
- Yep.
- Asshole.
- Who's the asshole? Bitch!
Ryota, come with me.
Whose is this?
Kida lent you the car?
Nah, he's dead.
He's in the trunk.
Wanna see?
No thanks.
Get in.
Every Japanese
appreciates Mt. Fuji.
Huge, isn't it?
Hey, Ryota.
Why don't we
get outta town?
Away from that shithole.
Maybe go abroad.
Like the movie
you told me before.
The movie about
escaping from prison.
We can go to a town
with the sea.
We can rent
an apartment there.
You know what,
I really like you.
Don't get me wrong.
What I meant was...
Was it you?
Neither you nor Kenta,
I won't let you go away.
You are going nowhere
without me.
Ryota, don't leave me!
Ryota, man.
How can you leave me?
Everyone belongs somewhere.
Yes, everyone does.
Don't leave me!
Sorry Ryo!
Ryo... Ryota!
There are many animals in the zoo.
If there's only one animal left
in the zoo. No one cares.
Public Assistance Act.
The problem is illegal receipt.
More younger recipients.
Organized Benefit Fraud.
Mark this chapter.
That's it.
Ryota, Ryota!
- Ouch, what?
- I made the call.
The call?
- Did you?
- Hell, yeah.
- Drink tonight.
- 7pm, right?
- Listen!
- Yeah.
I'm sure this is real.
The number in
4th campus's toilet.
It was a woman.
- Maybe a student here?
- No.
- No way, man.
- She said she's up for it.
She's coming. Right?
- She had a sexy voice.
- Not coming.
Ai found a new place where
she can shine, in Tokyo.
Not in the classroom.
But baby, you're all wet
down there.
- Um...
- Do you want it?
I want yours.
Well done, Ananda.
- Are you tired?
- No, I'm okay.
Ai and Lavi reunited
after he got out of prison.
Is this date okay?
- Fine.
- This day?
Thank you for your work, Ananda.
You were fantastic,
amazing work.
- Thank you so much.
- Great.
- See you soon.
- Yes.
- Can I shake hands with you?
- Of course.
- Thank you so much.
- Thanks.
You're my inspiration.
Thank you, good luck.
- Thank you, see you next time.
- Thank you.
The Adult Video industry
is in trouble now.
Again, Ai found a new place
to fit in.
I got it!
I took some photos.
Not as well as you
for sure, Reika.
Maybe trout, or black bass?
I had a surprise.
I think I saw Nessie.
Do you know Nessie?
"Animal Fuck, Ananda"
I'm your biggest fan.
- And supporter.
- Thanks.
- So glad to meet you.
- Me too.
- Thank you.
- It's time.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I bought five DVDs.
Thanks for your support.
Thank you.
Without you, I wouldn't
be alive today
God won't forsake you.
- You will be saved.
- Yes.
- It's time.
- Thank you.
- Time, please.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Ai became Ananda again, and
many people were saved by her.
Bonus time is over.
Thank you.
It's time.
- You got it?
- Take a look.
Looking good!
I wish I bought the bonus too.
I'm not asking for forgiveness,
but I wanted to apologize.
- Excuse me.
- It's okay.
You look well.
What do you do, now?
I go to University in Tokyo.
I see.
Well then.
Thank you.
You know...
I've been...
...ever since...
First love, strikes
everyone in an instant.
Along time has passed
since I had that moment,
yet it stays with me forever.
I must tell you one thing.
I'm not like you.
I never fear solitude.
I transcend,
proudly independent!
You ain't like me.
You are one of a kind.
What are you doing?
Are you all right?
Stop that.
Cut it out. Stop it.
Hold on, wait.
Hey, stop right there!
This is my love story.
Every story comes to an end.
And a new story begins.
Ananda thank you for being heartless.
- You want me to smack you.
- Please.
I'll never desert you.