Love and Shukla (2017) Movie Script

Take me to Sion, please.
-Sion. Let's go.
No, I won't go in that direction.
It's very crowded at this time.
Please, take me there
otherwise I'll have to look
for another auto rickshaw.
How will I reach there?
I'll pay you extra.
I don't care if you pay me extra or not.
I said I won't go. Get down and
find another auto rickshaw.
You're available.
Please, let's go.
I have to buy medicines for my mother.
Fine, but that place
is usually crowded at this time
and I won't find a passenger
while returning.
Fine, I'll pay you return fare as well.
Please, take me there.
I want to buy medicines.
Please, let's go.
Okay, sir. I am only going
because it's an emergency.
I don't go in that direction usually.
Now hurry up.
Here we are. Hold on.
Hold on.
-How much did you lend me?
-I gave you 400 bucks.
Four hundred bucks.
And your fare is 450 bucks.
-225 bucks is your return fare.
So the total is 1075 bucks.
Here is 2000 bucks and I'll need 75 more.
-I'll go and get it.
-That's not a big deal.
You're paying me return fare after all.
But that's not fair. You helped me out.
I'll pay you the entire fare.
-You brought me here. You helped me.
-But 75 bucks is not...
If I run into you again tomorrow,
will you help me? You won't.
But, I have to go.
Look, I'll give you the entire fare.
1075 bucks.
Look... Do you see that building?
I have an apartment in it.
I'll get it right away. Just give me
a minute. I'll pay you 1075 bucks.
Let it be, sir.
Just give me a minute, buddy.
Just a minute.
I'll be right back.
Please hurry up, sir.
Just a minute, I'll be right back.
Yes, Mom!
Give me a cup of tea, please.
So he fooled you too?
What do you mean?
That guy.
-That guy?
-You mean that guy?
Yes, he's the one.
He's no gentleman.
This is how he cheats people.
He uses the excuse of
his mother's illness...
and brings auto rickshaw drivers
all the way here.
He takes their money and runs away.
I guess he gave you a similar excuse.
The auto rickshaw driver
who came before you
paid for his beer,
and lent him more money.
And he didn't pay his fare
that time either.
-At least have a cup of tea.
-Yeah, yeah. Make it.
I'll also make a paan for you.
So, you're getting married?
His mom has chosen a girl for him.
Your life is about to get ruined.
Why? Did your life get ruined?
Yes, it did.
Before his wedding,
he would come here every evening
with a bottle of beer.
I've been calling him for almost a month
but he only showed up now.
And do you know why?
Because his wife is visiting her parents.
Am I lying?
See, right in the pocket.
Son, sex isn't like a game of carom
where you can get it in a single stroke.
You'll be totally screwed
and then we will talk.
No one ever got screwed, understand.
This is all nonsense.
You make it sound like
you've fucked a lot of girls.
He's telling the truth.
What will you do on your wedding night?
Tell me. Do you know anything?
I know everything.
-I've seen a lot of porn movies.
Oh, God!
Get lost!
If you try to replicate them,
she will kick you out
on your first night itself.
He is all words and no action.
"I am a Brahmin.
It's a sin for us to even look at girls."
Etcetera, etcetera...
So what's wrong with that?
-I am a Brahmin.
What's wrong with that?
We're taught to respect women
and not to ogle at them.
This is what my mother always taught me.
Your mother told you
not to stare at girls.
But she said nothing about watching
nude girls in those films?
Those girls are not from our country.
"They are not from our country!"
After marriage...
it's important to keep your wife happy.
You understand what I mean?
If you fail...
she will immediately
look for other options.
And then you will keep jerking off.
Do you get it?
Shukla, he's right.
A woman can endure anything.
She can stay hungry
or even put up with torture.
-Very true.
-But she needs a really good sex life.
If you fail in that,
then you have no chance.
Everything gets ruined.
You asshole... shut up.
Stop teaching me wisdom.
Look at yourself.
You've been jerking off all your life.
You will never find a girl for yourself.
Now that I am getting one,
you're jealous.
Everyone says that, man.
But the real test begins
when it's time to have sex.
I have a friend.
-When he had sex for the first time...
-He was down with fever for two days.
-Oh no.
-He got an infection.
-What's wrong?
If that's the case, then I'll clean
my wife with Dettol every day.
What do you keep thinking about?
Look, I'll keep my wife happy
and emotionally too.
If you ever face a problem,
then do let me know.
I'll start coming over to your house
to watch television.
If I see you anywhere near my house,
I will kill you.
I won't let you even look at her.
In fact, I won't let anyone of you
come near her.
No one.
None of you are trustworthy.
And as far as my kids are concerned...
-My kids...
My kids will only be mine.
-Just mine.
-What an idiot!
-Get lost!
-Get down.
-Step down, drunkard!
-Step down. Drunkard!
-I won't.
You broke the light.
How are we going to play now?
The bride entered the house.
Stop beating the drums.
Pack everything
and put in the car.
The other party is waiting for us.
Let's move.
Come on. Let's go.
Why have you gathered here? Leave.
You can come and see her tomorrow.
She won't change.
Get going? Leave.
They're crowding the place.
You, idiot. What are you still doing here?
You think your mother is dancing here?
Dear God!
Your wedding was really stressful.
Lakshmi, get me a glass of water.
You're too much.
She just got here and
you're asking her to fetch water.
How would she know where is the water
and where are the glasses?
Of course, your house is so big!
She wouldn't know where water is!
If you feel so offended,
then go get it yourself.
You know where the glasses are
and where the water is kept.
Look at him!
He has started taunting his mother
the moment his wife stepped in.
Give it, Lakshmi.
Your father-in-law
drinks tea at this time.
Can you make some?
Oh, God!
Radha, did you call me?
What do you think?
You think Rohit must've left her?
Of course, he did.
He had already left her.
I've got nothing to do
with your factory, Rishabh.
But I can easily save you from this mess.
How, Radha? How?
I have a condition for you.
A condition?
You will have to accept me as your wife.
Oh, God!
-Shruti is such a bitch!
-What are you saying. Shruti?
She doesn't care
about her father's factory.
All she wants is Prashant.
The only agenda of these witches
is to ruin the family.
-And on the other hand is Radha.
I always knew this would happen.
Prashant, today you have to decide
if you want to save Radha or the factory.
-Didn't I tell you this would happen?
-Just friends.
-...please marry me.
-I knew this would happen.
-I'll give you Dr. Hiranandani's number.
He is a cardiologist.
Look at what she's doing.
-I want to study, manage business...
-Move aside.
Why are we suddenly
talking about the wedding?
Are you going to watch TV all night?
Don't you want to sleep?
What about this kid, Sunny?
Go and sleep.
Why are you doing this, Sunny?
Why did you get me married
in the first place?
-Only for your love...
-Don't get desperate.
You won't die if you wait for a few days.
The priest said
it's not an auspicious time.
What about the kid, Sunny?
Now go!
I did everything you asked me to.
This is our kid.
-One won't find peace in this house.
-You don't understand.
We will have to get married, Sunny.
I'll break the TV one day!
Then I'll see what you watch.
-TV is all you care about.
-What will I tell my parents?
You want to study
and want to go to Oxford.
Sunny, what about this child in my womb?
Why are you doing this, Sunny?
I did everything you asked me to.
This is our kid.
Sunny... Three months have passed.
We have to get married, Sunny.
We will have to get married, Sunny.
Sunny, think about our love.
What happened? Turn on the lights.
What happened?
What happened, Lakshmi?
Why are you shaking?
-Tell me what happened.
-Nothing happened.
-She is new to this house.
I'll get water for you.
Have some water, dear.
Drink it. You will feel better.
I was her age when I got married.
I've seen enough in this house.
I never screamed so loudly.
Listen, sleep on that side.
And, you, lie down on this side.
-Who's going to turn off the lights?
-You do it.
I am in bed already.
As it is I don't get to sleep
and she's creating a scene.
Happy birthday, Brother.
Yesterday's party was so much fun.
Brother, I have a confession to make.
I know everything.
What do you mean?
Why did you do this?
Look at me.
You never hit me, Brother.
-But today, you slapped me!
-I wish!
I wish I'd have slapped you earlier.
This wouldn't have happened
had I slapped you earlier.
Khurana Industries is the most
famous company in the country.
But your one mistake has ruined us.
Brother, I didn't know this would happen.
You're saying you didn't know?
Patel from the Patel Industries
was our servant earlier.
Today, he's become our boss.
You ruined my life by getting
me married into that family.
You should've at least
enquired about his family.
I don't have peace in that house.
You don't know my struggles.
He only listens to his mother and not me.
I won't go back to that house now.
What happened?
What's wrong?
What happened? Why are you crying?
-Say something. What happened?
-How could he hit me?
Am I an orphan?
How dare he hit me!
He didn't say a word to his mother
and just slapped me.
As if I don't have parents.
I told him
I have a family too...
and I am not a burden for them.
Sunil slapped you?
-But why? What happened?
-His mother.
Old hag!
She calls me infertile!
She keeps taunting me...
for not having kids.
She keeps telling me those
who married later have kids
and I am sterile!
Look, if I'm a burden to you,
then let me know!
I will take up a job
and take care of myself.
But I am not going back to that house.
Stop being so short tempered.
Listen to what the other one has to say.
This is your house.
You can stay as long as you want.
But you shouldn't fight with your husband.
Women should stay
at their husband's place.
Rupa is right.
That place is like hell
and she won't go back there.
Stop screaming.
First ask her what happened.
Stop arguing with me.
What do I ask her?
Can't you make it out from her face?
She was so healthy when she left.
And now she's become so skinny.
Tell me something.
Who chose Sunil for her?
You did, right?
What did you like about him back then?
Why are you cursing him now?
No need to argue with me.
My daughter is not a liability.
And listen carefully.
She won't go back until he finds
a separate house for them.
We're not desperate.
We're Brahmins!
No one can suppress us!
I will make him suffer for this.
Fine. Do as you please.
-Get going.
Come, dear.
What are you looking at?
Get some water for her.
Calm down, dear. Don't worry.
I am here. I'll handle everything.
Don't you worry.
Calm down, dear.
Radha! Radha! Radha!
What do you want?
The factory or Radha?
Oh, God. She is such a bitch.
I knew she was going to do that.
You have left me no choice, Shruti.
-I have two ways but...
-Lakshmi, make me a cup of tea.
I have a splitting headache.
-I knew it, Prashant.
I knew it.
I won't spare Radha.
What happened?
Are you taking that down?
-Yes, the function is over.
-But why?
Well, the wedding is over now
so I am taking it down.
-Let it stay up a few more days.
-No, the function is over.
Give me the keys.
Hello, Mr. Groom.
You're back so early.
I thought maybe I'll have to send
some men to drag you out of bed.
Here's the key.
And listen...
Take down the pictures of Sonakshi Sinha
from the auto rickshaw.
Do you have any more desires left
now that you're married?
Take those pictures down, Shukla,
or else your wife will get angry.
Take it down.
Dr. Shalini has told you
not to eat too many sweets.
Just get some.
Will I have to ask Dr. Shalini
for everything?
Fine, I'll get some.
By the way, when are you returning?
Thursday? Are you sure?
You won't return before that, will you?
You have so many pictures
of Sonakshi Sinha in here?
-Is this how you spend your nights?
-Tell us what you do. Come on.
Do you moan, huh?
Motherfucker, when are you
returning my money?
You haven't been answering
my calls for two months now.
Your secretary keeps
telling me that sir is busy.
If you don't have money,
why did you hire a secretary?
Stop. Pull over there.
You can't handle it. Pull over.
I don't want to travel in
your auto rickshaw.
-I am already late.
-Sir, wait, sir.
Sir, you said left, so I took a left turn.
I am talking to you, drive slowly.
He's not ready to listen.
I'm a senior citizen.
Do you want to cause an accident?
Is that all you have?
Show your gun to Uncle.
Show it to him.
Hello, Papa?
Your auto... I like your auto rickshaw.
Your hair is full of lice.
Didn't your mother-in-law
buy shampoo for you?
Your scalp is so dirty.
You haven't even oiled your hair.
Stay put.
Hey. Hello.
It's me.
How are you?
Hello, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Answer me.
Okay. Is anybody there around you?
I called you because...
I am embarrassed about
whatever happened last night.
Please forgive me.
You will forgive me, won't you?
Lakshmi, I didn't do it intentionally.
I know nothing about all this.
I don't know how and when...
I didn't realize what I was doing.
I'm really embarrassed.
I love you a lot.
Anyway, forgive me, please.
You will forgive me, won't you? Hmm?
You will forgive me, won't you?
Okay, listen.
Today... when I come home,
please open the door.
Greet me with a beautiful smile.
I will get flowers for you.
Which flowers do you like?
I want you to open the door
when I come back.
-Don't stay around Mom.
-Where are you, Manu?
Hello, yeah.
I am on my way.
So I thought I should call up
and tell you that I am coming.
Get two pounds of lentils and four pounds
of sugar when you come back.
Okay. Is that all,
or do want something else?
Nothing else, just come home soon.
She wants me to get lentils and sugar!
He's completely lost it.
What happened?
What happened, Rupa? Rupa?
Switch on the lights.
What happened, child?
Tell me. What happened?
She's out of breath.
Get a glass of water.
-He left me alone once again, Mom.
-Stop crying.
Don't cry. Rupa.
This time when he left me,
I was at the seashore.
Why did you go to the sea?
Here. Drink some water.
Mom... Mom...
I was walking by the sea.
A big wave came towards me.
I ran to save him.
I held his hand really tight.
-But he let go of my hand!
-My poor baby! Calm down.
You must be scared.
-You must've had a nightmare.
-I am all alone now, Mom.
-He left me again and went far away.
Open your eyes. Take a look.
Your father, your brother...
we're all here.
We won't let any harm come to you.
Calm down.
Shut up!
Stop shouting.
-Here, drink some water.
I don't want water.
Switch off the lights.
My poor child!
He's even troubling her in her dreams.
Sunil is a rascal!
I always knew he would do this to her.
We're going to the market.
Lakshmi is all alone at home.
Please look after her.
Look after her. She is new to
this place and she is alone.
Don't worry, I will be there with her.
Buy it for 100 bucks.
You're back so soon?
Your mother asked me
to look after the house.
She said Lakshmi will be alone at home.
Yeah, actually Mom called me
and said that I should bring Lakshmi.
It's good you came back.
See, she isn't even talking to me.
She's so shy.
Now that you're back,
she will be really happy.
You're very lucky to have
such a beautiful wife.
But why is she so shy?
Bless you. I'll see you.
I will wait downstairs.
Sir, I want a room.
We want a room.
For how many hours?
Two or three hours.
And who is she?
She's my wife.
Fine, show me your driving license.
That will be 1000 bucks for two hours.
-A thousand bucks?
You must pay the full amount in advance.
It's only 700 for the entire day.
And I only want it for two hours.
Look, the rates are separate
for an overnight stay.
That's the rent during the day.
Do you want it or not?
Take them to room number 208.
Oh yes.
Sit here, I'll be right back.
Sit here, I'll be right back.
Are you okay?
I mean you aren't getting scared, right?
I brought you here because...
I wanted to talk to you.
We... don't get any
chance to talk at home.
I know... you're a genuine woman.
But I don't know what you think of me.
I promise to keep you happy.
You need not be scared of me or my family.
I won't let you suffer... like my sister.
Soon... I'll arrange for a house.
For the two of us.
I got something for you.
You might like it.
Shall I help you wear it?
Does this hurt?
Here, keep this.
Should I switch on the TV?
Would you like to watch it?
Dad, you know,
you've always treated me
like a 22-year-old kid.
Even mom...
But Nidhi...
Tell me...
If you... accept us...
In fact, if you accept the three of us
that will make me happy.
Dad, please...
Please accept us.
Where did you get her from?
Sir, she's my wife.
Whose wife is she?
No, sir.
You're wrong. She is my wife.
Tell me, whose wife is she?
I am telling the truth. She is my wife.
I wanted to talk to her,
so I brought her here.
Who pays a thousand bucks
to talk to his wife?
Do you think I'm stupid?
Did you sleep with her or not?
Believe me, she is my wife.
Give me her number.
-Give me her number.
-I swear, she is my wife.
Give me her number.
Sir, I only wanted to talk.
-Sir, she's my wife.
-Stop arguing.
We're married, sir. Have a look at this.
Here, look. We're married.
Motherfucker, was this
the only place you found?
Get lost from here.
And you picked this fucking asshole?
What about the others?
They brought their mothers here?
You wasted my time.
Now sit.
Does my mom know about this?
Let me tell her.
Manu, what are you doing here
sitting at the door?
Nothing, just like that.
Should I?
Oh, my!
When did this happen?
Has Mom seen this?
Who is this for? For Manu?
Mom, look at Lakshmi.
He was waiting for us to go out
and he got Lakshmi all dressed up.
Wow! You're looking so beautiful.
And this perfume.
She's smelling so nice.
Who bought it for you? Manu?
Manu. You never get anything for me.
These bangles are so pretty.
You were waiting for us to leave?
I see! Oh!
You're looking so gorgeous.
No. I don't know.
Tomorrow I am busy.
You can come the day after.
Fine, come over.
No, I am not scared of my boyfriend, okay.
You know that.
Take a left turn from here.
This one's broken as well.
I don't have change.
What do you mean you don't have change?
It's your job to carry change.
You have to.
You're right, ma'am.
But I just started
and you're my first customer.
I don't get it.
Do you want me to keep
traveling up and down for you?
Or produce change from thin air?
Don't get angry, ma'am.
I really don't have change.
Who's getting angry?
It's your job to give change.
Don't try to teach me.
Ma'am, believe me.
I don't have change today.
-So you don't have change today.
-You don't, do you?
Then don't take money at all.
Stay here.
Ma'am, listen...
I'll get change for you.
How dare you touch me?
I know your intentions.
-Ma'am, I was saying I'll get change.
-You'll get change?
-From where? The tree?
-There are shops here, I'll ask...
-Why didn't you say that before?
Why were you pretending before?
Uncle, he's following me for the money.
-What's going on?
-Nothing, sir, I just...
He's trying to misbehave with me.
He was constantly starting at me
in the mirror.
-Was looking at me.
-Is this how you behave with girls?
-Now get out of here.
-How dare you come into this society area
-Madam, why...
-in the first place?
-Uncle, get him out.
Get out. Get out of here.
Get out of here.
-What took you so long?
-Get out of here.
Now go get back in your auto rickshaw.
Come on.
Because of people like him,
we can't go out.
Get out of the society.
You start drooling
every time you see a lonely girl.
We can't step out of our houses
because of them.
Are they ruling the country?
Look, see how fresh these vegetables are.
Touch them.
Yeah. Next time, feel them before you buy.
What is this? Don't just take anything.
When will you learn?
You've learned nothing all these years.
-Do you have peas?
-Yes, I do.
Lakshmi, buy some fresh peas.
Manu loves Matar Paneer.
Don't forget to ask
about the things he likes to eat.
I'll go get some bananas.
So tell me. How are you
getting along with Manu?
It's good.
You're lucky to have a husband like Manu.
He loves you so much.
He's giving you time
to get along with the family.
Is he saving time for other things too?
Wow! How nice!
You know, my husband
wouldn't let go of me.
It was like he would get possessed.
He would keep doing it day and night.
Those were the days!
And sometimes he would
start doing it in the kitchen.
I would be cooking in the kitchen
and he would creep up from behind and...
Just imagine. How is my brother?
Has he done anything yet?
If it was my husband he wouldn't
have left me alone even for a moment.
He's never embarrassed
doing anything in front of everyone.
My husband is like an animal.
-How much do I need to pay?
-Thirty rupees.
Imagine what it was like.
Keeps doing it day in and day out.
Here, take this.
I couldn't even sleep properly
for a month after my wedding.
What is this?
I asked you to check the vegetables
before buying.
Pick them up and take a look
and you will notice the difference.
See, this one's so soft.
-You shouldn't buy these.
-Show me.
These are too soft.
You shouldn't even touch these.
I think the ones that are a little
hard are much better.
Am I right, Mom?
Look at this one. It's perfect.
Yes, this one's right.
It's pretty rare to find one like this.
Take it, take it.
I am God.
Which God?
The God of Sex.
Okay, the God of Sex.
Come down and get your ass in the chair.
My foot!
You're more like Shikhandi. Shikhandi!
I am not Shikhandi.
What is this?
Why is your sister
always there in your house?
I don't know, man.
My life's completely fucked.
Rascals... You guys...
lectured me on sex before I got married.
But you never mentioned anything about
problems that come after the wedding.
We were only having fun.
We're all facing the same problems.
Except for him.
Because he has only one motto.
Always be self-sufficient.
You're better off.
You have no issues when it comes
to women or space.
Just keep at it.
But what are your parents doing?
My parents are doing
what parents normally do.
I mean...
my mother...
is always either cursing Rupa's in-laws...
or watching TV.
That's what she enjoys.
-And your father?
-My father...
I salute my father.
He's made up a wall of suitcases
in the room for me.
And suggested I should go for it.
But tell me, how can I do it?
That's the problem.
Look, Shukla, the reality is,
that you must buy a separate house.
Say something new.
Even I know this. You keep saying
the same thing over and over again.
Shall I say something, Shukla?
I hope you don't feel offended.
You don't have courage.
What do you mean?
You don't have the courage
to take your decisions.
You're responsible for your own problems.
And no one else.
First figure that out
and then complain here.
I'll show you what I can do.
You're leaving.
Are you really going?
Yes, I am.
I'll show you what I can do.
-Shall I drop you?
Listen, your house is in that direction.
I know.
Then go that way.
"I know."
Dear animal, Lord Shiva is not here
at this moment!
He has gone for a dance.
But I can get you to meet Menaka.
Lord Narada.
Please arrange a meeting with her then.
I will be grateful...
Are you drunk?
Yes, I am drunk.
I will drink every day.
And if you don't open the door,
I will break it open.
What will you do?
This is all I have left
to see in my last days.
Yes, I will do whatever I want.
What did you drink?
You can't even differentiate
between right and wrong.
You should've thought about your wife.
She's been trying to call you
since morning.
-You should've answered her calls.
-Who called me?
No one called me.
Lakshmi, get some food for him.
Hey, keep quiet.
She wants to feed me!
Go and feed your husband!
She's trying to push us around.
How dare you talk to her like that!
Get some water.
What are you asking her to do?
She is my wife.
She's not your servant.
You go and get water for me.
-Yes, you.
Go and get it.
You can't do it for your husband,
not for me, not even for yourself.
You can't do it for anyone.
What are you doing here?
Go back to your own house.
And it's not a big thing
if they are contemplating divorce.
Shut your mouth, Manu!
Is this the way to talk to her?
Enough of this!
Yes, I will.
Here, have some water.
See... he's acting like this with you now.
Why don't you ever say anything?
Or will I have to deal with this
all the time?
Look. He's so drunk!
Go, Lakshmi, get some food
for him and put him to sleep
so he gets a little sober!
Lakshmi won't go anywhere.
I will go myself.
All auspiciousness to Lord Vishnu.
All auspiciousness to One
Who has Garuda as His flag.
All auspiciousness to One
Who has eyes like the lotus.
And auspiciousness to Hari.
Rupa, trust me.
That's what you always say.
Believe me, Rupa. I am trying.
-You said the same thing before.
-Please listen to me first.
But what happened?
If you've made up your mind
on getting divorced...
-No, Rupa.
-...then it's fine.
-Is that right?
-I'm really trying. Trust me.
If that's the case,
then I won't bother you again.
That's not true, Rupa.
Then why don't you do something?
I'm trying.
-My demands are not only for me.
-I know that.
-It's for both of us.
-I understand. I really do.
I'm talking to my mother too.
Please try to understand.
It's not that easy.
I have to go now.
I'll talk to you later.
Who were you talking to?
You were talking to Sunil, weren't you?
Yes, I was talking to Sunil.
What is your problem?
Will I have to take your permission now?
Do I have to ask you first
before taking any decision?
Do I?
Then what are you doing here?
Do you know what you
said to me last night?
What? What did I say?
What did I say? Did I say something?
You spoke your mind.
You spilled all the filth
that's inside you.
Hey, that...
I was drunk... I got really high.
I don't know what I said.
Please don't mind.
Last night, you clearly told us
what you want.
And we've understood everything.
What did I say?
Do you know that his mother
calls me a barren woman?
She insults me all the time.
Sunil is running the entire household.
No one wants to lift a finger to help.
And that's why even Sunil
thinks about separating.
-And his brother, Raju?...
-What can he do?
Either he's doing nothing in the house
or going out with his friends.
He doesn't do anything
because his brother is earning.
But I remember he was doing something.
He quit it long ago.
He says he won't take up a job
and only fools work.
He wants to start his own business.
It's been two years,
but he hasn't done anything yet.
If you ask him, the only thing
he ever says is "My wish."
-Then what?
Sunil opened a shop for him.
But how can he run a shop when
he wakes up at 12 in the afternoon?
It closed down after a month.
And didn't you talk to Sunil about this?
Whenever I talk to him, he gets sad.
He wonders what will
happen to his parents.
And it's not his fault either.
But you tell me, what do I do?
Does one man have to run
the entire household?
Now you too are married.
You will have kids too.
Will you be able to run the household
in such a condition?
Last night you were
teaching us your wisdom.
So tell me, what do I do?
You didn't talk to him about kids.
We hardly get to talk in that house.
If I try to talk to him, all he says is,
"Don't make a scene.
Soon everything will be fine."
But you must talk to him
clearly about this.
You think I didn't talk to him?
I am tired of talking to him about this.
And this time when I tried talking to him,
he slapped me instead.
Narayan, Narayan
Goddess, this seems to be complicated.
He wanted to meet you.
So I brought him here.
So tell me. What do you want?
How are you, Rupa?
Come, Rupa, let's go back home.
I know you've been through a lot
and I couldn't do anything to help you.
But believe me,
this time I'm being honest.
I will fix everything this time.
I see...
These sweet words aren't enough.
If you were so concerned about Rupa,
then why didn't you buy another house?
Tell me? Can you leave your mother?
-Can you buy a separate house?
-I will talk to my mother.
She will agree.
Just give me some time.
Believe me.
Will your mother agree?
She insults her all the time.
But she never considers the fact
that my daughter works
all day like a slave.
She works over a hot stove
to feed all of you.
I gave you my daughter, not a servant.
I wholeheartedly apologize to you.
I cannot change what happened.
But I promise it will never happen again.
Please believe me.
You want me to believe you?
Aren't you getting married again?
Isn't your family already trying
to find you another wife?
Isn't that true? Say that it's not true.
Rupa, don't believe these rumors.
You know how much I love you.
Why would I have come here
had I not loved you?
Every person here has an opinion about me.
Don't talk to her. Talk to me.
I don't believe you.
This is exactly what you say every time.
You say the same things
over and over again.
You want me to believe you?
You're the same person who hits his wife
on his mother's demands.
I know I made a mistake.
I slapped you.
And it was the biggest mistake of my life.
But Rupa, I have realized something.
Your happiness is the most
important thing for me.
I don't care what anyone thinks about me.
But... please don't misunderstand me.
Have faith in me.
Go and say this to someone else.
My daughter and I know you
and your mother very well.
Now, go. We've had enough of this.
Get out.
What is your problem now?
He's admitting his mistake,
so what is your problem?
He is here to apologize for his mistake.
He knew you all of you will curse him
but he still came here.
That's the kind of husband
every parent wants for their daughter.
I mean, he's standing here
at your doorstep and apologizing
and you're taunting him!
"Your mother tortures Rupa!"
Look at yourself!
Look at how you're treating him.
The truth is always bitter.
I know all of you speak the truth
but I am the one at the receiving end.
I am a mother after all.
Is it wrong to love my children,
to think about their best interests?
Won't you think about your child
when you have one?
What do you think?
You think they cannot live without you?
Rupa is not a child anymore.
She can make her own decisions.
I know you raised her but now you
must let her decide like an adult.
I raised you too.
But look at how you're talking to me.
It feels like you're not my son
but one of those people
on the street talking to me.
You can only see what
Rupa is going through
but you don't understand my side.
Look at how he's talking to me!
As if he raised Rupa and not me.
Have you ever been to your sister's house?
Have you ever seen
how these people treat her?
"They treat her like this,
they treat her like that."
That's what you always say.
Have you ever noticed
how you treat others?
Look at how you treat Lakshmi.
She's from another family too.
Have you ever talked to her nicely
ever she came here?
Did you ever talk to her lovingly?
Did you give her any respect?
You keep asking her to serve you
all the time.
Is this what she came here for?
You know what a marriage is all about?
Building a wall of suitcases
doesn't fix things.
I wonder what I did to deserve you.
You're no longer my son!
Lakshmi, you're my daughter now.
Thank God, at least you
called her your daughter.
And him...
He's the eldest member of the family.
Let alone deciding right and wrong,
he doesn't have the right to say a word.
Is he only good for watching
those stupid daily soaps with you?
You take all the decisions in this house.
Did you ever let anyone else speak?
Or express themselves?
All of us live like strangers here.
We can definitely live peacefully here.
Have you ever thought about that?
You are my son.
How could you humiliate me like that?
I've been through so many hardships
while raising both of you.
And this is what I get in return.
My children are humiliating me.
I am not humiliating anyone.
I just want everyone to be happy.
We should live happily here and they
should be happy in their house.
It's their life.
Let them live it on their own terms.
We shouldn't interfere in their life.
Please don't mind whatever I said.
I didn't say it to hurt you.
I only said it to clear the
air in this house.
no one wants to prove you wrong.
We love you.
And I'm sorry for what I said.
Even I can sit with you
and watch the daily soap.
But what's the point
in living that kind of life?
We should all sit together
and talk freely.
We should know
what we think about each other.
That's how we'll know each other.
If you think you're right...
then there's no point of talking anymore.
As far as I am concerned,
I am leaving this house.
I am going back home.
And I think this is the right thing to do.
Stop. Stop!
We want to go to Borivali.
-No, I won't go that way.
-It's an emergency.
He has very high fever.
Please, please. Take us there.
No. Look for another auto rickshaw.
I must go now.
Please, he has a fever.
His body is burning.
Please, let's go. He will die. Please.
Get in. I beg of you.
-Okay, let's go.
-Thank you.
I told you not to take him to that doctor.
Look at what happened now.
I thought it's a regular fever.
But his fever hasn't subsided.
Regular fever?
Then why did he suggest so many tests?
Blood test. Urine test.
All the doctors are looting us.
They have turned this profession
into a business.
They fleece patient with
complicated names.
People consider them Gods.
They should be beaten.
-Take a left turn from ahead.
His fees was the lowest.
I thought he would get better.
We always have these problems.
Remember, you gave 100,000 to
Zahir Sheikh to go to Dubai.
You thought his fees was the lowest.
He disappeared with our money. Idiot!
Hey, why do you always attack me? Why?
What did you do?
You were with me too. Weren't you?
You should've advised me against it.
Now if you argue with me
I will thrash you.
-You will beat me?
You think you can beat me?
I will beat you, I am warning you.
-Mister, take a left turn.
-No, no, take a right turn.
There's a shortcut from the right.
Do you know the way? You've
been making me go right, left...
-It's right.
-Just keep going, keep going.
-We know the way.
-Take a left turn.
It's a shortcut. Right
Pull over here.
Pull over on the right.
Stop. Stop.
Get out.
Get out.
-Get out.
-What happened?
Get out. Come on.
Come on.
-What happened, sir?
-Give me your cash. Your money.
Don't fall down. Stand up.
He loves beating people.
Stand straight. Stand up.
Give us the money.
He gets really violent.
Slap him.
-Hurry up, he's a violent man.
-What is this?
-I have no more money.
He's broke.
Money. Give us the money.
Please, sir, no.
I'll break your bones.
No, sir. Believe me, I don't have money.
I am telling the truth. You can check.
I don't have any more cash.
-Please spare me.
Get lost.
Yeah, that's right.
-Now he will give us the cash.
-No, sir.
Take it. Hit him. Hit him.
-No, sir.
-Give us the money.
Hit him. Hit him hard.
Take this!
Give us the money!
Spare me...
Stop. Take off the ring.
Take it off.
Don't let go of his hand.
Take it off.
Give it to me.
-Loosen your hand.
-Pull, pull...
-Pull it off!
-Come on.
It's too tight.
-No, sir.
-Cut it.
-Cut it.
-No, sir.
Chop it off. Come on!
-Cut it off!
-Come on.
Why are you crying?
It's nothing.
Why are you crying?
It's nothing.
Everything is all right.
You're crying.
You don't know how to lie, so stop lying.
I don't know anything about you.
Then find out.
I saw the pencils and the book.
The other day, at the hotel.
How do you know that I like to draw?
I knew it.
You're hurt so badly on your face
and you're still smiling.
No matter how awful I look,
I was always handsome...
and I will continue being
handsome for you.
Shall I say something?
Yes, please.
This place is stinking, isn't it?
Yes. Why didn't you tell me this before?
I thought you'll feel offended.
No, I won't feel offended. Tell me.
Shall I say another thing?
Am I stinking too?
You're too much.
This shirt looks really nice on you.
You know what?
My mother made the right decision
by choosing you for me.
It's nothing.
You know what?
I removed all the pictures of Sonakshi
Sinha from my auto rickshaw.
You don't like Sonakshi anymore?
-Shall I tell you something?
-No, nothing else, please.
Go on. I was kidding.
I don't like Sonakshi Sinha.
I only like Akshay Kumar.
I see.
So now I'll have to become Akshay Kumar?
-Will I have to become Akshay Kumar?
Before the wedding,
my friends really scared me.
They would tell me stories
about how husbands and mothers-in-law are
and how I'd be treated
at my in-law's place.
I don't know, but... they are all mad.
What about your friends?
They are all crazy.
Mine too. All my friends are crazy.
You know what happened
with one of my friends?
-After she got married
her husband would
bring her soap every day.
Maybe her husband thought
it's for fragrance.
And she is so strange.
She never asked why he did so?
People are crazy. They do stupid things.
Yeah, such crazy people exist.
Shall I tell you something more?
I like... talking to you.
Me too.