Love as Much as Pain (2019) Movie Script

Many indigenous Filipinos
still live in the mountains.
They live too far away
from medical knowledge.
Are you sick?
No, it's okay?
This medical missionary
team visits regularly.
The villagers line up
to get a check-up.
I'll give you the medicine.
Just three times a day.
Since they can't
go the hospital
they are thankful for
the team's visits.
Where is Dr. Park?
Dr. Park died.
In August, three months ago.
He had cancer.
My kids had tumors,
so they had surgery.
3cc, three times a day.
Five days to one week.
Why don't I see Dr. Park?
Dr. Park died.
On August 26th.
He cured my son's boil.
There was a big one here.
I miss him.
No one else took care of
my children like him.
Even when it was late,
we welcomed Dr. Park.
He was a wonderful person.
We didn't understand each other,
but he was nice to everyone.
He died?
He was so kind.
He's not here anymore,
but he helped me.
I'm too heartbroken
to anything else.
I think God sent him to us.
He built this church for us.
I feel the presence of
God and Dr. Park.
I'm sad to think
that he's gone.
I didn't know
he was so sick.
He gave us this church
and everything we need.
I stopped coming here
since I found out he died.
He was like a father to me.
He was so kind.
Dr. Park.
At the news of his death
these villagers started to sob.
Don't you pity them?
Medical missionary Park Nu-ga
traveled all over the Philippines
to help those in need.
He cared for patients while
fighting cancer himself.
Mt. Pinatubo is an active volcano.
Its eruption killed
about 800 people
and destroyed
200,000 acres of farmland.
Life goes on even in
this harsh environment.
This is Mt. Pinatubo.
It's the volcanic ash from
the eruption in May, 1991.
He has been coming here
regularly since 1996.
The Aeta people lost their
mountain homes in the eruption.
Are you sick?
Sometimes, I bleed.
Let's go.
He stops to check
the pregnant woman's health.
I'll give her some
vitamins and bread.
One box of vitamins.
This should be enough.
As a volunteer, he spends
his own money to buy bread.
These are multivitamins.
It won't cause problems
for the baby or your kids.
Two times a day.
Everyone can take it.
Babies should take only one.
- What's your name, sir?
- I'm Dr. Park.
His tires are stuck in the water
containing volcanic ash.
No matter how hard they push,
the car won't budge.
The villagers couldn't help him.
The signal is weak.
He can't even contact anyone.
This situation is
making me laugh.
I can't help but laugh.
Now that he feels better,
he's hungry.
Don't do that.
You're spilling it.
Stop spilling it.
Why are you squishing it?
Stop squishing it.
Let's eat together.
The kids' father shares
a stew of meat and herbs.
Is it tasty?
It's good.
- It's tasty.
- Yes.
Dr. Park is used to enjoying
meals with local people.
- How does it taste?
- Excellent.
- Is it filling?
- I was hungry.
Worry about yourselves.
I won't be hungry again
for a few hours.
Thank you.
It was delicious.
He will do volunteer work
until help arrives.
This is the day that
the Lord has made
I will rejoice
and be glad in it
Rejoice in the Lord
This is the day that
the Lord has made
He started out with a single
backpack 30 years ago.
He visited doctorless villages
to save people's lives.
He didn't know his own
health was deteriorating.
Is that a scar from surgery?
Yes, for stomach cancer.
I had to drain
stomach fluid, too.
I'll just put on my shirt.
Your questions are
making me shy.
They've reached
the Haduan village.
He's the only doctor around,
so the villagers line up.
They mostly have skin
diseases, colds and asthma.
Many people catch colds
in the mountains.
It's hard to recover
due to the lack of food.
It's malnutrition.
He brought all this
medicine from Korea.
2cc per day,
two times a day.
It wouldn't be so serious
if they had these ointments.
Without Dr. Park, they could
never care for their own health.
His asthma might be
dangerous this year.
Dr. Park's hospital is
in the outskirts of Manila.
His employee Lafi takes
care of the facilities.
He tiredly walks back after
a day of volunteer work.
He takes care of poor
people of the city, too.
His home is a bed
in the corner.
Every day is night duty.
If the bell rings in
the middle of the night
I have to let them in.
The hospital opened in 2010
in this old building.
I can only make bean paste stew
and kimchi stew.
The more ingredients,
the better it tastes.
And if you make
it with love...
For a guy,
I make a decent dish.
His cooking improved while
being apart from family.
20 years hasn't changed
his food preferences.
I brought this bean
paste from Korea.
I can feel my
mother-in-law's love.
And my older sister
always takes care of me.
She sends me a lot of stuff.
He won't go to a hospital
but wants to fly here?
He's been sick for a week.
Are you well?
All right, I hope you
survive the cold weather.
I'm from Gyeongsang province.
'It's me.'
'Did you eat?'
'And the kids?'
'Good night.'
That's about all I say.
He always had nice skin.
I wish his looks won't change.
He already changed a bit.
I think my wife is
prettier now.
His wife and two sons went
back to Korea for education.
His hospital is always open to
those who can't afford doctors.
Every day,
one time like that.
I'll give you
three days' medicine.
That's all.
No other problems.
Mama, I can't do this.
The bad environment causes
boils and skin problems.
- Okay, finished.
- Very good.
Very pretty.
You should thank him.
- Say 'thank you'.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Don't forget to
apply medicine.
Treatment is free
for the locals.
This actually hurts.
It hurts to stab yourself.
He developed diabetes
while doing volunteer work.
It's higher than I thought.
361 is a shocking number.
The lack of drinkable water
made him drink soft drinks.
Hard work and stress
also caused liver cirrhosis.
This is for my liver.
This is diabetes medicine.
A lot of Koreans take it.
I want to be where
people need me.
That's where I want
to keep working.
What would someone
like me do in Korea?
I wouldn't make a difference.
But in doctorless villages
I can save a life
with every action.
He was the hope of a poor
family with eight children.
In 1989, he visited a doctorless
village in the Philippines
and chose a life of volunteer work
instead of riches or fame.
My plan was to escape
after one or two years.
But after almost thirty years,
I'm more comfortable here.
His hospital is still here.
It was renovated to
be bigger and nicer
and now has a nurse.
Is it a sharp pain or
a twisting stomach pain?
It's a twisting pain.
Do you eat on time?
- No skipping meals?
- No.
Dr. Park isn't here anymore.
- No pain?
- No.
- Did you do a blood test?
- Not yet.
He left the hospital to
his wife's niece, Ju-hee.
He prepared everything
before he died.
Even things I never
would have considered.
To his dying day, he worried
about poor, sick Filipinos.
Whenever I saw him, he was
planning medical missions.
Dr. Park already had
a medical condition.
But he could still
do medical missions.
What about me?
I'm perfectly healthy.
That for me is
inspiring enough.
To be able to help others
even though he himself is sick.
I really want to be a part
of the medical missions.
Ms. Kim and I went there
just for half a day.
We were able to
help some people.
It would be my pleasure
to continue Dr. Park's work.
He was an ever-burning candle
of hope to these people.
He made the most of
his short, precious life.
It's working.
He wanted to reach those
without access to medicine.
So, he learned to drive a bus.
In 2005, he bought a used bus
and converted it for that purpose.
He drove this medical bus
to over 50 villages.
It's more comfortable
than a normal car.
But it doesn't go very fast.
With this mobile hospital,
he saved even more lives.
It was his most
valued possession.
Montalban is one of
the four landfill towns.
9,000 impoverished households
were forced to move here.
They pick up trash to survive,
so they can't afford hospitals.
The medical bus is
a lifesaver to them.
Lie down.
Even at first glance,
it looks serious.
It's a good thing
he's a surgeon.
I checked what's inside.
It's not cancer, so
surgery should work.
Meanwhile, the village hall
also becomes a clinic.
These kids are checking
people's temperatures.
Local Koreans often help
him with volunteer work.
His hospital can't afford
to hire a nurse.
Doctor, my swelling
won't go down.
You have to apply
the appointment.
They get their blood pressure
and temperatures checked.
Then, I'm given the results.
I base my treatments and
prescriptions on that.
Make sure you explain
the directions well.
The Koreans here volunteer
their food and time.
I get a lot of help.
I couldn't do this on my own.
Are we leaving?
Something is wrong
with the bus.
Is it broken?
It says I'm out of
brake oil.
That's what this
symbol means.
This old bus breaks
down quite often.
The engine keeps shutting off.
Just like the last time
I got it repaired.
It keeps going
and then stopping.
Once again, he's stuck
in the middle of the road.
He needs a lot of luck
to get the bus to start.
This bus is 12 years old.
My car is 15, 16 years old.
They're weak, just like me.
Like owner like vehicle.
We were made for each other.
The bus, the car
and the driver.
In this bus, he traveled
to Manila, Luzon, Cebu...
Even Mindanao, where bullets fly
because of Islamic rebel groups.
Typhoid, cholera, dysentery,
dengue, pancreatitis, hepatitis...
He's faced death from
such diseases many times.
But one day, he felt
a strange stomach pain.
It was stomach cancer.
In 2004, he was given
six months to live.
He begged God to
give him more time.
The poor prognosis was due to
his liver and diabetes.
His weight dropped to the 30s.
He was just skin and bones.
I knew about his situation.
That's why everyone says
it's a miracle he lived.
He was so skinny that
I didn't recognize him.
But he managed to
come back here.
I think he still had
a mission in this world.
So, I told him to keep going.
Doctor Park wasn't
going to stop his mission.
The creator didn't
want to take him yet.
One year after cancer surgery,
he returned to this place.
Patients who were waiting
for him all line up.
A small illness may develop
into something dangerous.
No matter how far away,
he makes regular visits.
Oh, you were in an accident.
It was broken.
It was a motorcycle accident.
- How long ago was the accident?
- Nine months.
The surgery cost 30 thousand pesos
and then 40 thousand pesos.
After two surgeries,
we have no money left.
Even after two surgeries,
he's in bad shape.
It's still broken.
They didn't do
a proper surgery.
Does it hurt?
This will hurt just
a little, okay?
Okay, finished.
It doesn't hurt anymore, right?
Which hospital did you go to?
They did a very bad job.
Look at this bone.
Pieces of bone were
pressing against his skin.
This is also bone.
That's why it hurts.
Do you understand?
It looks like a knife.
The bones press the skin,
so it's very painful.
Those bastards.
What kind of surgery was this?
I can't help but swear.
They've made a mess...
There's no staff
to help with the surgery.
It's hard to remove the bones
lodged into the skin.
- Is it almost over?
- He's working on it.
He's fixing the mistakes
the last hospital made.
He removed the bones and
treated the infection.
It took over two hours.
Okay, God bless you.
We're finished.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
The patient's expression
is a lot brighter.
It wasn't an easy surgery.
But he doesn't
look happy at all.
The couple goes home smiling.
But Dr. Park is angry that
he suffered in the first place.
His heart breaks at the state of
medicine in the Philippines.
I've been sick, so
I know their pain.
That's why I want to
reach out to them.
When I was sick,
everything felt bothersome.
So, I want to love others
as much as I suffered.
The more suffering I have,
the more love I will give.
I thank thee for
granting me more time.
I will be the salt of the earth
and the light of the world.
Please turn my suffering
into love for others.
Let my feet become lighter
so I can meet more people.
He is fulfilling his promise to God
by loving and healing patients.
The endless medical missions
make him exhausted.
His diabetes and an 80% removed
stomach make matters worse.
I'm feeling some nausea.
I'm out of energy.
Recently, he has trouble
sleeping at night.
He's trying to stop himself
from falling asleep.
He sings everything from
old pop songs to hymns.
I buy from people who start
work early in the morning.
Oh, it's Gina.
It's his go-to
corn stand.
Hello, how are you?
Merry Christmas.
Today, it's expensive.
It's four pesos each.
Why did the price increase?
Not a lot of corn today.
They're roasted over a real fire.
That's what makes it delicious.
It's the real thing.
- Have a nice day. God bless you.
- You too, thank you.
You should text me
if you're going to drop by.
That's why the corn
isn't that good today.
It's small, so
it's not very filling.
The important thing is to enjoy
missions and volunteer work.
A lot of people fizzle out
after a few months.
If you want to do it for years,
you should enjoy it.
Think of it as
going on a trip.
That's the trick.
The good people he meets
and the beautiful scenery.
That's what drives him.
Look at this vast landscape.
Five years have passed.
He's still heading to
remote villages.
He's now accompanied by a nurse.
He can't do mission work
alone anymore.
After 12 years,
his cancer is back.
- Edward!
- Sir.
Where are you going?
Somewhere nearby?
- I'm delivering this.
- When will you arrive in Calapi?
In two hours?
- God bless you.
- We'll give you a ride.
No, we're walking.
- You're not going far?
- No, thank you.
Have a good day.
- Are you okay, Dr. Park?
- He's doing chemo.
- Is it working?
- So-so.
The villagers are worried
about his health.
Dr. Park, get well.
May God bless you.
Are you okay?
You're breathing heavily.
My stomach is bloated.
It's no good.
It might be fluid.
This started last week,
so I'm slightly worried.
Stomach fluid is bad news.
Maybe walking will
make it go away.
Let's head on.
Dr. Park puts on
a brave face.
How have you been?
Your blood pressure
might be high.
It's 180.
Over 150 is very high.
- Is there enough?
- Yes.
I'll give you medicine for one month
and give you more next time.
Take it every day.
- One tablet?
- Yes, one tablet.
It's ripe.
Let's eat it here.
That's the stuff.
It's tasty.
This brings us together, so
it's worth more than money.
It's a token of thanks,
and it quenches our thirst.
Thank you.
Don't forget your medicine.
See you next month.
A papaya from a villager is
all he needs to be happy.
Get a check-up!
Medical check-up!
40 households live here.
Medical check-up!
Are you sick?
Merry Christmas!
Here, merry Christmas.
A remote village
far from civilization.
This is where
the Aeta people live.
Give her cold medicine
and some vitamins.
Three times a day.
Just 2cc, okay?
It's easy to catch colds
in the mountains.
Before Dr. Park started visiting,
some even died from colds.
No life is perfect.
I have some regrets, too.
But I don't regret
doing what I do.
I enjoyed it.
It's brought me
joy and happiness.
It's like catching up
on homework.
I can't quit half-way through
just because I'm tired.
Doing volunteer work
gives him strength.
The breeze feels nice.
He's feeling many
emotions right now.
I know I can't keep
doing this forever.
I'm thinking about starting
to make preparations.
Will I see that boulder again?
Will I see that tree again?
Will I visit that house again?
I have these thoughts...
Even though this scenery
is familiar to me
I have a new viewpoint now.
Sometimes, he sleeps
in the medical bus.
In fact, he lived in it for
six years with his wife and sons.
Two people here, and
two people over there.
It's spacious and comfy.
Make sure you
cover your stomach.
It'll be morning soon.
It's almost midnight.
Good night, Doctor.
The bus is also
his sanctuary.
The water pressure
is suddenly weak.
He also tried to help kids
achieve their dreams.
The doctor course,
or the nursing course?
If you finish the nursing course,
you can work with me.
- Say 'thank you'.
- Thank you.
The diaper is causing eczema.
Keep this part cool.
On this bus, some give birth
and some die of old age.
Two times a day, 5cc.
It's cough syrup.
God bless you.
The medical bus saves them
and gives them hope.
This 15-year-old mother
feels that way, too.
When her baby developed boils,
she didn't know what to do.
She was relieved when
the medical bus arrived.
This girl with burns also
feels a lot better.
Don't shower today.
How did your husband die?
Oh, heart problems...
Are your father and
mother still alive?
- You're 15, right?
- Yes.
If you need anything or
you're having difficulties
you call me.
I can help you.
- 'Dr. Park', for emergencies.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
He can't turn a blind eye
to those in need.
Instead of riches or fame,
he chose volunteer work.
If I had become a rich,
successful doctor in Korea
I'd have a lot of money.
But I would have lost
my health in my forties.
Thanks to this work,
I made it to my sixties.
I am sure of it.
Regardless of religion,
that's the truth.
His stage four cancer has spread
to his liver and lymph nodes.
He should be concerned
about his own health.
While I was in the hospital,
I couldn't help others.
So, I have to visit
even more places now.
His stomach fluid
is building up.
He's going to Korea
for chemo in a few days.
I'm quite worried.
He can't let his illness win.
He's too busy
giving love to others.
Don't be so stubborn.
- I'll take the shot tomorrow.
- It'll hurt all night.
- Tomorrow when?
- Just give me fever medicine.
I have to take your blood anyway.
It's not like it will
cure my cancer...
Whenever I take it,
I can't move or sleep...
Your hands are freezing
because of your fever.
He's a chemo patient who drove
and worked all day long.
It's no wonder
he's all worn out.
A coin-sized chemoport has been
implanted under his collarbone.
It's a device that helps
long terms chemo patients
by making it easier
to draw blood.
He's taking care to
dress well today.
My hair is falling out.
Your hair keeps falling out?
Yes, it a side effect
of chemotherapy.
If you look sick
because of your illness
you should dress well to make
your patients feel at ease.
He's getting ready to leave.
They shouldn't need
someone like me.
I want to help them
until they don't need me.
I hope that day will
arrive in this country.
There are still a lot of
poor people in the Philippines.
That's why he couldn't
leave this place.
This is a slum near
the big city.
It's called 'Sewage Town'
because of the polluted ditches.
The rich live beyond
these shabby shacks.
It's just like
Seoul's shantytown.
Are you sick?
Is it a fever or a cold?
Oh, it's both.
160 over 90.
His blood pressure is high.
- Hello, Elda.
- Hello.
- Elda.
- Hello.
- How have you been?
- You're sick?
That makes me sad.
Don't worry.
I'll live a long life.
He's come here quite often.
One week old? Ten days old?
- Ten days.
- Only ten days.
Don't worry.
His health is good.
Give her cough syrup.
- You want surgery?
- Because of my skin.
Does this hurt?
We should remove that lump.
Let's do surgery.
- Can you bring her on Friday at 7?
- Yes.
You used to be healthy.
What happened?
Her skin hardened because
she couldn't get treatment.
The polluted water causes
a lot of skin problems.
I'll pray for
Dr. Park's health.
He's such a kind doctor.
His kindness brings
tears to my eyes.
I thank him for
taking care of us.
I always pray for Dr. Park.
I don't want him
to go away.
I'll keep praying for him.
Thank you, Dr. Park.
That's all.
This town is where he started
his volunteer work.
I honestly don't know
how much time I have left.
I'm losing hope, but
I don't express it.
I don't want to make
people uncomfortable.
Plus, it'll be embarrassing
if I live over ten years.
Helping the hungry,
the needy and the sick.
That always made him happy
despite his disease.
His wife came from Daegu
for his chemotherapy.
Lying down makes me feel
more like a patient.
I suddenly feel woozy.
Wearing hospital clothes
can make a big difference.
He lost a lot of weight
in the Philippines.
I wish he'd take it easy
while he's sick.
But he won't stop...
It's upsetting.
Even his family couldn't
change his mind.
Starting chemotherapy.
He's fighting cancer
for the third time.
It's still hard for
his family, too.
She sold everything to
follow him to the Philippines.
After returning to Korea, she
opened a restaurant to support him.
All people have
different ways of life.
Sometimes we're apart and
sometimes we're together.
Faith kept us going.
If one person has a dream,
the other should be supportive.
That's how my kids and I made it
through all these years.
Another cancer patient
died this very day.
He's been trying to
run from his situation.
The city lights are beautiful...
I'm not certain anymore.
I don't think it's greed.
But there are things
I have yet to do.
Even in my personal life.
I'd like to see my sons
get married and have kids.
His small dream
couldn't come true.
It's been three months
since his death.
Can we go today?
Maybe, but sometimes
it doesn't work.
- What's wrong?
- I ordered new generator parts.
- Is the side mirror okay?
- Temporarily, yes.
It was his treasure.
When he was healthy,
he used to sleep in this bus.
His hospital staff
slept in it, too.
I think of the bus
as Dr. Park.
What happened to it?
I'm worried it won't
make it to Dagupan.
The ownerless bus
doesn't work anymore.
Still, they'll take it
on one last trip.
It's been two years since
Dr. Park drove this bus.
Now, it will retire and
go to his best friend.
I'm a little sad, but
he'll take good care of it.
He was Dr. Park's best friend.
Former employee Lafi
is also here.
We went to Baguio, Dagupan,
Pangasinan, Clark and Mindoro.
This bus traveled
for a long time.
This is the last time,
so I'm sad.
He used to drive and sing...
I'm very sad.
After three hours,
they've reached Pangasinan.
This is where Dr. Park's
friend Densio lives.
As a rental car company owner,
he helped Dr. Park a lot.
He used to aid him during
medical missions, too.
He helped him spread
love in the Philippines.
Dr. Park isn't in there.
It'll make me miss
him every day.
Densio converted this bus
into a medical bus
and sometimes helped
with the mission expenses.
Whenever the bus came here,
I could see Dr. Park.
I've lost my friend.
Whenever it broke down
in the middle of the road
he would call me,
and I'd go help him.
Whenever it had problems,
he contacted me.
So, I've become
attached to it.
The engine sounds a lot better.
I have a great friend.
In life, even someone you meet
by chance along the road
can feel like a good friend
you've known for a long time.
That happened when I met
Dr. Park for the first time.
For some reason,
he felt very familiar.
Like he was my
long-lost brother.
Dr. Park never lost hope.
He thanked those who sent him
donations and well wishes.
The sunlight feels great.
That magpie must be
happy to be so free.
Birds in cages are miserable.
After chemotherapy, he always
hurried back to the Philippines.
It was like he needed to
help others to keep living.
He suffered through more
than 30 chemo sessions.
He grew thinner and thinner
because of chemotherapy.
Even the fluid in his stomach
couldn't break his will to live.
During two years of treatment,
he traveled 20 times.
His wife gave me his ring
and this dolphin charm.
He left the Philippines in
April of 2018, and never returned.
I flew to Korea right away
after receiving the news.
He was already comatose.
He was comatose for ten days.
Then, without
any last words...
He died at the age of 68.
They said their last goodbyes
at the church he went to.
The rain during the funeral
felt like tears to them.
He poured his blood, sweat
and tears into Clark.
He built a well and a church
during his missions here.
He turned this empty building
into a house of worship.
God, I thank thee for
sending us your servant.
Thanks to the life
and work of Dr. Park
we can spread your
holy name in this land.
He built a kindergarten and
started after-school classes.
He wanted kids to get
education for a better life.
He wished for a day
he would no longer be needed.
He knew that one child
can make a big difference.
He had hope in them...
The children will always
remember and thank him.
I'm sad to think
that he's gone.
I didn't know
he was so sick.
He gave us this church
and everything we need.
I think God sent him to us.
He built this church for us.
He taught me about God
and right from wrong.
I feel the presence of
God and Dr. Park.
I stopped coming here
since I found out he died.
He was like a father to me.
He was so kind.
I'm so sad and heartbroken.
It was very hard for me.
My father died
before I came here.
Dr. Park was like
my new father.
Now, I've lost my father again.
Since he served God,
God is with him.
He taught them that
love makes everything possible.
Now, Ju-hee takes care of
the villagers in the mountains.
It's my duty.
I gave him a promise, so
I'll do everything that I can.
He changed this world
with his love.
Now, he will become
a part of it.
This is a strand of hair
that was on his deathbed.
It's the last piece of him.
Since he loved Pinatubo
I thought this would
be meaningful to him.
Will it blow in the wind?
Dr. Park spread hope
all over the Philippines.
He has finally returned
to the place he loved.
God taught me by
making me sick.
First, I caught all of
the infectious diseases.
Typhoid, yellow fever, cholera...
Every single disease
in our textbook.
I caught them all.
If you want to treat disease,
you should experience it first.
How will you cure others
when you've never been sick?
That was His message.
So, I've never misdiagnosed
a patient for 30 years.
People ask me how
I'm still alive.
If you just stay at home,
you'll die sooner.
For a long life,
do volunteer work.
For a longer life,
do missionary work.
For a long-ass life,
do ministry work.
Sorry for my language.
I'm from Gyeongsang province.
I don't have enough time to
share all of God's plan.
It'll take over three hours.
Invite me again next year.
I'll still be alive.
If I don't show up,
it means I'm in heaven.
I just took some strong
pain medication.
My pronunciation won't
be accurate for 15 minutes.
I hope you can all
understand my words.
Why did He make me sick
when I was spreading His word?
I prayed every dawn
for over a month.
Then, He gave me the answer.